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ACC NR, AP6028997 SOURCE COLE: AUTHOR: ~bvsesyan, 14. Ye. Yu. Badalyan, N. N. OR G: Yerevan State llniveriiity (Yr-r(:vcuiskiy universitet,) IT 1X, Investigation of' the of q ';0MIC'E: A14 AraC'M. 1 1. "o y it 11)1,1,7 TWE: ruby laser, iaSTRACT: An invest igj ~ ic-)n wns f the stimulated emission of a pu-Ised rjjbj -~L~s--- -Cyiindricad ruby r is a nd I~jo mm long, 5.5 mm and6 mmin '1 1 W i t 11 p-'! P! iz, Ir- chr,,mium ion concent rrif 1, ~ ri -. w t, pu!~.vd xenon lamp whi(-h r, f1a:-.h1amp wai; supplic-I 1*rr,m t -0) v ;.~Ii I.-) -.pc~rkttion at 30-6(r/, 7 c~,af-l p1wie mirrors ,i i th -'ai Were carried out at room, tr~mper%,-!rc~. Th- L ru~--~i ol ;'A:w: ;I,. from the raby waB observed by olf 9. i pattern was photographed with i IN, irn S C.,d 1/3 ACC NRi AF6o28997 in front of the F-P etal,,n (see pulse was investigated by meHns rf ;III V 2 5 q TU,a "I Z1,6 67,500 rpm) photographic catne-ra ar~-.' -J1agrPxm i.-IlusLrqt-ing 'he p rob ab it- frequency distribution were -)btainE,] FL rulhy rod -)f vari~~,Is si7.&s (spp Fig. 2). Fi g. 2. Most probable frequency distribution in a laser pulse Ruby length 1 52 mm- optical length of resonator d 60 c,. r...4 2/3 L o~~0-66 ACC NR, AP6028997 The results can be used effectively to evaluate the quality of laser crystals. Orig. art. has: I formula and 3 figures. SUB CODE- 20/ SUBM DATE: 23Dec64/ ORIG REF; 002/0U REF: 007/ ATD PRESS I Card J/J --mats"- MOVSESYAN, N. 0. MOVSESYAN, N. G. "The Theory of a Synchronous Generator with Mechanical Rectifier." Min Electrical Engineering Industry USSR. Sci Res Inst. ferevan, 1956. TECHNICAL ~Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Sciences) So: Knizhaya Latopis', No. 17, 1956. ITAYDENOV, G V"spirant; SOLYANIK, S.; RADCHENKO, Yu., assistent; PAPC)Yg;, F., aspira&; GOKHELASIFfILI, R., kand.biolog.nauk; LEVCHENKC, N., kand. sellskakhoz.nauk; ARU=,:~TYAIJ, Kh.; MOVSESYAN, R.; MILOV, M., Brief news. Zashch.rast.ot vred.i bol. 10 no.4:50-52 165. (MIRA 18:6) 1. Ukrainskiy institut oroshayemogo zemledehya, Kherson (for Naydenov). 2. Predsedatell kolkhoza imeni -hdanova, Chuguyevskogo ray-ona, Kharlkovskoy oblasti (for Solyanik'). 3. Kharlkovskiy sellskokhozyaystvennyy institut (for Radchenko). 4. Arwianskiy institut zashchity rasteniy (for Papoyan). 5. Skrivskaya opy-tnaya stantsiya plodovodetva (for Gokbelashvil'). 6. Pedago icheskiy institut, g. Birsk, Bashkirskaya ASSR (for LevchenM- 7. Leninakanskaya selaktsionnaya stantsiya (for Arut3nmyan, Movsesyan). 8. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovato-,Vskiy institut udobreniy i agropochvovedeniya, Moskva (for Mil-ov). MOV01,5YAN, R - A. Terrestrial Geodesic Oppratione Diseertationt 03arometric Levoling Untlpr Cond.tions in Amenip-11 Cpnd Tech Sci, Moscow Inst of Engineers for the Oreanization of Land Fxplattation, 8 Apr 5L. (Vechernyaya Moskva Moscow, 29 Nor 54) SO: SUM 213, 2o Sep 1954 KOVUSYAM, R.A. .. Optical projectors. Izv. AN Arm.SSR. Ser. takh. nauk 11 no.2s63-64 '58. WRA 11:6) 1, Torewmakiy politekhnichaskly institut in. L Wrkoa. (Optical instruments) MOVSESYAII, R.A. Using the method of approximatAon in reducing air pressure to sea level. Isy. AN Arm.SSR.Ser.tekh.nauk 13 no.3:55-58 160. (MBA 14: 1) (Atmospheric pressure) CHAIEMAN. O.A.; NMAR, A.N.; MOVSNSTAN, R.T. Catalytic action of copper iodide on the oxidation of oxalate ton by perfulfate ion. Nauch. trudy Xrev. un. 60:135-142 157. (MIRA 11:8) I.Kafedra fizicheakay khimft Terevanskoge gesudaretvennoge universiteta. (Copper iodide) (Oxalates) (Peroxidisulfates) ACCESSION NR: A;4042924 S/0057/64/034/008/1392/1395 AVMOR: Aqvsesyan,- R-Ye.. TITIZ: Ellipsoidal distribution functions in a magnetic field SOURCE: Zhurnal takhnichoskoy fiziki, v.34, no.8, 1964, 1392-1395 TOPIC TAGS- distribution function, charged particle, statistical mechanics, mag- netic field APSTRACT: The author derives the most general solution, satisfying certain restr~o- tions, of Liouville's equation for an ensemble of non-interacting charged particles. in an axially symmetric electric field and a uniform but not necessarily constant axial magnetic field. The condition imposed on the distribution function is that at: any point it represent an ellipsoidal distribution of the velocities aboQt a mean velocity which may vary both with time and from point to point. No restriction is placed on the variation of the "temperatures" of this ellipsoidal velocity distri- bution. ZA-bstractor's note- The author remarks that the electric and magnetic fields should contain not only the externally applied fields, but also the internal fields due to the-particles themselves; he makes no attempt, however, to calculate 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4042924 .the internal fields..7 The method by which the solution Is obtained is similar to that employed by Chandrasekhar in the gravitational case. It consist* in substitut- ing the assumed form of the distribution function.into Liouville's equation and not- Ing the restrictions thereby imposed on the parameters. The results are expressed in cylindrical coordinates r,-O and z, which are so chosen thatithe ;p component of .the average velocity vanishes at the origin. The and z compon4qnts of the average velocity represent a uniform expansion or contraction; they vanish it the tempera- tures are constant. The 0 component of the average velocity represents a rotation at the Larmor frequency,superimposed an a rotation of the Oort type. The Larmor frequency, being proportional to the magnetic fieldg is uniform but not necessarily constant. The frequency of the Oort rotation varies with time only if the tempera- tures do, but in any case it decreases with incroasing r and vanishes at infinity. The r and z temperatures are equal and uniform, but not necessarily constant. The 0 temperature is a function of r and vanishes at infinity. Thus the local velocity ellipsoid is a spheroid, the equatorial plane of which contains the symmetry axis. "I express my deep gratitude to Professor A.A.Vlasov for suggesting the topic and for constant assistance in the work." 20 Samul"16 2/3 ACCESSION 4": AP4042924 ASSOCIATION: Moskovskly go,,udarstvonny*y universitet im.M.V.Lomonosova, Fiziclieskiy fakulltat (2"-.ysics Departiacint, Moscow State Uujve~-sjty) SUBMITrED: 070ot63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: GP, UA NR REF SOV: 002 OIIIER: 000 3/3 AM h-'or he~ 01 as, '~M D 6,09"5 ALC,=.$!Cff Ila' 7--Anol 23' 46ar~~bb~'.xwivirsitetq:, Wedra -lisiki tooteti ijskqj~- ~h , - l . ki I 7 7:, ENCLt 00- SUB Cog,, id p (mm, pol , % K"SxbTm --Aq~S~MS~A-A*Tr ~Guwv~ictL: KOKAUT, Ye.l., red.; POKOVARMA. A.A., ECOmPrehensive developmont of industry; practice of the IcOnomiC Council of the Armenian S.S.R.) Komplekenoe rezvitle promyshlennosti; opyt Sovnarkhoza Armlanakot M. I(OaLvS. Gooplanisdat, 1960. 105 P. (KIBA 14-.3) (Armenia-loonomic policy) MOVSESYARI S.G. Eff ect of y-ardnobutyrie acid on glaswe absorption by various tissues. Yop.biokhim. 207-107 161. (KrRA 15:12) 1. Institute of Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of Armenian S.S.R., Erevan. (Butyric acid) (Absorpfton(Ebysiology)) (Glucose) _too *0 064066*6 Ifto *too tit Ht,xicMm 6 p I p 4) 41 0 41 'A 0,1c foocestel A04 #*CPR or's l,*vf 0 ftod #WsWa a4 bb=iWw (tildie. 1j, M A 4c 0 A&I i goo, of t:00 101060 is 0.9 cut ...... (Pit -r-v- q - 4-T -W -ii--i 0-1 W, T-i W-s- W-i-i 0,7 AID P - 282 Subject USSR/Engineering Card l/ i Authors Babalyan, G. A., Movsesyan, S. G. and Markhasin, I. L. Title Driving of oil out of two layers of soil Periodical Neft. Khoz., V. 32, #4, 36-41, Ap 1954 Abstract The article concerns experiments on forced filtration of oil from two layers of different penetrability placed in a cylindrical vessel. Two sands of different penetrabi- lities were saturated with kerosene, and pure and alkaline waters were selected as the medium for driving kerosene from the sands. The experiments indicate that the Inten- sity of the filtration of kerosene varried with relative location of the materials of higher penetrability. Alkaline water worked out about 8 to 10% more kerosene than ure water. 3 tables, 5 charts and 1 Russian refer- ence M51) Institution : None Submitted : No date SOV/124-58-1-913 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 1, p 122 (USSR) AUTHORS: Babalyan, G. A. , Rzabekov, Z. F. , Bazhenova, E. F. Movsesyan, S, G. TITLE: On the Problem of the Decay of the Seepage of Petroleum (K vaprosu zatukhaniya fil' tratsii neftey) PERIODICAL: Tr. Azerb. n. -i. in-t po dobyche nefti, 1956, Nr 3, pp 42-60 ABSTRACT: An investigation was performed relative to the seepa e Ll,-ough a saturated porous medium of kerosene containing up to Zvo low- molecular naphthenic acids, up to 0,10/o stearic acid, and up to 5CYo acidol, also of various types of petroleum- The investigation shows that no decay is observed in the seepage of kerosene when low- molecular naphthenic acids are present. The presence Lin the kero- sene of stearic acid or of large concentrations of high-molecular naphthenic acids (acidol) leads to a rapid decay of the seepage Seepage decay is observed in filtration through a dry porous medium, as well as in a medium containing water. Bibliography: 16 refer- ences. L V. Lyutin Card 1/1 MOVSESYAN, S.G. Correlating the profile of the, Kirmaki series of the Apsheron Peninsula. Azarb.neft.khos. 35 no.2:5-7 F 156. (NLRA 9:10) (Apsheron Peninsula-Geology. Stratlgraphic) MOVSASTAR, S.G. Flooding oil from uffor yarts Administration of the Italins, increasing the off ectivenses of khos, 37 1102-35 1 158o (Aserboijan-411 of the n1 series In the Oil 71old retroloun Trust and Instructions for the floodIvAr method. Averb. nof to (K111A 12t3) field flooding) PROZOROVICH, B.A.; MUKHARIVSKAYA, I.A.; IAOVSESYAN, S.G.; AZIZBEKOVA, A.Kh. (deceased] Petroleum contents of sand and sLIt cores from a producirg, formation. Geole nefti I gaza Vol. 4., Ro. 4:52-56 Ap 161. (MMA 14:5) L Azerbaydzhanskiy nauchno-iseledovqLtellakiy institut po dobyche nefti. (Boring-Analysis) 140VSESYAN,- S.G. Method of forced production of drowned wells and layers. Nef- teprom. delo no-3;9-13 163. (MIRA 16:9) 1. Az--rbaydzhanskiy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut po d:~- byche nefti. MOVSESYAN.- S.G.; MWARINSKAYA, I.A. Effect of the disintegration of the structure of rocks on their residual water saturation. Nefteprom. delo no.1:7-9 164. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Azerbaydzhanskiy nauchno-issladovatellskiy institut po dobyche nefti i Ukrainskiy filial Vsesoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo instituta prirodnago gaza. Of Lhc -pi-crvla ir, i'f -10:~.hoyldrfs cf E 11 . bru-r. moz. AN MOISK-YAN S G.; URGA07.FYAN, M.C. Some aspects of thp effect of gan7-aa CTdncb-ut)re-c acid on the carbohydrate, metabolism in au"I"or-hondria of the brain. Vop. biokhAm. moz. 1;87-96 164. (MIRA 180) MMEMAN, 3.G.; URGANWHYAN, 14.(!.; KAMALYAN, G. 0- Effect of insulin on the oxidation of su;,--.--irIc a,-j , ;.q~,Iat---d by the diaphragm in rats. Iz-i. AN 303P. Bi-ji. ASS nci.11:11-14 11 165. ~ , f , A. *Ti? " ) , V! I 111 ~ I Arm I. Institut bi,-)kMinli AN . yanskuy Submitted :~~Iy ~'?, 1964. -MOVSESYA1, S G - BUNYATYAN;, G.K1., akademik Role of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides in the fornation of ammonia in the brain. Dokl. All Arm. SSR 41 no.3:11"9--163 165. (MIRA 18:11) 1. Institut biokhimii AN ArmSSR. 2. At, ArmSSR (for Bunyatyan). Submitted June 28, 1965. . WC,. I .~ , ~ 'ClIfs- 1 . 4 - ! ,~. I , Z) . 'N~ . ?" j, BMTSXILTA, G.K.; MOVESSUN, S.N.; TOIFTAN, TS.R. Heterogeneous division of tissue cells in angiosperms. Izv.AI Arm. UR.Diol.1 sellkhoz.nauki. 4 no.5:439-447 51. (WJA 9:8) 1. Institut genetiki t selektoli rasteniy Akademil nauk Arwyanskoy M. (Angiosperms) (Plant calls and tissues) (Call division (Biology)) 9 INNOWIMPP'n- Some features of the fertilisation of sunflower In delayed polllns~ tion. 1xv.A1 Arm.56R.Btol.i sellkhos.nwaki. 6 no.7:2?-33 153. (mm 9: 8) 1. Institut genstiki I selektall meteniy AS Arsq"alroy MM. (SunflowerO (Pertilization of plants) ROVSISYAN',q, I , - , "IN, ~V_~ Imbryogenesis in corn using different pollination methods. Izv. AN Arm.&M.Biol.i sel'khoz.nauki 7 no.10:21-28 0 '54. (KLRL 9:8) 1. Institut genstiki i selektaii rasteniy AN Arm. M. (corn (maize)) (fertilization of plants) (Botany--Embryology) MOUSSYAN S. H. Cytology of sexual reproduction and age of the elements of the flower. Izv.jLN Ari.Sa-Biol.na1xki 12 no.3:47-55 Mr '5q. (MIRA 12:9) 1. Institut zonledeliyu Hinisterstva sel'skogo khozyaystva ArTdSSR. (FEWILIZATION OF PWITS) MUVSFSUII, S.N. Changes in the embryo sac of the sunflower resulting frm the pollination of stigmw vith aged pollen. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 14 no.6:29-Y7 161. (MIRA 14:10) 1. Nau0no-isaledovatel'skiy institut zemledeliya Ministerstva sellokogo khozynystva Armys4okoy SSR. (FERTILIZATION OF PIANS) MDVSESYAN, S.N. Size and quantity of pollev grains in some lines and varieties of corn. Izv.AN Am.SSR.Biol.nauki 15 no.9:57-61 S 162. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Institut zemledeliya Ministerstva proizvodstva i zagotovok sel'skokhozyaystvennykh produktov Armyanskoy SSR. (POLLFN) (CORN (MAIZE)) MOVSESYANP S.N. Behavior of male gametes in Ruribeckia sullivantt. Izv. AN Arm. SSH. Biol. nauki 16 no.5:43-117 My 163- Mi,,A 1'?-6~' 1. A-rmyanskiy institut zemledaiiya. tl-- MOVSESYAN, S.-N- Fertilization process in Rudbeckia maxima. Izv, AN Arm. S&R. Biol. nauki 17 no,2-.77-83 F 164. (MIRA 17-B) 1. Institut zemledeliya Armyanskoy SSR. MOVSESYAN, S.N.; BAGDASARYAN, A.M. ~- -.1111-1 -4.1.1111111- Development of microspores in Rudbeckia speciosa. Izv. Ali Arm. SSR.Biol.nauki 19 no.10:29-34 0 165, (MIRA 18:12) 1. Nauchno-isBledovatellskaya laboratorlya taitologii (kafedra darvinizma i genetiki) TerevanBkogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. ~~Iovs~:SYAI~7, S.Cl, , as~iralllt 4JZootiolcjgy of Of omestI2 ; 1~ i - - - - tile Ibldavian Tru~~y VIGIS --0:-9-53 li~ . (:,I, .,- I I : ~, i~ ~USSR / Diseases of Farm Animals, Toxiooses. R Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 8, 1958, 35863. Author Movses a Gevorgyan, A. G., Galstyan, Inst Erevent Institute of Zooiogy and Veterinary Sciences. Title ratholic and Morphologic Changes in Hcr3as Faisened by Lodder. Orig rub: Tr. Yerevansk. zcovet. in-ta, 1955, vyp. 18, 65-75. Abstract: Dodder poisoning In horses is characterized by functional disturbances of the gastro- intestinal tract and is accompanied by "colic". The most characteristic pathologico-anatomical change consists in the thickening of the small intestine mucosa (3 to 4 millimeters, sonetimes 5 to 6 millimeters), where in spots petechial Card 1/2 -USSR / Diseases of Farn Animals. Toxicoses. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 6, 1958, 35663. Abstract: and blotched hemorrhages and necroses the size of a 25-kopHk coin can be found not infrequently. The serotic membrane of the small and large in- testines is swollen by black colored biotched hemorrhages. There is always a yellowish liq- uid in the amount of 500 ml to 1.5 1 present in the thoracis cavity and in the peritoneum; blotched and striped hemorrhages are found cn the endocardium of the left or riaht ventricle. Histological changes are characterized by gran- ular disintegration, necrosis, desquahiation -,f the epithelium, as well as by hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the muscular and th3 submucous layers of the small intestine mucosa. Card 2/2 32 , ~ -L- MOVSESYAN, T. B. Doc Vet Sci -- (di BZ) "Pathomorphology of 4dfo acute Itypes CI-I/ 1A - (I-I of natural and experimental *Fm*wW~ basteurelocis r of cattle." Yerevan, 1957. 33 pp (I-Iin of Higher Education USSR. MoB Vet Acad), 175 copies (KL, 6-58, 101) -31- OTSMSTAN. T.B. l i~ of acute forms of natural and induced pasteurellosis In cattle. Izv. AN Arm. SSR Biol. I sel4khoz. nauki 10 no.1:43-60 Ja '57. (KLHA 10:4) 1. irafedra patologicheskoy anatonit TerGvaask0go zooveterinarnogo in- Stituta. (M-NOURAGIC SWITIGMIA OF GATTLIR) KOVMYAN, T.B. Pathological morphology of acute natural and experimental pasteurellosis in cattle. IsT. AN Arm.SSR. BIol.1 sellkhoz.nauki 10 no.8:65-71 Ag 157. (XIRA 10:10) 1. Kafedra patologichaskoy anatomit Yerevanskogo sooveterinarnogo inatituta. (HMORRELAGIC SMI'TICEKIA) (CATTLX--DISZASZS AND PESTS) TTS BR/Diseases of F,,Irm Animals. Noninfoctious R-2, Diseases. Abs Jour : Ref Zhu,-Bi~1.7 Yl't~ 201 19507 92723 Author : , riTr q I ~~.9 1, Karapetyan, k. A., Isakhanyan, S. h. Ins t : Yerevan Zoutechnical Veterintry Irntitute. Title : Pathomorpholugical Changes in the K.Ldneys of Bovines in the Course of Experimentally Induced Pyunephritis Before and After Treat- ment iillh "T;shami.,-,11. Orig Pub : Tr. Yerevansk. zootek~qn. vet. in-tag 1`157p vyp. 21, 221-229 Abstract : The autt)psy cn t_~-_, 4-1.5th clay after artifi- cially i,,Id-dced pyonephritis ix, calves dis- c1cses the fQllo-.dnE: incr.,3ase in th~ size Card : 1/3 USSR/Diseases of Farm Animals, 11citizifectious R-2 Dineases. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur-31ol.7 1'o 20.) 195337 92723 of kiwl-ioys; there wom pitrulont foc'Ll point.9 inside v,,tr, in siza from a pi&.cad to a lentJI. One also observed the adhesion of the capsule to the parenchy-ii-aa; a thickening of the cortical layer. The snlcruscopL; e.-ca.- mination sho,.-ied microabscesses, at2ophy of the Ididney cells? small hemoxrha~es in spots, desquamat-ion of tkie canalicular cells, dilation of.' the Bowrqa--lls capsule at - rophir of wany ma.-Lpigh4an gi-omeruluses. Ireat.- ment with Nshwrin (a preparation syrithetized by the Laboratory of Pnarmaceutical Chemistry of the Academy of Scien,~es of the Armunian SSE. 0.03 g/kg Intravinously once a d;-iou for C''IT 2/3 KOVSESYAN. T.B. Pathomorpholog7 in acute form of natural and experimental pasteurellosis in cattle..Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Biol. i sallkhoz. nauki 11 no-7:29-346 J1 '58. (MIRA 11:9) l.yerevanekly zoovaterinarny7 institut. (Cattle--Diaeases and pests) (Hemorrhagic septicemia) MOVOSTAK. T.B. PathomorpholoCr of acute forms of natural and experimental pasteurellosis in cattle. IzvAN Arm.SSR.Biol. t sellkhoz.nauki 12 no.1:55-61 Ja 159. (HIM 12:2) 1. Kafedra patologicheakoy anatomii Terevanskogo zooveterinarnogo Instituta. (Hemorrhagic septicemia of cattle) movsESYANS-16B, Pathomorphology of the spleen, kidneys, and the heart in the pasteurellosis of cattle. Izv. All Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 14 no.5: 61-67 My 161. 1 (HUI 14: 7) 1. Yerevanskiy zooveterinary institut. (MTORHHAGIC SEPTICEMIA OF CATTLE) NOV MAN, T. 13., (Veterinary Surgemn, Lrevanv) "Bird spirochetosis* Teterinariya Vol. 38, no. 109 October 1961, pp. 81-89. MOYSESYAN, T. Pathomorphology of edamtous processes in lungs, subcutaneous cellular tissue, and skelatal muscles in acute pasteurellosis of cattle. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 15 no.4:91-96 Ap 162. (MIRA 151-7) 1. Yerevanakiy zooveterinarnyy institut. (EDEMA) (HEMOMUIGIC SEPTICEMIIA OF CATTLE) t KOVSESYAN T B Hematology in the acute couroe of pasteurellosis of cattle. Izv.AN Arm.SSR.Biol.nauki 15 no.11:79-83 N 162. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Yerevanskiy zooveterinarnyy institut. (HEMRRHAGIC SEPTICEMIA OF CATTLE) n:i '-a,, r, j,~, ,,ja Zap%) t 37OK _rn I 1.,-i ny zc. t~or E LTr, i a 1 Z ~~ n .9 K 0 F7G ,1,, ha 13 1. k,)In T.B.~ MGVS~'SYAN, M.A.; GALSTYkN, O.Kh. ySYAN) Histopathology of the nervous system in rabblIts exprEZd t,-- ~.he action of ionizing radiation associated with pain. Zhur. eksp. i klin. med. 2 no.6:23-29 162. (MIRA 18%10) 1. Institut rentgenologii I onkologil AN ArTr~;SR I Yerevanskly zooveterinarnyy institut. I . . . I- II . 7 1 . . . I ~ I - I . . I I . I I . - . . . I I y . . I . I MIRZOYAN, S.A.; WVSESYAN, T.G. Mechanism of the action of magnesium sulfate. Tridy no.11:31-40 160. (MBA 15. 1-1) 1. Iz kafedry farmakologii (zav. prof. S.A.Mirzoyan) Yarevanskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (MAGNESIUM SULFATF,--PHYSIOU)GICAL EFFECT) Mh%OYAN, S.A.; MOVSESYAII, T.G. Reflexes from vascular receptoro of the rabbit ear produced by sodium nitrite and platyphylline and the mechanism of their for~4ion. Biul. eksp. biol. i med. 52 no.12:54,58 D 161. (MIIA 14:12) 1. 1z kafedry farmakologii (zav. - chlon-korreupondent AN Armyanikoy SSR ptof. S.A.14irzoyan) Yerevanskogo meditsinskogo instituta, (dir. - prof. L.B.Arutyunyan). Predstavlena deystvitellnym chlenom kol SSSH V.V.Zakusovjm. (FXq--BLOOD TZSHIS) (VASOMOTOR DRUGS) Oayumez) AKOPV~,j in coypa. r ar Yerevanakly zoovriterlnarn-ir ArjaLjt-,.jt dy KOVSISTSW, To. K. Effect of fertilizers applied to the maternal plants of grain crops on the productive capacity of the seeds produced. Trudy Inst.pochy. i agrokhIm.AN Azerb.SSR 7:39-52 '55. (MM 9:12) (Armenia,-Fertilizers and manures) (Seeds) _~,,jr~/Ioil Science, r1ineral Fert Al) 3 J ~ u rReferat.2;h.Biol., No. 1u', Aug, 19--'t', (,S~O-A Ailthoi, Ile Losses of Gaseous Ammonia frorr Ammunlacal Fe_-_'l_'ze_-_- pU4- into a CLrbonaceous Soil. I SI-1. nauch. tr. Arm. 3-kh. ln-t, 1T~'- , No. 1 .,)s'=E.ct: E-1periments proved ',hat the addition of ammon-acal ferLilizers to carbonaceous 3o!ls result in losse5 of ammonia because of its VOlatilization, even when a consent of CaC03 is present. Signif-'-cant 1033e5 a:,e noted, whicl-i increase but slightly when the content or carbonates reaches 10-/':,. HumidIty of 3oil was of great impcrtance: on addition of 0.~ E. of 11 to 200 of soil, the loo3 or nitrogen at 40,,!,' 3oil hum_Id,IL:; reached ~, mg N, but at humidltly, it was lil nw,- H. The author explains "he increased lo3s by the weak- en-Ing of soil nitrif.-Icati~_-)n abilit',/ becallse of decrea~3- Cai-d 1/2 MOVSE.~YAN, Yo-j U AIIEU ',T. E L r-:7. i nd'i e tr J e-~. meurj~ds an"' ~rtict-lr- ,, . , ~- I r, i ( *1r., Ekomjmi-nos~a.-a effek~lvv,1,3t~ av7omt,,t za*.--it En~viiii izd v-. All A-rai-SInP, - - .:, k b,- t a roa rx~ n., g z 4 a i s T. v" I , Ss? Yio MOTSESTAN, Z.G. CTrophic changes in the bones of the extremities as shown by radiography and regular features in their development] Trofi- cheskis izmeneniia kostei konachnostai v rentgenovskom izobra- zhanii i zakonomernosti ikh razvitiia. Erevan, Armgiz, 1958. 219 p. (MIRA 13:4) (IXTRUITIMS (ANATCKT)) KOVSESUII. Z.G. Tomography in laryngeal diseases. Isv.AN Arm.SSR.Biol. I sell- khos.nauki. 11 ao.12:63-72 D '58. (KIRA 12:2) 1. Institut rentgenologit i onkologit Mintaterstva zdravookhra- neniya ArmSSR. (URYML-R&DIOGRAPHY) PANMtDZHYAN, V.A., prof.; MQV3ZUA14,,_Zqjq prof.; OGANESYAN, S.A., doktor med.nauk; MAZWYAN, S.A.# mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik X-ray diagnosis of mediastin-um tumors. onk. 60-15 661. '%MTRA 16t2) (MIASTINUM-TUMORS) (DIACNOSIS, FLADIOSCOPIC) MOMHEV, B.Ye. (Moskva) Changes in mineral and protein metabolism in calcified tisinies following thermal Wrns. Pat. fiziol. i eksp. terap. 7 no.2:58-62 Vx-Ap'63. (MIRA 16:10) 1. Iz kafedry patologicheakoy fiziologii. (zav. - chlen-kor- respondent AHN SSSR prof. N.A. Fedorov) Moskovskogo meditsin- skogo stomatologicheskogo instituta. (BURNS AND SGAIDS) (PRO= METABOLISM) (RDIERAL METABOLISM) (BM-ES) MOVSHEV, B.Ye., aspir;vit Changes in the crotein metat-ciism of the tee'rr, a-r-r. _.,i bLrns. Teor. i prak.stcm. no.6z33-88 16,3. 'Ov-' RA 1813" 2. 1z kafedzy Patologicheskoy fiziologii (Zall. - c.~;'--n-kcrrespondent AMN SSSR prof. N.A.Fedurov) Moskovskogo medItSITISKOg.1 S'-,,MatOlOg_-',- cheskogo instituta. AHE V 13. ~Ye . ffV Effect of im=oi~erapy on the state of calcified tissues in rats with thermal burns. Pat. fiziol. i eksp. terap. 8 no.6: 32-35 11-D 164. (MIRA 18:6) 1. Kafedra patologicheekoy fiziologii (zav. - deystvitellnyy AMN SSSR prof. N.A. Fedorov) 14ookovskogo meditsinskogo stamatologicheskago instituta. MOVSHITS, G.B.; PAVLOV, A.A. Processing of cartographic materiall from one rrojection into another by means of the FTIB phototrans'Lcmer. 7est.lZU- 16 no.18:86-97 161. (MIFLA 14. 10 1' (Map projection) 137-58-4-7907 Translation from. Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 4, p 221 (USSR) AUTHORS: Mamet, A. P., Movshits, L.Ye., Grishakova, V.P. TITLE: Alkaline Chromate and Alkaline Phenol Processes for Corrosion Protection of Locomotive Boilers (Shchelachno-khromatnyy i shchelochno-fenol'nyy rezhimy kak sposoby zashchity parovoz- nykh kotlov ot korrozii) PERIODICAL: Sb. statey po energetike. Moscow, MetallurgizdaT, 1957. pp 230-245 ABSTRACT: There are two stages in the alkaline chromate process crea- tion of a protective iron-cFromate coating (C) and continuation of the formation of the C. During the first stage. a chromate strength of 150-200 mg Cr03 per liter 15 maintained in the boiier water (BW), while during the second it is 30 to 50 mg/liter. The alkalinity of the BW during either stage is 20 mg equivalents per liter. The use of chromates provides reliable corrosion protec - tion if the alkalinity of the BW is simultaneously maintained. but this method is limited by the shortage of chromates. Of the other methods of treating BW the most effective is that of the ''phenol Card 1/2 fraction" (PF). When PF is added to the boiler, a thin protective 137-58-4-7907 Alkaline Chromate and Alkaline (cont. C forms on the surface of the metal. 40 g PF is added per ton of feed %ater. The alkalinity in this case is 20 mg/equiv-liter. As distinct from the chrorn- ates applicable to soft BW, PF may also be used for hard BW. Phenol C are of lower strength than the chromate variety and, therefore, any :nterruption in the application of the reagent induces boiler corrosion. In view of the vol atility of the major components, PF undergoes little concentration in the BW- this results in an increased consumption of the reagent. G.K. 1. Boilers--Corrosion prevention 2 Locomotives--Boilers--Corrosion prevention 3 Alkaline chromate--Appiications 4. Alkaline phenoi--Appli- cations Ca rd 2.12 MOVSHOVICH, A.; SHEPELISKIY, N, Combined die. Mashinostroitall no.1:26 Ja 1655. ~11CUP,' 38;3) MOVSHOVICH, A.A. Hedicolegal sipificance of aetal superimpositions on gun powder partiales. Sud.-cad- eksper. 7 no.D25-M Ja-Mr'64 (KMA 17 14) 1. Lipetako7e oblast-no7a b o sudebnomeditainako-y ekspertizy (nachallnik A.A.Movshovi h7* MOVSHOVICHO A.M., KOVAIXVA, A.M. Ebcperience with ths extraction of seni-le cataract. Zdrav. Bel. 9 no.8t66-67 Ag'63 (MIRA 1793) 1. 1z Gomellskoy oblastnoy bollnitsy (glavnyy vrach A.D. Yevseychik). uV _', HV I c- H 129-5P-5-15/1-2 Scientific-TechLnical Confer--nce on Meta!17graplyy and Rnat Treatment, nar'kov _q,jj Curie points. Engineer L. N. Udovenko (Wor'::~', for Buil,Iin~ Tran--port Machinery) dealt with physical :nctliodL: of -ur-i~rol, de--cribinL- certain re~;ult5 of introduction of .-,a6n,2to- electrict.1gtriments for controllin6 the qu;-_.lit,,- of treatinen Pract-.*Lcal introduction of -.i.2t-odS, of searching for defects of large size cDct-in,1-. :_r.,J1 of vield joints, Candidate of Technical Sciences A. K. Be, * reported on new data rel--tinS to ttie innoculction of metalc, The hl'Eher uhe intercontact differe-c~,, of '-".e potentials betvieen tlhc soli,! and the liquid ;~,.__.e more disDerse viill be -the ob-.ained If inoculratin:,- a6ent forms ,r.,itL the metal ai. .teld !_-Olld solution, its action -.-;ill be t~,-_ -.ore its intercc~ntact ;~otuenti_l. TL`is on inoculated zir-c, tin, "lu;:Iiniu::~ Ala. Engineer B. I. Yovshovich (KhTZ) in hi-, Dap~_~-r "Obt:~_:~,_,LaLl HiGh 'Nlech_,nic_-~l Characte-istics of PlunCer Pair:- of Card 15/20the Steel n..,-VG in "-he Case of a Shortened He_-.~ u.- Metallography and Heat rpreatment, Kharlkov steel as a of ~.ea~- 1:11~ or~ basis of tli,e re-ilt~z and bushii,. ti t--a ;d 't i) consistin. of fro- --~-~O C in, oil iD 1 C , o ld treatment foT one hlDur, te--perint,] ii, i 1 a 150 C four hours. The pi-G-cced lon.. e-~ heat ,a c After heat treatment the rc:~ivonents 1-J-,d propertieo (R - C-2 r cf En-ineer L C I v -- I- P. V;~ ( Z] -PI B1~4 nes-, of Steel Durlr~] '-t r~~'ble in '..loiten All:alie~- t a t,--- 1. brit-ule-ess or-2,= a~-. --: -e~,ult cf al'aliec at te:-,,neratl c-,---, r-,,cef~di~-- 0 -Lr brittleness i s c, u(-, h~: -1,,- 3 t nitrouer a~. a -r e ~ u 1 ,D f L' o u 'L- cyanide iii V-e al.:,~-',i b,.~-., Thc Card is caused 'L,,,r th.-, '-yr-lro --er. L:-: u. t i Dr, 4 r.E I/ Cj 16/20 fi,o:-,, the interactiGr. of t,-,- 23472 3/123/61/000/'009/005/027 1 100 A004/A104 AUTHORS.- Movshc-vi-h. B.-' . Shi!':TIax,, S.,Ye. TITLE, Elec-~nc-- spark ma--n'-ne f--)r *ne -zimu--ane,~-uz grinding and !apping f spT-a7 -- !~ s yc-r 2-n PERIODICAI,- Referativnyy zhurnai, Kashinosmrcyenlye, no. 9, 1961, 75, abstract 9B527 (aful. tekhn.-ekon. infc--m. Sovnarkhoz Khar'kcvsk. ekcn. adm. r-na, 1958, no. 4, T7 - 80) MrT The Xhar'kcvek4-y tr&ktornyy zavod (Ifnar'kov Tractor Plant) hae do- signed and manufacvvired a 5-spindle electric spark semi-automatic for the simul- taneous grinding and lapping of sprayer cones. Service tests during 4 months In three-sbift operation yielded good results. A resolution was passed to manufac- +'ure these- rrAch4nes 4n order to ltranpfer to them completely the grinding and lap- ping processes of sprayir cones,, The authors analyze the operation principle of the machine, preser'. It's func'!*na- Jagram and also the interac'~ion schematic of the working head unltiq, !be liqu-4d med.4am is gas oil supplied at a low pressure. Card 112 23472 Electric spark machine S/123/16 1/000/t09/tO5/027 A004/A104 A 3,rface finish cf tne 8 - 9-~h ~-as-z la t~.-3,-ned diring 3 1 s - ' sev r, m jr 40 en t:y a times -..hanging i-,he lbe ae*.-:,ing and repair of one head does ntt impair the 3peratfor. cf the remainfng foar heads. There are 4 figures. Balca-- Card 212 25(2) SCV11 1 AUTHORS: Shullman, S.Ye., and Movshovich, B.I., En~-ineers TITLE: An Electric Snark-1.!achl"ne~�r ~Simu~,n-'eous 'rindine and Finishing (Blektroiskrovoy st~inolr: dl.7,ri 01;novre- mennogo shlifovaniya i dovodki) PERIODICAL: 51 ('JSSR) Mashinostroitell, 1959, Nr 5, pp ~G - - ABSTRACT: The electric spark- "grinding" of the inner cone sur- face of tractor fuel. purip injector nozzles had al- ready been introduced at the Kharlkovskiy tralftornyy zavod (Khar1kov Tractor Plant), but the manual fin- ishing after the "grinding" was too frequontly un- satisfactory. The described five-spindle spark machine, designed, built and used now at the plant has eliminated the trouble and gives the fina.1 finish, with the work rate trebled as a result. The "grinding" effect is o')tained throuCh el.~,.ctric spark discharges between an electrode introduced into the injector nozzle cone and the cone surf-ice Card 112 itself, i.e. by fusion and evaporation of the sur- An Electric Spark-Mlachine for Simultaneous Srinding and Fin-sh-'r-c- face metal. The work is being done in a oil me- dium, used for carrying away the removed met,-d. A complete work cycle with one cone ta-kes 220 seconds. The electric process parameters cha-n-e 7 times during this time by means of a "RV" time relay controlling the capacitances and resistances to ol)t,)Jn the wanted surface finish class. The mechanical and electrical systems of the machine are described in detail and illustrated b,y a kinematic and an elec- tric diaCram. T~iere are 2 diaCrams, I circl;it jnd 1 table. Card 2/2 EVMOV, Ya.S.(MOVSHOVICHLE.B.L- SARYCHEVAq A.I. Cenamanlan deposits of the Astralchan region. Dokl. AN SSSR 135 no.5: 1211-1214 D 1610. (MMA 13S12) I. Prodstavleno,akademikom A.L.Yanishnym. (Astrakhan region--Xjeologyg Stratigraphic) MOVSHOVICH, E. B., Cand. Geol-Mineral. Sol. (diss) 113tratl- n-raphy of Cretaceous Depoeitions of' -~'ortkiwestern Caspian Area in Oonnections with 011-Searing Prospects," Moscow, 1961, 23 pp (Insti. of Geol and Fuels OIG and RGI,") 200 copies, (KL Supp 12-61, 2b9). DOLITSKIY, V.A.; DOLITSKAYA, E.B. Oil and gas potentials of the Peschanoye area (Kalmyk A.S.S.R.). Izv. vya. ucheb. zav.; neft' i gaz I# no.ls9-14 161. (MIRA 15:5) 1. Moskovskiy institut neftekhimicheskoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti imeni akademika Gubkina i Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy geologorazvedochny.y neftyanoy institut, Moskva. (Kalmyk A.S.S.R. -Petroleum geology) (Kalmyk A.S.S.R.-4w., Natural--Geology) DOLITSKIY, 7.A.; BFMfISON, V.A.; M Method of atratigraphic division of Cretaceous sediments of certain areas in Astrakhan Province,, based on borehole records. Trudy VNIGNI no.29:122-137 vol-3 161. (MIRA 14:9) (Boring) (Astrakhan Province-Geology, Stratigraphic) r EVENTOV, U.S.; BEZBORODOV, R.S.; CRINFEL-D. M.1.; IVANOVA, A.N.; -KOVSHOVICH, E.B.; KHABAROVA, T.H. - Data on the geology and oil and gas potentials of southern Astrakhan Province and adjacent areas of the Kalmytakk9a A.S.S.R. Trudy VNIGNI no.30-.293-319 161. (MIRA 14-9) (Astrakhan Province--Petroleum geology) (Astrakhan Province--Gas, Natural--Geology) (KaloWtskaya A.S.S.R.--Petroltum geology) (Kalmytskaya A.B.S.R.--Gas, Natural-_Geology) PIOV.41UYIC4, E.B.; ZIh!WC%'A, L.Ya.; ZUBUVA, M.A.; ~. C~: HAh I Y~ " 17S , __' , ii. MBL.~K-PAS HAY EVA , N.V. ; S'*,IA_'i:Y,',i I !~', , ~' . L"). 0 Basic problems of 0 ,e correiatic.n of Mesozoic and Paleogene swii- ments in the Volga-Don territory. Trudy fl"Lneftegaza no.13:5-38 165. le-9) j., t ~anozol^ 7 pmo n n r y. T r -(j y i7v~- vll.."~- ~ , ", , '. r~,~~:-- KOWSHOVICH, G.I(. 13 - - - - - - - IMMIllwa: Organizing the proc si of tomatoes at the peak of the season. Kons.1 ov.prou. 12 ::.917 S '57. (KLRA 10:10) 1. Vossoyttxnyy nauchno-imeledovatollskiy institut konservnoy i ovoshchesushillnoy promyshlonnosti. (Tonataeo--Preservation) P/ KOVSHOTICK, G.M. nization of thm mnufacture of tin cam. Kons. i ow. prou. 13 no.l.#29-32 Ja 158. (MIRA ll.-2) 1. Tsesoytxznyy nauchno-iseledovatellski7 institut konserrnoy i ovoshcheaushillnoy promyshlonnosti. (Containers) MOVSHOVICH. '.7'--!!0q" Mechanized varebouse; survey of articles, Kona, I Ov. protu 13 no.2. 43-44 F 158. (MIRA 11:2) (United ftatee-Warshousem) MOVSHKOVICH, G41. Fruit and vegetable canning industry in the German Federal Republic (from German periodicals). Kona. i ov. prom. 13 no.6:42-44 Je 158. (MIRA 11:5) (Germany, West--Canning industry) MOVSHOVICH, G.M. t 'anl --*v"`*`g-e table canning industry of France. Eons. i ov. prom, 13 no.10:44-4 0 158. (MIRA 11:10) (Irrance-Canning and preserving) KOVSEDVICH. G.M. Problem of the centralization of canning production. Kans. I a;,. prom. 14 no.1:34-36 Ja 159. (MIRA 12:1) ITSentrallnyy nauchno-iseledavatelinkiy institut konservn~7 i ovoshchasushillnoy promyshlennosti. (Canning industry) KOYSHOTICH. G.M. Production concentration and apecialization in the canning industry In the U.S.A. Kona. I ov. prom. 14 n0-3:36-38 Mr 159. OGRA 12:3) l.TS~ntrallny7 nauchno-iseledovateltakly institut konservn~7 I oveshcheaushillney'promyshlonnosti. (United States--Canning industry) MOVSHOVICH, G.H. t vegetable dehydrating plants of the U.S.A. Kona. i ov. prom. 14 no.6:45-" Ja '59. (MIRA 12:8) (United States-Vegetablea-Dr7ing)