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20227 S1 I -I r-l#,~ 2 A006/A101 AUVORS- Shavkunov, A. V., Aksanov, N. A., Rugerman, Yu. N., Kolchinskiy, V. I, Engineers TTME Welding of Titanium AlloyE in Chimbers with Con'rDlie,J Vm2sphere PERIODICAL. Svarochnoye proizvodstvo, 1961, No, 4, pp. 24 - 2,~~ The high 3hem1cal activity of titanium and 1,~ alloys requires careful protection of the weld and the weld-adjacent zone agaln~t the gaseous atmosphere. When welding parts of Complex ccr."=rs 1'~ Is re:!omrrended t:) carry out welding in special chambers. Informa'.ion Is given on man,-ial argon arc weld- ing of titanium-allcy and titanium parts In c'aambere -P two typc-s. Gnamter N,:,. I is a 0.05 M-3 1Kh18N9T steel cylind,:~r of 1,300 ram internal diameter and 400 mr, height, The cylinder -,ap represents a cover fastenel with bc.1ts. ~~ha--mter i5 placed on a rotary table and can te rotated exr,-.1nd '~he horlzon~al ax~F. in -.he top and in the walls there are plex1glass wl-:i:iows an:i acert,-res fcr fa-ztenlng '~ne rubber welding gloves. The chamber is equlp-;~ed with electr!!: light, Trhe we-Lding burner is fed thr-c-ugh a cable which enters the chamber 4,hrc,,;gh a specal hernetic inlet. The burner is a holder with a tungsten elecl~rcde. The absen::e cf a nozzle Car-J ~ /4 20227 S 11 _35/6 12 A006/A 110 1 Welding of Titanium Al:oys In Chambers with Controlled Atmosphere permits the access to any welding area. The chamber is conne.-Aed with a vac-u-_jm pump, an argon cylinder and an oil manometer, The feed system and '~he electric circuit are given In Fig. 2 and 3, Chamber Nc . 2 Is made of 15 mm thick it 20 tv grade steel and differs from chamber No. 1 by larger dimensions, which makes 1,, possible to weld large-size parts ~ The dimenf Ions are, 2100 mm dl; 600 mm height; 1.8 ;~ volume, Two parallel operatirg vacuum pumps are employed. The vacuum up to 3.1 -~mm Hg is produced within 1210 - 150 min. Gas cons-Umption for washing is about 2.5 m,3. Prior to opera,~ion the chamber is blown through with compressed air and rubbed with an alcohol-wetted rag. To fill tne chamber, firgor of first composition Is employed containing n(;t over 0.001,5% oxygen and nct over 0.1% nitrogen. Locksmith tools, base materia'. technological plates ane BT.I(VT-I)' 2 mm-diameter titanium wire are then placed Into the chamber and the cover is fastened. After evacuation argon is fed into the chamber at a pressure not less than 0.2 atm. During welding process I - _3 1/min argon are supplied into the chamber. Parts of commercial VD-1 titanium, (Yr-4 and F~T -5 ('V-1-5) ti'ALnium alloys can be welded. VT-1 filler wire is employed, which is dehydrogenized in a vacuum of jo-3 mm Hg by heating to 9500C. Welding In the described chambers produces high-quality weld joints, whose strength Is equal to that of the base metal. The Card 2/4 20227 S/135/6i/Ooo/004/006p12 Aoo6/Aic)i Welding of Titanium Alloys in Chambers with O:mtrolled Atmosphere bending angle is 160 - 1800. The present artIcle wass domposed with the pirtici- pation of ehgIneera M. P. Korneyev, V. I. Chwmov, S. Ye. Makarov, Ye. P. Saymu- kova, senior master B. K. Eukash, welding ope:rators S. A. TIt6v and V. A. Bere-- zovskiy. There are .3 figures. Figure 2: Diagram of feeding the chamber for Ole welding in shielding gas.- I - body of the chamber; 2 - cover; hose connecting the 15 IJ chamber with the gloves; 4 - bolts; 5 - hose connecting the chamber with the cylinder; 6 - cylinder valve; 7 - argon cylinder; 8 -PX -53 (RK-53) reductor; 9 - 6WT -1 (VIT-1) thermo- vacuummeter; 10 - -A M -2 (IM-2-) or /IT -4M (LT- 17 E ~/;?'C 0 4m) tube; 11 - monovacuummeter; 129H-1 (WI-1) SNI- I vacuum pump; 13 - hose, connecting the chamber with the pump; 14 - hose connectUg the chamber with the bull-bar; 15 - cover for the glove; 16 - window with pro- tecting glass; 17 - bull-bar Card 3/4 -20227 S/135/61/000/004/006Al2 Aoo6/Aiol Welding of Titanium Alloys In Chambers with Gontrolled Atmosphere Figure 3:' Electric circuit diagram of the chami- ber for welding in shielding gaa;PS 9L (RB) , RB-300) ballast rheostat; Dr-,,', throttle; 1K, 2K, 3K and 4K- magnet-:: ic starters., a) - pump motors; b) ;Pf Its is motor; c) generator; d) oscilla- tor; e) foot starter P". 3. SA"TVIRecass czene Kamequ Zia cG&PK" M vauturel"I ra-lax. rips pox?&,r dasAacTaul PB-30D; AP - xrocce-w 1K. 2K, 3K a 4A - Card,4/4 MUGEIW~~N , inzb. Argon-arc welding with automatic control of the arc length. Svar.proizv. no.4:23-25 Ap 164. (MIRA 18:4) MGEMALAN, Yu.N., inzh.; AGAFONOV, S.K., tekhnik Automatic welding up of a c---ater. Svar. proizv. nz-!:~.--33 .- Ta 'f~ ~ - (, 1- IP: 3 MIJGHA T. AL&K-SANDRGWICZ. J., GRA.PCZYSKA Z., GUTTUAGWA I., KITKU-9., JODUA J., ?T' U T. A11D PACHONSKA J. Univ. in Cracow. W!)11-,,w iperytil azotoweio na usterpowan-fe Porazen W. gruzlicizym zapalenin opon mosgowo-radzenio~rych lechzonych f7trn-)tomycna 'he inu'c:ence of nitrogen mustard on the regression of paralysis in cerebrospinal meninr-itis treated with streptomycin Polsk. TFj.Lek. 19L9, 4/40 (1131-1192) A decrease of paralysis in T-6 spondylitis, observed a few hours after the adrl~n,-strai.ion of nitrogen mustard, encouraged the authors to investiFate its influence oii other ;):ira- lytic states especially in the course of TB. T-iere 1-ression of oaralysis in 6 ch-,liren treated in Clinic for ~hilirenls Diseases in Warsaw. This chemical comnolind was also found to cure paral~,sis of the peripheral nerves in meninpitis of some week.'s i-ut it does not pr:,vent the development of paral)sis. NitroVen mustard was lise in- trave-.iously in doses of 0.01 E. ger kU. body weitht daily, reneating doses ever 2L- hourf. from 2-j times. The therapeiitic results are perhaps due to 'he resorptive and 4~0 anti-inflamma. ry action of the chemcial, or to -4rritant action )n ' he nervolls tiss!je. The latter hy-oothesis is confirmed by observations of certain effects on paral:s-is of various origin (peripheral neuritis, radiculitis, crania nerve palsy, -! lso in spastic constractiires is rhelimatoid arthritis) and by some evidence of relif in cases wAh the ciinicals s~;mptoms of optic verved atrophy (observed in the ontahlomtjf-ical clinical of JaCiel University). it may be that in the Phenomena descri~-,ed there is a ha -1 n of reactions, one link of which is the specific action of the nervons s.-,.-stem and thr,j1jVf1 it, diminution of the clinical symptoms of inflammation. Aleksandrowicz - Cracow So: Neurology ' Psychiatz-y Section VIII, Vol. 4, No. 1-6 KOGAN, M. B. '. LMUGINOVA, I. L. Some Problems In exercise therapy in rheumatism In children. Pediatrila, 41 no.3:45-48 162. (MIRA 1':2) 1. Is kafedry 1-y pediatrii (zav. - prof. N. A. Sbalkov) lonin- gradskogo gasudaretvannogo instituts. woversbenstvovanlys, vrachey illoni S. M. Kirova (dir. - doteent A. Ye. Kiselov) I Detskoy bolluitey imeni K. A. Raukhfusa (glavrjyy vrach Ye. N. Speranakaya) (EMCISE THMUn) (RHKUMATIC FEM) MUGINOVA,, Ye.L., vrach lechobnoy fizkulltury organization of special therapeutic groups in schools. Vop. okh. mat. i det. 6 no.9:82-87 S 161. (141?,A 14: 9) 1. Iz Ischobnogo ob"yedineniya (glavnyy vrach Yu.S. Chistyakov) bollnitsy imeni K.A.Raukhfusa i I-y kafedry bolezney (zav. - prof. N.A.Shalkov) Gosudarstvennogo instituts. usovershenstvovaniye vrachey. (EX M-CISE THERAPY) MUGNOVA, Ye.L.1 SHMOVA, S.M. Nxper saw in the organization of u1nute amercise, in schools associated with the Amdd2fts Pediatric Hospital. Fediatriia 39 nolMF-6 161. (M33RA 14:1) (LUX ',R&D--==ISZ THERAPY) WGINSMIN. L&1 TULUTOT, 1. -- --- Udming doc=entation In cartiMus ths replacownt of a vors-out tool. Bakbg, uchet 15 no,4:42m-43 AP 158- (MU U:5) 1. Starshlye bukb4galtery Uralmahsavoda. (Tool*) Nwhinary 1nduetr7--Aceo=tiAg) MUGRIU, Dum-itru, Ing., corespondent 5cientific studies, Cons-~r Ruc 1? no.'783-.1 9 :a 'i-5. SHAVKUNOVq A.V., inzh.; AKSENOV, N.A., inzh.:21UGOFU4AN, YU. N.P blzh.; KOLCHIRSUY, V.I. 9 inzh.; Prinimali uchd--wtfy4if-KOMrEUV1, M.P., inz-b; CHMNOV, V.I., inzh.; KARKAROV, S.Te., inzh.; SA714UKOVA, Ye.P., inzh; LUKASH, B.K., starshiy master; TITOV, S.A., svarshchik; BEREWVSKIYO V.A. Welding titanium allovs in chambers w"th a controlled atmosDhere. Svar. proizv. no.4:24-25 Apf6l. (MIRA 14:3) (Tlt.-,niu,~ alloys- Welding) (Proctective atmospheres) KOMNOT, I.N.; XURBATOT, T.P.; FT(AV;~]R., A.S. -;~ SUEMCHUX. G.D.; ZAODUTOTAR M.R., red.izd-va; KRASKATA, A.K., [Socialist transformation of agriculture In the Chinese People's Republic, 1949-19571 Sotelelisticheskoe preobra- sovanle sellskogo, khosialstya v Kitalskol Narodnal Respubli- ke. 1949-1957. 206 p. (MIRA 13:4) (China-Agriculture) R(*AXIA/Atomic and Molecular physics - Statistical Physics. D-~ Then-iodynanics Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Fizika, No 8j 19581 No 17723 Author : Mugur mioara Inst : Vo-t-G-i-ve-n - Title : Relaxation of Aggregates of PezTAnently Polarized Micro Systems in a Strong External Field. Orig Pub : Studii si cercetari fiz. Acad. RPR, 1957, 8, No 3P 311-319 Abstract : The relaxation equation for aggregates of permanently polarized micro systems in a strong external field is written in the forra of a corresponding new model of the mechanism. The model indicated can lead to new methods of experimentation in the investigation of nuclear and microstructural character- istics and can find application in the general theory of irreversible processes. Card 1/1 ,~. i I-MIMIZ. "The theory of nuclear magnetic resonance." p. 171 (Studii Si Cercetari De Fizica) Vol. 8, no. 2, 1957 Bucharest, Rumania SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) W. Vol. 7, no. 4, April. 1958 RUWLIff.A/Physical Chemistry - Molecule, Chemical Bond. B-4 Abs Jour : Ref 2hur - Lhimiya, No 8, 1958, 23891 Author : Mugur Mioara Inst : Rumanian Academy Title : Theory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Orig Pub : Studii 91 cercetari fiz. Acad. RPR, 1957, 8, No 21 171- 213 Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 J_ =D=-On H=ltonian H-L (which contains th; rem'ining ele- ments of the dipole term and the exchange ItletTj). flao c,jl_ NUOUREVICS P) FindIngs of objects made from pink schist In rdLtvia. Testis Latr &k no.9:17-32 160. (EW:1019) 1. I&tvijaa PSR Zinatnu akademija, Vesturee institute. (retvia-Schints) MMURMCS, R. Nmiawtic materpa concerning the trade routes of Iatvia in the 9th- 13th centuriese -Vestis latv &k no.l:n-24 161. Iatvijae PSR Zinatnu. akademijas Vastures institute. e--- [Mugurevics, E.] - . - --- Finds of Gyprasa moneta in Latvia. Vestis Latv &k no.7:37-52 162. 1. Inatitut lit-orii AN Latviyokoy SSR. KOTLYAR# D.K.; KUOUM q s MCRUIX. T.P. 1-1-1-1 - ra the Ststot Committg4j of the Coulwil of MaUters of the Ukrainian S.M. for the coordirAtion of scientific research. Not. i gornorud. prom. no.3:83-85 Mir-Js 165. (MIRA 18ill) PAION, I-Ats kwAl"t tokbidaheiddkh "vkl EMT, 1.1*4, Inshesorl KUDUTN. G D Inshemer, lxperience in operating iscreased-pressure blast-furnaces. 8u1' 15 no.1:23-32 A 155. (MM 815) (Blast-lummes) -v Lg the "'t T- d cbP . . = 1 2 th, A~ rat'. 'a- oy trld,- I Tlia BW =d c ~1 _ vltw, n mm itot wffe TWA t~!tt ants t2,1 h 19 Md 40 ed Smw is 61' tu~ witli ITO (,-,v tepl! Its ctIOAA d ~ u its pro uAed !I. 110T It ncrt N.. "V4`1 f - blt rv, I fusible gang, 0 1 6,- W tory. tag A i~ ROM wourv, G.D. 0 ingh. lbw ivintering sachine'(frm **Itish Steelmaker, I no. 7, 1961). Ibt. i cornorud. Proo6 no.ig85-86 Ja-F 162. (KnU 16s 6) (Sintering-Equipment and supplies) MUGUYEV ILD inzh.; KODIYEVA, Z.P. (trimAlator] Investigating the ef ficiency of using natwral gas in the blast furnace process (from "Coke and Gas,* no.267, 1961]. Yet. i gornorud. prom. no.205-86 Mr-Ap 162. (MIRA 15:11) (United States-Blast furnaces) WGUTEV, G.D., inah.; KODIYEVA, Z.1. (translator] Characteristics of blast furnace operations at high tezparatures of blow (up to 11000G) (fron IvBlast Fuz*ace and Steel Plant," no.6, 1961). *t. i gornorud. prom. no.301-92 Y4r-Je 162. (KRA 15-9) (United States-Blast furnaces) I MUGUMV, G.D., -inzh., referent; KOD'YEVAYA, 3.P. (translator Blast fvirnaea smelting with use of a 3ejf-fjwdng sinter (from "BlaDt Furnace and Steel pl=tpg so.azuk). Not. i gornorud. prom. no~4-92-93 Jl-Ag TW.-71~M 15:9) 0--pan-Blaot furnaces) MGMV, GA, inzh., referent; KODIEVAYA, Z.P. (translator] Progrx=-ing blast furnace charge materials (f:;= "Iron Age," no.31+, 10,61; "Iron and Steel Engineer," no 98 1961). Met. i gornarud~ Prom. no~4,93-94 JI-Ag 162. ?MM 15-9) (United States-Blast furnar-es) MUGUIEV, G.D. - Operation c" a blast furnace with a very small quant.ty of slag. Met. i gornorud. prom. no. 2:84-86 tir-Ap 164. IMIRA 17:9) I MUHA, Jozsef For forty-seven years in the forefront of Hungary's sport; Introducing the Iron Workers' Sports Club. Munka 9 no.l: 28 Ja 159. 1. "Ilepszabadsag" rovatvezetoje. MUPALYFI, P. Computation method for d(termining tfte profita.,)le degree of tooling. I. (To be contd.) P. 272. (GEP.) (Budapest, Hungary) Vol. 9, No. 7/8, Oct./Nov. 1957 SO: Monthly Index of East European Accession (E'AI) LC. Vol. 7, No. 5, 1-15~- KUHkMsTsfted&rlja,d-r; LJUBA.XnszovJc,d-r Contribution to bWaonal and antibiotic therapy of typhoid. Ned arh., Sarajevo 14 no.1:115-130 Ja-F 160. 1. Infektivna klinilm Madicinskog fakults a u Sarajovu,aef: pref. d-r BlagoJe Dordevic. (TMOID ther.) (GHWRAMPHINICOL. ther. (GORTICOTROPIN ther.) (GORTISCH ther. ) KOURI, IOU= (HG 5 KBP) be vioit of UP 2 ABA to Bu&peot. HadiotecWka 13 no.2:54 r 163 o A. Federn, At-nic -rcrgy -qjj-,miBsjor, '_-~av,?znq komtsija 41- nu%lparn" C-nerp'i'll) a' --;gienr ir Yu via. gosla 1962; r-F. 10-174. r, c jc.ia, Vcl 14, 1,o 2-3-4, rrobllemi and dangerg pos-,:s by ?x.- an.; ,-.r' ind~,st r ia I use of radioactive materia I s j ~-iv' a tree aljtL7:; r~ tieL. and res, rns lbl I icies in thi s are6 I--. rI o ~!c and cencri i ` zed which I.A.3 Z: ClVanLageS ; '-OWC-VeZ , Mar., lcii! '- le~i rema ,r. 'Leg lalh t i,,e ar,~t regj latory mea~:ures ir, ef f ta, CT RMLIN, TI., Dr.; HURK-SIMUNW. J.,-- BRXIT1NFZLD, J.. dr. Psychiatry and clinical psychology. Lijec. vjes. 7* db.11-12., 513-518 Now-Doe 56. 1. Is Seurolooki-petchijatrijttog o4jela Opeo bolnice dr. M. Stojenovics, u Zagrebu. (PsrcnuTRrl relation to clim. po3rchol. (Sor)) (PSYCHOIDW relation to psychip"V of clin. psychol. (Ser)) COUNTRY CATEGOIVZ Chemical Tecl%nology. Chemical Pro4ucts and Their Apmlications. Water Treatment. Sawspe. ABS. JOUR. !Z'k[hLin., i~o. 23 1959, To, 82697 f'., Tls7,to. T.; P,4rn:ly, Z- T IT L-R, Pivri "Fication of i ty 1S.1", uprt tij Activ;Ltv? Clsy OR I ?UB. Enulatvet)eszet, 1958, 7, No 5-6, 239-244 C T re-.iew oC i-rof1prn (icheavemetits. IMITS. K.- PIT., T. "Study of the equipment of the first PunF~ri,3n activated-sltid;-e Oant operated with surface aeration." F'. 1.1n. HDROLOGIPI KOZI,Ci?TY. HYDRI-LOGICAL jnj!p.!UL. (Naf-ytir Fidn-lo,-iPi Tprs,-1s;4r). - 3'-,, No. 2, Apr. 1 0. Budapest, HunFary, Vol Monthly list of E~qst EDropean Accessions LC, Vrl. 1, A,v-,,ict 1959. Uncla. OHLBACHER. W. Apparatus for drawing yarns through the weaver's reed. p. 5. (TgHNIGA NOUA. RU)4ANTJ,. V01. 3. no. 57, JulY 1956.) SO: Monthly Ldst of Fast Zuorpean Accessi.-ms (&F-AL) 14, Vol. 6. no. 7. JUlY 1957. Uncl. vmn, x.; wmmon, T.; sKROBkL, D.; KUHLBACHDVA, 2. The action of glucose on protamine hyperlipaesia. Rev. Czech. K. 4 no.1: 12-19 1958. 1, P~srmcological Institute of the Medical Yaculty. Charles Universitys Prague. Director: Dr. X. Wenke, Institute for Humn Nutrition. Prague. Director: Doe. J. Nasek. (LIPUB. in blood byperlipauts, Induced by protamine sulfate, eff. of glucoss, in rats) (PROTA141MIS, eff . saw) (GIMOGN, off . on hyperlipemia induced by protamine sulfate In rate) MM. N. -, KaffBACHOTA Be - =IN. S. --- On the problem of detaxication of antibiotics by means of certain sulfon&ted polyeaccharldes. Geskaysiol. 9 no.3:306-307 My 160s 1. Farmskologicky ustav fake V600bol6ko KU, Praha, (ANTIBIOTICS Chem) (SULIOM Chen) (POLTBACCHARMIS chow) WXNn. M-;--KUHE3UZWA.Z.,- HYMIN. S. Zffect of adrenalln an lepot lipids. Cesk.fYsiol. 9 no.3:307 My 960. 1. Irarmakologicky ustav fak. wasob.lak. KU. Praha. (LIPIDS wtab) (BPINIMM pharmcol) WENKE, M.; MU11BACHOVA, E.j HYNIE, S.; DOLWSOVAp K. Metabolic effects of catecholamines. Physlol. bohemoslov. 12 no.l: 43-50 163. 1. Department of Pharmacolofi7, Faculty of General Medicine, Charles Univereity, Prague. (NOREPINLTHRIN) (PHENTOLAMINE) (LIPID METABOLISM) (BLOOD PRFZSURF,) (BLOOD FLOW VELOCITY) (FATTY ACIDS) L.,~ A pharinacolo,S-ical V di cine 0 lel,arstvi P r u 7: U I' UO - X:)c I, DOCZY, P., prof.; MUHLE-ALDEA, Maria, dr. Hemorrhagic cutaneous necrosis, a grave cGmj, li cation of therapy. Med. intern. (Bucur.) 16 no.8:97'7-982 Ag lt4. 1. Lucrare efectunta in (,Iinica 1 medir!,~Iq, 'n~'Atz.A;:! farmaceutic, Tir~u Mures. 0g SWRCE'CODEor C2 -'10053/65/014/004/030~10306 fthutt- -DO-'t--- --M' 221134M& DOCZY,p.; ~,,RJ!ILE-ALDEA, Maria Haeniorrhagic cutaneous necrosis, a 3e'.Iere of dicoumarinotherapy. Rumamian med. rev. 19 no.D29-3z, SEI!, E. F S F. Covere th ti-l-n-I cn i nd i b-c- :1 i .n ol. A-i'17 t. C TE 17 f ry~ y East Ev-rovepn A cc esq] r, No* MUHIEISSN, Jerzy, mgr inz. I,osses of electric power and the costs of its production and distribution. Energetyka Pal 17 no.3:Suppl: Energopomiar 9 no.2:85-88 Mr 163. 2973)4 3/169/61/000/008/026/053 1A 0 A006/A101 AUTHOR: Ahlelsen, R. TITLE: Electric fields underneath thunderdbrm clouds PERIODICAL. Referativayy zhurnal, Oeoflzlka, no. 8, ig6i, 34, abstract BB250 (V ob. RXI Generalln. Assambleya Mezhdunar. geod. i geofiz. soyuza, 1957", Moscow, AN SSSR, 1959, 133) TEXT- At a ground station, measurements were-made of electric fields, air streams, point discharge currents, precipitations, charges of individual drops, and the density of free charges. Assuming plausibly that the air contains nuclei among other particles, the distribution of the field from the earth to the cefUng of the cloud can be calculated. It can be asserted that Immediately before the flashing of lightning, the electric field on the earth becomes considerably weaker due to the electric spatial charge which is predetermined by point dis- charges. This explains the fact that the lightning strikes sometimes near elevated objects. Electric spatial charge is concentrated on the lee of elevated objects. The hypothesis can be advanced that the lightning discharges occur more frequently from the lee of the high objects. The author's summary [Abstracter's notet Complete translation] Card 1/1 -""~d~wnfctl pxoprrt! Rnd active group ArA the m5cbmijam of zho~Mnest 4rthln. ~%duhu-A- kfrmqk~. Lar I d h jk.-, 1. ~Ink~ (ra-P-TIFISE) .- 111~wla It --4 61 wn:; pudkol 200-fold ilow 'I bcei liver. Tlw- abifity iA '~~ n(l 41L w plu. Uit I AVOYLLY was uu~] w demoomi.p! 111.1f of 0 mlxvjit,d T~I~ Lftzyum t', it~ dvgd,4~i~ and t-h-M, -,~COJW:. (PAINdiurti calaly"t), an't H$6 treiretri tte dmItIme jilikatT a LIM 4U=Y=, ds,~7gituwmn invoived the ~w SR + N., 'CL + a wing, CK - RSMA + RSCN; 2 RSNz 'R + Na 11=11 + + Na4S%; P-SS S - R~�K~ + P.M, R&S' Na + N,,CN 1) &Ma bFuS(W cowny : HMIGARY Q. CATMORY : ftrM Animals. General Problems ABS. JOIT.R.i RZB!ol., 3-40- 13, 1958, No. 59475 AUTHOR Tangl, H.; Muhlrad, L. TIM Changes Occurring During the Process of Steaming Peeds ORIG. PUB. Allatteriyeazte, 1956, 5, Ho 4, 289-297 AWTIRACT Glucokirins which are formed during the ateen ing of pelleted corn or barley, an well as ir the mixtures of silage, beat chips, and vari- ous pelleted grains, were tesbad by means of a subcutaneous Injection of the extract and by feeding steamed fodder to animals. Swim showed a greater appetite, ate a greater a=unt of the feed, and better repaid the feeding-cost. With two-da7-long steaming of CAiD: 1/2 9 MWARY/Farm ~admals - Large Smad Cattle. C'-2 Abe Jour Hof Zhur - Biol*,, No 18, 1958o 83343 Author Kall i, Laszlo,* Zoldy, ItLklos; Muhlrad, Andrus; Bernus, Jame; KOVQCSP JOZSCf lust Title Using Girasole (Elelianthus tuberosus L.) as Fodder;olls. 2*'RWAtive Value of Girasole in Feeding of Milch Orig Pub : 411lattonyesttes,, 1956, 5, No 4, 299-309 Abstract : In a test group, cows were fed 12-15 kg of girasole (G) instead of fodder beats of the same nutritional value. In this group milk yields surpassed the milk yielAs of control cows by 4-7 percent. In tests with 8 cove a 2.6 porcent rdlk yield increase was achieved when 2 kg fo dried pulp replaced 5 kg of G and 0*5 kg of extracted sunflower shred- dings. The mille fat content did not change. A hypothesis is advanced according to which inulin. which is contained in G assists in activating the intestinal nicroflora, and Card 1/2 HUNGARY Farm AnIMIB. General ProbLe ms - Q-1 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 10, 1958, No 45141 Author : jkltdrad Andras Inst : Not jFv-en-- Title : The Study of Digestion In the Rumen of Ruminants. 1. The Study of the Depreselon of the Dieestion of Cellulose by Starch. with the Aid of the Artificial Ruman. Orig Pub : Allattenyesztes, 1956, 5, No. 4, 351-358 Abstract : The methods of studying the activity of the microorganisms of the rumen, and a technique of the use of "artificial" rumen, are described. It was established that carbamide is utilized by the bacteria of rumen for building tip the protein of their body. The depression of the digestion of cellulose by starch is stopped when alfalfa hay is being fed. Card 1/1 RMOY Pam Animals. Goneintl Ptoblems. Ab a Jour #of 2hur - 81016glysi No 2, 1959, No. 7283 is Author Kallat, Laszlo; MWarad, Andras; Zoldy, Miklos; K60669, ~ Joszef; laft4mi TWWW- Inst s Not given Title The American Artichoke (Melianthus tuberosus L.) as a FeedifigAgent.. 3. The Effect of the Carbohydrates of Artichoke Tubers on the In vitro Punction of Intestinal Microorganisms Orig Pub : Allattenyeaztes, 1957, 6, No 2, 169-176 Abstract : As a result of biochemical Investigations In which the method of an "artificial rumen" was applied, the authors established that the carbohydrates of the American artichoke (inu- lin and fructose) influence the vital acti- vity of the microorganisms of the rmen more Card 1/2 COU'.7RY HUNGARY CAUGJaY Farm knimals. Q Cattle, ABS . JOUR. RZhBioi., 1959, No. 25850 -N AUTHOR langll Harald; Czakc$ Jozsef; Mq Llrad, Andras TITL:-.' Experiments Pertaining to the Application of Syntestrin for Improving the FatteniiW, of Cattle. ORIG. PUB. :AllattenYesztes, 1957, 61 No 41 265-272 AB13TRACT :Fifteen to 20 mg of syntestrin (acts as an ovary hormone, estrone) were added to the fod- der of each animal (a I-atal of 253 heads) daily in the form of a capsuie. During the course of the 66 days of the experiment', the animals of the experimental group manifested a 14.2 kg larger weight gain in comparison to the, control group. In studies arranged according to sex, th~~ largest weight. gain of 25.3 kg was observed in bulls,whereas in cows it amounted Lo only 21 ka. CA,:?D - 42 BIRD, 30A.; JOHLBAll Studies on the functional 1. Phosphorylation of the hung. 18 no.2:85-93 160. role of the myofibril-bound nualsotide. eyofibril-bound nucleotide. Acta, physiol. I* Departuent of Biochemistry, Institute of Phylogazy and Genetics. L. Notvoo University, Budapest. (lUCL=I=8 AND NUCLIOTITMS wtab) (MUSCLES wtab) BIR09 R.A., WHIAMI A. ------------ Studies on the fuwtio=2 role of the sWofibril-bound nuclootide. 11. Invest4pations on the metabolism of bound phosphate fractions by the as@ of labelled Fe Actis physlol.hung. 18 no.2:95-101 160. 11 Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Phylogeny and Genetics, L. Jotvos University, Budapest. (IIUCLZNIIXS AND NUCLEOP113S ustab) (MSC=S metab) (PHOSPHATES vietab) BIRO, N.A.-; KUHLRAD, A.; DOBRONAI, P. A simple and sensitive method for the estimation of inorgazie phosphorus. lots physiol. hung. 18 20.4:2/.7-252 161. 1. Institute of Phylogeny and Gen*tles, Bloehemlstr7 Group, L. Notwe University, Budapest, and Riebter Pharmasoutisal Works, Budapest. (PROSPWRUS Shea) BIRO, H. A.; MUHLRAD, A. Th* binding of " by isolated myofibrils. Acta pbysiol. hw. 18 no.4:275-278 161. 1. Institute of PbylogeRy and Genetics, Biochemistry Group, L. gotyas University, Budapest. (CALCIUM metab) (MUSCLSS metab) KUHLRAD, Andras; DENES, Jossof Protein synthesis and its aspects from the point of view of Information theory. Biol kosl 10 no.2:97-109 162. 1. Rotvos Lorand Tudomanyogyetex Ssarmaxas- es Oroklestani Intezet Biakemiai esoportja, Budapest. I- BIROf W. A.; GOBEL, Vern; -TAK!r, Susanne- Inhibition of sWofibrillar ATFass activity by adenosine monophosphate. Act& pbysiol. akad. sci. hung. 21 no.1:1-8 '62. 1. Biochemistry Oroup, Institute of Pbylogeny and Genetics,, Zotwoe Lorand University, Budapest. (MUSCLES metaboliam) (ADENOSINE PHDSPRATES pharmacology) (ADENYLPYROPHOSPHATASE antagonists) BIROP N. A.; MUHLRAD, A.; GOBEL, Vera; JAKY, Susanne On the mechanism of substrate inhibition of niyofibrillar ATFase. Acts pbysiol. akad. sci. hung. 21 no.1:9-13 '62. 1. Biochemistry Group, Institute of Phylogeny and Genetics, Eotvos lmwW University, Budapest. (MUSCIES metabolism) (ADERYLPYROPHOSPHATASE antagonists) MURLaAD,, A. - BIRO N. A.; VERTES, K. Binding of Ca and Ng by functional structural proteins of muscle. Acts. physiol. akad. mi. hung. 21 no.1:15-28 '62. 1. Biochemistry Group,, Institute of Pbylogeny and Genetics, Zotvos Lorand University, Budapest. (MUSCLE PROTAINS chemistry) (CALCIUM chemistry) (MAGNMIUM chemistry) Hi A-D Andras, JAKY, ~~Ljzsw~na, e-ad -1:11RO, Znure, of ~ae Lastitute for PLyloge=cs and _--ovics LoraLd University (Eocvos Loriknd Tudomanyegyetem Szaramazas- es Oroklestani Insezate) to Budapest. "The Independence frco the Presence of RelaxLng Factors of the Substrate Inhibition in Myofibrillek ATPase" Bujapest, Acta Physiologica Academiae Scientiarum H"6aricae Vol 23, No 2, Iju3, pp. 101-104. Abstract: F-aglish article,- a;-,thors' Eaglllsh k;-1-mary] The characteris- tics :)f substrate inhibition of myofibr'-I-IELr ATpa-ce (the dependence Of acl-~,,-.Lty fcam. AT? &Ld Ca coaceatration) are not- i-afLienced by exces- sive washing of tne myofibrils. Furthermore, treatment with deoxycho_',ate and tt-ymol destroys the activity of relaxing gruziules. The subctrate 'n- hibition is according to this prod perty of actomyosin an~~ Js not induced by the relaxing factor remaining in the myofibril. Nine references, in- cluding 1 Hangaxiaa and 8 Western. ";T Gy B t N A AT FXA inhibition of ATP-ase. Thid.t325-332 'floy , -1 t I h~iis' try (Iroup, InstituL. of - I 7-- ,-,-,tv~s [-nrand University, Bdape-jt.. MUHLRA-l'), :,., B-AJ.!T!T, M.; E.~ , I%,_ li ptaki~ ci f I abe - ', ed Jr&crgEjn i f- I . , - ~. ph 3;.hr;ru,,, by nivof;l-r~'.- -,: ~ - - ` - . A,:tjl physiol. 4c~ad. sci. Hung. 25 1 ~- -'~ I. Biochemlrtry -f' oiy ~g(mmy - r.-~*, _- 1 Ectvsn !o-and kiversity, ........... Ado 11tradom b7 W no ny IEbtvbs ___ - 7 4 Sl~ S - ni- Uni 7-M " ,I) r_' 1966, W (5), 153-155 ---The ckirmru fmm a IIG DT 126-V d'~ lv.~:rcn p;'ssed wI-.-'mgh a I'A1.01,10 alwokii ,1-1-r:~ ~41'eia of piallmim I-he 'IV d.~ I, vle( "TrKl" I u At "t "110 1 ~! 7 ~'jvpr W"~r t';nrjG'Ted tc, a 1 0 Is pasner OnIv h0t, c ra k fnai .e.dinga -1 zlw !~trument -bould bt -2)(A) MV The ioln is ntedmixally itu-red. 'be best rmIR3 arv hm, " t~ t)(I por t,f 'be p I he t;Ikr% v th'. gA. on tl~ pjarinum eirru~dci rho li!ltjr.~v 1vt-Im !11, A~Qlhjwy d-AX'kIl~i d-Uld '~C zi,4 Rr-M a3 POTUDI--; AU tha P eltvaudca cAn bo moved-41ong a rai 14, Wjtk-04 x NSGH with HU find of vahmit quIphates with Ila* On the (3-01 V scdc. -100A' v)uMt is neoded; for titrating vrs".i i i d P z wir A G itt() I ftabaw .............. . KUHLSTEIN, Miloslav.- KAFMN, Otakar Chronio sippurative exacerbated parotitis in 2 girls. Cesk. pediat. 17 no.7/8:73&741 Ag 162. 1. Detake oddeleni nemocnice v cne,, prednosta KIJDr. 0. Karban. (PARCTITIS~~ JUNCAN, N.; ILM, V.j COCOM, C.; MUEGAR, H.; ILLF., G. A~"J` unitary t6n&iOD-aW CAWfhai41AG Of GkJ14ry1ng an LZIM; bars, rolled I profile.. working in centric caWession. Bul stiint polit Cluj no,5*.157-169 162, "; 6 , " I . 100*0*0-o'sw *is 90190000 041 1 stall Go w ,.,goo zoo goo goo sea on as 304 awsipail coo a PC re 6 pow"WE Pei OIL 'on -0 va *a ei, oi, Oi oil 04 *0000 00000000 944PW 4004ftv act -i-lislili faw As4 #w 1,400 a8 Id 0 a a I w a I 000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 #000*000*000*000000 too MUICO H. Yugoslavia (430) Technology The azo compounds of pyrroles and phenyl arsonic acids, p. 92, ARHIV ZA KEUJU, Vol 20, No 1~4, 1948. Fast European Accessions List, Library of Congress, Vol 1, No 14, Doc 1952. UNGLIMSIFIED CL A, MZ left In Thom mm -ft- in a Of W"L 41 xL-1 IVIR wtl .. 41 ok Nil g74 0" Z.,o I. V4 4 1 .12 r 4L I Im i-PI -A 'I* 141 b-k 1w.2 B's Sig A. A. ;j 2p= bill Or Of I . w: I :fj ilk ADJTJKOVIC, D.; MUIC, N. Double diffusion amalysis of the Vipera g-ody-tes A. ven,!~m- Arh. hig. rada i4 no.2:IT-'-I3C, 1 t3. 1. "kndr-Ija Stampar" School of PjIjlic Health, Faculty of Med' -in~ i - 1. - - ~:nl'vprsity of 7agl-eh, yUgGS~ ' I , -av I a. 14 WIC, N.; PIANTPIUDA, M. The properties of Vipers. ammodytes venom. Rad Jugoal. akjtd. snan.. odjel mad. 3:207-220 1953. 1. Is Instituta za nedicinaka istrazivanja J11goslavenske akademije znanosti i umjetnestiod7tes. (VIMRS I Vipera ammodytes venom, chem. properties (Ser)) ~ropertleq of lbe tuxlp of 111pern ammodytos. K1. ian- tanida and N.-Muic "Yugd3lav. Acad., Zarrt~tb). Rad,vi Jigeolslav~ Atir i 7,mietriod i 298,'207-20( 195-1 : ' cf. CA. 48, 22.5e. -11traviolet absni-ption specil-a ;11'- given of a 0 1 ~'o'c oln. of the toxiti after centrifuging %nd rilt~ring through a Jena GI dltcr, a Whatmarl no. I paper, and a Stitz filtpr maft~ afICT Z%Ch filtr,16~1!1. SKOW (IMIngUiShabit ~!Xtin,:6011 MIUMa. After filtering through a neitz 111-,et no 10-1 the soln. was Gnly slWirly toxic a~;(', with r ;jrtivjt~ The witter-insal. Par, - f ~he to~~, ,,I aj ijenio!~ tic hilt equally toxic as the %-ri~i;ial 11%, rneazi:i of paper itrip chroibato- griun; ' vrotevi - %vere lqolmed from the toxin, and J'--wer method. th'- pr-f~: !.,I! pointi ahov'~ PEI 8 ,,, the ,;t'- a zz. adw *-Wlvlty~'of An~ i * ! l ~ f d qwd A.~ k sa 27.431-O(IMX[a RuglIA), Arhi~. km pbmvzi$7 pfig Th'- it, from t M. yeabln~ t-utiv ju the'vewitt 6-, -d ones 9~ ese "phimpboidam - dw t6 f th . i& It th - U'O~ Mell"~-"thL-Poiltic)li~of~vib : Vvenott eclec P . icntcd',~: Nan~-of tl pd- h ac catuponects ex~ p ' ! r = 1r . 01vor - rect u :. "'N~ Pwaft . ~ t -.., (IM-, I - RT r ~ - . ~ .7 KUIG,M. On the properties of certain toxic proteins. Arch. hig. rada 10 no.1:1-30 '59. 1. Skola narodnog sdravlja sAndrija Btamparg, Nedicinski fakultet Zagreb. primljeno 15.I11. 1959. (VIWOMS toxtool. ) MUIC# N.!; KOHLER-KUBELKA* N. A contribution to the biochemical characterization of allergens In pollen extracts of Secale cereals. Croat chem acta 31 no.4:133-139 IN. (9W 9:9) 1. Department of Applied Biochemistry, "Andrija Stampar" School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb and Institute for the Production of sera and Vaccines, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia. (Allergens) (Pollen) (Rye) MUIG$ H, On the inhomogensity of xugiline. Bul sc Youg 7 no.4/5o iO2-103 Ag-q 962. 1. Nedicinski fakultet, Zagreb, Skola narodng zdarvlja *ArArija Stampar'.0, Qdjel za primijenu biokemijuo MENIGA, A.; MUIC, N, Gradient elution paper chromatography of crystalline insulin. Arh. hig. rada. 143165-169 163. 1. Department of Applfed BlonhemlBtry, A. Stampar School of Public Health, Medical Faculty, University of Zagrpb, Zagreb Yugoslavia. MUIC, N.; MI21IGA, A. Paper chromatography of proteins by gradient elution techniques. Arh. hig. rada 15 no.4041-351 164 1. Departme . off Applied Biochemistry , *A. Stampar* School of Public ealth, Medical Faculty, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Yu,-slavia. DIRWHIGM, G.T.; IUWLMOU, I.C.; KUICk, R. Studies of hemody-namic cji~,, lead DOisming. Had. int., Bucur. 9 no.9:1326-1342 SePt 57. (Ia" POISONING. ranifestationm hemodynamic changes) (BWOD CIRCUIATION eff. of lead pols.) PIIAT, L.; KOSCOVIGI, B.; LILLIS, R,; MICA, No Studies of the cardiovascular system in silicoals. Ned. int., Bracur. 9 no.9:1372-1382 Sept 57. 1, Iastitutul do igisna, mmcii ai boli profesionale RM (SILICOSIS, -nifestations cardiovanc., BCG, circ. & reap. funct. tests) (CARDIOVASGUIAR SYSTRM, function tests In silicosis) (UNTROOMIOGRAPHY, invarious dis. silicosis) (RASPIUTION, function tests in silicosis) NUICA, V.; PIIAT, L.; KCSGWIIGI# Bo Pnouzotachogmphic examimtions of coal miners. Mad. int., Bacur. 10 no.5,.717-728 VAY 58. 1. Incrare ofectuata in Institutul do iglena mmil si boll profesionale al R. P. R.. Bucuresti, director, prof. Dinlechiotu. (IMPIMT1011, ftnation tests pnemmotachographic study of coal miners) (MINDIG, eff . coal-mining, on reap., pneumotachographic exam. of miners)