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Nagy, D. Disturbing effects of certain leakage of carrier m7sts". p.125 MAGYAR PIRADASTECHNIKA. (Hira-lastechnikal Tudomanyos Epyesulet) Budanest, Hungary. Vol.11), no-4, Au ust 191-'9 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAT) Up Vol.O, no.11 NSymber 1959 Uncl. t f of NAGY Do okleveles mernok MOT - . M, -B~j Savage p=ification. ~eehnika 7 no.5:6,.q~,p 12 my 163, NAGY, Dqzao Examination of the use of the CTC central traffle control dovice. 'vaiut 13 no.4:10-12 Ap 263. Hungary /themical Technology. Chemical Products 1-12 and Their Application Silicates. Glass. Ceramins. Binders. Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Kh--.miya, No 9, 1957, 31628 Author : Nagy Deszso Title : Data on Advances in the Chemistry of Binders Orig Pub: Epitoanyag, 1955, 7, No 4, 157-159 Abstract: Comments on the most important papers ublished In foreign periodicals during 1953-195&. Card i/1 GONDA, Gabor; BIMER, Laszlo; GAL, Jon,-; '7'AGY, iiezoo Digital adding and subtracting machine. Pkres au~omat 11 no.12: 0 383-386 163. 1. Budapeati. Muszaki Egyatem Umelati Villamc)56ngtan Td1',3zek. NAGY, Dezsc (Budapest); BALKO, Pal (Budapest); GADO, Istvan (Budapest); '-- -M6'Yi, Kalman (Budapest). - Forum of innovators, Ujit lap 16 no.12z3O 25 Je '64- The adismishme revirreal reeditte 61 the .4" sad r" m llirm'~ Notry and Kiihoin I-iffiAk (Unly. Pki). .4,ta "Nyl(W-Amd. Scs. Hung. 1. 44-5A 10SAIXin Kniffidi i.--71t substance liberated from the uterus aftirr hjrpogA,orir nerve ri,citation.oo tom and tx awrit. after ettirluttinn 4 the pel vk- nerve *it% pregnant anif nooltregnaut mlis and ItV*. Is .imil*t to dr,naline its its hIo3. effects. Thus imy v,ssimio i which might hAve t4ken place in the hypi4asinc systrin in connection with the pregnancy can be ruled out as it Possible muw of the r"emd. Similarly. the hypothesis that two kinds of mdrenaliner . IS eml cur. lie ruled orrelle"t in I e rev out. Any altermil the initial tension of the "1M1. Intiocle of ully therallim of the K. still Ca Ion ClIvilonment does not induetwe !he reaction. The fact IhAt. by ntrans of Iwogestertine (luttxycHn) administered in vitro the rrvervil viin be produced promptly on castrated anitnak. Points (,- the conclusion that momw alteration is taking place in the sympathetic system that can be rrnifeml r"ponsible fin the evyttsal of the reaction. Thiseffectolptogratffoor,as"ll .&a the sensibilisittig ellect of castiation, suggests the evist raire cd impoctant relations between the endoctinr And the neural systems and indicates it further road for aprif-mching the que,ition of the sympAtlictic inhilthlint frmn a stem angle. Gertinde F. ENDROCI, E.; IUGY, D. Contributions to the mechanism of the lyphor&nia caused b7 the . adrenal cortex. Acta physiol. hung. 2 no.1:11-15 1951. (CIML 20:9) 1. Of the Institute of Physiology, Pecs Univarsit7. ENDROCZI. R.;NAGY, D. Studies on the changes of the blood-lymphocyte count. 1. The mechanism of lymphocytosis caused by adrenaline. Aota physiol. hung. 3 no.1:69-73 1952. (CLUL 24:3) 1. Of the Institute of Physiology of Pecs University. LAJOS, Laszlo, dr.., IIAGY. Dezoo, dr.,- GATT, latvan, dr..: BiMA, Antal, dr., ! S=�~-GUZ-r, dr.-- GLOB, Ivan, dr.,., ZOLTAII, Vilmoo, dr.,; IfUSYET, Yerenc. dr.,: ADAM. Aittief, dr. Now endocrinological Obser,ations in prmgnikncy. Oz7. hatil. 96 no.14'.366-373 3 Apr 55. 1. A Pecei Orvostudomanyi Egyatem Szuleszeti es Nogyagyaszati klinikajanak (Igazgato: Lajos Laszlo dr. ejWoteml tanar kozlemerlya (PREGIUNCY. urine in wom positive subst.) -r LAJOS, Laszlo; NAGY, Dezoo; GATI, Istvan Biological activity of componenLs isolated from pregnant urine. Ma47.noorv.lap. 19 no.1:8-16 Jan 55 1. A Pocsi Orvostudomanyt F47eten Ssulenzeti Klinikajanak Kozlemenye (Igangato: 14LJoo Laszlo dr. egyat. tanar) (PRIGNANCY, urine biol. activity of isolated components (Hun) (URINN, biol 'activity of components isolated from pregn. urine (Hun) LAJOG, Laszlo, dr., ; NAGY, Dezoo, dr., ; GATI. IStvan, dr., ; SXM. Gabor, dr. Determination of the site of production of C (wom-pocitive) factor. Orv. hetil. 96 no.36:991-994 Sept 55- 1. A Pec3i Orvostudomanyi laetem Szuleszati an Nogyogyassati Klinikajanak (igazgato: Iajos Laszlo dr. egyetemi tanar) koslem, Orv. hetil. 96 n0-36:991-994 4 Sept 55 (URINX, worm-positive factor in pregn. & chorionic epithelioma determ. of site of prod.) (PREGNANCY, urine in, worm-positive factor in, determ. of site of prod.) (GOMOTROPINS, CHORICNIC, in urine. gonadotropin-like worm-positive factor in pregn. & chronic epithelioma, determ. of site of prod.) (CHORIOGARGIIIOHA, urine in, worm-positive factor, determ. of sita of prod.) TI, Imtvan NAGY, Dezso Chemical and biological examination of tha active principle from human pituitary in pregnancy. Magy. Tudom. Akad. Biol. Orv. Oszt. Ko2l. 8 no.1-2:130 1957. 1. A Pecsi Orvootudomarqi Egystem Szuleszigti an Nog3rogyaszati Klinikaj&. (PITUITARY GLAND, in pregn. active principle in humans, biol. & cbem. properties (Hun)) (PRZr ,MCT, physiol. pituitary active principle in humans. biol. & cbem. properties (Hun)) iAJOB, L.; NAGY. D.; GATI, L; ZOLTAN, V.; GWS, I. The gonadotropic activity of the human nypqfhyais during pregnancy. Acts. mad. hung. 10 no.4: 363-373 1957. 1. Department ()f gynecology and obstetrics, Medical University, Pecs. (GONADOTROPITIS, PITUITARY, physiol. -secretion of a gonadotropic factor exclusively cluring pregn.) .(PREGNANCY, physiol. secretion of a pituitary gonadotropic factor exclusively during pregn.) KUNTZ T)-,.'TF,3S; ITAGY T)--,~';O; 7 ".74 'J' J.I',I():; (,'nnnl~lcat ion of Dre-r.Rncf in c' Ah mont.h lj7 tran-ntlr: of the anleen. l(pri. n-orv. 1w) ?? no.":123-124 4h:, 57. 1. A Mnkat haroal Ta-lacq Vorh;tza nooizt!tlyanak es sebeczetl oaztalmr~: ( Toth J. Jar- - I kc (MEGNINCY, comnl. s'nlaen ril:t., trarriatic, diplutsir, in eighfh month, -Wr MM runt. in nrepn., trwimtic diptuir-Ic runt. In -crtth, -Irg. (Hnn)) E=I,_-LKFTA t-IDI-_A Sec 10 Vol 10110 Obstet-rics Oct 57 1901. NAGY D. and GATI St. Gynaecol.Clin., Med.Univ.,Pdcs,::' A new the r a - py or organized gynaecologica' inflammations; a pre- liminary report GYNIAECOLOGIA (Basel) 1957, 143/'1(15-17) The authors report their success with the treatment of pelvic 'q'ellulitis with local injections of penicillin, streptomycin, cortisone, and hyaluronidase. This resulted in the resolution of inflammatory masses in a relatively short time. They also used intrauterine injection of the same material to treat occluded tubes, -ind were successful in 5 out of 8 cases. No mention was made of the use of systemic cor- tisone in such cases. King -i New Orleans, La. GATI, IGtv(w; 1401Y. Dowso; KICIDDI, Oabor Paper Chroratographic examination of urine ILn pregnancy. Mar,-. noorv.lap. 121 no-1:36-39 Ja l6o. 1. A Pecsi Orvootudomanyi Egyatem SzulsBzeiJ. es Nop-yogyaazati Klinikajanak kozlemersye (IgazeAto: Lajoe IALEIZlo dr. epgvet.tanar). (MGWXCY urine) MAQfY, Desiso; GATI, Istvan; KELLER, Gator Transportation of chorionic gonadotropinc in the blood. Magy. noorv.1ap. 23 no-5:316-319 S 160. 1. A Pacai Or7ogtudomanyt Egyetem Smiletizeti es NogyogyaszAti Klinilmjanak koslemenye (igazgato: Lnjos Lnszlo dr. egyetemi tanar). (GONADOTROPINS CHORIONIC blood) LELEK, Istvan; NAGY, Deno; KADAS, Laszlo; VIRAG, LaJos A lipoid-mobilizing horzone in man. Kiserletes or7ostud. 13 no.4: 430--433 Ag 161. 1. Soproni Allami Szanatorium Beloaztaly ~a VaBmagyo Tanacea P,.qarkusovszlcyn Korhaza Prosecturaja. (LIPIDS metab) (PITUITARY GLAND POSVERIOR homones) LELEK, Istvan dr.; NAGY, Dezso, dr.; PALFI, Aladar, dr. The effect of estrogens on the plaomm lipids. (E-1trcgens and arteriosclerosis). Orv. M-il. 103 no.4;:3.209,1-2025.28 162. 1. Soproni Allami Szaratori=, Belosztaly e3 Soproni Tanacs Korhaza, Kozponti Laboratorium. (LIPID 121TABOLISIN"i (ARTZUOSCUd0SI3) (ANMOG"11S) (LIPOPRONEINS) (ESTRAD10L) (BLOOD CHOL~SEA)L) GATI, Istvan; NAGY, DezsO; DOPW-JY, Sandor; MATZ, Laszlo Statistical data on the pr,blem of Sheehan's syndrome. Magy., noor"v, lap.,2:65---71 Mr 163. L A Pecsi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Szuleszati es Nogyogyasza'i Klinika- janak kozlemenye (Igazgato: Lajos Laszlo dr., e~yetemi tanar). (SIMONDS' DISEASE) (HYPOPITUITARISM) ISTATISTICS) (CORTISONr) (DYSTOCIA) (HEMORIMAGE, POSTPAAMM) - - DOIRANY, Gyorgy; GATI) Istvan; NAGY, Dezso; DOMANY, Sandor Intravenous application of Glanduitrin in the expulsion stage. Magy.noorv.lap. 27 no.lt24-28 J 164- 1. A Pecsi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Szuleszeti es Nogyogyaszati Klinikajar.ak (Igazgato: Lajos Laszlo dr. egyet. tanar) kozlemenye. ALL NK: ArbuJIV45 SOURCE CODE: HU/0018/65/017/001/0001/0006 I AUTHOR: Kadas, Laszlo-Kadash, L.; Nagy, Dezso-Nad', D. e;'4 ORG: Department of Patholo&y, Markusovszky Hospital, Vas County Council (Vasmegye Tanacsa "Markuaovs67"'Korha7. Korbonctani Osztalya); M~Doratory, Pecs City Council: Hospital, Pecir (Fecsi Varosi Tanacs Korhaz Laboratoriumk) TITIE: Some physicochemical properties of lipid mobilizing factors isolated from blood wrl urine SOURCE: Kiserletes Orvostudomany, v. 17, no. 1, 1965, 1-6 TOPIC TAGS: biochemistryt blood, urologyj hematology# wpriment animal ABSTRACT: The lipid mobilizing factors isolated from thei blood and urine of fasting and cortisone-treated humans show such simiiarities in their chromatopraphic and electrophoretic behavior as well a-3 in their behavior on ion exchange resins that they should be considered i-l-ntical or closely related compounds# Origo art* has: 2.figures,.1 table. �P47 suB com o6 / sm Dust ioxv63 / ORIG REFt 00:3 / OTF. REFs 012 61(2-1) cc i'~ AP6001946 SOURCE CODE: ffU/0018/65/017/001/0007/0012 A U T H OR .' Xadas, Laszlo--Kadash, L.; D. r ORO: Department ot Pathology, Markusovs~ky floapital, Ilan CounLy Council (Vaamgys Tanmcaa YM-mrkusovszky" Korhas Korbonotani 0szta1yw)j Laboratory) PeCs City Council Hospital) ~~ecs (Feesi Varod Tanics Korhaz Labor-atoriimm) TITLE: A few physical-chemical properties of the lipid mobilizing factors (LMF) isolated from the anterior and posterior lobes of the pituitary and from the hypothalamus SOURCE: Kiserletes Orvostudomany, v- 17, no. 1, 1965p '?-12 .TOPIC TAGS: biochemistry, experiment animal, gland, hormone, endocrinology ABSTRAOT: A low molecular weight compound, presumably of a polypeptide nature, has been isolated from the anterior and posterior lobes of the pituitary as wen as, in some cases, from the hypothalamus which, in a!3ute experiments, raised the serum cholesterol level in rabbits to a well-measurable extent. The IM factors isolated from different areas showed great similarities in the properties studied; for this reason it is probable that they are identical or closely related compounds. It is thought that the compound which resembles ACT11 with respect to some of its properties, is produced in the anterior lobe of the pit-xAary (that'is, it'is not strictly an artefact produced in the course of isolation) and may be a humoral factorylaying an independent role'in the regulation of the lipid metabolism. -L-9754-66 I ACC NR, Orig. art. has: 2 figures and I table. ZYIN-S7 SUB CODE: 06 / SU.BK DATEI. 1OMay63/ORIG REF; 003 it OTH REF: 046 0 1 1 file red Getollill) Chto I. . ti t, k I~ flyliiv v, y I y. 11. Nogy. At. llilncz6l. Vill. 6. ff)55. No. f--2, fill. 143-111, 2 figs.. .3 talm.) 'I'llc rarlArlitild Piginclits of IIII., green Illitille fruit, tile Tell title. fruit. lind green leave% of Ow fel Imlolka viiricti' ciiPsilrijill aillilliffil liar, lYropersirilorilie rilbruill I ~wert: lil-Ifstil'atell )y qualitative Rod flitalitiWive numa tmraphic nic lirlik Two stilgcs may ~* (Witht. t gilfitiled iii tile deiv ripillent ')f tile frolt. fn Ihe flmt% e[ soge -lite to its ch I)IIYII cnittelit tile fruit Is green. tort 'i ti d It d M l l h ill le sceelil , roq re in ti tallco"S tit l the y q radual disapp-mrance of the clitomphyll. Alpfi4 at(d U bl& t caroten were found in the ftnit nail licam Crintatnin thtorcThyll hnwevtr altilhat carctqric wait. found on y In the Icav" and none in thle (tv It. It mv, f, alillshed that the undite frult contalalt X#n1f-~41hYll est Imit no zeaxanthin whetem the ripe frott ecintalits zeamanthin but no xanthophyll. Mring rificubig tile ChIn"hyll disappears and the quantity of ciecdcnoids Inct,.u" very rapidly. These experiments shwired that i lUse physiological rate of tht catotenoWs, in t Rod leaves conWiting chloroph ll is the tranij he fruit I indatton . y of oxygen. III the L"IfoTmance of this functicra they Undergo changte and ate transforuted as statel above. ar v PTOT9 T Tt' t6 it: far- fs NAM Diatri 4E2c (m) 4160. "11.311.21.017.3 The Wattles at th* 41sorder-4rder tnalf4CM&WO Is ths RUOY my. --- J__WWMTW_&dIfwk i P i &W 41 it 4,paxi a can" Proceedilogs of th Cal Is glan Acadimy of &-Ianom~, Vol. 7, 1959, 0. a.. *(the Hung pp. 276-298, 5 tip. Tho dimorder-order tranieformation itt tho alloy cujAA t Wt i ti A kd i i b b i e h o c its nvos - ma at oon ga v ty- and iffelantial y ,~, Ihormapowor mmummarits porformed"Continticusly at a constAnt tempowum bolow the Irsoxfornistion point. It has beack Ibuef that tb3 variation in tharmopower furnfAim orrnatlcn on the abomfo mamngGmnto Ia&dlt%j to tha itaim%matia W11116 the mist to ew it Ivity influonood by the gradual d1sapiwdreaft of antiphaw rarWe . _7777;-7, 7~ F,' L L LL~ Diatri We !V-13.71-426. 621. 4 Tug p"uttlon of AI--F#-b"e wires\by-O Or Mnhawgi Lapok, Val. 02, 1960, No.. 11, pp.! (11P., 3 tabs." At-F.0-taft alloys with an At confonl~ exceeding' 6 eAn be used ns a material for host-resistGnt wires bec3um~ ol'i y POIT-! tWir hoGt-rei isting properties. Such alloys, produced b ,der metallurgy, ew, be fonned by plastic deformation. Hale V: &nco to oxidation has been ensured by the following irmt- ~. mentat the At wiis add*d In the forta of A?~lfe rnaatet W)ys,! a. email amount of TIRE was 06dded to the powder raixtuie, 4110 pressed samples were packed in a powiter with a gett,11118: ~ seven, the it, used " a proiectivo a1mrmphore w" ImriaA, '-fe careftilly. The exp-TImetAtel wthod of vfeduclus t1irpil tithe oNmal conditions of presidrig:sIntoring and phallo jj Mointation are deftribtd. I,AC'i 'C', 1 C I V L C I C I A r - 1 y s i s ot h e s i-, c c i fi c cst r. c: 1 E c tri o wer in6us' Vol .~,~o. .1.,'2, J L, r; /June 19 61'LL-1-1 S1 LL L,Ui~CLCGY E-ucur-2sti, 7.amardn Sc: East -.I~r'..:~evn Accessic n-, 1.'0. 1956 C- E ry ry j r"i r c ll,~ r 1-c-C t 1:~ iven r.-i,;; coiintry C; a Ab--3. Jour Au tll'!O r lint itat 0 T I t 1. Orl,r~ Pub. ct Abstr, ' A C. c' r7 J "W C, er J I ON - C' o r r; r . 0,7 Cara: C wint Y-Y Cato,r',c;ry j I,- u r lmtitut, Titin Ori~-, Dub. A b t Card: counixy Au ~ ho I' j ,, or ac, Abstr r fj 10 A C, y State of urhan surface, ma:is tronsport-ation nLrca 1. P. ~d. I - C-1) . 1", o. ~Ozlckcdesi ildado) Vol. 6, no. 2, East Europcan Accessions List (L!-!!Q Li-.,vx~!, of' Vol. nc.. Aujii.,;t 1)1-.o NAGY,, E . NAGY, E. - Use of the city' 11 aboveground conveyancev for mass transportation. Pe 28i, Vol, 6, n0.1/8, July/Aug. 1956. Kozlekedestudomanyi Szemle. Budapest,, HurigajL-y 3-)UIIr7'- East Riropean heer-isions Lint (E-oAL) Vol. (3, No. 4--April 1957 MAGY, E. Cormnent of the article "Problems of public health organization in a socialist district' by Laszlo Pataky.Nepegeozeegugy 45 no.5t155-156 Myt64 Studios On tlv! aptl 1-v confil'tlons ,f' r-ij,ricin p-c.-ju tion In r.,3 j !a .P. 31~)() ACTA C!--,'7 f~C, 3r '!u . :,,ar- Diclor--inym, E Japojt, J'un,,1,-,ry, Vol. no. 4, 195-". In Eiulish. Monthly list of E-ast E--xopean Accessions, TC, Vol.. 9, no. 1, J.~m. Urcl. IVANOYICS, G.; ALFOLDI, L. ; NAGY, B. ..............I Masked provirua in bacillus megaterium strains, *Acta -/Irol.. &&,I. - U. , Prohn 3(Suppjeia.):23-26 1959. - I. Inotitute of Microbiology, Medical IhAveraity, Sneged, Hungary. (BACILUJS) (BACTERIOPIRAGM) IVANOVICS, G.; NAGY, X.; ALIFOLDI, L. Megacinogeny: Inducible synthesis of a new Immnospecific substance. Acta m-icrob.hung. 6 no.2:161-169 159. 1. Institute of Microbiology, Medical University, Szeged. (BACILLUS) (ARTIBIOTICS chem) .1 NACIT, X.; -ALFOU)I, L.; IVAROVICS, G. Megacins. Act4 microb.hung. 6 no.4:32'7.-336 159. 1. Institute of Microbiology, University Medical School, Szeged. (ANTIBIOTICS) X&GY, B. 178ogeny and bacteriocinogeny in 13. megaterium. Acta x1crob. bug. 6 no.4:337-340 159, 1. InstItut-_of Microbiology, UnivAreity Medical School, Szeged. (BACILlUS) NAGY) E. StaphylococcuB carriers in a surgery unit. Acts, chir. Hung. 2 no.2:171-175 161. 1. Institute of Microbiology, UniversityMedical School, Szeged, Hungary (Director: Prof. Gy. Ivanovics). (STAPHYLOCOCCAL INFECTIONS transm.) (SURGERY OPEPATIVE compl.) ROKA, &jula, &r.; NAGY. Edith, dr. Report of a case of osteopoikilosis. Kajol.seba8zet 13 no-5: 324-327 0 '59. 1. Orazagos Koranyi TBC. Intezet (Iga%gato: Dr. Boozormenyi Miklos) Rontgen-laboratoriuma (Foorvos: Dr. Roka Gyula) es a Sztalinvarosi Korhaz (Igazgato: Dr. Grosimann Sandor) kozlemenye. (BONE DISEASES case reports) RCFA, Gvula, dr.; RAGT. Edit. dr. --ow-a"N' On a case of generalized osteochondromatosis. Kagy.sebeszet 11, no-5:305-308 0 160. 1. Orazagoe Koranyi TBC Intezet (Ig"gato: Boazormenvi Miklos dr. candidatua, tudomanyos igazgato: F.oldes Istvan dr. candidatus) routgenlaboratoriumanak so astalinvnrosi korhas (Igazgato: Grossmann Sandor dr.) rontgenlabora~,oriumanak kozlemenye. (CHONDROKA case reports) SZABO, Gaza; CZEIMA-POMMSHRIM, Ferenc; NAGY, Dj;on; REMMARNI-BAIDGH, Iran Critical review of the diagnostic application of the determination of blood protein-bound urinary iodine in thyroid glan4 diseases and autonomic dystonia. Orv. hotil. 97 no-43-11134-1189 21 Oct 56. 1. As Orazagos Kosegeozaegugyi Intezet (folgazgato: Tako, Jossef dr.) TaJegeezeeguai (Golyvakutato) Osstalyarol as a Past Megyei Tanace Korhaza (Rokus) I. sz. Sebessati Oijztalyarol (foorvos: Czeyda-Pommersheim, Faranc, dr.) kotlemanye. (THYROID GUM, die. differ. diag. from autonomic (lie. by daterm. of blood- protein-bound & urinary iodina 01un)) (AUTOV014IC NEWOUS SYSTEM, die. differ. diag. from thyroid die. by determ. of blood protein-bound & urinary Iodine (Hun)) (IODINE, claterm. in blood proteins & urine in diffsr. diag. of autonomic die. & thyroid die. (Run)) NAGY, E. The porosity df the Hippurite -bearing limestones of the Bakony Mountains in the Papa , rea. P. 78, (Foldtani Kozlony) Vol. 87, no. 1, Jan./ Yar. 1957, Mapest, Ifung-ary SO: Monthly Index of East European Acessions (FEAI) Vol. 6, No. 11 %vember 1957 (F. LDT,~.'. I YC .,F Vol. C~, F!C. ju-1."'Sept. 191.7 Pudap--.- t, Hungary SC: Xonth --y Index o !~a5t ELr-1:enn A -,)ssions Y,trch Ir;'-8 NAGY, 2. Pollen analytic tests of a Hungarian Fliocene lignite. In German. Acta bot.Hung. 5 n0-3/4:413-423 159. (MUI 9:5) 1. Ungarische Geologische Anstalt. (Hungary-Lignite) (Palynology) NAGY, E.- Fauna of the Inferior Werfenian formations of the Measek Mountains. P. 317 FOLDTkNI KOZIDNY. BULLETIN OF THE HUNGARIAN GEOLOOICAL SOCIETY. (Magyar Foldtani Tarsulate) Budapest, Hungary. Vol. 89,, No. 3, -Tuly/Sept. 1959 Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EFAI) W, Vol. 90 No. 11 J,-m. 1960 Uncl NAGY,__F,; PALFALVY, I. f- .1-- A new application of paleobotanic methods in stratigraphy. Acta bot Hung 6 no-3/4:383-3W '60. (EEAI 10:6) 1. Ungarische Geologische Anstalt, Budapest. (Geology) (Paleobotany) GY, Elemer Mesozoic Phyllopoda, from the Mecsek Mountain. Foldt kozl 90 noel: 137-141 Ja/Mr 060. (EZAI 9:8) (Hung~.ry--Branchiopoda) EJe:-.t'.J'j 'j.". Fr.., )nii~i 'I !'..- !~r. 1,~.i -' ~. , , , .; 1, 'Li .4 : , ,,. '. : I : I ..;I' z, -1 ;. ." :(li~' ul, . I , , n:~.l 0; " -'.": `1.~ ~ I. It., -1 -'Te -4 A .()I i:-j. ~ f-! 'i t, i,- 0 0 0 0 0 0--a-W-G-W 1 - W W --W * * A C.0'a I.A. i 4 d 1 ! 00 A speckesco0le evidaw for activatim of fiverveconce lWasamieve im. G. We"', 4 Nagy. I~J Pkc (United facandvocent lAm - p Co., Ltd., Vipen, Hanguy). J. CAta. PAys. 15. RKI -2 (1947).-Tbe emUsioa spectra of Ma4etivattd Znlit. I C k 35 -00 00 a - 2. show mazima at A N and ZGMNO~ Pboop , &od2AS* v Tbeextinctioncoeff J7 01K 11oO 27 2 2 . . . . . , , . , Go in Arm alk. "n. dupbest- the emL"Wo Spectrum ol lee ZuBtSM (22-1.75 N.V., or OXP-7000 A.)i Zbe obwrp- ) t;w9prctmof&q-sW=-olX)An0~mAZa DWInvArly F9 9 ju pretrum of Znj&06. The em6doo ernten - M=ltl ( l Anil l P. am awned. with t1w MnO. n 4 .11,.ukly Rm, Am. Ektkop4aes' !.w. M, 1341r-ILMRI Moore fatigue wpecimcus of R R : . . ~jVWL~=I-Mosteei were used. Reductionsinfati- ,00 00 Sue strength rAried from 8 to 50' for CoAtlQP 0-0UHu- /a So 0 1 go thnrk. The hi;brr tbeed. fee a given temp., the k-IS was Optimum vanditi4ml ticue Strenath i f d ti i . a uc on n Out re i;l log Qrj so- 0.1 ft rl it IP a At Of IT it F... 0' a I rw 0 of a a v 1**** 0 a 40 0 0 o of** 0 * 0 0 0 10 loll 104,191 106 1 .011.0 .1 - a 1 32 111 1 :14 - M"""I 1 .0 -10 a I 4.4--A J-a-k. a 8 L -1 0 0 4r eel A Diolectrk Itlaos and duotmence of sine &Wcate. E-kc. C UVftt. near Uuda;Lst) Nalure 160, fill-2(1947).-At low temp. both the . ~f quanl't efult.. 00 tell on ciritation awl the elev. cmd. cli Mn-arfivutiil Zn' 009 V bilicii(c were ctmst. At hi;hct teinp. the fillorm-cmv 1:06 shms* a %uddrn ticcreaw. while the CMA. 4wreams. R IV 00 eel =00 '7- real 0 0 00 are* Zee 210* ---- ------ A S a - S*jIALLt*rP:AL LITIOATLAR CLASIMICAIJON 9 V, kt is Ocaj 44P Qv cat a 1, 111 ow, === -I T-r-r . 0 1 1 0 eIA 0 N I I W 86 0 0 0 3 1 KKI it :M:ANN Ittift ItKkwn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A4, w 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Oft:44".64's", qs" 0 a lb 4 40 we 1 '301 1 s' Lf M J4 - is al a a L X r It -I- it V AA M. %X PQ U 2- A-A -t- A A 10 Lusnin"mcs and dislectrk logata$ of zin't; aft-ato. Sliarti and H. NIM .111kravi KOckmillitwk 1948, Nt ,a n ism nillh).- - "Iethm for mitailling ",2r,& of Imnintracent umicrWit au 10 11m, if -me IV 41 at"Titled (C.A. 42. 18220) zoo oln 01110 LY rhe 6". pretra of Alfte silk-ate (11~ M CO, ati'lect) and thic berylJlum silk-ate we given at rm" temp., Cho 000 -po,-Irum tit ithic silicate 1. Itilitil (hill% 1(10'X. in W01'K, i Ile rimil, 14 thf. Ift"phorp was also lie. 0 lltrt"l lumitirs""m ft th luctrasing (011111. Is 111147111fird : 0 V in terins Of.thr.extumm!, id, 00 A AAL Coo tjoe .1. astlil mc Is, Mit, '0 _;s' 0 4 0 1 At Or 2 a .7 a v u 9 AV Is, a n It X K)a ft I 0 a Ole 0 0 0 0 0 -0.. 4.4 0# go- jqkA j L so 6 00 0 *of 0 oil 0 o: *0 00 00 -ITALLLOtSICAL V a 0 6 a a Arrange"k-of Vrcl*im *1 V-r vlatHn m";&wy Planh, by I Nji.,y mhl K. Sictidy l..ILhktw1#-,I I& I" I"lawliOcclink- V-4 12. No 1. pp I it;. I I-so I VIC V411. problvill, allNing III 1111~ .1w. (if pq)wrr Willi a C.4pwily ni Ill. I %iw courtecled In file public nm.m thr,otigh.,-, .1. ate s6b;rrItof to a I6-t,4it!h inw, Ait:al"i A .,I. hil-; 1% III.A. ant.1111.9 ail flit: cljr~,. , fifferr,if I"r It.,- Im, 1 -41111 IN.. mmicr (if iticrizy. wid. lurilicrimcr. I..eml G-1 I . IIvrpi In rt [Liblilly and kiw-lim-ril ,,.I - Auxiliary t:mwr.;vIor% Art-tit m-1 1,,f 1w,wer Oalkm%. whercii for imill--i -1, life 1,1-1 .tulUble Pupply k I-Ifechmled by 11.111 Ilic !vm% former being: di0fril Into vi-cliipitA mi-I Am.,le .Climl Is connected unit) each littlitidwil IN-cwvp viewprAnts Ir climnins: flit? c,-r, Ill,, auxilLiry pl.ttil v(41.ivr are fak~-n Into amnint. 01I.-Illpin., Ow littill for an rcimninicil voll.i1jr ij 'A fit III,- limcli,on of file qir file rkywcr phit, Vary plant quipment sit irrativrm--w. .110 nim.1wr (it %arivur- tor tile I. III vilitip-m-til me ifi-.ill WI!lI Mollif drfve pirribIrIT18 11,4411' rt"MI. 4114-IM111% are sivi comidtfril 711c AI, , rIc#,r% Lill, jqmjtj in, the opened by I!;; 1111ticarl.-Il A-~vlifion fvr a llinruilgiv invrNllgal~,n 0 Ild, ~Ifhjrcl 00 'too so ro 0 so :rl .** 1:1 '400 ago It Ji a t T Irr An L I I no 413 to a It I to 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 0 0 Zoo * : 0 so J4L -anin"cance phemmit" in willemits phosphors. ;q ,jarmarch LAb. Telctummun., fludalic-0). ArIA 11. N jy 7Atad. Nri. lluorg. 1. IIN-2A(IQ-%lYIn Fngli-h)-Re~ watch on the lumlnewence of willemite caffird mit In the lanner Tungwum Remnrrh 1-ibomforim fmin 1142 todair k riled III It I nit the newr%t eata on -Tlhp,~ of prewnt thewirs I the ifmclourackcs in mAny nf the rarlier r"olts ar, mn. Sider"I. 10 refervicel. M. SICNI.1holl ch ft, SAXY And 41-Y. (IffittlY (it h fludApelst). Acta Pip. A=T Ifusip. 1. 127,W19.51 Kin Fisalitthl-A new exp(l. metbad umna a whodo-mv fishe wxq tfevv6jm%l tthich lwr- ("ilits,lirmt iletti, gi( the ,pft-ttal hwmhm V,( thr la~cs,,f ell. itnflul procrtts ill (Ile ilmar, Thrli- 4,lv 41"Ilrd "'A~r I.,fixth. ~R 11, Mile parl W file 1-4-1 X-11 -1111, v'll's* 4uh 14111,1% hays. affft-Int by Kill the Yellow sub-lusills di-lap;w-ar ill pho4phorrwenrr. I es::4ffmf af7 �R "ICY, rrcLism-s of stcc~--.t1jq--; frcT' the ccr-vr.jc&tj-ci 'Iechniqije lacterv. 2' Vol NJ No. 1, Jbn. 19516. T T Ec 'y So: --'a s t'Eurc-)~-an ~cce, s~ cri, 'i03 No. ~V,4 AC-LA PHTSICA ACad=jjje Scientiarun, Rungariew Vol VIII, Urs 1-Z. - 1-957 17M17-ri'mc,,~i PROPERTIV-S) OF ELECTRULUNIINL-6CENT Si(_,.C,ftYSTALS, BY J. WELBZBuiw, jq (P-.ted by k 29. Vill- 19S1) rl is fifio. n fbe S.C f-ifit contacts are the larne 1", tb,- ....... by r NAGY, Elemer; NAGY, Imre; TOTH, Jozsef The kinetics of the disorder-order transformation in the alloy Cu3Au. Koz fiz kozl MTA 7 no.5:276-286 159. (Ew 9:8) 1. A Magyar Tudomanyas Akademia Kozponti Fizikal Kutato Intezete, Szilardtestfizikai Laboratorium. (Copper-gold alloys) Correlation between the viscosity and electric conductivity of Flass fusion and the processing temperature of glass. p. 285 EPITOANY-AG. (Epitoanyagipari Tudomanyos Egyesulet) Budapest, Hungary. Vol. 11, no.89 Auezust 1959 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8$ rw*3-1 November 1959 Uncl. NAGYP E. Manufacturing heat-resistant wirps on Alfe base by nower-metaIll,rqtc- re+110,4. a. 493. KOHASZATI LAPOK.* Budaoest, Hungary. Vol. 14, no. 11. Vov. 1"50. Monthly List of Eant European Accessions (lTr,,AT), Tx, voi. Uncl. 9, no. 2. Feb. 100;0 TOTH.. Jozsef; NAGY,,Elemer,, prof., dr. Measuring method for determining the differential thermoelectric I.,ower of metals and metallic alloys. Koz Uz kozl IATA 10 no-5:357-363 162. - gy AUTMR, Bozoki, kqEFJj Nagy, Mamer TITLE. QZ21M=h~WSM and the aymetries of force Inte.ractime SOURCE- Flzikai ;zana&, 'n,&. 7, 1964, 201-205 T)FP-' proton hombardmelit, pexticlo beam particle interaction, ?1"eron, ALb-s-trau-t: The-(..J---!b-vper%k-w-8a areatee 'et urepmlng a Imm Of bA&L-Ozergy celerottA4 prfto=* Ewr&v K--PeXtli:~s- bY-- tswpt-by -ac tfll+~~q-i f-'Dn tm-g n-i-C-Cyn-Plished vit-b th~ fkiA 6-r a mpgpriotir -~nxlyzar aad thn second 112 90101-013ME, 2 1. 4030-65 ACCiZZION AP: A.PWI 3273 for -,c-emic ka& A~SO-TATTOV-. XY%r, Komilais 8-igs-manil TAboratcrium (Lab-crator- MV, SUB-4177111): NO REF GOV t OW OTHER; 00,5 muiwam am"vam m. w �-Wdm BOZOKI, G.; FENYVE3, E.; GOMBOSI, Eva;_, NAGY E. ~ - In elasl-ic two--prong ft.Z'- ? interactions at 17, 2 GeV In em,.ilslor. Acth pkys Hung 18 no.1:61-66, 164. 1. Central Resonrch Institute of Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. Submitted July 2, 1964. BARANY, !4ihaly; KOTELFS, GyorgyQ694-,,Aleonor&- SPIRO, Janos Modified method for actin purification; Ralationabip between the precipitation of actin and the fixing of magnesium ions. Kisarlates orvostud. 8 no.5:491-497 SePt 56. 1. Budapesti Orvostudomanyi FCfetem Biokmmi&,. Intezete. (MUSCLE PROT"ZINS actin purification. ralation between precipitation rate & magnmsium ion fixation (Hun)) I BARANY, M.; SPIRO, J.; XOTELES, Gy.; NAGY, A. Studies on actin-actin boun~ri.~-I-Zie of sulfhydryl and amino groups. Act& pby3iol. hung. 10 no.2-4:145-158 1956. 1. Biocbamlsas Institut dar medizinischen Universitat, Budapest. (NIUSCLE PROM ITS actin polymerization & depolymerization, role of amino & sulfbydryl groups. (Gar)) BARANY, M.; SPIRO, J.; KOTELES, Gy. Studies on actin-actin bounds. II. Protective effects of ATP toward depolymorizing agents. Acts, physiol. bung. 10 no.2-4:159-170 1956. 1. Biochamisches Institut der Mediziniscben Univarsitat, Budapest. (HUSCLIC FWTHINS actin, protective eff. of ATP toward depolymerizing agents (Ger)) (AD'IMPYROPHOSPHATE, eff. protective eff. toward actin depoly-merizing agents (Gar)) BARANY, M.; BARANY, K.; GUBA, F.; KOTELES, 3y.; NAGY, Z. State of actin in muscles. Acts, p',Vsiol. hung. 11 no.2:145-164 1957. 1. Blochemisches Institut der Madizinischen Uaiversitat,,Budapest und Elektro4snmikroskopische abtailung des Instituts fur Hesetechnik und Instrumentenwesen der Ungariechen Akademie der Wiseenschaftan, Budapest. (PROTEIN MUSCLES, determ. actin (Ger)) BARAM, M.; BARABY, K.; GUBA, Y.; KOTELES, Gy.; NAGY, Z. - .?;,- Preparation of actin without pre71ous eztraction of Vosin.,Lcta phyaiol. hung. ll(SUPPl):33-34 1957. 1. Biochominchan Inotitut der Medizinischan Univernitnt und Alek- troenmikroskopische abteilung des Inatituts fur Hessuigstechnik und Inatrumentenkunde der ungarischen Akademie der Wisseaschaften, Budapest. (MUSCLE PROTEINS Actin Isolation without previous extraction of nVosin (Ger)) SOS, J.; CSAIAY. L.; GATI, T.; MICY, T.; IMMI, P.; IIAGY, 3.; PSUNY. L.: SZABO, G. , Technikai Assizisztennek: SCHIML, M.; JONA, M. Antityrosine coapounds. Kiserletes orvostud 9 no.5-61570-574 Oct-Dec 58. 1. Budapesti Orvostuclomanyi E~Z,etem Korelettnni Intezete es Crazagoo Kozogenzaegu,gy Intozot. (TYROSIN3. antagy. eff. on Inctobacillus casei & rat organs (Hun)) (IACTOBAGIT , eff. of drugs on tyrosine antag. on lactobacillus casei (Hun)) (Godoll')) MOLNAR, Gyula (Godollo); SZXXT, Pal (Godollo";___!qtqT Haamtological studies on pike perch (Incloperea, lucloperca L.) and bream (Abramis brams, L. ) of lake Balaton. In German. Acta biol.Hung. 10 no.2:223-234 159. OMAI 9:5) 1. Zoologisches Institut der Agrarviesenacbaften Univerattat, Godollo. (Hungary-Lucioperce, lucioperee.) (Perch) (Roeefish) MOLNAR,, Gyula; SZEKYg Pali NAGI,__8mil Haemotological investigation of thepike perch (Lucioperea sandra Val.) and bream (Abramis brama L.) of Lake Balaton. Annales biol Tihany 2601-68 159. (EEAI 10:1) 1. Agrartudomanyi Egyetem Hezogazdasegtudomanyi Kar, Allattani Tanszekq Godolloo (Hungary-Lucioperea) (Hungary-Rosefish) Z_/v b a -wires made- b__y___n_ow_A_pr Mel' at m6zet, Buda Card 1A aht Radre Iron,band suitable,for the purposes of vacuum engineering. Koh lap 93 no.1:1-p Ja 160. NAGY, IRridre Indirect determination of VUcoBity of glass melts by means of,meaauring Ue electric conductivity. V*ei3zWm vegyip egy koil 4 no.4075-376 160 1. HD11ohazi Porcelangyar. Endre Production experiments of electric contactor materials bazed on silver-cadmium and silver-cadmium oxide. Koh lap 94 no.32:53C,R539 D 161. 1. Vauipari Kutato Intezet, 11UGY, Endre, dr., Kossuth-dijus - I... ~- 4- -, . - Zjurvey and the trends of development of harld magnetic substances. Hir techn U no.5:173-178 0 163. 1. Vasipari Kutato Intezet. NAGY, Fndre, dr. Hardness of silver-cadmium oxide contacte. Koh !~--p 9? no.5; ^409-212 My'64. 1. Iron Tnd-ustry Research Institute. NAGY, E. ; J-12JIS, D. 1" :" Aureozycin treated gangrenous herpes zoster. Borgrogy. venero szemle 6 no.,5:151-152 Oct 1952. (CIML 24:1) 1. Doctors. 2. Dermatological and Tenersological Clinic (Director - Prof. Dr. lejos Szodoray). Debrecen University. HIDIECZ I, L- Studies on serum cholinesterase and the effect of intravenous movocain in psoriasis. Borgyoa. vaner. azemle 7 no.2:55-57 Kar 1953. OIKL 24:5) 1. Doctors. 2. Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases (Director -- Prof. Dre IaJos Szodoray), Debrecen Medical University. ERDELY1, J.;NAGY, Z.;H3U4RCZI, L. Therapeutic results with Bucky rays. BorCoa. vener. szemle 7 ao-3: 71-73 MY 1953. (CIAL 25:1) 1. Doctors. 2. Debrecen Skin and Venereal Diseases Clinic (Director - Dr. Ialos Szodoray) and thin Skin and Venereal Department (Head -- Dr. Janos Irdelyi) of Tolna County Council Hospital. NAGY., B. Chomical Abstracts Mqy 25, 1954 BiOlOgiCal Chemistry .4 clivity of serum chollnesterase in psoriasis patients, and -Offef. of Intravenous procaine treitment. 1,,~ lichrivezy Wed. Univ. Debfccqt). taa ,,1er-,Tr-,,7.- Sci: HU11g. 5-,L1 ( )k.) activity (1) wits detd. fly Gal's nephelorlictric method (C.A. - 43, 6272b) oil scrunt of 40 psar;nsis pativnts (luring recovery. lit :11 euse~i the I fell from lilt !lilt 61 Aulormall Y lilgh level. liarallelitig the gradual (1kappearillive of Sylillitolr1% (if rsoliasis. Intravenom. procaitic flierapy (i-t paticilts) ,x4tetted the dectine of 1, and lit thc!;atnc tinie hicreased the rate of (INappearance of symptoms. Inprocaineinfiltration or in Intravenous prostiginine treatment, the therapeutic ef- fect was more moderate. It is po,.;tulated that the high serum I is not asymptom. but a cause of tile dkicase. L. A. PursgloKc- NAGY, Incire, dr.,; CBGXL, Inre. dr. Therapy of chronio s5ithou with atabrin. Borgyogy. vener. egemle 8 no-5:151-152 Sept 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomemyl Affetem Bor- es Nemikortani Klinilcajanak koslamenve (Ignsgato: Szodoray Lajae dr. eg7etemi tanar) (IRYT chronic. ther. quinacrine) (QUINAGRIHE,'ther. use erythema. chronic) MAGT. Indre. dr..; SZODGRAT, LaJos, dr. Now therapeutic treatment of pen.phigue. Borgyogy. vWdr. ozeals 8-no.6:187-190 Nov 54, 1. A Debreconi Orvostudomanyi 1079tom Bor- as Noulkortani Klinikajanak koilemenyo Igatgato:59odora Lsjos dr., egyetemi tanar. (PXKPHIGUS. therapy progr.) ~~'IRPTA UMICA Sec.13 VOI,9/9 Demuttoloa Seut 55 19 05, N AG Y E. and CSOKA 1. *Erythematodes chronicus kezeWse atebrinnel. -r-F-et-Featment of chronic lupus erythematosus by ata- b r in e WRGY6GY. VENER. SZLE 1954, 30/5 (151-152) Tables I Of38patients. 14 became symptom -free, l9improved, 2remainedunaffected. The duration of treatment was 6 to 12 weeks. The total dose was 10 to 15 g. Side-effects: three cases of atabrine dermatitis were observed, two of which were generalized. Tildens - &Njaastri~iht NAGY, IncIre. dr.: M&SSATH, Ilona, dr. Studies on the urinary excretion of 17-katooteroids In skin diaeases. Ory hatil 95 noG18:491-49) My 154. (.Pm 3:8) 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi IL-yetem Bor so Nemikortani Klinikaja (igazgato: Szodoray Lajoo dr. egyatemi tanar) as I. Belklinikajanak (igazgato: Fornet Bela dr. ogyatem! tanor) kozlamenys. (DEMTITIS HIRPXTIFORMIS, urine in *17-ketooteroide) (PH M IGUS, urine in *17-ketonteroide) (STXROIDS, in urine *17-ketc, in detmatitin herpetiformis & pamphigam) (URINN *17-katooteroids, in dormatitis herpotiformis & pemphigus) RAGY. Emirs, clr.,; TUZA, Klara. c1r. Perspiration ddereasing action of atebrin. Bor&7ogy. vener. szenle 9 no.4:133-135 July 55 1. A Debreceni OrvostudonojWl Illb-yeten Bor- so Nemikortant, Klinikajanak (1gazgato: Szodoray lajos dr. agye4. tanar) kozlemenve. (SWEATING hyperidrosio, ther. quinaorine) QUINAORM, ther. use byperidrosis) NAGY, Endre, dr.; KOCSAR, Laszlo, dr. Study on the antihistaminic effects of atebrin. Borgyog7. vener. szemle 10 no.4:185-188 July 56. 1. A Debreceni Or7ostudomarq~l Eg7etem Bor-es Nemikortani Klinikajanak (Igaz. Szodoray, Lajos, egyet. tanar) es a Kortani Intezet Igazgato: Kesztyus, Lorand egyatemi tanar) kozl. (QUINACRINE, eff. on exper. infect. in guinea pigs, antihistaminic eff. (Hun)) (INFTTION, exper. eff. of quinacrine In guinea pigs, antihistaminic eff. (Hun)) ?!-.',,MCA Sec.1-4 Vol.11/1 Dermatoloey, etc. J an-57 215. NAGY E. and KOC5AR L. Dermato-Venereol. Univ,- Klin. und Univ. Inst. fUr -r.`x-P-r1JTffbl. , Debrecen, *Untersuchungen u1jer die antinistaminartige Wir- kung dcH Atebrins. Investigations into the antihistamine- like e e c t o f a t a b r I n DERM. WSCU ft. 19 56, 133111 (26 5- 26 9) Graphs I ,rablcs 2 Such an effect was demonstrated In animal experiments (histarnine aerosol brunchi- at spasm and serum shock). Atabrin ueerns to mobilize cortisone and C-Iua to pre- vent histamine shock. Rust - Berlin C/vt C"I MA ROB I Gy o r gy g Dr NABY , Rn dr e 9 Dr Capillaroscopic examinations in ocleroderma. Borgyogy. vener. szonle 11 no.5:195-198 Oct 57. 1. A debreceni Orvontudomanyagetem Bor- es Nomik-ortani klinikajanak (igasgato: Szodoray I&Jos dr. egyatemi. tanar) koslamenyo. (SCLAROMM, pathol. capillaries, capillaroscopy in diffase & circumscribed Soleroderma (Hun)) (GLPIILIARIIIS, pathol. in circumscribed & diffuse scleroderma, capillaroscopy (Hun)) CA S00.13 Vol.22/1 Domato & Venoreo- J-atl5 8- VIM PITA 34 6f- RECENT DATA ON THE MECHANISM OF ACTION OF ATEBRIN. Neuere Daten sum Wirkungernechanismus des Atebrins'Naffy E., Kocair L., J6kay I.. Hadhisy C. and Tuza K. Patho- physiol.Inst., Anal. Univ.-Inst., Debrecen, Ungarn. DERMATOLOGICA (Baael) 1957. 15/2 (143-148) Tables 1 Illus. 2 The authors have made animal experiments to clear up the action of atebrin. From the results they draw the following conclusions: (1) atebrin has an anti-histamine action, (2) its influence is, however, not to be explained by a strengthening of the anti -hi Maminase action, (3) animals pre-treated with atebrin showed hypertrophy of the aurenal cortex with increased lipoid production, which supports the earlier suggestion of the authors that the adrenal cortex plays a? art in the mechanism of the action of atebrin. There are. however, still further actors investigated besides the anti-histamine effect. IIAGY, Endre, Ibr.; IOVK, Andras, Dr. Relation of 1upun erythematonuo and tuberculosis. 3yorr-yog-v. v~-'ner. Fze=16 12 no,6:21fl-24) Dee 38. 1. A debreceni OrvoBtudomanyi Fgyetem Bor- es Ilemikortani klinikaja (Igazoto: Dr. S2odoray laJos eiget. tanar) ee IL az. Belklinikajarink (I&azgato: Dr. Petranyi Gyula egyet. tanar) kozlemen.Te. (L.-JPUS 3ITMEMATOSUS, DISCOID, compl. tuberc., incidence ( Hun)) (LUPIJS BAYMATOSUS, DISSMINATID, compl. same) (TUBIRGUIOSIS, Btatist. incidenco in discoid & disseminated lupus erythematosuB (Hun)) NAGY, Endre, dr.; VIMSS, Miklos, dr. Incidence of Staphylococcus carriers and its significance in relation to hospitals. Orv.hetil. 100 no-51:1834-1837 D 159. 16 Szeged HeMrei Jogu Varonj Tanace Korhaza (igazgato- Uagv Laszlo dr.) Kozponti LaboratortwrAntik (foorvoB; Verese Hiklos,dr.) kozlemenye. (HOSPITALS) (STAPHUOCOCM INIMCTIONS tranam.)