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December 31, 1967
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NAGY, Endre, dr.; NNSZAROS, Katalin, dr. Side-effects in resochin therapy of erythematodes discoides generalisatus. Boygyogyaveneroszemle 36 no.1:14-15 Ja '6o. 1. A Debraceni Orvoatudomanyi Zgyetem Bor- es Nemikortani Klinika.a (Igazgato: Prof. Dr. Szodoray lujoe effetemi tanar) kozlemenyea (NMJS XRMWaTObIJB ther.) (CHLCROqUINE e,-Pf.inj.) NAGY.2ndre.dr.; BUKO.Gabor,dr. Gourse of the development of resistance in common pathogenic bacterial genera as shovn by our clinical test material. Orr. hetil. 101 no.24:840--841 3.2 Je 160. 1. Szgedi Orvostudomanyi Eaetsm, Mikrobiologlai Intezet. (ANTIBIOTICS -pharmacol.) (BAGTIIRIA pharmcol. ) OBERNA, Ferenc, dr.; NAGY, Endre, dr. Cecondary plastic surgery of scalping injuries of the head with the aid of pedicle flaps. Magy. sebeszet 14 no.4:227-232 Ag 161. 1. Budapest Fovaros Tanacsa Peterffy Sandor utcai Korhazanak (igazgato: dr. Galocsi Gyorgy) Baleseti-Sebeszeti Osztalya (foorvos; dr. Oberna Ferenc) kezlemenye. (SGALP We & inj) NAGY. Endre, dr.; KARACSON, Janos, dr. -1 Association of psoriasis with scleroderma and lupus er7thematosus. Borgyogy. vener. 82emle 37 no.2:83-88 Ap 161. 1. A debreceni Orvoetudomanvi Egyetem Bor- es Nemikortani klinika- janak (Igazgatoi Szodoray Lajos dr. egyetemi tanar) kozlemenve. (PSORIASIS compl) (SCLERODIRMA compl) (WFUS ERYTHEMATOSUS compl) CSOKA, Imrs, dr.; nGY, Endre, dr. Our experience with 10-year therapy of pouphigus. Borgyogy. vgner, memle 37 no-43177-191 JTI 161. 1. A debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Borklinikajanak (Igazgata: Szodoray Lajos dr. egyetemi tanar) kozlemanyo.. (PWHIGUS ther) CSOKA, Imre, dr.; NAGY, Endro, dr.; SZODOMY, Lajos, dr. On mastocytoses of the skin. Mag7. onkol. 6 no.2.109-lU H.7 162. 1. A Debroceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, Bor- es Hemikortani Klinika. (SKIN pathol) (VAST CELLS) I NAGY, Endre, dr.; OBERNA., Ferene, dr. Use of roentgenographic image intensifier in o=bination Vith tele- vision in traumtological surgery. Magy. radiol. 14 no.l'-W-174 Je 162 o 1. Bp. Fov. Tanaosa Peterfy Sandor u. Korhaz Rendelointezete (igazgato: Galocsi Gyorgy dro) Baleseti Sebeszeti osztalyanak (foorvos: Oberna Ferenc dr.) kozlemen-ye. (RADIOGRAPHY) (TELEVISION) (SURGERY OPERATIVE) (WOUNDS AND INJURIES surg) NAGY, Endre, dr.; BALOGH, Eva, dr.; GAAL, Gyorgy, dr.; NAGY, Sandor, dr. Studies on allergodermatoses in the alkaloid f'actor7 in Tiozavamar. Borgyogy. vener. szemle 38 no.1:22-25 F 162. 1. A Debraceni Orvostudoma Egyetem Bor- as Nemikortani klinikajanak (Igazgato: Dr. Szodoray Lajos eg7etemi tanar) as a Kossuth Lajos Tudo- manyegyatem Szerveakemiai Intezetensk (Igazgato; Dr. Bognar Rezoo egyetemi tanar) kozlemenye. (DMIATITIS MEDICAKaTOSA etiol) (OGCUATIONAL DISEASES) NAGY, Endrd, dr.; VEZEMIYI', Klara, dr.; SZABO, Peter, dr. Treatment of childhood morphea with acmbined antimala ials and novocain. Borgyogy. vener. szemle 38 no-5t226-230 0 62. 1. A Debrepeni Orvostudomanci Egyetem Borklinikajanak kozlemenye (Igazgato: Szodoray tajos dr. egyatemi tanar). (SCIEMDEP14A) (PROGAIN) (CHWRDQIJnTE) NAGY, &dre, dr.; MESZAROS, Csilia, dr. Combined internal treatment of granulcma fungoides. Bcrrgyogy. vener, sumle 39 no,5:225-228 0 163- 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Bor- es Hemikortani fainikaja (Igazgato-. Szodoray Iajos dr. egyatemi tanar) kozlemanyeo (MYCOSIS FUNGOIDES) (MANNOMUSTINE) (NORTMOSTERONE) (ADRENAL CORTMC HOMONES) (STEROMS) (ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS) NAGY, Endre dr.; CSOKAI Imre, dr.; AMMO, Irma, dr. Treatment of dermatomyositis with synthetic antimalarial drugs. Borgyogy. vener. szemle 40 no.2:60--64 Ap164, 1. A Debrecani Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Borklinikajanak (Igaz- gato: dr. Szodoray Lajos egyetemi tanar) as a Debreceni Or- vostudomanyi Egyetem Gyermekklinikajanak (Igazgato: Kulin, laszlop dr. egyetemi tanar) koz'lemenye. -k- NAM, &dre, dr.; IIEZEMTYI, nara, dr. Study of the monoamine oxidase activity in lupus erythenatosus. Borgyogy vener. szemle 40 no.3:113-116 Je'64. 1. A Debroceni Bor es Ilemikortani Klinika kozlemanye (Igazgeto: Szodoray, lajos, dro egyetemi tanar). -ITAGY, Ehdre, dr.; RAIDGH, E\,a, dr. I Livedo reticularis symptcnatica. an g,-ogy vener. sze:--Ie 40 no.3:116-119 Je'64. 1. A debreceni Bor es Nemikort8ni ninillca kozlmenyo. (Igaz- gato: Szodoray, Iajos, dr., egyetemi tanar). HUNGARY NAGY Endre, Dr., and CSATARY (Mrs. NAGY), Klara, Dr., Central La- boratory at the Municipal Hospital (Varosi Korhaz, Kozponti LaboraLorium) in Hodmezovasarhely. "On the Proper Bacteriologicnl Diagnonin of Infections of the Urinary Tract. Our Experiences with Urine cultures" Budapest, Orvost Hetilap Vol 107, No 26, 26 Jun 1966, pp 1222-1225. Abstract: The authors' experiences with urine cultures were described. They showed that the customary kind of qualitative urine culture techniques are not suitable for the precise diagnosis of infectfons of the urinary tract since these techniques are subject to gross errors. The proper procedure seems to be the culture of excreted urine rather than of urine obtained by catheterization. The agar-plate titration method was found to be the most suitable. 26 referencesi including 2 Hungarian and 24 Western. 1/1 HLRIGARY/Electricity - Somiconductors G-5 Abe Jour t Rof Zhur - Fizkrj No 11, 19581 No 25531 Author :_~5rd E,_ Inst, 1. Eotvos University, Budepost, Hungary Title On the Thomal Turnover of Gormnniua Rectifiers. Orig Fub Acta phys* Aead. sci.j hung., 1957x 89 No. 1-2, 231-233 Abstrect iThe author invostigates the turnover of the chrxactoristics of germanium point-contrct dicdes, observed during the eolf- heating of the contact. The meximm voltage is daterninod frou +.he condition cf the violntion of the themnl stebility6 The dependence of the current on the contoct tonporrturo Is taken in the forn thrt takes into occount both the action of the temperature end the action of the electric field. The maxiam voltage is found to be lincerly increvaing, with the resistance of the gernrniui end to depend rlso r-n the height of the energy berrier at the contact period. It is in- dicated that the law obtained issiiniler to the ease of intorml Card 1/1 enission under the influence of r field. na itiqc-c'ninice.1 princir, ips Of the ~;Or~inr cf roc,~", 97 Fizikoj -ry z. j,l n vol. No. 4) 'Tu, n.~ a ry Twsill,~t) Tim dp, t 5t a,, u -19. AuC.115 U ncl,~i NAGYP Erno Mephanical foundations of the work of rockets and rocket engines. Fiz szemle 9 no-4:99-105 Ap '59. NAGY, Erno What should be known about Sputnik IV. Musz elet 15 no.11:5 My 160. (EW 9:9) (Russia--Artificial satellites) NAGY, Brno The jet plane Caravelle and its followers. Hisz.elet. 15 no.3:12 Y 160. (12AT 1):4) (France-Jet planes) NAGY, Brno -----7XlaLvVf6nic music, Nasz.elet. 15 no.5:1 Yx 160. (MI 9:5) (Wasic) NAGY, Erno Free radicals as jet propulsion materials? Muiz elet 15 no.13:4 -je 96o. (Rockets) (EZAI 9:9) NAGY, Kmo On the agenda of space research; interplanetary space. Musz elet 15 n0.2313 J3. 160. (EKAI 9:12) (Outer space) _!!AGYL n0 Encounters in space. Musz elet 15 no.16:6 Ag 6o. (EFAI 10:1) (Space flight) NAGY, Brno--- - Artificial moons and meteorology. Elet tud 15 no.16:490-494 17 Ap 160. NAGY, Erno The magnetic field of the moon as it is reflected by Soviet measurements. Musz elet 15 no.18:7 5 160. (EEAI 9;12) (Moon) (Magnetic fields) (Russia--Astronowl) NAGY, Erno On the margin of an interesting experiment; the radio transmitter to Pioneer V became silent. Musz elet 15 no.19:11 S #60. (Ew 9:12) (United States-Artificial satellites) NAGY, Erno Letter from Farnborough. Musz etel 13 no.20:4 S 160. (EEAT 10:1) (Great Britain--Aeronautics) (Hungarians in Great Britain) NAGY, Brno The International Council of Aeronautical Sciences in Stockholm. Musz elet 15 no.21:7 0 160. (EW .10.2) (Aeronautics) NA-GY, Krno And in some months the man comes$ What we should know about the space experiment. Elet tud 15 no.21:660-662 22 My 160. -NAGY, Brno Topmost achievements in electronics. Musz elet lj no#22;1,12 0 160. (EW 10:3) (Electronics) - NAGY, Brno The sixth sputnik. Musz elet 15 no*25:5 D 160. (ERAI 10:2) (Rus3i,a--ArtifieW satellAes) NAGY, Eino Some problemo of the astrcnautts re-entry. 41st tud 15 no.34;1067-1(Y70 21 Ag 160. NAGY, Brno Meeting of spaceships. Elet tud 15 no.37tll59-1162 11 3 ,6o. WY. Erno - Experiments with Sputnik spaceships. MeL 7,C-f 15 ao-51~1(fi&-, . i61-0 18 D 160. NAGY _Ej~jp_,_gepes=ernok Astronauticas the science of our age. Term tud kozl 5 no.5:197- 198 My 161. 1. "Termeszettudomanyi Kozlony" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja. f 871 473 H/016/61/011/001/lool/C03 B009/BO57 AUTHOR. Nagy, Ernb TITLE,- The Ion Rocket - Space-travel Power Plant With Ele.-tron Accelerators PERIODICAL: Fizikai Szemle, 1961, Vol. !1, No. 1, pp. TEXT: On the basis of US and Soviet publ-,cations.01,` buildup the principal characteristics, the elements sf calculazion of the ;on rocket, and some comparative data are presented with advice tcward practical application. The following arrangement is ocnsidered; Propellant, Propellant Ion Generator-,Iar. Acc~~lerator_.Icn Outflow Stcrage Dosage (Anode) 'P Electrons J. Energy-P Thermomechanic- -PEIectric -P Electron Accelerator 4 Elpctron Source al Transformer Generator (Ejector) (negle,~ted in (Reactor) (Tuibine) calculutiontO Excess Heat Card 1/3 87473 The Ion Rocket - Space-travel Power Plant H/O-,6/61/C1:/OO1/OC*,/'003 With Electron Accelerators B009/BO57 The author proceeds from the classical thruot, formula of the rockets ma - F -En,.M,.vi, where ni is the number, mi the mass, and the velocity of particles ejected per second. Substituting the ion masti r .,f the propellant of atomic weight A and the -elocities, (4-aken frou. the formula of kinetic en 2 ergy. m v /2) in electrica! units, the thrust is expressed in terms of ace&--rating vcltage M and current intensity. From this results the formula of rated power'and of the ratics of V power/mass and 3pecific power/thrust in kiloponds. The calculaticn of the output current and of the specific proi)e1lant consumption leads to the formula of specific propellant momenturi, which is alsc that of the specific momentum of the entire power plants ISp . 1417)r-VFA kp eec/kp. The V/A ratio (accelerating volt-age versus atomic weight of the propellant), the total weight of the rocket, and the ratio of thrusf. versus rocket weight are the most important ohara-~tertStlC,3 cf ttle rocket. Further practical data are obtained from the fGrmula: 6-r=y1n m m (mo= takeoff weight, rn, Card 213 87473 The Ion Rocket - Space-travel Power Plant 11/016/61/011/001/ocii/oOl, With Electron Accelerators B009/BO57 The author's final conclusion is that ion-rocket power planto Chn be designed and installed in spacecraft only if electric energy sources of adequate power are found. According to Moeckel~ the calculation of a Venus-probe manned spacecraft of 90 t payload is presented as an example: With a chemical propellant Osp . 300 nec), the takeofr weight would h,~ 3000 t; with a nuclear-powered thermal rocket (I sp - 800 sec), it could be reduced to 300-400 t, and with an ion rocket (I.P . 10 000 sec), to 180 t. Finally,according to E. Stuhlinger, data on ion rockets for various space-exploration assignments (earth satellites, moon and earth- planet probes, interplanetary probes) are tabulated. The author's conclusion is: While putting into orbit 1 kg of an earth satellite, r.0-200 kg of takeoff and carrying rocket weight are required, so that the space exploration assignment of the example quoted appears impossible with a chemical propellant, with the aid of an ion rocket we approach the domain of possibilities. There are 4 figures and 4 tables. Card 3/3 NAGY, Emol gepeszmernok (We..O. -'A'YO Joint heroic deed of science and courage. Munka 11 no.5:32-,43 My 161. Wee#. A~e-#IAAI 52 r'109'e.4 M eIrfei - Fejr,(oAv ~ F /S fit S 1.,B-uszaki es lormeezettudomanyi _~gyesuletek_�zovetsege osztalyanak.,titkara. C,411?rs-Z 7 )Asztronautikai 6fer, (-Odt- (Gagarin, Yuril Alekseovioh) (Russia-Space flight) NAGY, Erno Ion rockets; propulsions working with electronic acceleration devices for space flights. Fiz szemle 11 no.11:3-12 Ja 161. NAGY., Erno Lexicon of astronautics. Fiz azemle 11 no.11:324-337 N 161. NAGY, Erno Double current gas turbine jet-propelled transmission. Repules 14 no. 1:9 Ja 161. NAGYY Erno The grovth of the family of aeroplanes. Repules 14 no.2:13 F 161. NAGY, Erno Astronomical artificial moons on the agenda of npace research. Musz alot 15 no.P6112 161. NAGYt Emo Expansion of the uBe of infrared raye. Mttaz elet 16 n0.4:1 161. (EEAI 10: 7) (Infrarod rays) The flight of man in space; Soviet space-biological experiments of great significance. Musz elet 16 no.6:3 Mr 161. (KEAI 10:5) (Russia--Artificial satellites) NAGY, Erno The first man returned from space. Musz elet 16 no.8.*3 Ap 161. (EEAI 10i9) (Russia-Astronauts) (Gagarin, IUrii) . On the way toVard Venus. Met tud 16 no.9:259-262 26 F 161. NAGI, Erno So" details of interest about the flight of Vostok. *as slot 16 ao.10:7 161. (ZZAI 10:7) ORussia-Astronauts) (Gagarint Mrii) NAGY, Erno The future of air transportation, Musz elet 16 no.12--i Je 161. (EKAX 10:9) (Aeronautics) ~(~~,.-.Erno The Vostok-2. Muez elet 16 no.17:1-2 Ag 161. (Space flight) PAPP, Balint; NAGY# Fanao j., pLth. Blot tud 16 no.17:515-518 23 Ap 161a FollwAmg the astrOmut ,NA9'--ZrnQ---. Soviet guided-missile experiments in the Pacific Ocean. Musz elet 16 no,23:11 N 161, NAGY, Brno The Saturn project. Musz slat 16 no.25--6 D 161. NAGY, Erno . How is a rocket controlled? Blot tud 16 no-33:1035-1038 13 Ag 161. NAGY, Erna ----------- -- ---. -1 The future of space flight* Met tud 16 no.41:1288~1293 8 0 161. -__RGY, Brno Needle ring in the space. Elet tud 16 no.I+C): Suppl. 2 no-25:199 3 D t61. H/016/62/000/003/003/003 D249/DUOI AUTHOR: Nagy, 1;,rnO TITLE: Physical foundations of experiments made with artificial satellites I PERIODICAL: Fizikai mzemle, no. 3, 19621, 81-85 TEXT: Phenomena on which the various physical experiments with arti- ficial satellites are based, their theoretical foundations and tech- nique of measurements are discussed. The review is primarily based on a book 'Soviet sputniks and space rockeW by S.G. Alcksandrov and R.Ye. Fyodorov / Abstracter's note: Russian title not given:3 . This-part of the paper-discusses high altitude measurementE, of the atmosphere made with rocketst (composition of the atmosphere and measurements of press- ure, density and temperatures). Between 1951 and 1958 the Department of Applied Geophysics of the AS USSR made systematic studies of the composition of upper atmosphere. Samples were taken during the night of rockets which %vere spectrographically analyzed, It was confirmed Card 1/3 H/016/62/000/003/003/003 Physical foundations of experiments ... -11249/1)301 that the separation of gases due to gravitational forces talies place at the height of 80-100 luit. Since the velocity distribution of the gas molecules in the upper atmosphere of the carth is Maxwellian, the temp- erature, pressure and density of the air can be determined b'Y using the equation of state of the ideal gases. The equation for the hydrostatic pressure is valid at these heights. Using these two relations only one of the variables has to be measured. The measurement of pressure and temperature by a fast moving rocket is problematic since not the characteristics of a stationary medium but those of a gas stream are de- termined. To eliminate the disturbing factors arising from the move- ment of the rocket, wind tunnel measurements were made to determine po- sitions on the rockets where the measured and true values of the thermo- dynamical parameters are equal. Measuring instruments are located at these positions. The results of wind tunnel WaSUremente. are reviewed. An important problem of the physics of the upper atmosphere is the rela- tion between the kinetic and rotational temperatures of the gas mole- cules. Simple problems such as the variation of density with height, the relation between temperature, density and molecular composition Card 2/3 11/016/62/000/003/OU3/003 Physical foundations of D249/D301 have not yet been solved. The results of measurements made with rockets permit the assumption of it physical model of Like upper atmosphere. This model is based on the following experimental findings: 1) The pressurel density and temperature of air must be in relation with the results of measurements taken up to the height of 100 kni by rockets. 2) Molecular oxy- gen begins to dissociate into atomic oxygen from the height of 90 kum. 3) The dissociation of molecular nitrogen begins above 200 km. 4) The con- cenLration of 02 and N2 decreases exponentially with altitude. 5) The kinetic gas temperature is assuned constant in the exosphere. In the lower parts of the exosphere it must be above 500 0K and below 2000 0K. 6) The density of neutral particles must correspond to the measured values of the ionos here. At the critical level this must not be less than 107 particles/ciago 7) The diffusive separation of gases if.; not considered. Based on the above, Vernov and Aleksandrov determined the values of the characteristic constants of air at high altitude. These are taiAllilted and compared with those of the American ARM given for the NACA standard at- mosphere. In a further table the results of measurements taken by artifi- cial satellites are given. There are 2 tables. ASSOCIATION: ELTE megb. elUad6 (R. EtJtv0s University of Science) Card 3/3 ':-'/016/62/000/003/002/002 D249/D307 ""U'T 1 7102. Nagy, :Irn6 I'ITLE: PI-iysical fou-ndant-Lojs of the e-.,--.3 crime nt s made with artificial satellites III V*EL-%'IODIC~~L.: Fizik-ai szer"ile, no. 5, 1962, 152-157 T 2 Principles of the fojjowi-,j,T four c~:--)eriments are .a reviewed. 1) I-'casure,,jent Of the density o? the atm'ospherc by a study of the orbit oF the a, rtificial, satellite. 2) Some importait asoects of methods -for ncasurinH pressure and density by the pres- C, S'Llre FleasUrin.- instruments placed on the artificial satellite. .3) 2rinciple of operation of a high frequency mass spectrometer. .othod-- of measurement of the positive ion concentration cin 4 the artificial .atellites. .~13 L "SCCL-%TI0,;.q: E12E (R. E6tv6s University of Science) Card 1/1 NAGY, Emo,gepeszmernok (Budapest') The Jet power plants of the future. Pt.l. Term tud kozI 5 (93) no.3:99-IG2 Mr '162. IIAGYi Erno Begimings of metaUurgy. Technila, 6 no.l:U Ja 162. NAGY, Erno Prehistory of iron O'd steel. Technika 6 no.2tll F 162. NAGY, Erno Passenger rocket planes. Teohnika 6 no.3:1 Mr 162. ,_jAGY _Erno _ In the defense of the Technical Inspection Department. Ted,~nika 6 no.8:3 Ag 162. NAGY, Erno Space rendezvous. Technika 6 no.941 S 162- NA,GY, Brno, gepes=ernok The renaissance of direct current. Technika 6 no.10:6-7111 0 162. _IlAq~,-.Eruo., gepesmoernok Control of rockets. 1. Term tud kozl 6 no.11:489-491 N 162. 1. remeezettudomanYi Kozlony" szerkeazto bizotteagi tagja. NAGY, Erno.,,gopeszmernok (Budapest) Control of rockets. 11. Tem tud I:ozI 6 no.22:546-548 D 162. 1, uTermoozettudomanyi KozIony" szerkento bizottuagi tagja. NAGY. Erno Once more on the Soviet rocket experiments in the Pacific Ocean area. Musz slat 12 no.1:5 A 162. (Russia-Gaidea & missiles) NAGY, Err~- Remarks about the chaos arourd th-,~ specific Irpilse. Fiz szemle 12 ro,2:41-43 F 162. NAGY, Erno Physical foundations for experiments in connection with artificial moons.II. (To be contd.) Fiz azemle 12 no.4:32-4-127 Ap 162,, 1. Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem megbisott eloadojaj Budapest. H/016/62/000/006/001/001 D249/D308 AUTHOR: 117agy, 173=6 TITLE; Physical foundations of the experiments performed with artificial satellites .)TM!0DIC-'L: P-*zikai'szemle, 12, no. 6, 1962, 185 - 189 TEEM The principles of the following three experiments are review- ed: 1) Method of measuring the electrostatic field of an upper at- mosphere arid of the cha-rge of the satellite: It ifishown that the accuracy o:--7 the neasurement of the potential depends on the knowled7 6e of the chemical composition of the ionospheret the velocity and -ion of the satellite. The principle of the measurement of char- posit ge,of the satellite surface is described. The'collector electrode of an electrometer is connected to the surface of the satellite through a resistor. The collector electrode is screened periodically, the constant field strength on the surface changes into pulsating-field which results in a current DmSing through the resistor. 2) Theore- tical foundations of t1he method used for the study of the collision frequency with micro-meteorites: Based on the Poisson-distribution Card 1/2 H/016 621600100610011001 Physical foundations of the ... D249%D3008 a formula is deduced by which the time intervals can be estimated where the probability of collisions is 1/2, 1/100, 1/1000, etc. It is important to know the mass and velocity spectra crf the micro-me- teorites colliding with.the satellite. This depends on the quantity measured by the instrument sensor in contact with the colliding par--.- ticles. Instruments with a piezo-electric sensor measure the energy of the Darticleso 3) Theoretical foundations of the experiments stu- dying the short wave spectrum of the sun; Relations are reviewed on which the calculations of the energy distribution in the ultraviolet region of the solar spectrum (2000 A - 3000 A wavelengths) were made by de Jaeger. ASSOCIATION: Edtvda lorhnd tudomanyegyetem (Edtvds University of Sciences) Card 2/2 ma, &W Seakiconductors. Itinka 12 no.8.-36 Ag 162. NAGY, Erno I Space sciences. Munka 12 no.11:23 H 162. NAGY,PlErno Operations research. Hunks. 12 no.12:33 D 162 ,WK,--,Ar-no AnAa, the geodetic artifical moon. Mazz alat 17 no.24:6 22. 5 162. ww~ NAGY, Erno Rocket power plants of a new type. Musz elet 17 no.3:14 F 162. NAGYj Erno -d ~ ! The moon, a future working place for mr.,n, Elet tud 17 no,3:71-74 Ja 162. NAGY, Erno The first American space n ier. Musz elet 17 no.5:7 Mr 162. ITA N GY, Erno The global rocket. Yusz elet 17 no-9:13. Ap 162. N -&=- Testing space rockets before the start. Musz elet 17 no.11:7 24 MY 162. TUG Y , Erno I Two Vostoks ir. the spaces I!hiBz elet 1:7 nool7-1 .16 Ag ',62, KAGY, Erno -L-~ ~ _, lessons from the space flight by pairo. '.Iasz So,-~ intereotinj v elet 17 no.180 30 Ag 162. 14AGYP Erno A letter from Farnborcugh on the air show. flugz elet 17 no.20.-4 27 S 162. -NAGY, Erno I--- The third American space ""light. lltisz elet. 17 no.2-7:6 A_' C 1629 NAGY. Firno _, The most peculiar engine; perspectives of the deyelopment of rocket engines. 1-bez elet 17 no.22:1,, 10 25 0 162. XAGY.. Ei7no - The never stage of space seience; deploration of FArs. Musz elet 17 no,23:1 8 H 162, NAGY*I-Erno -- Mounting of space stations. ElOt tud 17 no933:1026 19 Ag t62. Erno NAGY I Fir,-.': I I '_- I .!-. ~'- 1. ~ :.*J(*A) .." A, . - .. . I NAGY, Erno Meteorological artificial moonz.. Ele'. tud 17 23 S 162- IDIP (k)/9-1P (h)/E7,qP(b)/a4P (WETC W/PPD L 1693-66 VNT(d)P3S-2/EWP(v) WI~!/E,%IS/AS T ACCESSION NR: ATS013657 IPJ/0000/62/000/000/0033/0068 AUTHOR: Nagy, &no (Mechanical engineer, Secretary of central special section of Ti- S7 astranau c-57~~' ITITLE: Technical,potentials of space research in the sixties ISOURCE.- Az urrepules as a tudoman7; tanuimanyok az urrepules fiziki, technikai, caillegaszati, ilettani es jogi problemairal (Space flights and science; articles on flight physics, technology, astronomy, biology, and legal problem), Budapest, ~KK, 1962, 33-68 1TOPIC TAGS* space research, spAo~e pKSI~ram ABSTRACT: Some of the objectives of space research in the sixties are discussed. IThe f8llowing areas are l%ely to be involved in such research programs: study of !the Earth's atmosphere',i-~communi~ation with the aid of satellites, study of the !radiation zones around the Earth, study of cosmic radiation reaching Earth and its Jeffects, observation of the Moon and possible lunar lending, development of ad IvLqnced launching rockets, study of rocket uidancfe_sZstems,~Iresearch on space ivehicle.control, research on telemetry, applications of ~1 Jtronic computers, development of more reliable and sophisticated instrumentation, development of power supplies for spacecraft, Improvement of tracking system and i0ethoda, study -Card --- -1/2 ------- I L 1691-66 ACCESSION NR: AT5013657 .of spacecraft communications, nuclear propulsion studies, investigations on space- craft landing methods, and development of advanced fuels. Some announced U.S. and Soviet projects are discussed. Orig. art. has: 7 figures. ASSOCIATION: METESZ Kozponti Asztronautikai Szakoaztalya (Central Department for Astronautics J -~Msz) SUBMITTEDa. 00 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE, SV NO REF Sovt 000 OTHER- 000 MGY, Erno Selected good advice from the field of the light and heavy industriefl. Technika 7 no,1:8-9 Ja 163. NAGY 0 E=O He.Uum in the high atmosphere of the earth. Term tud kozl 7 no.109 Ja 163. 1. "Termeszettudomanyi Kozlony" azerkento bizottsagi tagja. NAGY, Erno -OFMWV~ vw- LASER, th miraculous beam of light. Technika 7 no.6:1 38 je t63. NAGI, Erno Tele,iision artificial satellites. Techmika 7 no.6:8-9 Je 163. NAGY, Krno, gepes=ernok (Budapest) z~- Space flight to the moon. Ft. 1. Term tud kozl 7 no.7:293- 295 Jl '63. 1. "Termeszettudomanyi Kozlonyn szerkeazto bizottsagi tagja.