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December 31, 1967
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r UGY, Erno Vehiclea operating on the moon. Tocbnilm 7 no.8.-l Ag 163. xAGy, Frno, gepeszmernok (Budapest) On the threshold of the flight to the MOOmo Ft, 2, Term tud kozi 7 no*8:347-349 Ag '63- 1. sTermeszottudomanyi KOzlOnYm szerkeszto b12ottsagi tagja, - NAGY., Erno Research in thefleld of the neighboring p2anstea Musz elat 1188 no.1:111 3 Ta 63. -HAGY, Erno The American Venus rocket. Musz elet 18 no.2:10 17 Ja 163. KAGY, The Syncom aritificia2,moon. Musz elet 18 40.5:4 28 F 163. !h.I.#~ ?~ I . 7 NAGY, Erno Artificial 8atellites and the cold war. Elet tud 18 no.6~163- 165 10 F 163. - NAGY, Erno Atmosphere and temperature measurewnt of planets. 14uisz elet 18 no.7;7 28 Mr '63. NAGY, Frno I-*- On the agenda: the zonquest of the moon. Musz elet 18, no.8:5 11 AD 163. T, I Ti - NAGY, Brno Permanent winds in the upper at=ospbere of the earth. &as elet 18 no.9 t21 25 AP 16). NAGY,, Brno Flights of Vostok 5 and Vostok 6. Muaz elet 18 no.14:3 4 J1 163. NAGY, Erno Ap 163, Once again on planet research. Elet tud 18 no,14:438-439 7 NAGY) Emu Modern rocket Paels. Ib-sz elat 18 no.16:12 1 Ag 16"'. NAGIX Erno A letter from Geneva on the Italian plans of space Ituez elet 18 no.17:6 15 Ag 263. il I;', scien ~. j ;Z, .4, NAGY, Erne The flight of Polet-1. 14usz elat 18 nc.2J+:ly13 21 H 163, NAGY., Erno - --------- Misdical measuremsnts on the spaceship. Faet tud 18 no.27: 835-838 7 Jl 163. NAGY, Erno Application of plasma physics in designing electric rc,!ket pro- Valsion systems. IvAg7 fiz folyoir 12 no.3:267-277 164. 1. Institute of Theoretical Physics, Lorand Eotvos University, Buda- pest. NAGYP Frnn dl-ivo mechRidam it, t,,s- :~rmnaoq. IA,1:3z elet 1~~ no.2'*1:12 31 f, '~~'4. NAGY, Erno (Budapest) Technical lesscns drmin from the voyage of Voskh~;t. E'"" tud 19 no."z2G'76-2079 30 0 164. NAG:, Erno Do not wieruse Hungarian techn` ',,arms. llzm olet 20 no.4.. 7 425 F ;65. NAGY, Erno An unprecedented month of the success in space flight. Lfiisz elet 20 no.8:11 22 AP 165~ NAGY., Erno Glidera in spaceflight. Elet tud 20 no.11:527 19 Mr 1655. !I..'jj,y: :,' ~ -ri :)t,-;kll::,-." C, .4 ,. -,f ~,-rt - Technical flungaritm. .;. I , ~ ? I ~- ~Io 7 19 -, - . , 7 . .1, 5 .,~ I I ('~ " . ~,, I N, Gy , "Irno .7 - - " - . t4 ;;,,17, , f~ f- + :'; :'~j !,`a - . I "' ~ :.;j -:ri w,,i I *, of Uw, . 1, 3 of covf--.r 2 -'~) 65, U, ry , 1"" t-I I C, -)t." p 1, ~ f" 'I, ! - .- , ": - ; t i ,- ' r . f .- ' 'I -, 7 - ''-.* .: * - . : e "p ` " . ; ~ _ . . . . I Pa - z alf. t. 1 --4 " j ) . ~ ) . " -, I I - ~ . 1~ . o, I ~ I., I NAGYP Emo (Buddpest) ,uard cf tenhrilcal Faim*xr-)-~i,r, in Lhe vang P 57 Techrika 8 no.'a-.3 11 141 i ~O Votitok-Komos-Elektron-Vo khod; newer ech!everqnta of the SOVIet space rnieh7m. I bild . ~, 8-9 NAGY, Erno nle most slicces8fu -, z - 5 1) a ~! 6 . e, ~ -? -- r,~ - ~ ~ ` :-~ ; .~.5z .L year ~... . .1 - - - . - glat 20 no.2:11 28 Ja 165. NAGY, Frno Plasma drives beyond the solar system. Elet tud 20 no.1:42 3 'a '-II VAJDAx Dezso, dr.;_NAGY, Erno dr. Early Post-resection emptying disorders, Orv. hatil. 102 no.42;1982- 1986 15 0 161. 1. Budapeati Or-vostudomanyi Egyetem, III Sebeezeti Klinika, Rontgenosz- taly. (GASTRECTOMY compi) So~,OG'a, Dr szilveszter. and ~aGY. Dr --Drno, of the National Trawmatolo- .Acal institute. 1,;, case of "Lixatio Coxae Inferiorlill -E-Udapast, Eagyar Traurqatolo,~ia, Orthopaodia os Holyreallito Sebeszet.. 'lol 6, '~`o 3, 1963; pp 21~1,-215. .Ibs--,ract [Aut;hors' --:'n.-lish sv-nnaryl: T'ho authors the (-ra-,, picture of ona of thair patients with lwxation of ti-le hip. T.Ley foun-1 -1-11o si.-Ular case in the literaturo. The authors denoted this variaty -,- 6i~,location wit1h thle term "luxatio coxae inferior erecta." C32 refem-rars. mainly -,"osturn]. 4 NAGY, &rno (Budapest) The cosmos program has been expanded. Musz elet 19 no.18il 27 Ag 164 NAGY, Erno The first 7eut trial of Gemini spaceships. Musz elet X no.7: 13 8 AP 165. NAGY, Erno Voshod-2. Musz elat 20 no.60 25 Mr 165. .NAGY, Erno Ail-purpose aircrafts. '-fe~.,hnlksl 9 nc.4,.l,~', A.P 165, NAGY, Gabor, dr., orvos (Budapest); ZADOR, Andras, dr., orvos (Budapest) Surgical treatment of lung tuterculosis. Term tud kOzl 4 no.7:301-303 J1 160. 1; T D j f d P ~'G BG I Lp..-,ur!-p3 rafter dam,)r,~rr thr, left t!Lli'ymade- i~nd h,,I-ar-~ bl-3,:k. '.rv. heti., no. MIGARY NAGY Erno Dr SZABO, Laszlo, Dr, NAGY, Zoltan, Lir; National Institute of T~r~~Yi'M"ggy*y~ r) (Orszagos Traunatolio- ~trector. SZANTO, Gyorgy, Dr, prefesso giai Intezet). "Fatigue Fracture of the Scapula.11 Budapest, Magyar Traumatologia, Orthopaedla es Helyreallito Sebeszet, Vol X, No 1, Feb 67, pages 29-Y~. lbstracti [Authors' English summary modified] Two vare case3 involving fatigue fracture localized to the corpus of the ocapula are presented in the article. I Hungarian, 12 Western references. 1/1 NAGY, Ervin, dr., okleveles kozgazda, foeloado; MUSZELY, Imre Certain traffic proble::s of cit7 transportttion in Bud- apest. Kozl tud sz :14 no. 4:171.-ILIO Ap 164. 1. Directorate of Transportation, Executive Co=ission of the City Council of Budapest (for Nagy). 2. Section chief) Motorbus Company of Budapest (for Muszely). NAGY, Esther Some new spore and pollen species from the Neogene of the Mecsek Mountain. Acta hot ffung 9 no. 3A 387-404 163. 1. Hungarian Geological Institute, Budapest. NAGY, Brxsebat, dr. Hicroflora of various types of seat. TOPS9852269W 35 A0.51 124-127 YAy 54. 1. loslemany as Alelmosestudomanyi Itesetbol (igasgato: Tarjan Robert dr.) (XIAT. bacteriology.) V. NAGY, L-1 NO&W, ,, dr . Microbiological and hygienic examinations of milk kitchen in infant wards. Gyermekgyogyaszat 7 no-10:317-320 Oct 56. 1. Orezagos Blemezes-es %plalkozastudoman7i Intezet. Budapest. IX., Gyali ut 3/a. (Igazgato: dr. TarJan, Robert, az orvostudomanyok kandidatusa), (INFANT NUTRITION milk kitchen in bosp. wards, microbiol. examinations & hygienic cond. (Hun)) (HOSPITALS inf. wards, microbiol. examinations & hygienic cond. of milk kitchen (Hun)) TUZSO,11, Palne, dr.; ERTAI, Pal, dr.; Technikai munkatars: IIAGY,Erzaebet -The capacity of different organs to transform corticoids in experimental viral leukemia. M-gy. onkol. 7 no.2:114-121 Je 163. 1. Orszagos Kozegeszsegugyi Intezet. Elettani es Korelettani Ontaly. (LEUKEMIA, EXPZMENTAL) (EDR00,ORTISOME) (CORTISONE) (SPLEEN) (PHEMILBUTAMYS) (AVIAN LEUKOSIS VIRUS) PAUIE, Tuzson, dr.; KPASMAI, !van, dr.; KERTAI, Pal, dr.; Technika.1 assziazters: NAGY, Erzaebet -- ~- Serum cholesterol level and age. Orv. hetil. 106 no.48:2263-2265 28 N 165. 1, Orszagos Kozegeszsegugyi Intezet, Elettani es Korelettani Oaztaly es Robert Karoly koruti Korhaz, 1. Beloaztaly. Avr !Aql,yaz W, Reconstructions of vegetation from the Miocene sediments of the Eastern Meceek Mountains on the strength of palynological investigations. -Acta bot Hung 8 n0-3/4-.319-328 162. 1. Hungarian G6ological Institute, Budapest. SZIBOK, 7oltan; HkGY, Eva Diagnostic role of the simultaneous bronchol;omograpby. Tuberk-ulozis 10 no.10-12.-212-214 Oct-Dec 57. 1. A Budapesti Orvosegyetem I. sz. Sebeazeti Klinikaja (Igazgato: Prof. dr. Redri Sndre) Rontgonoaztalyanak (Vezeto: dr. Zsebok Zoltan) Kozlemenye. (BFDNCHI, radiography tomograpbys simultaneous, value as routine diag. method (Hun)) MOLK&R, Rezoo; ILkGY, Eva _--m-AMNOW Role of the hard-ray technic in obstetric x-ray diagnosis. YWg7, aoorv,. lap. 21 no.4:2'11-214 Aug 58. 1. A RudnpeBti Orvootudomanyi Eaetem II oz. noi klinikajanak (Igrmpato: Zoltan Imre dr. egyet. tanar) es I. oz. Sebeezeti Klinikaja (Igazgnto- Hadri 3adre dr. egyat tanar) Rontgenoaztalyanak (Vezeto: Zsebok Zoltan dr. egyat decons) kozlemenye. (OBSTITRICS obst. roentgenograpby, reduction of radiation dose by hard-ra7 technic (Hun)) (ROMGMTOGRAPHY in obst., reduction of radiation doee by hard-ray technic (Hun)) NAGY Eva. tudomanyos munkatars Radio-isotope tests of pulmonar y ventilation and pulwnar7 and systemic circulation. Tuberkulozis 13 no.11:345-~50 N 160. 1. A Budapesti Orvosegyetem I. sz. Sebeezeti Klinikaja (igazgato: Hedri Endre dr. profeszor) Rontgenosztalyanak es Sugarbiologiai Laboratoriumanak (vezeto: Zsebok Zoltan dr.) kozlemenys. (RESPIRATION physiol) (BLOOD CIRCULATION) (RADIOISOTOPES) NAGY, Eva, dr. ll=~- - Isotope diagnosis methods in institutes of East and West Germany. Orv. hetil. 102 no.37:1746-1750 lo s 161. 1. Budapesti Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, I Sebeszeti Klinika, Sugarbiologiai. es Izotoplaboratorium. (RADIOISOTOPES) NAGY, Eva, tudomanyos munkatars Thyroid function test with triiodorhyronine labeled with 1-131. Magy. radiol.: 14 no-4:20S-212 JIL 162. 1. Badapesti Orvostudomanyi Eqyetem I. Sebeszeti klinikaja (Igazgato: Hedri E~dre dr. egyetemi tanar) Orvosi-Radiologiai Kutato Csoportjanak kozlemenye. (IODINE radioactive) (THYROID GLAND physiol) (TRUODOTIM ONINE metab) !L 18782-6,3 EWT(l)1EWT(m)/BDS1/ES(j) AMD/ASDAMC. AR/K CESSION ZZR: AP3005989 E/0021/63/000/004/0239/0246 i AWHOR: Genti, Tibor; Nagyp Eva J. ..r7 TITLE: Effect of X- and -ultraviolet radlatioi on the gemmation of yeast cells treated U the latent phase SOURCE: Magyar radiologia, no. 4, 1963, 239-246~ TOPIC TAGS: gemnation, yeast cell.~ Saccharomyces cerevialae, synchronism, lag 1 phase, ultraviolet irradiation., X-irradiation, cellular radiation resistance ABSTRACT: The authors investigated the changes brought about in the first gem- 1 mation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by UV- and X-irradiation. It was found that I I iUV decreases the degree of synchronism and the number oZ cells capable of ,gemmation; however, when the irradiation is carried out during the late part of :tbe "lag" phase, this inhibition is not yet observable at the beginning of ~gemmation. The cause of this phenomenon may be the increased resistance of the cells to radiation i=ediately prior to gemmation, or that the UV effect re- Auires a certain length of time to develop. In the c&se of X-irradiation gem- fmation set in about 10 minutes later than in the case of unirradiated cells when Card 1/2 ~L 18782-63 ,ACCESSION M: AP3005989 ';,the irradiation was caTied out during the early period of the "lag" phase; when ,the irradiation vas effected immediately prior to the start of gemmation, the delaying effect vas observable only after a certain time. Orig. art. has: 8 .figures. ,ASSOCIATION- MTA orvoo-radiologini kutatocaoport (HTA Medical-Radialaical .Research Group) SUBMITTED- 00 DATE AcQ: 27Aug63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: AM NO REF SOV: 000 O=: 016 Card. _~. NAGr, v ; GAIMBOS, Jozsefv dr.; TAKACS, Akos, dr. Determination of the migration time of the cylindrical flap by means of Na24 and 1-131. Magr. radiol. 15 no.6:321-327 N 163. 1. A MTA Orvos-Radiologiai Kutatoesoportjanak es a Bakats terl, korhaz plasztikai sebeszeti osztalyanak kozlemenye. (SKIN TRANSPLANTATION) (SODM ISOTOPES) (IODINE ISOTOPES, DIAGNOSTIC) (BLOOD) -7 L 6-4110-65 ICCESSION MR*. AP_1022152 HU/0021/64/000/005/02~-9/0266 AUTHOR: Nap-j va J - (Nad', V 1171-rO, laszlo (I'Vire, L.)(Doctor); zZekes, ist-,an (EIekeflE-,I'.' ,CITLL: Fat resor-ption exaf--'.aa-i~n~ -ikzi-n~- 1 T-,p 1_11-labelled triolein. on clini-al material, under normal and pathological conditionm ZIUTRGE: MaF::-a-r radiclogiym, w. 5, 1-f64, 2"?-266 ?', TA GS - --ad-ioloisy bi ol oe c &--tit*llsm, pa t ho lo g-y h or a F n p 1 ~i 9 1-vnw r,l nrl---- 3 tes :ina k ~2 1 09 M I i L bull,-j-05 AXWSION NIV AP5022152 Ans-IDTIT)N: MTA Grvoaradiolo;~iai Kutatoctioport (Madical RacUologiml Research :-v o i3 p - o-i , ir r o a c Budapetat- S UMITTEM M Ell M. 00 SUB CODE: i.3 Nct I Card Z/2 'iTqu! 019 PIP FALOCZ, I.,; NAGY, F. Axperimental studies on artificial kidney. Acta. =ad. hung. 8 no.2: 105-118 1955. 1. Urologische Klinik der Medizinischen Universitat und dem Physikalisch-Chomischas Institut der Notvos Lorand Universitat, Budapest. (KIDNEYS, artificial, exper. application) -to i! * * 0 go 0 A J. I.- v 0 m k 0 U, it Of '1 4 to I ji m ~k 4, Al go -00 00 -of go The mcbsUiC&I p"Tortits of thv Al alloys reptaang cast so bronzes, 1,6,44 Oilltrtnot 4".1 -NA&Y. 06 Fevkwta I litplaprv) Z4, 3LN 34f 11142f: lItme. Z0,11P 1943. 1, U.12. Tb, ,tf-t of lt~ "I" Zo 61,14 %fit rocilrol of m$,y~ on 14-mile un,l t-timpr-ty, Orvngth. firinvIl hardii- and refinalpility wa* inv-1i xal"I The ism It-,I alio" wvrr "I Oh'. loijotovinx "'rope, 'A %fg 1. Zn 2, Rt 1,';. ~t Al. wmlt- Imogih lit kc 0 mm.l. rt"npre%~ivv Ortength (41, ela,i it- fitim iii votoprt-%tcmj 32, Prinell hxnfnv~, -Pt; (10 Mg -1, Zn 7, .1J, I'--- t-t A). tit cast for refinni) vt)ndilion, Im%ile %imigth III I 1261. emprrstive strength 70, cla%lic limit in cmupt-ino 36. 0 00 firinell harifnes% 1*1 MYI!- ney wrt? quRshl, f,w high1v 0 .crmwff WOMI-jecar driv", but lot- %frength antl Itarlin- at hishrr It.mpq, flartwuhrim see be 4 04~ Ltll!9414111 CLAS$11tC4TjCN woo IWO* 4 ;00 -M 'w -0 a- -I It- 1w to it K a w is a it It 0 00 of* 0 0 0 0 * * 0 0 * (4 OTa, o" *o.-* 00 4 49 ol* 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 00 a is 0 a 0 0 0 4 e1 U OP 30 11 U 13 U 0 It V IS IN 40 41 Q AS Ad 40 A its T uv " " 6 It Of AV it W- for Ir "tfol all"Ps If .1110 Ll amplivalill IW3078,111wile I it-sit it jj 10 I'J;r '11!1m-jl,Alf -pir"Itly ir 111141 Olmm 4"AL -isaq a4t 4q at tuan ourn" lp l .11r.)J-W 131) )tv)UXu!jJfdS 03n)fj%j aqj Aq pawd l l -oj, u slo l Jqj 9--um JIU!I-t 'Iudvpnil A!Ull) Alw% pum wu&Ml!, ) 91pM r 51111,~I, A, If it ai r p# off y i r - A A n i i v o v " of " of " " " No il ; if 0 9 ; f; I I J, 1, 44 0 0 9 * 0 6 0! 0 46f46 Mll. TIE D6V.~:ll.LPU,T OF M LlGhT (Alwinim (hWapest), 1949j 1p (11), metqls sollarin-r to brief!,. reviewedf prevanti~,n nre dailt with on the 4-isiB 21 ',ZrttW. 19"-49. Ferena-haa 247-2!2). -(In Hung-a-kan),- Pro.7ress in light- and technique , flux,compm., and corrosion of published literiture. IC ref. - I.j.M. 2 -42. 2U.4- 7S L; --A tYp, 'olderi _X i~-vzce ~~i construciv! Th, dsign 1. Sho'-n b'y tigxir~ phOEOs A acrz~:s (if k%'Ll was ptrfOrMCd 10 dc'. the mo-,E vitlable alloys for to!ck!rIuj Al. I he best bonds were obtained hen soldering with tillQys of Cd M and Sit 40%. in. 235'~ or al Cd 60 awl Zu 4U'/*, tn. 31U*. The zy. 4icur %irength values of solderitign from theie alloys Were AS ur 6.4 kg. per sq. rnta., rc-p., With ultrasonic WAYLS Of 300 milluil -a d 14,5 kila- ~crtz. Tha carrosiort resIsLance of stwh 901XIS, Was 2140 rzalsfvc-tary, x1ate treatment lu a liquid ccntg. Ht% and WSOt 12 acar itrenz(h. Nfrujutdc soldexing whca compared to the usual sad,-rfr nx Iron ve by flutne treuttricat Iral Muct uIverfur k every resgct. VC.6 ut Phygiot. OTtatit (couk ultrasollk-S wcte cligerved durint the textit, tome Pertors otuffari,it trout hcaclacht.-s, etc. ,Mcmfgre, cam taust be (Aws whcr. ustrif thfit rutthod ott a Irtc g~mle, or the wave (uttirv-41 must tit in the regiou Where na lutmfut t1fectit occur, 11tvIiI Nally I,A3Y, F. Quality 11,310- bricks in stop] F-1,4nts. n. 70. KGIIASZATI LCPAK. (M-ngyar 113-nyasvati es KohnszAi Z,.~ypsulpt) I,ud;;.I~r~,qt, Hum!ary Vol. 14, no. 2/3, Feb./Mar. 1959. Monthly list of East Euroreir JAcce5sions (EEAI), LC, Vol. ~', I.e.. 8, --u,,,ust 1959 Uncia. * I,,- High quality 14AIq brlc~j for steel mills. rett-1111. MAJI&kgla hr. WIT'llwst, flung.). KOH;"= A UK 92-7-111 D"K.-Bricks of supcric-t- performance we r mautdcl. from sand (vil(g. SO, H9.25, Alt0i + TiCit 0-0f), pc,oj 1.()4, cao 41nd HgO 0.121:',.. This snnd ctyn- tained 15.7% knolin. Its differejitiil-titerinal-analysis curve showed an exothermic peak at 380* (C contamination) and it had a I 11~'o lws in licatirg, The sand was mixed with a suitable binder and powd. chamotte, shaped in a hydraulic press, and sintered at a temp. "cni-Tc-sponding to SK-14.- X-ray diagrams indicated that the entire amt. of kaolin transformed into mullite and the SiOt was nminly in the form of quartz with a leswr portion of cristobalite. The bricks contained Si0j 7DA Alt0s 23-00, TiO7 1-44, Fet0i 1.80, and Cat) 0.80%. werc suitable up to 1710*. had a com- pression strength of 350 kg./sq. cut., a d, of 2.05 kg./cu. dm., and a 170 vol. Increase after 2 firs. henting tit sintering temp. Satisfactory performance wits observed in plant trials. L. G. Arval- ILkGY., Ferenc flow does cultural propaganda help the production In the corstruction industry? Munks, 12 no.12:26-97 D 162. 1 1. Epito-.. Fa- es Epitoanyagipair bolgozok Szakszermoli-e kulturalis oaztalyanak vezetoje. NAGY, Ferenc The conditiona of Increasing the density of fireproof bricks. Koh lap 95 no.2;70-75 F 162. HkGY.. Ferenc.. okleveles olektromernok We Mechanical tramission proceBses, of the electric drive of machine toole, Gep 15 no*7&273-280 J1 163* 1. Csepeli Szerazamgepgyare NAGY, Ferorc! (Budqv--:TQ cf edu2aticmal work in t-mna MtLnk&- ~5 no,.,3-26 ',,1r 165. I ~ 1 p V,-2 I , - I,r 411 amasme rno;, ~jr NA23Y, Ferenc, r r-jrdamentEls of the electric drive cf machine tools. I FIF,ktrotonhni'ca 58 no.2/3;98-11.C)4 F-M,- 165. I. Divis~,--n !Ipqd, Cs,3n~ei 'A,irhiinn Too! Factory, Blidappst, XXT. , Gyartelep. HUNGARY/Lat-oratory Equipment - Instruments, Their Theory, Construction and Application. Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 6, 1957, 19769 #uthor : Perenc Nagy, Title : A~p ~icat~ion of Modified Dubrovin's Manometer as Contact Manometer for Manostats.. Orig Pub Magyar kem. tolyoirat, 1956, 62, No 9, 313-3A Abstract The construction principles of the modified Dubrovin's manometer are cited, It is emphasized thipt thq fz:ee volume above the Hj3 surface and the diamcLter.of the outer vessgl should be as great aks possible; t# %J~' ..~ Qutside dia- me-ter Qf tihe float p 4mm less thEkn tAc 4Wter of is 3 t the outer vesisi~l. . DubroviOA manometev is rpre. agnsitive than usual Ug-manonK.-ters and its relative sensitivity does xiot depend on pressures Card 1/1 - 6 - NOR =0111 M-1, Aim W.M.-I I I I ft, M. i =I Fill ~n4 a :7a- ul_-vrlllAiv~~-Irl~p~-Itwo~~m-;r ~ . .1. - I ~ ., '1 1, . . ~ . I I ~ ~ ~ . ..- , . - I -~ 1, ~ ~'. , .- . I . - .: . . ~ I - ! - . . I -,I INFEWAMMMI .112,11511,100 ITIMIM 'Vir - . I -TY t Absoption velocity of ethylene in water. p. 165 ('!.Sgyzir Ylemiai Folyoirat) Budapest Vol. 63, no. 6/7 June/jidy I 1~57 SO: Monthly index of Sast European Acessions (A. EI) Vol. (' , :i0. 11, .';ovemher 1057 HUNGARY/Physical Chemistry. Colloid Chemistry. Dispersion B Systems. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiyay No 22, 1958, 73503. Author -. NaMLI.,-, Schay, G. inst :-X-cadww of Sciences of M=sary. Title Solution Fate of Ethylene in Various Aqueo.,s suspensions. Orig Pub.- Acts chim. Acad. scient. hung., 1958, 14, No 3-4, 421-437- Abstract: It Is shmn tbat the solution rate of ethylene (I) in vater is determined by the diffusion rates if the vatervms not stirred; but if it vas stirred, the solution formally appears as a resetion of the lot order, the rate constaot rising line rly with the rate of stirring N. The solution rate of I Card 1/2 uara e/4 Distr: 4E2c(j) If The rate of solution of Oth Inc in aqueous suspensions various materials. - and Giza. Schay_. Magyar Kim. Faly&rat ).-The rate W soln. of ethylepp was studied in aq. solns. of A1101 and activated C. The process of dissoln. can be described formally as a Ist-order reaction, similar to that in pure water. The Sp. velocity const. of the reaction depends on the type of Paterials used to prep. the suspension, the degree of dis. .per5ion, the quantity of suspension, and the r.p.m. of the 'mixer. The sp. velocity const. was greater than that in pure water. when the conca. of the suspension was small. :and smaller than that in pure water when the conen. was ,Ot,large. In case of suspensions of adsorbents the velocity of d d i l d 0 i d i h i to r - ate e w t on an esorpt on, extrapo , var sorpt the conca. of the suspension according to a max.-inin. curve. John Robmpmr il "AGY., SCIFITCE MTOT)TCATS: *ffft-" I ~,P ~.. Vol. 7/q Jill-/Alirr. Ir. IlAr-YAr! K77AT -nT,--T-)l- Nagy, F. The ipplication df h.Vdroir+.P,,r,,itnr nt p. 280 IT' crt',l,: li-t r)f F.-st vl,rnnean -lr-cpsqj--)rn The solution of a 0 a of a by. _jfLjrenCt;I eqqjtIon by mean d.rointegrator. -F=C NL _, U-x- lstv6Ln Nvitray, and 12-tzaa_ M(iger (Hungarian SJ. Acad.. Ifu_i1-aF~;tT_ Magyar Kim. Folysiral '64, 412-17(IM).-A hydrodynamic model (hydrointegrator) was crnstructed to solve a linear differen- tial equation system contg. an empirical function. It was I t compute the speed of absorption of 1-1 In aq. Pit hAIJ Z;=,Ions of different concn. Peter Marcel BarmA_.,f 1UNGLRY / Physical Chomi~,try. Kini-.-tics. Cot-,bustion. Explosions. Topochowistry. C~,, tal y -.,) is. Abs Jour: Rof Zhur-Rhimiya, No 20, 1959, ?0762 Author : RgZy, F. ; Moger, D. Inzt : Nct given. Title : Tho Kinetic Investigation of Roactions in the Liquid Phase Containing a Gaseous Componcnt. Orig Pub: klem. folyoirat, 1958, 64, No 12, 484- Abstract: 'ho kinctics were examined of ro-,otions taking place in the liquid phase, when one of the com- pononts in the reaction is partially in:-a--g-9s- oous state. The application of tho theory is indicated by the example of the reduction r~;~ic- tion in a dichromatu water solution by gaseous H2 catalyzable by Ag ions. -- According to tho authors' summary. Card 11/1 21 "AGY, F.; Y, 'i Invcstigatioi,~s on the ausorvtuion ,nu the adsorption rate of h~urogcn un nick'al --,atalyats. In Engiish. d. 451. AOTA CHI'-d,~ A~T - i, jar Tudoiran:(oa Arzecio;;iia) aadapcz, tj i ungar~'. -vol. 20, no. 1, 1050'. ilonthly list of East i~-jropcan Ift'sbaosions (i~~AI) L,- VOL. 9, no. 2, Feb. ~- NAGY, Ferene, Dr. (Budapest); MOGER, Dozes (Budapest) Sorption of hydrogen in an aqueous suspension of palladium eatal7st during shaking. In German. Acts, chimica'Hung. 21 no.2:159-167 '59. (MUI 9: 4) 1. Central Research Institute for Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,'Budapast. (E~,drogen) (Palladium) (Catalysts) (Sorption) (suspensions) _AQjj,,-Z~.Kenc,_dr. (Budapest); -DCBIS- Otto (Budapest); LITVAN, Gabor (Budapest); TMJS* Ivan (Budapest) Determination of the molecular state of anhydrous aluminum chloride In benzol. Acta chimica Hung 21 no.40W-407 159. (MUI 9:6) 1. Central Research Institute for Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. Torgelegt Yon G,Scha7v (Aluminum chloride) (Benzene) F.; D. .I-'orpti-,n of hydrogen in the aqueous suspr-nsiori of r,alladim catal,,-S's in the course of mixing. p. W'6. MAGYAR RIHOIRAT. (Ja.[-,yan Ker;ikunok Fj~yesurte) PWal.ert, Hmji-,ar-l. Vol. 65, no. 10, Oct. 1~)'~'9. Monthly List of Dist Diroppan Accession (FEM)) I-C, Vol. 91 no. 21 YO). jc)ir) Uncl. NAGY, Ferenc; MOGER, Dezso Hydrogen sorption In the aqueous suspension of palladium catalyst in the course of mixing. Magy kem folyoir 65 no, 10:406-409 0 159. 1. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Kozpanti Kemiai Kutato In- tezete, Budapest. MTC CITV Distr; 492c(m) InTcStatiatz of Calft h7ft! tf= In the 'The ch:jrCc-,,f iiii-c6iiiiitit the bmM of the Hquid is -r4- U ufd ghm. 1. Ab hy sorptiod 0l hydrogen. F-Huy'. Dw = ; 6L- - ? and nun n A=d 50 Bud - - - - tion Mte dNIdr W% + , The gas assu-ing an ration tate 7 RTZA[m. AV 4 Ifillep. 2 . 99--114(iOGOJE. Cit nuart , c + I pressure X li id and CL Owtst 7 cf. CA 52, 14MIL-The a tion of H by a liquid under shaking or turbitlent stirring Is investiptcd The authors . Vts-. 1r"c qu Mist.) ylcl(ls' w Ik -P l ~ O . * 'YF !- bli h d V k kAk, + WIT + ) , IV /) k w - esth s ed j - rf), Where A Is &.a amt. Of /. e. t). where a -. reaction is til rate detg.: lellrj - I and (dNidr). - k:v,4. the chem. e conicn. str cqn . concn., O ut on s represented by a sudden drop b!twecn the surface layer aud the bulk rf thc. rcictien rate const. can be caled. from the steady filato cf' edn Th liquid. For the case of the absorption of H in 11,0, R L- e r . Cas absorption rate and the cus equil. cont- -- ' '"caus H In the presence cf Ag*. as 1uvtr.!- h i 0 dcrivod th-coretituily that the time necessary to r ll the eac -t. l %V t 9 -f, 7 lialkrit (CA So. 9121,n. It taken as m-1 ttrd by %Vc4stcr and . Collen. at the liquid rufft" is approx. 7 X l Cqui () " Tile thickness o!' tile surface layer is adcd to be O 2 min n ;, -llka !xninple. djy,ldr depends On 01C rate of stirrl . . ~ . On this basis, a clicm. reaction in the liquid, in which the ~ idi~,tes that tile rate cannot be calcd. from WVI ;i Ltio'n N - A + Dr is usce. the e u f V dissolved Vs participates, proctW3 in the surface la yer arl, . iere ore, q 1,).and r,. A + k2))l = interCePt of tile linc3r in the bulic of tile liquid with a differertt rate. The follow- (W* in !! Part of the jV~r curve with the ordimatc, and B - 7r, h.k-I *l d I g model Is set C*- X, VA (X YI)f and VAI . ftr t, (k, + k,) m (M/dr). A and D am deltd. exn (r (XA, -.2.1 (X YI)i, where X - H. X V - rrnction product. ~'.Alucs of ki Obtained by tbis rn,,thod - and k-, can be cakd. within I% of each 0* ha d - rate, tric subg:ripts g, 1, and i refer to the gas, the suda-t - s -Izrte r,,, d zffe-tnt gtirrin.' ST)M ronoscil model. llw= roves the corrrctne" G! the hi ' h laycr, and the toulk of the liquid, mp. Fr= the abo-; ' w c p F liel4- bY W- 2-'Id E- -he value ood acreerntmt vvidi f is also case it ~ollom that w, t7i - kar(xf =r). in tile _ cf g 1). Th. A. ,a ist -o:drr client. reaction: (w.), - ksvjxt. (w,)j - keajr. NA L-Ferg=-&-dr-03udapest XIV Hungaria kor-ut 114); MOGER, Dezso (Budapest XIV Hungaria korut 114); NYITRAY9 Istvan (Budapest XIV Hungaria, korut 114.) Investigations of the kinetics of the catalytic hydrogenation in the liquid phase. II. Diffusion of dissolved hydrogen to the catalyst surface. Acta chimica Hung 25 no.2:177-192 160. (EEAJ 10:4) 1. Central Research Institute for Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciencesq Budapest. (Catalysts) (Hydrogenation) (Liquids) (Diffusion) (Hydrogers) (Platinum) (Eloctrodes) ~ NAGY, Fereric, dr (Budapest XIV Hungaria korut 114); TELCS, Ivan (Budapest - XTV--Hungaria korut 114) Investigation of the kinetics of the catalytic hydrogenation in the liquid. phase. III. Influence of partial processes on the rate of the gas uptake. Acta chimica. Hung 25 no.2:193-204 160. (EEAI 10:4) 1. Central Research Institute for Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Scionces, Budapest. (Catalysts) (Hydrogenation) (Liquids) (Gases) (Hydrogen) (Diffusion) (Electrodes) NAGY, Ferenc; POBIS, Otto; LITVtkN, Gabor; TOTH, Istvan Determination of the solubility and the molecular state ::.f alumijium chloride in b!~nzol. Magy kem folyoir 66 nD. 16-1:134-137 AP 1w. 1. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Kozponti Kemiai Kutato Intezete, Budapest- / z x X) A rzv: Distr: LIEN V ~'OsQffatioa of tLe kinetics of c&Wlc hydpwrdon In I-OW(4wi - - tual methods. 1. IV5A the liquid phae by electrachem ;3- 1 Oil) 1 1 Af K l . . im. Fo al7ar TOcs and 1 srm Ar 150-3(1960Y.-hiectrolytic redn. on electrodes of a hydro. genation catalyst nature (electrohydrogenation) involves the same proccs:cs as does catalytic hydrogenation. Electro- hydrogenation under suitable condidons eliminates the control of the rate of diffusion which is almost Inevitable In hydrogenatlion and thus constitutes a convezitnt method for the investigation a. 'the kinetks of catalytic hydragwation In the liquid phaw. rpts. uslar acetylenedl- li dd i = l l carboxy c a t ropenc , and KBrOs In AV KOH to a. , Pn and also FcCh in OAN Ha soln. and a platinized Pt eleAc- trode of 120 sq. cm. apparent surface Indicated the equiv- alence of hydrogwation and eleettotyxis. to the ease of the ferda low th* tkftW4 potential does not d=V w(th, the Velocity of CM reaction * thU4 It CUM" b4 U"d " SA lei. dicator of the,ccmumptim of current and H. johm Rohm- TELCS, Ivan; NAGY, Ferenc; NYITRAI, Istvan Adsorntion velocity of hydrogen dissolved in water observed on smcky-platinum electurodes. Magy kem folyoir 66 no.5:187-1,90 "y 160. 1. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Kozponti Kemiai Kutato Intezete, Di- dapest. 'Lo" Kineticts of reactions occurring in 11 ul~ hate With a gas component. U. Mechanism and itUcs of hydrcgen r catallst. orption in the aqueous suspension of palladium Prrenr-ILL-7. Dem INf6m. and lvjn-.T&LCA- Magyar ti ;uspemion of a I'd catalyst the adwrpt'on The kinetics and the jnecfiauis;~ or "f H r e. the process may preted by the theory (if the authors on the kinetics chanism of processes in the liquid phase, involving a gas-phase component. The adsorption of dissolved H may be regarded as a diffusion process also in tile case of catalyst suspensions. a the case of turbulent stirring at a catalyst sp. Sdrf-Ue Of the order of I-T cm.6/g. the velocity of M sorption is governed by the rate of absorption and adsorption in the liquid film at the gas-liquid interface. Tlicre can be distinguished 3 ranges mccording to circum- stances: the absorption, diflusion, and kinetics range. Under the usual circumstances caWytic hydrogenation takes place in the diffw~ian range betwe-A diffusion and airsorption. In the diffusion r2age the mte of Sorption is al to the catalyst quanU-ty Ca tgroportion and facr with e intensity of stirrIng, wAing towards a Hatiting value. In the Int". mediate maze sorption velocity is not proportional to the ----Gtccp Rai ca yst quIW ty. - - ~ TIMMS) Gyorgy, jj~GL Ferene Determination of the solubility and diffusion constant of hydrogen in aqueous solutions. Magy kem folyoir 66 no.11: 450-452 N 160. 1. Magryar Tudomanyos Akademia Kozponti Kemiai;.Kuta,,o Intezete, Budapest. S/08 62/000/002/038/107 B151YB108 AUHORs Nagy, F. TITLEs Determination of small quantities of tricresyl phosphate in the presence of large amounts of dibutyl phthalate PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhLxrnal. Khimiya, no. 2, 1962, 166, abstract 2DI80 (Acts. chim. Acad. scient. hung., v. 26, nos. 1 - 4~ 1961, 481 - 487) TEXTs For the estimation of small amounts (,-j1%) of tricresyl phosphate (I) in the presence of large amounts (N 99%) of dibutyl phthalate it is suggested that a modification of a previously described method (Scharer H-, J. Dairy Sci., 1938, 21, 21) be used. A weighed quantity (0-5-19) of the mixture of plasticizers, extracted from a plastic mass, is put in a flask for saponification, 20 ml of 0.5n KOH solution in ethylene glycol are added and the mixture is boiled for 90 min. A reflux condenser is attached to the flask. The solution is cooled and acidified with H2so 49 after which the flask is connected 'o a steam distillation apparatus. After distilling over 200 ml of liquid this latter is shaken up with ether and Card 1/2 S/091/62/000/002/038/107 Determination of small quantities- B151/B108 the ether layer separated. The ether is evaporated off and to the residli,~ 10 ml of borate buffer solution (pH 9.3) and 0.5 ml of reagent (10 ml 2.6-dibrombenzoquinone-1.4--dichlorimide die-golved in 10 ml 02H5OH) are added and the mixture is diluted with water to 50 ml. After 15 min photometric estimation is performed with an S 61 filter.. Beer's law is observedwitha content in (I) 0f-