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MARX, G.;_YA S~'..T.- Neutrino radiation from degenerated gases. Acts, phys Hung 16 no.2:141-153 163. 1. Institute for Theoretical Physics., Roland Eotvos University, Budapest. Presented by K.F. Novobatzky. C!OMORI, P.; JUHASZ, I.; NAGY, Lojakapp-i.-Technical 4saistancet VAJU, Vera; VEM, Anna Ir. Data to the pathomechanism of the shock kidney. The offect of tourniquat,(ischaemic) shock and temporary renal anoxia cn glomerular filtration tare and tubular function in the rat. Acta med. acad. sci.-.Hung.-?O,-no.lt57-70 164. 1. Saawd -.1epartment or medicine, Univer.-, ,adical Scnool Bidapest. HUFPSARY SZENDROI, L., Dr, NAGY.~,, Dr, BANK, J., Dr; Medical University of Debre- cen, I. Surgical 61-in a eliF~~eni Orvostudowinyi Fgyetem, I. sz. Sebeszeti i: Klinika). "Successful Surgical Treatment of a Case of Acute, Complete Colon Necrosis." Budapest, Magyar Sebeszet. Vol XIX, No 2, Apr 66, pages 114-117. Abstract: [Authors' Hiingarian suziunary] A caso of acute, complete necrosis of the colon is described in which total colectomy was performed with success. Transgressions in the diet were responsible for the necrosis and It was assumed that the faulty diet, an unusually potent chemical stimulus, led to the development of necrosis of the colon section which has earlier been maintained on a very boor blood supply. 12 Hungarian. 8 Western references. 1/1 - 56 - - m )MW.SZ,# P.j "J'LY,, T,A. Tho ratton pattu(=, an -!:ZG ah-,cmality In alvap, Acts tx.-d. aeckdo aci, Wngs noo3s3ll-316 $65# 1, Dopm-tmnt of KavroloCy and Pirjch'atx7,, UnIvoralty Modical ;:.Iwol - .0 Dobwocon. Sulmitted March 10" 190. NAGY, Tamas., villamosmornokball ato Temj:erature control devico. Koh lap:3upp*L, z. (.,nt code IJj, no.c.:203 s 63. 1, Acelonto es Csogyar, . L~a ---- .. ff, Tama] (Budapeaht) In the Institute of ZconomieB of the Acadenry of SclenceB of . Hungary. Vop. ekon. no.12:152-153 D 161. (MUR-A 14:11) (Hungary-Economic research) IIYIRI, Istvan, dr.; Significance the uterus in I May 55. NAGY, Tamas, dr. S of hormonal factors in structural modifications of hypertension. Maff. noorv. lap. 18 no.3:163-167 1. A DebrecenI Orvostudomanyi Eg7etem Szuleszeti no Nogyogyaszati Klinikajanak koz1nmenye (Igazgato; Arvay, Sandor dr. egyetemi tanar). (HYPERTMISION, experimental. eff. of hormones on uterus in) (UTERUS, affect of drugs on, hormones, in exper. hypertension.) (HORMONES, effects, on uterus, in exper. hypertension.) ARVAT, Sandor, dr.; KOVACS, Nagy; ZSI%100. dl.; MGY, Tamas. dr. Effects of stress on the function and morphological conditions of the ovaries. MqLgy. noorv. lap..19 no-3:139-150 MaY 56. 1. A Dabroceni Orvostud. ]Cgyetem Bzuleezeti so Nogyog7anzati klinikaj. Igag. Arvay, Sandor, dr. egvetemi tanar, es Igazeagugyi Orvostanl Intezetenek (igazgato: Okros, Sandor, dr. eg7stemi tanar) kozl. (OVARIES, physiol. off. of exper. stress on funct. & morphol. in rate (Hun)) (STRESS, aper. off. on ovarian funct. & morphol. In rate (Hun)) '-WA (M~ Ejjet I Intendve, nervo- stinlulation tile 01 tile olnbryo" nit the 411ration we GDR / Human and Animal Morphology (Normal and S Pathological). Urogenital System. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 4y 1959, No. 17012 Author : Nylri, I.; Nagy, T. Inst : Not given Title : On the Significance of Hormonal Factors for Structural Interrelationships in the Uterus of Hypertensive Subjects Orig Pub : Z. artztl. Fortbild., 1957, 51, No 12, 494-497 Abstract : The uterine vessels of castrated rats and hares which received for the duration of two days Injections of the gonadotropins luteocrescin or glanduantine (rat, 100 units; hare, 300 units) were histologically studied. Card 1/2 NAGY, T.; ARVAY, A. The aspects of nubertal age with sDecial regird to nervous stimuli. Acts. med. hung. 11 no.4:435-454 1958. 1. Department of GynaOcOlOgY, Medical University of Debrecen. (STI-&SS' off. retardation of onset of puberty in female rats) (PUBIRTY retardation of onset in female rats exposed to stress) ARVAY, Sandor: NAGY, Tamas; BAZSO, Janos Significance of neurotrqpic stresses in the genesis of malformations . Acta biol Hung 10 no.3/4.'257-272 160. (EEAI 9:12) 1. Frauenklinik der Medizinischen Universitat, Debrecen (Vorstand: A.Arvay) (OVARIES) (CORTISONE) (ADRENALINE) LAMPE, Laszlo, dr.; BAZSO, Janos, dr. Clinical sigrAficance of b7dramnion. Magy. noory. lap. no,5:289-300 S 161. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Szuleszeti es Nogyogyaszati Klinikajanak (igazgato: Arvay Sandor dr. egy. tanar) kozlemenye. (HYDRAMROS) ~c KAPU, Laszlo, dr.; NAGY, Tamas, dr. Surgical treatment of uterine cexv insul'ficiency during the second trimester of pregnancy. Ory. hetil. 106 no.36t1701,-1706 5 S165. 1. Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, Szulitszeti es Nogyogyaszati Klinika (igazgato: Arvay, Sandor, dr.). _~IIG Our exix,,rievice:3 with the iiz--unological pregnancy test. Orv. hetil. 106 no.47:2235-2238 21 N 165. 1. Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, Smileszeti es Nogyogya- szati Klinika (igazgato: Arvay, Sandor, dr.). rujGY, Tibor; .......... f iTne Fnergy dis ~,ril buti-on :,,eas, I remen L- I 1 ?-A 2-) nucLe-L- Ko7, fiz koz U-235 Ind Pu- ,, NAGY,, Tibor The foot of the-Bukk Mountains. Boreod tizemle 7 no-026-35 163. 1. "Llet es Tudomany" azakszerkesztoje, Budapest. NAGY., Tibor The United Nuclear Research Irlstitute, Dulma. Fiz szeLLIe 8 no.5:153- 159 MY 158. 1. Egyesitett Atomnagkutato Intezet Nagyenergiaju Laboratoriuma, Dubm, VAGY, Tibor, szerkeazto Otto Herman, master of the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Borsod szemle 8 no. 2:82-86 164. ------- --- IUKO, Gaza,'I)r,*, IMGY, Tibor, Dr. Herniation of the efferent jejunal loop following gastric resection. ~hgy. sebeszet 11 no.2:143-146 Apr-June 58 1. A debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem I. oz. Sebeozeti Klinikajanak kozlemenye Mb. igazgato: Dr. Szeleczky Gyula docens. az orvostudomanyok knjididatusa. (GASTRECTOMY, compl. hernia of efferent jejunal loop (Hun)) (JF-MRJM, die. hernia of efferent loop following gastrectomy (Han)) KAJTOR, P.; NAGY, T.; VBIOK, Gy. d-r-"4W.-A- Relation of attacka during sleep and waking condition to anatomic- functional organization of epilaptogenic foci. Acta mad. hung. 12 no.3-4;239-254 195P. 1. Klinik fur Neurologie und Psychiatria der Madizinischan Univer- sitat, Debrecen. (3PIL-&TSY, phvsiol. relation of attacks during sleep to organiz. of epil- eptogenic foci (Ger)) Avo~~ela, E~.; NAGY, Tibor Cancer of the stomach operated for ulcer; the so-called gastric stump cancer. Orv. hetil. 99 no.12:402-405 28 Mar A 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi I;gyetem I. sz. Sebeezeti Klinikajanak (mb. igazgatoo; Szeleczky Gyula eiVet. docens) ko2lemenye. (GASTRSGTOMY, compl. cancer of gastric stump (Ran)) (S'20MACH NEOPIASM postOP. cancer of gastric stump (Him)) ~Ix KAJTO Ferenc, Dr.; IMY, Tibor, Dr. Data on the structural aspects of nocturnal (daring sleep) epileptic seizures. Orv. hetil. 99 no.18:600-603 4 May 58. 1. A Debreeni Ideg-RImeklinika, XIG-Iaboratqriumamk (igazgato: Juhasz Pal dr. egyet. tanat) I-,ozlemenye. (APILVSY nocturnal seizures, patho-anatomical aspects (Hun)) KAJTTOR, Ferenc, Dr.; ITAGY, :A-. Tibor Dr. Recent data on clinical and physiological significance of nocturnal and diurnal appearances of epileptic seizures. Cesk. zdravot 7 n0-9: 328-334 Oct 59 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Ideg-Elme)clinikajanak (Ignzgato: Juhasz Phl dr. eaet. tanar) kozlemenye. (BPIIF.PSY, physiol.) BOSZORMENYI, Zoltan., dr.; BURUCS, Janos, dr.; NAGY) Tibor, dr. Frenolon and perphenazine in psychiatric practice. Ideggy-ogy. azemle 34 no.8:247-256 Aff 161. 1. Orszagos Ideg- es Elmegyogyintezet (Igazgato: Maria Bela dr.). (PERPHENAZINE ther) (NENTAL DISORDERS ther) HAGYY A. Tiborp dr. The effect of centredin on the central nervous oyatem. Orv. hetil. 102 no.26:.1227-1228 25 Je 161. 1. Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, Ideg;.-Elmeklinika. (CENTRAL UERVOUS SYSTEM pharmacol) (14ETHYLPHENIDYLACETATE pharmacol) b&. MATTYUS, Adorjan, dr.;_IIAGY, Moro dr.; SZEGEDI, Marton, dr. The effect of rebonucleic acid on retarded children. Prelim,:-,A-.y report. Orv. hetil. 103 no.39:1845-1846 30 6 162. 1. Heine-Medin Utokezelo Korhaz cu Orazagoo 10eg- es Elmogyogyintezot. OCIA) (MENTAL DEFICIENCY) MAJTENYI, Katalin, dr.; NAGY, Tibor, dr. Subacute spongiform encepialopathy (SSE) (a primar7 preserMe ps.Tchdatric diseaBe). Iddggyogy. szomie 16 no.lil-23 A 163. 1. Orazagos Ideg- es Elmegyogy-intezet (igazgato-foorvos: Maria Bela dr.) Neuropathologiai Laboratorium (vezeto: Tariska Istvan dr.) es EEG laboratorium (vezeto: Nagy Tibor dr.). (BRAIN DISEASES) (ARTEMOSCIEROSIS) (ELECTROENCEPRALOGItAPHY) . (PATHOLOGY) HUNGARY NAGv A Tibor Dr, PEIRTORINI, Rnzso, Dr; Medical University of ~ebr~~~ogical an,' Psychiatric Clinic (Debreceni Orvo5vi6om..iny-I E.-yetem Ideg- es Elmegyo.-ya5zati Klinika) (Director: JU`riAI'-, Pal, professor). "The Glinical Use of Melipramin (Imipramin)." Budap:~?st, Idoi-,.,!yo.-!nszati Szemle, Vol XIV, I'No 4, Apr 6'3, pa,"es 120-126. Abstract: [Authors' German sunmar-j modified] The authors analyze tae clinical data or, 45 patients treated with Melipramin, They describe the dosage, lenSth of treatment, ~;ide effects, the use of any other somatic treatment simultaneously or psychotherapy provided durin- treat- merit. Good restilts were obtained in various depressive states. Epilep- tic convulsions tended to increase in frequency during the use of the drug. EEG, blood sugar tolerance tests showed no significant changes during the treatment. Based on experimental and clinical data, the possibility of a two-fold mechanism of action is suggested influencing the formatio reticularis of the brain stem as well as the affective mood states. 14 'Jestern, 2 Hungariin references. 2 HU11GARY J%ql~.Tibor, Dr, BALAZS; Gyorgy, Dr; Medical University of Debrecen, I. Surgica-d! (directors SZELECZKY, Gyula, Dr, professor) (Debreceni Or- vostudomanyi_Egystem, I. sz. Sebeszeti Klinika). "Experiences vith the Use of an Interposed Jejunal Loop in the Course of Gastrectomy. " Budapest, Magyar Sebeszet, Vol XIX, No 2, Apr 66, pages 81-86. Abstract: (Authors' Hungarian summary] Eighteen cases are reported in which, in the course of gastrectomy.for gastric carcinoma, passage was reinstated with the help of an isolated jejunal loop interposed between the esophagus amd the duodenal loop. The indications for the use of an interposed loop and its advantages as well as the results obtained by the authors with this method are discussed, 7 Hungarian, 10 Western references. 1/1 NAGY9 T. "The bubbia chamber." P. 117. FIZIKAI SZEMIE. (Eotvos lzrand Fizikai Tarsulat). Budapest, Hungary, Vol. 8, No; 9,,Nov. 1958. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI), W, Vol. 8, No. 8, August 1959. Uncla. NAGY, Tibor Bubble chamber. FIz szemle 9 n0.,4;117-122 Ap '59, 1. Egyesitett Atomnagkutato Intezet, Dubna. .4 NAGY, T. I NAGY., J. I KOATSUBK;--A~.-P-MALTSEV-i-E*--I, --- -- -- -- - - -- - - * jp "Identification of Particles In Xanon Bubble Chmber idthout Magnetic Field" paper presented at the Intl Conference on High Energy Physics, Rochester, N, Y, and/or Berkly California, 25 Aug - 16 sup ig6o. FAVLIGBEK.. Istvan; NAGY,, Tibor; NAGY,, Laszlo - ------ Investigations relating to the transmission function of neutron selectors with straight slots. Koz fiz koz1 XTA 10 no.3:189- 202 162. INFELD, Leopold; NAGY, Tibor [translator] Gravitation, 1962. Fiz szemle 12 no-11:354 N 162. TIAGY, Tibor Zlementary particles and resonances. FU szemle 13 no.7:201- 209 JI 163. 1. Sotvos Lorand Tudananyogyetem F.Irwleti Fizikai Intezete, Budapest. IMI) To r The atfect, of the non-zero neutrino rest mass on the decay rate of b6zA -moons. Aota phys, Hung 16 nool:69-72 163. 1. Institute of Theoretical Physics, Roland Zotvos University, Budapest. '- IJAGYj-,T.; FAVLIGSEX, I.; VAGY) L. On the transmission function of neutron choppers with straight slits. Acta phys Hung 16 noJ: 207-216163. 1. Central Research Institute of Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciencest Badapest. Presented by L.Pal. I., PAGY., Tibor Effect of neutrino masses differing from zero on the decay constant of bound ri-Masons. Magy fiz folyoir 12 no. 2:133-150 164. 1. Institute of Theoretical Physics, Lorand Eotvos University,, Budapest. ,'~NAGY, Tibor; IIA4alSKI, Walerian (trarialatorl Neutrino in tha universe. Postepy fizyki 15 no. 2:133-140 164. 1. Institute of Theoretical Physics, Roland 96ti6a Uni- eraity, Budapest (for Nagy). FIIMO*~ Z! a electron in -,,-! rcsor, ~e kcnz 51 rc. .'-I. -19-'4,L 164 i. 1,!q L! tutri. of ~r ri Bo t,:. o nd !,(- tvo r, i v a s t F-I -01 TXY i f cl e n c c n. BL v I (fo~ NAGY Tivadar, dr.; STEFANICS,..Janos, dr.; FARKAS, Istvnn, dr.; Bertnlan, c1r. Spontaneous internal bilio-intestinal fistula. Orv.hetil. 102 no.4:i47-151 22 Ja,61. 1. Budapesti Orrostudomanyi Egyetem, 11. Sebeezeti Klinika. (FISTULA BILIARY) (FISTULA IMTSTINAL) DUBECZ, Sandor, dr.; NAGY,,_Tivadar,,.._dr* Significance of liver biopsy in the treatment of cholelithiasin and symptoms after cholecystectomy. Orv. hetil. 102 no.38:1791-1792 17 S 161. 1. Budapesti. Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, II Sebeszeti Klinika. (CHOLELITHIASIS compl) (LIVER DISEASES etiol) (CHOLECYSTECTOMY compl) DUBETS., Shandor [Dubec, Sandor), doktor; HAD', Tivadar (Nagy, Tivador), doktor Significance of liver biopsy in cholelithiasis. Vest.khir. 89 no.9:53-57 S 162. (MM 15,12) 1. Iz khirugichookoy kliniki Budapashtskogo meditainskogo instituta. (LIVER-BIOPSY) (CALCULI,BILIARY) Hil n Fa ry 373 7 -To! 7.~ 2, K, iio. 22 Bonedek, P., zzppesy, L., and Nafy, Not given The Study of Cont4nuous Gas ChromatlowraPhY (Hypersorption) -12j (1958) p- - Magyar Kem L-apja, 1-5, No 1 ? mental ?,I -~crpt-on iimrallatioi. fcr ai, exuarJ . roduction of wire acetylene from !,e ucts, o." the partial c%-J"ation of [~Cr-'L.bcd. The ir..-.~,taliaticin cunsi,~ts of a colu,::n and a preumatic cor.-veycr sy%;,Iem, 'Ine gar, !cix- tivro is fed in. at tho in-Jillie of the col.%ma, coun- terciirrent -.o a streaza .3" activattd chrrcoa~ , the ociumn into -jr. -;ppey- 0-,orp- thus sc-paratnp . tLan and it l1wer flxatian nection. The were run with diffarent gas mixturez, with and 149 COUNTRY fluntrary 11-2 CAT"TGORY AB-3, JOUR. R Z: 2 2 1.~579, ~;Q. 7?j8l8 111 11H OFII T LT L, ORIG. P U B ABSTRACT without the separation of an intermediate frac- tion at 1-1.5 atm; the consumption of coal and C,a5 -wag 200-250 kpli-r and 30 ms/hr, reepectively. The experimental dada are tabulated. A. yermakova ZAPPA, Iajoa, Dr.; NAGT, Vilmos, Dr. Significance and possibilities of early diagnosis of tumors lo- cated inside the spinal'-c-ord.'Ideg. ezemle 12 no.8:232-241 Aug 59 1. Az Ornzagos Idegeebeszeti Tudomanyos Intezet (igazgato: Zoltan IaBzlo dr.) kozlemenye. I (SPINAL CORD, neopl. ) NAGY, Vilmos, dr. Extradural abscess simulating tumors of the cerebellopontile angle. Fularrgegegyogyaszat 9 no.4.170-171 D 163. 1. Az Orszagos Idegsebe-,zeti Tudwanyos Intezet, Budapest (igazgato.- Zoltan Laszto dr.) kbzlemcriye. TOMKA, Imrer dr.i--YPQy,-,Vilmos, dr.; BAUMANN, Piroska, dr. On the mechanism of the decreasing EEG-focus. Ideggyogy. szemle 17 no.41109-118 Ap'64. 1. Az Orszagos Idegsebeszeti Tudomanyos Thtezet (Igazgato- foorvoij: Zoltan, Laszlop dr.) kozlemenye. 4- PASTOR,E. [Pasztor, E.]; NA!~pV. [Nagy., V.] (VengriSa) Indications for surgery in spinal carcinomatous metastases. Vop. neirokhir. 27 no,4: 48-51 Jl-Ag'63 (IMU 17-.2) Gosudarstvennyy nauchno-issledoveltAllbbd$ ~iitut -.,ieyrokhi- rurgii ( dir. - ZolltantLaslo (Zoltan,-iaealol, Budapesht. Country : R U I UO''IA H 0~.tovr,,= : Ghonical Teclinolo:Zr. Chomical Frolucts (Part . Gaoutchouc, Ilatural ~;nd Synthetic, Rubber libc, 1959, No 7, 25647 I - Jour. : Ref Zhur-11,11-iin, Aut'--ior : Nar,,y VWJ-L Lnia~~ Institdt. - Titlc : .'inalytical Control of Vulcacite 774. Deternina- tion of Sm!-,11 Ariolints of Goipor OrIS. -:-ub. :Ind. usoara, 1958, 5, En 4., 138-140 Abstra,ct :For the deten-,iinatian of t1hp. content of Vulca- cito 774 irl technical productr, 0.2-0.k g. sam- ples are disoolve-I in 30 Dil - of' alcohoL in a cooled flask. with a viell-polished stopper. After addition of 2-3 ml. of concentratod HC1, the con. toy-its of the flask are slightly mixed and left standint; for 10 min. Jnder continued cooling, KOTH is added up to alkaline reaction (phenol- phthalein) and left standing for 10 min. Then, some more cold water is added and dilute acetic Card: 1/4 ,Y-11t3 C A'ry RUMAITLA C1,eM4 cal T3chnology. Chemd cal Products (Part Caoutchouc. Natuial and Synthntlr- Wabor Ab3, Jour. &f aiur Yhim-, No 7, 1959, lio 250~7 Tltlc OriS. -Pub. if Abstract It is heatod with HNO-) (r1 - 1.2) in ri clorged crucible in a sand bash., 1-14031s evapora- ted, and the procedure is --opoated. The cont-ents of the cru,!~iblc are huated with ;at-ir, acidified with !T1103 and filterod. 2-11toess M-!j In added to the filtratlo and left standing ov~rnigrht, fil- bored and the filtrate tested for tho albsonoo of 1-'e. 2o t1ar-1 2olut-lon, a small, amount of,IM3 is ad tied together with a solution of Vuloacito In ace tone. It in left ntanding for 2 hm., after vjhid Card: 3/4 NAGY, Vaoila New criteria for the appreciation of the activity of the white ing1redients used in rubber batchea. Induatria usoara 10 no.2: 6648 17 P63, FASZTOR, Emil, dr.; NAGY Vilmoa dr. --- :_I-- On the problem of surgical indications in metastatic spinal carci- noma. Idegazemle 14 no.12:353-359 D '61. 1. Az Orazagos Idegoebeezeti Tudomanyoo Intezet (Igazgato: Zoltan Ieszlo dr.) kozlemenye. (SPINE neopl) NAGHI, V. Son~_e aspects of wood processing with to? s!-inale molder. p.403 1 hIDUSTRIA L7P,-,NUIUIr. (Asociatia Stiintifica a Iginerilor si Tehnicienilor din Rominia si I-anisterul InJurtriei Le.",ului, BucureEti, Runaaia Vol 8, no. 11, Nov 1959 I/Ionthly TAst of East European Accessiom (EEAI) W. Vol. 9, no 2, Feb. 10.6 Uncl. LEHOTSKY, Favol; NAGY, Vojtech Production of woodfibreboard by dry ?rocess in our country ary-I abroad. Drevo 17 no.3:65-71 Mr 62. 1. Statny drevarsky vyskumny ustav. LEHOTSKY,, Pavol; NAGY, VoJtech Production of wood-fiberboards by dry process. Drevo 18 no.2:43- 51 F 163. 1. Statny drevarsky vyskumny ustav. GOMORI, P,; ZOLANI, B.;_UJGj_4.4_~AKAB, I.; MESZAROS, A.; Technical assistance: KARAI, A.; SZEKER, A.; VAJDA, V.; VERES, A. The problem of renal ischaemia and of the arterio-venous .qngStomoses of the kidney. Ill. Now corrosion studies in dehy- dration, haemorrhagic, traumatic and ischaemic shock, arterial hypoxia and after serum albumin treatment. Acta med. Acad. scie Hung. 20 no.2:169-183 164. 1. Second Department of Medicine (director: prof. P. Gomori) and Institute of Anatomy- (dire-ctor: prof. J. Szentagothai)P University Medical School, Budapest. BORNEMISM, Gy.; BEREGSZASZI, G.; FURKA, I.; NAGY, Z. Lymph circulation in auto-alloplastic thoracic plombo. Acta Chir. Acad. Sai. Hung. 2 no.4:"5-452 161. 1. Institute of Surgical Anatony and Operative Surgery, University Medical School, Debrecen (Head: Gy. Borneml-oza) (LYMPHATIC SYSTEM) (THORAX surgery) (RESINS) (NYLON) NAG-Y"_Z-.; VADNAY, A. t'Points of View an the Treatment of Feed Water in Power ?lants Needing Much Additional Waterts I P. 326, (MAGYAR EIMGIAGAZDASAG, Vol. 7, No. 7, July 1954, Budapest, Hungary) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EEAL), LC, Vol. 3, No. 12, Dec. 1954) Uncl. NAGY, Z. "Problem of Cover Crops When Planting Short-Lived, Watered Grass Varieties", P. 105, (AGRARTUDOMAKY, Vol. 6, No. 4. Apr. 195h, Budapest, Hungary) SOt Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EUL), LC, Vol. 3, No. 12, Dec. 1954, Uncl. NAGY Z. -t~- NAGY, Z. Growing cloverErass by irrigating. p. 200 Vol. 8, no. 5, May 1956 AGRARTUDOMANY AGRICULTURE Budapest, Hungary 301 East European A ccession, Vol. 4 No. 3, March 1957 NAGY, Z. Disputed questions of irrigation. p. 10. (Magyar Mezogazdasag, Vol. 11, no. 6,Mar. 1956 Budapest) SO: Monthly List of East European Accession (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 7, July 1957. Uncl. NAGY, Z. Much-debated problems of irrigation. P. 5. (Magyar Mezogazdasag, Vol. 11, no. 7, Apr. 1956 Budapest) SO: Monthly List of East European Accession (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 7, July 1957. Uncl. MIGARY/Cultivated Plants - Grains m Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Biol., No 12, 1958, 53545 Author : Katai, S., ~~s., Potapov, N.G. Inst Title : Evaluation of the AgTicultural Technique for Winter Wheat on the Dasis of Yield. O-Ag Pub ; AGrartudomny, 1957, 9, IT,) 1-2~ 33--30' Abstract No -abstract. Card 1/1 Hill-RINADT, f;".j Gsop)",N, ,e radiat'~:-n of Phy.gioligir.a.i. Acta m-icrcblcl-m acad. scl. Hung. 11 no.2i99..f(, I. ln2t i tut (1-11 rektor, T. 'If Medizinischan Untgersitat Debrc-,-en. KAJTAR, Istvanne; ARMS, Frigyeo; NAbY, Zoltan Technical and economic news. Koh lap 93 no.6*.282 je 160. 1. "Kohaszati Lapok" szerkeazto bizotteagi tagja (for Nagy). 2. OKohaszati Lapokn foszerkeaztoje (for Arkos)s NAGY, ig-tga- Determination of the elementary charge of electricity by the Millikan method. Piz szomle 9 no.1:26-29 Ja 159. 1. Kiserleti Fizikai Intezet, Debrecen. NAGY, Zoltan, oklevolej ko4&nornok Some questions relating to the manufacturing process of hot broad strips with s1*1hlal,regard to the strip mill now under construction at the Dunai Vasmu (Danubian Iron Works). Koh lap 93 no.7:302-209 ii 6o. 1. Danai Vasmu; "Kohaszati Lapok" szerkesmto bizottvagi tagja. ,440Y, ZoltanI_SAMSONI, Zoltan; BENKO, Karoly Log4rithmic optical light filter fo"r quart~itative emiB31on spectrum 'analysis.- Magy fis folyoir 10 no.5:333-338 162. 1. 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The factors considered M-cre beat resutance. mistance to O"tion by S-bearing gases, castablilty, hrittleness,andcost. A cast steel contI. C 1.0-1.5. 612.0-1 3.0, and Cr 26.G-34.0% was chosen. W. Tommmyt Q NAGY, Zoltan, okle-veles kohoinernok Up-to-date heavy plate rolling. Koh -lap.96 no.9:397-404 S 163. 1, Dunaj Vasi.-u; nohas2ati Lapok" szerkaszto bizottsagi tagJa* 'Vcfy~' Zoltan, Adevelen kohomernink 1-faniPacturp of steam turbjn,~ part-'- ,:.- :.4cnF - - I- - .1 ~Yor 3tvA foundry. Kch lap 97 no.10;-'llpp--,.-,Ontrcie L5 ao.16.-;'-42- 2 3 5 0 164. 1. El-litorivil board member, Lapok." 3067. NAGY Z. X. Inst. m6d.-16gal, Univ. de Debrecen. *Le trajet du liquide de submersion dans llorganisme. The distribution in the organism of the fluid in case of drowning ACTA MORMOL. AUD. SCEW. MIG. (Budapest) 1952, 3A (51-64) Tables 1 nius. 5 This distribution was studied in mice with an aqueous solution of iron chloride. The highest concentration was found in the pulmonary veins andin the greater cir- culation. It was established, moreover, that the excess of air in the lungs charact- eristic of the majority of cases of drowning ('ballooned' lungs) is only found when the animal, trying to escape drowning, rises to the surface and breathes air. This phenomenon is absent, however, when the animal is continuously hold under water. Romanese - Turin SO: Excerpta MecUca, Section V, Vol. 7 No. 9 NAGT, Z.; VIIIrMM, W. Iffect of isolated cerebral and isolated trunk hypoxia on minute volume. Acta physiol. hung. Suppl. no.6:55-56 1954. 1. 111. Medizinische Klinik der Madizinischen Univernitat, Budapest. (HEART minute volume, eff. of exper. cerebral or trunk 1Wpoxis) (ANOXIA cerebral or trunk hypoxia, eff. on minute volume) &ORI, Pal; SZA130q GyorgT; KOVACS, Ariectid; MT, Zoltan; TAXACS, Lajas; VILTHRR, Willibald The role of hypoxia and hypercapnia In the nouroregulation of the renal circulation an& diuresis. 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The medial volume per minute fell to 39 percent of the initial magnitude, and the pres- sure of the carotid artery fell to 47 percent. The pressure in the pulmonary artery, however, fell to 91 percent only. Accordingly, the vessel resistance of the greater circula- tory system increased only slightly, while its rise in the lesser systein amounted to about 200 percent. Card 1/1 NAGY, Zoltan; ff.-OLAH, Rva "ManwMMOW Spectrum analysis of trace elements in egg-shall. Kiserletes orvostud. 8 no.5:516-518 Sept 56. 1. Debreceni. Orvostudomanyi Egyetem OrvoRi Vegytani Inteznta an Anatomiai Intazate. (TRACE ELEMBUTS, determ. in egg-sball, spectrum analysis (Hun)) (EGGS egg-sball, specturi analysis of componmnt trace mlements (Hun)) MANDI, Ljtvan, Dr. NAGY, Zoltan, Dr. Spectral analytic studies on the deternination of heav7 :3etal sal-.s in kidney calculi. Magy. sebeszet 11 no.2:151-155 kpr-June 58. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi 4aetem II. sz. 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Belpyogyaszati Klinika- janak (igazeato: Gormorl Pal dr. egyetemi tanar eo 9z Sebeazeti Klinika- janak (igazgato: Rabanyi Pal dr egyetemi tanar) kozlemenye. (HYPOTHOMIA, expere eff. of anoxia on kidney funct. in hypothermis. in dogs (Hun)) (KIMEYS, PIWO 101. name) (AITCXIA, eff. on kidney funct. in hypothermia in dogs (Hun)) URAI, IaBzlop Dr.; NAGY, Zoltan, Dr.; SZIMAT, Gyula, Dr.; WIMM, Willibuld, Dr. Kidney examinations in scleroderma. Orv. hetil. 99 no.8-9:266-271 23 Feb - 2 Mar 5 8. 1. A Budapesti Orvoatudomany %yatem 111. sz. Balklinikajanak (igazgato: Gomorl. Pal dr Egyet. tanar) kozlemenye. (SCLEROWMA, physiol. kidneys, phyaiopathol. (Ran)) (KIDNIMS, In various dis. scleroderma, physiopathol. cluinges (Hun)) SAMONIP Zoltan; NAGY, Zoltan Newer data on the optical.characteriatics of metal films usable for reducing light intensity. Magy kem folyoir 70 no.12:546-549 D 164. 1. Nuclear Research Institute of the Hungarian AcadoDW of Sciences, Budapest (for Samsoni). 2. 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Changes in renal hemodymmica and urinary excretion during simultaneous adninistration of certain Rauwolfia serpentina alkaloids* Ha&vobelorv.arch. 12 no.6:171-175 D 159. 1. A budapesti Orvoetudomanyl E&vetem II. oz. Bolklinikajanak (Igazgato: Dr. Gomori Pal, egyetemi tanar) kozlemenye. (RLUWOLVIA pharmacol) (KIDMAYS pharmacol) NAGT, Zoltan, dr; JAMB, Lajoe, dr.; BAMMI, Blemer, dr. Two cuses of bilharziasis. Orv.hetil. 100 no.46:1659-1662 N '59. 1. A Budapesti Orvostudomanyi RMrstem III. Rz. Belpvopaazati Klinikajanak (igazgato: Gonori Pal dr. egyetemi tanar) kozlenenye. (SCHISTOSOMIASIS case reports) GOMORI, Pal; MUNKACSI, Istvan;,I!AGX*-Zol:Lan;-TAKACS, Lajos; KALLAY, Kalman; Technikai munkatarsak: YAJDA, Vera; CSAPO, Ist-ian; TAKAGS, Lajos Significance of the arteriovenose anestomosises of the kidney in haemorrhagic hypotonia in traumatic and ischemic shock, and in I arterial hypoxia. Biol orv kozl MTA 11 no.1:41-60. (EEAI 10:1) 1. L. tab, Magyor Tudomanyos Akademia (for Gomori) . 2. ABudapesti Orvostudomanyi Egyetem II. sz. Belklinikaja es Anatomiai Intezete. (KIDNEYS) (ARTERIES) GOMORI, Pal;,NAGY,. Zoltan; JAKOB, Imre; VOJDA, Vera On some problems related to the investigation of renal circ-i-latim. Biol orv kozl HTA 2-1 no.4:383-396 16o. (REAT 10:5) 1. Budapesti Orvostudomanyi Eg3retem. II. sz. Belklinikaja. (KIDNErS) SZABO,Zoltan; IRDELYI,Gabor;- ,~NAGY.Zoltan Changes of the greater circulation and kidneys under the influence of reearpine in dogs. Magy. belorv. arch. 13 no.1:27-31 Mr 160. 1. A Audapesti Oryostudoranyi Egyetem III. oz. Belklinilmjanak kozlemenye (igazgato: dr. Gomori,Pal,egyetemi, tanar) (RESERPINA pharmacol.) (KIDNUS pharmacol. ) (CARD.IOVASCUL4R SYSTR4 pharmacol. ) GOMORI.P.; rOVACH,A.G.B.; TAKACS,L.; FOIJ)I,M.; SZABOOGy.: NA1Y,Z-j WILTNER,W. Renal blood flow In arterlal h7poxia. Acta med. hung. 16 no.1- 37-42 46o. l9 3rd Department of Medicine (Director: P.4omori). Institute of Physiology (Director: P.Balint), and 1 et Department of medicine (Director: I.Rusznyak), University Medical School, Budapest. (ANOXIA exper) (KIDNEYS blood supply) GOMORI,P.; KOVACH#A.G.B.; TAXACS,L.; FOLDI,M.; SZJLIIO,Gy.; NAGTIZ.; WILVM,W.: KALTAY'K. I The regulation of qardiac output in hypoxia. Acta med. hung. 16 no.1:93-98 160. L 3rd Department of Medicine (Director! P.Gomori). Institute of ftsiology (Director: P.Balint), and I at Department of Medicine (Director: I.Rusznyak), University Medical School, Budapest. (ANOXIA exper) OWART physiol) -