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KALLAY, Kalmn; TAKACSp Lajos;. NAGYj Zoltan; Technikai munkatarsak;Vajda Dezoone, Karai Antal,. iiffiWr-t-Kir--o~ Pulmonary circulation in the states of oligaemia (in bleeding, hemor- rhagic, traumatic and ischemic shock and exsiccosis). Biol orv kozl MTA 12 no.1/2:127-139 161. 1. Budapesti Orvostudomanyi Egyetem II.oz.Belklinikaja. -f- GOMORIP P.; NAGY, Z.1 JAKAB, I.; VAJDAp Vera Problems in the measuring of renal circulation. Acta p siol. I kv hung. 19 no.1-4:79-93 161. 1. 2nd Department of Medicine, Medical University, Budapest. (KIDNEY blood supply) TAKAGS, L.; IULLAY, K.- NAGY Z.; Technical aSSit3tance of: KARAI, A.; VAJDA., V.; AEL-4~,*--~K-1- Pulmonary circulation in traumatic and ischaemic (tourniquet) shook. Acta phyniol. hung. 20 no.1:71-76 161. 1. 2nd Department of Medicine, Medical Universit~., Budapest. (SHOCK physiology) (BLOOD CIWUIATION ml -I,." KAIJAY, K~Iman (Budapest VIII., Szentkiralyi u.46)1 TAKAGS, 4i*s (Budapest VIIIN Szentkiralyi u.46);-NAGY, Zoltan (Budapest VIII.0 Szentkiralyi U.46 With the technical assistance of V. Vajda, A.Karai, K. Albert. Pulmonary circulation in haemorrhage and btemarrhagic Bhock. Acta pbysiol Hung 20 no.2tl55-164 161. 1. 2nd Department of Medicine, Medical University, Budapest. 4- G(IKORIp P.LjA-9L-Z,; JAKAB., I.; VAJDAp Vera; with technical assistance of: ALBERTY K.; KARAI, A. Further-studles-an the PAH clearance. Act& pbysiol..acad. sci. hung. 20 no.4:379-384 161. 1. Second Department of Medicine, Medical University, Budapest. (PARAAMINOHIPPURIC ACID urine) GOMORI, Pal, dr.; NAGY Zolta~,~. L~ Acute failure. Orv. hetil. 102 no.15:673-681 9 Ap 161. 1. Budapesti Orvostudomanyi.Egyetem, I! 9z. Belklinika. (ACUTE RENAL FAILURE) NAGY, Zoltan, dr.; SKOLNIK, Jozsa Effect of cocarborflase on the minute volume in arterial hAoxia. Magy. Belorv. arch. 15 no.2:62-66 Ap 162. 1. A Budapesti Orvostudomanyi Egyetom II. sz. Belklinikajanak- (Igazgato: Gomori Pal dr. egyetemi tanar) kozlemenyo. (ANOXIA exper) (BLOOD VOLUME) (COCARBOXYLASE pharmacol) TAKACS, L.; 1ja&AY, K. OOMORIP P.; MUNKACSI, S.; NAGY, Z. Ischaemia and arteriovenous anastomoses ol' the kidney in shock, haemorrhage, dehydration and arterial bypoxia in dogs. Acts, med. acad. sci. Hung. 18 no.1:119-125 '62. 1. Second Department of Medicine (Director prof. P. Gomori) and Insti- tut~e of Anatomy (Director prof. F. Kiss), University Medical School., Budapest. (KIDNEYS blood supply) (HEMORRHAGE exper) (DEHYDRATION exper) (ANOXIA exper) (SHOCK exper) SZABO, Z.* NAGY Z Alterations in renal haemodynamics and urine flow in the dog after administration of vincamine. I. Cor vasa 5 no.2:128-133 163. 1. Second Department of Medicine, University Medical School, Budapest. (KIPNEY) (ALKALOIDS) (ANTIHYPERTENSIVE AGENTS) -NAGY) ZJ KISS, E.; SZABO, Z. Alterations of renal haemodynamics and urine flow Xn the dog after administration of vincamine. II. Cor vaaa 5 no.2:134-144 t63. 1. Second Department of Internal Medicine) University Medical School, Budapest. (ALKALOIDS) (ANTIBYPERTENSIVE AGENTS) (KIDNEY) HUNGARY _NAGI,_2QItam, Dr, NAGY, Erno, Dr, VOLNI, Gyorgy, Dr; National Insitute of Traumatology (Orszagos Trauma tolog Alai Intezet) (Director: S-ZAE-10, Gyorgy, Dr, professor), "Functional X-Ray Examination of th- Rupture of Periar-ticular Liga- menta. Budapest, Magyar Radiologia, Vol XV, No 2, Apr 63, Pages 78-81. Abstract: [Authors' English -ummary] A method is described for the X-ray demonstration of clinically suspected ruptures of the ligaments. The greater distension of the articular cleft is a certain sign of ligaments rupture. Gomparative rontgenogram from the intact side was made by the authors. Previous anaesthesia of short duration was very useful. 1 Hungarian, 15 Western references. NAGY Z - SKOLNIK, J. L=~~ The effect of opearboxy2ase on cardiac output in acute bypwda. Acta mod. acad. sci. hung. 19 no.1:59-66 163. 1. Second Department of Medicine (Director Prof. P. Gomori), University Medical School, Budapest. (THIAMINE PYROPHOSPHATE) (Wk~T) (PHYSIOLOGY) (ANOXIA) NAGY, Z. S truc tu re of tissue trazinphinted from large to swill, in!,estlne. Acta Chir. Acad. Sci. Hung. 5 no.107-61 164. 1. Institute of Surgical Anatomy und Surgory (diri?etor: Frof. Gy. Bornemisza), University 1*dical School, Debrecen. BORNEMISM) Gy.; GYURKO, Gy.; -- NAGY-, Z-. Experimental cardiac tampcnade. Acta chir. acad. sci. Hung. 6 rjo.4: 397-405 165. 1. Institute of Surgical Anatomy and Surgery (Head- Gy. Bornem-isza) University Mledical School, Debrecen. Sulim-itted December 24, 10,64. GCMORI, P.; NACvY,, Z.; JAKAH. I. Technical assistancet VAJDA, V.; KARAI, A. The problem of the arterio-venous anastomoses in the kidney. I. Renal extraction of PAIEand 02 in dehydration., ha5morrhagg--~: hypotension and arterial hypoxia. Acta mad. Acad. sai. Bang. 20 no.2:153-158 164 1. Second Department of Medicine (director: prof. P. Grmcri) University Medical School, Budapest. GO14ORI, P.; KALLAY,K.; IIAGT,,Zi- SZABO, & Tecbn. assistancet VAJDA, V.; VEFW, A.; KAk~l, The problem of the arterio-venous anastomoses in the kidney. II. Effect rf human serum albumin and dihydralazine on the opening of renal shunts. Acts. med. Acad. sci. Hung. 20 no.2: 159-168 %64 1. Second Department of Medicine (directo-ri prof. P. Gomori) University Medical School, Budapest. HUNGARY NAGY, Erno, Dr, SZABO, Laszlo, Dr, NAGY National Institute of Traumatology (directort SZANTO, Gyorgy, Dr, professor) (Orszagos Traumatolo- giai Intezet). 11 Fatigue Fracture of the Scapula." Budapest, Magyar Traunatologia, Orthopaedia es Hal-yroallito E-ebeszet, Vol X, No 1, Feb 67, pages 29-y~. LbItract: [Authors' English summary modif-Jed] Two rare cases involving fatigue fracture localized to the corpus of the scapula arc presented in the article. 1 Hungarian, 12 Western references. 1/1 NAGY, Zoltan, okleveles kohomernok Impact test of unalloyed steel castings. Koh lap 12 no. 7: Supplement; Ontode 8 no. 7/8 149-157 Jl-AE: 157. 1. Lenin Kohaszati Muvek Acelontodeje; "Kohaszati Lapok" szer- keszto bizottsagi tagja. ,,_' NAGY, Zoltan Conference on cold deformat--on at Salgotarian. Kc~- -Iqv 98 ns.4: 156 Ap 16 . 1. Editorial Board Member, "Kohaszati Lapok." Gyula AlmAny and UU4 I .1101yar Kim, P*Iy&YW- 3T' di-td. water Into a 100-nd. We l[Cf, 5 dror I % Ht0l tbf~Xcvnls. 1.9. shake I fintrint until the solvent Is ot WIWAILIfY IlIfItICI Into A 101) funnel with distd. water, ad, frillove IMMe Or by boiling mot, add went crystals at N win.. and thrate with 0.01 te-.6t purity of the reagents. "t).7 -v S. Char -Y S can be sisinple by this rodbod. a .4vuly. 1951).-Mitasure 10 o11. of eparatory furvarR, add O.S tad. solo. ot 1, shake, add 3 fill. of gain. ext. excess witbCC144 ail, lkletuncyrr Itialt slid rluqc 3-4 dtopi water mid. by Or, on an astlestos plate 5 mln,, I and 1-2 dropa of I ?j starch N N&93A. Run a blank to Cach ad. consumed is tquir. to, reliably meksured in a 6-m[. lItvAn FinAly It microdete min.,it o( 4Colorl -7iV r yT,. - Th l 1 i i f ).- on o nil jivinio- V)1) c react Kv S. 257-iG4(j9& ;jyf ' ' -pentallydroxy- niacal Soill. of U(Vt) with moritt (3,6.7,2 "I flavanol: Coll,A) rewtu in asol. refMish bro%vlL C11111141!X able for pholnuft-tric (Ittil. Tito folloiting reagemil me suit; TO 7 1J) in addell to IS "if. or IM of n ticutral solo, (W~-" :25-rul. graduate: A' IICI 0.3, 24170 N*IhCI 2, 1.69~ com- :pttxoji 1112. an atc. soln. of 0.3.1% inorin 0.0, and, cLfter 5 !min., concd~ SILOR I ml. Mid. 11,0 is uddcd tn the mark, The Photometric measurements are wade alor 10 P in. The color does not fade for about 30 min. 11terels I no interference front the following coticn. of tons: Vel" 5. 'Also 0.2, NfoO,-- 3, Cu4+ 0.2, Ca + + I I Nig + * O."TIO O,O,Sk'1orK+I0,a:ldNH,+50mg- If tbeconcri ollons 7exreeds the stated limits, then the salts are.conv~,-wd to nitrates and the U(VI) Is sepd. by ether "tn. from cliforide- 4rte 7.5N JINO# soln. + Thi ether-phase contg, flic U Is ;.evagd, to dryttesx, dissolvet! fit 0.5 nil. N 1ICI and a 1&v vil, l le -ull. gmduatc t laid. 11#0 trattsigrred to a 2Z ; a �Ovtt.. Jul a arm, T7 604. colorimewo lircro-doorm(fteon 0l qUI& queVglazd V&nWtlm by &a UJI,18!ed rfSOtIOM:. G. Alm.Wy and 4 Nagy linst. hied. Chem., hied. -7y) Uuiv.. Debrcc--n,-_ff=ga . Aria Chim. Atad. Sci. Hun 1955. 6 (3-4), 330-344-Vanudium is estiniatcy,clolorimetrically by the btuish-Rrem dye produced by the oxidation of aniline in strorg I ICI, in the presence of oxalate, ions. Thedetermination can be carried out !a the presence of man't other metals, including Fe, At. Ca and M& Chloride ions must first be removed by cyaporation WS I Cone. Proceduve-Not more than 2 nil of win..! 121tol-ag 10 to 100 it V and made 1-0 N with respect to RNO&, are foiroduced into a I -cm cell. The Yet. I* mado up to 2 ml with N I INO. solo., N And 0-5 rnl Of an PQj sain: (I; ZZ) Is added to remova. the interferent I 11rom Felli~ Saturated Na oxalate solo. (0-6 nil) is added, followed by I rni of a'soln. contrJaing 10ml of aniline dissolved in 40 nil of cone. HCI and 50 nil of 1110 and ch atiried with animal charcoal. After allowing the soln,~to stand, for 4-5 mW, the extinction of the soln. Is measured,., an S72 filter being . used. A. reference so n prepared in another I-ern cell from an 1 ~.'13 of test Wit, made up to 2 nil with X t.! 1 0 which are added 0-5 ml of 11,PO4, 0-5 int of Na Oxalate whi, and I nil of 11CI Bola' '(1.1 4). It. WATO N J-!-. xiii. 11, -,,r ~mt~a U~cs In L~-gcr mad, 4 the s~,lubdity of wxny, utmte r *thor, tr fr.- it P.41 ;t, 1"1n N I he -t--ty ~f -1- arM, ft= u in in , , . a V-Africh in., izm u,:,,- 'taWd for 30 M- k SLAT-AW -tiff I I ,;w V v~l -a. and Z. NaMv (last Sred. 41 cis A-M ~M-Z. Sclwat tyattais have been, worked cut for the R"- mdan of TPIP, It9v 4n4 WO. tad Ry vRtvt4 In a number of KjLvCnt3 containing 11C3, '(flanoi a4d Incocc.-n- traduris Rx low as G,01 pg per 0-1 ml, "N" may be dectected ~)y the use of a solvent contitaing cthaju4 and coac. IICI (90; 20). FGr Zrlv, ~rthanol - r~. RCI - I-IsO (75! 9*: &) is USCIJ and (9.- 'n," (70: ZO., 1). Detccti~u is by ",raying wtth mhanofic m(Kin, whzn the eternents sf~. Qp &A mlourud sj~ts. cc hy flunre-Lpac,m arder n.v light The atethod can be kv. 39 Se fft1`mAnjUgj(lVl y Paptr Chromillog. Is L~.x ik.. Allagyur Kbriai rolyj- Zt. Is. 0. Ir Ms. 24~249. I fig.. 2 tab-L, Isles etjilta6lln~ 5 1() 1011f of.germani 0, 1 jig of Iroll(IIII ji,cfe, 1) awl Oil 12 C Rtrills P"Ch"It'Y'N09d ';0-'214) and byj el"Ploying the tinklinictislonal ustntnifing tj,.cjj"jq Ile WCM, develoix-d at"17 to 19,C with a chloroforill.,Ahanol. concentrated lijklrochlork acid (17:7 : 1) solvent inixturc. Alwr development the strips is-ere dried at 60 to 70 T and sprayW.iVltIx a 0.:j% ethanolls: inorin solution.i. Germanium appeared on the paper In the forin of yellow' qmts which ivere fluorescent in ultraviolet light. The: Identification lbult Of theL suethod was 0, 1 lig of ger. mailluirl.. Running a solut in of-Anown gvrmmdmu:~ content shmiltancosisly-with the unknown millipte the gruiatilum content of the Intler could be approxinlatell is Paring the area iind colour Intensity of list- spols. IL ns did not interfere Nvith the'colour rcautiun or wit,. the determination. NAGY I Z. Determination of sm!ll quantities of boron content in gas soot by succ.-~ssive addition. p. 351. Vol 61, no. 11, Nov. 1955. ACTA ZOOLOGICA, EU.7 .2.13 7LTDOUNY, and X.AGIA? KENIAI FOLYOIRAT. Budapest, Hungary. So: Eastern European Accession. Vol 5, no. 4, April 1~)56 NACY, '1,. EAGY, Z. Evaluation processes for Tethcds of successive addition in spectru:p analysis. P. 4C(. Vol. 61, No. 12, Lee. 1955- !~:'AGYAR KIIJAI FCLYOIIU.T SC1EKC---I, Ludspest, Hungary . So: East Eurocean Lecession,' Vol. 51, No. 5, 1956 VAGY, Zoltan; N.POLYIKp Edit Detection of trace elements in &w9at1m waters. Hidrologial. Kozlon-y 37 no.28166-167 '57. 1. Debreceni Orvostudomanyi EgYetOM Orvosi Vegy-tani Intezete. Igazgatot Dr. Straub Janos egyetemi tanar. NAGYP Z. Determination of light traces in natural vater by spectrwr. analysis. P. 277. (MAGYAR KEKIAI FOLYOIRIT) Vol. 63, no. It, &'40. 1957 Budapest, Hungary SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (&X[) LC, Vol. 71 No. 3, March 1958 HUNGARY/Laboratory Equipment. Instruments. Their Theory, Construction, and Use. F Abs Jour: Ref zhur-Kbim., No 13, 1958, 43134. Author Nagy Zoltan, IJmassy Gyula. Inst Title A Unit for the Determination of Uranium by Ether Extraction. Orig Fub: Magyar kem. folyoirat, 1957, 63, No 12, 359-36o. Nbstract: Description of a unit for the extraction of uraniura With Ether, The ether phase is drawn into a flask by zaeans of a vacuum purT, the ether is distilled, in vacuum, throuf~h a condenser into another cooled flask' and the residue in the first flask is rinsed into an evaporation dish. Prior to distillation of the first ether extract it is necessary to draw Card 1/2 26 ; , I - __ . I jII i-i d "),I. ~' AIa'DXK,,?.vSh7,&3HI, L, [Szepesi, L.]; -Nal, Z. (Nagy] (Vengerokaya Warodnaya Reopublika). N' Stud.vdng contimious chromatography (hype rsorption) on an experi- mental apparatus. CFaw, prom. no.2-30-38 IP 158. (MIRA 11:2) (Adsorption) (Gasom) Z/ I _7 Technological problems of continuous Kos chrom t grAph-1 "S 168 ' e* " -,- q (byperso tion). -Pit Bevedek L' d 'n ;SFV9rF6 I lei M Nam (9, '1 .1tize imt- yo al*is If zprtm. filling -An exptl. plant was b I t for 11 of 3 gaseous com- ponents. The activated s I nt elides downwards in the tubes of the heat-exchnnge section, the cooling water moves upwards in the area between the tubes, and the gases dre sepd. in and following the desorbing section in which the satd. C is heated (by a Dowtherm bath or combustion gases). Effects of variations in C enoving rate, various heat exchanging systems. and hydraulic characteristics of the system were studivd. Nuxit Al. (0.48-9 g./nil. bulk d.), 0.40 mi./mi. porosity, 113-31% C4114 adsorbing CILpaCitY, 090 cu. m./g. specific sutface (20*, ClfClj vapor), 1:1 A. av. pore radius, and 76 standard nil./g. Ctill-adsorbing capaelty (20*, 760 nu-n. Rig) was Used wi adsorbent. In- strumentation of the plant and tcsts for the sepia. of C111:, CO, and CO.; propane, butaite, and N; C2111. CO, and N; and C06, COi, and N mixts. are (Itscribed. L. G. Arval fflAr. HUNGARY Analytical Chemistry. General. E Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Xhimlya, No 23, 1959, No. 81877 Author : Na Inst : ot given Title : The Use of the Nomograin in SPE:Ctroscopic Analysis Employing the Method of Additives Orig Pub : Magyar kem. lapja, 1958, 13, No 7-8, 303-305 Abstract : To facilitate the determination of the concen- tration of the desired substance by the method of additives the following formula Is used: (1 + al/C)~: = 1 + a2/C where ,, -. = (' F2 - -~-Fo)/ (,~Fl - '---FO), al and a2 are amounts of the added substance, C = concentration sought, Fo = = difference In blackening of lines at the Initial concentration,cF1 and-;F2 = same upon addition of a, and a2- It is recommended that Card 1/2 HUN11TI'LRY Analytical Chemistry. General. E Abs Jour Ref Zhur - IM!miya, No 23, 1959, No. 81877 one use the nomogram constructed as three vertical logarithmic straight lines; the loga- rithms ", Fl - --, Fo and ,-. F2 - j~Fo are plotted on the outer straight lines, and the concentration sought Is read off the center straight lines (at the point of Intersection of this line with the straight line connecting experl- mentally determined points). -- I. Kri~;htxfori Card 2/2 hUIGM/Analytic Chemistry. General Problem - Abs Jour: Ref. Zhur-Ehim., No 23) 1958, 77155- Author Nagy Z. -nae-vof sciences of Hungary. Inst L Title Calculation Procedures In Spectral Analysis by the Method of Successive Additions. Orig Pub: Acta chim. Acad. scient. hung., 1958, 14, No 1-2, 107-112. Abstract; A new method has been developed for the determination of an unknown concentration of an element by means of additions. The method is based on the functicn I = ke'l'where I is the relative intensity and c is the concentration of an elevknt referred to the coLi- n parison element. A systen of eqx~ations ke ts I0, k(c + a,)'l = I/ and k(c + a))t' - I is obtained 2. Card 1/3 BrUGIM/Analytic Chemistry. General Problem. E Abe Juur: Ref Zhur-Min., Ho 23, 1958; 77155. for samples with concentrations ej (s.- + a,) and (e + + a4) of the element to be determined, where aj and ., are the concentrations of the additions; the a; solui~lon of that system results in 1. + a,V 4, (1 + a,49 (1), where x - 1/c and 4 - log ij) / (logli - log-I&) (2). Substituting the differences of blackeningo F for the magnitudeo of relative intensities logI, (2) ann be written in the form: Te - (_6 F 2 - n Fo) / (a E / - 4~ E v) (3) - ', in ordWr to find the unknown concentration C = 11k, it is necessary to solve the equation (1), where a I and a,~, are known and the magnitude of /3 is found experimentally from (3). The left side of (1) is the equation of the straight line Y - 1 + al~,, and the right side is the equation Card 2/3 38 RMIGARY/Analytical, Chemistry - Analysis of Inorganic Substances. E-2 Aba Jour Ruf Zhur - Xhiniya, No 2, 1959, 4312 Author ML7, Z., Polyik, E.H. Inst Hun(~arian Acadcmy of S(~icncQso Title The Scpamtion of Gervaniun by Paper Chromato&Taphy. kitcrprctation of the Chromatograms. Or-i.3 PIfo Acta Chim Acad Sci Hun~,.*, L61 No 11 9-12 (1958) (in Enaish with aumaries in Gorman and Ru5sian) Abstract Set: RZhMiim, 1956, 22714 Card 1/1 NAGY, Z. Determination of the elementLry charge of electricity by the Milikan 7,-,athod. :). 26, FIZIKAI SZEMLE. (Eotvos Lorand Fizikai Tarsulat) Budapest, Hungary, Vol. 9, No. 1, Jan. 1950, MONTHLY List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 7, July 1959 UNCL I i A G Y I Z Data oil the accura-.y improvement of the intengity vicw;!irement carr,ed out by a logarithm sector used in spectnun analysis. p. 119. !,IAGYAH F*,F,7;!,IKUOSO'K U?Jj. ar iemikusok Lgyesulete) Didapest, HunFar-y Vol. 1L, no. 2/3, Feb./Mar. 1959. Monthly list of East Eiirope3n Accessions JC, Vol. .9, Ilo. 8, Auf-,ust 1959. Uncla. VAGYP Zoltanj F.POLYIK, Edit. Fluorometric detection of aluminum traces and their quick, informative determination in natural waters. Hidrologiai kozlony 39 no-3t 243-244 J059. NAGY, Zoltan Data on the medical-chemical application of' Bpectr= analy2is. Magy kem folyoir 65 no..22:455--1+56 159. 1. Debreceni Orvostudoxanyi Egyetem Orvosl Vegy-tani Intezete. NAGY Zoltan, dr.; PORCSALMY, Ilona, dr.; ANDRASSY, Katalin, dr.; ITZ80; Istvan; KOVACS, Edit; POLYIK, Edit Chemical analysis of the Hajduszoboazlo hot springs. Hidrologiai kozlony 40 no.4:300-303 Ag 160. 1. Debrecamt Orvostudomanyi Egyetam Orvosl Va,-ytani Intezete. NAGY., Zoltan,. dr.; ARDR~SSY, Kata:Lin, dr.; F.KOVAGS, Edit Trace elements in the mediAnall waters of the Tiszantul region. Hidrologiai kozlony 40 no.6.-519-522 D 16). 1. Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Egyetem Orvosi Vegytafti Intezetc. 4"i NAGI Zoltanne WQRUPAR~~ investigations for raising sucking calves by nurse cows. ADAttenyeates .11 no*2:U3-122 n 163s, 1. ALLattenyeaztesi Kutatointezat Szarvasmarhatenyeaztesi Oaztalya,q Budapest. PINTER, Imre; NAGY, Zoltanne %west regulations concerning dyes to be aced in eoloring cosmetic preparations. Nepegeszsegugy 44 i2o.c):280-282 S 163. 1. Kozlemeny az Orazagos Eleimazes- as Ta:plalkozastudomanyi Intezetbol (igazgato. Tarjan Robert dr. e1gyetemi tanar). (COSMETICS) (DYES) (LEGISUTION, MEDICAL) HERNADI, F.;-VAGYp Zs.; JENEY, A.; VALYI-NAGY, r. Use of nitrogen mustards for the biological determination of values of radioactive substances. Acta physiol. acad. sci. hung. 20 no-4: 421-427 161. 1. Pharmakologisches rnstitut derftedizinischen ljniversitat, Debrecen. (NITROGEN MUSTARDS) (RADIOMOTOPES) HWADI, F8rcnaj dr.; NAGY, 7solt, dr. Chemical radiation-prot native agents 11. (h~v. hetIl. 106 no..29: 1369-1375 18 J1165. 1. Debreceni Orvostudomany-I Egyetom, Gyogyozertanl Intozet. HUNGARY HERNADI, Ferene) YAQj.Y,_Zp.oltj, KOVACS, Peter, and 1',rJGS-L, Otto, Institute of Pharmacology (Director: VALYI-ilagy, T.) and X-Ray Clinic (Director: JONA, G.) at the Medical University Zo-riginal-lEuiguage version not given7 in Debrecen. "The Radiation-Sensitivity of Escherichia Coli B-Cultures. Part 2., The Effoct of Treatment Prior to, In the Course of, and Following Irradiation on the Radiation-Sensitivity of the Cells" Budapest, Acta Microbiologica Academine Scientiarum Hungaricae, Vol 13, No 1, 2 Jun 1966, pp 1-11. Abstract: (German article) The sensitivity of Escherichia coli B-cultures to X-ray and Co-60 radiation was investigated both before and after irradiation and as a function of temperature and anoxia. The sensitivity was decreased by employing minimum nutrient media, especially in conjunction with metabolism- inhibitors such as chloramphenicol. Increased temperatures increased the radiation-sensitivity, especially in the lower dose ranges. Anoxia, caused by nitrogen being bubbled through the culture, reduced radiation-sensitivity. 22 references, including I Hungarian, 1 German, and 20 Western. (Manuscript received 8 Nov 1965). 1/1 Pharmacology and Toxicology HLJNGARY HERNADI, Ferenc, KOVACS, Peter, BEK93I, Istvanf(NAGYL_Z.s_2lt- Medical Uni- Der =4_ versity of Debrecen, Institute of Pharmacology receni 0-ostudomanyi Egyetem, Oyogyszertani Intezet). "Data on the Radiation-Protective Effect of Some Cysteiw-Cysteamine Derivatives." Budapest, Kiserletes Orvostudomany, Vol XVIII, No 4, Aug 66, pages 434-438. Abstract: [Authors' Hungarian summary] The protective effect,against X-rays, of some dimethyl and tetramethyl derivatives of ey-steine,eysteamine and their disulfides was studied in a microbiological system (E. coli B) and in a mammal (mouse C9. The results indicate the following. In the general formula of the above group of compounds: Rj,, N-(CI12)X-S-R3 R2/ substitution of a dimethyl or tetramethyl group in the (CH2)x carbon chain in the 0 position results in the decrease or disappearance of the good radiation-protective effect of the basio compound,, 9 Eastern European, 24 Western references. (Manuscript received 10 Sol) 65-1 1/1 17 59- , IA f Cal Ile I _GT S T P. 1, P a., - r e al I 1,4 d an NAGY T"I 1, F.; F-EM"T'I, 3,; BRUGWITZMI, E. Contributions to the knowledge of the influence of some comi'llex salts upon the develolrent of green algae. I. p. 249. Academia Republicti Populare Romine. Filiala Cluj. SJTDIII SIGM114'ETARI DE BIOLOGIE. Cluj, Rumania. Vol. 9, no. 2, 1958. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAII Vol. 8, no. 77, July 1959. Uncl. PKERFI. Istvan; BRUGOVITZKY, Edit; KOZMA,'Jozsef- NAGY TOTH, Ferene The effe ct of degranol ojj the growth -of plants. Bio2 kozl 7 no.:L/2:39-44 159. 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Rats kept on this diet (group 1) as well as rats kept on a normal ditt (ex-oup III) iq were administered material obtained from patients suffering from acute he t't's The animals together with non-infected control!, (groupj Il and Wrtcr33' iept undcr observation to record the incidence of jaundice and death. Serum samples were tested for hemagglutination and transmission of the hemagglutinating factor to enbryonated eggs was attempted. Electro- phoretic analysis of the serum proteins was also carried out. There were significant differences between group I and the other groups in the rulative level of gamma globulin, in the hemagglutinating capacity of the serum and in the results of egg inoculations. Because of the occuri,pnc('. of jaundicc 1/2 Z/2 57 NAGYNE DAVID Aranka Achievements in albedo measurements by the Budapest Observatory. Orsz meteor int besz tud kut 26:172-176 t62(ptibl.163). on the vround oC Foriirllnifora assoolaticni. Toldt, kc):,.! 91' no. 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No. 7,, PP. 300-3OW&M -- 2-Vabs. p 980) Assaying the tensile strength required-for designing cement-soil road pavements by using the conventional pinched oval-sbaped test pieces is a c'umberscme procedure and the results are not too reliable either. Tests were conducted to determine the tensile strength , angle of repose and the cohesion of cemert-soil mixtures and soils by the method recently introduced for estimating the tensile strength of concrete. The method essentially consists of bre*ing the test cylinders made of the soil- eement mixture or of the soil between two load plates -along a generatrix. The first series of tests proved that, it was sufficient to establish the crushing strength and perform longitudinal splitting on two cament-soil mixture cylinders of identical dimensions, the internal resistance and longitudinal tensile strength can then readily be computed or constructed on the base of tl-.e obtained values. According to the second series of tests the new method can ba applied to soils as well,-for that range of water content within which the soils break down through brittle fracture i.e. where load and deformation are in an approximately linear proportion. The values thus obtained, giving good approximation, may be employed for solving problems on the stability of alopes,, for determining_the equations.of compression curves or for establishing the internal resistance of soils. (Retyped Clipped Abstract] ,rd 1/1' Qa DZ NAGYVATI, B. Stalrilization of sand by tar and trass meal. p. 180. MYEPITMUDOMM SMILE. (Koslekedes- es Mzlekedesepitcstudotnanyi Egyesulet) Budapest, Hungary. Vol. 9, r-0. 4, Apr. 1959. July Monthly list of East European Accesvions (EEAI) LC, vol. 8, no. 2/ 195? . Uncl. NAGYZSADA!IYI, E. Departmental news. Kch- lap 96 no, 1 i Stipp!,: Cntc-~-e !1. 7 Ja '63. NAHLIK Adam -- The Wawel Castle upholstery, a chapter of the history of ornamental weaying in Poland. 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