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ACC NR: AP6034962 SOURCE CODE: PO/0034/66/000/08-/0,192/0393 AUTHOR: Nalecz, Maci j ~Professor, Doctor); Winiecki, Jan (Master engineeri ORG: Institute of Automation, PAN (Instityt Automatyki PAN); Industrial Institute of Automation and Testing (Przemyseowy Institut Automatyki i Pomiarow) TITLE: Use of the Hall effect in the control of pendulum regulated, high precision primary clocks SOURCE: Pomiary, automatyka, konstola, no. 8-9, 1966, 393-393 TOPIC TAGS: pendulum regulated clock, halotron converter, pendulum ---yam-ma, Hall effect ABSTRACT: The article considers in a brief and general manner certain of the ad- vantages that may accrue from the use of the Hall effect for the compensation and neutralization of mechanical movements and related energy displacements in high- precision primary timing devices employing pendulum-type regulating elements. It is assumed that the effect of possible temperature and pressure changes has been elimi- nated and that the impulse maintaining the pendulum in motion is constant. Having demonstrated that the fundamental influence on the constancy of a pendulum's period is exercized by the constancy of the resistances to its movement and that the ampli- tude of a pendulum is in effect a function of its damping, the author provides a working diagram and description of a device, incorporating the Hall effect, in which 1/2 UDC: 538.632:681.116 ACC NRt AP6034962 the pendulum is loaded only with the energy necessary for its free movement in a de- finite medium, with proper conpensation for deflection hysteresis. Use of the Hall effect in such a device makes it possible, without contacts or feedback, to record the.period of the pendulum, to transmit these processes to time-summing and -storage systems, and to control pendulum drive mechanisms. Attention is also called to the advantages to be gained from the,use of halotron converters in the measurement of pendulum period amplitude. Orig. art, has: 1 figure. SUB CODE: 14/ SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REF: .003 Lqard 2/2 USZYNSKI, Leszek; NALECZYIISKA, Angel-a; DZIACZKOWSKI,,Igor; PAWEISKI, Sl awmir. ' ' ' - ' --, ' Effect of dextran on the hemostatic and blood coagulation system. Pol. tyg.lek. 18 no.51:1909-1912 16 D163 1. Z Oddzialu Wewnetrznego i Pracowni Biochemii Klinicznej; (kierownik: S,Pawelski)i a 03dzialu Chir-.zgicznjO Instytutu Hematologii (kierowniki A.Trojanow 14 -1 - LCPACIIJT, :~'AWELZKI$ ~ld~worll: PseudoharDFhIlia nstiu,,IaLed witth a syndrone of i=nunoherrat-)logi,-.-al reac ri -536 164 1.1lons. Pol, arch. medo weumets 34 n0-5.")1 1. Z Oddziala Ihorob Prat~,ownl Bio~-,hemll Klinzl~~zrlej Instytatu Hennatologii w lliarszuwle (Klerolziik~, doc. dr. med. S. Paw-Elskl) oruz ZqLkladu Seralogli ( poo. Kierovni-ka,7 lek. 1. Wslew;aka). NALECZIP!.S-ICA-,1. A rig a Di; 1.6P A, G i IV I, ~ ,j a wr; -I jp S1.1 I twc I L I r . -1.1-11. e -.1 "1 ... -11- Effect of adrenalin em th~~ "4(,vt--j, ~f VIII In I C, I I nortmal ii,,bjects. i'ol. med. -35 no.6;80'141.3 165. 1. Z Kliniki Chorob .1 Prarc-wril EJo-chealij X-11- .n!-cznej Inotytutu (Kif.,rown1k; doc. tiv. mod. S. PawaJ ski) . L-8595-66 ,,EWT(,l)/EWT.(.M)/EWP(b)/EWP(t) IJP(c) AT/JD UR/0181/65/007/008/25112/2543 AC=IoN NR: APS019884 'A=R: M.; D. No TITLE tOn- thls'r*le Of adhesion levels in the photoca-iductivity of GaAs gD tela, v. T, no, 89 1965, 2542-2543 ~SOURCS: rizika verdo TOPIC TAGS: gallium arsenide , photoconouctivitIyt photomagnetic effect, photosensi- tivity 0M t AMTRACT: The authors . sider the varia ion of the. stationary photooonductivity and the PhOtOwFetic ef feet ~ in single orystal GaM of the n-type, dwe to additionai il- jumination of varying spectral cariposition. 7he intrijwic phatooonductivity was fbund to decrease with increase intensity of additional., illmimtion in an imMdar, to long-wave re of the ra3roer- Rixtheruvre , the additional ili=dnation in t spectr= lead ~ gim Of to no d=ge in the pbortosemitivity,, whereas St=191y abr. light the Sam intensity PrOduCed a decrease in the photoresponse. Wither type of il- lumination produoed a chanp of photosensitivity in the regim of impurity photo_ Vmdxtivity. A study was also made of the effect of the influence of additional i. ;11juninaticn-OR the photomiagnetic effect, WAch remaine4j prectically vyWIMSad 'all in thS samples- 7he results are explained by takin J11to acmmt thM adhesion Of Card 1/2 I I a M- -9 0-0-011 W M, t-t USSR/Medicine Cholinol~rtic Agents Mar/Apr 53 fiThe Cholinolytic and Cholinomimetic Effects 'Produced by Conline," A..V. Nalegatskaya, lab of Gen;Pharmacol, Inst Exptl Med, Acad Med Sci LISSR 'Farmakol i Toksikol, Vol 16, No 2, pp 15-17 Coniine is one of the fev alkaloids which is capa- .ble of producing a peripheral motor paralysis. The experiments described in this instance show that cQniine, depending on its concentration, may produce cholinolytic as well as cholinomimetic ,effects on skeletal muscles. This is in accord- ance with V. M. Karasik's law that heterohaptons of cholinergic structures, as their concentration 249T69 increases, produce successively a cholino- sensibilizing, a cnol:Lnolytic, and ~. -holino- mimetic effect. The first of these effects vas not observed with conline in the present in-. stance: special experimental conditions are apparently necessary. 249T69 NAIZGATSKAYA, A.V. 0 of white mice to conilne in various periods of tpoao~tnata development* Farm. i toks. 21 no,5:85-86 S-0 138 (KIRA 11:11) 1. Rafedra farmakologit Kishiuevskogo moditainskogo instituta (ALKALOIDS, effects coniine, resist. of white mice of wirious ages (Rue)) (AGING, effects on coniine reeits. in white mice (Rua)) NALEGATSKAYA. A.V. Age changes in the reaction of animals to barbamYl. Farm.i toks. 24 no.D30--t~ Ja-F 161* - (MIRA 1.4- 5) :L. Kurs farmakologii meditsinBkogo fakullteta.Uzhgorodskogo gZsudarstvennogo universiteta. (AMOBMITAL) (AGING) NALEGATSKAYAq A.V. Influence of "Burkutff mineral water on micturition. Vop kur fizioter. i lech. fiz. kul't. 26 no.1:73 161, (Y-M! 14:;f 1. Iz kafedry farmakolgoii Kishinevskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (MOLDAVIA-41INERAL WATERS) (URDM-SECRETION) i i NUXGATSKAYA 2 A influence of some Moldavian mineral waters on calomel hypersecretion of the intestinal glands. Vop. kur.9 fizioter. i lech. fiz, kul't. 26 no. 2:150-153 Mr-Ap 161. (MIRA 14:4) 1. Iz kafedry farmakologii Kishinevskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (MOLDAVIA-MINKRAL WATERS) (INTESTINES) (CALOMEL-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) NALENCH; M. Research on the utilization of the Hall effect conducted in Poland. Priborostroenie nool:1-4 Ja 165. (KIRA 18:3) IIALUA, A. - LI Th-3 27th int-i-national Yair In barcelona.. P. ". '! 5. PlIZEIGLAD (Sto,.-jarz,,rp7,erLo Inzn~.,rcw I Tr,~chikow Polgid-ch) Poland. Vol. 10, no. 19/20, Unt. 1959. Monthly L"Ist of ? European (;-"EAI) LC, Vol. 9, no. 2, r'eb. 1559. NALEPA, Antoni, mgr inz. A draftsman's course in Danzig. Przegl geod 35 (i.e. 36] no. 3:112-113 Mr 10'4- NALEPA, Antont (Gdansk) Exhibition of technical progres3 and achievements in surveying in Danzig. Przegl geod .16 no.6t241-242 Ja 164. NAUPA, F. Princ-'ples of organization of maintenance services in US industry. p. 115. CHEMIX. (1-1inisterstwo, Przemqslu Chemicznego i Stowarzyszenie Naukowe-Techniczne Inzyziierow i Technikow Przemslu Chemicznego) Warszawa., Poland Vol. 12, no. 3, Mar. 1959. Monthly -List of European Accessions (SEAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 7, July 1959. Uncl. NALEPA, Vaclav - Application of spray oil Putty by lacquer spraying machines. Drevo 18 no.8t293-294 Ag 163. 1. UP zavody, n.p,, Bucovicep zavod Krnove t Category : Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and Their Applications. Corrosion. Corrosion .Abe. Jour : Ptef Zhur-KhimiyaHo lb. 19559.)NO 49967 Author 2 Nal!pat W.; Kuncowicz, L, Institute : Not given Title ; Acidity Test Methods of Enamelware Made of Sheet Steel. Orig Pub, Szklo i ceram., 1958, 9, No 1.0, 286-290 Abstract Compared are test metliods foi, acid resistance of enamels employed in USSR, Poland, Czecho- slovakiag USAI GDR and England. As -the result of tests conducted it is recommended: to perform testing on the finisbed praduc-~.ion samples, to control etching of surfaces, to etch with sufficiently stronEt acid (oxalic or citric), to maintain constant quantity and * Control Card- 1/2 MYSONA, Mieczyslaw; GAZDZINSKA, Tadwiga Obtaining of enamels on alumirrum sheets. Szklo 12 no.8:243-247 Ag 161. 1. Katedra Towaroznawstwa., Wyzsza Szkola Elconomiczna, Krakow. NAIEPA Wieslaw Testing of the thickness of enamel of vessels Eade from steel sheets. Szklo 12 no.8:247-248 Ag 161. 1. Katedra Towaroznawstwa, Wyzsza Ekonomiczna, Krakow. HOFMW,, Tadeusz; NALEPA, Wieslaw Studies on the determination of the degree of enamel brightness.steel. Plates, Szklo 12 no.10:312-319 0 161. 1. Katedra Touraroznawstwa, Wyzoza Szkola Ekonomiozna, Krakow. 1:ALFPIN`KI, L. ......................................... Cable Dwdlrq, wif,h iln- '15.1p of a L,v:lirg (W1,1xi"c"Sci r1fmw-v-nm~'ZI-711, Vol.. 14, 1!(,,. J, I~arch '0 SO: ]-~crth-ly List of Fact Tvrc;pc:r,,Yi Acc-f;sictrn. LC, Vcl- Farch 1955, Urcl. L 54554 --EVjT(m)/EPF(C). ccwsicF YiR , -Ap5oi 6714 M/0286/65/000/010/0016/oOiT;'. A7'lHORS iSha iro, If. D., i krt i - 7 T7, LEA m t a lyim t f or ~-kv4raul i a ref inirw af the r-avr b4mazraotion and ,potrochemicals. Clue 12, No, 170911, SOMCEt Wletent isabretenly i tawuwkh cuLkovt no. 10# 1965t 16-17 TOPIC TAG-Q! oatAlynt, ben3anp, peVcllr,=, lrm- amprAvil', molybdm= compoland -kacl-tn a --atalyst forr hydralillo refLning of raw catal,yet wq ba 4-10~ of iron, 5-a;~ of -ac-'41 t4d Emaam n4=O SUMaTM, ONEU44 ENCLI 00 so =1 ac, Oc! so mw WT Ow OMM t 000 ~-'sw ~--- F FT. k. Vd Mtk 7""j~,,,C,,*,mpmtAUon of Torsional Crankshal't Vibrmilons in It C , maginex. .Obli"anie drgah Akrqtnych walu korbowevo rzidowelto sitniks tlokowt.go", Trchulka Mona I Wybrwia. No. 9-9. 19,14. pp. 211--M. 27 tips,, 3 tabm. A method Is proposed fcT compuUng forced toralonal vibrations of R dinct drive propeller shafting. especially appropriated for red- Prwatillc rtifmws M such compulat.18ns are frequently executed iu ship draign practice, the calculating proredure has been presented in lull firtall and a numer1ril rxample bas bren added to Illustratr It :7 i NaletiklewICA A., Szanlawskl SWIAllons and stability at 111"(f A. 0 :7 -7 -,',,,Drganla slateezrio-Ah masit6w oraz- W(e. in ozprawy Inlynter. skin 11). Wnrsv"va, 1033. PWN, 10, if) pp, 4 1 l9s., 15 tabs. Calculation qX -the Influenco function for. a transverae load 'and 'pa;tlal derivattv"A ip~ an elastically fixed cantilever the flexural rigidity i.~-of whicit varies lqpgplirly. The load at u certain height Is assum-04 to 1--comprise 1) a vcv~qj load Q; 2) 4 hozlznntnt lowl by the force ai mjrajc~j moment. of heriln N, Irlieso aiturnpilans Inertia P, and 3) n cqrj~~ inaka-It possible to f1p.El-jilo-pirlint dollection yo ix, 4. All. Ilia partial Jeflectionsar I coyrip-r-iling the concentri- c sujnrrj~,d .4rj fpF,jha real O.-id' led loads Q,, Ilia radii of Incrill h~jjjg 044u1 tq "it, plus tha Weight of the cantilever; it (ii) and Q (s) dr.,1plo !!%a wv!4,~~ nf ijnlt 1cligth an4 the ruillus rebpectiv,cly. Ccrtoln trnwforinntlong innho 11. pwisIbla to obtain dcalred Integral eqnatfon of the remillin,-T deflection. Approximate vompidatlan of tho Inflimnce of .-tiliparing foicei, njul inoments. of Inel the whION"Or rodil (of Inortl a nod .111(l. woluldii '~.balng a A p 11 of tho obell* erected In wractAwl. alcul C& itp to Ig3lesiAlewlez L~ Tha..Quantlza lion of, the Phenopirns if Elastic Un- 13GRI ly. '-., cja x1awlsk niestatec:zzoic-I spr~~_Aej (1)",,ArChIWum, 7,16- iKwantyz. No. If 1934, pp. 3~32, 12, Vgs. ih eformed elsistic ~ b 4adles 16 different -.A.. the i(stalle..And, unstable) states- of. equilibrium Is-follovied by a study of" IT nai6_ 'at 't , de ry~or Critit sto e, Wlnrd,~s limit stiles ofectu librfutw, ~kj which; -riurri t - deter Ine- new, not prevlously existing fams of,'equltiL " ~04 ~ m the state-of ~~bfflty of each degree of ~4'ljlllbrl~ni, the:.~qua%lons all equilibrium for: finite deformations _m4st', be 'sIo*lvcd'.79hd dis.cused. This" -.Involves -4ett6u~ Oilfl,ultie3 of; far' simple, ~bdd_ well, knotgo jysttirns"sucli as straight liars.loaded 4t lbe'enft only", The , ,n,otion at ,Ii near" lands,- Is',then intioduc`d,' toi~-deislkn' te load% Inflwnce of. which oq the given type of deformations Is linear,, then co~;. ,non-llnear" loads, Influencing the d0orinatton, In'a no'n-finear ma n ner of the existence:~f mul lhus creating In cerWin'caes a po~slbtllty 1Alple valued solutions for the states of equilibrium.,The existeac"f Jlmay" loads causes the critical points of one branch of the deformation disgrarn to vanish Thus, foy a bar, simply. supported and compressed, -the rn ddle, the additionally. loaded willi nArans-mrsal force in I "01tIzzil state: -vanishes for . a one halt wave" deformation, There rnsy~-- I -ClIst however,'critical'statei of further half wavea - even:of a lflngW halt wave 'as well as critical' states for-,,ncgatIvL- deformatfon3. The murs in nature Wchara,!- 111ale of equilibrium wj~ich most frequant)y (0 Vic terised by The raln[murm Otal potential enerL~y. T419 state Is catild abrow NALZMEWICZ, J.; 0U-,!J1JK, J. N Oscillations or a breakwater constracterl or., ~-joles. p.,55. '-I ' 7CFPEC~"TKj (Polo'ca. Akrarlemi.a Eauk. Inst:,,tu' ?utdournIctwa Wodnero) I Li) A ",- I u " la r.9 7. a wa . VoL 1, no. 1, 1"-.)51. So* Ba6t European AcceBsiona Liot Vol. 5) No. 9 30T)t,0-,r1.-r I'A i z-'., T aleszk1Pndczj=Wmy,,:- The quantization off. thA phew 1. - Aith, INfech. Stos. 6,! P. 0 L 0 noIlE ~ejia 6rMttlt ft~la~i 3-32 (1954). - (Polish. ~ Russian and E110119h summaries) III this liaper "quantization" his fib.EVJAH~C'tior, with Planck's quantum of energy. Differwit Nbites of elastic:* equiliLriurn for the rime external load occUr at energy levels: :,which dif,'er by constant quantities. these rohstant enMy~ differences the author cal!s quanta. lie inti-oduces I very simnle model of an elastic system requiring only elementary' Anathernatical tools, Ile inveitigates for hh, model varimis' Positions of stable equilibrium and the loss of stability. Iie hows the existence of different states of equilibri ni for the r-ime loads. Ile studies the poteatial energy of the zy5tern in order to explain why in practice there Lq otily one ptACOR of stable equilibrium, the others are difficult to obtain although mathematically &-P-y are also stable. The position- Of equilibrium occurring in practice corresponds not only tol a kwal mir,iniurn but also to the of .0 energy levels.; I'ling state of equilibrium is called 47,olutcly To raise the systern from one state of equilibrium to thi.- next one it is n(~cessary to introduce an additional quantum of "YA energy. T. Lew (Aberdeen, I Id.). J, X 7~97e~7-1-1~e -Taros-Ii-gr. The quatttization of M A r "- MeA St!a--- 6,, .4 P 0 L, 261-290 -(195Q. 'Polish. R and nglish SUM- maries" I his paper is a mntinuatk-n of the piqr~r rtwierveO ab-v~ L% the first paper the aud-or stud ieu or, airn ph Furent, I elastic syst--m various stat,es of equili m at dift enerrv levels. I n' thtLS~&qtr'jIIe-aI?t qrXtudies MUge -d Icated model ar wit I h uniform Crass~c4- :flon. loadc by an axi2l fnrCt,-tMrgt!c and a b oment. The ending tr 'Y61 sL t equ tion c cW a rnojo lem of differential t 5 on was derved bY A. GrzedzAski and J. Nowiftki [Calcula- t;ons of three-bar plTarniiv, Sprawor-rd. Inst. Techn. Lotn. 4/26 (1938)3. The authot introduces cvxtain simplifying assum tiona and solves th,- system, obtaining two L-xpres. P W; 1 sions for defoTmations, F-, b~axn in i ~rlticaf tate these ess, t - tivo d ifTernt t -criteria or stability i, r tons represen W -the-torque- n b4 'ey hi,-,h depend On tfi& of torque t1 '.'ihave different folms than )-hose'colitiAing torque. The former v~~ rorresponds to'~ lower eaergy leve, the )atter Ito a hi.-her one- I'lie examn~e show-, that in symenis not w-, simple as the one discu~~szr: in the ftzat'paper Ilie question of energy levds rnay bwoL.,.- quite intricate. T. Leser. NALESUIETWICZ, J. , "C'. Outline of the theory of a certain type of compressed spr~fn-v wit-h varfable T- - P. 197. ARCHIRTY, BUDOW MASZYYNI, VOL. 2, No. 3 1955 (Polska Akademia Nauk. Komit6t Budoi,~v 11aszyn) Warszawa SOURCE; East European Accessions List Vol. 5, No. 1 Jan. 1956. J. Qmrintization in elastic ~~'JJJUW,'j'j', . It rsovie N ~ 11 lrol. 3, no. 2, 1955- In unstabilthy nhenorix-na. 11.57. ErChoh So. Bast Elixopean Accessions List 'Tol. 5, NO. 9 Septemher 1956 21 1~*E~Wjlvlj-~ 91~4;~T-- 4 ~*.1~3* ~11-~r-;-,,-~W~-41 ;~-L~4~4 ~ jff - e-11 ex, - , L I-Z-13- ,v 1- ~Llol. ~4-t~ 'E, - --.j J, It. I K~VLI~ c t ~ , L L Z.I~ , I , i ~-,, -- d;~m -1 1..- 1. . . I I - ~. I,- -- r~- - - ~ - ~ ~ ~ -.'. ~ - ~ I - -- - NALESUID, JIGZ. JAROSLAW. Zagadnienia statexznosei sprezystej. Wyd. 2., popr.i uzup. Polp,nd Warszawa,,/Panstv7owe '6~rdawn. Naukowe, 1958. h70 D. (giblioteka rechaniki stosowanej) Monthly List of East European Accessions Index (EEAI), LC, Vol. 6, No. 6, June 1959 Uncl. ITALESZKT-rNIIGZ, J. TECRIOLMY Periodicals: MEGHANIKA. No. 3, 1958 NALSSUIWICZ., J. Quantization in cases of elastic instability. pt. 1, P-35. Monthly Lint of East European Accessions (FTAI) W, '101. 8, No. 2, February 19,59, Unclass. OMYA, A.K., inzh.'; NALETOV, A.A., inzh. Prinimali uchastiye: ROZENBERG, Ys.G.; SERGEYEV, M.F.,, GUIXOV,-P.P,; V.Ye.. red.; KARABILOVA, S.F., '-ARegulsilions m the constiruc~i g,and repair of overhes-Id commani -'id;as networks] Pravila 'stroitellstva cation'lifies And wire.-bPo i remonta vqzdijshnykh linii oviazi'i radiotranaliatsionnykh setei. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo lit~ry po voprosam avia:si i radio. Pt.3. (Construction and repair of overhead and underground lines and residential equipment for wire broadcasting and telephone networks] Stroitel'stvo i remont stoachnykh i podzemnykh linii i oborudovanie domovoi rasprodelitellnoi radiotranaliatdionnoi i telefonnoi vnutri- raionnoi setei. 1960. 198 p. (HIU 13:9) 1. Russia (1923- ..U'A.S.R.) HinisteiAvo .' fivyazi. (Wire broadcasting) (Telephone) , A.A. KALETOV . starshiy inzh. Concentrated balacing of the steel networks of overhead comudcation lines. Vest. sviazi 22 no.2:19-20 Ja 162. (14IRA 14:12) lo Laboratoriya TSentrallnogo nauchno-isi;ledovateliskogo institute, svyazi Ministerstva avyazi SSSR. (Telephone lines) (Radic 2ines) POROKllOV$ F.F., prof.; N44ETOV, A.V., [deceased]; Prinimali uchastiye: SKOVORODIN, N.M.,assistent; GRECHISHNIKOVA, G.D., starshiy-laborant; KROTKOV, A.H.,-veter. vrach; SUKHANOT, K.M., veterin. vrach Importance of the bionycin-vitamin concentrate in a combination of measures for ridding farms of infectious atrophic rhinitis of swine. Sbor. nauch. trud. Ivan. sell)dioz. Inst.-no.19i 155-159 162. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Kafedra'veterinarii i zoogigiyeny (zav., - prof. F.F. Porokhov) Ivanovskogo sellskokhozyaystvennogo inst'ituta. 2. Nachallnik Iva~ovskogo oblastnogo veterinarnogo otdela (for Naletov)., 3. Uchebnoye khozydystvo "Vasilfyevskoye", Ivanovo (for Sukhanov). L.S., kand.takhn.nauk; MILEYKOVSKIY V.I., inzh.; NALETOV D SHUNSKAYA) _-~TO~V D.Vti- inkh,; MININA, GA, inzh.; RYABOY, E.D., inzh. Automatic control of the combustion process in the TP-10 boiler. Teploenergetika 8-no.11:30-37 N 161'. (MIRA 14:10) 1, TSentrallnyy kotloturbinnyy inatitut i Turbinno-kotelinyy zavod. (Boilers) (Automatic control) UUTOT, I.F.; OVADIOVICH, IsTa. Simplified type of elevator for green malt. Spirt,prom. 21 no.1:41 155. (MM 8:5) 1. Klyevokiy spirtovyy treat. (Distilling industries--Equipment and supplies) KORO]30V,M.M.; RAYNV.Z.A.-. NAIXT07,1.F.; OVADIOVICH,I.Ya. Operating procedure of innovator A.M.Prikhodlko In the pneumatic malting unit. Spirt.prom.21 n0.3:43-45 155. (MLRA 8:12) 1. KTIPP* Kiyevskiy filial Voesoyuznogn Nsuchno-iosledovatell- skogo instituta spirtavoy promyshlennosti. I Kiyevskly spirtotrest. (malt) MDRDBDV, M.M.; NALHTDV, I.F.; OVADIOVIGH, I.Ya.; SYCH, P.K. Use of a paeumatic-tubs my'stom at the trilemy Alcohol Plant. Spirt.prom.22 no.ls27-28 056. OGRL 9:7) l.Kiyovskiy tokhaelegicheskiy ixmtit~t pishch*vlpjr_promynhleR- nosti imeni Mikeyamm, (for Korobov)'.2,Kiy8Tskiy spirtoM trest (for Naletoy. Ovadi9vIch)*3*Trilsmskiy spirtovyy zavad (for Sych). (Pasumatic-tube transportation) NALMV, I.F.; KIISWIOVSKIT, F.A. OMFIX _-I Operation of cast-iron beer distillation apparatus. Spirt. prom. 22 nn.3:36-37 156. (MLRA 9:11) 1. Kiyevskiy spirtoVy treat. (Distillation apparatus) NALETOV. I.F.; KHSHANOVSKIY, F.A. Experience with rectification apparatuoi at plants of the Kiev Alcohol Trust. Spirt. prom. 24 no.7:41-43 158. (KIRA 11:11) (Distillation apparatus) RaLvdi. it* F. Production of feed biom3rcin in distilleriez. Spirt.prom. 26 no.2-28-30 i6o. (MIRA 13:6) (Biomycin) KLUTOV, H., prof. Microscopic method of examining meat and meat products. Mias.ind.SSSR 30 no.2:44-45 '59. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Moskovskiy takhnologicheskiy institut myannoy I molochnoy promyshlennouti. (Meat Inspection) (microscopy) NALETOVY N., prof.; BOLISHAKOV, A., dotsont; SIMOV, V.; FOMIN, A. Histological changes In mat occurring during the various autolysis st4ges in cornibg. Mias.ind. SSSR 33 (i.e.341 no.2:19-21 163. (MIRA 16;4) 1. Mookovskiy tekhnologicheakiy inatitut myasnoy I molochnoy promyshlennosti. (Wa,t, Salt-Testing). 17 (2), 30 (6) sov/16-6o-4-44/47 AUTHOR x Naletov,_N.A., Lyubasheako, S.Ya , Terentlyev, F.A., Tetermik, D.M., 1'0g1n;'-V--.I. and Korneyev, I.P. TITLE% Professor Kh. Planel'yes. On the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday. PERIODICAL: Zhurnal mikrobiologil, epidemiologii 1 1mmunobiologii, 1960, Nr 4, pp 146 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a brief account of the life and career of Professor Kh. Pla- neltyes, Corresponding Msmber of the Akademiya meditsinskikh nauk SSSR (Academy oi Medical Scitnes of the USSR) and a noted pharmacologist, bio- chemist and microbiologist. He is credited with the discovery of many new Soviet antibiotles, Card 1/1 17 (2), 30 (6) SOV/i6-60-4-45/47 AUTHOR: jqaletov, N.A,,,,,-,Lyubashenko, S.Ya., Terenttyev, p.A., Tetermik, D.M., Kalugin, V.I. and Kornerev, 1.P, TITLE- Professor A.I.Metelkin. On the Occasion of Forty Years of Work. PERIODICAL: Zhurnal mikrobiologil, epidemiologil i Immunobiologii, 1960, Nr 4, pp 146 - 147 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a brief account of the scientific activity of Professor A.I. Llogist pedagogue and publicist. Metelkin,_Elcrobj,.. Card 1/1 VFISFEIL"ll YE. K. (Professor) and NALETOV, N. A. (Lecturer, Cewr:,~l TLberculosis "r,stitute and the Voscow Zowete-inary I~stitute. ExDeri~nent w-th antituberculosis vaccination -with the variant BO"3-5), and with double Injection of BC'-,~. So: Veterina-i.:a; 23; (12); December 19h6; Lncl. TABCON 0 0 9 0 0 41 0 NALETIOV, N. A. Waletov., Ii. A. "On trichinosis in wrild animals kept in captivity", Sbornik rabot po golimintologii (Voesoyuz. in-t gellmintologii im. akad. Skryabina), rAoocowp 1900 P. 139-42 SOt U-3042j 11 March 53p (Letopislnykh Stateys No. 10, 1949). Patho-histologic investigations of the organs of animals vaccinated with 13CG and wl-th Oxford vole strain. Probl. tuberk., Moskva no.4: 24-26 july-Aup, 1953, (CLKL 25:4) . ~4k 1. Of the Pathomorphology Division (Read -- Prof. V. I. Pasik), In- ntitute of Tuberculosis of the Academy of Medical SoienceB = I (Director -- Z. A. lebedeva; Scientific Supervisor Prof. A. Ye. Rabukhin). I lit no "Trichinelliasis of Wild-Animals Maintained in Captivity" Sbornik Rabot po Gelimintologii (Bsesoyuz. In-t. Gollmintologii im Acad. K. 1. Skraybin)p Moacow, 1948, ppl56-57 Letopist Zhurnalinykh Statey, 1949, item 6999 NALETCV, TI.A. "Reotoration Chanires in Casej of L'un.--- TuLerrulcsis in GaVle. It T Thesis for degree of Dr.. Veterinary Sci., Sub 1,2 Nov 49, Mloscow Veterinary Academy. 13 Dec. 52, Dissertaticn3 Presented-For Deirees, in Science and Enr~ineerinjr -in Moscow in 19119. From Ve6hernvaya Moskya, Jan-Dec. 10 9 ,4 T Petrovy arid A. 117-cxjcosl,'~ of the 1-idneys of fozes," 'Tru-'.y 1:rs;:. SO: U-4355, 14 ALLUSt 53, (Letopis 'Zhurnal Iny'Kh Statey, No. 15, 1'~~49) of) '(Ffom. Material Received by the Editor on the Treatment and Prevention of Pneur6nia) Extract ISU214d' and Pathblofiggai'm6rPholoriv 9 U- *Xkag Pnqiqqn -A~- 4A in gbee~ ifi mnra-yallwll by' Professor N.A. . Raletov (ModcowChemico- technological Institute of the Meat Industry). One of the serious diseaees 6f sheep in-the:'Tu--mkan (Turkmen) SSR is general'inflammation. of the lungs., usually observed from March and April through September and Obtaber. This disease *Affects all ages regardless of whether the animals are in good flesh or riot-and causes great exonomic loss, On dissecting carcasses of sheep on Coll6ctive farms in Takhta-BazarEkiy Rayon.. Mary Cblastj pathoanatomical changeB were identified which are characteristic in a pulmnary helminth dibeak called cystocaulosis with Cystocaulus nigrescens as the causative iq~ent. The disease is spread along theAmu-Darlya and Murgab rivers, The phenomenon of the development of widespread pneumonias during the warm season also becomes clear, since cystocaulosis pneumonias are dependent on the'eyele of & YP lopment. of.-th6 ifite-i7iddiary mollusk*h6st *and of the parasite itself. The dausAti-V6 agent of cystocaulosis is a roundworm of blackish color-, *the male is 46-130 millimeters long while the female is from 18-24 millimeters. The eggs are ellipsoid in shape with a very fine membrane* Infestation takes place on the pasture through eating infesting or infested larvae* When the larvae enter the intestine, they break into the mesentei7 lymph nodes and are carried along the lymphatics to the lungs 2here pneumonia nidi arise, Un.dor favffqle c%gditjuns t~g ntgi may,become en an b e aRtedc r un favorable con ons ey se ge er and cause vuR a ve WAft pneumonia, Larvoseopy is used to make the diagnosis. The treatment for the 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0 40 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 a * 0 0 disease 'under discussion has'not been worked -out. Prevention must be based on the princi~16 of pasture rotation and control of the Intex=diary mollusk host. (VeterinarVa;116-5 P*1952).' - ' SOAIWReport U-5638;10 March 1954;p.21-210=469MZGE~~ de g 0 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 * 0 1o 0 0 '0 0 0 0 * ~ HALRTOV# H.A, "W;~M Pathologioo-histological examination of organs of animal3 vaccinated with OVS (Oxford vole strain) and BCG vaccines. Probl.tub. no.4:24- 26 JI-Ag 153. (MLRA 6:11) 1. 1z patomorfologiobeekogo otdoleniya (saveduyuohohiy - professor V.I.Puzik) Institnta, tuberkalesa Akademii meditainakikh nauk SSSR (direktor Z.A.Labodeva, nauchnyy rukovoditell - professor A.Ya. Rabukhin). (BCG) (Tuberculosis-Preventive inoculation) NALITOV, M*A,., professor; TETXWK, D.H., professor; RIKARDO, D.I., doteent; ~~!3kjkv" B.A., dotsent. OLaboratory examination methods in veterinary sciencel. Taterinarii& 32 ne.3:85-90 Mr 155. WaA 8:4) (TMIalURT LtMRATORIBS) NALETOV, N.A., professor. Dissection of carcasses as a method of postmortem diagnosis. Vaterinariia 32 ne.6:??-80 Je 055. (KMA 8: 7) (AUTMT) (Viol IRW MEDICImc--DiAnous) USM/Diseases of Farz Animals - Diseases Cauried by Bacteria R-2 and Fungiv, Abu Jour Ref Zhur B101t) No 11) 1958, 5ol86 Author Naletov, N.A. Inst : Turkmen Farm Institute@, Title : Data on Tuberculosisin DoGa. Orig Pub : Tr. Turkm. s.-Ith. in-ta, 1956, 8, 197-199 Abstract : The description of tuberculosis in a 6-month old doL; is C;iveno Caseous necrosis and c;iant cells were absent. Puruloid decay of necrotic tissue and sharply pronounced reactions around the primary focus and in the foci of gone- ralization were predominant. The complete primary tubercu- losis complex was eviCent in the lungs. Furthermore, C;cne- ralized tuberculosis was cotablished, which included im- pairment of the lungs, the heart, the liver, the spleen, Card 1/2 19 - NALZTOVt ji,A., professor Regenerative changes in pulmoaar7 tuberculosis In cattle'[vith sufwar7 in French] Probl.tub. 34 no.6:49-55 M-D 156. (MMA 10:2) 16 Iz Instituta tubarkaleza ANN SSSR (dir. - %.A.1mbedeva) I. iz Mookovskogo tekhnologichookogo institute wyasnoy I molochnoy pro- myshlannosti. (TUBERMOSIS. PUIXONARY, pbyaiolog7, regen. processes in cattle (Rum)) (CATTLE, diseases, pulme tuberce, rageae processes (Rum)) P3 fe nor; qjQ vs;iy'~0.77. N.A., profeemori TITMIX, I),K,, professor; MR; KASIYANMO. I-Lo dotment. Differoutiation of TrIchous1la and similar parasites producizC other Invasion@ In the mujoles of swine. Yeterlawils 34 no 5:67-71 W '57. iKUU 10tO 1, Chlon-korrospondent Tsesoyusuoy Akadenii sell skokbosyoqstvonrqkh nauk imeni.Lonina (for Orlov), 2, Hookovskiy tekhnoloCichaskly in- stitut =Vasnoy I moloohnoy pronyahlonnosti. (Trichina and trichinosim) (Owine-Diseasse and posts) NAIETOV, Nikolay Alekseyevich, prof.; DEREVLYANSKAYA, N.I... red. [Pathologica.1 pbysiolog*)r and pathological anatoNq of farm animals] Patologich-eskaia fiziologila i patologichesk&ia anatomiia sell skokhoziaistvermykh zlivotrpjkli. Moskva, Ko- los, 1964. 358 p. (MIRA 19:3) GOD)TAP A.I., dotsentj NALETOV, !,.I,, prof.; GUSFVA, N.V., dotaent Training and skill improvement of personnel. Veterinarila 41 no.2:100-108 F t64. (MJRA 17;12) 1. Moskovskaya veterinarnaya akademiya (for Golota. 2. Moskovskiy teklmologicheakiy institut myasnoy i molochnoy promyshlennosti (for Naletov). 3. Laningradakiy veterinarnyy institut (for Guseva). S-KVORTSOV, F.F., aspirant; kLALETOV, N.A., nauchnyy rukovoditeil, prof. Naphrolithlasis in cattle. Votorinariia 42 no.7:60-62 JI 165. (MIRA 18:9) 1. Moskovskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut myasnoy i molochnoy promyshlennosti. "Po povod-a odnogo vypada," P. 41 Goryachiye Slmtsy,, No, 2-3. 1931 -.NALE12yj_1glK_~3~~LABOVICH9 P.L., red. izd-va; BYIOVA, V.V.9 tekhn. red. [Catalog of sites of fossil faunat floraq polleng and spores in the central Buryat A.S.S.R.] Katalog mostonakhozbdenii iskopaeuqkh fauiq, floryp pylltsy i spor tsentrallnoi chasti Buriatskoi ASSR. Moskva, God. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po geol. i okhrane nedrg 1961. 62 p. (MIRA 34:7) (Bux7ai- Mongolia-Paleontology) BELYAYEV, A.P., red.; BES01OLITSY11, Ye.11., red.; BLINHKOV, I.I., red.; DKEKAS, Yu.K., red.; MARKOV, N,.A., rod.; KOROVIb*, A.V., red.; 1:,J.,0Y12'GV, F.K., red.; M.M., red.; red.; i'y!.bENKG', V.Yr.., red.; SAVIVSKIY, K.A., rod.; SM, A.I., rod.; S11,11YUK, V.D., red.p M-10LISM, L.1-11., red.; TIKHONOV, V.L., red.; '7KQFI1-'UK7 F.I., rod.; TOMILOVSKAYA, 1A.V., red.; MMIN, N.I.., red.BIEAT.111, YU.K., ved. L,ed. (Recent data on the geolor~j, petroleum potentials, and mineral resources of Irkutsk Province] Novye danzrje po geologii, neftenosnosti i polezrrym i--kopaemym Irkutskoi oblasti. Mosk-va, Nedra, 1964. 278 p. (1-1 IRA 17: 8) 1. Russia (1917- R.S.F.S.H.) Glavnoye upravleniye geologii i okhrany nedr. Irkutskoye ge-ologichoskoye upravleniye. ,_!IALETGV, Petr Ivanovich; BESSOLITM, Ye.P.y geol. rod.; ABOVICH, P.L., red-I9T-V&,-IVANOVA-j-A.G., tekhn, red, (Stratigrapby of the central part of the Buryat A.S.S.R.] Strati- grafiia- tsentralinoi chasti Buriatskoi ASSR. Moskva, Gos. nauchno- tekbno izd-vo 2it-ry po geologii i okhrane nedr., 1961. 279 p, (MIRA 14: U) (Buryat-Mongolia-Geologyy Stratigraphic) NXLETOVJ P.I.; BESSOLITSKU, Ye.P.., red.; SHVYRYIYIN, Yu.T., red.izd- ----:j-a-;3iERUSALIMSKAYA, Ye.S., tekhn. red. [Intrusive rocks in the central part of the Buryat A.S.S.R.]Intru- zivrqe gornye porody tsentrallnoi chasti Buriatskoi ASSR. Moskva, Googeoltekhizdat, 1962. 149 p. (MIRA 16:1) (Buryat-Mongolia-Rooks, Ipeous) 591 .TJTHORS: Kudino -v, B-'.A', 9 Naydis-t - V-.A. p Nal etov S' R. j and Khludovp S.V. 'ITLE: Selection of the Type of Drive for Feed Mechanisms in Heavy Vertical Lathes (Vybor Tipa Privoda Mekhanizmov Podachi Tyazhelyki Karusellnykh Stankov). 'ERIODICAL: i~ 'i'Instrument"-(Machine Tools and Cutting Tools, No".3, 9 pp-9-13. BSTRACT: A discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of various layouts in'a wide range of heavy vertical lathes is accompanied by tables giving speed and feed limits and cutting forces for a range of diameters between 3200 mm and 20 000 mm and the corres- onding range of component types between 2000 mm and 0"300 mm. ~ he feed and setting-up mechanisms are sub-divided into those with purely electrical and those with electromechanical controll controlled by either a two-speed gear-box or a two-motor drive. Another table for the above range of component sizes gives the installed Ep'. for a number of variants belonging to these two classes also illustrated by kinematic diagrams. It is concluded that except for the largest machines, the most appropriate arrangement is the feed drive by an individual d.c. motor with two-speed gear-box control and a separate motor for fast setting- up motions. This arrangement yields the simplest and cheapest complete installation and is most readily standardised for the whole range of vertical -lathes. There are 6 illustrations and 4 tables. The Selection of the Zairt Drive Type of Heavy Vertical Lathes. 121-7 1 26 to a range dorlain r,f ~he Afaczplate revolving of from 1:64 to 1:85; individual motor converters ars built in by 9%6' of the consu.- mers. Table I and 3 illustrations show and explain the method of the most advantageous selection of the drive. ASSOCIATION Not Given. PRESEIRED BY SUBMITTED AVAILABLE Library of Congress. Card 2/2 KUDINOV, B.A.; NAYDIS, V.A. - NILHTOV, S.P. Operating electric drives in heavy-duty vertical boring and turning lathes. Stan.i instr. 28 no.9:10-12 S '57. (MIRA 10:10) (Machine tools-Electric driving) (Electronic control) KUDINOV, B.A.; HUNTOY, S.F. Development of the design of heavy-daty machine tooI3. Stan.i instre 31 no-3:1-10 Mr 160, (MM 13:6) (Machine tools--Design) i -3/117/W000/007/001 A004/A101 AUTHOR..~ Naletov,, S. P. ------------- TITLE: At the Koldmenskiy stankostroitellnyy zavod (Kolomna Machine To 1 o Plant) PERIOD.'.r-.AL: Mashinostroitell, no..7, 1962, 10 - 12 TEXT: The author reports that during the 14 years of its existence the Kolomna Machine Tool Plant has specialized mainly in the construction o gear milling machines'and vertical lathes. During the last two years-the Plant produced also a great number of horizontal boring machines as well as many spa- cialized. machine tools. The Plant has carried-out a great-amount of research work for increasing the service reliability and the life of the machine tools manufactured. In all heavy'load units use is made of gears and antifriction bearings,of great hardness. Comprehensive investigations concerning the.selec- tion of friction couples proved the IXAM -10-5 (TsAM-10-5) zinc alloy in pairs*, with cast iron to be the most efficient combination. The Plant manufacturds vertical lathes for parts to be machined in the range of 3, M to 20,W0 mm in Card 1/2 S/117/62/000/007/001/003 At the Kolomenskiy... Aoo4/Alol diameter. The author describes a number of constructional improvements of the vertical lathes built from 1958 to 1959. The gear milling machines produced by the Kolomna Plant are Intended for gears 2,000 - 12,500 M in diameter (vertical.1.1 arrangement) and 5P0 - 1,250 mm in diameter (horizontal arrangement). The new machine designs provide for a machine table which is centered by a double-row roller bearing with adjustable clearance, whose wear is compensated for in opera-,,,. tion by the extension of the inner ring. It is regretted that the Plant is not.!; supplied with a sufficient amount of high-quality bronze so that it can but A produce unique individual machine tools with really dependable indexing pairs for gears 3,200 mm in diameter and over. At present high-precision gear milling" machines are being designed that will be prpduced in the course of the next years. The author mentions that the Kolomna Plant uses transistorized ampli- fiers in the automatic control systems of their machine tools. There are 6 figures. j I Card 212 NAIMOVP V.S., inzh. I---------- New develop:rents in the utilization of mining and building equipment. Shakht.stroi. 6 no.2t24-26 F 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Trest Shakhtostroymekhanizatsiya kombinata Donetskshakhtostroy. (Mining engineering) NALETOY.-Ya. Fireproof construction an Mordvinian collective farms. Pozh. delo 5 no.8:4-5 Ag '59. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Ilacballnik Otdela pozharnoy okhrany Moldavskoy ASSR. (14ordovia--Collective farms) I - -- NALETOT-T-41--~ "KoBtrolit" as roof material, Pozh.delo 6:14 Mr 160. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Ifachallnik Otdeleniya pozharnoy okhrany Mordovskoy ASSR. (Roofing) (Flax) - f: 1 ..4k NALBTOVAI G. P., Cand Chem Sci - (diss) "Investigation of the formation of alcohol and phenol complexes." Tomsk, 1960. 16 pp; with diagrams; (Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialist Education RSFSR, Tomskiy Order of Labor, Red Banner Polytechnic Institute im S. M. Kirov); 150 copies; price not given; (KL, 19-60, 130) TRONOV, B.V.; IIALETOVA G. P. Type of reactivity of the hydroxyl group in alcoholso IZV*vys.uchebe zav.; khim.i khim.tekh. 4 no.1:262-161+ 161. (,MM 14; 6) I. Tomskiy politekhnicheakiy institut imeni S.M.Kirova, kafedra organichoskiy khimii. (Alcohols) (Ilydroxyl group) L, 01152-66 WT(M)/E~Vj) M. ACCESSION KRt AP5922003 UR/0286/65/000/014/0017/0077 676.6740622!62 04 AUTHOR: Valetowa, G. Ps. Naksineva. V. I., -TITLEs A method for producing halogen-contaiving &!Mal resins. Class 39 -No. 172969 Z SOURCE: B tan' izobretenly I tovarnykh xnakov, no, 140 19659 77 yulle TOPIC TAGS: resin, halogenation, thermoplastic material, thermosetting material ABSTRACT: This Author' a Certificate introduces: 1. A method for producing halo e ge containing glyptal resins by - polycondenzation of a halagen-containing anhydride of dicarboxylic acid with glycols. A wider selection of resins Is produced by using 3-fluor-ophthalic anhydride. 2. A modification of this method In which the t avers ture is reduced by using dietfiyl: aniline as a cat alyst ASSOCIATION. none 05Jul63. SUBMITTED: EXCL: 00 We CODES XT No IMF soy: 000 OrHeRt '..Cam a 1, 1 a 0M, 777- MRBATOV) A.L.; IIALETOVA, U.B.; FATILOVA, I.G.; STREBELEV, Yo.Ye. (Vineral fertilizers and -.1ne-ir use; of Sonict literaturo for 1961-19631 Mirierallmyo udcbraniia Jk ikh primenenia; ukazaLall otochastvormol 11taratury -a 1963. 1963 gg. Moskva, 1964. 127 1). (MIRA 18~2) 1. N~oscow. TSentraltnava ilauchnaya sell skokhozyaystvermaya biblioteka. NALETOVA, 0. A.: NALETOVA, 0. A.; I'Medicamentous (barbamil) sleep following enteral administration of glucose, under experimental and clinical conditions". kva2an', 195-55. Rya7an, State Medical Inst imeni 1. P~ Favlov. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate of Science of Medical Sciencesi SO: KnizhnVa LetopisI., No. hl, 8 Oct 55 _!~4q,70VIA, O.A.; KIMNETSOVA, L.A. Reaction of hypophysectomize-ed dogs to sa-,Y3 stlmulants of the vascular tonus. Nauch. trudy Riaz. md. Im t. 15t81-84 102. (1-11-IRA 17:5) 1. Kafedra patologicheskoy fiziologii (zav. kafedroy - prof. Ryazanskogo meditsinskcgo instituta Imeni Pavlova. USSR / Pharmacology, Toxicology. Analeptics. V Abs Jour; Ref Zhur-Biol., No 181 1958, 85125. Author : Chernoyarova, N. N., Naletova, 0. M. Inst : Not given. Title : The Influence of Ginseng on the Level of Blood Sugar in Healthy Persons and in Patients with Dia- betes Mellitus. Orig Pub: In the collection, Materialy k izueh. zben'shenya i limonnika, No 3, Leningrad., 1958, 88-92. Abstract: 20 healthy persons and 19 patients with diabeteB -mellitus were,studied for the influence of an ex- tract Of ginseng (G) on the blood sugar level. The patients received G in a dose of 0.5 ml twice a day in conjunction with insulin. The healthy sub- Jects received G in a dose of 15 or 30 drops alon.- with glucose. The use of G in patients with moder- Card 1/2 20 KOSHELEVA, G.N.; NALETSKAYA, G.N. 2,4-Dinitrophenyl derivatives of amino acids (2,4-DNP-dr-ivatives of amino acids). Metod.poluch.khim.reak.i prepar. no.4/5-.113-- 3 162. (MIRA 17 4) 1. Institut khimii prirodnykh soyedineniy AN SSSR. IIAIEVA Grafting of wheat embryos on the corn endosperm* Sbor., stud. nauch. rab. Naucho'studo ob-va lAre goo* pod. inst. no.3:87-95 t59* (MIRA 14:7) 1. Nauchnyy rukovoditell dotsent V.E.Zemit. (Grafting) (Wheat) (Corn(mai7e)) HAESIMOVICH, G.A.; NALEVKIN, D.V.. akademik. Genetic types of Karat formations. Dokl. AN SSSR 90 no.6:1119-1121 Je '53. NLRA 6:6) 1. MolotovRkly gonudarstvennyy universitat im. A.M. Gorlkogo. 2. Akade- miya nauk =R (for Nalevkin). (Karat) BELYAKOV, F.Ye.; BABIN, B.N.; BALI, V.; BOROVKOV, P.N.; VOYNVODIN, I.N.; GTJR,7VICH, G.M.; GORBLTITOVA, P.I.; KOHNOV, A.S.; KALAWAROVA, M.V.; KASHIRSKIY, A.Ya.; KAZANCHEYZV, Ye.N.; LEKSUTKIN, A.F.; LETI- CHEVSKIY, M.A.; LOPATIN, S.Z.; MIRSKIY, VX.; PODS3VALOV, V.N.; SUBBOTINA, V.P.; TANASIYCHIJK, N.P.; FEDOTOV, S.D.; FISENYO, K.N.; ELIKIND, I.G.; BOVIN, S.S.; VASILIYXV, L.T.: DRINKOV, V.D.; DALE- CHIN, N.I.; DADAGOV, I.A.; YEMOSHINA, V.I.; ZHUKOV, I.V.; ZIMIN, D.A.; IVANNIKOV, A.Ya.; KOVALEV, M.K.; LUGAKOVSKIY, N.L.; NALEVSKIY A.F.; SEREZHNIKOV, V.K.; SEMIGLASOV, M.D.; SOKOLOV, A.V.; &EPMOV T.'r.; SAKHARIN, G.S.; SAVENKO, P.A.; SOLODOV, V.P.; UMEROV, Sh.Kh.: CHIKINDAS, G.S.; SHCHERBUKHINA, S.N.; DYNKIN, G.Z.; LYSOV. V.3.; OSHEROVICH, A.N.; ROKITSINSKIY, E.V.; BRAS&AVSKIY, M.S.; RUIMTKO, I.A.; ZIfUKOBORSKIY, M.S.; ZHDANOV, I.Ye.; SUSLIN, V.I.; BRUS, A.Ye.; VOLYNSKIY, S.A.; KLYUYEV, V.A.; ISTRATOV, A.G.; TIKHOMIROV, I.F.; BUTYRIN, Ya.N.; VOLYNSKIY, S.A.; MINEYEV, M.F.; MALITSZV, V.I.; VIDETSKIY, A.F., kand.t8khn.nauk, glavnyy red.; DEMIDOV, A.N., red.; KRAVETS, A.L., red.; KLI140VA, Z.I., [Industrial Astrakhan] Promyshlennaia Astrakhant. Astrakhang, Izd-vo gazety "Volga," 1959. 318 P. (MIRA 12:11) 1. Astrakhan (Province) Skonomicheakiy administrativnyy rayon. (Astrakhan Provinco-Economid conditions)