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NAPALEDV, A.Y., kandidat biologicheekikh nauko . -Ai Neural regulation of the activity of Intainal organs. Est. v shkole no.1;22-26 J&-T 155. (MLRA 8:3) 1. Hookovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im* M.V.Lomonosovas (Nervous system) HAPALEDY, V., kandidat blelogichaskikh mauk. Regeneration of lost functions. Est. v shkolo me.4:17-20 il-Ag '56s (KIRA 9:9) l'Mookivskly gosudarstvannyy uxiversitat imezi M.MemonoO :ova* (NERVOUS SYSTEM) r ~T ?~- i~, ~z , " , t - , NAPAMY, A.Y., kandidaL biologicheskikb nauk. - Reflex tbmory and diseases. Nauka I zhixnl 23 no.6:27-30 Js 156. (HLRA 9:9) (Reflexes) (Diseases--Causes and tbeories of causation) HAPALICO Study of nev methods of experimental therapy based on Idestructioug of pathological conditioned reflex bonds. Blul.eksp.biol.zed. 42 no,7:22-25 J1 156. (HERA 9:9) 1. Is kafedry fiziologii thivotnykh (sav. - chlen-korrespondent AN SBSR Kh.S.Zoahtavants) Xoskovokogo ordena Lenina gosudarstvennogo universitata imeni M.Y.Lomonosova.-Prodetavlona daystvitelinym chlenom ANN SSSR A.L.I(Vasnikovym. (RULIX, CONDITIONAD, ther. baesd on destruction of pathol.-cond. reflex bonds in animals (Rus)) NAPALKOV, A.V., kandidat b1ologicheskikh nauk. DevelouLng complex chain reflexes In animals and demostrating then ~q tbo_g~jass. Biol. v shkols no.3'.38-43 Vq-Je 157. (KLRA 10:6) 1. Mookovskiy gosudaretvaPPYv-~miveroitat.imeni.X.V..Lomonosova. (Zoology-Study and teaching,)- (Animals, Habits and behavior of) (Conditioned response) HAPALKO I A-71 .,, kandi(fat biologiche9kikh--nauk-.--- --- -- -- -- --- - - - - - - Can animals reason? lUn.nat. no.6:13-14 Je 157. (HLRA 10;7) (Psycholog7, Comparative) KARALKOV, A.V.; KARASI, A.Ta. Aliminating conditioned pathological bonds In experimental hypertensive conditiones' (with summary in Xng~ishl. Zhur.vysonarv. aaiat. 7 no.3:402-409 My-Je 157. (MIRA 10;10) 1. Kafedra fiziologii zhivotnykh Hoekovskogo gosudarstvannogo universiteta. (HYMTBNSION, experimental, elimination of conditioned pathol. bonds in dogs (Rue)) (REFT X, CONDITIOVED, elimination of conditioned pathol. bonds In exper. hypertension (Rue)) WALKOV. A.V. (Moskva) Role of the nervous system in the development of a pathological process. Arkh. pat., 19 no.3:69-71 '57 (MLEA 10:5) 1. Iz kafedry vysshey nervnoy deyatellnosti Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta imeni M.V. Lomonosova. (NERVOUS SYSTEM, in various dis. role in develop. of patbol. process) (DISICASE role of NS in develop. of pathol. process) SOV126-58-1-20136 AUTHOR: Napalkov, A.V., Candidate of Biological Sciences (moscow) TITLE: T`heCon~diti5`ne~eflex and Complicated Forms of Animal Be- havior (Uslovnyy refleks i slozhnyye formy povedeniya zhi- votnykh) PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1958, Nr 1, pp 103-104 (USSR) ABSTRACT: According to I.M. Sechenov and I.P. Pavlov, the most compli- cated forms of animal behavior are chains of motive-condi- tioned reflexes. The MGU19 Chair of the Physiology of Higher Nervous Activity under the direction of Professor L.G. Voronin has worked out artificial reflex chains for animals. The experiments included two cats, 7 rabbits, 7 doves and 2 tortoises. In all animals except the tortoises, complicated chains consisting of 7 to 9 conditioned reflexes could be effected. Food was given to the animals only when they had passed the reflex chain. This chain was fortified by adding to the individual links (conditioned reflexes) stimuli from forner links of the chain. It was demonstrated that considerably more complicated reflex chains can be worked Card 112 out in the case of' doves, rabbits and cats. The experiments SOV/26-58-1-20/36 The Conditioned Reflex and Complicated Forms of Animal Behavior proved Sechenov's and Pavlov's theory. They nre especially important with respect to the fact that for the fortified links, not only unconditioned stimuli can be used, but also conditioned stimuli and also the cut-off conditioned block. In nature, the animals use a lsrge number of reflex chains worked out earlier in the process of their life. Thus, the "development of the brain" that is observed in the individua- lization process of the life of each animal can be explained, 'Nith respect to tortoises reflex chains of more than 3 links could not be arranged. There are 2 photos. Card 2/2 NAPAIKOV, A.V. Physiological mechanisms underlring the formation of conditioned motor riflv chains. Hauch. dokl. v7s, shkolT; biol. nauki no.Z: 66-73 '59. (MIRA 11:10) 1,Predstavlena kafedro7 fizologli vysshey nerynoy doratellnosti mookovskogo gosudarstvennogo universitets, imeni M.V. Lononosova. (CONDITIONZD MPOM) RkPALKOV, A,V, Charact arlatics of the formation of conplex conditioned reflex systems. Vest. Mook. un. Ser. biol., pochv., gool., goog. 13 no.2: 75-83 158. WIRA 110) 1. 14nakovskiy goo. universitat, Kafedra vysshey aervnoy deyatellnoati. (Conditioned response) ITAPALKOV. A.V.,.,kand. biol. nauk .,-- -, Animal "intelligence.* Nauka I 2hizn' 25 no. 6:29-30 Jr, '58. (MIRA 11:8) (Animals. Habits and bebavior of) BRATOS, S.N.; NAPALKOT, A.Y.; SUCHINSKIT, T.B. [scientific records; problems in neurocybernetics] Uchenye zapiski; problemy neirokibornatiki. Moskva, SSSR, 1959- 109 P- (MIRA 13:3) (mmumics) (BRAIN) BRAYNES, S.H., prof., red.,-. IKQ~J-,red.; KOHRV, S.V., red.; KORZHOV, V.A., red.; FEMNIN, G.P., red.; KCMIIISKAYA, O.Ya., red.; KIJCHINA, Yaj., red. (Problems in experimental pathology; collection of articles from the experimental pathology laboratory] Voprooy eksperimentallnoi patologii; Bbornik rabot laboratorii ekaperimentallnoi -,tologii. Pod obehahei red. S.H.Brainesa. Moskva, 1959. 339 P. (MIRA 14:2) 1. Akademiya meditsinskikh nauk SSSR. Inatitut peikhistrii. (NMVM SYMR--DISRASES) NAFALWIV, 1. ANALYSTS OF '.Di-d-1116 MINCIPLLS 0;-' SOM' SELF ADJUSTING 5-ISM-0 IN A11D BIOLOGY 'N. A. 11. Y~PA-D~071, Psychiatri Research Institute, Mosco,,,r, TTS.71-1 and Yu. A. SCHREIMR, Electronic 1-lathematical Machines Research institute Moscow, USSR The rc,)ort deals Ath control processes characterized by the volume of atilized information ' by the direction of the information strew-is and f he time needed to work ont the corresponding coArol alrorithm. Numerical characteristics of the best attainable quality of control are Liven, as well as an estimation of the time needed to work out the control al-orithm. The general diaLram of development of conditional reflex chains is considered. AlF- ,orithns formint! the basis of the working out of complex systems of reflexes tinder various co7iditions are described on the ba5is of e.-q)eri,-nerital data. Particularly, alCorithms are considered which are connected with the Ailization of previou-sly develo*ped reflex chains. A systeri of subordination in the action of conditic'nal ntim~)li has been detected in experi-mcntal con,61.ions. These itiechaniz;ms enable estimation of the information corant, in from the r-,nvir(nmnt;v reduce th-c- l-'rcv.-it of information that has to be treated and cliiAnates the neces.-,it,.,- of te-tinc it all. PAPER PRE-SE,',TED AT: Internation Conf. on Information ProcessinE M.MG0 House, Paris 15-20 June 1959 NAPALKOV, A.V.- SHTILIAAH, Ye.m. Study of complex conditioned reflex syst"s in ,an. Haucb.dokl. vya.shkoly; biol,nauki no-3:90-93 '59, (MIRA 12:10) 1. Rokonandovana kafearoy fiziologii vysshny norvnoy doyat6l'- nosti 14oskovskogo gonudaretvennogo univorniteta In. m.V.Lono- nogova. (CONDITIONED IMSPONSE) HAPALMV, A-V., kand.biol.nauk Is It harmful to get excited? Zdorovie 5 no.1:22-24 Ja 159 (MIRA 11:12) (MIND = BODY) (EMOTIONS) SOV/25-39-6-10/49 AUTHORS: Braynest S.N.v Professor, and Candidate of Biological Scienc---s JL TITLE: The Brain and Cybernetics PERIODICAL; Nauka i zhiznl, 1959, Nr 6, PP,17-21 and p 2 of centerfold, (USSR) ABSTRACT- This is a popular article on some new theoretical Propositions contained in a lec'ure which was prepared by the authors and A.Yu. Shreyder, Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, on the subject "An Analysis of the 7fork Principles of come Self-Adjusting Systems in Engineering and Biology", for pre- sentation at the International Conference on Problems in the Processing of Information, to be held by UNES)CO in Paris, June, 1959. The essence of the problem is in the human attempts to construct an automatic self-governing machine which would imitate the functions of the brains of animals or man. The authors admit that the hunan brain ramains ur- surpassed, and that hoviever perfect a :rachine !ray be, it Card 1/2 will only carry out a pro,ram of ori-abions placei into it SOV/2r-~9-6-10/49 The Brain and Cybernetics by man. By studying the functions of the brain, scientists try to solve impor,tant problems in developing and perfecting technical cybernetics. The authors tell of experiments con- ducted by Soviet scientists which were based on the work dDne previously by I.P. Pavlov, Professor P.K. Anokhin, L.G. Voronin, P.S. Kupalov, and others. Experiments in this field are being conducted in the Institut psikhiatrii Aka- demii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR (Institute of Psychiatry attach- ed to the Academy of 11edical Sciences U33R). A model of a cybernetic machine which should uork as a self-governing system has already been constructed in the Moskovskiy ener- geticheskiy institut (filoscow Power Engineering Institute). Academician A.I. Berg is said to have done much for the de- velopment of electronics and cybernetics. There arc 5 sets of drawings. Card 2/2 -,-ITAPALKOV, A.V., kand.biolog.nauk Cybernetics and the study of brain physiology. Biol.v shkole no.6:75-80 N-D 159. (9IRA 13:3) 1. Uoskovski7 goeudaretvannyy universitet imeni 14.V. Lomonnsova. (Cybernetics) (Brain) 3/044/62/000/007/066/100 C111/C333 AUTHORS: Braynes, S N., Vapalkov, A. V. TITLE: Some questions ' .__ihe theory of self-organizing systems PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal, Mlatematika, no. 7, 1962, 42, 43, abstract 7V185- ("VoPr- filosofii",.1959, no. 6, 148~-154) A self-organizing cybernetic sysWm is a By8tem developing, the working program if a final aim is introduced into the system. The,question consists of the determination of an algorithm which per- mits the avoidance of the complete inspection-of the variants of the behaviour of the system. The algorithm shall grant; 1) the deteraina- tion of the rules of the controlled systemi 2) the possibility to distinguish regularities from accidents;'3) the choice of the rules necessary for the solution of the put-up problem; 4) the treatment of these 7,~,le3 and the use for the purpose of gaining the final objective; -he cont~-o'_ .;Y,_ the consideration of the stated rules in. 4. Ono dezcribes an experiment by which complicated conditional rk~i'.Iexos were caused in a dog. A chain of irritating signals is eiven, each irri-tation (beginning with the second one) is a function of the roopond of the dog to the praceding Irritation. Of dd4vossible.chaips only Card 1/ S/044/62/000/007/0066/100 Some questions of the theory of ... C111/C333 one leads to the reception of food and one to the reception of water. Under the influence of~the "intercalating irritation" - hunger - the dog searches the first chain by trying out. Adjoining one leads the same signals to the dog which is now full* but thirsty. The dog ifnores the food chain which is well-known'to him and looks for 'the drinking chain. The drinkin- chain must contain complete sections-of the food chain. Then the dog uses the regularities partly well-known to him and does not accomplish a complete trying outo,,a fact which influences the time of training. The possible algorithm of the searching for the necessary chain in the brain of the dog is given. it grants the comparison of the information stored in the brain with the information from outside ana the aelection of the uoeful information for the pur- pose of avoiding the complete trying out of all.variants of the be- haviour, [Abstracter's notes Complete translation.] f V Card 2/2 ITAPALKOV, A.V. Chains of motor conditioned reflexes In pigeons. Zh-mr.vya.ner-,.de1at. 9 no.4:615-621 JI-Ag 159. (YIEU 12.-12) 1. Kafedra fiziologii vyeshey nervnoy dayatelinosti Mookovakogo goAa- darstvennogo univereiteta. (REP= COYMIOMM) YOROITIN, L.G.; 'EAPAI~!OV, .1.'I. Nothodical process in the formation Of COMPIOX 07stams of motor conditioued reflexes in animals. Zhur.vys.nerv.dolat. 9 no-5,'788- 791 S-0 159. (MIRA 130) 1. lafedra vysahey nervuoy dayatollmosti Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta imeni M.Y. Lomonooova. (RLTLEX CONDITIOnD) "NAPAMV-1-A.T., SHP =1 W, Ye. V Studying complex forms of analytic and synthetic activity of the brain. Vest. mosk. un. Ser. b1ol., pochv.. geol., ' ' 14 no-3:13-19 '59, (MIRA 13:6) pog. g l.' Kafedra vyashey ner7noy dayatelinoott Moskovskogo universiteta. (CONDIT IONED RESPONSE) Scientific notes: Problems of Cybernetics (by) S.N. Braynes, A.V. Napall-cov, and V.B. Svechinskiy. New York, U.S. Joint Publications Research Seryice) 1960. 208 p. diagrs., tables, (JPR3: 5880) (-jTs: 6o-hi., 639) Translated from the Original Russian: Uchenyye Zapiski: Problemy Neyrokibernetiki, Moscow, 1959. Bibliography: p. 196-208 3 ~,*,~', 2 1. S/044/62/000/006/124/127 B16o/B102 AUTHOR, Napalkov, A. V. TITLE: Some principles of the brain's operation I 1,1::11-1,10DICAL: Roforativnyy zhurnal. blatematika,. no. 6, 1962, 82-83, abitruct 6V455 (81). "Problemy ~,Iburnotikill, no..4, Fizmatgiz, 190"0, 183-195) TEXT: ~i d&scripti ,on is given of the exDerimental research being carried out .,:in the Moscov; S'tate University on the formation of complex systems of conditioned reflexes. 1~y reacting to an external irritant an organism Provokes fresh external irritants by this very reaction. The chains of reflexec in.aniinals are formed by gradual accumulation. In man the conplex chains are formed at once by the method of trial and error (orientation and study activity)i in this case unnecessary actions are included in the*chain and later remove themselves by selection so that a correzrionderce is established with the behavior of.the external zmediuM. The second part of the work is devoted to experiments on using sy3toms of reflexes which have already been accumulated while changing the Card 112 S/044/62/330/,`~)6/1, 24 /1 n4~ 7 Some principles of the brain's 31060/B102 require-mento of animals (experimental thirst, for example) -~nd makin,,', 'the e%perimontal ;,,iodium more oo;nplex (no%,,, irritpnts). 'rho formatiin of be',avior led to satisfaction of the now demand and corresponded procisely -to tho nature of the external condition,- vilhich had been created. Ce r t d'i n irritants began to serve as reinforcement when new, conditioned reflexes%.... had been produced. Somae -roups of signals becane initiatin*g irritants, "qnd others started to chanze the n--ture of the reaction (brought thc organism into different states). The fact that new condi'ioned are produced-without direct correspondence o-f two signals froir.-, the ou'u-side -,."Orld was noted. In conclusion the physiological mechanisms are di~icusseJ. The hypothesis is ~)ut -forward that several excitation waves from differen-. SoUrCeS of information coincide. In th' words of the autho-r, the resea:cch which has been made may have sian4ficance in the development of self-adjusting cybernetia systems. FAbstracter's-note: Complete 4..-ansiation.! L Card 2/2 MAMS, S.N., prof.; NAPALKOV, A.V., kand.biol.rLauk; SVZMNSKIT, V.B., iuzh. Neuro-cybernetics. Uauka i zhiznl 27 n0-5:32-36 My 160. (MIRA 13 -6) (OYBZRMICS) (NARVOUS STSTIIX) - NAPALKOVI A. V. , BRAYNES. Samuil H.-J suctimm, v "Principal of Data Processing on learned S~stems." Report submitted for the Meeting of Technical Comittee 6 (laarning Automata) Comunidations Technical Society (Geman) Karlsruhe, *at Germany, 13-14 Jpril 1961 Inst. of Psychiatry,, Moscow ----NArAIKOV~-A-4-V-.-)--MOV)---ki--Y.-ELnd-CHICHVAPINAj~-Ai--V. "Principles of Processing of Information in the Internal System of the Organism.-': external environment," report to be submitted for the Third Intl. Congress on Cybernetics., Namur, Belgium) U-15 Sep 1961. NAPALKOV, A. V. - Chr. H gher Nervous Activity, Moscow State Univ. "Systematics in the Working of the Head Brain and Some Problems in Cybernetics. " report to be submitted for the Third Intl. Congress on Cybernetics, Namur, Belgium, 11-15 Sep 1961 Chair of Higher Nervous Activity, Moscow State Univ. im. M. V. Lomonosov. NAPALKOV, A. V Department of Higher Nervous Activity, Moscow State Uaiversity imeni M. V. Lomonosov - "Biocybernetic prouems" (9) Report to be submitted for the 4th Intl. Conf. on Medical Electronics, New York, N.Y., 16-21 July 1961 A 39909 S/044/62/000/007/088/100 C111/C333 AUTHORs 79a ~lkoy~_A~._V.-----7_ TITLEs The examination of the principles of the assimilation of information by the brain PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal, Matematika, no- 7, 1962, 74, abstract 7V354. ("Kibernetiku-ne: sluzhbu kommunizmu. T. I:" M.-L., Gosenergoizdat, 1961, 153-172) TEXT: Ifew possibilities for examining the mechanism of the brain have been opened in connection with the development of cybernetics. The author considers two basic directions:,the first is related to the examination of the principles and the rules of information a:;similatoion by human and animal brains; the second is rc-lated to the examination of the structure of the,nervous system (plexus), which is the founda- tion for the working of the brain. The "cybernetic" examination of the working of the brain gives rise to new automates and leads to a deeper understanding of the mechanism of brain workings. The author characterizes both research directions, as well as their prospects end concrete results. The author particularly emphasizes the development of a now approach to the workings of the brain, and this approach Card 1/2 S/044/62/000/007/088/100 The examination of the principles C111/C333 is based on the examination of the basic principles of coding and information assimilation; the author suggests the designation "informa- -tion physiology" rather than "information psychology" for this direction. LAbstracter's note: Complete translation.] v vt Card 2/2 WAPAIKOV, A.V., kand.biologichaskikh nauk; TUROV) A.F., kand.biologiches- - - .1--" RlMrMauk Pattern in the formation of the oocTlax behavior of anImAls. Biole v shkole no.5:72-77 S-0 t6le (MM 14:9) 1. Mookolv'okiy gosudarotvlennyy universitet imeni M.V. Lomonosova. (Animalsj, Habits and behavior of) NAPALKOV, A.V. PhysioloFjcal analysis of some complex forms of behavior, VoF. psikhol. 7 no.6:136-146 N-D 161. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Kafedra fiziologii vysshey nervnoy deyatellnosti YoskovskoFo universiteta imeni Lomonosova. (CONDITIONED RESPONSE) NAFALKOV, A.V.; VOLOSHINGVAI Ye.V. Interrelation between the various components of the ccmplex system of conditioned motor food reflexes in rate. Zhur. vys. nerv. deiat. 11 no.6:1127-1133 NO 161. (MIRA 15-3) 1. Chair of Physiology of the Higher Nervous Activity, Moscow University. (CONDITIONEDIRESPONSE) NAPALKOV9 A.V.. kand.biologicheskikh nauk, starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Tomorrow of the biological science ("Problems of cybernetics In biology and medicinet' bv V.D. Molseev.' Reviewe.d by A.V. Hapalkav). Nauka. 1 28 no .3 -.72-73 Mr f 61. (MIRA'"'14:3) 1 Kafedra vysshey nermoy deyatel,lnosti 49okovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. (BIOLOGY) (CYBERNETICS) (MOISEEVp V.D. - - - "Information Processing of the Brain." report presented at the 2xA LAI, Congress of Cybernetic MadIcins., Amsterdam., Mm Netherlands,, 16-19 Apru 1962. Moscow atate Unive rmtitvite or tnno Zniincering and FD~ctronl(~a - "On fle~;lgnj for automatic recoFnition or pntternr, in nnino" (Section III) BRATFE-1 . S . N. and PEI( -11-11-3KIII-V ~-D - Biocyl;crn(-,ticnl Inatitute, University of Moscov - "Matrix structure in stimulating of learning" (Section VIO V ~_E- S., Moscow ill and )7~~YRLM pqnRm IN R- L Institute of Radio Enf-,ineering and Electronics "Information trnnfiminalon with additional noise" (Section X0 FLEYSIMAN B, S., Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering nnd Electronics - "Basic theorems of th.~ constructive information theory" (3,!ction V110 ,Chair of Higher Nervous 11APALKEL-1. Y --t=cV,r1ty, Moscow State University -', 1,1cchnniums of tho selection of uneful and trialtful Infolination" (Section IX) RXPWT to be aubmitted for tba, Intorn.%tionaj 131mvalum on laorration Mioorj, lruma~lm, BoW=, 3- 7 002 1962 VORONINI, L.G., NAPALKOV, A.V. --------------- *On the 'problem of regularities in forming complex systems of conditioned reflexes." Report submittedp trut not presented at the 22nd International Congress of Fbysiological Sciences. Leident the Oetherlands 10-17 Sep 1962 PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/6047 Braynesp Samuil Natanovicho Anatq~iy~Viktorovich Napalkov, and Vladislav Borisovich Svechinakiy Heyrokibernotika (Reprocybernetics) Moscow, Medgiz, 1961. 170 p. 10,000 copies printed. Ed.: K. M.*Kullanda; Tech. Ed.t N~ A. Bulldyayev PURPOSE: This book is intended for research scientists concerned with the application of cybernetics to the study of the functions of the nervous system and the brain. COVERAGE: The book deale,with the application of the methods of cybernetics to the 'kien'tific analysis of complex processes of control, processing, and trans- mission of information. These elements represent the basic forms of activity of the~-neryous'system and the brain and controlthe function of internal organs. The book tioats the representation of nerve networks, self-programming systems, complex systems of conditional reflexes, mechanism of complex behavior based Card IA# ' ' Iz 3/245/62/000-/0U6/004/006 D222/D307 AUTHOkS: Napalkov A. V. an I d Bobneva, M. I. (Moscow) TITLE;'' An analysis of information processing in the human brain PERIODICAL: Voprosy psikhologii, no. 6, 1962, 40-54 TEXT: A theoretical analysis of the information processes under- lying the learning of systems of conditioned reactions is given, based on earlier experiments. The equipment used in the experiments consists of a control panel with a number of switches and push- buttons, and a display panel with devices for visual and auditory signals. The control sequence between the switches and the display can be preset by the experimenter so that the subject must go .,through a definite sequence of actions to achieve a goal. The learn- ing of chains of conditioned reflexes was studied in several series of experiments in which the casual relationships between the sub- 'ject's,actions and the events in the environment were progressively __pade to resemble natural conditions. The modifications of behavior Card 1/2 s/245/62/000/006/004/006 An analysis of D222/D307 under the progressively more difficult conditions are outlined, in particular the utilization of random search procedures and the elimination of incorrect sequences which do not lead to the goal. The analysis of these experiments is carried out at the informa- tion processing level' and is claimed to be a further developpeat of Pavlovian theory. There are 32 references; 20 3oviet-bloc and 12 non-Soviet-bloc. S/02 62/000/006/005/005 D222YD307 AUTHOR: _'E~,~~~andidate of Biological Sciences TITLE: Cybernetics and the brain PERIODICAL: I;auka i.zhizn11 19621 no. 6, 48 -,49 TEXT, A very brief summary of some papers read at the International Conference on Learning Automata, held in Zarlsruhe in .April, 1961, and at the 3rd International Congress on Cybernetics, held in Namur in September 19061. The work.of Gelernter and Pochester on the Geometry Theorem Proving Machine, of Newell, Simon and Shaw on the General Problem Solver and on the simulatiorr of human behavior are briefly described. A number of other Western scientists and re- search projects from West Germany, USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland and England are mentioned. There is 1 figure. Card 1/1 - NAPALKOV, A.V. ........ Scientific conference mi "Automatic Ilearning' machines and the processing of information in organisms." Vop. psikhol. 8 no.1; 168-173 Ja-F 162. WDU 15:4) (CYBT-"Ill:;Tlcs-collc.qE:;SES) NAEALKOV, A.V. Cybernetics and the activity of the brain. Biul.MIP.Otd.biol. 67 no.5:152 S-0 162. (MIRA 15:10) (CYBERNETICS) (BRAIN) NAPALKOV, Anatoliy Viktorovich, kand. biol. nauk; CHICHVARINA, Nataliya Afanaslyevna; SOROKO, Ya.I., red.; HAZAROVA, A.S., tekhn. red. (Brain and cybernetics; cybernetic keys to the secrets of the brain] Mozg i kibernetika; kiberne~icheskie kliuchi k tainam mozga. Moskva, Izd-vo "Znanie,n 1963. 46 p. (Novoe v zhizni, nauke, tekhnike. VIII Seriia: Biologiia i meditsina, no.11) (MIRA 16:7) (BRAIN) (CYBERNETICS) S/144/63/000/001/004/004 D440/0307 AMOR:' None given TrnZ Qonference'on neurrocybernetics PERIODICAL: Izveadya vys6hilth uche~nykh zavedeidy. Elektromelch- anika, no..1, 1965, 136. T he first vsesoyuznaya koufer~ntaiya po neyrokiber- netike (All-Union Conference on Nourocybernatics) was hold from Nov- ember 26-28, 1962 at the Rostovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (Ros- lons, 27 lectures were tov State University). In the course of 4 aess~ delivered. 1.P. Lukashevich discussed the progr&med modeling on a digital computer of processes designed to stimulate the heart tissue. Ivanov, Ifuromskiy, KiV and Antomonov of the Institut kibernetiki g. Kieva Miev Institute of Cybernetics) endeavored to establish in a series of lectures the fundamentalbyrinciples underlying the proces- sing of information mechanisms in olo;ical systems. 2rofessor.,,..V. Nanalkov and N.A. Chivarina of MGU outlined the methods of creatiiii~_ d reflexes, Sochivko and Zhezhell from Leningrad discussed the feasibility of applyiig machines to identificatioa*o:C shapes. f-Card 1/2'_,,, Conference on neurocybernetics S/144/63/000/001/004/004 D440/ n307 Other lectures-included: Professor A.B. Kogan, "Some principal fea- tures of arrangement and characteristics of the information - gather- ing apparatus of the brain". L.P. Krayzmer on "Man's memory mechan- isms and the possibilities of reproducing memory artificially in cybernetic systems". It was decided to hold the next conference in Kiev in 1964. AN. Napg1kgy, Professor lit MGU was elected chairman, and A.B. Kogan,-rroA- RGU Vice-Chairman of the Information Council qet up to coordinate the work of the various research'groups concerned with neurocybernetics. Card 2/2 'ALKOV, A.-V.- "Self -organizing systems of brain and treatment of hypertensive disea-ses.4 Report submitted at the 3rd International Congress of Cybernetic Medicine, (International Society of Cybernetic Medicine), Naples, Italy, 21-2h Mar -h. 1. . I - - : I I . . .1 ~ - ~ . I . - 1. , I . -. .. . I . " I .. . .; 5 1 ~ -. 4 - - - - - - -.- j - I . i 6. Methods of settina L;v functions -- 55 NAPALKOV, A.V.; CHICHVARINA, N.A. Controlling systems and the health of man. Priroda 53 no. 41 31-38 f64. .(KRA 1.~Jl) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. Lomonosova. I 99390=~W AUTHOR: Napa2_ko%r, A. (Candidate of bioloocal sciencea)j__I~ajMov, A. TIM: Nerve networks SOUPPF: Nauka i zhiznl, no. 36-41 nervous system, "4070h-rs4c_q ru-'* 7-,Pre ".9 aP-._e-red a verv inry rtqnt Triterion, for the pogal- ~ I M4 OEM I ll'a 18400-11 a - ~O- MA co'd NAPAMOV, B. -,, - Capital investments in agriculture and sources of their funds. Vop, ekon. no.3;135-139 Mr 160. (MIRA 13:2) (Khomutovka District--Agriculture--Finance) ORMHOVSKIY, Yu.I.; BUZULUKOV, ?.A., kandidat takhnicheakikh nauk, retsenzent; KIIARITONCHIK, Ye.M., professor, retsenzant; NAPAIKOV. G.L. Inzhener, retsenzent; KUZIMOV, N.T., inzhener, redatrd-r";ao" DUGnU, N.A., takhnicheskiy redaktor [An aid to tractor drivers; use of tractors in agricultural operations] V pomoshch' traktoristu; ispollzovania traktorov na a.-kh. rabotakh. Moskva, Goo. nanchno-tekhn. izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry, 1954. 327 P. (Microfilm] (MLRA 8:3) (Tractors) I . . i -', N A PA LE' ~ G . I,% , in zh . ; GI L 1 -7 N , !,. ! . , (I oktor t a kl in. n a uk,: -,*- , 17. G . , ITLFT'.-teknn. nai~k FeaL exchanfe lo~it~:~!-~n parLicles and the liciuc;`YLm, nr-,Ont "in ft fluidized bed. t rieft. mashinostr. no-4:16-22 () I _1 + . ( ~ ! T !'~ : 12 ) - ? . i ~. ~ - .' I "r, ~'j'j -': . ,ly- " I -'~'L I g ~". J' . ? ;.-" -~ , ~ Y.4 , - , " ~ I , . I : - -, . . ;' - ~ ~ " ~ d-'--'~--L--.- n ! L. , , v . '-f . Heat, and Laa~-s eyc'nar,;~~e. in thp. 1'~-'-ill`zed bt--d P-nd, 615p-rzicn t,c- B- Fnilm.rror-. 41 A, 165. ays In 4 (MIRA a8:8) 7 1. 1., Pror. Head, Departmental surgical clinic, Leningrad medical institute of sana-.aticn and hygiene "Function of the abdominal muscles as a facWr in selection,of surgical technique in inguinal hernia.." by I. I. Shafer, Ve3t. Ithir. 72 no. 4 Jl-Ag 1952. JIA~~V~_~.A., kand. med. nauk Stomalgin, a new elastic impression mass. Stomatolo iia, 42 no.093-94 Jl-Ag'63 f,141IRA 1714) 1. 1z kafedry stomatologii ( zav. - dotsent S.Z. Outkin) Ukrainskogo Instituta usovershenstvovaniya vrachey (rektor - Dotsent I.I. Ovsiyenko). ~S Lf 4 Ll' -ffl L '. L 'e. ~, -- ;rllr 112-0124 TKI'-p 41WlllrliR s M. ml Y, - I M N M. IIAPALKCJV--N-A--- Now derp-IG=Pnt in 'msnufsct~--e and usp of fcammeed -plest-Ici. fv,-!RA 2&6) Zlr,x. VOG 10 na.2zI88-194 165. 1 - L-4724-bb LN T f% m "."N J, I j P RM ACC NN AP6009507 (4) SOURCE COLE: UR/0413 5 166160-0100 /0011/0011 AVrff OR MyAam-o U, 11. V.; YAI)2k(r IR P.; Bondare YL otenberg nko, S. 0.1 Gushchin, Y~&; M dina, I#; Bunip.~, Ye. D.; Zamyatin, K. K. ORG: none TITLE: Method of preparing foamed pavino,_ 269 nal. Class 8, No- 179 SOURCE: Izobrotenlya,, promyshlonnyp obraztey, tovarnyye znald, no. 5. 1966) 11 TOPIC TAGS: pavinal.,,pol7vinylehloride coating,, pore former ~ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been AsVed describing a method for preparing _.foAned. pavindl by applying polivinylebloride -paste containing plasticizers, stabi- lizers, pigments, and the pore former ChKhZ2l to a cloth base. To speed up the process, the paste applied to the cloth is heated to 180-200C. Subsequently, the coating obtained can be printed. (LD) SUB CODE:. 3.1/1 SUBM D=: OlAug62/ uDc:.-678.o26.3 Lgwdl/l -743-22:677.665.2 ITAPALKOV, H.L. Log bone changes In thrombophlebitic trophic ulcers. rad. 34 no.2t82-83 Mr-Ap "59. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Is rentgenologicheekogo otdeleniya (nachallnik N.L. Hapalkov, nauchtyy rukovoditall - doteent Soks Sviridoy) polikliniki No.1 (nachallnik I.V. Mironov). (LEG, ulcer, I trophia thrombophlebitiot x-ray osseous manifest. (Ras)) (THROMBOPEMITIS. compl. log ulcer, x~-ray osseous manifest. (Ras)) (TIBIA, in var. die, thrombophlobitic log ulcers, x-ray manifest. (Rus)) (YIBULA, in var. die. same) NAPALKOVI N.L. Case of complicated Zenker's diverticulum.. Vest.reutj rad. 35 no-1:56-57 Ja-7 16o. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Iz rentgonologichookogo otdolenlya (nach. N*L* Rapalkov) polikliniki No.1 (naah. I.V. Mironov). (ISOPHAMS &is. ) NAPAIXQ -N-L- - (HosY-va) ,-- Mv Rood changes in trophic uloors. Khlrurglia 39 no.9tBO-84 8163 (MIRA 17:3) NIPALEN, H.P. (Leningrad, S-124, Novgogorskays, ul., d. 1/11, kv- 7) Experimental tumors of the thyroid gland. Vop.onk. 4 no-6:738-750 158- (MM 12:1) 1. Iz laboratorii eksperimentallnoy onkologii (zev. -chlen-korres- pondent AMI SSSR prof. L.M. Shabad) Insituta onkologii AMN SSSR (dir, - deystv..chlen AMN"SSST prof. A.I. Serebrov). (TMOID GJaM neoplasms, exper., r:view (Rua)) IL,PAIKO.V,..N.P-..-, (Leningrad, C-124, Novgorodskaya ul., d.1/11, kv.7) Mxperimental thyroid tumors induced bv the combined action of 6-methylthiouracil and 2-acetylaminofluorene. Vop.onk- 5 nri.7: 25-33 '59. (IIIRA 12:12) 1. Iz laboratorii eksperimentallnoy onkologii (zav. - chlen-korres- poudent AMN SSSRprof. L.M. Shebad) Instituta onkologii AMU SSSR (dir. - deyBtvitellnyy chlen ANN SSSR prof. A.I. Serebra7). (THIOURACIL related compounds) (FLUOR M S effect injurious) (THYROID GLAIM neoplasms) WALKOV) N.P-. (Leningrad, S-121+ Novgorodskaya ulitsa., d.1/h, kv.7) Morphological peculiarities of experimental tumorEr of the thyroid gland induced in rats by &-mothylthiouracil. Vop.onk. 5 no.11:578- 592 159. (MIRA 34:7) 1. 1z laboratorii eksperimentallnoy onkologii (zav. - chlen-korresporr dent AWT SSSR Prof. L.M.Shabad) Instituta onkol ii AMN SSSR (dir. - 0~. deystvitellnyy chlen AW1 SSSR prof. A.I.Serebrov (THYROID GIAND-TUMORS) (URACIL) NAPALKOV, U. P., Cand Med Sci -- (rl.iss) "Experimei,tal tumors of the thyroid gland." Ler,4 -n-rad, 1960. ~) pp; (State Order of Lenin Inst of' ~ z-'3 Advariced Training of Physicians im S. 1-1. Kirov, from the Laborato-ry of Experimental Oncology of the Inst of' Oncology Academy of' 'Medical Sciences USSR); 300 copies; price not given; (KL, 24-60, 135) NAPALKOV, N. P. (USSR) "Some aspects of experimental thyreid blastomogenesis." lu report nubmitted for the European Conference on Tumor Blolog- I y (VCC); Warsaw; Poland 22-27 May 1961 NAPALKOV, N. P.-Inst. of Oncology, Leningrad, P-129 KHOLDIN, S. A.; NAFALKOV, H. P. Transactions of the 56th session of the Leningrad and Leningrad Province Oncological Society. Vop. onk. 7 no.7:119-121 161. (MIRA 15:2) (IMIIGM FROVIME-ONCOLOGICAL SOCIETIES) 5 LAZAREV, N.V.; HAPALKOV N P Leningrad) Study of occupational neoplasms and the cancerogenicity of substances recently introduced into industry. Gig.truda i prof.zav. 6 no.625-3-1 Je 162. (MIRA 15S12) 1. Institut onkologii ANN SSSR. (OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES)(CARCINOGENS) NAPALIKOV, N.P. (Leningrad) Blastomogenic action of 3-amino-1,204-triazole. Gi truda i prof.zab. 6 no.6x48-51 Je 162. foi. 15:12) l. Institut onkologli AM SSSR, (CARGINOGEM) (TRIAZOLE~TOXICOLOGY) .0 JIAPALKOV, H. P. Sme characteristics of thyroidItissue manifesting them- sebus-in experimental blastomogenesis. Trudy Dash. med. inst. 57 no.2:100-114162. (HIRA 16t10) 1., Institut onkologii AMN SM (direktor deyetvitellnyy chlen AMN SSSR, prof. A.I.Serebror). RAKOV, A.I., prof.; IlApfiLKOV) N.F. Minutes of the Scientific Society of (hcologists of Isenin- grad and Leningrad Province for meeting No.'15 on February 14 I Z 1.15 1963. Vop. onk. 9 no.8:119-122 163 (MIRA 17 -+ I KHOLDIN, S.A., prof.; NA?ALKQVy__kt.-. ProLeedings of the 66th join'. meeting of the Scientific Society of Oncologista of Leningred and lAningred Province and tha Section of Children Surgery of the Firogov Surgical Society, March 1, 1962. Vop. onk. 8 no.9zll9-121 162. OGRA VtO NAPALM, N.P. Effect of carbon tetrachloride on the formation and development of' changes in the thyroid gland in rats following the administration of methylthiouracil. Vop onk. 8 no. 10:49-46 t62. (14TRA 17-7) 1. 1z laboratorii eksporlmentallnoy onkologit (zav. - zaslu- zhennyy deyatelInauki, prof'. N.V.Lazarev) Instituta onkologii AIAN S13SR (direktor - daystvitolInyy chlen A1411 S3.51t, prof. A.1. Screbrov). Adres avtorat Leningrad, P-129, 2-ya Berozovaya alleya, 3, Institut onkologil. RVI SS.SR. KHOLDIN, S.A., prof.; NAPALKOV, N.P. - ; Minutes of the Scientific Society of Oncologists of Leningrad and Leningrad Province for the meeting No. 71 on Octoter 4, 1962. Vopr. onk. 9 no. 0125-116 163. (MIRA 17-9) RAPAIZOV9 N. V. Napalkov, N. V. 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N. vatin.a them" Na~alkov. 14. V. '801 V-306*0 7 &lY 190 NAPALKOV & 7orest need resources of the middle Volga Vallsv and their use in shelterbelt &fforestation of the steppe and forest mteppe.Uch. S&PARS-un- 113 no-1:125-132 1538 (MIRA 10:3j (Volga Valley--Tress) (Seeds) (Windbreaks, shelterbeltell etc. NAPALKOV, N.Y. Methods 2f ]predicting fruiting of oaks in the middle Volga Valley. Uch.Z&PjxU9un* 115:no*8:97-113. 155. (MLRA 100) I.Avetvitelln chlen Obshchestva 7estestvoispytateley. Y7 (Volga Valle7-Oak) A PA / A 0v/ ~i /'/' USSR/Forestry Forest Economy. J-3 Abs Jour : Referat Zhur Biologiya., No 16, 25 Aug 1957, 69093 Author : !~.Pal:~qv' V.N. Inst Title Zxperiment ofIncreasing Yield of Acorns of Forest Seeding Plots. Orig Pub : Sb. statei po les. khoz-v-u. Tatarsk. rasp. nauch.-tekhn. o-vo lea. prom-sti, 1956, No 12, 65-86 Abstract : The increase of oak crops was studied by the Tartar fores- try experimental station with use of plant thinning, soil melloving, fertilizing. The most rational method was the thinning of oak wood stands up to thickness of 0.6 which causes an increase in the quantity to one fruit-bearing oak by an average weight of 59-170%, and by weight of healthy oaks by 140-190%. Mellowing by ploughing furrows has little effect. The addition of fertilizers increased crops on all the fertilized plots. The best result was obtained by adding NPK in the following doses (kg/hectare): Card 1/1 22 N-500, P-187, K-68. USSR Forestry. Dendrology. K-2 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 6, 1958, 24871. Abstract; plantings to a thickness of 0.4-0.5 results,, on the average, in the increase of the yield of acorns, in regard to their quantity and weight. The per- centage of under-developed acorns diminishes with thinning out, particularly with a thickness of 0.4. In separate cases, thinning out increased the yield up to 200-30M,. Good results were obtained by bringing in manure, with subsequent friability of the soil and removal of the underbrush. In a series of cases, the yield increased up to 150%. An increase of the yield of acorns by applying min- eral fertilizers is noted. The best results were obtained from application of full mineral fertili- zation, providing an increase of the yield up to 30N". Card 2/2 LMR Forest science. Forest Nuagemont. K-3 Abs Jour Zhur Bio loglya, No 4, NO- 775M Author X i JILIL.;.~_ Inst -ExparimDutal Station Titlo Courseof Grwth-ard Ago-of Cuttings of Tine Plantatiozo of Central'Povolzbo Orig ftb Sb- tr. po 1"n. kh-vu. Tatarsk. lo an, opytnt at., 1957, vyp. 13, 137-148 Abstrwt on the basid of zMerials of 133 sample waaa of fwast of the Central Povolzh', Indicators of the course of growth of pine plantations we citod in a ison with Vargas-Bederawle tables. Ages were determined according to model.troes and sample areas of the technical maturity or pine of quality la and I; far extraction of f ino construction wood, 50 years; for large and averago businoss vood 80-100 years. Age of cuttings during cultivation of Card 1/2 USSR Forestry. Dendrology. A,bs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol,,, No 16.9 1958.0 72796, Author :.-Mnnn1knu,_VV__V__- Inst : Tatar Forest Experimental Station. Title : Sum-nary of Phenological Observations for the Development of Tree-Shrub Species In the Ralf Experimental Leskhoz of the Tatar ASSR. Orig Pub: Sb, tr, po lesn, kh-vu, Tatarske lesne opytn, st., 1957, vyp. 13., 192-218. Abstract: According to the data of 9-year observations in for 40 tree-shrub species, the calendar consists of early, late aad normal dates of devel- opment of terminal and leaf buds, leafing, flower- ing,,,ripening of fruit and seed, fall of fruit and seed, yellowing and fall of leaves. The climatic features of the region of observations are charac- terized. Calendar.tables are cited. D, 1, Deryabin. Card 1/1 5T . - ~p AUTHOR: Napalkov, 6 8 - 6 - 56 TITLE: June in the Tatar Forests (Iyun' v lesakh Tatarii) PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1958, Nr 6, p 126 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article contains a survey of the climatic conditions in Tatexisin the month of June, along with a description of the trees, shrubs and herbs which bloom in that period. ASSOCIATION: Tatarskaya lesnaya opytnaya stantsiya. (Kazan') (Tatar Forestry Experimental Station, Kazan') Card 1/1 1. Forestry-Climatic conditions SOV-26-56-9-39/42 AUTHORi Napalkov, N.V., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences TITLE: In the Northeast Forest and Steppe Region (V severo-vostach- lesostepi) noy PERIODICAM Priroda, 1956, Nr 9, pp 124-125 (USSR) ABSTRACTt The author points out that September, 1957, was extremSly warm and dryt with mean temperatures between 22 and 24 C 0 during the first 10 days and 16 to 22 C during the second, as compared with an average of 15 0 and 100C respectively. 0 The mean temperature was 7 C above that of other years, Similar temperatures in September in this region were ob- served in 1918, 1938 and 1940, while the coldest September for 30 years was in 1956. ASSOCIATION: /Kazan, (The Tatar Tatarskaya lesnaya opytnaya stantsi Forest Experimental Station /Kazan, r 1. Meteorology-USS111 2. Climatic factors Card 1/1