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December 31, 1967
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.. N.APIORKOWSKA', -,Wlanda.. . ~~ - - Effect of combined treatment with wthylthiouracil and Lugol'a solution on the adrenocortical functlon, Pol# tyge lek, 20 noj~: 12)3-1234 16 Ag 165. 1..I Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych im. Anastazego Iandaua Instytut Grazlicy w Warszawie (Kierownik: prof. dr. med. B. Jochweds). NAPIMKOWSKI, Jan, mgr inz.j KROCHMAL, Wieslaw, mgr inz.j CIESIAK, Albin, inz. A case of downfall of the driver's cab with the operating crew from a steel frame traveiing bridge* Fnergetyka Pol 15 no.10:31AP-IM! - NAPIERKOWSKI, Zbigniew Geodetical net position for scientific studies on the construction of suspension bridges. Przegl geod 37 no.3ilO3-10~ Mr 165. 1. Department of Surveying of the Division of Hydraulic Soil improvement of the Central College of Agriculture, Warsaw. NAPISANOV, V.A., iazhener. "WON Machining parts with increased food. Vest.mash-34 no.1:75-77 Ja '54. (MLRA 7:2) 1 (Metal cutting) NAPITUXHIN, S.A. Diesel-electric powered "Lenin" on cruise. Hech,tranap. 18 no.9-16-17 S 159. (KMk 13:2) 1. Kapitan disell-olaktrokhoda "Lenin." (Lenin (Notorobips)) ROZENBERGER, N.A.; NAPKRANENKO, Z.B. Sulfite cooking in the presence of phenol# Bum.prom, 34 no.10:2-5 0 159. (14M 13:2) 1. TSentrai'My nauchno-iBsledovatellskiy inntitut toollyuloznoy i bumazhnoy prorTablennoati. (Sulfite liquor) ROZENBERGER,, V.A.; Inimali uchastiyo: NAPKUANM) Z.S.; MTROVA, V.K. Rapid sulfite cooking operation. Bum. prom. 36 no.12:3-7 D Ia. -t (KIRA 15: 1) 1. Voesoyuznyy nauchno-issleamatellskiy ibstitut tsellydozno- bumazhnoy promyshlennosti, (Sulfites) MAYATIN., A.A.; KRUTOUS, M.D.; GITARSKIY, V.S.; BORIS-INKO, V.S.; GORELIK, M.M.; VINOGRAD011J. N.P.; KAU911111, D.I.; L.S.; Wl'el.MVILI, M.N.; KIRPFNZ-V? N.K.; F02ENBEIRGER, H.A.; NAP)MANEKKO Z.S.; KIFUS, L.A.; ZAYCffENKO, IN. Innovations. Bum. i der. prom. no-3:58-59 Jl-3 164. (ITIRA 17 -- 11) Bulg7iria n Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Technical Cybernetics (AAN-Institfit po tekhnicheska kibernetika), Director: Dots. N. NAPLATANOV. Sofia, Fazmatsiva,, No 3. 1966v pp, 21-27. "Optimization of the Process of F.urfural Nitration." Co-authorl. TODOROVAO E. NAPLATANOV, IT.D.; BILDIREV, Zh.S. Electric modeling of the systems of automatic control with delayed feedbacks. Godishnik mash elekt 13 no.2:243-264 f63. [publ. 164]. Diagnosis BULGARIA _AR14TA "0V _44 D., MARINOV, Yul. P., and GANEV, M. A.; Institute of Technical Cybernetics (Director N. D. Naplatanov), Bulgarian Academy of Science "Choice of Optimal Conditions for Diagnosis by Means of a Computer" Sofiao Zkoperirmats1na Meditaina i Morfologiya, Vol 5. No 4. 1966, PP- 197-203 Abstract: A theoretical consideration of available methods for setting medical diagnoses by means of a computer led the authors to the conclusion that applica- tion of the formula of Beiss[?] (cf. R.S.Ledley, L. B. Lusted, Science, 130, 9-21 1959) or of the method of information coefficients leads to the most pre- cise results. The method of information coefficients is convenient for mathe- matical modeling of information in a form in which it can be handled by a com- puter. By using this method, a correct diagnosis can also be made in the event that several diseases are present simultaneously. Six references (2 Bulgarian, 3 USSR~ 1 Western). Russian and English summaries. Manuscript received Mar 66. ACC NR' AT700 5408 SO URCE COD E: BU/ 2510/6 6/00 4/000/00 67 f- 0079 AUTHOR: Naplatanov, N. D.; Marinov, Yu. P.; Nedelchev, L. A. ORG; none TITLE,: Probability- logical method for designing a logical structure of diagnostic devices SOURCE: Bulgarska akademiya na naukite. Institut po, tekhnicheska kibernetika. Izvestiya, v. 4, 1966, 67-79 TOPIC TAGS: diagnostic instrument, probability,, logic design ABSTRACT:', A prob ability- logic method for designing the logic structure of specializ I ed diagnostic devices is introduced. Devices synthetized according to this method are of a comparatively simple design and feature great flexibility and precision I operation. In the study, certain probability relationships (between the disease and its symptoms) are to illustrate the method and to facilitate the deviation of logical ;i equations defining the working principle of the device. A description is given of the 1/2 ACC NRI AT7005408 Ilogical synthesis of a device under study, and a functional diagram of the system's structure is presented. Orig. art. has: 2 diagrams, 2 tables, and 17 formulas. [Authors' abstract] [KP] ISUB CODE: 06, 12/SUBIVf DATE: none/ORIG REF: 001/SOVREF: 003/ ':OTH REF: 002/ 2/2 NAPLATANOVs "Methods fo r reducing the production cost in the finishing process of knitted wear" Leka Promishlenost. Tekstil. Sofiia, Bulgaria. Vol. 7, no. 10p 1958 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 6, Jun 59, Uncles NAPIATANOV, Toma V. New advances in-dyeing knitted goods. Pt. 1. Tekstilm, prom 13 no. 2:16-18 164. I 'Hbad'IFini'hing and'Dyeing Shop at the "Proletarii" State In- dustrial Enterprise, Sofia. NAPIAVA, Karel new non-anchored crane with 4ot carrying Eapacity. Inz stavby 9 nool2souppl. 133-135 D '61. 1,Vitkovicke zelezarny Klementa Gottwalda, n.p., zavod 58, butni-montaze, Ot3trava. NAPIAVA , Karel A new Special-58 Type assembly crane with 8 t loading capacity* Inz, otavby,10 no&8tSuppl,: Mechanizace no.8:95-97 162* 1, Vitkovicke zelezarny Xlementa Gottwalda.. savad 58, hutni montaze, Ostrava. et -NAFLAVA, Karel P---vv tnwer cranes in assembly operations. Inz stavby ll no.6:Suppli Mechanizace no.6-.87-9,' 63. 1. Vitkovicke zelazarny Klementa Gottwalda, n.p., Ostrava. law NAPIAVA,_-Karel Automotive theel cranes in assembly practice. Inz stavby 12 no. 3tSuprlement:Mechanizace no. 3143-46 164. 1. Hutni montaze National Enterprise, Ostrava,. STEBAYSVI KOVA, N.I.; GUKASYAN, A.B. ~ Locusts (Acrididae) and darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae) as stimulators of microbiological processes in soils of the dry steppes in the Tuva Autonomous Republic. Pochvovedenie no.9:89-95 S 164. (MIRA 17:12) 1, Biologicheskiy inetitut i Botanicheakiy sad Sibi.-skogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Re LNEOVA M. N. Effect of cultivation practices on the distribution of Azotobacter chroococm In old fallow. Trudy Mol. Inst. Zap.-Sib. fil. AIF SSSR no-3:211-216 157. (KIRA 13:10) (Asotobacter) (Boll micro-organisas) NAPLEKOVA, H.N. ............................ . .. . ................ Iffect, of bacterial fertilizers on the Axotobacter content of soil and spring wbA&t yield on the Chernosem soils of Novosibirsk Province. IZyOj0,,...otd, AN SSSR no*3:121-128. '58-. (NIn llt 8) -7huTief. mrs-Fir bio~ o sibiritc-Pr-O-TAnce-Soil inomuUtion) (Azotobactar) (wheat) T AntaganIstle ef pet of Actinorryceson Azotobactor. lzv.gib. otd.Ali SSSR no,5:121-124 159- (14IR& 12: 10) 1. Biologlehenkiy Institut Sibirokogn otdoloniyu Akadsmii nauk SISSRI Oictinarwess) (Asotobacter) Iffect of temperature on the development of Azotobacter. Izv.Sib.otd.AN SSSR no.nt6q-72 '59- (MIU 13:4) 1. Biologichaskly Intatitut Sibirskogo otdoloniya AN SSSR. (Azotobacter) (Soil temperature-Physiological effect) NAPLEKYOVA, N. N., Cand Bio Sci. -- "Biology of TU nitrogen bacteria in the chernozems of Nobosibirskaya Oblast during ba - to their Saratov, 1961. (Saratov Order of Labor Red Banner State U Im N. G. Ohernyahevskiy) (KL, 8-61, 237) NAPLEKOVA . N. 11. Distribution of Azotobacter in the rhizosphere of wild plants in some soils of the Altai Territory and Novosibirsk FrovLnce. Iz-7. Sib.otd.MI SSSR no,8:110-115 161. (MIRA 14:8) 1. Biologicheskiy institut Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSRI Novosibirsk. (Altai Territor3--Rhizosphere microbiology) (Novosibirsk Province--Rhizosphere microbiology) (Azotobacterl SIDORFAKOp A.1a.; NA4-,'rX()VAy II*N. Pementation activity of'A-zotobactor cultures ~.arat-A from Solonetz soils of Barab-, Teudy Biol. Inste Sibs otd. AN SSSR noa9t157-162 t,62 (14IRA 17t8) NAPLEKO -SERGEYP,VA, K.S. Distribution of Chaetomium fungi in the various soils of Western Siberla. Izv. SO AN SSSR no*8 Ser. biol. -med. nauk no.2:33-39 164 (MIRA 1-8:1) 1, Biologicheskiy institut Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, How- sibirsk, i Botanicheskiy institut All SSSR, Leningrad. IntenAty of aeroble decomp;,Otion of c-,3110onc tin related to the formn of nitrogen in soils of the Gorno-Altal. Trudy Biol. Inat. Sib. otd. AN SSSR no.12tl0l-107 164. (MIRA 180) ~T., 0414~VWO~RRIMVIVWIV", Bacterial cellulose decomposition at various temperatures and in the case of different nitrogen sources. Izv. SO AN SSSR no.8. Ser.biol.-med4nauk no.2:49-52 165. (MLU 18:9) 1. Biologicheskiy institut Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. MMEKOVA, N.N.; SERGEYEVA, X.S. Species of Chaetomium in the soils of WeBtern Siberia. Trudy TSSBS no.108113-119 165. (M1RA 18:10) K Mp -+Iltzlkfi~,'OIUEF-~aWl. NAPLEKOVA I H. N. Physiology of fungi of the genus Chaetomium. Trudy TSSBS no.lot 120-123 165, (MIRA 18:10) NAPLO59ZIEK, J. Norm., of consumption of materials on factories of the chemical industry. p. 1)16. ACTA PIfYSICA POLONIGA Warszawa Vol. 9, No. 5, I-lay, 1956. Source: Eact European Accessions List (MAL) Library of ConCress. Vol. 5p Mo. 11, August 1056. DAKLOV, S.N.; CHKH'LKVISHVILI, D.I.; MDINARADZE, D.A.; GOGOUADZE, V.P.; NAKHAPETYAN, A.A.; NAPOBASHVILI, Ye.M.,- SADZHAYA, N.D. In memory of Professor Akakii Malitonovich Gakhokidze,1909-1964. Zhur. ob. kh1m. 35 no.631117-1119 Ja 165. (MIRA 18:6) RAPOWV, A - On the increase. From-k-OOP- 13 no.1:25 Ja 159. (KIRA 12:2) 1. Nachallnik protzvodetvemogo otdela Dagpromsoveta, g. Makhach- kala. (MaAwhkala-Gooperative societiee) AIIDRZIEV, P.N.;'UMIOVA, G.A.; NZMMN# M.S. Resnatron self-oxcillatore with a large power output for operation in the UE7 band. Eadiotakhnilca 15 no. Us26-33 N 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Deystvitel %no chlony Eauchno-takhnichookogo obohchostva radio- tokhniki i elektroevyasi imeni A.S.Plopova. (Oscillators, ItLectric) (microwaves) NAPOLSKI, Stanislaw, inz.; DUDZINSKI, Ryszard.,,inz. Machine factory and cast iron foundry "PoIna" in Przemysl. Przegl mech 20 no.19/2o:599-602 161. 1. Fabryka Maszyn i'Odlewnia Zeliwa "Polna". Przemysl. MOROZOV, B.; NAPOL'SKIYp G. Elastic rubber elements of traction and coupling devices. Avt. transp. 43 no.9;41 S 165. (MIRA 18:9) NAPOLISKIY, M., kand. sel'skokhoz. nauk Advanced wage systems in collective farms, NTO 5 no.8s25- 27 Ag 163. (KMA 16:10) 1. 74veduyushchiy otdelow Voesoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta ekonomiki sellskogo khazy-aystva, chlan ekonomicheskoy sektoii TSentrallnogo pravleniya nauchno-tekhnicheskikh obshchestv sel'skogo khozyaystva. 'U -YOLISKIY, M. P. IIAPOL15KIY, M. P. -- "Time Intervals and Methods of Planting Kok-Sagrz in Connection with its Biolopical Characteristics." Latvian Aericultural Academy, 1948 (Disserta- tion for the Degree of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences) SO: Izvesliya Ak. NaWc Latviys)co-Y SSR, No. 9, Sept., 1955 NAPOLS111s M. "All-Unlon Ag"cultural of socialist agriculture. Tr. from the Russian,* p,,368. (PRUGLAD TECHNICZXY- Vol 75, No. 10. Octo 1954. Warszawa. Polend) 501 Xmthly List of last 3hropean Accessions. (UAL). LO. V01. U. No, 49 4ril 1955. Uncl. NAPOLISKIY, M.S. Modification of the formula of the volumetric methodiwhen applied to the prediction of oil and gas reserven. Izv. AN SSSR Ser. geol. 29 no.3t84-93 Hr'64 (MIRA 170) 1. Nauchno-issledovatel*B~aya laboratorlya geologioheakikh kri- teriyev otsenki perspekti~v neftegazonoonosti Glavnogo upravle- niya geologii i okhrany nedr pri Sovete Hinistrov RSFSR, Moskva. NAPOLISKEY. M.S. ui-64WEI Quantitative evaluation of the proEpectus for firdl-ng gas ar-i on,~ Trudy NILneftegaza n!,-.I*i:.i,';&-2-/3 164. z N , 1'7: 3-2) 'T (V FjAPOI;AIY)-S- -7 i Electrophoretle , S. A. Naporskif. chromatography S d leOrls, JilledowniYa V ublasts AnTOM-710 Ru y S Sowshchaniya Khromatog., Akad- 'a KAins. Nault 1950, 147-&I(Pub. 1952).-Detailed dcscrip-~ thin of expts. with chro ytes in a tube matography of electrni, pamingd.c. was given. Usually OAN NaCl or NaSO. clec- ' trolyte was employed. Variou-; designs of the tubes were made. The nuinner of tube filling played an important- role. Since the fill level varied !it such it tube from one electrode to the other, numerous common reactions were. cjlfm~cdl Ott modified. Thus In the case of Co salts, no deposition of Co hi h 5' V 3 W c on the cathode took place, while a blue zone formed w the blue zone d ith i d h d d , - OL :4 ncreme c. . e ano grew towar t e; w r moved to the anode, becoming red on the frontal side and; ten Si il h d h c twchemlitry. enomena were s m , e ano e. ar p n!nrly brown at t with NI and Cu sulfates. Often the adsorbing pro"ics of a given adsorbent altered (in either 4&ise) after Preliuii-~ nary passage of d.c. through the moist materW. Cations moving from thennodedid not reach the cathodebut stopped- at a certain distance from it, forming a well-defined bound- ary, which did not move further on increase of c.d. While theorder of various cations in a electrophoretic chromato.- gram was the same as fit a filtration chromatogram, the, former had the following advantages: lower concn. was needed for appearance of a given color and more distinct' ' bands were formed. AhOs, cotton, starch, wool, etc. save good results In contrast to those in conventional chromalox raphy. Wool filters moistened with vado.-Is %pecific re- agents could be conveniently ustil for specific color develop- merit In the color tones. Multilayer arlsorbents could b~ used, and an example of AfgO. MgCOI, CaCCia, and Cal combination was shown, in which a mixt. of Fc;- CuSO., and CoW. w." readily resolved Into yellow, 4)luc, and pink zones, rcsp- G. M. Kosolanoff DUBININ, M.M., akademik, otvatstvannyy redLd-.tor; GAPON, Ye.H.; GMION, T.B.; ZHYPAKH11TA, Ye.S.; RAGHINSKIY, V.V.; BXM'KAYA, I-M-; SHUVAIVA, GaMs; ROGINSKIT, S.Z.; YANOVSKIY, N.I.; FUM, N.A.; KISIM, A.V.; NZYMARK, I.Ye.; SLINTAKOVA, I.B.; KH&TSM, F.I.; IOWI I.P.; TROSTYANSUYA, Te.B.; TZVLMA, A.S.; DAVANKOV, A.B.; IqATlr)A , K.M.; BRUMERG, Te.M.; ZHIDKOVA, KAZANS Z.V.; V3MWZIVA, N Ye - NAIPOL:IAM S.A.- MIKHAYLOVA, Ye.A.- KIT, B.A.; RWGHIKOV. D. I.; JffffFM4i%RkCH' V.L.;BUNDILI, A.A.; SAVINOV, B.G.; VJM. V.P.; ZFSWETH, Ya.A. [Research in the field of chromatography transactions of the All-Union Conference on Chromatography. November 21-24, 19501 Issledovaniia v oblasti khromatografii; trudy Vaesoiuznogo soveshchaniii po khromatografii, 21-24 noiabria 1950 g. Xoskva. Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR. 1952. 225 P. (MLRA 6:5) 1. Akademiya nauk SUE. Otdolenie khimichookikh nauk. (Chromatographic analysis) NIAPOLISIXTY, S. A. Hydrates Utilization of indicators in experiments ulth crystal hydrates. Khim. v shkole,no. 1, 1952. Monthly List of Russian Accessions? Libmry of Congre33, October 1952, Unclassified. 1. HAPOL,ISKIYp So At 2. USSR (600) 4. Chemistry, Pbysicaland Theoreticel - Study and Teoching 7. Eperiments illustrating M. V, Losonosov's lawp Xhim. v shkole,, No. 5. 1952. -9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, February -1953. Unclassified. Analytical Chemistry Dissertation: gThe Use of Layer Colums and Electrol,~tlc Transfer of Ions in Chromatography.* Cnad Chem Sal, last of Geochemistry and -AnalYtical Chemistry iment V. I. Vernadskly, Aced Sal USSR, Oct-Dec 1953. (Vestnik Akademii Nauk. Moscow, Mar 54) SO: SUM 213, 20 Sept 1954 07 .rj-6 0C) ou V/ I e_-+L0V'4 Translation fromt Referativnyy zhurnale. Khimiya, 1959, Nr 12j, p 84 (USSR) AUTHORs Napollakiy, S..A.. VITLE: The Application of Mixtures as Adsorbent in Chromatography PERIODICAL: Uch. zap. Kirovskiy gos. ped. in-t, 1958, Nr 14, pp 10-16 ABSTRACT: The possibility has been shown of applying mixtures of substances as adsorbenta, producing in some cases better results than simple sorbents. The mixtures can be of two types: 1) both components chemically active, one being the sorbent and the second producing the conditions for the running of chromatographic processes; 2) one chemically active component serves as adsorbent and the second as inert filler carrying.the sorbent. -The use of these mixtures has been shown on the example of collecting, detecting and separating N12+, C02+ and Cu2+ cations. A mixture of dimethylglyoxime with basic oxides or anionites (first type) be specific for Ni permitting to determine reliably up to 0.0001 - 0.00001 mg Ni from a solution with a concentration of up+to 0.000001 mg1ml. For Cu is specific a mixture of CaS and S'02 (second type), sensi- Card 1/2 tivity is 0.01 mg at a concentration in the solution of up to The Application of Mixtures as Adsorbent in Chromatography SOV/81-59-12-41804 0.0001 mg1ml. For Co is specific a mixture of o(-nitroso- P-naphthol with S102 (second type) with the same sensitivity. L. Dmitrenko NAP=lSXlr,-V-,.(g.Nizhnyaya Salda Sverdlovskoy oblasti) Toroidal transformers for transistor radios,. Radio no.9:25 S 160o (MIRA 13:10) (ZLectric transformers) (Transistor radios) . NAPOLISPY, V. (~bvaya Salda) - N~ Amplifying attacbment to a batter7 powbred reosiver. Radio no.7., 27 JI 162.. (MIRA 1626) (Transistor radios) i, ~7 7- 7- 1-, 7 FRYCZ, Leszek; IIICHTA, ZbIgniew; HAPORA, Albina. Anal7sts of causes of exacerbation in pulmonary tuberculosis with special reference to work factor. Gruslica 23 no.11:807- 813 Nov. 155. Z Panstwowego Sanatorium Przeciwgruzliczogo, w Bystrej Slaiklej. Dyraktor; dr mod. W. Pregowski. Bystra Slaska, Pafistwowe Sanatorium Przeciwgruzlicze. (TUBFXUWSIS, PMOIJARr, physiology, exacerbation in workers) (won, offePts, on tuberc.,puls., exacerbation) NLPORA, Kazimierz, mgr. --------- Technological e4id economic factors of blast and openhearth-furnaces during the years 1950-1960. Wiad hut 17 no. 10:292-296. 0 161. NA,P=Oj,,5," , kandidat ekonomichaskikh nauk; MINSKER, S.S., redaktor; s' ~CHIRNTSHBV, V.L. redaktor; TUPZON, D.Neg takhnicheskiy redaktor Dissaym on the development of railroad traissportation, in the U.S.S.R.] Ocherki razvitita sheleznodoroshnogo transport& SSSR. Koskya, Gos. transp. zhel-dor. Isd-vo, 1954. 284 p. [Microfilm] (Railroads-History) (MLRA 7-10) Nuop.11W, ALU-'iA.jvh "j-"Hljv'ljuF. rv W 77 .1 755.1 757 N21 .N21 7-M-F NC=OZHNYY TRANSPORT SSSR V DOKUMTAKH KOKKUNISTIGIM%OY PARTII I SOMSKOGO FRAVITELISTVA LRAILWAY TRANS- PORTATION OF.THE USSR IN DOCUMENTS OF ,THE CaMMUNIST PARTY AND SOVIET GOVERN- ).MNT.jf MOBKVAR TRANSZHELDORIZDAT,, 1957. 382 P. WORKO, A.G., kand.ekon.nauk uprognosesm of American economists and the real state of Soviet transportation. Zbel.dor.transp. 42 nO-7:6o-63 J1 160. OUU 1317) (2ransportation) I.NAPORKO,,,,A.G., kand. ekonom. nauk Heroic deed of Soviet railroadern. Zhel. dor. tranop. 47 no.5:7-3.2 my 165. (MIRA 18t6) S102Y601000100310021012 0111 0222 AUTHOWs Happa, L., and Pomina, A.S., Candidatel.of Technical Sciences TITLEs the Questim on the Nitrogen of the Organic Part of Dictyonems Shale PERIODICALs Izvestiya Akademii nauk Estonskoy SSR,. Seriya Tekhnicheskikh i Fiziko-Matematicheskikh nauk, 1960, No-3, PP-195-204 TEXTs The authors investigated a test piece of 120 kg of Dictyonema shale taken from Maardu. The kerogen of this shale hag a content of nitrogen oi 2-3%. A hydrolysis with mineral acids was carried out, where according to the method of the one-dimensional paper chromatography described in (Ref.25) in the hydrolyeate there were found nine mono amino acides I)o )COOH, 2) CH CH(NH CH(CH 2(NH2 3 2)COOH, 3) CH 3 3)CH(NH2)COOHI 4)CIH 3CH(CH3)CH2CH(NH 2)COOH, 5) C2H5 CH(CH 3)CH(M 2)=H, 6) HOCH2CH(NH2)COOH, 7) HOOC CH2 CH2CH(NH 2) COOH and traces of 8) CYNHOOH2"2COOH9 -9) C H CH CH(NH With respect to the origin of the kerogen the 6 5 .2 2)COOH' authors deviate from.the opinion of Manskaya (Ref.26); they assume that it can be traced back to proteins and bacteria. The authors mention .Card 1/2 5/023/60/000/003/002/012 On the Question on the Nitrogen of the C111/C222 Organic Part od Dictyonema Shale Arkbangel'skiyj Luhaj Kirretj Siirdeq Rdgoq Polikarpov, Gerasimov, Tikk, Professor V.L.~Kretovich, N.N.Bakh and Zh.V.Uspenskaya. They thank Professor V.L.Kretovich and.Zh.V.Uspenskaya. There are 4 figures, 6 t;abl-es and 26 referencess 16 Soviet, 2 German and 8 American# ASSOCIATION3 Institut khimii Akademii nauk Estonskoy SSR (Chemiael Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Esthonian SSR) SUBMITTEDs October 249 1959 Card 2/2 NAPPA, L.; FOMINA, A., doktor khim. nauk the nitrogen in-thei-organic rAtter of Dictyonemia -.-Shale. .,Part-2. Iz-V.'-AN'' i talgh'. nauk 12 no.3:320-326 63. (MW 16:1-1) L.Institut khimii AN Estonskoy SSR. NAPPA, L,; FOHINAI A., doktor khim. nauk Nature of the melanoldins taking part in the formation of kerogen of dietyonems. shale. In. AN Est. SSR. Ser. fiz,- mat. i tekh. nauk 13 no.2:143-147 164. (MIRA 17;9) 1. Academy of Sciences of the Estonian S.S.R., Irstitute of Chemistry. NAPPA, L.; FOMINA, As Hydrolysis products of kukersite kerogen, Izv. AN Est. S-'-R, Ser, fiz.-mt. i tokho nauk 14 no.1:163-165 165., (MIRA 18 1. Institut khimii, AN Entonakoy SSR. 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The acUvlzieD found durIng tho first hc;rrr. after sAministration above the liver are not a reliable iadicator Of poor intestinal abgorpti= of vitamin if thl.- vulti-ea are not eleva~ted. V2 NAPRAVNIK, M. Does fracture of the cervical spine occur in hanginl,? Lek. liety 5 no.20:599-601 15 Oct. 1950, ((;JKL 20:1) 1. Ofthe Pathologico-Anatomical Institute of the Medical Faculty, Nasaryk University in Brao(Head-Prof. Vaclav Neumann, N. D.). ,NaDravnik. V. Heat treatment of welded chains. p. 241. HUTNIK. (Ministerstvo hutniho prumyslu a rudnych dolu) Praha. Vol. 4, no, 8, Aug. 1954. IL Vol. 5, No. 10 Oct. 1956 lprovlv"N CZECHOSLOVAKLA / Chemical Technology, Chemical Products and H-33 Their Application~ Part 4 -4 Dyeing and Chemical Treatmaht of Textile Materials. Abs Jour : Ref. Zhur. Khimiya, Vo 4, 1958, 13324 Author : V. Napravnik. Inst : Not given TitIe : Determination of Oxidizability of Czech Lubricating Oils by Chromatographic Method. 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(Engineer) ORG: none TITLE: Inductive relay for signaling, control, and !2LC~ SOURCE:. Mekhanizatsiya i avtomatizatsiya proizvodstva, no. 11, 1965, 25-26 TOPIC TAGS: electric relay, circuit design. telemetry equipment, automatic control equipment ABSTRACT: The aut1iors introduce a universal and stable Inductive sensor which has a high degree of rellabilitX and sensitivity. The inductive relay (sensor) proposed Is intended for signaling, controlV*d telemetry. The device Is -based on a tr;anslstorized oscillator with Juned c1rcuTt=se base circuitry and on an emitter capable of operating in a "quasi-trigger" and intermittent oscillating mode. The all-purpose relay may be used in automatic control, monitoring and alarm systems, telemetry systems, and at unattended beacons. The output may be an electromagnetic relay or a contactless relay device of any type. The oscillator Is distinguished by a high degree of frpquency stabUtty'in all modes and uses a series-produced Card 1/2. UDCt 621.3.083-.669-.001.6 L 40901~-66 ACC NRg AP6009937 ctive relax are; operating P16 transistor (16 to*350 kc). The basic specifications of the Indu 'frequency: 25 kc; sensitivity.- 150-200 mm; length of connecting wire to oscillator: up to 60 m; a 24-v do MKU-46 relay; and a 220-vac 5.0-cpa feed voltage. Orig. art, has; 3 figures. SUB CODE: 09/ SIMM DATEs 00/ ORIG REFt 000/, OTH RM 000 2/2/ %&!~EYENKOO lie Good luck. Sov. profsoiuzY 7 no-17'.13-15 3 159. (MIRA 12:11) (Moscow-Mlectric light plants) 521051 NAPRLTEIIKO. L. The golden lIght. Saw.profsoiusy 7 no.22.-22-23 N '59. (MIRL 12:12) Ofollen and worsted spinninc) NAPRIMIKO,,_Y. (MIRA 17:8) One day. Gra, hd. av. 21 no.6z4-5 Je 164. 1. flachallnik Sasovskogo imeni Geroya.Sovetakogo Soyuza G. Taran letnogo uchilishcha Grazhdanskogo vozdushnogo flota. NA-PASTEX, J. "Reproduction capacity of our domestic animals under favorable dircum5tances." VESTNIK. Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 5, No. 7/8, 1958- Monthly Li st of East &ropean Accessions (.TAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 9, September 1959. Unclassified* -Naprstek, J. AGRICULTURE Uhrineves heated pig style. p. IS What is now in the Machine-Tractor Development Center? p. 20. Vol. 9, no. lyJan. 1959 Monthly Index of Fast European Accessions (MI) LCO Vol. 8, No. 4, April 1959 "pg, R"IF, CZECH03LOV;.KI,*,/Cosmochemis try. GeocherAstry. Hydrochenistry. L.. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Yhimiyr., No 9) 1958) 28293 Author : Napratek, V. Inst Title : On the Sedimentation, Dolortitization, and Silicification of the Upper-Silurian Ityors of the Barrandien. 'trig Pub : Aeta Univ carolinac Geol. No 2, 64s, ii Zs-ic7 (1954) (in Czech with summaries in English and Russian) Abstract : The results from the strati[.~Taphic and petro.,-raphic inves- tigation of carbonate rocks whose chemical composition is ty pified by diaC;enetic and epigenetic weakly doloniti- zud limestones and coloraites are discussed. To the pre- dia6enetic formations belong the schistose dolomites of nonorg-anic origin which are encountered in clays. In di- aGenctic dolomitic limestones the fragments of shells of ostracoda and of tentaculites are doloraitized and the shell fraL-qnents from crinoide are calcitized. Card 1/3 CZECH('SLOVIIM/Cosnochemistry. Geochemistry. Hydrochemistry. D. fibs Jour Ref Zhur - KhirAnya, No 9, 1958; 28293 The epigenetic varieties are more porous and the shr-11 frag;ents are dolonitized and nore thoroughly leached out. The shell cavities usually contain bituminous subs- tances. The following factors were determining in the dolomitization of limestones formed from organic detri- tus: the enrichment of the lower layers of calm sea wa- ters in Mg, the accuzulation of oreanic detritus contai- ning considerAle quantities of MECO 3 followed by lea- chin6, and the presence Of C02 which facilitates the dis- solution of rocks and the enrichment of the waters in Mg salts. Another source of Mg in sea water may be the deep wrine volcanic activity. As dolomitization pro- gresses, the grain size of the limestones decreases and the clayey-bituminous substance is displaced and collects in certain places c Lsi 7. The appearance of porosity is the result of volume changes produced by the metasomatic transforyation of the limestone into dolomite, Card 2/3 CZECII(.)SLO~IAKIA/Cosinochemistry. Geochemistry. Hydrochemistry. D. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1958, 28293 The silicifioation of the rocks (the diagenetic process) either accompanies or follows dolomitization. The SiO 2 is traced to the presence of sponee colonies. The miGTation of S102 is possible only in carbonate media in the presence of IC,,-'-"and cannot proceed in clay horizons. The precipitation of SiO, (fornation of hornstones) results from the destruction of the colloids formed as the fauna dies off. Eleven incomplete chemical analyses of the rocks investi- gated are presented. 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