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NAP.RSTZK, V. aGeologic conditions of the wider environs of Kraliky, Tajov. and M&lachav. West of Banska Bystrica." p, 119 (Gaeppia Pro Mineralogii A Goologh. Val. 2, no. 3, 1957, Czcholavakia) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (FJAI) LC. Vol. 7. No. 2. February 1958 NAPRSTZK, V. OThe coral Calamgnphylla Rhaetlang Koby 1884 from the Rhaetian near Tajav in Banska Byptrica Di3trict.w pJ21,28 (Casopis Pro Mineralogit A Geclogh~ Vol. 2, no. 3, 1957, Czaholovakia) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (&UI) LC. Vol. 7, Nos 2, February 1958 UF*TEK. V. GEOGRAPHY & GEOLWr Periodicals: CASOPIS PRO EINERALOGII A GEOLOGII Vol. 3,, no. 2, 1958 NAPMTEK,, V& An out line of the geologic evolution of the Tertiary in the Sokolov basin* p. 163* Monthly List of E2st Butopean Accessions (FEAT) LC, Vol 8, No. 5. May 19~9, Unclass. UPHMEK V. GEOGRAPHY & GEOLOGY Periodicals: GEODDGICKE PRACE-ZPRAVY No. 14 1958 WRMEK, V. Results of the geologic mapping between Slovenska Lupca and Poniky. P. 134. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC,, Vol. 8,, No. 5., May 1959, Unclass. CZECHOSLOVAKIA. te o -'Clifiical' d' Experimental Surgery LLZ,_Institu' , f- an (Ustav.Kliniake &-Experlmentalni~'Chirurgib.), Prague. '.'Possibility of Using~!Eldctronid-Ficture Converters in Physiolog- ical Research and Diagnosis." Prague, Ceskoslovenska Pysiologie, Vol l5,-Yo..a,, Feb 66j, p lag Abstract: 'The problem of recording physiological processes in ultravioletor infrared light and opnvqrting the recordings to visible~pictures;is discussed. 7~e 1~sd*of:such,apparatus in o~ht4almology.cytohistology, aiad' the, study of blood ... oirculatiori,is previewed. 2 We'stern,_-a Czech references. SubmittedAt the 7th Seminary of Medical Electronics at Prague, 22 Apr-64. CZEG11OSLOVJU7.IA UDC 615-831-85 NAPIRSTEN, Z.; 1A RST~JCQO ~A_ Institute of Clinical and Experim- ental Surgery (ff-s v "Rinicke a Expnrimentalni Chirui -gie), Prague, Director (Reditel) Prof Dr B. SPACM; Institute o*L' Pathological Anatomy, Medical Faculty of Hygiene, Charles University (Ustav Patologicke Anatomie Lekarske Fakul-ty Hygienidke K-U), Prague, Head (Prodnosta) Docent Dr J. STOLZ. "Use of a Laser in Experi*nental and Clinical Surgery." Prague, Casopis LoIcary Ceskych, Vol 105, No 21, 27 May 66, pp 561 - 56T- Abstract CAuthors' English surnary modified_7: Use of quantum UgTt-go orators of the laser type in medical research fs do- scribed. The use of lasers for savoring of tisnues, photocoagula- tion in areas of major functional importance and parenchymatous organs, in oncological, cardiovascular, and experimontal surgery is discus,ned. The interaction of tisques in the cardiovascular system in a dog treated by laser rays is described. liorphological changes are compared to those obtained by electroresection and evaluated. 6 ft!,,ures, 47 Western,, 6 Czech,, 2 Russian references. (Manuscript received Feb 66). 205 - IVA PU /~ H CHIPLAKOV,M.; HAPUKH.Z. Sports festival of Kharkov tractor builders. Sov.profsoiuzY 3 no.8:43-45 Ag'55. (MIRA 8:10) 1. Predsedatell soveta fiskulltury Kharlkovskogo traktornogo Iavoda (for Chiplakov) 2. Zaveduyushchiy uchebno-sportivnym otdelom TSentrallnogo soveta DSO "Torpedo" (Rharkov--Sports) BREZINA, R.; URVOLGY1, J.; ROSICKY, B.; CILKA, S.; DUSHNIKU, N.; NARACIK, K.; DISHNICA, G. ----------- Rickettsioses and infections caused by virlises of the paittacosis- ornithosia-mammlian pneumonia group,, in Albania. J. hyg. epidem., Praha 5 no.1:85-88 161. 1. Institute of Virology, Czechoslovak Academiy of Sciences, Bratislava, Institute of Biology, Czechoslovak Academy of Scienceos Praha, Ministry of Health of Albania. (MIYAGAWANELLA infect) NAHAD, R.; J&UkBil, F. Relative tests of trench diggers. 1. p. 208. MECH1,11' IISAGE Z&~ZDELTM. (I-Iinistorstvo zemedelstvi a lesniho houpadar5tvj.) Praha, Czecboslovakia, Vol. 9, no. '9, Sept. 19505- Month 1y List of East European Accessions (EEAJ), LC, Vol. 8, no. 11, Nov. 1959 Uncl. off tnArition of' report aubmitte~l at the 13th All-'.Inion C 'onL-rcs., of Eypienist-:, and In1'ectionists, 1959. NLUI, S. 1. "MOWN . Oyermakaogyaozat 4 no.6:166-170 June 1953. (CLKL 25:1) 1. Doctor. 2. Children's Infectious Department (Head Physician -- Dr. Sandor Naral). Szeged Hanicipal Council General Hospital (Director - Head ftsician - Dr. Pal Molnar). MOINAR, Amalia, dr..; NARAI, Sandor, &r.,; FOLIMS, JozBef, dr. Brythrocyto agglutination method in immunological studies in scarlet favor. WormokffoffAssat 7 no.3-6:178-180 fty-Juns 56. 1. Bsegedi Xegyei Joga Varos Konkorhaza (Igas. NoInar Pal dr., OyermokoBctaly (Foorvoo: Ural, Sandor dr.) (SCARM ISM.Ammunol. how"lutination with sheep erythrocytes (Hun)) (IMAGGLUNNATICK, In various die. scarlet fever, with sheep erythrocytes (Ihm)) IMIP.Zh.; ZHDLNSKI, K. High-tension Toltage regulstoes with low pedestal voltage . Prib.f. tekh.eksp. no.2:108-112 3-0 156. (KM M2) l..TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledoTatellskiy institut fisiki Akadeati nauk Vengrii, otdolente kcamicheakago tzlucheniya. (Voltage regulations) NARAKIDZEIN.M.; MILIMAN2 L.M., red. [Conquest of space; list of scientific and popular litera- ture in Russian for 1957-1963 on Svoet space flights) Za- voevanie kormosa; spisok nauchno-populiarnci literatury na rueskom iaz~ke za 1957-1963 gg. o savetskikh kosmicheakikh poletakh. Moskva, 1963. 21 p. (MIRA 17:10) 1. Moscow. Put-lichnays. biblioteka. 11(2) YUG/4-59-2-3/37 AUTHOR: NaranU6, Nikola, Engineer - - -------- TITLE: Installations for Dring Natural Gas with a Solid Adsorbent (Uredjaii ~a suAenje zemnog plina krutim. .adsorbentom). PERIODICAL: Nafta, 1959, Nr 2, pp 61-63 (YUG) ABSTRACT: This is a supplement to an article whichappeared in "Nafta". 1956, Nr 4 and 6. The author describes the standard equipment for dehydrating natural'gas with solid adsorbents and the types of equipment used for regeneration of adsorbents, i.e. the equipment for batqli regemwation, with parallel flow and the short- cycle equipment developed in the USA# There are 3 flow-charts and 4 referencis of which 2 are Soviet and 2 English, ASSOCIATION; Institut za naftu (Petroleum Institute), Zagreb. Card 1/1 0:-D ztm% I- ZL. lzjz, Vol INO 1, zta El W.hat ;f1lects "116 Grovth tnd ~cs t~)E '4=L 0: !It %otrorl; ~'ra l'I.lvOqa 1-1 h-,ve rffOCt3 Cn thl Bnd7 7' Dccent. U Josl:i Gi-,C; pp Z-7. M2mrc!mr, t.~e Cp=tt-.v-*Q3 :osz of !!Alrw; ~irl-r 4lus Dr jr Prtelril-% AaslStLnt Lt cll~ucl -Ogt--.t PUS13" ; Z.- Petir of Nfen.%v D7 Clu-oljuh. :VZ:~N; pp 14-1--. nc=cQT of Vl'-I=irs and lllngr-l- paqUI-Oll fo- Good :.,Utritlcn, a.. n :?-E (Domin Ind "XwiclC. ; I CO. -7-- C. Nelt-OP57tWalrist.; pp,:O-:-: -realth rducatio.", !!I cc;7~,rlc3l Orianits -.Inns"; IlLan 10. ft;ertuasi:- Z-- 11. "Prost4l."Ic Zlsoilwft IT Ix"! at th* ~rxc7o. il-~ - Polla VaccLnatloa be Ropeat're 7hir Tear?" r; 3f kwilMl, pp 1-4. Z to Life, Prof ~r Peodor LMAC, pp r-a-tion of Chillren AuAmst in-ht-hirla. 13 the Bctt protactlon Igain-t I=, risoasen rror r-- rakob . GAO.':, Z; avc; pp 7-a. cr rc Cho SpoaUncouc TAva of IL%Irvj Primarlus Dr YA7 'Arans=lt DIreas e, r- ;lu S. limfla=tion of Ortrias wid OvidAct," rw Prica 32aEJA, C'matolocist; PP at-Is. ":!are At ul. L%P lt~M7- ::r lvM HT l*ra=op3yth!At- rist; pi: 18-L2. 'CozzanIt-ml DISI-atlon of th* lilp vid Its Trtat=anV, DocGzt D: MlrAllr~ F. MTIC; pp 21-23. S. 'The YucosinN. rv--- cn~n rattlns ~Ztlrlsl. '.'aboroulosis" 'Z lb. -Tt* a4Mjirl& WZ&,-h6T =A BtZlthft ET -ZdOV= SWETA ~OVI 7 pp 26-19 a-tAtt Tc~blvz of Publi~ E..Ith 2-M. Efficacity of reparation welding with regard to local stresses. Zavarivanje 4 no.5/6:98-102 My,-Je 161. NARAINCIC, Veselin, inz. ------------- Efficacity of reparation welding with regard to local stresses. ZavarivanJe 4 no-7:130-134 3 161. NA.RiLNCSIX, Fal, okleveles kohomernok Designing of precision castbigs. Koh lap 96 no../+: Suppl: Ontods 14 no.4t73-78 Ap 163. -'T~-77- 717- NARANCSIK, Pal, dipl. inz. metalargije Construction of molds for precision casting. Lievarstvo 9 no.1/6! 30-36 f64- 7'~ VNIN Mr-RUMVIUM PIMI 90^0%212~ MWWIARI~ KOPCZYNSZI. Vladyslaw; NARARIWICZ, Teresa A case of primary cancer of the ovIduct. Gin.polska 31 no.3: 339-346 Nyc-.Te 160. 1. Z II Illiniki Chorob Koblecych I Pblosnictwa A.M. v Gdansku Kierovniki doe. dr wde W.Gromadski oras Z Zakladu Anatomll Patologiesnej A.M. v Odansku Kierownik: prof. dr med. W.Gsarnocki (OVIDUCTS neopl) H, PAMS, 2. (600) 4- Ketones 7. Mechanism of the reaction of cyclization with the aid of deuterium. Part 1. Cyclization of isopropenylallylketone. Izv. AN SSSR. Otde khim, nauke nos It 1953s 9. Monthly.List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, June 1953. Unclassified. 46-4-2-13/20 AUTHORS Boyer (Bayer), R.T.1and Narasimhan (Waraziman), V. TITLE: On Absorption of Ultrasonic Waves of Finite Amplitude in Liquids (0 pogloshchenii ulitrazvukovykh voln konschnoy amplitudy v zhidkostyakh) PERIODICALs Akusticheakiy Zhurnal, 1958, Vol IV, 21r 2, pp. 196-197 (USSR) ABSTRAM Theory o~ propagation of finite-amplitude waves in gases was first discussed by Fay (Ref 1). According to thi's theory, which is also applicable to licpids, the coefficient of absorption okincreases on increase of acoustic pressure:. This effect is due to displacement of sound energy to higher harmonics because of non-linearity of the medium and non-linearity-of the exact equation of motion. An approximate analysis (due to P.B. Lindsay, unpublished) showed that increase of sq/v2 (where -0 is the acoustic frequency) is directly proportional to acoustic pressure pe and inversely proportional to frequency -#. The present authors recently showed (Ref 6) that increase of so in,water is an approximately linear function of pe/0 at high values of p,/-J. A figure on p. 196 shows the Card 1/3 46-4-2-13/20 on Absorption of Ultrasonic Waves of Finite Amplitude in Liquids results of the measurements made at frequencies from 3.8 to 8.7 Xe/&* The results obtained by Zareinbo at al. (Ref 5) for water at 1.6 MC/8 are also given in this figure (crosses). The graph shows that the results of Ref 7 agree well with the authors, results (pa bli shad in Ref. 6) An additional verification may be made by an analysis given by Fox and Wallace (Rbf 2) who obtained an equation a(/-p2= ij~/VNK, where A and it, are the absorption coefficients at finite and infinitesimally small amplitudes respectively and K is a correction. K depends on a coefficient of energy transfer from the fundamental frequency to the harmonics, on empirically determined coefficients in the quadratic equation of state for the licpid and on mean density of the liquid. Following Fox and Wallace the present authors calculated the slope of the dependence of *j/V2 on p&IV for vater., This calculat9d slope was found to be - 1.5 x 10 15sec. = .(Mc/s)1.atz-' compared with the experimental value, as given in the graph, of 2 x 10-15. In view of approximations of Ref 2 this agreement between experiment and theory is excellent. The figure shows that the experimental curve departs from the straight line at small values of P./V'since it is In this region that the approximations made have the greatest affect. The experimeatalvalue Card2/3of A depends also on the place where It is measured (the authors are 46-4-2-13/20 on,AbBorption of Ultrasonic Waves of Finite Amplitude in Liquids indebted to V.A. Krasillnikov who pointed out this fact); the values given in the present note are the maximum values of OL. There is one fiGire and 6 references , 5 of -which are American and 1 Soviet. ASSOCIATION. Fizicheskiy Departamont Braunovskogo Universiteta, Providans,SSbA (Physies Department, Brown University, Providence, U.S.A.) SUEMTTED- November 16, 1957 Card 3/3 1. Wave"beorption 2. Wtvas-Propagation-Theory HARAVA Jan prom biol; NEMCEK, Ondrej, prom. biol. Free amino acids In the leaves of apricot tree. Biologia 16 no-4: 256-263 ~161. 1. Katedra fyziologie rastlin Prirodovedecke fakulty Univerzity Komenskeho v Bratislave (for Nemcek) 2. Vyakumny ustav krmovinarsky, Tmava (for Navara) (APRICOT) NAROTSEVICH, AsK. (Incorrectly knit fractures of the femur] Repravillne arosehissia perelomy bedra. (Sverdlovsk] Kedgiz, 1946. 127 P. (NM 7:4) (Femur-Iracture) V NARAVTSEVICHS A. M. "Treatment of Injuries to the Forearm and 'Orist in Tractor and Automatic Machine Factories," Khirugiya, No, 60 1948, Profe, 8varklovski, -c1948-o NARAVTSZVICH, A.M. Modification in surgical therapy of costal kyphoses in kyphosciolio--, see. V6et.khir. 70 no.2:42-45 7 130, (CLML 19:3) 1. Of the Sverdlovsk Institute of Restorative Surgery, Trausatology and Orthopedics of the Ministry of Public Health 1919R (Director of Institute -- 7.R.Bogdanov) and of the Department of Operative Surge- ry and topographic Anatonq of Sverdlovsk Medical Institute (Read of IWpartment -- A.K.Naravtsevich). NARAVTSEVICHY Ya.M. 0 erational fixed-d-s-te pl~,nnzrig of Mhr. i.,'amifuctl%ire, and testing of nev types ol' dt-,,,ri-~ez~ at -,,he plilot plart, of 1~ha Lenin- grad Special. Con5tructior Rirer4li of th(, littito Goolo'gi-cal Committee of the U.S.S.R. rio.17:3-27 163. (MIRA 17:12) 1. Ob8hchestvennoya konstruktors~oye b~~ro Goau-1ar-iLven1lop geolo- glebeekogo kow-l.-teta SSSR. 11 Im M ~g"MRMAV OF, W P-5169-;B; 19-:4- V INA ei 2 M, M. w_m,#m ?WqAY, D. Modern dumping. P. 29 MUSZAKI EIET (Muszaki es termeszettudomanyos Egyesuletek S2ovetsege) Budapest Vol* 11, no- 3. Feb. 1956 EM IL Vol. 5, no. 7, July 1956 NARAT, D.; TOT, E. Modern refuse disposal In Budapest. Gor. kboz. Nook. 32 (MIRA 11:9) n0-8:34-37 Ac '58. 1. Naeballnik Upravlonlya sanitarnoy oebietki g. Budapoebta (for Naray). 2. Ad"yunkt Budapsobtskogo tekhnicheskogo univeral- tota (for Tot). (Budapest-Refuse and refuse disposal) IVMY, Dezso Show removal by means of now methods. Musz elet 19 no.l: 10 2 Ja 164. NJNMU PAL, Sandor, N.D.2 mA WAUT'I 1"" X.D.0 of the Department for Obstetrics and Cynecaloi-Y at tim IMPHUM, of the mmici Council (Varool Tenses Korham,, 8zu.Im~mt4ftFcWmzstl O.=rL.K.1..... "Magmasix for Pftgmsncy by Mhans of 111movan. Injectlan" Budspist, Orvosl Notilm. Vol 1", No 2D, 19 Ifty X963, pp. 928-929. Abstract: Two ampoul a of 111movan (a 111- lan-made estrogsa-props- teran compmItlon) we injected during two comecutIve ". if the patient Is pregmt,, so vaglml b1sedima occurs; however,, If the re- sult of the tiest, Is neptive U"ding vLU occur within 2-7 days after the second Injection i;w beem administered. On toot, which carries no rlsk to a propmut patient, Is based =.the stoppW of bleeding caused by the sterolds aontalned in the Injection. tigh- team r*ferem", lW4WIM4 1 NUPCISUP aermans and Wiestern. ILA 13L I.- i I II ~tw of ?,-~~ '. ~. r j-, ~ - ~. r NkRAY, ZS. SCIRICE PERIODICAIS: teilt MAGYAR FIZIKAL FOLYOIRAT. Vol- 3, no. h, 1955- Naray, Zs. Single-sweep polar oscilloscopes for measuring milliricrosecond .Periods. P- 383. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol, 8, No. 2., February 1959, Unclass. Hungaz7ftrectronics - Cathode Ray Tubes.. H-6 Abet Journal:. Referat; Zhur - Fizika., No 12., 1956.. 35143 Author: Desi, S.., Naray., Zo. Institution: Hungarian Academy of Sciences., Central Research Institute of PbyBice, Budapest Title: Circular Oscilloscope for Measuring Millimicrosecond Pulses Original Periodical: Acts, phys. Aced. sci. humg.., 1955, 5., Ro 4 83-931 English; RussiaW resumd Abstract: Description of a setup an& of a method for measuring signals that are periodic or statistically-distributed in time, vIth a duration Of 10-9 seconds and with a repetition rate of not less than 500 per second. The method Is also applicable to the determination of the delay time of 2 or more e4pals relative to each other at an arpli- tude of not less than 30 v.and a duration of 104 seconds. Bibliog- raphy., 8 titles. Card 1/1 IA ~ ;4 v .;r7 T -- ~ _f, Category : HOGARY/Electronics - Semiconductordevicer. and photoelements H-8 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Fizika, No 1, 1957, 110 1769 Author Naray, Zs. ~09V Cent. Research Inst. for Physics, Budapest, Hungary Title On the R~eduction of.the Dark Current in Photamultipliers. Orig Pub Acts. phys. Acad. sci. hung., 1955, 5, No 2, 159-173 Abstract An investigation was made of-the possibility of reducing the number of dark pulses in the RCA-931/A photomultiplier, without having to resort to cooling. It is possible to effect a rq4uction in the number of dark pulses by approx- imately a factor of 1,000 after properly choosing the operating mode of ~he multipler such that (a) only electrons from the illuminated region'of the photocathode enter into the multiplier system, and (b) the number of dark pulses is reduced to the minimum possible value by selecting the potential of the outer turface of the ioultiplier bulb. Bibliography, 13 titles. Card 1/1 li le- Jl- I" - NAMY.' zS. Impulse generator for producing impulses with positive and negative signals per millinicrosecond. p. 41 Vol. 4., No. 1 1956. Budapest) Hungary. MGYAR FIZIKAI FOLYOIRAT. SOURCE: East European List, (EEAL) Library of Congress Vol. 6, No. 1 January 1956. - ~ -- - -- p.t.--l - .;'- - - :,., I 1~ - - ~-i~ - ~ - - - I ... - " 11 - . - i -- - r-f- I A I A f' , A , , --j- e- - w ~ 4 ; " , -~ .. Mleasuring the SD--king probability of photosensitive electron multipliers. p. 17 (14agyar Fizikai Folyoirat) Budapest, Hungary Vol. 5, no 1, 1957 SO: Monthly Index of East -European Acessions (AEEI) Vol. 6, No. 11 November 1957 HUITGARY/Optics - Physical Optics K-5 Abs Jour Rof Zhur - Fizika, No 12, 1958, No 28571 Author Janossy Lajos, Naray Zsolt Inst Central Rosoar8R7Tn-sMuto -ofPhysics, Dopartncnt of Cosrdc Rays, Budapcstp Hungary Title The Intoffcrenco Phononona of Light at very low Intensities. OriZ Pub t MaCyar tud. akad. Kozp. fie. kutato int. kozl.p 1957, 5P 140 3, 287-300 Abstract Using a Michelson interforom-otor and a photomultiplier, the authors have dotornined the distribution of the intensity of light in the interference gringos at very low light inten- sity, corresponding to 10- quanturvsocy i.0 under condi- tionB whoro on the average loss than one qua;ui was located at one tim in the apparatus. Experiments, carried out at a depth of 30 motors underground with nutonatically con- trollpd apparatus have shown that the distribution, within the limits of experimental accuracy, is indopondrt of the density of light, which varied by a factor of 10 Card 1/1 HMIGARY/Elactronics - Electrcn Fnd Ion 4iission -H-2 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Fizike, No 10, 1958, No 23275 Author :-H&P~r-&&QLt,-1oth Mihaly Inst : 11 kozoikus sugarzasi osztely kozlejienyo OBZtRIYVOZOtO, Budapest Title : The Reflection on Transp9rent Fhotocnthodes Orig Pub i Mogyrr tud. skad. Koal. fiz. kutnto irr.'-.. kozl., 1957, 5, No 4, 391-396 Abstract Description of a procedure and results of meesurement of the reflection of eemi-trunsporent photooloctronic nultipliers of tho typo ROA-5819 as the function of the wovolongth of the light. It wps asteblishod that tho coefficient of ro- flection for the wavelength corresponding to the maximum cathode sensitivity P-aounts to approximately 30%. Card 1/1 HUNGARY/Blectronics - Electron and Ion Emission H-2 Abe Jour Ref Zhur - Fizike, No 10, 1958, No 23276 Author 'N Z Toth M. .~, ~ret,~e.-j Inst 4ot Given Title The Reflection on Trensparent Fhotocathodos. Orig Fub Acta phys. Aced. scio hung., 1957, 7, No 4. 379-383 Abstrect Soo Abstract 23275 Card 1/1 HUDIGARY/Optics Physical Optics Abs Jour t Rof Zhur - Fizika, No 12, 19~8, No 28572 Author :Janossy L., ITaray Zs. Inst :Not Givon --I Title :Tho Intorforonce Phonomna of Light at Vory Low Intonsitics Orig Pub IActa Phys.,Acad. sci. hung., 1957, 7P No 4 , 403-425 Abstract : Goo Abstract 28571 JANCSSYj lajos; NARAY, Zsolt Investigationa into-the dual nature of light. Fiz ozemle 8 no.1:3-9 Ja 158, 1. Kozponti, Fizikai Kutate Intedet Kesadkus Sugarzasi, Oittaly, CHINA/Optics.- Fhysical Optics K-5 Abu Jour : Rof Zhur - Fivikr~.No It 1959, Ito i938 Author :Jrnossy L., Narry Zs. Inat :Central Rcso-r-RE-rn-s-Muto of Fhy:ics, Bud7post, Hungery Titlo :Fhanozionon of Intarforcnec of Light ot Vary Low Intonsity Orig Pub :Uli syuobro, Actv phys. sinica, lgr;8, 14p No 1, 37-53 Abstrret :Interference of light wee producod by riorns of c Micholson intcrforonotor; the distribution of the intonriticE wre do- tornined in it by crIculeting the distributionof the nur-ber of photonr vrith the rid of r photoriultipliar. It is shown thrt for c vary lot, light intonsitice the prttorn aoce net differ (within the li:--itr of axperi:--cntal error) fran, the pr-ttorn obteinod rt ordinrry intenritics. At low intonsitics, cprroxinctcly 106 protcnE enter the int-irforo:-ctor during occh racond, thuF, rt very sr-ell intonsitioc rt cny instent of ti::c thorc is on the rvorego loss then one photon ineido tho intorforoniatcr at cny in6tont of tine. Authorle resu"o Card 1/1 MARAT, Zoolt Application of "tardod feedvack In eloctromle electric circults. Y&4ff fIs folyoIr. 7 no.6: 495-505 '59. (MAX 9.04) 1. fespoptl Fivikal Kutato Isteset, 71slial Optlkal laboratorium, (Blectronies)-, (Mactric circuits) (Feedback(Bleetronice)) NARAY, Zsolt; VARGA, Peter Production of light pulses of nsec rise time and duration with gas discharge tubes. Koz fiz kozl NTA 8 no.2/3:161-165 6o. (Enj 10; 4) 1. A Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Kozponti. Fizikai. Kutato Intezete, Fizikal Optikai, Laboratorium. (Light) JANOSSY, Luloo, dr.; NARLY, Zao~t; VARGA, Peter Experimental imstigation of the correlation of coherent light beam. Kox fis kozl WA 9 w.4:197-205 161. 1. Felelos kiado, *A M%yar Tudomarqos Akademia Kosponti Fizikai Kutato Intezetansk Kozlemebyei" (for Janossy)* 2. Editorial Board.member,, *A Magyar Tudomanyon Akademia. Kozponti .7isikai Nutato Intesetensk Xoslewnpi* (for Naray), BAKOS, Jozoef; WITOR,, Karoly; NARAY,, Zoolt Interferences among wave group series produced tT amplitide division. Kos kiz kozl MTA 9 no.5/6:307-316 161, 1. "Magyar Tudawyom Akadwia Kosponti Fizikai Kutato Intezetenek Koslemenyei" ozerkeosto bi2ottsagi tagJa (for Naray). FAMS, Gyozo; MOSSY, Lajos; NARAY, Zsolt; VARGA,, Peter Experimental tests for determining the correlation 6f coherent light beams. Xoz fiz kozl I-ITA 11 no.2:89-97 163. 1. "A Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia'Kozponti Fizikai Kutato Intezetenek Kozlemenyei" felelon koadoja (for Janosay). 2."A. %WarTudomanyos Akademia xozont:vznzikai Kutato Intezetenek Kozlemenyei" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja (for Naray). TAY-ACS,, J*; swilage of somp &-o to Clce4UIsiv Acts vat* acadt scis ll:;m. 15 roo4t457-460 16~o 16 Contml labomtory of Vatorir=7 Mat Control Sord-ce Mdapost, lluntaav (Ilead: Ja Talmes), &tibmittad Jul3o Is.. 1965. so 0 0 * 0 0 0 Of 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a S:* *is 0 0 a 0 6 0 r a 0 foe 0 0 6 0 0 0 1 0 *-W ,, 4 - 0 0 Gig a 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 6 4) 4 0 6 03' 1 1 is 11 11 1) IS ism IJOI$ INA An bj*b)6vX)9 Aill MIJ ids mly nip% is 4JU6.4re I L L -M. P R., VA 1.1-A-1-1-M W 00 A' Ott 4" 1'.0 &SPIN$ I W. 17 .00 '00 JAMAY-5.106. Aaa U. AW Sri, sea $robs d WMmNL IA",YAW -09 -.t:; jf&p"Od%dKWj~W*0W i&vCj,,jm., Miwral. is Ap, 2, 151-61(1931); cl, C. A. -00 -! ~ ~, A mofifimum of t1w oystm of Rnw hm been wmktd out. Any armt. 0C al-Wh" the chem" pot. Is Orgettho, komp" can fiv placed Igo a Or" d this -00 0 a JAMW pbmhsvi hma fimW hroMmtes,tim Mroctutrat which wamidetil. see 00 a OAlot tho warkiing out of this pyoum (00, 1., Oruly(Ite. enmatite, sailm ObitUile. "alpfute. belville, eff-11. S. voi FixALv 00 ro* *0 coo r.9 S, 00 goo, 0411, :;09 see see :ILA N41ALLLIRGKAL 1.11111ATUAt CLAISIFKATICII ttoe see 9 1A L I &j 0 UX AV 10 AS - W 09 a t9 It It NOW It * 0 0 0 *~* 0 a 0 6 * a 0 0 0 Sig so** 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 Oil* 0 Of 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 IL 0 0 4 010 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 a 0 f f f J 11 - 10,ime how residues. i'slu r " N - - ur dir t So r " ' W - v a . Mat 4 6 lk 1 I prld- ,N -I(pl wall, and 41~cc. coacd, it Aj and lb~ ~j si, i . n . , l. . C d 11, 5 CC"' The i" 4v r ! ~ : ysulAinistion. a the-, 41 7 ! it e it idi 1 .f J z A to az ) he istd. soln. treatrd with 1 i% uwd for run. and t 0 %) 0 d to iodide. 00 90 ti UtIMATOR CLOSIPICATIOM _M44-i! -1.11 W, it It At io it ~ 4 0 00 001 0 4 if 0 0 0 0 0 0 it 0 o 1 0 6 0 o0 0010 0 0000000 0 0 Is 0 * oi 0 44 JA% NZAP(I. O 5 cc, %std : " "' - t '"ith l(JU ce- , v PC The I i!s j I d -00 KI is wanted, K(jif S.!;, no FwALY z! are 9 es Joe* 0 use Cleo IlisI I wit 4 0 of 0 see go* 0 0 0! 0 0 40 009 00 000 0 ei -41- -a-- -0- -a- -0 -0--o- T6631, I I I'D 1-26 N it ki It W is is 0 V. $I a t 4 go or I I A A .2 LA je_% I@_ L9 I-A 1-1-s 00 .I '00iiii of .9 1 -Go 'Xiials @a Allow 1. NA=y-&Abd (MaWr CACM. jWydind, 1937, 411, IW. gig I I wed vou see go COO fees t904 1~~ A DITALLURGICAL LiTtRAYLOC CLAMPKATION ego -j 0.1 cot JIIjIm-tI 4'. 0 a p I I -- - --n U 16 AV 10 IS, rnt I t NJ & S $'VOL" ~IWI*�WOTI I 001', Wig K d 9 If,' It t1' of 4 1 1 ILO-0-6 00 0 0 00 a so sees o:: A *00 0*00 11 Coo tv a n ,jD,A DUCI$Xtso CPU11$ 0 . . . 4! ~o !Jtl a - - - - - 16 f Ale m kilits 114PL911141 lop 460 41- C110161 - f. 611CUP) W.04 I-Ota a'alla'ats A015 so 8060 ~604-6,-! ' oeq son r sob 00, 00 000 0*3 002.1 0*2 V"*MH 00 go- ;L~WWWAMIWM 0416 Poo go. see too go. see 0 go 06. local it "t bull "T, ~Wr, 1-11 It 11 0 we lot e go* 0o0 0 I . t 6 to 1, 1 1.6 1., is if 9 34 is If, If 30 v a 41 U if Of *to t 00 A ~*R _J Of VOCC96411 A.0 #SCPI*fllt 1-001 1-06 00 00 09 C 60 -00 00 a -00 00 a I Jw -00 AltAcohm", &vekVwul 00 & pi S, riamy -00 ood no* OOj i coo 00 too 40 aloe oe 0 coo goo 200 :1 to 0 ILA m4TAm*rKAL kilfRATtOff CLASWICATION as too 14nQ*v -8 we M Sim a ~l ~60 U _T_- - 0 AV a at lit a If a Pit a a tug An I I a ft 0 N 9 1 It IN a a a 3 1 0 0 ~0 0 0f@ 0,000 T. 0.0 0 0 ~60' of 0 0 0 0 : 0 : 0 : 7 0 00 00 0 01 0 : 0 0 0 0 We 010 Ole 0 0-0-0-e , 1000000 0 0 00000000 41 Ij all Am o w w w "DORI t . I " UILLU - L M t7 .S U 0 at ~Gojlfftspw oull A oep aid "sw- lot Gad CMO. W' 6:;;,t0- I.., cv- o 40 - -00 6. t OR %gas am," "1 bet %W Cl I* C t .00 IS a " vw6w wh", Z -*-., VA91.411A I be m see '*8 cro kip.-Am . SAO coo may 4comm- cro 0 1k% vv&-y C.Cuep J~ A . k.'amy W TIMMIC Far tu - A. 0 1 - .07S 5 0 age S d. d-id- by -11 1 b CA- 6 14 r.00 . . 41W 'a 12 FWMV 000 effe j, 00 006 00 w I COO Ar atilt! too - Inv ow .11&0 N or MTALLUIM!~AL Gv its saw pAL a wit O-W 82 NA a a it on * u OF 0 0 0 0 L-r lilt is #11111111MU1411 ),-a- X- It Al -11 11--o- it dr-11 -11 if-d 6 A 5. 1 -- It f 1.11 LID-11-415". 0 OCAP tt,410 elk, T Ln YO 4' ro'~lm% - -L. I ~ .-. 1 0 nwdLasim of bydroges owervaltAls. 1.1vals I'". A111. *v17-.4jIfK#1sW.--. -00 ,f1w gr r4 11, was ir"sured oil glathdolvil Of 14. The 41410 Ax. Cu &W III in 41 4V IIVI &m1 3 N It,AV ktalmd fruns gur(Ammtd. W1111 11 IDWtw TO&I'a vqls&- lkil. q)m I,, jh~ f.4jlk%j j.1 ey"Toltap ta t1to d"t- 4-1 us. lot testalkable. 1*0 ritt'litift '4111blus rAl"firlill :1 lee tit: a mmliffiftiont of 109(ilf Itispilc puffwts said. with 11 wil an a"sill- lion lywha"10111 on Onomd. imsthemis. A lwllal mIll. 14 ago 11"ficated by stir dift-uldy 1r;w-.111WHO 114111111hill (011114- -4 k. 11, Ilaft-Ill't COO goo lee 09 000 So 9 age we* ,lwl 4~ to 0 too A! -!I A METALUAGICA). LIT11RATUIN CLAUWKATIOU U low.; sw$-11". 11114111 it amw all Sam U S 20 As!; r Of to tr Lp OF out K a 9 a u Ing K K V 0 T141 1:14000"00 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 00 .-7,- -~--WDI - - " 'm v 0 '' A ~40 ~ 0 p4ocytiffime Jim I Ob" I C9 Imcd 8. 1. Nirsy- MA & - SW r N4 8 1-21W)~-AMIWOP C A A 00 1 sod 0kgile is pWkWu wits dweiption of tbeo- p 99 two W IW . &W#bml4l sm Offi Lau@ oft"b . e p N.C.. A 0*43 004 see no* wee wee a 44TALLWOK41, L"240OWCLAIWICAll" goo *o woo 141480 map Gww Got SUAPSIS 0#6481 409 sew Aft ad0 u IS W $a 2 I As 2 In A ; A A . 0,00 dk a a go a I a I isfolike"O" a all uis MR low*W441 Uu k m 0 .400 00 A -jp.. .. -00 Flocifflo A$* plavloy'll mot. .00 00 0 2 000 . . admindom 41 nowom bdmoo so dw beds of Sand. do. I" C&M. I IMF-. % fdro. Re !216L" ~bdm- a I :: w 06 d see i 000 00 w 00-4 woe see t l ti oleo olvloolva 1k lanove .158coo so env amt , ' Go 4.. 41i, 0 ~ ~ Al If l IN a n I I Id 0 0 01 N W 5 U 3 1 F" a i va - 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * so 00 4 0 0.04 0-9 G~o 0 0 0 @a 0 9 * 0 0 6 A A C A t I A M-A-A--J, ",Cc -90 a A--A- I- f 'a' it, for 21.0 &Plot-- 0"... to% woo 60 !00 i% r anti Jena Neugebauer (Univ. Tech. i ir 00 it I', agary). Tachaka (Budapest) 25. m%-w 00 944) PuWbilitY of working up am mccordinK to the imethad al.9mlyer ckPen& Upon tbr form of MOH)s so esent In the am. X-ray poorder pboxographs mmvi to 0 oWtabk for deig. the comixis. (other than salts) prmnt :00 fabsuaitcores. Ores contg. b6hinite or hydrargiflite kvin 00 to be suitable for the nwthod of Bayer: the twellence of 0 f dimpore is disadvantageous. Istvin Finilly 00 so so 00 w its* 00 .I: .160 .00 .00 !00 'og, L A atITALLUOGICAL LITE RA~ COI;;~Jkiwol lee 113(ml S1141111TR - 1115 a-CT S'A.*.j isit 4.1 Gvc . . . . . . I't n, vl~A M I S V fW 0 If 4 1 At m 2 0 a 3 0 ant) it is 4 1 0 i ~ so 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 qOS 0 0 1, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A ISO 112 Isnif I -#wIft"t-la pef"llas Owe "wpm.- (Tech. Aunw, awapast lumm. F No 1, RpIll. date 411-0 Ca Tb% m9ccoll INA0.111100nandl ~hpailolprjw talbe see, 1wrovAltafmally. This latuily Is dIvk*I Into the II"F 60 sub"ps 1 1. Vormuk M# (X - 0 ' or P -) 1 1. inI CCU (Z - 1): symmetry cubic (type DOQ or rboembehed- DO). 2. Lwp cell: (Z - 4); synumgtry artbo- Pie D~swWDOQ. U. Fom#J&AHXq(A-' Mee Wr C#Atn iboo cation with actahe" no* =lz, 1. , 8~11 call (Z - 1) 1 qmnwtry cubic (tYpt )%) CW t#trS~MW (DeW tYPe). 2, lAWV VIR. sy.m..!tfy torp4mal (Z or 16) or monaclialc (Z - 8) see C"M remim" so i0 60,9 bee. boo] moo AtIALLAOMM Wmvw CkmWOUTM Ma 'too low" allf muAinwo 04 ., 4a 9s- a w ga 0 a UP 0 * A , 0 0 WO O's 0 0 6.00 0-~, 0, 0 Os 0 see*** *411 45 'D 0:04 0 0 070-411-0-6-41101111-W-0-411-0 a -0 -0 j 4 S t I I q Ill it A a it L ,:A1 jo~ oo -so 099 1 :4 :jr~ 0 ;-so pligsJameeloolte, a now mineral of Kiabanyok. Viklor 0 Zivny and liotyan SAA1.6 (Butlapest. Millet.. -00 licir. DIV. h(M-l'iya; .0telib. Mill- .09 0: rl'uh.r. Mrog. Alat. V, (1) 0 ,see fwas fAund 1,wether with *phalrdtv. saltine, joyrthotile. a I 000 little clialroppile. still an unillcutirwi (Ke lotitwol, Its '; its chent. analp. is (for two sped. Icnsifty in d:* 5.4R_ Ze nicus): Ilb 39.91 (40.01). Fe 0.98 (3.01))..% 34. 74 (34.1022). ooj % 2"IM (22-fro), lumill. 0.13(11111). X 99.6". IMS11)) which yicl,j% the (twinisla 4 idt-nilral with zoo (hat d jonteumitr, Powder distferams Indicate that 00 jouirmstite ul Certo dt WAna, PdAvla (Nkrsy4R&sM) and lose fd ValrijibA d"Altifultilrea (111fler) give the some pictoort oleo wbich Is different from that of 1. Tberefore 114 a new inineral, pairajamesonite. W. Nowackl Ice* -00 "Vi ASN.ItA sITALLUNISICAL UNPAU41 CLASUPICAIMN flee kee All .31 0- C.1 8111110.91 An L S 4 rw u is 41F -0 it it a tr it or Or a a pt tt a is of All 0 0 0 0 0 0 91~ w ~,,J 0 4110-&0690 W49911116046 00 1; 0 . 0 v It u AS 14 is it It to It a JL %A Of A 000 pi .4 The AM j i IIs"Hi .-Ttw I.It 00 a t, YOIAISNACI-Nal 2, "I'lub Onl . M 1 I 11 th C r I ifil 1 0 l 16 1 C V 4 OllAill"I fly linintj kIt'"011111Y VAIIIIll 11 (KI WAI A f j VII ly A h1olvirr 111111 110 00 a Im"t 1 I 1 9.0 is 1. flip it At aAl a101 so v 4 41 a a 4~0 a I II ir . , A . ~ 7 ~ 1 0 4 cop las Abe pteprellfs .Cog IRIVAll 34-40 Pel. Ack ChIm. 1 No. 3 . , symul Uttkv c-mot. of thg tniirl Mk'd, IlV U%t Of tht 111AII-MAYet (the Aild the tunpirmi. tO wrtr nc%vvwiry. The IAII" i, 00 aLlim till the W-ii 4 tlw men- ' rho tellultit dil. purr owslals. I th,vw 14 Ilml 0".1 lifilyti, and 111 Nw to 1,4111tv 1.101141, #111-1 fly i 6,11141, goo 61111111 114, 1111141V 0 ",As I. J #--I 9 $00 *f woo a ties woo we III OdAtt #A Woo') "it oftv u it &I go Ali 1 1 SAMj, Iff IWO lJOINKIIA43 I IF it 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a a 0 0 a 0 GLO 0 a 0 0 IIARAY-SZA30, I. NARAY-SZABOO 1. The binding and hardening or portland cement. p. 290. Vol. So no.8, Aug- 1956 EPITOMTYAG Budape3t, Hungary. SOURCES East European Accessions List (EM) Vol. 6, No. 4--April 1957 HUINGARY/Chemical- TechnoloGy --- Chemical Products- and- Their ---- -11-13 Application. Ceramics. Glass. Binders. Concrete. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Khtmiya, No 8, 1958, 25986 Author : Kovacs Jozsef, Az~!iy-Szabo Istvan, Novak Andras IrOt : - Title : Production of Acid-Resistant Concrete by Means of a Gas Treatment. Orig Pub : Ma&yrar Epitoipar, 1957, 6, No 3-4, 139-142. Abstract : Description of a method of treatment of concrete articles vith SiF under pressure, to increase the resistance of such articles to the action of acids and salts. Card 1/1 31 ZMAN/Farsiftl OWIdetty. Liquidsi Ampiobptii Bodies, Gases. B Abe Jour: W nut-fthd7as No 22j, ISOArp 7U59. -Sia~-prbftomd by glass- came an-empbodut rorming oxides (310'L, B; pj, PZO5), v eqjals 21 .1 to 22.7 A30 am T -in taw corn Crystaullp --awmas --i8i85,,,to.'aoA8"A .~ a. ]A-.0 AJ v SA01he d"We"'.vRaId" or-'alyw;"Ims. Me -dependeaft:of _y: =Aho eciposition An.the amme at,I-.ALm6-Rrjjmm I ~glasse*~Im described by;-tAw foUav- -v! w ~ 3 AR - + 1.4 .9 IA'Uw': cale- ot Ik"O 81() and %-w,'20 --~1.2 In7taw.-Case Of"140-Toi. NMI" eqlations . wuv also derlved'for, W Cate4lasses. mntaining. MO.' ~M vd- NO.~ Sodlus- silicat*~-glam~wt witk an AdditA&--of_AI 0' or NO -by slidlar Im-- an; described the ~=i' at_ R_ d"S' n" _dMOV mad Us: seamd - am- Mrd 3 2/4 HUNGARY/Pbysical Chemistry. Liquids, AmozThous Bodies, Gases. B ,Abs Jour: Pat Zhur-Xhimlyap No 22, 1958, 73159 series WZ' T10 VZOOINA . - tP, incres"s i slidlar regul P&O. PbO arity is 6b"?.ved in thi ikii Of 0410.5411. cate glass,isj. lia vhieb Rd alio pitftcas a. decrease of Y. considering the obtained r6stilts tYm the point .of vi~O or a disordered ]AWCO, 'the WWI, assize that v is the littlej, the more.the lattice tetrahedrons am bound together vith cam= oxygen ions, R being the measure of that bindIsig. Cations- modifiers either decrease, or increase v depending an their Lon radii and charges. AU the studied cations decrease v in the ease of potassims-sili- cate glasses, and that effect is expressed in them considerably stronger than In sodium-silicate glasses Card Distro, 4Uc , , ' a /Regularities Id the properfle of 14 the ths a IP 'odic qs~*M, Mg -qmb6(t X U LL _ Ada UMM. C*Q' OGI-91 91 0L 938 1 . At. vols. ( Y), b.p. I and p. Of de n W ther the solW-state structure (o an st.# a wol., M4 1114 lattice V disclose defin te odicity to qr . , P appear at the allkwall lower ba member ods e lit contrast, the curve , V 1% smooth In both 18-tnembered pedods. In both of the, latter periods certain irregularities are provoked-by the appemnce of - lanthan[des and of uranides. In general, the lowest i l h i th mo occur at the elements vv , lattice, s arpest m n. appear. Ing at the rare gases with a mount. lattice. - With polynt. increase parallel to, the no. of atoms In mol. lattices. themol. The main max. appear a~ the at. lattices of C, Si, and Ge, as strong covalent bonds are produced by laterat. tl Th ff t d b h h I ec Jorces. e are grea e e c n the ange y a y.t type of lattice. The b.p. curve shows, on the whole, a slope parallel to that of the m.p. curve. The entropy of evapa. at the b.p. discloses fluctuations of relatively small j extent (varying , approx. In the Interval .17-28 cal./C. g the Individual data and the shapes atom), On comparm of the curves of V. M.P.. U.P.. and values of b.p./m.p. on the Kelvin scale; no similarity appears betweca lanthantdes and actinides, In agreement with Zachartasen (d. C.4. 47, 'a Eldli whont Th. Pa and U * atom in the Ag al = n-t 'o'jt't' Sf elecGns. At. J. D. Low- 0 PH= I BOOK mawiwiw HM/3773 Jrgray-azsb~, lstv~n Anorganische Cbemieo Vol 1 (Inorganic Chemistry, Vol 1) Bddapestp Verlag der Ungarischen Akadexie der Vioxenschaften., 1959. 664 p. [Translated from the Hw4pirianl No. of copies printed not given. Translator: Andras Be3.iczgW,, Engineer; Reviewers: Bela Ler6elo Laureate of the Kossuth'Prizeq Doctor of Chemistry., and Zolt9n Szeb6j, Academician,, Laureate of the .908outh Priie.. Doctor of Chemistry; Reviewer of the German text: Walter Schicke., Doctor. 1-TbIs monograph Is intenhed for chemists and "icista. COVERAM; This first vo2zme of a three voluas handbook of inorganic chemistry iepresenta an att--mpt to present a comprehensive general reference work of Moderate size. All Important physical and chemical data on the elements and certain well-known compowide axe included. Technological and production data., phyiialogical'behavior and analytical toots are not treated in detail, Inorganic Chemistryp Val 1 W/3773 Only strictly inorganic compounds are discussed. Xlemients with their compounds are given in the order of the periodic table. Detailed sUbject and formula indexes facilitate finding an element or compound. Volume one opens with a general introduction followed by the nonmetallic elements (groups VM - II1b) and their compounds. Tin and lead are discussed in group M. Theoretical and physicochemical discussions are brief. The development of atomic theory,, nuclear chemistry., and the theory of chemical bonds is covered in general terms An the introduction. The results of molecular and crystal structure research have in every case been taken into consideration. The lanthanides and actinides., and their compounds are described from the point of view of the present state of science. Special attention has been given to physical constants of elements and 'cozp=dsj, and the best available values have been carefully selected. For certain compounds no -physical constants are given since they are not to be found in the literature. The author thankis the translator., A. Beliczay. There are 145 references: 78 Oerman., 53 English., 10 French, 3 Soviet and 1 Hungarian. TAIVZ OF C Introduction 3.1 HUNGARY)Atomic and. Molecular Physics -Liquids. D iis:j6ui" aiflhur Mass No 4-, 1960s 8540, Auth6r Haray-Gzabo Inst ChLiiical,Central Research.Institute, Hungprian Academy orsciences, BU~apeqt Title donnectiozi'Betve6n.Structural,'an&.Physical Properties of Glass IM.''.",Thermal Expansion of Glass Orig Ptb Acta phys. Acad. Scient. hung., 1959, % No 41 403-421 Abstract To calculate the dependence of the linear coefficient of expansion of glass on the compogition, linear equations are proposed of the form CK.10 a(Na20) -t b(K20 -+ c(MgO)1- ... -f A, where a, b, c, are factors for the corresponding oxides (Na2O), ,, contents of the oxides in glass, percentage by veigit, and k is a cons- tant, the magnitude of which differs with the type of Card 1/2 -7-7~ , z a 07411 Recent rosulu la glaiij retouch. L. X A r 7 'Ptiant)MV. V01. .1 I.-TjMre-jq-O-, ' . - lIcw i:b4"d~rjoIIV of I b physical pro o V l a ur; ability and jIjjo4. trately ~Ihe a isoltilp r : Z I -niump ore or lie.% upleil,kv. (lie oxygen lon. Ito@ been Videlb. :t ' limi'm 6 1 lie WON -of. numerous reliable analvors 4appelfle ii- ifelmninntionN. Thp I hienr maille-nintleal.relationship liravii . . dplermining the numhor or oxygen also, per hillice, cation ' Wap eslablisdied for many kiiiiis of glass as well as the roolom or initire modirienilinj ions. The Prre'cis are simpl) added In ilia presmire of oeveral falls.. the deviallun betiveen mossulvil and colinpoled results Amounting In lienoral to a rV* Is"16 0 he result f per cent. T of the Investigations Oil 9116 coefficient 'of thermal expansion proved that the littler was Indepandant -Forming oxides f. e. that it was of the lattice a function of the lattice-modifying oxides anky. This corroborates' e notion that glass possesses a nonperiodlo spatial lattlcct.o all The'tenolla strength of #IlIc4 Sl o woo computed 111.6. mean. i2640 kg per and valtive approxhooting were measured on very thin Individual thivads of allies glave. A now definition of glass. based on the above, Is given i In conformity with the arysWlliie theory, the now defloill offers an explanation for many of the physical tharactale. I lea of XIASX. 7' -Y UAPAV-~Q7APO T Oxygen-ion volume and viscosity of glass fusions. P-350 EPITOAI-TYAG. (Epitoanyagipari Tudomanyos Egfesulet) Budapest, Hungary Vol. 11, no.10, Oct. 1959 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LG,, Vol. 8, no,129 Dec. 1959 Uqcl. NARAY-S;;~BO,,j dr. (Budapest, IL, Pusztaozeri ut 57/69), ARQATj, Gyula (Budapest, II.., Fuoztaszeri ut 57/69) Crystal struature of sodium;oelenate (fta~~eO4 Acta chimica Hung 39 no.1:85-92 1~3. 1. Zentralforgdhungoinatitut fur Chemie der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Budapest* NAREAY-3ZABO, Istvan, a kemial tudomanyok do'jrtora MI account of my study trip to the German Democratic RepabItc. Kem tud kozl MrA 21 no. 1:123-124 164. 1. Central Chemical Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. ;Nq'e4 W= g= _-N; NARAY_,5ZA,W,.,.1atvan, a kemiai tudomianyok doktora; MEN, Tibor - -.1 1 S.OP1ODY'.'X$ad An account of the 4th All-Union Conference on Vitreous State held in Leningrad. Kem tud kozl MTA 22 no.3/4:449-45.1 164. 1. Central Research Institute of Chemistry, Hungarian, Academy of Sciences, Budapest (for Naray-Szabo). 2. United Incandescent -Lamp and Electricity Company, Budapest (for Kelen). 3. Tokod Glass Factory, Tokod (for Somody). MMM ~-Avew~ %-' NP~M_11_1_231_111 ~._ NARAY-SZABO, Istvan, dr.; ARGAY, Gyula Crystal strunture of crocoite, PbCrO4. Acts. chimica Hung 40 no.3: 283-288 164. 1. Zentralforachungainstitut fix Chemie der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaftenp Budapest, II., Pusztaszeri ut 5V69. ALBERT, Janos; NARAY-SZABO, Istvan Analysis of the composition of brick and tile industry materials. Epitoanyag,17 no.4:113-125 Ap 165. 1. Central Research Institute of Building Materials Industry of the Ministry of Construction, Budapest (for Albert). 2. Central Research 'Institute of Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (for Naray-Szabo). HUNGARY/Atorde end Molecular physics Liquida D-8 Abe Jour t Rof.Zhur Fizik No 10, 1958, No 22689, Author : Inst :Contral.0homicel Institute-of' the Hungarinn Academy of Sd6ncos, Budapst.' Title iCon;'nodtion Betwo.on the 'Structure Vnd Phyaic6l Proportion of Glade, L Orig Pub iAdtr_~phys. Aoad. ici. hung-.11957 t 8t No 1-20 36-64 Abstract iStcrting with the'-concept of continuous disordered Bpatirl lattice ond using drte on the compositions end specific weights of several hundreds typos of glass, the cuthor cal- oulatos the volme V par single ion Oz. Fomulas ere derived portAning the glesses of various ompositions and relcting V and R, where R.O/(Si+B+Bo+Al+i) Me symbols of the element denote the mounts of grm ntoms-contr-inad in the composition of the glass). R is a mopeuro of the connectedness of the tetrahedra of Si041 B04, A10 , etc. In the enso of single- component glasses, V r3gnes kon 21.1 to 22.7 A3. In the Cerd 11/2 COUNTRY R-13 DAVEGORY AB-5. JOUR. : RZ-Auhla. AUTHOR ; i~zukj G.; ;'-4'aruY-6'za"ucj J. IN 3 T . : T IT LE and 1: ' cf hydira-uilc 1--ateri-als. 'r 4, 11 - I ~,C :it and hard- - -luster., (ming Of 'Fari, II, Corld uctonctric ~%naly,iis ol;' f O.ql-!. PUB. : Acta tcchn. Rkad. scient. Dung., lc;z~'Ej 22, No 1-27 6.1-1327 83-loo of- AMTRACT ; I. To study Vm-, sel-ting )SUM USE WaS ",Ate 'A~c pro';e".U."e of f jeLe-ctric resstance of 'r--h Ct -E f a r c- formed as -~ 1-&4;ul~ C'f Cf gypsum Isam-ples of f J1 1 rypsum mixed wit'h a;-fc;-L-t;S hal.-Jber t' e t w Ir-, water wert- riaced in a c-abi.- I of whi&2 ma6c OIL' Gop-vc-rl were t1Le ~empi-r~,ture of ti:e san-~Iez wus aeusur(-d at first at ha-lf- ~ncc~rvals, and-Later on less c51.'t-L,n. -"Ilectri'c rL-- sisttlirx- det-Ermirled by passing a 50 cycle- currc;nt 'As a function of timc (for up to 21A., rl;,yO. initial st-f,ce of process 11-herc is sti'Ll CARD: 1/6, , Ce:i;ent Pastcs it-,der COU C It T Lt A8S. JCUft. RZI[h I'M. 110 AUTHOR DIST. i TI LU 0 -,1%! CI .PUB. 19 59, v,o. 8'/'3( A'53TRACT dIssol-ation of e_ypsuri, t1en ht~~Jns for'.'atic.. tf nce,~.Ica-c.rlystajs c ~L i v at, c . Inter I ac Ing !:,f the se F ~fsults ir -,U!jl. dt,cr(ase of current-CGIn6uCtin., crc:~r- r~_,i D -(;ctl'on of' saturatuc..6 soiutioyi and an Increase cf f(~_-i3tancc Thd L T~',,en-meron ri~~.-chcs a L--,,axtrum a.5 a rf~sult o" of in I',,oI-`Y of saturated soluftion, after %!:Lch m:;is~ancE o'L ~.,ample beEins to change in invea,se proi.or~-Icn '.c. in relative hLud'dity -,X thc zii-r. Th;--sc. da~.,, are, agrcer.cnt,-. with results cbLained cn determining the c~;x, s-Isterice Gf the samplCs by rr,F_-an_s of' Vicat ajjpara.-,.U.~ ;.-idditica Into t-Ine chardocr of an electrolvtic sol-a-,icr_ nxa the int- -e-cduct ii or. of d Ic le ell-, r J.cs ( giu-s s bal Lf; s-; nd ) the CA?D: 2/6. COUN-Mil H_ 13 CA T 21 IG07"Y ABS. JOUR. RZYG11M., No. 1959, N-o- 873(5 AUTIHOR INTST. TITLE ORIG. ?JB. ABSTRACT 5-10 Miroutes. A t tILe save tim a determinatior was made of th-c- temperature and, in duplicate chambers, of the pH of the paste by means of electrodes of 6b andAg/RoQ 'Samples of portland- and slag-portland cerient, with 4.'tu of slag, were studied. Electric resistance curves showinr- thrm strongly mani'Lested effects were obtained. Tll-.e first of tlLem corresponds to beginning of setting of the paste, and the third -- to the end of setting. These effects are rea Ily obsErved and provide a more accurate picture of the process than results of dete-rinination of the time of sLttinj with Vicat apparatus. The ph variation curve of the pa!;Le stlows that concentration o~ -C0a(0H)2 in sol'ation increases CAM: 4/6 cl 0 rP...'T R Y 1un g r Y 3(5 A 1 N11) JOURh a9 87 AUTHOR- ORIGI. PUB. CT 0 a shcrt initial per-01(.1 I ABSTRA nly curing cor..s bl~, t h e r e L". t e. r , T 1, 1 c; ~ i sdue t 0 the L fac 4" 'e -11A cdge 1~ and - f, go 1 arc, ' for;,ncd cri combin -apidl-.r than It passL-5 x,~~ !Irith Ca(OH)2 x I ,due to hydrolysis of cevont -particles, Tempe-21.A-urv- rops I first, as a rc-solt of V,; som,~.-,Wlnat a s k i o iz. (,, Y 11'al ~ntly 'btx' Use 'of be,conr . evidL I C.L tation (thir. P1-.enoT,,,e-!_on has 'ao-t yct, bcien Iriv.-7. 4-1~~ jS cor-c sponds a." T ~-.c n t concentratior, of ions bgins to drop ana rt-enes a -4 i~-JL ~dj '. wihen the. -.empe~at,~re aisr, b(.Ico~-.cs bt'ab z ' .1~dch ne- Process of or a6sorp"cn. r~G I C CL 1, --7 0 JL CAPUT',: 5/6