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aapectn of c-raniocerebral t n the chiasmal. dlencephalln f. 8-69-76 163. with prepo,,,derant . Trudy Inst.. Am. (MTRA 18W NAUH-ENO, 7. 114. GROMOV, V. P. and NA MKO, V. M. (Voronezh Veterinary Station. ) Paraty2hoid epizootic aiwng, grown pigs. So: Ve-.erinariya; 2h; 10,- October 1941; Uncl. TABCON 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 N I JIM, N i. V . M A 'ryi r -a Bezor.t.nidm v -ko- 'K, - .. .. .. jrjCU kum~ 7- L rM NAUMSNKO, V.P. (Leningrad) Worker's school for health education. Felld. i akush. 26 no.12: 49-50 D 161. OURA 14:12) (I-z;NIfZRLD PROVINCE-i INDUSTRUL HYGIENE) NARDIKO, Y,~_~..J~truktor-metodist (Leningrad) Organization of a Ohealth education corner" in shops of industrial plants. Felvd. i akush. 27 no.9:1&-20 S162. (14IhA 16:8) (HULTH EDUCATION) ZTATIN, N.A.. inzh.; KULIKOV, A.A., kand. tekhn. nauk; HAUMEHM. V..S., inzh. Controlling ice an streetcar rails. Ger. khoz. Meek. 33 ne.3:30-31 Kr '59. (NINA 12:5) (Street railways--Snow protection and removal) GRYAZEV, Mikhail Ivanovich; SNETLOPOLYANSKIY, Vasiliy lvanovic~; 141KHE.YFV, Nikolay Stepanovich; NAUMENKO, V.S., red. [ftepair of streetcar tracks; practice of the Volgograd Street-Railroad Administration] Remont tramvainykh putei; iz opyta raboty Volgogradskogo TTU. Moskva, Izd-vo M-va kommun.khoz.hSFSR, 1963. 36 p. (MIRA 17:10) - -6 SOSYANTS, Vasilly Geargiyeviah; BKULOVSKAYA, Keeniya Iosifovna; NLUKMO. Valentin SerlCyovichi PROKHOFOV, Aleksandr N1ko.Lay9v1cb;-LUMQT,- rum.; UCHEVSKATA, M.I., red.isd-va; SALAZKOV, N.P., tekha. red. [over-all mechanization of labor consuming processes In the construction and overhauling of streetcar tracks] Kam- pleksinaia sekhanizataiia trudoemkikh protsessov pri stroitelletva I kapitallnom remonte tramvainykh putei. Mo- skva, Izd-vo M-va kommun.khos.RSFSR, 1%3. 78 p. (MIRA 16:8) (Street railways-Track) KULAGIN, Mikhail Ivanovich; LESEVITSKIY, Nikolay Nikolayevich; Sgr&pyp-vich; CVECHNIKOV, Yevgeniy .Vasillyevich, kAnd. tekhn.' 'hatik; SCZYANTS, V.G. , red.; TIKHCNCVA, I.A., red. izd-va; ULYUKHN, A.A., tekhn. red. [Rail cornigation] Volnoobraznyi iznos rellsov. Pod red. E.V.Ovechnikova. Moskva, Izd-vo kommun.khoz.RSFSR, 1963. 177 p. (MIRA 16:11) (Rail roads- Rails) BELILOVSKArA, K. I., kand. takhn. nauki NAIKKKO, V.. S., inzh, Comprehensive mechanization of the operations in laying streetcar trap'to and making major repairs on them. Nov. tekh. shil.-'-om.khoz.:Gor.dor.-most.khoz, i transp, no, 2: 64-78 163. (MIRA 17:5) NAUMMKO, Valentin ~.; --( % . 'f , , [Pepair anc- -;" *,L~- c,!' "!i-l-days ;,,err.ont i *.:-k:~-,,,,':,~,-~-, izdal , 11)(4. 1 W i . I..": 'k DUIROVINP Yevgenly Nikolayevich; 'RIRCIIIKIIIN, Emmanuil Yakovievich Prinimal uchastiye NAUMMKO, V.S.,,. kand. tekhri. nauk; NIKOLAYEVA, N.M... rej. [Prestressed reinforced conci-ete in the construction of city streets] Predvaritellno-napviazhannyi zhelezobet,,)n v stroitellstve gorodakikh dorog. Mosk-ra, Strolizdat, 19b5. 302 p. (MIAA 18:12) -rime a Lnt- 3 Oq F - C(Jnta4n:m~ rr-:~. NAUMEMKO, V. V. PNA8Z I BOOK EXPLOITATION 807/6012 Akademlys. nauk 33SR. Institut evtomatild I te1jusk4-Anithri. Avtonatio 081 0 regullrovanlye 111 upr&Uenl :tn:tr0j _ye (Automatla Regulation "d C a I l I X04GCW, lzd-vo AN SM, 1962. 526 P. Errata sup Inse e4. 9000 copies printed. Ya. Z. Ts"kin, Prolessors Doctor of Technical Sol*nceel Rasp 1d.W fi. of ftbllehlng Rouses To. N. Gripr1yov; Tech, Zd.t 1. N. Vorokb1na. FMC=: This book U Intended for scientific research workers and anglasersooncerned wItb automation. I ' I I COWNRAM Ifte book IS- a collection 04 articles gpolatIft of papers delivered at, the Tth Qbnf*=e of 'Aimlor Scientists of the Insti- tutq ottAut"atlon and Tel hanl~m,, Acads;W of Balances =A, hold In'Mardb'196O. A wide range of salentifis and technical questlems relating to automatic regulation -and soutrol is covered. Oard 2/12 Automatic Fwau.1ation (Cant.) aow/6w The articles are organizod In seven sections, Including automatic control systems, automatic process ccntro,~, computing and decision- devices , automation components and ~ devices, statistical methods In automation theory of relay olroults srA flulto auto- Matio systems, wd automated electric drives. So personalities are aWntloned. References are given at the and or each article. TAMJ1 OF 00~s PART 11 AVICKATU COMM MMIM Androych1kow, D. L Me offset of dry Motion and slippage (playl on error ftilLng reverse par operatlea of servo- food Systems 3,- Androychlkov, X. 1. Dynamic accuracy of saablao tools with prograwead sentrol 14 card 242 Automatic Regulation (Cont.) sov/6o12 Vorzheva, V. V. Obtaining partial minimal forms of Boolean functions for avoiding race conditions in switching networks 437 Didenko, V, P. Kinimization and construction methods for bridge structures in relay systems 444 Kazakov, V. D.,and~X, V. NaumenA. The realization of - a Boolean functions an -4-05-Dibles in contactless logical switching circuits by the additional determination method 461 Kazakov., V. D. The form of minimal expressions of symmet- rical Boolean functions of an arbitrary number of var- iablea 468 PART V11. AUTOMATED ELECTRIC DRnrE Vershinin,,, N..D. Application of the invariance principle - Ift sta-bill-Ung the speed of d-c motors 474 Card 11/12 NAUMEnO, V.V. Distribution of trace elements in terrigenous sedimentary rocks. Dop. AN URSR no-3:355-357 164. (KIRA 17:5) 1. InBtitUt geologichookikh nauk AN UkrSSR. Predstavleno akademikom AN UkrSSR V.G. Bondarchukom (Bondarchukq V.H.I. NAUMTKC, V. V.: Master Biol Sci (dlsp,) -- "CrIantational cn&ft'anpA mc)tcr- food arid defense reflexes tn pligs Ouring ontopemals". Kirv, !;' p) (Min Agric TJTkr SSF, TI-x Acad Agric Sci), 100 crpiec (KL, lic r, 1!.-) USSR / Human and Animal Physiology. Nervous System. T-10 Abs Jour Ref zhur - Biologlya, No 1, 1959, No- 3881 Author Nauwnko,--Yl. Inst Kie;~-"ierlnary Institute Title Pertaining to Conditioned Reflexes in Swine Orig Pub Tr. Kievsk. vet. in-t, 1-957, 13, 105-111 Abstract No abstract given Card 1/1 98 NAUWJLK09 V.V. Orientation reflexes in swine irl ontogen~gig. yisiol,shw, 46 no.8: 981-%3 Ag '60. (KIRA 13, 8) 1. From the Ukrainian Acadwy of 4gricultural Sciences, Kiev. (RUIJM) (SWINE-PHYSIOLOGI) UUMMKON V.V. Distribution of chemical elements in limestones. Geol. zhur. 25 no.2:77-80 065. (MIRA 18:6) 1. Institut geologicheskikh nauk. AN UkrSSR. NAW4OVv S.M.; NAUNENKO, V.Ya.; I.IUIVCHUK, AL-N. Effect of planting time on the grain yield of corn. Sbor. nauch. rab. Bel. otd. VBO no.3;21D.-212 161. 14:12) (Brest Province-Corn (Maize)) (Planting time) YAKUBOV, R.D.; AZERBAYFV, I.N.; ATAVIN, A.S.; TROFIMOV, B.A.; NAUMENKO, V. Ye. Hydration of acetylene by vinyl esters of ethylene and diethylene glycols. Vest. AN Kazakh. SSR 19 no.712l-31 Jl 163. (KRA 17t2) NAMMKO Tadviga (Navtmanka, IAdvihal The 40th annivermmy of our university. RabA sial. 37 no.12i " D 161. (MMW 1512) (Minsk University) NIA *I MKO, Ye. D. USSR/Radio Idaves - Sf9 Oscillators, Electric PA 1'--?T! 5 i ItMeamiring the Pcwr-r :f Osci-'lators :n ti~p Deciret~.r and !~ent~:-Pter Wav~- izr; s," Engrs IA. I. Kai-povskiy, S. Ye. Tei:,kin, Yr. D. Nfau~ienko, 8pp "Radioteklinikall Vol I, No 3A The loal-I on an oscillator is the %.,,,,V(, 4. ;,neuance of it iine wlth tt -ro:--ng!-tIng wave, reduced I-nj an impedance tr-~nsforme r to cert; in : P-gn~ tu(je. T': eo,,j(-,r is mensured over it :~ecti-)n of the -ine with -ro L! jt4 n:- ve t,: , w, ve. A L, design for an imz-, r!,.nce trrnsformer is sug,~ested. --"Uwx &, redaktor; SHDRIN, NA., redaktor; KORUZU, N.Y., tekh- KAUKN=4,j5jt irl~heskli redaktor. (Reflex klystrons. Translated from the Beglishl Otrashatellnys klistrony. I%revo4L a anglilskogo. Moskva, Isd-vo 630yetakoe radio,9 1954. 251 y. (KLRA 6 -. 2 ) (Amplifiers, Iloctron-tubs) 'Ile. LPJ izrowav,~ unilifiers nd j,1,'sh 1 1, the - ' 11 -) - e, - -1 ~~rl 11-11, ~,O. ;, . I 40-4~ , 1 -f 5 - The val,iti of L! iti ro .-rL i-1 fL)I.t to ro.-ii ,o Ifl th',' ILV *~iV%,- iUlti nI' klYstron and travelim-wave tubes. Swwrviry D-2f!702, 9 Aiig. 1955. KAMMO.Ys.. kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk Feedback wave tube. Radio no.11:52-54 1'55. (NLRA 9:1) (Ilectron tubes) NAUMENKO, Ye. D. "Wide-Tuning-Range Plil-limeter-Wave-Reflex-Klvstrom Oscillators, 11 a raper presented at the Intern#tional Conference on Microwave 7ubes, Paris, 29 May-2Jun 1956 B-99309, 30 Aug 56 SUBJECT USSR / PHYSICS CARD 1 / 2 PA - 1530 AUTHOR Author not mentioned. TITLE The Scientific All Union Session (held in connection with "Broadcasting Day"). PERIODICAL Radiotechnika,A1, fasc. 9, 74-79 (1956) Issued: 19.1 1956 Z.S. CERNOV delivered a report concerning the results obtained on the occasion of the investigation of spiratrons, which are new tube-type devices with propa- gating waves and electrostatic focussing of electron currents. E.D. NAUMENKO spoke about the results obtained by the working out of laboratory modWls of-reflecting klystrons for measuring purposes. V.A. KLJAZKIN discussed the compensation method of coping with impulse disturb- ances in a wireless set. He also described ways and means for the practically complete elimination of impulse disturbance by compensation methods. B.I. RASSADIN pointed out the experimentally confirmed advantages of a signal transmission in a frequency band in four-channel systems in radio telephone- and telegraph communication. He recommended a method by means of which nonlinear dis- tortion can be considerably diminished. A.P. ANGAFOROV demonstrated two basic principles of construction as well as the construction of television tubes for the production of a direct representation of the image: A three-ray tube with a darkening mask and a mosaic-pattern 109 - 5 - 1? AUTHOR NAWL11K.01 Ye.1-. TITLE -Reflectirij; Klystrons of Millimeter Waves fShirokodiapazonnyye otrazhatollnyye klistrony millimetrovykh voln. Russian) PER IOD IC AL Radiotekhnika I Llaktronika, 1957, Vol 2, Nr 5, pp 616-621 AMTRACT Results are given on the development of reflecting klystrons with internal-vacuum resonators in the form of sections of a coaxial line. Thod selection of such a construction is original indeed, out it causes serious radiotechnical and technological difficulties. Models of tubes were worked out by means of which it is possible to cover the 7 - 19 mm wave range with an output power of 5 A by two sub- types. 8oth subtypes are very similar in constructiu,-. and method of production. That which overlaps the 7 - 11 min range Is duscribed here. From the given diagram the advantage of this construction may be seen: 1.) The range-overlap coefficient is 1,7 in the case of a small modification of the output power. 2.) The diagram for tuning is almost linear. 3.) In the case of a small modification of tuning a comparativelf groat mechanical BhIft of' the tuning element 1.9 re- quired, which increases the accuracy of inechanical tuning and faci- litates the requirements for precise tuning. Life is for the most Card 112 part determined by the cathode and exceeds than loo hours. The kly- 1 109-5-12/22 Wide-Hange Reflecting Klystrons of Millimeter Waves strons; can stand at least thousand mechanical transpositions. 'erious difficulties arise by the fact that hitherto no satisfactory theory and calculation has been given. The existing calculated and experi- mental data show substantial differences as compared to tnose ob- tained from the "classical theory" of reflecting klystrons, The com- paratively complicated method of production is a disadvantage of this construction. (6 Illustrations). ASSOCIATION Not given FRESENTED BY SUBMITTED 3o.7-1956 AVAILABLE Library of Congress Card 2/2 AUTt!OR: 0 * II ly, r,.1., Gr-.~akay., H.A., yo= 1 99 -Y A.A~ Trunova, N.V. 2 TITU. A Delay bystes of Periodic Structurt I" Mon-Cd.t.ct Plates (Zaxx-dly~yushchy. zlztem~ purioulchesky mtruktury a lw&cnt"tnysi ;;!&at in,mi) M,IODICALi Isvestiya Vy*3hIkh ucnabnyk. n Lav.acniy - R&Q!0tekhmika, IJ58, Nr 4, Yp 40U-4aJ (1=11) =TRACT3 The Paper discusatz a delay system ccnotatirg of two room of symmetrically giact, ;!&tea which have no contact Ith the .4-2 arr-rged in the form, of a r-Ight- : angleda veguide. This system Is intended to- a tr:velling-*ave tube .1th altIo 11 lcc -'tloh ad n f ~ th Icctro cns .I, ., t pc. : : Ida In int . c_= I.Co. The effects of the system's d1men.lons on its cloctro- dynamic characttrl~tlcs art ~alyzed and a met-hod- of wcold: mca ement of their ~%s~,rxion curves 4-crted. :ur at , i. p r'nI perall, --*, or -.m. models 01 the Card L/3 sytea are u.dud.As tz-r I,: 11".4sla of Me elactro Y-ic ;a -eters !S ectlPlIelted W Ity. 5,cal their 9 'c: I com._j. Id to the expcrtmcnt~;. -.h,t,tjF,.tI.n or tnIs MYat In r.rthe models studied _ chenge in ret~r-tlo from 4 to 7corresponds to a rei&tlve irtq~-cY ban .1 of IL)% - 15% and a di3;~Ice=cnt ot tn' n0c&~.P-&" roughly 10% from t4-tt10t&l =1191't " "t illa-"~-'~" - is In dc.';. e- .' .. Lmpc,;0.. the I t l.ap"i ho. 161 5~ cculiin rv& Is relat Vgly small and does not go.belo%Lc 0!'=. I== possible re t& rdat:on ( Y Max) -n c xynt~ determined by the litner&I formula: S, ebaur, the r-r- 21 th C fte resonance Od Te Ito.mcr . a c acrlb.d ,tion. The m-MrLnd =et-hOL 3 c ut 1y as well as the result fperi.ent-I In-ts on to the v&---.t . in Th 0 frequency bard, corras~ancing r tizrd~tlon froL 4 to ta3 the same order o eas c. ct-n-1 systt Card tud, in rresionalng trxe, ASSOCIATIONi Kafed- r.,!L.p:rcc:-YUshctU6h ustrcYstv Hosko-"C~ ordeo. Lenina vIAtslonn~jctnstitot- Ordzhonikidze (Cb"r z he,! IT-n3mllttlnc -,;ulp- m:nto Moscow Oruer of Lenin AW16t,"n,n. ti-te Imtni ar, grd~honlklaz*) SUBBrTTLI), March 17, Ij5d Card 3/3 30V/1 42-58 -5-7/23 90) AUTHORSs Voskresenskiy, D.I., Granovskaya, R.A., Deryugin, L.N., Naumpnko, Y*.D., and Trunova, N.V. TITLEs Measuring of Coupling Resistances of a Retardation System with Non-Contacting Plates PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniyradiotekhnika, 195S, Nr 5, pp 565-572 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The authors describe methods to determine coupling resistances of periodic retardation system with non-contacting plates. For asuring, tne method of "absorbing switching-in" is used, which L measures the change of dura4ility of the resonance dummy with a retarding system. It start$.vith bringing a small absorbing ele- ment into the resonator (Fliji). By experiments, it was found, that the presence of four metal ttik ~Vlates, arranged symetrically with- in the knots of an electric field (Fig.5 and 6), did not change the characteristics of the system. Neither did displacing the tie plates from the knots over a distance of + 15 mm lead to a con- Card 112 siderable change of characteristics. The article is recommended by SOV/142-58--5-7/23 Measuring of Coupling Resistances of a Retardation System with Non-Contacting Plates the Kafedra radiopmedAWughahikh ustrWstv Moskovskogo ordt,nu Lenina avintsionnogo instituta imeni Sergo Ordzhonikidze 'Chair of Radio Trans- missim Devices at Moscow Institute for Aviation iment Sergo Ordzhon- ikidze of the Order of Lenin). There are 3 figures, 3 graphs, 10 equations and 4 references, I of which is Soviet, 2 English and I German. SUBMITTEDs March 17, 1958 Card 2/2 tj ry, F- t i v== (c 10 w la ~j 22 IL a he- IL C a- & oft- r IL M."- ICL T-W is amompWas as smobiml G.WWLUSU~ IN. A. a. raw (VMS). omm, 0.12 jug. IL a CountrY : USSR CateL-Iory: Fi-restry rorust Cultures ;,bs Jour: RZhDiol 12, 1LI '58, He 53495 :,uthor Yon'kova, Ye I.; Nauricnko, Yc N.; inst Titl-- Fron the F- --cst Culture Practica of the Kohehetavsk- ayn Obl-nst Oritl- I-lub: I.,esn. kh-vc, 1:357, No 9, 5G-56 _bstract: Studies c-L th,~ structure of the 14-,,.) yQar-olcl CtatUMS 3f thL .',.lrtau ard Barov !A~s1zh,zcs (11,--r- thorn Kazaldistan) cstablished th-it thu species 7.r.-: Ibi;-,lcL-.Lcally dumblc-, :-~ad fcn~ cioscd prodi.ictivc st=rls : S-iberizaa larch, c - -.icn and tho, Eur~-,-,:L-a:- white birch They i.;:, rLcui-L.ivn(It:d Card 1/2 NAUW-NKO, U.N. Ixtra-thread guides on two-spitem automatic circular doajery wichines. Obm.tekh.opyt. CXLPI no.36:14 156. (MIRA 11:11) (Knitting machines) NAUMMO, Ye.N. Illectric drawing-up of the carriage of an automatic circular hosiery figured-weave knitting machine. Obm.takh.opyt. [Ku] no.36:14 156. (MIRA 11:11) (Knitting machines-Zlectric driving) -1 VAUXMO, U.N. Replacing weights by platelets for stretching socks. Obm.t-qi:h.op,7*.. CMLPI no.)6:19-20 '56. (mnu 11:11) (Knitting, Kachine) (Hosiery) VAUMMKO, U.N. -----"ItM*fbna1 reinforcement of lastax mashine mantles. U13m.tekh.o-'-ly-. ("I no.36:29 156. (KIaA 11:11) (Knitting machines) TOTTIEVICH, A.A.; RAUNWO. To. T. ftft~lb"v ..... QX&Htative modiftiation of the beginning gonadatrople activity in the hwan hypoopis dbaring ontogenic @tape. Dokl. AN ~ 93 no.6:1139- 1142 D '53, (MM 6:12) 1. Mazakhskl7 mdltslnskiy Institut lv6 T.M.Solotoval Alm-Ata. Fredstavlono almOsafton A.I.AbrikosovM (Pituitary body) and iaii-,al Physirl,.)[Zr- (.',ormal a,7.-' i Secrcr.'Lon. Pancreas. At s Jour R~,f' 7-1-.ur Biol. , Nr- 4, 1959, 1-726 Na-umen4a, Yc." Kara~pnda Medical Instit'-Au Title On tile Condition of Isla-ids 3f Lariger!-~a:.s after Recovery from Experimental Ditl)izore Diabetes. OriG Pub Tr. Karagandi;:sk, med. i:i-ta, 1957, 1, No 1, 112-2,- Abstract I.. ir~rrrnl ratbits, t!-.o relationship c,." bf--tha aipl.a cells in the islands ." Langerha,is is 6.49; in dit~-Azoi,.e diabetes (103 mg/kg of dithizone), the nk-,Mber X t'.e isiands is decreased,- t*,ie relationship is 0-7 and -!-- -.1.41 1,~-123 days after the siontancu-is disappoaranIce f)i. diabetes. Car,'. Vi NAUKESKO, Ye.V. (Karaganda) Axperimental dithizone diabetes (with summary in Anglishl. Pat. fisiol. i eksp.tersp. 1 no.4:26-32 Jl-Ag '57. (KIRA 10:11) 1. Iz kafedry patologicheskoy fiziologii (zov. - prof. Ta.A.lezeria) Kragandinskogo maditainskogo institute. (DIABSTM3 KELITUS. experlmental, dithizone (Rua)) NAL"KO, Ye. V., Cj4nd Med Sci -- (diss) *Experimental Dithiosalleylic Diabetes." Caraganda. 1958; 22'pageg (Karaganda State Medical In3titute); 150 COPiO3, price not given. NL. 19-60. 138) NAUMENKO, Ye.V. Effect of piridrol on the h~-pophyseal-adrenal syS-em, -- z-,-. SO AN 3SSR n,-.12. Ser. h:~ol,med. na;lk I I, -o . (MIRA 1-:4: 1. Gtdel eksperimentallnoy biologii Instituta '.sitologii i genetilp.i Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. liAUI-ENKO Ye V - POPOW, N.K. Effect of hydr-azine deri-vatives on the ri~ir~;rja -. -f~l Vz f Izv. SO AN SSSR no.8. Ser.biol.-med.nauk no.2,135-1'38 65 . 1. Otdel eksperimentalfnoy bicilc~gii InsLlituVA ts~tolc.-gil I genetiki Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSR, Novus'birsk. NIUMENKO, Ye.V. Participation of c-t-ollnerg'-r- slr-u-tures in controlling 'r-P function of the ad,,*--ztohy-pophys9al system. Frobl. endok. , gorm. 11 no.4:99-104 jI.-Ag 16- (MIRA !P,l-" 1. Laboratoriya farmakologii Izav.- doktor med. nauk R.Yu. Illy-uchenuk) otdela eksperimen-.allnoy biologii Instituta tsitologii t genet'-kt (JIr, chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR D.K. Belyayev) Sibirskc~ro r,,.delp-n-'ya AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. yo. i i(. Ya. NESTERFIq K( ne re a e r. tal no VALET1,1TINI, L.A., kand. tek~n. nAuk; DERLYATKA, T.I., inzh.; NAUMENKO, Yu.G. in7,h.; SHISIM-RINA, G.I., inzh. D"truction of t~,e Kugart Dam and its analysis. no.q:54-(.l S '61. (KuFart River--Dame) Gidr. i mel. 13 (MIRA 14-.9) 64 KHONDKARIAN, O.A.; KHVAV, L.M.; SEREBRYLKOVA, N.I.;___4 KO, Yu.j.; RUDENSKIY, Ye.G. Postvaccinal lesions of the nervous system. Zhur.nevr-i psikh. 61 no.3:359-367 161. iMIRA 14:7) 1. Inatitut nevrologii (cUr. -, prof N.V.,Xonavalov) AMN SWR i 1-ya klinichoskaya infektsionnaya bollni;aa (glavnyy vrach N.G.Zaleskver), Moskva. (SMALLPOX) (ENCEPHALITIS) (NERVOUS SBTEK-DIS EASES) POPOVA, L.M.; IDBAV, K.M.; lXJBROVSKAYA, V.F.; NAUMETKO, -Yu,.I. (Mogirra) Use of crurarelike pr6parations in combination with endot~-racheal respiration in severe forms of tetanus. Klir,.med. no.3t7fr-~O 062. (MIRA 1~0) 1. Iz ot4eleniya nryroinfektsiy (zav. - prof. A.A. Khondkarian) Instituta nevrologii AMN SSSR (dir. - prof. M. Konovalov) na baze J.-y ldlnich,33koy infektsonnoy bollnitsy (glaj-nyv vracli N.G. Zele-Aver), Icafedry irifektsionnykli bolezney (zav. - prcf. A.F. Bilibin) Il 14oskovskogo moditsinakogo institita. (TETANUS) (ARTMCIAL RWFIRATIOV) (CITRARELIKE SUBSTANCES) NAUMENKO, Yu.I.; MARTYNENKO, I.N. Bioelectric activity of' muscles in tetanus patients. Zhur. nevr. i paikh. 64 no.9t1310-1315 164. (MIRA 17:12) 1. Institut neftologil (direktor - prof. N.V. Konovalov) AM SSSR i Institut poliomiyelita i virusnykh entsef&litov (direktor - prof. M.P. Chumakov), Moskva. fy,U fCITY ~C YU.j. In e nica I e -F:Kn. the .5 .7 1. instttllt SSSR, MoskvR. KOBELEV, F.S., insh.; NAUMENKO, N.M., inzh. Measurement of vacuum in a pumpless mercury-are rectifier. Vast. elektroprom. 33 no.11:58-60 N 162. (NIRA 15:11) (Mercury-arc rectifiers) KOBELF,V,, F.S., inzh.; IIAUMENKO, Yu.M., inzh.; RUBCHINSKIY, A.V., kan.l. tekhn. nauk Errors of the Mak-Leod system pressure gauge. FlektrotekhniKa 36 no.8:56-57 Ag 164. (MIRA 17:9) KOBELEV, F.S., inzh.; NAUMENKO, Yu.M., inzh. Absorption of an inert g:-,s in gas-filled mercuty rectifiers. Elektrotekhnika 35 no.2:41-42 F 164. (MIRA 17:3) KOROIIYAKOVSKIY, !.G., inzh.; SIIENKO, N.I., inzh.; Yu.N,, inzh. A l.ammer '-'-n .-e capacity of a ~.rbx;3--iucer. From. energy 19 n3.E: I m= 20-22 Ag '64. KLYUSHIN, G.V., kand. tekhn. -nauk; NAUMMO Yu N.. NUZHNYY, V.G. Heav7 duty operation of the electric drives of cranes in metallurgical plants. Snerg. i elektrotekh. prom. n0.2:70-71 Ap-Je 163. (MM 16:7) 1. Zavorozhskiy mashinostroitellnyy institut. (Metallurgical plants-Electric equipment) (Electric cranes) NOVIKOY TUINIO kand. tekhn. un*j MUSHIN,, G.V., kand. tekhn. nauk; LA~~~ 0 Inzh. Tongs for measuring large currents. Prom. ener 18 no. 3: 16-16 Mr 163. w 16t 6) Electric measurements) lectria current-Measurament) 4 NOVIKOV, Yuriy Nikolayevich, kand.tekhn.nauk, ispolnyayushchiy obyazannosti dotsenta~ NAUMENKO, Yuriy Nikolayevich, starshiy prepodavatell Measurement of reactive power in single-phase circuits with 1&rge currents. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; elektromekh. 6 no.11:1263-1261, 163. (MIRA 17;4) 1. Kafedra elektricheskikh mashin i apparatov Zaporozhskogo mashinostroitelinogo instituta. f,'AUI-ZIIKO Yu.N., inzh.; SIIC--IIKC,, inz-~. d, Speci~d a werating Zlulnipula-~or of a Ag 163. features of t:.e -ctr-i,, ~cr .:-,F ~:~e free forge. Vest. elaktroprom. 34 nc.`.P~-Jq (Forging) ( :'.A (T- YI ''!'N N,01ME'll, ' N I . I . 11 , - - - , 1 0 1%, N - 1 .1 1 Dperatlr.fl of a jarjze-captl:~Ilty, -In'-- - -! , .- - .. . Me ta I I LL-r g 9 r c . '"' : 2 31-2 5D 164- 1 , I Z .~.-. - ! . Zavor. ")neprospc-.tsstaA-l" i 1"&[crozhskJ4j '-n 3 : .- ~- i ~i I r ,-.1 I as t i ! u '-,. " ~* , IN. I., ' nzh. ; ), Yu.N. , J, nzli. ; C' 7~~-r I f - en 9 r -~. -1'4 no, I F 1-4. (x ~' -L-I ~ -7 ; , , NOVIKOV, Yu.N., kand. tekhn. nauk; yu-.N.p '%" , - - - . - f. - - . - Inductance of the shor-, -etwol's Of sf-~c!~ : --l- Prom. energ. 19 no. 12:11-14 7 1, ,- . 't .. : . NUZHM,, V.G.; NAMAENYCI, Yu.-N.-, Yu.N. I , . J' . ~, . Electromagnetic braces are c:i.erht4na w,~*- :,-, Metallurg 10 no.8:41 Ag 165. " v -~ ~ - ? " 1. Zavod "Dnepros~:e t,z"Ilal I " i -, a;,ur-~z ~ - r. I y -,a.~:.: n -',- - ' ' ~- I E~-j -., I . . I - . . institut, OR-M;~:APSOO ~l6,i44/6510001661/CiIO2/0~104- 42686 6/747 'o-2/OOU/JOU/JU7/'025 20 )307 D 6/ "on4chevskaya, G. I-I., Rukaviiihnikov, Yu. Naumenko, 'Zu. IN. ~;c-ne-~ic radiosensitivity of sexual and somatic cells in -L-L~ -on-. nammaiian ~3pecies Radiatsionmaja .;enetica, ; sbornik rabot. Otd. biol. nauk -)66.- ~I , i. e,oscow, Izd-vo AIi SiSR, L 02, 91-,)6 "s are -~--e~3entea of L;'.,dies of disturbances in the nu- aesu-L u (~,)itheli,-m a-; -~he s jermatocyte staz~e ol" tjrc;cr, in he;.-,opoe-uic cuLls in guinea pl6s, -e r;~bb--~s, ~ax`n, -~i.c ra-.e of C,iromosome reorganiza- r; as j j i o %vi-,L by t.-e development C)f '5:idges in Lina- anCA e I Opi,dJeS Clur'ng mit3sis ana meiosiS as !'I- t -,a r I- L) ini-rio-z-, effect of smail doses of irradiation. -;ere -radiated wth x rays ut Z3 -y m~--~2 animu.Ls i. re .-e,- and 6 days ~,LiLial doue of 4 r, ti,tf e L3 T. es e, iuved at 1, -fLer i.-radiation, anu -.~.e oruin wu~ extracted al"ter 114 hours. At ~;L~,rd 112 71, J: ... j 7 J Y cells in LL! r,;anizatJ~Dn L,,,i irl r,Lt aria 2-flold resdective.y. '2re re- -oczivo 10 ancl 2~) r. in rabbit taere s s y j 0:.-, -,t;-,,.a;Lzucytes at and 1JO v9 wl ov )ld ir~---- se aT 2j,) r, I' C C ; :).r LL I' e.." 0~j k3 s . mLL~Ked di ferences .,stab- ished of c.,xomasome LL il. alferellt 4 a.1 - jccic!;~ ~tre in relaicion t~, ~i.c posuiole e,- ',;.e LL..,i :,i.ysioljF,ical conuition of the oody i*",--V--i-Lt.L Ur! in j,en(--v;Ll and especi;llly tabie. 4 Lici A) ~J .OVO-11- (~;.-titUtG- of ~jjtoLo,ly and -,;erietica, ~iibcriar, J,,JR, :.'uvosiu.Jr8k) 2 42668 ~)2bd/~)507 c i. ev ~i,,ay Lt ~Lnd Na -ac " k u a IN j- t%e ~Uy on t.,,c sensi-~,ivity he U"r' U."JarItus sma 11 aoses of icnIzinf; ra iation -'juz, D-ef,:3- in 7 :.I,-, ,;,I ii ad LL Lj y ~j r -'he x 2uy -,e r e 3 n z i_ 3 d kd r c e r I Y n r e "afa-,-~J Lje j c :o,:. in c: h in ..c:feai-.ary s-.r.~cr,,.ires in t2 6 3/0205/64/004/002/0222/0225 ACCESSION NR: AP4027970 !ATJTHOR: Karkis . Yu, Ya. Naumonko Yu. N. iTITLE: Radioprotective action of beta-aminooth7lisothiuron Bre HBr 033T) on hereditar7 structures of various mammal tissues IS01URCE: Radlobiologlyat v, 4, no. 2, 1964, 221-225 TOPIC TAGS: tissue hereditar7 structures, radioprotective action, beta-aminoeth7lisothiuron (AET)p X-irradiationt bone narrow cells, corneal epithelial cellp spermatoo7tg, chromosome rearrazigemnts, AET effectiveness !ABSTRACT: AET radioprotective action was investigated in bone marrow 'cells, corneal epithelial calls, and spermqtocytes of mice In four I ~experimental series. AET (39 5# and 10 mg/2 ml distilled water) was !introduced intraperitoneall7 into groups of brown male mice 10 to 15 imin before X-irradiation (URD-110 unit, 80 kwo 4 mat filter 0.5 Alp i ifocal length 80 amt 4 r/min) with single 25p 50p 100 or 200 r doses, Animals were killed 24 bra after Irradiation and material from *7es# ifemw and tibia marrow# and testis was taken for o7tologloal Investl-, Icard 1/4 KALINIIN, V.I., prof., doktor fiziko-matem. nauk [deceased]; AKODBOV, V.V.; GERSHTM , G.M.; DASEENKOV, V.M.; YEVSEYEV, V.I.; ILIRI, V.S.; XOROSTEIEV, G.N.; UJCHININ, V.D.; NA-9-' 0 ~41-K Yu.P.;RYAZANOVA, T.P.; SEDIN, V.A.; TOLSTIKOV, V.A.; SHTYROVJI I,J.; AVILOV, B.I., red.; ZENITI, V.V., tekhn. red. [Practical work in radio pbysics] Radityfizicheskii praktikum. Izd.2., dop. i perer. Saratov, 1961. 277 p. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Saratov. Universitet. 2. Kafedra radiofiziki Saratovskogo universiteta im. N.G.Chernychevskogo (for all except Avilov, Zenin). (Radio) L/~57/62/332/OC)6/007/022 2. 13 81 "S2 7:T:,'..: -Zlectrcr, tra-ectories in an inverted 7,a7netron ?-~*~Irj_,:C.,~: Zhurnal tekhn'cl-les:~oy fiziki, v. ~12, no. 6, 1,-162, 682 - 685 -he -.rL~jr__--or-es in a cylindrical inverted magnetron outside, ano.e nere caliculated and plotted in graDhs. the pr_,_j_4c analjt4cal method of the radius r of curvature. The a-uthor _ised fo- :,OM l.-tter can ba n 1S the field stren~7th r m I n on r. z_zze for z::ai:ret.-c fieldse~;uel t3 ~ct- c an~ 3reatcr than -he critical, bbot.-. with an_~ without consideration of the s.~ace charge. Knowir,7 the radius of curvature one can construct the tra4,~ctory bet'sen t-, ::Iectrical oquipotant:,al llnes. ;calculations were d found that the :-.a e varioas za'h3-'e-to-anodo radius ratLos. Tt Was : alec-,rons, returr to ~`~e cat'-,ode, which confirmed earl-4-er results obtained by 3. K. lIvanova (Zh,:?, 2'9, 9, 1959). Therre are 5: figures. I .ard 1/2 77,16213 32/c)o6/007/02 2 -'-'Iectron trajectories . . . 02 ;a-a~ovsk--',- Eos,.;-Ia:,stvenny,,, universitet im. N. G. C'-ernys'ni~vskogo Saratov 3tate University imeni N. G. Cherny- -vvsie., I y I T T .,-,11y 17, GERASIMOVA, L.S., inzh.; NAUMENKO, YU.P., inzh. TransformerD for slactronicdl"Ly excited drives. Energ. f elektro- tekh. prom. no-3:54-55 Jl-S 164. (!.i!F,-A 17: 11) iKi Ai oij 1'1111J Ul(/().)7~/66/000/(jOI/AOUii/Aliult A~,'L'LGR: Cershteyn~ G. M. ; Naumenko, Yu. P. 7i-ALZ: The use of induced current to model a two-dirim!nslonal field with a space SOURCE: Ref. zh. Elektronika i yeye primeneniye. Abs. lA7 REF SOURCE: Sb. Vopr. elektrich. modelirovaniya poley. Saratov., Saratovsk. un-t, 1964, TOPIC TAGS: induced current, space charge density TRI,NSLATION: The induced current method is used for modeling a two-iimensional device descrik-ed by a Poisson equation. The modeling was based on an induced current d-2vice with an oscillating probe and additional electrodes loca:ted at the edge of the modtl. The potential of these electrodes are different from the electrodes of the model. The additional electrodes introduce an additional power line. current to the testing region and at a certain distance from their surface the resulting field satisfies the PDisson cquation. It is shown that this occurs when the potentials are spread over additional electrodes and have a Poisson distribution in the xy-plane. The computed and experi- mental results of three space charge density distributio'n cases in a cylindrical diode (linear, constant. and Langmuir distribution) showed satisfactory agreement of theore- Card 1/2 UDC: .621.385 L 09955-67 ACC NR3 AR6017143 tical and experimental curves. This method can be used in modeling fields described ;hy the Poisson equation with given right part of the equation, e. g., in calculating the fields of electronic vacuum instruments by the auccessi ve approximation method. 6 references. R. B. SUB CODE. 09 Card - %~ - . T R , l2i~ T:.-;G ABS. JOUR. I RzaBj0j. 195&, L;O. AUTHOR OR 10 . Ful". AB3TRACT imir: c--n.-):Jy of m IIrj V. rqa.~, .7 'Itr. -A '2~it- jcli'-se~llng ~.- lli~ril.Eit--l -, a Z--2'~ :a band Dn thr, s3jt!ier-~ xi'll of -.,,;e ~or,,-1-- 7~,tllsfact.,~ry rer,renara.i3n ir ',I,e ,,I-ido.'3 )ccir:-e,l LkSiC'illy l-, t.1-- 3h~t:k-ll ZC:-,e 'I-01- M; r,)-m ~4rler i ~jn .c, ~lj: e .h,, no !ip q int ~ s-I r:v 5-7 '.Lme-s '...-:e an~. ~,il Ajil,r Ir, L, , ric n 7 -1 ~ v; f~r I e ~,a:-l la gth of shadow the 2.11 NAUNENKO' Z~m~ GeobotaniC-ILI zoning of Sakhalin, Bot. zhur. 46 no.8-1,1e6~1189 Ag 161. (MIRA 15:1', 1. LeniWradskiy nauchno--issIedovatel',skiy institut lesnogo khozywjat,ri, (Sakh&lin--Pbytogeography) w NAINRIKO, Z.Mo F! ~ea ~Dbova'a L~--.. a- --;,- --t-i . - - -, F-A~.-n ~- -' ~ f range, FCL. zhur. 49 07-i I ~,,, ( kfl RA 1- r~) I . magallar.;3RAYl 1 017~-.nllyu a tar I . NAUK-AECO Z.OZ40 vh.rLat-',-n of awe ph~miologicBl fcatlrt-c of V-v- yr--m~ r.r ~q7mce af ter, the -ut4l Ing of 1,:-ee -- . Fi Vc~ ~ ~-- " -:. - I n,.i.3.-4132-539 MY-Je 165. . ~-.qpdanskaya 1--,spB:rct YAUMEEKO, Z. N. Acoastical parai3etere of alag wool. Prom.aerodin. ao.14: 99-108 '59. (KIU 13:6) (Mineral wool) NAUMMO, 2;.N. Acoustic properties of gravel. ?rcm. aerodin. no. 18:12-20 160. (MRA 14: 5) (Gravel) (Sound waves-Damping) L ACC NRs A.P6011263 "'01JRGE Go"E': tR(/O/'11A-6/O0O/C'( AUTHOM: 14unin. A. A. S.; 0,1(-,: none Lj-'. t.ipparatus for dampiP4~ n-) in rien, c o.- -,as-dynnmi- -Licit: C'I".Iss 47 No. 180020 lzobrofeniya, ProR.,shlonny-,o oiirrt~.,3y, towirt,-,-.-o 7:-~ali, i,c. t", 1","l, "."V'~ UQr0dYIML_LlC IIIASf), 11110113UC 11 1 (, It C~ o 8 ) or Li ThiL; ,ut.lior _0,-Llf*~col(; -Ar, frir drimp-,i :-, no''.-, [A0ruw,-;,.Lnic or gos-dynw,-tic mrichillory. '110 rolni*orc(~-i r.~-ro'_tj w:t.h sound-nbsorbnf- culwmi.,i, nn inflow duct., ond tin oylinunl. cimmti~ir. o ~ricrooL;e tho aCOLIStlCal effectiveriess of noise dampinf,, in a bron'l rtln~,'o of Cro- quencles, the reinforced concreLe care is corrugated and Ims a variable crosn soc- ..j(.n (see Fig. 1). Thr- s ound -ribs or bi rig colwrins are place6i il-. each corrilgation. Fig. 1. 1 - reinforced concrete case; 2 - sound-absorbing colmna g. art. has: 1 figure. G~0 CODE: 131 JUBM DATE: 22-JuI64 I- Cnrd _L~/Jl. UDC : 621-758.34:533-071.5 54 w- URt:. _q glr __ 't , - R -b al - iU 01 t6to KDO---lD.'wd: KDOvmh -Chi. qmkilth, tat"! ...,gra me Narim-eteili-" ii, tie 09,02 duka-001 777~; ...... ----- L 21794-66 EWM VEVAM 4cc. Ma AXIM 1=922,., 96/ SOMM COWS MV02 65/000/024/0083/003 ANMRS. Gorlai V'k ohm; -As I Steldn. Kt ado -bo Usa rjVJjjj30j#A Akienov. K. Z.0 Yerrmov. V- V.1 ~JaUwtsffl A. Me I gro=d gravimeterplif, TiTti I. A lass 429 No. 177106 -SOURCEs Hyulletonl sobretenly i tovarmVkh snikov, no. 24y 1965t 63 TOPIC TAGS i gravinetric analyalep measuring instrument,, measure ot accuracy ~.ABSTRACTs, This Author Certificate presents a ground gravia Ycontaining a quartz elastic sensitive system# units of distance control and control of the rotation angle of a nicrometric screw, and an assembly of a photoelectric device with an Illuminator. The design increases the precision of the measurements and makes pos- Bible the determination of the errors of the distance transmission. The unit of distance control'in the gravinster has precision =31tiple-turn linear potenticineters intercommted'in a bridge c1rcuito One of the potentiometers In mounted In the gmvliwt.or and ".the -other on a .Pontrol panels Tbe rotori of tbase potentlowters We ~cowlected with -a- tachavietero . To red=* the temperature effects an Us, quartz Banal- tive:47stemp the latter systAME le. insulated from the photeelestric devbw, am d6W I SM. DAIS o 23LJan64 ]A wd C ACC NR. AP'10056h6 SOURCE CODE: UR/C)41,3/67/000/002/oo94/0094 !INVENTOR: Namenko-Bondarenko, I. I.; Maslov, I. A.; Kuzivanov, V. A. ORG: None TITLE: A method for calibrating ~ruvimeters. Clacs l12, No. 190596 SOURCE: Izcbreteniya, promyBhlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 2, 1967, 94 TOPIC TAGS: gravimeter, instrwnent calibration equipment ABSTRACT: This Autbor's Certificate introduces a method for using base inclinations to calibrate gravimeters designed for measuring the force of gravity in motion. The amplitude and phase characteristics of the instruments are determined from combined recordings of base inclinations and the readings of the sensing element. The varia- tion in bast! inclinations is periodic vith differing frequency and amplitude. 112 UDC; 550,631 ACC NRt 1-test stage; 2-adjustment screw; 3--electric motor; 4--speed reducer; 5-photo- electric registration device; 6-gravimeter; 7--photographic film; 8 and 9--reccrding CODE: 08/ SUBM DATE: 1BAug65 L Card 212 NAUMENKOV, A.I. Methodology for the determination of iodine in water an abstract. Lab. delo no.10:596 164. ~MIRA 17:12) 1. VaesoyuzW nauchiio-isoledovatellskiy institut ~onevodstva. Ac)o6/A io i .J~ AUTHOR3: Baranskly, L.N., Naumenkov, N.L. TITLE- Observation of telluric currents at Mirnyy and Oasis stations in 1957 PERIODICAL: Beferativnyy zhurnal. Gpoi'lzika, no, 7, i-)61~ 4ti, '_tbstract 7G~1,1_ ("Inform, byul, Sov. antarkt, ekspeditsii", 1960, no, 14, 24-28) TEXT: A description Is given of the equIpment for observations of ~ellu_ ric currents according to the IGY program, Loead sheets were used as electrodes. On the continent the electrodes were placed on spots of outcropping rocks, The resistance of the line was about 10 km, At Mirnyy the telluric currents wpre visibly recorded by the ~1( -09 (EPP-09) potentiometer. Micropulsations of' H were registered by an induction coil with a ferrite core. Noises from the elec- trization of the Earth's surface by snowflakes during snowstorms are charac- teristic for telluric currents. In sea currents such~ noises do not exist. The field of telluric currents in the Antarctic region Is a very intensive one, 5- 10 v/km during disturbed days and up to 500 v/km during quiet days. The orien- tation of telluric currents at Mirnyy coincides with the direction of the coastal Card 112 Observation of' telluric currents ... AC~~ /A II line, The amplitudeq of current variations in th? sea are a "T.,~. --.e ~-a currents decrease rapidly at a greater distance 'rom the coas- (by -,Imes at 10 km distance). j Fonarev rAbstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 5/04 62/026/007/007/030 B104YB138 UTHOR. 'L,aumenkov, P. A. "'he use of special low-voltage spark operation to determine elements difficult to excite rIz,RIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya fizicheakaya, v. 26, no- 7, 1962y 867-868 TEXT; With the low-voltage spark generators shown in Figs. 1 and 2, whicii were developed from the TC -39 (PS-39) and the MP-3 ( IG-3 ), the carbon conten-t in steels can be determined from the iines CII 6578-03 and C II 658~2-85 ~ in the'concentration range 0.1-1.0% , silicon from 0.1/~ from the lines Si 6347-01 j and Si 6371-09 3, from sulfur 0.001% from the line S 11 5453-88 ~ and phosphorus from 0.02% from the line 11 -6043-05 a. T~e 48-jA f capacitance I (Fig. 1) is supplied by 220-v a-c mains. The analytic~spark gap 2 is parallel-connected to it. bard 112 S/048/62/026/007/007/030 The use of special low-voltage ... B104/B138 dischar~,e of the analytic gap a 175-ppf high-voltage capaoitor 4 .s connected to the secondary coil of transformer 3. When capacitance 4 dlisc.,ar, es, 'he auxiliary discharge gap 5 and analytic gap 2 spark ,;I.multaneously. The auxiliary discharge gap consists of two copper wires 11 mm apart. The current in the primary coil of the trans'former is 0.4 a, and 3.5 a in the spark. The analytic gap can be adjusted from U. - - LL shown in ) to 3 Similar conditions can be obtained with the syste Fi-,. 2. There are 2 figures. 'T J, FIG. 1 L FIG. 2 Card 2/2