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NAWICT, T. The influence of annealinr on the strength of bars made of c2b13 steel. p. 21 (Budownictwo, PrzewWalowev Warszawa, Vol. 6. no. 4. Apr# 1957) SO: Monthly List of East European Acceesicns (F.EAL.) LC, Vol. 6, no. 7,, July 1957. Uncl. 1P,';,'RCff, T. A. 1, 1 A Laminated lAiralumin bridge. p.25. 11 (BULUR41CW0 I RZ11'Y5W,,;E. Vol. 6, ?to. 5, I-lay 1957. Warszawa, Poland) SO: Monthly List of &-ast L'uropean Accessions (E.~,'_L) LC. 7o1. 6, No. ~j, October 1'j5'1. Uncl. NAk'ROTj T.1 WIESLATWISKIq Z. 6th National Welding, Congress in the Czechoslavak Republic. p. 175. (INZYNIERIA I LUD%i*TIIC7dO, Vol. 14# No. 4. Apr. 19579 Warszawa, Poland.) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) Lc. Vol. 6v No. 10, October 1957. Uncl. ?1AWROT, T. Artificial defects m joints. p. 268 (IMY111FRIA I Fillball C'IWO, Vol. 1h, No. 5, May 1957, warsuma, P,)land.) SOs MonWy List of Last European Accessions (EFAL) Lc. Vol. 6, No. 10, October 1957. Uncl. ~ 0 17, 1 - POLAND / Chemical Technology. Chemical Products. R Corrosion. Corrosion Protection, Abs Jours Ref Zhur-KhimiVa, No 20, 67834. Author *, NawrAk-T, Inst iTOT 'give-n Title sUse of Metal Coatings In Construction. Orig Pubs Inz, I budown., 195T, 14, No 11, 397-398. Abstract: Window frames and doors are protected from corro- sion with the use of zinc metal coatings (M) which are applied as paints or enamelsi, Such a method provides protection to articles for 25-30 years. This paper quotes prices for various metal coat- ings. The decorating type K constitute not only Card 1/2 I NA UMIA, Wiktor; RUIAMICKI, Idam; RAWROT, liojciech Potentiometric study of diethyidithiocarbamate complexes of mercury. (n). Rocz chemii 36 no.n:1717-1718 162. 1e Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University, Warsaw. Nk*iROTEK, K. Maintenance of tracks on steel ties. PrzeLlad Dodatek. p. 156. (PRUGLAD KOLEJOWY IROGOVIY. Vol. 8. no. 3.1p Nov. 1956, Warszawa, Fblcnd) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC. Vol. 6, No* 12, Deco 1957. Uncl. NAWROTEKs K. Maintenance of tracks on steel ties. Pt 2 Przeglad Dodatek. P-172 (PRZEMAD KOLFJOWY D.ROWWY,, Vol. 8,0 No. i2; Dic--.~9 6-,Va-V-aaw,, Poland) SO- Monthly List of East European Accessions (FFAL) w, vol. 6, No. 9, Sept. 1957, Uncl. ); I .. I'. y . .1 VI"'.) 1.1;dntenance of tracks on a sinking roadbpd. :. 137. I:OL_,JUiT D.LL~10'..'Y. Vol. ~,, 147o. ~, June 1957. -,arc-za-..,a, I Oland) SO: Monti-13, List of Last Lurorcan Accessions D"'. 'Vol. 6, No. 10, uctoL~er IM. Uncl. UMA, F., WJDr Us* of "aorta (doccagesomat of taldasols sorb*) In otorhiso- laryagelW. C". lok* cook. 93 no*45W496-1254 5 Sw 54. 1, COL kliniks KU, preduosta prof., Dr A.Procachtele (IMMASOM, tbarap*utic use, otorbinolaryagol, die.) (WORMARTWOOLOGY, otorhinalaryagolo diseq there, laidesoles) 1~~~~KUDr. Larywcols, diverticulum laryngicum. Cas. isk. cesk. 94 no.47-M: 1298-1302 25 Nov 55. 1. Z OIL kliniky Karlovy university v Prate, prednosts. akademik Ant. Precechtel. (Lwu. diseases, laryngocele,) MAXERA, Frantimek 111;z- Artoothola In smWery of otoselarosis. Cook. otolar. 10 no. 3:183-187 Jo 161. 1. OHL klini)m fak. vasob. lek. University Karlovy v Praze, predn. prof. MUDr. K. Sedlacok. (OTOSCLEROSIS surg) HZwJMP F. j OUREDYIN, A.; _LAMAj Ft_ 1~ lot experiences with traebeastamy in severe respiratory Insufficiency. Ces.lak.cook 100 no.32/33:1014-1016 18 Ag 161. 1. IlAntemi kliniin KU v Prose, pradnosta, prof. dr. Frantisek ;, 0 Herles. OHL klinike KU v Prose, prednosta prof. dr. Karel Sed]Acok. (TRWHRA surgery) (RESPIR&TION) NAXERA, Milos Experience with the mixing line operation in Ostrava. Pr= 13 no.3tl24-126 Mr '62. 1. Severomoravsky prumysl masny, n.p., Ostrava. NAYANGV, N. I.p SOBOLEV, A. A. and MOSTATKIN, P. A. "Nematodes of the Scrjabinoclava Sobolev Type as F&IIam Parasites, and the Nature of Their Pathogenic Effect on the Host." Tenth Conference on Parasitological Problems and Diseases with Natural Reservoirsp 22-29 October 1959, Vol. II, Publishing Hou.-e of Academy of Sciences, USSR, Moscow-leningrad, 1959. The Far-thstern State University, Vladivostok NAYANZINt I*Yo., inz.h. Contribution of W!flclency promoters of the 2~qmazy Petroleum Trust. Bezop. truda v prom. 2 no,B.-3A-40 Ag 158. (KIRA 12:7) (Tuymz)r region-Petroleum industry-4afsty measures) \ FATANZINO loYes, Insho Nfflclency su"estlens by TiWmasy oil-fleld workers. Bes*p. trod& ,v prom. 2 nool2t32-33 D 158- (MINA lltl2) 1.N*ft*preWsl*v*y* upravlonlys Tuyussanaft'. (Tuyvasy--Oll fields) NAYANZIN, I.Ye... inzh. Activity of innovators of the Tuymazy Petrole= Trust. Bezop.truda v prom. 6 no.2*30-31 F 162, WIRA 15:2) (Tuymazy Region--Oil,- wells-Equipment and supplies) L 05277-67 IqRt A ]I dM=""Qg-!'O'FRC~'~OWDi'.hfR'rO3'7 /6-6-2/000-0/0-03-/-G-025-/G-025 23%9-4 AUTH OR. Kapkayev, E, A.; Nayanzin, N. G. TITLE: Elementary determl nation of the reliability of.A self-correcting system SOURCE: Ref zh. Kib6rnatika, Abe. 3G178 REF SOURCE: Sb. Vopr. vychisl. matem. I tekhn. Vyp. 7, Tashkent. Nauka, 1965, 85-89 TOPIC TAGS: system reliability, self adaptive control, probabilistic automaton ABSTRACT: The probabilistic operation of a self-correcting systomtonsisting of four ele- ments is analyzed. These four elements are represented by two input and two output follow-up sensors. Each element operates correctly with the probability p, and incorrectly with the probability I-pi. The system has 3 stable states, of which only one corresponds to correct opqration. Transition from one state to another is determined by the time-phase sequenco. Formulas are presented for calculating the probability P that the system exists In the n-time phase in each of its stable states on well as the stationary probability (for n It is con- cluded that, when n --, the system arrives at one of the stable states with P = 1, 1. e. 1/2 UDC: 62-507.019.3 L 05277-67 ACC NR4 AR6023994 0 1 "eternal" wandering Is impossible. Formulas also are presented for the stationary P of the correct operation of the system with duplication of follow-up sensors. 3 illustrations. L N. (Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 12, 09/ 1 2/2 4-T- f-ACC NR8 AR6023345 SOURCE CODE., UR/027l/66/000/004/A055/A053 i AUTHOR:. Molchanov, G. M.; Nayanzin, N. G. TITLE: A self correcting measuring eyatcm SOURCE: Ref. zb. Avtomat telt-weldi i vychial tekhn, Abs. 4A408 REF SOURCE: Sb. Vopr. vychial. macem. i takhn. Vyp. 7. Tashkent, Nauke, 1965, 90-97 TOPIC TAGS: measuring system, nelf correcting syntem, reliability engineering ABSTRACT: The purpose of the described system is to increase appreciably the re- liability of digital program control cf machines and to expand the area of applica- tion of start-stop clutcheg (C), which is restricted owing to the presence of mal- functions which introduce errors into the magnitude of displacement of the end link of the measurement system. The system consists of a computer and storage unit, start-ntop C of left and right rotations controlled by electromagnets, differential, feedback sannora, and the electrical circufni for the automatic correction of the malfunctions of the atart-stop C. The fienaor for each revolution, discharging the capacitor, sends a voltage pulse of + 300 V or - 300 V to the winding of the first decision element, thus reading at-it of the recorded number occurs. The polarity of the supply voltage of the capacitor in established by a flip-flop contact of the first decision element. Upon malfunction of C (when it makes one revolution more than prescribed by the program) the capacitor ia discharged t- the winding of the Card 112 UDC: 62-529:621.9 ACC NRi AR6023345 electromagnet controlling C of the opposite rotation and rotates the output shaft of the differential in the opposite direction for a value of one impulse. The operation, of the system is described. The probability of the aprearance of a malfunction at the output of the differential is deter-mined and it is shown that the reliability -;i C increased with the introduction of the correcting system. (Translation of 91~- stract] 1 illustration. V. Sh. SUB CODE: 14 AID P - 2941 Subject USSR/Electricity Card 1/2 Pub. 27 - 6/15 Authors Petrov, 0. N., Doe. of Tech. Sci., and I. S. Nayashkov, Kand. of Tech. Sci. Periodical : Blektrichestvo, 8, 39-46, Ag 1955 Abstract : The authors present a method of calculating ele- ctrodynamic forces rising In transformers during breakdowns. The method In based on the Investigation of the magnetic field and calculation of the radial and axial components of the Induction vector within the limits of the area enclosed by the windings. The influence of the steel core is accounted for with the help of mirror reflection diagrams. It was found that the generally applied method of determining radial components of the magnetic field with the non-compen- sated magnetizing force of the windings gives incorrect results. Th* authors calculated electrodynamic forces rising with back-fire in transformers of rectifying Installations and found that these forces may attaln Electrichostvo, 8, 39-46, Ag 1955 Card 2/2 Pub. 27 - 6/15 AID P - '041 considerable magnitudes. in an appendix, the authors present auxiliary computing curves which permit finding the components of the magnetic field In the most gen- eral case when the linear density of the magnetizing force along the windi"I is non-uniform. Nine diagrams, 3 Soviet references (1 34-1942). Institution i Moscow Power Engineering Institute Im. Molotov Submitted % NY 3# 1955 MAYASIIKOV, kamd.tekha.nauk; LURIIE, S.I.j, inah. Experimental study of the mechanical strength of electric transformers in the presence of short circuits. Vest.elektropram. 33 no.2tl2-16 F -!62, (MIRA 15:2) (Electric transforaers) AKOPYAN, A.A.; BUMKCVO V.G.; BUTKE;VICH, G.V.; KOZHUYJIOV, V.K.; KRAYZ, A.G.P- KAYASHK(N I.S.; SIROTIMKIY, L.I.; SAPCZfu.,IKOV, A.V.; S.I. A.T. Panov; on his 60tb birthday. Elektrichastvo no.5:92 My 163. (MIRA 16-7) (Panc--, Adeksei Vasillevich, 1903-) NAUSHKOV, r.s., kand. tokho. nauk In the raternational Blectrotachnical Camission. Vest. elaktramom, 34 no,709-80 il 063,, (PURA 1618) ARKHIPOVq V.N.; BIRYUKOVp V.G.; BRONSIITEYN, A.M.; DROZDOV, N.G.; KRESTOV9 N.I.; NAYASHKOV...,I.S.; PETROV, G.N.; SIROTINSKIT, L.I.; CHILIKIN, K G. - - Professor G.V. Butkevich; on his 60th birthday. Elektricheetvo no.lOs92-93 0 163s (KIRA 16t 11) NAYASHKOV, I.S., kand.tekhn.nauk; KARASEV, V.V., inzfi. -'.. - Calculation of leakage fields of electric transformera. Vest. elektroprom. A no.4t8-13 Ap 163. (MIRA 16s10) MnAliy A* Ao; ALEKSMRCVp 0. No; YE&MMYAIMV., No P.; LEM-OV., V. I.; KMOLYUBOV, A. V. ~MXAPCML ... ;;. 00; PANOV,, A. V.; FORM; Vo I.; ROKOTYANp So So; SOKOLOV, No No; TIGODEYEV p No No "The 750 W Experimental Co=ercial Transmission Line Konakayo-Moscovo" report submitted for Intl Conf on Large Electric Systems 20th Biennial Session, Paris,, 1-10 Jun 640 AV.KSEYERK09 Q.T.; BORISOV, R.I.; VOYETODIN, I.D.; DROZDOV, N.G.; KRAYZ, A.G.; MANIKINP E.A.; MAYORETSO A.I.; ?MASOT, A.M.; HAYASHKOV, I.S.; PAVLEHKO, A.S.; ROKOTYAK, 3.3.1 SOBOLEV, A.A.; SYR(NffATNIKOV, I.A.; SAP03INIKOV, A.V.; SARKISM, N.A.; CHERNICHKIR, D.S.; CHERTIN, A.M. Samil Isoakovich Rabinovich, 1905; on his 60th birthday. Elektri- chestvo no.6:90 Je 165. (MIRA 180) 9(2) SOV/143-59-3-1/20 AUTHOR: Nayashkova, Ye.F., Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLE: A Simplified Calculation of a Three-Phase Short- Circuit in a Balanced Circuit (Uproshchennyy ra- schet trekhfaznogo korotkogo zamykaniya v prodoll- no-kompensirovannoy teepi) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Y"shikh uchebnykh zavedeniy - Energe- ,n% tika, 1959, Nr 3, pp 1-11 (Uss", ABSTRACT: Calculating short-circuit transient processes in a balanced circuit, fed by a synchronous generator, is a complicated tasks. The solution in a general form is not applicable for practical purposes. Linear differential equations of the fifth order appear even in the simplest case. However, when solving certain engineering problems, for example, problems connected with the preliminary evaluation of current and voltage values for establishing the operating conditions of protective relays and switching equipment, a great accuracy of the calculations is not required. There- Card 1/5 fore, there is an interest in obtaining a sufficiently SOV/143-59-3-1/20 A Simplified Calculation of a Three-Phase Short-Circuit in a Balanced Circuit simple calculation method for practical engineering purposes, having an accuracy within the permissible limits. Based on the accurate solution of a three- phase short-circuit procees in a moderately balanced circuit (xc/xL = 0.1 + 0.7), the author introduces a number of simplifications and explains a simplified calculation method for the practical calculation of the aforementioned circuit. Thereby, the transverse line capacitance (poperechnaya y6mkost' linii) was not taken into consideration, not even if the line has a considerable length, since the influence of the higher harmonics, caused by this factor, is only of insignificant influence ZTef A,7. The solution of the transient process calculation was based on Professor D.A. Gorodskiy's equation gef 17. Analyzing the results obtained in a number of cases, one of which is shown graphically in figure 2, the author estab- Card 2/5 lished that the stator short circuit current i,t is SOV/143-59-3-1/20 A Simplified Calculation of a Three-Phase Short-Circuit in a Balanced Circuit composed of the synchronous frequency steady-state current io, the synchronous frequency free current A il and four asynchronous frequency free currents. Two of the latter, iIII and iV, have frequencies LA) III andt,~Vbeing below the synchronous frequency, and two, iii and i IV , have frequencies(,,~ 11 and _OIV being higher than the synchronous frequency. The asynchronous frequencies are interconnected by the following relations + 1AjIII=2 0 IV + V 2. The current iII and i III are damped with equal time Card 3/5 constants TII'm , as well as current i IV and iV SOV/143-59-3-1/20 A Simplified Calculation of a Three-Phase Short-Circuit in a Balanced Circuit IV'V with time constants T According to graph, figure 3, the values of the time constants TII'm and TIV'V are very close in the zone of moderate balancing. Further analysis shows that the values of the lower frequencies III and V of the free currents and damping time constants, TII, TIIIj TIV, TV, of the asynchronous frequency free currents may be practically determined from the elementary circuit L, R, C, in which the generator must be re esented by a backward-sequence induct- ance ffef T The author then presents formulae and curves for calculating a three-phase short-circuit in a balanced line, which provide an adequate accu- racy for solving engineering problems. These formu- lae and graphs permit a rapid determination of a) the initial values of the synchronous frequency Card 4/5 free current, b) the initial values of asynchronous BOV/143-59-3-1/20 A Simplified Calculation of a Three-Phase Short-Circuit in a Balanced Circuit frequency free currents, c) the values of free cur- rent frequency changes, d) the time constant value of free current damping. Based on the formula for the total stator current during a three-phase short- circuit, it is possible to calculate the total sta- tor current value with an error not exceeding 10%. There are 1 circuit diagram, 6 graphs and 4 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy ordena Lenina energeticheskiy inst1tut (Moscow - Lenin Order - Institute of Power Engineering) Kafedra elektricheskikh stantsiy (Chair of Electric Power Plants) SUBMITTED: beptember 24, 1958 Card 5/5 VASILITEV, Aleksandr kleksandrovich; LARIONOV, V.P.; OKOLOVICHO M.N.; Prinimall. uchastiye KAYASHKOVAp Ye.F.; KWCHKOV, I.P.; BDRUVOT, ff. I... t6khri. red. (Alsictrical, section of power plant& 4",substationflElaktriche- skaia chast' stantaii i podstanteli. Moskva, Gosenergoisdat, PtS4.[Slectrical equipment and power distribution devices) Eli~trlcheskie apparaty i raspredelitellnye ustroistva. 1963. 495 P. (MIRA 16:3) (Electric power plants) (Electric substations) (Electric power distribution) NVASOV, A. G. j BANTUEEp A. M. "Theoretical principles and reasons for using flux-bearing agglomerate," ~=~& Of BjCg&%=0tV6 t0re Of the Magaitogorsk MetaUurgicea 0 50OV, , T957P 279 PP. MUCHA TIP., Calibrating onarstus for checking tensometers. Zav.lab-21 a0-9: 1133-1134 155. (NM 9:1) I.Lostagradekly sellskokhosyaystvonnyy InstItut. (Calibration) (TOUSIGueters) MAYBORODIN) V.I.; PECHERaIY, D.M. , wNyaw"o-O-O" . Magwtic properties of somo lg-Aeous rocks metamorphosed tr/ th6 granitolds of the Magadan batolith. Sov. geol. 8 n0-48140-147 Ap 165. (MIRA 180) 1. Severo-Vostochnyy komplek3nyy nauchno-isaledovatell6kiy institut Sibirskogo Adeleniya AN SSM, REMAXOT, A. B.; PATEMA,, re. T.; HAYBURGM, N. V. StuAly of 46v combustion of a pulverls*4 coal torch In a spesial laboratory furnaeo. liv. AN Kazakh. SSR. Ur energ. no.28044 162, (KIM 16111 (Coal, Fulverizod) (Combustion) RAIMA, Andrey Andreyevich, kand.vellskolchos.nauk; KMIN, P.T., red.; JZffBCLDI3LA1---Z.1q-, tekhn,red, [Green fodder plan and Its scononio effectiveness] 1010VI konveler I ago skonoulobaskals effektivaost'. Stalingrad, StaliWadskoe knIxhnoe Isd-vo. 1960. 41 p. Nm 14:1) (roregs plants) (Pastures and meadows) ~ " YDA, A. A. .~A 36737. Proizvodstvo steklyannykh trubo~ po sposobu gorizontal Inogo .r(tyrigivaniya. Steirlo i kerimika, 1949, No 10, c. Iri-11 SO: Letopis I Zhurrial I ykh An * ey, Vol . ~,u, Moskva, 1949 1. NAYDA t A. A. 2. USSR (6oo) 4. Furnaces 7. Increasing the life of refractories in tank furnaces, Stek. i ker. 10 no. 4, 1953. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, APRIL - 1953, Uncl. v th miling channels- so-a fc-pt-urcin in tire 11 -q 1a Na? lcl.:f-gc9+p,d t h -a t. the5o bLjci~f- 'The be IUYIW, A.A. production of borosilloate SU~s Stek,l ker. 17 no.2tl6-18 1 160. iNUA 13W (alas* manufacture) L -30Z~6 EWT(I AT ACC Nib AP6013133 SOURCE CODE: UR/0057/66/036/004/0749/0753 AUTHOR: Najd&, A. P., Soloshenko, 1. A. -3 ORG: none TITLE: Anomalous ion diffusion and hosting in a plasma column SOURCE: Zhurnal tekhnicheakoy fiziki, v. 36, no. 4, 1966. 749-753 TOPIC TAGS: plasma diffusion, plasma Instability, plasma temperature, plasma pinch -z / ABSTRACT: A study was made of the diffusion of ion@ in a plasma column across a magnetic field and their distribution with respect to energy as a function of hydrogen gas pressure and the magnetic field. The plasma was generated in an arc- discharge source. The experimental setup is shown in Fig. 1. The column was formed to diAlusle gas Fig. 1. Schematic of experimental 1.290 M inlet! setup. Cmd It I Cathode; 2 - anode; 3 - cooling; 4 chamber; 5 - collector; 6 - brans; 7 - wall probe; 6 - twin probe. L NK- AP6013133 by letting the plas" flow along the magnotic field In an insulated copper chamber (44 mm in diameter) through an aperture (10 mm in diameter and 150 mm long) in the anode of the source. The column thus obtained hits an insulated collector (15 sm in diameter) placed 30 cm behind the outlet aperture of the anode. An insulated copper membrane (inside diameter 15 mm, outside diameter 40 m) was mounted 1 cm ahead the collector. The chamber was pum The residual ned at a rate of 200 I/sec. gas pressure in the chamber was about 10- am Hi. Pressure in the source was kept In the range 3*10-2- 10-3 mm US. The average pressure in the chamber was pro- portional to the pressure In the source and approxidately one order of magnitude lower. Both the plasm source and the chamber were subjected to the homogeneous magnetic field. The magnetic field strength was in the range 180-1500 oe. The ion diffusion in the plasma column was me&sured by a direct method developed earlier by 1. A. Vasil'yeva et &I. Constant current and voltage were used in all measurements. It was found that by reducing either the gas pressure at the magnetic field strength below a certain critical value an unstable plasm column to obtained leading to an anomalous Ion diffusion and to a sharp rise in the tranoverse.lon temperature. It was noted that before the onset of Instability, the 'Larmor diameter of Lone was close to that of the plasm& column. Orig. art. has: 4 figures. 1JR1 SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATSt lUpr63/ ORIG REF, 005/ OTH RM 001/ ATD PRESS: CWd 2/2 RAYDA, L.B. (M*h=l ) low Improved hasser for nourologlets, Trach.delo no.12t1323 D 959. (MIRA 13:5) 1. Respublilanst"s polkhonevrologlohook" bolluttea. (xxDicAL rymwmws An APPAaAvus) - UYUP H, w 7., Arovince Interbranch conference, ITO no*8-.34-35 Ac 199. (HIRA 12:11) (Tm8ansk Pr ovince-Re search. Industrial) TZLTANM. B.Te.. inzh.; NATDA, H.L., inzh. Uperience In preliminary compensation for over-oll welding deformtions in sections. Sudostroante 24 no.12:55-58 N 158. (MDU 12: 1) (Ships--Welding) AMOV, A.A.; NAIDA, V.A. Hechanism of the extmction of coke-oven doors. Koko i khia. no.3s29-32 162. (AMU 15-3) I* Nonotruktorskoye byuro Kokookhimasha GomWarstvennogo vassoyuanogo instituta po proyektirovaniyu predpriyutly koksokbimichaskDy pronyuhlennDati. (coke ovens) ZOTOVA-SROOVSKAYA, H.P.1 USILIMA, T.H.; RPA, V.H- New device ror determining the degree of sizing for paper. B=o prove # 37 noJsM-29 Mr 162. (PIMA 15:3) 1. Vessoyuznyy nauchno-iseledovatellakiy inotitut Upravloniya proiswodstyou gosudarstvennykh znakov, monot i ordenov. (Paper) RAYDA, L-bigniew Hayda, Zbigniews "rho Undertaking Of Rail Transportation for 'Dort Distances by Motor Vehicle Transportation," Transport, No 12v Doe 56. NAYDAN . V.M.; DOMBROVSKIY, A.V. lialoarylation of unsaturated compounds by diazo compounds. Part 21: 1,1-dichloro-2-(p-nitrophen,,,l)ethane and p-nitrophenylacetaldehyde. Zhur. ob. khim. 34 no-10:3351-3352 0 164. (MIRA 171l1) 1. Chernovitskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. DOMBROVSKIY, A.V.; NAYDAN, V.M.- Haloarylation of unsaturated compounds by aromatic diazo com.- pounds. Part 151 Synthesis of 2,2,2-trichloroarylethaneB from vinylidene chloride. Zhur.ob.khim. 32 no.4sl282-1284 Ap 162o (MIRA 15'4) 1. Chernovitskly gosudarstvennyy univergitat. (Ethylene) (Ethane) (DilAzontum compounds) IJAYDAN, II.M.; DOIMB'-(~ V"? 1't, .............I..... 14t-.-w inothod "f--)r pr,!Tart*A,,r, , : firy' I I- fl. .. I (- s. , ~-. 1, . . , I'". : , , , , ob. nim. 34 r: r, . 1, , .;,i. t,'; - ~J. -~ ., %Ili 64 . .1 I C iernov --' t ;k~ 1, ~- f, ., ~~ Ar r - , ,~ ~.. , ~ ni -., r-. - - - ~ *. . IJAIUN, VA.; DZUM.-'DZFY9 N.V.; DOMPROVSKIY, AS. Haloar7latllor, of unsaturated cospounds by arow-!s ~Iazo ~CF~ jixnei?. Part 251 Chloro&rylation of vinyl chloride. aryletbanealhp-ohlorostyranes, and 2-arylmethy.Ldioxalanoa. Zhur. org. M. 1 no.Bt1377-1383 Ag 165. (MIRA lgill) 1. Chernavitakiy gonudarstiennyy unLversitet. NAVANO V.H.J DOMLUVSKIT, A.V. Haloarylation of unsaturated compounds with aromatic diazo compounds. Part 28t ChloroarylaLion of trichloroethylcne. 1,1,1,2-Tetrachloro-2-arylethanes,~(,,A A-trichlorostyranes, and A t 0 -dichlorostyrenes. Zhur. org. khIm. I no. 11: 1998- 2002 N 165, (MlHA 18t12'. 1. Chernovitakiy gosudarotvannyy universitet. 5ubmitted December 19, 1964. 'USSR / Farm Animals, Hogs Q-4 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 2, 1958, 7196 Author : A. 1. Naydanov Inst : Kurgansk AgricUltural Institute Title : Uporiluental Use of Ensilage Corn Cob for Fattening Hogs for Meatp in the Trans-Ural Region. Orig, Pub: Sb. Nauchn. rabot Kurgansk. a-kh. in-t, 1956, vyp. 3, 247-256. Abstract: After a preliminary.p*riod of fattening, by.graz- ing and with supplementary greens, three groups .of young hogs were placed on.intensive fatten- ing for 57 days. The firist group received rations which consisted of concentrates and potatoes, the second and third groups received ensilage corn cob (60 and 56 percent nutritousness. The average daily gain of weight by groups was: 720, 670 and 672 grams Card 1/2 24 STROGANOV, D.j, polkovaik intendantzkoy aluzhby; NLYDMV,-Kr pcdPolkovnik intendantakoy sluzhby OiCaMsation of the food service in units sW in the Navy. T~rl i sub. Sov. Voor. Sil 21 no.4155-60 Ap 161. (KIRA 34t7) (Russia-Armed forces-Commisoariat) WIRWOV, A.-; 0 i 1014"WIV.1 p ~, . ~ . , I U y1. , ~ . Septration cf' -'ron ar.,! nhr(,:~..LL-j ~r tle precence rf trilrin B on anion and caUrm ex.-hareers. liri-lrh. ezhegod. Khtm, fak. Cd. un. no.2.~63-64 '6] . (MIRA 17~8) I ,':'Uri,,%NCVA, Z.r,; NWDE, 1-:4,- Raild methcdo of vn#,P, anniyeir. Nauf.1 . azhen-A, Kh'Lm, fak. 0d. un. no.2i,6&70 '~,l. (M,R" ?.B) KOCHOS V.S.1 GRMOVSK171, V.I*; EER&WVAl VmA*j- KATDEKj V.*L,- Dynodo charactoristles of openwhearth furnaces according to pressure In the molting sons. Isv.vyv.ueh~b*wv.; chernmt. /# uo*6d6Sw172 161. (KMA UtO 1* "vokly politokhnichookly instituto (Opear-boarth furnaces) KoCHO, V.3,; GRANKOVSKIY, V.I.; ANTIOSYAK, V.G.; 2~~~ Investigating the feasibility of ensurinr tle opti#um luminosity of a gas flame. Izvo vys. ucheb. zav.; chern. met. 4 no.8:143-148 161. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Kiyevskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. (Open-hearth furnaces--Combustion) KOCHO, T.S., daktor tekhn.nauk; GRAVKOVSKIY, V.I., kand.tekhn.nauk; NAIM, V.L., inzh.; MOLGEAMV, Yu.D., lw*.; PIORO, Ch.K., inzh. Comparative analysis of thermal processes in 500-ton open-hearth furnaces in tvo metallurgical plants. Stall 22 no.1:23-27 Ja 162. (MIU W12) (Open-hearth furnaces) (Heat-Transmission) AMMOV, G*I*j BERMiVq Sh.M,; PL4MHCHEIIKO,, re.A.; DRYAPIK,, le.P.,- SHMOV, X.A.; RMEK V.L. Gas flow d1stributIon in regonerators of 500-ton open-hearth furnac"o Stall 22 00o41306-309 AP 162, (MIRA 15:5) (Opl~hsarth fmmac") (Gas flow) '0C400 V.S... dqktor takhn.nauk; GRANKOVSM, W.I.,, kand.,tekhoonaukj XM*,v V.L. y --------- Improving the temperature control "stem, of opeu-bearth furnace@* Avtoa, i prib, nolt2l-24 JAP-Mr 163w (KIPA 160) 1. Kiyevskiy politakhaicheskiy institut, (Open-hearth furnaces) (Thermostat) lOMOv T. S., daktor tekhn. nauk; GR=Mlax,, T. I.v kand. tekhn. naukl. MM - - insh.; KOWWOT' Tu. D. # inshe; MWANUA4ft ~.* P lUzh. YWasuring the flow of combustion producto in open-hearth fNuTacsse Veto i gornorud, prom, uo.D59-62 J&-F 163. (MIRA 16:4) 1. glyovskiy politakhnicheskly Institut (for Kocho,, Grankov kly, Naydok). 2 Cberepowetshy metallurgicheakly zavod (for Xel:hanov, KmdryavayaL (Gas flow) (Open-hearth furnaces) IOGHOI V.S.; GHMOVSKII9 VsI.j HUMS V,L. - r- Automatic control of therml conditions in an opezo-hearth furnacee Isv* vys, uchab* sav*; alp". =t. 6 no.4sl63-170163. (MIRA 10?5) lo Kiyevskiy politskWdolOsokly institut. (Opeop.-hearth furnacesi (Automatic control) KOCHOO V.S., doktor tekhn. nauk; GRANKOVSKIT, V.I., kand. tekhn. neuki MAYDEK, V.L.0 kand. tekhn. nauk Automatio oontrol of industrial and thermal oonditions in the finishing period of open-hearth smelting. 149t. i gornorud, prom. no,3sl7-l9 My-Je 164. (MIRA 17:10) KOCHO# V,S.,, daktar tAkhn4 wLukj GRAMKOVSKIY, V.I.; PERELCMA, V.A.; NAYDISKI Tello MUBM,, L.L.; GLOBAp NJ.; MOSI&SHVILI, V.V. InteswiMatitm of the operation of open-hearth furnaces by the combined feeding of aMen and compressed air. Not. i gornorud. prom. no.3:75-76 Pt-Je 165. (MIRA 18:11) KOCHOf V.S.; GRANKOVSKIY, V.I.; PERELOMA, V.A.; HAYDER. V.L.; PRYADKIN, . ~ -E~ EX L.L.; KULIKOV, V.O.; PRIKHMENKO, A.Ye ; , Ye.G. Investigating heat transfer in very high capacity open-hearth furnaces. Stall 25 no.12:1081-1085 D 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Kiyevskiy politekhnicheskiy institut i Zhdanovskly metallurgi- cheskly zavod im. Illicha. NATML1,A.T. Interaction of two conditioned reflex processes in the case of rhythmic alternation of conditioned stimuli. TruuU Inst. Tye. nerv. delat. 5@r. fixiol. 32102-109 159. OMA 12:3) 1. Is laboratorit fisologii retseptorrqkh funktaly, sav. - T.G. S&M- sonovas (CONDITIOM RMPOWN) NAYDILI, AeTo Interrelationships of two conditioned reflex processes In dynania stereotype, Zhur.vys.nory,delat. 9 no.5.-672-678 3-0 159. (KIRA 13:3) 1. lustitut vysshoy norvuoy dayatelinosti Aladeall nank SSSR. (01MRAL CORT11 phystal.) 11 1 r COIDITIOMM) kekki't ;-) , NAYDEL', A. V., Cand Blo Scl 00n the aoap**e*i*n of 6.,,. U -I ~,~ specialized conditiod reactlo~~~O,- under Aft con- a ditioneq* dynamic stereotype." Mos, 1961. (Mon State U Im M. V. Lomonosov) (KL, 8-61, 237) - 1..r? - At , K.A.; NAY=#, A.V.; FROIDIOROVA, E.S. Conditioned reaotion to the duration of stimllation. Trudy Tmmt. V*onwr.delat. Ser.fiziol. 70-14 162. (MM .16 t2) (CORMTIONED MFOM) NArM.10 A.V. "Tational characteristics of different staps of the course of a motor conditioned reaction in patients sufrering from hemi- pareses of vascular origin, Trudy Inst.vys.nery.doiat. Ser.fisiol. M5-21 162, (KMA 160 ) (PARALYSIS) (CONDITICM MISPOWSZ) IALIISIEV, Yo.l. ~111 I it- iuning" of the 3eEmentary apiaratu3 of the huran !;pIrz: coru in conditioned response to time, Zhura vya, nervo ceiat. 15 no-5: 940-942 S-0 165. (MIRA 18. 11) 1. Inatitut vyashey nerviiny doyatr!l1nosti J neyrofizio:ngii Aft SSSP I inatitut blofizlki All SSSR, Moskva. GUSEYNOVp Kammn Amadoviah UYD&L' Mark Isayysvlch; KOPTLOVA, L.P., !n!=:=_1 I--- red.1 DOIOBDVA, X.D.r t4khn. iid. (Trade unions of Soviet Azerbaijan; an outline of their history] Profmoiusy Sovetskogo Azerbaidzhana; istoricheskii ocherk. Mo- skva,, Proflidat, 1962. 310 p. (MIRA 160) (Aserbaijan.-Trade unions) NAYDENo, A. Work on a volunteer basis is an important ccmdition for uncovering potentials. Don. i kred. 21 no.nt65-69 N 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Upravlyayushchly KharIkovskor oblaatnoy kontorcy Gosbanka. RATDENj F. jXaidvmjF.l ,wine-fattening farm with over-all nechanixation of the labor- conanting processes, Sill.bud. 12 no.2sU-12 F 162. (MIRA-1518) 1. Predesdatell soveta leshetilovskogo nedftlkhozatroys Poltavskoy oblasti. (Swine houses and equipstent) NATTIZU tl.: 1P I I V/5 714 . X8 Moskva. selIkhozgIz, 1955. 222 P. Illus.. Map, Tables. T, ~,77~,- 'IT N , V . lam. T. TrampartbW the G-1 aopWt It. Avt,tr&W. 32 no,5*.38 W (had matilawy) comrato nlxor wIthout dis"somblIM 134, (MM 7:7 ) EPA EW(l) (0-2 Pt-10 ARY 4 ACCESSION M P-P4043867 njot(t) ca 119/0139;q~/000/004 0068 0 1 1 'AS AUM.10i _Petrakovski,~,r, G. Ye. P,j gjLIcIjpvj. 1. K. T I TES IDependo._nce of tbv rate of !q~in wav!j damping on the tempera- tura A SOUIRCLI I.,,IVUZ. Fi2;ika, no. 4, 1964, 68-71 _tarn6 dep- agnttostriction erature ande6ce, er -41 neticreso-nande~, fer-rite inicroatructure, crystal lattico stmicturch ARsTjzAr-Ts. The method-is based on the relation between the spin-wave f dalvLng, 4earement. a n dthe spin-wave ferromagnetic: reaonance line r1k width A Tlia latter is q1von by Af~ 2~% _11,y1, w1here jyj modu lus of Magnetolaechanical ratio. The authors htive dater-mined AN L 671gl,.160 ACCI NRt AP4043867 ioa etam ~etic: g _field,~ desc.ribed -bv one-of the -authors -earlier (G.-A re'traxbwkw, Voprosy radioctlektroniki,- set.-iya 111V no. 6, 144, 1962) lite -procadu're consivtdd of applying a micro-wave pulse 1.9 Ijisec- 'in duration,- with 200-cps repetition frequency,- to a cavity of .iQ 1.130 :and resonant frequency 9090 Mc and.containing the sainple. the resonator-, was- observed on a pulaie os- ciJILICIscops- scriaen, The t brature dependence of the spin-wave. re- A emp! 'in ~thtb - single-crystal ferrites was measured from room. tem- laxation, -Pqrattir-t -1300K) ~to the curie';points' :The sampfen oonatituted:single- _C tal -f rritea-magnetizedin 11111-directio ys yttriuz~ ZIA -Th a d ie -aneasurementa shcwe4 th _,emperaturs 4epen once of tbe,apin wave damp.Ing:0 agrowmith--the-thioret-teal-expression- and -tbe~-Oariation 1 '~h temi0eratur to, b6 - essentially- analogous'to the corre-. of &H W~.. sponc nq.-~ 44440iincw Of--the _f4rromagnetic- resonance -line -width__oF__ A'Pmospshavas'T sai-Ohl of -Mau Inatization Tha-initial --va-ri at Lon of n446ted 4fth tha -degroa o f ~orderirzq -of the Lone., -.771: 7 WNW Ms AP404386? r ACMs"MN MCWGURRv 01 rig. 11 111cek diagram of ev4x-rimmtal set-up. -rai~trm OrWillatorl 2 - Moi attenuatcr 31 -7 - ferrite gate 1 4 - -~nvera-Aar 1 5, 12 vilyrii-ibI c Onultcr bIMk? 6 - win-equide pr swritdi; U I-IysLrcn a,,cijjatCr, 9, 'U MTt I I dirI-cU'IOr--d CMIPler's, 10 - panr mtterj 13 - datector sectirml 14 au-Alloscape, By 15 - CTAtY with saiTlel 16 avplu t=M- rature control sysb!nn; 1~ - elf nc pe-mr quolyl 10 electrCM.Uxt Ctsid 4/4, L SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/016/0081/0081 AP6030594 41 ov) INVENTOR: Bqtvinkinp 0. K.; Demichev. S. A.; Naydenoy ORG: none TITM Glass. Class 32, No. 185023)~ [announced by Saratov Branch of the State Scientific-Res rch ln~tjtuL%-pj-Gjm (Saratovskiy filial Gosudarstvennogo nauchno-1 issledovatel'skogo Instituta stekla)) SOURCE:, Izobre enlya. promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarn"e znaki. no. 16. 1966, 81 TOPIC TAGS! heat resistant glass, aluminoborosilicate glass, acid resistant glass ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate introduces the following glass formulation/(in % by wt): 61-64 P02; 3-5 A1201; 14-16 B703, 8-10.5 Zro., and 7-8 Na2o'I>The glass has increased thermal stability and acid resistance. [,TKI IV SUB CODE., 1l/ SUBM DATE: 1OMay65/ ATD PRESS:6rO 7/ UDC: 666.113.831. 4'623'284'273-31'33 NIALENKOF nauk; KOU,~"NIKOV~ Ye.~., inzY,. t~().s 04 Selectir.g mduction gatir ra j-1 h, nos. flauch. tru, 7: c#) M.%C I elektromekh. no.4404-19 162. - - BLUESKO 1, _ Over-aU automation of river ships, Rechtransp. 21 no.7s22-24 A 162. (MM l5t8) 1, Awhaltnik Glavnogo upravlonLys sudovogo khosyaystva mdoremontafth prodpriyatly Ministarstva reohnogo flotao (Marine engines) (Remote control) (Automation) SOV /124 58- 10- 11707 Trar :at.ori trom: Reterati nyy zhurnal, Mek~anika, 1958, Nr 10 p 140 (USSR) AUTHOR, Nayderko, 1. K. TiTLE: Some Stab.1"Ity Problems of In-plane Flexure of Metal]Lc Crane- SiipportLng Girders (Nekotoryye %oprosy ustoychitosti ploskoy formy zgiba metal I "cheskikh podkranovykh balok) PERIODICAL: Nauchn. tr, Odessk. in ta inzh. morsk. floti, 1957 Nr 13 pp 80-91 ABSTRACT: Tl-,e -.n plane ilexural stab lity is in-.est''gated tor an I beam under the act.on oi a single or two equally intense, concentrated forces mo-.Lng along the beam. The character of the variation of the critical ioad is determined in relationship to its pos~t-_on a'long the span. CaEes ot iorce appl.Icat.on to the top flange, the bottom flange and the center of t.exLre are compared. A critical-force calculation sample i~, worked out ior , spec~~Eed span length ind cross section ct tne bedm S. N_ Nikoforov Card 1/1 NIA Ylk,' K(; T v ;-,n-, ;'e cri ;(- i -- ( ! i~;:, ) c1- &-Gw - - -Y--- .. .. ,, .. or ~ w ~A,- ! O'n nl* r, 1'. -J-~ , "I irl t'', "!3 if* girders. )t' ',,r:(! Lno,()ry o" of ol'~!s!,or V.Z. Vl;,.rif-v).,l (xie :I, ! 1r ;), tx,ir,tion P(:~ c0 il-,, ~L, !I'' - I-J, - UnT LOS I.K. Lightweight steel gates of overflow dam. Gidrotekhaika no.2: 132-133 062, (Gates,, Hydratilic) (MIRA 16:5) NAUMWI, I.K,; SFJAVRI, V.V. Prospects for the use of $plastic'$ cowrete based on a furfural- acetone nonomr in hydraulic structures of seaport". GidrotekhrLika no.2:145-146 162. (HIFLA 16:5) (Plastics) (Hydraulic structures) RATDZ M . I.3., kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk. - I W ovIng the protective circuit for mine hoisting nachines. Ugoll 31 no.li29-32 Ja 056. (KLRA 9:4) 1.Donetskiy filial Giprouglemasha . (Mine hoisting) (Blecticity in mining) MYEIWO. I.Se. kudilat, tokhalcheskikh nauk. ftltlrope mine hoists. Besopetruda v pron.1 no-3:17-20 Mr '57. (KIRA 10:4) (Mine hoisting) NAYUMO, 'Van hutoylovich; MlYq T,D,, SHCRCKIMA, A.T*~ r*d.l2d-T&;,--jXFrMw, A.,; RIMM. 0.0.. [Inspection. adjustment and testing of brain systems on mine hoisting machines] Revisile, naladka I Ispytento tormoznykh ustroletv shakhtnykh pod%miykh wehin. Koakwa. Gos.nauchno- tokhn.isd-vo lit-ry po gornomm delu. 1960. 295 P. (KIRA 13:5) (YAne hoisting) (Hoisting machino ry-Braims) NAYDENKO I.S.j kand.tokhn.nauk; MAKSIMOV, L.T., inzh. Autmatization of Oo operation of nine hointing machinery with'asynchronoun diive. Ugoll Ukr. 5 no,9;39-40 5 161. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Dongiprouglemash. (Hoisting machinery)