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November 2, 2016
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December 31, 1967
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s/aa6/6a/ooo/oo5/005/007 A vartical sintering furnace .... 9193/19383 for compacting powder to strip and a vertical sintering furnace). 2) The ndvantage,of a vertical sintering furnace is demonstrated by the fact that A mintering operation requiring 30 - 40 min in a horizontal furnace can be performed In a vertical furnace in 1-7 min. The rate or sintering is Increased owing to the following factors: more uniform heating; externally applied stresses in th" ainterod parts (tensile in the strip, compressive in bushes); no trays hindering the access of the reduding atmosphere to the mint- ered objective. 3) The floorarea required by a vertical furnace is 70 - 80*; smaller then that needed In a horizontal furnace of th" same productive capacity. The energy-consumption per item sintered In a vertical furnace in also 70 - 80%, lower then in a horizontal furnace. 4) Sintering in a verticat-furnace reduces the din- tortion and ensures a more uniform structure and small grain size of the finished product. 5) There are no practical difficulties .in using a vertical furnace for sintering strip compacted by rolling metal powders. The tensile strength of iron strip at the sinterinf, temperature In sufficiently high to make feasible sintering in a vertiLeal furnace several metres high, The results of the present investigation haw* been applied in the production line at the Card 3/4 S/'2126/63/000/001/006/016 P,193/r.383 ALMOR. Niko lay OV iNk-1j. T IT 1, E. ComPacting and rolling motal powders P!:R.?60DI(.'AL: Poroahkovayn motallurgiya, no. 1, 19063, ,62 - 48 TMCI.': in a general disounnion of the orrect of vnrioua factora on the density- of metal Btrip prodt.ced by po,:dor- rjet,51luirgy t,)chniquen, tho ntAthor introducea tho con~-_pt of volur.,(),'plana and linear porosity or povdar compacts defined. rcspttotively, as the rntion V /V, S/5 and L I/ L -har* V,S ond 1, -aro unit volume, tinit Prose-dection arcirt Oz* Unit letil-th of a 1"rous body and V I P SP and L T) the total volwzje ; cross., section area and length of porer. ~ontzilnad in V, 5 and L Ile thon rejacts the vlew that the poro~#ity zind donsity of powdor col-np,tit,ts are anixotropic and tittotes experimentiil evidence showing that an the volume of the 9at;iiA_, of a bateli of watal powder incroader, the ocatcor in tho results of deternination of density .nd loorie powder decrecases, and that the density of a cold-rolled iron-powder compact may vary ac.rous its width betweirn 5 and C.qz,d .1/ 2 .S/226/63/000/001/006/016 Coq?actinj, (ind rolling U 93/'-'38."' 5.6 . Ile Bhow,5 also th-at tho lower the poirder particle nizo tho higher is the compacting pros:;uro raqu:)--od to attain the s.-Ine den4itY-.----PdSti21g -onto tho-proble-M o-f-what constitute3 a compact produ e-a--defct-.t (crack)-froo -preduet- af t er-rollln~ V-e nuthor shows that if a 100e; donne, criclc-freo strip Is to be r)."oduced by rollIng, the compiet zhould havq un.1-form Iin.-ar porosity ill 1.1n)" (!:ivi?n di~rection. Ile also Shows thnt incro.-..,sing the ~hic%- nn!:ts of tho compact brings ab,-)ut an incrof'%sa-in the uniCornity of -1-1n.-ottv r act -thick -_porro3ity__acrors tia c,-rip ness which, :Un tuvn, leads to ir-provwd properties (ducti'Lity) of the flnished product. T-ae:.-a are 4 tablea. A S -1, 0,'01 AT: I ON Gor*kovskiy politoklinicho3kiy institut im. A.A. Zhdanova' (Gorlkiy Polytechnical Institute lil. A.A. Zhdanov) SUE11-LUPTED: October 211, 1961 IACCZSSION Ulto ~04042365 9/0049/6410171001/006310065, IAUTHORs Darugag To Keg Lanutkis, 1, Is; Vike~AWWO-A&-vol plahboothel ;Do Hog Sokbacevg Ve Keg Slaltay*aq as 191-Tay plug So Go TITL1# loveetigaties of spatial suargy distvibuties of Sa-5 reactor assecome Is Ifsessor* sodium SOURC98 Atessaye asurglyaq ve 17, me* 10 1964, 63-65 TOPIC TAGS# reactor obleldlegg nuclear redistioso Irem era reactor ebleldleso BIR 5 reactere soutres overgy distributlem l JABSTRACTI The possibility of usleg as trou-sre nedles as a relativ;ly lissuposelve form of aselear-coactor obleldlug be@ bees lavestleatedo Ore with a blob contest of tree sad oxyges was used to eh4 expert- loftato Steaderd earleked Ices eve of the followlep coupositleag suits- ible for coustruatles ead to witbateed blab temperature@ without siguitleaut aboasse to Its properties, was used as bees materialt i 1601 Fal 301 OS& 41-101 $is NS9 Cos All 19 Nag Pb# Cog T19 Ce lose bludlag admixtures were added to the coseestrate to Improve its goose !*treatiesis& propertlese A 59-5 tse& resistor wsa, used Is the loweass &close Based as the Usesuremesto by all doeseterse the serves of offobvift. PUldhos'100"t &90# we 30o I, loop soon satgtx lamp P CfQAMO valu WANZIAmm- voodoo vems 1% "0 sbo~ mom 6m %0 to dessmals" agoofft" to W oqwa arm"ica 4c an =Ariz to '~at Weam tA ftfamum ot a brlqtwtte 0, Awraft the tonaUm 4t a* mf4ru "a WW not %ohm Pum I". 2W uWvrf'c'm*- "94"" rku~, ft tow" cc tow= for 60 Lm 4c atmtmA mcks li~ the bi at 4L *out cc ow 4 FEW Amory of u-ta ,wirr pre3sing j, L , .11 , I 19 no. 10341 '63. LOBign ard Lonstrtticn cf dies ror tn-i cmtrrn,,;vA'rn rf metal pawlers. lble.04-83 L ur I lip(c A-'-C Nits u6weno SOURCZ CODE.- UR1005816610001005006,11Y361 AUMOR: Lazutkin, I. I. a X1kolS=j A. X. ; Gialtan, B. 1. 50 TITLIN AWWW" cf*" owtioW of 60"Ws stablises stools WA nickel scummi %t. sh. visikas Abe. 5%69 MW. 80UMs Dyul. Inform. teentra po yadern. dannym, vyp. 1965, 313-319 TOPIC TAGM sodium, nickel, stainless stool, nuclear, reactor technology ABSTRACTs The removal arose sections (RC) of sodium, stainless steel, and nickel were measured under conditions or standard geometry at initial neutron energies 0.5. 1.0, 1.2, 3.0, and 15 My. The measurement result@ a* listed In a tabl*. Data wv also given an the alaiml distances from the detector to a plat* or heavy material," starting with which W can be used. On the basis of the obtained d&U It Is poesible to determime the an 0 dependence of the w or sodIm m4 alckele A plat fbr %him dependeasis Is glvm. [Trumdaties of Abstrw%) MA C=s 209 16 046 Dct.nrm'.nlr,,g thq bc-inor.f-Z hnglot nf feed;rg ~~.e ,ol.Jr.,, )f ;,,--.di-rp. mot, 5 no,50',I.-I~# MY 065, WI --)Iltt,l.hW -hpirkly 5ntil.1 lmo-n! 2~!An, v8. of canAldn' ke of Y-,il -~;Il ,ya -Loe 0. 2 J un,~. I N YMIIN i,uviis %%'o rim tivcmmc com)lrloNs oV I'M. ('#FNrItAl. SEC-ONIMIY SCIRAWS lRussian lexi) - X skolary A .*% MUDY Mr.D. ENST. 1!15r'. 31 161-fis) - In 4 1A,ningrad schools, offering their pupils the curriculum of a general secondary efluration, a study was made of the Incidvncr of myopia. Sight testing was cirried (JUI on 1383 pupils, and 867 of then, had th-~ir refroicthm (hecked. An Lnvestigation w4i.-o also made of the children's -may (of lift? both in and out of school, of the hygienic planning of the school. of the condAtionogot u-mework, etc. T'ho author notes several shortuotoings In the traching programme from the hygienist's Point of vi" - the :Yvc Hooding of it* pwpl!s in the higher tormit withhomeviork. rit. ror comparison I Incidence of myopia In the sEhools studio d, the standardirstion method was used. It arms found that this Incidence was related to the conclitions of natural daylIgNing In the viasarotn"s. TPw percentage of myopic children ircrossoa " the pupils ad- vanve from Ike lower to the higher forms, Measerve (or prevercon cc myopia in children are propoiwd. ........ 111L111, rcp,:~rt nt `.c- FIV: tll- r ( rv f nrll GUMINg A.Xa.o prof.; GIAUER, G*A.; KIKOIAM"Agg.; PREOPPAZIMMUTA, R.N.; Monio A.P. ftp"a PWO at Mbwl obLUirm in Urank (Antic room). ftgA sm. 25 sw.#o2)47 Ag 0600 (Kw 238u) 10 is uteft 09w" do"Y 1 PO&Ntb" 'IF- algrodelfto "altamo- gl6tylalabsebego wdltdlftsh~ Imulaw. (C M- -0 ICAL MM) (UMSK.-MMM09-apam) - T i Fl. - 4 - * ~ - . 10L Supqrsonlo -f 7,~Gt.7014.71. 140 JO ,j7. 1",:P) Ir: 17.nnr--'I~.irbrsj*t on6nes) NIZOLONO_ A. N. , p0 umvaft ------ %rbeflan es4ta". To6t.7464.110 mo7g92-" J& 0600 (UM 1317) (Airpumo-%rbojet sw~) 1, -RUDIAM, A.!:.. yolkavait Asroamutic ballistics simellos; according to the foreICn Wove. Test. TA4.71. no.3:91-w" W 060o (MM 13:9) (Umlted Staton-SA121stic mikelem) % I % w DAMGAP VOKS; PINKHASIX, D.S.1 SINNST', M.; Pa.,Rt neutrm propagaticii throurh srA!un. At:=. -nfc-g. I" ns.2s 245-1,4b Ag '64 IPA (10. IM09ATIR, A. Fe Owd Took got - (41**) I*ftm* of Uw procoss of distillstion of Na ) mixtwee or sawl alashol 40fimter In Simi* toga &Ed ;~Blti%lbum eolwm.- almr now, iss?. is pro a -96-~ 22 s~6 (as or 210%or Mmestlaw tk$=. FA~w fth"Issisal bet of PWA ledultry in #1. 1. Whey"). 100 smories (KL, 16-6;,, 106) ~ls_ ftrttteation Is ptys cots. love t7so nebob. sm.1 Vishch. 44%, NP03112&III (1111A 1119) L KIYOwOWtY tWmIOOC%0~MY IMUtut rateaft Prots"ofm t a t". -!INUAIN, At 0 wr"t of the re"Sive IM41ok at tub" m ma" treaster la tuft follue Iffowsom*4basererldwhadbe aq44114>-VA 1560 - (MM Us 31) 1. ftewsm sdiuW1000beekir lastItut plebrAfr4w promwoklm- aftills Kdewa pro Ow I awatewo 01 to (Mme t.--aaaer Istluatift dpwatus) lazolauve A.P. Wdre4rawds aml*a and Its application In the doolcolve of file reastriessiou apparat". Trw MY 00.19185-V 158. OUU 12 112) (Distillation apparatus) - NIXGIAMs A.P. Me" tr&MfW 4WIRS distills".162 Is tubular plate oclumms. gbw, PrIkl* k%116 To 32 60.58721-V-4 Pf '38* (WIS 1116) (HUG tPassfer) (Flats to"W's) TSMMV. P-S.; RIVOL&TIT, A.P. OPwstl*a Of I" f Ima r"tif 108UGS Gslm&. SPIrt. pros. 25 M*5120-22 059, (Aloobol) (WA 12: 10) ?BrjAJMDY, A~-P- UstribOlm *t tho commutratimw of slootol over tho pl&Uw of frmctl~tlsg cell. bvv"ouchobossv,;PlsbaboleftAC0511"- W 1" 0 (NIS 13112) 11 117"ekly takhaeloglabaskly lwtltmt pishchevoy praWableanosti. Wedre eptsobwads"alys I Nsfedra prots"Gow I apparstave (Alftbol) Okso tow. ) S T.Ii.; lilKOLA-M-1 i k.-P.4 TSIG-,*UXGVg F.S.; V.G. fjdrodynamle testift of torbWl&typ slom plates. Trudy KTIPP nooUA72,477 060o (KMA 14 t 3) (Plate towerm) TSIUMN.Vi v P.S.; AIWIAWip k.?. Onto or a nm beer restifleation =it. Spirt.p~. 27 w.)~42- 25 I(Ae (Distillatift appent") (am u8/0 T-OIG&gMp F.S.1 NIKOLATKV, A.P. calcuuting the stom conamption rar the b"tiw or beer resUfleation colm~* IsTo "I- uGbOb- s&T-I PlObsbo t*kbe noo2s]JO-W 063. (X= 16&5) L lLiyevWdy tokbaclogichookiy Inotitut pishchOM J'rOmPhlsnnmti k&fodm gFetsoborudavanip J kar*dra yro%Wssov i app4r&tcv plabohevykh proisvodstwe (Distillation apparatus) WIROLAW, A.P.1 TSIGANKOV, P.S. MR SqwtI= of the commetlon bet~n parmatere In the distilUtlen piro4ose, Invewyeauchabomv,j plebeb. tekb. na.3vl3~-"6,63. tekhmAeglebeekly ImUtut plafthewwr prdwddom"u, kafedm pratsesmv i appw-at*v plabsbavjkh prelevedstv I kafedre oberadowsaiya. (Distillation-Tablos, selculations, Oft.) NIKOLATF-V* A.P. I DistillIng Industry of Cuba. Form. i spirt, pro*, 30 aa.6124,-27 164. (KIRA 17il-1) lo Kiyevskiy tekhnolcgicbpsL-ly inatitut pishchevoy premy-ahl9nnasti imeal MikGYwl&. km- ".9 tftMv sea f7 at woo a 0 a 0 0 o-0 9 * 0 0 0 0 WY4 woo WWWO 0 NOW I* L. dam b Now it am I the qvw~ [a tow offs- mzbm~* 44 doom* bw "m &d the Gow &ddL do am d OW idN6 40 1~ quorAlft. ft =0 MINOW dam fto d ahomdkw OW Am tin &O*r d do 119= Ik is om Pdm W.66nd d lovems- Pr NO ths 060mod 40d cr C- L Wmm&e ban u-swe adoes age a "No' o see* 0 KIKCLLM, A. P. YM4 k pw*U~ obesbUdva" ao&v, skm~Mrstvo I ginebologlye, IV** Ibo 60 so )-So so* UWat UmrmletOb 3tatey, Vol. 47o 19" smaxAny" A.F. [I.F.ftvlov's theories &M principal problem of obstetrics and awcolody) Valwato I.Fftvlom I mobselshis probleoW simisherstva I gluakologit. NW- skva, Is4--.-e Akadeall md.sauk MR. 1951. 38 p. (MAS 637) (ftvlov, Ivan %trevich, U"-1936) (Obstetric@) (ft"Coloa) ;IUUT]ff o A.P. -.09 "1 IoPJPWlw$s Sawking ad primlpal solesittle pmolad pmb. low of ousewles MA ameloff. AbMb gin. lbIS6-16 JOID. M sil (am 2015) 1. Carreop"M Umber of the ASSAW of IWIml Sclemse (=i 4 IM"We AJ. ~~ f.. ftvl"tm wwory es *a MOW awwms ftass"s as aw 401assitto bow for solastes of prostleal problem Is obststrise uA 0`080010"s 1b, vyookti %WT. delat. I so. 51"? 641 IWFt-Gct 1951. (CUML 2313) 1. IMIW646 XIZVIATW, A.F. "bm~ll. MW OW. 1. Cerials reoulte of Wroduction of the pawlawlaa theory iato eclosti- fie aaj practical obstetrics, Akwhoglibe~Nooku lVoo4:)-14 th" 51. Im (CUM 2 11 I* GerrespowUng Ilember of the Academy of NedicaL Scleaces UM A.F. NUmUyew (Lmlw4pvA). 2. Of the Institute of Obstetrtes mA Grusee- loff of the AcadaW of N"Ical SelenCes USSR. v .'t.ano,!-ra.7-.a -U~_Alclr-~i'_ 1-~*-~ - I I "I. k. I':C'u- CIr O-VO YO I'" SIVILAUVO A.P. (PrepIWImis ad themN #f Istrautorine "VtWxWiou of the foetus] hatUdilga I Sereptia vwWtu4ro%wI 4wtWti plods. Noiskm, led-" AkadmIl s9& ~k UM 1952, 102 P* (S& 625) (Not". anth of) lbserudletio ftTlowlas tboo" an a Woo for rooroolooloso dmlop~s' MA toprovesms of otes"floo md ff~oloa In %be 9"104 96146A, Aftek, Cie., mwkft Se.443-W ftly-Aga 1"2. # r.--, (an 2332) 1, Pre,*.Isore Astive moobw of the U6461W of No"Gal Seimmme low stalls WILSO w1wwro I IMOZATIV, Aele ftawmmmommm~ I lb#weslsal rowim of poldwropiwUsle of Pau is lebw. Abush. glas lb I eva mos 8$6-" Sot-ast 1"2. (a" 23SR) 1, 4"1" Nwbw st Us AeadW of *"Awbl &slow*@ GUIL 2. &MinW"- KRMHUNOMAICA. Tv.r.- G&WASIOU'A. M.L., wareft-nahchly; BILXQL&TZV# A.P.9 diraktor; ATR"'YANU, i.ih.. sawoftyushchir; NIKOV. K.M.. Me for the alwarmolkerlstlas of Userlas reception. so.1:263- M 152. (MM 6:0 1, Ishoraterlym, patetistologit 16"trallaoge tiotitut& 4mehoretwe i gin*ka- 16411 AMAMII madital"kikh wak SIM (fer Garmashova). 2. Montralla7y lasSISO abasherstva, I lgIrAkelogil Akadeall maditalaskikh a&uk SM (for ftkola"v). 1. laboraterlya lateretseptivavkh uslovNwkh r9flekoov luatitnta flatelocil in. I.P.Ikvlova Akadonli monk SIM (for AyrWttlyunts). 14. Inati- tut fivielogli In. 1,Pftvlova AwWaoll nook SION (for Dykav). (Nervous system) Wiens) MIZOLAYN, A.P. 2. ULU 600 4. Vascular Syefte - Diem**$ - labor (ObttotrIcs) Pregmewre Caimpliestleme of Pregnancy avA labor In caMiamecular dt"ases. Ainnh. I gin. so. 2, 1952. Ckle%-Ko. epwast Akaftall Neditsimakikh Ikik 33332 9&. MaUx " 2L UW&A A=AAm. Library of Congress. Jme 1952, UnclAssifted. UKOLLMO L P. . Prar. Active membe- - of the AcadezV of Medical Sciences of the U-SZR OFavlov's ms.trialistic theori Is the basis of the rec,matruction, levp1orrPnt, and accomplishme i Its In Soviet ob3tetrics uni gynecology.0 Akual;. I tljn. no.4: 3-14, J1-4q, 1952 CHI I ABBIP.- If -PSTCHOLOGY Theorptienl rrvipw of ')f pir, In I Fin.. Ns. 1. Mar,thiy 1111 Rf kuf~lpr.~ 4ccerviong, lAtri,iy of C,)rfrept. Dr(ember 1952, ITIM-ASSITIM SUCIATNT A.F. lauriwat Gtaliaakor pre it; INISIRGY, &.T., redaktar; re"ktor LB"Afte w the tbowr set pneelft of obssears~l swouseleJ lows" %evil i Ple"Ild OuNtallvesits a",,, LIftbW"dJ "so Is&-vo 040 lit-py News, Issimpe4d"s $Wags 195). 1" P. ima less) I@ ows"Iseles" dam AbAndt MAIsetes"m ank ~ (for suniwv) F sums. Dope. professor; lamme Aoto. professor. daevitollwn ahlou Akadenii visditelask" ank am warm"WE Fmm%l4a esA the GW of "Ims"ta. Akusk. t gin. majiZI-36 WW-JQ '53. O= 6:7) 1. botitat shimberstm I gludalogil. 2. Akadm#a ueditelmkikh sank ~ (for ilwour"). (cosivalaievel COB m VA. N.V.; MIKOLA m - , professor. attlem-karrespandeat Ak&44ull meditala- skift mauk , a OF* 8"Im mWUd as a prepamt Ism wbl4k ~ I - - - ~ i the mareet Is WOOS of Pmtothal mAbw (%bl~PftUd 4edi~). ftv.ndo 17 W-10:27-28 0 '53. MUM 6sio) 1. Oad*Ual" 4p~r"ivmpft mte"w ledmi" Imsitata absebersews I Simalmle- 1111madmil nditaluMM& ~k OM 2. Abm"aWa mdlt4lm*Ub ~k ~ ter Sawla"O. (SWO"Ics) I POLTAKOVA, G.K.; NIXMAM. A.F., professor, dayetwital0*7 chlen Akadeall W&RO10- sk*b ~k ~* TRWVWw- SwIr Wow$ t"AIM of SwAom Ufmd~. lep.pedlat. 21 ne.4:56-38 JI-ft 15). (NM 630) 1. 066aleaVu awarosbiammWft Uotitula skambentva Akademill vwAltelaekUb seek. 2. AbMWwV& mdlteimklkh amok ~ (for 50016m). (latmSe-latritiom) traLATkir ll~. prafeagor, laar"t Stallaafty prealt, red"tar; 0 T.F.. r*diLktar; DMOVA. U.2.. taftnicbeekiy re- &*ter. Etwumm of woommm) %mmeor "Musawol. lbskva. am. tea-" moc I It-IT, M4. III P. Os& 7111) 1. DWetvitelloVy skles AbWWall mdltoiaskikh am* ISM (hvgmaw, cswliostl~ of) . I y ,ju 'T 'r - ' I r% LjLtT--T # A . i~ . . (! d Psychoprophylaxis o '' ltLor pidn,;; lacture7 r-r )b9tetric!in,,3. lAntr~-rc,'. Medgiz, 1954. 28r- ~* NUUtAUI, A.P. I"w is aWlellolkle oomtrbo, Abol6l Va. m.11 3") Aw-f 0". . (am 716) 1. lbretwitollary @Mae Abb&mll moillel"UM amik SOW Osbw (Obetotrl")) (Ametboole I& obs6etrIso) DCMIUVLOH, Kikhail Lysuovich. kaux(ii&&t &*Ut6EQ%ktkh "uk'. 111KOL&TIT A.P.. rodaktor; SLVSMTN. A.D., tokam1cfteekly rodaktor WOMMOO (A mothed of Mehoprophrlaxis to lamrs Paisloss labor) Obted polkhoprectlaktiki bolot v rodakhe IMST, 0". "a. Is&-TO Um" 1"50 171 P. (W& 9:8) (allinim-nTIONOUMT) SULOQUI. -A-, a 'm -... - 1w, Eveakneve in labor ami its trestmet) 41mbestO refievot dolstolOusett i so Imebeals. Itiev. fes. m&,, 194-w9 ~, 1956, 66 p. (NUA 9ilO) OAMI 0OWLIUM) SMOLLM. A.P. v profossor Mtkoft of p9jwchWrW1Wl&~%1c preprattom for labor, Akwk, I &U. J2 6663117-21 IV-40 156. (am 919) Is D"tvlt*lfvwy chlea AM US pstaless, psyckeprepiwlectic prop., mathods (Ihw)) 911GIATWW', L.P., prctf. Pftmelp~4 aspects of the croatlv* a"Itcation st Favlov's physiological t~hlao In obstotries and amcoloao Akush. I gin. 31 no*5342-57 " '57. (MM 12:5) 1. DaystvitelloWy chles AM SUN. (0361irmcs application of Pavlovian theory, rovtw) (GYMCGLOGY esm) RM=a, ILM-9 INVU91180T, &-I-; KI~LAT, To.Z6; KOMSTAMTUM. V.I.; &Me wolves =11M. so 111111GLAMe &aP*b pW*j NGWOM#IUT* TOOVU B.&O, a 0,37i"Imm, X.H., Md., Ermucal obstetrics; "looted ampare) 1prektIcheek" dMehereWel labrean7a 40TY. Steve "Ge"40184-TO MM36 19580 565 pe (111M 12a) le 3by9ftl1ellayy alklen Abodault maditaluddlth so* MR (for 11111014"T). (0111111mice) BUM& 11! fttroviab :Wv_#!tt~ - Essaws " the twory god prootles, of assetheals In labor] Ocharki. teeril I prektlkl elesbollventle rodows led.2., Ispre I dope lbekwa. 1b4gis. 1959. 254 p. (NIPA 130) (A~W& IN 03820MCS) slum 0 AfFe Plamda selfttlfla ressan& la abote4ries am& ff~eloff. Toot. AM ~ 14 06.1190-63 159. (KZDA 22:2) Is Dwovitellowy sklm An am. (C~Mcs orcmis. In bassia (Us) (GTMOIM. @&m) NIKOLLUVP L.P. , Prof. (Kiy*v) FrobLow In tho offielent mumgj~t 0 labor. Pod, aivAsh I sla, 22 ft.'9135-0 060" IMFIA Zol.) 1. D*WWIt41 Is" chlon AM MR. (LAM (OBSTEMCB)) ,dFC " uar, H I, , A. r$ Status of and prospects for rneattwola In labor In the U-5-5-R- Test. AM SMR 16 no.2s6+40 161. (MI.-,A 14110) (AN33THASIA P MUM03) NUOULTEve &*Pe Effiiwlaicv, A*Pej, prof. (UM) Wplo. ~M stlYareganumU. Ped.9 akuh. I gin. 23 mv.llLD--L5 161. Mm 1486) I., DaystwItollmly ablen AM ma. (WHAM"t v=u) (FINUMEN) Ia 0- , -, L-kor -tt Prof S~ problmw of presont-day obststrIcs. FWp akwhe 1 gla. 23 no.5oX-37 161. Oam usia) 2. Doyatwitellayy cWLm AM SSIR. (ONT&TRICI) Nipb=- A-F-, oty. red.; SHKOLINIX, B.I.p k&Dd. xed. nauk, red.; IAUbm&Vg W.S., profs, red.; VIRO(WtAMA, S.F., prof., red.; GRISMMK09 1.1.p prof., red.1 KORNIWVA, A.Lp knnd. mod. nm&,, red.; KOWSTAXTIINOV, V.A.,, prof., red.1 YEDYAPIK, H.V., red.; PAP, A,G., katki. mod. nauk, red.; PZTMWURGSKIY, F.Te.0 prof.0 red.; SAVITSKIY, 'V*Nop prof,s red*; STEPAV9KOV.SKATA, Ge&p karA, med, nauko redej TIF-08MKO, L.V., dotoop rods; YOKSMICHp Ye.Ta., prof., red. (Transactions of the Third Congress of Obstetricians and Cynecologlats of the Ukrainian S.S.R.] Trudy III awesda skusherov-ginakologov Ukrainskol SSR. Kiev, Gosmedizdat 1962, 370 p, (MIRA 17:51 1. SOyead akusherov-giWologov Ukrainsko7 SSR. 3d, Kharkov, 1961, 2. Doystvitellnyy c:Llen AMN SM (for Nikolayev). 1,1KOLAYM, A.11.p prof., red.; AA.I't'O';, rvri. [Anesthensia in labor] -r,,;ov* Le r. A,F Meditsir.a. 1964. 214 p. (vilro., 18:.1) 1. AkademiyR moditninnkikh nauk Xm;oow. 2. tellmy chlen AFN SSSR (for Ntkolnyov). i .~; ~ I- 11 .11 ANISHCHMKO, R.'A.1 KIKOUTET, A.P.j K=fp A*H. fAamlation of pormstors aheracterlstag the Gnera spoetram of lAparity Ions In orpUl tiolds of various ~)~mmotrye Tocreto 1. eksper. Mine 1 no* SIW-490 3-0 065 (XrPA 19d) lo batitut watellurgitp Svtrdlovske Bubaittod July 5, 1965e L 212,32-66 EWT(1)/EV!T(w)/EWP(t) UP(c) JD/AT ACC NR: AP6003802 41"JOURCE COM UR/0131/66/C)03/001/02c;1/0253 AUTHORS% Anishchenko, R. I.; Nikolayev, A. P.; Men',A. 11. ORO: Institute of Metallurgy, Sverdlovsk (Institut metallurgil) TITM On the calculation of the diamagnetic susceptibility In the statistical model SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 8, no. 1, 1966, 251-253 TOPIG TAGS: diamagnetism, magnetic susceptibility, statintic physics, crystal lattice structure, Ion Interaction, paramgnetism conduction electron ABSTRACT: The authors used(the Thomas-Fermi-Dirac (TFD)je statistical model to calculate the electron density and from It the diamagnetic U geptIbIlity-, It is assumed that for each atom (ion)'-he distri- bution of the charge is spherically-symmetrical within ;, sphere of radius R0, and that the potential satisfies certain relationn. The di&magnetlc susceptibility calculations are presented for Cu, Zn, Ag, Mg, and 0 and some of their Ions. 7Y,e rerults show that the lz_ Card 1/2 -ACC URt A susceptibility depends not only on the type of the ion but also on the pwition in the crystal.I( The experimental values of t1w. nuu- ceptibility for pure metalq~xAlffer from tho:3L, calculated because 1 C , 4- 4 - 1, of the -ram,.--_U ati&-Cez-nunt wIU-i experiment in obtained it it iz assumed that the dismagnetle sus- of the conduction oleatrons aw-unts to about one-third of the paramagnetic ausceptibility. The diamagnetic suAceptibility of compounds is calculated in t1w additive approximation and is found to be in fair agreement with the experimental data. Orig. art. has: 5 formulas and 2 tables. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 23Jul65/ ORIG R_7P: 005/ Ori REP: 005 Nmum- Antefttle lliisMw for sattims ilmd hameleor boods. Per. pres. 8 loosen-13 As, 1". (MM Ulu) leftbribs bla4mboft tools Offnew" Ok"'br'.6 (ftage-cowwwmes) (wasoor ma lliiablow) UZMRM&t Teloss Dulbriyawmt-MOM & lose$ limb., rades looomms VWAOO moo "Amino LOTMOS tdalle"Wo I -- d1ousawy m -Woodd"I SIMWO ps derevembraboWme ftd red, I-SAINnifflio lbdmo ftmtont 19"o 229 p. -odwA 81stUmari") (am 1515) (R a WINUAM. V a - Fp Materials on She allselflosties md blelev of the dab In tbo W110 Sea. TOP.Oft'k. WAS57-42 155. (WAA 9:6) 101wele-plawdy filial Abodemil mmmik $m. (IMIs Sew-4natftetwe) 91101AM, A.r. VivT - -~ ~- - Arctic nowder la Oneip Day (Malto Sea). Top.jkht. se.5-85-94 133. (WAA ?: 5) 1. 361~0k"s as"telys lastitusa Molesil "Colo-fiftakogo ftll&la Akadoull mauk SM. (OMW &W-Flowders) Im"Tu. A.F, --..Mwwwwww~- N&VW Is omp Jkw of tw %Ufa %G. Iks, " koopletevebohlo wre wolsmo-L4 0370 (~ 108) lo29UwmWW& bleleasbooWn oftsfAin lotltsfa Weleal lonlignp filloU Abod"I auk ~o (Ono kr-o"nob) 1, 11,364,6 F4'r(l)/T IJP(c) or, ACCESSION NR: AP501731,~ UR/0181/65/0r,7/007/2180/218!5-i at ~AUTHORS: MuftaYhqva,__~,_~.'; Nlkolayev, P.L_ I ez~eepanov, V. 1. Ch :TITLE: On the account of the #Intleraction' of the ter-ro I ri the icalaulation of the EPR spectra of the Iron-group Iona [SOURCE., Fiziks tverdogo tela, v. 7, no. 7, 1965, 2180-2185 TOPIC TAGS: electron paramagnetic resonance, EPA spectrum, cubic crystal, crystal lattice structure Ion Z ABbMACT#. General* expressions are obtained for the parameters of the !opi.n Hamiltonian of the iron-group ions In a cristalline field or i I tcubic ay=etry with account of the interaction tetween the ternw. ~Me Influence of the terms on the opin-Familtontan constaiAs Is ana- n !1yzed for ions with configuration d (n - 1--9) in octahedral and Itetrahedral lattice points with cubic island Dy=zr_trj. It In shown 2 ithat it Is sufficient to confine the calculations to the cases d an d Card 1/2 I i. 3336-66 :ACCESMON NR: AP5017316 A7 (octahedral lattice point) and d3 (tetrahzdral lattice point). ,Tables are presented for the f3plitting, of the ground levels of the 2 3 lions with configurations d , d , and d under the influence of the Spin-orbit interaction and of an external vnagnetic field, and for 'Constants of the EPR spectrum for th4~ came Ions. It in shown that th,~, term interaction can become significant In the calculation of the' ,~spiri-liamlltonian constants. Orig. art. has: I figure, 2 formulas ,!and 2 tables. ASSOCIAT1014: Uraltskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. A. M. Gor1kogj ~Sverdlovak (Ural State University) SUMMED: 23Nov64-' ENCL: 00 SU73 CODEt NPOP i HR RU SOVt -002 OTHER: 006 t'ard 2/2 _DIP. MAKSIMV# A.Aej 91K0!:2rr-VA- A.S. Sonal characteristies at the ObO floWplain during spring and sAb.. wr flood periods. Isv.SO AN SWR no. S. wor. blol.-viad. nauk no. 2 s66." 163. (JURA 16sll) 1. idologichoskiy inatitut 51birzkogo otdoloniya AN 553R, Novo- sIbIrsko 4 SURION. T.D.; KILMAM. A.S. Practical standard for wralmating the work of milk tat amparaters, lavewyeemebobasawsplabdhotobho noel#1136-142 '58a (MINA Us U) 1. Mokmkly tolknolaglabookly imtltut vVemmey I welochacy pro- avableameatt, IWO&a prete"Gow I apparatow plababOTM prelffeasswo (84paratert (Machime)) (Rusterfat) SUMOV. T.D.; KLMMIXIN, A.Te.; 1113LAM, A.S. lawastUpStag the relationship belveen vibrations In separaUrs wd tM astent of rat resinval from nilk, lsv,vysiueh*b,swO-, Vlt%c%eteft* w.11IL23-129 059. w" U16) 1, Noskowakty taftwl"tcheeldy Institut iW&~W I noloebwy proWshlowmett, kafedra tok%nologli volake. I mlathiWI& produktowe (Creme separators-Vibration) VJRNDV, V.D.1 IURTYSIIKIRp A.U.; NINDIAM, A.S. TamUSsUcs of vlbraUm factmv et a loaded dr=.Lu it mom sepantwe 1xv. vp. ucheb. mw.; Itsbab. tekh. no.2: gfflNWVGP. (KIPA 24 -.7) L L WdW"Aly t*khWjogjdWSkjy I"ti*&t OPUBOY i soloehnoy ........ &II-ostip kafedrs takhnologli malaka i soloebsykh iw~tff- Omem 4 ~ i a .11, bmt1m) PAMSHRIN. A.U.1 NIKOLAIV. AJ. Iffest of the tochroloff of pmiv~Llon mW balaming an the m"ame of arem asprator dnm. lev. vyve udwb* sav.; plahch. t4ekh. no. 5t 92-96 161. (NIF&A 15s 1) 1. Nm*ov*ly toMmolooebeekty 1"Utut Owsw4y i "olochm7 proeVablennosti. Katedra takhmiogil mlaka I molmbnykh produktov. (Crom sopm &tors) AUTHOR: Niko-lMov,A.S. Ingineer 133-11-6/19 TITLN-. the Production of High-grad* Steele in the USSR (Z&6M~W4AWa wtallurgiya SM) MUODICAL: Stall, 195?, 60.11, pp. 98? - 991 (USSR) ABSTRACT: An historical review of the development of the production of high-grade steels in the USSR with special reference to the rapid increase in production during 194?-1956 is given. AVAIIABLN: Library of Congress Card 1/1 /57 137-58-S-9186 Translation from- Referativnyy shurnal, Metallurgiye, 19S8, Nr 5, p 6Z (USSR) AUTHOR: Nikolayev. A.3. TITLE: Basic Methods of Reducing the Consumption of Molds (Oonov- nyye puti anisheniya reekhoda isloshnits) PERIODICAL: Tr. Hauchno-tekhn. o-va chernoy metallurgii, 19S7. Vol 18, pp, SIG-SZ3 ABSTRACT: The author examines the effect of quality, design, and opera - tional conditiaime of molds (M) on the extent of their consumption. Data showing the consumption in M's per ton of steel in USSR plants during the period of 19S I - 1996 are presented together with idestica I data from British plants for the 19S I - 19SZ period; it to pointed out that, during this period. the wear of M's in domestic plants had been reduced by 6-3Z% but that its magni- tude still exceeds the corroopcnding figures in the British plants. It is pointed out that the following measures are in order: the establishment of stricter limits (or the chemical composition of the cost iron used in the M's based on observations of the rate of wear; stricter specifications for dimensioning and finish of Card I/z their internal surfaces as well as reduction of wall thickness in 1"3-2-13/19 AUTHOR: Nikolayev, A.S. TITIS: Steel Used in Foreign Countries for Drop Forging (Shtampo- vyye stali I primenyaomyye za rubezhom dlya deformirovaniyn metalls. v goryachom sootoyanil) PERIODICAL: Stal', 1958, lir 2, pp.162-10'3 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a review of Western literature on the subject. There are 2 tables and 3 English references. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress. Card 1/1 NAWAMS A.5, of &!vrc-~6diActg zI im-me., clf4 olaiwits -~ th-s -.' P.sicapes i~"l undar th# of to.- w- tX .4A *w.-rk!ng. .13vil 1 25 za.12M20-4122 D 16100 11-CRI if.i2) I I pik1w I -h4l A. NfittrLI'ary rAmt.At>,,it -Lvaiellpicy ~, ~ i!'U t SA-~AlAutdll laqui I.P. harAina. I .i Z F* 1^1 LkY'z:'; Ik. 5. Dissertations Oftsical. Bases of the Scheduled Regulaticn of SuLf its Cooking.0 Cand Toch Set,, Loningrad Vorsstr7 Znginsering AcadvV imeni S.M. "W. Lanirgred, 1954. (Reforativnyy Zhurnal, KhWya, Moscow, Ho. 15g Aug 54) 30s IUM 393p 28 Feb 1955 lUOlAUT,-#A.; AFMCNI V. 94. Auto=$ to&$ Ift of saw toomwl"Imal prso~es of IN@ ~ prodwt too. ftM6PrSS. 29 00.10SI94M 0 '54- Offift 7: 11 1, snug - vowshomp fabr lks eammko (Ifty be umbl~v) !"'oductS LAI'd "Llicil, !OQ2 clic'"lls"I A t Pru(luct!J. Cclllll-o-c .1nd Jtn ri-ni.,f.-cturc. Abs Jour: PAcf I L L. 1~0 10COI: Author flikOIL .-.n(' CIO ov, 1". v. Inat 110 8170.1 Titlc Me .'.utor,7tic J.r:;'~ :1, t I on of llovcrs Or1r, Pub: ir"-, Vul irp '10 11, (Zn Cz(-,ii) Abstrl-ct: Tv,~n o I I- t -' on 1 0 r, 4;5 C-rd 1/1 n5=,mvA#mfqj kerdidat toidmialwokikh vAukg xgonwlr, rm. .0 -- OMOIAIMS IV the ps as of swung chips la mdrIts 00"06, &Mae press 30 aeolsWI9 Jo 9530 (oft 883) 1e oleww ladomw r, momp tftllvuue"p GaVOI&O r 21109ATW,A.S., kerAidat tokkalabookikh mmk; IZCIKUX,L.K., glavojy lamsew; Amt~tls emirel dt blow-4offs. fte.prob.30 w.7sl&17 J1155. (KM 6: 10) I@ ffvmwd~kv s"Iwelmy owed (for lkwalow) (PVW saki" umalamT) (has~sle wasirol) C=tMI and MadvUlft DwItes. AutomMe PepUtim Aft jnr I Affwst AW - Edsdlm,, lb 4, IL957# IMW Au%m= : emu= title S -as AMMCM114 On Of OdIM1044 Oooklsq Pmess pro&-stt, M6, lb 1, 6-8 Abatrmct t e""'Mt In C0*kI Of CQUAdQ64 If NbSbaAld ftutomtic reoLlation. utilization of flexible food. back in the regulation system is not jtmtified, Sia. ce the cooking d4Pator is a unit having extensivel, Pcsittv% self-*dJ%wt8Mt,, astatic re4PIation vithout feedback is to be recoctwAod in cenjunction therr, with* FVeri=MtaL Yerification of the above-atated PropoeLtions was carried out by the author at the ftaaldowkir collulase plant, vhere tests were conduc- t4d W-th a. reS&W-Lan apten ccogrixine as controL a 91040-POSIMIC0j, adUtIC =$-AV[ reWlator out VP 33 - ------------------------------ -------A ------- L------------ am-z xslm&lw, A.S.. boamil"t tokhatchookikh aauk. '4~ - Nota-ray poW thickness ~a. Dw-prow-31 &e.12:11-13 D ',%A. licatims)(MA 10:2) .1. (%1& rqrs-lodustrial an - In- (P"o -- mems-ti L AT' ;/E L 1 P142-6,5 IL pi- r C C) IV) ~ACC NP' AP6000597 UR/0133/65/DOO/012/1120/1122 AVrHOR: Nikolayev, A. S. TITL3- Effect of the &4AjLjgn_qj_RLcro-&mounts of low-"Itiv& olemsents on the plasticLmpf stainless st,atleAuring hot Workins v1=31 itell, me. 120 1965, 1120-1122 TOPIC TAM low rAlting slemmt, stainless steel, plasticity, tin, bimuth, load, ABSTRACT-, The effect of low-m1ting alloy elements Qnl%t*~Fb, Zn' Sb; As) an the tigal-ed. To fil properties of stainless steels has previously been relatively uninvas this gap, the author presents and analyzes recent findings (Pridautsov, H. V. Vliyani-, .'g primnsey I red!tozemel'nykh elmentov no avoystva splayov. MiatallurRizdst. 1962, pp 46, 60-62; Lench, Dinsten, W.P. Electric Furnace Conference, Pittsburgh Meeting, 1961, Det. 6-8; Bergh, S. Jernkontorets annaler, 1948, v. 132, no. 6, 213-220). It is shomn that micro-amounts of these elementy markedly rod"a the plasticity of stainless steels during deforaition in hot state. Low-malting elements tend to segregate at grain bomn(fories and weaker the bonds between grain#. The adiarse effect of low- melting elements on the hot plasticity of stainless steels naJ particularly oustenitici _CcH~ IL2m-- &IS 4 ACC NR, AP6OW597 increases with increasing content of these elements in the !steel as well with increasing weight (mass) of tha Ingots. Since these elements do .not oxidize during melting and (e.g. Bi and Pb) are either totally or relatively in- Isolub1c in the Fe-base solid solution, the only w4y of reducing their content in steels As by tii;ing charge materials of higher pur~tj~'Ijn order to enhance the plasticity of i istainleas steel during hot deforustion, the content of low-melting elements in the furnaca charge must be reduced to the feasible snJ sconcoic&lly 4xpedient minimum, iwhich for Pb amounts to 0.0006-0.10%; for Sb, 0.009-0.115Z; for S, 0.014-0.125%; for 1,Zn, 0.001-0.005, doperading on the type of staiule#* *Laral. Or.&. art. 2 ft"- an. WD COD19t -11, 13/ MW D&M aft*/ ORIC RM 001/ QM Wt 002 2/2 NLKCgAYW.A*S.. lashavar 1. - ~ I ftlating fama&o wtok pershlerawlarl paints. mov.som. v @trot* 17 so,asn-3o 155. (NUA Bill) (ftlating, laftetrial) lb.N., kftd.t$WM-%"*9 MUM=, NA, tRSb-f-N'-K"--T-9 "" wk.t lot=** T.T.0 ask-; RAIMO I,-&-* kmals%dft'wwr NSMUS All., d*t*r I " SM*l WUMMMUO DINO* b"do"kMo Av*j WTANM. 1P.S.. lask.1 MMOMNW# N.V., babot WCOSS"Stl pmegm, TOIS40 temmew", eb~l ft ftalem" apnoiawl spoweawk pe Otftl~ nbeteme hi redo AelohmAda I OaReftirldamele lealasm4o 4869126-ve lit-ry pe etrelt'o edgkit, t Strolt,mtor"lame 19600 4" P. (OM 1414) to lealmame OLWMP lumiftlemp (ftmeme ma rMISURS) &VWW IT1101 -*sandr BergeyeTicht Luskq MW4YSLlXf rtd.; 1OldCWp 1-amommAt I.A.0 tokbc. red, Inalshim k4min food&@ with pse" onpmdtlowl owenn teamww el"i pww" "sum&$ "" we@" me=" 4.0 bleftowe Me 16 po %smlupWddl Sm hodal pqpOpok. Olo- m Pwadsvp Swum, offlial a tells"& 9 ".10) O"to) (ftddwo ad fix& U17) GOLA"* Sh.N.9 kaxid. t0khrl. IDAUIC; IZD=SOV, N.M., inrb.;R-NIKOLAILYS. Imishel IPAVIA=p VoTe. inshol PLAKIDA9 M*Aop kud* iikli- i"i PORAIWA# A.L# daktor toMm. mauki SIPIRZDMWAl OOKOP ;;M;. tokhm. mkl SWA"Eff 9 P.S. 0 imb. 0 MMTWVg B~Ds t jusho p retalmsmutl 9"q M.Ts.t red. is(-va; FULIKINAt Te.A.t tokhn. red. Ilantbook of finishing operational Spravocknik po otdeloebms re- botm. Pod red. A.I.Foradnia i O.M.Spirldonovol, L*nlWadg Go*. Ind-im Ut-ry po strolt.0 arkhit. I strolt. misteriabump 1961. 1#97 P. (MMA UM 1. laningrad. Uprayleniye po shillshchnom I grazbdamakow stroltoll- mtTu. (Finishes and finishing) HUMT-ATEW, Al-k-ldr -q;mua" KAMTv T.Top red.; TMULTAS-MV, wn. 0 1". sa-ve; IEWMADVAp l*A*q- bekhm. red. - q (sweate paistal slubur kfnm"w"bUL. 0 wwo PC op H-tMmnUu politlebooldbb I asuabs. nowdl WFSAV 1,963. 19 P. (lad- -- A-61 &M UMM636-tekbalebmhol pio- pos"ft. Ob~ per4dovp opytm. Sorliat Stmltolonp ma- tonalyt no. 2) (ftlats) (CIA 160) TI VISM, A.T., akad4alk; LUKU N, X.N.. inchouierl TRAFZZNIKOT. V.A.: 5 A-two lashoser (Murantsevo. Vladlmlrskoy obl.): KUMMM. 'Ti6-11~ Ukraintseve, fladialrolmy obl.); POW. I.I.. dotemat. kwAlUt teldialdissidkk amk (mescow); DADATAM. M.G.0 lasbossm,$ SM~C. G.N,, lashonst,: KLAPCM, LeDes fashowrl MUNTSUM, U.N., lasho"ri ?A~T' B.N., professor, toktor takhalabookikk am*; MIUM, A*O., lashomer. ImprovIsS the ksowledp of power onglosers through correspondence courses. Deauke on B,X.Tarem's &a4 A.O.lWdsoals &Alclo. Blek- triclimetwo soji76-ft Ur 054. (MURA 7t Is) 1, Amer~stichoddy Imstitut Is. lLrvh1sbmwvekqp Akedeall mat (for Ilator). 2. Olavaly saarptik Gorlkoveko~o avsmoblltaW savoda Ise lblo"va (for Idmakida). 3. lastitat avtomtiki I tols- md*mgd Abadevill ammk ~ (for frqpesmillmv). 4. fkleak*rre gas diest Akeftail ammk ~ (for Treposalkov)e 3" zGziW*a%vs (for sea*- lymto)o 6* limepropetroveldy lastitat I& v tramopor" (for Be- 11shes"). 70 guralcals-a- grog (for Kleveltak . S. Oraltbovo-"v- ~kWa tote (for Fromilessov Toosayamogy mosbW onergetlalwakly Lastitut (for Ta"YOT Wd maodsom), q a, lop 0 0 0 * 0 Sig Tq? pot ?I 'PlAtt 0 1 f ! I q-1 - it. -t- AL So, 14 bw bmmw mg & on at 00411 0 do MP 014i i i ip ip i 41 6 a