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36' - 5 i~0%962/012/005/006/014 plot ISM AM0831 Nikolayev, X. 1,, Kolotyrkin,, T, V.j Waltakiyq 0. W. TITLZi Uporation of lithium isotopes as eationites by seen* of abarp-edged moving bonds PERIODICAL# Atommaga snerglya, vo 12# no* 59 1962, 404 - 407 TZXTs The application ofth* "Shod of IF, Spoidingg 1. Powel, H. 3wec (J. Amer. Chem. Sao., 77, 6125 (1955)) to separating the lithium iso top** on a KJ-2 (KU-2) oationitt to described. Since n*utrolinstion of the V* for's of the resin 1;6+ to a temperature increase and to Irreversible adsorption of lithium &a N4buffer band was used. First, 0.2 5 52 4On was passel through a column with Ku-2 to n* rove. A 23-ce long NN* band wea observed owing to the @bang* In color of the resin* 0.2 N U06 formed a 33-on long visible U* band. The banide viors, *lusted by means of 0.25 X X&ON. The transition of the caticalte from Ow U* to Ow Its * form is not visible (no ah"ge in color). For calculating the separation factor d6 the autham Card 1/2 UP,93 S/076/63/037/001/005/02) B108/Ble6 AUTHOR: Li_~Jkqlayev~ n. ~, (Moscow) TITLE: Solution of the equations for the operation of a counter-flow ion-exchange column for the case of isotope separation PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fizicheakoy khi=ii, v. 57, no. 1, 1965, 44-51 ALM The general equation for the operation of a counter-flow tan- 7 exchange column under stealy-atate conditions is solve4l for %he case of small coefficients of separation. The column Is asau=ed to be filled with spherical ionite particles (radius R). (1) Internal diffusion exchange kinetics; A constant concentration 114x,r) of the rare isotope in the ionite spheres is assamed to be maintained at one end of the column (x is the coordinate along the column). The considerations are restricted to N-S I and n4;1 (n in the relative concentration of the rare isotope in the solution). The equation is then solved by separation of the variables: N - X(x)Y(r). This leads to a rapidly converging series. Card 1/5 63/037/001/005/029 Solution of th# oquations' for Considering only its first term, one obtains 9 - N 0 v n where are the roots of the characteristic equation (transcendental) of 2 15(a-1) the problem! 0 . _ 2 Comparing the result with the Penske mm ) aR 1 equation N a N a ani considering that 1n a for small 0, the 0 V P. 2 height of an equivalent theoretical plate is obt~~ined 4a h a _7 D 150 71-714 where v in the rate of motion (am 3/cm2.gec) of the ionite, D in the diffusion coefficient of the exchanged ions in the ionite, and x is the (2) - relative volume occupied by the solution in the ionite iryer. x- ternal diffusion exchange kinetics; the problem has the solution n a n0exp(3Da(I-x)(a-I)x/R6u). Considering that a-lPflna for a-,-A, and R6u Comparing the solution with the Fenake formula, on* obtains h, 0 -- 3 DT M X7 where 6 is the diffusion layer of the solution,,u is the flow rate of the Card'2/3 Solution of the equations solution, D a in the diffugion solution. These formulas There are 5 figures. 3/07Y ., " / - ~ .1 for ... 3106 1e6 coefficient of %he exchangeJ iona in the for the il-7"AP agree with experi=ental Jal.a. ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-khimicherkiy inatitut im. L. la. Karpova (Physicochemical Institute imeni L. Ya. Farpov) SUBMITTED: May 20, 1961 Card 3/3 NIKOIATEVI N.I.; FILIMDIOVA, A.M. Eloctria conductivity of a strongly k^ale arilon PxchAng"r. Zhur. fis. khim. 37 no.llt2451-2454 H163. (KIPA 17:22) 1. Fiziko-khinicheakly InatItut Imen! Karpova, Koskva. As Be# f9ealaywo No Is$ 2%dlddyv go go ~b~l 6001ft MMU. V- 33# SIR- he 10# Am mdmp kim""t as"m swamp watepasist fun, "ttas"Me ad-9- -0-0 Me Ift - --- --- i i i - 0011W Anwwl me is a tvivett" valorw %w aw too* %@A I Um at "a WA"fAr IMS anhwAp ISSAMIN 1104 now - - -awagaum " OW vwwdi~ it daft ~ am be& $a mov w wu as Una* fosim on bolls. I= subwee ft Slaw aftlaft is Wasm UO UMS SO a msgldf4r*st 11MOSOMMUM lifealwWoo lime ZZL ganglia" at UO MMUS" "Games 6~ UNINUMIS assay is lam as gal"" Orwas we 6). UNWOO am SOU"m 0- -A to to flees& 44 sow%" at as 1010006" eabaimp b duftelft an"O tM nis as vastaw GwAdde oduum 0 to 09 us 40101how paw"M as tdft DUN diftaim- - at so ago" I '3/3 TOPIC TAGO: anianite, gamma radiation, Co10 radiation, radioactive isotope. radiolysis, vacuum exalecator, magnesium, trimethyl amine, gaseous product. exchange Simp, 6~*n state, calcium chloride, nitric acid, carbon&%* lon ABSTRAM Uppriments have been made on the radiation stability of Ow poly- merization type auladles AN-17, containing 6 and 16% divipyl benzene (&VO referred W as All-'IIXS mW A]5-17110,, and AN by irradiating them In water with CoGO. TM maximmi toWL irradiation duo amounted to 4.7 x 104 rivent- Serse.8aftre irradistim the estanite samples were dheoged left a hydrmql form, by a asuftle adift sobdion md dion earefelly washod with wster.' After irradia- 1/2 4 Coed dM-W~ 'A ACCZNUM N&- AIPUSSU SION91"10161003/0346/0349 AUTHOIL Kallainat' IL D6; A"Ism, N. L; Gurlrm. X V.; Tuaftekly. N. M., TITLZ:' kwestleades Ow effect of Co" gamma- radiation as strone-base'salso- item A]161?.Md AN SOURCZ: Atoninsys. energiya, v. 16, no. 3, 1964, 348-34P I TARTOLOWVA, Te.K.; BOTOTA. -'%.S.: -NIKOLAYI[T. N.1.: DOLDTIWk. T.P.: xurmimk, ?.T. - immonstration experiment oa the subjee!t *]Properties of water.0 Khts. v shkole 15 no.6,68-70 &D 160. (mm 13-11) 1. Podagogichoskly lastitut. g.Ullyanovsk. (Vater-Study and teaching) NIKOIAM, W.T., inch. Mobile mIlking asit. Trokt. I sol'khosmah. no-4-.37 Ap 159. (MIU L2:5) (Milking mchtmw) HASS. G.H.; IIIKOIAYZV, II.V. (Odesse) Reducing the cost of purification works in wator-suPPIT x7vto'll. Tod. I san. takh. no.12:22-24 N 159. (VIU 130-3) (Filter@ and filtratton) SOV -1: 6-50-7- "/ "0 AUTHORt Alyablyev, V.I., Korobov, G.P. and Nikolalev, R.V., Engireers TTTLE: A Cable Crane for the Loading of Lumber by Veans of a TraJling Winch (Kaboll-kran na pogruzko losa pri lebedochnoy trolovke) r--IRIODICAL: Mokhanisatetya trudoy'~'mkikh I tr*xhJ!ykh rabot, 1950, Nr 7, pp 10-12 (USSR) APSTRACTo At the Krestetskiy lesproakhoz ToNIIIIE (the Kroottsy Leapron- khos of the TsNIIYE) an installation for the trailing and load- ing of lumber, has been successfully put Into operation. The Installation consists of a TL-5 winch and a cable crane with a special loading carriage. It is used in wood-cutting areas of 500 1 500 m or Ions. The loading operations are carried out by the cable crane, consisting of 2 booms and a steel cable (110 m long) betwoon thez, along which movas the loading Zar- riage with the hoisting device (capacity - 6 tons or 8 cu m). Csr4 1/2 The trailing of lumber is accompliah*4 by a TL-5 winch. At A Cable Crone for the Loading of Lu,-ber by '.'enns of a 7ral'A i r, present 12 loading Installatinns with cable cranns m- -lizi-t- aneously operating. Labor efficiency is !0 - 4~1' r.4 j;, -r ' -ir, when inclined boons were used. The article ;resent; n description of the working procedure. Tl,are is I technical drawings, and 1 scl.eme. 1. Cranes--Operation 2. Lumber--Applications Card 212 il ftactioes of The Orekbav sugar Rorlaoryi l.DOIlIag Istersedlate assesoulte aocording to the noth" of pa o"rater N.Kelysoova; 2, UaladIng beets form r2as care tr maw of a tractor-somat" @bevel. Bak%-pres-30 w-2:57-58 7 156. (MM 9:7) l.Orekhovokly aak%arayy SavoL (OrekUv--2v4pw Industry) 51101ATIT, 3. V. Noderalsatloa of a boot wadwr. Sakh.prom. 34 soo& 45-" Ac 160. (ULM 13: 8) 1. Ckfiyabr I sidy makharnly sav". (aft" boot*) NIKOIAIZVo N.V. NIKOtAMg N.V. g CwW T*cb Sol - (4100) *Restoration of the capacity of rIver bed hydrollidue pw-wr stations in floods." Odessa# 1958. U pp (Min of Higher Mucation WA. Olessm. Eft-Construction last). 100 copies (KLv 206-58t 96) N : I ':j "I ,^ , , ;. 1. , , . , p f . * -, ,, I I I . , - 1. . , if 4 1 - 1 7 :1 * W - ', ,* ' , .;i 't4 k :: .. " r:; ) 0 0, ISHIN, I.M.; _N.IKOIAYZ'I,, X.Te. Effect of sambinod use of ACTH ard cartisaw the healing of eutured intastiral vaunds In t4aitim, Lkspero kkir* I &met. to.1:55--57 1, KAfedra obehahey khix-urgii (sav* - prof. Minskoge "itainskogo institute* vith antlwlctus On "perimatal diffUs p*rl- 065. (MIRA 18i11) Me, Gailarybov) LO I T 01,14 t o tr V 1. 1( v a r, o v IN 4, it, r,- rp t rM r t r n! Goc;enor,!ol Ser~,en noto. bibllot,~'Xa po AIND Thae princ j ;~joc r jjjj 1 1 rtip, 1- I cci!ilputt-ro, dvacribon the principal ar-4, f-unction-n! of A tralmnq re-l by 11ho rku'.?inrm. T-li v 1 gJ tn 1~ com1pu tar, Ard a fleg-F, t v n d 0- -.' ft;r a w I d o R ud i ? nc-p) o f - o~ir c o n.: 41 rm-) t i t ll~ I- r -) 111 1 em A f, f i coaputop tochrmlr~!rf tvd can ti,)r vc "t; it 9 g t fur a %6,tr, n r~ tiidlIng 7,'XIJ; OF C01IT"T5 [abridged), 3 ION 1IR ~Y,4(,M24? hm -0--f 411 ~gk-l tomr-u-tff-t I-,-- - -Ulombntsofaq. if t Cho 0 dig- al computer -- 22 111. Basic comppnentg of a training digital cpmputer -- 19 IV. Momory -- 47 V - Arithmetic componento of A tritrAnr diltitsl c on r--utr r III . Control Components -- Ull ';I I ,Input-cut1vt equi,,-ient -- 89 Ch. 111:1. Pro"_&mmJng for a training die gital conputer Appe-ilUic -- 125 !~Uz; (",N)NI VP S"UTMITTEN -1~0,lug63 J;R RLEY""O'll CJM SOV] 17 ~'~ 1 5 3:~,' 'ri-anslation from: Rcferativnyy zhurnai Nlr,.allurgiya. *%'r I p 0,2 IL:SSR) AUTHORS: Tavadze, F. N., Nikolayev, 0. B. TITLE: On the Study of Stresses in Molds (K voprosij izucheniya naprya zheniy v izlozhnitsakh) PERIODICAL- Tr. In-ta metallurgii. AN GrijzSSR. 19W Vol (4, pl) 10~ 10~ ABSTRACT: In the open-hearth division of the Zakk,.+azskiy (Transcaucaslar0 metallurgical plant an investigation %kas carried out or, the %tres%cs in solid-bottom molds for 0-ton ingots. The mechani(al fen--oinefer method with an arrow indicator was used for Oudying the -oresses A brace 100 mm long with one end connected to the indi(afor was set on the outer face of the mold 70 mm from the tipper end A second metal brace with a set screw for linking to the indicator wa- jila(ed in !he same horizontal plane with the first brace After the rnold had been filled with liquid steel a recording xa, made everv t0 rr( of the (,-.Cr- all deformation (OD) which %vas determined by the skini of the %alues for the mechanical -expansion defortrmicr (NID) due t(j the in!ernal heating of the walls of the mold and the deforn-iation resulting from the Card I 1Z rise in temperature of the outer surface of he mold ( rD) 'rhe TD IATADZA, P.N., HISWAYV, O,B.- NABICMISVILI, N.A.; TSIWAVA, G.A. Increasing the durability of molAs by mmus of cast steel bows. %-,vIF AN arus.= 9:107-116 ~58. (NIft 12: 8) (Molding (Founding)) 19MANKOW, P.S. ETSyhankov, P.S.1; KIKOLAYU, O.P. INIkolftlev, O.P.) ItffectLY9 utilization of the fusel, oil colam of restificati,:r and beer rectification apparatus, Khar.prom. no.D43-51 Ja-* 162, (PURA 150) 1. Kiyevakly takhnologichookiy institut piahchevoy promyshlennosti. (Distillation apparatus) -in 'n ctl lifit A1,5018315 A Mjazdrlkov~ 0. A.; Nik~)layev, 0. 3,; X.; Tir-firr'.-T V. v9 Ar a, exrltntic.,i or phoiphor nus;,er,- 1hurnal tekhnlchvi~cy f1sivi, 35, 7, 1,, 13 -13 0 T)-e wit-horn ha".3 C.41! r primils and wV11 n f) Ifere wppr -r-ately vxtl-llf~rtt,01 I',- (,f w,', a "ho cru~rj:y of c." bec. Thp r' Ir" r-1, I iy f rn ,I L at t`-~p r-,Our;~ ("f the ba" I,A bmactj the pro and the dlelectric i-n whti~h it, is w)sr defl ,3!-, 1t "C' ty-pp of phr,4,r)- w-mployed and ito opCrt"Anp, cr~uditiong. kal,,-, ar- pr~-,3rmtL'd praphically fri~ ;~-ZXO phonphor Act-i-Intel rith D.IT Cu ar.,i sunp~rn,'vd in a ',0 3rd 1112 0*2 erg t rp Ilitl, not, 0 r th IT j%!tck rlr 0 C 1; ri, r1 ar. n in O'VT(l UP (c ACC ArGom-14 smRcr. cow: Ult/C*5l/GG/OjO/CiDg/ITOJ/17C,,r- 'W"LHOR: Yckimovp&?(,,r#_; MYm_zdrI)tov,O,.A,; MikolsysvO,gq ORG: LaninrKf_4._InstItute of Aviation Instrument Deal," %eningrodakly Inatitut av tsionnogo pribarostrayonlys) T1 S, Mechanical excitation of a suspension of phosphors In a solid dielectric I , and Ithq0thecry of Impact OWPASS , Shormal, tokhmialwaker Alsikit v. 36, no, 9, 1960, 1703 1703 I JTO~JC TAGS: triboluminesconce, Impact stress, elastic deformation, ol*xtic aoduluswL !AMIU%CT,, Two of the present authors and collaborators (ZhTF, 35. Ho 7, 1319-1320, ,196) have previously dropped solid spheres onto a dielectric slab containing sus- pended phosphorescent material and noted that the intensity of the resulting flash to 1 proportional to the kinetic energy of the sphere at the moment of Impact. In the !,present paper the author* seiploy the theory 4f Impact expounded by A.M.Dinnik j(Izbr&nnyye trudy AN UkrSSR, Kiyev, 1952) to calculate tbo duration of Impact and the, ienergy expand" in compressing the dielectric slob to terms of the *1ostIc modult of both materials, the radium and density of the sphere, and the velocity of Impact. It In suggested that the ratio of tbe Intensity of the flash to the energy expended in compressing the dielectric slab will provide a better Index of %be triboluninoncence behavior of the suspended pbospbor than will the ratio.of the flash Into"Ity to the L-Card 1/2 UDCt 533.378 WW IFF f (b a OL OL - M-11 to W 0 a 0 P 0 4A a is A 0. A Amm. - to 66" a a owme aw w omm d Fall mii_v~ wmw. _*4 00 =10000" awl 66 tbf Skmost C4,9 mmit* kormio. ON IA." so Visa. I= ; astior foomw aftift aw, 14"Sm "a &.am "A cotill 1, .00 Ise, soft to obr 0.4sovd mbqwg 04."1 low AV tw"ssoft" Q.~,Aftj"T1T .00~ "Volop 0a art" 1.-0 ON p"pas ex. :== %Wi%Wlr os* H. 14..d %Iwo a" oftoww* I.,fileft4a WAShomm", .00 e few ose woof "WorsIsmalsols lbaldSICS .000%W Else olimma"60.4 low Como loss Slormod" #Macls" bpwlqw~w t%t 14srom KC 4-smom VON 9-volifto bes"Nom Amef 40 ma VIVO* ek-qpl%.$ Tlw tw"*w Is C*4.16 to 1K CI or-Im". a a emonalip"N" 44 Ow 0 - " 1 , 14441 town - a 44alm"o, lbr T%volosmolor o4vatool lbretwoolo stumb6too met 1. otplw,4 pi :.v "'W"014004t chdPWO IN Ow 6104C cum" vi 410r P"fg~W4 61014 41OK" Im d CA, 6,40-1 00 400 wee 0 1,11041.0f 4 OWN aloe too Is a w a a is oo"00,00006009404*0064* 0 404640406006*6006, -0 IRAG 0 0 IF w w Otr t 4r oil# Iva f 0 . l,, pool F f L e , s am, Mow. No. ad, Arid. W IMMOR oft wamb "d Imub fudlaft aim GOININIft OR "Onk Is- on P A 1 is a US" MD MM - . U6 a ft baft *mmus rows* two 0 so an I mm ~ r : so 8!8 bob mom ANINA WN:N~= WSPOW IwmdIw 0 few ar 1 4001 abow to- so al apame umwqpw of as Tb mob" abaimmod "mom ON woodmums Id .9 M'Ift4v" see 'see ago as* -@#.set 40 set to, .10 V.- 2- t- 4-T 0 IfA%4*10*;w'O sow 9-4 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 40 ot DO - a qr *r 4W 4~ Or 07- w 0-W 6- t ar LF LF .9 a a 0 tjq, I; 'Ar e- w- -0 no aftmor d Gifts d 44MONOW ad Om"m a" muhbe and WOM~b 4d own avow *A lwft~ d Oemmems =d Owb6m I I % ~ N s& 4 Ain. grow VJ4 um is. eaf-Amlopk I&, OW&VAWV wt"#.A,f "he 14=01 8446. u40 *4u"tbwmsb 1 6 :Z A 0 4 ~ qwv, 1. 0 ft*0 9 l . Ow-w"dw 04 hm" Of V. blow, the Omw erf"s goe I are* 00 60* 00 see 90 U V9 e 8 6 t 6 0 4 4 a ON WIN Of f A A 1 00 #q f f -"-A- -A~ t. AS al 19 aOL t t '40 film !-so 00 a I IL M9 &NOW16" 06 4- Mood Arrt t$, 11 RAW few 0041 0.6 -V,. o Md I& 0. C4% so a or pd= so ubmn a m du FA I* eso v *ANN* lftd V~b bw~w vlllm~ so GOO-664 alaummmat tome= OLdsmalso so-, -- - ---- 4 ova 014661 40 am Goo a 0 ft 0 a * 1 a a 9 a -00 ^ d4Q, fees 400 goo 0 600 460 dos Igoe ro u r rnd 7. v ri 7--- r.- --a 11r- rnj hirepu m, 0 O.V. 33513 SawremenmVe Sastayanlye ProbleW Giperpwatiroose. glialch. Moditalm, 1949# No. 10, e. 6-20 601 Lotoplal Zhurmllnykb Statoyo Vol. 45o Moskv*o 1949 o i MKOIAVI, 06 Vp prop,"so JA tn*tmfnt of thyrotwdeomis. Klin. sod., Uodm 241U# Aug. 50. p. 29-34 1, Of the Stwgical Division (Read-Prof. 0. V. Mikelayew). All- Union InstitUte of E)qwrirmUl FiAocrinale (DI. 000rod Ifo*er in Sdonem Prof. M. A. EberGAOT:7. MJI 19, 5, NOT., 1950 Medicine SurVerY of tile cn(locrl,~e s- ysten. j,o,-ikv8V "I'thlY ~ccpli-,i'ms. Librury of Conrrers. Cct,~,:--4,r, NIZOLAYST, 0. protectios of the gisk "d w~wW~d in Sim of war* low.kne,irrost 4 80.112&29 JO-W 154. (MM 7: 0 (War-ftlief of glak MA vented) -- I XIEOIAYNT,O.V.. (Ra4mic Cotter] ftdmlcbookii sob. No6kTO. MOUIS. 1955. 257 P. (Goltor) (NI&A 8-11) NTIMLLTZT. O.T.(Profnsuor) Sme problevis In the patholoa &$A ~gwy of tbo tWold gland. ProbLesdak. t gers. 1 no-1133-19 J&-F '55 (NTAA 8: 10) 1. Is kbirurgicheskoge otdolonlys (sav.-prof. O.T.Pikoloyew) TessWummoo lastituta eksperivientalluoy eadokrinologli (dir-- prof. U.A.Vasyukeva) (TRnVID WAND, simrgery) - 51101AM. 0.T., professor (Kcalcya) - we"Mom famerY of diseases of the adremals, ftablemdok. i eon. 2 so. 51 83-" " 156. (an 9 112) lo Is khtruftichookoge oldeleat" klialld laosoymnage institute skeporl"atellaW ontokrisologli (dir. - prof o TeAeVeeyukove) (AMYL I - - 1, diseases, surg. Ma)) NIKOIAYWYO O.Y.. prof. (NORICVS) --- . Study end control of endmic goiter In the U.S.S.R. Probl.endoir. I goru. 3 no-5:57-61 S-0 '57. (MM 11:1) (GOITER. prevention and control. endemic. in Russia (Rum)) "Varlantn of OperntionA for %-nom of t1w Suprarcrala." Theses of the ProceedlW of the Annual Scientific Sessiotw 23-26 March 1~coq (All-Union Institute of Experimental YMocrinoloa) From the Ourgical Department of the Clinic (11cad--Prorecoor 0. V. Nlkulaycy) of the All-Union Institute of Exper.lmwntal Endocrinology (Director--Proferm,-3r Ye. A. Vasyukova) NIMUT111. 0.T.. prafol EMKMOVA. Ye.L., nau hW gotrudaik .11.- T~gy of the earm&l eev%m in a 7-conth-old laf ant. P*obl.en&ko I mproo 5 ne.1194-95 JeJ '59- (XfRA 12: 3) 1. js klinikl Ts~eWussago WtItuta eksperlaontstl'=7 andokrinalocil (dip. - pref. Ye.A. Vasrukows). (A~AZ CONM mooplasse lbento tmor In Inf a 62)) NINIAM, C.V., prof. Preventlon of tbyrotexicosis (Basedowle disease). Zdoroyle 6 no. ns2O-M X 160o (KIM 13tlO) (THMID GLAND-DISEASES) Un1AVtA.14.j, RW.; BLOON, R-140 DOT'N1, L.K.; VELIKORSrSUY, A.N.,O prof.; voiNumsm, v.P.p pror.t zeal. dayatell nauki [deceased); G7JLYAM,, A.V.g prof.; DAKILOV# I.T., prof.; VUBOV, M.D., doktor wed. nauk; KA- ZANSM, V.I.,, prof.; LIMBERG,, A.A.; LINBERG, B.S.,, seal. doyatell naukIv prof.; KOVE109 I.Ae, doteq MESHALKINg U.N., prof.; MIRCKO- prof.; NIFMCV, B.T.v VICHg W.I., doktor sed. naukl Nj_KO doktor mod. nauki FURQVSW 0 B.V.1 PRIOIWVO N. N.1dowased); RIW=v G.A., prof.; ROVICT, A.S., prof.; RUFANOV, I.G.; STNKHKOV, V.1.1 ORATHER, NJ.,, doktor mod. mauk; GORZIJK, S.L., dots.gred.1 TZIANSKIT, N.Y., red.1 SALISBCM, V.S., zeal. doyatell nauki, prof.[doceased]; KYOUMIN, I.W., red.; BULIDTAM, N.A., tokbn. red. (Surgeon's reference book In two volume] Spre ombalk khlrurga v dwkh tomakh. Pod obahchel red. A.N.Volikorstakogo I dr, Mow",, Modgiss Val.l. 1961. 564 p. (MIRA 14:12) 1. DeystvitelOrqy chlou Akadqmii seditsinakikh nauk SW (for blokus, Petrovskiyp Morov,, ftfawy, LIW*rg). 2. Chlenkorregrum-w"t Akadmil meditainskM usik MR (for bogush, Struchkov, Yelanskly). (BURCM) MIKOlArUl, 0. V. . prof * h4selples of preoperative preparation of patients with twic diffime goiter. Khlrurglla IS no.7192-" A '62. (MlIRA 2517) 1. Is kkirurgicheekogo otdoloniya (sav. - prof. 0. T. Xlkolayev) Tesayusnoge inetitute eksperimentallney endokrinologli. (OUVRIS DISRASR) 4.1KCI.Ayll?o O.V. (mooks) Current trorAs 'In studylrg t~* roblem of h7T-~rpar&thyrctdls=. S-cr-rr* vop. arviok. nc92318E-2,43 163. (!J,:?A 180) ,OjAyEVP O.V., prof*j BAIABOLKIN, M.I. I;lr 'Current problems In the homorAl and surgical treatment of diseases of the endocrine glands' b7 B.Polako J.S711aba. Ple- viewed by O.V.Pikolaevv H.I.BalabDlkin, Probl. endokr. gor- monotere 9 noo4tll3-116 TI-Ag$63 OMU 17i1) NBOUJWI O.W. (lukoilamodo-a-L Owmt trends in erdoarlnological swgmT lm the UoS.S.Ro Pblaki przftl. chire 35 roo9o%8-'?1D 963o lo Kiemvnik Madalu Chirurglownego Klialki Vowchavisakowego Thatytata Ikopm7mentalmej WdokrytologU Kinistarstva Sirovis. um 4 111KOLAYBIR 00 V., prof. (Moli7a) Problems of Surgery on thA- Ar.(hcrinal Gl"to at the 41st Congress of Polish &rrennoe P2.1rurglia 39 no*78 - 11163 HIRA 16&12) NIKOLAYEVO Meg prof.1 KALININ, A.P.,, kand. mod. nauk; VLFfNBERG, B.G. - .11 - I -W- Surgical troat~mwat of hyperinsulinim. Khdrurglia 40 no.2sl34- 10 7164. (XI RA 17 17) 1, KkArurgicheskayo otdolentle (save - prof, O.Y. Nikolayev) Tessaymanago institute ek"rimntalluff endokrinologii (41roktor - prof. Te.l. Tanyukeve), Moskva. f,'llnlcal aspects, d~rij:r.,jo!s oml -"rvl a cytoma. Khirtirglia 40 1. Kh I rurgicheskcye otde Ion iye ~ 7a'.' ooyu7nogo InstItuta Y,-.A. Varyi,.ko-.ra), 1.1v"skva. NIKOLATFV, O.V., prof. (Moskva) Surgery on endocrine glands wA Its problems. Khtrurglia 40 no.120-5 D 164. (MIRA 180) SOV/1 Z4 - 57-4-4496 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 4, p 91 (USSR) AUTHORS: Nikolayev, P.A., Zhbannikov, P. S. TITLE: Electroosmotic Phenomena in Ground Water as a Function of Its Composition (Elektroosmoticheskiye yavleniya v gruntovykh vodakh v zavisimosti ot ikh sostava) PERIODICAL: Tr. Kuybyshevsk. inzh.-stroit. in-t. 1956, Nr 3, pp 173-177 ABSTRACT: The effect of the salts NaCl, MgCIZ, Na"C03, NaZS04, and MRS04 on the electroosmotic phenomena in sandy soils was investigated. Mea- surements were carried out in a U-shaped tube partia1y filled with soil. A constant potential of 120 volts was maintained between the electrodes immersed in an electrolyte. The article does not give Any values (or the potential of the e',!ctric field and the current density in the soil, nor does it provide any data on the distribution of the potential between the soil and the electrolyte. The intensity of the electroosmosis was evaluated from the change in the water level in the tube under the action of a direct current. The electroosmotic effect was most pro- nounced in N&Cl solutions. Some relationship was observed to exist Card 1/1 between the above effect and the concentration of the salts. Bibliog- raphy: 6 references. A. V. N. IrWR/A .r1 milt tire St-'itistIC5 C8rd 1/1. t Pub. 123 - 8/17 Autbare I Nikolaev, Y. A.; ~Skalov, G. F.; and Yokplan, a. 14. Title I Using the m7alAting cham:teriatics of tNee ripply of Diesel engines to establish standards for~gricultural work Periolical Vest. AIN Kac. 55R 11,'l, 77-83, Jnn 19114 AbBtr-act An Attenpt was made to uve stuatintical principlen in establighinr noms for ivricultural ~mluntlon ull-r the fiv7urem for tractor sup- ply a9 on,! of I,hp, o-,,iratorn. Ten R--liqsiar. referencon Graphs. Submillted NIKOLATkY I . - - , f V-V.~ Sosw problems in a machinery system for ealculturs In Kazakhstan* Zealedelle 4 no.8-21-27 Ag 136~ (MM 10-1) 1, Institut ankhanizatelt I elektrifikatsti sel'skogo khograyletva Kasakhokego filials, Tn*so)ntsnoy Akademli sollskokhosyrtystvenalft nauk Imeni Lenln&. (lasakhetAn-AgrIcultural machinery) N I KOLAYEVY P. A. 9CANo TECH SCIg "Ille Of THE -_ ____44 ~14 ; TF~ , 'i ')U J_ PARAMETERS Of &UjdQ&"rn -GRAIN 1;;~~ lm NOW14*1 HAAxESTINi'\Utj- OCR THE CONDITIONS Of KAZAKHSTAN," ALMA-ATA9 1959* (KA- ZAKH AcA~Z4001 SCI. INST Of P40*-*t MECHANIZATION AND ELECTRIFICATION ,"KIVESKm")* (KL-OV9 11-61# 221)e -171- likolairev, P*A., litshe Preventing the lose of grain In windrow. I%kh.1 olek.sots. sellkhos, 17 no,6:7-14 '59, (WRA 13-4) Is Rasakhmkir muchm-Issledovatel'skir Institut sekhanizatell I elektrifikatell sol'skoeo khoorsystva. (Grols-RarvostiqC) Sucully, P.A. Problems In the w0umisation of Oloorp f&mtng to ff&sQkhGt&4- ZMwetnevedsOve 21 no.4s75-60 Ap '59. (*=A 1235) 1. Direktor SassMakeew muchne-loolodevatel'skoge Inatttuts widanizatatt t slakIrtfikatatt volookege khou7systva. (WASAkhOUS-Sho") (ram "echantgattaft) ,9'Xw"TA'TW, P4@ , insh. %ftrojiml prlwlpl*o of deelping vladrovelf. Trakt. I oollkiwgnmh. 30 so.llt26-29 1 060o (OM 13 -22) 1. FAwwftskly asuchno-losledowtollskly lastitut mkhosinatell L elektriftkateli sollskogo khosyayvtva. (Suvosting machinwy) pun I sooK mi?WrTATION SMAMO Planovskly, Alekoandr 51kolayevichland fttr Ivanovich Nikolayev Protsessy I apparaty kbWcheakoy I nefte4him1cheskoy tekhnologii (Processes and Apparatus of Chemical azA Petrochemeal Technology) Macaw, Gostoptekhizdat, 1960. 551 p. 13,000 copies printa&. Reviewer: Kafedra protsessoov I apparstaw TAningradakago tokknologicheskogo institata imani Lensoveta and D.I. Orochko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Zzecutive Mtor-. K.P. lasymasma. Tack. 94.: X.G. Vedotova. PU o. This textbook is intended for students in schools of higher edhcatioe. It my also be used by designers of chemical equiponat. COVZUM-. This to the textbook ased In the coarse *Processes and Apparat" of Chemical Technology* given at chemical smichine-buIlding institutes and at chemical tachnoloa schools of higher education. The material strosoes the kinetics of processes ud excludes h7drualics, ceapresearo, and Vamps. It incorporates the idea or one kinetic law for chemical and technological processes " advocat~4 by Professor P.O. FAmankm. This course to intended PrOce*646 and Apparatus (Cont.) SOW/4&0 to train rutov &&@Ignore or chemical eqa1psent with unximan produ volume =It with given Initial and final parameters for the proces ct"Ity per detOrIM1110 the basic dimngions of an apparatus WA of Its a, and to The auth*rs tb~ prora~aOra p.G,, RonudwT, PrinciPal scheme. Del- 0r0ckkO, 0. Yes Gzovskjyp MrVashin, yu- T' POPlavskly, YX 908t1n, P.O. Anmxwv# 8.j. W&l&tov, *A* DMaDmap K.S* Kol,twv 9 B*N, Orlov, V,1p. p"lov, SAO Ustinov, OW-148-2001wermov' 4M a'N' UmIt* There am 91 references- 77 Soviet, 12 Er4ligh, TARS or Comm Poreword MMUWAL DATA Ch. 1. gerwrsl principles 1* 909inBiMs and subJect or the *Processes and Appwataso cour. 5 32- cla~slrlcatl*n Of the basic Processes or chemical tech.01, 5 Kinetic regularities In the basic Processes of cbmlc&l technology 6 Oe1wr&1 Principle@ for the design or the chemical appam 9 Mchlner,7 tas an 5* Batch and continuo" processes 1-1 C"&.Q4L"' 12 NIZOLAUVO M., starshly vauchW sotrudnik LMloolve wthod in plant dustir4o Zeshche rast* ot vred, i bolo /* noo21lS Mr-Ap 059o (KIRA 160) (Apmylng wd dusting oquipmont) Nix nauc:nyy sotr.1 GLIWAX, N., red. 1 ISUPOVA p K. j, te'dw. red, jt~ota and divesm of gropes) ;rsdltoli 1 Wesel vinogreds. led. 2., perer. Simferopol', KryaWat, 1961. 246 P. (MIRA 15W 1, VM~DYU=Yy MUChRO-199104OTGUI1417 iftOtItUt VIVAASIIYR vinogradarstva *tUgwrwh* (for NikolaM). OMPOO-DIMMAOS Md posts) NDMUZY, ?.I. K- -...A ~&4 -va" of ~ 77 I bal. 6 so.41"-34 161. (am=- 0406"06 (iprqljq at vineyardo, and P"tm) awtIV4) S"hch. rast. ot vrod. (KIRA 1516) UTUrTAY; 1. i. -- - -V t Mildew Effect of low temperature@ and moisture in the crown of as vine on the development of mildew. Vine SSSR, 12, no. 6, 1952. 1952 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, September qPM, unci. ALUXv Akbmd; RABOTWIA, I.L.; IiII(OLATEV,, F *I.; IVANOV, V.A. Subarged cultivation of acetic sold batteria under different aeration conditionse Kikrobiologlia 32 no.4:703-72n J1-Ag 163. (MIRA 17:6) 1. Biologo-pochvennyf fakulltot Moskovskogo gosudarstyennogo universiteta ineni M. Lamonosova. AXWMO L.A.1 VAMIN, 9.9-1 WARILY, 1-1-1 ZMyt D-D-1 MUTAUV* N-K'; @=my, N.ILI wromme AiLl NUMNO re.1.1 IlIzOlow, D.T4.1 OMITSMI 10661 HUUINM Nj.;_M~Mulff IP-1.1 PUNVUST, CIIIIIMI~ v Ufa* A - IMA A.2 I MG&-, Aft. (Z=ull I LONOTo AolLo MUMM,t N.A. lbowe =a wastiom at beteregenew pre"Se" in a rl"I" Md. Ts%ft MMM 260-n I". (XIMA lots) MAIKOIATEVP P., starshly nauchnyy sotrudnik Proporing it torAcee~ Infusion and extract. .'W:rn. rs!,% r, * T-.- W, . I bnl. 10 no.7.38-39 165. 1101P.0, ,p 10, 1. VoesoyuzW nauchno-lamledovat4l'okly inAtltUt VjrMPI'yn I vinogradnratva "Kagartch", YaltA. . I LA i *-'-" I . I - ~ 1 -1 . . I . R.Alosondes RZU fllament b&tteries -,.&(Ie of anode ele cmt - . i ,Idr:jl. n). 3, 1 0~,i. M,)nthly Liqt of ~Ius,ian accessions, Llbrarj of ",)nrr ,:s, !, )--m zer I !~ - . ~nv l a-,-! if., 1. KOTOW, N.Y.; NIKQIAM. P.S. ladmir twbnlqw of observiog shavers and storms. Trudy ?SO ne.201406-57 '58. (XVA 12: 1) (Im"r oeteorology) x1loum 7 a ,==I~ ademisattoo of w isdissum dwte* of the staim-werning redloloostim statlaso Thdy M iboolU#72-76 We (NVtA 1662) (uaar estoo"loa) WINDTICH, I.S.; INIKOLATW, P.N.1 GOCHALITW. 2.N.; TRWITAKOTA, N.I. Isotopic effect on the liquid-vapor equilibrium of binary system eastaintag deuterium compounds. Dokl. AN SSSR 110 no.2:241-244 S 156. (MLOA 9112) 1. Gerlkwvekly gosudarstvenaWy ualvereltet Imni N.I. LabschevskoCo. PredstswUno akadwelkom A.W. Fruw&IW*. (Phase rule and equilibrium) (Deuterium compounds) iFMM' RiAbtnnvieh, 1. 4., V. Leo r TITLE: The Effect of the SubAltution or Pyl!-ogm ",-it-ri%n r)n the Ultry;?ionic 7ploc-lty, tho Pic. ."root I ')n t i trb 7 "r, 10 D 1A L Zhu rn- 1 1 -7 r h 1:~- I i1 V, 7, us S, 1 ABITRACT: '.'he abov,,-=f-ntirn,!,l r-.-ocprtJc,, nvr r t i er~ cA for lr-i3- terium content of 06 "'0 rrld 91 ato!~ -Wf-i I -,:~r ern, t virr.- lrtervcl from 7~0-(O ~. Thr, %,11-copitl -f oh" ItIlurlun b(,nzerx hai alreuiy boon lnv-ztlgr,'c! by Dixon nn4 !'?,Aeanler (1,-,f ('), however, onl -y ct three.- t'~m ",-. ra t tire F. !-On thc- exrerimrnta. may Le P.,,,n *,h,.t thf-, lou*tcriun i-roduc Y),irt it tr er, obtntnel irom benzrfne an,l dout-rium P,ilfur!c acid, thc latter bvinp proluced from M, nrd h,,,.~vy itil-r. Th..- juitcriv= c*ontt-nt distornineal uccarlint, lo thu dtitn --i,-,vlicA by I'lit and L'me.'- Peth (Nof 9) fron th.- I-,uu!tyq while thr, urjl;nf! volucity -7n:- arl 1 '4 ietorrilne I accor-linq tr, tho methoi o,' 1 17ht diffrection. C C "kip Effect of th,~ ~'ub!ytitutior. o~ if vtlroircr. ~,-, -cut-Lrix., -n t!%-. -!truTcni., elocity, the Pefraction ni.l tll-.r Vi -f):7itv -f r-en-;-ne Tht, datu oLtairiwl lif;*-r !*t-,n ti- vnj Reffel (M 1). 7he viroozi itt-i ter ij t,, tnat I(,- veloreli ty ". Z. ".Olt - n.-1-1 '. L. ;1.a*-,1!.-A n 11) tl-,r flowing-out l'!.stifir tit jestrt i,^0 ICA 11.~ ViVeor-tty of t)!(., Icut~!.rtuz cinzill) h%vinv o-fl I --4y,tA1v-3y to that of b:wnzsne. -)cnolty ci.j I. t.~rriin-i in a , y ozo t e r , vhprpr~f-, the inicx o,' lt.-hl.f i b:! r-c ans of a --Jj-uoto.,-.i!tPr )i' t.,, tvl,e). in reIntlon to the equation Of chwi.., 10 !,or tliv tiltra- sonle %,4~locjty bau~%d on thr,A of v,..n .#,r to.A. it It, aazumel "hj,'t ultra:-,or.4-3 v,!loiltirs In benzene 14utt"rium hono- loe,-- h, invt!j-,:s-ly nroportion-.1 to th.. -mi(r.,tudep of the squ,)ro ront.- o!' the In tlie -',-,4?rf! written by Pi-41 rtnl ~..;rin; 11 ra. that tfv~ nound "JI001ty In t1quid!v I!! directIl relatold to tfie "free volumes". From tho equatinn rivor. h '-11 thna* nutc.-orn thp Pti~thrrn of tnir tonter ottitinei a 1, :, onlrri-r,~-nt )- tm- from volin-w in the caso of n 110~! Pjb;jt1t%;'Jor, 0:' the hydropen ty de-uterium. in benz(!ne. rnd on*? (if sith 91 ~,'* d-.-utcrtunj thin torr~sponds Car4 214 to t1w !;:.ti obtained In thq inotopic eff-v,:-t in cocIrensibility. SO / -7 SOV/76-52 -9/45 The Effect of the Substitution of Fydrogen by De-iterium on the '71trasonic Velocity, the Refraction and the Viecoalty of 3enzene In connection with thin it was found that a subntitution in benzene of 91 e.' hyajoeen by deuterium decreases the refrac- tion index to 2 .10 and the polarizability to 0,52 5% An the zero energy of the C-L *-ond Is szoller than that of the V-!1 bond a It rubstitution causes an increnae of the Pnergy difference between the respective excitod and the basic ulectron lovell thin fact in exrlained by observations mt-de by %rton et al. (Ref 15 and to proved by experimental d9ta obtainvi by Ingold and '11son (Ref 2C). Proceeding from the equation according to Slater and Kirkwood (!~Pf 21) it is found that a 91 ;' hydrogen substitution by deuterium causes a dscreazc of the dimpersion enerrj to 0,4 ~.j on the other hand it is found according to the lata supFlied by Wilkinson (Ref 23) that the equations according to London Ref-24) an well as those according to Clater and Firkwood Ref 21) supply similar values for the isotopic effect in the dispersion energy. The observed effecte described were ex- Card 3/4 plained by the increase in atomic dimensions and by the do- RABINCVICH, I.B. (Gorlkyi); Pri uchastli: GUM, VA..- NIKOLAYEV, P.N.1 VOLCIKHCVA, Z.V.,- KUCMYAVYY, V-1- Xffect of substituting deuterium for hydroren 7n the velocity of sound and tho cwpriessibility of liquids. Zhur. fit. khim. 34 w).2s423-431 F 160. (MIRA 14-7) 1. Gorlkwskly Fosudarstvonnyy universitet, In. H.I.Lobachovskogo, Inatitut Wall. (Dauterium) (Swnd--Sp*ed) (Cjapressibility) Silos 62/0CO/010/010,1M 315SYS144 AZTEDRS'. -Nik:~Iayev, P. X., Rabinovich, 1. TITLE: Thermochemistry of Isotopic compounds. substitution of douterlus for hydrogen of benzene PERIODICAL: Referativnyy thurnal. Khialya, no. 10, 1OB268 (Tr. po Wail I khim. tekhnol., 1961, 242-250) 1;~"Th* effect of onf-tho heat capacity 1969 ' 44 abstract (Goilkly~, no. 2, TEXT: The value@ of a p of liquid C 6H6 M and C 606 (11) were measured in the temperature range 10-300C. Values of ev for theie compounds were calculated usine data obtained previously on the contractability and coefficient of heat expansion of I and II (Uhghla, no. 4, 1959, 10921; 1104 18, 1960, 76353). Complete substitution of deuterium for hydrogen caused an increase In the a 0 value of benzene by 13-14%, and in that of av by 13-20 %, The ratio of a Vtoy for I and 11 see 1.45-1-41 and Card 1/2 KIWIAMP P.N.; TIYOFIVEV, G.F. (Garlidy) Devis* for t1w simultmecrus switching-= of stopwatch aW currant. Zhur.fls.khla. 35 044:1KO-IM Ad '61. (MM 142 8) 1. Muchm-inalsdawatellskiy ImUtut khimU pri Goribmkom gosudarstrennow univeraltste imeni X.I. 14badmakogo. (Automatic timers) HADIMICH I.q.; Ty--LINOTO V.I.# lk;~UUW--lp-F.W.j j=jV.,vAr---Nt G.L.; !>riu4malas SOL;tips rapiLwwA, A .S& ' - I U7 Ot Uw latenctlea betwom bmwU71AIGU~ AW bmwyl pwisUe. Dokl.Al SSSR 136 WAISV-455 JO f"- (NDA 14 15) 1, Intlout khbdl pri Gartkovok4a goradarstv*~ ~lvw*ltou imm, 1.1.lab"be"kogo. 2. Cblea-k"Tespomd~t AN MR (ter Y&Mvay-v)* (TLa eoqpoumb) (DMMYI Pwmd") RABINUVICH, I.B.,-,IIIMIAIZV, P.N. lawtepda effect in the beat capac.1ty of cartaln dloutarlum eonp=Wla. 9*2~ AN SOB IQ moa W35-1338 IF 42. (MM 1512) le Asuchno-laslefty tollakly Inat, tat Wall prl Gorlkowskom gowAiLretwermca mlversitete Is, Xjjabadwskogo. Predstavlanc akadvalkam A.W.Frankinp. ' (Deuterium campowWw-7bormal properties) DRAaOTTERT, A.K., inchener;4larGrAm. P nzh--wr. New mischim for cleanlqg ball"t, fts, I Pat. khes. ao,70-9 JI 157. (Ballast (Railro&4~)) NO& 1016) L A LIKOLAM, P.O., inthener. The *MU-250 trwklwlor. Put 1 ~,,, At '57. (IUAA Ir)--I) (X*llrosdx--?r~ck) NIZOIATIff. P.P., insh. Hosting switches with electricitf. Putt I vut.khos. no.12:11 D 157. (Rallroado-Switches) (KIRA 10: 12) NMDIATV, P.P.p Inzh. Nesboalsom for workers' rail cars. A '60. Put$ i put.khos. 4 no.7:19 (WvIA 13:7) (Railroad motor owe) Polinomq Masao i ratalonalln:1-ye lireobrazovaniya no..-.oi,-rrr.-n Dki, Z8 (194-), 5?2-564. Anammlon polinomave DANp 28 (1940)9 774,-778. SOt Mathewtics in the USSR, 1917-1947 ed4ted by Kuroeh, A.G., Morkushoviah,, A.I., Hashevskiyp P.K. Momeow-laningrad, 1948 IKOIATEV, P.V. Continued N I Ratnionaltnyye proobraza"niya n=ogram. Y,.# Uchan. zap. un-a, 73 (1944), F3-~'F. I-Polinomr Masao. M., Uchen. amp uD-ta, 73 (1944), 1~9-1-16- 0 edInstvennostl aranwfos umvneniy Masao, M., Ucheno UP. ur-tat 73 (1944), 117-128. Ob awaxwfoss simmetricbeakikh wavnmiy. DAN , 47 (1945)p 86-89. Rationallusys ansmarfou uravaudys DANg 47 (1945)p 159-162. Anamorfose uraynady, Matemo ob.p 17 (59),, (1945)p 253-266. SO: Mathismatics in the USSR, 1917-1947 edited by, Rurmb, A.G., WrkumbevIch, A.Z., Nasb*vsidyp P.K. Moscow-laningradt 1948 ,vir"u'usui, P. V. 22W3 Pto*Klv~u momor~ s-rukuiy, Ddaady &w. nmk ssm, some mrt"t T. UVIlt lb 3, 190v C. 421-23. - KbIlops 6 Now. 301 19 1 ID. 319 1949 Olok Ak *"k Vol L=Z, 1b a moc'-da"s caottlma in&" ddeh a 61VU Ima rac tion 1(tv tas -.1a) (a 3) &"%o 4e snow aid V ' .p 100.,f ZVFNW~ftutlaa In um ftn' Zl;at.9 .0*.Pt )SOUNI)l f1*001 .... I f4it"s so UK; mt J.&AM Now" tw tudift 0 -*K-kools !A the" amms dmo lb 41~4= (nk6bWav, -Dek Ak am* ow Vol 10=0 lb 3p u up 19119) of l(ti, t2? lo) is goal to a vla ftlj~ezt to at leFet of %M vWlebum. so-, 'i M tZo ly Am& A.. S. IDUMPM Jqa amom-aw : I ---) t , A .1 01 Ix fir P'l ro vi, LIN f1vord USSR K Ar'p. V. Ilimstry ansimmurijbicipLN of tur.Wom 01 k- 42k A lady Akad. Njtuk SiSIZZ (N S,) The'v ptper vxtrs-oli the cniepto aiJ uws Ox irlcth~-Klq r4 IN-- allthor's rwlitr Wort ftl.~4( ially *-Alize Pok-lad): (N-% 67,421-423;68,229-232 (1949),thrsc Rev. 1'.4(Altostudy the Ix-mil-Ality rif rept(voc rklin4 F(l, r) - F((,, r,; ... i., T.) as a binitry NL%Au determinant rj; f"(;" T, ,)I. Ilie mmlitiong tktaitwd iur aiwt,v-am to tlAksl! pftvit-sly siten Any two amaawxjkkc,-m-.i of F(i. t) with tht &--mr Imiring c4 Y-A6-iNts bit jvtj~-ttive if th~ dimer-,,inn %olh re9jimt V) at L-ml one pair (if variatiks ii 4 for -t- 4, or I frxn-3, and ia thecaw n-41f alluther divnrml'~)ni~ Art At kast 3. For ss - 3 And ordcra 3 ar.4 4, by prowr -Owk-e of the 6--menta cA the &-.-tic revAution of rlfl~ r), it can be r-cdtk ed to one C4 five CAMMmal f(wms, arik*eous to (A kWCAU, Cauchy and ClAjk. The. y corr"xiM to the 'ailm o4 4ht ckturminant d the awimarp4ow~4 mutri;x~ On binary anarnorphotis of c c Ak-t+ :~,ojk -;1z, Ov, to.-M111101 10, 4C,7, a n d p,t I - -i s t) i i t o" C i I,!. I i 1'. 1 1 q 1 f,,r F: ~J, if F (1, T ')~~Q k fflV d' and ('f dilli, -"ii,ii i(h T" "!" . I ~i ;t(fillit, (j ~1 ;'implv TO ano lorlh, if t~'c laO. of t: t' d ki k: ll" I I i I I'll and Pl'~ k wo. Thi i hclur i i inn,vic i a (.k c to r 12, T,I- If F I SOf difl`il li'lc,ll 2 W. it h it-pri-A It, (1,, r,), it alinits (,f oi ;t;) f , t,rr the 1 11 - giv(-J) f~llm it !Ijjl , :11Y if tho cqll'o Fif, T)-i /(I, T)-o of dim,:i!,; !zi 3 Mltn~ 11"~! Tmilitary flinctit'll I il~ d, I IYN- ~olvlll~: .) ~)'A( i'1 ]m(Ar "M3, ;!" T, UNS 'i1c ;tpilr-l the F rva!. (H ,hr Ti (olt t.knt, "'( ~ 0: 4 All itif (if thir(I (f) 7'ixth ('T"o r sil-, 11. m I h. op. i- J I it, 1! F ill I W)M' 1, d v .4 jE,4 A Binary wnamorphosi3~ Card 1/2 Pub. 22 - 5/45 Authovv I Nikolaevo, P, V, Title t Binary anamorphosis permitting a simple A-r;ultiplier t- FIR rl 0~ 4 MIIDok. All 3-35R 103/2, 195-198, Jul 11, 1955 A series of theor*za is pre5anted for the purpose of establishing ditionn under vhich a nondegsnerAted equation In the region GO F(t,-C) - F(t1I-r1;t2IT2Jt3#T3)= 0 permits the wdstence of the anazorphosis CP (t,pt) =Y .(t,,t)F(t r) f il(ti"k-0; f12(ti, O;fOtil~i lnatitu,U~5n t Ural Polytothnical Initituto Imeni S. Y. r1rov, Srordlovsk Prose-66 by s Academician A. N. Kol-mogorov, April 7, 1955 2~11 PQb. 22 - 6/43 Porlodical t Dok. AN SSSR 10312,, 195-199, Jul 11, 1955 Ab3trac'.' t with thp help of a atmple factor A: Ntlr) :: T3 (tlIT1;t2'-r2). Thawtheorems also holp in deter-.1-ning the als.Tonts of the &nomorphoals t7 the rational o;Arations on the rarticulAr tvanings of the function F(t,T-). Three referaw,,eat 1 Gem. and 2 U3M (191k,~1954). 593no? USSR/XATMUTICS/Thoory of functions CARD 112 P(; - e 9 AUTHOR NIKOLAXT Fewe ?IT= On the closure of namographto re resentations of equations. PMODICAL Dokl:dy Akad. Xauk=365-360 T1955) revi we& 6/1956 Lot F(ttT F(t I t r 11 $20 c21 *30 Ir 3) '0 be an analytic equation in the region 0 which adelta the A-multipltcator -09'r) - Vt2t C72't3t Ir 3)' V2(%39 T3141ticl)e *3(* 10 ri 1 '2 9r 2) such that for a not identically vanishing analytic function 0 (t,1C ) there exists the Identity Cttr) -*11919-7011r) -1 ftl(*I' 'i)'fi2(*i9'rd-fi3(ti' rJ Two functions 'W(49 V) and iF(tq T) being analytic or seromorphic in 0 are called equivalent if I(t, 0 'Cl) - 'V$20 'C2) - *3(t3p r3) 0 1(tvr Ir low the author provtoe If the equation F(tgt) a 0 is algebraic relative to tit then - except the equivalence - the equations of the bimary fields of the AD THOR i flikolayev, P.V. (""verdlovsk) TITLEs On the Projectivl'ty of the loomographic Representations of Equations (0 proyektivnosti nomograficheskikh predstavItnty uravneniy) PERIODICALt Matematicheskiy abornik,1958,Vol 45,Nr 3,pp 569-30/6 ABSTRACTs Let G be a domain of the six-dimensional complex Dpace. Lot the equation (1) F(t,T) . F(tj9rj; t Ir 1 t , V. 0 29 2 3 3 be analytical In G and in supposed to admit there the anamorphosis (2) ~( t, V) tj) - F ( t, T) fi-.('i,zd; 12(tig i f0 (tiorI )I where tt,-O 0 0 io a Pinction also analytic In G and (3) V1(t21t2;t3PT 3) 'W2(t3tv3;tl'T0 'W3'(tl PTIlt2't2) Card 1/4 is the A-factor of (1). The author considers the projectivity On the Projectivity 3f the Nomoerephic Representations 5107J'3?--'r,-1-4/7 of Equations the whole there are proved 22 theoreast conclusions and le=ataj e.g. the theorem s The transformation (5) transforms e-Ach ana- morphosis of (1) into one of (4) and In Inverse manner; from the projectivity of two anamorphosoe of (1) it follows the projeotivity of the corresponding anamorphoBes of (4). Theorems If the non-algebraicablo equation F(t,r) - 0 admits non-projective anamorphoses, then the dimension of each of the equations 0 with respect to each pair f%t r ) of the ko k variable is equal to 3- Theorems If (I admits non-projective ana,morphoseg of the form t f ~ ti); f, (tit r) then all il tiTd; f12(ti' 13 1 binary fields of the variabl 0 (t,,,Ti') degenerate into binary scales on algebraic curveol the m of the ~rdere of th* dif- ferent curves in every inamorphosig In slual to 3. In the paper the author annentiftlly uses the notions and re- oults of former iny*qtlgations of the author tRof 29594967 Card 3/4 There are 10 refnren,~es, 4 of which are novist, 3 French, AUTHORo -Nikolayev, P#T. _ 20-119-t-7/52 TI?LXs on the Uniqueness of Nonographic Representations of Squations (0 pdinetvennosti nomogrefichookikh prodstavloniy uravaoniy) PZRIODICALs Doklady Akedemil Wauk, 1958, Vol 119, Ir 1, pp 31-$4 (USSR) LBSTRACTs If the analytic, non-deg*nerated equation (1) F(t I 1C) 0 F(t It C'I I t2t C21 t3tr3 0 does not admit projective anamorphoses of the form 100,C) Ifii(til r d1f12(t1' Cl)lfl3(**i XA, then all binary fields (ti,'Cd degenerate into binary scalar on algebraic curves; the *us of the orders of different curves in every anamorphosis is three. If such an equation in at least one variable to algebraisable, then it is similar to an equation of third X-order and therewith It admit@ anamorphoses of all three general in Its nomograms of third genus as a common base there serves a unicureal curve of taird order. If (1) in not algebralsable, then It admit@ only nomograms of third genus with a common base on an elliptic cirv* of third Card 112 order. owl a j.1 I In A.; NO ii 211 V 1 4 NIKOLATZT, P.T. Solving systems for, Ions with gamerphosle. lev.wye.achebany.; at. no.13145-153 5 . (NDA 12t2) 7 Ural'skly politelftnichookly Institut Iment S.M. Kirovis. (IlquatIone) siuuyw, r.r. Ammwpmc prowtief of oquatless admittim the A factor. l2vevreousbobeftTol mat. se.21167-175 '590 (NINA 12:5) 1, wraildrty poiltel&ajobeekty institut in, S-N-111rova. (squStless. Twory of) F/, ,