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December 31, 1967
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F&LICKUKOW, Turfy Valarlywvlebg VIKOLAMA, T.A.0 rod.1 VINOGRADOVA, T.A.0 tokka. red. - (The IW agrarMs retom Im hW~sls) Apoftle rotem 2940 owls v Indowell. Modmap WT. drasw swedow Is. Patriss Lumofto 1963. 06 P. (NM INA,) RUDI-A-F-U, T* LO L fcaus Of a-44- C V.I 19490 7 (21-27) Graph* 5 A coselse report, om fluoroolop on the basis of work dome In a Ukrainian town. The prinelpal murees of water supply to the town werv studied, while a men examia- atiou of the tooth of the popalatlom me offectedt especially among school children opd 7 to 17, no drinking water contained from 0.4 to 5.5 me. fluorine per Utre. Vater was suplied to the town, wetly IF three artesian woUs. A table gives the ebadmal analysis at the water. The soil an which the town stands was also emodmed; It Is supposed that the presence of nuorins to due to the phosphorite beds in this and mighbourift districts, and also d"zda on the geographical structure amd 11thologloal formation or the strata. rm study or the hydro"olog- loal veruesisro or the district should therefore be of a Croat Interest and have pracUeal Impertemes, In flaturo otialloo of fluorine in arteries well water. Water fr= other VoIle In the district contained a very sl4ot quantity of fluorine. In 1946-1%8 a mes ammimstlon was mdo of maboolehildres and a selective exualmation of adults, pre-school chIldremp and pWUo of artleas and technical schools# as well am am of a control group of persons dwelling In the subirbe and in the mighbral" villagess who used water containing lose than 0.5 mg. fluorine per 11tvv. The dopes, of affectiom of the tooth was noted. A table ohms the result or um above somminatim is relation to tin age or the pprognsp the d%wation of their rooldemse In the d1stricto the peramt44p they ro;rosent of the whole pop- ulationg and the quantIty of fluorine in the drInking water. 11m percentage of affected population and the degree of the affection Increased with the age of the individual. Thus, among the boys aged 7 to 8, 48.5% vers affected by fluorools, but them were no serious cases. Asiong the girls of the same apt 38.4% were affectedt but one only out of I", was & moderately serious case. Between the ages of 9 16VJ 11 the number of children affected by fluorosis rerceptibly increases, i.e., to 56.21 awng the girls and 50% smong th* boys. The number of affected persons Increased very slawli to a figure of 69.4% for aftlts. Only 1 to I.?% of an examined Me serious nuorosis aceampanied by arosten of the onamel, worm crowns, and fragility of tooth. Among the persons of the control group, only a few cases of very slight fluorosis were detected. Zesnow - (World Medical Abstracts) 301 Fledleal Kicrobiology amd Hyglosep SocUou No Vol 3# go 1-6 MOLAUT4, T. &.0 M=MlYv A. S. Fbwruw--nw4s" Mrs" IP lm at flowed" ad of do" Uri". 016. 1 ~001-a 110. 120 1951. 2 9. amth List of ftwgl~n mcesslow, LibrwT or congress, - YAN6 .1956, uncl. F.r-.Trff "a alw"n A x7vA - I - A . i 10GITLE"Tomak-L, Tk. k. Im"Arla Iwo= POMUSAU" ad ppmu~ Imetv" Im m6w4ehl" @"%my pm"Alve =Gomm at larp 1V ft s olestrie - -mum pmj"te. Ke. $ me. me, 30 Nor 1w. a 9. omtb ust or wmaian me"alous, Library or Coagr"s, Sq4ember 1959, Uncl. _ __ --- 7 - - - -IT =J"KIT,A.B.; WIRGIATNA.T.A. uplarluse of fluerisie omrrme to water* of Carboniferous depoolle In fte Moscow beela's Palsemoic threa^. lov.geol. 80.4637" 155. (Is" @III) (S"em lesia-Valer, Undergromad) kma4l4at mAttelookikh vAuk VW~ of improving sanitary smi opt4onjologia services to the B.I.I.S.L Its, I =9s$ 21 ~90713-7 JI 136. 1, 03&vmry govels"twoom saftitarmly twaktor (ML= SIM" to nowis. sanitary& spidemigle oerve) (O~IGASW DIMM, prow. 6 eantrols same) GULTAM. 1-F-, kmadtdat teftuldheetkh deak; Uftff, A.A., samttanVy vmcbg MWITUA, T.To.q soultersyy vroob; 51110MINA9 T.A-.# limedidst sedtlelaskIkk mak: YMN. 9.1004 Inglary orron la the somilkery side I "so U see) S"-?) or 157. (WAS swm sadtary prOsettem at OASIUTIM NNW) pre4ectim of astwel matem. (mm lo: 6) water rooervoln ts busets) glimu-mil, T.A.; G.N. Cv~Vws an Scho4 Rygi~* Gig. I san* 25 w.407- AP #(A* (AIFA 13, 8) XONDRATIMA, A.P.; MWININA, TO.M.; BRU"t B.P.; KIKOIAWiA, T.A. subiulty of AL - --A in"le &Old is aquooft solutims. Antiblatiki 7 W.0840 wr 1620 (FMCMLL'GC ACID) (lam 1584) __~IKOLUEVAI TI.A. Suppl*aent Kaximal pemissiblo concentrations of injurious subvt&ncom in the air of populated localities. Pred.dop kontment. &W-ofesagre noeSsI90-191 164o RRA l8el,) Is Glavvgy gosudarstyennyy sanitarrWy Inspektor SSS& VOSTRGVA, Ollga Danilovra; PAVLOVp F.P.t prof,, otTe Md.; 4k:IEW"quAt T.A.v red.1 VISOCRAMA, V.A., tokha, rod. (TT-50 amd TOM th*Wolltesp IM-lp 19W WW IF levels; ttAlr description mg testa; laboratory mmumaj ToodoUty TT-50 i TOM, alvellry IT-1. 091-2 1 WPI, lkh oplasule I paverkil poso- bie k laboratorMs rabotax. Moskva# Ualve drusWT naradov, 196). 51 Pe (MI Rl 17 14) KUKRARVICHp N.Te.1 PALSHKOVA, X.P.1 IrXLRCHENKO,, A.A.1 GAPOCHKA, I.I.p *%To Mdj NIKOLA79YAp T&A,v redo (we preps" ourselves to listen to lectures) Getovinsis slu&Mtt lektall. Mookwas Noo2o 1963* 100 pe (HIM lea 3) lo Nemeowo UnIversitst druabby narodev, Kafedre russicaga yearka. .A.; NIKOLAYEV I. KILIFI)IN, a *A If, T.K. I/ sorption chromat-c4raphle wthod of obUlvirg purlrl*d -glabulln. Zhur, m1krotylolst *p1d, L 1==,, 42 no.L70-71 ja f65o (MIRA 18:6) 1. lAningradskiy Institut apidemlologil i Klkroblologil im, Pastera. S"Up AwdM NUOIOW*vtcbo Prof.$ SIWMIN, V.P.# daktar tokhn. RNA# PMf-s r6tdSU6Wtj M'EVSKIf, H.S.9 k=d. takhm. =%k,, dou.0 ~hw red. IM-on; CAR=,, T.D. o UUM. YW. NOW MWP)Vo @own& ad lmpmvenmt of mardtary cordltlmw is P"rAut" kmallsetalla I swiUr. 0" 0OUSUM ma"240WM met. Nookwas Vyssbala sMolaq 1962. 256 P. (3"i" ongl" v va) (Km 15, U) . ~i I :. I . I . 3C471 Ytonotsitarna:,& llr!ot3!ta-naYa I f&Z:~tslta-myy lni,2,,.s "' *-sk razyveyerr,/kh rrantlel%eski Mor,~,.ryirh tietcy vozra:~ta. 1*-,,.rosy F,e!atr.1 r I o4rany I -' ""', lly: - 10 S. 51-114 :,~,: Leton! ~i I Zh,:mGl Inyl-.h -S Vc- . 4.9, ~0!9 ;. s . . ~ - ... 1 0 I of prut-jlr,,, glycoproteln and lJT:T-rotejn in ths? i,-,,vl nerum of Jnfunta In their fJrst year of life and In vc~ool- -t ~, 1 ldr,!m. Vop. gevat. v redlat. no.306-C. 164. l817) NINDLAMAt T.L. A am "lee f ran t1w Como SaraWon (Qtwl.) urst. %,t. vats Otd, ~W. met, UsI96-196 Ja#61. (KUtA 17t2) I IMMIll q I MrOINUM AJ ~ L I * V 0A T M A CL 0 It 4 A 1 Ir IF J~ I -A~ . A,A - - - -,& " L.J. Pox Sanum 9 C=. fTue, geau J f8J8JL)- Qwmoww fimm~ LA&,, #r lk , SPA LmmW#iwk k pp6 Wit I, It dp~ tolL Is" do GNAW Oka ww mudw t= 004 lion 41 I at a 04 0 M. A mink Am"r M d 1 Ar 0* 4 . f . worwo6e ~ . im Imm 00 f4aw in BMW dw IMF d aw Ifilmim mwiw~ w waoiandim Ot fjo d" own is at"IL b w p a 0 -07, _71a f IL 84 d two d 0- man" im d do VAAK "A 0, --. -.11 .11 11 1 -A. I I "I "MIAMA, T. T". 'A Contritutinm to r. Xonoevtph of Some Govers of th* Vastly of Felyperacope from the Suropern Part of the Union P-ne the crueprus (Trituoter. lbodidea. Learit-9).8 11 . A - RAWLAM Wits 21 sporew" lost Ila# 191,0. pp. M-431, 431 2&21F 901 SIPA a It - 90 - 33, 15 WC. 1953 31 Ott y r- fill A T. L). Ifoitull mij ws piIA bpa. [A new funpis ofthe gmaq 0L%9V bprr.1- 1;". Mairp. (No. sysir. Serf. rrype. Itsof. W. Arm#. 1";r$, U.SxR.), .6. p11. X'k-87. 3 figs,, 1449. A d..**6m in given of Irlierfikowm-dewasm mitp. wfikh was tound ton a dewl low,h (Fqym oriculdis) tfmnk in Nortfwm Cmursmq, UXF.H., in 19M. The *all- stiotate, denowly imbricsv~ pilem haft a sukate. fibriiUvw-, white nr or-lirscronq mr- tw, comentricalIr zotw4l of flip tl*rk ),town mamin. The wpotrq weirp 4-ro to 6 by 2 to 2-5p. ~EVA, -f- L- ISOtASVI(Nuw T. L). N 4-vope meamotowx rpo6oo (trio fb6~) CUT. * ftA NEW= ha 10" Ow fkma 4 the qviny fano J&m. llydawrw) in the V U.S.S.IL (knw Hfwkitm Pe".1- Ada lool. bw. Amd. &i. U.N.S.S. (K CFW.), F.". It, t"' 6, pp. .127-345, 12 A",, low. tkmc*inm a" givm o( tbe Iferwisom 1119doom) spowirs (ound in the VX8. R. jef. &A.M., 24, P- 63; 13- PP. W- OR, aml fwl0w, P. 701 WW16r with it keY for -lift 0 Wig* thom 41"1 rokfal op"i". 1. T1.1- 2. U= (600) 4. Fungi 7. flew genus of spiny fungus (fam. PjdmC"e)P Dot-cAt*Otd*xpor#M3t, C, IV52o 9. Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, APRn - 1953, Uncl. MIXOUTIT4. Ta. spot" of irm ad saftektop"W is U.S.5.2. MA ths A- n -- ffwr 294.1"S. lor,211796M 053. (I= 7:2) (dm~-- ---go) (06---- -4 ) (WANMW) 1~1-1! 10404% f"61 (fmiu w1r4ma"") of the U.S.S.R. ?rev set. lut. $or. a SOJIMS-b" 134. (UM 7:11) ftd~) NIKQ"TWA,T.L. vl%; 91"Owwr of Nowun 4"~Wlm (affam) uwd Is the U.S.S.R. &Wm esees"am (morps) ufft Is MOS law -1--)o Set'sato 4 deopm.rasto 10AWl" Ja 15S9 (on 8:7) (fteldiforees") EMMA, TA.&. cou"SIVI sgoats of sambore not*~, 100 noo2sz"-237 Ow-AW 153o (NM W) 1. MoUnIalmookly institat tmal T.Le lossavve, Abdoull Nw* 301. umlaffed. (Trees-asea"m md posts) (Fwwl. ftoogeole) StIrIALAWMA - TASLLITWA, L.N. tookk two (F*dmmow) 4t the owittes Verritser. 8046.=&# no ".11163-0 1". OUIA 13:11) 1. - - Maidweltly testitut AN ~ (for Sticelareft). 2. Bat I so- vooto&wr filial tosel I.L.9momma StIbirokege otolelentya At am (for Imsilly"Ift). iftrittow torritery-Alprissles) V.P.j z"1. doyawl' to-ki Wrnp dektw bloUg. mmkp prof,p otvo redol ARMS# R.A,,p tokhD. redo [rim st v -form" planu of a* U.S.S.R.) Flom spullo rest*- an ~* Is&-vo Akede mak SM. Tol*6 (PWOI GrIby. M2. 1 BobwwlkoMi gri M. 1#32 P: (KEItA 24s9) (Isdame"Olo LAUSUKOp X.M.9; RIKOIAT.'IAg T.M.9 ardinator TMUW% of crachod MINUM with pl"corbin. Pode akueb* g1so 22 mo 105-46 IdOe (NM 13 s 6) 1. late&& akubentva j glmWagil No. 2 (mw. - do%@. T*Taog*lWcboako) Kiyovskago wdem tradow"o Kramwgo Sannal matelsokop ImUtuta In. ObW* A.As lot" (diro - dous I.P. 1-16~f" (1.F. Alakalsionko ). (MULAAT~4LUAM) (AIWWC ACID) NIXOLAMA, KWhOolow of WSIOS of bar%odl on MW GSCMSOVY aetivttr of tb* stowm%, Swb,AN @me.= 23" JI 059. (KM 138 1) 1. lbillookly govadmetwors" m4ltolukV lastitut, Frastawo 1~ ehism-040 wpos"Sus Ab"Oull henjwkmmdsoo (BIOWM-40MWIOS) (AND~ITA& SORM) - . , ~.- L -T ~t- 1- -14- A, .rl~l .'I , 'i , j . . I r,C,4 '-- '-' -- (d " E'f:-' " f-,m~ of et r~r---,eru . 1. k- ira tL-E, sec.-etoryr furiction of rt--oztich durinr, cleepIrw.-pill (bar- bamll) irAuced aler--p." TLA lixi, 19("U. ('Llilici iL~tllr.te re.,.1.1cri! lr..,;t); copies; price riot f7iven; M, 211-6,fi, 126) YIYCIAYIE."J'At T. trIl. "Analysts of Punctuation Marks in Vachine Translation frcm Russia," Theses - Conroreace on Machine Translations, 15-21 Way 1958, "cov. A. Poe mu: PaUdGICA&A VA&SUROM, to ft *0 onesermAles of as Aldeft"m for the bAevemAiest Ommmattool Asslysto of me fteelea Lomeame, Owdody Skedeall sank ~, 1960, Tel. 132, go. 5, no 1649 - 1"0 .ml Za me PrOM16 POW as sommu"Mem of ft 414"IPM for so amarets of the Isaffam lascume La which tb* trumlatioaftr the taxt to be analyze& is made possible by gramaticif-MMonships to studied. the prineiple of the construction of suok. analgoritha is discussed &a& reforosso Is mode to the algerlOw for %k* ladeps"osit gramatical um- L'yelm of the O"sLAN lmwPqP develop" St the ruetttat tocknor Nowks"M I T""61001140Y tommilkI An ~ (ISISISate of Froolstou KedmalGe "t Cooputer To6haology of the As Villro the qm4stion at She; smaloselol Ir 113 311TIMITIos or no MPRZT-eristias ia, the cometrua- tion of the &Igorithm Is givem " a special problem. Purther studies are Wag varriod eat an the fares of '*&*a* mA 'kherookoO. All tkl so" 1/18 Asi- memo I am IWAM un. Noma "dw WOMM I VA"Olloottow of Solissese or am Illa. Mooftsom It Mmajolea M 99*m*Lqv. timenum) US, a. Now# IOL WO ON" w6gtmi6 @SAUDI"= No Maud" men=$ IMO onals"M W faft4se to swouslog Ow evassome, ad as asignow edsoodo of orwous a an aftlas at rnwwft Ombuslas swil ftwolow, loohoology, AsAW of MoUnow ~, is go memo is a so"" folu~a Wilk Gomm loomisuft dud anummosut 36modamoo So soussum sellon loww" NOR IV ons~ or So doew at an souft" so, gal Us weem IV funwal" rove ~ wrow"Uns. an ameba -ftat les TONS w"M ft aniuss ameman, one lowsonswes lupowl~ 0-I- -- - 'Or sessommi6 -or - fto -0..,1 &NEW (sonw of amonfimp amen&* 9~0 "a-)# sm:Wsm ppdddm of loomw db.-. Iblowsm" "Wil- 12ifin POSM, MA WOO= swedoW *U GOMMS noWNSM 4f dollab "OMEN" so fas sommosollown of MWAM "mono as smadep sUMm ~ soneoL Sm mo U sedomme I So" mod 9 Mi~096 so GOP so a* Wddbdlv 16 16 A* A* 4t So SIMINAft dnvvm~w 49 a wamodow 36 ftlow &0 go, Ile so Is" ad No GO NW�no- is Emu= a~ Acedow at Selemme (Cmt.) OCN161M 18s Droplap Fe ?Ole at fartwic-Russfen 9quivalswU 30 119. 1u"104) 20. (~16~ ~,If. ~jl.) Casetrwtim air a Soutq~ for DW tpm- swelou"Ti-Ot a Itwelft Tea 31A 21. Ubltaklyv K. 1. AIYT*KtiM at the Arrvmg~t at Wart I in a Phrms ror IndepmAent R;wstm 83utbmls 323 22o Tetlam,, Me D. bole CLarecUrlstles at a Jammme-I aselm Dletlamary rar Hadalme Trawlatim 338 23. Zvmow, A. A. Ama.."U at wIP C~trwtimsm in binary Nsahtm Trumel"Ics '.Prm Chimao Into Rumelan 349 24. Zvaoaw, A& A. AmLly*Is ce AwdUw7 Words In Binary NWIAM 2vawlatlas ChInam into Ruselm 358 25o Ivmmp T. V. LinguLetle Prsbl~ at Pawtie ftmals Am 371 cart 5/6 W84 3/582/61/000/005/011/012 q, 7000 D222/D306 AUTHORt 4_ Nikkolayeva, T. M#__(Moscow) TITLE: The synthesis of forms of Russian words in machine trans- lation into Russian SOURCE: Problemy kibernetiki, no. 5, Moocow, 1961, 263-269 TEXT: It is the purpose of this paper to show that it Is more al- vantageous for the synthesis of Russian words to have a dictionary that contains several stems for some of the words. The author des- cribes some of the problems that arise in the synthesis of Russian words using such a dictionary and compares the rocedure with three other cases when the dictionary contains fl) conplete words in their basic form; (2) complete words in all of their forms; (3) stems and separated endings; (4) several stoma and separated endings. It is case (4) that the author recommends and shows how it Is used in the algorithm of the Inatitutt of Precision Mechan- ics and Computation Technologyp Academy of Sciences USSR (ITM i VT AX SSSR). In this system, about 36.5% of the total number of Card 1/ 3 30384 3/582/61/000/005/011/012 The synthesis of forms of D222/D306 words in the dictionary have several stems* Most of these are verbs$ only 26 of the total of 489 verbs have a single stem. The complete synthesis scheme involves determination of the aspect and form of verbs, and the form of the nouns and adjectives. Deri- vation of the verb form is diecuesed in some detail, The first problem to be faced is to decide which atoms should be includel in the dictionary. This 16 resolved empirically, taking Into accourt both grammatical and me!hanical-tranalation considerations. The neyt problem is to select the suitable stem during translation. For this purpose the verbs were classified into 13 types according to the numbers of stems used for deri7ing various verb categoriev (e.g.. lot person singular, infinitive, past tense, etc.)* This c1assificqtion is In sharp distinction to the usual eltAssificaticn of verbs according to stems. One of the basic characteristics c,f verbs included In the dictionary Is the number which shows the classification of the verb according to this system. Additional data that is needed for synthesis are: Conjugation# soft or hard type, ending of infinitive, imperative, past passive parLiciple. The rules for the synthesis of verb forms can now be fcroulated Card 2/3 30384 3/58 61/000/005/011/012 The oynthesis of forms of *04 D222YD306 ,~.ts a aeries of tests. Comparing this method of synthesis with the one which uses complete words, the author states that it reduces the number of tests used in the verb synthesis scheme from 172 to 31, and in the noun synthesis scheme from 90 to 15. The number of characteristics to be included in the dictionary are reduced from 17-8 to 15-6* The only disadvantage of this method is that it in- creaaes the number of dictionary entries by about 78%. There are 2 tables and 3 references; 2 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Soviet-bloc. The reference to the English-language publication reads as follows: V. H. Ingve, Mechanical Translation, 3, 4, Dec. 1957, All SUBMITTED: December 20, 1958 Card 3/3 I 11L Y 0_10 H. _.P~ Dissertation defended for the depme of CandidAte Of M111010giCal -~CienCOS at the Institute of the ituselan Language m3everal Linguistic f'roblems of Aachine Translation From fkasian and Into A'fusdan.w Testnik Ak&d. flauk, No. 4, 1,)6), pp 119-145 6 6 V-1 (4) /IIXTf/?/VgP (1) WTIP(c) / ACC NRi AR5023491 SMRCS MDES LrR/0372/65/OW/On/TO4T/VO4r3 SOM rS i Ref. th. Mernetika, Abs. 71315 A7170M Moloohnaya, T. I.; Nikolayev&, T. V. TITIEt Oa gramastical dealensione in the Russian language CITF3) ISOURM Nwichno-tokhn. inform. Sb. Vass. in-t nauchn. i tekhn. Informs, no. 2, 1965, 22-26 TOPIT "JA03t cybernetics, algorithm, machine tran-slation, lIng-alatice TDAM,LATTONt A ns?thod Is propoacd for dencribin-K declrnnions having a FTNMM, tit"Al rneeanitvr5 In order to shorten the dictionary par'. of algorithms for machine trannlati froii Husslan or into thu Russian language. The method is ,%pplicabi-e vhcn it in t pontiihlejor one word of the typo to give only one base with epocifica-! tion of the nupber of the type and the number of tho actual declension. A reprellenta-I ticqt of the type of declension in Introdiiced. Thin is a not of concrete declensions havina identical distribution in the paradigm of one clana of words. Thus the declpn3ions pjjt(cot=ox-cKaakd), r1i, (ndrrml nuca*4 are introduced in one type,- in%ismuch as their distribution in the paradigm i's essentially the same. All types of declen-sion. axe given in the form of a table in which members of the declension axe dest.-rIbed symbolically through X, T, Z. A table wherein the actual dooler-sionB are 1 804;51 ACC Nk, A11502N91 writtfin &nd. are entered into one g-,meral typs in also used- Thp gwneral prinoiple of this description is illustrated with an example of a Ruse'Aan T*rb. Autbors' reou". SUD MYE-1 09/ 03 r. d. N 1KCIAWA, T. W. vA rocum of &Wmic Fluarosis.0 Sub 9 W 51, " MOd Sci USSR- DisserUtiew prevented for science AM encinswing dagroos in 14c-scow during 1951. 308 Same No. 4mP 9 may 55. . 1 4 NIK0laVAp Tat!lom NWImyowmi TYAGAYs r,~.,, rod.; KLI&VA,, T.p --- --- -ulag; C', ii (Tavad aw m6h"t atemdom at IIVW) a ~~ vyookma shiammdm arovMu. Vicakwap QoqoUtlvd#4 1962 53 p4 UMA 1519) I. I I tar' Voeooyummgl tomtral6sop eov~U prorsayuwv (for 1"courm). (Cost and st*Aderd Of 11TW) (hAX6tS--ZCOTMIC POUCY) 7, 14 T T V rig, :-1 (-n1,-1w.$j) W11., 6,! at fi r A r; i r n r is n, r I t v 1 2 v~, r v 1 11-11 f-. a s 5 --1 0 ~;-n I n lvnr.~-Ij 0~. 'A r r 7 r +~T-n` it' kn i-rcit-i R1, .,q 1-: -1 toll i k. f I :'r,-n lit I ar 'c-i~ t~ r. rata. Ar nf I in r n ?i -f' L w t t'l r ~n Fo-l',t AMONS: 1AkolqYsr&,2"_JL,, Kuryatnikova, T. G. 30Y/64-55-1,"- 14/17 TITLZ: A Method of Repairing Defects Ir lNeweplast,-30 "ontines (Ketod.1spravlonlys. defektov pokrytiya 1% ftoropiasta-3) PZRZODICAL: Walchoskaya promrshlonnoettv 19589 Nr 89 Pp 499 - 500 (1153R) ABSTRACT: Because of Its excellent chosical.9 electrical and mecbanicml properties polytrifluore, chloro ethylene (1) (Ofteamplest-30) Is being used to an ever greater extent for the coating of various corroslon-rosletant metal objects. Since (1) does not dissolve In organic solvents several layers of coating with (I)-suspensions ( In different solvents) can be obtained (24f I Polymeric particles art molten onto the surface at that they form the coating. Nowever, (1) Is still rather viscous at 2700 and therefore cannot fill up little cavities In the metal surface, which results in defects In the coating. These defects can be eliminated by treating pulveris*d (1) with a blast burner (Refs 3,,4). The aerective motaln:bjects are heated to 220 - 2400t and pulverized (1) Card 1/2 soft* d at 130 and screened through a 025 screen in blown 15(51 $07/64-59-5-5/26 AUT90111 Kkol 2z&*-Z,8w-C&nd1d&t* of Cheatcal 101vacest Kryahko,, T*eP* TITUO Properties of Carbon rluorldo Lubricants and SeparatIng Liquids FMODICALs Kkinichosksys, promyshleamett,, 1959, Xr 5. pp 388-390 (USSR) USTRUTs talbrioants (L) prepared on the basis of the low-solecular Ilquld jolywor trltluorochloro ethylene (TCE) proved to to particularly suitable for tutriaeats contacting strongly oxidizing or corrosive substances. The synthasis or similar 2ubricants to based on & fluorination of petroleum products or a fluorinatIGn of substances, such as (TCE), wherby the process - mW take place In the gas- or l1quId phase. Lubricants of Alffereat consistency say be obtained 'by different sethodso Several data on the properties aud cheaLcal. resistance of domestic carbon fluoride lubricants are Civone The Tarlous physical properties were deternined accordInC to COST (Rof 13). Tht d1sta of Pow lubriceats and separating liqulds (Table I for 11 substances) WNW that the lutriGants have4high speciflo *slabs (1.66'. 2.05)o a Mab witing plus (158 - 200U)t MA the s,eparatling liquids have & blgb boiling polate VIs**~Ity change Card 1/2 of the lubricants and separatina liquids with temperature has a Properties of Carbon fluoride Lubricants and SDft/64-59-5-5/28 Uparating Liquids 8966tive, offeat (nee 1-3), investigations of the lubricants 04-P and *3-fw an a friction testing apparatus under high stresses proved that these lubricants are better than the ordinary ones, InvastigiLtions made with the help of some corrosive substances (Table 2) as; well as invartigmtIons of the solubility of the lubricants and separating lijulds (Table 3) showed that they are corroded by ammonia and amines. In a 231,**' amonia, solution the liquid lubricants and separating liquids to well as the lubricants of higher consistency d1rqolved (5-fe 3-OX# 10-OK# the winter lubricant Xr 8# et &l.)# thus losing their lubricity arA, being carbonised., At present@ lubricants of the types 3-fe 4-ft MA 3-099 the sunimer lubricant Xr 5 and the winter lubricant Nr 8 are used for the lubrication of screw connections, taps, and valves. The lubricant 10-0K Is suitable for lubricating pumps which pump corrosive liquids, The separating liquida mre employed for the lubrication of pressure gauges and other devices coming Into contact with corrosive geses. Mere are 3 figures, 3 tables, and 13 refoxences# 2 or which are Soviet. Card 2/2 AN MI holdown. commal"to of cudiames of os"I'"t" c 1. a. Ills I? We 0" f1ml Uam sm 1buds slat ~Uws- :1-1, PORIGNIM: 1"90 Ir so rp "S-672 (W=) Aversaffs Is sommestles Wift she Overy of eleetris ofibeeles, the popers by &--A- so AO a a T a WWWFm4p 5. greseve (Not 5)0 a. I. &reseve, "A Tu. 0. livillem ( 4) we sms~tdftod. aoms,"lag to farther papers ad- b"Ift 609"d0 om Me Velocity at UW material used. "a adhesion of. $be flustopleas-5 file *mob Is a polymer Witb leg plarler fie "false melts "t may two a* laterpolar 11atermosloo, between the Polymer and Ue primary lam but also free the ronattem of as *I*@"&* double loper. In this Paper fte adbedivemoss of fluere- #last Go a pmumelvo layer on metale Is lovestlested In assmsellea gttb the Torsome Sboorlso mionslemode Par fte Purpose of determining the admelvemose of fluereplest-3 tium to metals a deft" of she type at the adbosisoister by A. A. INA" (lot 13) Was, Wed. I" 6011060108 of Sm file to am =%I is domeribede fte adbeelem, of she elm splest-) Maslow to fte motal eareasom OW be larloomsed by verleas frnters the folleving of Obish "We inwestlested In "to papers 1) setwo ad ~t of the #lwsa$ of or *hs filler, 11 SM&W of Ue prima I*#"* mmulaime piaments of till@ as" 1/9 3 110wo of the WO&I to OU*b fte oftilft 9" offliede 4) Adhoolvemoot of "oroploa**5 Coatings as Metals 5/064/59/ooo/04/05/021 I 21151WIT odditioss.1 heating of tho coating, 5) the 4*mit3r of the coating, ad 6) tho t*mporaturo and the duratioa of store". L11 investi- ations (with the ozo*ption ofpoint 3) were made pith~two types; : of mottle, i.a.p steel j2XMJU%%nd tj"inup*IDI-X~ The dependence f adhosiou on the amount of the produced chromium trioxide (so- :ording to TU 3M4-52) (pigment for polychlorotrifluora ethylene fluoroplast-3) is described OIS 1). In this connection the us* of wsuspension with 25% Cr03 was the soot suitable. In. investi- gating the dependence of sdhosiowon the number of primary layers; with CrO (Fig,Z) the use of four besialayere prov*& to be the most ouilablo. On the basis ofthe above-neationot data (?able 1), d4hosion to aluainua is coaai&*rably higher then, to steel. k4L- hosion to aluminuia La indepoadviLt of the type of aluslaust which is also the a&&* wLth corrovion-proof OseIt sxc*pt for tbo typo Uh-2 who@* adbosion, is low* Adhesion of 6$901 of the typo t!g~-J' is good. The Inflaaace exeraised. 'by additional beating OR tho od- hosioR of tbo, aluninum, W-K (PLC 5) said istest 12Kk%k (PLC 4) was isvemilgatod, &&4 the dop*ndozco of sAbosion an the tbickaose of the Met on &Ioniasmt Ast-M (PLC 5) am& stool '12Kk5KA (fig 6) was card 2/5 dieserlbod. VW dop*Sdowo or Adhoolon (is g1M ') of flvor*rlaot nr~7 IsAw ls'.91K S/191/60/000/001/010/015 B04/B054 AUTHORBs Nikolayev&. T. X., Kuryatnikovaq V. G. TITLZo Simplified Method of Producing a Ptoroplaut-5 Anticorrosive Coating PERIODICALs Plasticheskiye massy, 1960, No. 1. Pp. 44-46 TEXTs The authors report on their simplified methods of producing protec- tive coating of Ptoroplast-3, which grant metal surfaces a good protection from corrosion by concentrated acids, alkalis, H 202 . bromine, and others. They describe the hitherto usual procedure, developed by GIPKh (State In- stitute of Applied Chemistry? together with XIIPP (Scientific Research In- stitute of Plastic Materials), which was sixplifiq,~ in the following ways a) A method of applying Ftoroplast-3 in the form of a finely disperse powder by means of a flame was develop4d. The powder passes through an acetylen*-air flame fro& a burner of the type Yn14-4 (UPN-4), is intensively heated;oand partly molten. When striking a metal surface heated to 240-2 7 Cq the powder sticks to it. A 70-80 #a thick powder layer is formed Card 1/3 W&M 0 ~R_-*~Mklv' a~ Simplified Method of Producing a S/191/60/000/001/010/015 Ptoroplast-3 Anticorrosive Costing B016/BO54 in this way (instead of 10-1;,u in the hitherto usual method), It to molten to a homogeneous film at 270 C within 1 h. This procedure permits the ap- plication of up to 200 '220 p thick layers in three operations (instead of 12-16 operations in the old prooodurs). The authors recommend this method for the production of coatings for pipe coils, tubes, and mixers, and lin- ings for apparatus covers sad open tanks. b) Further, the authors tested the effect of plasticizers on the quality of Ftoroplant-ousponsion coats to prevent cracking. Theme plasticizers were fluorine-chlorine-carbon oils and lubricants# Une Valid VTV GIPKh standard 34 ~319 Ey-96-57 (T*U-96-57) 4# 4F) EY-160-57 YeU.160-57) 10-00( (10-0K) 1-Y-159-57 YuU-159-57 No. 12 (liquid) r-Y-158-57 ~YeU-158-57~ Among theme plasticizers, liquid No. 12 yielded positive results (amount 2.0-2.5% by weight of the suspension). Xo. 12 is obtained in the produc- tion of fluorinated oils and lubricants. A table shows comparative data Card 213 Simplified Method of Producing a 3/191/60/000/001/010/015 Ytoroplast-3 Anticorrosive Costing BO)6/BO54 concerning coatings plasticized with No. 12 and not plasticized. To prevent the fornation of corrosion producto due to a certain acidity of No. 12, the authors recommend to apply the first two layers without a plasticizer. Another prophylactic method, VTU 30007-58 of the Lensovnarkho2 (Leningrad Council of National Zoonomf), to based on the admixture (1.5% by weight of the dry suspension residue) of nitrite dicycloh*xylanine as a corrosion inhibitor. Ftoroplast-3 suspensions are suited for the production of out- aide and inside coats on the devices mentioned. There are I table and 9 ref- erencest 4 Soviet and 1 British. Card 3/3 S/igIJ62/000/004/016/017 511"evat T. lisp L&V*tGk1sY&V Z- H. TIZUN in anti-corrosion coating on the basis of "Ftorlon" varnish PaIODICALi Plastichaskiyo masayo no, 4t 1962, 67-69 UXT; The applicability of :Oftorlon" varnish for anti-corrosion coatintn has been studied. An 8 '~ solution of "ftorlon" povder In a solvent Mixture 0- 70'* Acetone- 10 %'cYcloh*x&non*. 50 % othYl acetate, 15 e1hyl collagolve5 was applied with a brush on to an dogr*ased. sandblasted metal urface, dried for 15-20 min in air, and heated at 50, ICO, and 1500C for 0 min. One coat of varnish corresponds to a film thickness of 10-121k. ; A 20-22 it cost was also applied. A 6 A solution was appliod with a kv-10 (KR-10) spray gun at a distance of 25-30 am (2-5 atm). Films were produced by applyinj~ the varnish to &A Al foil and disfolv1% the latter In 4-5 S N&Oil solution. The tensile strength was 500-550 kg/cal and elonastion was 170-210'%. The dependence of adhesion and mechanical properties of the fils on the swunt of Cr 20, pigment and the number of Card 1/2 3CT20 8/191J62/000/OOT/OOT/Oti S W B1240144 .AUTHORS., _!!k~~~ Kudryavtsova# X. S. TITLB: Corrosionproof costs based on modified polytrifluorochloro- ethylene (rtoroplawt-3N) PZRIODICAL: Plastich*sklyo assays no* 79 19629 41-45 TIEXT: kodiflod polytrifluorochloroothyl*ne, ftoroplost-31; (F-3M), by contrast with polytrifluorochloroothylents ftoropl4st-5 (F-3)0 Is characterized by a lower tendency to crystallization and unchanged mechanical properties of its film at 150-1700C. To obtain corrosionproor coats of P-39 the powdery polymer was suspended at 260-2750C; a 30~ suspension was applied, by pouring or dipping, to a metal surface degressed by sandblast and driedl drying was performed first In the air, then In a thermostat at 1200C for 20 min; finally the file was homogenized by keeping it at 2600C for 30-60 sin. As one suspension gives a file with a maximum thickness of only 15-20 p# this process must be repeated several times., After melting each layer# the product was cooled I& air to 20-250C. The author* studied the dependence of the adhesion of these films and of Card 1/3 MMMM~1- 5/652 62/00/ 0001005/020 j0, SA01 3 1udrJY&vt8ev&* XurJ81tnikovas 1. G-9 I' (54 giltolayeva, T. Jastic-5 and rluorOP 0. by ,nticotrosivo fluorop talLhniy-e - ;see* 'Ostings sionnoy llashg' 1962. lias Cole I olimerov v anti'Aorro - 47 Jiye P G 'Udy*a~v. 44 Priaenon and P. .,%u has 1. Is. Klinov - )Knn . O~ohchO$ and fluoroPlOstle. ' OLS sovet nauchno to ic-5 15 . 20 1,' th rluorOP168t layer is Of 110. A2 ElT Y lying 1 lastic dition 9 the thod of Opp fluoro? ad ids enable being TSXTI The ISO 1, single X 2 2 liql syore ended rovOdt 16 layers, of the it to recoom 0. reason thout been top' require 158-51 you , I 5 by coating d '%0. EY I surfaces to d sstoo 0 suspension One VT1J) on be reduc" sneLbl &ate a Cr Ig of (,go. 12 to to 17or 8 2 5 f l"o-s'pralit ,ghber Of 'my been used for - 50 1A ould be applied a for the OC n d to 1&vtogon~ have t 150 .hicItened .,or develop* t Od was '71 that the fire 1, f the .4 1 Vowdot is dris& a 110. 12- (2) devices 0 ro?'L&s tic yR%4(V'-1) the fluO liquill tic-5- 2 hra fluoroP 6 se. Vor this put? Card 1/5 3/652/62/000/000/005/020 Anticorrosive fluoroplantic-3 and ... BiO?/BIOI &nd then sieved through --.1 025 olevo. The object is heated to 250 - 270 0C and the flame is no adjusted a7 to soften the sprayed powder without meltint; it. The object is then kept at 2700C for one hour. A single layer may have a thickness of 60 - 80 A. This method hns been developed for objects with a minimum liameter or 350 - 400 mm. Such coatines have the name mechanical and che7,ical propertieu as others applied by bruehin& (3) One difficulty is that every fluaroplast layer has to be melted under thermostatic control at 2700C. In 1959 the Urallsk4,v khimicheakiy institut (Ural Institute of Chemistry, U,'i!KhI'-') Sverdlovsk, developed a method of heating smaller objects to the required temperature by induction. Heating to 270 - 2800C takes 180 - 2'00 seconds: conditionst 25-25-5 Y, 300- 306 a, 2-4 kw. "he development was continued in 1;60. (4) Fluoroplastic-39 protects against corrosion up to 1500WC, fluoroplastic-3, however, only to 60 - 900C, as crystallization then beeins. 'he following results were obtained with fluoropl,-stic-3!4s Fluoroplastic-39 may be applied as a 3 IC suopension in alcohol, nrter which it is dried in air and heated for 30 to 60 minutes accordinr to size. The layer thickness suited beat is 300- 400 a. Slow cooling in a furnace is better than quenching in cold water an fluoroplaatic-3. Another impj~ovezent is reached by 10-hr heating to Card 2/3 5/852/62/000/000/005/020 Anticorrosive fluoroplastic-3 and ... BIOT/BIOj 2600C after application of the last layer. (5) The adhesion of fluoro- Plastic-334 coatings at 100, 140, and 17OOC was studied. At 1400C, and especially at 170 C, the coating assumes a stable structure which remains unchanged for months, even at 1000C. Treatment at IOOOC reducow adhesion even after few hours. (6) The chemical reaistiv'ity of fluoroplastic-3m coatings was determinedi for 10 months at 500C it is resistant to con- contrated hydrochloricg sulfurict and nitric acidg, and for 12 months at 1400C to acnoontrated sulfuric acid* (7) A-1 sidition of nanwaster liquid and liquid No. 12 (nixture or o.5 ,4 each) allows an increase in the layor thickness of fluoroplastic-311 to 50 p. The Shcholkovskiy khimich*skiy Zavod (Shcholkovo Chemical Vorks) and other works have started the industrial production of ouch coatinga. Therl is I table. Card 3/3 ACCESSION WR: AP4035107 S/0191/64/000/005/0045/0047 AUTHORS: Nikolayova, T.K.; Kudryavtsova, M.S.; Zakharovap L-V. TITLE: Accelerated method for producing coatings from fluoroplast-3M suspension SOURCE: Plasticheskiye massy*, no. 5, 1964, 45-47 TOPIC TAGS: protective coating, fluoroplast A additive, viscosity increasing additivoo accelerated coating application, fluorocarbon additive, fluorochlorocarbon additive, hydraulic fluid,, I manometer liquid, . corrosion, coatlng permeability, adhesion# ten- sile strength, elongation, acid resistance, alkali resistance ABSTRACT: The use of additives in fluoroplast-3M 3USponsionn to increase viocosity and permit application of thicker layt!rr. of the material while preventing crack rormation was investigat,id. 400-450 micron coatings of fluoroplast-3M are required for adequato protectia~ but normally only 10-15 micron layers can be plied at a time. The effects of 4-0.2W of fluorocaroon or fluoroc :forocarbon liquids No. 12? and No. 13Fp hydraulic fluid GZh-101PA and manometer liquid X-1 on scosity and corrosion were *&wminodo, The manometer liquid caused 1/2 IC tM/C41tkouted Plwte - &mine. Abe JDW I 11of ZMW - 21019s, IL 9, 1953P 39183 Autbor XLL)JArwa, Togo Scientifu Resamrch UsLitutc of AWleulture of thO cantrul che"AROU bolts Title Mw Boat V3rIet1w or Vintor Wioato Orig PA byulo nwAchno - toWto Inroru, no-I* ineta 39-id-o TsCiPj, 19%, N) I # 30-32. Abstract t Mic Chervominym wid Tmliyc:&aaka w"Istlec of viater Vicat, uIlAcli oxceads the eta,,~Arw_' 'Stopwym IM in y1old c6id ztZ.or m;.g.1cultuml fwtwea, verc prodwed and divan avor to the Goesirtlepytudym (atato vwiQtIcS testima on"Icu) "r, tLic Ustituto of >Iculturo af t!ic ftntral Cbern:)zcu balto Micir description Is Glvcu. Two proe;ertlve varlotics of kLavt-.Ix 10 ar4 91(pr~-wlstntum vinter *out, Vhlch OW 1/2 7100 AUTHORS: TITIX: PERIODICAL: ABSTRACT: Card 1/5 Rumanova, 1. M., Ulkolayova, T. V. Cvy,tal Structuve of* Atlanite (01-thiti!) Kristallograriya, 191~9, Vol It, fir Co, pp (0--R) The allanite cryatalo of' (Ca, Cc, La, Ila, Mn* 12 (Al, Fe, M&,),O-l OA-)(011, 0), comp.:).". it toll I'vom the Viahnevogoval? d~p bit, f'ound and POU.",C'11ted by YO. 1. Scmenov and assayed by V. A. 10wo-Oova, proved to 1, e metamict. However, the X-vay diffraction pattern DJ* one crystal could natiol'actortly ),,o Interpreted, although the photographs werc, dirruse, too. 7lic rotatlnI,-crystal photo),,vapha avound a and 1) axes, movIng-111m dirfraction photogi,apho or uic zerf), rii-st and --ccond levels nortral to b axino or the zero 1#~,vel normal to a ax13, and the genevalized projections ul' the clectron derialty di:;- tribution. fuviii.lied adequate data ror computation of' unit cell dimenslona, Intet-planar and InteraLomic opaclnZ3 and the atomic coovdinatc3. According to these dixta I r7 -1 "T 7 e~ r I f " r, SOV/70-4-6 -'5/31 Card 2/5 allanite repeats the structure motif of epidote. However, of the Ca atoms situated In two unidentical positions only those In one position can be replaced by Ce (or Up Pr, Nd, Sm, Na, Mn **) in allanite; substitution of Fc- by Fe 0' accompanies the re- placement of Ca by Ce. The well ordered replacement of Ca by Ce whose charge is higher seems to be responsible for absence of cleavages In allanite while epidote exhibita perfect cleavages In (0015 and an Imperfect one In (100) directions. The unit cell parameters of monoclinic allanite are; a - 8.95 A, b - 5.75 A, c - 10.22 A, 1150, space group P21/m, density 3.88. Atomic coordinates and Interatomic spacings are compiled in Tables 2 and 3 (where Roman numerals denote oxygen atoms in various positions; a and 0' are Identical atoms on the opposite aidea of a mirrorl primes denote atoms bound to basal atoms by a center of symmetry). As a whole, the allanite struc- ture Is formed of two different types of octahedrally coordinated Al chains along the b axis with oxygen atoms at octahedron vertices. The Al chains of the Crystal Structure of Allanite (Orthite) 77104 SOV/70-4-6-5/31 interatomic .ml. =0-06-w 411-1,.16 1, 71 A AI, Sit - vii i,sm A At si I - ix, t.os A All-V. VII-I.. 1$ 2.73 A I& Ix, - 11. 16 2.72 A a vit - ix, 2,58 A v, IS-16 2.o7 A v *00040"&* Sill- III,, 111,, 1,00 A A111-11%. s r ill viii i.n2 A Al::-%,I. sill - Ix 1.09 A At Vill - off". Ill 2.67A ii,-vi,im Ix - Ill, Ill, Z.7t; A it. Vill - Ix 2. r,4 A vi Ill" - 1116 2x A vi Card 4/5 distances In allamite Table 3 A I I - - Inthid. 1.04 ~ - It, I's 1, t..' A I - 1%, ' IV, - IV, v 2,rjAjv-it - IV,, v, 2.w) A - %. 2 47 A - v 2:117 A 111'. I'm A Vil iAtA; -011, Ml') Ir-a 1e =144 still lie 1.70A re 1. 1, ~' is A. Mill - v IJDA It,, 11, ;,w A i,GiA I%- ,. (v A , ur. 2,xsA viii 1.99 A vl- 41 114 " 2.7,11 A V - I.. Ii. 2'-'2 A v-vi j,viA v - it,. It,, j.K3 A 118--lif 2.A,,A ill - 1,. 16 mi A 116 2.-,z A i io A 6-1f, . 1 -1 , I'd x" A 2 - II i . 1 a ^10 2.oTzA - %,I,. it, ;.C,!j A 'ill, --it A - (pit, 2.L#) A -- ou 2,017 f:4 I I zviA Gi t',. 1', 2MA CA V 2.wA lf:a VI zqsA ICA - IN 1 OfOl .n A w.. I I", ;' 42 A ow A A I i i i, iA 91WIATITA, r.T. Sm 4sta ou the 4bstoruW stratignpiW of the gamemolsk room Sm.pol. 2 so.11:135 N '". (91u 13:5) 1. ftllwvootoebaoye goolosiomakore upollealre. (Zowowolsk-a"mw rftlos-Ooolea, Stratigmpblo) DKAU, I.N.0 bmd.C9cgraf.rAukj ad hiy naucbW A16 I BUMA, L.G.0 almdobf aftabW scuradmUS VOFVWSGTA, L.Lt mlodshly nsw*mWy aaamdMI OUIUMO V.X.# almdeld mn*Agy gotradaftl WMIA 0 A.M. p AbWWO oftbqy satraftUl MUMMMo O.C.0 -Iad&hi mmbmy 9OUVAmAks SMMMVA v v ,W- asuc sladsUr nmw&mWy soU%&dkl OMrf=VA,, L.I., hayy I ALIRWAIDW --I # TQF?O sersUCI KPZMCTSOVg O.M., asrolog; HASMAg L.A.p savelegl POSINJIMI, D.G., asrolftj SHIP"A0 IaPap -adftUgg TAMIMA, R.P., tokbmik; NOW, L.T.v Ickhaft; KINIKII310 r Nt Y.A:g tekbialk; KINWAUTAg N*Ke . red.1 MWIUMIA, L.P. takla.rod A- --a -1 smis of Arctic statimis during the period ob"mu Om Jfts 30 tkvv* December 310 19971 Asroleglabselds wbII I dia pallmopft stantell a 30 II=U ps, 31 &MWU 2957 s. losiscmdo, 1060m "Urshol taswPortle 1961. 994 V. (AuWabseldl i astark- U4b9M4 MINUGbAW-10614140VOW 'skit Imatit" Trvmoy Vol W) (Antic BCIUSYAR, HA.; FZOVALENISKIY, D.P.; NIKOALAYWA, T-V- ftr&tIjrrapl-,y of the 5ilurian In Chingla-T&u. Inform. sbor.VSFGEI no.42:41-69 1161. (Chincla-Tau.-Geology, Stratigraphlo) (NIM 1511) S. Ff-A ACCIS61(m of Ar""TT Aurmas TTU&s fluorth adentifte drA tochmisel eaterefte sm 94sburesUms-tw-11 towerfitAfmWe iddimtkas see 9, TOM TAM$ qpbwmtuwo 4SCRIS mosom digit& omqmsmw~, *11ow"do "Wposms, 4 A4#lWMfo7 fhe somfOrome wes held 1-4 A lostituse of Ortrolqw by Wo Notion or RZO.'"illesuld qmmusy Inow%mant, Airts w4immorsof sowwooo fit tis All-Mon ftiontifU ftoftmk OW6"1 mosewwomes ofp-Ofteme Mar with Us All4bles lele%tifte _Ffi_r_v-Wq" reporso owe hoord med 49"940". soperts we all" bro 2* W. of as of Setwomblemol error .- -.OSUM- ww-od qw~ Saw "Um or IMo Aftrup mrs"Op Is fftelis" foe Usual at Be I is of AN W qw~v*fiv6 we sbuft Ink of a' 1. 41182-6rp ACCLIA130 We AP5001AIT ivilkimiestin of 010 Gritirle. of "ouresy for amomrommas I* SAPMONRAW (L*m&Wo4)--ropw% ft a amms, Witorima of emewoor or- "Oswego" 110OW00001141 Fo F* ?ARPIN (Lostagrodf-wepwo " o"teigi%jon I"g rourier tromel --- r 0 dkitel DMAIVMVVA and L._J.JLMW. 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UKILIMAN (Vo"9w)..QAs4joj.0jgj%aj ysitop Converter with Auts"tis &"r I- Ss KAL99C= esd jo A, TAMMU -(Kiev) --Um4aimistio Mmitorigg of Un ftrqjm~: livals of iintion Safto md Ilooleads, lqApostei T. lpl-ZW c7b" 80imune spoulksousel 11. 16 Smem (LqqiWod)-- ~Am a** the FmbI4MI Of W09410" elmil-ummw Seausel W fW of %@at* - r - WINWAS 909091"d to 06 ftm 49 7~t L 41182-63 kcas "I, IM Graphid IN"Ordiags For SubseJUSAIt 144fO1698111001 Of the 100"041001 iStO WAIT"Gal two*$ 0 0=114 ond 11 a lba" tw4 Digital Conte P;k L-49-49"w- (Wei 11*4voing Image torew, I JAA_j1AQLA1JYA_ Uaftiwed)-- A %vial hr To"waa Di oerstiestion or ceausseve sicasis I enis vLj6_jSjjC(wOmOwj__ .'Optiallaties of the Trans"oeten of Tolonstris taforsolites se a liespe for makeiag tke 9frielever and slimisatiag Istorteroweal Do 1. c2MMIT (ooosow)--ft a Sub. tietle Approach to aw Dowerkift or Ivan%$ is Awtonatte tespoetwo-MAJI-W. 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A.Ts. submwits) bpwdwm walwaske" tomfAitaime (agmt ""1414we livere Posers" & oomm& (Mme)) (MIN6 Is love Use (WOWS In war., die. jj!ll*.CIA'fFVAt V-A-9 (I Ilver) 'In 195'% 15 PIP fiftn (vj 022-5^,115) NIKITIlls X.A.1 MHGVAN,, G.A.1 HIKOLAMAp V.A. Soninar on the Production and Phroleal Properties of hefractory Carbidest hold at Kiev on January 13-151, 1964* Teplofis, vys, tempo 2 no.101 1A JsJ 164. (MIRA 170) lru -I I-M f- 'A ACC Nitt AP6002455 WJRCE CODE, UR/0057/65/035/012/2246/2249 :AUMOM Mirool"on-M.K,; NJ k-ql nynvA,V. A. 'Sherman, 9,0, 01'G: Institute is, A.F.Toffe, AMArM A lr L_ningrad (Fi2Iko 1 tckhnncheskly Inatitut AN 655R) :TITLE, ApproxInsta calculation of th^ efficiency of a mu-n-)son duct WUMC E - Mumal. tekhnicheakoy flzlki, v.33, no. 12, 19.65, 2248-2249 iTOPIC Tl.(;,f;: mu moson, pt meson, magnetic quadrupole long, particle bran, wartkwaztU- ADISTRAL-Vo. H.K.Abrosloov, O.K.Kaminker, I.A.Petrov, and S.G.Sheinan (7hTF, 34, 3131 proposed a method for estimating the efficiency of a tic quadrupole , !,jpe I lern -nuon duct, This wathati Involves evoluAtion of a trlpf4 iliteqM1. flare it in p~'Antwld out that On muon cal)turo officiency, shich is ai ptriodic fussetion of x, to nctu:%lly nc)mrly Indepeadent of x whet, tho pion momentum is high (t is pres!ImAbly a coordinnte measured along the duct; tho, n,(,)1,Ftt1" of thn earlier paprr In rnployed and the roador to permitted to Vienn wbut the symboUi wwan), and that by sionuming this qunntity to be Independent of z ow, can re4luce the triple int"ral to a double, In- tegrall If the plon womentun scattpr Is small ono can further reduca the triple integral to a single Integral, Ille P~jon efficiencies of tbr" duct% of different design wore calculated as functions of the pion Poswontux and the results are presented card 1/2 UDC: 537.533.33 T 1~'X, -.~, . , ~- ACC Ma AV6002455 graphically. The mion efticlency passes through a maxims at a c*rtaln plan W-Aentum. The maxiau.-ja muou officlenty increases and the pion mcopmentum at w.'3icb the M8xIXUM efficiency In reacbed decreases with Increasing vblues of the ratic,O/d, where f, and d are two lengths that are presumsbly defined in the reference cited above. Orig. art. hnst 6 forwalas And I figurv. SUB COUS! 20 SM DATIs 14Kay65 ORIG. RJW: 001 OTH R 17: ON cc NRI P6003468 SqURCF CODE: Ln;/031V64/000/012/0024/OP?6 141kol-ayry- AUTHM: ~-uftur L. A.'; KrechotovA. P. I.; V. Ye.; 14010to -anni kov P. V.; Vlaiov. 11, / Y, , F~ 13 01'1~;: Grc1zN11 11TI.E., Production of g-is turbine fiv-1 on the banii of productq of thermd. cratking SOURC',"i flefteperembotm i nef tekhiniya , no. 120 1961)l 24-26 IAOPIAC TAG,',s gas turbine fw-1, Lx-AroleunI reflnln~q TPA r T :A fraction viih'a boiling range of 200-3500 obtaiaed b ther-Mal -;%,::: i (0.31d' Si and a,-, or a mixture of mazut vith a lov oulfur contezt /V :;-A'"r vil (with 0-15% S) was found to be a satinfactory fuel for gas tur- tinr! locomotives. Thq fuel had a low aph content (0.0007%), a suifur con- !'(':It Of 0-2%, 4 IDV Y%nadium content (traces), and a pour point of minus 11."-) aar.1ri#t minus 12Q required by stannddaj spectiricatt- 2 t.; V'M-7 ,)UB GUE: 21 SUBM DATEi none ORIG REF: 002 UIT: 662.7 FIEUrATNIM T. k. -ft aft. tonlosswe 'at Gamin fasswe an Win ftel-ruselea or ftea-doulood rowu Is a Molu I top 0 oud %*a %1, two of MIMMI rMu, Age& set was 9 . lb. % 're 1 %t 0 n fts 14) . . $-weeI, a.e saimalne ad %AMMI ftessrosslow lbftaftd as UM NOW 21 - - UOMI, twoltsolqns (19) M Sm. 1b. Afts 5 OW J5 XIM"TWA, V.A. awiftmtl*n In p0 Irlow sheowle mails as air-ot~ Uses *wlobsd witb *ATVs. *W 101 1111"4010 1", (IGIA I)SO (God feelflostles, %derarould) mmo &.K0 LL"xt v.vq~,.KmL&r&TAj T.I,.; naumvi I.L. - ~ -- Mes"Als at 4011190do t~ mmm oft& so a shommi with um we d m elp4ow 61M *wIAW stO oqVno Ingy Sol 13t" 060. (~ Ulf) (cma poinsWell, MANWreud) S.ILI SIXULLUVAp V.A. awe" at unrud reammumt m Ww sompalum or Ps dwIft aw PoUlasUm at Meow sea in a pwed&Um dmMW6 TMW 39 Us 4"? 1"* (NIM 4615) (Cftl 4"Iftmumt MIKOLATEVA, V.A. Process of gasification In a fluidized bed as affected by the maturs, of fwl. Trudy IGI l6sl,80-18~ '61. (AURA 160) (Goal 6481fleattom) (AMI) NIKMAIRVA. VJ6 Uftet of the fuel moisture on the co"ositica of g" In a fluidived bad. Traty 101 161186-l" 161. Oa RA 16 # 7) (Gas as fuel) (Moisture) MR-UN, O.M.; NII:GLAMVA V A ... Certain regularities of the unsteoy wW salsothersal oxIdation of fuels kW stem and gas xLxtures. Trudy 101 l6sI90-194 161. (MIRA 160) (coftl gosification) VIKOUIIVAA jjD Zh=, H.I. Izaverbnyl, M.1. ,.IANikolmLieva, V.D.); ZAVEF gas of sour"logle sdmftmea (artificial hibernatiam) In tade dysppp"a. ftdop &bob. I gin. 23 w.)s24-16 161. (KIPA 15il.) 2. RUMAM detakU& boUsner (am. - pmf. 3.1.14mtow [Imatevo S.1.1) LtvwWW~o me"taImMogo InsUtuta (41rektor - pror, L.I.Kameako) sa bm sUas1my kUmlebookey bolleltay (glavnyy oz h - X.I.Nesedin Is"dediss, N L)). ipumu) (ARTMCIAL MR NATION) Vj V a 10, T.N. AIW-'Awoo " ago is- mom "Odm @mown low W .Iml~o so Oddm*e 6--dw ad. loom. an snow svwm ISMS is 0 040 MOSMS~4 " 64P w:Jmjmmmb".swdWMft =*Td. ad. OM an INUOIXMIA, V. G.. "A Comparative Study of tLe MolocW of th,~- Z-nvclc-=ert of ;ecale sereale L. and of Bromw socalinus L.0 Comi Biol 3ci, :kckscow V, Voscow, 1953. (RZhBiol, 'No 1, Sep 54) SO: Sun 432g 29 Mar 55 rr i, 00 4A die bw gap toot tome 40,M kW lip OW we low wow* 't ex MARTSIX49 A.T.1 HISAMN. K"7.1 001*$Dsnxfv. ILL.: NZOZONA, T.G.; AUSIOL. is.9.1 10401. 161P. woo P"Owtion low pmr-pstat mter end inAustrial oils fron difforout elvaos by womans of Wravottialk and cart"Id" affloating .0thade. freft 1111 AP W.71IM'.1fa 05". (NM 121 to (Pet"Imm-AeflutwS) (Zabrteatten svO WhrIcantol w 7 V V ~A ~A A w r Kw ti-f-k --.4 00 9, She, w is 1* .00 -00 009 -JB,be .00 doa 40 loollo 0 Nam ed $us aftwo -00 MME84M& Iiia -4-f p -oft 0 008 on M~ fAf 06 a: so A. A!== -.09 00 A* 0* 00 00 w -AO 00 ose 00 see f Ir 9-,j 4'10 0 9 "so 41 0. *1' 0 go 0 e o I a a I do t 4t~ t 0 4F 4r :w * 41 M * -0 - = I M I r lk 9 a 4 6 0 0 :4 A O 0 --* I L AO, 0 OL Mir Jk-j I[ 00 0 0 N 0 V, It P- IL ec a cil 4k a, k 0 Ay . e* 000 -00 *00 00 so 000 004 .00 cr. 01001 In im su 004 m . ft ft oo ~ oes ammemew goo of to .00 fee so 4100 lase I see V f -Joe i * 1 000 I i -I", A to 0. ,r see, 01 1 41, i T I R I F p 9 6 a w *st titi oil, t 0 V A! Wo iv ~ F, K T 7- 7i T I I I-- -v- A--v -I a- k K-u i lk L~- L -1 A _2 -1 ftm wwwwom age* ago 00000000000000000 0 we an pume on C ad mo...w W. JF I x :, R I j At of a a 1 e i- s 0-4 x *--MAL* 0 A * kk 0 #A 0 Olk ,~! 1 0! ~- ; i - , - ",.- - - - I . - - - 'j. tj, T 7 -~, r T.-F 1 . &r~ T. - I I .-- I - . . V ---- 0 - . - . *Pmemb on the Cmiposition of Gasoline frm ZhinM* Cridep" Khtm, t Tekh, Top,,q Wo,2, pp, 23469 19% Review 1071209 . p q I IMMW IRMA MINI I w i I . I I- , I I . I . i - i~ 1141 Jffi