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August 23, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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MV/81-99-16-56461 1""WY. dwm4. Xk1mos. 190. wr 16. pp 407-W (MM) Ir Im TA bwwtfdwtlm of mrqml~ Oil Fractions of Dlr*ot nuawas Y eb.s sastav i welov mene i bee Winmkh frektaly. Moscow, a mw Iwo OP 467-"? AWTPACT# Koromeme-ps oil fractims of 200 - 3509C or RomedWao Devon petrolems (R), 00 - 4000C of Tipom Dwm petrolem (T) and Vw oil or catslyt1a sreddft at ftmm*Mm petreism (C) wom surewtWted by a co"imtion or the sathods or m4t mcWtvatlemp depumstrUtation by aarbids, chro- mat4gra*r m SL02, catairtle deWrogenattm wA structure-group atuaysis of narrw fractions (with the, applimtIon of Infrared sp*ctroscopy to n-Paraffins). ra R. 14% of n-pareffinud. 38% of aromatic hydrocarbons (2) were fwmd. In T-14 " 30, respeatively. Tho mortoo-Talle mid bi- eyello arofttle H of both fmottons 4*at&La naphthow rings and S-cm- in M. fte total quantity of m*thsmm In R Is 199. in T - 24% (8.8% "A" 2/2 memo ed mokthents). In C 14% n-pamfflw, 66% armatto +.unsatumted FUM I BOOK 91FL401TATION M Fedorow,, TUtor Stepan"Ishl 911mlayme Von asorm- I P I Amrlk,, Barls Sarlowlehl and Svet6iz-erm a 0110-- Iftnowna Iseledowanlye grossawk1kh bmlrAv (LResearek Im, Grosayy Gasollnes) ftsGow,, GloetopteMsdat, 19%. 100 p. lolOO 60*es printed. Executive 24.: Kloymenova,, K.F.1 Teeb. No M*hlna, S.A. I PURPMRs ?Us menefrapb is intended for workers or selentifle researeh and plant laboratories and of planning woulzatlone. COVERAUs The book 6aserlbea the results of laboratory and plloto, plant LarmotIptAoms on the amewsto traotlonatlon of stralgbt-run gasollnes derived from orude oils proooosed at the Orosnyy plants., an well as the t-- I areeklog and Warning distillates produeod In the" plants. The tesiperature raW for t1w comentratlon points Is determined and the possibility Is established of obtaining blob- oatarie tomponents and aromistle %B r on an Ladvatrial, male by moans or an accurate rractlonatisk or sasounes. TM book Card 1/4 Resomrsh In Grosn7y Gasolinsm 873 II, Nothode of Investigation 6 1, Frastlonatlen 6 2, Rernotlen lodaxl sposIrls 41sperolon and spoelfic retraction so composition of frestions I s- Quent1tatIve detorminstlon of petroleum and paraffinic i rbons on the basis of specIfis refractlon 14 M. InvestUptIon of 3tralght-run Ossol1nas or Farefflalo Bass 18 1. InvestIptlon, of gasoline derived frm Grosnyy Ughograde Croft 01 is 18 2. Invost1ptlon of gasollne derived from l1gbt Mlgobsk oils i d r b b h i1 i I 32 38 3. InvostUptlon, of o ne der as s ve m s or gasol 4. Investigation of gasoline rmatione or zym oils (ftim region) 43 5o loweetUptIon or the sistwe or GrosM preffInIc and 800rokile" oils 46 6, Ini tUptIon of Groin" low-octans sommes I&I gasoline 51 T. comparative data eonoorning the investigation of low- octans, gasollnes 5T card 3/4 xPlem, S.804 DUKOINA, A.Te.,- POMA, N.M.; DATNIM, Tu.A.: KjOIN, I.B.; PStCIMKO* A-Ae-. Timmon. 0.1. c&rbwdao dwaxteg of oil fractions. fray WWII W se.7t251-263 0540 (Ulu 12110) (Pareff In@) (Ur*a) S .500 Tranalotion frtat Referativnyy zhumal. KhIrmlya, WYJ, Nr 15, P 413 033R) MIkelayova, V.G. TrRA A YmtW far Datemiftiwg Vw ConUn*.,- of SwIl Qwmtittee "of Aremu" POINOMOM WWWK "ft. MUM. Neft"Wwrobot 4, 1958, NO 9, PP 10 - 13 me. M*84 Me dwo aped tor fttenunum anal *"nutles An" wtum do -"a-em4aftft pwamm at WOOS- =47 _W_;~ iN - -00 AW Of US imMI& w1fa va, solow-st - amw 0t a spiersm"ro sm be vied. WWI &M poeffft - W46 jAtW~*&eW Mi also be r-w-Aww", Otteews- 040 p kv P" me-860mv M %Amt- Uk go mull** (0.20.4 ... I.Iv. IF.- card 1A to *a Ust tube I at of tm solutl a amistull of 0.5 wiipt 0 of ranalls , NIF'OLAYW-VA, V. 0 TIEKORTA4, A. B., 0-MlY, L. M., 17A-M!~i-TI, '. I., VFMUFA7W, G. rII) ml.'arboAde Deparnffinstion oX nil Frw--IAbrw." Report submitted at the Fifth siorld Petroleum Congress, 30 Vay - 5 June W9. Iew lork. ISO di SIOS V6110001, - 910641005 21TWo affect of refining processes on the hydrocarbon composition of tractions containing organic sulfur compounds PIMIODICA16o Noteratively sharnal. KhialYa, so. 19, 1961, 421, abstract 196155 (8b. 68kinigs, core- L asatorgan. soyedlatniy, oedershasbehibheys, v softlakh i aefteproduktakhO. Utao wo 3, 1960, )91 - 405) TWv lPractione of mosocyclia and bicyclic aromatics which were separated from gas oil obtained by direct distillation and by catalytic cracking, were purified from on2rur compounds by adsorption on ACIL (ASK) silica Sol. Ikeflaing sea conducted by two methodes (a) 011datio?'O'ith N2102 In acetic a"img (6) by hydrogenation on an aluminum - cobalt - molybdenum catalyst. Aromatic hydrocarbons were oxidiset within 8 hr at 700C. The total con- test of aromatic, k1drecarbome In the fractions proved to be unchanged after roflaing by osidatiom. The number of aromatic rings calculated by the mietbod a a d a 2 was soasehat reduced, especially as regards bicyclic areast as. ?be elementary composition of osidlaod organic sulfur compoande Card 1~2 %rMI/paliol 1/0131030 100711252 AUr"M k Y& Kommov, 5 1. mW Levimm.G- I TITLF Dsts og thg m 0( mtkwfouve &Mmva to YuMiew and Wfut-containing havy (f"W"I) fach PFRIODICAL Refastwsyy tbwvW, otdd*nyy vyptak, 42. Sdovyye edt&Wvki, no. 11, 1962,39, abMFmO 42.11 - I W. (Im Conwim Pr isadki k maskm i toplivaim, M.,Gostopwkhizdat, 1961, 374-3W) TEXT- LAboulofy tat remits afv rgporW an the cocrouvesaim otab ftom varmw oil gradn of Eastan oil GeW as well ms on the iall of Wit im contaktitw wApniuM silicon and aluminum Tau on 3IM481(ti-01);:)H4l7(EI-411)&M:)H-W7(EI-607)sUpebsbowWaftalObfs,meWlo~ofi.92.066 andO,35%mpectively Data amomonthecorfoeson ofvw*imspa*tmwn TbmareZfipmmd 3 tables. (Abetvww's sou. Complaft trandation I C4ud 1/1 KIKO;A=rA,A,G.j DumbM, L.ra.g KOMANX, B.I.; LETWON, G.1.1 PriniaLli saftatips KOLMN=M, ro.v,,, inmk,; so'"amp X.A, Ix"gtIption d the antleorrool" adbUv" to r"U"I ftw2s 0=1-4-f vamam I da"14 6 29,10617-n 0 161, (am usa) 1., weeforvi"r lady jwtitst pp pmrabotke naftl I cam I poluchadys Isk"W'" r o b,) A M, a 81"'., Wa s, 't.: 1); w! fa f- r i i Ea ~-i SO H. C E. r r oz i -,- ~~ -i i gatell s, y -tokt r v nr, .5 q, t n "L L I t T F; X T pto-pne;.1 (A ,I ~i 'i , ,A'I' '.:i, 7 1 i s c , on n V oo i ! a ~t Inexpens.", tion of ga,,;-t1: r f-iellp, ~n USSR as wrP i4o r !jtIitFIti,-)rI !.va r 1 7, In fit I t a "i ri I Ic r 0.0~!i no I't 9 1 4 A Of- r w~ i r; G I (11 /4 Tr- !f rh~iif- e s t -:w t'U 0 R, 4 7j j t - ei Ab f 4 4 A il r 3h(46 S/065/62/000/003/002/004 9075/9133 AUTHORSi Uk2l Dukhnin&#A.Ta., Korobov, B r.' "Molove, 0.10, Levinson, G.I., and Perch*nko, A.A. TITLAt Preparation of gao-turbine fuels from coking distitlates MIQUICALt Shislys L tekhaologiya topliv t most, no,3, 1962, ~80-22 laM One of the objects of the sithers, work was to obtain See-turbime tools from the coking distillates. Condit tons ter the preparation of the experimental samples of the fuels from GebbW distillates were 4*voloped by TXII UP. The samples were prepared by the method of contact coking OVA the method of retarded **1king, The raw material for the **apt** was a cracking residue from sulphur containing crudes. The vanadium content of the ftels was lose than 0.001%, sulphur content about 2.5%. ash not move thou 0,01%. Th* fuels were subjected to thereat stability toetiag at 150 OC for 6 hours with the circulation of air at the rate of 3 e/hour for 100 S of fuel. The fuel* wtro *If* boat*d at 60 OC for 300 hours. After the testing the tardOM Card 2/2 IA~ Clase 23, go, mi)tIviii fal )v-wring t' 1~ ml I fl t an 7 4 b r e N-'a Qv v 9 55 t I "llm I tux 14 f Tho? Author Oiiirtlf of Vat rarmnWits of fetv q r4 2 Orla UrAl Is. ZD ~IU-4 OW ' ", e _ - -34 V-1.1,11 V144"I I. P04 11,11 P-0 .,.k jg~ TO FRIORO A UVA~ I.f4r, PJABI-.t K.N.; IVANIU.-OTt 1;.V.1 PIJPWL, SAII-ClAr l.b.; ZLOTXLLCNs Loreol DZKD[Cugs=t T.Kj &UfLLKLp N.I.; Prlmfmlf udwUps SMMAp LX*j MUJ=p V.L noel"" OC bom midwa rods 1w wadda od mpwauaao Sinol lift.toplA m"I 7 mota6-31 IV 162o (MM 15,U) 1. %swaymmy A-- ~ 'ftp-JAIddy ImUlat ps pa"aboun astU I Vow I pdadmmip ld~"wmwjp dddbW t"Ilvat Nmkffokly wr volwammy w"d L Tooma7uxrqy sauchw- 1"Ied"ateltakLy L bomtruktorWdy L=tLtat Irldolchookoge mahiw- straymlpe 2~ WskmkLy "rt*"rw&b&tyw"hcMy savad (for FOIMXAO 9.N.$ tUG&AMALV-_G-l MIUU,, U-1- "U =the" of -1--49 of vmbuq"ds in un permeation ft pa-twum rodawl Awls. sun, I too.topl.i muml 7 20.71045 JI 062. (MM 1519) (ftwelem " not) (Nalsime) .(Xih&3&ova, V.H.) 1-. soactmal pUAU in ifldtia RMOISO irestai a ssm. 11tww of r- 16). (MM 178 8) gWr. bii&l- 2&v- 20-414"7 AKERIK, D.K.; P~kqUYEVA._-V,~~ SVETOZARM, 0.1.; VACHA-ICRUA, ZOLA. RE" 0 L.M.; ZHDANOVAO V.V.; DROZDOVA, Ys.I.; MASMOVA, L.P. PZWIMOp A.A.1 GAISILYAO X.39 Obtaining and testing a test mW19 of gas-turbino fuel derived from the contact coking 0* a joweet cracking residue, Trudy GrosNII so* l5tlO5-110 163: (KIM 17:5) KALIMI, A.G.; BATEMKI'l, L.A.; r?FCfMMA, P.I.; RMAUTO T.Te.; 90tWOV, L.T.; 0"STANNIKOV0, P.V.; VLASOV, F.F. Obtaining ps turbino fuol on a baso of therml cracking prodmis. lofteper. I neftakhin. no.12s2l,-26 164. (KMA 1812) 1, Groamnekly neftyancy nauchno-issledovatellskiy Institut, 1, 39401-66 E4T(M)/EAP(j) ACC MRs AMM514 3MMI Como UK/0256/65/000/023/ODIO/0015 41- AUTMMs XMIlWwo, Go 0. 1 1PaymUInfi 1. 0.1 01bolay"ve, W. 00 ORO I now TITM A metbad, tar obtaining di*)j-c2at&inI0j,&,G& a and nitrogen. Class 12p No 0 17"1 4 SWRCSo byvUeten' Isebratody I tovarnykh anskovp no* 231, 1965p 18 TOPIC TAGS# pboqbm a,, nitrogen, diol, phosphinic acid,, stbanol,, @odium co"nd ABSTRACTo This Author Certificate presents a mthad for obtaining diels containing pbosphome and nitregan. In this satimA, "etholamine In Interacted with djk-11ff I obters at allWlme pWqhlnic &cW~ In the prom of sedlum eWlste while balm hesteds IM Woe" aW be osomboted at 60-Me BUD OODBI 07/ IM Wto 030*4 Card 1A toe"" Voce 94T.U9.1111638.1.07 21-P A(--C- NRi A116007933 SOURCE CODE: UP10065/66/000/003/0054/0057 A t;Ti~ CIR H ijZ_j~~Pvn Xmarov' B. I., Yolotu5~.kin~i Ye. lledveeev S. ORG: none T1 TJX: High tenperature corrosion of r.,4~tals during S~ Jo of distilled gas-tur- binti fuels BOUTICE. Kbimlys I Tekhnologlya topliv i masel, no. 3, 1966, 54-57 TOPIC TAGS: corrosion, solid mechanical property, gas turbi" fu.?l, tsirbine engine A.T~STMCTf The effect of sulfur, rcP'Vent (0.3~2.4%) in va.CuLrnn distillation residue and die"'61-011 Aw" M corrosion ell itao-turbine M~tal b1sews w" Immatigatod in the Cw-j -H501C range using a laboratory _K_al~ ~cibuntivn un't. '111c test duration was 100 hm- 1he corrosion of steel and alloy blades In a gas stream during ccTrbustion of the therr- a:i catislytic cracYlrg distillates Is chown in figurc 1. It was favndjin the cases of E~i-5~JB nickel-based anj FI-607-a 0Y steels and high-chrrr itn. F-I-417 Jr-tep-1 that the ciorrxiion reniains in 0,026N,0~;6 V'0-haur liniln for a w1do ranFe of oulfur contrnt In vacuum, residuf. fuels, ror diesel ails the raterial lonn rriained within 0,038-Q.073 gW'-hour limits. For fuels contalninR 2.0, G and 0.007% ash, Ahe in- =t 665.521.3:C20.193.5 112 ACC NO, AP6007933 crMiane in gas temperature fx 6500 to 8500C rvsulted in an increase In deposit Um rip, 1. 9 --EI-607 steel; 0-0-598 steel; )--EI-417 -steel; s-ET-6 2 stee1w V--lXhlB steel. .4 V fu0 temperaturt of gas stream, OC bla,dt_,s from 0,031 to 0.002-0.004 g1cm'. At 8500C, I>oth the low-3ulfur gas turbine elilland the diesel fveld/hAd blade deporits equal to OOG6-0.0026 g/cm-77 it. -generpt, flip.11; all val-IOG origing and rBP tip to 4600C can be rec endtd for use an gas tur- bine fuqils. OrIg. art. has: 2 figures, 2 tables. SLM oom C'W/ SUTH DAM 00/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH mr., on Ove LIK V,~WWA, icr, -w is ftom ftr diew, &I* I 486,p 190 The Jo Im. 9. "Wo Ll!.t sr lhool Aec"St , 1,,XbrWT of C009r"~#, Jam.- -- 1959'at3mel. MIKOEArEVAg V. 1. --afeeLegM Cooodlitlone OW 0101ftic ch&mcterlstics or aom 'Farletiss of SWng Wheat, in Urglelp.eqO140srUtIone ror Omervs~ In Sciews and Z If" ift P*fS,'&d o' USP Higher onal r Educational Instituti,) 29) Kin Higber E&cation usu,, lss&kh State Adric"tuml InNt. Alm-At& (Frunse). 1955 109 Me 29,, 16 %Ly 1,955 30s gnl!~!W lose ftr ww Dow - s or camadowe in gwissitupa &A,mom VIKOTAT111A, V.I. (Noakvu) NMI logleal chma"s fousulle so"** drops Is assmayborts Prossers, a"@ Ins -~opimi coldisim" Arth"Fat, 21 69,2128631 I.W" (N=A Ur12) --db (mmxmpmmlog SI - 02w0 anplootv* (affis)) I- TJ I-- --A- I UWAM of Vo 404" W ft go Sam" at re"Um boo a IY16" I", (=A 138U) =;gigu= (AMM" .1 : - ~i - IIIIIIIIEN MIS.'EMEN r o j p IS 1 nod rt ft 4 1) 13 w*.m o 1k qs n T ft P rl fe LWILGR# A.T*.# SAIAMv &N.1 NIKOIAMAp T.I. __ ft".mmummmommoommo aqwrjmmw dysemtwy iaflbeuoa la gdma P140. Zbwo swoblel., OPM. I UMA16 48 20~7076M 91 169,, (KutA is I U) a- - - ML- 20 A" v - -- P"tlv"bumwy lWtityAte V INMV N.M.$ KI-ImanAl -T. 1.!.-. - Sompombd wat1wr of tam aorvwm " of an Atuatle O~ ft4m &ta frft thO - 7 ~ I M A CA fWr* CM1844 Of UND resemb ship ftunl]L L~Wwm. T*,w rtwt. obwo. %ctT-U2 162. (au 11110) (AMWAs Oftem-%ter-Aftlysis) KLIWWA, K.T.1 LOW, W.M.; ItZKOZAILTA, 7.11. a - a. M U~ at am momm"Aft is taw Aum"a %0n ~d its fou"m u aw b"w t"w "ft. MI. M SM I" W.58 UO-U" is 062, (MM 154) 1, lastAtut abomalsol M ~, Pro&ftvlooo skedwilkm - "WIMUS touce ad do"luce) (OUM bett4m) ACC N& &TIOG36Z3 SOURCI 0009t W30"166100010151GUBIOL21 Kj ffiUisleyease.wo go ........ . am$ seem TMAt Peculiarity *1 O"Psaw matter distribution Aim do Aelostic Ocess Wevema, ponsichaskly beldtat. x ras"i Pt"comw MCI amenalooreeftess" sletap, M. 15, It". fissledownslys. 116-123. 20PIC TAGS: hydrWapble survey, I oc"A p SWIPbY VeMA-0 -PAOOe PNe Fee,@.) AUTRACf I This article describes the research conducted by the r1v M. LOMMLOsou ducts# cruises carried out under the TO and 10C programs. Suspended matter was t*-: vestigated using wei&e and aderescopic analysis machods. Qualitative and quantitatkA s"Iyeas of ouspeaded matter were made. Substance composition and distribution were uped as Amilealors of water mosese. Is the northern part of the Atlantic Ocess, the Arctic (Lobtedor) water was found to costais smog smk matter with heightened content of 418toss above great deptbe and a owpomelom at the xdm 00044d Bank. Distributioa and typo of suspended matter are given for spring &M fall on a - diagram of the mortbars part of tbe Atlantic Oce". The Atlantic Current waters cow- tais detrital-efiseral particlas In simposslos; Is the region of entry of Mediterranean waters the matter I& sumposelom Is earldked by coccoUtes. r" region of subarctic LAPM41 III nW2 NICIIAYi A, VA. Grinfelldv A-A-p Rmwnhlate O.P., and Mikol*Yev&, VL. ledegults of studying the effectiv*noss ot inoculatI&W with the Orman-KrontawlkiY vaccinm"t Vr&chgbt d*10,, 19L90 go' ", parawsphs 69-720 SO$ U-300p 11 "arch 53P (Letapis IrWkh Stateyo NO- 991949) irTiru- .rT r - V L- T, UIrT r SJOTW. To.j.; NJKWAUTA.; KMTISIWVA. D.1.; SLUMNA. To.Ya. W Guawal ISUMSOVY GUAY of diessaw Wdeb same sawates of Udo4sobd W"Um. se.104-45 is 954. (MM 7:2) 1. Is Odom*w lutiftte opidswAolqAl I alknblelogli In. Mobdkom, kllalkl wrektaloaarkh Uleawy laotltuta usover- sbs~tvovGaljft Traolor I porsevoy 1wWrateril. (liewtsels) . -r T A~L ~ v I-,% . ~.Vft,v.". 07he Usistance of Dysentery Bacilli Isolat*,l Ln Odosss to Ciertain Specific Lru:,,~." Carvi Mod Set., Od*sv& State Wical Inst imeni 11. 1. Firo,-ov, Odegsa. 1955. M. No 12, Mor 55) 301 Sim. No. 670, 29 Sep 5.5--Surv~Y of Scientific and Technical Dissortations Dvf-mdod at USSI Hi;,rhor Educational InstItutions (15) WA I,- '#.VA. 1. L. I MUMRMM, 1. L I SOTWICKMO, L. 1. 1 UDRL 1W, K. R. Goti- 1, A. A. vData cm . healthy carrier of dyoontm7.'P Report submitted at I 13th All-NICE Congree of Hygienists,, agints and I `4ationtsts. 1959 W al GRINFFLID, A.A. j,,Nl40LAYVIA. ~ V.Leg lWZkWIA, A.Pol ANGELI, P.N.1 GOL#DMFKAG, V.A. St%dy of sources and ways of the distribution of eplelomin hopatitle (Batkin's disism). Report Ne.12 SoRtonality tvxi periodicity of this oemwror4o of epidemic hepatitis durln- 11 years (1953-1,963) In various age groups of I.v- -- I~ttiw of Odessa. Zhur.mlkrubiol., epid. i Imun. U noilW9-34 D 165. WPA l9a) 1. Odesekly imstitut spidsolologli I adkroblologit Iseni Neehalkova I CMeaskaya Corodskaya I Prlmorskogo rkyona Oiisa7 "altarno-opidmiologichaskeya stantelya. KIKCL,LMVA, .- -, ~ ftr"Its fam of *A* Awv ancb*V (SWokalls oner"lebolus ~otlee ftoamv) RM Its chanpe during the algratlan of the boat* Tr%* 38S Us269-273 161. (Km 15 s 4) (sweb (ftrasit too) m I IF AA IV.M. Nreoitos oil local schools of som p"ladic figh"01 In Mck Seeo Trudy 586 16t387-4138 063* Pbterials on the parasites or Spirars warAl 9 (*. o) c' tht Black Soso lbleoit)c~-"2 (V'Fk ~716; , 41 '&ATI~TN NIKOLME" J." *VA, No?,$ N#m&todes of pelagic o-.rd benthoTo !&tie AlLes -i ').* SO" Of the Medl+Arra-rm&n basins Trudy :35:- ViIZ5-158 164. It I , ~ T 1. sumamp 8.8.0 "LAMIZW, W.p., y=TyA"VA.; LTAKHOVICH, R.S.; MISMAINAt T-N- ftlt.dnWtyft SlIg bsod m vater m4 oil solublo nVontofe fts, i toW too. I masel 8 so.4132-34 Ap 16). (MM l6s 6) L Nobw~Ur MOM 9bt"Pso (boulfting adentes ("Irmic actas) .0 DUMrMg F.Sq-~= XVA ~T.Yf ~A 5~ ladl"d 4c !eels wd bl4wd pro"Ift In a" selero- rc, a. :rw. AN Am. &SA. ftol. awald wa.647-49 IQ. (60A, UsIO) WOM) (K= room (FAUN) I . ~- - ~ i " I 11111P " I i 10,101 14 rafEEF-Ir Ur SOURCE COME: MI/0296/(,5/000/02-1/0036/0036 1071"J,Mi T;pa:qsjr2kIy, A. V.1 Tadarcrya T M.; Niko V, M.; Arkhtp-YrA,, T. P'j vlkh'ay loyn, To. N. ORG: T.-ZIM: Pacterlocidal admixture for lubricating-cooling lIquId3. ClasS 23, NO. I~a7nnouncad by Hoacov AutonablIn Plant im. 1. A. Llk?mchov (Wokovokiy w)-y zavod):7 11yu.119tan' isobroteniy I tovarn7kh zmkov, no. 21, 1965t 36 TOPIC TAGSi bacteriocidg, lubricant, cooling AD3TRAGN Thin Anthor CortIficato presents the application of hexachlorophene an a d=IxtqjpIV6) lubricating-cooling ljqulda.~/' -tn ~*O IzIqgUAI-!!J----'-'- _ak~ sn COLEt ll/ SUBM DATM O2Mar64 Card UDCt -665.52j.5i62-l,*-W..S - lalumn Tju ohm-lowntal frau at In U&M of a* really DIAYMMI&O (M=U~olllplM) ftWwsIWY. Zeal. sbar. " mo.M317-13" 0"o (MMA 18810) 1. tatitat "egft 3%dmob ~y AN UbrSMp SevastoWl. f T ol i i 1 Vt lmjie.Lr.#P* Try* rre I IAV ('Tb 47, "Ir-ai0or, /0-n Ulc W b 4o ay v-~ 14, A. A-f -FjT--? z v- In A i-l'u'i aru ID-1; r- -u r tg~ U, .-m Lila un'laoij- n 9 t-ad 18 1) . cl-a a. Id i'n 0 I'kt rig 7 1 'it'p f:f T"O'al #m I ., I . . I - .:~ 1 -N w?, I ~ ~, ~ C,'Il ) " ., - I ? ~ mm i IF 3(1."T 1 (130 f,~ ~ : . 1 11 EXT(t.)/TjE9P( t ),jEl ZAC--t(k QP(0-- APIGUM BOURCECODEt IU*R/0149/66/000/003/0132/0133 AUTION Wnto&&. V. 9. ORM DqpfbmM ad a &sd a" a= (Uc~koi6kW UWUM aloof. mom joer by M48ftrift the dWrM&1 Wd Tnl&s Sk* d So 411hMiltO a t %. SOUNIMs rM. TsvebuWs vadallarglya, no, 3, 19", 132-133 TOPIC TAGS: thermal am[, MQ bdenum, copper. metal diffusion f M -L &.0 4r- 'C'04 P'41.* e-I ABSTRACT% W48-deaddized. all But copper ww wed to lavestiple Me ddhalm of neVtdown in copper In bim at 960-460C. The specimens were anneded In a ~n Manes. Cylindrical specimens 20 mm, long were bedied in open ampules imder a low d by pan nalybdowimn shavinp 100 am thick. Holding Uno was 100 sind 200 hr. 99tiAn of So noVbd~ lao ** copW ww studied and by measuring 0110 and abradwrinal smi. The showed that doew sum- for diffuslas layers appeared sear ** surbee. the does being .. C1111,111111P i - poestw sking as 'Irtse . A stnagly efthed MUM* VMS obsoerved withis dw lik"r. An fatereeMg fiessere was tW dw doeted CAMA L 40236-66 ACC Pat APOW19"A sbwftm ~ sd sessi without etching and, furthermore, was no demonstrated by mW etchant vbkb eudw 60 Gower structure. Measurement of the microbardesse am micro4hermal eat shovmd dW dithmdm of molybdeam in copper occurred to a greater depth *an of the layer vUb tM sp=W sbustare. A maximum of the mic rmal staf close to the boundary of the low wMh So sPwW aderestmWre and a further smooth trassitIon to that of pure copper vm absernd Im M c~. 7U maximum depth of the layer aw 0.19 mm for a holding thne al 200 hr owd km 0 to 0.00 mm for 100-br MUMS. 7U miMpitude ad the thermal omf proved to be a qd% snottive characteristic of the chaugge of the compoeltim of the solid soluUon and to a owwasko peoperly for a Ud study for sumlarous points In a layer.7t" method can also be Used IW delembleg the oosMienls of diffusion after appropirtaft standawd specimens with a hag" - - -111,11" of the dithaleg elsm" are fabricated, Orig. art. has: 3 f1puve. SIM CODSs II/ SWU DATZ: OW&WI ORM REFs 001/ OTH REF: 000 QWdMAF-=WUfTSTWAU* Yom grigoOrevift; jfLQLWA .,TAM fAyin a I MOMWAUo foleft AISILM"MI UNWAs 6-M-, f4"t ~~q ILTOO sobwalwour robater E&A44 to jw~ls MWASSO de the ftmSew r"Las at too To4p i6~ waiellsols Iwou" Meadow swe*ewsbmo p"Oublia. ftso smshommumse lm-" III-ry pe 4"1. 1 wwwo Sears M6. 19 P., (somtow KANy"NA.IMMITNUATA, TIDITSLAU, Te.A.; WWMX, IA.. ambW red.; MIMUT. IL6.0 wofteMbly r*4.; ~mm. 1.6L. sdifts."A. [ftratteraft out foom of Jurassic and Cr*Womg sedlonsts ta Oe Told& TaUsy pwltom st Swelew Prewtscel Strattgraflia I reass twnktk% t GQlGwA% Otles%eall sarstmekago rovolah'tee mftl geraftoplivaot It%-rr. 124 p. (losArgraid. TeasobisvW1 seftlanot $skit goolagerawadechoWt institut. Trudy, (MM 13s2) (1krosor Pivilmo-.4901"W, ftmtlgmpbtc) 111IMMO welpol Ml"uuo 164A. or Or jw 00 Seaton" to aw gamin samme stntw -Ow 0ISO (Km 1611) IS - 0 " V** Am "- Te 1~ O"O"nivow.1'r "fostly @**0. Iwom 14.0movs.#1 wSr"Atall Swernim waterwav pe M. KIT (C4,.qvtl~ of Artislas go vaeomme poo"w. 0*#ofArv18j41t, im. 10i P, S-30 "PI44 pri.tod. *".I LA. mismer, Ohlof p4wor of A161DOWAMv. V.D. T."WPOvo PA#Mt Ms *9119ttlA at artialos to Imorwoot for In "Weds toehne"O" WO cow will ?%* esilattta," ont-last'A fire pe"re 6a sltatrA 44106 Witten by trw Tfttftsq r1r4 porowr*l Of the 2"Pam" gavot "t4to umon rims). of """Aittles a" "%oftot. Ilefore"90 soom"Any 611 we 0-0 #f the artis:00. 4^1 W.I. Umajo.o. of ntsvww in xo~tor w S" %iO4%rqzr%18 ns-. pwr **$is Otto% u4 Vora Wo a% t1o refrutsty v#t&.g bestial or tw* plant In 01,11kir.114 v#rj Mn sarvio-1 w1rob if. #l#4trwk*ft1A&j of"p,,04.T%j, -to& floor 1, ", f-tr rr,~.e- Stan of Snu in a two type of F~*#Lvlr,4 tob*, for mvtlsv~tt of prealsion "I for ottwr prpo"s. T1w first *owl*@ MOM 0410ort"I"al 141to of this 0. 40004 to 1)61) &rA f3rot 0 ;00 ~w. to serv ft". a AlIrm.0 In d1owt.r. laur, vith lmprovfj O"J"em, 5 .1'", fiber was botalftei th regAlfir foatory 10". #AeardIP4 to ftw. lowlet, "so, sire j Aterprof In i1&"t*r "" %,,*I% pro-14,02 oftler lobers" -$m" in t" kwlswq $10109. A de"ription of IN slobtAIN pp"Oes Ow 04*10.4ht so#$. w.6 be" #p4restortattoe of Vv 04M. we oil". ALK". AA. 1441pams for ftewift convolv1#11 66 The &"he* deperibee oq.ipaat z4volvel by Limself 6m a I~ 40MIA for "Wt.& wears, am tp*,A#o#,jtt"4q In JAIP o.2 to" to*"- TPA gerAral tost1rG cep"Ity of ire .441P.0obt 0 )w to 350 taboo P" hear. a t o r --o o zi o o -.k T 't r,~ r o 'Aw 4, 7 q vvq a n I p c N o 0 4 1 1 1 a Wp r 's 4-,) a i: I O~t k T.1 t'r, (1 0 I t m 4,,a o 4 91 p d IIASM I n 41 1 n v i 1 it FT, ROOM i m I A A p 0 q itc 6. n '1 4 0 t 4 LJ H 4 P, 0 1 j"m 0 a yl r 0 z a 4n f, 2 4 a A 6; A , , N'Lux'Away V. V. ,;T Dissertations *Llrgwlng Conditlarsod Reflexes arA Um L7nadca of Their Kxtiriction.0 Cand Ned Scl# lowt of PWalolody Immd 1. P. Pavlovp Aced Scl USSR# V4sc*w, Oct-Doe 53. (yealak Abeft"I lasks ftnow, Jun 54) 501 SUN 318s, 23 Doc- 1954 card A Pab 137 - 9/21s V.0 Scient Autbor i Dwbmv,, K. N.,, Dr Tat Ge I a Xlko LfIC Aosonlatep am mastlawlebo va. A. 0 Sciewtv.. Titi* i "rimimmme matibrucellools sorm Periodical : V~UmrlYa,, 79 30-31v &1 54 Abstract I amperimmats confimeted simse 108 an alce,, CaLmom pip, raftits, mA cattle revalted Is the Gavelopmat of b"wrimmems entibrucellosis mone wbiah apseft up reemmy at cattle Istected witk bracollAmis. This morims my be used as proftlasle agaimat abortiom, metritim, amid onfismetrItis. It cases possIble that this serm say be also usod suc- cesoftlly WUnt brucellosle is @"O Cast@, and bops The Mmin Ad- eftistratlem of AmInal Owsbamdry as& Weterlmary 041alm of tip Minis- try at Agriculture at the =R has Issued a dears* ordering am-ofectum of this amt1broveUmole serm. IM decree coat&Uw also lastructions am to =the& of &AMmistrattem at this serm. No 16jecticas should be givem suboutemsesely 5 days apart. Single dome shmIA consist of %e at amt1brucallools seram per kg or welot of the animal. Institution Par Sectors Z3ml Sc lost if It-fteeamb Veterinary lostItuto Subuitted rail -- W.V. Amljola of the neural mcbmalm of a pothologioal moUr reaction in &ope Indir lastaftalOs 5150-40 156* (~ 1011) Is labontarlym fintolagil I patologli wyedwy mrwW "tollmostle to mahobly - F.1powerevo m ) NMU&IWA, V.I. wo~~_ ~104 eadislowd farl"We ma t" #F~146 at "wlr MMIMSIONO fow In** flosele 6139-Ni 0170 (*=A lltf#) 1. - 11 onsort" flosoloall t patelooll vreaker wrww dwatol Ousti (" ~~Wowr F.P. MWONW). tmlv~ m no) Bu=0 1. &.E.. dektor vot. mouk. prof.; NIKOUTMA, T.T., mau4hayy rabotaik "Ifte norm th*nW for entemis vub GIWMI amtomm of lebtegettb sommovy Is lattable lietertmortle 35 me. 701-37 A 058. I., IfteftruNimbig labomterty4W ft1lemotookeogo okqp volorliarefte tootitstatfor lw&wv). 2e lkllwwootodW am" loolodevelolookly votortme tutttut(ror likelereve). owit= KMQTWAI love &W sembap In die"Aames of Oe b4oar wife wolvity to Aqp wltb s4reft MA v4sk tme of serve" votes, tnu am, fletel. ISM-3" 039. N= 2315) 19 lebwasersim Ipatel"It (mvehymmkir logo BArlets) ImMute ftslet"Oi 1~6 l*P. FAvIve AN SOL M"We R~-Sluam) 0. MI&TWA, T.T. FAIA*I*jW Of tk~ blibef SffVOW SaftWity of dMe of $be well b*Uwqd Ime shwev"Oew"dolas. 9 00,51706-711 " 999. OURA 13 o3) 1, labwaterlys patelodi lastitsta ristal"It to, I.Pe fawlwa Aftdwdl m* UM (ONE" wmkvms pbrotol.) (~~ owrimes") TSAM. , S. G. (Candidmt-a- of Veterinaxy 41-fencea, rzz-w--' Vete-rin&ry lnatltutc) ~& L Eiz#vip V, V. (Far EsGtem 9cientific Wsemmh Veterinary Inetttute [XIVII). %~Wrlwntg In search of a laboratory model wd FVPW#adf for inftctlaW ate go-'a r"a"Lls In owl=" vaL. 39,p so. 8, Awwt 19W,, p. T3 TSAREV, S.G., kwW. veterin. nauk; ~IKO:AMIA, V.V. Boarefting for a laboriLtory model arA the prophylaxis of atraphle rhInItI* In avlas. VetorinarlIa 39 no.8t73-74 A c 962. (WPA 17t 12) 1. Kazanekty Yeterinarnyy Institut (for r~arav). 2. V4tl'ncw- vostochnyy nauchno-Issledovatel'skly vaterInarnyy Institut (for Nikolayeve). SIZOUMg LA.# Inshol KUNSISOVA, N.V., inshas XIKULATEVA, V,V.0 insh, fee of different %Ms of sUctrical mWmwo glektratakhaika 36 U001115 Ja 065. (MIRA 1110) $XnAMP fog ItUZIIUNA, V.; IFIOLAMA re. I,,--- - Is has am 10 00"0.0 awo , vwW 19 me.2.1s" v 963, (=A 17# 1) 1. setroom bwtltuta "Yaw traft I proftessmallvkh sdolow"y as $=e -'A A. Effect of the 7itamlrls Bi, B6, 81~ ar.4 C on tfaq act-or w vity of the otomeho VA vmm)l nivi t~- birge Jrtestineo In isitlents with chronic enterccilltis and colltiso Vor. pit. 23 no.5W-50 ":'-t) 1640 lp,15) 1. Gastreente ro lee, ic%n ukolo oldalen!yro (zav. - kmi,mmd.muk A.G.Ssakyan) YesEqntukskoy kliniki Pyat!g ~ev vatollskogo InstItuta kurortx)logli t rizi 'q I!. */0*,f6l/QMtVlGAWlOO Tevetyuk. K.V., Olkolaro", T*.A. I TMXt impatuotumi pivememmewtie arrest in sesm ium-tma hole sentom- d"la" MICOICAL# ?4f~ft%lvW ahwmWl. PlSlkG, no. 10, 1961. 2"S abe*ftt 102313 ("Mft*M. yeshogodulk a& 195?. *wmOvlUk.vR-% , awmvw, 190. 47?) IMS %* &AthW~ WdOM1414 IW41W&U*l GRIMM1064"t,16 GfrOQt in Pog~Bl- -condluetore df 06-tM 116106 1110 Um of dlGVV ton OMMS, 1,957, no. 5, 1=14). It is &*PAN& - tM%, relematlem SAM sulmle NO 114 119 - - l 1 . an awso 1s of the 00.12yantlonal typ, A iw,4i%Wjzw gaivemememue *treat, airtervat rrm som, has bem obtained &w to OwlavW"le part of wmW,, go remat agraft w1th ex- perlwats, pmvMM that. Ow length of free Oath Is empAmed to bq,....jCv4S end 10-5 cm at rom awd IlVdd alUvgm lampesmatwe respectively. Us effect is inmeti- gated separistely for Haut "d for h" holes. (Abstracter's notes Complete truselation) Card Vt BWAIMA-17-35M Translation froas IsfefttivaVy domal. RIOMMelftlim, 1"9, Nr 17, PP 7-8 (MR) ALMMt I ITtX A Sm Itteetre4anduating IMer on the ftse at DoUl ftbber PEMODICALi Tedm.-dw. Utyl, 3WOOMMS Uptakew skan. aft. r-as, 1958, Or 5. pp B-9 ABSTRAM Par momfesturing alvatift battwiss b1pelar electrodes We of Zn ad graph-, its are wed. For adhestan of Zn with greWto serves an sleetro-conduct- ing layer an the base of colo*mw glue. A now compositton air the electro- condMating layer an the base at polylsobutylone or batyl rubber to pro- posed* evastatIng aft butyl rubber or polylsebutylens - 16.7%, creWto 81.70, em black - 1.60. The substance to ym In a heated rubber mixer In t1w following orders mllfr% of Wtyl rubbeve (Pr pelylsobutylow). grodwal additim, i;f pradzed graotits and carbon black.Vfhe substance to calibrated an seelerl rolls. The dunt obtaTNTTe-r-oned onto the zn.shw on a adwder. Dwlrd thle operation the substance to cowered with a core- board Me %. 72w *Isftro-cvm&wtIng IsM en the base of butyl rubber to ,cheaper then that an the bum of pol"sebutylow. Sw popow electre- Card 1/2 e*n*&ativg lam 41trors tram the graWte - oeleowW lam by a lower protesser; SMIMMO 9.S., &Oktw blelogtebostilth muk; s.m.; XUMTWA. TOA. ""IfAs at engpw lbe"M for SMIMSto sequi". skinmila Ap 156. On& 9s9) fuse4orromponamt (for Prism), 2. u toessrslosedo loadmeal"Isamtol0*60 I"Slftta SMVMSOISOI I orlowil -a""$ M ~ lprw* govomww) Am NMI=* shooffe awsmusse la S~e wqmuw Me)) (WAA~VAM thmv"ftftO %me Inw. ~wbw (aw)) KMUJM&~~Jsj.$ SWUNWAv A.K.1 STEPANNAp Z.A. NjerqUalsoval pwilky of molutiom for Wections and eye &op. Apt. Wo 14 w.1 sfi~-U Ja-F 965. (KIPA 18810) 7-F- a ml, =I,. .410 IL, Tin", IN ?V h)U ME REMMA6 -.,A-AL --, . - .- ..- - 4 ftdr of andislow for asafts"m SWIM& doluldmoses of walfff" Wd GWOAS 46K 61SOAMG IV 8~ Of 414NOWfA addismulty. '55. (no 916) 1 GPM mingetwelft 96r&"- -- --0 (ftwum) (owswe so") (oalfwts "14) vnmmTW,4,,;o,J6, SWUM, L.P. %matitative 60toy"tiotton of vAo cbminal dno by tirtlommsdo no.3166-70 IV-49 158 (NIMA lit?) titr4ticme AjA.4~1* 7 ("Tun) .xjjqATLA, I g 11J.1 WAUM* 1-9- (906km) AA4, NUAMOD onowel of tkw 6u p, or &Upton vwkml (NM 1412) has&. A0. do" 10 goo It" ilk,-Ir 9"o (D amime AM=) WffMt A.G.1 IRUTMNOVA, R.L,l NIKOLAYEVA, Te.A, Ccmparattv-# ertW of 'U" eftett of ponlei.UIA, itroptQqcLn vid chlortetracyclino cn the votryr x.ctlivity of' thaa gastrointestinal tmct in patilentm vith Oirrnin Infectlouiv colltia. Amt,lb."otik-i 10 no.'CtI70-1173 F 165. (M: Rk 16 t 5) 1. Gas troente,-Glogic"skoyr c-tdolaniya YaosentuYekcT kliniki (91AV-nYY YT-S-Ch ',gnirskogo, skopw iywt-ltut4 kuro.-t,-.,Iog! t k' ftvpwmu~ ter knum "a Assida Is" WC, sombehe no, 46 "go. I bpi, 6 "Jol As 161. (KIM 25tl2) 2, astsba sommuty nwtmdy M 3 W 8- -901 ... . .. Imusaft Imait IU. Rallsimp 4* slud~swlo a- millooslM Goad p"I'al lid" salwo so I "ralmu suWjjM,, raftorivA Imawas; maArang w., roUltior; LILITS, A, 1-amidwakir rommor ulmrw-~ rma fv= ~lh owl 31 Por*om* GO b"Wel ffia~ftl- I"*iol Nobwokli mbnbit, 1"6- 34 P- Ow 916) soko we"ied) r -0 _www*F#rsvs,- *WWO F F) Is 'A I I A AL A f4.1 11 ..... ..... Y v L 86 ;j;j ;Ali aipbs -018=4 some 00:000OM:6009.0 oo:o::oo tituitu 0*0*0 0 so* 0 00 Am "boa ww"amw (NWWRA ad ftaoloadal) as Aw #WSW 1"a 0 1b 60 1"98 S*3 Auftor TO.I. "Us I iv ftus" of smiumme is amewau" VS& of "D amdea Orig PO % Ob. upmbs. raboll MumMy me. in-tt we ig, avie Atwtrwt to 8 Uwt ribjecut by m~ or ergpgmNft,, aw swculw wttvltty of oew bud (86~ml liftu"Is 30 tl~ pw olwAs, by as mLMe rUWw of a welot of 2-3 ka) wIft Imiusuft of as 000" hwd durUis Un woft of Mw rtrat aw stuft4de Anw ~ Waftes wak of one b" tar 3-5 fAm'"W" an wipwm fts tab= or OMMMUve wart of boa ban" - as "sivity of am he" &lab b" "r"" r r T- V- Subjeat USSR/Chemistry card 2/1 Pub. 152 - 3/22 Author* Aktiumov,, Te. 1. and Xllcolayeva,* Ye. 1. Title I Moisture content of table salt Periodloal Abstract AID P - 912 Zhur. prlkl. khln.p 2Tg no. 5. 480-484, 1954 The maxi moisture capacity, of Baskunchl table salt was determined by using the so-called Orirat drop method". A de.-~c. Iption of this method is given. The relation or the, moisture capacity to the granulometric composition and volumetric weight was established. Four references (Ruaslan.- 194.7-10,52) I.Pwa tables, 1 diagram. Institution : None Submitted : F 24o 1953 h ~P' ~ r I . . . . I .10 . I r, - I . . 1-: . I LBB LS Ift"s of the amp of a spolmn an the "Isotrwy of Q4 seendve fam at e*14.mllod *IU~ Irmo f1$, wt.i wt&Uow*4u C*06809499 jo 162. (UM Us 6) vft%Wuy puft"Plab"My Infus"t gammle -- 0 (ifte-ellieft ausy- -N-AIgn Us Prow ties) L ACC Mki AT6026966 :ercive fame (80), relating these to the spontaneous 1149116tisstim (ZO) aad the don- isity of the bowAary mosSy (y). The tesperature depeadence of S use established as !j4s; 9 1Z , m4 the soperimentol brateresis of facts were analysed is torne of this ral a 0 0 ition. In all asses, the values -of % were greater for condition 2. The cheage in v;j-ji,/v me given as a fiaction of the cooling too"retum, (T) from above the Curie 1poLnt (6), whers p, and tij we the pomeabilities of coa4LtL*as I sind 2. This ratio iincreased upon coollog to a tespersturs r/6 of 0.7-0.6. coinciding with a gradual in- Icreass of hysterssis* At very low tosiperstures, mWetic sum=tural chmSes, was re- ~tard~4 Mbd the hysteresis decreass4. A table show the effects of difffisres hostimg !md cooling cycles m the penwabLIfty ntio. Topersure hysteresis is a ample Icou"Ibe dLaInLabod by moll" to Its operating tompersture befors we* Orig. art. ib": 4 figures, a tablisee 3 gwraulss. COMs 62OU926/ - ~ OM s 22Deo6S/ Gaza Wo as/ OTM Mrs 001 ItZOLLI-M, U. K. -I-- M"FWWWAWN%rm~ Wf"s of bewim m"I am me osww wels Is out* Womes Akmb. 4M., ""W& ft. zero-" mr-Aw 1"s. WA 2212) to Of Us 1"100* of Obsuftles MA freare1w (ftemeler - to Of "Opimm), of fte vialstry of ftblic smaltle MM YFI. ". . :., A, - i nThe vffect of 11trous Dyllop raraldehylet Bcrba.-~yl on Rerlexan or tho Tnteroreceptorn of .;Ci, First l'oucow Yedical Instv Ynscow, lr,*)r-3. ChIrm1hyinitt', an'! A- thi 'Afi-us." C-s-Y.1 1:,-~d (P.Zhalcl, Vo 1, ~;C-p ~11,) i0i Sim 1,32p 21) I'ar 55 t - ~ F,-. '-Y o , c r, -'r "'.?- F~r' T- '-L'F~rxl N T" x -T~ aveisit so ammommo-d" MM111111111111I.- 00" o1w do* AM No 00% 30k. rk% U. is pop, too 0.1 fororof 00% 6 I~ssqm 414 1 go. lowe IV, 0 em". in a walod 14111-4' (410~ &*. 0 v -4E.U."Sm M. 14 Owe 4 4111& AV* 1000. ebb MCUO wfl .0 qw"m saw I'mm. Aro 1 Oil 1# 1.17 a'. of 1. 097.0. 4.00 a AV fle"m tompol #"14r. Mat 44. 804 wo."40" am 8%wwl #to 4 1 006 Is 4 a K71, in 11m, 140 -wo A At 10 M,.Nr% in 1.100 nd Flop g~ is 0 qqqb&F rmwAm f. 1%, W 4'. 0%- 10 to mov- 'k-4L 91 ?A--r&wQ. 9044.4 r."r 1~ 11V A'. ofe 14.4016. 4 41.911411. least, 12046 O'Sol X 0. W149% to so ad rfoo love" -a% as : a INN on oup rAI ASA filonvol how o%p meow MI. saw & WwAwl 04091 A Ono, a go a VVII'm "ON" c""11. IF dow I" A-44M. .4 0 j a I%'L I" flir "m so " 4. ON4 1 1 Sig% Arv AW am a it. folvot'11464,H]OWNAW. bo I"A 7'. if Low. ar 1,40; ob"wo so do We IFUNCOWIS.- tiz.oad xx a S. 10106pow (r1WPrlfXMONPvW. so an oft"fol do law. rw W146. 43 G~ 440 loomwof Nw o6movid 014% *W. 844W 10 d Im. Ilp1 11. ow I Aw. 4r I XIM WINOV, To.&$ TWILI""WA, T-T-I !7q;P11p~'O IF*. &I row.0 , Iry. Ivolution of functiccal properties 9f the skeletal muscles in mumls, Shur, evolo blekhime I f istol. I no. U491-4" " 965. (KIRA 19 21) 1. kberstorlys, ovolyntsti dvIgateltnoy daysteltnosti betituta evolyutsimmoy fizielogii i blokhWI Immi I.M. Sechanoys AN WSRj, Imingrad. baboitted imo 28, 1965. LOZHQV. ".. prof., doictor bloloe,vaukl KISZ"o X.1.* dat"uts kang. btelea.mak. Prialmall a4hastlyel 901MV. A.A.. bud.bielogaa*; VOW. PJ.. bud.blelegw*1 TMMW. A.Le Mwd*bIels&mm*j INABA. IP.Tso kmd.bIeW~sm*s flUMUM N.Tes -=Mm wArOmOg AMMIN, !SZOLOWLA e SOMff as eft*3 qoirsdaft: madMr 8, ble ", amm*w 9**wwAatkj ~MW. T*.Al WMUV. I.9.. iaakg AMMO. 1.01'. imaks 'CCXW. 1P.961 NIMM, Lt., nteftlka ~DIRKnA.$. 161409 t*bSev"O Epl~M~ "A ~ftjaj riekift In low %awl) Fowl ryuw k%sel"almo v bammins omers Dolbae l~sk~e6 kalshmm is&ve, 190. 745 P. (KIM 12s4) Is Setradalki Idn%dwo geavalworellele (tor Klebaria, lemilow, ftpwo 1"Ps", vwlarlm). 2. SOMSell Alm"vill amak WOR (for go valow). 3. DallialrAtmet (for spuse A"FULIS)e It. Gesplas Sw7st-Smallakor ME (ror ShAlpor). (Dalkel. lift-FiWorles) 21 AVMUI Probeval I okly# Too So # /]Uk*INMva.X&JL.- SOT/55-59-3-26/50 amd 111nove, lose TITUI Application of the Viethy1ditlocarbamato of Sodium for the Separation of Uranium from Sow 21*meato (Primeneniye dietil- ditiakarbanate natriye dlya otdvlenlya urana ot nekotorykh *I*Mntov) PZRIODICALt Vantnlk lqaekovskogo universitetapSeriya matematiki,, mekb&nW.., attranamIlp f1%LkI,, khljdi 1958,Kr 3,pp 217-220 (USSR) ABSTRACT# The quantitative extraction of the uranius-di-&thyl-di-tio- carbawato by organic solvents to attained for pt 6.5 - 7.5 - A emplots, extraotion of uranian froa a layer of the organic solvent into water take@ place under influence of nitric acid (I 1 20) or of a saturated solution of ammonium carbonate. The authors develop a method for the #operation of small quantities of urealus (ote-hundre4tb part of one mg) from ~ttism, of Iron being 100 time St tor. Tb*y discuss the possibility to obtain uracium and vanadium by extraction of V-dtsthy2dIt1*c&rbsw,t* from acid solutions for PH 0.4 - 0.5 Card 1/2 5(2) 11UTHOlt Kikolajovt lop.j. 307/5, '1' -5~ TITESs The ~7,: Anallyti,- Pr-.%;;,?rtl.** of the Bin&:-,I Fluoride of Uranluz (111 atj Aaaq="..M d a-voyotv d-riynogo fl.ortdt% --r.Av& "TV) ! nm2or.!y&) PERIODICAL9 7satiAk Mn9krj,A9kjpc 9-nrty 1)58, lir _', jpp 19l'-I,~6 APSTRAC"Aa Tho anthrr ir-vestigattl thq influen:q c.f the cor, cortratlc~r, Df tho ;r*-tFitant, &M cther fa;~~tnrs a,* 4.t.* !~oz- pletonems of thA pro-!yitatior, of (: 1) ~y ar--cnium flr.trilev. A!corelrg t,! 7.M.".^~enig!-.rodekaju , Is.:i-slont iron 0&s ;@Rd for ;hi rpg-r-ratinn off iranlua. 1. war, atat-od that orall quon".tlas of urarlux f0.5-2 mg) -or. bo separate4 from vanadium,, ard iron with thq aid mf ammonlux .luorid*a If tht oori~ttrativy~ ~f tbf, er,!,itfvr. ip not too I trong. T*!-.# artbi~-,r nqrtL~~r.% the p!kr,~r L -Bof 5-7 of v.G.Khlopir. ad E.K.?'-prifte. : Ml?rv are! .' tat-lew, 4 R-riAt ASSOCIATION i K%f f Ark -loeir,ly kA..',.rU SUM 1 W.1 ED a:ULJ 2, 1957 Card 0 On the Problem of Ursolun Votorelmation by going WI/55-58-6-14/51 Chromium Compounds (11) Investigated (Fig 1), it was found that the remotion is accolersted by the presence or Sao 4 ad Sol. The pro@*@@ takes 2 and 5 slantose 304LUM ae~tsto In small quantities exercises no influence, larger usetitims hemper the process. ?bus# the reduction of uranium ?") to a m1now"-sold m"lum could U* considered to be closed after a 5 med" - passage of air through the solutla'a. Table I above Mw;risidults obtainol by the abromatosetrie detornisation of urealus (IT). The course of the reduction Is described. The Investigation of the ahromoustric titration of ursalus (TI) by using the potentiometer P-4 with Indicator platinum electrodes anI saturated calo"I 0021-010200t0 showed the followtnel In the case of hydrochloric- and vulphurlo sold concentrations that were lower than those mentioned to p4blications, the con- sumption of chromium (11) was found to be too bIg1h, Also here the oadstion or chroujus'd*Y*1opod particularly well in a sodium containing sulphuric aotdq wbere chrosius (11) to less constant. By these and other Investigations (of temperature Card 2/3 dependence etc) the optlaux conditions for titration were 90'F/75-13-4-16/29 AUTRORSs Alinarin, 1. P., Molayeva, To. A., Jj&Jofojev&, TITLEs An Analytical Invevtlg"~,On ~* Precipitation of Tetra- valent Uranium With Sodium ilexametaphosphate (Analitich*okoie Lauchonlys r*aktail osazhdontya chetyrekhvalentnogo urana gakeanotafoofaton natriya) P1210DICALs Zhurn4l analitichookoy khinii, 1958t Vol. 13, Wr 4, pp. 464- 466 (MR) LUTINACTs lothods are known for ths, precipitation of uranium, with malts of the ortho- and pyrophosphoric acid as well as of the phos- phorous acid (Refs 1-3). A considerable disadvantage of the gravin,etric determination of uranium after the annealing of it* orthophomphato to the pyrophomphato consists of the fact that the compounds formed do not haw* a constant composition. In the present paper the use of the compound of sodium haza- notophosphate with-tetravalent uranium, which is difficult to dissolve, is considered for the separation of small saounts of uranium. Aqueous solutions of sodium hexametophosphate are con- siderably stable in the cold. By hosting or acidifying the so- Card 1/4 lution it was, hv4vrer, hydrolysed Okefs 7# 10). In the freshly S005 - 13 -4 - 16/2 An Analytical Investigation of the Precipitation of Tetravelont Urani)Ar. With Sodium Hexanotaphoophate prepared solution of the reagent pyro- and orthophosphate are practically not present, they form, however, gradually in storing the solution. In order to separate uranija as quan- titatively as possible a sulfuglo acid or perchloric acid so- lution must be heated to 60-70 prior to the precipitation. After the precipitation the solution must be heated with the precipitate for another 10-15 minutes in the water bath. Tetra- valent uranium precipitates quantitatively from perchloric acid solution only in a narrow concentration Interval, viz. from 3A aclo 4' In the case of higher and lower acidity the amount of ths, precipitated uranium is quickly reduced, which obviously is connected with an increase of the solubility of the compound at the expense of the hydrolysis of hexametaphosphate, or that It is connected with the possibility of the formation of com- pl*x compounds of uranium. Uranium cannot be quantitatively precipitated from salfuric, acid solutions by means of hexameta- phosphates. This fact was also foand in the pr4cipitation with orthophosphat* (Refs 6. 11) and it to explained by the forms- tion of complex sulfates of uranium. The conditions for the Card 2/4 quantitative separation or uranium with sodiua hexamets-phoo- BOT/75-13-4-16/21 An Analytical Investigation of the Precipitation of Tatravolent ireniuz 11th Sodium Nexametaphosphate phate are the following, 3n porchloric acid solution, and in the case of an amount of more then 2 ag uranium a final con- centration of the reagent of 0,30-005~- For lower amounts of uranium thorium is used as collector. Thus, also traces of urs- n1us are co-proolpitat*4. The molar ratio between thortua and P01' most not exceed It5, as otherwise too loin resilto or* ob- to nod. As washing liquid for the precipitate diluted porchlo- rio acid is suited. The determination of uranium according to the precipitation to carried out vanedomotrically. Tri- and tatrovelent vanadiam (2-20 mg), Iron, and copper (of up to 200 mg each) and other bivalent elements do not exert a dis- turbing Influence. Spectrophotoa*tric investigations showed that In the case of an excess of reagent complex compounds of uranium with hexametaphosphate, are formed (the measurements were carried out by means of a spectro~hotoaeter of the type ff.*-4). The method elaborated for the determination of urani-j= in described In detail. There are 3 figires, 5 tables, and 12 references, 7 of which are Soviet. Card 3/4 ,*CV/.Po- 1 $UTHOR')o Przhavallskiy, Ye 1. (Deceased), Xikrolay-vot* ',P. Ree. SIT LE s The Doterm.Atitiin of vraniua by UsU4 Potassium 1clate (Prlm,~nenlye yoduta kaliya 41ya oprodeloniya urana) PERIODICALt Zhurnal ansittichovokoy khIsil, 19i8t Vol 11. Mr -%, pp .AB3THkCTs For the 4etirminatten of vronium thopo wpthul-; art, of interes'. that vtilizv the forvation of compounds cf f-travalent vranitAw viiiin do lot sl~,Lve eaaily and art rtsi"t4nt aea,hat x;.qprai nc;dm. One lisadvantage of this method Is that the wibeequ-~nt deterninstxon of uranium Is difficult (Rotfs 1-5). Tn thq paper unlor revtew lhq tp- of the xo4ate moth-)d ror the IRS411ate 4ftera.tistion )'* uranija t~o 1.svus3od. which hal toon wlg4eat- 93 tal-ore for the do~+-rntnation of thorium, -.!irconILM and cerlum (Rern 6.7). 11rsn1Qm is transformed inta Its tetra- va!azt staSt, by electrolysis at a atrcury cathode 171,,1 31. 'rho t,t-sts show*d that it was not p6asible to ittain pc":Ipltat"s of c,.~nstant c,~mpovition by pvvip!tat1cn scc~,rdinq to the Cs r 4 1 sethoJ of Xsvfman lRef 1;1. rnow qown,lu o10 & *(., ri-r rent jolu-