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November 2, 2016
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August 23, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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Imm"Imcm 10A -t~w -. Glaw" I -up uw Is I" geml ftwes Is ow= mnluaties. rate tuda* I dopo Unp. 9 2602122-Ru " %& (Km IM U) Is safe" Paa_ ~ - h - beg natelsou (mv. - por. $A ftvlovko) I OWkWOMP N 1"1N Zadft M&IUI=kqp ImUlats Imad I.N. I A "o. -11 -vichl Kuznetnov, Analol,-t !;~"'jpp ch- -4 Tunnel dl 4- ode circu -&Skliomy na tunnelInykh diodakh) Moncow, Izd v0 19-6-5.7 p. iliun. 60,000 copies printed. Series n;ted Ya-rinovaya radloblbliotek,.i, vyp, 15-86 TOF, IC TAGS -tunnel diode, gallium arsenide tunnel diode, gertianiw tunnel diode, circuit do-sign PMRPO~L' AITD COVERAGE: This borklet, intended for advanced radio ama~- ttura, may also be uned by technIcians and engineers engagCd in the dL-sj-.r,n of circuits usin.,-, nemiconductor devices. Principles of t-inn"I-Mode circuit deaIgnIng are described. Pasic priramel;ern and chnrricterintistics of tunnel dloda3 are listed and practica'--circuit dIngran,is usin.,r these dovIceri are given. TAB"jE OF C0TPrE',ITrS.- Ch..I, Tunnel Diodes -- 3 S%ructure and principle of Electrical parameters of a operation -- 3 tunnel diode -- 6 2 233. q:L4 ACC A116013861 Equivalent circuit of a tunnel d1ode and ite paxamatern 9 L1. .1 '711111ne, valuen -- 11; Ch.`~I. Use of Tunnel Diodes In Electronic Circuits 16 Vt.ver supply of tunnel-diode circuits -- 19 S.Inumoidal-oncillation generators and a-,pliflers '-)I iv:ilaxlation generators -- 23 Voltage convertern 31 SvY.Itching circuits Co-,"ibined switching circuits using tunnel diodes and transiatora 51 C. .111. Ooue Practical Circuits Uning Q Tunnel Dlodev -- GO 1-ml t.1 vibrator -- 63 a..,2 i u mtunnell dioden G.r.intAng c1rcmlt uning C-6 C-3 C,w.inter uning till, Un-aropnide (10 t1mr,01". Amaiog-to-dlgltal cow)"6rter VII AVr1,7,'J):1CM -- 77 CON,: 09/ 1310M DA-Ft i5,Tia6,;/ A C ,x,nr j v tr ft, . . , I . Kr !m allo%LCOTLunt Tv LITLMJAff-V-lCnt T.1 ft%WU of Uw Alprim pwpu. ab. I aw r loati-P ja 161. eI lues wd P~W Om usai ALMIK, K.D.6 TARLKMt; USOWVL, IL.S.; MIKOIATEMM, G.V.; Z(MVA, k.G. . .... ... -.- StN4 at tb* of p op"Imle at omUdalo dl 0 twing #~ gbftUs in oklldr~f lmtltutlmw In Gorkly &W IDearddmk. lop.vtrw.7 no.5s6l7AN 94 162. (KM 151 U) 1. CorshmMy I"Utat q61"olool I miknbi6WI,, Garlbovskays obl"tMa s"Itam-ospidadoloodwoftle stmtelys I SaMtarno- opAhMobglaWbq* stmUlp avtosaveOWla ralwA, Gorlkly. (GA" =on") KMW.JMTJLT INICMS) (M==IMK (OMIT MV=M)LZTTiK Immiom) N=HUVA, K.PLI WMMVA, T.S ; SMUSINA, D.I.; SUMVp S.V.j IFISkMMO T.I.1 K=DCMW, A.Lj TENGESIM, L.I., "del NIMIMP 110GOO umm, red, Iffusse"m "d - - - Ir diodso a glory i POINPOVO& wmvyo die* - 1- - avi"118"t. 196). 6A pt (MM 1613) A (Tre"Is"re) (- I ~ % PO oil IF ikf q Ail p l@ cot GM -W-5.9% 000 fta 41406 L ml~ bumm 6 00 P. Go= "Mr. snob i SON r fl-)r F- I J- - e~- , ff r K.A. mom ww"d mtsor mftr an lan"aft &Wttsm romse. 8t0"" SM forost Des.lass. Sor,2 "o~#201L-326 153, (UM 731) (two) (plor"romon) CK-13-nVilli. T.Ta.: 111KOUrV04TA. K,I,. ow Role of mdools to Ube romoles at Dells LVIS-1 104mmwy Is ftlish). hwbvow*Gmio 26.1:1-11 or 457, (WAM lo: 7) (Sell formation I ----rump T.U*J KKOiAUTUATA, ". miwftn4m of d"arlm root ruaLm and rhi*wpb~M of mk- Us%. UN 17 w.980-9 062* (KIRA 150) Mo - (OU) ca Im 1 9 T.Tool NA. - bmm~ - -~ - - - - -v punt rmuwm In *MOM sAtum. V46, op.-in- 123-33 161. ow 15122) ("I - -r - -P (7~ W's, 0 00 0 0 0 9 LT U u is a I I **a .004 t$JjW()LftYE VSKRYA K. M. two#41spopiessw4tow Sub. ly 42M and to 00 doPwdo MW 1) 4'i'V40 owma 060~ a" map. roe= 14 4WOL am "A a* 01%000 sp foam Ad buldw 4,4600 sommeow". vow ow, 4" ow doft, 4rvmokm #Am ow maims 04M -00 w4 #*an *new IB 0 d1b 01; ow SO 0 d - - z - T - , ,- . . - - - .1 ~,. .1 .14, , -- - ", A , A II . ... r vas ~l -- ;;-,, -z,, ~- ~- -, a -. --I ~C..-- I ~7. L ~ . .- r,-- -, x, Glav- 0,.,- ~o . . -2 ~ I " , rs i. IP -, 2..; ~ I I - ~ L lip 1. ; .;~, - -, 9 3. - -3 Z-0 t Letopis, ZhurnallrqlkJ~, State..-p vol. '.,5, .:osimap lAg V4 4 0 0 4 0 0 4 C41 0 4, 0 0 t&4 CITO 0 IN 0 0 4 0 at j- ww ~ L vr,k wr t, e t K CL WIL . . 1 4 -1 ""M d~W att 474 ,At t F . goo Soo goo 00 U I.W I.- , *: Ott * o , IF iA Alt i_,C M.q4X W fA t low Awgit nmwo gap* In1w. Ift W 4 am ~ as% in- Do' eat* wWAhw dIP MOMP ~-Ooj p =,td, C A. swou blow.= ..eel pool as go too Is e* W 2 00 _-i 4w-i -i-a i 4-41 -4-4 -1 ::Igsssssjfis, i -1-4 0 e 0 0 0 0 4 * 0 * * 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 a a 0 0 0 6 a 0 0 * 0 0 A~ A~ SL SL Fw -T- -W -V- 9 ar * # 4 4 4 4; t a a 4L A_X on", 10 lop sk. "m so few tf-qp-"Ift so 0.20011%. mok- PEA I sit do low -fto Id, vqo"- I 0 00414 ism 040 f! : 49 *09 47 -06 **a - 600 :109 use 40~ .4- a w i w s w ;; w m m m - - - - - - 9 e a 0 _- 0 A 4-1, 11 W w It- M-1 T T-'T T-T- T a IN, i fit wzwk 11*40 i u so itr v r f 4 IF 0061 4' de MAMMIlml /~ -~- Z,- -, i~ I .~ - . -11; f " ( r r tv AI v UxAwma a" madommus masts" My 47 4Mft Odaftm DOMM SO bedftn %ttw 04 We SM of tbdftte Usdamp ad tft a ob Neftwo ftbrul or nesomm da Q~ "%~ IL A. ftho As 16 Magwillimo 16 16 3-- ---w flop m0w Omp I %w Pw %I M19 1b 5.p A~- dadow"m W "t b" b"s &Koo go ago"- Or l- with sm a so a 0011000. nomm ad 1XVINSWITY. K.L.-. 4901AMSKAYA, U.S.; U39MV, I.K, I -,-; mrwrivestal OV4148 by owns of the "del for volt1w.0 restoration on eireatt-broaker coutaett of losC-dtet&nce olortric pover liaos* Tru* ZVI m~,,l951??5Q54 058. (IGIA 11110) (Aloctric eirevit breakers) (Xl*etric pwor distributiom) (ovorweltace) A- o- 10214 U:~IC)l~,)I(~~,5lCoWIO)51012)1012b Inoyc :;cn G Zn)-yentus, 3. L.; r A. Lerlill..-ra?l Pol~rtpclmic jr;:;1titUL') j1D11tr'K~11dC1hS.';k1Y 114titUQ 0 1) t a A'.riing unipolar c-urrora. j,uiso,, with S,)U i,-' IiFribory I tekhriiXa eksperimenta, 1(1lo. 5, 1965~ 123-128 TA""P33 circuit theory, elecLric rosistance, noalinear effect, electric C;;pjjGj4ajjCo The %I I k--3 51'RACT iUnipolar current pulsf.-3 are obtainc~d by connecting a cnpicitor bp-nk with is),factive load ound nordin-ir re,31ntance in :],Qrio3 with an electric discl-Aarge cir(:uLt. Th-9 nonlinear resistanco depends on the cu7rent In a r4nner GIVPn by R ~ V III' -' where) in prActice, in carborurglum products such Aa tyrlt-3) 0.13 ~- a e 0.22. Analy3is of the above circuit lckad3, after n3ndimen- sionaLizintion, to equations C ard 112 U !'P- :621.373 Mimms. A.P. prialsoll sabostips SaM , &,F,: ITMOT, &.908 SMMM~ ~ 16.1.1 SUMAIWK&U. Oap - NOW". a.*.; MEW. Aeff,:ATA~T, somm.rod., "Nam. O.M. 0 160M."d. [Brut ~l or settle relel"I gresul op"Tockalk pe k"psomm reiptow dieft. Mositwo, Gosolvd-ve ool*kMs,,Ilt-rys 19609 R? pe (NnA 13M) (Cottle) J11KOIATATSMICL. V.P. ~lwnlem of tlw ammealng refUxo Trudy ow. CorlA I mom. 6t2q8-"5 1515. (KIM 12110) I* Is otdola ftatelogil (env. - prof V.V.Tlnofwv) footdar- stvomogo naiachno-looUdovatollakago Inatituts ukM, gorla i *Oft$ (~O Elsommom T pe "am "Mraff mmlg*=. is". lose owla I ~ mkdUsIM471 '"s (NVA 15* ) is u - - - ObASIMAM ONWN I mmp sombm- tdmp IMUUM dfto u I "no 1 da :L = ) (TMAM I (AUMU) -,I 7~ IrL7r-v I A I y " . Defended his Candidates dirsertat'lou in the GeggrAiDLY Fmculty of Koetcow ejt!.tg Univqrsity on 7 April 1952. Dissertatiout "Creation Ami Investigation of Ccuplix )(Aps in a Coaplex ZwoogrAphleal Inv9stigAtion (The Expertanos of the Wor4- of the Complex Vapodi-tice of the Scientific Research Institute of Goo h 1101.4cow St%to n5r:P yo Univer3ity, in the Centrml Chernozem Rogto 0 301 Vestaik Moskovskogo Unlversitetn,, Seriys Fi%iko--X#%t-.m#.ichaskikh L Yents5tvinaykh NRAq No. 1, Ho3cow, Fab 1953t.Pp 151-157; transl. in ,W-297420 12 April 54, b-rKOrATS-vSUUo To. 11, LMY. V.P.: as. X-Te.; vl="=FGQu. TO.M.., ~Miu. I.-To.; ~~&, N.V. clessinesoloo, of p I - i usew fores of emles. Iff. An M ow.em. POW414 95b. (oft 717) (amiss) 519CUTITMU6 TOCKO; GA=lc Tuoaq %W.WV"Rqw-- tedw at &ad 4WtW pla I& cosaWSles with the ~USIM of fte elpseaer pl~ of fte GISUSI ftnIONW of Sim Gummew raft of me Swiss valm mommoft rw go forsher amler- 6"-Ot avladmos of fte VAA.I.9 %V. MON" 154.(MA 7:12) (lospow. 21"MIG) LIDDY, T.pqj !!F!!u TOKil U90. TO.D. Fmtimd plan for stuqtac wealm faetwe ad Pr#Alctl" Un oeewjv~ of ar"iese Ab-lF 1570 (grooles) (MA is$ 3) r 7 7- 3(4) Pun I BOOK ZMAITATION SOV/1rT9 Akadowlya nauk USM. Instltut geograftle 1"Ollsovenlys topograflebeeklift kart prl lebeeklift loolodo- yaw" Igoe r-O-w-G--f! aal or -W-0 Ikof Is -- - 91 ftploratim) V usesewo 12d-ve M SMP Igo# 118 Pe 206weeples Printed. fte wee nor. t*mt,yev,, emel"tes or Toohnisi seines; we or t4ldilug Smse: TA, ToIjuskeya; To", Sd,t CO. Markovich I I Thlo book is Intesiad for 8184PNIMIS or cart spbe aw un topear"ble moo in G~tlft wltb ww1r " Itye C~M We book is a sollostlM or POPWS 91VM at WW Inter- Putmental Coaterewo an T-- gisphle 11W called by the Institute or Geogriow" Assaw or sele"Ost ~ in 19550 T" aim of Uw sourevemse ww to discuss me solve Problems In the ww or moo ma to rind wass or improving uw contents or moo. Included In Ww pope" we d1muss"We or =p making usamwis. @=tents or seviot moo. uw use or nos ror Pwalso- Cmd 1/4 Use7of Topographic Maps (Cant.) SOV/ITT9 Podebodavo, N.M. Sees FrobIme In the 990 of T"Ograpble Reps for the ft"leal de--~ 4 Staft of the 3T WWWW PlInIffevskaya, U.N. rus I I a got Perth Ver As no-in Gmassilm- Vith 406wq*10 ftoelm Reglons in am Ip en WMIR 46 M~%*Ovv �.&* no fee of Te" 0 Mops In the study at Virgin and ftoultlvatod W&Ao 56 me wvt To. A@ as nequirments for Topodrawe Sw In Mom phelogleal Studios 62 karlyev,, P.r. im ciansirisationo of 2"o~ls Maps md the improvmmt or swir centsints T5 VaMn4I~rWvsIdy,, L.Te Sme CaftelderatIms for zoprowlag ?-- 4pepa-le IN" In Comeetlen With ?Mir voo in plan" Vater Vtlllsatim projoete ST care V4 uso of Topographic maps (cent.) 3OV/ITT9 lb"blalno, A*P- jWwwk~ an the Coutontg of TqpWaolc 1A COVAWGtlm With TWjr goo in UW Xts" Of =at nosommes 91 91"Us"Oft Of the PaPOIS Preeonted 95 Flesolutions 11? ATAEWWAj Library of COW go cam 4/4 M/lob 5-29-59 WYALISKATAV NAKMXAv A.A.$ XUDIAMSKATA To He 0 "go ' - - 91plcom project themoo In the Cisographloal Faculty of Mmoom Chivereltr, Test, Wak, un. Ser. 9s Cow. 19 ao.343-49 F#-^ 9". (KM 17 96) 1, ffated1ra skosoodshookor rogrefli SW# Wedra flalchookoy geografil 330 1 kafedra kartografil Mokovskogo miveraltstao SMANSIATA. S.1.; -VIKCPUXWSIAYA. Toje.; WUSTINSKME. F-P. - -""7" sm"vist with a re6seed bleached wftdpulp contest* 2=0 promo It me.7t(S-8 J1 156. (am go 10) 1. Neskeveldy filial flontrallsoo ammebso-loslodovatel'skego ImUtuts, bumWi (for Sellselays. ItkolWeveh") 2. Goelitisdat (for Walblashtsys). (Newsprint) XIKCFATMIKAU. Te.Te. ! - Ireassaw to 1104 of val"Olored popmr. smoprow, 32 W04;7-10 AV 057. OM 10 17) 1. Nnkowdrv filiel umdrallsoge & -0-1901040TO4119kage 1"Mu" bumet. (P*fr-fosting) (color) cluM Mov. V.P., tand.te"n.raut; JaV-4kTVGXArA. Te.Te lrzh. Costralliog tho quality of printing papor, Nueopros, 34 no*10: 7-9 0 159. (MIRA 13:2) Is NmakwakU filial TSestralluago t"Mate Isellpleserly I %umebw Frawshleametio (Paper) .. .. . I - ~0 1 . ~ . Mkolayevs)-.aya, Z. A. -- ORe3ervoirn In !,-rk:; of thl- T--]-:�. Itectural Flanniri,,-, muestionn).0 Pcad of !xchitecture TJ-~'S'7, ~'orccw. 1-),15 (Dissertati= for of Candidate In Architectural r7cionces." 301 Entzhnoya Letopis', No. 23, Eo5cow, Jun 55, pp [7-104 A KOVALM. A.Ta.. kiwdidat arkbitaktury; 11MOUTITSWA, Z.A.. kaxAldat arkbit*kt,.jry. Grestor attentlos, to lmdecaping of *be capital's aw districts. Gar. kbos. Moak. 30 mo.8:8-12 46 156. (WAA 9:10) (Moscow-Laudecaps architecture) INCLAMMU Z.1 -kmA.a*Mtektury =M-0-4 0- . Lotfs amhe better Uss of "douse o MAL strol, MAJI 2" 0", (NIPA 150) (Isfts) V '0 ~i tn' i ;j V -11 r OVOWO G.A.; !a S-L& !_!! ! " X -a MAU ftWor vabw pip fw Uvest4wk famm. kud6 I rev. 20 =*12 151 9 a. (PIP69 *APW) (WFA lJol) Xurc"lMUAZ,AA. G~ of ~la 00 shavestwistles 49 Won" regletraAlft tee* mwk, =n. ppm. wjasiZi" ss. (MA 9:5 1 (plown In.4map"Isal Mae") 15-1957-3-3654 Translation from., Rarerativnyy shurnelp Geologlyap 1957. Nr 3. p 168 (VSSR AUTHOR: Nikolayevskly,, A. A. TITLE: Determination of the Average velocity or seismic waves In the Carbonate Rocks or the Russian Platform by Com- b1nod Use of the Records of Reflected stid Refracted Waves (Opradelonlye aredney skorostl v karbonstnykh otlozhonlyakh 11usskoy platformy pri sovaestnom Ispoll- zovanii godografov otruzhannykh I prolonlennykh voln) PERIODICAL: Razved, I prowyal. gooflzikat 1955, OF 14, pp 7-13 ABSTRACT: A method of using different records Is proposed for determining the effective velocity of a layer lying be- tween a reflecting and a refracting horizon. Por this purpose, the use of direct and reverse records of re- floated and refracted waves obtained for the same seg- ment of profile Is recommianded, It Is essQued that the Card 1/2 outer reflecting and refracting surfaces are flat and U-11, L-.Li 11 F- r t I _rT. -Lj ry Ile Jim f i go ov IS11 14 all fill phi 11 MMYAN~ 0,Dpg MMXAOW, G.T.; DOMM, A.Z.; NOROARAWO. V.I.; VASILOUT, T.90 s T, 1 MAUMITS A.&.; , TO.P.: mmio 9.16; ~U, smimo %.Lo "ft~MW 9041.1 ~~, S.A.* toWN."d. (Goolea. sed oil sad we petestials of the Taint &~L$*2.1 Ge~- ledelmakes strossio t mettegavesommost' Ulustalcoi Mii. Pad rade W.G.Weall'ova. Mmkve, mott. I gorme- I&PUT"s I&%-ryo 190, 4" P. (NJ3U INU) (Taintle-Patroloiss pol'off) (Tairstle-41me, Setural-fteloa) tWgUl. ~_.A. =WAS. N. 1. -. ~=04 sm "IM on ow poleff of "a nim ar"Olles. owl., mwtt I am 4 W.1113-18 j6 0604 (NM I) 110) 11 Ustoo" --l"Iskedwye wowle"Fe. Tv"ivw am- ----9&w) (Y"Opedge-ftep"Ima 01""s) un,m . s.a.; iwgmkx?M p K. B. i1 11. A.A. cows"Um md otmtwe or uto b"~t ot a* outma ab"im ruww~6 Gool. I OWL@" MASAI-" 162, OM 19130) 11 lo losaws pougli Iskutdo" fula" slbirobno ~Rtftlmdlft a SIM (Kbwlm F I t--- a-- -Me Cryounim aud wtawnMe) XIMLAnTimg A.A.1 TWIMP ofw. mm~~ sm d~mow @Use it u0 ~ do " volew of Us NwIto- sop* Amd as polordma ats. am. poL 6 90.9091~m we 6). (OU 1&6) L bvwe-ve~Udw bm*lokmwy mad~-bwlo4mUl'~klr ImutmL (VM:L K-A-lm~ essiqwp strmtwal) N WMATCV11"Y'D .A It. 4 .e Notsrimle on *hG tactcnic regicnillitation of the Uch*17 rgg!cn, I pol. Iskop. lUzh. b4se-A -,n geophysical dnti. Mat. pf~ g Urals no.305-62 IV. (MINA 170) TOWRDWO, S.V.1 GOL101-YAN, V.G., nauchnyy red.; SHILO, N.A., red.; KARTASHOVO I.P.,, red.1 DIKOV, red.p DRABKIN, I.Ts., r*l.# ZILONWINUO A.V., red. NiKowxq;l,r,,,. AaA* -rod. I FIRSOV, L.V.,, mdos TANOVSKIT, V.V., rv%"-.llll (Thermocalculationo of foundations in the r*gions of parnafrost.) Toplowyo raschoty ooncyanli v raionakh vochnoi mrsloty. Magadan, 1963, 104 P. (AhMmila nauk SWA. SibIrskoo otdolonle, Sovero- Vostochnyi komplakanyl nauchno-issl*doystal 'ski I ineUtut. Trudy,, no.4) (MIRA 18til) ACC N'K'j ltizatiwz. Now deop saismic sounding in tho rogion of t.-.0 Kurile alr.-.e.s irAicate a complex block char=ter of deop crustal structure c=##d to a V*ator degree by change of the composition of ito rocks han a chw%e of thickness. "the velocity of propagation of o!aGtic wavas at the X discw%tinuity in the southern regio.-w is considerably Zioa o-' the undorwater Vityasl Ruws - 7.8-8.2 Zrzater' than in the re A ,=/sea &rA 7-0-7-2 ka/soc respectively. Specialists of the Sakhalin Lnte;ratod Scientific Research Institute have formulated a model of the ozrth's uppar mantle %dth four "thenosphoria layers M. depthj of 65-90. :2a-i6o,, 230-300 ArA 370-430 ka., alterncting idth layers of high strength o' .7 zattaro The asthenos;heric layers are characterized by hio absorp- tion of tr&nswerse saimic waysip IrAicating a plaeti*ity of the matter of thosc layers. 7h* volcanoes of the Kuril" are projected onto the ,accftnd itsthewsphwe,, iihich must be regarded as a me of mapa, forua- r tion. L-I "Stan X=W%&tk& &ad In Uw bull" 'As" Is a pyet" of 4"1t& &ssmIALted idth the emtiaent-oosw bwadary sces Wdch extenids to & depth of %W bno Sw mWstm at fmIte idth the tremb is tramA sog to depthe at aw4go in. orig. &A. has, 1 figare- &US 37.71U-" SUB CCW 1 00 / SUM DATS i was NIMATNUIT,A-1 I= I- ~Wamw I- -- lowtvatera bo&Ulqp; w4t smob$A for Q~tvft*lsm se-be "a ftildwel ssllekdmmldsosw~ foreftellstwo; kmkoo pe- "No 4116 forettelow" ftboaaft t "id4soff. HIM"M. ft.l. Eftrwtwo pwool o"ll somil. 1"6. 32 P. (00933) (Pam t"Idifts) beleampble ste4r I& spileM. Abur.mmr. I potkb. '57. (XZRA 11SO poskmatriabsebWe bellsit" (SlavW wmak A.N. (VURM) (X~IMAM) SM(Np Top prof.# doktor tekhn. ni&uk;,,pIKOIAILV.',*,,XjT, G.1, dotseent, kaw. tekh-n. mauk gfficLea,L &mlo of autambilo as&. Tobb. *at* 2 w.8:24-25 Ag 165. (MIRA l8s9) 1. Nnkmkiy awtowbUlw4crosbiVy lwtltut (for labkov). 2. gbarlkcrv- sidy awtmobU'a*-4crashzqy lwtltut (for Nikolayevskly), I w - We V*Ao I MUNIMS Cre wobw w OSO 0- is oobw for we slow at Immloto we *me 418.44WOW4, tak] 20.10615-11 136. (~ 11111) 0" owe) ,N"QUYEVSKIT, 0 F.; TAMUMINA , I.N. 1 -41-, . _ 4 Slmltaneoss treatmat of gotten ftbrice with latelog &nd fixing armts. Taket. prm. 25 no,lOt63 0 065, KRA 18110) lo MaNalnlk otdoloohnogo prolevadetva tkatako-otdolochnoy fobriki 'mm4 rabm6ev F, Zinavlveva (for Nikolayeveltly,', 2. NaaMlIalk kbialabookoy laboralaril tkatako-otdolochnoy fabriki luml raboakep Fe Zinov'ywa (for Tarsbukhlm). 1r-tdMUX4T1rb; PANOV, Vladimir Stopabovich; TCWAMSKAYA. 'Tnq,cvnrdyn qfnnrjwvnft2 SITNIM, Vladimir OtepsuavIch; CWrw'&.bKHIJi, b.i.; ;.::;ITS=, V.Z.; WMINNUM& Z I.; MIUp A M FROM . G.I.; 241- 1 9 To.;.v*otv. rtd.1 Wai&AFS.T.C. red.1 MININEMp AJ., red.; AL i G.P., tekho.redo (ReqaInd prectioe work In doccriptive ge~tryj Obissep- UIOWI prektlkm po useberLaUllsol jp- trile Wwrikovp Dw1knekil pa*wdv.9 1963s 1U PO (NIM 17s 1) . I - ~ LA -, i,-"_ A j . 4- ,~~r r " ' ' rt ,~ vc, ;1!1, *,~z.#~.,, cp*,jc.,*., (,--, -l t) ~a I . t!o . r.. furnarp cmi-r). "necow I -I Ir , - li I r- 01- 0 (~q No sepau or mume squipwima Offesmol asesum-Sue 1w Moskva, Gas. wu*Ao-teklm. lsd-,wo lit-ry po ehwwi I (mie 1"") Nbrecum If-9 -Ty:c~ vv- - - , i~~ ' 'A . . - -.. I -.~. j..j ~- 1. . ~..A - I Dissertation: "Investii-ation of Resistnrces to !!c-tior, of a Travell'irr- ~rare." Moscow Order of the lAibcr Pad rnrxer ll-'--'.er Teclnical ~-chool L-aerl ".r. n, j .1 - na=a 27 In I I* SO: VlcherUpo Baphla, Jan, Irf'47 (1-i"Ject #17830 --r:, o f.r:- r jr, r r 1. G.m. 2. W-= (6m) 4. Crerwep Derricks, fte. 7. InVOStipting locomotion mischudsme for traveling cremas (Isd.) VNIrMSli no. 1,, 1%90 9. UDnth List of Russian Accessions, Library oi Congress, -APM - 1953, Uncl. NIKO . K14_n.-M. A?M q. A. SN-SART-V ...... --l -.-. Ispollsovat' rezervy v korstruktali kr&nov. (Vestn. M"h., 1950, no. 10, p. 25-30) DLCt TIMAi (Uti3lzation of reserves in the crane construction.) 50t Mamifacturing and Mechanical NginerrIng in the Soviet Uniont Library of Congrldss,, 1953. VC . I ! =~ - jr or 'k- vcz if T ,fl. fix --&T - P4 The maintanaim ofhatating mwhinery, in rolling-ddlls lzd. 2., perer. i dop, Koakvap Oos. nouckno-tokhn. itd-vo lit-ry po ch*moi i tsvetnoi metallurl-,li, 1952. 157 t 3 P- II r9=9 - S.K., U&t tekknichtsidkh unk; SHKLODTSKLY, K.B.9 wummmwwmu-w ~& . I.S., twkbaiwwsmy f4damer Dad" womme ad Is rellft irAIUI fteluMvede ~ m a a6maUvemlia p diMiM taftwo Wo $.** pmro I 4we Ne*w% ftfo MWISOM W006 &OA-TO It" PO 860001 1 tff*tftt SOWIM419 1952. in P. (werwraml (MM 7110) (oft~o 44mriefte, see.) (senile adue) , . .- ~-- - - -- 6 ~ - - T -o---,r KOWL&Y. A~A,., dotsent, kandidat tekhaichaskikh r--uk,- )MOLATMUT, O.K., 1--Aidat tokhaichaddkh nauk. *-_mmw me"m - flbdmtad dWPMt of rellIad 211161 Nsbhmioiwdwo aborademals P*Rtvfft taNWI. Nodem, %S. andme-tdda. Is&-To lit-ty pe Wwvwi I tontmi 1"30 if" P* (IBM 736) &&IEWW (Boul"Mmill dooklm IMMM Alshommir Swiawldb; SM&MM, IN I., bovAN&I tokbalabseldkh medle nlms~$j 28MUMMM, IP.Too, kmaUdsS I~chosklkb amk. mossumal imam &.#., losts"s "Nolow"m am*, ""am": ~~va&JL, hDad"Wo wamidmkm =*,I Monsm I ~W Fj-..-Ibdifts $~MmtdmUft 0d4 8illm-ull IFIMW- Imm S,Vmo loodUMS SVsMt~b*ddft =00 mw~smtS EAVA14 SA., hNNASS jSftMjdW~Uft aM*6 -~A~a ~Srj WX~o memo# INBbmro seakwo oats$ 54A.0 sommoksm"r febalm I E!!~Wmmw Of &MIJ Ulthe PWWJ 440100 WU&UtIG% lw~slm] "su"m kmw bolleba PMSWAO~Sil bmadrove- map wmftt I lsoftwu"oo om*mo fto* assafte-tokmo sellaw md"mWeit. U%-IW* Md. (am 1012) 0 deffidat Ste.) GOR-SKIYo G.M.0 kn-d. !,ekh~o i2,v,,;Y-v retsensenti M.A., inzh., rod. (Hinge-jointod crAr-o jitsl ZlAndmu-mochletw=le ukO- slrq kranove P,.-,skvap Fashinoitroemlet 1965o 182 po (FJRA 18%3) NIKOWEVIATT, V.G. Flre-c-r-k.-; '~'. ; lOtbode of and study uf Um effe-t -A tba external ewiAment cm the itructure of vigetatirs C.-Pns in higb*r plimtAe V.-AeAhur, 49 zr,*6-833-231 -let 16~ M'RA :7110) jVri L-I" LM /r itik2 AM., MAKIN, N.V., red.lad-ve; UCAWAo &of** Seftseled* Cledbalml "~6jfjc~tj~ for assigning elsetric traveling wows] jWftjebsGjU "Jortle me pmesk Irmale wstowykb Olaktrichositibb brasew. Nnkva, mobiwastreit. lit-fro 1"7o ab pe (NIIA 11:2) 1. lbow. lemsWusupy smumbas-lealefievatellekly lastitat paleyame- tnnpwtwp GmAinestrwee1j". 20 lawadwababil krasever labors- tormw Issearmemp sell *beg* tatitate psiopme- tomm"Ortwo mablassarweelim (for Sibelffewskly), 3. Sevedlow show laterstarlm w1muskenswakfAlf T"Waysma"m valeloskage Imsitaft peaeramme-twavanaw (for Sagmalovskly). 4, Zavedmpwb~Ur Imberstert4W slektreebaradmalp Isessrumage asualme-iselads"Sollskeep Imstitaft ped4yeaw-trampert- aqp G"blasetrassip (for makler) Ovems*. derrIalm, etcJ wsk$ AA., bs"UIst toNsidoddft w1k; WnSM, 1.0.. basMal teftsishaskikk wiftS ZCR=* &-No, Usheser; TCOGNW. *.No. tashwarl ITAINW# lot., bastidet t~ebeddib wvkj FMMIM, I.S.0 Undidet taftalsbaskIth asskj IMPs B.L. tektatalwakly radater CGelealatiess for emu waksalaw &ad parts for kolating as& seaverted seemasel Aseekst, kna"Ift ""Wainev t Aetelet pedoesse-u we OrIV06 wabla. Meek", mebtasetratsout-rre 19370 05 P. (IM 10:8) 1. Nobaw. Issewssary sawbee-Iseledeft tell ekty lassitat pedevews- transports ~ blaostl4sairs (01=0 Lrrtdo. etc.) r,4,.Lr,o La y c v i~i y ur 9 st s v Is fwml ye fts --w Kab meshlowt (Cowuwttm at m "sung MA ry)o us"W" Rkmast 190. " ve (ftnes: $we~ no st Uftest lole Cbwi&Ul Niet MalFe' &yUw,, Wotsew; NvIamr: $A. MaliStsp s MmWalms OL tw Libelat-6 m Semy NadWw ftll&ftt S-Tao 401W181, ~rj Ste at P"ddag lls~t LA., Wpnl To*. Kos Dole Noftllo I VMS belbut Is Late&" fm UO 6OWMI mder. COMMMS Tm teddet Omnift" t" p"Vesta rw the 4mlawmt of halstlas ad tfWAIWSSUM WAbbWry eowtrvwUm 6u4se Ow yeam 1"9 - 19", in as@*@& GmW VIth the reselaftes at Ow =1 Camems WOO Ommudet ftrty at ww awls% al4m., rm be* difews" tm b"s tseeft at tods"1406" 4umurmt 4c that tyua& st maddany fibla pwifts tM ~ W madmIalmat cdw-vg--- CWAUW"48 of WA ledesing (emu) 16141", I-MA-- w bad"I"t ad tremspw"Um ff~MUNW la laftfArys. wo atbw lava"m no," at ftu~l esnav (Monet emmmm, abat and slammunt eld"Asaw WWA" ogles=& vuk. r~loww ndIm". P~ue emnwm rw froorlmlag ustala, OU.) Cw~ Of VWOW lshwtvM sterA~Uw ~ pmm*W ma WUM*,w lid Emu an som, rm Uft *Sww&w ~~ vistscmm =a 4t smurum "A %~" uww Mau" am lwftuau~o 10 pn~uu" "* IM" 4WM 2 ftftr~v beft Smiot. Cb., lo c at"* or wo An in nelfung MA TJ - camrMum m maddws, cmauft at MW T 2o st"g gr I" S" of bag" T 21 Cho IT- Preep"ta rar tho Dmllgm-tpf 1141sung We ,p NWhInery Cmetr=tlgu DWIMX ta* yea" 19" cut 2/3 PM. IAIILVSI,'IYg 0.14. , kmM.W-Im.r4tW.- Sma peblms In Us de"lc;wmt or the wafacUme of enries. aft"Araft v prac. 5 ro.lcln-u 0 063, OXU 14110) (C"~Vdwrlasqeu. ftn'-d-gludlowwaucts) NIKOIAMUffo O.N.9 kand.tektn.nuk; 01MKOV, VA., inth. fwt-lift wanes- lost-mah. 41 n0-4106-38 Ag *(I. OUAA Ilass) Or so derr eke# *to.) To *I sammo I.T. -- Fill" trIAP 45~6 mums I Awl$ M*Ul&s I IW (jau I;lu) (Growe awridlop o".) MAIM, A.Ll AMIUV# A.A.1 WGAXp 1.14.1 LAWs A.G.; A~" &&I nATIOUIt W.4.#4MVIUM=o F-A-1 ' A01.0 1".0 "memo"$ mmoswo A.Z.0 prat-P ~ domm $do. a"* "d# I LT.0 hod. WWW. NAMbe Md., IUTA~q G.A.$ W"Iw6ftl TMILOMAO I.P.0 0. (ftedbea do 'lm~l lpmwbdalk pe kral6p. M Md. A.Z. odwitak"p. ftek"o mob9is. Telo. Ichafteterwift or Q~' mistawas Md ununatiml marektoristiki kres"o U*Amiehs~Mia )w P. (ORA 164) (Crs~, oft.) Geork;iy Yat-veyovich, kand. ttkhn. nauk; bUhlohMOV, F.I., kaM. ti-khn. nauk, re(l. Itlew designa of crarves] lioqo konstruktiii krawv. Lo- Mrigrad, 1964. 41 p. NIPA 170) ~ t~tl . , 1 %-; -, v '.. i 1;-11, 1 -~ - I r'r- 1 r. ~A. . ; 11 , ~' , ", , , . , f; , Ami", , , A . I . .. , " , WTA 1, - .;-Id - j, I , , , ; . p rf,,,Io w sk [bridger-AM cramal X-17A.-ty v0stcvOgu UP'to FO '-F&t TSiantr. n&uchrr-iamlo 5n-t patnntmi irkforTAtaii i tekh- riko-v~cn. iewsl,j 1~i(4, if Pe (FIRA Isle) 0Y.014MOV, A.A., otv. red,; F"IN, A.M., otv. red.; i"MVSKIT, V.I., red.; DOLGUS81S, 11.1., red.; KIRILUNO I.Te., red.; HIRRATUN, G.R., red.; MSWM# L.A.# red.1 19 -Uvi=s'~ .. rod.; rim- 11, V.A.- iipC; UgM-OV,l ~.Nv, red.; KWMO red.; SIAROPOV, red. fUgWatims for the d*sIgn anl -Pfn operation of load- 110irg cranes) Provilm vstroi~%tvm t Lasapamnol skspluats- totl gruvapcc-d"e=~fkh krancv. X-,nkvrq Nedra, 1965. 127 Ps (FIFA, ISO) 1. Rusula (1917-- Gctrud&rstvswqy kcrAtet po nadtaru s& bevip-mmyr, v-ie-tJyom rak", v prozyshlelnro!!tl i gornomm nadzoru. L I M-at "no 6w mom owng wohn an t60 6=*Mu.= dbwnw, lbftbv r"G. 0 I" in ansumd %V w Iwo @"as. 100OTt. $.D.,, prof.; LADODO, X.S., kand.mod.naukj KUZIKBSWA, GsTa.; W,;-ITMISI Y*G.; TIMVSKIIA, I,So; K4QuimcH,, x.r., Z=07A, L.D.1 HILIM, B.I.; COHOMM, A-K-~ RuTSWA , To 0 Fe, Minical opid4stiologioal obaractoristics of oortain viral infeatimm Is obildron's institutims. Miatriia P6-11- Ap t6l. 31 noe4 (mm 1414) 1. rs otdola detakikh inf*ktoii (say.; - prof. SO'* Woocmr) betituta pediatrii ANN SM i *Wsmialogiabookoge otdols-, (ser., - S*A* Omwel Moskovskay gorodskoT sonitarno-"idemiologichookoT MUAM) ~;AJI SOLMIUWg T~D.j MEKISNUW# TA.1 NOMNW, A.T.;-XMZAZMW. G.F. ftoo st 4~ tm*lty to 6cal"a md varlels vl~ to I I . Tcp,virm. 7 no.6001-705 54 062o (=A l6o4) ~f - I. liaterm virmal"ll ""trallafto InAltaft uwvwdmstvo. . v4" Vved" ftshmebwa garedebw Uvw-4q1demleUgj- chosh" st"telp I lambm-Inu6mtellemy imutut virmorm prqomtovlp Nwkn.- 'IMINIZIS =DCMATZM) V~Odwtmf Istaferesco Ommed by 1414"Glas so", PlEft shisM tw scumal" =ft surnelmt to re- bmc* laumfer"Ce to rafte sec Us case" by Gdawltag vait of vw-" Seto with T-ts tdw. attal obtaUlag cC tbo entire cabiaet, to be*" for T-2 4n& T-3 %*Idopw "to wtth 9-t& MA L2-la tilbes. Butwo I t that via at commmalcattow vwv- Owt Ina "Wly emb old*l" rw *I& Gets 04 10- *tau Ibm an am sew., -AZM r r- IML~yAMWI=* Gmpdl Abr~wtskj JM9 A-1., r*daktarg KNIGITO I.S.4 FO&"Wl UWO O.G., rod&"Srl CXJUWgWs AA.0 radektarl 0 2.509 "SON 18 ~~q "0 roadmwl URMTO ir's.6 "Amorl Sm v-pe-0 P.009 refidesdrl =ONE* T.I.0 "amws 0 6~~q I.ILO "adswo." Entalambe woos rm sol"totes rantwe"I seloplumm- $"I T tolowlsome Nedwso 4". Sawa. is&-To, 1994.151L (swoo- nu nuotbitasks, wna fix MIMISIGO-ftstrive) Yc~ ar-1 et --ii ic . iu~ n o ri crystal tri-~Wnvj 8, 41i-lj6, A~;, !`,~5 -r--- -;,4- arg ut,", In, c,,T.~'-Alration with. 1~4 t - ILI of t t al-A p- I, c-d c. a r- o," c0) In itc, A .- I Ir. I I r-- il- I L, - F -, I I / Y i f ,, i 1~ dgmum,ire.; sucrAnnM I. &M frow"m *metal f4fleft sollf1w. ftale W.9:" 5,55. (Awliftwes no"res-1400) (MA 6:11) PRA3Z I BOOK UPLOITATION SOW/5"l Dreshneva. K. N., 1. B. Ivanova, T' S. xoghsrev&, 1. p. xjLkg_j&M_ sk1j#'A* 8. Saving, D.,I, Nmmti~lna, S. V. 3upor,-gm-A7Y_. 1. F=bM. Poluproyodalk tr1ody 1 diody; (spraveehalk) (3mleanductor Tr1odes =Vwod:s; Handbook) Moscow, ftyastisdatp 1961. 311 P. 30,000 copies printed. Id. (Title page): 1. V. 01kolayevskly; Reap. Ad.: A. 0. Nuradyan; Rd. i A. 1. Toromova; Tech. U.: K. 4. Narkoch. PURMZt This book Is 1ntwWW6 for engineers,, teabn1olaus# and per- sons w4gaged in deelgrAng, building, and cremating Mao elec- t rionles eWpoent weloylng diodes and tr1odes. COVEWS: IM bodbook provides data an Ww properties and open- tiomal ahavasterlatles of junctIon-type diodes and trlodWW do- "loped In the Soviet union and delivered to plants or adapted for was production. Reference date are provided on low-pmor,, A"W-TA10 wilmiwg"kW# JoAf fo&ravicho ed. inrumleaW J plapave6dimMe diA*o Nmkv% Inalls"Sp IS63a 60 p9 dIeWoos V MI # tdbl"o ubm USA ~6 I / 1 0 Uff"An=Wo Lv lash,l GUM=p I., lash.1 SAWMMv A.m UNIN ftdot4m* *f the b~ alretdt, ftfte noo7s"5 JI 46'30 (NM 160) (Tramistme) U, FXUZ I B009 UPWITATION SOVA392 DresWafto K. N, a T. 3. N"buvn 1. F. D. 1. Smatalsima,, S. T. Supov,, T.- 1. ;IIMDWM* MING A* 1.09ft-atimskly Tramist I P"Upmvodnlkovyye 4104Y Translator and Sawlsonductor fte"m*FlNs~*w& Svyaslls"t. 1963. a: P. Mmala slip lmwrt",, 40.000, *"1" prInt", Im. ("tie pw): I. F. Nikolayevskly; Ed,,: L, I., uk; T"k. Ed.: K, 0. Nestooh. 1PWSM:-?Ms handbook Is Intended for toohnislams and seleatists w1th the applIcatlen or sadecafteter defteem. It my-ii-se, bo useful to students or m4lo divisions Im 94hools or hlgher educatlan and to save" radlo amateurs. ODVMM3 ThIs, Is tbo seeand aditlaa of the huftwk end It diffors from the fIrst by glvlag more emgl*t* lefomtlonl Including data Card IAN L --k.-5025635 COVS: U-?/,fj57/65/000/0l3/OOe6/0100 AVIT11)II: 111kolayevskiy, T. V.; Pr-rel',--nn, B. T- nove Ile High-frrqivncy F,?rm-%nitm ;)-n-j- trtmnintor 14-3, F1o1uprovodn1kovyye prit:.ry I 1kh pri.-rif-niye; sbortilk ntmtf-y, no. 13, 1965, T T-',):7V' TAGO: permanitim transistor, HF transivtor, a11(,7 dff,,,!;rd ymp trannistor ALI',, I Th e bq3 I c ms-n u f a c t u r I n z" pr,~-cpeineu fmd design cl-tracteristics rf a new ger- I i iift1loy-diffuntd trarisint,.r of 11:,~ 1TIlf-D8 tyf,~! ttrc -Iercribel. In the final p-n-p sttru~Aure of the transistor, rerr.-ini,m acts ris thl-, collector, the thin n-Iryer as the rk~:t.ive base, &nd the recrystall-zed 1;-Inyer as thr f:mittf-r. trpn3istor, which snes highly stablt- charanteristico apairnt mf~r I and clir-,Rti'! ef- fi~~tr, har- tho! folloving brkric rix1rL ~7 1-~r7. ttjf~ Olssipated Pover, 15C' mv; rnxtmum collector :rn'tttr) curr-~nt, ')0 r.,v7p. coll,7, %-.~r capv:ltance, 8 jilif; ]I!,(.-tnr titne constant, 5DO nnmcse-~:; and mrxirrm. -rolt&ge, 12 v. J~.308 trannistor Is deslgn,~l ns a pulned device which car, on large sIg-- nals Ln saturating flip-flop circuits, blocking-Fencrators, rrIVs.nnd lcgics.1 and M'moilt elements. It can also be tined both an a high-rreq!urscy ar-plifier, a generator I of hmm-infc oscillations of BmA,11 and large signals, azd na ari elem-eat operating in AT 5025'635 n-amin turihting flip- rlo, rind lr,c mzpd I APitr cf 8.nd Ij table". S UB C 0 D Z -.- 09/ StMIM DATE: none/ ATAD FFE35: 7- e k I t 14, stnt(!y, no. OPT., 7 j'; trcxrA'r,*.r)r, r;i, C., cl r r- ti r r1. -.i re In t1le- An e r I, r rt p~ t C-1 !I, rrr. -6, x I u -rnivu Ox b-. L Ta Inn! article on tc=peraturt, de;)cmlen-ea of tram- 4~ 4 nrl r'ro lirl- rl a r r r~- C) - - 14 01 t I I t C, -- s .11 (~I' I nc- te B t ei 'X':*)':" V;j~F~ r, or I,i 7~ T G'(7777: 111 Z 2j, a I- L k P 0 a p 0 1 1 1 v I t I T IA t if so d *00 00 n- IM b be ~ w .04 s, 00 Vale a tv 4 beet saw a oolve too 40 for am 601bo f6m o 9ki ;do I &M l O .00 604 w. we #m r m wbp "N ow 404OW V f. !0OWSqdl~dIgm. 'S '.! MW ANIM-10 son. 6p" or ; low'dow oft& em saw I see 7 1! ** DO 0144.4d 000%0104014 1% . Wd d M on am. so at 9"d "on M. I= 4 h Ift On 441dW 6 4~6NMU4 Isqw. I a I O ee t tt em IM& m* s =O r 4dmdL Tho overorwe goo 001 fee 40 too 9 4) dl-i~__i' 4" do a 4 a I iSS16 0000610040:91:00:4 R600069 lRof & 0 * 0 ;'1 00 iou 111 !KCM A 11 Y , I - AT . "Thoi Use of Lysorym in Infectious Oynecological Liseates of Large Homed Cattle,," Vaterinariyaq 14o. 1,, 1950. C&nd,, Yeterinary Sci.,, Kbr. Ivanova Agricultural Inst., -c1950-. p 21 KIKOUIXV Up Ivan lvwwviab (Ivmow* Agriadtaml IaA),, Asodwele &Ww of Dafter of V*UrIMP7 Selemseep based on Me deftesev 20 NW 1"50 to Wis CommoU of the Ne"m leterimary Aoad=Wg of Me dissertatlonatitleds %yeoqpme of wasselogeal dissom of uVesteake" Aeadmide decree mWer tItles Doeter of Salem* 301 Deeloliams of YAK,, List no. 189 10 Up 55g SymUstes' M SSRp go. 17v 3op 56. Noomm, pp 9-16, Unel. JM/NT-435 W-tfttls N#k lellsk TAKDOOVO S.'r&Ov lnzb.,, roc; a . :~ZHINt V.P., tokba. ro& (enigma tan moomy or voutijo seivosto iv samw or ftu& odsortnts) hvektiravants rokWorstaii letnMkb Issetwaitio2ol a 44MAW"d porlddlelwalkor 441stvila. NeAve., Good ~hm&- teMs, 196-wo Obwe"Is 29U* 217 p. (Ulu U110) (SMIMU) (cb=u;l Idsoulow-44"POwt ad Supplied) -.- - 11, s.*,k- uwarmwar, z,.st s=wv%ixa* A.A. &Wusaslsm of as ftweaw I" to a* ablerptift of U&S V allver bromide arp"If., awsms"k. I p"fos 1 us* 5 "051 W-31" " 1". (MA 131n) 1, 1o Ow"Ors"Islaw al"I'shoolkir lwuftt load BeLyffliffs. (al"Ir bromide or""u) (jewledwastry)