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WaT. NOU, 0000~- amseaft awtme or pus-ratift 0= u1s) (1b -SOV/133-58-?-13/27 jjyAkI*r-44". and Krichevskiy, M.Ya-, Rngineers AUTHORS: JA21& TITIA.- Centralised Manufacturing of Tools for Tube-rolling Hills (Teentralizovannole izeotovleniye trub- oprokatnogo instruments) MIODICAL: StalIq 1958, br 7, pp 633 - 635 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The advantages of centralisation of tLe manufoctlure of tools for tube-rolling mills are discussed. There are 4 tables. 1. Rolling mills--Equipmnt 2. Toola--Production Card 1/1 S/IV/61/000/011/051/123 A060/AlOl AVIV= I Melagwokly, Tu. I., Splvakavskly, L. I., ftftaft, A. G. TTMI betemlimtIm at Ow heat-treated stool pipe dmwA by the USSR ndLtIdIMa ISCOMMEW far 19" - 190 PMUWrCALt ReferativiWy Wurnal, MetallurgLya. no. 11, 1961, 35, aWmat JJDM (03b. nsuchm. tr. Vass. n.-I. In-t orlossit. praft-va I truda V Chem. metalluratt", 1960, no. 1, 71-78) TEM Tho-demard for heat-treated pipes wats deteraLned accormi~~ to the nomoolatur* adopted by the aosplan of the U= and trr tho So7utg1ri"tal. All pipes or* divided into throe groups of steel grades (carbon, allay, and stainlog4 &rA each of the groups of stool arsdoo; - to again subdivided into groups accord- ift to the OW and the TU classifications on the bast* of the principle of untfat"Ity of hoakt-trealmmt. From ttm capaottios extant In 1957-1958, the samount, or ho&t-tr*aW pipesi in tho total production by the end of the seven-year plan will damOtuto (by w*tght percent"* for various types at pip*) i thtn-vaVsl seemalome 100, eleetrie-welded thla-walled 87, drown 100, rolled S, oil assort- ~14 16.5, oloctrIa-smI&A Imle-diamoster 50. In all, 18.3 % at the totol pip* IVAWj VIoUslaw Grigar0yovichl FMKPAIIH, Odris rr-Ltrip-vL'ci.,- AM^ TUdUdr GrigarOyevichl NIKOLITEWFAIT, Im. I. # flets"Iss" (ft4ol Mug for Uw omtrltuw mating of pl;ej sualme toM dUasomarabodomp lit'la trub. lbskval lsd-ve %suU"llogs 19". 70 p. (IGRA 170) IUMIWWU4 GOT* a Ow VMIG ggoods" to '41 - -=I 1111IF11,11,~ -- - F lff~ .,, WOW"" 4 INIO son "21173-3m UO) "a m alylim *.elsm") Om ACC218100 XaS AT4016219 AMONS NikeloyabVilis, Go V, TITLEs Meteorological conditions (producing) aircraft icing ever th4k TV4Q6c&%c&8u6 ;SOURCIs Tittle, Zakawkesaidy anuchao-issledevatel'skly XLdrosseteore- Ingtehoskiy institute Trudy*9 no# 14* 19630 83-100 TOPIC TACSt Tramsesucasus weather, cloud physics. weather reconnsts- ance flightfaircraft Icing~ atmospheric turbulence, aircraft buapM4 : 3STRACTs Date obtained dering weather reconnaissance flights ever stations at Tbilisi$ Bakes and Yerevan (1952-1958) are analysed to .chart weather conditions during which Icing occurs an aircraft in flight ever the Trosocaucasus areas All flight* vers aboard a specialty equipped LI-2 airplane# at altitudes not exceeding 6-1 ke. over territory witbis a radius of 25-30 ke from take-@((* The an&17*'Lo tualudes the phase structure of stood form4tiess 4urialt 1955-Slo generous tables &*4 gwspbo sad the ocaurreace of turbulence (sireraft beeplog) Illustrate the prossoood does sa4 Io4leato that Coed MCHhDI15HVILIO G-1-0,111101AURVILI, L.S. Nervous mechanism of the nutritIve reactions of plal arteries supplYinc blood to the cortex of cerebral homisphereae Dokl. AN SSSR 156 no. 4:9fA-9'71 Jo '64o (VIIRA 17:6) lo Institut fisiologil All Grut-S.SR. Prodstavlono akademikom loSeBeritashvilie gntwmtiag Current P2&nt Auxili=7 Pww "tow ror ftdlum Capacitv gjdroolectric Povw Plants-0 ;,~ iA book - now Developments in mw Deop or Rl"tric zquipmnt ror Njim- el"tr1c Pam PImts, 1957. M P. N0W4xm-jgS!qjjM4, 22!!S=Izdat. (Data or the Conference on D*64P z3 ;oration, Incow, MR may 1936.) SOVI I I Z-59-4-6800 AC Schemes of Stationary Auxiliaries'lor Medium-Capacity Hydroelectric . connected to the central auxiliary switchboard, is presented. Normally, the switchboard is sufflied by two trassformers., however, at small station$, one transformer may suffice. Schemes of station auxiliaries at modium-capacity h"rvelectric stations. GruSQ"rgO Power systems are reviewed and analyzed. Disadvantages of the schemes at ZAGZS. RionGES. and Khr&mGES are noted. A standard scheme of station awdliarios is suggested; it to based on these principles: the mialmurn possible number of feeders. a ring supply scheme of the oseeNW-consumer bus with a two-bus-soctiou central switchboard, us* of eba"s-over switches. and a miaimum samber of automWc devices and automatic switching under emergency cooditioas. The central auxiliary switch- board. at me4ism-capacity stations, shadd be placed close to the central auxiliary transformers. at the load center; the hydraturbine -generator -unit panel@ should be placed in pairs between the generator units. The schemes of auxiliaries at ZOO-600-Mw hydroelectric stations have them* peculiarities: Card 2/4 SOVII 12-59-4-6800 AC Schemes of Wationary Auxiliaries ter Medism-Coaracity Hydroelectric . Ikey Includo large 6-kv mo ore. and they provide a separate supply to the all- station and the generator-unit switchboards; the latter are usually connected to the generators via individual transformers. The supply can &13o be provided from the main station 6 - 10 -ky switchgoar. The supply of the unit switchboards to reserved by means of a cowanon transformer connected to 6-10-kv switch- gear. General station auxiliaries are supplied from a special 6-kv auxiliary switchgoar, as well as from food poiale that each havis two 320-750-kva transtormors. The schemes of auxiliaries at super-power hydroelectric stations should be treated individually. Such a scheme of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station is presented. Special under -l"d -regulated transformers are reconunooded for lighting. Voltage -adjusting at the central auxiliary transformers is considered undesirable. Conventional switchgoar apparatus meets the requirements of small and medium hydroelectric stations., small remote-operated automatic circuit -breaker@ of 900-1,000-1, 500-amp. are Card 3/4 W.V.; TOV- T"7 , 1. 1. NIKOLOSHVILI# U.Nal WSKUTOWA# cdbpmb~JVS ~UWy Of WgidOALkArle GWCUP 874MItof " MW wtorials rar ow wmraeturv Of alminar 9o(Av ow - it. Tru* Kim R005M-W 16). (Kim lc 20) IN /* v t KuPlitevicho I*, Ywan3.',,V, fuO not ~2-2-W,45 Yikolays),rvilis jh* :;*, T-iypino .144 Ge MALL: *rhe Fassa,-6 of Scattered y4lays Vzouji Water (j)rokhrzhieniy% ramseyannogo yalsluthenlya v v6W* C "r Atonnaya Energlya, i~5r , /vk, 4 , Or 2,, ppe 138-WL3 (U5 198 66 2h ;'113STUCT: .;ources r-f yarays (AU Co 0 Fa ) are nounted in a large wa*.,-,r tank on a mobile support in such a w--v Ujat an Imediatt trrallaw tion of the detector is -.xcluejed, " UWt. on the other tandv difs ferent, colliKation anj;les roy to adJu9ted., The deperAerce of vl~,,- weakeninL; jof~ the yaqjanta scattered in Lhe water on the distance between Ue sowce and the detector Is measurerl and also comput.-!-J. !he d0t4nee fron the source too the detector amnnted to ~,. - 14 ani 8 -w 12 lengths of the trean free p%th of y - quanta In W*Iltf,r~ I)-;-. collimation anLIe were varied between 3o arA PWO. Vires cizveq 51.,.W the pcreentual decrease of the dose Japenlent on tne listrince xe ,198 10 A.I.) xs7o to 1).:? en 6079% 52#50# 320 2o F'060 Card .1/2 v A-60 to 114o c-~20o 590o h7o 11 il;- t Pi -10% Fo A -MU -~ RE W r 7 F I j q" -M~ RT A F, r r Ai jLx.. I r 2=4 B,02/--205 '11kolayshvill"'Sh. S. AUMOR: TrZItst Approximate solution of the transport equation by the method of momenta PERIODICAL:, Atommys, energlyag ve 10t no- 3t 1961t 2T1-272 TUT I The -00800t Vdpor deal* glib the calculation of the nedtron-snorgy distribution At a given distance frou an isotropic point s*urte In'an Infinite hoa0gensous me4lun. The problem is solved by the eethol of moments which Is dtscrlb*d as follows: The first even spatial moments of the desired function are d0ormined from the equation of motion that expresses the moderation and diftualon-of the neutrons. Next, this function Is set up In an approximate representation, ueLng t~e exact first oven moments and taking Into 'account the-asymptotic behavior of the soUtion. The first three moments of the function 1~(r)# which is 5ositivo Co f n7 Lof,lnite In the Interval (O,oo~ are given by P 0t r (Odr, n Ot 2,4' n n1 ) I I 0 Cat p-r.oxf-cate solution of the S/08V61/010/003/O11i/021 B102/F205 The TtTed distribution is 4oteralne4 by the facetto: f4l r After separation of the scatttring-l"ree part of' the 4.,r -1 2 neutron field, one obtain@ 4nr e '(r) (6). and the mocents o& o(r) -.1 (2- (23 - 27 +3-'j (r) are given by go iW 9 f&' and 1-(j 'A2 a g4 9(1 Thus, one Otainis- Or 2ic(r),m. e-r 4- a" r I-jo-or k 7-7 a and 4; or* determined from (2) and and, finally, on@ has p The results of calculations fqr 00.3 and 9 2 +9L, are.shown In Pigs. I and 2. The curves represent the solutions to The dislances from the souroo or* plotted on the abscissa In units of neon free pathl the ordinate show@ the ratio of the approxitate values of the function 41tA. (r) to its *tact value. The approxi=&%e walues 10 3/5 -Approxi=te solution of -tj,* 41 40 5/067/61/010/003/015/021 B100205 JL-1-j I -1 1 1 B/869j62/000/000/001/012 The one-group problea... S102/A186 linear algebraic equations . The solution of call oil -"Lljl* 1. g. 211 X or r so 41 S dz~g(cos O.)4~(rqel)sia Olds, + T 2 0 0 Or where eoeV0 s"Gooeff sia9slooleas a and ip(190) - 00 a >X/2, is 9cqght In the forn (r,s) 6(1 - come) + 9(r.9) (3) Or where 9(r,e) in the now function that describes the spatial angular diatri- bution of the neutrons scattered. The now function u(rjQ) is Introduced, defined bY 4(r#8) a 411r#(r,Q). which satisfies Goes A u else) + a - (r,8) + 4(cose)] (a) or 1 891 r a F(r#Q) IL '446(come )u(r,,9l)siaQ�dO' (01 0 Is se"Idered the fmademeotal expriessloa for the solution of the Car& 2/5 $ - S/869/62/000/000/001/012 The one-group problem..* A102121" From this u k 9 v>q, kjo can be found. From v k 1-r k coma 21.1k q.I Itr k 0049 1 q+1 $(caoa + q(-0069.2-1) + 7% 000% .7 61"q-1 2 + r k Is ate [F(r,.%_,) + V(r k" (22) k and from 1-r Como,, 2 ig,)a 6(conav) + g(-COSQ.) I I U1 (42) . lorl 4046V 2q-v 1+r 1 0080.1 Ginav 2 a + r IN otg (21) 1 all values, of a Iexcept for V~O can be dot*raiaod. Thou the solution cf 10 Card 4/5 AUTROas TITLEs hwill. she S. 5/8 9 7Wi2/000/000/003/012 2 10, 2 ~121'i a 6 Spatial and energy distributions of fast neutron@ in hydragea SOURCRI Toorlya I asto4y raoch*ta vadersykh reaktorowl abornik statey, 36. by 0. 1, Marchak. Moscow, Gosatoaizdat, 1962, 72 - 78 TILX?s The aotbod of sosento is used for calculating the fast-neutron onerg/ distributions at various distances from, as to-otropic point source placed In an inflait* hydrogen sodium. The source to asommi to estit somoonergetle mostrom . ?be neutron flux aquatics (r,Z) (res) (3) V'D (rqA) (4) As taken as the spectral characteristics of the neutron field and is ob- tained by solving Card 1/5 Spatial ead easra.... S/"9162/000/0,00/003/012 a 10212 1 " Loch of Uoos, equatione to approximately solved smserically bjy representlqg Its kernel In a degenerate form# fto first three owes aomeato are used to doteralso 90(roe). Compatetiome, ors, carried out for So 0 to 4~ 69 Go log Ito 4 Nov far rg" om &ad #ratoo doasities, a" asommod, to be equal to their partial densities is voter. there, are 2 tableee Card 3/) T -alrl~: T g pp lag t lqz, lie, .1 -x--- - -- - . - - - v ~ ~ --:- --- ! ~ - - I -- -- - - -1- - -I-, I --- i.L!l-- SkUHADUS I.I.1 PAjaQZCv %-995#; BLUME, G.L; VAINUUMUSIXILI, GMIITAV O.A.;SAMITAp Sh.V.; GAXGrfA. A.A.; COC*MiIIDZgp 74,A.; ==WMUWIUV M. (41oceasedli WMMSWp X.F.; KWANTALIANI, M.M1 IPAD3Z,, L.I.1 IM MAMA,, A.G.; TM0-- v 0 01 p G.S.p red.j RMISMLI, M., radej PRITEMp LA . red.1 KISINA, Te.Lp tekbn. rW. 114mmI Lmhwtry of the Georgian S.S.R. during the last /.0 years) Fislabmia pagablemost' Grusinskol M za 40 lot Moskvap I Rat, 1961. 162 p. WRA 140) IGOW616--food Imemstry) NIKOLAYSHVILI V.V. Kuratowskii's duality theorem. Soob. AN Grus. SSR 35 no.3:513-5*-g 5 164. (MIRA 1"ill) 1. Grusinskly politokhaichookiy institut iseni Lenira. Predotav';Ono skadendkm G#S. Chogoshvill. KAY.,m'EV,DL*'Ev V.M.; 1~11ULAIL'Ill-M!, 14I.Cl. kroduction of magnes.4um oxide L7 carbonIzAtion of &.-I &qt;e-,j,:9 suspension of Opentinite. Trudy Inst. prikl. khim. I elektr,)khlm. AN Grus. SSR 4:53-58 163. (POURA 17t5) MOUIS"ItJt Z.Gej LAKABADZO V.N.; XSMHIUM=t X-G- A"- -- nvd=Uon of a mw rartilimr bemd an magmelm aLtmto amd wes, Soob. U Gras. M 33 not 2.8247-M IF 164o (OM 1709) KAKABADZF,t V.N.j MIKOLAYSHVILI, Z.G.; HSHWAIYERAME, N.G.,- BFRFZHIA141, L.B. fteleochemdaml analysis of tho products of interectLon between nagnesium nitrate mW urea. Dakl. AN SWR 161 no.5sll%-1157 Ap #65. (PaRA 180) 1. Grusinskty politokhnicheekly institut In. V.I.IAnina. Subutf.ted October 14, 1964o U-ikqI,-Yt-Um, V. To, Amortisatalya ZhIllshchrago Fonda (AmrUsation of the Houming iuM Of) ve V. AMSimm (I) V, To. Mikolay6mv. Moskvap Iz&Vo Nutomkhoza &VUs, 1?46~ 59 P. Tables. At Head of Titles Akadwdya KommAmItnogo Khozyutya. Sol M15 855.2 .A5 NIKOICIaxt G. JjjYOjC.:LV, G. Possibilities for developrant cf electrifIcntion of rsllrmde in our mintry. P. 12. vol. at No. 5t 3956. TR;~351 CMO MILO. TWINUICCOT SofiLat Pulcarlo SO: East European Aceession, Vol. 6, No. 2p Feb- Y57 *UoUttleatim of the milreaft er sbo FsqpU!9.SWd*U, Mwl,.dWw, $now. 39 w.5414* IV V* (NM MO 1. v6iiki mewwwy setrawk 'booms, uniedwatot, a RIUMM9 G.P., imb. Ilectrifleation of rallroaft. Tekbnilm luls 2 noolOt34 0 153o T - r -1 1- "W"bW for PrefteLm Gbw and Wool frcs Scraps of ib"ps Lmbp and as" MdIRW 8 !t-z Vale 3# We 3, JL9%o Sm"t &LIOrts) 3as nmtw Lift at 2m% ONOPM Aqmwss~v (ML)" 191, Tel. 4 see so mv 1"50 owl* - I I I - 11 11 -.-- 11 . 1. r - I I I I T-- -I_- I-,. LT~ , - - L=-7~ OPtactiftl K*Uwd for "Gk DisGa"ry of blood Unsuitable for Oryln,,-. 0 260 ix "M V's r 0 Tel. 3m, 116- Is, 19%# SetWo ft4PIU) f so a HmWdr &&A of SM4 3wopman Asesselaimp (ML) a Vol. 4 No. so aw 19550 umel. 0 K. 9 5. =on& ter -.A an pa"~ of aid" = IN mad Z,be atw. P.A. TA, so W., 4 Mr./Spr, Iwo ~~o mmo muwu- oft mosow Iftt of ftso smopm AsessAmo (=L)0 We Te,* so The lot 0960 W60 NUOICMg K. NMMNIN# 190 of the hidws df d1frawat, brows ot eattle In our eveafty Is vim of their am for IsketrIal produste. p* 26o Tel. 50 W, no X =mmgwu. settle. ftuuft 30UI=# Met Dwopeem, Aseesslems Ust, (I=) Vol 69 Ile. 4-4prU 1957 MMO/Ohadcal Teebaoloa. MArAcal Products tuA VwIr Application. Leatbor. ftr. OslAtIn. Thnning Agmts. Teahalml. ProUlne. Abe Jours W 0"-Wn., No 13, IVA, 1'5452. Author Nikoldw K Title StablUty of Vat-Salted Kides in ftors" DependLng on the Method or Preservatl(m. DrIg Pub: L*ka pradshIsnost, 1957,, 6, So 1, 2D-22. Abstmat: Okparlmats on presarvatIon of hides, Which were carried out at the Sofia Mmt Cocbim (air teqpe- mtUIv 0-280, hwddity 45-85%), have abom that stability of hides in storage depeaft on their cleamwes, salting procedurot wA aftitIon of anti- card 1/3 NIKOWHEVO X.; MITKOV9 S. TECIDIOIAM Perladleals LUA PROMISHLEROST. Vol* 7. no. 80 1958. NIICDWHZV,, X.1 MIUOV,, S. Darages on the fur side of calf and kid skins* pe lhe Monthly List of But European Accession (ERAI),, IZ.,, Vol. 8,, no. 2v February 1959t Unclas& IMOLCM9 K t- ftriedlaides LUA MMINUMR9 let. 8,, No. 11, 1959 XVOLOW,, K. Brining wttle and mine hfiftdi p. 7 wwMdy U~% of M&A &U"m Accoadon(MAX) LC 1,01. Fo go. 4. Atril 1959t Lhiclasse 9MMOVA Kop d-r; p4wrs1W-A# Mgp inzhgt agirtent; VIMATI, d-r. na=h* o1 WIMP IT*# 1USh*v nombe entre ist2mmo or veriew tmoperatmes in dry boating upon the collars of UaUwr &~* Ile KeW Soft& 3 uoe2&2-7v 2.4 162* 1, gg. sm"k, MW. ffnZNp (fw Kkoldov). 20 MI (for Peaheva:1. 3, vmzv (rer Nithm md amov), it IIIKOICPXV Kiril d-r; RUSEVp Ivany inzhe khlxe,, naucho sutrudnik W"t of the dry wo rremb skus or aw dommUe 2mdwe 965M Soft& 3 noe4sl-3 162. 1, XI?IW, 2. St, asuchen imtru&dk Wl NrflW (ror Nikalchow)o NNOWHICY, K., d-r; RMEV, Zv., lath. Malm. brylM smIler cattlo h1dea with infrared roys. goshl UtIa 5 no.)ol,-3 164. 1. IOMPO Sofia. ~-XZUW=g No* 1=b.1 SZWUXAp *&Aft b bwr of tin Oth Congress of Ow ftrtr,, a now social pr1wWo Is boUly "~ Uss Its tAw forwords The udow in the Textus con"Mate aft" old* at TIVES And the Carbide Plant at AMMWgrod took over me russuose at UO toobal"a a Ouncils of tAw1r respective astmprises and sot fU4 mean of their own streaga ad format UAWflook new pledges and oblIgations. left dole 23 sodild 16 j9 162. unwLem"I T ynat=DVUII T. $10 =Me as 00 Wn . p. 27. T010 110 M. go "Vt. 19% zrp.zmlz AMICULIM seniso 941swis 90s Ust twepaw Acamelam, Vol. 6, No. 3, 14mb 1057 ARmxa" Ttk.z..- NLKGLMG,. A.7. 0*,Mjst-,~ , --. sm destok of a piesm, for ok glasa circulatteg pwwo. Mit. t imt. I no. 4s620--621 X-V 460. (KMA 13LIZ I 1. tustitut fisicbeekw kbisti imbaL L.T. In"rsh"Okoca, Ouss, I- (absetcal ""Mus) SAUU. P.T.9 Insh.p UUMSKIr, KA6. 1nsb,j TMIM,, ruDop imbe; NUMM0,0 A.T. v imb. "Popo I ~--- 1380 ot eanverter metal for the mmftdbw of o2saftleally welded pipe. Not. I gainat . pro6o w.5#20--30 " 16*1 (XMA 20 4) lo tmpvpUvv My trubWOWIWF* mvid Umal UMIM. lagouNgoo A.V. ftnKUSY of 200 =Odr*U la SMUWAOM PUS MIU d"fation, awwalwa I W.101 U 0 16). (NM 16 112) 1. to" smo In. LMIM, wmrw~ M voprovu o zayisiaosti rabotosposobnoGti Ot GO-lerztfinlya 0 1. apoeoWy orpnizatall mystly." report submitted for 15th Intl Cong, Intl Assn of Applied Psycholocj, Ljubljma, Yugoslavia, 2.8 Aug 1964. Fledagogicheskly Institutj Kiev. I& the ~t*rr rpow childrow, lauhr, sope, NOW*- totl. -iott, PGYMW1. U$09-91 '59. (M2& 13M), 1* hd4"ebowr issiltat i&A.Mowlkw. Kinw. (Cb'Urm kwap) CKMAU. ftwel UMMOVIAS so-Lim-a-Me 0 beat degogenawk, glovwr 1".1 V.Pr 1,114 P-a-MMIL we"imse of GUI&M for welt) Pwwwlooebm Ipteftles dius do p"tel. 1"0. 410"rye"o alto IIL I poshr"Mis, llty~dk I w wwomao sum 74"Iselkol M. serejo 29634'r (OdUms-41olopost) (MINA 1315) linalmyro, Y.; ilmzh4 rjsE.=X, A., Irmho- Dtahmahtag 9&'-hiuw- Obehehoetv-pit- go.12t26-28 D '60- r (KIIA 13 t 12) (Diskmahing Mobla") Aolhol Maimali uobmUyst KMMO V,Laq ksM.Wdz.v=kj MUMMMO V.A.; WPOT, T.I.p PRMDII, 8.0.1, fTOLUWI, Cv.S.# kmd.kMn.atukt GOLIDIK,, T.Ael RILBUOUt YU49*1 KORMAT, G.Ir.; ArOMNO, T,F.t PQMMKITP V.S.; KUUKOvt S.1.1 UMAM" P.T.1 PZDCW&g, TePe; KMMCXkp K*Ao; IDIARLOW, p K.T.; -XUUXM6-QjDq; INUMp A.F.; MCTDCKMIIX# T.Fo; UWKIN, T.K.j RLTOV. A.T. vm&w rediatift owwom 94V re"atimmal-4bamleal stmium. FftUdisobdn. w.liGlo-72 154. (=A ISM) 1. ftudso-i"bdontel lofty ft*UmO*dmIdmUy imUtut a. SWPNWGO -Ad-howlewy) - M.A4.4-- --) Jim F41 KORDLI, &., red.; sade t"Ilmal. (05 the A TWIA 160) kheq0st 19r. 82 pe 1. Id"bur "al*w mwdm 1"1Q6DV%t*l,&wv t"titau kho for ftiolown). Add Knolmo, G. 1. Me IhW7 at GavAutift ft"k aswtwo for litnum umbuwo.e Cud T*Qh 00i TMt Of "Ift SOISMOp Afti 84 MM~ 25 No 54, (m 6 Doo ;i$ 3umy of Seleatifle wd Tochnioal Diesertatlo= Deforded at USSR Hidwr Ift"tioul Imututlow (12) 601 Sm. so. 556 u Jun 55 NIOLUK30 1. A. Nikolonko, 1. A. - un InTc9 Ugation of sadconjustors for mwesss;ring Wlpfa-aturew, SborrAk nauch. otatey studentov (Ftost. n/ID. in-t in2henf'rDl I IL '2 ',A El A I, 1, 0 t, - I ,-I " .)',F nf. j; T)iAt ' , .7, '1 , 1. '.); J-'illli, 17 July 53, 'Zhurnal Inykh Statey, go. 19, 190). lmimw, I.Ao ........ - IM utat at alwom as re"Imolds to a liviss sotris ~4446 I ska4mod6l"t 05-F (am u 191 I %~~Avwj (~~ M~~) 67 Wtk a 16 Goo Keelowsm Ord=$ itt hM2AM&M- a 3~7 37 MiI game Mse Ifielas GIs-$ 619 go. 1N- lir CNAMI Sw Main Assiii;ve Vak oil" agoolmom ommom ME sadds Wo It 19"t M nag Uft ~-ekdom"o again wonmrw& so p we it a minim les"Ums (an Fig. I)* bMI&I" jubeq a bmMIM bag# ad a GWO To Samar; vw madmomw at Uw G&W" da"Wr game ww ud eir "w eft~w 1148 'dad me Ig"m at No sterums &Vw" is a* in a direaud mu=g p I" am a obwum briqw6f a mmw awds with 11101 us" tag, mwft Is lpmil~ a. draw p"od "m me No at us wpm@ a wino flaim bandit ad is 6" Vemme" elmuewft to No I" me 09 some TO difillemb aft" a wo - sommims" "won Is wo surbrup owl" at wo luemwe 111111 WIN ow cmd IA "n-div. '-';-,AA'ZGVarMOY 11',-- IOUOO SIM16,1000100210051015 clillan AVEM alwiedial I.Vt ISUES off @&*A& let am "lauds of flaus" pnftsm tw We bm beta "S f"S MAINE=&# 660~"b4 W-It 1"It 40t U 194- (Mink* appolvUe Ob. imptal 195TO 160 W.14. two a 00 Pon"" pow to to diven OW No "a" a", I T vbpw (Itsmixem pe amuse* 1"10 vvp 11 ;wv. .%& at - 11 - - fes. be mea f" WN elesiss of pablees at Suftse. $~, go%$ cearao" t"MIOSIM-1 g1judam 0 Lv a - - ~ I _rMuAl oqm"I~ or aw oqwaibrim or frog ad mmmr~ wo refte Tluo love =o Sere GoUvoo# wto ta mUo wo 1947-* no* WRA Us 5) (91"Uo rout am VIM) ~.-F 'T T j AUMAt NUL91!ft 1. T. TIMs Woot of momboloncele ocomections as the metwe of eqwUlbrIva tied stoedr- *tat* Swum or aptems SOWNs Not. Ab. Ndthmika, Abo. 22A96 MW 900M The Dismiks, sistom tvardykh I shitkikk %a1. Kiev, 19659 43-46 '10PIC TAM areseepe system, wtion moebanice, motion stabIlity VACT: Ste smothor establisbes conditions under whieb It Is possible to stabilize *%VLUbr1M POSISISM, 004 ~S*adf-GtGtG notion, Of G, 40rt&1M 41406 Of NYOSMS Ily US- nosholoonde ecomiestions for limiting tbolr notion. It I* dmma Uat the cmdi-,. is rw -- - st"LlIsettom of the steady-stato motion, of a "sun with Sam. Someow modwUmmMe wome t1coo'colucidoe with the known condItlows for Sys copl dlismim of Mw mystomea, of 3 title. (TromelatIon of abstract] am 8 X7 cmd xl~~' 4,KGLENWP I-V- -- ~ 09ffect of nonholonomic conumtIons an the equilibrlum aharacterlstics of a system, Prikl, mekh. 1 no.10s 65-71 965. (KIRA IWO 1. Klyevskly gosudarstwerwyy universitet. Submitted October a p 14~" 0 I-- i,7 77, 1- F - 1 7 F ._e f -- r Ar6024328 SGURMCODE: M/0021166/000/0040449/04SL AUMR: 01koleake, 1. V. r rA ONG: Kiev lote Myer itir (Xvvivs'kyy dershavayy uniVeCsYtet) InTlAs CoWLtiow of mosholonomous ptabWastion of-otftWl mottop In some systems SOURCEi M UkrKS11. Dopovidi, no. 4, 1966, 446-431 TOPIC TAGS: system stabilization, motion mechanics ABSTRACT: In many cases nonholonomous systems can have dynaalc properties close to those of gyroscopic systems . The present paper demnstrates that conditions under which stabilization to possible for steady motion In some systems by imposing non- holonomous links on then coincide with conditions of gyroscopic stabilization of the systems. The systems studied are those whose motion is restricted by nonholonomous links of the form q. ts 1. 2.. where 3a, Ce are known'functions of parameters.qn+,, q*f2q-.*s qNs It is assumed that iLinetic and potmtIal energies of the system do not depend an qjLq q2t "'t qu- Card 1/2 51501UMO, S.F., Lash.-konstraktar; CRUWAKOVt S.M.,, Lash., v ------------------- &A~Uo low-volup laaftlUUou for aims draimp qst~, Vmo 37 ~004145 As 062. (NM 15,911, 1, Tooloafflftys ~ 1 Tftst OktyWwlupllo (law dralrimes) IllostrLettg is aims) NZOUM9 K.K. SeemAuT Ingliatatim at Ue ovw Into the ob6caimal savity t*Uwjbg t" abortime "o I gfno 39 noo3ol" Wi-Je$63 (NM 1782) le b W"birskoy m7~oy belftitay (glavnyy ymok Y*Jt. godwv Ikew) FSTIodankey ableAlo I mili'll. Mltmlil~,i Pulk-11 Iff-- Dissertatlan: Sme now crIteria " DMfluctustlaD 1z) the Solutlon " linear Uffemotlal equatims Dogroot CwA P!;ys4*Ath ki : Acid Scl MkrainLun WHO lost of motbMatics Place: lqp,~60 Mov mowces KoLzhmya latopis,, So 45,, 1956 . Dokl&Ay A"&. lask Jj.RL 929-931 (1956) Un 2/2 PQ - 627 a jzp* 1 (1) fp (K) 41 -c 04 then every mew-SVITI&I solution of the equation yw*f(z)y - 0 . a * x0 to mon-essillattage (Compares 9*91amls Cgeople Pilet-Hat-Pre. JU 4# 2139 (1950)). INSTITMONs 11krals. M. 20-124-3-9/60 ALVRORI Nikoleako, L. D. TITINs 3ow Crit*ria for the Son-Osoillation of a Differential 2quation of the Fourth Order (Pokotoryyo kriterit nekolobatell- nosti differenUallnogo uravvenlys. chetvertogo poryadka) M10DICALe Dokl&dy Ak&domli Nauk 8531,1957,yol,014,Nr 3,PP&403-485(USSR) AB31UCTo The present pap*r gen*ralizes In the known wee the results obtained by L. D. Nikolenko (Ref 1) for a differential equa- tion of the second order to the differential equation of the fourth orders ( x < cD - The f unc- (44y/dz4) + (d/dx) [a (x)y 1] + b(x).v - 01 z o tion~ &(z) and b(x) are here assumed to be real and steady for z 4'V x . According to R. St*rnb*rg (Ref 2) the following is *necesswry for the non-oscillation of the equation of the fourth orders Beginning with a certain sufficiently large x v any nontrIvial solution of this differential equation Must not have more than one double zero at x)~x . At first a looma in giv*n# which Is analogous to the co4erison theorem by Card 1/5 3tum for the differential equation of second order. The fol- tj IKO L low 8/021/61/000/008/002/011 0 IS 01 D210/D303 AUTB0188 ftehchenko, S#P,o and NikoleaW, L.D. TITLZs Caloulatlona Connected with aamtotic splitting of a system of ordinary linear differential equations on qulok response computers PERIODICAL& Akadeal a nauk Ukraylueskoyl RU. Dopov1419 no* So 19610 94-993 TEXT$ The discussion of a system of linear differential equa- t1ons of high order'10 considerably simplified If one applies initially a transformation which splits the system into several independent systems of the lower order, If the coefficients of the given eyeles A (1;) z (t), Oet Card 1/6 18707 3/021/61/000/000/002/011 calculations connected with D210/D303 Z x(t) being an a-dinensional vector, Am a matrix of the order non) - depend In a certain manner on t and on the parameter L>Op i.e. are functions of T' oft$ the splitting Is pertorm*d with the aid of the well-known asymptotic method by S.P. Feshchenko (Rof. Is Doct,dies, go 1950) and Kh.L. ferritin (Ref. 2s Xat*- matika 1 s 20 29 (1957)). The present paper roposes a method which makes It possible to split the system 11) on quick response computers. It Is not nsc*ssa to know all the tigenvalues of the matrix A (r) which is espsc%Tly useful In the cases of nearly equal or multiple (at certain values ofZ7) roots of this charac- teriatio equation. 1) L*t the factor decomposition of the cbA- ractoristic polynominal D(A) be known for any V'froa the interval 04 'C1(.h1 k D(A) o DI(A) (2) where to Card 2/8 18707 calculations connected with .00 Di GA) - Aa1+ a, A81-1+ 02 AiGgOOO/000/002/01 I 9104 0, it a n 12 101 it is supposed that the doem of @sob factor does not obsup In the whole Interval 0 4ros all factor@ are print to each otherg and mob on* of thm mW have near y equal or M%l%IplQ I roots at some value* of r. no factors (3 Gan to obtained by dotermlaing all Isolated 91gonvaluos of A a" finding the I factor which corresponds to the rest of the roots* It to known that In a manner oorreeponding to (2)0 the a-41senolonal qmce A can be decomposed Into a direst sun of k subopao*o Invariant with respect to A(7r)l In tho basis foned by linearly Inds n- dent vectors of these subspee*sO A (r) has a queal-41agonalo form Card 3/8 18?0? 3/021,/611000/008/002/011 Calculations connected with D210/D3O3 CIA(m =LA, (r) t A2(t19600 Ak(ZI] (4) 1 being the matr1it of transformativa to now soordidates, A (7) (I a 1#2 see k) - constituent mitriess of the order a . This decomposition can be found with the aid of the operatirs of *parallel projection* P (ZI (I a 192... k) I.e. operators having the following propertisi, k P2M a Pimit Pimp M a 0 (1 ~ J)O P M a I Z being the unit matriz. The operators P are det9m1nod for every T-. If one )mown the operators fi(r) one can f Ind the Card 4A am 8/0 %160~000/008/002/011 coloulatlons Comsats& with 10 30 D2 bases of oorrospondl" subspaosee It to sidtiolent to use the feet that P (rj makes equal to 0 wW wester whisk does not belong to the subei"O ]PI(V) at ipp. a&~ oan take " a basis of PI(Ela the orthono solutions of the alsebraleal proles LB - PI(rljzl a 0 2) Aooor&UW to the " In SquatIon (2) one wist look for the solution of ftuation (( MhavIng the f arm k x(tot.) vj(rqz)-r4(t,,L) (9) vi(jr.,e) being a matrix at the rank (a#a,) and.61(ter') an A-di- nensional waster satisfying card 5/8 calculations cossested, with see A (r)(,(I#f I ) 9 IITO? 8/02 61/000/006/002/011 D2 101 X30 7 k (10) 1 w 192s Gess AI(TI is a matrix of the rw* (sit il)o the malmotm astrices inihe relation 3q. (9) are determined. The elements of the expansion& A,(rE)w 2e ~A(s) (12) *so can be fowW from Vw systea of e2gobveleal equations . A(V) V(O) (T) - TJ(O) (r)A(O) (tj - 0 (13) Oard G/ a Ism 8/021161/000/006/002/011 Caloulations oonnected with D210/1)30,7 and 9(*)(rl A(O)(Zl , P (TI (14) where 7 M TJ(O)(T)A(@)(Tj oo.- The mtrix 910)(T)o an a basis of the sl .418~10ml OubspaGe that to Invariant with respeet, to A (11 can obviously be detersind Card 7/6 8/04"1/013/00)/010/010 1#49,00 Jill 2~1 25 AMORSt Poshobaskot S. 7.0 51koleakot L. D. TITZSS On the problem of splitting a system of ordinary linear differential equatloas for calculation, purposes PRUGOICALs ftralaskly matomatichookly shurnal, v. 15# no, 5, 19619 I "-113 TMI the authors split %be eyates of equations dx/dt, a A(,t)zt -t - it (1) Into Iwe *yates*& 411/dt 'A(.116111 '12/dt - W09012 Mv (6) which M be solved by "ane of rapid Somputs". Ale a diagonal astriz, This splitting to Ueda by two matrices V1("OL) "t '2(111)1 2 a 94 1 + V2t2- In order to determine aI"A V2 %be authors solve the equatleas I 1491 /d, + VIA - AVI - f 492A-i * 92W a AV2 MO W) In us folloglag for: equation (7) Is solved according to S. 1. Sabl"wish and to go Rapoport (0 dvishoull tiorde" tols, a polostyanif Caft I h splisslas ... V 9/001/4" l1q,1111/5" $motto" ---- datakessolus 1960)0 "Vessom (79) Is Solved by asew supwites witi "61poss Ike tm omit pwaseter a I Y-VA) a .I IW ~ 0" 1-~A A4 8) 118YO) a to. to , 4046) + 11 G-I)W(I) .0 (a 0 it to 4609 IF* a 0. so follsaw "felt to sbuissal + the astAm" 11e) F.Wl a as a N.11] w an saml, to the "Ourresoo ronslas 91 " W(O) 't lei so Is of if(*) + 11 .211(*) 0 % Min. so aw"Ors &1t &a$ ... %4 as a an Us seentes"Is of a Islyawdal %(&) 0 30) is the abamets"4116 poly"Mal of A# aj to as faster of a Iftish has "IF 1 61444A reets. Ibe p"Famdal. &I (k) to deftme& by the "Presestalleal 2/9 On the protlem of splitting ... I/D a "I + &2/D2. The authors mention 8. ~mA Ts. &- Valetekty (US MR* t. IC11p No. "a I m,as-fewlet references. $19 0: Pebruary 200 1961p Klyev 276?? 8/041161/013/003/010/010 2112/3125 P. Pechahenko (Theels 1930) 50 1953). There are 4 lovist 'j C&A )/) T I h. I % 1-1~ 'Lir-ITT --- be SwIsring elms ByartAm l1amover DifformtUdgetchwWa und elata - 'suf dfa ftowle der SchwinguWa mcbmat"Imw SysteMs." 2"m I I at Uw 3rd Cmf an NmlUww OocUlatl=wp S. Berling 25-3D fty 64. A- A~ laws no saw* of an mon-fourfiallf at an forM as Via mattes ac a saftluis 05016 9~PffWv M* 6t Me 749-744 lam VMS OW%N 4wra OhRpoj motautis orms pwim sw6buite MUM4 moo-emand W.601waismal naut solem" am$ _.jAWnU4fs Noodle we p 1 4 at as ml#Uftl as at Wo motims of an munew,earok mossuiss is a sub-ouirsTowtir nom. am owadwmft* "Isums b Ir nowas at Mm dkn to IL B. smadrom md %A' Ae Utropoll I -- wdp vome* V14= Mouiows a ftlobwAr v is" M%RQO avu b" 32 mmmm oviot&WO 'A~IWIWI ft9VVW~ftbM%M -.O~N'(WWdoft m or 00 r IN IM =I .~V I ZEN; Imom Irmo TIMAMUL ze"Id go""Atimmicb; so"WV. reevoled twanoviah; Gamwo W.V.. ft~ Mbmwr, retommostj IIIANOW, Cle, bobow. mtm~lj SQBNIKGU. ClPot tafttellefty Maktor: IMMU, LN., tobtmidwskir Msklor (1b0 osomb]LUW at M mWool Delft feaftlvvrft dwiptOlal. Neeftif 6". Is&-we obw. promW"I. M6. 2" P. (a" 9110) (Airplasso-44obojot sftt~i 6.. MIKOURSDO I*Mld KoutantimVIGhl BOKOUN9 Tsmlsd lvwwviebl ~# Ago*# 4Qx%wt4j=* amok# PWON t4rtalmasm"I 1 .1 t Sol*# IS&*# Mtsel"W"I 9014mv PA., red.; ANNE-p-m-At I.S.p P".Imd-va; WV=g A.Ta.p tek%6 red. (Umma for the asombly of gas-turbim @Mime) Pooeble dlU sl*saA&-dwr*Mhik* gao*Uwbl=Wkb dilgatoUl, Paskyst *bwanglap 1963. 262 p. (IdU Vs 1) MD=TATM m m ohs Soholov't Veavol" Ivemadek immmat for amoamsiom or cm twww emin" (Poso"Ye 41ya slow bae-Imbike gazoturbinnrkh dvigatelay)o Moscow, Oborongis 1963 262 P& inue*# bi"Iu* Errata *lip Inserted, 4,5(* copies printed. 4extbook for production workers, Series notat Bibliotechka rabochego eviatsiomay provToshlennosti., TOPW TAG3& propulariont twimjet ongimp-tuftoprop enginotp gaa tueoine engine,, eonstraeUm iru AND CDM=t The book describes Ww aseembly of twimjtt amod, lauboprop ;engines and gacial troolss, attachmentst and equipment used in assemblir4, aviation.. !gas turbine engines. The authors assmed that the reader for wMch thin book is intended is familiar with the machanic speoialty and therefore the general mechani- cal prob1ma an not treated in this book, The book is a textbook for improving :the qualifications of mach&nics-assemblers of gas turbine eagines, TAK9 OF-OCOMM170 (Abridged)# Cho 1. at the 4828OW Premam At ------- ASAT See, no on ~ smdftn 0110 mammbis me mum ad as Ale IU, Sao no did r meow vie at as du ad Me lbb awl" In 1-1- -1-1 . .. 1!1-kl Tr.- !~uo U* ,i. N"DWXOO L. X. -- Ornwastiption In the Field of 14kbetitatod Mronamidos." ftb 5 War 52, 1%9cw OHer of Lerin Chant wtochnolorical rnst i-eni 1). 1. ftndoloyaw. (DIsmartatiam for the Degree of Candidate In Chemical ScIoncos). SO t Techernp 4& Noskva January Do bar 1952 no DIASWIM 141tot ooprws Acaltyllde taurestim of dla~lm ftltA with ampsom omtrU&. Oda. A 330 82 n0- 6#")." V 092. moolskly aw"knomm, uldversit4 JIL S.M. given red. 21 on. 1951. of AMMUM pWwW or ftftr~, isly IL"2. Ilool. lt=UMD Loilts 9MMIKIT V*Vs wasoass sbul cop a" Aesquo twtm%GtlcG ef dt~mmdtm flat@ with OWN us scOVIlds. D&I. AN SM ft No,6023-925 F#jQ gualmlaw GOGWIW�tVWMY Vnive"Itot In. 3.W. %trove red. 21 Dec. 1951. a* wsjq somm ummam, ubrU7 at camraws &W 1952 0 01019 1L. ItIKOLIM, L. S. 2. US (60) 4. ftys"o DnIvau"m 7, Actloa of bldma amud& m wylodfmwlaeiaee mA thoir IS-mbettlaus. Bold. 0 ~ BY w ~152 9. saw ad at bous AWANOW ubruT of Oware". BMALAUlb %Wl"Ottled. -4 xv-- ji jamiam. L.M.; UATrw. T.A. AuwufAss of Woob"614 witb adme. 26M.Ob"Of 25 00.91 1737-1"9 1 155. (NM 982) I.Pbabovew lastitas lewd Del. X"~~* (AUWI&Iioa) (Ikiele) T I 1, i , - - - I ~ 4,;~ SUMEM, I.S. prepamift at myteldrewl 4WIV&SIT" of subw acids. Shur.46. Nhim. 26 W-3160&M Or #S6. (am 916) to 0046"Wr bwtltut legal V-1. a (Asia* aeus) ;~-l a iuwt 7 Al t I, Pi c i I T .i