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November 2, 2016
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August 23, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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AVIN0291 KMMMM~ ' Alkalfisko, L, 91 14W UL SOT/10-50-1-32/46 6 ;-. V64 i mko=a.- r TITLgo On the Istor"Illos of Nonsyl Amino With Eldroges SuLfide (0 vasimedoyetwil bonellemins, a'sorevederodsm) PUZODIC"I Nowbaylo 4oklady vywaboy shkolyt Zklalya I kkimichesksys lakhaologlya# 19509 Nr 10 pp. 133 - 134 (93M) ADSTMTs from as analoa with the rosetion of the thlophenole with mines (we 192)9 %be formation of moreaptan soul& be expeotedile semseetion with the inteaWl"a of She latter with hydrogen selfido. It has tyrood sets hmver that a posellar 3-alk7lation, takes plase *Ush loads fie the formation of bonsyl merceptano la fte owse-.of an If hours' kepting of a s6zturo of Immsyl "Smog sodium sulfide and W1 at from 240 to 24509 the y1sl4 of bensyl sereartan, asounted to 34#00 mor*overt 4.2% 41bonsYl-41sulf1do wore isolated. The meahanism of the Intereation, of hydrogen ealfito, with beasyl saine Is obviously amalogwo to the mechanism of alkylation of the thlopkesole by amines (&of 2). card 112 . As experimental part follows. '/J(/ EA1 11:TX1131 kolanko, L. 11. , Rabi;,evakiy, X. K, 'TLLe Irveatit;atlona in the Field of Aromatic Compounds With a Lon- Jide Chain (Isaledovaniye Y obla3ti aro--mtichaskikh soyedinanij a dlinnoy bokovoy tnop';,u) 11. Synthesis of Dodecylar,iline by Anmonolysis of p-Chlorododecylbonzone (11. Poluchoniye dodetsilrnilina ammonolizom p-Chlordode- tailbenzole) Yz-;RIGDICAL% Zhurnal Obahchey Khimii, 1958,Vol.23, ITr i, pp.231-240~USSH) A D OJT RA C'~ I !to publications were hitherto ride on the aytjt~,esis of p-r- -dadecylaniline according to the General reduction methcd of nitro-compounda. In the preceding papers by the auV-iors it was shown that this compound as well as a nunbor of anilinc homola~;ues, which have a nor=1 alil!hatic chain in para-po- aition to the amino j;roup, can be obtained Ly reduction of alkyl - (4-aninophenyl) -ketone o with analGanatel zinc in hilro- chloric acid. The prosent paper describes the ajnthesia of C'Ird 1/3 p-r-dodacylaniline by neans of the 9tibatitution of chlorinE, 79- 1/510/'j.5 In-reatlGationu in the Field of Aromatic Compounds With a Lon:, Side Chain. II. Synthesis or Dodecylanillne by Amonolysis of p-C"h1orof,'odQCVltrjn2&re by the amino group in p-chlorododsc;rlbenzene. 71he latter was obtained from p-chlorolaurophanono according to two different mothodso I C11H23- CO-