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December 31, 1967
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ILISM,, Alok"ndr LonCiwvLch, kand, tskhn.nauk, PrIalmall uch"tlyo: Mp.1j.0 kmd. t*Ww. ~kj OUPQTp X.Gop kmdo tokbo. nm*; SUMINIMg H.M.g kad. tokbo. amk; -MM=M%At-* lm~L# rotoonowtj ?EMMA, Yo.A.p voduchshly Mies ?0W8=& &@fog takhme red, (CamdaUft ad ftelp of drWl" ~Wpmt ad tools]Rmmhst wborodomila I I"U%moU. Hoakwa as Pe (MA 25s22$ NIKOLICII, A.S. Investigating the operation of thm rod and pist,;n pw7k.Ing cf a drillirg pump. Hash. i neft. obor. no.1:11-14 165. tMIRA 18W 1. GosWarstyennyy neuchno-insledovatAllskiy i proyektnyf instit'it neftyanogo mashinostroytniya. NAYKkRK, 13.A.;, NIKCjIAI':H. MI.; SHVYEO"IA, L.S. Sconcadc efficlemy in the immage of thp lifetim of tt,,! of a drill purmp. MAsh. I naft. obor. no.2:2..1-27 165. M Rt A I 1. 5) 1. Gosudarstvennyy nauchno-lanladovatel'skiy proyektnyy Institut neftyanogo mashinostroyenlyst. UUMAM/Owarml wd SPOOL&I Zoology - rmects - P Abs jour Ref Zhur - Kol., No 7j 1958; 30632 Author Nikolich, Ca, lbrkovichp W- inot Title I'vosatra Monacha in tho Fodeml People's Republic of Tuvelavia. orig Pub : shwou-stva, 1957P 10, No 3-4, 242-245. Abstract : No nbstract. Card 1/1 TUMMAYWOMes pbysical OpUeg X-5 Aw Jew at nw - "aim, No 5" IMS, ft lirg Author 41h XMIst "Vois AmUw smw "W LAM Of FadlatIm frow an AbsolvUly 31"k 3w am the 0" IMM. Or'S P* r0au- ftrah't" uatao- I fIz- Mar- 11014- MiJe, 1955, T, 116 1-20 83-90 Abstract ftr gagog or ou I&Ma Wg Ww Irna&U46 or as absolutoly black beft On author ablaW Sonaval rem at the Ihs % ge Now salvem for the difroyeatial of mtnw,, wd aus, t1w M- latious that anoerause the sufft-Soltunome UM MA tan S&L&- bafte eqnattoo. Is thowe alwMesioew go Uot rNsfun PIAO So sune rois an taw pressav of an laml gas vkno taw aosolty of as 0 - a smordy 06,11.4polds to the dowLty or an 14401 Poe It to abaft that the astrages of difforent By$- tows MR W rolated IW rascUawal equgUogg. xLbUOgMpW,, a Utles. card ill Working 3krovissee of the Odessa Aorelsoad Station S/05OJ60/000/06/10/02i 3007/2007 such a group is deveribed. It Is pointed out that an Important factor Is the altitude In which %boy carry out the sounding, and In this coma"Ites the preparation of the probing balloon later to be filled with hydrogon Is doo*rlbed. In the @our@@ of rosont years export workers war* trained. ?hoop the atereventlooW staties W only four Independent collaborators Is 1958, but already 12 to the second halt of the @am year. The station has a magmetto recorder. In the second halt of 1958 the station occupied first place in the UNIR and was awarded the grasneye ZxWa lospubliksmakwe keelteta sayuss, avlarabotalkew I go= I= (Red sammor of the Ropublioan Committoo of the Vnion of Aorologlool Iloobelolane and the VOU Vkr38R)- Card 2/2 HUDLICHs L. USSR/M.mistry - System# Anary Chemistry - Inorguic On"unift Sop 48 *KnarY SYlt0m COMPONA Of the &UdG8 Of SiliCon, TitAnimm. Tin Arsenic, Antirorg, And Bismuth With Various Organic Compoundsow K. A* Pus" GbIlaboratorst We Vasovi* Is Telitskimp T. Vorapommoyp Lo 1krichem, Le Mikheylovichp L. MibDliCho,- 1. Parkhomenko, Yo. Ubovich, 8 pp NMur Obahch MaLif Vol VINg No 9 Lvastisrates fusibiltLy diagram of 16 bino&7 systeme Shows that arsenic Arichloride with aniline and 19391pigrUdine gives high-sieltine cowounds of composition ANC13-305"2 snd ANQ 3(CH3)2c6K3-NH2, StannLe tetrachloride with o-nitranimole forms a c orpowd Of =jIscular corvositiont 3mC14,0,G6QN02)-0-Cjf3- 2w remaining syst4imp *wept arsenic tribromide-,asobensensp are mick"cal rdxturv3 in the cryttalling state@ A secondo, noWleatton of bismuth tribradde exists with transition tasVerature of 1510o Stsbadtted 13 Jun 47. FA 30/4915 Country Ca. t C L7 0 r.Y A r Q-2 -t"l,:!. Ab3, Jour -I f I~q 19539 94C~~,, 2 1 1 Atithor P,31iumaim, Ye.; Rusul a.; Nikolichin S -0 Inatitut. Titlo Ralsin~ of '.,Iuurr Cattle Gto:-", wi'~'i 11fitioris Mul, 1-i Rouvimge ar6 Jule.1 Fn0sr. Orlp, Pub. Mazi,dwirtro as-kho ;:.hog 19t5o7g, 110 19 86-97 Abstract No abs,w-ract. Cari: 1/1 03,iging '?.; Krt~;Ii%n. To; L't"karg A.; Varzheti, Ygo smus, &.$swum, 9.tsmum' 9. -0- . ftele sebolm of midm4pm for prawriptLeme vw 6 W. 1813-36 AS M. Om 23:5) U %sign. 2,, ProWed by the 5/171h ftsrememile laboratory, Sep ~-. NZOUCl. RaftlY. dr. slood"a " 1954. act* Oyeassoreas mwomle~. GuvwA p"Me" In the propmetim at pre"ripsifte. froo"Mrs" 9 gw.ulnsm I a" lb, (~Mlm p"p. at) NIKOLICS, Karolyl BIDED, Gabor; NIKOLICS, Karolyne fffeat of oolvents on thm strueturo of cryotalo. Acts pharm. H=g. 35 n0-48152-157 J1165. MAMIJEf. V,F, '. V.r, .,. TYP 'A OT!, ; Z-Torf f-,.( - .1 ~ . ~ 4.0 '.1-1 , V.w, Turd.r4g rf a plaam a"---eson '.n si floid, PtT, 19 r,).',-';29,-335 () 165, (MTn LP I ! 1.) ACC NRoAP6022031 SOURCE CODEs UR/01201661000/0031019810202 AUTHDits Nikoltagg. A. P.; DelitskV, -1. nots*&Q. V. .; leylanoY; 1. Tal Nazarov, V.- 0 :X-.I V&-ww,#' B. N.s Shaelev, V. I.j ifordonsidy, 0. 17. MG t Central W)-oratcry of Autonatic!c OKChTsMET, Xoscow (Tsentralf naya laboratorlya avtmatiki) TITLEt Automatic fluorescent x-ray !patromsier SOURM Pribory 1. tekhnika eksperimenta, no- 3, 1966, 198-202 TOPIC TAGSs automatic spectrometer, x ray spectrometer ABSTRACT% A newly developed all-wave vacuum fluorescent automatic x-ray spectrometer Is briefly described; Intended for both qualitative and quantitative analys*30 the two-beam, .. spectrometer Oermits programing of 24 lines. The programing unit has storages for these parameterst the Wulf-Bragg angle, diacrinination thresholde discrimination-window width, standard or timer pulse3, collimator type, sequence of interrogation of lines. These units are mentioned or describeds x-ray optical system; primary and secondary collimators K crystal analyzers (LiF and pKA PO.); radiation detectors (proportional and WMT1) scintiUation couners); amD1 era, supply packs, etc. The DKhV-6 x-ray tubo (50 kv, 100 ma) permits exciting the K-Beries of Glements with Z a 12--60 And the L-series with Z > 60. Data regarding counting rates of pare elements Is supplied. Orig. art. hasi ]j_jjr"q9 and I table. 1031 so CmijUe-WSM DhTZs14Apr65/QtM IUW:0016 / M 1UW8001 rrnm.cAn mftZ r-A12 ba '& jusiff. 0 mmm4we A.Pos kapItem-matemAg TAX6AWN, 1,6,9 kapitan- wavalk: KGw"cwV I.E.. NVU016-meturalko, SAUTM, J.r., kmpHazk--vAst&vm1kF 20=11, Kol.p. kerpitan-ftsternik.- BUXAK. &.A., impitan: DWMININ, A.T., kapitan; ITANIZA, kapitan; POLS- UTW, 16.A.,. kapitan; YMC131W', K.A.; YMCVfWt F.K.; SKCLDT- RW, A.T4.r TIMUMAGIN, TO.A.;. 6UrM*, K.A.-, SATM11r., Jr.D... YILYAS"s 11*A,j GOLOWUMIN, M.P.; ITANOT, A.L.; rl:LTAWY, K.A.. vmmkt T.T.t WNW.Ped, Woo of mviotlom an 2,84.5.& lalsed waterve; I Fravile plawmalla pe vmtrezalm ved"m patlam MOW. fvo&ay v detetvl* a I wrta 1959 C. prgmsm atalstra roebs"o not* no,26 ot It fevrolia 1939 C, Moskva@ Is4-ve %GhnGL tr8A*PQrt,,6 1959. 124 P. NIU 13t6) 1. 1kasla (1917- ]LE.F.S.R.) UWateratwe rochmogo flat&. 2. Olar- nyy revisor pe besopasnosti, sudokbodstva (for likolin). 3. Ischalt- niki, bessaynowykh sudakhodAykh inq*ktill- (for Teshchilov. Ty1chodtaer. Smoldrrer). 4, labotmiki Upravlonlys; glavmoge rarizors pa bogapea- nosti mdoWmdetva, (for Ureshchaging fttyrin, Savoctin. Filyagor). 5. Glavuys, -uprdvlonlys, vodAykh pator 1, g1drotekhaicbmalcikh **am- Shealy (for "'IrAmm4*141. Miami ftqtviuwl--~ am recautteam) RIKOLIN L.V, of ship bmdumg klowl". Afta6ummv. 20 WA: J* (MM 1416) 2. Glavary review p bompam"U owdekbefttva I okkmo ObIloof mhdmtmstva reshoop rut&. (SJdp DiZELIC) -I.; N4'- 11-114Y ~'. Eca complex cc;--jy--inwi~r of nlcol.!ne, %-r; ,r-! GIasnIk -12W-52 163. 1, laboratory of Irgania Chocistry and Mov ?*-i'Atry, -urt.16-if.e. University, nf 1.1hri,levop Sarajavoo TWOSIAVIA AM SOXQVIC, D., and DUSUC, K.. Institutes of Cbmistry and Facultr, 3~ftjew "Acutis foxicity of Some Salts of Rootim, "dine# and Methylpyrr*1141MO Zagreb. dm Vol 17. No 31 19". pp jQ)-)Q6 AbAU=lt L050 of the malts of nicotine vith g&Uic, 2,5-d1WmVbsnzojc, on a. p-amimselicylic. and p-nitrobensole acid. of X-m*thylpyrrolidine with gallic, 2,5-dihydroxybonsoic, oxalic, and p-fdtmbmwic acid. and also of pyridim onlato and p-mitrebansoata vas determined in tests on nice in i&icb int.~W tonal Injeotion of the selts was carried out. Sm* of the salts tested had been owU syntlAwdsed, at Us Institute of CkadsUmy of the Neftcal Iraoulty at Serajave. It had been establialmd that some organic acid ftIts of nicatine have insecticidal aettwity and are more resistant to oxidation than nlootim bees. LDjO of rAceUm gallates 2.$wdjhydmjWbww&t~. onj~ts. and p-amimmaUcylato as lioiser then that of alootim be". vkile L03o at miestims p-4dUmsbusato ves blow* Miss Injectod emboutmagowdy into nice betere admisdatestAms or slootime 2,5-dUWdrqq6sma&tq, pmethylpyrnlidine gallate exomw a owtalm pmtosuve offset against poisoning with the nisouns "It. Taues# is . In swee (6 Towslave 6 Western). ftlish summary. mauscript re"vw 6 i;d- -671 1/1 IACCESSTCK IM AP30063" 4/0126/63/016fft 210 25f/O 259 ATTEOPSt Ly*sakl, L, Is I 111pling, ff. r. TITUt Orientation or ft-Phs" GVA epallon-Phase latuses; dMing gems-eyetlan transformation In Fe-ft alloys and to Fe-Wa-C GUNd alks wCallev I setallevedodyep ve 16p we 1961# - O&S" TMIC TAGSo Top-Ph alloy$ ft-ft-o steel, transfoxwtiong *so lattice, w4wtatjon ABSTRACTs The orientation of gamme-pbaso and spd2on-pbase lat#Ac#w dwl~g the i Y4'~--P f- transformation In Te-ft-C steel had not been vqmdmentally determined. IThe goel of this work was to suppIr this Informottion and to "rity the tbeorst~cel data of Z. Ifishlyama. (Kinvoku. no Kenkyur 1936,, l7p VO) and the appre wtts sxperl-~ d readta of J., C, Pe= (Acts Cryste, 1952t ~f 1942), The composition of steel Barpies want ratiar &h and o.5% c; that of the alloyt Fo+2D% Vm. The phase orientations were determined from; x-rrT pictures or aUtionary earges. produced ii a rotation clamber at 20 interv Is, The results obtained were used to construct poler diagrams for detervIning the raws-phene and spallon-phoise orientation In :steel. This was iWassible to achieve by x-rdy anaUsis alone because of the .blendive of the, (321), end (1122)c diffraction spots. it was established tbat the CWd 'AC=sras tlitt Apnom- re2atlan between the Casm-pimim md ~Wlm phs" latuem WWI ITIdf rOlattOD 001fleld0d entirely with tbot obtained IV Z' Ce tarr possible few tWo of "4=tgU Oar or tbe, (do4og t1w 7--.r we reau I" I'D steel mmryst&uo WtAle an four typ" Opwred In the Auer. hial Tuattlat mewleridit mms (Tuattwo or Pvdma wata'llow- ff iukrSSR) SUMTI&Ds aDDw62 Dffz Am$ ="6l MCLe 00 SIM Coca I NO w my, 000 002 ICard L.I.j KIKOLI~H, B.I. lkrtomdto phase wltb a 2imminated structure. Vski. AN ssm 253 m*0812-825 9 063. (KMA 1711) Is Inatitut otalldlsiki AN qkv6M, PM$t&vloao akadmikm 4iK I LYSAK, L.I.; HIKOLIN B.I. Itch spirals on F944r*-C steel, Sbor,muchotrudo Inst. metallofft. AN URSR no.19s232-234 164,; (MIRA 18:5) r L I v'.,.YK, L.I.; NIKOLIN, B.I. Cgotal-lostructural charges wAth, martensitic transfer--atlens f --.* t oC . Sbor. much. trud. Inst. met-allofiz. Ali UR5Tt no.20t154-164 164. (Y'llpik 18:51, ACC&Wlo)l Vs Ad?401M AUTLAM51 I~& Le I*$ TrrLSt StudylM paddog defooU wd mUrshot~ at .9mae in ainau u7stau of Fe M C ss"I XmIll fts" Nd&IUV L TOM TAGS# ststl# 1o4%4 sto4v assal alr4gle orpWo padd" dstec%# sism- hardness, ph&" mms gh"Of sons- tio- "OLIOR trawformtleas a-nw disthn"Ot pastwas V4 Aftle U-3 ""I -.A- 's ABSTRACT s The "f. to 9- pkw - ---l 4 - - lac ft4b4 st"I sloos 417"au has be= stw" md by X-row diffroAl" wttwm. S092" consistim or st**U 98 a" StJ and of sompowe VMS preft4ed In a hto4requaw ln&wusa owm (wwlr sarbes SM$" varied from 0.2 to L&O wAs their uft&Mw apsUft fm & to 28,91, Tbe WUr4o wyaUU wwo grwa VW elm OV62 Mflift Of *0 MIU. IM MA Ot M4dr WONO GUUF$y AUMS4 UO MVAM of the E -Ome vftisk lm"MA with t" dow"Go in mmung wadow. The larpst E -pha" glatm wwo Mund In suqAm 0.5 to I m Udsk. As amljmb CWAAA shmad "a &WIft wa qf+&P~ pm Idtim is F*4b4 sbed same dw"o packin deel" Wave two". us" we ranagw is Wo bunt" at & -Owwo Points on the X-ew dIctromm Odstan wd in Ww qNserame at diffiselve bud@ COWACtIng so" of tm Jr. smA gvUsso pvlmfe These paddft does" OPPOGIVA wA dis4ppeared Wgetbw wLth the, fj ph"*. TM Ge uw e-phase 4 1 . in the, st"I cantoalft Fie * Oja 4 * 14% lk Was 4M k&4W ad Ma Now IMM wm;: ASMUTION# I=U%& AN ~ (ZOSIU" OC XNW ftid"AN SNO SU*=M 1 10006 DAIS ACQI W" WLI act ma Cmigs ML INU Ra soy, On Orme OU CZd 2/2 M'1V Rp-"%""*~ Vtz fBwu LYJ'AK9 L.I.; HIKOLI!L.L.1. -- studying the relief in V-Attransformt.ons on airgle cr7stals 5%70- 0f ye-ml-C steel. Fis. met. I motallwed. 17 no. ~-707 Ptr 164. Morphology and orientation of 9. -martensite In m1ni-le cryntals of Fe-Mi-C steel. Part 3. lbld.00f~-713 (KIPA 17:9) 1. institut metallofisiki AN SJISR. P C 91 -66 r A /%Cc "It! AP502-7139 SOURCE CODE: UR/0125/6 5102 A~ 547/0554 B. 10 AUTHORT _~jaak L I.; ORG-. jLjLt~~tLe fctj~_~4e ppyeice of Fatals ml ljkrl R (Inst tut 7kT matallofiziki AN UkrSS TITM3, Packing defects in the martensite transition in steel SOURCE: Fizika metallov i matallovodaniye, v. 20, no- 4, 1965o 547-554 TOPIC TA03t martenalte ateelp pb*96 transition, crystal lattles defeat ABSTRACT: The article con3ldor3 tho question of the role of packing defacts in the formation of the martanalte op3ilorl onl-epsilon phases in iron-mangenese-carbon steell' X- ra investigations of manganese nn n-a----a Fg-0-TIE-66- steels (0-0'~% carbon, 8-1~' m' Wa ilstenco of a -ne orten3itue pbase, the epsilon'-martensite phase. "A'bis phn3e,,bas an M 18;layer rhombohodric I ttice with the parr-c-noters a - 12. 6 At alpbn c 3 7-1-4A 11 401' (spatial group t~,d)# with hexagonal a-x" 2o53 k X ray investigations sb8w that the ep3llonl pbesason lb%3 a cioscJ7 packed atrtiature of the I type (taGAB(MCASCACABCAB), A figure ilic,wi the gos in the crystal Iftttice in rangenese steels with phase tran f1h B n tions, during heating and cooling, During cooling, the transitions f are, successivelys from the ga-ma, through the epsilon' and epsilon Cord - ----- 536-445- ACC NR1 AF5027139 pba.soa to the kappa' phase -and, during beating, from the kappa' phrxse io, the alpha and kappa phases. It in proposed that in stools where the, Intermediate epsilon' and epsilon rartensito phases kre not forz.63 tho paths for the dinplacomint of the ato,-.s during the transition fro-n tbe~ j3amma to tho kappat phase are the samo as in steelo where the epsilon' and epsilon pbasou are forred, The reason for this otin be explained es follows. In the fornation of a now phase, enerp.7 Is required for tbo creation of a now Int-erphose boundnry, If tho do- ortme in the free energ7 dooL- not cover ita inareebe in the bond with tbo formation of a now intorpbase boundary, then such a phase will not 'be formed, Alloyirg elements evidently doprease the free onergy of the!' epoilon' and epsilon pbosee, but do not cbnnwe the rechenism of the trorisition from the gar=&~ to the kappa' phase, Orig. art. has: 5 BUS CODRt XK/ SUM DATEt 280ot64/ ORIG REF: 000'/ OTH REFt 011 NIKOLINt 0.1.9 CWA Wd i0i -- (diss) H 4 the ~,( 11 treatmA of the chronle ro-= of achJjvphxc;at&