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December 31, 1967
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C'....., ,kERAYOVICH, ;0"Afovich, Infi-.; t", vA-uchn. red. (Bridge-type cranbBl Y--ftry vios'cvoro tipfto Foskval I TSentr. nauchno-is.,,vl. in-t Vatentnoi inforrAtsii i tdkki.-- niko-okon. isslop lf~64-, Jr pe (VIU 1818) ADWV, A.4op',oty. rvdj WKIN# A.M., otw. red.; ~PUGVAUp V.1.0 re4.; DO"ISILIN, Vol., rod*; KIRILUXO I.To.# red.; HIKHAILM, G.K.0 red.; M30MO, L.A.,, rod.; Ii LAM-= t4,, rid.; ItOZWWnWKff, V.A... red.; U50AKO', P It., red.; XWMq red.; SHARCWOV, M.S.# red: (Reguliktions ror the assign &r4 naro operation of leed- lifting cianenj Pri-vila u--truizo-va i taxopasrol ekspluoto- tali gruzopod"emirykh krancv. Vockviks Vedrs, 1965. 127 p. . (KIPA 180) 1, Rusivia (1917- R.S.F.S.R.) GosudtratvomW kardtot po, nadioru so bezopasnyin vodeuiyer- robot v procyahlemosti i gornew nedzoru. C,4, 6r. va- W-t 4E0iw JN ill is bows a". 4=WA- OWN b SOMOMO T.D.1 v M m 0 ?A.; Nm~~p at* dt *~ isomity to 6"Ints md larlols winm IN I l . Top.winw. 7 mo.6001P-705 54 062. (NLU 1604) .. I . ~ , ,, wolo vlr~1~01 Ifimtr*20nov ImUtata umvenlawtve. "alp "Somw scrodshop SoMarso."lawleuel. M- Oka suatelp I gauchm-lesudentolookly lamutut visa" pmpuewwp awkwa. (ANUAM-juvom" =OMUTION) U0609 K.S.0*s TIATOUIM* I.S.j M UNI-LLKI (Sam Ujk-Unjo 0 Zoorel M-A~U-Qoro C21214" dww"riou" of janu~ sm~d by the Aa virwo &a- -- In mtrIoW ddldnalo ImILL ~r or" to dau t*ft 1960 to M. Fed"trua 42 8901;4~4 U16). ~',MM IWO U Is AMU "U7bb dst~kM WOMUF (�W- - Pm*-!- S-9-360m) boulata pod"tru (dir, - do4."&t ILTSO Stubalkin) Am ~ I ot&la (env. S.AJkWnlaw) IftskswWwr -oplAnd4olUbmakey stmteLlo a bay samitarse volomy) (CEMES-Damm) on 391 on"& by ftleftelft amp y *60"00 lb Ito P 43 nab oftela rw scood" mit sormtmt to ro- son lated"We to nee weempuss can" by Gdommun mit at M-4 so" sub ?-is t" - ada of Um MUM edKM IA one&& for 2-2 gig Me w1th 94A an& 32-lis t ~ so. MU" ir4eiraft't that an at cumm"att~*'Pip- owt W only 4mb dkiolds fw OU fou Of& in- 860U two ft mw now K ULsT"="Wq JM~ Lat.. rodaktcrt DMI61to 1-5-9 F*6~8 Ian, 0"G. reamers 9 AJ69 rodaMers 2.2.0 ;"Or, 0 A0269 rodskUW1 TAXNW* I ISO ~Wffv rl lbow. 2.V., reamwl von=. FASO reamers woose todame Mumma* V.I., reamers Em -JLJPO, rofimWj M~W~q I.IL, sdftldlfiw~' - reftnot [Zjjgjw%Ug &Ooog tpg~ tolevigles gootworel Ustrwissio solopnwas- seat T solowlsofte 116dws, as. onen. is&-we, 1"1#o 151L (Hoses- v~A& fol"abibilets", weall) Moat~onlcv --,SeA-conducUv4 do~,Ylces C-5,rd 1/1. Pub. 89 - 20/27 Auth~;ru I Gerslizonp Ye, , and Nikolaye-valkiy, 1. Title i; Lo w-frequency arnnlifters on c.-yat;Ll trlodvs I T~qdio 8, 44-46, Aug 1955 Alvlit~-,,- cczJ-Imitionwith eler-t- nrid in ucir'i~ cases thvy irer a9six-10 the rOle Of tube5. The siqple way is introduced for depkinienclem of cryrt'll trj-,jtr *, -, I -)!' flers W~,ere the. --the ut-111zatlor, CA czyfA~11. trjin-e-pn jr --~j I'D Tj~~ical- L,r I od!zs n-',c-ztr-cn the cryat~il t-riode are eiscuant-A, processes dt!t ;--rf *r -:inc, Tho three b!oslc t~-JcAv eljtlra-5 wnich r7int be taken irW con- SilerA-tio--n '41~en (Ipterr~,tnl- ff-A, rvni-atanct chara:tr W.Acs in accordinen trioda q;-n grAphs. i i " - I -f- ': " 1 1 L' f If .), L:L v ~ , , Al '/~ '~ ~.' Y I I.- I " 7 4~~.Ts.j BIM&TWIM I. bow trogAftor orystal SrUds aftlitiore vadis 20.9:"1 5055. (*elitism SLOOSVOR-Tabo) (NL% 6: 11) Gmuuwa Towpaly fladlidrovick- W9rllfAV~ZV 1~tf JPM&M"WjCb; TrOTILS, 6-80, 19"kikorg URIMMW,-w.T*-., (fr8ftletwe Is stroults of radlobradmotleg mad tolwigift mpperelal Poliprew4al"o SrIWV v ~Mbmkb redleaskWosellea I tolowlelemseg oppomtery, Seek", 4w.*wr6,I~4.v*, 1957, Ob pop (10164199014 "Alebiblioteble me.2") (MA 10 to) smi sippilas) sod ww"ll") Smiconduator Triodes (Coat.) SOV/501 low-fxvqwmoy (up to 0.2 v and up to 3 W) fuesd gommUmm and sIllsom tr1odes; on low power, low-frequaW (up to 9.25 v and up to W W)', rused,, diff"I amd surfaeo-barrUr tuieverused) Cerftftm Oftod"i on poverftl from 0.85 to 100 w) fus" tr1odes made from promalum; OW an junctlem-type 81116M and germalum rectIfler &lodes and voltage stablitsers. Methods and formulas are glyon ror dorIvIng data, surves, and parsimetors not found In the handbook. Parametors and symbole and thelr derinItions am formulas; Mat constants; m=mme permlesIble opentlag condi- t1ono; and electr1sal data for 1rAlv1dual d1odes and trIodes are Oven. The entItled "PrInelplos or ftiting and Clas- sirication: w laln the techaloal loplisatlomm or mu*uws, e.g.,, "F13w and 1p1;" deelgnato germanlum "miconductor trIo6ee or dtf- rerent aq ation awfflelents (e.belng 0.92 and 0.97 reeves- tively), vbsv~ trlo*w "PI31mad *?1390 do not differ In &h but In mol" lemml 17 belft 33 and lid dOGA."Is respectIT61Y). Im authors ~--- A. 8. randyan ror editorial aselstancie. Ibere are no refereness. card-2/10. all" ".!F 0 1.9 ladgoj GU=v I.t limb.1 SAWJ~p A.# 104o 1!0~~ of taw bee* olrmit. UMe noo7s" il 43. (KEM 16s7) (Tramlotwo) -.1. u-, Tramolstor md Sewleanductor Dlo6os MOV/S392 emooral" mew tramalstors a" dlodes. It also latrodueom a am val shmptor on translators. la shleft the VW*Iaa ="Wl"d sipirimmee or eask Parameter an enlained in = detwu OW 11sts t1w speelfle shamaterlstles ortVA tMO-4-ters emc In the UASR. go persommaltlee are mentlemed. 2lem are so referee*es. TANA OF ODNINM: Fors r4 3yubole 25 PART ONS. TRAMIMAS Ch, 1. Gemeral Informatlem 1. PrImelplem or marklag mW aussirioation 25 I/ Card 2/10 ACC 14R, AT5025635 nonsp.turating flip-flo-, and vilco e:~5pllfler circuits. OrIg. art. haa: Rnd 5 tablea. EUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE: none/ ATD PRESS: 13 f1gures [JR) i;mL-N-M &.-IL r t t V kl. I At A an t d 40 MKoi-A fea-mov, 1,17 NAOMI 000 00 Of dft~ 0" 0" b4 a" amimr ft~. dso &"sw,*J~, ml6m*tlwbw#m4&w V*w. sm to* Oct. q# 0 60% oft. W NAM. OW to I -i, ft. wma mr bm Z amftewsbols 0 10 =660mm a eel 4AW. Art 40". sow. Own Isr o4w #sbWft&mdQ" 164".41 sow. I bft a I" ",W. -"-rs ~4. 70' OS, 4 6% Me= of %ft Wo flaw in do" W IS qw. ii. I I ob~ - 3 On". d Ims 0 49LM so mww 04 wwq od W. Q IAA, .IM40"m (440"~ go* too- #-q, woo 00,1988 6 14,86913316 114'p- IT AY-Pla(Mt I - !. . ~r "Thq Use of Lysozyme In Infecticus Gynecoloplcal Lisea:es of Larg,- Hormed Cattle," Veterinarlymp No. 1p 1950. Cando Veterinary ScI., Xbr. Ivanova Agricultural Inst., -cl95D-. p 23L NIKOUnMITI, 1~ lvwwwi4h (Immewsk Arloultural ImOv Asadmis deem* of Dwtor of VOArIMVY Selemeseq b asod ft kin d efewwo 20 94W Mg in 010 CA - I i1 of the Nessm Morlmary Asedwo of his dissor"Ussatitleds MLYSORPM of spumelad"I ftossaw of uVestook.0 Asadmis dWm mWor titlet Doeter of 3*1~s 301 Welslame of WAgg LlsL so. IS,, 10 Sep $5, SysUet4al M SSR, No. 17,, Sep $60 xmwwt PP 9-16P UMI. imiff-05 0 goosteattwo -~-MMN,, S.Taeg insh.,, redo; F 0 of % lioutH, V.P., tokbn. rot (passed" aim swells) of "latilo folveau lw M" at k*Ab odsortmots] trmktirovenis rokuperstati lotuoMM kest"ritolot a edowbwmml porlodiaboobBp dels"Ra. Nookmp Goes mobso- UMm6 Iw& i o C%roftlsp 19U* 2YI p. (am u 110) (Selv*mU) (ft~mU&l lmft~$rlow-49q"jmmt ad mppU") 1wr sl~nov A.F. Intompuen of manst plimes with a SPIAMM ovitall.0 zbgw. prUl. spektr. 3 no. 5 t467-4M R 165. (KDtA 18s11) it. F_ I L 34AN Ei~_Ikll "I- AP6019648, 301URCE CODRt VR/G3"/66_jW4/Q06'/0465/0k9a ftim"IshinA So Of 4 4;' actooe avooNpUm or a M&S ourrent, d1soberge, tt low TIN~XC TAUSt 'Plemme 41 ~~Wvl* saw dissbargis speetroseepyp tbermodynimle GO "m good to Investlaste ALL- us a fAm~ at differ4mt InItIel temperatures 31?eR:. SetS is g assbugs tuft specially constructed for the ME f so ad % ow to' She tempamtorep dotew"OstIme were "do of purp" to 41 'if Us somsentrOlon of the =01slege the pressisso or tbermodynaft 040111brium fte established# adsolvi at the sIr w" meavredo Us artlels, a ads at the &,Abe 0 * The ogml spectra with f4fa a meter UNG In no " Im of j* Im A were tab" wItb a dIt Com Irl 91a a reverse umar dispersion or a" a t"s 1 foartl raph "m Wom or ma siestrome IVAPOVAO M.1.0 insh. saw am m of Uo urow TWA- - I --a Pl=t In shaftavo awracrambimstromis 7 no.,146 My 'Gle oam use) (Turbims) NIMAIIMUTO N.Y. t 1 Sm ~ a- - of tAw Morkaw Twbo-pm. PlAtnt aZd anw s5c. Y.U;w. ~ Ign -- e 8 no.5s7 my 062. (MIRA 1515) (Khorko-. _T~jrVitner-PosUp and comtruction) - - - - - -0 so No Oldb*r Productivity In the Petroleum Industry of the USSR*, Proizvoditallaost truds. v prompblenwatt SSSA, Academy of Sciences, Institute of Econamicep 1940p PP 160-1113* Trans. X-W3v 1 )kr 55 T F -F~K. %w ammmis sop"to OC va" pwwcl~ dep"lu Vadrftt Gas. awah'-tahm. 156-ve ssftl~t I emu ftpug" IL"t 190. 226 V. (0412m) I ~-- I"-,%" It rrTFT-U-7-TT f Ir I -Q-YTT, Lf. V. V -yk - - , IT, &. -. ". r., (;Trlrrr &, K. E., BxE4A-Ajw .. - F evothoft 4c --- Us Q4pWt of ftUVI~ DOPMIU# 0 Gftt*OQkM~fttt 1%S ~~j lb. 60, 26 MW 52t Ir 5205"99 v 1 It"m~kYsill, it. X. NOW 4c pamod" bw to uq"t a vow ot as to Nadme, ace. amodwo-Umm's M& To adtimmei I OWN 68 Litcyg 1"2. 101 %470)) 1wr .16) Unart A P I OUXIGTWT. K.K.; 1=,U. K.1r.; rr" war'. X.X. ajow. I.&. i~ now" at weaouw a WOUS for "VolqPIN somim bwlefte to go Twom floUs. tnft M so.U:1540 05 . (~ 9:9) 140) AMM TrM: SecooMe Gals Frts Vw Astmotlao, at Patrolows Pro6w%las (Mmoslamobve, Offoktif t, swumuse"ll pffltes"OT 4*ycb werti) POMODIM: - **qWtwo,, 19%. Wr 12. pp 6-1) (tM) ANUMs An6dontlas woo Istradesed Is the Bedftr AM ft"Or"Amefts Oft), the Pavol Oblost , the Weaten (swislaveart, MA WI)j, aw Tom Am (ftwipo"I sed Dordomoost I WN)p ow Oreabwg OHM$ (3M-wlmwft')O the gronsfisr DW (AbUmftO M)v tM Modwom- 186M& ~, C=%Ml AGIS, , sod Seawus* At psom It Is bel" lnorsdand IMIND in MMMWIM igoiftbar). Aftiaostlao Me bass, swessaftl In Is. dIvidwal saves (Groww" costral Asla) Glass the todisoloocal sol crowlsatiaosil leral Is posseW Um. lkle is si6stestlaUd IF the fact that aa4 three per cost of the ~ Oil"lls an Iscluded In the sat4oatlas PUM. IM fteassic DIVISIM of sa-VM laft1tu" has be" sep"d Is awtoostim resvon& aisc* 1957 ONA "ess" the ftts, as ts& CIM01", lacladlog GIVIOUle at the -- - fte 09 rM.,6. b....), =4 allftelft In ZubW AUoWftft wi Qdm72%61" 1-11). as WAMMUM "booss ftr thisee Otmel" loaleft an MAT-IL" Aff-I, cw-2, card Ip IMA - - -"W"Mommomps" rawl at pfwel~ P16w"416 tow =1 U11WO429 '59. (on no)) (Oil ft A- rr"UfAm =Vmb) -k XIIWAMV To W9x4vd*tw ekamowd~j ~,-- awsw4% m Me emm"s of as pvovd~ UA frody M: welain-Ir ope 4"W, nos) r p owsum tuta") NIKOLATUSICIT. likalmy Kntvaleviah; KURASM. V.A.. re4.: DWROVINA, N.D., Sahm.m. (Labor preftetivIty In oil mall &rilllngj ftolgTo4itslonost, ti-nds v buteadi mftlaa*h skwashin. Moskva, Gen. muchme-tekba. is&-vo soft. i come-toplivaoi lit-ry, 19J9. 106 V. (MI" 13S1) (Oil well drillime Vor produativity) RIKOZATUSlat, U.K.; DUGUMV. P.V. Beffods justiftesues of tlw -rodustus woo= for low Skborme flolto *vAr VIII wJ600-50 160o (10A 13:9) (Mdmpovo reglm-4M1 fioldo.-Ptodwtim wtbods) kIjmkjALIwkjjT' U.N.;_ mw;n, N.M.; DMUMV, r.y. jbtmoining %1w off latemay of a Production PrOams for m oil flold using tbe setbnd of e ustalmd reservoir pressure. traft MI "026051-" 9600 (NM 130) (Oil f lolds.-Wo4uattou motbods) rnt-A d 2 -.1-1- a BUMINO AON. CougernIng 00 o1 1 y1old of an oil mll. tradr MI 29.26196-112 160* (HEM 1319) (&I fleme-wedusties mtws) WWVp Alsksooft Petrovich; BELASH,, Pavel MakaiwvIch; HO&ISUV,, Yurly fttnmtA, bW, tekbn, nooko MUCMM,, AlsksocAr Niko2myovIeb; VOIROVv Viktw VIktor*vIcbj,MAWMW. Nu* Hibbsylowlehi KAKiMT, IKIIh&41 Ivanmdch&-XIKO!&I~V- 11kazu Mirmovichp doktor ekow,,'nmukj F4=BW4p fike Davidavichl SAMA, Z.A-.v-iiA-. ndej POLINDAp A.S.j, tokka. nd.. lfttgnmdmg Um dwolopmat of all ft"I principles and sotbods) rewsboUl wtUaWkh mostaroddemill prfttslff I motaft. Mookwat GsotoptiskMofttv 19Q. 4o19 p. (NM 154) Mbloo4ormsposiot Umdadi ~k ~ (for b7low). (012 reservoir o"Imer1m) 11190tArMM,, N.M. Problow relative to the Improvement o1' the de-felopnent off oil wd gas fields. fleft. khoz. 40 no.7s29-35 J1 062. (MM 1713) ?WAWWUI=s L.K.m VATUM* t. TA.0 WUVMg M.N., soomem" sappeft of pnepomm md dmlopmmt Of on fulft in go MR howt to be NANCLud for Vo ftz" vwu Pot"Ism cqqpww" pro*hK iffllbV, A.P., red.; AFANASIYEVA, A.V.,, kand- tekhn.mauks red.; BrQTWV, Tu.P.j dokwr takhn. naukv red.; A.A.0 red,,, MM. tekhn. nauk; BUCHIN, A.N.,, kand. ekon. rAuk,, roa,; VIREOVSKIY, A.S.g doktor tekhno nauko profol redo; 7FW,T-T0V. Vit.P.. Xard. tekhn. naukl, red.; MAXSIYDV, kand. polo-miner. -nik, Moi MRKOVSKIT, G.E,p inzh., red.g WLII-IPA9NM#VoSqvd*t,or Vol.-miner. nauk,, red.; Nume VSKIT. )IA., tAvo,Lior ekon. neuk,, prof,, red.; VMOVSWW-,-X-.V.j kand. geol.-miner. naukp red.; PILATOVSKrY, V.P.,, doktor fiz.-mat. nauk, red.; POZENBMG, M.D.# doktor tekhn, nauk, red.; SMOYIN, S.V., kand. takhno nauk,, red., [Petroleum production; theory mid practice. 196' yearbook) Dobycha nefti; teorlia I praktika. Eshegodrilk I'M. 1/,oskva, Nedre,, 1964. 302 p. (MIRA 17s9) 1. Chlon-korrespondent AN WV2 (for Krylov). 2. Vnoooyuuwy neftegazovyy nauchno-issladovatellakly inatitut (for 149lik- Faahayev,, Rozenberg). 3. In3tItUt mokhArLiki AN =R (for Rikolayevskly). KJOUIrU111, NX.; 11.4-1A.51,10VA, T.V. Hatholological boots mW calculatlann of vj*cifl,~ --trital tn- veatmenO In t~,q rroNation of t4mtrc:!";-m for ftm-1. Trudy ~111T n0.390-19 06). (MIRA 170G) 11I.WLAIZ7jSKjYP N.M. Method for estabUshing an economic criterion for the selection of a oartain type of fuel for an enterprise. Trudy VVII no.39i 19-25 163. (KIRA 17tlO) Scononic criterion for the distribution of petroleum production enterprises. rbid.:26-33 N ---- "IT. V-A- ~ IMA ~ the diff"I" M&bAd of vim fortiflosslose love T" somb. Sol... piwwbo tok,6 ", 2:6740 0580 (In" 110) 10 v.=saki$ i"Uset, garedre kklali i 1AWMISAi rww~ (visa "A vim mkt;z)vo AUTROR;,~~~~V-F. , Sagineer SOV/122-58-7-24/31 TIM: An Artificial Tropical Climate Chamber at a Machine Construction Factory (Kamer& iskusetWennogo tropicheskogo klimata na mashinastroitellnom zavods) PUZODICAL: Testnik Rashinastroyaniya, 1958, Mr 7, pp 70-?3 (UM) ADSTUM The chamber has been built for testing large machines such as compressors, so that they can be run under Wpical conditions such as at a temperature of 50 + 5 C with relative humidity of 95 1 3%. A supplemenfary room provides conditions which ogcouroge mould growth and is hold at a temperature of 30 C, with a relative humidity of 100%. The chamber is located in a brick building and is approached through a control room and air lock. The air in the chamber is re-circulated b7 a fen capable of 1 000 83/h delivery at 50 an w.g. The air is heated by a calorifier taking waste steam from the Actory. The air is then humidified by water spray and taken through a drop catcherl the water being provided by condensate from the calorifier. The air is filtered before entering the fan and chamber. Cardl/2 It was found that forced, circulated air did not provide SOV/122-58-7-24/31 An Artificial Tropical Climate Chamber at a Machine Construction Factory good conditions for mould growth, so the fungus rooa is separately heated by electric elements and.hunidified by evaporation of water from a bath. The plant under test can be observed from the control room through windows provided with windscreen wipitrs. Tempera- ture and humidity we controlled automatically. A normal test cycle for compressors involves running for 16 hours under the tropical conditions given above, stopping for 8 hours while conditions in the j~Ubsr return to normal (tomporat4conditions and tbon rmmr a further 3 to 4 dayaq 16 hours on and 13 hours of4 under temperate conditioms. Prototypes say be tooted for periods, up to th"o months. It was found that cadmium plating was more satisfactory than galvanising under these conditions. There or* 2 figures and 3 Boviot references. Card 212 ~Imf. S4P*# Lamb4l NUOLAMKIT, T.F.. Amob4i MRAPOMIKOWO A6K.0 Imsb4 ftkm "" of dis"I'-se"Mu" "W"W "it*. vs*%AuumGW4 43 w4949-30 IV IG)o (sisal 1"~U"~) . (IM 3619) IUKOUIMVSKIY,, V.P., Ln&h.; VAYML'Dp L.S., Inzho lappLeg the corwAwting-rod unit of a O-Losel loamotive c