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,-. ...-C - - myTgjK, P.A. . in,.~h.; SiAlli, VJI.p kam". , : . "'Ifillk; -, 4 0.. , , ."A . '. - , in7,h. ; . .* in~,N.; .'' f 0.",.t inzn.; Ill.,,".ml V.A., inzh.; TIRAKFII~IUVICii, li-I.; G!i:~' * a in reacarch. Stall 25 no.8:855 5 165. Now dovoloTm nt j (XIEA 18:9) %.'IYO'W'UTAt 11. kq optics, Mysiological optics (6674) Probl. FisiO2. agugg (no) 8,, 1953p Pp 325-329 749; ~rgq To H., IIIkoU-VAya* No A* Tables for Measuring Visual Acuity Atterpts to improve patterns of Uie Lardolt ring and corAle new tablese Sol Koscowp ReferativWp Zhunwl -- Fittka # No 6, 1954 W-31059 NIKOL'5atrA, H- A-, Canu of 310 Scl -- (dlau) "Influence of Pre-Eawing Frocooming of Seeds In Sodium Bicarbonate Solutions znd X.1croelexent Compounds on the Growth, Metabolism, and %told of Beete," Lenlw_rad, 1959, 20 pp (Botanical Institute Im V. L. Komarov, Acad Scl USSR) (KL, 1-60, 121) USSR / Cultivated Plants. Foddo.- Grasses and F-diblu Roots. Abe Jour iRof Zhur - Blologlya, No 6, 1959, No, 24949 Author I111kollskaya N.-A.,, Ya ult ural Institute Inst ar5lalav ~~ry~ Title Effect of the Pro-Sowin8 SoakIng. of the Fodder Boot's Seeds In a SodI= Carbonata Solution OrIS Pub LTr. Yaroalavsk. a*-kh, In-tag 195Tv 4# 134-144 Abstract Seeds of the fodder boot wore soaked for 24 hours In sodium carbonate solutions of various concentrations (O.Olp 0.05, 0.1p Oz25 #20j5 and 1.0,4j) and were 9own on plots, 10 2 n size, In threo-fold repetition, Under the Influence of the treatments by the sodl= carbonate solutions, the protopla=fs Card 1/2 USSR / Cultivated Plants. Fodder Grasses and Edible Roots. Abs Jour Rof Zhur - Blolo6tya# No 6# 1959# Noe 24949 colloidal proportion were modified In favor of Increasing their hydrophillic nature; tho water capacity grew large.r; the viscosity wan reduced; the physiological activity of the plants Increased; photosynthoatep outflow and accumulation or solid oubstancon were more Intensive* The beat concentrations of sodium carbonate solutions for the treatment of the sugar boot's needs are OeO5% and 0*1670fs the higher concentratina - 0*259 0*5 and 1~ - reacted negatively. In a varlantp with treatment of the seeds by a 0.1% sodium carbonate solutiont the harvest In 1953 Increased 31.5%; In 1954, by 24.6% and In 19569 by -- Ya. A. Okorokova Card 2/2 104 5(2) SOT/78-4-7-37/44 AUTIORS: Klyginp A. To., SmIrnova, 1. D.1, Nikollskaya, X. A. r TITLZI The Cquilibris, In the System U02(JO5)2 - KJO 3 - 32 0 (Rawna- voslys v Staten* U02(JO3)2 - KJO 3 - 320) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal neorganicheakoy khimii, 1959, Vol 4, Pr 7, pp 1674-1676 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The investigation was carried out for the purpose of deterain- Ing the optlaus conditions for the precipitation of uranium as uranyl Iodate. Table I gives the investigation results at 250, and table 2 those at 600* The solubility of UO,(JO,), decreases wItb Increasing concentration of the KJO 3 because of salting out and attains the minimum value at RO-1 - 0.00 + 0.18) sol/l. A further Increase of the potassium Iodate concentration (up to 2.09,10-1 mot/1) Increases solubility as a result of complex formation, The dissociation constants of the ion go -)39 the compound UO,(Jo 3)2~ and the solubility product 2(J03 Card 1/2 for UO 2(jo,)2 are calculated. Precipitation of uranium as SO'r/78-4-7-37/44 The Equilibria In the Sjyotem fjo2(JO 3)2 - KJO 3 -H20 UO2(JO 3)3 cannot be used for a quantitative analytical 4e- teraination because of the high solubility of the precipitate. There are 2 tables and 5 references, 3 of which are Soviet. SUBMITTUD: April 7, 1958 Card 2/2 SM SOV/10-4-11-40/10 AVMItIs JKlyging A* re" Wdrsovat to got NikWakayaq TITLNI lavestigatIon of the System U02(10 3)Z - 2thylose-41anloo- tetr"getto Acid - Water ty the Scluttlity Nothod PMODICALs Zkarml sworganiaheakay khtall, 1959t Val 4, Er 11, Pr 2623-2629 (USSR) ABSMCTo A shert p0lication sarv*y (Rofs 1-6) shows that the ethylene- 41amins-tetr"Getto said (K ~R) yields eoll& Compound$ With va 4 astal tone# but not wIth,tke amayl Lan* According to No NrlatslWr at& Go-Kos4* (Ref 3)9 however, aranyl nitrate forms q1th x 4a the QQ4PQuMd U02 421*1120 to be solved with diffloult,yo The authors tried to determine the solubility product of this cosp6und and, the instability constant of the aosplex tone within the r%W of pff - 200 - soo. rathe theoretical part# the computation of pff, for which a maxtaux yield of VO 2 92a tit to be oxpecW# as well as of the solubility product and of the Lastabilitr constant Lit carried cut on the basis of Ke P, KamarfIg C".4 t/3 "t& (Ref 7). The *xisto.nco of the conpound U0,02" 20 is 05887 Investigation of the system U(y2(WO )2 - ifthrUns- WT/71-4-it-40150 AsIA Water by the 5olahility Sethod experimentally confirmed, and the selablitty pratuot to deteralvwd at P9 M 3,0 - 4-5 (range of saxism Yield), The equilibrium is the systou ursurz nitrato - ammonium "It of Re czar occurs after vAiw days., The content of it4R was 4*terained by tho potentiometer *t Sygo MV-1. Table I shows that the solubility product to 4eastant In the Interval of hydrogen Lou condontratton from Isle) to 205*16-5 out amounts to (2.$t*.2).16'6 at 250. In selfations with p9>5. the solabiltAr of 00, R21t Incroalles rapidly due to the formation of complex 4ompounde. Tho instability eousUat of the complex caspound WINK- Is 0#410*000-5 at 25c'. Other 4"Plex compounds do not develop. The nagativo charge or thle Lou was confirmed by adsorption on the *&Use ezahanger EV-2. It, from the experi-imatal rssultgs *A the complex ton uOta only ferse at PIE >3,, various ions can. be determinst by card 21) moose of RK4 Lit solutions with a lower PC The oteputatten 05887 Investigation of the systaq go 2(NO5)2 - 9thylone - 30V/70-4-11-40/50 ftadso-totreacette AcIA, - Water by the Solubility Method "cording to K. B. Ystolairskly (Ref 16) shows that 0&3+0 T5+0 U3+ 9 Ut 3+ 9 763+0 so 3+ 0 IR3+ t Th4+ aan be titrated with 84A (er Its salts) Lot the Pref*ndo of uranyl, Lane with an error of love then OA71. An the complex formation of uranyl with H4R to nastailer the uraniust can be precipitated with reagents such as O-ezyquLsslLne (Ref 15)t astmonLunt phosphate (Rof 17)0 dLethyl- Cithiscarboadnate (Rof 6) vito also at pg-values at which the oanplex formation takes place. fteugh the preoipitation of uraniua In the form of othylant-diauipe tetraacetate is poseLbU, it Is not applicable in practiov, due to the slow, establishment or eq,ullibriva. There are 3 tables and 19 references, 9 of which art Soviet. NUITTEDs May 60 1"a Ckra 3/3 Was 2A A400 8/075/61/016/001/018/oig B01 3/B055 AUTHORS# Ilygin# As Ye., Nikol'skayap X. ke, Nolyada, N. B., ani Zavrashnovo '*P~ TITLZI Cosplexonanotric Determination of Tetravalent Uranium using Arsenazo, I as Indicator PnIODICAL# Zhurnal analiticheskoy khImil, 1961# Vol. 16, go. 1, ppa 110-112 TZXTs This brief communication describes a method suggested for detemia- Ing uranium(IV) by titration with Complexons III which does not require removal of excess reducing agent. The minimum pH at vh1ch complexona- metric titration of 5*10-4 M solutions of uranium(IV) can be performed with an accuracy of up to 0o1% was calculated at pKaln a 1.15, using the equation by K. Be Yetelairokly (Refe I)* Arsonazo I woo chosen as indimfttor for optical and-point determination* Arsenazo I forms a blue compound witb arantux(rT)o Compound formation Is a maximuq between V3 1.7 and 0.1. At a pH outside this range, values obtained for urantun are low. R*Iuoticn of Card 1/3 685#5 Cosplaxonametric Determination of Tetravalent 0/075J61/016/001/016/019 Uranium Value Arsenato I to Indicator B015/BO55 uranyl *&Its to uranium(IT) can be effected with sodium acid sulfite, or, preferably# with fornamidine sulfinto acid ff 2I(CON)SONS) (Ref- 5)- 0-2 9 of r*"Wdd1a* sulflule acid In 0*25 X sulfuric acid at boillng-point reduces approximately 200 me of uranyl tons* Table I sumnarizes the results or daterulnLng uranium in solutions of its salts In the presence of foretCa substanaese The gTavizetrIcally and the complexononetrically ob.' tainod date are compared In Table 2. The suggested method permits accurat* and sufficiently reproducible determination of uranium in its oxides, salts, alloys with aluminum, ailloono Iron# and beryllium, as wall an In aqueous and tribuill phosphate solution* A13+0 S1 2+ 0 CO 2+ . Zn 2+ 0 Cd 2+ 9 He 2+ 9 Mn 2+ 9 Cr 3+ 0 R* 2+ , LA 5+ 0 and Ce in quantities comparable with uranium content, as well as up to 30 ag cf tartarle aoidg up to 35 06 of citric aCI4, up to 2 g of sodium sulfate, up to I g of sodlun nitrite, and up to wo we or hydrazlne- or hydroxyl- astine, sulfate do not Interfere In the doterminatlon of 2 - 115 mg of uranium. Th 4+ 0 Sc3+' In 3+ " Er 4+ 1 11f4+ 3- - 2- Interferv. 0 P04 0 F . and C204 The authors thank V. Ao Goloynya and go To Bolotova for oripplying data Card 2/3 C Complexonametrio Determination of Totravalont S/075j61/O16/001/018/0!9 Uranium Using Arsonazo I as Indicator B013/3055 on the properties of,forman'dins xulf1n1c.ac1d and o4 the experinental conditions of uranium reduationo Thoro are 2 tables and 8 reforencost 3 Soti*t# i SwIseq I German# and 2 US, SUBMITMO January 15. 1960 Card 3/3 2M4 9/075J61/016/003/005/007 B106/B200 AUTHOM Klygin, A. Yo., Zavraxhnova, D. V., and Mikollskaya, q. A. TITURe Separation of uranluid 'an the form of azzonium uranyl phos- phate, *Ad Its graviaetrio determination by anne&liig it to 9205 P207 PnioDion, Zhurnal analitichookoy khtaii, v. 16, no. 3, 1961, 297-302 The authors determined the product of solubtlity of aj=odium uranyl phosphate (IN 4UO2 PO 4' 3H2O)v aud devised a method for the gravisetric urattlum,~ determination by annealing this compound to V 20 5P207, The evaluation of the IMrsogravigram of the compound 99 4 VO2 PO 4. 33200 taken by To. P. Chorst- weakovat disclosed that the following processes take place during pyrolysist Card 1/10 Separation of uranium ... Temperature range ofj 23594 8/07 Y61/016/005/005/OOT V06 B208 I Weight log 20-120 MH4U02PO 4o3H2o--VNH4U02PO 4+3H20' 12-42-12-46 12o56 2T5-350 Is4002PO 4 __402HPO4 +13 31 4.46- 4.85 4-45 500-700 2U0 21PO -4002)?201+320T 2.55- 2.52 2.32 700-1100 2(UO t 0 -"2(U 0 )P 0 2.30- 2.19 2.24 2)2 2 7 2 3 2 1+ 2T The compound U20.?20T is easily obtained by annealing st-onium urar4l phosphate, uranyl hydrophosphate, or uranyl pyrophosphate at 9000C. Further temperature rise, does not change the composition of this compound. V2 0 3P207 is yellow-Cr*snj no 11grogoopla 68.21% uranium,,:nd - ,,!;Ohoaogene ous, as was InUcath y X-ray strocatutreinannalysts. Only t und to suitable for weighing out In the gravinstric uranium determination. When heated In-85f# phosphoric acid, it dissolves with green color. It was deter- mined by oxidinotrio titratIon that 50% of the uranium was present in Its tetravalont form In the solution. According to the authors, the c9apound __1OU'__1_ U203P201 Is the pyrophosphate of ptntavalent uranium 0-- VOOP207) , which Card 2/10 OU n5 8/075. 1/,90416/003/005/007 208 Separation of uranium ... B106/B~, disproportionat*a to UO and U(IT), when dissolved in phosphoric acid. In the d*tarmination of the solubility product of 59 UO PO .*3H 0 the PH 4 2 4 2 values were measured with a quinhydrone-oleatrode on a inTE-1 PPTT.I.). potentiometer. fto solubility product P was calculated from the equation P [PO3-]W-r,,.C` OC *x .9 IU02+1 4 3 3* 2 2 1 2* +K 9, [84] +9 K K (3) (C' 2" 1 1 z 3 1 equilibrium concentration of uraniumi C equLlIbrium oolt4ontration,of th*,pkqsph&toj. eqv4librIvA concentration of the ammonium tal.7 .~The hydrolysis of the urwV1 ton (11,,-6,4-104*1) &~Md the-dissooistlon of-phosphoric said in three'stops (91-7-51-10- 3V .K2u6&2)' .10 -8 Kr4 ..8410-13),W*ro,.Gons,ldorsd in thlIa co~noc'tlon. The hy4rolraim.o"f the mconlus ton could be neglected in the PH range studied. Tabla I Ct"s 2w results. The moan value of the solubility product at 250C is P - (3.6 26 ~!064) 0 0 -.The quantitative precipitation of uranium in the form of Card 3/i0 235Y 01 ~c 6/003/005/007 sopswaUari of -urs4lum pi%/B206 .dmm1dn1* ittail'Phosphate in possible in solutions with pH *P 1~ In weakly ',get&' do'144,94ad,14wever. -sparingly soluble phcqhate* of oth6r metal lonar coptoorioLtate with mmanivA.mranyl phosphate. By adding.othylQae difiatse totrao*tio acid the sel6ctivity of the uranium separation xv be consider- Y' f6riamed. Table 2 sb6we t 0. 4 b1 he jirmissiblo ooncentrat no of interfiHng a metal-iose which still perwit a selective 08 VO 1>0 '3H 0-procipitation.,. 4 '2 4 2 Fluallro, an Instruation le.given for the preparation of an vastly filterable preelgitate of ammonium uraqrl phosphate'and Ahp. the subx*lu*nt gravlastric urantan,kolorattlatiqa; Table 3'gives the, A4wof this method In the ar.aIjais of,synthetio mixtures. The,::tb ', to oorrect and moll re- produailile cagults. 1he uranium lose 04 stion.of the preaipitate, do not *too*& Ool mg. Table 4 presents the reaults.:of the analysis of nat- ural naterlals by.tho method desoribed. The'xo't4oli to useful for the, uranium (Letiffraination In industrial uranium #&Its, oxides# concentrates, &4 alloys., AA.aa&IX&t is able to carry 'out 10-12 uxarlun do tarainat tons W16in 6 hours. There are I figure , 4 tables, and 8 reforencose ~ Soviet- -bloc and 5 non-Sovtot-bloo. SUBMITT&W March 8. 1960 Card 4/10 SEMWOU-TrAN-SHOSKAU, A.M.; _ARZOLISKAIL, R.I. CompeAtIon ad djumies of the mwfwe bulk cf cmew stande in sUnme and fomat clearinge In the Central Chismosm Preserve. Trudy TSentr,-Chern, goo. sap. no.6tV,116 160. (NM 160) ((~ptrml Chmmoses Preservo-Pasture research) LOMMKO, ris.g.; !IKO.~,(SKAU. X.1. Dletribtttion areas of nows Central Asiatic ud Xorth Turanian species of desert plants and the problem of the phytageographical boundary between Soylot Central Asia and fqrelgn Central Asia. Sot. shur. 48 no.l2el741-1761 0 163. (KMA 17t4) 1. BotanletwakLy institut Imeni Komrowa AN WM, lAnirigrad, IlIKOVSKATA, N.J.; SwBEYEV, 1.K. . -, '. --T, ~ -- ~ 7. -'." ~ Investigating the sorption C&Ocit7 Of 0111mrzilte arA quftrt7 In relation to andlum oleate. Truly IPI no.20j61-68 163. (:117A J~e:2) NIKOLISMA,w Kole; SKOMETO I.K. v-- SeleeUve flotation of altuLatn sl2lcato aluerals. Saueb, trudy IPI mo.MI84.200 063. (NLU 17s 6) UVREMKO, r,~.Ko % NUOLISKAIAP S.1, Distribution of sow western arectes ef Stt;4 in the Kongolian Altai in Dzungarls and In th6 eastarn Tien Shan. Pot.zhur. 50 no.10t1419-1429 0 165. (VITRA 1802) lo Botanichaskly instit.-ut. !ron.1 Ktjr.%rova Ali "-SER, LertInqrad. 801-RDMIKO V. F. ; W-V KOVA t T". V. ; N I K= F `-~KAYA ,';. Amings Reduction of chlomnitrodiphanylamines with sodium. sulfide. Zhur. prikl. Mim. 20, %.- 3v 1947. 9. month List Of RUSNIan Accesslong, Library of Congreds, June 1993, Un.-l. ?;ONO ~haykova, A. anrl Nlkollskaya, "I"Ar-wort-ti I- triar,3n*v of (nafar:;anon) accord.Lir to of t,-13 of ';orl~ovs,-iy -.--intlmal rlir inntiltutav" Nauch. zapiski 'lorlvo Ln-ta dr)r,-lat-)Ioi- i I -K--tfqdr7 Vo-.hno-v,)rmlr:h. bol(nney '-,G',.a im. Firova, Issua I's, 1';iill~jp p. 172-7 v ,SO: ~:-3264, 10 AprAl 1)53, (Latopis tZhurnal lnykli StAt~)-,, ';o. MUMMA, All. F. Vikol'skayag V. F. - *Toward an understanding of the fish parasitts of ttc Anadjrr' River". Izvogtiya Vassoyus. nauch.-Loaled. in-ta ozer. L rech. ryu. eiozo-vap Vol. XXVII, 1948, P. 175-76. SO: L-hl1D, 17 July 53, (Letopis 'Zhurnal Inykh Statey, Ho. 1), I?L)). I -- ---BA-UYMO, 0-.--N.t NAP. Pammites - Ndteclwws Now daU ou lAoniodfato beoU of parasites of Coropma lAvaretus ladlegsos VAI. As 5=r 04P so. 50 1952. 9. l4onthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, OGtObw -195A uncl. A&M,O.K.; StIrOVICAU,N.P. 4MW-wwWxAqRvN"wdm" Dactyledpas solldne Achme, its btolaff, developsint, amd algalfteems, to the fishing laftstry. TraO probl.1 too. saw* MOAM-109 954. (Km 6:7) le lassalumW mmuchm-lacledowaWlskly tastitut aterafto i rochaace rybsqp khosysYstvae (Tramatoda) (ftraeltdg-nakes) USSR zoopertaltolosy, General Problems. G-1 Abs Jourt Ref Zhur-3101"'o-NO 20t 1958, gloo6 Author : Bauyerv 0. N-* N M -0 Inst :Tho All-Uhion 3doe-Fil-ria-Remoarch- Inatltut* for Lake " River Fisheries Title :The Dynamics of the Parasitic Fauna in the Ladoga Whitefish and Its EpizootiologIcal Slgnl- OrIg Pub: Izv. Vaes. n.-to in-ta at. I reahn, rybns kh-va, 19571 429 227-242 (res. Gemun) Abstraett Between Kay and Kovember, 190 wh1torlsh were dissected, Including,66 adults (4 - and older) and 124 Young SPOCIMens (0+ to 3+). The extent and intensity or the parasitic Infection increases with ag6* At the age or 3+ and 4+ a change in the predoutinant parasitic forms accure. Infectin Card 2/2 NISOLISrAYA* N.V. Um of distribution curves In hydrological calculations. Vest. Moak. un. gar. 5s Geog. 20 no.6i6o-64 N-D 965. OU RA 19: 1) KIIOWSUUP x1ro. So*tloual protection with parslUl fuwtionDW of the efttlous of & contact network, Sboronauch.r*bAM no.l3s64-79z'62. (laRk 16W, (short Circuits) (TralloT busa) (Streetcars) GUMICUr L.T.j DITERIJMj K.D.t LUCHAT'#, G.Aq KIKOLISILATAy, N'.To. Using pUstioa in the rolling stock and in the tlectric pover rWljr of public transportation, Sbor,n&ueh,mbAKW w.lPI92- 202 %2w (KIRL 16W (ri"tieff) (Local traneL"quipomt and oWpU*e) T CJ~ karid. teklin. nauk Over-iolUages arl protection frcm tb~m In the traction vubstatlcn3 of m-unicir-al. electric tritnsport syster.3. Flektrotekhnlka Y rzo.11: 16-18 11 '(,4, (Vli~.A 1e:6) WMWArAt O.Vt rotamo Z.F. 1--7- -1---- bre oaspUeation ot sophrolMd"Iso VroloClta nos416"5 162o (mm Ulu) 20 In kh1rarodmakogo o+Aoladys bolaltay Iro.16 dtalitemda. (OAX=U 0 VIMU) ts m1waJ40" Tba "fekin of chat-stx1*1 rr-Acia "-Aext* K- NA4%k fH I J, OSUMI tJm-s 14 the d,4, rat, rrxtcr, aA tw0i: im tree.4 from ex1rvn"fi -.71att, r, t,v-vA t-,v.-Tz4h a ~vi-drr i~41 WA, I In the CzAd lot 12-2; IV-1. w,'h " ;A,ysi.A. ~Oin-e Ar.1 ~vzAf KO w0n, at Filf R fl, Oih~r i, 11xvdwal 4tepi are ib4t -ur imt oricis'"I. I. 1~01(0 ill all mi- t" th, fit"at rst IiA .'4~, tz"r p uy:,r i'l I'min f.4 C,.~. of ?,twi-6 1-w 4 fir !~w 2, 1!2 vip ta, .7sha T, -N ill 0A cmnue'rit Is a a firmtr -.Atum th..n in timi;.kf (Q jip4- u~ A ptji4r ti~.awt. Ijowrv", It V~4 yukil with twit (It wit atlim.0k will-0.01jay. Tj SA.v -11 vim ,I N1r#QW-B&AXA.,--O.X., Cand of Blo Sol -- (diets) "Cho 1e aterin-prote In complaxes of musoles.0 StallrigrvA, 195T, 1!) pp (Moscow Veterlnary Medicine Acadeaq) 150 copies (KL,, 30-5T, 109) NISMANT9 A.Vj NIKOLISKLY10 R.K.; SHCHERBLKOV, ru.D. Diaxom mthod of detoraining moisturo In gyps-ts-boaring and salinIsed soils@ Pachvoveftnie noo3sI05-108 Mr 164. (HIM 1714) 10 Kaudmo.-issledmtel'skiy Institut poahmedenlya# Dushanbe* ACCF.SSr0K NRt AP4031815 8/040/64/000/004/00-1T/0042 AUIMORs. C;orshkov,, a. r.; Gorbunov,, 0. K.; TITLE: Certain problems of the biological a*tL*n of ultrasound related to Ltg us* Ln industry SOURCE: Gig1jena I sanLtarlya# no, 4# 1964* V-42 TOPIC TAGS: ultrasound ultrasonics,, ultrasound biological action, 80-140 db ultrasounde ~4 &M 26 ke ultrasound, conditioned reflex activity# bioelectria cortex aativityt unconditioned refloze bloodrorming systear endocrine gland systeme brain tissue respiration,# total body ultrasound exposurep local ultrasound expogur* ABSTRACT: Experimental rats and rabbits were exposed to ultrasound from UZG-T& and UW-Tg sirens. To ensure unifum., expoaure of body surrace. to uitra#oundr the animlg were placed tnta ^ metal spher6 With a d1cmeter of Lae, The intanuity df uLtr&co%nd,,, a omtrolta& by, the distance of the sphere rrom the siren and by special filters, raaaa& -from 60 to 140 db at fraquenoiss of 54 and 26, ka. indice's, ccwdl/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4031815 were conditioned rerlex activityp bioalectric cortex adtivity'. unconditioned reflexenr thyroid gland runctionp morphological composition or peripheral blood,, brainw*A liver tissue roaptrationt and blood alkalinity-reservo. Results show that 95-100 db at 51,, kc, for 1-3 hrs in the liminal intensity for the nervousp endocrine, and bloodrorming system or experimental animals. This limlna~ intensity becomas supraliminal with daily axposum or Increased single exposure to 4-5 tma - km Intimmity of 14 db at 28 kc Is Uninal foe the thyroM CUnd- Supraliminal ultrasound intensities produce two phase shifts in the organism. The first phase,appears immediately after exposure, and disappears by the end of the day., The second phase starts on the second dayafter exposure,, " its duration depends on ultrasound intensity, With 135-140 db, at 54 ko the second shift lasts for 3 weeks but at 28 ka. is poorly expressed. Though human and animal ears cannot perceive high-fr6quanoy sound vibratio", ultrasound produces physiological and bioohanioal shifts in their organisms. It appears that ultrasound acts on the entire body surfao6 w4 does,no'; depend orL the ears as reoeptors as shownin experiments with antiphonea. Ultrasound acting looall7*on the body produces. & loaner effect than total exposure ofthe, body. Under industrial oonditiona ultraso=d Owd 2/1 ACCMSIOX NRC AP4031815 exposure should be regarded as largel7,*local because the workerts clothing &at& as an effective filter for the covered body aurfact, OrIS, arte hast ) flowage ASSOCTATION: KoskovskI7 n&u*hno-Issl*d*vat*Itskiy inatitut gigiyanyo IA. F, F. Brisymma, (Koscow 3* Lent if La -R*4* aroh Hygieris Institute) SUBKrz=C 04F*b63 DATR Acq: IlKs,764 IMCL C 00 IUB CODSt AX9 It NO MW 50vt 006 07=t 003 Cm4 3/3 twvAucv,c, w. e. K-. o-cv, ii G. - rkollt T- A K R.V.; L".'alcre. A.A.; LUFAARSU-TA. li.rt.: r7lAiAT"Tili. M.A.: KOVAUrS. U.N. O-Atbreak of 0. favor in the Kmninsk ?ravine*. 4mr.!3Vcroblcl.,r)td. I in--un. 2S no.6:Z9-3) J* q5o?. (!'.IiA 10:14 instituto ca-)LdenLolagti. etkrobi,~Icj~it t ,tryary. .Pfc-Iry Infektalongykh bol-3:txty AaftovskW melltsic.,kt-cr Inst"tuts. &tcYskrF,o institute Ktnlr,~"r;tva tdrawcaleuvtointys, &S&R I U-ilastmV 4 Uvant,kcy sent terno-ept di -do I or, i clie olcol stantatt N YITAR- 40441ttO1017, tn Russia (Ruc)) I;fKQLl5KAYA9 T.A,; Vil,""t Yuo"'*; A7,',.C-E, R.G. Variation in thu gram-rzilenular volure &irirg mizing !r ff7vp::s zirconium - csrbon und nloblun - carben. orosh. met. 5 no.5:72- 75 HT Of.5s. (MIRA ISO) 1. Gosudarstv,,wnyv innOtat I-riklatinoy khImtI, Lenllrgrnti. NIKOLISKAYAq T.A. Charge In the ultrastructurs of colls of alfth's a-AitIc camer uW*r the action or inhIbitor"stlaWania. Dddw'AWS3M 154 no.6sl434-1440 r 64. (KUtA 1712) 1. Instititt khiiddh*vOW-fisW AR S=. Prodstavlono akademikod N.M. Sleakyance. SEMENCIA, L.i:.,- !iKOLISKAYA., T.A.; WhIF-L', N.M. ,qu;promalon of oKilation phosphorflation an! respirati-,n in liver m1tcK:hmtr1s and solid hemAtoma of micn by propyl gall%te. DAL AN SSSU 16) no.3&774-776 J1 165. (MIRA 140) 1. Ingtitut khtm1,:heqkoy fizlki AN SSS.311. 2. rhIer-korrespIndent AN (for Fm%micll). IMLIIUU ?J4 imm-POR qwa- W. ,- , ~ , On the kiste&7 of experlowtal potrogrmplW ta the V.S.I.N. Truo NM no.28:226-246 055. (MM 8:6) (IPetr*IqW--Hl*tory) 51MISSLUA 14. ----Nmw wroat at slamllsors 46 aw AW14ft oalsomtWoo orraftnifttion shamsorlatics, and vi"Oolly In tbo d1ortdo-awrtbiso @""a wake"Welsools IWASM129-l" 1554 (OM Ste) (Blowds) (Awsmse) InLowarku, T.14 Ky'brld phenomena In graultotdo of the geresda Intrust** In northern Zmakhotan. Isve vyoo achobe NATO: Cool. I razy. 1 se.10:32-45 0 '$a. (NM 12:9) 1.9mokovokly Vologerasyedechnyy InotItut to. S. Ordxheniktdze. fALf~4r& petrograftl lsvershonnyft I metamerficheakfth pored. (tares" rectos (lr&cakbmtam)-4k4uLlto)) KIMIS"U. lbw works an ~--lmmtal siawsla" "d petrogmp'7. Kul-jolp. ow goole 36 no*6tlO3-lG3 ll~-D f6l, (KEPA 13 s7) iftuolocr-commm) KUZMSDVp V.I.; NMWSKMt T.M., insh. I----------------a Prcc*vn1nC of Uviatt fibers in oombing. Tekstproct.22 no.3:23-25 Mr 162. (K-=, 15:3) 1. ZaveduMhchiy MoizvodatTm fabrild urntornats tamale nepw (for Kuznettsov). 2, TSentrallnaya nauchno-issledovatellsk&A laboratorlya Kh1opka i sherati Mosgarsoymrkhoza (for Kikol'skaya). (Textile f1beregSynthetio) NIKOLISICATAO V.D. .. ~~ I-,,, I 'I - 4-, .'": -', 14i'll, ~ I I - Find of Cretaceous Marophyta in the ty-.71 "o Mrt. po lat. founy I flory Kazakh. W18-222 163. (M?-4 160) (XMI K=--'agaap Fossil) Me; *uu-sateristLas of the. Structuris of the Jktnotitles of Oevt&Ln Xw=&Ix in R*14ion to, a Climbing Yod* of Life." CarA Bial Sci, rnst of 7AaUa,, Aced Sal USSR,, Lwdngmd, 1954. (KL, No *t,, Ireb 55) SGs Stat. No 634 26 Am 55-Survey of Scientific ad Tedudcal Dessortations DetwiAod at USSR Higher MucatlwAl rastitutions (14) STA.RSRIKNL. S.K.; NIXOWSUTk, V.I.; MIKIXIL, A.P'. SMIl-4Sr14f flOW l1VASo ShV4tn.PrOtq. W-3:14-7 W-40 159. Oau 12tg) (Clathlog faftstry) (Assembly-Itaos p4thads) ItTy 1-1 2. U5,V (600) 4. Dormouse 7. Structural featurev of the limb zuacle,3 of the derArt dormoutc selevinia betpakdalansia Basch. et EolwI (Vwralia, glirn-9)l Zool, %bur., 21, 11b. 6, 1952a 9. 14onIhIZ List of Russian Accessions, Library of Co%-ress, March# 1953. t"nelassif.'ed. nDWWAO jraqi!!E2!~~ Iml I imbaw *4x*d- Q favor &M typboes Uw.aikroblol**pid.1 L~~ 31 W.W13~-lt 9 160* (HIPA 13M) 1, Is lotituta apidowdologi I mikrobialogii 'ant GmmUl AM SM. (Q nm) (T"= nm) TERMHWIN, E.g. F KIKOLI _ - I V.91 I'll" d" -Ir u mm".-ft"t - P AulmU of the 9"t-AfIrlean savama. PKroda 52 m*.7tlZ2-123 A 163. OURA 16t#) 1. Zoologichealcly lastitut AN SWp Leningrad. (T"avqft4.-Iktlowa pwks and reserves) VZWHCHAGIN, N.C.; NIKOWSKATA, V.I. ---;o*a -OKyam-a anicals. Bful. Morp. A book on the ~Serva~ Otd. biol. 68 tio.6:157-158 K-D 163. (KIRA 17: 1) BALAMI, 9.1W KIKOL'SW-As,Y-If- go* of tho fluompesat antibody vothod for diatectIM Of Rickettele in the blood of "rimwntal Animlso Zbur, mikrO" biol,v 4qdd, i immm. 33 no.11:117-140 9 t6Z. (KMA 17: 1) i. rs rustituta epideniolftil, i xWobt.0109it L'Unt, G"1110i ANN MRS AUTHOHS: Kirpicheve A. 1; UstruZove L. L. Klstry~ikara, 3. Nikollskaya,'V. bf. TITM 1:9121"arati-011 -Of IMMY"Ues on Continuous Produation Lines (0 potochnykh linlyakh po IzZotwrlentyu rezino- vykh.smesey) PUZOONALt Kauchuk.i Hezinav 1959,, Nr 10, pp 29 - 32 (U333) AUTRACT: Att account is rAven of'21'-years experience since the G. 9 Introduction of continuous-line working In the rubber ftizinSp millim,&,extrusion calandering and other sections of the factory* Wasteful coolIng and re-heatlnZ of the rubber mix between sta,"es of preparation has beon ellmin- Ated by careful Integration of the capacities of the tatrious units of'the 'Plant which feed directly from one Onit to the nexto The rubber mix Is transported on con- veyor belts from the mixers to the initial leafine mills,, through to the mills feeding the salenders and other plant,, as a ribbon about 20 am wide. The necessary or- ganization between the various shops to co-drdinate rate of consumption of the Rix is discussed. The intro- duction of "express-contr6l methods, enablin,-, the mires to be tested for correct vulcanizln~; properties, within Oa rd 1/2 about 3 minutes of preparationp is essential to success- SOV/138~_58_10_7/10 Prpearation of Rubber Utles on Oontinuous Productlon Janes ful oontinuous-line working. Considerable 3&v1iGs are quoted (aotually In thousands of roublesp but not re- lated'to outputYwith'respect to po'.Ter requirements for the rubber millsp reduction In etracunt of cooline water and compressed air usedo and in particular throueh elimination of wastage of material as wredult of rapid inspection possible-olth "orpress-oontrol*. Purther economleii reault from the a-mall labour force required Which'gived approx. 10% grgater output pqr man-shift, and through freoinZ of space formerly required for intermediate storage of material in course of preparation. There are 2 Figures and 1 Table. ASSOCIATION:Kirovskly shInnyy zavod (Kirov Tire Factory) Card 2/2 RIKOLISKAYA .1. jj~j ~_ Comparative morphological review of the masticatory gaus,jes of the insectivorcuo ==&In (Hamna.Uap Inacctivora) of the U.S.S.R. tool.zhure 44 noo8tl226-1237 065. (MMA 18111) 1. ZoologicheBkiy Institut AN SSSR, Leningrad. ACC NR. AP60200686 wunz cue: 'AU'AU03: Balayeva, H. K.; Nikol'skaya, V. S. 01(G: Institute of Epidemiology and Kicrobiology, AcaderV of Medical Sciences SUR Unstitut epidemiologii I mikrobiologii is. Gazalei AM SSSF) TITIZ: Immunological characteristics of soluble Rickettsia prowazeki antigen MURCE: Zh mikrobioll epidemiol I immunoblol, no. 6, 1966, 98-102 TOPIC TAGS: immunology, antigen, soluble antigen, rickettsia prowazeki, immunoloak" effect, antibody formation, endotoxin, im-nologic mechanisms AESTRAC'T: Rats, guinea pip, and rabbits were injected with soluble R. pzvwzcki antigen in a test of its immunological properties. After single immuniza- ,tigen has a marked Immunological tion, serological tests verified that the ar e,ffect. Antibodies formed rapidly and neutralixed the toxic and hemolytic effetts of the rickettsia. In the second part of the -'expir-iment, ' &A*attempt'vas.made to stimulate antibodi formation to the soluble antigens by Linjecting. pyrogenal and endotoxin. Antibody formation .,increased In ratswas depreased. in guinea pigs. and remained unchanged U rabbits, ()rig. art. has: 2 figures and 2 tables. (W-k- 50; CBE No. 103 64 CoDi: '66/ iiii'liis': 2'6K'w65'/ O'BIG REF: 007/ 07H am 009/- f-~-rff .. 11 1 ~ . --11 - . --- I I IIWt 616.961.711--004-kT-465-371-036.8 ernodynd-tic properties of indiu.-M arscnice. A. A. k;basov, A. V. 4;kollskaya, V. P. Vasillyev, Ya. L. Geresimov. T.term.odynamic properties of g&Murt arsenide. A. A. Abloasoy, A. V. ILL k-oll I"k Vasil'ye,V, Ya. r. Garalimov. . Thermodynamic InvestIgatfon-of the system galli=-telluriun- A. 'A. Abbasov, A. V. Uikollskaya, V. P. Var,116yev, Y#- I. Gorazfatov. T iiernodynamic propertles of, elumfm= antimonLda. V. A. Coyderlkh, A. A. Vecher, Ya.,r. Gerasimov. (Fresented by A. V. Mikoll"skaya-20 minutes). Report presented at VIA 3rd N.-ational COnfaMnCG on Se:dconductor C, x-p(runAst Kjs~.Jnevj, 16-21 Sept 1963 jurnT-E IDOTA' re.g.; TRLUS, B.T.; SLIKZLN. A.A.. radaktor; t*khatcbeekty rodaktor Eload under cultivation In the U.B.S.R.; a stattotical menvoll ftosWe plashchadl WO; statlatIchaoldl aboratk. Xoekvo. Gas. stet.164-vis 101.41957. 514 Ps 101.2. Cla4vistrial crops, potatoes, vegetablese vize and forage arl:061 %MnLakeekle kml'tWT. lartefolt *,wsekeb~-bskMh*vye t kormemys Wlt=79 1957. 502 P. (NUU 10 t as 1. Rusels (1921- U.S.S.R.) TSoutrellnoye stattottabookeye FAVW* AmNe 9otwo ga VMsk; TOWDICEWA. T.N.; ITANOTA. &J.; KULMOV. 1.S.1 &TAKWA, T.N.; KMIKIffAs L.I.; POSMAKOWA. W.Pt XMIGMA. IL.t.: RCKUWA. 9.K.: SWITIT. 1.0*: CHICIUMA, &.A.; TXMKNKW&# NUTMU, F.P.: BROTKISAO A.Z.; IVANOVA. L.D.C ITAMINg CANW. N.1.: ITSANOTA. L.A.; OSMOLWYNTA. gr.; PAWMA. T.I.S TfUTIVROVA. W.I.; UNKITUM. A.P.; VEIT=15. N.S.1 ATAUMCUT, kP.S VINOINUMV. V.I.; TMAKIN, r.IL; KRATMEWO. Te.P.; 1WACWA* N.T.; MMIKAUV.Z.; KAMM, G.I.; IMINA. A.T.; TAIXTIT. A.T.; MW~IXA. A.Y.0- WANKIY. A.M.; W=ISUOTA. VA; GRIGMIYIWA. A.M.i LOWWO. A.I.g QRZWFA. Z.V.j THFUNNUTAO N.T.g mmTIXmA. V.1.; SIMMIN, I.M.: ROCKARWA. L.D.: I 1119A, V.A.: V22UMO. A.K.; VIKHUAW. A.A.: MUM, I.$.; TGMMU. XURBSIKOT. T.K.: amm. D.I'1 SMAXNA. T.A.g MWAIN. V.1.. red.: TAWATOW. A.141 NAKAWA. 0.K., red.lad-va; PUTAKOTA. N.D., tekhn.vado Eftwist wiculture: a stattstical ammiall Sellskow kh4staistva d=-. statistIctuakil obornike Moskva, 19609 665 po (MIRA 130) 1. lksela (1923- U.S.S.R.) ftatrimllmoye gtatistichetkole uprow- lady%. 2. Upravlenlye stattettki sot'skogo khasymystyo Iftatrall- naip statlettaheskW upravlenlys ~ (for all emmpt Makeraveo P~mtaficve). (Agrtmdtum--XtstLstLcs) I IMLISIATAI- T,T, Sme data oa the paleo~aphy of Lake MAA&. Trudr Last. gooc. 51:215-225 152. (ML", 7: 111 (Zh&Wm. %mks--ftleoVoCr*ptW) (ftl~og~*gr*pb7--n&wka, Sake) Card 1/1 Pub. h5 ~120 Authm, ~i NJ:Kol#skap, V. V. Title ortain natural charact*riztics of the agricultural regions of the Amir province Periodical I 17.v. All SES&R. Ser. 4, 38 - 40, 'July Awp,,t 1~1511. _rha~rr-.terintlcnof nAtuxf, -of the agr1cmitural Urr-itory of the part of the i-sian con1-i-,:):,,t). Thrcp reAlcrences (1929 i953). - Ins titution 1,cad. of Sc. USER) !T~~Utjbe of Zubmitted Uthon i tlikollaki~a, V* al-m-s ter tans---from- the--tio-rarFakrofta tat Wn IMIr rerl(Ainal, i rzv. AN SS.-M. Ser geog- 5. 73 - 77, ~;OY Dat 1954 Abatract t An account is givon of paleographic iwtt"rial f(=4 near the village of I -rokrovka on the Aj-ar river consisting of the rec-&Ans of domestic Novo ani,mals, fiahe.~. birds, ;;Ianta. etc. Observati;~n.~i were made of the character or the soil mr.1 otner fontures. The fimlings are pre.jented simply ps data for !Aucly'by armciolists. Six -~ovict referances '1935 rn3tI"tu^iJns jubmitted! 14-57-7-14551 Translation from: Referativn zhurnal, Geografiya, 1957, fir 7, P 46 (USSRTY AUTHOR: Nikolf-okaya, V. V. TITLE: Main Features of Geological and GeomorFhOlOgical ,Structure on the Zeya-Burein Plain (Osnovnyye cherty geologicheskogo i geomorfologicheskogo stroyeniya Zeysko-Bureinskoy ravniny) PERIODICAL: V sb: Vo r. razvitiya s. kh. Priamurlya, Blagovesh- chensk, Zursk. Kh. izd-vo, 1955, pp 31-33 ABSTRACT: The basement of the Zeya-Burein plain Is formed of the southeastern edge of a Precambrian slab which represents a buried part of the Chinese Crystalline Shield. The upthrust edge of this structure forms the right bank of the Amur River. A thick layer of continental deposits (alluvial and lacustrine sedirnres Card 1/3 of different ages) lies horizontally above the base. 14-57-7-14551 Main Features of Geological and Geomorphologizal Structure (Cont.) Stud t~.of,i~he regional morphology and of the detrital layers shows tha tho.inur,has.long functioned as an 'A'mrortant artery and that iti lariisit ~kbutaries in this section of the valley were already flowing into it from the north durine the Tertiary period. The deposits which fill the Lower Zeya, have not been folded. Variations in the relief were caused ent and modern erosion which accompanied moderate oscillatory movements ir. the middle and upper course of the Amur. These movements also helred to form two levels in the flood plain.and three levels of terraces above the plains of the ZeYa and the Amur, Sinkholes are characteristic of the relief in the second terrace which forms the main agriaultural area in the lain, These sinkholes are either the rempants of depressions fn the alluvium or are caused by the settling'which occurs when the permafrost melts, The third terrace was formed In Tertiary gravels sands, and loalms. There are two types of relief on this terracee a 4igh undulating plain covering the area remote from the large rtvers with their low terraces, and a high sloping plain Card 2/3 k LINN NMUTW,S.Ko, daktor CoWafichoskikk mak, rodaktor; FATUMIT.TaX. akadadiro rodaktor; WNl&4=RlXATLO. redektor.- UUM.S.Tu.; owsixor. skademik; KAmuir.s.r.;; Kworor.r. NMtZAYW.1l.K.; 111OLIULT.G.T.-. 119OLISKAH Y.T.; OMM.D.T.; 6TWOFlM,A.ff.=UMOrA,A.T., tearAchOWILY'Maktor Elm =my of Acadmialm &S-Nerv a callectles of voits on pegropiw wA blolofflrmtatl ok&4mika LS.Strga-, abomik rabot ps coogratil I blol"ll, lWekwa, Ist-vo Akad~ll amk SSU. 1"S.564. (W=A 9:11 1. Akadodya sank u=. z. chiLe&-kerrespeadeat As um (rer Kaumaik. RkelloW9 Bwotevldow) (Berg, Lw lemeawlek, 1876-1950) (Stelea) (Otegropky) 511CLOSUTA.V.V.; WA~X(X.A.T. 9000 phrolcal geogrepbleal f saturee of the basts is the offer rewhoo of the Tollso liver (StorW Tuagmelka Basin). Irmo IvAt, go". 80.64tl93-200 155. (*=A 8: 12) (Atmw flapam kols-rhystald COWSP11r) RXW. Lav Saaaaovich, akade--Jic; GILLIR, S.Ylux.; OnASIKOT. 1.F., Ak&4ftlk., QMMITW. A.A.. akadeatk: KALIBUIX. S.T.; LINDHMG. G.U.; KUMOT. 9.C.; NUU&TW. S.M.. dofct*r goografich4skikh nank, otvotstvennyy rodektor; 511OLISIM, G.V.% 1AWMAU-0.1Alf; OMUCRW- D'V'; I'ATLMKff# Yo,N,, akademilt; STWOTMOV. A.5.; BOLUSCM. T.$.. redaktor isdatelletva: IrASHIM, F.S., talchalcheakly redektor; ZMMYAICNA, T.A., t4khnicheskty redaktor CS*l4oW works] Isbranays trudy, Nookwa, lad-vo Akadeatt nauk 35M. lol.l. [The history of science] Istorila naukto 19.56. 394 p. (NM 919) Is Chlea-kormspondoat AN SSSR (for Malesatk, Mikollskly. 0.T., SVOOT144T) (Sclance-Ustory) NIZOLIMU, T.T. - I.E. I & To mm"mmw . fm~ swimt gtowiation of no %fitwinvu-somw BMW. low. . Aff ~.Sw.sw. **Az", mr-AV 156'. (am its) 1. Ia4fklW SesgmdU AN ~. (Tdwi - - rA A mop--4uwua ""b) NIWWSKAU, TwV. - ~ Far amsers mween. Pr1roda, 45 weVL15-1" JI '56- (W&A 9:9) 1.1matitat ~afli Akmdmli sauk SSfiR, Moskva. (Sewtot Far Zmat-Aeasoms) V- i- T-, T-7 rT NIKQLtSUU* Lt.; CHIGHAGOT, T.e. JOIRt 4'PIOmtIO%4 Of ghtneoe mA Soviet V~Vmpbers In She Awr Basis. rev. M SM Ser. gs*C. se.Zt166-t68 " l57. (Kru jar12) (Awr valloy-fatural reigourcoel (Oklm.-Relat tons (4somral.) with BustO (Rusia-Valatione (general) with China) KIKOLIKAXA, T.T., icandidat gooCrafich4skikh muk. Amtvm an the Amw Itiver. Frtra" 46 sojrU? 9 057. (0=L IM) 1. lietttut gooeWit Aka"wli mauk UM (MeAva). (Aamr Vallor-Antum) . I L- -- t~~ [~ Y A V, V NO PWZ I BOOK UPWITATION SCV/1796 Noskovskoye obshchestvo Ispytateley pr1rody, geograricheskaya sektalya. Regionallnoye karstoved*nlye; trudy soveshchwdya po regionall-RONU karstovedenlyu (Regional Study of Karat Phenomena; Papers of the Meeting on the Regional Study of Karat Phonosiona) Moscow,, 1958, T9 p., 600 copies printed. Additional Sponsoring Agency: Noskovskoye obahchestvo lapytateley pr1rody. Redaktalonno-Isdatellakly sovet, Ede: (Title page)t X.A, Gvozdetsklyp Professor; Zd, (Inside book): G.N. &Aellman PM(r=: Thin book is intended for geologists, hydrologists, speala- lists In engineering geology,, and speleologlats, COVUA=t This collection of artIalos Is badd smInly on reports presented at a Conference on Regional, Studies of Karst organized by the Geographical lection of the Moscow Soelety of Naturallets card 1/3 Regional Study (Cont.) SOW/1796 which took place on April 16, 1958, The extensive karat phenow-ana within the USSR, and their possible Influence ondlizate and hydro- logy, has a6rited extembe study by Soviet scientiste. The influ- ence of bloahmioal processes on the formation of karat Is noted. 19ach article Is accompanied by photographs, diagrams and biblio- graphic references, TANA OF CONTZNTS: From the Editor 3 Ovozdetxkiy, N.A, Regional Stuidles of Karist, Brief Review of latest Stuftes and Some Problems 4 Ovozdatakly, N.C. and A,Z. Spirldonov, latest Data on Karst Phenomena In the Basin of the Klyac'ma Rlyor'wd the Oka- K2y&zlna Interfluve 15 Card 2/3 Regional Study (Cont,) S0V/lT96 Ch1kishov, A,Q. Karst Formations In the Basin of the Chusovaya River on the Western Slope of the Central Urals 29 Solov'rev, A.1, Karst Phenomons, on the Eastern Slope of the Southern Urals 39 Kumetsovo YuoTa,, Karst Caverns of the Utebay Tract (Southern Ustyurt) 49 Nlkollskayaj, T.T. Observations of Some Karst and Psoudckarst the Zeya, River Basin 53 Sokolov# V.S. Certain Characteristics in the Development of Karst In One of the Regions of the ]Nlddle Course of the Yangtze River (China) 61 Qvozd*tsk1y,, N.A. and Ta.,G. Mashbits., Some IF'roblems of the Yucatan Karst (Geonorphologyp Wat6r Supply mid Settlements) 71 AVAILAWAt Library of Congress (CM60I.HS) MVIeb Card 3/3 KUML KAI&.T= Uall Zym GRIG=tTgr, DaLtrir PWrlovisk; USULICK. Udiya, I'Faorovm;- Emma. Kv., daktor asagmflebeeklik awsk, etwetalmmew me,; POCZECRWO IC01*0 "d, Iffa-va; MUMMAO TO.T., teahm. r". Eg*ys-~- a a mass 6 m Its fteleal ~~*Vmor la mlatl4a to fabultood 93ploilatim] Zelda-ftninWa nwalm; mtorl&4 pe fIslAsdwl geogmftl v owlawl a selldoftesUdetwom" I"olgtwvk- abRe FAidws is&we Akma Mik um~ 1958. 133 P. (KIRA uer) iZopWkrwa PUls-ThWalma aftliw) 3(5) PRUZ I BOOK MWITATION Akadmlya nauk SSSR, Dalln*vostcahnyy fIllalv Vladlvostok. InstItut 9*09raril. NaterIaly po, f1slaheskoy goografli yuga Dallnego Vostokal PrIkhankay- skaya ravidna 1 prilegayushchlye k noy rayony Primorskogo kraya. (Maleal Geography of the Southern fSoviet) Far Zast; Khanka Arsts S6 theMmrM IblimV, zzd-vo V. '3 cop , d.~ray so 0 or .1n nfV a P Respe Nds, S B"P: lColexuLkovp Doctor of 31ologIcal. Selences, CF.D. Rlkhtsro Doctor of Geographisal Sclemes, Professor, and V.V. Nlkolfskaya,, CarAldato of (kographleal Sciences; Nd, of Pub- 21shlng Nouse: P.Ko Kavun;'Teah. 9d.: Ydo V. Makuni. PURPOSM Thlo book la ln%wW*d for geographers 1nterested in the phyalsal geography of the PrImorskly Kray (Maritime ProvInce), COVMU=s Theme artleles deal w1th varlous aspects of the physIcal googrelphy of the Prlmorskly Kray, particularly the Suvfuno-Khan- kayakays, plain, A palmogmegrapUs' 6tudy of the Ussurt valley Card 1/3 Phyalcal Geography of the Southern (Conto) SOV/1910 is given," is a general tr*atamt of the hydrography ad sMAate of the Prlkhankayukaya (rl=kay) plain. rnfor- nation is provided on the non-meta-111c minerals of the plain and the rocks available for construction purposes. References assaWmay each article, TANA OF CONTM Foreword Kolesn1kov,, Vj, Natural Division of the Prinorskly Kray 5 YakovIeZ, N.V. The History of the Geological Formation and the Worantall1c Deposits of the PrIkhankaWskaya plain 30 OvsyannIkoyg NoV; Natural Rack for Building Kateftals of the key& Plain 50 ILkP,AjIakaya,p V.V. Paleogoographle Studies in the Ussurl Vallfy---~ 63 Card 2/3 Physical Geography of the Southern (cont') NIkollakanp VeVes =A V~A, Tlmofeyev* Geomorphologleal CharesterImUss of NWI ftetloms In the SWutink and Kedrowaya Rlv*r Basins, Stotemko, A*V* A 011matio Outlino of the PrIkh&SkqYsk*Yq Plain wd Adjasent Territories SOY/1910 IOT 131 4okolovs, 1eF6 Dry VlMs Smoveys as a 01tuatio Ireature of the Forest-stqMe Landsompo of the Mkhankayakakya Plain Stotsenko,, A.V., V,Q. Chorneuko. A Nydrageographlo Descrip- t1ou of the Rivers of the PrIkhAwk*YPW7w Plain am! ftano of Contlacus ; legions Stotomko# A*V* 7loods In the Primorekly Kray Kurenteov,, A*Xe Animal Life In the PrIkhankaynkaya, Plains 162 IT9 254 2T3 AVAILAURe Library of Cqngmxs (45325oA45) IV /lob Card 3/3 6-19-59 IL loll Is A ) J~, k~& I % V I jV Amass 91kollakayaq V.V. and Ckichagovo V.P. 12-1-20/26 ................. TITL9s Sons low looks frou the Magadan Publishing Nauss (0 n4kotorykb novykh knigakh knIshnego isdatelletva) PERIODICALs Izv4stIy& Vs4soyusnogo 94ografich4skogo Obahchestva, 19589 0 Is PP 93 - 95 (USSR) ABSTRACTo The authors review several books of interest to geographers. "The Chukotka, forests" (Lena Chukotki) by G.F. Starikov and P.M. Dtyakonov represents a collection of saterial gatker- au over 10 years of biascologloal Investigations. The re- viewer states that Lnsplte of sons deficiencies the book to a valuable scientific work. "The Chukotka lational Okrug ff ' (Chukatakly natelortalf nyy akrug) by I.I. Gushchin and Aels Afacaslyev contains historical and geographical essays, which are sometimes superficial. "Agriculture of the Magadan OblaW 0 (591'skoys khozyayst- vo Magadasskoy ablanti.) by A.P. Vaelkovskly# P.P. FasechnIkq 3.T. Iradryga, and O.K. Chaleako, tells of the experiences of agricultural workers of the Magadan oblantle which is the Card 1/2 more interesting because of the utilization of now areas Some Now Books from the Magadan Publishing House 12-1-20/26 in the north. laspite of Us many of authors the book to a complete sad finished work* "A Volcano In Ike Polar Region" (Tulkan v, AmpelWlye by Ts.K. Ustlyev Is a description of a trip to an extinot volcano In the AnM river basin which to of grsat interest to geographers. AVAILABUs Library of Congress Card 2/2 SOY-26-58-3-43/51 AUTHORS ~andldats of Geographical Sciences tKoscow) TITLZs In the Nountains of the FWY-st (V gorakh dal fn~go vostoka) PIRIODICALs Priroda, 1958# Mr )# pp 118-119 (USSR) ABSTRACTt This article provides a brief review on the book "V Tiskakh Dzhugdyra" (In the Visa of Dzhugdyr) by G. Pedoneyev. 1. Mountains--USSR Card 1/1 AUTLIORt Nikollskays, V.V. _,B_ -re/45 TITLEt Gave and Pxoudo-Cavo Forms In the Basin of the ZeYm Rlver (Karstovyye I peevdokarstovyye formy v bas@eyno .. "'eill PFRIODICAL: Byulleten' Moskovskogo obshch*stva Lapytateloy priro4y, Otdol geoloetcheskly, 1956, Ur 4. pp 162-16! (USSR) ABSTRACTs This Is a summary of a report given by the author at a con- ference of the Moscow Society of Naturalists on 16 April 1958. The author Investlemtes cave and pseudo-care forms in the basin of the Zeym River and comes to the conclusion that though the dissolution of carbonate rocks In this basin in- fluences the character of tho relief by broadening the river valleys and forming niches I:i the ridges, the origin or these funnel-shaped forms is not connected with litiviation but In duo to erosion and accumulations In the river valley$ as well as to a leveling pro.:one. 1. Geology 2. Goopfrjeles 3. Inland waterwaye Card 1/1 30) AUTBORs ~flk2~11 okay&& V.V. SOT/10-59-3-15/!2 TITLZs On the Landscapes Covered with Shallow Depressions and Ra- vines in the Alluvial Plains of the South Amur Oblast' PERIODICkLe Izvestiya Aka4emii nauk SSSR9 UrLya geografizheakayap 1959, Nr 3g pp 99-102 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The author first thoroughly describes the landscapes of the South-West section of the Zeyoko-Bureinskays, Plain. Special ud was devoted to 15 typical areas (1 to 1.5 square km =5 located on the aecoM terrace of the Amur river, 1y- : ing on the left chore of the Zeya river and beyond its estuary* Three areas placed on the scaller (the first) terr- ace were studied in particular, these areas beine situated in the Blegoveshchenekly, the 1vanovskiy# and the Konstanti- novski; rayms if the same Amurskaya oblast'. The author stated that there are 3 different kinds of landscape in the areat 1) landscapes characterized by large shallow depress- ions or "aupholes";3)2) landscapes characterized by small- Card 112 size depressionsl areas with slanting ravines. Topo- SOV/10-59-3-15/32 On tho Landscapes Covered with Shallow Depressions and Ravines in the Allu- vIal Plains of the South Amur Oblast# graphical frequency of the depressions and ravines, their depth (from 0.1 to several =eter3), size (from 0-5 a in diameter to 3 hactar , directions (parpendioular or para- llel to the Amur rMari, and their botanical features are 4escribede Then the author tries to explain geologically the presence of shallow depressions &nd ravines. 'Jhe says that geoloCically they must chiefly be explained as being remnants of the primary relief of the local alluvial plains - the sane phenomenon which can be observed In the steppes of European Russia. Later on# standard-type erosion co:',bined with the thermokarst phenomenon broi(;ht about the present shape of the region. Advice is given on the agricultural exploitation of the area, water storage# irrigation and drainage. The author.mentions the names-of L.C. Kamanin, V.V. Dokuchayev and N.D. Pustovoytov. There are 5 3oviet references. ASSOCIATIONo Institut georrafti AN 333R (institute of aea.-raphy, A3 001,P). Card 212 VITVITSKIY, G.K.; KRAVCHEM, DA.;filKO -LISWAA.Y.~ CHlCHAGOY', V.F.; V07 oBlyrj7' M.&MV, A,I.: It D.P.; LIYkaQv5KRt' TU.A.1 W".Ov, IJ;q PrA-Amf B.F.; KOLTMIKOV, B.r.; UBANOV, K.Te.; WITRITZU, N.G.; Ri I I f G.Ve. doMr geogr, neakp otT. red.; LAMM, L.P., red. izd#va; DCHOKMAp I.N., tokh. red. (The lFar Bast; Its piTtical pognpil) Daltmil Vootok; flalka-- goagmCiaboakalit kharakteriatilm. Koskvap 196-1. 436 16A 24 t 9) 1. Akadem4a rmmk ssaa. rnatitat geografilo 2* ruoutut drii AN SSMt (for Vitvitskiy, Kroxchouko,, Rikol(skaya, Chil:"Cvf- 3. Dall- ne-vostacbMy filial Ali SSM (for Kurentear.. VcroblyeT). 4. Pochven- rqT inaUtut Ag SM (for Liverovskiy, Karmanarp Petrov). 5. Bialogi- cbmakly Inatitut UrallskDga fiU&U AN SM (for Koleanikov). 6. lz~- atitut leas AN SM (for FAbanov). 7. TS*ntral'M inatitut prognozov (fqr nlAU-ljVV&). (Saviat ftr Zest-Pbrolcal &*oCraplqr) KOILSKIOV, Lrf-Zi1cfadi, Yu.k.; 1".11rMliKAU, V.V. Natural ldrulfor= of pr*Jxies In tho Soviot Far 14st and their orlpin. Izv. AH SWR gor. geot;. no.1213-24 Ja-".' 161. (VrA 1412) 1. 51ologIcheskiy in3titut Uralckogo, filials, AN SUR; Poc..vannyy institut Im. V.V.Dokuchayova AN 55311 1 In3titut C:00(:mfli An =R. (Soviet Far &mst-Prairies) N-IKV"Wa':-\.A'ZAt V.1yr, glaciation in chan~,ca of '.he hy,.roempi-Ical ---stfr of tho upper Zeya Liver basir. Izv. All SjST. Sc~-. Cco, nc,1.01031 110 Ja-ir 1611 ih.A 14:2) 1. Institut geogrofil &I (Zeya valley-l"laciall OPOCI.) (Zoym Vallcy-'Iydro,~rapliy) 41,4utak, V.vq, Tit-w'Mr-Y, D.;L., CHI C 1COUAGU; V ChanCing the natural conditiqns or t~.e Amur River Basin in connection with plans for t~e refulation of rivor runoff. Irv. AX S='.. Ser. reoe. no.5:,cq-69 S-0 .161. O"m 14:9) 1. Instibit geogrefil AX SSSR. (Amur Valley--Water resources develorwnt) (Amur Valley--Pbysic;kl goograpty) DIK SI-GRZKIr MIKOLWATA, Y.V- molief of the Amur Basin and, its imporUnce, for agriculture. Blul. YIOIP. OW. reol. 36 wa.V140-141 Itr-Ap '161. (KLU 1497) (Amur Yalley-Agricultmral reograft) NIKO~!'l-KA-lA.,-V&r& Vasillywr=j VAMLITIVA, red.; IMJCF=g , K.X.F , Awshir red.; VIUWSWk. R.K.g t4khn. red. (The ftr Zsatj study, an the iature of the soutbom p&A of the ftr Ustj Dallnit Vostok; ocherk prirody iuxbnot p*lovim7, Wl- nega Vostoka. Moskva,, Gas.lzd-vo g*ogr.lit-r7,, 1962. 214 pe (KIM 15t6) (Far ftdrt--4doir&plw) NIKOLI ft 7-1r., purCRAGOTO T.F. Qwtormaz7 glaciation in fte Amw bWm* Trudtr Kmedwtwepers . 1W60.267 162* (KIPA 16c1) (Amr V41147-41"fal ""b) WIL0LISKAIA,-X,'r.- The - , V as Ulm in the mWom alladm ce rLvwo dr&Wne the raomr Odapn VmmudmF, DokLAK SM 145 no.5tll34-IL16 162. (K?4 1529) 1. Lmtitut goacratiL M MS. ProdaUvIeno akadodkow X.Mtrakhowin. (climan Komtaino-akngamm) KALISMIC11, O.X.; Intonation of OW*9*aouo 'Led exagomw feat*rs is the courge of Via forgation of the 014ania pile of the VAsd*l*M Teldame (souUm Kurilg ISAW4). BW*mIp.o%d.gsq1.3S %*.2tl65-166 *-&p 163. (KIRA 16 s 5) (Karile IsIaMs-Telcamoos) KFOL'S-FlAYA. V.V. Types of distritution of tron in rivrr vAlleys of the AmLr basin. Dokl. Alf SM 150 no.6t1327-131`9 Jo 163. (WRA l6t8) 1. Inatiflit geografft AN SSSR. a-,ral-;tnvlPno akKdealkom M.M.StrrO 7-ill"y-Iron cres)