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OB (31NNING OR EE N u BER, Flt6fA NOVI K4c>v 640 fil-f-AMI"AL #-S- fo-f- & S- 0- v 0 W 14 to Is N to to to 0 Is a x A it A "...a 1A, A_ L-1- Ac.0 Cc foe rZ",PGVJKW;:5_ '__T:~ AN ftf Ok" 4KC4W IN OW 41CM40 00 A im "4 no dkdi comic d we bwad 4g 'altaim quiumb. S. T. N( pffJ4. mal (U. S. s. IK.) Q_ M7 b v Is, 1. 4(M.I.-Ars M2.1~~ zelar. IOJ i : 00 i lc-~Wva iswrca" up to the .00 Aw 'for the '111W 00 (d-4kh amosth of ldc; IUEJVS the CKlfW -11 (Ufthtt 1k' &W, (,VA ULN;v, TUC j,I( 4 (IAC uk"I -00, -fe -at .00 00 A 0 00 see goo .00 00 NX 49144L(ORIKAL LIMAIM CLASWOCOMN U60 villil C.( dif 141 3 9 An L a two wo-owes x fag 00 e6. c 00w Poe a f let C~ 0 & 4 a t1w futsuot, (*&no 04 saw* bw" '"K ".,d by w" w ow.-~ 1 Vkfmoc) d; cum. 4,U,0AqI$, !AM1.'1Vii4fftktfA4V4I "I if rablittft locrquwt the 1164 gtwvc uuir o[ yolffig Atli it I.( hAts ,, v(d. Aftc; 4 A,,idi ft~"Vt 14 tht UXXi 14 44fillf 4JniHl&k W44 1,dut-C4 111.4c thAll tit VOUSIZ Al'ittials. T1w AN. fewtvc itt &%s inctra.'ed CM& i& HICAt diCt Jgit ~Jtti*&41 tio fItAttCV1 OU Icedifix with fire-14. If. F. wifth LOMIM CLAMOKA"10 iSHOW tweva" uvlm* 08 1 1 1410410 gag awl 4" lot I 0 Wei 0-:6 0 41 0 0 0 0. 0 we 0 .00 0 at 41 at a 4f off 000 *1* 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-6 0 0 0 0 4 coo coo Sof coo we 0 900 Woo 00 a fie .3 66's 00 00 f 0 9-6 01 0 01 OF 0 OF all 9 a It a 9 a W a 41 a a 41 4644 VullAdmimmi Is a* active C04CVAN and (a Ike do" a, buffring of t1W ddm oft ~Vikl-V Jt141 V.. Mirmhnik. JIM. tvYl. (Vics-aine A IN VNIP(s. were porfcmuted on white r4t, . frm, the timf tIL,.,, hifth UP In 15 m4o"llip. The %kin 141 with Aft Willint-my CU'Vifoll') im. firAft'l *%its Act, I'll.. .~f fouff"itm (q(Vfd Istr t4frol"',J). if.' it". 4.1 wet Wl., Afggtrw-l witts me'.. whok. fitt 11tv skill w, It ifertrA-4-d At the AKc,4 1 2 timodi,i. jwt.-jt.,,j At the are 4,113-4 Attil "in" 'I"I'lit".1, V C.W.,41 vi - 0.1 lift. dolts .1 It JW 4.. &s- 6 vg a C4 i I -00 -00 Coe see ;too doe 1111100, 1106 1 72 USSR Farm Animals. Silkworms. Q-7 Abs. Jour sRof Zhur - Hiol., No 10, 1958, No 45339 Author s Novikovs S. T.; Koakelenko, 0. V. Inst -Yo~v~5n~ Titla s -Tho Influence of Oorteiis Biol6gicelly Active Substances ,U-- n ant red Froductivonona of tho Mulborry- 'po tho Nvolopm FO-cdIng Sil.L-wo.M,(Bowbyx vort. L.)~ Report 116. 2, The Effect of the Addition of Thyroiodin to the Food of the Ifulbarry-Fooding Silkworm on the Output and Quality, of s .Cocoons. Orig Pub iNauk. zop. Nizhin'ak. dorzh. pod. in-tp 1956P 79 82-87 Abstract The mulberry loeves ware treated with thyrooidin solution in concontrotions of N100,000, 4zl00,O0O and 8:100,000, end wore fod to lervao of silkvorm thrice r. day at 19~-250 C. The lervoo, reerod on thooo, leaves hnvo a higher voight before chDnging into pupeo; the cocoons spun by them hove Card 1112 53 14--,4 i ey :w ~ - ~. , r% than dc, acts$ -was: Th e-''*,-- Uzo,i %d to i SOMA16 ~y OM TUTORSKIY, I.A.; NOVIKOV, S.V.; DOGADKIN, B.A. Peculiar features of the kinetics of chemical reactions of macrc- molec-ular compounds. Usp. khim. 35 no.1:191-199 Ja 166. (MIRA 1?:1) 1, Moskovskiy institut tonkoy khimicheskoy tekhriologii imeni M.V. Lomonosova. (10AWPOWT ijp C) SOURCE COOS: UR/0074166/035/00i/61 1/019 AUTHORet TU torsklys 10 A1.9 tbVlk0V, S. V" and Dogadkin, B. A. ~bSeov Ijjjjltu P ne:Chem1c,dUT4chwloVY im. it. V. Eomonosov 016 i skovskUyt tut tonkoy khimicheskoy tekhrologil) TITIZ: Mnetic characieristics of chemical reactions of high molecular compounds SOURCE: Uspekht Mimil, v. 35, no. 1, 1966, 191-199 TOPIC TAGS: chemical klnatle~s, macromlecular chemistry netia o racteristics of homo- VISTRAcr- I Vii-iti4i'of the. ki geneous m9aramolecular rea-Urond --LAC~ttraotlng the steaO attention of researchers. 'The-Anterest In this area-le brought about by the search for ways to control chemical trarmformations of 22&g_ersjand to conduct controlled reactions to obtain ohemi- cal derivatives with desired properties. Comparing the kinetic parameters of funatioml.groups Irioluded In the polymer chain with the analogous parameters of those same groups In low mole- cular campoundso one wn assume a number of factors which re- duce the pre-exponantlAl mmbers oaf the Arrhenlus eqmtIon In the case of large molecules. FIr3t, It follows from the kinetic the size (mass) or the m9lecule th? Brontan motion rate of the molecule yisco3ity,o po ymeric solutions reducea the number of collisions of reacting groups. L-02140-67 '"I AM035961 Third, the steric factor is high because of shielding of functional groups as a result of folding of the polyrteric chains. With the regular succession of the functional groups In'the polymer chain, the interaction of neighboring groups can reflect the activation energy. This revi(m is devoted to xplaining the affect of the factor of including functional groups in the polymeric chain and of the inter- action of alterrated functional groups owthe kinetic parameters of macromolecular reactionse Orig. art. has: 4 tables. /JPRS: 37,177/ 1 stvcom /SUBM DATE: none ORIG REF: 007 OTH REF: 041 Card 2/2 NOVIKOV, S.V. Provide greater variety and improve the quality of furniture at Leningrad enterprises. Der. prom. 11, no.40.3-5 Ap 165. (MIRA 18-5) NOVIKOV, S. Ya. Furniture Industry Exploit our potentialities for increasing the productivity of labor. D'er. i lesokhim. p.-m. 1 No. 9, 1952- Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, June 1953. Unclassified. fintabing bigb-class 7 no.9:17-19 5 158. Lenlngmdakaya m (Furniture NOVIKOV,_ StepawlakovIevich; STRONGIII, Abram klironoidch; GOLUBEVAO I=h., red.; FREGM, D.P., red.ind-va; BOLIMM, 'f A., tekhas red, [SxPerience in the vamfacture of built-in furniture in enter- prises in Czachcolovalcia.1,0grt proizvodstmvatroennol mbeli na prodpriiatilakh Chekhoslwmkii. Leningrads 1961. 23 p. (Loningradakii Dorn nauebno-tAtkhnicheakol propagendy. Serlia: BerevoobrabatMiushabais, promyehlemostil, vo*6) (MU .15:3) (Czachosloyaki*-Built-in furniture) IIGVIKOV$ Stepqq. Yakavlevich.- GGVJBZVA, T.14.# insh., red.; FRLTM,, ~., I ;,-B'M4GUROVA, I.A., takhn. red. (3,qperience in the mamLfacture cf stationary kitchen furniture of statio=7 kitchen furnibm in tha Czechoslovak Socialist R - blic] Opyt proizvodstva statsionarnoi kukhomoi mebelt. v OPQ Chekhoolovatakoi Sotsialisticheakoi Respublike. Leningrad,, 1961. 24 p. (Leningradskii. Dom naucimo-tekbnicheakoi propagauft. Obmeu peredovym o w. Seriia: Verevoobrabatyvaiuahchais, pro- 2 myshlennout', no.2r (MIFA 1533) (Ozeahoslovakia-Kitchan cabinets) 49VMffVS-.S4Y4" inzhe Equipment developed by the Special Construction Bureau and adopted by the enterprises of the woodworking industry under the Leningrad Economic Council. Der.prom. 10 no.6:17-18 je 161. (MIRA 14:7) (Leningrad ecoranic regiva-Voodworking industriss~ Eq4pont and supplies) -PFIYDVI S.Ya. Over-all mechanizatIon of technoloigIcal processes at .'za wood- working enterprises of the Leningrad Economic Council. Der. prom. 11 noOt2l-23 Jl 162, (MIRA 17:1) 1. Spetsiallnoye konstruktorskoye byuro Upravleniya mebellnoy derevoobrabatyvayushchey promyshlennosti Soveta naradnogo khozyaystva Leningradakago ekanomichaskogo rayona. NOVIKOV, S.Yaki,; N~FMNT, G.S. Effee.tjLveness of the production of furnitAre f6r ons-famd4 4pirtaonts. Dar. prow. 12 no./+:16-17 Ap 163. (MIRA 16:10) 1. gotsiallnoye proyaktno-konstruktorskoye byuro Upravlenlya wbellniq i derevoobrabatyvayushchey proWshlennosti, Leningradskogo soveta narodnogo khoIsyaystva. NOTIKOV, S.Ya., inzh. Presses for $',he production of bent-glued furniture parts. Der. prem. 12 no.8:19-21 Ag 163- KRA 16:11) 1. Spetsiallnoye prcryektno-lonstruktorskaye byuro Uprav- leniya mebolinoy i derevoobrabatyvayushebey proqmhlennosti lAningradskago soveta narodnogo khozyaystva. YELITSOV, S.P.,- IOVIKOV, T,,N.; ZAREZIN, I.V., red. _I -1 --- - [Handbook on safety measures in the merchant marine; general considorations) Spravochnik po okhrame true_a na morskom transporte; obshchie polozheniia. Moskva, Transport, 1965. 466 p. (MIRA 18:5) A 71KOY YYL'TSQV. S.P.. red.; GAKAYUMOV. R.G.. red.; TAKOUNA. V.I.. ~~r txd-va; TIKHOMVA. Te.A.. [Collections of laws aad regulations governing safety and industrial sanitation for the nerchant marine] Sboraik pravil i pol:Oxfouff p0 takhngm be's"opa-snosti i prawyehlennol, sahitarit no morskas flote. Bostavil T.N.Novikov. Koakva, Izd-vo *Korokot transport." 1957. 620 p. (KIRA 11:5) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Hinisterstvo morskogo flota. (Ships-Safety measures) (Ships--Sanitation) ELITSOV,, Stepan Petrovichl NOVIKOV, Toodor Hikitovichl NEDUMSKI7, Pavel Ivanovich; H.B.,, tekhn. red, (Working t2zw and rest periodsof the workers of marine transportation]Rabochoo vremia 4 vremia otdykha rabotnikov D:or.. skogo transporta. Moskvaj, Izd-vo q1orskoi trans ort." 1961. 174 p. MRA 15:8) (Morchant marine) RMM-Z&-~ Labor protection during work with epoxy resins. Biul.tekh.-ekon. inform. Tekh.upr.Min. mor.flota 7 no.11:53-57 162. (MRA 16:9) 1. Starshly inzh. Otdola truda i zarabotnoy platy Mtnisterstva morskQgo flota, (Merchant seamen-Dis,3ases and hygiene) (Epoxy resins) -i~ J I POPOV, Garri Sergeyevich; RASTORGUYEV, Petr Vasi Ikevich; STENIKO, Yuriy Mikhaylovich,- NOVIKOY, Tandnr-~_i~ldtovich;* BARKOVO .G.D.,, red.; BONDAREV, G.I.,, kand. med.mmuk, kid.; MOSHAHDVA, T.P., red.izd-va; TIKEONOVA, Ye.A., tekhn. red. (Medical handbook for the ship's captain] Meditainskii spra- vochnik kapitana. Pod obshchei red. G.D.Barkova. Moakwa, Isd-vo 9brokoi transport," 1963. 213 P. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Direktor TSentralluoy nauchno-iseledovatellskoy laboratorii g1giyeny vodnogo transporta (for Barkov). (MEDICINE, NAVAL-HANDBOOKS, MANUALS, ETC.) MATVEYEV, Yii.M.; HUMMISM, M.B.; BATIST, A.I.; IOSSELI, G.; KOROLEV, M.; 1V;.'.TSGV, V.; ARONOV, I.; SVETLAKOV, V.; ZAYONCHIK, L.Z.; RASPOP(71, 1.V.; SERDYUM, G.V.; GRISFfU-1, '.I.; DELLO, A.A.; SHMMYA, V.A.,, inzh.; SPIRYAGIN, L.P., inzh.; GRISEKOV, A.I.; KARDONOV, B.A.; BURDIN, V.M., kand. tekhn. nauk; MOLGACHEV, D.A., inzh.; MUZALEVSKIY, O.G.; RIVKIN, A.A.; KEYS, N.V.; KOMISSAROV, A.I% New developments in research. Stall 25 no.8:842-84'. 3 165. (MIRA 18:9) ACC NR: A260275'15- Novikov, V. I'Cautain) 1 OM: INone 'I!- Trainint,, develops proficiency SWEM',; Voyennyy vestidk, no. 6, 1966, 69-93 TO.'IC TAGS., around force traininC. rdlitax-y ont:inoorinZ .440471wa, O"P/oce .L,ZLZXT. A hi 01 standard of profi---4oncy attained by a pontoon coipany is prai.- u'd ("ILu U.-.o training tochxniquo and exercisos are discuo3ed. 'fho trainiriZ of nev, rceruiti ally of.'ar~s in wint-ar 'Cogothar vith the old rankers. Por thin our,-.)oGo, larLo opQnir,,,,ra ara cut '15r, ~Iio river 4-Ce for assamblina 3 or 4 pontoon spans. 'Me proparation of cq7a:i,)r:-.ent and launalLinC. facilities, the launchine operationa, the handlinC and haulin,-, of tl-o pontoons ara doscrib3d. S%o asse:.foling procedures of pontoon forries is briefly exarLined. The I.raixin- alro --rcludes the various reconnaissance oporations in orclar to train the comp U a,41 f. A A for locati;n,- favor-able aites for river crossings. Ifne fo2.mation of a march colum and the. unloadinG of pontoons, boats and construction equi-onont are reviewed. It JAIA racon;zonded that, the pontoon line W wasemblad alorg the river bank and then totted to the central river crossin,,-, position. Some useful suz--;,-entions proposed by various members of the COM- 1 f the boats for trans?or;ing and towing opor- pany are mentioned. Me launching and use o& ations are also gonerally:described. The actions of various officerv arA sergeants are hik, A A'ly praised. Orig. art. has: 4 photos. SUB C -GO: 05, 15/ =i DAMM: None card 1/1 NOVIKOV, V., inzh. , -1 Plann:Lng and t-itirating the work of the ariews of sellf-prepre-1--led cargo carriers. Rech.transp. 23 no.g.-14-16 S 164. (MIRA 19,l) 1. Gorlkovskiy institut inzhencrov vodnogo transporta. NOVIKOV, V., inzh. - - 7-, , -- ~~ -::" Effectiveness of the basic work index of the repair and operating centers of the fleet. Rech. transp. 24 no.11:24-25 165. (MIRA 19:1) 1. Gortkovskiy institut inzhenerov vodnogo trans~orta. NOVIKOV, V. A.; REZVYAKOV, A. P.; DIWORGOMSEV, G. P. Long-Distance Conumications, Dallnyuya avyazl, Svyazlizftt, 1948, Moscow, 411 pp. TABCON W-15730, 12 Dec 50 XCIV, -,?* . A . Technology (Long-distance coumunication). i~.Ioskva, Sviazlizdat, 1951. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, November, 1952. UNCLA.03:51FTED. /v0 v/ .sorav V. 4 - KUDINOT, T.T.; PONDIN, L.K.- inxheaer. redaktor; MII(At rodaktor (2614phojW] folefoulla. Konkva, gas, transpe sh*l-dor. lzd-wo. rt.2* [Basic principles of talephono transmission. Long-distance tel"hons connection. golective telephone connection] 0snovy teorli tsWonnoi peredachl. D&I'Mals. tolefonnala. svtos'. IsbiratelInala. telefoumle. svUml,. 1953. 434 p. (MRA 7:9) (Telephone, Wireless) HOVIKOV. VJL; GOLIESMY11, D.Ye.. profesaor, zaveftyushchiy. . Repuir of high-voltage roentgen cables of electrically safe A-ray appara- tus. rud. no,2:57-59 Mr-Ap 153. OMRA 6f6) 1. Kafedra rentgenologii Kazanskogo Instituta usovershenstvovaniya vr&.- chey imeni V.I. Lenina. (X-rays--Apparatus and supplies) GROZIMT, ~Vrl Ismylovich; SOKOWT, Vasilly Tamil 'yevich; redektor; BtWANKM. N.G.. redaktor; XHXZXHMTA. L.M., tekhai- chaskly redaktor. [Coaxial cables] Kooksiallaye kabelt. Xoekwa. Go@. izd-vo !it-ry po voprosaw oviazi t radio, 1954. 225 p.[KIcrofilu](HZRA 8:21 (Ilectrie cables) NOVIKOV. V. A,.. dotsent. " Application of the theory of quadripoles to the analysis of telephone apparatus compensator circuits* Sbor,sauchetrudAWHUT no.6:153-166 154. (KLRA 9:1) (Telephone lines) (Transducers) NOVIKOV, V. A. Novikov, V. A. "Investigation of Certaim Phenomena of the Exchange of Conversations be- tween Circuits of the Long-Distance and Subscriber Telephone Networks." Min Railways USSR. Leningrad Order of Lenin Inst of Railroad Transport Engineers imeni Academiciin V. 11. Obrattsov. Leningrad 1955 (Disser- tation for the Degree of Candidate in T~chnical Science~ 4 So: Knizhnaya letopis', No. 27.p 2 July 1955 U07110Y. V.A.. kand. tekhn.naukdots. Azalysis of electric proportion of differential system telephone, appwatus with the'laid of equivalent differential transformer circuits. Sbor.,LZIZIM no*161:195-904 '58o (MM 11:12) (Telephone-Apparatus and supplies) IL16 1'j1 k() PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/44,'?6 Leningrad. Inatitut inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnogo transporta Avtomatika, telemekhanika I avyaz' (Automation, Telemechanics, and Communications) Moscow, Transzheldorizdat, 1960. 230 P. (~Leries.- Its: Sbornlk, vyp. 169) 1,000 copies printed. General Ed.: V. N. Listov, Professor; Ed.: G. I. Marenkova, Engineer; Tech. Ed.: Ye. N. Bobrova. PURPOSE: This book is intended for technical personnel and scientists engaged in the fields of automation, telemechanies, and communications. COVERAGE: This collection of articles presents various methods of analysis and synthesis of electric aircults. New designs are described and ways of Improving technical and economic inoicqs of communication Instruments investigated. The artic4es contain computations for individual types of communi- catioq and telemechanical systems. No personalities are mentioned. Some of the articles are accompanied by references. Calld--X/-2T- Automation, Telemechanics (Cont.) SOV/4426 TABLE OF CONTENTS: Listov, V. N. Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. On the History of Electrical.Engineering Education in Russia 3 This article contains a description of the development and activities of electrical engineering schools in pre- pevolutionary Russia. y- ~V_ A.-, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent. _YgyjkQ_ Designing Long-DIstance Automatic Telephone Service 13 For the automation of switching equipment for long- distance telephone communication, the author recommends cascade corrections of up to 8 channels and a sufficiently low and variable via equivalent of attenuation in Individu- al channels. His computations and recommendations are based on American experience and data. There are two references, both English. Kaller, M. Ya., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent. Utilization and Interpretation of Certain Concepts of the Theory of Linear Operators In Communication Problems 24 J~qTWT, Tasiliy Aleksandrovich; SOKOLOV, A.G., Inzh,, red,*, KELITHdr, - P.,&. , ' ts khn -0 re-d 0 [LoWdistance couxualcational Dellnials *Tiasl. Moskva, Tges*isdatel'sko-pollgr.obwedlnenie N-va putel moobahchanila, 196o. 246 p. (MIRI 13M (Railroads-Conwanication systsus) (Talsoossunication) VOIKOY, Vladimir Mikhaylovich;_LOVIKOV,_Vasilty-Alakaaadr "v-cLht_ POROMARZT. Alskmandr Arked'yevich; N=ISKIY. V.A.. Inzh.. red.; BOBROTA, U.N.. EVIre co=m,nication systems on railroads] Provoduaia eviac' na zholesnodoroshnon tranaporte, Noskvs, Tees.Isdatel'ska"poligr. obwedinania X-va putal scobahchanita, 1960. 253 p. (KIRA 13:12) (Railroads-Cow-anication systems) rV D VI 1