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SOV/125-59-9-6/16 Joining of Pipe-Section Components Directly One to Another test-pieces of the form shown in Fig 2 were prepared. It has been found out that deformation of a transver- sally welded pipe diminishes, as Its angle with the longitudinal pipe decreases; the pertaining figures are given in Tables 3 and 4. It is to be noted that re- search has been carried out on pipes welded on both sides of transversal pipe. The strut beams used in con- structions are normally welded Grly on one side; how- ever, all the above conclusions remaiii true, as the joints undergo the same stresses in both cases. There are 4 tables, 4 diagrams and 1 Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION: 1) Ordena trudovogo krasnogo znameni institut elektro- svarki imeni Ye.O. Patona AN US9R (Order of the Red Banner of Tabor Institute of Electric Welding, imeni Ye.0. Paton AS Ukr SSR); (Novikov, Kovtunenko) 2)"Pro- yektstallkonstruktsiya" Ministerstva stroitel'stva USSR (Proyektstallkonstruktsiya of the Iffinistry of Card 2/3 Construction.Ukr SSR) (Shumitskiy). SOV/125-12-4-1/18 AUTHORb: Noviknu. -I,- Candidate of Technical beiences, ~ V. 1, 0 * ., and Shumitakiy, 0.1., Engineers Kovtunenko. TITLE: Paptening of Grating Tube Elements to Multiple "Joints" PERIODICAL: Avtomaticheskaya svarka, 1959, Vol 12, Nr 4, pp 3-13 (USbR) ABijTRACT: The authore deqoribe the results of inveqtigations on the static strength, at lower temperatures of different conotructions, of faptening gratings to coil metal tube constructions. Exper~mentq were made at eppecially low temperatures, -60 , becau,,ze the joining Phould cor- respond to the climatic conditions in the northern and eastern parts of the country. Five Pamplep of joint- ings were tested for rupture (Figure 2). The repult was, that for two samples of which the front plates are thin, the indicated rupture gtresp is low (thick- nesp 12 mm: 25.6 and 36.0 kg/mm') (Figure 9a,b). At r-,amples, which had front-platem of 18 mm thickness, the indicated rupture Ptress reached the P~rength li- Card 112 mit of the tube metal (50.5 and 53.6 kg/mm ). At the SOV/125-12-4-1/18 Factening of Grating Tube Elements to Multiple "Jointlp" Pamplep with front-plates of 24 mm thickneqsq the rupture wap within the tube metal. The chemical con- given aq: .z,i0tancy of the used tube metal was 0-17~- C, 0.49% Mn, 0.27% Si, 0.12% Ni, 0.04% Cu, 0.035% 0, 0.026% P. The measurements of the tubes were: dia- meter 127 mm, thickness 4.5 mm.i Thp Rut~,rrm give a-, reference, in'V.6-sti-gaVonr, of "ProycktstalO konftrizkt- qiya", , '-' %nd flee Factory of Matai C.)n!,tructionis imeni Babu-hkin , -epropetrovsk (~. epropetrovpkiy zavod meta.__~._onPtruktPiy im. Babu"hkina). There are 6 pliotographp nnd 7 diagrams. ASo0CI_'_.I0N: Ordena. Tmdovogo Krasnogo Znameni Institat elektroevarki im. Ye. 0. Patona AN USSH(Red Bwmer of Labor lnstitute of Slectric Welding imeai Ye. 0. Paton,AS UkrSSR) (ffov4ov., Kovtunenko) "Proyektkonstruktsiyall 14inisterstva, Stroitel'stva USSR ("Proyektkonstruktsiyall of the UkrSSH Ministry of Constiuction) (15bilmitskiy) SUBMITTED: Fobruary 7, 1959 Card 2/2 .ffGvIKm, ve I* Meet of flange joints of certain welftents, 1. 0-rdene. Trudovago Krasuago on stress distribution and the strength Avtcu. evar. 15 uo.12:51-55 0 162. (MM 16:2) Zmmui inatitut,slakt.-covarki imul Te,O. Patoma. 0 UkrSSR. (Electric welding) (Therzal stresses) NOVIKOV V4 11 Weatug atiglas t,-,, juu-,tion platets. Avtom,sver;, 16 no,2:26-332 F **63. (MIRA 16s4Q I., Institut alektrosvarki imeni Yu,O,Patona AN UkrSSR. (Structural frame& -Wel-ling) NOVIWVO V.1.1 KMTMMNKO, V.A. Stability of flanged joints strengthened with ribs. Avtom, sva--. 17 no.300-54 Mr 164. (IMIRA 17:11) 1. Iju titate *1oktroavarki im. Y*.O* Fatona AN UkrOSR. 6 -_-MP(k)LGLT( 1JP(c)':_ JD&A IV L 17 M)ITIRIPLv~)ISk )/E-; I 44 ,~L ~SZ146 NN -C0D3vUR 0125/ 0057 SOURCIS.- 66/000/003/ /006C _4 "A rU if: I A Oil tunel :~,S' rum UTM 44~ ~-,rnstitute tlei r 16'Welding . is Ite' 0. Pat'onj,:AN UkrSSR (rnstitut elekt ORG.~, 0 -TrSSR) _~~arki-_XW U FI: iiiAs: ii. MTM-El4mini annUar welds- -_,_Avf-o-_q_H ch'eskcay'&_-~ aver, k no. -3 1964,' 51- V- TOPIC TAGS: crec prg 0 6-*, :weidiffff )0,sj*ttoqi7r-.weld til n; butt wildingi, vwtz~%,tu a 45 Wba_:j-_bints,,_, annui I _~strong:ariif reliable- usus L.7 are pev-- ar welds med by..'hand --vitfiAhe - f _.,badk4Ln&^: rings.- ~_In. jo-ints,'of.low-carbon and low_alloy or :did7b i weld Iteela ihis. leads to'.* the''rise. of 2-3, mm long cracks (whiskers) in the -root ..,Tbei"Usually, the- bi~i of - we ld and rop agate -through the deposited :meta _or.a ong':tha*:zo e -oVfusion*- in the more i al elements sue a- n mpgrtant-structur h d fectq~aie impeii~is_dible. Hen"cel-.-the.'--Li-uth'o'r'o'--invdatigated: the origi o of such cracks. and tha.:meana' Of prevOking 'tllem~ on~ th(k, badivof-nine.microaect~ona with cracks formed ring tng.: -of doub.' e 0 e a du the ~weid L iand ~.stngle veejAnts of -OWN lite steel which, is oft4~r-.-usi6d:iri:'metal~btiti6tures performiuk at: low temperature and which is more etack-pionei-The-micro-sectiona.werb-iDtchid in-nitric-acid and eimmined ~at ~,magnifj_ -q '32 UDC., 21 __Card ;191.053t620.191 J, Card 3091 S/682/61/000/003/005/008 4.1A D234/D302 AUTHORs Novikov, V.I. TITLEt Experimental determination of dynamical properties of a turbo-jet engine as a link in the system of automatic flight control SOURCE3 Avtomaticheskoye regulirovaniye aviadvigateley; sbornik statey. no, 3, Moscow, 1961, 77 - 81 TEXT-. The author gives the results of experimental frequen- cy tests of a turbo-jet engine with a centrifugal compressor. Disturb- ing harmonical oscillations of the required frequencies were introduc- ed with the aid of sinusoidal displacements of the needle of a thrott- le cook. It is stated that there was a good coincidence of the sinus- oid with the oscillogram of actual variation of fuel pressure. Trac- tion force of the engine and fuel consumption were determined. Graphs of phase-amplitude characteristics of the engine are given. The dif- ferential equation of the dependence of the number of revolutions on Card(E2~ S/682/61/000/003/005/008 Experimental determination of ... D234/D302 the fuel feed is deduced from experimental data. Values of time con- stants and the aim lification coefficient of the characteristic of an aperiodic unit Mproximating the characteristics of the engine), computed from the data, are quoted. There are 3 figures and 5 Soviet- -bloc references. Card 2/2 S/( ;82 /61/000/003/UO6Y'C;C,8 D234/D302 AUTHORs Novikov, V.I. TITLE3 Turbo-jet engines as a link in systems of automatic control of an aircraft SOURCE. Avtomaticheskoye regulirovaniye P-viadvigateley; sbornik statey, no. 3, Moscow, 1961, 82 - 101 TEXT3 The author considers only single-ci-rcuit, single- -shaft engines with controlled dilatable nozzle. The purpose of the paper is to determine the transfer function of traction power of the engine according to controlling and disturbing actions, to investi- gate the effect of the characteristics of the compressor, the operat- ing regime and flight conditions of the dynamical parameters of the engine. The problem is solved by linearization of thermodynamical equations of the engine in its stabilized operating regime. General formulae, numeriacal examples and graphs are given. If the experi- mental characteristic of the compressor is replaced by a quadratic Car SOV/94..58-.10-8/?O Impro-~?-e tLe Standardisation of Electric Power Cons-cm-Iticn ir- Industry be compared in respect of power consumption because of differences in the method of standardisation. Examples of this are given. Many of the defects in the standardisation of power consumption have arisen because the former ministries did not analyse the subject closely enough. Now that industry is controlled by Councils of National Economy it will be easier to revise power corsumption standards. ASSOCIATION: Gcsenergonadzor Card 1/0 NOVIKOV9 V.K. Puwer engineering worikers fight for technological progress in industT7. Prom. energ. 15 no.11:15-17 N '60. (KIRA 14:9) (Electric power) LEVITUSK114 B.A..-,, AKULOV,, Ye,F.,, red.; KIIM=, H.L. red.; SUMIYEVI, V.I., red.; CHMWO7. N.M., red..' NOYZEMS, S.M... red.; K*Pop tekhno red, [1conomy and standardization of electric power in rolling mInty) 1konmiia i normirovanie alektroenergii v prokatnam proizvodstive. Moskva, Gospenergeftd-vop 1961'. 93 p. (MIRA 14:12) (RolUM mills-Electric driving) ACC NRz AF60215T9 scuiia cov&: uR/'o4oa/u~6/ooo/oo3f'03431'034-,5 AUTHOR: Kuvehinova, Ye. V.; Atabekov, 1. G.; Shaskollskaya, ff. D.; Novikov, V. K.; Popova, G. A. --- - ----- ORG: Department of Virology, Moscow State University (Kafedra virusologii 1-bakovskogo universiteta im. 14. V. Lontonvuovu); All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Phytopathology (Voesoyuznyy nauchno-isoledovatellskiy institut fitopatologii) TITLE: Comparative serological analysis of rod-shaped viruses SOURCE: Voprosy virusologii, no. 3, 1966, 343-348 TOPIC TAGS: virology, serology, scrological analysis, serotyping. virus, rod shaped virus, immunodiffusion method, mosaic virus, tobacco mosaic virus,,O/Aor Pr'16A'r C, VNP-,g 7- ABSTRACT: Serological relationWpa between THIr, cucumber mosaic no. 2, barley stripe mosaiciand winter wheat mosaic viruses vere established. Winter wheat mosaic virus Is unique a3song them, In t2at it is a 'W31all virus raUw than a true saic" type bi logical! r. * ea. (W.A. 50; CBS No.,10] _Orig. art. has: 2 figur SUB CODE: o6/ SUBDI DATE- 25Apr65/ ORIG PEF: oo6/ OTH REF: o16/ Bee Culture Further4evelopment of bee culture Pchelovodstvo 29, no. 5, Yhy 1952 August 2 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 195~1 Uncl. C OU ~ 1: :' " : F-4, C P T, 0 Y 'VIL11,1115 AB:3 -10,'J~L 1959, Nfo- 1"-~!~)9 11. F". Novlkov, V. ?. 'h Yogto- ov, 1, IT M Li-,L Ariculturo ri~ a A~' U, All-Union Agri(iultural Exhibit in 07UG . P-,k;B. c t iI ci -7. t 7o 1 A B3 ) TRA"T Dur n- Lil 1~1'0'T.3 Of :,h. n -01),000 w rnong v'sito' tne cult, e )6 v, 'U on t Ar at 1,I-to All-Union Agricultural ExhibIt * Cli 9.x- Las o1:' !,~oilihozos an.-It sov,, xo:~os :I.- vras Frahi- cally sho-tan tliat lax-;,,e !.oney yiel,zs ~-Ln~ be (-%b- " waen the iri~pn'sification of t-'-,e Colonies L:bve-nE~:th taken into, ftecolint -',.n time by rprily utilizing a shift or auxiliary queens, by I t! vraA. --frame an,'t Iiorizo.,ital beel-Ave Iceapirg a sufficient..-upply of hona7comb frames and feedav Ck. 0 OU iT TIZY 11,I)SR CATX' IRY ABS JOUR. RzhBiol., !.-.0. AUTHC R T IT L4, ORIG. PUB. ABSTP,AXT 1959, Z10. Institute, the Departments of Apiculture at the -Animl.'llusbandry and Veterinary Science Institutes of Georgian and Armoninn 33R, Institute of 14-uit aii,, Vecatable Growing of Byelortissimi SSR, T,,aboratory of Bee Disea3es at the Ul-ramnian Institute of Diperimental Veterinary Science, the Chair of T,'Lk (Timrya- ze-v qrricultural Aoademy)., tl-La Chairs of Biology at MSTJ (Moscow state Univoruity) and Goviriy Un1vornityp tho Chairs of Woroblology NOVIK07$ V. M. Sesdautowtic die for nnufacturing platen for radiator blInds, Art. Prime. 28 no.9.-35-36 S 162. (mm 1P. 10) 1. U11yanowskly awtesaved. (Dise(NotalmorkIM)) uOV--mov, n. USSR/Fuel Gas, Natural Combustion.. Flameless Jul 50 ITlameless Combust-Ion of Natural Gas in LP- rge Burners.," V. A. Spejsher, C" Tech Seis A. Ye. Kucheruks P. N. MayevsIdys V. M. flovi-kov, Engineers S 1%16k Stants" No 70 pp 6-n Describes aKperiments on various types of larZe burners leading to conclusion that it is poDsible to turn over to flamaleas beating in low-capacity s*team boilers operating on gaseous fuel. Witor states rurther r-iaearch will be necessax~y before use of flameless combustion leads to any radical reduction in size of boiler unite. One of the experimn-ts was made at L Ivov IWdroelsectric power s tation under Prof. M. J. Ravich. PA 162T35 JMVUG~~ T. M. [Navykov, T. M. I 0~ Ciao welding burner works on kerosene. Nekh. oil% ho . 14 no.2:28-19 IF 163. (Kim 16:41 1. UpravIyayushobly Bogodukhovskim otdolenlysm OSIltgooptekh- nikimp MarIkovskoy oblasti. (Gas welding and cutting) (Kerosene) ABRIANOT, X.A.; MOTIKOT, T-K, I: Z- ~ Pt)lymethylbutox7phosphinalumizLoozanes- Tynoicom. noed. I no.9:1390-1395 S 159. (KIRIL 13:3) l.Institut slamentoorganichaskikh soyedineniy AN SSSR- (Phosphorus organic compounds) (Aluminum organic compounds) (Polymerization) AUTHORS.t Andrianov, K. A., Pichkhadzeg Sh. V., Novikov, V. M., and Lavygin, I. A. TITLE: Synthesis and some reactions of 8-oxy-quinoline butoxy- ti tani' um PERIODICALt Akademiya. nauk.SSSR*. Izvestiya. Otdeleniye khimicheskikh nauk, nio. 12, 1962, 2138-2141. TEXT: 8-oxy-quinolina tributoxy titanium was synthesized by the action ok 8-hydroxy-quinoline on tetrabutoxy titanium a.t -11400C; C21 H 3304NTi, light- green crystals which hydrolyze easily, m.p. 55-560C. At a 1:1 ratio of the two components, approximately equal amounts of 8-oxy-quinoline tributoxy titanium and bis-(3-oxy-quinoline)dibutoxy titanium are forimed% C26 11 3004N2 Ti, yellow crystals, m.p. 148-1500C. The latter hydrolyzed in a neutral medium with the cleavage of butoxy groups only# yielding a product identified as bi3-k6-oxy-quinoline)-dihydroxy titaniums C 18H14 041;2Ti, orange, nonfusible crystals, which ditintegrate at 4000C. The condensatiok-"Il Card 1/2 3/062/62/000/012/00-//007 Synthesi3 and some reactions of... B117JB101 of bis-(8-oxy-quinoline)-dihjdroxy titanium showed that water (69%) was separated by heatin6 (2500C, 4 hra). The structure of bis-(B-oxy- quinoline)-dihydroxy titanium was confirmed by its condensation with bin-(B-oxy-quinoline)-dibutoxy titanium. Butyl alcohol was thus separated by heating to 2000C. The reaction of bis-(6-oxy-quinoline)-dibutaxy titanium with or,6anzosilicon compounds was smooth; the reaction with trimethyl silanol took place at 500C yielding bis-(trimethyl siloxy)-bis-(B-oxy- quinoline)-titanium C 24H3004N2Si2Ti, light-yellow crystalst m.p. 143-1440C, yield 78'/". The reactio; with triethyl silanol at 1500C yielded bis- (triethyl siloxy)-bis-(B-oxy-quinaline)-titanium, C301142S1204112Ti, yello* crystals, mop. 162-164 OC, yield OZ. The reaction,with triphenyl silanol at 150-1700C yielded bi6-(triphenyl siloxy)-bis-(F, -xy-quinoline)- titaniumq C54 H425i2Ti04N21 a cryotalline substa.7-cei mop. f860G, yield 68%. ASSOCIATIONs Institut eleffientoorganicheakikh soyedineniy Akademii nauk SSSR (Inutitute of Elemental Organic Comounde of the Academy of Sciences USSR) SUBMITT.LD: April 11, 1962 Card 2/2 NESKEY-ANOV., Nik. A.; EOVIKOV, V. M.; REUTOV, 0. A. - -an M MV-- *---- Addition of mercuric chloride to the Wittig reagents and the synthesis of mercury-containing phosphorylide. Izv AN SSSR Ser Khim no. 4:772-7/3 Ap 164. (MIRA 170) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvannyy universitets VIASHCPMKO, L.F.; NOVI ML,2."ZINOVIYEVA, M.N.; SIDOROVA, A.P.; KARDASHOVE,-A*A KLEYIENOV, I.Ya.: KRASNOPOLISKIY, N.M. [deceased], LUNARR, Y*.G*;.S&M-OFAL0V, P.Ye.;!YYAS~, Ye.,L; KULIKOV, F.I., dots.9 retsenzent; MAKAROVA, T.I.9 kand. tekbn. nauk, retsenzent; MERENBURG, A.N., spets. red.; KOSSOVA, O.N., red.; SOKOL-OVA, I.A., (Handbook for the technologist of the fishing industry) Spravochnik tekbnologa rybnoi prorWsbIennost-.'L. Yoskva Pi- shchepromizdat. Vol.I.. 1963. 589 PO (MIRA 17:31 IVANMA, IlavdiYa Alek6androTua; RQT3XOT- TIadjpjr..Xmksim a", MI-I ZWOTA. G.7., red.lzd-va; -SABITOT. A.. [Cost of u1ne uaintonance operatlons] Stolmost' podderzhanlia gararkh vyrabotak. Hookys., Goo-wu&uchmo-t*khu.Isd-wo 2it-ry yo golmom dolm. 1961. 73 P. (NM 15r2) (Snustak Basin-Coal imines and oluirg-Costs) (Nine timberiog) Relation between the productive processes and tbw level of labor productivity in a mine, Izv. rp. ucheb. zev.; gar. zhur. no.8t 90-16 061. (MM 15:5) 1. Nuznotakiy mmohno-insledovatelfeldy ugolInyy Institut. Rekomendovans, Kuznstskim nauchno-issledomteltakin ugollnym institutom. (luzuetsk Boxin"cal mines and minimg-Labor productivtty) V'L WAR=$ lope# N=Ov. VOK41 S4m9G rrrigatim Earth settling ta&a in irrigation with sawge. Gidr. i nole 4 no- 4s 1952. 2 9. Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, July 1951, Uncl. , Cand of Tech Sci -- (diss) "Year-round agricultural use NOVI V, 4 Tq__ of waste waters for irrigating sandy ladm.11 Mloscow, 19517, 16 pp Academy of All-Union/Agricultural Sciduagrs im V. I. Lenin; All-Union Scientific Research Institute of H ydraulic Engineering and Melioration), 100 copies (KL, 30-57, 111) 99-1-6/10 AUTHOR: TITLEs PERIODICAL: ABSTRACTt AVAILABLE: Card 1/1 Novikov, V.M. , Candidate of Tecbnlbal Sciences Conducting Sewage Through Pipelines for Winter Irrigation (Transportirovaniye stochnykh vod poitz i nikh polivakh) Gidrotekhnika i Kelioratsiya, 1958, # 1. PP 37-42 (USSR) Subsurface pressure pipelines are used to pipe sewage from pumping stations to fields for irrigation. To prevent mechanical damage, the pipes are installed 0.7 m below the surface of the ground. Observations of thermal conditions on sewage systems were made during the winter months on the collective farm imeni Stalin In the Moskovskzqk Obl"t!', by the author who made the following conclusions: 1) Subsurface asbestos-concrete sewage lines operate satisfactorily year round when the pipes are laid 0.7 m below the earth's sur- face. 2) SevMe am be, piped In the Noskovskays Mast' as far as 10 km through ground subject to freezing, as long as the discharge amounts to 1,700 cu m in 24 hours. There are 3 figures and 4 tables. Library of Congress LWOVERP A.I.; KANARDOV, I.?.; NOVIKGVt V.K. Sewage Irrigation fields and crop Aelds. Priroda 50 no.5:95-97 W 161. (KMi 24:5) L Vossoyamyy nauchno-looledovatel'shy institut g1drote'rhniki I iieliorataii (Noolora). .. ~ -,~(Sewags irrIgation) (Vegetable crops-IrrIgatiou) IQV~KOV V.H. kand. tekhn. nauk L- !1..! Kethods of thermal caloulations of pressure pipes in irrigating with runoff waters in winter. Trudy VNIlGiM 42:20-39 163. (HIM 17t6) KOVIKOVJ V.M. Year-rowd irrigau'-ion of farmlands with aevage waters. Zesz prob]. poat nauk roln 47:43-57 064 NOVIKOVP V.M., aspirant (Krasnodar, ul. K.4rova, d.55, kv.5) Rheovasography for the evaluation of a lumbar novoca-Ane block applied with A.V. Visbnevskil's method in endarteritis obliterans, Klin. k1dr. no.2sll-13 '65. (MMA 18~10) 1. Fakulftetskaya khirurgicheskaya klinika (zav, prof. I.A. Areyenko) Kuban3kogo meditsinskogo, instituta. 16.8loo,24.6720,24.68oo,24.681o 77009 S6V/5-6-37-6--49/55 AUTHORS: Zaretskly, D. F and6_ ikov.,j,.,,,.M. TITLE: Letter to the Editor. Depolarization of Muons in P -Mesoatoms with Deformed Nuclei PERIODICAL: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy I teoreticheskoy fiziki, 1959, vol 37, Nr 6, pp 1824-1825 (USSR) ABSTRACT: An analysis was made of the additional depolarization caused by the interaction of muon with nuclear deforma- tion in fk-mesoatoms. The effect was considered for even-even nuclei. The Hamiltonian of the muon-nualeus aystem was taken in the following form: 11 = ". + 11R + 11q Here, Ho is the Hamiltonian of the muon in the mono- Card 1A pole field; HR Is operator of rotational energy of the Letter to the Editor. Depolarization of 77009 Muons In -Mesoatoms withi Deformed SOV 56-37-6-49/55 Nuclei nucleus; Hq Is operator of quadrupole interaction of muon with nucleus. The diagonalization of the Hamil- tonian shows that the quadrupole interaction consider- ably changes the eigen functions of the system with corresponding muon in the 2p-states (cf., L. Wilets, Kong. Dan3k. Vidensk. Selsk. Mat.-fys. Medd., 29, 3, 1954). The changes of the eigen functions of other states can be neglected. In such an approximation the polarization of muon in ls-states becomes: P = Ar W.I. % + B4 W.I. < ar-1, >0 Card 2/4 Here W, and W /2 are probabilities of the passing of '9f 3 muon through states 2pj and 2p < a- ).0 and 2 3/2; 2pI L-tter to the Editor. Depolarization of TTOO ,9__ Muoris in -Mesoatoms with Deformed SOV/56 3T-6-49/55 Nuclei < a- 2P3/2 > 0 are polarization of muon in the above states in the absence of quadrupole interaction; Aq and B are factors compensative of the additional q depolarization. The factor B q was determined from muon transition,from the upper levels into the ls- -state through the states that can be described by the eigen function of the above given Hamiltonian: 3 2 2 0,6, Or - 0,8 Ch. E2 (-r,, +a BE..,. - Ek)2 Uyj + L E,.,--rr- + ((-L E E2 (En+ Eq- E! (Fit + Q -Fk)-r-,211 Card 3/4 Letter to the Editor. Depolarization of 77009 Muons In ~L-Mesoatoms vilth Deformed SOV/56-37-6-49/55 SUBMITTED: Here, Ek is eigen values of the Hamiltonian which correspond to muon in 2p-states and to the whole momentum of the system 3/2; Ef.s. is splitting of fine structure of the 2p-level; ER is energy of the first rotation-al level of the nucleus; E q = < 2p jHq ) 2 p~. The following values of B and D were calculated for l&Z 184 232 Gd 5 , W , qPh and U938, reqspectively: 0.63, 0.64, o.38, 0.38 and 0.61', o.64, o.6, o-59. Thus, the interaction of muon with nuclear quadrupole deforma- tion can lead to a considerable additional depolariza- tion of the muon. There are 4 references; 2 Soviet, 1 Dutch, 1 U.S. The U.S. reference is: G. W. Ford, C. J. Mullin, Phys. Rev., 108, 477, 1957. August 21, 1959 Card.4/4 22r S/056/61/040/003/031/031 B112/B214 Am. Zaretskiyj D. F., Novikovo. V. X. "UTH ~TITLE:. 0 Nuclear-fissi. n by/01-mesons PERIODICALs -Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i-teoretiohaskoy fizikil v. 40, -no. 39 1961, 982-983 TEXT of a meson on nuclear fission can be calculated for the rgy E of a bound meson, case. of rigidly,oriented nuclear axes. The enej .:~dependm on the deformation parameters of the nucleus. A solution of . h ' dinge r I aequation for a meson in the Coulomb field of the deformed S c rU n. ucleus is-.required for the determination of E It is assumed in the present paper that the nucleus has the form of an ellipsoid of rotation -'-','up to its saddle point. otential of a homogeneously-charged The Coulomb p ..ellipsoid of rotation with the semiazes.a-and b has the forms ca rd 1/3 2220 /6 "1/6jb/00 I 5 /0 V63 /031 Nuals .a.r.finsion by*.. 11112/11214 ze + 3 ch'a -(p (a, P) I I - Ps (cha) Ps P)l In cth 71 Cos 2 2 ch a* PS (Cos ht S "t 3 Wit a* I ch era for Ch a a C 2 ZsAi.ths nuclear charge, a b P16thOLegendre, poly- exe the degenerate-elliptical. on. The a t and a~13 coordinat lear field with such a r6dinger equp.,tion for a bound meson In a nuo .::-potentia-1 wam solved w-erically with the help of an electronic compU~ero "The Aalue of for different valu:es of a/b is given in the thre jh. following table (U 58 nucleus)s 1.6 1.8 2 2.2 2.5 A/b 1.2 1.4 (MeV) JIL.89 a 11.66 I'l -53 11.36 11.21 11.01 11.7 The increase &E of the fission barrier for some nuclei is given in :tables w:.. Card 2/3 22153L S/056/61/040/003/031/0,41 Nualeer fi ssion by... B112/B214 Nucleus &A a/b Ethreshold' 11"V 48 , Hev statistical aaddle Doint e38 1.150 2.24 5.8 0.6 U235 1.25 2.2 5.75 o.6 PU239 1.30 1 2.17 5.48 1 0.5 D. P. Grec hukhin to thanked for his ad vice and V. K. Saul 'ye-7 for setting up .the program and caloulation with the electronic computer. There are 2 tables and 7 referencess 2 Soviet-bloc and 3 non-Soviet-bloo. SUBMITTED# January 11, 1961 Card 3/3 S/05 62/042/002/032/055 B108YBI04 AUTHORS: Zaretakiyq D. F., Novikov, V. M. TITLE: Excitation of collective nuclear levels in heavy'~k-mesic atoms PERIODICAL3 Zhurnal eksperimental0noy i teoreticheskoy fizlki.. 7. 42., no. 2, 1962, 511 - 519 TEXTR The excitation probability of low collective levels with spin 2+ which depends on the magnitude of the nuclear quadrupole moment and on the quadrupole transition probability for the level in question is discussed for heavy mesic atoms. Not only a passing 2p muon but also a 3d muon may excite the rotational levels of heavy Th or U type nuclei. The inter- action part of the Hamiltonian of the nucleus-muon system is ascribed to quadrupole interaction of the levels 2p,/, and 2p 3/2 only. Results of the caloulations given in Table I indicate that the excitation probability W + depends on the nature of the collective level. W + is increased, however, by some 20% owing to 5d 3/2 and 3d 5/2 muon states. The latter can Card 1/3 S/056/62/042/002/032/055 Excitation of collective nuclear ... BIOB/BI04 also lead to the excitation of the 4 + level. The excitation probability W + , however, is much more sensitive to the sign of the quadrupole moment than is W +. The hyperfine splitting of the excited nuclear levels owing to the interaction between the magnetic moments of the muon and of the excited nucleus is calculated. The finite size of the nucleus has to be considered. For Th 232 and U238 , AV, a 840 ev. The additional depolaAmtion cf muors owing tothetransf erof polarVyto a nucleus with excited collective levels is also discussed. Howtzver, this effect may be masked by the effect of the electron shell. The circular polarization of gammas from the 2p - Is transition may give information about the additional depolari- zation of the muons. The effects of quadrupole interaction may also have an effect upon the shape of the muon transition lines. Tn general, the effect of quadrupole excitation of collective levels in heavy mesic atoms may be masked by radiationless excitation. The latter effect may be 4, estimated by studying the nuclear transitions 4+-42+ and 2 -9. 0+ with respect to the occurring gamma quanta from the muontransition,-' There are 1 figure, 4 tables, and 13 referencest 8 Soviet and 5 norf;;Soviet, Card 2/3 3/056/62/042/002/032/055 Excitation of collective nuclear... B108[BI04 Thelfour reforendes,to English-language publications read as follows: Jacobson. Phys. Rev., 26s 1637, 1954D. M. Van Patter. Nual. Phys., 42, 1959;.1. IM. Shmushkevich. Nucl. Phys., "s 4199 1959; A. Z. Dolginov. Nucl. Phys., 1, 569, 1958- SUBMITT8Di August 8, 1961 Table 1. Results.. Legends M-nucleus; (2) parameter of axial 9.ymmetry; (3) spin-orbital splitting; M-energy of the 2+ level; (5) excitation prob:ability. AWN I US.- OX98 -62&T. .04 WIN 158 3 O,f23 0 W ee- 0" 11 OSIIM 255 22#,32 O,tS7 0:30 IS O't A f-L 01 M' 90 24.3- 1 ] 0 1 ~61 Card 3/3 RM _716 - ACC NRi: AIP60i8655 SO'JRCr!.,cmE: uR70020763 2700276356763.53 VA AUTHORI. -_,'Ne8wYW*vt _N*~ A*I TITTZi MrmwirAd compoi _.phosphoniumsiltsl a w4 type of quitAcoinplex tvA -1620, 2,-19659 SOURCSt AN SSSRO.Doklady v, no# -35) 330 TOPIIC;.IAGSt -mrlour3r. compound j Chloride, aolubLUt7t.compiex moleoule, phoophormw oompound AM FACT,- By - treating: mereurio.: ofiloride Wi th Wittig 're'agenti, - them T' authors -orepared-merourized phoepholllutd-saltss:whlph arecolorleas. crystalllne'~substaneeb# --insoluble in-water or slightly.'polar or--.1, :,ganio -,_solvents.,~' The :salts show three type6 of - reaotivity, When acted.upon:'by.baaes,they are capable_ or giving offa-protont formw~- Ang m6rourized-phdaphorylides,.-i..t!oI thay-behave-like,ordinary 'phosphonium.salts. They can react.with.,a shift in the reaction :site-111fec- geneous medium with empty channels of round cross section. The results show that al- uDe: 62l.o39.512A ACC NRs lwfrance for the anisotropy of the scattering leads to expressions for the diffusion lengthp which differ from the standard formulas by as much as 20%. 7he possibility of experimentally testing the results by measuring the age of neutrons in water with empty channelas using sources of neutrons whose energy does not exceed several hundr, kevj* is discussed. , The author thanks I. S. Grigarlyev for help with the numerical Calculatlow. Orige art. has: 1 figurep 19 formulas# and 1 table. suB cmz: 18., 'Zo/ mm DATz: 23m&7661 oRiG nF: oo3/ oTH Ra: oo MOTIKOV, la t~A phagoeytic reaction In vitro and Its relation to microbial sonaltiWtion to antiblotleme Antiblottki 4 no.3:223-114 Kr-Je 159. (KERL 12:9) Is Wafadra mikroblologli (save - prof.MoVeReva) Shar'kawskogo vaterinamo InstAtuts. rA.ABIOZICS, off. an phagocytools in vitro (Run)) MAWITOSIS, off* of drup on, antiblotles, ln'vltro (Bus))