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December 31, 1967
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OVCP.INNIKGV, Semen Ivanovich;.PUSHKIN,, Pavel Semenovich; GRISM, V.I., kand. tekhn. nauk,* retsenzent- NOVIKOV Inzh., 1, - - ply-'-LE 'NIKOV,, M.N red-, DUMVIRT, P.N., red. retsenzent; FLEMYAN ..q Op [Organization,and planni g of light industry enterprises] Or- ganizitsila i plenirovanie predpriiatii legkoi prozyshlemosti. MoskvsL#,Izd-vo "Legkaia industriia," 1964. 275 P. (MIRA 17: 5) NOMOV,, T. S.v dotsent ~ (Kiyer) 'Diagnostic significance of the iodine test In lesions of the-.Uver. Vraoh. dola no-10:132-134 0 963. (KMA 17:2) NOVIKOV, V.S. ------------ - - Regulator7 parameter flows in radio-electronic systems, Izv.vys. ucheb.zav.; radiotekh. 7 no.6:743-746 N-D 164. (MIRA 18:4) SHILOT. P.L. polkoynik mad. sluzhby; NOVIKO _10%.wpodp Iko ik mad. aluzhby; IL 0 vu RAIA TAX R(tpId nothod for large-scale oxnnInatlons of peripheral blood. Toon. mod. shur. no.3:26-29 Mr 158. (WRA 22:7) (BWOD CWJS count. rapid method for large scale study (Ra I[OVIXDII, V.S. (LenlWad) olesis in patients with paragoulml is of the lungs. Terap. arkh. 31 no-5:69-73 My 159. (KIRL 12:7) (ZMG DISXA=, blood In hemopolesis in paragonimianis Obis)) (RAMMMIS, in variwas dii. paragonimiasim of lungs (Bus)) (PARAGOUIXUB, Infect, lungs, eff. on hemopoissis (Ras)) NOVIKOVI VIS, Rapld nothod for datormining acotone in urine in diabetes mollitua platilents. I lab.,delo (71 no.4t25-274p #61. (MM. .14.' 3) L Kafedm- tempil d%r-a u'sovershenstwovaniya vrachey- M0.2 (nach. - gof . G.AjkmaoW Vqpnno-aeditainskoy, ordena, Lenina, akademij imeni S.'XKirawm. (URUM-ANALMIS AND PATHOIXY) (ACETONE) HOVIKOV, V.S., polkovnih meditsirlakoy a1whby, do"nont Clinical classification of chronic gastritis. I/o. (,, med, zhur. no.2- 'F 53-56 163. , JFA 170) SHLYKGV, A.A., general-mayor medi tsinskoy sluzhby; MMjKOV_,,._Y.Z, polkovnik meditsinskay slazhby dotsent; DMITRIYEV, B.A., polkovak meditsinskoy sluzhby, dotsent Role of chief district specialists and leading specialists of garrison hospitals in the direction of scientific and research work of army physi- cians. Voen.-med.zhur. no.10:11-14 164. (14IRA 18:5) polkoWtk ReatalrakcW abnUWsw dotsm4 VOMCW, Ir.S.,, pd2koftlk Meatairsker altolfts, dotavtvt CtIDIml w a a =d prmwUw of noWn ular ft - pmg ~. no. IL~~J~ 166 (ma 1912) All-Union~ Scientific and Technical Conference on the Dimaouluation a. woric Practices in'*e Itel'd of Ifew Leather Technology., Kosh.- obuy.orom. 2 no.5:37-38 Vg 160. (KIRA 13:9) (leather) 0 movix0vt V.S. .rbra'high quaLity ot footweex Kozh.-obuv,prom. 4 no.2:1-5 F. 62. (KM 1594) 1e Nacha,llnik otdola legkoy L tekstillnoy prcoyehliennosti Gosudardt"andgo koidtateL Sove*ta Ministrov RSFSft po koordLnateLL asuchno-looledovatWoUkh rabot. (Shoe mnufacture) m - NOVIKOVO V.S. I -I I Potentlals in the maufactm-e of shoo uppers@ Nosh*-obavapram. 15 no.lt25-27 A 163. - (iaRA 26s2) (Shoe mnufacture) k LITTIMENK09 A.G.; MOVIKOVP V.S.; PISARENKOt A.P. Carbon black and rubber mixture batches In shoot fam for fdotwar soleas Kash~-abuypems 5 no.2t22-25 , If 1630 -(Xmi 16, 5) (Leather, Artificial) LMINMO, A.G.; ~~~V PISARENKO, A.P. NuterbateJps of carbon black rubber for shoo soles. KQzh.-obmv. invoo.5 n45:20-24 Kv 163o (MIRA 16;5) (Boots asid shoes,, Rubber) (Carbon black) LMTVKO, Petr Ivanovich; KUDRYA, Sergey Denisovich; MUFMA1101j, Grigoriy Vasillyevich; HOVIKOV V.S.1-inzhop retsenzent; IGIUHOVSMA, L.M., red. (Specialization of the enterprises of the leather and shoo industry] Spetsializataiia predpriiatii kozhevemo- obuvnoi promyshlonnosti. Moskva, Izd-vo "Legkaia in- dustriia," 1964. 89 p. (WRA 17:9) NOVIKOVS, V.S. Mobilize all efforts of the members of the Scientific and Technological Society, of the Light Industry for the f m1fillment of the seven-year plan ahead of time. Kozh.-obuv. prom. 6 no.2:1-8 F164. (MIRA 170) OVCHINNIKOV, Semen Ivanovich; GRYZWVA,, T.A., dots.,, kande NOVIKOV, V.S. Speeding-up of the technological progress and tasks for a fundamntal improvement of the quality and assortment of footwear. Kozh.-obuv. prom. 7 no.4:8-13 Ap 165. 04M 18:6) 1. Nachallnik Upravleniya kozhevenno-obuvnoy i mekhovoy promyshelnnosti, Gosudaratvennygo, komiteta po legkoy pro- myshlennosti pri Gosplane SSSR. ACCESSION NX: APS006596 S/0142/64/007/006/C743/0746 AUTHOIL, `~N"06iyj - Vol -st TITLE: r1ow of adjustments of parameters in electronic systems SOURC k: iotekhnilka, v. 7, no. 6, 1964, 743-746 TOPIC TAGS: electronic system, electronic system adjustment ABSTRACT: An electronic system or dev.'ce -.a characterized by its internal parameters (component data) and output parameters (such as outpit power, frequetmy stability, pulse shape, accuracy of nawigational-coordinate deter tmnation~. The output parameters have (a) reversible variations (due to i.ernpurature, humidity, etc.) and (b) irreversible variations Jdue to aging, wear). 1he deterioration of outnut narameters - llizr Card L 40991-65 ACCESSION NR: AP%06596 01 are made at regular time intervals, or random if this is not the case. The possibility of application of the Palm-14-inchin theorem to the outp)at -adjustment flow is described. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 6 formulas. ASSOCIATION: none SUBWTTED: 03Jun63 ENGL: 00 SUB CODE: EC !_R: ~onaerning thaCe I elacav zlialf-I 141th Annual Confe- xence or, Nw;lear Physics held iii TbIIJFj. 1.4-22 Fr-b i0t3_,7 R: AS SSSR, Izvestiya. Seri yn f I ;!,i-i-.,~!i!I,',-iva -v. 29, r,). 11,965 , A151-156 ,f'PIC T.AGSc nucleus, energy levei , bcti cf-cay~ prw~--itrtjn, g;i;unn spertrinn, cerium,., la vtivinum, barium A - The Ce134-LaI34_B;II3.-I clet--av chain w,,;q loy ~bservirlig the Do- j I t i-,;;i ~i nd 7-ray spectra and -Y-y coinclldan4ccs. Th.' na*_~7i;_--.!, was prepared by bom,_ 1~ tantalum targets witth. 136C MoV prfAniz ,g ____ _ . q !n --rflv_~r ~,) r~_rmit .1i rt- trti weve /1~4.tmlned 1.5 I 1%-ud artivities to subside. Raptd (I to 2 Ditw,ftN .'- - s~ I I I it! : i, 13K C pO r ~I t i OTLq 47j f 1,1 f r OM I)etweari effects', )f ,:~,,:jd librii.on mixture wera perf o-,Wtj ji ! .- -1 1 :-L,:: Cc- ~-Iid the. I-a docaya. TIve rntl,,~ of Ov. 1-e-) anrilhilatinn radiation for the La do- Cay was fiegau--red wIth, the sepn-nated material by "means oi a 4 x 4 OM,2 4,t Cal acin- Frmn the resulta of tlfl4 ~wasi.,rement and a slmiiar me-asurement with the ACCLS-13 ION Nit: APS004539 G~z-j,n- n.,quilibrikun mixture it concll:,Klod ti,.at t1in c'!,sir!tegration 2nergy cf C,?134 i~; 120 kgV. The poSitron Spectrum ol thin cq~iilibrilljn nll?~tllrC evas observed wit'i A The MaXiMlia POS itrhmi ~ energy WAS 10 to be 2'. 7b Sever, y-rays with energies fi-om 600 t6 2520 were ~.ibsnrved- of thesr- only- L-ho timt has been previously reportud. 'Phuse y rays all fall off in intenoity the Ce half-life and their relatimc? intgnsitiv-:3 did not rchange when the La remcved. The y z-ays Pre, :i!', a5~trtm,it(id 'u-.; trans~;tions in lla!.34. znII9'--ivc decay zmheme Is prese,~-,ec!. g. Ei r 2 figjres alid I k3SCCIATION! none ;'-'"TY`D: 00/'--Jan65 IIK': L -X~ SIM C~I)E. NP NR UV ECFV: 006 cmfhll~ 008 7 SHIMM, B.M., insh. Using helicopters In assembling supports for electric power lines* Now.takh.mont*1 spets.rab.v strole 22 no*1:8-10 JAL 160. (MM IND 1. Ukrglavprc=D,,iutazh Ministroya, USS. (Hellcopt,wre) (Slectric lines--Poles) .---SIkj~MGV, Ye.I.; ~OVIKOV, V.T.; SHIMSKArA, N.S. - . 1. Decay of W14, Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. fiz. 27 no.ll:UOS-1411 M 163. (MIM 16M) MSKVINI L. U.; NOVIKOV, V. T. WFractionation Chromatography on Fluoroplastic4. A Fast Method of Separa- tion of,Lantha= f=m Cerlum." report submitted for A11-Union Coaf on Neutron Spectroscopy, Tbilisi, 14-22 Feb 64. Radiyevyy Institut (Radium Inst) KOVIKOV, V.T. Broad introduction of a shooting plugging projectile in the testing of oil and gas wells. Reft.khoz. 41 no.10:59-61 0 163. (MIRA 17:4) A- NOVIMDV, V,,?., kand.tekhn.nauk; UMNOVA. Xd.A., lmt~d.tekhn.nauk; KLTIAS. L.V., kand.takIhn.nauic Risactor for mildng solmble glass. Sukgestod by T.T.Rovikov. Flats. i izabr. predl. v stroi. no.15:8-32 160* (KU 13:9) (Soluble glaus) (Autoolaves) NOVIKOV, V,T., insh.; SfflNX&M. B.H.. iash.; GHURIXOTv A-A-, Lusk. Kiln for caicinating diatoadto-tripoli heat-inBuUtlag products. Suggested by V.T.XovIkovq B.N.ShInk3rev, A.A.Churlkov* Rats. i Izobr. predl. v stroi. Ao.15:12-14 160. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Ukrglavprommontash Hinisterstva stroitellatva USSR, Uyev. al. Sverdlova. mAulation (&&t)) (Kilns) NOVIKOT SOMARNA, B.M. Cuttor for mMug opentop In plats and reinforced cowroto atO other covAtruition elements.. Sumosted b3r T.T.Nbvikov, B.NoNhidarem., Rate* I Isobr. predl. v strot.Ino.15:35-37 16o. (KIRA ]-~:9) 1. Pb matertalas ThMuticbmakogo upraylonlya Kinistorstva stroitel'stim. USSR, Kiyev, ul.Sverdlova, 17, (Gas welding and cmtting) KIRTIR, F.P.; NOVIXOT, T-T. - Device for gas-cutting of frozen ground. 3uggested b,7 F.P.Krivda, T.T.Novikoir. Rate. I Isobr. prodl. v stroi. noe'25:37-38 160. (NIU 13:9) 1. Pb materialam ToWmichemkogo upravlentla Kinisterstva stroitelletva USSR, liyet. ul.Swardlova, 17. (Gas welding and cutting) (frosen ground) NOVTXOVI SEIIIT".~M, B.H. eil_j~ Device for banding branch PiPas br the method of drawing. Suggesst-4 by'r.T.Rovikov. B.N.Shinkarev. Ratm. i isobr. predl. v .78-?9-. f60. (MIRA 13:9) l.'Po materialam Ukrglavprommontash Kinisterstva strottelletva UM (Pipe bending) NOVIKOV, T.T.; SKIWARIT, B.K. Pipo-beisding machino for mkIAC Curved outlet pipes, ftaested by T.T*'Zwjkwg B,k8hjdmrav, Jkts.j Isobr.predl.v strol. no,16: 42-43-, 160. (RIBA 13:9) 1. Po matertalam Nialaterstva stroltelletva USML (Pipe bendive) ACCESSION NR-. AT4014067 rolling mills proved to be a lubricant containing 44% KCI. 30% K&Cl. and 10% ZMC12, 30% UgO, plus 45%-Water (compamd to the wd& of malts And Games). pipe rolung process using MUM steel aid higbrearbon mod pmved amfishetary with Uds lubri- cant. The top lomfings in the continuous rolling mills were Increased by 4. 6% as ampared Pipe roUed with the above-umdoned lubricant sbowed -mazut lubricant. with the graphite no intercrystalline corrosion. 7be etching Udle of p4m ahtained by Uds process was bY -that of pipe rolled with the use of graphite-masut lulmfamL The affect of the of KgO. used as-a, mung in ibe lubricant, an Its melft point and a of tm was also determined, ~ as wall effect of the anumAt at solvent on ths -lubricant and Its abUity!o pmend do meW onfeAm. Odg. mL hu:- 6 ffVma and 3 U*144. ASSOCIATION: none oo SUMITTEM. 00 DATZ AOQ-. zxcr. SUB CODE: MUZE, KO RZF WV: 003' 07231L., 000 APANOVICII, Yu.G.; LIPSON., E.A.; KHAKHAYCV,, B.N.; TAIMAVSKIY, A.P.; IR)VIKOV V.T..; hIJ11US, I.I. Accident elimination in the Aralsor super-deep well. Razved. i okh. nedr 30 no.?:48-50 J1 164. (MIRA 17:12) 1. Aralsorskaya ekspeditsiya sverkliglubokogo bureniya (for Apanovich, Lipson). 2. Trest "Urallskneftegazrazvedkall (for Khakhayev, Tarnav- skiy). 3. Gosudarstvennyy geologicheskiy komitet SSSR (for Hovikov). 4. ?4oskovskiy ordena Trudolrogo Krasnogo Znameni institut neftekhi- micheskoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti Im. akAd. Gubkina (for Kurua). BMUKOV, Ye.l.; KARTYNOV, Yu.S.; NOVIKOV, V.T.; SHMAWSKATA, N.S. Hean enerev of the PrW' aTectrim. Zhttr,eks i teor.fiz 4" no.6.-2242-2243 is $64- N- f9lU 17:10) BIRYLIKOV, Ye.l.; NOVIKOV, V.T.; SHIMUSKAYA, N.S. Decay of the chain j13 344. Ot %Bm' 134. zv. AN 58C( 4--*' 571al I SSSR Ser. fiz. 29 no-1:151-156 Ja 165. (14IPA 18:2) 51 Ed Tk'M )/FFF~ AT501364 2 Lf NNR: RX 543.544.6:543,21:546,654+546.655 14; liowikov-~ V, T& T IT 1. F -Partition chromatography,on Part 3. Rapid method 01. separating lanthanum from cgrlum 0 SSSR. Otdalaniya cb&hahey i tekhnicheskoy khimii. FAdlokhtmic heakiye E, y or,redeleniya mikroelementov (RadiochenXical merhods for cipt-irmining trace bbornik statey. Moscaw, Tzd-vo Nauka, 1,965, 9-S-96 TOPIC Tkrg: partition chromatography, polytetraflivoroethylen-,?~, rare earth analy- lazarhanum determination, ethythexylorthaphotphate., ceriiT detervii.nation, -:fin c!lr-,matography / Fluoroplast-4 -tUSIRACT; The proposAd meV-od fir the rapid and quantitarive separation of trace j amounts of lauthanumldnd ceriuwr. is b2sed on the different extractabiligy of tri- ACCESSION NR: AT5013642 copfficiant of less than unity and is eluted in the firat fraction. Under these ronditi:)rts, Ce is oxidized to the tetravalent state and in firmly held on the rt~,,Iumn. To remove the oxidizing solution, the column was washed vith 0.01 N M am' ce-r;um was eluted with 6 W RCI, which simultaneously reduced it to the tctrm~'! 1!aj.enL !;tate. This procedure permitted a rapid and quantitatfve separation of 134 aDd proved particularly t-i9eb I ir the paration of La ~.iarhan,am and ceriLM, _i n se (T - 6.5 min) from Cel-34, when it was necessarv to reduce the time of the separa- I suBmmim. i.-Dec63 i ~lh) BE"? sov: 001 i - - - I - - . ~ ~. ~-:: ~A A~---,., si Card 21 ENM: CO suB CoDt: TC,C.C- OTHER, 002 if,(nilyovy v .. 11.. PL 2CfrlOl f(mov , - * " T. V. The principles of telegrapby and telegraphic equipaent; a textbook Mdakwsj Goa. izd-vo lit-ry po vqwawm oviast i radio, 1948. 430 p. (49~-W78) IK5261.N6 XOFN'gr~eTSAI -, Taxillyevich; FEBEGUDOV,A.R., redaktor; MLIKOY.-B.S., UNIX: -'--~GNMWA.R.Ta.. tskhnicheskly redaktor [Telegraph station supervisor] StantslowWl nadamotrahchlk telegraifa. Kookwa, Gos.isd-vo lit-ry po Yopromm sylazi I radio, 1955o 488 p@ (NM 9:2) (TelegTaph stations) -y Tamillyevich; TMIMO, ArIcadiy Iosifovich; IFAUKOV# m vaquTasil TOKAswsKjYq B.A.,,; KMOSOV9 LiV.. rcd.; KABIOCEE. K.L. ETelegmph] Telegrefila. Nookwa, Gos.Izd-vo lit-ry po voprovau svias:L i radio. Pt.2. [Telegraph stations and apperstuai fels- grefuys apparaty i stantinji. 1960. 461 p. (KMA 13:10) (Telegraph) 3/054/60/000/02/02/021 BO22/B00T AUTIMOR i.: 96vikov I V V. ProMation of.a Radio-wave Impulse-Over a Flats vina. The, Homogeneous Ground. Sommerfeld0o.Nonateady Problem PERIODICAL: 'YestAlk Leningradskogo, universiteta. Seriya fiziki i khimii, .1960o'.10. 29 pp. 16-27 tj %M: It was the aim of.the present paper to'deal with the problem of the Or cps gation. 6f:aa Impulse-sig nal ov er' a flat, homogeneous ground in ..consideration.%of the displacement currents. The.equations obtained in this paper.xay-,be-ussd~.for all'frequencies,and forgrounds of arbitrary con- ductivity. 7orthe.purpose of solving,1he task to be performed# the Fouriermethod and.the well-kfiown~steady solution, Sommerfeld9a approxima- tion foriaula, was used. The fundamental considerations of the steady problem and the solution of the nonsteady problem are dealt with in the first part of this paper. Daring the solution of the latterg a rather complex double integral ocoursq.which is converted into a single integral in~'Part 2. The integration scheme is shown in Fig. 1, In part 3, the 1/2 The Proos4itlon- of a Radio-wave Impulse Over' a 3/054J60/000/02/02/021 Flit-i koaftensaim i4round. SolamerfeldIs Non- B022/BOOT steady, Problea, .,expressions -obtained are discussed,Anwhioh came the displacement currents Oe'negleatede; The:x6lution-is then d .eterained quite accurately by, the 'probiability-Antegral., of Us complex argument and by the elementary functlons# and. agrese,with results ob.tained -by 'other means. by J. R. Wait and Js: 1. lohlsr'~ ~)Finalljy, an- approximation formula i a derived in a general ~ form In Cart 4 for,the . solution of. the nonsteady problem mentioned An the title (id4iri'*he. dJL 4-placenent, currents are considered) with -the aid of the method of tho-fastest slope "for thelcaloulation.of the single Aittegral..::The Integration scheas,for L is shown in Fig. 2. Fig. 5 shows -the'~curves.for the..n6nateady and steady part.of the.field and for the entire radiation a distance.of 30 ke-from the transmitting stationy'In.which case it-As.assumed that the current in the dipole.has this form I(t) tasino t.1 (t). There are 3 figures and 15 references, 0 of which are Soviet. :Card-: 2/2 NOTIKOT. T.T. Fropeption of a radlo impulse over a flat. homogeneous ground surface. Sommerfield's noutationary PrObleNe VG$t~EW 15 no.ILO:16-27 160. (KM 13:5) (Radlo wavos) T IM S ~earth.;sur I pBRIODICAL !L TFIT:*~ IT Zi!~G-e'of.IST& P111 B ur -~:propagat. on', or ri~;.s O~tidht b e" ''I .Orl'o ~:Pu se a n ueno,4' --'i a]. -.0 id, or Ain 61Q 0' 510 2 7b3b ry Ifti k ai di*; G. I i" ane;;Iomo gene trdnik'4 6 1 to,f5vhi h~ YP sp- aoemi en a 0 -d' 1 .4,Z _1 liC 7!' 1Yf :Ipr6 "'Y jao,~~prQblbm :0 ~!A:zioh-iidtidnary.~~. --~~b~dgatiozc:,-V r~tqd owaves---Iradi4Ud,-_--.from A--,yp3~~ :qal`ele'o I e. over-4 w- p t e 4 e a tixrf6te-,_lLnd:'~ qZe ~e.ous 'th r udes'16" t e;Aq;i ary Thi 'ie.~, .-W~oqmp ex~Arg=en ;1:6,li ~.a 6, at i go p~qrr*,. p ww Yropf '4-d-4 6 d *'-th'e.'ri mo -4x_ ........ .04 . .... ear. ~~In a- )xagone re al M it ~ d.~ -C e --iiii, kii 6--`, lit c4ukfiibe.~-,dt~. 61d, ttii iii& t Of, . ' di PC a eii", h 4 -5~4 - 4, tz G. -F,", 4. it 'd `-.'attenuati OnT,'- :~-exp whichl-16- ~ h6` Ojiidtf4l f re, lurrent.~Xspec kum-in,... d6k-the-'al; f t- -the diam, _.,pres Q "po e: -,1 41 e, re' -6 tt 0' Ilk t a.' int egral ''A th sp 9 requenqy,. 'Ves- e -non-6 sta-ti o' nary.. -p; "gi 0 ~7' 57 -22259 S/109/61 '0106/005/M 5~0i7 .0 qe-,i".- ul ej u lit tt. ti gg 6ris OW;tki -a f-_ - _q .0 enaLdnless par ere.., RA _2 N VN 'T -1 0A ion -u6. -~Uftt dg StaAfti~Van-w w-represe 2 --;Yj",P X, ~V;;~~ All you Vr XMI -1 A li 73 j~i' .4w 41.-At.' -1 izito 1-trgen7., at or "A2, anoes;:. V1 OW4, a u~r r, e*, nt 'd --.tli g, paiss and Y1M 7V _1~t~V I j SI/100,/61/006/005/005/027 Propagation- _bf pulse WOVD303 If';In o 8) ezd"~ -19 convection currents are nLigleatedg the two -.,- equato ons.-are.~Uentical;to thooe obtained -by J.R. Wait (Ref. 1 aft.) In ord ~to analyze the er v radiation field-gi en by Ea. 18) Pro due ed the ~~' dipol e -excited b function,. this,equa- y a unit. step . tion is: rewr1,+.t*eA as ' _ a A(~ Z!4r c4 i ..F + A(? T) I T). ( yu(Y.T P 2 where*function ex Z7- X T 2 s , " _ _ , s6ad u(YT)- e' .determined F(T T) ' by -formulae. (20Y ~.and It are given 0 5 Y, knd~-" 9), and by zqs...:( 2 ~ + 2x + x + 71 it+-. the tep x ted with, a HF sinusoidal or coainusoidal a ..5 Boards' 9/1Z ~ - ;,-: . -is abtaineC: In it w ( A/a r) is the-Sommerfeld attenuation functi- - . . I m (23) 06/ 05/005/027. S/109 61/0U0.0v~) YD Propagation of, D201 D303 -pulse 2 4. 23) + -for:the non-station ry part.of the field for the conditlori- is Valid a 4~ -"function-W (Eq. 23) ddscribes the non-stationary part of the of'the radiation fieldt'the real part of the;function Ir-(Eq. 22) the .total field when the dipole is.excited by a current of-the shape of f (t) [.sin (o.t - 1 (24) .2unations, ImW and-.ImT.describe.the non-stationary part and the comP plete-field resdectiire-ly when the current in the dipole has the shape-given -by 1. Cos (doei F-- S/109/61/006/005/005/027 Propagation -ok-*.puise D201/:P303 Graphs-show that~! displacement currents.introduce, an at'enuat-4on of" ...-.the *plitude of the non-stationary part of the field and that the amplitude.oftranoients depends on the current spectrum in'the di- pole.-- P'rom, --graph~of ReV it is seen that transients may introduce -,-considerable'distortion in. the propagated signal. It is stated in -conclusion chat the problem-of propagation of-pulse signals ovet the surface-of s the 'earth i also of practical interest, in that it gives the picture of signal distortion and that the results obtain- ed could be used to solve the problem of the inverse diffraction . problem and that from measurements of the delay time of the maximum of-the signal, having other data available, one could determine the conductivity of the~propagation path. There are 6 figures and '5 referencesz.2'.-Soviet-bloc, and 3 non-Soviet-bloc. The references to the,English-lariguage publications read as follows: J.R. Wait., Canad.J.-Phys. ,1956t 34, 27; J.R. Johler, J. Res.'Nat. Bur.' Stan- dards. 1958, *601 ;2181 A.A. Zhda" ASSOCIATION., Leningradskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im nova,.Kafedra Radiofiziki (Leningrad State University im, !.A..*Zhdanov, Department of Radiophysics) Card 1 'a ch 24r 1961 SUBMITTED: k 2/12 HAYDIS, V.A., kand.tokhn.nauk; LEBEDEV, A.M., inzh.; NOVIKOV, V.V., inzh. 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T. :TITLE: Propagation of electromagnetic Impulses and of their harmonic components above ;the surface of the earth SOURCE: Leningrad. Universitet. Problemy* difraktall I rasprostranenlya voin, no. 3. 1964. Rasprostraneniye radlovoln (Radio wave propagation), no. 3, 5-191 TOPIC TAGS: radio wave, radio wave propagation, electromagnetic propagation, surface *wave propagation, Ionosphere, path attenuation .ABSTRACT: The article presents the results of computations of surface wave propagation path properties In the form of graphs and tables with emphasis on the spectral characteristics of the path. Mie variation in the conductivity ant] dielectric constant of the earth with frequency to neglected. The multipath character of Ionospheric reflections to also neglected by assuming proper gating function at the receiver. In the theoretical section, formulas for the field of a vertical electric dipole, radiating CW energy above a homogeneous or multi- layer flat or spherical earth, are Introduced, using the surface impedance approach. 11tefraction is taken into account by introducing the eqLdvalent radius of the earth. The path Card 1/4 ;ACCESSION NR: AT4043149 attenuation function V(x, y, q) for a spherical earth introduced by V. A. Fok (AN SSSR, 1946) to used. It is argued that the availability of tables of the attenuation function for a large numberof frequencies enables one to compute the attenuation for an arbitrary signal modu- lation. After the singtdarities of the field at the Imaginary axis of the complex frequency plane have been separated, a numerical Integration method In proposed for evaluation of "transient" spectral components. Three specific examples are worked out in detail: unit step dipole current and sine and cosine dipole current modulated by a unit step function. The first set of curves gives the amplitude and phase as a function of range of the plane earth attenuation function W and spherical earth attenuation function V for ranges from O~- 1600 kin, frequencleafrom 2 ko-10mc, eartk dieleogtric constants of 5, 10, 20 and 80 with correspoadhg [04 10-3 10-3 and I (Ohm. m)-l. conductivities of I From these curves, a set of curves Is generated which gives a plot of range as a function of frequency for con- 1stant percentage difference in amplitude and phase of W and V. This set of curves defines the conditions under which a spher1cal earth model must be used to achleve a prescribed accuracy. For the same not of surface conditions and freVencles the far field values of V (amplitude and phase) are then plotted for ranges up to 10, 000 km. The next group of curves Illustrates the frequency vaeation, of the inwainetsintIL, ti, t2 and q of Fok's Card 2/4 ACCESSION MR: AT4043149 representation of the attenuation function V(x, Y. q) as well as the convergence of the series expansion which was used in computation. Two sets of curves of W for transmitter elevations from 0-9? km are given for frequencies of 10-ke and 100 kc and em=10 and jf`*= 10-3 (ohm-m)- Finally, plots of electric field components as functions of time for sine and cosine-signals modulated by a step function are given. Tables 1-4 give the values of v, arg V, Re V and Im V for ranges from 10-10, 000 kni and frequencies from 2 kc - 10 mc for the following combinations of the dielectric cons and conductivity 71 M=80 M)-1&= 20 and 10-2, (9 .=10 andWP=tej-4-n3 F andT= 1 (ohm = 1 5, IF IF Tables 5-8 give the values of the parameter ts as Re ts, Im ts, t.1 and arg t. for,values ofp from 1-10 and for frequencies from 2 kc-10 mc for the same combinations oft and U - - Finally, table 9 gives the value of the field for modulated signal for time t fromrio-3 - 35 psee and forem 20,(r- 10-2 and em :~ 10 and 0'= 10-3 for a plane earth and for an earth of 2 layers, one of which Is 50 meters thick. The range parameter extends from 10 to 800 kin. Orig. art. has: 96 equations, 92 figures and 9 tables. ASSOCIATIOM 14ningradskiyuniversitet (Leningrad University) 3/4 cmd V1 137-58-2-4171 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 2, p 4.72 (USSR) AUTHORS; Snitko, M.N., Belan, N.I., Novikov, V.V. TITLE: The High-temperature- resistant Cast Steel 2OKhML itaya teploustoychivaya stal' 2OKhML) PERIODICAL: V sb.: Prochnost' metallov. Moscow, AN SSSR, 1956, pp 110-111 ABSTRACT: Data are given on the properties of two industrial heats, (from a basic electric furnace) of the cast Cr-Mo steel * 2OKhML. Described are the composition, mechanical properties before and after heat treatment, coefficient of linear expansion, mechanical properties at high temperatures (up to 6500C) , and the results of creep and long-term streng;h tests made at 47.0, 510, and 550' - Steel Z0KhML, having a 5-6 point grain size, does not readily graphitize. Its nominal creep limit (at a de- formation rate of 1- 10-5 percent per hour) is 16.2 kg/mm at 4700, 6.6kg/mm2 at 5100, and 2.9kg/mm?- at 5500. Its long-term rupture strength (with rupture at the end of 100, 000 hours) is 26 kg/mm2 at 4700, 14 kg/mm2 at 5100, and Card 1/2,' 6 kg/mm2 at 55010 After heat treatment steel ZOKhML does 137-58-2-4171 The High-temperature- resistant Cast Steel ZOKhML not tend toward heat embrittlement (in the 450-5501 range) whether or not subjected to stress, though the ak value does decline at subfreezing temper- atures. When normalized, this steel has a slight tendency toward tempering brittleness, which is especially evident at -20 and -50", when a tempering at 400 and 6000 has been followed by a slow cooling. A.S. I. Steel-4trwtwal ane2yals 2. Steel- Neebanical properties Card 2/2 8152& ~~~-10946 Refer&t1vnn"-i6ri1a1-;-' allursi~ra 1959, Nr- 5 :216 (usSR) met 7g- 12- 6- T1 0 -06 - D. III, N "0 0. 24 Cat4lh ct~ 22 i5 - ~Z.O :'Hi: .0 81526 -90V/137-59-5-10913 00 Translation from; Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurglya, 1959, Ur 5, p 210-211 (USSR) AUTHORS. 'Snitko, M.N., Belan, U.I., Uovikov, V.V. TITLE: Steel'for Cas Steam Turbines PERIODICAL: Tr. Nevsk. mashinostr., z-da, 1958, Ur 4. pp 59 7 ABSTRAM The authors carried out investigations of MiVe steel with reap got to the macro- and microstruotureAlmechanical 2roper- tielp CF Ora, 1) at 2ocr - 65oOc (after heat treatmientt the coefficient 0 linear expansion at 1000 - 6000C, ak at 4.20 to -IOOQC~after tempering with slow and rapid cooling, after holding at 4500 - 5500C for 100 - 5,000 hour.-, and after creep tests; a. and cr at 4700, 5100and 5500C were also investigated . 4e' 2OKM eafeel was cast into cross- shaped specimens up to 750 mm, with wall thickness of 30 - 70 m Heat treatment of the specimens consiated in normalization from 8900 - 910OC; tempering at 6400 - 6600C, cooling to 3000C in Card 1/2 a furnace and then In air. It was established that cast 20WL 31526 Steel for Cast Parts of Steam Turbines SOV/.137-59-5--10913 steel after normalization and tempering 1) had high 17 6' and a b' ks which were maintained at a sufficiently high level up to 550438; 2) was not prone to graphitization in holding up to 6,000 hrs at 4500 - 5500c; 3) was not prone to heat brittleness at 4500 - 5500C in stressed or non-streassed state; 4)lreduced considerably &k at -1000C; 5) had only slight proneness to temper brittleness at'40001and 60DOC; 6) had, at temperatures of 4700, 5100 and 5500C, .values -of Or.. -z 16.2, 6..6, 2. 9 (1.10-5~/hr) and Ore. 26.0, 14~2, 6.0 kg/ mm2 '(100,000 hrs), respectively. T.F. Card 2/2 .81527 SOV/137-59-5-10941 Translation from- Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurglya, 1959, Nr 5, p 215 (USSR) AMORS; Bolan, N.I., N6vikov, -V.V., Kanfor, V.M. TI=: Forged 20 Heat-Realist Steel PERIODICAL: Tr. Nevsk. machinostrolt. z-d 1958, Nr 4, pp, 119 132 ABSTRACT%' -The authors investigated mechanical propertleA( CY b* 4F a k) at -200C and Me 570(.?Ciid aftee-holilng at s~eh temperatures up to-3,000 hra;.. Cam and Crext at 4200 - 5200C of radial and tangential forged specimens of 1.5 and 3 ton 2OKK4 steel ingots contain!ng (in %): C 0.21, Cr 0.89, Me 0.41, smelted in a basic electrio are furnace, It was established that forgings of up to 1.45 mm.cross-section had practically the same mechanical proper- ties in all%,the zones. Mechanical properties and the mlcro- structure of forgings do not change after holding up to 3030 hrs Card 1/2 at 42oO - 520 0C in unloaded and loaded state. At 4200, 4700 and 81527 Forge& 2OKM Heat-Resistant Steel. SOV/137-59-5-10941 5200C (respeatively) 11 (1.10-5% hr) is 29.0; 13.5 15.0; 4.11 - 6.2, Crext (1.00,00O.hrs) is'18; 36 - 30; 12 - 14 kg/mm2, There are 5 biblio- graphical titles. T~P. cam 2/2 llaar,ovj~ V. V. 11-67u&lip vo~ V-11 NOTIKOT, T.T, NprovivC the process for the production of acetic eald, Hdrolls. I Usokbim. prav6 lo no.6,.20-2r 157. (KMA lot22) 10 Toliko-Bychkoysidy lesokbIalchaskly savad. (Acetic acid) vi V. vj NOTIEDY V.T.. professor; SIRIMARI.L.M., Inshener Photoelectric measurement of the Integral coefficient of parabolic mirror reflection. Swetotakhnika I no.5:21-22 0155. (KLRA 8:12) 1. Gosudarstve=W optleheekly Institut (Photoelectric measurements) NOTIEDY, TIT.. PrOfOOSGr; VMMINT, TeKo, inzhener; BARKICHLY, RAI mussw LlghtLug tests on retroreflectors. 5vatotakirAm 3 no*2:19-21 IF 157o (Km No) 1. Govjwstvonnyy opticheekly lustitut. (Reflectors) MOVIXOT, T.T.: SPMIZSXATA. R.I. Now nothods for the colortmetry.of naltiple-reflecting system. Opt.-makh. prou. 25 so. 2:37 Ir 1158. (Kin 11:7) (Colorluetry) BOYMV, T.Te, Prof.; BER . Te.l.. insh.; SKRIPMt, L.N. Calculating the scattering for belt lenses. Svetotekhniks 5 no.2: 17-23 IP '59. (MIRA 12:1) lQ'OosWwstvewW optichaskly Institat. (Lenses) (Light--Scattering) ANCHOVICH, Sergey, Aleksandrovich, kani.tekhn.nauk; #qjNPY,_Tjk_tor asiltyevich, insh, - R IY, _111kolay Mikhaylovich. lnzb.; RMFOLAMOuLzo MVCMIQ AybMavicke, lfixho; SHMOO Z~tsnlwlu Vlko1&juIwlcI4 k%nd.tekhn~n&uk..frlmlvm1 uchastiye MIANSIM. AeI99 lusb~ ' AL-IDANOTj T.Mep Inihee ;wu6hW red,; LAMMIN, T.T,, prof.@ doktor'takhnenauke retmensent; EMIMSCIT9, P,,P., kAgd.tsktm,nmuk, retimax6nt (deosams ; SMAXIM, Te.l., kand.tekhnnauk, retsenuntg ATWIF' A T lush retsenzenU PIT=, N.D., ~ Insh., retuensent; RWIANW, P.A.. insh., rat sensent-.: SOBCLAV .PaL, Insh.. retsensentj VITASMIU. S.A.. red.lzd-va; TZWIAKOTA. ?.T.. tekhnaed,.- VM=9 9,,K,, Nandbook for marine beat engineers] Spravachnlk sudovage toplotakh- nlks* Sost. S.A.Antonovich i dr. Isningrad. Izd-vo Sechnoi transportgO Laningr.otd-nis, 1960, 679 p* (MIPW 14:3) (Norine engineering) (ffeat engineering)