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N(Y,IOKIfATKA,, D. A..s d Chem Sci (diss) "Mimical Amposition and Of idle -ea/4-4m Srfloke- of +ieSmoire -recc 0" Kishine;,r 1958, 1:15-P 'with-graph-s (Min of Higher Education4e USSR "lishinev~W State Univ) 150 copies. M, hl-58s 120) - 7- XAZMIYVSKIT. G.V.; 10VOINATKA, D.A. Tanning substances of the duo-Ke tree [with smsar7 In Sugll#hl* Blakhtella, 24 nool:9-14 J*-F 159. (KIRA 12:4) 1, The Noldawlan Branch of the Aaadeaq of Sciences of the U*S.S.R,,, Kishinev. (SKOMI TE=) (TMNZKS) I,AZuRgyXvSrjy. G.T.; IIOVOJMATUs D.A. I Snytheses based an sclarool. ftrt 4: Introduction of the anino group Into the oxidation products of sclarsol. Zhur-, *~- kMm- 30 no.9:3123-3125 S 160. (MIRA 13:9) 11 moidavski)r filial Akademii nauk SSSR, Institut khisdi. (Sclareol) (Acino, group) GLUSHKM,, A. A.; GRETVMKGVA, N. M. D NDAMLTP Reaction of Phenol vith vetbylacetylens in the presence of boron fluoride compounds. Zhur. VM 7 no.5:586 162, (MM 15: 10) 1. Unichanehy fillal Gosudarstvennago proyaktnogo I neuchno- Issledavatel'skogo instituta, asotnoy promphlennosti. (Phenol) (Proms) MOVOKHATKA, D.A.; 14ATIUSHINSKIY, B.V.; MORHOVA, V.S. Synthesis of diphenylolpropans by a2kylation of phenol with metb6r1acetylens. Zhur. VMO 9 no-5:593-594 163. (mrRA 17: 1) 1. Usiebanakly filial Gosudaretvennogo nauchno-issiedovatell- akogo i proyektnago instituta asotnoy prouVehlennosti L produktoy organichookogo sintsia,.- KOVALENKO, S.t mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; NOVOKHATKA, V., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Cockchafers in Sakhalin Province. Zaahch. rast. ot vred.1 bol- 10 no.9-.29 165. (MIRA 18:11) 1. Sakhalinskaya lesnaya opytnaya stantsiya. Otileir rolt at Oak wwd fit tho AE44 ~T u.~-'lacs ShpriPwari and D. A. N-wokbalko. radarriva i 4! th'- millf Phys, Imerd a2wo Uke~, place I it, vr~-,' Ow product; UIN ii al'Oo ~ v -n_n hit!,n t;w "f 1.%;i 1~ t1ft uf 4le fill i3lied , p- t4u, ; A vlwo srot?llc rl!~thcd k dc_~ctib'd 'wvall tLe 5;"i'mait acc. tic 4cw ; diAd - w-a ta - 44ri, ~ 2:30, for me ''k-i' r~i tlh~ I=rjn mmpl-_ vt WuLnj (trit-water "r.5 J "k w,~;W dhavings W~-_4 Allferr ilitt ffi;tr,,jjen tmiti-d witi: the pb-Inn , de".v'mixt. by 6~"(' lf'.30'. ex--m dnIn I i" F'so. Po . W UaL~ n. obtAina-.1 umler a 4u--.A!;.' dilt llydroly-nd with 5,:: HC1. 111C hyti: A 11 i-4 I,:. tLh 040 and AcDRt, mui imth vxI3 wrz- papa. gmph:td). Tht r~�-.ou lndu-~c ~lnal. t~~t 74 .1 AcORt. which aiL a'i'l hydr-~."t' vZ'kl:!'- ~'n.! cl'~ihac V-I& and a4i luddentifted ulunwl, it-,, i, ay wke spo t With t he R1 vp lut: (1). 14 ; k 1, Ing cbe agizig uf vfanar in zQL r,~V,.jjjjrrS tLIC vltn biamsfn ;-i the dr,! '~ A ytzui mul ill;,:j nmmi:k~ oowt~ S."." '~11114 tile 'mt ji ~Xtmcwi-.L' N'ID- staric" inc. f--j 'Jitt; -,i - A,'1:1 ~ .1 ,4 *r- cmuecj :Dut I I, :I,: NOVOKHATKO, E.I.; BAGDASARIYAN, I.M. System of program control for the 6LI2P and 6LVA milling machines. StanA Instr. 34 no.401-U Ap 163. (141RA 16:3) (AllIng mac'hines-Humerical control) ANTOKOV, Alakaandr Sargeyevioh, proG,, doktor tekhn. nauk; M&GIDOVICH, Yevgeniy Iosifovich, kand. tekhn. nauk, dots.; MOVOKHATIKO, Ivan Spiridonovioh kand. tekhn. nauk, dots.; KMTN- -I , Z4.Ya.,, doktor tekhn. nauk,, retsenzent; MIKHMVA,, R.N., red. isd-va; SPERAMKAYA, 03., tekhn. red. (Hydromeohanical and electromechanical tran+85iOn SyStAWN of transportation and traction machinery; thiory, design principles, construction and calculations] Gidrowkhaniabe- skie.i elaktromekbanichaskie peredachi transportnykh i tia- govykh mashin; teortia, osnovy proektirovanlia,, konstruktaila i raschet. Pad red. A.S.Antonova. Maskvat Khahgiz, 1963. 350 P. (MIRA 16:7) (Hydraulic drive) (Electric driving) (Automobiles--Transmission devices) FROLOV, Ivan Mikhaylovich; MIOKSHIV, Stepan Ivanovich; NOVOKPATKO,V., red. [Three on the stellar route; story of the world's first team flight on the Soviet multiseat space vehicle "Voskhod."] Troe na zvezdnol trasse; rauskaz o pervom v mire ekipazhe sovetskogo mnogomestnogo kosmicheskogo ko- rablia "Voskhod." Moskvap Politizdat, 1964. 30 p. (1-11IRA 17:12) KOKH, Boris Fedorovich; LUKIYANOV, B.; R%IANIOV, A.; IJOVOKHATKO, V., red. ~_ ~_: [Man steps into outer space] Chelovek shagaet v kosmos. Mo- skva, Politizdat, 1965. 63 P. (MIRA 180) K th h h TOMMY, B.Z. I WTOMT]UT. A.A. Introduction or level indicators of lease materials at GrosaW7 oil refinerles. Nertlanik 2 no-5:21-23 fir '57, WAA 10:5) 1. ftchalalk laboratorli rasrabatki Xontrallue-ismeritel'iWkh priberev Gresuenskago sauchao-Issledovatollskego aeftyanoge lustituts In. I.T. Kesslers. (for Totlokh1n) 2. Machal'alk teekhaAwatrallso-Ismerttelloykh priborow govegresneaskogo sawada. (Cracking procena-Measuroments) (Blue) ~-woKim.-VaFuYl. V. IOTOKUTO mashinist; WMAPIRL, K.. rodaktar; MOLMOT. N.A.. fStall ad qmn-howth steal workwal Stalinvadskle worteumtsy. -rvc=nFpr*f isdat. M. 31 (MM 7:8) IOVOIZATSUYA, Z.V. (Dar Ikov) runuoUce of an excess of copper an thyroid gland function. V'rach.delo no.2tZ55-157 Y "60. NMA 13:6) 1, Mel vosrantuoy oulakrinoIWIL (sav, - kand,md,vmnk SV. Yakelmov) I g1stofislologIl (sav. - xasl. dayatell nauki, prof. B,T& Alsshlu) UkraluskW Instituta sksperisentalluoy sudArina- logil. (THMID OUND) (a SMATI-POSIOUAICAL Alf=) MAISIMOVO S.V.; NOVOKUTSKAYAp Z.V.; SHARMIGHs, I.N. Some. dats, on the fwwtlonal state of the tbMid glmd In rate off var7lng~ ages durlng in excess addpletration cC vitaidn El. Trudy~Ukr.nauch.-Imil,inst.ekspereendok. 1801-76 161. (KM 26ol) L Is otde]A Yozrastnoy endokrinologli Mmmlwkogo InstitutA eksperijmtalincT endokrinologii. (TMOID GLUM) (TBIAKM) USSR/Human and Aninal Morphology (Morasl end Pathological) Marvous S r2 t... Abs Jour s IR 6*f'-'Zh'ur- Biol.,, No 7, 1958o Ito 31170 2- '.Autfi60-- 11ovokhetbUy A'*- Inst t NorVIV00-- Title t Anrtomical Oonnoctions of tho Vidud Tracts with the Hypothrl- Imus Orig Pub i 'nol. zh NO 91 idomilc~ Abstract In serial sections, twos &OUPS of fibers are found which Card connect the r6ticuler men-brene and the nuclei of the rnterior hTpothr-Ir-nus. One group of fibers goes from the visual cords end the chirame, ending with round arA club-shaped thickenings at the calls of the supreoptic nucleus. Other groups of fibers (*hypoths-ler-ic optical cluster of Fray) are located mostly superficially in the chlcsva and tcrminrto near the calls of tho apondr= of the ontarior %rivil of the visuel pocket and of the oubopondymr optoo of this cror.. In tho brain of a doLrv the delimiting cluster it the visual fibers KATENEV, Ye.P. - Slag muds with reduced filturation prcperties. Buren~:e no.Q.: 11-13 '65. (MIRA 18-10) NOVOKIUTSKIY, I.A.; YESIN, O.A.; CHUCHMAREEV, SA. Methods of determining the diffusion coefficient of hydrogen in molten slagso Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; chern.aete no-4:5-14 161. (MM 14:4) 1* Uraltskiy politekbacheskiy institut. (Slag) (Activity coefficients) (Hydrogen) NOVOKHATSXIT, I.A.; YESIN, Ook.; GRUGHMAWy S.K. Nechanism of-hydrogen diffusion in slags. ch4rin. met. 4 MG10:10-18 162. le-Vrallskiy politekhnichask iy Institut. (Diffusion) (Slag) Izv. vys. ucheb. zavi.; (IUBA 14: U) NOVOKHATS-KIYO I.A.; YESINO O.A.; CIIUCIZViREV? S.K. gen solubility in molten slags. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chaern. met- 4 no.11:22-29 161. (14M 14:12) 1. Uralt.skiy politeWmicheskiy institut. (Slag) (Hydrogen) LENEVS L.M. (Chelyabinsk); KOVO,KHATSKIY, I.A. (Chelyabinsk) Thermodynamic chaxacteristics of iron metatitanate. Izv. AN SSSR. Met. i gor. delo no.4:97-90 Jl-Ag 164. (MIRA 17:9) ;! S/02Y61/136/004/022/026 B028 B060 AUTHORS: Novokhatakiy, I. A., Yesin, 0. A., and Chuchmarev, S. K. TITLE: Diffusion of Hydrogen in Molten Slag PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1961, Vol. 136, No. 4, pp. 868-870 TEXT: Data available in the literature concerning the mass transfer of hydrogen in molten slag indicate very high values (1o-3 - 10-2 cm2 sec-1). These data were obtained under the conditions prevailing in open-hearth furnaces, and rather stand for convection than for molecular diffusion DR. To eliminate convection entirely and to approach the value for DR, a nonsteady diffusion was used in the present work. An A1203 te"t tube contained a thin layer of viscous, liquid slag (6 = 1.5 mm, 7? = 3 - 100 poises, 1410 - 16080C) of the composition 16.5 - 53.0% CaO, 8.2 - 41-05% A1203, 6.0 - 58-3% Si02. Dried nitroger was blown through to convey the water liberated from the slag to a hygrometer. The dew point was used to calculate the rate of water yielded by the slag. Card 1/3 Diffusion of Hydrogen in Molten Slag S/020/61/136/004/022/-,-,26 B0281B060 VQ. lzw, 8/112e-9 (1). If 0 is known, it is possible to calculate the diffusion coefficient. D 4620 (2). The values found for D assuming V/ 2 H three thicknesses of the)slag layer (1.3; 1.8; and 2.6 mm) proved to be very high (1.0; 1.1; 0.3 -10-5 cm2/sec. VH 20 was not dependent upon the layer thickness. The fact that convection played no role in the experiment was checked with Lin' Tszya-tozyao (Ref. 3) and confirmed. The DH found thus characterized the molecular diffusion Of H2 which was assumed to diffuse through the slag in the form of protons, and to pass over from one oxygen atom to another. This transition takes place only if the distance to the adjacent 0 atom does not exceed 2.65 A. as occurs with S'02 (d = 2.64 A). DH was practically constant in slag with 56.4% Si02- DH rises with an increase of CaO and so does the activation energy. Due to D = 2-72 11 X2 exp(A S*/R)exp(2). (A S4 - activation entropy, I distance h RT Card 2/3 Diffusion of Hydrogen in Molten Slag S/020J61/136/004/022/026 B028/3060 between the equilibrium states of the moving particle) D and E may then increase at the same time, if X rises. X rises in CaO ~laftice distance of the 0 atoms - 3.41 A). In the case of slag rich in CaO IDH amounted to 2.05-10-5 cm2/sec, E - 20800 6:al/mole. There are 3 figures and 16 references: 10 Soviet, 4 US, 1 Canadian, and 1 British. ASSOCIATION: Urallskiy politekhnicheskiy institut im. S. M. Kirova, Sverdlovsk (Ural Polytechnic Institute imeni S. M. Kirov, Sverdlovsk) PRESENTED: July 20, 1960, by A. N. Frumkin, Academician SUBMITTED: July 9, 1960 Card 3/3 CRUICHNMV, S.K.; ISSINt O.A.; NOYONUTSKIYR I.A. 1". 1". ucbeb, cbmu.-mot. -5 n0-106-13 (KERA 15: 11) 1. Urallokiy pa3itakhnichookiy institut. (S3Ag) (57&opn) NORMOV, A. ff. (Chelyablwk); I(OVOIMMKIT9 1. A. (Che3yabinsk) Ibmwd*wmics of the reduction of ferrous chrandto br Isv, AN SSSL Otd. tekh.-nauk. Not. i topl. po.6:3-6 owe (NM 16t 1) (Oiddatiqu-teduction. reaction) NOVOKHATSKIY. 1.A. (Chelyabinsk) ... V. -. - Calculation of the thermodynamic characteristics and conditions for the reduction of magneoium and calcium chromites. rzv. ' AN SSSR. Otd. tekh. nauk Net. i gor. delo, no.2:3-8 Nr-Ap 163. (MM 16:10) ~OROIOV, A.R. (Chelyabinsk); KOVOKHATSKIY, I.A. (Chelyabinsk) Reduction of manganous oxide by hydrogdn. Izv. AN SSSR. Net. i gor, delo no-5zl8-22 S-0 163. (KM 16M) r ; LEM, L.H.; S%VWSKATA, A.A. RUSAKOvt L,N,; NOVOMATSKI , IZA, Synthesis and characteristics of mineral phases in t:,Ie systems FeO - NbC~ and HgO - NoOz-. Dokl. AN SSSR 162 no.2s410-422 W 165. (MIRA 18*-4) 1. Chelyabinskiy nauchno-iosledowatol.1skiy institut metallurgii. Submitted August 7, 1964. LEM, L.M.; NOVOKHATSKIf, I.A. Thermodynamic charactariaties of NIA1204* Zhw.nearg.khis. 10 noo3.lt2400-2403 9 165a (KIRA 18:12) Ij Chelyabinakiy nauahno-issledovatel'skiy institut matallurgii, Submitted April 13, 1964. "~-ACC Nks- 42 52 A) SOURCE CODS: U!V0078/66/01j/C02/G427/o P, AUTHORt Novokhateldy, Lenevo Lo Mo; Savinskaya, A. Ao; Gorokho A. V. ORGs none TITLE: Diagram of phase equilibria in the ,;ystem y no-A1203 (corundum) SOURGEt Zhurnal neorganicheskoy khWi, v. 3.1, no. 2, 1966, 427-42s TOPIC TAGSs phase diagram, phase equilibrium, phase analysis, manganese compound,, aluminum compound, corundum, malting point ABSTRACT: Specially synthesized high-pubity YnO, a-Al-,03, and YhA120,1 were used as initial components durina, a study of the phaso in the syat&o The moltina points of manganese almainate anA tho ljotween MhA1201. and cc-Al,')03 (corund um): were measured with a couple and the temper'Fature of ~he eutectic line between WO "~~4 was. measured by a PtRh(6)-PtRh(3O) thermocouple. The MAlgOz meltP4 r-ungruently at 1850-415C without peritectic decomposition at 1560C. The temperiture of the eutectic line between YnA120,1, and a -A120 was 177Otl5C and between! 3 *VAO and VAA190j 1520110C. The coppositi6n of th- eutectics between Z*iA1204 and "A120,3 determined 4 &e exposure-quenching method, was 27 wt% YnO and 73 wt0' A12 3'P 0 whereas the eutectics between WO and VALU,20 had the following composition: 76 wt~ Mao and 24 wt% A1~03. The phase analysis of Z*e sintering products of the mixture of -MnA1201 and OC-A12.03 (1:1) carried out in a CO atmosphere for 3 hre at 1700C revealed the absence of mutual Ifig - /J. solubility in the solid phases. The x-ray dif- fraction and optical characteristics of MaO and at NUAl 0 after sintering in a 00 atmosphere .15;~6 for 3 hr. remained the same as in the in- itial materials.'This indicated the absence of noticeable mutual solubility alio between these compounds., These data were used for plotting the /M phase equilibria diagram in the Mr'O-A12.03 (oorun- L 164 0 jV 'fe zz dun) qystem (see Fig. 1). The melting po its of. L"U;. Y,hO and I-Alp were 1785 and 2050C, respective-. ly, during yldai;g of the diagram. The diagram was the simplest type of eutectic diagram and did not differ from that for the F90-A1203 (corundum) system* Orige art* has& 1 fig* Fig. 1. Phase equilibria diagram I I of the system MhO-A1203 (corundum) SUB COLE s 07/ ~WM DATE s ZMvW ORIG RU 006/ OTH RU s 004 ZUBOV, A.T.. lash.; UZALCHKIN, V.I., inzh.; MOROZOT, G.K., insh.; NOVOIMTSXIY, - I. N.-. Inzh. Our nWestlons for lWavement of the VU3 electric locomotive circuit. Blek.i tepl.tiaga 4 no.2:45 1 1600 (MM L3:6) 1. Depo Oral. (Blactrio locomotives-Blectric equipment) o too-*** a a Oeo 4 * a 0 0 4 4 0 0 0,0- - 0 o-a-, tole so 0 if It Is It If Is III *[If j 14 it Ir x ?t It If it If r A a (C lia (K o-9604*0*0 0 0 a 16 u a It a 44 44 42 't o P 4T If! . . , , ' v 6 - 00 ~ .I , - - I ' IA of 00 '4 I MSMf) tin Faglkh;. .22, 425 ( 41.140147"c Its in KarzAtAgair h-144fewiffir 4- 1-00 00 of thi.4 dentert in the W;4,te fttan the ChituLt III -#a Wsork-S, Wherrat 4191`4 frout Karutan ate 11I.Cfee. In the m-Ar (11jille, In-fih front Aek,-Tjii~~ Atul ed -,It t1w (gWoftlirm Kilghizi3) will be trrm Chimkcnt plan;. Anflum,; rt-commend thal In-fich An;I - -d i~ t di I no 4 . n um ; In.fxm amt W qtnelft4l separaft-tv. but F31114.r 4s f7illf if) 7~W) ffore f fin th i I .00 ; . e l e n ' n (fam ra g p nk.-J it i~ 0 2VO)" ago oo .3 1 ci . ,1 ; i-4 14Ctkf. III 111C StWititIg promxg (I 11 - Ftom the ' Ld in had lt N i h C a* - . I . = Ailf ottrc both e n t tatter it bcw=es miwt. and ,urihed in the Nji,krr, vu- :: 3 du"t from, unall Flust ttffml~V4 '4mitive tb4,c- 4icker% S k W 4 - trw . fmtaim- 11.1% Its. L. 400 a* urraArc." ct'stwom(cm too, - A, fta- 4 0.4 a' 41 W 1111 &v A low sip-m off a a Ita 0 a 0 000 0 a 000 0 010 0 0 * 0 0 a a o 0 000 0 00.0 - a Vle 0 o 0 0 a S 0 Wo 0 a q 0 0-0 Of so 94 0 a 000 -~ I - - ,7 r- '-I, - -oI 11. X. and I.. P. "Cn tli-~ -,c~:2-it;fic works of 1. i. I`a'~ "',~(,lo;T-LsT,, on ~')th birtladay)," 7-~-,trvk kad. na-uk SS7t, 19-'VS, tL. . 10, T). 11-1-22, with ricture SO 1' 1--me 5'3, 'Zllur~-l 'taiCY, 5, 1~?!~9). C) Novorivasm, I. F. 20576 NOVOMIAITSMyt I.P. Allekotoryye osobennosti oolitovykh zheleznykh rud. Izvr--stiya akad. nauk. kazakh. SSR, No. 70, Seriya geol. irIF. 11, 1940w, s. 11E-2,1.-Rezyi=-e na kazakh. yaz. SO: LETOPIS ZMFUUL STATEY - Vol. 28, Moskva, Ic a ~4, IAJ Category: USSR D Abs Jour- RZh--Kh, No 3, 1957, 78142 Author Novokhatskiy, I. P. and Kalinin, S.K. Inst Title The Application of Spectroscopic Analysis to Geologic Investi- gations Orig Pub: Vestn. AN KazSSR, 1956, No 5, 13-P1 Abstract: The fields of application of spectroscopic analysis in geological and geochemical investigations under Kazakhstan conditions are discussed. The following applications are recommended: (1) large- scale semiquantitative analysis of ores, minerals, and rocks; (2) determination of the composition of individual minerals; prospecting for ores in the aureoles and solution paths; (4) identi- fication and study of petrochemical and metallogenic districts; (5) study of the composition of natural waters. Card 1/1 -25- SAffpAyBy, X.J.; BORUXAYJIT, R.A.; AKHMWWIN, U,M.; BM. I.I.; KUSHWO G.Lo; SMIDT, g,G.; SHLYGIN, Ye.D.; SIMEM. GJ.; KOXICK, VoKo; 10IMMOR, I.I.; LOWI, T*To; MMUTO GoTS.; Wom""j- ARNIO A.T.; "LITMT, T.T.; KOU)TILO. N.Fo; ZHILUMY. G.B.; KAYMV, A.Z.: rAWA -, -DJ w; SATPAIWA, T.Ae; A-BOULTIEKABIROTAo M.Ao: QAZIZOVAq Xo~&; VIRTS, B~Io; MILUNUMTO Doxh.; S,M.-, CHOLFAMMY, T*Ch,; PARS=,-A.T.; TASHXUYWA. F, o-, YARUIDTA, M.C.; BYKOVA, Note; VOLKOV, Aoffo; BOWOV* GoNo.; MITRYAYffA. I***; CHCDJMYIT. S.Ye.; KURAMIT. D.S.,- TAMWSLLYL, N.A.; RIMEPTAO M. Tireless explorer of the depths of the earth's ormst; on the 65th birthday and 40th anniversary of the scientific engineering &a- tivitles of Academician W.P. Rusakow. rest. AN raxakh. SSR 13 no..12:96-97 D 157. (KIRA 11::I) (Rumakov, Mikhail Petrovich, 1892-) L, V C-' iL 77,lf 4-:A: dh log .04 P lip Fi S I x 4 a a lei Iti .94 .9. Si U a 9 s as 1 ow Lo 1 .04 & P 4 4 Itu -4 3A-IMALF-TOT. S.K;BISPAWT. T.F.; HOGATrM. A.S.; WK. 1.I.; GALITUIY. V.T.; ZHILIMSKIT, G,B.. IVSHIN, XX.; KAZAALI. D.N.; UTMTO A.1,; VDICT, 4K.; KUSHCT. GOL,; LTAPICMW, G.I.; =,YZV. GT3.: IONICH, VA.; WAMM. VOL: IMTIT. I.P.; ADVOMUMN. 1. SATPAYNT. I.I.; SHLYGIN. Te.D.; SHCEOWA. bduent geologist of Kazakhstan. TeOwAff Usakh.SSR 15 no.It 94-95 J& 159. -- (KERA 12tl) (Borulmov, Ramxan Aidanbekovich, 1899- ) RCWMM, Q.P.; TGOW. D.A.; YOMMSKIT. I.P.; VMM, D.Z.; DTUGAYU, I.T.; KOM, T.K.; AO-1.- ~MMOT-'.` X.R.; ARSANITEV, 0 S.Ta.;. 174MIN. A.N.;KOHWQT, P.T.; EMININ. V.N.; SMMTS. D.A.;. PAMOVSKIT, A.B.; BOLESLATWYA, B.Mo; INEM41M, D.B.; PIMMISMUN, A.$.;. SUPIRO, I.S.;, LAPIN. L.1u.. Prinimali nahantlys: VWWAYA. G.I.-. FEW53YU. V.A.; KASPIWSIEIY. TA.B., ZIMOVA, K.V,* BARDIM. I.P.. akadem1k. otvered,; SATPAMs &Jts akademik. nauchnyy red.; SMMULIN, almdamik. nauchnyy red.; ANTINT. K.I., nauchnyy red.; MMTAYCHIKOV, K.Po. nauchnyy red.; MMMMV, B.H.. nauchm" red.; KAZA"NOT. K.1., nauchnyy red.; SMRIV, A.K.. nauchnyy red.: SUMZYTX, P.Te.. nauchnyy red.; SEMNIX07, T.B.. nauchn" red.; STEM, H*A*v nauchnyy redo; BARTITSM, A.L.. red.izd-va; POLTAKOVA, T.T.. [Iron ore depooits in central Irazakhatan and ways for their utilization) Zhelezoradnys matorozhdaniia Mntrallnogo Kazakh- stana i pati 1kh ispollsovanlia. Otvatstvannyi red. I.P.Bardin. Koakva. 1960. 556 p. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Nesbduvedomstviannaya postoyannaya komisslya po shelezu. 2. Gosudarstwennyy institut po proyaktirovaniyu gornykh predpriyatly shalezonidnoy i m3rgantsevoy promyshlonnosti i pronWahleanosti nemstallichesidkh Inkopayeafth (Giproruda) (for Boldmv. Vagmmus, Arsemlyev. Yegarkin, Koreakov, Kuzlnin, Strelets, (Continued on next card) BOLDYM. G.P.-(continued). Card 2. 3. Institut geolocialwakikh nauk AN Kazakhakoy SER (for Movokhatskiy). 4. TSsntral'no4Cs%akhptanskoye geologichasko3me uprayleniye Kinleterst- va geologit i okhrany nedr SM (for York. Dyugayev. Kavun, Kursnko. Usbekov). 5. Hauchno-iteledovatellukly Institut mekhanicheskoy ob- rabotki polezuykh lnkppaystVkh (Nikhanobr) (for Patkovskiy). 6. Gosu- daretvennyy institut proyektirovaniya metallurg.zavodov (Giprows) (for Boleslavskaya. Indenbpm. rinlmllshtayn, Nevskaya. ?edoseyev. Karpi- lovskly). 7. Neshduveommet"nnaya postoyannaya komisslya po zhelezu AN SSM (for Shapiro. 7.9--nova'o Kalganov). 8. Gomplan SSSR (for Lapin). Mazakhatan-Iron ores) ~_7 AFAMASIYEV,,Aloksandr AfaneolyevichpRAKNOVICH, Yakov Mikhaylovich; vp V.K., reteensdat;-LIOKDMVICH,, kand. tekba, nauk,,'reUenzenti NOVOXHIVSKir K.I. nmhw red decess [Safety eaginearing in shoo moufacturelTekhmika besopasnosti v obiuvwx prolavodstys. Koakw*, Rostekhlzdat'. 1962. 225 P. (MIRA 16:2) (Shoe, industry;-Safety measures) NDTOEUTStIT. YeA., Insb. Itzparimental Investip-tion of the structure of a flow of a two-phase fluid In vertical pipes, 1sv,vys,uch9b*z&y#: energ. no.12291-97 D 1580 OURA 1223) i. Khartkoveirly politekbuicheskly Institut iment T.I.;Lenina. (Fluid dynamics) 1:07'OnATSKlyt la.m. Mathods for i-nveestigatirg the atmicture of the I'low of an iz-watar mixture in vartical, pipes. l=, takh. no. 6:22- -25 - J060. - (I I I -M-~ 14:2) (Pipe-Hydrodynamius) NoV(_'iKHftJ%SK'Y, 8/021/60/000/011/008/009 D204/D302 AUTHOR: Novokhatalkyyg Te.M. TITLEt The effect of the tube diameter on the motion of a two-phase liquid PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk Ukrayinalkoyi RSR. Dopovidi, no. 119 19609 1522-1526 TEITt An experiment is described in which the motion of a mixture of air and water through a vertical tube was investigated experi- mentallyt the1low being recorded electrically. The tubes used were of diameters 69 map 52 mm and 24 ma respectively. Pormulae, suitable for engineering computations are then established, The author observes that the motion of a 2-phase liquid through a pipe depends on a great number of variables. The general relationship between the chief parameters are given by G.Yo. Kholodovskiy (Ref. 5t Teploenergetikap 7,, 68, 1957) using 6 variables: ?It life Olt WON# WO and bt where p is the coefficient of dynamic viscosity of Card 1/3 3/02Y60/000/011/008/009 The effect of the tube D204 B302 the liquid# WCX in the velocity of the motion of two-phase liquid, considering the corresponding phase volocityp W" is the velocity of-the light phaser ?I is the density of the liquid# d is the sur- face tension coefficient# b is the acceleration due to upward for- ces. Those quantities are grouped in 3 dimensionless complexes W" 4 cup b K = +D d and the concrete form of the equation is WIgi K = f(WCXI& K). The autior observes that the work of V*I. Tolubinskiy (Ref. 6-. Boobahcheniyal KPIp 115, 1945) and A*P* Krylov establishes a rela- tionship between the velocity of the air and the diameter of the tubep but does not give a criterial relationship. The results of the experiment give velocities of water from 0.5 to 2.5 m/sec. and card 2/3 The effect of the tube 3/021/60/000/011/008/009 D204/D302 velocities of air from 0.5 - 15 m/sec. The following approximate formulae are established: T 'Re 0*8 K K KWOO.1 or 9~-T ( This formula may be transformed into equationso from which may be found the *elocity of the light phase W" and the value of the pha- se content at the two-phase flux K. There are 2 figures, and 6 re- ferencest 5 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Soviet-bloo. The reference to the English-language publication reads an followat Martinelly. Bolter. Transaction of the ASME, 2# 1944. ASSOCIATION: Kharkivalkyy poitekhnichnyy instytut im. V.I. Lenina (Polytechnic Institute of Kharlkove, im. V.I. Lenin) PRESENTED: by P.P. Byelyakint Academician of the AS UkrSSR SUIMITTED: April 27, 1960 Card 3/3 30878 S/143/61/ooo/UO4/005/005 //.171/30 D274/D305 AUTHOR: Novokhatskiy, Ye. DT.-, Engineer TITLE: Influence of the tube diameter on the structure of the flow of a biDhase liquid flowing in vertical tubes PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Energetika, no. 4, 1961, 93 - 97 TEXT: The article deals aith results, obtained with the aid of an electrical method used for investigating the influence of the tube diameter on the structure of the flow of biphase liquid flowing in vertical tubes. It is stated to be the first time anyone has inve- stigated the method to find quantitative relations and examine the influence of different factors on the structure of flow. Previous methods are mentioned such as: Visual observation photography and cinephotography, by which only the qualitative side of the complex structure of the flow of biphase liquids was investigated. The eLpc- trical method consists of comparing the capacity of a condenser Card 1/4 30878 S/143/61/000/004/005/005 Influence of the tube diameter D274/D305 filled with water to the capacity of the same condenser filled with biphase liquid. Using the density equation, the gas component of the biphase liquid was found. These condensers were embodied in the experimental part of the vertical tube. The consumption of biphase liquid was precisely measured. During the bullet-regime the relatl- ve distance between the bullets and also the diameter of the bubble -bullet was found by using a special method. Three experimental tu- bes with:different diamters were used (69#52 and 24 mm). It is stressed that an equal amount of water was used during the differ- ent series of experiments, while the consumption of air was diffe- rent and its distribution along the tube was taken down. Analyzing the experimental data the author concludes that: 1) The air-compo- nent of the biphase flow is greater in the center of the tube than in the layers next to the walls; this phenomenon is observed both in emulsive and bullet regime of the flow and confirms the theore- tical results published by A.V. Kubratov (Ref. 5: Tr. MEI. no. 9, 1P3). 2) The emulsive regime transfers into bullet-regime when W 1W,= I + 2t where W' is the relative velocity of air and that of o/ , 0 0 water. This transition takes place gradually. In the beginning the Card 214 Influence of the tube diameter 6 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATION: Kharlkovskiy polLtekhnicheskiy Lenina (Khar1kov SUBMITTED: June 1, 1960 5/14 61/000/004/005/005 ... D274YD305 institut im. V.I. Politechnic Institute im. V.I. LenJn) .-r Card 4/4 MOVOKOVSKIT, H.ra.; TIMOSHUX, S.A.; KARPOVICEE, G,G.; GHIZHOT, U.S. ~ I... ;.---....l-'-! Bularging the be= of the OPlonarg crane. Rats. i izebr.predl.v strol. no.319:5-6 155. (Cranes, derricks, etc.) (KM 9:7) AUTHM: Petrov,, Z.., Novokovskly., N. MV/84-58-&16/59 TTM: Pilots, eontribu=tian ~- eMazakbstan Billion (Vkl" letchikov v kawkh tanakiy mIUAard) PERIODIM. Gra - -z-11day, aviatsi7m., 1958j, fir 8., P 12 OSSR) ABSTRACT: The article reports on the work of agrimt1tural aircraft In the new grain fields Of K&Z&kbstaa in fighting a variety of gum moth (zernaw&7% sovim). Most of the article deals with the operm.- time of a group of planes sent to ELzakhatan ftam the Nortbern Territorial Administration. Card 1/1 1. N6vok-.eW_vskiv.. S.A.. LEng.). Ko, Ye.A. 2. USSR (600) 4. Housing 79 Methods of planning residential buildings. Biul. stroi. tekh. 9 no.2-4, 1952. 9. Monthl- &lg_t_ 2,f- _Rup_ZUa Acce.Uions Library of Congress. March 1953, Unclassified. NOVOMWHC Aos4ft RENIMGARDTp Fridrikh Fridrik WT*~~dksaX,M Yu.Vt kard. tekhn. nauk, rea.; IDUMOK, K.N. takhne red. [Maintenance of hulls of ships engaged in Inland navigation] Ukhod sa korpusami sudow voutren-nego plavanlia. Pod Y446 ZUbT., Gorianskogo. laningradt Izd-vo ORechnol transport#* LabbW6 otd-nieq 1961. (KMI l4i~) (Ships-Naintemance and repair) Y 'EN o /Y~ i/o; rW V A i , 137-1957- 1 Z-23057 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1957, Nr 12, p Z7 (USSR) AUTHORS: Yushchenko, G. D., Novokreshchenov, A. 1. TITLE: Regarding the Information in "A Sampler for Crushed Ore" (Po povodu informatsii "Probootbiratell dlya drOblenOY rudy" PERIODICAL: Kolyma, 1953, Nr 5, p 48 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry 1. 3amplers-Applications 2. Bibliography Card 1/1 137- 1958- 1- 11Z Translation from: Referativnyy zhurrial, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 1, p 17 (USSR) AUTHOR: Novokreshchengy_ A.!. TITLE: Washing Sands by Means of Pulsator Jigs and Shaking Tables (Promyvka peskov s primeneniyern otsadochnykh mashin i kontsentratsionnykh stolov) PERIODICAL: Kolyma, 1957, Nr 3, pp 19-ZI ABSTRACT: The results of the distribution of products extracted by dressing obtained by sampling on a washer working at 600-650 ml/day are adduced. Two-stage washing with further concentration of the sand-clay sluice refuse by a slow jig and a shaking table permit Sn extraction to be raised to 96 percent. In the course of the operation of washers with pulsator jigs it was noted that the washing away of cassiterite from the sluice due to deviations from normal functioning of the revolving screen does not increase losses thanks to the fact that a pulsator jig is installed aft of the sluice to catch virtually all large and fine cassiterite. In light of this it was decided at the "Deputatskiy" placer to build a washer working an the following sequence- disintegration - screening - Card 1/2 jigging - waste disposal. A production flow diagram and a 137- 19 58- 1 - 112 Washing Sands by Means of Pul3ator Jigs and Shaking Tables 0 drawing of an experimental washer with pulsator jigs and Shaking table are presented. The output of such a washer is 600 m3/day, extracting 96 - 96. 5 percent of the metal in the 30 mm fraction. A. Sh. Orea--rrocessing--Equirvent 2. Ora washers-Zesien 3. Tin area--Processing Card 2/2 KOVOKR;AHCVaW,- A - I - 38-3 boring mchins. Xolym 21 n0-3:19-21 Nr 159. (MIRA 12:6) 1.Nagadauskly sovnarkhoz. (Boring mchinery) ALT)LV, I - lil, , ~ilL,~Kli4T N.-A A; -t.14. -1 iL I IN, V.D., -, MIR ZCiYT'-,V, G.G. ; w--, . . - -_7 Ff'e7r.'A, NJ. Bmi rdary be t ~---en tKo viocicomian and Aptian ir. the we.-tern re-1--;ris of Central A..g-.*a. izv,AN Azarb.SSR. Ser.gool.-gecF,, n2uk 4L nt~."t no,4tl9-26 163. ( ! I ~ ~, 4) NOTOnASKCHOOV, BoT.,imadidat meditainskikh nauk ~ Role of the coli bacillus In toxinfectione In nowborna. Top, okhm mat. I dot. 2 no.2:44-46 Mr-Ap 157 (PTR A 10: 4) I Is Usbgoradekogo inatituta opideniologii, m1krobiologil g;gtyeuy kdIr. T.K. Keshchanko) (EWHIRICHIA COLI) (MFAWS,(N1WBORN)-DISUS1W) I- ESSEL', A.Ye., starshiv nauchnyy sotrudnik, kand.biol *nauk- NOVOK SHCHENOV, _B.V., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik,, ~tv-.M.,- BUZEYEV, V.I.,, red.; KOZLOV, V.A., dotsent, red.; RASKIN, M.M., starshiy nauchTrjy sotrudnik,, red. [Problems in the-biology of the causative agent of diphtheria] Voprosy biologii vozbuditelia difterii. Chita, 1959. 189 p. (Chita. Institut epidemiologii, mikim.biologii i gigieny. Nauchnye zapiski, no.5). (MIRA 15:1) (CORYNEBACTERIUM DIPHTHERIAE) NOVOKRESHCH-ENOV . L-.B.--' Splenoportography for the detection of pat",logical in the liver. Vest. rent. i rad. 40 no.4:14-18 JI-Ag 165. (MIRA 18:9) 1. GospitalInaya khirurgicheskaya klinika (zav.- prof. G.D. Obraztsov) Chelyabinsko 0 meditainskogo instituta i rentgeno- diagnosticheakiy otdel IrMweditell - prof. L.S. Rozenshtraukh) Nauchno-issledovatellskogo rentgeno-radiologicheakogo instituta (direktor-prof. I.G. Lagunova) Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya RSFSR, Moskva. Lul, S.S., kandidat tokhnichaskikh nauk; MOVOrROCIR Owl N N., inshener. Spot welding of large-calIber relaforcoisent rod sections made of ST-5 steel. Nakh.strot. 13 no-10:16-20 0 156. (MM 9:11) (Stools Structural--Welding) AUTHOR: Novokreshchenovq Id.-Id. (Engineer) 100-4-6/16 TITLE: New machine for welding steel reinforcement. (Novaya mashina dlya svarki armaturnykh karkasov). - PERIODICAL: "Mekbanizatsiya Stroitel'stva" (Mechanisation of Const-ra-Rion)t 195-1, V01.14t-yomrr-pp~.20_21 (USSR). ABSTRACT: Steel reinforcement up to a weight of 30 kg is welded either by arc-welding or point-welding by a suspended apparatus MTnr-75. When using this apparatus the reinforce- ment has to be dismantled which is very wasteful. The out- put of a welder during a shift is 4500 - 5000 welds. A new welding machine was designed (MM-31100) by the Leningrad factory "Elektrik" which is more efficient. 12 000 welds can be carried out per shift. Only one skilled engineer and one worker are needed for the operation which can be either continuous or intermittent. The transportation of the reinforcement, welding and cutting are automised:. The welding machine comprises a framework with 6 welding points, a compartment for cr03s-reinforcementg a platform for opera- tion and pneumatic reductors. Automatidn is provided by a 1/2 cam-mechanism MU-3 through an electromotor which uses direct current. Technical data are tabulated. New machine for welding steel reinforcement. (Cont.) 2/2 There are 1 diagram and 1 photograph. loo-4-6/16 AVAILABLE: NOTOKUSHORMOV, N.M.; PODVOLISCIT, L.I. Condenser discharge welding of seat frames of automobiles. Avt. prom. no.7:27-29 JI 160. (KIRA 13:7) 1. lauchno-Issledovatelliskiy Institut takhnologii avtondbillnoy pronqshlennosti. (Electric welding) 83684 S/135/6D/000/010/0016/015 AO06/AOO1 AUTHORS: Novokreshchenov. M. M., Podvol'skiy, L. I., Senin, A, M., Engineers ===MWMM~ 3 1 1 TIM: Condenser Butt Welding of W-1-2 (a-1-2~ jitanluaAnd IX1849T (jKh18KqT) Steel Pipes ~>d PERIODICAL: Swarochnoye proizvodstvo, 1960, No. 10, pp. 20-22 TEXT: An Investigation was made at NIIAVTOPROM of the condenser resistance welding of VT-1-2 titanium and MI&M steel pipes R 10-23 mm in diameter and 1.0-1.5 mo wall thickness. The experiments were made on a laboratory machine equipped with a TKW-200-3-1 (MI-200-3-1) transformer from the "Elektrlk" plant. Pipe sectimm of 70 and 200 mm length were welded. One part of the pipes was surface-etched prior to welding. In all cases welding was performed wittiout a gas shield. Optimum values were-set up for the capacitance of the capacitor battery, the charging voltage, the up-setting force, the effective threat depth of the pipe from the insert electrodes and the transformation coefficient lof the welding transformer. The conditions established (given in a table), were used to carTy out control welds of pipes which were then tested as to the tight- ness, elongation and vibratipfrstrength of the welds. On account of the fact Card 1/2 83684 3/135/6D/000/010/006/015 A006/AOO1 Condenser Butt Welding of ST-1-2 (VT-1-2) Titanium and LK1809T (1Kh18N9T) Steel Pipes that in condenser welding cast metal Is not present in the weld and the zone of the thermal effect does not exceed 0.1 mm, an attempt was made of eliminating heat treatment of VT-1-2 alloy pipes after welding. The pipes were not heat treated and were tested 6 months after welding. The steel and titanium pipe-9 were consecutively subjected to hydraulic (300 atm), pneumatic (200 atm)'tests, and to tests under vibration load with repeated hydraulic and pneumatic tests at the indicated pressure. Vibration tests were performed for 6 hours on a special stand (Fig. 4) in vertical direction at 45 to 50 cycles frequency and 1 + 0.1 mm amplitude. 20 to 25 Pipes of each diameter and grade were tested and no cases of breakdown or loss In tightness were stated. It is concluded that the described welding method produces strong and stable joints when welding VT-1-2 titanium and lKh18U9T steel pipes. There are no oxides, cracks or other defects in the butts. Heat treatment of VT-1-2 pipes can be eliminated. Preliminary etchiAg which is necessary in argon are welding is not required for condenser welding of Ti alloys, which may be carried out without shielding the butt zone. There are 5 figures and I table. Card 2/2 ~) 6 4'-, 2 S/137/62/000/003/i64,/i9i A1601AI01 AUTHOR: Novokreshc TITLE: Electrostatic spot-welding of some aluminum alloys PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, no. 3, 1962, 36, abstract 3E2o4. (Avtomob. prom-at', 1961, no. 10, 35 - 37) TMM A number of experiments were carried out on the,spot-welding of following Al-alloys: the-~'-'-'(AVA) alloy with a thickness of I and 2 mm; theA,16AII (D16m) alloy wit,h a thickness of 1.5 and 2.5 M; theAMr-6T(AM-6T) alloy with a thickness of 2, 24 and 3 mm-, and theA 11 r-5 B M (AM-5VM) alloy. with a thickness of 4 mm. The experiments were conducted on a laboratory spot-type condenser machine of the NtITAvtoprom. During the experiments, the approximate welding conditions were determinedi and also the conditions permitting to obtain a stable spot joint. The following conclusions are drawn: (1) Al-alloys with a thickness of i - 4 mm can be qualitatively welded on spot-type condenser machines. Whea selecting the proper welding conditions, the clad layer may be retained. (2) The electrostatic welding should be conducted under the softest conditions. This ensures the stability of the quality of welded joints- (3) A deficiency of the Card 1/2 NOVOKRESSHCHENOVi H.M.; PODVOLtsKir, L.I. Electrostat,10- percussion wo2ding of the frame for two-passenger seats of the PA&6n wtorbus; Awto.prom. 27 no.6.-35-36 is 161. (KIU 14:6) L, flauchno-lissledovatel'skly tokhnologichookiy Institut avtomoblItnoy promphlennosti, (Electric welding) (Motor vehicles-Bodies) FACC. 7-~AA- -:-EVIT(mIj t)&WP'Z)/EVIP(b)/EVIA(C)_: _IJP(C) JD/W 'SOURCE NRi AP502T606 CODE: . /0135 5/000/011/0035/0036 up~ - /6 ATJrHOR:.,Tim6feyeva, V. P..~(Engineer)..Navokreshchen6i, M. (Engineer) ORG:,,. none. 1ITLE:.- Wel.dability/of E1559A loy,. ~:O SOURa:.,.'Svarochnoye_ oi dstvo` --no. 11, 19~5 5-*-~, pr 'zvo 3 TOPIG TAGS alloy-i ni ckel alloj heat'resistant aho~y' chromium Icontainingalloy, alum n,um cIontaining alloy, welding,~TIGveldi ng, alloy weldability/EI559A alloy. AMML :-..Th weldabilitj:'of the-aniRck 155Walloy (MO a4- C. 648 mWsi' a m 0 i 3% ~'~Max Mn I ~15!;~-18% Cr , ~ 55-64 Ni, 20 -3. Al, remainder Fe) in manual TZG x2idiA4 with or.without filler-wire.has been investigated- Thealloy~ susceptibility to'hot cracking was tested by the T-Joint, Kautts,' and MVTU methods in 3 mm4thick. sheets which were air cooledfrom 1200C or:-air,cooled and aged at 75OC-or 8 hr.- All welds made without filler wire. or with, E1559A MIler wire had awks, ttt none- kere observed, in -the welds mad Ie.with VZhq8 filler wire, notably in -the unfilled. craters or in the heat-affected zone. The alloy v plded inthe unaged condition had,somewhat lower susceptibilit, tekking.jA Regardless of the filler wire used, the bend angle to hot cre .,of nonheat-treated welds -was 180.deg. ~The,welds_in ,the initial condition and after I:aging at 800C I-:for-2000 hr had -practically the .same notch toughness of 11-15 kgm/cm2-. ,at.800C.. Metallographic exaniination-,showed.that,butt-welded joints were dense and ~C Ubc: .621.-Igi. oil: 669,V%.194 ard. J/P_ L 43939-66, 1 IJP(c) JD/KW/jG ACC NRz AR6030269 SOURCE CODE: UR/0125/66/000/008/0030/0032 4 AUTHOR: Mbakov, Yu. V. (Moscow); Novokreshchenov, H. K. (Moscow) ORG: none TITLE: Effect of nitrogen on the mechanical properties of Khl7N4Gl4AB steel welds 14 SOURCE: Avtomaticheskaya avarka, no. 8, 1966, 30-32 TOPIC TAGS: stainless steel, chromium manganese stainless steel, nickel containing steel, niirogen containing steel, stainless steel welding, stainless steel weld prop- erty,_-,Anert~ gas welding, inert gas nitragens:eldin AB~TRACT: Khl7N4414AB, low-nickel stainless eel (0.05% c~qbon, 14.6% ManganAge. I 17.3% chromium. 4.65% nickeli-71.052 niobim 20% nitro&entkan be welded with any, _h 0. welding methad.1`11t ws~s Tobsei6d, however,"'~hat welds made with argon-shielded are' are susceptible to embrittlement when exposed to temperatures of 500-600C for a long time, owing to a precipitation of a brittle phase at the gftift boundaries. The-notch toughness of the welds made with pure argon and aged for 1000 hr at 600C dro?ped'from the original 8.3-8.7 mkg/cm2 to about 2.0 mkg/cm2, while the notch touohness of the base metal aged under the same conditions underwent little or no ch4ge. Addition of 5-6% nitrogen to argon greatly reduced the weld susceptibility to edibritilerent, especially when Khl7N4614AB electrode wire was used. The notch .1/2 UDC: 621.791.856 U43989-66 ACC Nits' AP6030269 V todohness of the welds aged as-aboye remained on a fairly high level, 6.5-7.5 Mkg/cM Nitcogen also Improved somewhat the weld resistance to hot cracking. Orig. art. has: 4 figures., [PV11 S ~~ii ii, 13~,:ISAM'DATEI' 031?eb66/ ATD PRESS.- NOVOKRESHCHENOV. M.V. Nervous regulation of the lysozyme activity of t;-e blood serum. Pat. fiziol. i ekep. terap. 8 no.5:80-81 S-0 '(4. (MIRA 18il2) 1. Kafedra patologicheakoy fiziologii (zav. - doteent V.A.Kozlov) Chitinskogo meditsinakogo instituta i Chitinskogo instituta epide- miologii, mikrobiologii i gigiyeny. Submitted March 25, 1963. We 0 0*4-6 0 .1 -. on a u If9 u a w w 4 4( a 6t a 4 Lu-LL )FU 0~" 0 - 7 7 Is IWO', M ONdAWA IM MWI IL K. lCoWn. Miamd. Sy,-, Poo .00 Mb aid -thr ama de. W-IIIIIIIIIt hwd rb, Cv, At ad Me. #ps wts I., AcmdKSimdwmikWd4k Qt . WAlW9 pmam a mmOL-Sd Iwo is Mu. quatily. too . so w Go b ummdmmd. lbe 4mtbwg do ale afteaw on Ondm. tab of me im Ow cwywa kttk" A b b d i d b f i lb W d o w o m t t: cq s s my s mmoK v F f A A d A ff C . .... & . . . . . 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Zn. 1%, Ni. Li. St. 8, AS. oe i 4:00 0 m. Ge and Sin variowly distribut"t in the reidtseII. 0-6 4' Getwgc Awn 06 00 161w 40 -00 ~ ' 440 4411 j ;'0 0 '44 too Iktd~jt& 44TALLUVGK4& LOTIESAT"g CLASIVICII111CP .00 " .. 00 i u 19 IV 10 11 z , i_ w--S-- I ' I ' - 1 Ali L t a w a mi a i w a 4 a 4 I 1 a w t O l at 19 a ag 1 0, OR It lip , -r- I - 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 It 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9~ 0 0, 0 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 to 0 00 00 **go Goo 000 so 6 woof #9 t a 0 0 q 0 0 & 0 0 0 0 & w#0 #&t## 4k & 0 0a# 0 11111 6 go I rallolurdis fe v a to x is jr 11 11 A A v a A A 1; It a 69 A is a It x a 11 a a a 4ic f! a F a- a A.-t-AA-11 it C.-At-A-1-9 P.- 'J. A, - 0 ,1 -A- fit ..0 Aotes f. .-Does 04 00 09 00 Eke "A m(m wom. .00 P, -ziaiohbal.~d Ow b. K, Kawiu. (;owjw. read. ". 0. U. R. S. S. 14. 27SM19M)OR RECtilb)'Ma Ljk% en Maw in the therwim, waters cd Rus" in q-titift .00 b,,0-07&.Pml, -,uminevalmil ling asm"VIC 0 it isstrovickfal the wattr" .00 wwwtitstoo.3t..0.7 Wt r=. 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Dakudy Jkad. 56. 831-2(1947); CArw- 7exle 1947. 11, tx2mu. of giticat; f~; 71 showed it to occur pcedotaftuntly in the V&-K Wipmrs. mk-.%. and A few other ininerals. Its occurreucc with K is worthy CA rAKC. lifWC thC 2' at. CA&i aft Mftf thC S4MC (6: 1 M and 71 1.49 A.). its tuost cafts the T1 content was o.001-41AKIfle.. Only rArety did it aramut to a few hundredths gA I %. &% in dmuourite (OR21%) and peAtucite (0.01%). The TI:K ratio was I:I#.fXX) and less bw the feldspan. 1:435 for danuturite, and for the euth's crust. St. G. %toore 0 0 0-010 o 10-0,9 0 0 * 0 .8 0 of U 0 1 1% 11 to It Is, it fat t* - to 00 A 00 0041- f1w ren6m TW~dms ad SIMON fps," an.) Novoknmbchewv alum b markova. Zaw#dTkdI4,W4k P tury IAW- INS. P. 0718m, Intary). V. 14, July I is dewribed and diaerammed and typt, A a" gi"m 291"LLOCC&L UTCE41699 ct4twICATK" Move -41 44t a.*,zc4 40 40* 414&I1 do". All a 9 a 0 3 if-* q AC a As tr a ft do a a is 4c 9t low tfcm Poll A zxv ph P t4 p Lill& R. 91, Eliot T SA~ O."r- Wirtz = 41,,,M-: on bsm (),a Rim - eng Wert 4a rt1w-- I o; Z- -u jtj bright POlishwi SU ex POSUS'e sepi" 0, Stretchi a Arout" 91 cu tin nd bra a' Weems 'y'2 Cj h. 'M~ 'ilexag-J. rstt c4 - -C, t ta%sl Zi, -'d , - . b ,.,r,z,tipt o' C11- - ppamd itgr the ,e&WbV- revad 1W D&~ Fortmtioll of 13'~* the 0. bec-z'2 IRW *1 MM 01 'Wormat ftmn~~ canst. M d3wed "hrle the Mte Mc Mte I, .. Me qbl,tmed 0'5'- G A (tc Iatitt -I-tt talon was rn'll in diml 'Nhija CM 'NITIA Ov4d th; tawil" the pignez- C:harsct- 1.4"It'Ing n I . in .1,2111=11 L-4 Siza ating thAa WV =vuaa 4rtalnad- -- P ga,~ .-et twisted 4ng tho Twist a wa4 when tkM At ipd. nj wttgo ba~na W.,,:U-=bj4c1Vd to reV -MbMTY %,~ tut tba felt, 5 W'd the formse- 'e-tuvaphic and ?-Y Ml--" wi deAWtv 49'rau" ,"j. tTAWtu ti" cf a CSSSION MU... AT4013VA 1-59/63/0 AC 10/000/0270/0274 Kavokroahchenov,~ P. D.; Sivch o AUTUOM auk M. V. -~TITLE: Effect of fusible metallic coatings an mechanical properties of Ni after cyclicheat treatment S OURCE AN SMI. Institut metallurgii. Issiodovaniya po, sharoprochayGe splavais, v.. 10, 1963- 270-274 TOPIC UGS: nickel,NP-2, fusible nickel coating, biewth.coated.nickel, nickel strength, nickel-ductility-, coated nickel strength, coated nickel ductility, coated nickel- heat treatment, cyclic heat treatment j%BSMACT: This study concerned the effects of fusible coatings (Sa. Cd, Zu, Pb, Bi =d alloy,PPS-40) oamechanical properties of nickel NP-2 after cyclic beat treatment (80 to 800C, 25 sec, cycle, S.Aec, heating, 17,xea- cooling). Heat- treated wire- apteiwe"were tooted on the rupture tooter M11-0*05 (10 up/min). no- sults are-tabulated or shown graphically (see pigs, I and-24a th* 1halosure). Bi pr!aved.most active of-all named coatings In,reduoing the strength VU - 670 and ductility_ I( _N MAW of Ni.- The other coatings had little effect Ian strtngtk~ duced,noticemble brittlonosq.of the material, expeo .but pro lally within th 500-1000 Cardi