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gir A all 's g 4 1.4 -777 7 T, 2571 -65 WT(~d)/W(I) Po -4/Pq-4/'Pfg'-4//Pk 49- ACC-ESSION NR. AP5002093 S/O*--461-'64/007/()06/0096/0104 AUTHOR. Novoselov" V. S. o?5 "r ITL E ~Engineering calculation of optimal tihock absorption for measuring 46 mochanitims of shockproof instruments SOURCE; IVt3Z, Priborostroyeniye, v. 7, no. 6, 1964, 98-104 TOPIG TAGS.- shock. absorption, 9-hoq!~2roof instrument_ 0 ABSTRACT. This is a continuation of a nurA,bey of eavIier author's' works- on the SL.b~-ct. The calculation of optimal shof-It absorption is based on the ilzy of coincidence of zla'ku~-'J and elastic r; the range involved :6 j: a'; r" 1 ~1: _r P at. lj~: .-4". S r at aPoin o~~ ;d4sa, L 25,t4g-65 ACCESSION NR: AP50OZO93 h is the thickness of the shock absorber; & is a coefficient close to 1. Thus, an absorber fhat has minimum stiffness and thlcknesR is optimaL The application of r~-~(-Iihod to two typicall engineeritig problems set forth, Orig, art. has: 4~; v,,,res and 12 ;crrnulas. T eningradskiy gosudar6fvennyy univer-r-ilc-t (Leningrad State e.- S L t V) -'3-. ~.Jj -1-1 E;0: 160ct63 ENGL: 100 SUB CODE: IE :;f- 4.F-F L'~OV: 00.1 OTHER: ~100 7, ~,F h tFISS _22/an ACCESSTON V OR : AT5001342 S 2 7 0 364 0 00 2 3 0 16 9 0 L 8 A Ul"HO R - Novoselov, V. S. r 1 T LE. Cptimal spatial maneuver for entry (if a j~,t-propelled spacecraft into ,i zirculor orbit LM LI-,- I-ad . Un t Ve 1-q P t . U01 0 r-, vve 7ap t 32 3. 1116/4, SeHva ma "eciia tAr-hesk! kit nauk, no. 37, Tr,,jtl-; i- _pagt!~raft.ortj celestfat mecbanica. spocecra" propul- TO P I C TA GS : spaceship, a Sion BSTRACT: In Section I of this theoretical paper author formulates prob- 6,~terTnlxiirg the optLtntal Spatial man,~,uver f,)r pilAcem~n-,!~ -f a Jet-propelled spacecraft inLijr a-pAr"culjar cf-rctil,it -(0- ~ir%~~-:-' r, ,;yTmiietrical cen- ttaj, body in apfic"e, expen4ing a minimal quantity of mas5, ;:,.,iE Possir-ion of the ~1 rt. Ir determined by spherlcal coord .1na te6 (r-1' y, assming a parti- see g. c, orbit with radius R 1q princ.1-pzI rezdfrg plane I of The di,;Law-e ',c 11v renter C-f "lie body at t h 0. j 0 f t' e maneuve 5 -11, i~-! n o 1, e; C L rcc!- 1 )r.C h c -I Ia 47,is of the craft. ,;R(. '1hr,!9 L N is aostimed to coiric Lee url T ?/ OF'--)-6r ACCESSICN NR: AT5001342 Turni:fzzg~ toith- -atv auxillary jets engine of low thrust or by other methods. Direction of the jet thrust is given by two angles: V~5 !~~e angle between N and the radius vector andy is the angle measured around i from the paratlel L l) thle ol~ n! in 1 i i - c, t It) I iH t h P gr e -i t r;' i e 1~ ,,hoae pLane passes chrough N_ it in !Ah"if, iAif: 1~1~'eriwl moLion of r the conibwstion chtimber f !;r- it -,te~idy st~ite, r- P Sec' [cr, 2, after 11.3 V L 11 1; P.'!! dTA 2 er i r P e c. r r e s - rmitias . the auther iefioc., t i 0 n s Y -.11 w;111il lis; ~b& r~-cl(et -om tie n. Y t 0f the t 11 r us -ite to a circuLar orbit 4 r I, '!Pen, -ckL~t f,nz'"ne does noz dievelop f ~e 1. , In Section 3, Lt is s i. ~;) ~. ~ ! ~i~ i - I t; ons grPater than g'. Th,~ ;u I - h- r pr e -, e - t ~ -i sol,iriort for finding the glow tra-nsfer of the e:raft frore. tlie same 3tite a,; in Secrion 2 to a par- c~ rcu'ar orbit with radius R. In Sectft,-~i ty is ass,nned thpt the trans- -hi craft to a circular orbLt is quite raptil ~ir) Lliac Lerms of the order -'-ir4n,, the maneuvering cime do not att_ain large. valoes, It is t';rar, a rapid regime of contr,~,l in which thrunt constderably exceeds the force ton aP4 in which the Coriolis force of the internal motion in the com- C (Imber can a t t a in a cons ider ab 1, ~3 vA Lue w i be oip t I ma 1 fo r cong t ant I ne, I tnat ion o f thrus t to the o v. I ve r tind r a I t 1, 1. 1 f the. ACCESSION MR: AT5001342 acceleration developed by the rocket engine is limited to a particular value, art! approximate optimal regimes of programmed thrust, Including sectors jet acceleration. Analytical expressions and examples are presented f `a.3eg considered, Orig. art. 1i-t;4, 55 form,il-aFi ajif,i 1. fjgur!r~. y a ~ ~~,jc - - ~ -, - - - -! L 1 v r 9 t-vennop P As t rovomi ch-eB a !:a t r o n o r , J c a 1, c, b s r:, rv i t r - - r r a d r. r. I v r C; 1 t- (7 OE- FV 00 S-)V: 0011- t)/. '14 ~Zzz 23-o5 T S/ 3/65/WO/001/0I,'O./OI2O A-P50D5763 004 AUTEOP.- Novooelov, V. S. TITLE. TIN-ory of approximate solution of variational problems and its application to thp study of moti-on of a Point of variable mass SOMCM; L4~,n t. Vestnik. Seriya matematiki, mekhaniki i -020 IOPIC TAGS: calculus of viaristions, optimal control ABSTRAM Theorem 1. Suppose a control uk is expressed in terms of auxiliary % 1. controls Yk* In the Euler equations, the conditions of traneversality and the equations obtained in minim'izing the Pontryagin function, terms of order F-m-1axe d~rnpped, and in the oonstraint equations and the boundary conditigno, terms of order 6 Bi- are dropped i : Thow- the evror of , the optiroa-1. value of . the fimotional in the oontrols Ykhas order Sm for m > 2. Theorem 2. Suppose the controls UkI f Cyr which finite bounds ithl -de UAr < 142) U"' = cor,-Si u~, = const, Card 1/2 L 29123-65 AC~CSSIOTI XR: AP5005783 are gii~enj om be involved on4 lineariy in the functional being minimized and in the related motion. In the Ealer equations, the condi- tion& of transversality, and in the corresponding equations obtained in maximizing M-I H, terms of order 4 are dropped, and in the constraint equations and the bound- m jw7~ omdktionpy- termq-of-order-4. _are, dr9j3,p9d. Then the error of the optimal value A 'the .0 f the- t 2 ~.-baaid of, eW djvemd~' he. -g the- field of cen a ~Luthor treats coplanar motion of a point of variable mass in ir 1 farce. These two theorems simplify the construction of appro-timate solutions of -~ar:ational prollems. The author determines approximate optimal trajectories of the Orig. art, has: 2 figures and 45 formulae. Motion of a point of variable mass. Z ASSOMIT . .. .. ..zon SUMUTTEM.- MICL. 00 SUB COM MA M NO- r---~F SOV i002 OTHE"R 1002 21"? .3, 1 3,1,2.00 89506 311043/60/000/001/012/014 0 111/ C 333 AUTHOR; movoselov, V. S. TITLEs lotions of mechanic systems with bindings depending on the variation of the masses PERIODICAL& Leningrad. Universitet. Vestnik. Seriya matematiki, zekhaniki i astronomii, no. 1, 1960, 132-141 TZXTs The author considers the set up of equations of motion of holo- nomous or nonholonomous systems with variable masses, where he assumes that the bindings depend on the mass variation. Assume that a system has lolonomous ideal bindings which depend on the Cartesian coordinatest time and masses. The general equation of the mechanics of variable masses (M W - r - Tj ) Sit - 0 j J j i where the reaction forces consist of impulse forces, Coriolis forces and forces depending on the relative accelerations, attains the formt Card 1/ 3 Notions of mechanic systems 2v 2 (& . j - i-1 j 2 aii 895W S/043/60/000/001/012/014 . . . 0 111/ 0 333 '!Q - 0 where are the generalized reaction forces. The prime means# that, for calculating the generalized forces, the virtual work must be considered which is caused by the dependence of the bindings on the mass variations. From this one obtains the Lagrange equations d 2T aT G dt 34i a qi I where the additional generalized forces are Card 2/3 89506 3/043/60/000/001/012/014 Notions of meohanio systems a Ili/ C 333 y L( dmj ,J) 3r, 2 qmj GI 'Ej , __:._ a dt Sq:L 2 4aqi As an example the author considers a three-wheeled car which rolls on a coarse horizontal plane, and the wheels of which consist of un- winding absolutely flexible strips. Then the author considers systems with holonomeous and nonholonomous bindings. An example with variable mass and nonlinear nonholonomous bindings depending on it is given. The author mentionst N. G. Chetayev, S. A. J"haplygin and P. V. Voronets. There are 5 Soviet-bloc references. SUBMITTED: October 27, 1958 Card 3/3 69756 S/043/60/000/ 007/011 ATJTHORs NovosLIO!, V'S. TITLEs The Fall of a Ball Drop Dtiring Evaporation or Condensation. Vapour on -its Surf6c-e PERIODICAL& Vestnik Leningradskogo universiteta, Seriya matematiki, mekhaniki i astranomi.1, 1960, No.2j pp 116-119 TEXTt The author considers the.slow and the quick.fall of a s pherical drop in a resting atmosphere with corte~,Ae=tion of the condensation or evaporatio'n on the surface of the drop. For the slow fall the velocity of condensation is described by the Maxwell law (Ref.2): (1, dm ekr, at - where a is the mass of the drop, r the radius of the drop, k=const. and e = +1 for condensation, e - -1 for evaporation. For the quick fall the result of Frdssling (Ref.3) 7' (2) e p r Y3-r dt - is used, where p=const 0 and Y is the velocity of the drop. For a small v the air resistance is put --IY,'rr27 and for a large v it is put - plCr2v2. For both casee the au-thor gives motion equations and integrates them approximately. Thexaare 4 referenceBs 2 Soviet and 2 German. SUBMITTEDt April 10, 1959 Gard 1/1 MOVOSRIDT, V.S. Malling of a soarical drop with evaporation, from and com- densatlon on Its surface. Test.Uff 15 no-7:116-119 160. (Drops) OM& 13:4) 8/103/60/021/06/02/010' B012/B054 AUTEEOR% Novosolov, V. S. (Leningrad) TITLE# Investigation of the Probable Stability by the Example of Automatic Control of Airplane Course PHRIODICALs Avtomatika, i telemekhanike, 1960, Vol. 21, No. 6, pp. 666 - 6T3 TEXT; It to assumed that the notion of an automatic control or regulating system is determined by differential equations with random parameters and random disturbing forces which, an a wholeg are designatod an random factors. If these random factors are missing, the motion of the system is called,undisturbed. Definition* are suggested for the probable stability, i.e., for the little and for the very probable stability of undisturbed notion. The term of llttle~probablo stability in a variant and a certain generalization of stability determination with respect to the upper dispersion.limits (Rof. 1). The definition of very probable stability is connected with the term given in the papers (Refs. 2, 3, 4, 5). Three theoreme are set up and confirmed. The explanations given are illustrated Card 1/2 Investigation of the ProblLble Stability by tile S/103/60/021/06/02/016 Example of Automatic Control of Airplane Course B012/B054 by an exaapl* of automatic control of airplane course with the aid of an autopilot at a constant speed of the servomotor. The inequality of Chebyehey and functions of A. X. Lyspunov (Hof. 9) are nentioned, There are 14 r0orencess 13 Soviet and I German. Card 2/2 AA7 . Q, 3/040/60/024/006/008/024 14.4too C Ill/ 0 333 AUMORs Novosolov, V. S. (Leningrad) TITLEs Notion of Nonlinear Gyroscopic Systems PERIODICALs Prikladnaya matematika i mokhanikag 19609 Vol. 24, No. 6, PP. 1030-1036 TEXTs In his former paper (Ref.1) the author has shown how to obtain in the general case the rigorous equations of motion of a mechanic system with gyroscopes with the aid of the Routh-function (1.2) R r Ck(H + hk) a aJk4J + a0 k) + T' (11 5~'Ihk) F., ( J ;. C was the axial moment of inertia of the k-th gyroscope, r the itr of gyroscopes, H a sufficiently large constant h. - hk(t)l a7m the cosine of the angle between the veatir of the angular velocity j and the axis of the k-th gyroscope, a the projection of the Ngular velocity of the bass on the axisoof the k-th gyroscope, Tlithe kinetic energy of the absolute motion of the elements of the suspensions,-of the casings, of the motors ate. Under application of the precession approximation it is put T* - 0. Card 1/ 4 8875s 3/040/60/024/006/008/024 0 Ill/ C 333 Notion of Nonlinear Gyroscopic Systems In the present paper the author gives asymptotic estimations which allow for finite variations of the position coordinates and velocities to state how far the procession approximation is satisfactory. The author particularly statess If the base of the gyroscopic system is fixed, and if the generalized forces of the absolute motion only contain terms of order zero with respect to H, then it holds J (2.6) jq i - gil - 0.(H- 1) , where qi and g correspond to the rigorous and to the approximative solution with'14 - 0. If the rigorous solution is iought in the form (H-1t) + xi(Ht) (2.1) qi - qjI then estimations of the kind x zil . 0(H-2), O(H-1)9 O(H-1) can be givent where the z i satisfy the same initial conditions as x i and certain simpler equations. In particular: Card 2/4 a5756 3/040/60/024/006/008/024 C 111/ C 333 ~0~634h ]j'X v is the north omponent of the velocity of the bass, R Jdius of the ea'rothgw angular velocity of the earth# 9 and Y ftlerian'-an I a (measured from the local vertical and the parallel to.the east * The author thanks A. Yu. ishlinakiy and Ya. ff. Roytenberg for advices. C;ard 3/4 Xotion of Nonlinear Gyroscopic Systems If a quickly rotating gyroscope of variable mass (Ref-3) is deflected from the vertical position by the angle '19 1 then in the variables 0 andIF it oarr'ies out oscillations arouna the approximative solu- tion defined by the precessiol theory$ the amplitude of these oscillations has the order H_ and the frequency has the order H. If the bass is movable and if the generalized forces can have the or- der of H',~then the approximative solution (T* - 0) reproduces correct- ly the gyroscopic motion in the coordinates 9 andf up to terms of order 019 where 01 - max 11-1, 0 ( VN 2, O(C42) 0 0V (a 1 0-v32gi 1 0 _V I (-LR+ CR(H+h),.,?$ 3/040/60/024/006/008/024 0 Ill/ C 333 Notion of Nonlinear Gyroscopic Systems There are 3 Soviet references. CAbstraottir's notes (Ref.1) is a paper of the author in Priklad~%&Y& Ix matematika-i makhanikag 19599 Vol. 23, No- 51 (Ref.3) is a paper of the author in Izv. AN BSSR OTRI 19589 No- Ill. SUMTTEDs. March 59 1960 Card 4/4 9 2 S/042 6.1/000/004/007/008 Ito% 17M 1144 D274P%3~02 AUTHORt Novosel S...- TME: Extremum property of Buler-Lagrange principle in nonholonomic mechanics FMIODICALt Leningrad. Universitet. Vestnik. Seriya matematikil mekhaniki. i astronomiip no. 4P 1961t 138 - 144 TEXTt-It is shown that for a mechanical system with nonholonomic constraints of Chetayev typet 'Pk (qjP 4it t).= 09 !F-k 64, 00 (1.1) and.variation defined by Voronetep A 6cLi I 64r = At 6ji(i lt 29 06-9 8) 6?k 09 (1.2) the functional of the Euler-Lagrange principle has a minimum on 290293/043/61/GOU/004/UO7/008 Extremum property of D274/D302 the actual trajectory. In such a formulationg the Ruler-Lagrange principle is expressed by t 2T dt = 09 Aqj. t = Aqi t At t = 0. (1-3) 2 1 If the system motion is considered as the motion of a point in s- dimensional spadeq then (193) is written as the Jacobi integral: (1-5) where h is the energy integral and II the potential energy. After a change,of variables one obtainst (1.6) Wz=' ..,d. . .. . . . qi fj qj0 Card 2/4 29029 5/043/61/000/004/007/008 Extremum property,of D274/D302 Iaochronous variation with fixed 41 is denoted by 61; such a varia- tion is called Jacobi's variational method. The constraints are assumed explicitly time-independent: Pk(qip qj) = Oo (1-7) The extremuih problem for the functional (1.6) reduces to that of . the Hamilton-Ostrogradakiy.principle with a more complex Lagrangian 1,. For the second variation of the functional (1.6) one obtains: 8!W= 9,'dq, + 0 (q, - qely. v, 1-2 where the quadratic form FB is positive definite. Hence the theo- rem is proved that for mechanical systems with homogeneous statio- nary constraints (1.1) and variation (1.2)p the functional W has a minimum on the actual trajectory# for small domains of integration. In the case of large domains of integrationg another formula app- liese As an examplet the motion# by inertiat of a diec along a rougi Card 3/4 A '9029U/043/61/OUO/004/007/008 Extremum property of'... D274/D302 horizontal surface is considered. There are 5 references: 3 Soviet- bloc and 2 non-boviet-bloc. (both in translation), A, Card 4A NOVOSFJ" v S. Extromm of the Hamiltoo.-Ostrogradskii principle in the non- holmmic mechanics- (with summary In Suglim4l. Vest* WU no, 33:121-130 161-0 (KM 14:1) (Mechanics, Analytic) N - AOVOSF.LOV , V.S. Extrmm properties of the Ealer-laaange principle in non- holonam,do mechanics. Veat*LGU 16 no.19:13&-I" 261. (MM 14:10) (*chanIcs, Analytic) 33536 S/043/62/000/001/006/009 Wqqoo 111.4too D299/D303 AUTHOR: Novoselovp V.S. TITLE: ExtremiAm property of integral principles of non- holonomic mechanics in nonholonomiv coordinates PERIODICAL: Leningrad. Universitet. Vestnik. Seriya matematiki, mekhaniki i astronomiiv no. 1p 19 19620 124 - 133 TEXT: Variational apparatus (up to the second order) in nonlinear, nonholonomic coordinates is developed; formulas are derived for the second variations of the integrals of the Hamilton-Ostrogradskiy and Euler-Lagrange principles in same coordinates. For nonholonomic systems with constraints of the Chetayev type and variations as defined by Voronets, the Hamilton-Ostrogradakiy principle is writ- ten in nonholonomic coordinates as follows: t2 1j Ldt = Op 19 2p t 1; 1 ~1 levitl = Slevlt2 = 0 (1.2) Card 1/4 33536 3/043_/62/000/001/006/009 Extremum property of integral ... D299/D303 The kinematic characteristics e., corresponding to the nonholonomic coordinates Yiq are introduced by formulas eV = eV (qiq 4iP OF (1-3) 1+k = Fk (qiO 40 t)' The variations (as defined by Voronets) in nonholonomic coordina- tes are Se d Ir, , 8 w'6V 6.,JY 0. Z J J +k j=1 (1-5) The functional ,J t2 'j V Ldt (in nonholonomic coordinates) has a minimum on the real trajectory Card 2/4 33536 8/04 6416061009' 0/0 -integral ExtremUm property! of D299M3023 his -or amia'I of 'integration ' As nonholonomic coordihat"lo jnore gentral.'thin lagrangLan coordinatesq- it is of interest Ide- velop~~.,formal~-*ari:atio~nEi1 apparatus in such coordinates, and 'to di- ~ y, cale'ulate on that bats. A direcit expression is derived rectl __Ifor t.he-.Etoooiici-,Vii~i6Ltidzl.'of:~hLi Hamilton-Ostrogradakiy functional in 'nnnhol'onomi-d coordinates.. -After computationst one obtains 84 82 84 i, L (2.6) ~Vy Y 63id 'A bjqt + 0(t2 ~0*1. where bvv ---i:a8vp cc being ah'infihitesimal quantity* If the equa- tions-for the Ohetayev-constraints are homogeneous in 4ip-the Buler -Lagrange principle can be written-in nonholonomic coordinates Card,3/4 33536 3/043/62/000/001/006/009 ..Extreffnim property of integral D299/D303 -77-777:777 -A 2T 'Art (L a (3-3) i awto ~=O~ The following.theorem is -p rovedtIn determining the Voronets-varia- tion for mechanical systems with stationary.homogeneous Chetayev- constraiAts of first order, -the --Xuler-X~agrange functional in nonho- coordinates (of first order) has a minimum on the real trajectory for small domains of integratione The above re- sults are illustrated by an.example of S.A.- Chaplygin (Ref. 6: Iss- ledovaniya po dinamike negolohomnykh eistem (Investigating the Dj- namics of Nonholonomic Systems)# M.-Lo GITT'J, 1'149); this example involves rotation of a solid body about its ve ical axis. There are 6 references: 5 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Boviet-bloev (in transla- tion). Card 4/4 .MTHOR: TITLE: PERIODICAL: S/146/62/005/003/014/OL4 D234/D303 NovoselovV V.S. Shock tests of measuring instruments Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Priboro- st-:-oyaniye, V. 51 no. 31, 1962, 141-149 TMCT: TIm author describes a part of the results.of an in- vestigation on the design of shock absorbers conducted at the labora- tory of vibrations of LGU. Conditions of the shock tests, experi- Mental- study of these on a plate and transition shields (iAre tenso- meters, high-speed filmingr and oscillograms we;re'appliegl) are des- cribed. Dynamical characteristics of the shocks obtained by study- ing the oscillograms are discussed. rzcperimental investigation of shock conditions of instruments provided with a shock absorber is described and illustrated vith examples. 'Mere are 7 figures., ASSOCIATION: - Leningradskiy ordena, Lenina gosudarstvemyy universi&- tet iri.* A.A. Z*adanova (Leningrad State University im". Card ~/2 A.A. Zhdanov) S/146 ./62/00-5/003/014/014 Shocic tests ol! measuring instruments D234/DS08 SUM-11TTED: November 10, 1961 Card 2/2 NOVOSELOVO V.S. Structural dwacteristles of rubber shook absorbers. lxv.rfs.- uchob.uv.; prib. 5 no-41105-114 162. OURA 150) 1. Laningradakiy ordena Lenim gosudarstvannyy universitat Imeni A.A.Zhdanova. Rakomendovana. kafedroy tooratichaskoy makhaniki. - - (Shook absorbers) - NOVOSELOV, Extremum properties of the integral principles of nonholonomic mechanics in nonbolonomic coordinates. West. LGU 17 no.1:124-133 962. (KIRA 1 ':,. 1) (Mechanics, Analytic) Ns~i or a rubber-cushlonod Instrument mchanim durIM Impact tests. Isv. vp. ucheb. Saw.1 Wdb. 6 mo.ZQ07-224 163. OM 16:4) L lieningradqkLy ordena lAnina gogmda"tyemWy vnivereltat Imeld A. A. ;hdanova, Rekomendavans. kafedroy teorstichaskoy makkaniki. (Shook absorbers) Nbasuring instrwments-Testing) MOVOSE-LOVO V.S. Optlzme double-izpalse transfer betimen orbits with ffmn I&I.Inations mid eccentricities,, Biul,lnst.toorastron. 9 1~6-52295-309 !63. 174) -4V.,YjU 'oLYA.F1 F -IOV, N.N. , otv, reel.; ""p-NOVOrAW MATVFYEVA, (Djnamica of a material polnt; mathodologIcal instnictions no.3, on the course of theoretical mechanics for the third- year correspondence obidents In state universities with specialties "Ma them, ati,-~s , 11 "Mechanics" and "Astronon7"] Di.- namika materiallnoi to~~hkl; rietodichoskie ukazaniia No.3. po kursu teoreticheskoi makhaniki diia studentov III kursa zaochnogo o1racherdia goaudnrstvezinykh undversitnt,ov po spetsiallnos-tiam 4NaLe7vq.tika,~' 'T~,Ahenikall j "Astronamila." Leningrad$ 1964. 33 p. (xim a-!.-9) 1, Leningrad, Universite-t. (Adel zao,-?hnogo obichenJya. Ma- tematikc-mekhanicheskiy fakul7tet. NOVOSM'107~ Yc:. Icjr. 31 2-3 11 :64 19:2) 1. ncg a i 'Aomi;-~= a r,,qg a in~~ -~i.a li.ns L rc;yu-.: yi T ",,So 8/0179164/0001001/0101/0103, ACCUSION 016. AP40.18429 ~AutAORt violoolov V. 'So (Leningrad)' :1TITLE-1 Influence of it transient lcombus.tLou regime and rotation 10 -as the stain vector and mat mouent of the reaction fcccf he n .-t rocke-t -4#$No taw@ Vtd, tekhi asuki Makhaniks m a *at % -_,.$oVjtC91t AN I ashiso troy y ITOM TAM rocket propulsion# rocket, Coriolis force, combustion ABSTRACT t When the combustLon,chamber is rotating rapidly with the I ensine.operating, the Coriolts'forces and moments may reach v ry high Valu*$* Several evolved equations show that this depend: on ~the`,4ngu Lac velocity of rat tlon* The Coriolis forces and moments a must be considered to the favesittitation of long duration rocket flijost especially when investigating stability., The Coriolis forces and 1-momeniog as the relative acceleration of particles, aLsai- ificantly,'Influenee the~matlon of rackets of the I* Ve Hashchorskiy typ Ia kat length and-tho:rolative velocity of where L-Le.the roe particle disebarse pump As cesipacati,vely low* For 1/2 flit "-N, -;f/pi~ 4 AC&tIBI~*,0# --NX-v AP404446-3 43/f AUTHORs to~i~6601ov v S Ain TITLZ I Application of analytic d mice methods in the theory of optimal flights SOURCE: Leningrad. Univc:sitet. Vestnik. Seriya matematiki, i Mekhaniki i astronomiip not 3, 1964, 133-146 TOPIC TAGSt analytic dynamics, optimum proc-ess# optimal fligh t opcimal trsnofer, Pontryagin principle, Weierstrass condition, performance functioual -",13 T-R M; T t- The methods of analytic mechanics are applied to the u-d f s t-7 0 1 _ego a a lsuimp.k-i oils, a- t' them -behavior of the control plant is deser.ibed by and that the control,- b-~ o optimal control is defined an the selection from the got of allow" Card 1/3 ACCESSION SRI AP4044463 &blv control functions of a control function such that the sy 5 tem 6--takaa from~thx inittal atate to the terminal state in a finite vwl toollky d ditional thd-firot variation of the porform4nce functional Li The oxprespiou derivad is integrated Dver the specially defined -yti -anal -a-me Manizq,q_T d&f VdVidw-ot' it ohe,- 'ov t m n ma. e --irkiace:saary con performance functional consists in determining the maximum of the Hamiltonian function on the apti-nal tr'ilectory. Thts condition coin- cides with the principal cond"Ition of the maximum principle of Pontryd8in and is equivalent ro the 4ciertrass optimality condition& Additional conditions are presented under whic"'i the necessary opti- Malfty condition will be also The possibility of deter- mining the optimum control !Aii! 1to-n-,73robi method is indi- di," no a ferential equation. As an example of the application of the Hatwil- tan--.Jacobi method, the optimaL impulse transfere between two allip- Ca r-c-2 / 3 C) ACCESST09 NRI AP4044463 tic coplanar orbits in the gravitational,field of a symmetric central body are considered. Equations describing optimal impulse transferee, 58 f-ormulas, are derived, Origa A-4t; hast -Htss T-31 0 1, 5 UB14IT-TE W NEI -14 XIj L 0 SUB CODE MA NO Ittr SOV: 006 OTHERt' 003 -771 113 NOVOSFJDV, V.S. Use of-t~e methods of analytic dynazics In the theory of optlaum filghts. 7est. WU 19 no.13t133-146 t64,(HTRA 1728) NO - I ~-", C-Dtir-nbq space ascent. of ar interapianetary rocket to a orbit, Uch- Zap, LGU no,323.169-182 164, ( 'Cl RA In/ ; 12 ) NOVOSELOV, Viktor Sergeyevich; POLYAMOV, N.N., otv. red. I (Dinamics of a material system; methodological instructions No.1 on the course of theoretical mechanics for third year correspondence students of state universities specializing in "Mathematics," "Mechanics" and "AstrananTfll Dinamika ma- terialInc' sistemy; metodichaskie ukazaniia No.1 po karsu teoretichaskoi makhaniki dlia studentov III kursa, zaocbnogo obuoheni-a gosudarstyanafth universitatov po spetsip"no- stiam "Matematika," 'Hokhanika," i "Astronomiia.0 Leningrad, 1964. 40 P. (MIRA 18:3) 1, Leningrad, Universitet, Otdol saochnogo obuchenlya. Matematiko-makhanicheakiy fakulstato NCIVOSMUR V.S. . -1.1 M- -1%--1-.t----., I ---l-, DEngireering, calculation of optimum shr,-,k. absorptJon of menhhniums in shock-resistant instruments. lIzv.vys.uckeb.zav.; F---Ibo 7 no.6s98-104 164. (,MT RA 18:2) 1. lkningradskiy ordena Lanina gosudarstvennyy unIv-arsitet iment Didanova. Rekamendovana kafedroy teoreticbeakoy mekhatil ki . c )AP: :A F r-), 17, a ej - -~N N'R: iVI ',-~ C, 12 3 3 P, -.0 4 X!go%lov, V. S. Change in the radius of a :,r.,i - ix, e P~han e F: LeiniLzraq . lip, -Ive rs i tt,. 9r AGS combustion, irr~,p], e r:i ~i., --,i7 1-:q,id eritnous commbust `TTA,- T: "Ine motion of' a droplet of fuel -ela-ve tQ 5. '-ori zontal s'~-.ream of aJr 4 th- rhanges of its radius due to evaporation were analLyzed, A f Ormula describing aT i,&z-. of tine dr:~p_'et ~k s .1 W~ f r a for-mu-'a ~xpre~ r: 7~cnt~iI c"ue o -.~va-- Grig, ext. bas o 17.z AC' nore Sj i7B --3 02r),t64 N E: PR F SOV: ESS: 4001) DO 3 A- R MONSELOV VIS, Possibly simat transfer in the field of central force. 11ch.zapACU so*3289150-159 165, (KIRA M10) NOVOSEIA)V, V4S. Theory of the approximate solution of variatJonal problens and its application to the study of the motion of a point of variable mass. Vest. LGU 20 no.1:110-120 165. (MIRA 18-2) NOVOSELE~z ~V.S. Variation of the radius of a spherical droplet. Vest LGU 20 no.7:163-164 165. (KMA 18:5) NOVOSELOV, V.S. Trajector7 of a point of variable mass in the central fields Vest. IGU 20 no*19:347-156 165, (MIRA 18110) L 05 861-67 EXP(c-)/'K4T(1) TJP(c) qD Acc NKs ATW224T4 (A) SOURCE CODE:::U.B/0000165/000/000/0liFl/0152 AUMMR: V. S. None ell TITLE: Analytical dynamics and optimum flight paths SOURCE: Vaesoyuznyy s"yezd po teoreticheskoy i prikladnoy mekhanike. 2d, Moscow, 1964, Analitichaskaya mekhanika. Ustoychivost' dvizheniya. Nebesnaya ballistika, (Analytical mIechanics. Stabillty of motion. Celestial baUistice); trudy s"yezda, no. 1. KbaccV, izd-vo Nauka, 1965, 141-152 TOPIC TAGS: Hamiltonian Jacobi equation, optimum trajectory, motion mechanics ABSTRACT: The author considers an object vith an equation motion- having the form where uk(t) are controls or controlling functions which may be-piecevise-cal2tinuous, and t is time. The controls should satisfy the conditions Uft UA, < UAS, U&I CM-St, U&I =const. ACC NRI AT6022474 0 In particular the conditions a" co, uks =_ oo may be fulfil-led for all 'or some con trols. It is assumed that a unique trajectory in the given system corresponds to any. permissible control and the explicit conditions relating the-boundary values of the * variables in the general case are given in terms of the coordinates of the initial and final points of the trajectory with respect to time. Controls are chosen to give a minimirm value to a given functional calculated on these controls. The Hanilton- Jacobi method is used for solving the system of canon'ical equations which determine the optimun.trajectory of the given object. Orig. art. has: 41 formulas. SUB CODE: 12/ SUBM DATE: 04Dec65/ ORIG IW: 008/ OM PJW: 006 kh V E/2 rap Novoselov. Vikto r Sergeyevich Variation methods In mechanics (Variatsionnyye [Lenhwad1'Tzd-vo Leningrad. unly., 1966. 66 printed* metody Y zekhanIke) p. biblio. 5900 copies TOPIC TAGS: analytic sechanics, variational nothodjintegral principle PURPOSE AND COVERAGE: This book contains a brief elucidation, usually without proofs of the theorems and final fq ,Vmulasg of the basic concepts and methods of analytic mechanicsM It discusses some methods for applying the calculus of variations to analytic mechanics and the properties of the trajectories of mechanical systems with holonomic and nonholonomic constraints of the Appel- Chetayev type. The stationarity and the minimality of the Hamilton- Ostrogradokiy and the Ruler-Lagrange integral principles are dis- cussed; the minimality of the Gauss principle Is justified for mechanical systems of this type; and the integral Invariants of canonical systems, contact transformations, the Hamilton-Jacobi method of integration, and perturbation theory are discussed* The book is intended for scientists, engineers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates as a brief but comparatively complete guide to modern methods of analytic mechanics. Card I / 2 L 05071-67 ACC NR-. Am6olaM TABLE OFCONTENTS (abridged): Foreword -- 3 Introduction Ch. 1. DIAlembert-Lagrange variation of holonomic systems -- 5 Ch. 11. D I Alembert-L!LjiEjLpjtS_yj~.F1&t Lon or nonholonomic system* 21 Ch, III. Gaussian variation Ch. IV. A theory of optimal processes based on the methods of au&lytLe mechanics -- 58 Basic notation .- 68 Index -- 69 Bibliography -- TO SUB CODZt 20/ SUBM DAM OTF*b66/ ORIG REP: 026, MWI*M"v reo (Kazan$) I - Fundamentals of classical-analysis and the theory of analytic functions in a -poljndic region* Izv. vys. ucheb., sav.; mat, no, 5s-71-88 163. (MM 16: n) GALAM, G.I.OT9S~kqv,,Te,N. Baikal. Irkutsk,, Limnologicheakii in-t Sibirskogo otd- niia AN SSSR. 1964. 1 v. (MIRA 18:3) KOVOSUM To S. Inshenero WAR-1 1-00 Dmm3Lopmnt of On building and road constr=tIon mah1nez7 Industr7. YAO&.strol.12 no.1:3-10 4T&155* (mm 8:3) 1. Ministr strottelinogo 1 dorozhmgo mashinostroyonlyso (Building mwhinery) (Road wchInGz7) NOVOMOV U.S. lomoidlate task@ of the ball4ing oind rc&4 machlner7 Inolustry.5trol. I dor.mehinostv. 1 A 156. (KERA 10:1) 1. Klnlstr strolt*llnogo I doro-shnogo mshtnostroVenlya. (Building machinery industry) (Road mchtnery) NDTOSEMV. Y6 S Building and road construction machinery manufacture In thw sixth five-yoar plan. Kakh. trud. rab. 10 no.8:28-31 Ag 156, UM 9:10) 1. Kinistr strottellnogo I doroshnogo mashinostroyanlya. (Building machinery) (Road machinery) lovom", ro.s. .-, ~ , - --; Bulldlm aM road machinery Industry lu the sixth five-year plan. Ylmkh.s~rol.13 no.11:5-11 1 156. (WAVA 9:12) l.Slulatr strattellpago I doroshnogo mahimantroyenlya. (Road machinery) (Building uschinery Industry) NDVDSEI_0V' C. AIJTHOR-. None - given. 5 -_-TITZI: Problems of Pleahanization Discussed at an All-Soviet Conference on Building,,. (Voprosy mekhanizatsii na vsesoyu--nom sevesA. 4 hchan-Li pc stroitel'stva). PI$RIODICAL: Mekhanizatsiya Stz~oitell stva, 1958 Jq Nr 5, pp 3-7. ABSTRACT: An All-Mdon Conference on 'building organized by the TsK KPSS and the Council of Ministers of VA* MSR was held in Moscow -tetween 10th and l2th April 1958. 'hu ' zat ion The main topics disaassed were buildil2a, med . d and the manufact,,ire of building, and road buiiding machines. (Main speakers:Ye. S.Novoselov, Minister and Head of the rrcsplan of-U-MT-a-07 =.. Levin.. Chair- man of the Gosstroy of USSR4 Mr. Novoselov read a paper on the mecheirLzation and the manufacture of building and road building machines during the period .1955/51. Engineer N. Y&.Ko=1o-d of Glavmosstroy pre- sented a ,new implement for the manufacture of fencing and external walls. Mr. Levin of Gosstroy of USSR reported on the. 'Morease in the number of building machines since the second A.11-Soviet Conference on building. At present tb-e Gosstroy of USSR has 19 Card 1/2 sovAOO-58-5-1/15 Problems of Mechani zati o-.: DJ sri~zssed at an A-I-Soviet, Conference on aa factories for the mai-tenanca of building machines. The manufacture of with a capacity of 75 tons is advccated due to the increasing use of precast reinfc,rced concrete uc--.~stxuct ions. Ur. i'lo-stotiskiy of Gcsplan -;f uSSIR requested the manufaQture of certain types of small machines and instruments re- quired in the buildingtrade.-i. Odiotm6tion workefd ,Tishchenko, Gnltla-av and Kuzneisov pointed out tlie shortcomings of exc;w;&,.tor:;3 mamufa2tured by I'Ralbochiy hetallist." factory. The sera,~er D-374 was reconstructed. Engineer Gor buno-k~ c�' Gi avat ro-.ymekhani zat sly* of the ministry of Tran6portation demanded the -expansion and co-ordination of acieYr4-ific research in the field of maintenance of building m&:;hinery. The co-ordinating body should be (RfIOKIIP. Akademii stroitel' i arkhitekil-'Ury SS.SR) 'KI-MVP cf the Academy of Building and of tiSSR. 1. Construction--Equipa-att 2. Road building equipmenr--Production Card 2/2 NoVOSELO~~ SO-11/122-58-6-32/37 AUTHOR: Korolev, A.A., Candidate of Technical TITIR: Dev I Prospects for the Manufacture of Metallurgical f8puniffil" h razvitiya metallurgicheskogo mashino- stroyeniya) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Mashinostroyeniya, 1958, Nr 6, pp 80-82 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A branch conference on metallurgical engineering plant, convened at the Uralmashzavod in Sverdlovsk by the Otdel mashinostroyeniya Gosplana (Mechanical Engineering Division of the State Planning Commission of the USSR) is reported. 400 delegates representing 22 economic councils, 14 research institutes 24- design institutes and 29 metallurgical equipment manut-acturing plants were present (including the Uralmashzavod, the Novo-Kramatorskiy zavod (Novo-Kramatorskiy Works), Staro-Kramatorskiy mashinostroitellniy-zavod (Staro-Kramatorsldy Plant), Zlektrostall skiy zavod tyazhelogo mashinostroyeniya (Blektrostall Plant) ' the Yuzhno-Ural'- skiy zavod tyazhelogo mashinostroyeni?a,(Yuzhno-Ural.'skiy Plant), the Irkutskiy mashinostroitel nyy zavod (Irkutsk Plant), the Novosibirskiy mashi-nostroite.Lniy zavod (Novosibirsk Plant)) as well as 16 steel Works (including Card 1A9 the Kagnitogorskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat, the Azovstall, 2- SOV/122-58-6-32/37 Developt'.qent" Prospects for the Manufacture of Pletallurgleal Equipment the Zaporozhstall, the Novo-Tagilbkiy Works, Euznetskiy metal lurgicheskiy kombinat (Kuznetsk YletallurCical 'oi:.-bil'o). In his opening address, Ye-S. Novoselov, Minister oi the USSR, emphasised that t1ii'State Pla-nni"Rng Commission attached great importance to the conference. Vinogradov, K.K., deputy director of the mechanical-engineering division of the State Planning Commission, pointed out that the production of metallurgical equipment increased 16-fold in theperiod between 1932 and 1957. The manufacture of rolling-mill equipment increased 24-fold. Betmieen l9cl and 195?, 2? blast furnaces, 5? open-hearth furnaces, 35 rolling and tube.mills were built and erected and 22 rolling mills were completed, awaiting erection. This equipment was responsible for an increase of 18.2 million tons of pig iron, 24.9 million tons of steel and 19-3 million tons of rolled products. An improvement in quality and a rise in productivity have taken place. During the period between 1959 and 1965, the manufacturers have the ta9k of con- structing powerful blast furnaces of 1 719 m2 and even 3 2 286 m, capacity, the largest in the world. New designs card2/9 of automatic skip hoists,, weighing carriages, charging NUICCELOV ye.s. lanufacture of construction machinery is the principal +-chri.- cal basis of the consti"action industry. Stroi. i dor. mash. 9 no.1:1-3 Ja 164. (MLU 18:7) 1. Predvedatoll Gosudarst-vannogo komiteta stroitellnogo, dorozlinogo i kommunallnogo Bins hi nos llroyenlp pri Gosstroya SSSR. F-O'IOSEMV, Ye.s. We welcome partiolWts to the Ekhibition. Stroj.ji dor. mash. 9 no.8:1-2 Ag 164 .. WIRA 18al) 1. Kinl- I - SSSIII i ftedsedaiiil Organ izats ionnogo kondtata f,',szbdu- narodncrvystavki s trod tel tiiy.&h I dorozhnykh mashin i razliclu"Y'kh sredstv-,mekhanizatsii strolteltno-montazlmykh rabot. r'? myos=.. TAT-- . IITooiagiciathowy of the dLviAlblUty of lhtepriv* lkh. up. ZGPI 60-23 160 (MIU 15:7)./ (Topoloa) (Ikubereq Theory of) MOVOSELOV, IG.V. Topological theory of polystdic numbers, Trudy Kit, Last, AN Gruzo SSR 2761-69 160. (WRA 15:3) (Algebraic topology) -KOVOSEIDVI YeAl Integmticn on one bicompact rings, and applications to the theory.of n=bera. Izv. vya. ucheb. zav.; mat.. no.3,066-79 161. (MIU 1-4:7) lo Ka--anakly gosudarstvennyy univeraitet imeni V*I.Mlyanova- Janina, (Rirgis (Algebra) ) (U=bers,, Theou of ) NOVOSEMV, Y~,.V. - Topological and metric properties of the multiplicative structure of prime numbers. DokI. AN SSSR W no.6.-1255- 1257 F 962. - (14M 15:2) 1. 1. Kazanskiy gosudarstvevny7 universitet Jm. III.V.Lomonosova. Predstavleno, akademikom I.M.Vinogradovym. (K=bers., Prime) (Distance geometry) ROVOSELOV, Te.v. Sow formulae related to a reduced residue system. Dokl. AN SSSR 143 no.6:LI74-1277 Ap 162. MRA 15.4) 1. Kannskly gosudarst"nnyy universitst Im. M.Ullyanova-lanina. Predstavleno akademikom I.M.Vinogradovym. (Numbers, Theory of) (Congruences and residues) PILINSKIYO V.I-., inzh.; ](OVOSEWV, .-Yu.A.,,, ~nzh. DaterjAnItt, the'ithermal Iffeld at -tm&. Uple-pass grinding of, hard alloys., 743t,amaaaoptz~.' 43 no.1l.-46-51 N 163. ()dOA 17.- 2) KVALIVASSERP V.I*v kand. tekhn. nf~uk; ANDA-41,J.SHI,,VIVJI, Yu.M., kand. teb--hn. nauk, dotsent; NOVOSELOV, Yu"., Inzh. Effect of torsional vibrations of the d:,i,;e from the spindle to support in the 1811 semiautomatic relieving lathe on the quality of machined parts* Izv*vys*ucheb.zav.; mashinostr. 110.4:160m167 164, 18-1.) 1. Kuybyshevskiy politekhnicheskiy institut. REZNTKOV, A.N.-, NOV05FLOV, Yu.A. 0 ~ -'; - ~' Approximate method for calculating temperature fields in vedgea. Inzh. fiz. zhur, 7 no.61114-119 164* (MIRA M12) 1. Otraslawaya nauchno-proinedstvannaya instrumentalInaya, laboratoriya,, Kuybyshev. MOVOSELOV, Yu.A. Old erosional surface in the Kichiga River basin* Vop. 0 . Kamch. no. 2:106-108 164 (Mm Iral NOVOSUGf, Yu. K. "Effect of Grass Mixture Covers of Different Composition and Some Other Agrotechnical Methods on the Flax Yield." Cand Agr Sci, Moscow Agricultural Acad imeni Timryazev,, Moscow., 1953. (RZhBiol, No 4, Oct 5U) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Sducational Institutions (10) So: Sum. No. 481, 5 May 55 Country : USSR 14 Category: Cultivated Plants. Cormnrclal. Oil-DearinG. Sua2r-Dearine. Abs JOUr: r=iol., No 111., 1958, No 49022 Author Noyceeloy Yu. X. Inst Tirdryuzcv izriculturai tcud. Title The Influence of the Standard (~=tity cuid the Manner of SowinG oil the C~Iuality of P.Lber-Fl= Seed. Orig Pub: rzv- Tiraryazovsk. a.-kh. akad., 1956, uo , 63-68 I'l.batz-act: In the years of 1553 and 1954, _Jnvcstige"-_'oas On the effect of ;ho rm=er of sowing (wide.. double and dense rous) of fiber-flax, together with dif- ferent standard quantities, on the harvest and qualitY of seeds have been carried out at the flax Card 1/3 m-lo6 Country : USSR M Category'. Cultivated Plants. Comarcial. Oil-Bearing. SU(Ar-DearinG. ,L's Jc'L'~c: RW-401-, TO -11, 1958., No 49o22 experimental station Of the Timiryazav Arricultural Academy. _12 the flax was planted sparsely, the MMIber of fniits on the plants increased. The total harvest Of smds was PractiCaUY the sam for thin and dense sav~.n&,-, but the propagation coefficient Ll was higher by a factor of 2 - 5 for t' in sowing. The format�on of scads is wre Intense in the case of dense s(Aiin&- If the stems are thick, the abso- lute veialit of seeds is lower. The absolute weight of the seeds is higher in the first periods after aced formation than at later tives. This distinction is particularf-ly acute in the case of thin sowing. Card 2/3 Country : USSR it Cautcaory: Cultivated Plants Comiercial. Oil-Dearina. Sugar-DearinC;. Abs Jour: R=iol., No 11, 1958., Ito 49022 The mat even seed material has been obta:Lned. from dense cultures. Vie sowing of linsceds obtained fran sp=sely sown cultures somewhat decreases the harvest of oeeds and quality of the straw. -- D.D. Dakhmistrov Card 3/3 M-107 IMVDSELOV# Xu.K.p kand.sel'skQkh*xyaystve-nnykh nauk For more -Utensive utilization of cropland in the non-Chemozm zone. "Zenledelie 23 no.3:1&-21 Kr 961. (MMA 14:31) 10 Veen .nauchno-isoledmteltskiy inatitut kormov Imeni. (Agriculture) NGVOSMV, Yu.K.,q kand..sellkhoz. nauk; RO,GGV.. M.S.; POLYAKOVA., V,,, red.; 7 TUMZEBK3NAq M.p tekbn. red* [Raising forage beans for seed) Kormovye boby na semen&. Koskva, Mosk, rabochii, 1962, 24 p, (=A 1516) 1. NaucbzWy rabotnik volostnogo lspolnitellnop komlteta Moqkcvskoy oblasti (for Rogov). (Moscow Province-Beam) #:I.De, kand.mel'okokhoz.rauk; K=VWSM, kand.sellskokhox. okh UVA- j-Tu.K., kand.sellsk os.nw* NImd pbmtIvgo and the Swedish fly# Uohchraxt,ot vrtdi bol, 7 no.037-38 Ap 162. (MM 1502) lo Toeoo7u=37 institut cashchit7 ranteuiy (for Sha iro). 2., Vseso- yu=W institat kormov (for Karavymnokiy, govooelcW5 ~(Gorn (Wive))-Diseases and pests) (Trit flies) KOREIMSKIYP B.S.; 11 Standardizing electric actuating mechanisms. Standartizatsila 25 no46:22-24 A 161.' (MM 14:6) I (Electric motora-Standards) i 137-58-4-8434 Translation from; Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 4, p 302 (USSR) AUTHOR: N ke TITLE: Rare Elements (Redkiye elementy) PERIODIC-AL. Oktyabr', 1957.. Nr 9, pp 177-179 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry !. Rare earth elements-Bibliography Card 1/1 MMLINA, IT.G.; MUO4N1QT 0__A! - RYCHKOV, R.S. Dissolution of micropowders of fused aluminum oxide and the determination of impurities It contains. Zav.lab. no.11:1293-1294 159. (MIRA 13:4) (Aluminum oxides) (Metala-- Analysis) 3/020J62/147/004/018/027 RIOT/Ble6 .,'AUTHORS.- _1orenev#-.,. M.' Simanov,, Yu. Pf"~ (Deceased), an YU '16yosel 'A~ A I Corresponding Member AS-USSR ova, -TITLE: Vihombic-mod'ification of ber~yllium -fluoride JPERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSRi Dokladjy,v;~-147, no. 4, 1962, 846-848 I structures. So -TEXT i - e struct,urps Be? are similar to-thi 5 P2 th 2 ;ypei 0'.-structures have been found, -oquartz# a-quartz, far, the foll6wIngA till.4 - i "-' " d r cristabali e,:an _a-c ~is obalitO. i The present, paper describes a news ifioibiic mod if ic' t ion f B' F. w1i Itch'' is ' s -to ~"be -' f structure similar -A a 0 a a Butwed, 0 to, tridymi .te. -1his mod if id4tion had already been detected, during the thermal Big Of ~the NaF -BeF eystenjA.Y.."Novoseloya, M.Ye. Levinal at- and M. P i 'Save 11 ieva'.. zhxKht v. ~ 3,1: 2 562 (1956) 4." ~), Ut, It could not be found' succel 0-0 b 'photography'.;, Thel.authore-* tdad in piftparing a mixture of Z y X-4ay 0 gefZ_ contain ij '-'4%`ZrF an n ig 00, 0 d 20 ma Ng argo pressure tat ~590' der Ratterne were by..25a'-hr temp ring.suitablej, or.X-ray 6ha Y8 S., 01Q-rd V 'Card 1/3 .810 rhombi* modification of 2YO62/147/004/018/027 B10 B 7, B186 ~,---ASSOCIATION: Moskjvskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet Im. M.V. Lomonosova (Ito ow.Stat Universit imeni X.V, Lomon- y 0807) SUBMITTED: July 18, 1962 LEYKDi. Ye.R.; GUTIRA, SjL.; CMMMM, I.K.; GRANKINA, L.d.; PAVW, A.A.; NWOMWVA, A.A. Introducing tIm-tattery method ror ion-exchangs p~rirlcatlon or xylose syra". Gidro3-ts* i lemokhim. prom. 16 no.2:35-16 '63. UMA 16t. 6) 1. GosudarstvmmW nauchno-issladovatellskly institut g1dro- Usnay i aullfitnospirtovoy prmyshlennosti (for Leykin, Gutina). 2. FerganskLy -gidrolizrWy savod (for Cherazukhin, Grankina, Favlov, Novoselova). (171086) (ion exchange) A- r US=/ Physical Choodstry - Crystals B-5 Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - KhI-Iya,, No 4, 1957P 10941 Author : Kirkins, D.P., MovogAlouLA.B.. Inst- : AimdmW of Sct;HEes EAM , . Simonov Yu.P. Title : On Pblywrphim of Berylliun Pluoride orig Pub : D*l. m sm, 1956., 1o7,, so 6, 837-838 Abstract : fttram=, BeF2 (1) formed an thermal decompositidn, of axw=lus fluoro-beryl- late and having the structure of low-tempertture chrlstobalite,, In endother- ALU,y transfornied at 130P into cubic form (face centered lattice, a 6.78, kX)J, analogmw to the high-teMpratu" fam of christobalite. In a numflmr Of Instances on heating of 1: endotherna effect to observed-st 40& but trawforwtion into now form lernot revealed'rowt grOphically. I be- gins to Mit at 5W but main bulk of I =Its at 7W; steNise wArng of I indicates slow transfornstion of Its nodifacations. I nist'be regarded as a pseudo single-componimt system. Card 1/1 kto 4-44 4 444-4]6 9 0 4 0 0 0 -9 0 0 0 1) IQ pl~ N u P rd u 19 m W U. IC r. 10 (1 14 it 4t (S 00 8 (A Iq I T Q K ~Qc OR M 0, 4T* MO 056LOVA 4, 4 4 v 1~ 11,00 00 eil -00 In. - k V M o u . so ii- - A. J. Ap~ 1krya and I , vicb Eag(isk, a5ml .-The .1 " u" fracti i - ve ac I ON 1) the pa's l its e l . - If t "A (2) the ion Go Elktik g$= with i;: which am caawcttd tbC Vecirc antll""' (rW_ 904'. 1 .00 .. uvm wVd. by dinvt tkctra- (jam al Wablic a&" es 13 Cf.C.A.35.6m" 00 A. A. B4xbtftk . 00 . Ze 0 0 Of i fie la l u R roe ot. -so , 1 too jel A%O.V%4 441AULPIWAL kilfffilkAt CLAWfICOKIN too u it- AV 40 a" A rTj $A 141040144 o m IN, I 0 R I Iwo@ I a I I V t 9 VE a 19 C ? t Ot 4 , p 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * of 0 O.,e 0 0, 0 l 0000 0 a vAl KOROVINO A.L.; ROTOSSWTA. A.1. -,- XASTOROTIGH, R.A. ClInIml ani IMor&tory chmacterlstlas of laluessal p~monla. Trw4y AUK SSM 28;189-197 -28:199~-197 153. Off-RA 7: 8) 1, U Ot4ol& vlrusologll lostituta opidentologil Is. ftatera I propedowtichodwy toropwtIoUskoy klinikl I Lonlogradskago seditsinskago Umtltuta In. LP,.Pavlova. Inf IUMS&I pasononla) luf lusual pneumonla) YOUSUOTA A.I..; GOMMOT. S.F., daktor meditsinskikh nauk. zavedayushchiv; A.. professor. direktor. ZVWhanglom of the right log. Test.,khir. 73 no.5:65-66 S-0 153. (MLaA 6:11) 1. ILiniks protestrovanlya LentWadekogo usuchno-lesUdavatellskago Inatitata protestrovanlya. (TqWh&t1cs-Twwrs) (Leg-%mors) NDTOSMTA. A. 1. Nobillsation of stumps of the upper extradtles. Test-kh" .74 zo.7:63-" G-11 154. (NLM S:ILOj 1. Is kllngd protestroyanlya (=Y.-d~r moditslook1kh nock, S.F.CWwwv) Lonlogra"bW nouchno-losladavatoltakW institute. 'Protestrovanlya Adras avtora: Leningrad, Boroways. u1. D 78,kw. 11. (AMMAMN S2W, am, nabilization) GaMOV. S.F..doktor med. nauk; NOVOSILOVA. A.1. Levels and methods of amputation in nocrosts of the extremities In endarteritis oblitorans. Test. khir. 76 no.11:38-45 155 (MM 9--4) 1. Is kliniki prot4wLrovanlya. (zav.--doktor moditsinskikh nauk S.F. Godunar) Laningradukogo nauchno-issladovatellskogo instituts, protezirawanlya. (SiDARMMS OHLRMWS. compl. surg., necrosis of extremities. levels & methods of amputation) (13MMITINS. gangrene. caused b7 andarteritis obliterans. surg., levels & methods of amputation) (GAHM=. extremities, caused by endarteritis obliterans, surg., levels & methods of amputation)