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I.; S1VGIKO To; RIMORK, Zo; DOLWIWVj, L.; RMILIK, T.; VAI&K, Z.; "OVOM - L., 2cpariences and methods in the search for new antibiotics. J,, Hyg. Xpides., Praha 1 noo4:397-412 1957- 1. Institute of Biology and Institute of Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciencies, Prague. (ANTIBIOTICS 0 technic of search for new prep.) . I v- -,.-Y 3 T, 0 Errors, in colorimetric methods. P. 32h (Cherde, Vol. 9, no. 3, June 1957, Fraha, Czechoslovakia) Yonthly Index of East Europeon Accessions (ELAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 2, February 1958 LUXES9 R.; FABHrOVA* A*; DOLEZALO S.;, ~C-IVUIEI-L - Action of the Gringnard reagent an the amide group. XXII. Structure of reaction products of Grignard compounds with glutaric acid- N-netbylixide. Call Cz Chen 25 no.4:1063-1069 Ap 160. (EUI 9:12) 1. In3tItUt fur organische Chemie und Institut, fur spezielle und physikalische analytische Nethoden,, Technische Hoobschule fur Chemie, Prag. (Grignard reagent3) (Amides) (Methylglutarimide) HOVOTNYp L.; HLMUT,, V.,- SOMp F. On terpones, Part 109s A contribution to tho structure of absinthin and anabeinthin. Coll Cs Chem 25 no.5tl492-1499 my 16o. 1. Department of flatural Products.. Institute of Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. , NOV TNIA L. ; 1"Wr p V. ; SOBV y F. On terpenes. Part UO: A contribution to stereochemistry of absinthin and artabsin. Coll Cz Chem 25 no.5:1500-1505 my 16o. 1. Department of Natural products,, Institute of Chemistry,, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciencest Prague. SrKORAv Tjdecoaaadl; NOVOTNY L.; HOLUB, H.; HMOUT, V.; SORMO F. The proof of structure of earotol and daucol. Coll Cz Chem 26 no.3t 7W402 Mr 161. (Em 10:9) 1. rutitute of Organic Chexistr7 and Biochemistr7, Czechoslovak AaadmW of Science, Prague. I (carrots) (Carotol) NOVOTNT# L.; MRGUT, V. Plant substancos. Part 15: The composition of Artemisia sieveraiana Willd. Col-I CS Chem 27 no.6:1508--1510 Je 162. 1. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. J.; 10ROUT, V.; SOR14, F. Plant substances. Part 16: The constituents of coltsfoot rhizomes (Petasites officialis Hoench). Coll Cz Chem 27 no.6:1393-1399 Je 162. 1. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. NOVVMY, L.; JERCUT, V.; SORM, F. 42ant substances. Part 17: Constituents of Petasites albus (L) Gaertn. rhizomes, Coll Cz Chem 27 no.6:1400-103 is 062, 1. Institute of Organic Cheraistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Science3o Prague, HOCM(AMNOVA , J. I NOVOTNY , L. ; HEROUT 0 V. On terpenes. Part 138 : Segiquiterpenic hy&acarbons from coltefoot rhizomes (Petasites officinalis Koench). Coll Cs Chen 27 no.S,.1870-1876 Ag 162. I* Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochdmistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sclencesv Prague, - KY(MEY-2-~L- no acadmdc degree indicated CZECHOSIDVAKTA Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Acadaw of Science, Prame Prague, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Comunications, Vol 27, No 10" Oct 62p pp 2462-2464. "Plant Substances. XIL The Constituents of Petasites ~Rurius Rhizomes" Co-ptuthor: HEROUTI, V. same as above ROCHMNOVAl J.; KOVMNrj L.; HEROUTj V. On torpsnas. Part 1441 Hydrocarbons from Petasites 4bus (L.) Gaertm. rhl~~. Coll Cz Chm 27 no.11t2711-2714 -A 162. 1, Institute of Urganic Chadstry and atochemistryt Czechoslovak AcadeW of Sciences, Prague. NOVOTNY? L.; TAMCIKCVA-VLUfZKA, Ch.; HEROUT, V.; SOR-14, F. On terpenes. Pt. 166. Coll Cz chem 29 no.8:1922-1931 Ag 164. 1. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.. Czechoslovak Acade,r,y of Sciencesg Prague. I-;W(IIIIIII, V.; :i)i2-!j F. On terpe~ries. Pts. 167.1168. Csil Cz (ahem 29 no.01:2182-2193 5 Ib4. 1. Inatitu*.e of Organic Chamistry and Bio-.hemi3try, CzeQhoslovak Academy of S.:Iences,, Prague. 2. Member, Ldvisory Board, "Collection of Czechoslovak I~nemicai Gommuni cations' (for flerout). 3. Chairman, Advisory Board, ' Collection of Czechoslnvak Ghemica-' Qmmaiications' (for Sorm). CZEMOSUVAKIA Z,'CVOTNr, L,; SMDR, Z; WK-1, F --- W----Mmww~- Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak AcadeaW of Sciences - (for all) Prague, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Coimainicationst No 1, January 19669 pp 371-374 *On terpenos. Part 176s Isolation and structure of dimethwV- dih,ydrofuroeromophilane." J Anton Ninvotnt. Czech. K314, Sept. 1r 19555, Thmazt! -Tl"jffw "Clix fjf cyandiume Falti; is favorably influcric W- by add.. -1120c,"t, urea tri the (1:-,%,d mixt. which tflLcts an c'O- thermic reaction and give. Lightr yIeW3. A fused Milt. of Nlf4NO. 4(YJ C. and urea 160 X. treated at 110' with stirring with the Ca. salt of p-AcNll(.4,H.SO3NHCN 700 1., the e-ud tit the reaction revealed by a gradual fail of temp. following a temporary rke to I&S', and pouring the mixt. Into water ppts. VO g. Inek rba r VVhl- ~Succluna U~e of twit 14 dc%ciibcd. It voiWils in the tfe-Atinrit (if xm1fani'amitirk with uiccinic anliydride (1) N aq. tit-% ttfil I !-.4cts. To D'himt P'l ff. 1, PlAg. AUTHOR: None given TITLZ: Book Reviews Z/009/60/010/0VO36/040 111+2/2135 PERIODICALs Chemicky Prdmysl, 1960, Vol 10, Nr 5, pp 263-261+ ABSTRACTs The following books are reviewed: 1) "The Kanufacture, Processing and Uses of Thermo- getting Compounds*9 by F. Nuhlf6ek and Z. Osadan. Published by SNTL9 Bratislava, (1959). Reviewed by L. Fagarassy. 2) "Introduction to the Theory of Organic Chemistry" v/ (Einfiihrung in die theoretische organische Chemie). by H.A. Staab, published by Verlag Chemie, Weinheim 1959. Reviewed by L. IfystrSil,(Charles Univers-ityi L. Novotny and J. Vepinsk' (Czech Academy of Sciences). y 3) "A Text Book of Practical Organic Chemistry" by A.I. Vogelq published by Longmansq Green & Co.9 London, 1956. Reviewed by A. Vystrdil (Charles University). Card 10 "Free Radicals in Solution" by C. Walling, published 1/2 by John Wiley & Sons Inc., New York, 1957. Reviewed by 1. Machacek. Z/009/60/010/05/036/044D 1142/Z135 Book Reviews 5) "Gas Chromatography'$, by A.I.M. Keulemans, published by.Verlag Chemie GmbH, Weinheim, 1959. Reviewed by AL TocksteIn.(V9ChTq Pardubice). 6) "Lectures-Hold Dur~ng the Sixth Conference on las Chr MtOSE auhy 1959tt.* Vfzkumny ds.tav syntetick4ho laudulcu Me Researah Institute for aynthatic Ruj2ba Card n.p. KAU K in Go~twaldov has published in book form the 2/2 lectures.held during the above Conference. -i IAP 4! enwd Tl~ pptd. K tait ~-f (1) 1-9 d:- 0, Oxx, till) 1111.1 I-.j iff, ,,,i PrO by L, 7 001A tmtributton to ft suvaum a -uc n I "a.. FWcloa prod ue ___4021 L. Novot V Hcrout and W( (Cz(~cy '"k &d L double tKmds and OH groups are absent in 5 m of; lic tidi which does uof- take up H even underr to ns- tions.; o . Frasue) H-Woi mZ4. wt. of cryst. asibyd. absinthin (1), tn. 170--80* Reduction of U %Ath MAW, in Pt.0 gave od c1 C' 2111 entol which v~ 1f 0 m robably a (decm dctd. by the Isothermal distn. method in Me, is W.+ 60 CO thus I is a dimeric uaianolide C H () . . . j, , , p p tion with Se gave VE In fair yield. Oxidation'of I and It 4. . , , o g ,. Cvntg. 2 OH groups/mol. Anabsinthin (H) has the same with mcd. IINOO gavt a inixt. which chromMographed on Wol. wt. 4ad mol. forraula. ne Infrared spectrum of I Dowel-2&nveffo ccHCH CHMC CO O eHCOH(vii~ M shows absorption bands due to a -1-lactone carbonyl group (1769cm.-I), a double bond (I= and an OH group . . . . l about 165*, and liquid 110,CCHtCH(COIWICHAf,6~~. (3W0 cra.71). Hydrogenation of I with PA-11OAc did (VIM , identified as its tri-Me ester. - The Infrared spect.-Urn Vot procced readily. but gave lelrah)dro-l (M), CwH~Oj, M. of the di-Afe ester of Va has bands at 1744 cm.-V(ester: 7 -I 0 262', and U. proving the presence of 2 double Ninds In I. 79 (-t4actone). VilaudVIIIalsowere.- cm. group) and 1 11* Off groaps in Ulare tertiary, since they could be neither obtained from artabsin (EK), by a similar procedure. Treat-' ~Oxldized with CrOj nor acetylated. Reduction of I with both I and U in alk; solo. with. HCH luent of W114 pie I dd4rla; (IV), "HaOs, M. 105% tiw of LWI-14 ' gave 1,441..1 1 in N-ethylpiper(JIve gave a Sinmy product. probably a wethyl-2,7-diethylazzuIene, It is assumcd that I Is formed by: lelrol (V),,;orMed by subsequent 01-herificallon (if 2 OH - ' f IV i ti h S h dient: adda. of an unkiiowu PrMursor Coutg. a cyclopeata-1, ' on o w t o rive c rtrupi, elsydrogcna air;4culexe, 9 dieve groupand an OU group in the 10-position of guaiaaol1d4, uniaz*kste, aD4 4rkmaguleme (VI) (trinitroben?ene adduej I * (isbater of W. Vic stntetore of Lis proposetl as shown" 311. 191 ); simlinr 601y4n) enation t4 V gave thE* RbOVC U wbich Wmit3 the steruchou, formation of U trout I 10Y the Unlens awt 12-hydioxygt tulens Orisitrabeasene oddurf, probable adtin. of I fit the 011 groups to t1je double bond, r Rip G., Rkd~ affur4ing the oxide ring. CZ.-:CHO5Lr-'V..1't.L, / Org-.nic Chcraistry. Org~~nic S,rathusis. G-2 Jour: Rof Zhur-Khiraiyn., No 10, 1959, 34381. ..bstract: double bond of tha .~. , 6 -satur-'tod t~;rt-aminos, .Iotorminod by infra-rod spuctrun, for IV is equal to 1665 cm-1; with the maxiaum corr----spcv:ing to approx. 1640 cm-1# Thu [a-aximuia or th~, curve poak uxi3ts at 7iround 1700-1710 era-1. It is chiv~ctor~stic to compounds of typo I ~nd II and i-aistakingly is attributed to -bh,:; uxocycli- c:A doublo bond M~f Zhur-Khizaiya, 1956, 12725). %, 1,7 --E-C Hp C H2 It b,.;longs to c--minok toms such as CH3 Ch-RICOCHZR which forra in tho hyOr-tion of I nnd II obt!'Ane". from purohloritos through tbo action of concentrated NaOH solution. I nnd II are stom distilled ind aro purified by the usual m,ithod, using HC1-salts. Pr-:4suntod bulow aro: substoncu boiling point in OC/cam, n201) 6 ~, mcilting point in C of biso p,;rchloratos: In, 65-67/861 Cird 3/5 C Z a-,' HosL 0 V, -1,1 L - / 0 r &A f,. JL o ~; Ili -2. z Ir, r !~bs Sour: Rof Zhur-Mia-iYal No 10# 1959, 34881. Abstract: 1*5052, 238; IIa, 77-78/85, 1.4a2O 208-209; b) 91-92/95, 1.4800 97-98; 0) 1010102/63, 1.4778, 116-117; dj 84/81, 1.4742, 234; 90-92/59-60, 1.4710, 130-161; 111, 68-89/671 1.4753l 210-211; IV9 78-79/35s,1.47 "' 9-261; V, 160-161/17,,,1*6352, -; vi, 109-HO3~10115' 1.5761, -; VII 57/57, 1.4850, 235-236;-VIIII,~70-72/51 (69/531, 1.4660, 176-177. 1'4hoa thu-Cloubl*a bond is rostorod in I and II, tho maxim" r1isappaarl~a tho rogions of 700-800 CM-1 end 1500-1900 ca- Infra-rad spootra woro also invostig-;tod of tho, following: 1-mothyl-2-alkylpyrrolidins Agivon alkyl? boiling point 6 od/Mas n D9 :md witing ~?oint in 00 of pier' . CHj, 124*5-125/ 760, 1.4336, 170_171 (froa ale.); o-C3H79 136- 139/744, 1.4382t 165-166 (from n1c.); %H~q 92- Card 4/5 r - 27 -r NOVOTHY# J., inz. Window frames from glass laminates, Stavivo 43 rn,,2:?3 165. KOVOTNYO J. Proximal surfaces of molars and premolars and the incidence of proximal caries, Ceske stouat. 65 nooltl8-29 :a 165 1. Stamate klinika lekarske fakulty Palackeho University v Mcmouoi (prednosta: doe. dr. J. Novotny,, CSo.). NOVOTNY, M.; 8M1NjjFML-:' AGRICULTURE Periodical LMNICKY CASOPTS. Vol. h, no. h/5, 1958- NOVOTNY, II.; PARJEZ, J. The right application of' statistical methods in forestry. P. 330. Monthly List of Last European Accessions (LEAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3, March, 1959. Uncl. NOVOTIJY' M. - "Problems of the reconstruction and development of the leather and shoe industry.0 p. 121 (Kozarstvi) Vol. 6, no. 7, July 1956. Prague, Czechoslovakia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 Novom. M. Prablaw of constraction and reconstruction of the glass and ceranics industry. P. 153- SKLAR A KERAMM, (Ministerstvo lehkeho prmwslu) Pralm. Vol. 6. no. 7. July 1956. SOURCE: East European Accessions List. (EEAL), Library of Congress. Vol. 1j, no. 12, December 19#'.,. ,,C-w trends in chincry for ncullry process' n. ~-19 PTIT-TYSL "OTHAVI.N. (i"Unisterstvo pritravinaralkeho prmm 1! 1 Praha, czeckoclowilda Vol. 10, TIO. 1,C), Oct. 1959 M 11,nnthly Livt of E.,iqt Eluropenn ar~ccr-,~inn, (FIF-AI), Ji~, Vol. 11o. 12, :Dcc. 191-9 Uncl. NOVOTNY I M. "The problem of piston temperatures in the operation of oil engines." Czechoslovak Beavy rudustry. Praguep Czechoslovakia. No. 2, 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI),, ICp Vol. 8,, No. .6t Jun 59,, Unclas 0 NOVOPT, M; LHBR. F. Characteristics of industrial explosives and their relation to the effects of explosives in blasting. p. 185. RUDY. (Ministerstwo hutniho prunyslu a rudnych dolu) Praha, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 7. no. 6, June 1959. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 8, No. 11. November 1959. uncl. NOVOTNY, M. Aerodynamic tunnel for supersonic speeds. p. Vi8. (KridIR Viasti., No. 8, Apr. 1957. Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vo:L. 6. No. 8. Aug 195?. Uncl. M L 33531-66 T IjP,(c) 5/010/006/0483/04M ZI (Vyzkumny ustav as sible to obtain arson-Laplace CZECHOSLOV.dM / Analytical Chemistry. Analysis of E-2 Inorganic Substances. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khiaiya, No 1, 1959, 941. Author : jjqvotnY,_.MCVt41 Inst : NoE71-ve-n. Title :-The Photometric Determination of Titanium in High Alloy Steels. Orig Pub: Hutnicke listy, 1958, 13, No 5, 430-431. Abstract: For the determination of titanium in high alloy steels containing W, Mo, Cr, Ni, Fe, Al, Mn and V, the previously described complexometric method (R. M. Khim., 1954, 45093) is used. One gram of the steel being analyzed is treated with a mixture of HU and HNO the solution is evaporated to dry- ness, the resihe is dissolved in 30 al of 75% HC104, evaporated until white vapors appear, 220 ml Card 1/3 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Analytical Chemistry. Analysis of E-2 inorganic Substances. Abs Tour: Ref zhur-Khimiyal No-l,.1959, 941. Abstraot: -of water and 70 ml~of l4solution of Complexons III are added, neutralized with ammonia to litmus enO point and 5 ml of NH40H and 30 ml of 10%.sol- Aition of WaSO are added.- The separated-procipi- taote of 'Vi(Out .11 1.d'~'washed.with water, 3~ a, f ilterE. made alkaline with ammonia'Vdissolved on the fil- ter with 50 ail of.hd't sulfuric said .(1:3) and the -filter is washed.withhot-water, which is doidi- with sulfurio'acid. Five'millimeters of 's,added-to.t6d',filtrate', cooled, diluted with water to 200 ml and divided into two equal portions. To the first part, 5 ml of 15% H202 is added, and to the second part - 5 ml of water is added and the color of both solutions is measured Card 2/3 10 OULSHLA, Karel; MVOTNY, Hartin U" of high-frequency in quantitative determgLing of carbon wid sulpbw in'steel and cast iron. Hat llAty 17'., N 162. 1, Zemody preeneho strojirenistvi, Gottvaldov, WVOTNT. Milan. promovany matematik ~'~j Role of age factor In morbidity according to statistics on working incapacitation in 1955. Cook. zdravot. 5 no-5:278- P87 NO 57. 1. Stredisko pro 'zdravotnickou statistiku v Praze. (VITAL STATISTICS, morbidity & incapacitation, age factor In Czech. (Cs)) JnZ. 0 CSC. / f MERVART, Jaraslav, inz*, CSc.;-tPyqP ~MP- J;, u :I Some economic problems in timber transportation- Les cas 9 no. 1-1: 959-974 N 163. 1, Vyzkumny ustav leaniho .hospcdarstvi a myslivOsti, 2,braslev-Strnady, ST1DJCEV, Alexandr, Inz.,-, , inz. Contribution to the increase of productivity of particle board produaid n lines. Drava 18 no. 12: 451-454 D 163. -0 1. Vyzkmny a vyvoJovy ustav drevarsky, Praha. NOVOTNY,, Milan Methods for measuring the induction period@ of Igniting solid matters. Sbor VBChT Pardubice Pt.2:173-210 163. 1. Chair of Technology of Explosives, Higher School of Chemical Technology,, Pardubice. CZEMOSLOVAUA / Forest Scioncoo, Forest cultures. K-4 AbS J= Ref. Zhur - Aiologiya, No 17, 1958, No. 77521 Author E212jax, ~Ulan Inat Not given Title Sow Results of Inspection of Pine Plantings in 1955 Orig Pub I-as, 1956, 12, 515-518 Abstract Recent pine plantings voro inspected in different areas of Czechoslovakia. Survival of the plantings and their growth vere compared. The Initial drop In plantings was conditioned by an Insufficiency of agricultural engineering. Size of stock did not influence survival, but subsequently ahavad in the growth of the plantings., especially vith the increase of areas of pine groves. The method of laying in the plantings (raw, nests) had no essential influence. -- M. K. Bush. C owd 1/1 STOXQW~ Aqwdr, ins.; -j!RV~OTNYo Milano ins 06kiidcal floor panels from wood waste. Drevo 17 no.9t282-284 S 162. 1. Vyskumy a vyvojovy ustav drevarsky, Praha. KOVOTNYI Milos, promovany chemik Experiences in the operation of an X-ray spectrograph. Geol pruzkum 6 no,9:26,~,-2-71 S '('-j4. 1. Geologicky pruzkum National Enterprise, Brno. NOVOTNY, Miroslav Conference on ordered sets. Vestnik CSAV 73 no.2:284-286 '64. Wbat is the Meteorological Oper-atioma,~-Telecommunication Uetimrk Europ* -and ~ftchw4e $"tam of Aoramutical information. Letecky obzor 7 no&'lOt3O&310 0 '63. NOVOTNY, Killoslav, inz. Tasks of aerorautical Trio too rology. Let,,-c'--v obzor 8 n0-51135 'Ll, 164. NO lifyi-I N Y) 14. ; HYCHN, L, tn- tiIii nitr4llp-warer system. COU Cz Chem 29 no.10j2558-2,56--i 0 f64, 1. Kauc-ak, Kralup~,,, nad V--Lav)u. CA ell K T"e Ck"m C'm No" ka bi 7l ACT 1;15!4~(A I So. P 1, 1-14 pp.( surnin-try).-Cheno. i Analyses and optical data are given for 4 simples of (rcuto- Ute-Actintifite And fur 4 hornlikudes. IfichArl t-lciwhcr I% pqpm*w 41 KnWidw mod BmKm mor RAW ft-M. Kwavk. M. Nowatut and 1. AM (Ma"ryk llcdv.. RM. COW.):---PV#W JVims##&-.s4M Ab~J. PF(fo&iC* 23, wt=40"I= , , aacy).-newrip. dm I . pqpafitw. Themcum b" oat, but the Utter Is a of U. SiG, :17.41, 31.43: Ailli 27-N, Y' 6A1, k~ 10.1?:3 Lazo, et, 6:': 1;~:O, it) 24~ 42. 1-1) If f~.28-, I itl- M F'OVOTIa, M. 7Amphlbolic Ondisses from the Area of the Yetabasites of the Jes6nlk", P. 469, (SBO-RM- ODDIL GEOTCGICKr, Vol. 20, 1953, Praha, Czech.) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EEAL)v W. Vol. 4, No. 3P gar 1955, Uncl- NOVOTNY, 11. SkArn deposits at Permstyn and Lisna. P-395. SBOMIK, ODDIL GEOLOGICKY, Prague, Vol, 21, 1954 (Published 1955) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EFAL), LC, Vol. 5, No. 6 June 1956, Uncl. E/ 0 7-/N( k/ Ilf C) 3 L- ~-t Category: CzechoslovaIds, / Physical Chemistry - Crystals B-5 Abs Jour: Referat Zhur-XhimI , No 9, 1957, 29785 i ya Author : Nowo%y Hirmlav rmt r-riat-given. Title Determination of the Refraction IrAex of Minerals by the I~rsion Method up to a Value a - 2-05 Orig Pub: CLsop. mineral. a geol., 1956, 1, No 2, lo4-lo7 Abstract: Description of the preparation and use of an immersion liquid of high refractive Index ( n - 2.05) which is sade from AsI., 8, As~-S-- and CH 1. card -53- NOVOTNY. F. Fhosphates from the peViatite deposits on Vetrny vrch in the vicinity of Ohnistovice. P. 501. (PRACE. Vol. 23, No. 10, 1956, Brno. Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East LuroDean Accessions (L-EAL) LC, Vol. 6, No. 12, Dee 1957. Uncl. Countrj Czechoslovakia D "~s-wol 5,mintrj, flydr,.~1rzmistry -Abs. jour. Rot. Zhnr rihim... No 7, 1959 22872 Author Novc-tnY, a. Institut, T T It! I.Pclusions of Dark Rocks in LLght G~.,-ielsses of Kurimske Nove (Western Moravia, Czechoslovaig Republic) . i Oriq, P~ib. Prace Brnenske zaklad. CSAV 1,-589 309 No 7, s. 281-335~ 11.) -cst,ract Description of pyroxene-garnet and amphivole- b"ic,titr= formatiors and of the gneisses enclasing them. I "'hemical, analyses are gjven of amphiboles, pyroxenes, DiC- I't'.'tcs, and qua"rtz-feldsp'ar penetrations, as well as quali- t-,tllve srectral analyses of ;he rocks. The conditions of their formation art; discussed. -- G. Voroblyev. Card: 1/1 NOVOUTY, L'. ;'Construction Of Cexl,,a:Ln Ordered Continua Of Power 210.11 p. 87. (CasorAs Pro Pestovani katematiu Czechoslovak llathev-tical journal. Vol. 1, No. 2. Nov. 1,/;51, Praha) Vol. 3, No. 3 SO: Monthly List of Last European A-ecessiono,/Libary of ConEress, jj~,E~ 1954, Uncl. 44 Novotn.~, Wrostav. Lessyst~mcs advux. compositino'.; bis pa'~mvr`--tfinlls wilt) alvebrair tho two orwrotilm!i 14f~~.Ilni .777! tit, 'noifti'll, !elfl z.-. 6:1 It ell J."I'W'111111-w 0,, FO .~If, DI"C.-Alit~tioc-'Ii(N'ittit-f~tiv Ct if w MrasJm Le n0au abstraft d6 la constmr6an e 3.mbres can;ct4ristiquts aei matrices. NbI F; 1053. 1. n ,, t ri b6 t, r:~ t n,~~; wi-111 a linca~ r,fatwo, ~-.xinmauzvd as in i p.Ai~r b,,- lia,ipt. ind "I Re~t;~t: Aiw,nv 19~-217 aprexatur in a vr, Ir-Ir The pac, i, C. th~. property that ,f subspa, ~.,i brhav,: i:i I pnier- tivespre 'dim T T,-ftin, r7-.%.j irr,nT,Ij and the operat(,~- F s rct4uired tf~ i,-~: r. coraffill"I"75. jrlel such that li F, azii T dire MvAriv : ~k;lh i' prop- erly rmif..~ining T, then there io a point x z r- T*q -,uf:ft that F(x] ii; in the. sijb,parv qpamwd 6v and x F'Flic rr.V-11 Is based oil the SmIlillarf de *4 thLIAO dtg ;&P, tca Oll ~3, t ~-.h 'dol x x t < a) NOTOW. Mroslav (Brno) ..... WAR-Zzw-b Characteristic of an ordered continuum (With SuMary in Frenchh,sbmr. 3 no.1:75-82 Nr 153. (NLRA 7:5) (Aggregates) 7;7 a7 liovotnj 'Nj;~Osjp., N 1 2Q6 of matrizable bc. with set-th tn -show of I Alp 0 L~hw~ 146 JW 6 Electrical lostwerim &be*, boW 46 da Val. 57 90. 675 (1) the H6" fil mammd= ald bold so tm of dw q*i the "lm opoft. *ta :1* dWw "0 Vift omd dw 0101W 1A rm a do liotdo"Wa a *MM fWR V Mr, NOVOTOITYR It. T(Me wd twe ftwudlg~ K Moveli4t. caft La rully automatic telephony is, described.: rrti- billinC d out directly by the subscriber's me( Cis= cd er during the call, -,th6, deruity of.the meter-drivir the. distance or ~ w. puLva - bcInj proportional to .-Ilectriedl En6ineerifig Abstracts CI-quirid, zore. . in meterfu, k 3-m6te'uftifs, the M* system results c+&ical Eiginem.-ing ki in a considerable sfaiplitication of the cirm and zork.~.j, , tngato. r1i" iii o.. focal (-n' ne) an jdog.~ trazo d 41 tra . It Emthrutkd that tw u*g in space. in thi case of tho.cen(ral zone translators a=lmts to 700% ", Bfo& . schema6m, of: zon6:. deferinfaini: systernsand Un circuits employed to thetrMmadon L L S. Slam of Imterifig impuNci are given. IMMY, M. 0. Klika I s Automaticky telefonni system F 51 (P 51 Autmatic Telephone -'yE;tem); a book rEview, P. 01-8. Vol. 1b, no. 9, Sept. 19153 SI~IBOPROUW OBZOR Praha, Czechoslovakia So: Eastern European Accession Vol. 5 No. 11 April 1956 I I- - . I D. KareP4 (Z-Igrcb,- . iw I v . . 'It~ -1 I - -- - -- - 4- :/',,\ovotDei Nbro~-dw, ~5 A Bamvkung ahe -r r qu. ij 111 V fix v: rli. NOVOTNYp M. NOVOT11Y, M. Note on the representation of partially arranged numbers. p. 457. No. 369s 1955. SPISY SCIENCE Brno, Czechoslovakia So: East European Accession, Vol. 6, No. 2, Feb. 1957 it fV /V:/. S/19 62/000/006/227/232 D256YD36a AUTHOhS: Novotn~, V'iroslav, Rott, Hilbert and Pek&rek, Josef TITLE': Eethod of number transmitting in automatic and semi- automatic interurban telephone connections P-_~iIODICAL: Referatlvnyy zhurnal. Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 6 1962, abstract 6-8-39 zh (Czechosl. Dat. kl. 21 0: 34/01, 21 a3, 34/10, no. 97790, 15-1~.60) T-EXT: A method is patented in which the local exchanges or exchan- ge areas are described by direction numbers with a variable number of digits. The outgoing register fixes the whole-dialled number and sends to the transit register a group of digits only equal to the number of digits of the longest number found in the given system of numeration. For shorter direction numbers the missing number of diGits is supplemented by the initial digits of the subscriber's number. The digit group so obtained is sent successively by conven- tional means between the transit registers to the last transit re- gister which selects from the received group only the digibo. of the subscriber's number contained there and sends them to the local Card 1/2 " C- 3/194/62/000/006/227/2 " Method of number transmitting ... D256/D308 exchange or exchange area; the remaining digits of the s;Ibscriber N being.sent directly to the called local exchan e or exchange area only after the connection has been established. fAbstracter's nct.~: Complete translation.] Cai-d 2/2 A, 0 C, ')j 11h_557 3/044/62/000/001/002/061 C111/C444 AUT11ORt Novotny, Mirog-L-a.- TITLE: On certain piopertios of cardinal opurations PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal, Matematika, no. 1, 1962, 14, abstract 1A95.("Spi3y prfircdovea fak univ. Brng". 1960, 110. 10, 465 - 484) TEXT. Lot A and B be ordered sets; let A + B, A-B, and AB in- dicate the Birkhoff cardinal sum, product, and power. Let g be an ordered set, and x, y 1~e two elements of g; let x=-y, if in g there x are con- .2xist elements x = x 09 Xl,..., xn - y such that xi-1, i 6ruent for i - 1, 2,..., n. The relation S is u relation of equiva- lence on the set g, on g defining a decomposition into classes; the classes of this decomposition are called components of the set g, We say that the ordered set g possesses the property (El), if to every component c of g there exists only a finite number of components of 6~, being iaomorphic to it. Theorem A: Let k be an ordered set with the property (El), and g, G be ordered sets. If the sets k + g and k + G are isomorphic, then Card 112 3/044/62/000/001/002/061 On certain properties of cardinal ... C111/444 g and G are ioomorphic, too. Theorem A': Let k be an ordered set, not possessing the property (El ). Then there exist non-isomorphic sets ~~ and G such that the sets k + g and k + G are isomorphic. Theorem Bi Let k be a chain and g, G be isomorphic sets. If the sets k-g, and k-G are isomorphic, then g and G are ioomorphic, too. Theorem C: Let k be a chain of at least two eleineats; -.;, G :,e oi-der- ed sets. If the sets kg and kG are isomorphic, then g and G are iso- L.orphic, too. The theorems B and C can yet be generalised. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation.] Card 212 PKIARK. r, iub, ohekttosuvakira); xoyoiqm K inthe (chakhostavakiya); ZATOMMOVSKIT. YO*Aoo land. ~~ Ofesta W 600 tolsoose oqdpnut for molautomtIc Intermatioust tolsooss commmleation. Test. avlaul 20 iio,.g:" S160. (NDA 13: Ul) Mlophave-SquIrmat ad so"ties) NOVOrAy, Mrockv (EMO) Sms problems connected with the arithwttc of cardinal numbers. Pokroky mat f~rz astr 6 no.6:314-318 161. ZAMNCHKOVSKIY, Ye.Aj- NOVOTM M (Novotny, H.], inzh. (ChSSR); FEKAREK, 1. ";WSR). Prinimal uchastiya MATEM,p V. HisteikaO V.], inzh.; VOIDDAMKAU, V.Ye., red.; SWMv G.I.1, tekhm, red, [The MR-W a ratus f r international sadautomatic teleph"ne communleatioprApparatuos. poluavtomatichookot mesblunarodnol to- lefonnot sviazi 14N-W. Moskva, Sviaslisdat,, 1962 212 p. imm 16-.2) (Goamnist countries-Tolophone) PEKLREKg Jdsef,inz.; NOVGTKTro Miroslar,ins. nw Too!& NN 60 signe"'Ing and witching a7atem for samUutamatic and automatic International service. Slaboproudy obsor 22 no.5: 265-274 161. (ZU1 10:7) 1. V~vk=y ustay telskoaunikaolp Praha. (Telephone) NOVMY,' Kiroslav (Erro) Conference on ordered sets Iii Brno, CAs pro peat mat 89 noo2t 254-256 Ap 164 NOVOTNYP 14. (B.-no) Report or, t~- seminar on ordered sets. Cas pro pest ma-41- 89!24-1-26 F 164. L FSS-2 ACC NRt AF5024841 SOME 00DEt cz/oo78/65/000/009/0010/0010,i AUTHOR: Novotmr, !o-ql _(Enginear)(Prpgue)l Pekarekj Josef-(Engineer)(Pragueh, ,Rottj Hilbert (Engineer) (Prague) ORO: none MU., Pech patent no. - 4525-& /Mntrol of registers in, exchange centers of long-' distance'tcommunication stema7 SOV=: VyRiety) no. 9~ 19637) 10 TOPIC TAGS: communication channel, communication network, communication system, circuit design, remote control, numeric control TRANSIATION: The control of registers in exchange centers of long-distance communi-. cation systems by data on the compilation of communication routes.. from individual.. sectors, which can be easily substituted by some or the other circuit sectors in case one or several of them are buoy, is characterized by the fact that the data,on the routes contain nmbers of circuit sectors for the permissible routes and. each number defteases by one circuit sector in the next exchange center. SUB CODE: 050 em DATz-. loAug64 Cc 'Y' 0.; r0jrL"U" S.; ::C~f'0!"-ryV J. "OIQ~~' One y3ar of experience in asgembly-I ire construction crirried cut ~y LoravostE?v Trust, Xational ZntuiTrise in Prarov. Pt. 1. p. 10. Vol. 4y no. 19 Jan. 1956 Praha, Czechoslovakia C-Ource: -'ast European Accession 1-ist. Library of 'ongress Vol, 5, :--,oo 8, A,,,--tist 1956 !IOVOTNY, 0. SRBFKj J. Three bridge projects founded on embankments which are not compacted. P. 287. (Inzenyrske Stavby. Vol. 5, no. 6, June 1957. Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly LIst of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 10, October 1957. Uncl. NOVOTNY, 0. - TROPP, P. - CIPA, K. Use of chemically hardened mixtures La the gray-iron foundries of Czechoslovak Oil Engine Works, p. 300 SIOIARE21STVI. (Ministerstvo tezkeho strojirenstvi a Ceskoslovenska, vedecka technicka spolecnost pro hunictvi a slevarenstvi) Praha, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 7,, no. 7, June, 1959 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EFAI) LC Vol. % No. 12., Dec., 1959 Uncl. Cor--truction rf Eur-face at 'he S'I'AlTD-Y. ("-'~inislprstvo strvebniclvi) Pral'a, Czeciroolovakia Vol. 7, no. 1, Jpri. 1959 !Tonthl-,-, List of Fq,-t, ~--ropean arcession~ (!~!-~al), M, Vol. 12, Dec. 1959 Uncl. NOVOMY, Ollrich, inz. I RaltabIlity of t(,rriral corni:sttona of allmin=, condactors. Flektrotechnik 20 no.1:9-13 Ja 165. i. resting lrnst~tu-,?i of Electric-sl Enginti*ring, Prague. 10VOTNI Mdrichs LAMPL, Frantisek - Organisation of units for pawl house prefabrication and Affs*Wg~L* In the Brno and Ostrava areas@ Pos staft 11 no.5tg%-VS 163. 10 Possmal stayhy Brno (for Novotny), 2, Pozemni stavby Ostrava (for. Umpl). NOVOT11Y. Oldrich; PBC, Karel - ~ ~ _ , _. __ -_-~~4 Equivalence between Love waves propagating in double layer and single layer medium. Studia geophys 8 no.1:24-33 164. 1. Geophysical Institute,, Charles University,, Praha 2.. Ke Karlovu 3. " NOVOTNY. Otakar Conditims for the highest quality food tschwloa. Tech prace 15 no.7493-497 n 163. lo Vedouci technicks skupiny ministerstva W1,ravinarsksho prumyslo, Praha, IIOVCT,qYp 0*, inz. Activity of the International Comimission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment, in 1963. Elektrotechnik 19 no.4M3-115 Ap 1614. 1. Testing Institute of Electrical Engineering, Prague. NovoTtly, 0. "Tasks, aims and work of the International Commission on Rules for the ApproVal of Eledtrical Equipment.." ELEKTROTEXHIUK, Praha.. Czechoslovakiaj Vol. U, No. 4, April 19% Monthly List of Fast European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 9, bepteriber 1959. Unclassified. NOVOTNY$ 2i~ Importance of thw electrical engineering research for the national economy. Faektrotachnik 18 no.2:30-32 F 163. 1. Slektrotechnicky zkusebui ustav, Praha, KOVOTNY, 0., inz* -L~ . Aotivities of the International Commission on Rules for the Approval of slactrical zquipment in 1962. Elaktrotechnik 18 no.3:80411 Nr 163. j NOVOT= ~ 61VIch inz. Electric dppliances and other slectria devicea with Increa:;ed insulation. Elaktrotechnik 18 no.8:227-231 Ag 163- 1. Flektratechnicky zkaaebni ustav, Praha. NOVOTNY, Oldrich, inz. Activities of the International Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment in 1964. Elektrote-chnik 20 no./+ill3-il4, 121 Ap 165. 1. Testing Institute of Electrical Engineering, Prague. ACC_ N% AP6029155 SOURCE CODEt CZ/0023A6/010/002/0156/0171 AUTHOR: Novotny, 01drich ORG: Geop y ca _ _3 0 harles University, Era __ - I y~i TITIE: Modes of love waves In a double-layer medium SOURCE: Studia geophysica et geodaetieR, v. 10, no. 2, 1966, 156-171 TOPIC TAGS: earth crust, seismic wave ABSTRACT: The solution of the frequency equation of Love waves for the case of a single layer, apart from the basic mode, is still higher modes. The occurrence of such modes corresponds formally to the periodicity of the function tangent which occurs in the frequency equation. It is usual to define these modes either by the order number of the branch of the tangent entering the frequency equatioz or by the order of the dispersion curve, which corresponds to the number of nodal lines. Th the case or one layer, these two definitions are equivalent. In the case of a double-layer medium the relations between the two definitions are more complicated, and this paper presents an investigation of them. The author thanks Assistant Professor K. Pee, Candidate of Sciences for valuable advice and remarks which improved this work. Orig. art. has: 19 figures, 12 formulas and 2 tables. (Orig. art. in Eng.) (JPRS: 36,844) SUB CODE: 08 / SUBM DATE: 24Jun65 / ORIG RFF: 002 OFH REF: 001 Card :j 77~ AUTHOR: -Novotnfr Engineer CZ/"-1-22/24 TITLE: Utilization of Qrganic Coolants1for Reactors With Heavy Water Moderators PERIODICAL: Jadernh Fnergie, 1960, No. 1, p. 36-annex TEXT: This is a report on a meeting held by the Central Club on Energy Sciences on Docember 18, 1959. At this meeting a lecture was given, apparently by the author named above, on the utilization of organic cooling substances for reactors with heavy water moderators. A review was given on the possibilities of using organic cooling.substances, including the advantages and disadvantages of certain organic matters. 11he lecturer elaborated on such subjects as the economy of reactors with organic coolants and heavy water moderation, basic properties of organic coolants, activation, evaluation of organic coolants, construction materials for reactors, the Canadian project, and the Swiss project. ASSOCIATION; UJV, Praha Card 1/1 BmOVA' B. . ITOTOTHY, -P. Clostriftwe perfrigens type 7 In so-called infant dysMsias. Shorn. pathofystol. tray. vys, 6 no. 4-6:299-301 Doe 1952. (CLKL 24:1) 1 Of the Pediatric Department (Head-Docent risarovIcova, N.D.) of t;s State Faculty ffospital and of the Institute of Medical Nicrobioloa (Head-Prof. Patocka, N.D.) of Charles University, Prague. NOTOW, Pavel ";- "I ... Plectridia; diagnostic studiess Cook. hyg. spiden. alirrob. 2 no.2: 90-207 Apr 153. 1. Ustay pro Iskarzkou alkrobiologit I loomnologil university Karlovy, From. (DMILWS, PlActridium, detection) EXG4RPTA VEDICA Sec. 17 Vol- 3/11 Pub!-*,c Leaitn Nov. 57 3293. NOVOTNi P. Mikrobiol. Odd. Stdtni Fak. Nemocn., Praha. *Infekdnl entero- ToMe-m-7. _nOv6 onemocndni dobytka na dzeml CSR, vyvolan6 Cl. welchii !per- f ringens), produkuji'cfm epsilon-toxin (typ D). I nf e c t i o u s e n t e r ot o x a e - mia. A newly recorded disease of goats brought about by infection with Clostridium welchii (perfringens) produc- ing epsilon-toxin (type D) tSL.EPlDEM.rvIIKROBIOL.lMUN. 1957. 6/1 (20-23) Graphs I Tables I A small flock of goats died from infectious enterotoxacimia. From the contents of their intestines Clostridium welchii, producing epsilon-toxin. was cultivated. Also in the contents of the small intestine, epsilon-toxin was found. Serum of convales- cents contained epsilon-antitoxin (0.5-1.2 antitoxic units per ml.). Breeding of sheep and calves might be endangered in Czechoslovakia because of this disease. As yet no similar strains resulting from human disease were detected. but the pos- sibility of such infection is taken into account.