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OBLATH9 R. Karl Friedrich Gause, April 30,, 1777-February 23, 1855; in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of his death. p. 221. MATZMTIKAI LAPOK. Budapest. Vol. 6g no, 213, 1955. Report by the Nano Beke Manorial Prize CWmittee in 1953. p. 241. Report of the Society's conference on differential, integral,, and functional equations held at Balatonvilagos. po 261o SOURCE.- East Zwopean Accessions List (EEAL), LC, Vol. 5, No. 2, Feb. 1956 ULATH, R. OLLATHI R. Formation of' t, e notion of numlerf . 50 . I P. 11 'Vol. 134, 1,o. 9j SeFt. 19~15- T--114ESLET ES TARSArAI.C'-* S C, I L 11 IC L Budapest, Hungary So: East Luropean Acceszdon, Vol. 5. No. 5, M~ay 1956 r- v It .I .To 'ail ue Im eac.4 of tL- i f I - by n_=0fl) il TeplaCe4 11) linc' 6 Of 5 P, '10I r;-ad 77 (MLATHo R. OBLATHt R. Gyula Valyi (January 26, 1855-October 13, 1813); an evaluation, p. 60. Vol. 7, no. 1/2, 1956 I-TATEMATIKAI LAPOK SCMICE WNGARY So: East EuroNon Accessions, Vol. 5, Vo. 9, Sept. 1956 00 4 000 0*4 3 of I ze i ! ood, I I 000 t, 1 004 0 &**too to *e0z-_*Oq!o by a ad palled" "id. LA"16 U0110410, B _(XjUtg, sad Slargit (;4xfivcw Sw UMMdk I - N, Mliech= S. 772-301047).-riiis. iweve cm5ou 10 penpm ing in flick Wkw * blopwic acid cowtent ningingbet cc OM aud 142 9 de A(tv a diet comcg. Urge avats. of avitwelil the mid coatents were facirrawd to 143-0.11 (fit d4.:;p:a_ni7".O (2nd day). Under 1=6 a tritiatmeut dm Milan ntahm p""tio w knic ttiat even 6 bill. After injeetion eClective cocm. could be detected. The delayed exemim of peakWill Oblervect In kidwy disedw it pCobamy caused by an cado- Iliot gem-us sYnthcsis a# twuric taking p1we at an imTrAscit rate. Ittvin Fin4ly 0000000 0410.04100 0 0 0 0 1 OR 0 0.0 0 OWO 0 Magill QNS 4Kv Ili ma I SON 000000000000000000000 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0. 0 0 0 O's 0 goo =00 q9O goo 90111 goo woo 400 goo goo woo MOO goo -4 so go It it is to to 0 a w w w VIE, WINIT w 11V*-* wo If a a If If *,Jt k.A IL -IL- 4L-A-jI ;iZi chaugffs in tke slauthia4v canual of tke bkvd dtifictig 0014111164111 With P4 1-015 Md Wif fQlQ in 111116 MC&AIIIJAM 0 alpeakaurfacv4d. 1-44dup %I,)- 1115, i And lir&4(w ( (11,14t 1. Onvois IldiZip 99. 4IN-32jIMS). -Thr teot of Wmill WA* SlifillikAntly AlWPVt IlkWjUJd NT 1 -2 fir*. A(tCf Injection a( UN).00) LV. u( lociticliffin. Aho to ritra caltlifes 411 Mrepl,~milo, Aild F. C',11 'Oftct CUMACt witil file livisilf 1kiett-rtil clik Cka,16ts tak- JIUCC. 1.11,Ably UlMlCt 111C tjjI,V1 .11 fill goo, filtaithitme forifico. Which .11tiful'ifel Writ-rul mcfAl., ' ~00 twia. rhcn thQ ('4MV0. 'if 011141111" ACIA. WhiCh I, 111di, peasawc for tilt If(%: ploceswe of wricti.i. I.Ciflu, wds it, 0* ids I'lliS I XUPINWICJ IIV 111C IACt flUt thow Imbactim I arv ll lr,'A sknWive it, IwTucillin that do not cequtm ' glut-allair'Arid. ~, 3 rc(crcTlq..,. Istvin FinAly age zoo AS4.SL1 611TALLMMIL LrtaAvwa CLA%Sir$CATMW WOO 414" $41caj 411 .3.1 act spitsImt 1111111 do a" Lit AV 00 A I la A s a Ow 0 4 a I III a SAO I's V=.,- it a I's ;i '" a ;a a 0 0 a 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 -00-0000C OUT kj 00 go .3 0# a a I'm ~Df a to Is 0 to As a a 6~ cdas Icestowtin *IAUsdW6- -t-4 after We Week CA pettiCittin dk-TASsy (I(W).(W units dany) signs of vitamin C defid"Wir apiwar. Nit AletkictK*% in thismine. ribodavits. and nicatink &M air *140 reCepitAl-k. 11 it SUIVS(rd that thO SMAUCti-M 4 Clutathitme ulwts Ihe equil. 4 the Mfulaf nrTicAtk"I V%Irm, Alth4,414b, The IWO(ciffift may ~Avc -kWh all dirrcisy R1(w%ufi4 Ito." do-ow ago coo ro age CID 0 life 110* Woo 0 1 1 Im' A 1 8 VW 0 0 0 1 W 0 9 AO 4 3 0 IM 11 All 10 All; Ig I w ,I jF 0 0 40 0 0 0 0 40 0 0 0 0 0 Ole 41 Ole 0 #1 0 * It 0 * 0 e * 0 * 0 0 0 0 7 1,13501M L. , OBT.Arr 73., SUIL"'.NIX? M. and G- TINGF-1 M. Secor d C 1. n JT d ~,e . i . University. BWapest. A penlaillinkivalasztas csokkentepe hippursavsynthosi.9t fokoz,:) diaetaval Dialination of the exe-ation of penicillin by a di;A increasing the synthesis of hippuric acii Orvosolc LapJa 19147, 3/23 (772-775) Tables 5 By a diet richAn vegetable proteins. mainly oatfldke, a lasting increase in the hippuric acid synthesis of the organism and in the hippuric acid content of the urine was obtained. Penicillin excretion was so ielayed by the increased hipparic acil level that as late as six hours after intramuscular injection of 60,000 D.U. an effective concentration was still fomd in the serum. Although the serum level of penicillin does not Inc-ease substantially where there is an increased hir,! uric acli content of blood and urine, the slower excretion allows the number of in,A--ctions to be red.1ce-J. In kidney diseases the delayed excretion of penicillin seems to be paralleal with the endogenous hippuric acid synthesis. Bra-jn-B'ad37eSt (3eC. VI) go: Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, 3ect*,--n II,Vol. I. i1-6 MIOSONYI L. and ODIATT E. A bWaj;e!;t1 Tadamnjeaetnm, 11. szanu B91- klinikajarol. A vitaminhaztarta3 zavarai penicillinikezelps folyaman Disturbances of vitamin metabolism due to penicillin treatment Orrosok Lapia 1947, 3/38 (1512-1r16) In several CaS93 of protracte-1 penicillin treatment (7-11 million O.U.) lsynrtoms appeared asc-ibed to vitamin deficiency. DirAct dige3tive experiments of penicillin and vitamins Bl, B21 and C In sorum in the thermostat excluie~ any direct action of penicillin on the water-solution vitamins. Hypovitaminnsi-.s were ietermined by clearance tests, according to Magyar and Goth and hy chemical determination. y due to Infection or deficient nutrition was The possibility of vitamin deficienc- caref,illy excluded. A direct effect of vitamin C on ',.he bactericidal effect of the antibiotic was exclLOed by in bitro, growth-exreriments. A few rats trPate-1 with a penicillin dosave equivalpnt to about 200,000 O.U. for a man of 70 kg t-,ody-weight shoTv,ed the same reduction of 3scorbic acid content of the arirr- as did the clinical cases. Ttis marked hypovitaminosis as a sequel to penicillin treatment showed about the end of the first week In weram and urin,~ after an average daily dose of 160,000 O.U. without apparent clinical effects. This experience confirms f~,at of' CrarAon, Uu-0 and Oil-1, who in experiments on volix-teers, found that the fir3t clinical symptoms of ascorbic acid deficiency aprpared in the sal,,Ject only after 182 days of striQtly exclLdinr diet. Bing-Budapest 3o: Physi-31ogy, Biochemistry an-1 Pharmacology, 3ection II, Vol. 1. #1-6 WSOIN'f I L. , OSIATT. E. ani G~r. INGEq SIURJ~"" 11. 11. Melien! G-11nic of tne Puti~.r i' University, Badapest RftLay_e-,j penicilli exc-qtjon by I j4Lt easin7 hinnuric acid synthesis Hungarica Acta Madica 1948. 1/1 (1-8) Tables 5 In attempts to slow %~p the rapil excretion of F-enicillin, in-za-stigallions wez-- con,j,icted with a diet. caa3ing incronsel hippuric acid (I) synthesis. Using a liet containing vegetable protein, pr1ric-1pally tn the form. of oat flakes. the level of I In the urine was ~mlformly raised to a 7rpat extent above norm, A. It was founJ that the decrease of the nenicillin 1~vel of the seram coald be Inhibited to such an extent that an effective bacteriostatic concentration remained for six hours after Injection. From observations ir kidney diseases it appearei that the nephritic kiiney retains penicillin only if I synthesis is increasel at the sam6 time, ared hence the extent, of endogem)u3 I synthesis is also a factor. Dawes - Leeis 50; Physiilogy, Biochemistry & Pharnac-)Iogy 2.1 Jan.-JLme 1949 OBIA.Tf. I.; WILY, T. The synergism of stroptomycin, and heavy metals,experiments with bi- valent cobalt. Orr. hetil. 93 no. 44: 1251-1252 2 11ov 1952. (CUM 24.-1) 1. Doctors. 2. Second Internal Clinic (Director -- Dr. lare Harnal), Budapest Medical University. /4 z r o Rj-.4 7 7; MMTAN, Kilos, dr.: OBLATT. Xrzoebet. dr.; ROM, Gyorgy, dr.; KIRMI, Norbert, dr. Xxperi=ntal kidney charges in steroid (cortisone) diabetes; an the pathogenesis of diabetic angtopathy. Ka#7. belorr. arch. 7 no.l: 23-30 Fab 54. 1. A Budapestl Orvostudonanyl Affatem II. oz. BoUdnikajanak (Igangato: Haynal lure dr. egyatemi tanar) as as I. on. IorbonctanI as Kiserlsti BakItutato Inteset (Igasgato: Balo Jossof dr. egyatext tanar) koslemezWe. (DIAEMS INLLITUS, exper. cortisone-induced. causing kilney changes) (IEUMYS, in various die. cortisone-induced diabetes aellitus) (CORTISONS, tax. diabetes mellitus, erper., causing kidney changes) OBLAIT, Irssebet, dr. 22M. Lazzlo. The effect of thiamine on basal metabolism in normal and byperthyrold subjects. Yba. belory. arch. 7 no.5:152-154 Oct. 54. 1. A Badapentl Orwastudomanyl 147aten 11. as. Balklinikajanak koslow-aye (1g"gato: Roynal fare dr,, Weteal tanar) (HYPJWEnMOXDISi(. metab. In basal metab., off. of vitamin Bl) (TITAMrS Bl, off. on basal metab. in normal & hypertbyrold subjects) (BASAL MRABOLISM, In various die. bypertlWroldism, off. of vitamin Bl) t-w_ "~,,7F 3n 7VAl ~Tjfiu~ ju F 0111!iA F1 25--, OBIATT, Zrxsabet. dr.,; HGRVATH. Janos. dr..; LCRINCZ, Janos, dr. Primary amyloidosis with consecutive macmglossla. Orv. hatil. 96 n0-5:133-136 30 Jan 55. 1. A Budapostl OrvostudoewuWl Baotou 11. oz. Belklinikajanak (igazgato- flaynal lure dr. egyatemi tanar) as oz 1. oz. Xorbonotant as Kiserlett Rakkutato Intezetanak (Igazgato: Balo Jozoof dr. saateel tan&r) kozlemenys. (ANYLOIDOSIS, pathology, macroglossia, fatal) (TCYGUZ, diseases, nacroglossla, in amyloidomis. fatal) IWNGARY/Humn and Animl Physiology (Normal and Pathological). T Internal Secretion. Pancreas. Abs Jour:Ref Zhur-Biol , No 17, 1958, 79841. Author : Rona, Gyorey; Kerenyi, Norbert; Oblatt, Erzsebet; Inst :Dretan, Miklos Title :Influence of Methylandrostendiol (Neosterone) on the Vascular Changes During Experimental Iteroid Diabetes. Orig Pub: Ma[omr tud. aAad - Diol es orv. tud. oazt. kozl, 1956, 7, No 1-3, 179-194 Abstract: No abstract. Card : 1/1 BRWAH, 141klos. dr.; OBLATT, Ertsebet, dr. Clinical significance. pathogenesis. and theravy of diabetic anglopathy. Nagy. belorv. arch. 9 no.1-18-26 I%b 56. 1. A Budapesti Orvostudomanyt %yetem 11. sz. Balklinikajanak Ogav.: ftynal, Imra dr. egyeteml tanar) kozI. (DTABMS MILTITUS, compl. vasc. die.. diag.. pathogen. & ther. (Hun)) (IMOOD VESSELS, die diabetic. diag.: pathogen. & ther. (Hun)) MOSOffl. Laszlo, dr.; CSIKT, Tivadar, dr.; OBLM,- Smobst. dr. !6 Dats, on induction machanton of fever caused by streptasycin. K W . bolory. arch. 9 no.5:137-140 Oct 56. 1. A Bu4aposti Orvostudoxanyl Tastes 11. oz. Bolklinikajanak (Igazgato: Haynal, lore. dr. egyatem tanar)-koslauenjo. (STREPTONICIN. inj. off. fever, diag. & Induction sechantau (Hun)) (MER, otiol. & p0hoges. streptomycin, diag. & Induction mechanism (Hun)) 4 ',- 7. WiA. Gy.; K&REM, IF.; BRZT-43, K.; OBTATT, A. The role of the adrenals in the clearing reaction. Acta Dbysiol. hung. 11(Suppl):73~-75 1957. 1. Institut fur Pathologische Anatoule und lxperimentalle Krabsforschung und II. Klinik fur inner@ Medizin der modizinischan-Vniversitat, Budapest. (HIPA-RIII lipemia clearing factor, off. of adrenal cortex hormones, adronalectonq & bypophysectomy on activity in rate (Ger)) (PLASM game) (LIPASIS same) (ADBEYAL GORTXX HORWHES, off. on lipemia clearing factor activity in rats (Gar)) (ADRIVA TOM exper. off. on lipamia clearing factor activity in rats (Ger)) (HYPOPHYSECTOW, exper. game) OBTATT, Erzoebet; FNHAR. TfAazlo; GSIKI, Tivadar Serum protein examinations in scleroderm and Sjoegren syndrome. Yagy. belorv. arch. 11 no.2-3:66-69 Apr-June 58. 1. A Budapesti Orvootudomnyi Egyetem 11. sz. Belklinikajanak Koala- menyee (SGLICROI=fA, blood in protein determ. (Han)) (SJOIGMM SYMOME. blood in same) (BU)OD PROMINS. in various die. scleroderma ?A Sjoegren %yud. (H=)) OBLATT Gabor, dr, It is necessary to solve the complex mechanization of sugar- beat growing. Kezagazd teohn 1 no,3:12-13 161. ~#WTT',_ Gabor - ------ Techzdcal possibilities of large-scale agricultural plants. Mezogand tecim 1 no,1-1:26-V 161, OBIATT., Gabor How to increase the speed of tractors? Mezogazd techn 3 no.6: 25 163. BARAT, Gyorgy, testilmernok; FULU-P, Jozsefne, dr., iparagi eloadoi KISS, Janosne, textiltechnikus; OBLATT, I/Arcell, textiltechnikus F+qndardi2,ation of knitting industry prodw.41s. ')zabvany kozl 17 no.3:129-133 W '65. 1. Hungarian Bureau of Standards, ffi~dapest (for BarRt). 2. Commercial Quality C-ntrol Institute, Budanest (for Fulup). 3. Ministry of Light Industry, Budapest (for Fiis). 4. Quality Control Institute of the Textile Industry, Budapest (for Oblatt). OBLEKHOVA, 0., inzh.; PROTASOV, V., inzh. Effectiveness of the "Molikot" additive. Avt.transp. 40 no.2: 24-26 F 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Avtozavod im. Likhacheva. (Lubrication and lubricants) (Molybdenum compounds) I CummiVii, T., 1.* Soils - Analysis Spect.-ur: method for analyzing plants and -soils. Pochvcvedenia no. 3, 1952. 9. Monthly List af Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, July -195y, U"I. 2 OELENSKIYv K.P. *Management of rgricultural production in the USSR." Report subadtted to the Conf. on the Application of Sciewo and Techtology for the Benefit of the 14se Developed Areas. Geneva# Switzerland 4-20 Februux7 1963 1. V-htw"~mv' H., Ontnfuly' 14. 1 2. V.SIV (600) 4. Local Finance 7. I~udgets of the union republics in the service of the peoplea of the U. S. S.R. Fin. kred. SSSR no. 2 1953 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, June 1953. Unclassified. S/194/62/000/007/027/160 (A9 D295/D306 AUTHOR: Oblenskk,_!L4p____ TIT-l"Es Electromagnetic relays with suppressed inductive coupling between the ooile PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. AvtomatikEL i radioelektronika, no. 7, 1962, abstract-7-2-4 f ~Stroje na zpracov. in- form@, no. 2, 1954, 261 - 270 LCzech.; summaries in Rua. and Eng-1) - TEXT: The article 4escribes the principle of operation of relay circuits intended for' data processing, and a method of connecting the individual relaya in these circuits. Two-coil relays with ope-- rating and holding coils are usually employed. The relays are enerw gized by pulses from the generator feeding the circuit; the commu- -4 tation of the contacts of the relays being carried out without cur- rent through the contacts. Possible errors in the operation of the-. circuits, due to the presence of inductive coupling between the coils, are considered in detail. A relay construction with two co- res and two two-section coils is described. The coil sections are Card 112 S/194/62/000/007/027/160 Electromagnetic relays with D295/D308 connected in parallel on one core and are opposing on the other# which sharply reduces the inductive coupling between the coils The results of tests of the relay described, operating in data pro;ess- ing circuits, are compared with the operation of ordinary relays. The advantages of using relays with suppressed inductive coupling between the coils in complex ulse-energized relay circuits are shown 10 figures, 2 tables. fAbstract,er's note: Complete transla- tion.~ Card 2/2 GULYAMs B.B.; OBLENTSEV, F.D. Participants of the Internati-mal Foundrymen's Conference visit French foundries. Lit. proizv. no.3:40-41 Mr 161, (KM 14-6) (France--Foundries) OBLEUKHOV.I T. V. Coal-Mining Vachinery Planetary method of breaking up rock. Ugoll, 27, No. 8# 1952. 9. Monthly LLst 2f Russian Accessions, Librar7 of Congress, November _iq5#,2Unc1. AID P - 2688 Subject USSR/Mining Card 1/1 Pub. T8 - 6/21 Author Obleukhov, T. V. Title Outside wedging of the b1t cutters In well drilling Periodical Neft. khoz., 33, 5$ 28-32, My 1955 Abstract The cutters In the bits end In rotary drilling are' often wedged In heavy clay formations and wear out easily because they are not able to turn. The author analyses cases when this occurs and offers some recommendations to overcome this difficulty in drilling. Institution : None Submitted : No date z - tj Z 3MMMALWOMPM L 25�30-66 EWT(s)/EWP(w)/T/EWP%t) JD/Dj X"5C1,017 WO-1-015646 (A SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66!000/009/00551005-' INVENTOR: Ravikovich, A. M.; Zolotova, 1. D.; Garzanov, G. Ye.; Vinner, G. G.; P&t-x.l ina. Ye,--I--; _jh:ova 0. S.- Borshch-va!~iy, 3.gryan~kqKa-,I~. ORG: none TITLE: Preparative method for ant1wear additives? Claso 23, No. 181223 SOURCE: Izobrateniya, promyshlennyye a raztey, tovarnyye znakL, no. 9, 1966, 55 TOPIC TAGS: antivear additive, monoolefin polymer, sulfurization ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued for a preparative method of antivear additives by sulfurization of monoolefin polymers at 140-180C. 1801 SUB CODE: 1l/ SUBM DATE: l6jul64/ ATD PRESS: Card -to owe*&** 0006a 0 0 to 0 &*#-_#7#-#-O-q_-##_14p~ # 0 4 0 0 # *w-w-w-V ,* W-6 * *so 000 0 o e s to 0 0 0go *3 1j I A 1 6 1 1 f A A f- A A A 9 r - s 0 v a ***It It %; 11 Is It 1$ 1, 16 if IN " a 1 81 U a Id a Is V a It If u Is ides Isu Ionia if L IL It I, f , j - , 00 ' so 4 pu a wabvmde hd (w cabommilmor "d Diml SWAAkm 16 by ff"Aotw 44 Ododke cieftwe MW boo Ike 8 All 1 A I M (P 0 l 00 . . . ., . is aw A, t. 040 hm.,y des Q flocif ml Aml J"e,"Cq~ A., (..%,akIamy 41d ficim, Iteat-1. M hIa chhu%of Spettifulfusidat W' five 16111ta.. then with lot 11"At a 19.71'"P kmm Icukh-16-46 IwIIq%I andatt itwivem I" vetche in,. of SA "Ciltm, Ohih, it- light 4A&-41 mid tiewlicil kettim"te heAl a tvtrtw tkv. fitshri by 12 1111111 #0 MW III the PICWMC &SWISIVE the lUdtktklU PCIIIJ WAL% %mm bY 1411%. The cots, fia-ur 4a anilim pt. iff IW 00 oW #14 -impoped uudWy of tuottimitir mmidoL. 44 hilth itmd. wt ., ubkb cen be rcowtted Into aviatim fix, I i h d i TW f h 1 otivem t on. (micu foctis avi, 4 high twill trAt whi. y r" tw Immorted by v~mlmwmfk". '11W (wilwolic., 4-1 #1w 1 l h 1 d t 4 00 Ar qW 2111 aw t e KOO Plio Uct.- air ta mitod"I. Ten oef- 1 cletims. A. A. lkwhtfinsh 00 C jig u a 4906000 I, 7*1 0 0 0 S;~ S 0 00 00 0 *of 0 0 o 0 0 0 *4 a 0, 0 00 0 1k of a a o" #4 Go Ar# -00 1.00 _00 -00 .00 a** =00 1000 .00 zoo gee '00 '90 -00 '00 '00 boo r, -A solidds Wift "dto* (guy acid- **Oil-sl 1 (10* *, U-k-b"o-va. Atowsow,w4yu Prof". If". So. up. 5-7.-Flaftylkw, from paraffin No petrotatuto afr -atisfactory lubstiltutlY ' Inr natural fatty acids in owlomrOttle gredirs. %. The" OB ... '. Activitleof of the Technical Council of the Ministry of Antonobile Transportation and Highways of the U.S.S.R. Avt.transp. 32 no.B: 37 Ag 154. (KTPA 7:11) 1. Vbhonyy sokrotarl Tokhatoheskogo soveta. (Transportation. Antogotivo) OBLEMOVA, 0., uchanyy sakretarl takhatcheakogo soveta. --WWW" Activities of the Technical Council of the Kinistry of Autonobile Transportation amd Highways of the U.S.S.R. Avt.trausp- 32 n0-9: 37 S 154. MIA 7.11) (Transportation, Automotive) OBLIMOWA, 0. ~ z In the Technical Connail ckf the Kinistry. Avt. tramp. 33 no-5:38 My 155. (KLU 8:8) 1. Uchenyy sekretarl Tekhnicheakogo Sovet& Kinisterstya avtonobilluago transporta, i shosseyuykh dorog SSSR. (Automobiles-Repairlug) OBLVMMTA. 0.. inshener. NONOWW2 Improve the quality of automobile lubricants. Avt. transp. 34 no.?:18-19 Jl 156. (MIRA 9:10) (Automob tles-linbrIcatton) BRUSYAIITSY.V, H. - OBLMUOVt 0 14 ~~~ New standards for synthetle solldols. Awt.tramsp. 35 mc.05-1-c,-16 J" 057. Off.RA IP: 7) 1. bauchno-issiedoratellInki7 Institut mvtomobillnogo tranamorta. (1,uhrication and lubrleants-Standardo-1 OBTJMOVA 0.0 insh.; yIPPIR, A.. land. tekhn. nauk; PROTASOT, T., lash.; BjMffATA, R., iuzh. Effect of a centrifugal cleaning on the extraction of additives from oil*. Avt.transp- 38 no*8:20-22 AC 160. (MIRA 1328) (Automobiles-4agines-Oil filters) srr-_(c)ANT(m)/B05/ES(r.)-2 NR: AT3002011 AFFTC/AE-GC/SSD Pt-4jPj-4 S/2664/61/000/000/0340/0347 AUTHORS: Oblaukhov&,O.S.: Protasov Trubinskap. R. A. Vs V. TITLE: The testing of oils with adgittiveN n engines and mechanism@. and prac - cal experience therewith. Effect of qngine -oil -additive a on the pitting of hydraulic; i .valve lifters. ISOURCE: Prisadki k maslam I toplivam.- trudv nauchno*-*tekhnicheakogo -,-"-9-6,scow.-Gosto-ptek-h-iz-da't.- 1961; 340-347. ITOPIC TAGS: lubricant, lubrication, additive. valve, lifter, valve lifter, hydrau- Ilic.pitting. oil. ZIL-110, ZIL-111. DF-11. SB-3. AzNII. TatATIM-339. VNII NP-360 IP- 2 2. PMS sulfonate. dialkyldithiophosphate. Zn. Ba. primary. P. actyl. 'T alcohol, 2-a t;iLxyl. isobutyl. Shell. Esso, Castrol. ~ABSTRACT: The paper describes tests performed with ZIL-110 and ZIL-111 ;engines to determine the effect of oil additives on the pitting of hydraulic valve jifters. 24- and 50-hr tests were performed to obtain data comparable with te'sts lof the same duration performed and reported in the USA. The tests were run at ,varying rpm's. with valve spring loads of 75 and.130 kg. The oils tested were In- .dustrial SO and DS-8 without additives and with additives TsIATIM-339. VNII NP-360, Card 1/ 3 L 20356-;63 ACC I62i Iii: Af3O idii ESS I - A 1P-22 PMS and the Ba and Zn dialkyldithiophomphates DF-1 and DF-5 at &L. Anclu g 301W hall, Esso, Castrol. and Wakefield CR-30. The tests showed that. ithe pitting of vialve lifters made of whiti iron actuated by & steel camshaft depends I !greatly on the quality of the oil employed. This is attributed to the contribution of Ithe detergent components of the additives to the appearance of corrosion fatigue in' ithe metal. The 4idditive that is most effective in counteracting pitting of the valve ,lifters is DF-11,~\& Zn dithiophosphate prepared from primary octyl alcohol ,'(Z-ethylhexyl) mixed with Isohutyl alcohol (Institut neftekhtmichaskogo sinteza AN ,SSSR/Institute of Petrochemical S sis,__AS, USSR). A Zle addition of this Addl- "t'iii;-,~fl as referred to a 0. 1% Zn and P content in the oil. Alve is Inij~oducid .Sulfonate and alkylphenotic additives must be introduced Into the oil to obtain satis- ;factory detergent qualities. Satisfactory qualities of the oil relative to the over- All requirements (detergent. antiwear, and anticorrosion properties) are obtained. through the following additive composition: (a) 376 low-ash sulfonate AzNU with 2% :!)F-11; (b) 519 sulfonate additive SB-3 with Z016 DF-11. The method of 24- and 50-hr :engine tests permits the selection of optimal additive specimens that inhibit pitting ton the valve lifters and affords a comparative evaluation of the quality of the metal :that Is to be employed In the making of the valve lifters. Orig. art. has 4 figures and Z tables. Card Z13 L 203505-63 ACCESSION NR-. AT3002011 1ASSOCIATIONt. MoskovskLy avtosavad im. LA. Likh-cheva (Moscow Autemobue and 'SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ.- 231an63 ENCL: 00 jSUB CODE: FL, CH. EL NO REF SOV: 000 OTHER: 000 r4clm OBLEUKHOVA, O.S. Results of laboratory anq operational testing of synthetic lubricants. Proizv. smaz. mat. no.6/8:119-126 '61. (PIRA 14:8) 1. Zavod imeni Likhacheva, Moskva. 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Moskva, Gialegprom, 1963. 51 P. (MIRA 17-.1) KOZLOV, Vasilly Petrovich; OBLEZOYA Aleksandr Ivanovich;-.,~ GOROKMV, Ivan ku-MMMI WdffMk,'-'dX.-; VINOCRADOVA, G.A.# tekhn. red. [Semiautomatic Class 95 PMZ machine for sawli* on but- tons and Class 59-A FMZ machine for reinfordIng button shanks] Poluavtomaty 95 klaaaa P14Z dlia prishivanlia pugovits i 59-A k-lassa PMZ dlis obvivki stoiki pugovitsy. Moskvap Gizlegproms, 1963. 58 p. (MIRA 17-3) OBLEZOV) -A.1.,-,, GCv'OKf!OV, I.K~, Ye'-SLOKOIJI, 'LA. k'MOFkv--, At tar, ?me n-, I ir st it r-,h'-rg I R! -In;, -,: 9 ~,r. geperal-purpc,se newfng ma~~hlnes. 3hvoin. ;)-cm. ja-F t65. 0~:R~-,. i-Ifi- A1,01 IwWW (A A. wing, WME add, tbe buffer j~~01 a mlwwre of wwawl acwo ftw g-locial ~-Mjr 06d lx~zgaght pH 4.1. MVICE at this, level Wpwiliiity U 01!,ta~mzd thr LvoNwm of the colouted iamnlnkrm cecrerx-AIT)rl Tbg 4Mjq-3JijVjj Of the -.effUjtj*,g -1 Wapleif C-N-470un4 COMSPOZ11CIR t, thC Mtn u!,::Ai, a x lie arld: w Hy" y I : 1. The ;,.f wapourd K The avXcattlma4 efft-ct rif tavDi, cnIIiQjVrmd kil ti1v ~.a~ I-I Ird b,- a&V,119 to rach wu;revio U 10 pe-, , ~,A t~, tth A Vi5cifnLW' cati~:,-anezt-.r. 20 jrm -1 'In'd in 'he tIrzr&d th-a With I _ewe x-z"n. !"n, hva In. Determining the iron-ox6de content in 711ass sand from the Biala Goran deposits. P. 21"10. SUIP. I CER-20-TIKA. (Centralne Zarzady Przemyslu SzIdarsIdeg-o i Cerzmiczn~-!go oraz Stovarzyszenile Naukowo-Techniems Insynierow i Technikovi Przer~vslu Ghemiczne.;To) ~-,Tarsza,ma, Pland. Vol. 10, no. Aug. 1959. Monthly 1-ist of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol.9. no.!, Jan. 1959. Uncl. Oblicl:a, M. The calorimetric determination of boron and fluorine in glass. p. 253. SZKLO I CFJWIIKA. (Centralne Zarzady Przemyslu Szk1arskiego i Ceramicznego oraz Stowarzy9zenie flaukawo-Techmiczne Inzynierow i Technikow Przemyslu Chemicznego) Warszawa,, Poland. Vol. 10, no. 9, SePt. 1959. 9 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol/no. 2, Feb. 1949. Unel. PAWLOWSKA, ffanna; OBLICKA., Mria; BOBOLI, Karol Control of the FeZ03. TiO? and A1203 content in qpectrographic eta-nd-;:~:,d specimens of glazier sands. Chem anal 7 no.2:487-494 '62 1. Instytut Przemyslu Szkla I Ceramiki. Warszawa, Gentralne Laboratorium Aparatow Pomlamwych I Optyki, Warszawa. Ov, M., =chalnik (Bryansk); LITOVA. No, sakretars (selo Sokirsny, ChernovItskoy oblasti); BUD=. 0., nachallulk.- OBLIKOT, D. (Chebak- sary) *2PwNfi$r" Radio amateurs assist collective farm villWse Radio no.1:15-16 ja 154. (MLHA 7:1) 1. Indloklub To4voyusnogo dobrovollnogo obshchestva. sodaystviya &ruit. aviateli I flotu (for Kryukov). 2. Plsxtbyuro Vlashino-traktornoy stantall (for Wtovks.). 3. Grouneunkly oblaatnyy m4loklub Tossayusnago dobrovollnogo obahchostva sodaystviya armil. aviatell I flotu (for Badger). (Radio in agriculture) =SR/Electronics Hadlof ication Aug 52 Receivers "Radio Amateurs oF the Chuvash Republic Belp in Rediorication.Work." D. Oblinov, Cheboksary "Radio" No 8, p 13 More than 6,000 radio receivers have been built wd installed in kolkhoz hemes in the Cbwmh Republic. Of these, 1,705 crystal and vacum- tube receivers were built by Doaaar ambers In Kanashakiy Rayon. In addn, 18 vire-broadeasting centers have been constructed in the republic. OBLnOV* D.,4Ch*boIc#&ryj. Radio circle chairmen's report on the meeting of the Republic's Orvalza- tional Committee of the All-Union Volunteer 11coloty for Assistance to the Army. Aviation, &M Wavy. Jkdlo no.6t7 Jo 153. (KTJA 6:6) (Ikdlo clubs) OBLIKOV, D.Whebokeary. Chavashakoy ASM) T4 1-11-^1-"1W--WKm7- Kotion-picture loctures In thd radio club. Radio ito.4:1-1 Ap 155. (NWA 8:6) (Ghebohary-Radlo clubs) OBLEYOV, D. - --- - The club disseximtes naval science. Toon. zmn. 33 no.4:)2 Ap 157o (KLPA 10 - 6 ) 1. Instruktor norzkogo kluba Dobrovollacgo obshchastva soday- stviya armil. aviateli i flotu. Chebokeary. (Chebokmary-Naml education) OBLTSTIL, E. Detemination of losses In clittingg knit underwear. p.333. (TextU. Praha. Vol. 9. no. 2.1. Nov. 1954) SO: Monthly list of East European Accessions (ML), LC Vol. 4, No. 6, June 1955, Uncl Oalvil's E. Technique of mordanting warp go-As. P. 224, (Textil), Vol. 12, no. 6, June 1957, Praha, Czechoslvoakia SO: Monthly IMex of East European Aces-,ions kEEAI) Vol. 6, No. 11 November 1957 POLAND / Chemical Technolo,7y. Ceramics, glass, H cement, materials, concrete. Abs Jour; Ref Zhur-KhImiya, No 12, 1958, 40338. Author Oblitskaya, Inst Not given - Title Determination of Silica and Magnesium Oxide in Limestone. Orig Pub: Szklo I ceramika, 1957, 8, No 11, dodatek, 2-5. Abstract: The methods are described for a more rapid deter- mination Of S102 M and M90 (II) In limestone M. These methods were worked out and verified In plant laboratories. To determine I, a sample (0.2g at I concentration-> 1% and 0.5g if T- 1%) Card 1/4 POLAND / Chemical Techn.-lowy. Ceramics, ~--Iass' H cement, materin1s, cQncrete. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, N~, 12, 1558, 40338. Abstract: monium hydroxide Is added. The precipitated Mr~(C H60N)2 is Weiv4d. The equation: %mvo=o.il568 x b=weiFht of a=weivht of filtered off, dried at 105~jC, and imount od II is calculated from the 100 b/a, where the precipitate, the sample L. The accuracy of determination of II is hieher than that obtitned by the method of phosph~jric acid Mir precipitation, the time required f.--r c,-,~m- pletinw the an!:ilysis is 1.5 hours, as compared with 12 hours neelel In the phosphate method. r,nrriA 2 0 jl 4~ssxn, -rig -4!11~ A. 1. POLDIROV51LAYA. 13 IJIIK- AND knoth, Mocks actrutr-. a n7mal mtrurturr. n LhIck rm.&iangr-f rcgir 4-1-, r v lew., ex, W.In. Mck, vittWh s t CIVS(all,I)v lnl~rmedwe ~.t Riass OBLIVALINYT, P.A.; VAYISEMEN. A.L.; PRONIN. BIO. Changing to natural ps as a mans of Increasing the productivity of furnaces. Stek* I kwo 17 uo~12:1-5 D l6o. 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LisichanBkiy 8tekollnyy zavod (for OW-ivallnyy, Vaynshteyn). OBL37-1a.-A.-N. , 1,7MI'VY'357, A. I. -n-I P. N. "Investigatio of heat-exchange and resistance in the motion of heated 0 air in difrusors and confusors." Report presented at the 1st All-Union Conference on Heat- and klass- Exchange, 0 Minsic. BISR, 5-9 JuPe 1961 31244 S/'207/61/000/005/003/015 D237*P303 AUTkRS; Leont,yevp A,1.q Obli7in, A.N.0 and Romanenkop P.N. (MOSCOW) TITLEt- Investigating resialance and heat exchange r supel- acnic air flow in axialay symmetrical duct A n the presence of a longitadinal pressure gradient PERIODICAL~ Zhurnal prikladnoy mekhaniki i tekhnicheskoy fiziki, no. 5, 196!g 16 - 25 TEXT: ThIs is an account of experimental work on the characteris- ol~~ a turbulent bcundary layer during the passage of heated air thrGugh diverging and convergln~ ducts with cooled walls. Ang- ,;eR of divergence"- used were 8r-41 anci 1209 angle of convergenge was 80. The range of Reynolds numbers covered was R = 1.688 x 10:) to R - 8~48 x 105* 11'emperature range of water cooled walls was 2860K je,,,~~Kq while tha' of air was 42;0K -- '230K. Flow V 0 velocity was up to M --- 0.5. Ducts were sectioned and the following dalhk were recorded: AoLr pre ssure bef.-ire passing the heater and before e duct entran- Card I/ i 31244 S/207,/61/000/005/003i'015 Investigating reslstan-~e and D237/D303 ce, temperature of air cr, leaving the heater, temperatures of air, walls and water and P.-essures in each sec-t-ionv and amount of vater ,.used for -,ooling. 141crothermocouples and micro-Pilot tubes weie used to obtain the readings. Graphs were constructued of veloc4ty and pressuie disTribuiion in the boundary layer and used to dEter- mine !is integral c-haraoteristics. Graphs of -variation of velccity temperature and density in non-turbulent part of flow were used to ~2a_cula,,e tuangentia-.1. atrc-36 TWand heat flow q. on the walls of the d-icto It was shown that pressure gradient r has little infl4p-n,.e on temperature distribution in the boundary layer. In the part of the layer, however, the similarity between velocity an( tem- ppra-Lurre fie'~d disappears. Calculations of the dynamic boundar.. layer led to the conclusion that a method can be used analogicF1 to thai uaed by A. BuriWef. is Eine Berechnungsgrundlage ffir die turbulente Grenzahicht bei beachle4nigter und verzdgerter Str8mang, Dist~ertatlonq Zdrichl 19-31), if -the pressure gradients are possiti- V'P- and rate of heat-..Iransfer is small; the thermal boundary layir was deal-,, with 4.n a similar manner. Finally, Rey-nold'B analogy Df heat and mot4on tranapo ntel It was d.11-scuased in view of the experime- Card 2/3 31244 B/207/61/000/005/003/015 InvestigatiQg resistance and D237/D303 da,ta and it was conoluded that it does not agree with experiment in Oase of the turbulent boundary and hence T/q ratio is not con- atant. Yu.P. Semenov, A.K. VoskreseLakly, V.N. Kharchenko, and L.G. Shelegova are mentioned for their h1k in the experiment. There are 10 figares and 17 references: 3 Soviet-bloc and 14 non-Soviet-bloc. The 4 most recent references to the English-lWage publications read as follows- F.H,, Clauser, Turbulent boundary layer in adverse pressure gradieLs, J.A.S.9 1954g va 219 no. 2,91-108; G.C. Dreb- nerg I.A. Bagley, Pressure and boundary layer measure-m-Me on a ~ IF B two-dimensional wing at, low speed R. and M. 1952j no& 86; G. Schubauer, P.S. Klebanoff, Investigation of separation of the tur- bulent boundary layer NACA Rep. 1030, 1950; D.A. Spence, The deve- lopment of turbulent boundary layers. IAS, 1956, v. 23, 3 - 15. SUBMITTED: May 27, 1961 Card 3/'~ BOLDYREV, V.V.; OBLIVANTSUp A.K. Effect of preirradiation Op ti2e rate of thermal decomposition of permanganates of metals of the first group of the periodic table* Kin.i kat. 3 no.6:887-893 N-D 162. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Nauchno-issladovatqllskiy institut yadernoy fiziki pri Tomskom politakhnicheikom institute imeni Kirova, (Permanganates) (RadiationY OBLIVIN19 A.N. Experimental method for determining the local friction coakficients in nonisothermal. conditions. lush.-fiz.zhur. 5 no.3:15-M-Mr 162. (MM 15:3) 1. Lesotakhnichaskiy institut Moskva. (Prictioni(Gas dynauics) DOLDYRKVI V.V.; OBLIVANTSEV A.N. Zffect of a preliminary proton irradiation on the rate of therml decomposition-of potassium pervanganate. Dokl. AN SSSR 150 no.4:826-82EI Je 163. (MLU 16:6) j 1. lauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut yadert7kh isaledovanly pri Tomakom politakhnicheakem institute imeni. S.M. Kirova. Predatawleno, akademikon M.N. Dabininym Obtassium permanganate) iProtonB) Obemical reaction, Rate of) RONLUTMOY N. P.; OBLIVIN., A. N. "Friction and heat transfer of a heated gas flow in a diffuser with -_Cycled walls at temperature factor T 0.25. report submitted for 2nd Ali-Union Conf on Heat & Transfer, Minsk, 4-12 May 1964. Moscow Wood Technology Inst. PF L 2 52h Z-6,15 On 'Arr (P,-)A (0-7ZA, T. (j) Pe.j,lpr-li ACCrt'SstibN~MR, A.Nooi5n AUTHOR; kqld-frgy,__.K, j 01211v;jLilttr,,~~;r4 LyKrjiri~.)L, ii, It TITLE: Radiation stability of alkali rnet'll azideolto ganima rays So URCM Ak SMI. Doklad v. 159, no. 5, 1964, 1113-1116 y nIOPIC TAGS: alkali metal azide, allcall metal azide dissociation, radiation in- duced azide dIssociation, thermal azide dissociation, azide ion crystal lattice ABSTRACTIO Data were sought for arranging the title products according to theirr radiostability, depending on the characteristics of the crystal lattice and the para' In--- _qjIbn S dgr4ph d. cqzides 6~f Na, K, Rb and Cs whose preparation IP briefly described, were subjec t ed to 'e Arradiation at a dose of 2. 9 x 1016 ev/ml. sec. at 35-40 C, then teste d for the presence of free metal and non-reacted acid ion In dependonce of Irradia- tion time. TbAs stability was found to decrease in the order of Na, K, Rb and ely on the ca Ca, depetitifild Itiverg tion radius; however the curves for the azide Cordl 3 A 65 8$TOX-NR-.AP6001 518 A -to Aue apparently to the ion obtaine~~and fhose. r -the free metal -did not coincide, f0 il 4 it t r rma ion 6 t e-n4 ii e ion, following ionization of the al or increase of the oxi- dation:rate the'az ide: under irvadiation. Linear dependence of the initial radia- on i -uxduded__~issociation -output upqn the free volume of the elemental crystal ~ ~ i - '' d dell owar s: ct.of;th~ packing densit of the crystals on azide radi- _y diffusi o*n of the radiation product. Crystal denaity ys1s':Vhic'h proceeds by al seemed the most important determinant of radiation- induced yield, in contrast to -dissociation fj these salts; th1s starts from active locations at that for thermal 0 erior and interior defects of the crystal surface and is basically determined ext by flation a-rid thermal dissociation the releiase of an electron frorn~ the azide ion. Rad "Irradiation was thus do not. coln~6de although their endprodticts are the same. conduc-ted on the gamma- instrument of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the AN UzbSSR by S. G. Pashinski to whorn the authoi-s wish to express their th-anks. OrIcr.; art;::has-.. l'table and 2 figures Sibirsk go otdeleniya ASSO.C.ATT-ONi Jb~Htut kbimicheskay lt-inetiki 1 gorenlya A-3 0 Aka'denn" fiaukMSR Iftstitute- o' Chemical 1,Anetiar, mid Conibluation, Siberia n Divisioil Academy of Scie yadern- ay, fizik! pA Tomehom palitdWinicllheskum institut Im. 8, M, Mrova (Scientific 1, -z .--ACCE I Y-We "ot-In Atute -Ne 0 -SU B-C - . 0V, 001 OTHER: 013 -4 - - ! ~j Ccird a f 3 CBLIVANTS A - -.- -.1-4yi- LYJUIIN, V.M.; BOLDYUV, V.V. FAdiolysis of alkal-I metal perchlerates under the aztion of gama irradiatlon. Zhur.VKHO 10 no.5098-5" 165. (14IRA 18M) 1. Tomskiy politakhnioheskiy institut imeni Kirova, ACC NR, AP6029225 SOURCE CODE: UR/0195/66/007/003/0432/0438 PAUTHOR: Boldyrev, V. V.; Lykhin, V. M.; Oblivantsev, A. N.; Salikhov, X. H. ORG: Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, SO AN SSSR (Institut khimicheakay kinetiki i goreniya SO AN SSSR); Scientific Research Institute of Nuclear Physics. ITcmsk Politechnic Institute (Nauchno-isoledovatellskiy institut ja-dirnoy fiziki pri !Tomskom poExt-ekhr&cfiiiikoi~-inrtitut) Effect of additives on the radiolysiolof potassium nitratell I/ Kinetika I kataliz, v. 7, no. 3, 1966, 432-430 radiation chemistry, radiation effect, potessium compound, gamma Irradia- ABSTRACT: The effect of TI + , Sr+, Pbz+, and SOC on the radiolysis of V1103 was studi- ed using a Cobu y-source. The samples were prepared by fusing KNOS with 0.1-5 mol of TINO3, Sr(NOj)z, and KZS04 at 3400C. The 0.02-0.07 mm fused nitrate grains were placed in glass lpoules, sealed, and irradiated at 350-400C at 400 rad/sec. It was found that the T1 additive results in increased radiative yield of potassitm nitride, the final product of the.,potassilm nitrate rediolysis. It was also found that up to 1019 ev/g doses, the Sr2 and Pb if additives result in increased potassium nitride yield; doses of greater intensity produced lower potassium nitride yields than those ACC NR% AP6029225 obtained for pure 10103. The S04- additive did not affect the mdiative yield of po- tassium nitride as compared with pure 00j. The process of nitrite radiolyais in dis- cussed in terms nf the free radical mechaniam. Orig. art. hast 2 figures, I table, 1 formula. I SUB CODE; 07.,jZ/ SUBM DATE% OgJunS5/ ORIG REro. 003/ ON REF: 020