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L 2012&" IM ATS013357 "elk a motors Theoretical and experimental torq"-speed characteristics of a 4-w 27-v m-Ap shown in the article, diverge In the war-starting gi e to re an du the amustare reaction neglected in formula To aed nearly coincide ia the rated- oporades region JIM-IOM rpm). Orig. art. best 3 Agwms wA V formulas. nCIASOC"t was zxcu- 61 M CODZ: ZIC OTHM W: MW MDT$ RNCLOSUAtil AuTan: OvdAniftw I., LT*. + TME: 6101111.0111" coah"Wess -,801URCRt AN Oft IMMISt khanild. Avtomaddrovannyy slaktroprivad; sledya- "MIRMS I Prom F*70 usbWokwa, fAstomaind electric drive; vsobft Systems, ON&VI and cowertar dovices). . Moscow# lad-vo Nauka, 1965, 57 -63 WIC TAM.- electric mcior, autownede control systm, autmatio control equipment, ABMMACT: Conventional low-power eb~Mo DC notors vwd in automatic control devices dw .Wthe pro"wo* of brashes aW collectors end to dw absence of reliable now* developed contactleas DC motors have characteristics close to Own of conventional wdta. and they owbe controlled by transistorized non mutators. Mw present artleW abscribes the design and operation of confactless motors, the circuit and oper- soon 01. dw Peardw joy. wd do design ad operation of a oovolete conlactless 40 W exper- at do 1"Wat elektromekhmalki flandivis of Elsetromechanics). A dislowisloli Is gifth of do most economical approach to the control of stich motors. Orig. art. _Cwd 4-4=4A A'~C NRI AT 6021833 AMMIATION: Nmw KMWTTED.." ZNCLI. ~`Al= WDE: EEj iE-J ito wip mv. .002 OTHntl ON cw1d 2/2-- UR/0000/OB/000/000/0004/0071 I- VM UTHOM NeL liTiii CoWd sed paws. oberaolarindes of double-winding contactless Eid' M~oArs AN slekkMi AvOomedsiroyanvy ebklroprtvod; eledya- 1*111m us"aft (Automated electric drive; -tradkiss systems, omtrol aW converter devioes). Moscow, led-yo, Nauka, 1965,, e4-71 TOPIC TAGB: slectrio motor, electric power source, electric equipmento speed regulator ADMACT: The authors showed earlier that owtaothes DC motors have charactoristics are Identical with diose found in ordinary DC motors with independent excitation. In pamoolar, oonholless moOrs on be nally oantroHed by simple low-power devices.' The presat Wdols Asquesed Searetcally 1) the motor spesd owb*1 by changing the winding For - svppI Pol y vultege; 2) Go motor speW control by w,- 3) oontrol by pulses of wdpokr P" ditlering s0-4) o=IW by negative speed 4 1 it at hadback. All those ~Woaches "WWO 114W article oosoludes with a discuselos of pown relationships dirl OW ,uskof do ous saivdodo. of, speed,oosir.d. Orig. WL lisst 42 11ormulas and -41111~WW. Visas.. BUD CODZ: ISIr OVCHTNNIKOV, I.Ye. Determ nition of n"If-oncillAt Ions in name nonlinopw syntpmm and 7rripr*. -Ok' col-4tmV.1 no 4evot',opp4d on ths basis of x% nr,jrt. frMformnti-i Sbor. rnb. po vop. alakt.romekh. 163. (ml ~ ""::) ,ACCESSION NR: AT4013059 8/2573/63/000/009/0131/0246 AUTHOR: Lebedev, N. I.; 0vchinnikov, L Ye. TITLE: A direct current motor with no contacts and a transistor commutator SOURCE: AN SSSR. Institut slektromekhaniki. Sbornlk robot po voprosam slektromekhaadd no. 9V 190. Avtomstizatolya, telemekhanizatslys. I priborostroyeniye (Automatione, telemechanizatten and instrument manufacture), 131-145 TOPIC TAGS: motor, electric motor, direct current motor, automatic control system, contactless motor, commutator, transistor commutator, serve mechanism ABSTRACT: A low-power D.C. motor, whose commutator Is replaced by a transistor cir- cuit regulated by transformers which monitor the position of the rotor with respect to the stator, is described. A simplified version of the motor is shown In Figure I of the Enclosure. The rotor is a two-pole constant magnet. The stator has one winding and two transformers located at the flanges of " body. The axis of the rotor is connected to a signal disc (2) ,which In made from forromagnotic mM*ri%1 mW is out out as shown. Since the output ,winding of the transformers D, and D2 an co=ected differentially, the transformer puts ,out a signal whenever two of its cores overlap. The signal which oontrols the solid state -oommutstw (3) Is tolten from bmuformor D1. 9yedw=1zation of the performonoo of the Cmd 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AT4015859 transformers and the oommutator requires that DI and D2 be located on the axis of the -winding OD and that the disc be symmetrical with respect to the line perpendicular to the pole axis of the rotor. Better performance may be obtainW, with respect to starting No torque losses due to stator winding current ripples, if two stator windings displaced by 900 are used. They may be connected either in para1lel or in series, though the series connec- tion is superior. The transistor commutator can also serve as a power amplifler. Speed of the motor can easily be controlled by modulation of the commutator Input signals. This feature,, combined with low power requirements on control s4paw, makes Uw motor a valuable tool in serwomeebanism design. Orig. art. has: 10 figures and 12 formulas. ASSOCIATION: Inatibut elskizvnekhaniki AN SUR (Eleatzvowchimics Institute AN SSSR) SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 20Deo63 ENCL: 01 ISUBCODZ: ZZj IX NO REY SOV: 006 OTHZR- 001 CWd 2/3 ACCZMION NK- AT4016M D OD, Di Fig. 1. SimplMed versiam of D. C. =olow ZNCLOSURZ: 01 Cmrd 3/3 ACCESSION NR: AR4035556 S/O271/64/OOO/OO3/AO36/AO36 SGURCEz Ref. zh. Avtomat., telemekh..1 vy*chiBl. tekhn. Sv. t., Abs. 3A218 AUTHOR: Ovchinnikov, I. Ye. TITLE: Determining self-oscillations In some linear systems and graphic constructions developed by the method of point transformation CITED SOURCE: Sb. rabot po vopr. elektromekhap. rn-t elektromekhan. Goa. kom-ta Sov. Min. SSSR po avtomatiz. I mashinostr., vy*p. 9. 1963, 3-15 TOPIC TAGS: automatic control, nonlinear automatic control, self-oscillations in. automatic systems TRANSLATIONt Quick solution of practical problems of determining the maximum cycles by the method of point transformation is largely limited to the systems with one degree of freedom describable by the second-order linear differential equationst V - I Orty) X-M. Investigation of phase-plane problems In ZY-axes may be reduced to detormining a closed trajectory of the maximum cycle and to obtaining Information on the cyc.e Card 1/0 ACCESSION NRt AR4055556 stability. Depending on the type of problem, the phase plane Is divided Into regions; In each region, the system is described by its own different "I oqua*lon. The lines specified by the functions a(x, y)= 0 serve as the region boundaries. The greater the number of sections in the phase trajectory, the more difficult Is to determine the maximum cycle. The boundary equations (%,Y) - 0 in the general form for n sections are given by: 01.1 tyi.11- Ili IT,." Iyl. Vt., - I I IV,j# JYMI (YdI where I = 1, 2, 3, ..., n. The closed conditioii Yn,,t " Ys is presented. If the phase-trajectory equations do not include time as a parameter, then: fi(yJ1 Yn-1) = 0' In the simplest case, yi,l - fi(yi) and the closed-trajectory cond tion Is Vt - /M U.-I It is not always easy to obtain analytical solution of the above eria.ion which would yield the coordinate ys, of the maximum cycle. By means of sip]" graphical constructions, the self-oscillation cycle can be found and the eifect of parameters on the form of the self-oBoillations can be investigated for varioun fixed values of the parameters. The method is 11.1ustrated by an exWle of self-osoillations in an olectromeaMnloal system containing a delayed relay. Bibliograpbyt 2 titles. Card 2/3 "N ACCESSION M AT4015855 8/2573/63/000/009/0003/0015 AUTHOR: Ovehinnikov. 1. Ye. T17LB: On the determination of the natural vibrations in certain non-linsor systems and graphic constructions developed on the baste of the point-transformation method SOURCE: A14 SSSR. Institut atektromekhaniki. Sbornik robot po Vopross2 elektrom- ekhaniki, no. 9, 1963. Avtometizatsiya, telemekhanizatisys i priborostroyaniya (Automation, telemechanixation and instrument manufacture), 3-'S TOPIC TAGS- natural vibration, electromechanical system. non-linear system. graphoanslytical construction, point-transformation method, delayed action relay. rapid solution, linear differential eqoation, closed trajectory, limit cycle, automatic control, automatic control theory ABSTPACT: The author investigates analytical and graphoanalytical procedures for determining natural vibrations on the basis of the point-transformation method for a certain class of non-linear systems, as illustrated by an electromechanical system containing a relay vith delayed action. Good use can be t2ads of this method in determining the periodic movements in certsit non-linemr systems. Card 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AT4015855 Rapid solution of practical problems in determining the limit cycles by this method is mainly confined to the set of Systems with one degree of freedom des- cribed in different sections by the linear dIfferetitial equations of the aecond order; k = f (x, y) and X - y. Stndy of the problc= on the phase plane in the xy axes is reduced to determination of the closed trajectory of the limit cycle and to obtaining information aDout its stability. Depending upon the type of problems, the phase plane in divided into a number of areas, in each of which the system is described by its own differential equation. The limits of the arena are the lines assigned by the functions sigma (x, y) a 0. The phase trajectory thug obtained is "pieced together" from sections, and the time consu=ed in determining the limit cycle increases rapidly with the growth in the number of sections. A number of difficulties enumerated can be overcome by the grznho- anal7tic procedure, which offers quick results in calculating concrete If it ia a matter not only of finding the natural-vibration cycle in a concrete system wLth assLgned parameters, but also investLgatLng the effect of thc3a parameters on the kind of natural vibratLons, a number of can7 constructions must be cado for various fixed values of the parameters. The stability of the Card 2/3 iC=SICV XR: AT4015855 i n1tural vibrations found is evident from fig. 5, where the deviation of the closed sequence of transitions corresponding to the limit cycle diminishes without restriction with the growth fi the number of transitLons from one line of eoc=ta-- tiong to another. Orig. art. has 23 numbered equations. about a score of unnumbered oneo, 10 "constructions" an4 I diagram. ASSOCIATION: In3titut elektro-mekh,-.niki (Inatituts of Electromechanics) SUMMED:- 00 DATE ACQ: 20Dec63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODEt GE NO REF SOV- 002 OTFM,-: 000 Card 3/3 L989DEVO N.I.; OVCHINNIKOVI I.Ye. Contactleas d.c. motor with a tranni3tor coarrutA~or. 3bor. rab. -,- vop. elektrormkh. nc.9:131-145 '63. (MIRA 17:2) OVCHIPFIXOV. I.Yo OptimLT method which involveB the use of a d.c. motor for acceler- ating a revolving mass. Sbor. rab. po vop. alektromekh. no.6i 242-252 lul. (MIRA 14:") (Slectrio driving) Uv' li ' N't I WV , i.le. , kand . to-~.),.n . it it, ik (Lent ngrad , 1YIM ~v , "' 1.. 1. n-? I'. k -en', ngrad ) Stabilization nnd speed or a contartle-4 I C. mntor. Elektrichestvo no.214i-48 ~ 'h~. (MII~A 10. 1. I, , , I ., I I1 1. 0 .1 1 / . OVGHINNIKOV, K.H. "" Antimalarial role of forests around ponds. Ked.pares. I pares.bol. sunplement to no.1:25 157. (KIU. ii:ij (MOSQU ITORS) (?ORNST INFUWCJ9S) OYCHUMIKOV, K.N.; MORDZOVUAYA. H.1.; TISHCHIMKO, O.D.; DZMCIMKO. I.A., direktor; OGMT'-'S.3.; GOMYSHITA. I.1.; BALISKATA, M.K.; XONTOROVSKAU. T.M.; BUTT, U.N., saveduyughchiy; DRUTWO. V.].; 31MYCHUX. N.K., tSTed11jrUvh(!hiy; DITACMWO, V.I.; UZOVICHo T.K.; AGAYNOT, I.N., zavodunanchly. ItAPAMIL'- MAYA, F.S. Prognosis of malarial Incidence of a locality and organization of tuitimalari- al measures In the zone of the future XLkhcvka reservoir. Med. Waz. i pa- ra2.bol. no.2:109-116 Mr-AP 153. (KLRA 6-6) 1. Ukrainskiy Institut malyarit I neditsinskoy naratitologii imeni profes- sore, Ehibashkina (for Demchenko). 2. Zaporothokaya oblastnAyn protivomalya- riyniLya stantsiva (for Belyy). 1. DaworopetrovRkaya oblastnays protiv-malyft- riywWa stantstya (for Shtychuk). 4. ihereonskaya oblastnaya Drotivomalya- riywWa otantalva (for AWonov). (Lhkbovka reservoir reurion--Malarial fever) (Olklarial 7-cerTrtr rm-fnn) OTCHIVNIKOV, K.K. Brooding of Anopheles In ponds with fully regulated run off. Ned.paras.1 paras bol. no.2:167-169 Ap-Je 154. (MUM 7:8) 1. Is lharlkovskogo sellskokhosyaystvennW Instituta In. T.T. Dokuchayeva (direktor Instituts - skadealk A.S.Sokolonkly) (SULINGRAI) FROVISCS-NOSQUITM) (MOSQUITONS-SIPATINGEAD PROVINCZ) OTMISHIXOT, K.M.. kandidat sellskokhosyaystvennykh nauk. Forest belts around ponds and reservoirs. GIdr.1 imal.6 no.40.5-42 Ap 154. (Forest influenoom) (Ra9ervoirs) (XLRA 70) P ." " /,- 4, - ~ , V A ITTHORS' . Strcganav, fe, V., and Nchinnikov, K. 7. ( TITLE: The Cristal 3tructure of the Ruthenium Trichloride ~R,iCl, 11cheskaya struktura trikhlorida ruteniya). PERIODICAL: Vestnik Leningradskogo 'JriversiteLa Seriya Fizlki t Khimii, 057, Vol. 22, Nr 4, pp. 152-157 (USSh). ABSTRACTO. The cristal structure of the black modification of t~~e R,Kll WaS defined on the basis of the 'Yoirierls series and was fo,ind I.- ~e morphous with the violet modification of the CrCl. 3- The fcun! str ir- ture 6oes by the principle of the massive packing. The Cl-1 ions form a massive cubical packinC of tht- sphere5, within tf,e octalaelral cavi- ty of which the ibi +3 inns are embedded. Given are the radiis the RU **3 aS well as Lhe parameter. There are 4 fieures, I table, and 7 references. SUBMITTED: March 17, 1957. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress. Card 1/1 0 1 /"! 11~ /"I, t, /-, V, I I , ,, , r ~ (" STIOGANOV, OVCAij9NDCOV, 1C.V. Gr7stalliCs structure of nithanium trichloride [with numtary in Unglish]. Test. WU 12 no.22:152-157 '57. (MIRA 11::7) (Ruthenium chloride) V. AUTHOR: OvQhjnnjjLQV TITLE: Hectowatt-Hour Llectric I'lleters (Cb elektroachetchikaki. irekto- vatt-chasov) PERIODICALs lzmeritellnaya tekhnika, 1958, Nr 4, ip 76 (',ISSR) ABSTRACT: To avoid the present confusionithe author proposes a method of altering the lettering and position of the decimal point on old hectowatt-houre electric meters Ro tliat they will give readings in kilowatt-hours. The change could bt? made during the periodical check. 1. Electric r*ters--aIibr%tioE Card 1/1 L-6%9416 EPA (s)-VEP'T(m)APF (0/1ETC/EFF(n)-2/jENG (m)IMMANP(b) IJP(c) JD/ ;ACC WRi AIPS028203 SOURCE COM: UR/0072/65/C,35/009/1517/1521 !AUn=: Samonkow. G. A. _W_ S~F 'MG:. Leningrad State Universi!j (Leningradskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet) 'TITUC: Composition of the !!pr over rhenium oxides 7 :5OURCE-- Zhurnal obabchey khist?, v. 35, no. 9, 1965, 1517-1521 JOIPIC TAGS: rhenium compound, ion current, mass spectrum. heat of reaction :,;ADSTRACT: The vapor composition over the pure oxides Re03 and Re0:2 was determined on the mesa spectrum of evaporation products of these compounds. The .,evaporation was carried out with a platinum effusion chamber, the design and opera- Ition of which are described. The following ions we" identified: Re 0 + Re 0 + 0 + 4 V 4 1 2 7t~e CQ 2 S I R*20 * HReO + I HRO03+, R003*, R*02*, Re0+, Rs+- The n8ture Of ng; In man spectrum with decreasing energy of Ionizing electrons indicates that the 4apor composition over ReO and ReO3 In qualitatively the same: the only molecules ,prevent are R0207,, 1003# aid HR*04- The reactions occurring during evaporation of ~R&0,2 ore &soused to be ___VP~C.;_$46.719 536.422.1 + 543.51 *TDuil S/169/62/000/002, O~- 0-- D228/D301 AUThOR! Oy~hin-nikoX. L. F. TITLE: Radiation balance of the Novosibirqk,,;e ln,'~:014 PERIODICAL- Referativnyy zhurnal, Geoflzlka. no, stract 2B168 (Tr. Arkt. I Antarki. n. i. r, 1961. 132-146) TEXT- The radiation regime of the Novosibirskiye Isiandq i.: a:,-j lyzed on the grounds of factual observations on Kolel nyy during 1955-1957. Data are cited about the heat totis. By me--rz of a method developed by the author, involving the data of me!o rologic observations, the monthly totals of the radiation P were calculated for the whole period of t~,e st,,ition a opera',.,-r and the average multiyear characteristics were obtained. :t mer tioned that the obtained quantitles are highly sign'.f, an, f jr., lysis of the area's thermal conditions and the preparation i e forecasts. It is pointed out that the dependence of dire.--t s,1mmA,. radiation and the radiation balance on the sun's elevation nas i Card !,'~ S/'69/62/000 00,' 0' Radiation balawe of ... 1)228/1)1~01 rectilinear charai-ter. The least and most values -~f t~ie balan,,e are ~,bserved in cloudless weather A diagram is qJdu t- for the annual variation of the possible tota:s of the raliA*~-, balan-e in the presen--e of overcast and -lear skies; for t!,e as a whole this appears to be higher when the .-Iou(1,,neso a,, than is the case with cloudless weather. It is noted tnat :-,e tual totals of the r-adiAtion balance are close to t.,~e pusQit*," talls 'r. May and September. The annual variation :f ~F; ~i *;~i. tal.9 for the period from 1936 to 1954 is lomputed by meana obtained PossIble totals with allowance for the amoun* f p--ta~i.--n; the pre-ison thereby ranges from '0 *.(-- '0% Tt,e representat,-venegs of tLe obtained data 1.q est-,mitel f ar-nipejag~,. Tables are given for the radiation b8IMI-01 risli-, under -onsderation. -Abstracter s ncte; C-mp.etp iat,-cn, '3ard 2 OVCHINITIKOV P L. F. Racliation balance of Few Siberian Ialmmdo. Trudy AARI I 229:132-146 161. (MIRA 14:8) (Now Siberian Islands-Solar radiation) OVCHINNIKOV, L.F. Coarputing the radiation balance from total radiation. Probl. Arirt.1 Antarkt. no. 2: 57-65 160. ( KnA 1 -1, : 6 ) (Arctic regiono-3olar radiation) OVIGIMINA. O.G.; OVCIIINIIIKOVA, L.I. Color photography of luminescent objects under the microscope. Zhur. nauch. I. prikl.fot. t kin. 3 no.4:310-311 Jl - kv '58. (MIRA 12:3) (Color photography) (Photomicrography) -le GELLER9 A.G.; NAGLTAt V.V.; OVCHMIMp L*I. (Radio sical, and chemical proBpecting methods for ore depositsVladiometriia i fisikD-kbiadebeekie metody razvedki po- leznykh iskopaeWkhj programat motodicheakie ukazenlis i kon- trolInye sadaniia dlia ucbashchikhoia geofisicheskol apetsiall- nosti saocbzWkb otdolenii geologo-rasvedochrykh tokhnikumov. Kievt Glay. upr. geol. i ravvedocbmftb tokknikumov. Kievp - av. upr. geol. i okhraM nedr pri Sovete Ministrov USSR 1960. - IKIRA 14:8/ 1. 11yevskiy geologorazvedochrqy teirbmJk=, 2. Prepodavateli Kiya*- skogo geologorasyedochnogo tekhnikum& ( for &111 (Prospecting) BAKLAYT:V, Ya.P.; M;HMNIKOV, Stru~:Lural ctara-Le.-IoLICS ';,' Ufi rjlr : endoganetic ~iapcblt~- in v-,e Sov. :~C_ " 5 1 -~-. kW :iLA !":'k- 1. Ura-~Iskly r',Ial kN' Woe at *80991m sio g&W jq -E*X*Tu Vm qTvqco p twl;,4uqTjpTp sq-4 a o4jqmj;,~Vtox ovmjop 9wwqo PMTVW 0-M 9141"" j6 ast4m 00.9 Vwqe ja liam~ sm ftTAXR-AWUV *A&VMf4Oql ST VOOO" Uftq~vw =WTZMIMD sq,4 p vwppn WTIPOW 4 -00&p"o 4R,4 ftTSTTT%z 'R$"-* am" as"Go UXM UTI MA an UT TMROTU Vw 14TWO V=agkOW MOD-4004 ftTZ'FTT%a TOXOT11 V" VMM jo uol,4mmuo"a *Tdooscnoodg OATMTVnmo-To =T,4wTKa&"c TGROM cr, OVCHIMIUKOV L. N. FA 4IT39 Ore Doposits, "The Distributim of Zlvw~te wA Admixtures In NO^- scmatio Deposits," L. 1. Orchimaw, 6 pp -lzv Akad Waak SM, Ber GeW No I in the basis of data obtained In studies of @me Ural deposits, author is Interested In detwulning a slal- larlty in the distrlbutlm of el~ts and admixtures In netasonatle deposits. Tbelr solution cwtent Is at a maxisma, in the main bo47, rather than at the edges of the ore bodies. This appewance is QXPIN! by the fact that the notion of the el~ts and ad- mixtures due to difftelm,, lo =wh slow= due to the IM Q=q=tMM4M at Ww 901"IMP am 7-1n Qw Mau we "b IL. M_ OVCHIMIXOV, 1'. Geology PA 55/0r/0 NOT he *Mhngano-Orthite From the Vishne,7,y Mountains," L. N. Ovchinnikov, M. N. Tainbalenko, A Pp *ftk Ak Sauk SSSR" Vol LXIII, No 2 t AM&Apno-orthite deposits vere found in prospecting Imp niascite pegoatite deposits In the region of -t3w Kurochin spring. Chemical formula for the n1wral is: (Tr, Ca, HAZn)2 (k1., Fe"' j, Fe": Mgt T)3-(SiTI)3 (HIOR)13' Submitted by Ac&d D. S. amiyankin 21 Sep 48. 4 ~m 55/%9rTO 0 "Ah* * * * * 0 0 0 9 0 4 0 - - : : : : ft !11 0 0 0 0 0 * * 0 It e I I s , ? 1" fl ". 0 so A k L I I, t , . U 11 . a 1, , . . a . . A IN 4 U 1 0 A t -4 V t til 11 11 a a t:0 90 go 00 The dkmibubm W almosWry ailstwas i4 roplacom-m 00 00 1,1,yed Ivy diflusittmi in ove Itsm.w.- 4 worpl.s. '00 00 lmnits. Firk's 14% 11 the IsAus fur this thtiwcak At w.4k 0 1 acr graphs Illustr4tr tho V4FLIIWC III MICU 1.111 V alld %I 0* %.1 m.&nriK w- and tht -mtrw -4 Am In An cvi~ drimi 1 he "I .1mr1l"ll"X, ..I Ih, I-n-t 00 0 0 d.-J.Pus 41,M1.1 I~ J I..Ih thms'lk .1 th 1 .00 foe 00 00 00 goo goo 000 -00 Vo &IO-St. .9l.LIURGIE .1 Lllf-.Ildg Ct.%lWK.TWO at clog Ilk -Td-moa- ~ too U 6 &1 iml ~ 0 eig 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ~ We 0 0 O- l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 a 0 a 0 0 0 .n:01.1, T . :11. oVn, IllIr "The f r,:l,. ~ Vto, "no*,4 - Ix.- . Iz. Ak . NIBUI, , ler . - . . N( " , : L, . 1-UlICI-81"gi~01 Gk- I O.'J-0: 1:.3* 1 t I .'-e , UFO', -%f I ~ i3to , - U-`,.~ VVC'-'TT,TTK(-'I, T.. '~'. ;)~915 Ferro go rt on,)' i '. I z -"I, am, ov ?-rvD6,. ludrAr -~ . Dr-'-T, Aj i . '--iu~. .- 3 1. . Novaya !~nriya. -14 '-XVI'. Nn. i,, z. :~*:-"P'- '( . 14 OVCiMRUXGV, L. N. , CrystallorXaphy; Magnptite Zonal variation in the density Of 2 magnetite crystal. Dokl, AN SSSR No. 6:9-7-979 F `2 Gomo-Geologicheskiy Institut Ural Is]-oFo Filiala Akademii Nauk SSSR rcd. 21 Nov. 1951 301 Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, July 1,X-2 -1195% Uncl. Tuls&= of the j V=A4WrXO-*i lahm and A I ~ . tmt=t- ir; , the Ural easbowschaxsrter-lst!~ and stiuctve vritb different Pat itks 'I. of the ptrightral and mW pau fj( tivi crystal iVJ =tml COM Po"10"s Whkb am d 9 essed to vwnalite. ppsmtly homo. The outhors detd. the d. and*orWty jq SMms T"Petitt crystals In i i by tbg mobod _"Cerrat Smaj l b Tbamsm a ittluat m) y. rntasurint th'! deprcwm of tils vapor Ore"bra In equil. d a h detd W by the sorbed Ii uid (benzent) The pore vol . . ., , q wt. of the sorbed ilquid and its d..' - curves am gfvm for the iclationofW S . 7U resulthiS cvn-e-for %; In the central laries (in i -stal Ismuchbigher thanthat for the puts of the mnpetite cr) v1pheral parts. Theequil. ~rapor om"ute was measured 0 b l Whil h i l i h t 9 a era s ance. par , a quartz spr e. t v per ng, 3 p hive a porosity of 0.85%, OW central puts hive one of * O.P20/ Pores of IG-50 mpr diam. are the most frequent (In also rather fre uent l all) those matter than 10 m 4"O% o . a q iii all xoncs (32-40%). an-r! pores of 50-1M mo diam. make up about VS-20%. The higherporosity of the central parts ll h f h te. or t e metasoinatic c is (be rtAwn ange to grMa W. Mttl 0 V"-,: H / /V'r'V I% 0 V, '- /V OVCHINNIKOV, L.H.; SHUR. A.S. ANWMP~qq iltration effect in the passage of solutions through minerial filters. (In: Soveahchanle po eksperimental'not aineralogli i petrografit. 4th. Moscov. 1952. Trudy, Monk-va. 195). No.2. p.103- 179.) (KLRA 713) 1. Gorno-geologicheskiy institut Urallskogo filial& Akademli nauk SSSR, Sverdlovsk. (Filters and filtration) (Solution (Chemistry)) L--- f I t Y Iwo Aim" WM I WWMA in alum wa tbmrv*4 w" uka~# 60 a %I* a dmA y UAW' bardow val"d oxvtvlA au= curm me No bnmwv. x 0 tiblama out iv " d . . e we au DOW g pvp4a ol synthetic soxxattke by calcialms Fe amlate in a d C(16 at a temp..d sbout W. The in, the wn sub)cded to *Aftflou wkdar a coast. Jet 4f 0 as aim.. mud W tea ~az fims 20D to XV. As a lw A A h" i . t s I for a . ab i1 r to amwo va htwhr d a . 1'a s s we* ma hafth* Was In a r ! t ;u 11 m * 1 uIppma t y s Interval cd temp., VU., W-ft below tba dmp cot IONSInth Ago. "_Mvmd ebb" tha ebutges dkec* to bemake. Tbe'ratt d oxWtim of lumming * , 0. hams the rMr of by roamt 4q ' t"n& reaction rom tun es. O. 3 conthpled ibat (1) It k 0 l ift- I lik ide di ib " d 0 i t O e *1 ut s a W r y "tift thals, rd; WO o s a n r amewm uly the diffi6shy of, detecilon MmuM Its pi (2) m4t bumim form no is aAds- thm xmft but mW woft bywhatbowmal majoMite tormets all intomediate Miles Ibe uWWOM (A magmalta to barwite, or tk.'Ir- Mae. M. 4r - eliffi% IMov 1. 777r,. NJ k) f!K' ssk Ir M OT cpdw-. J~r md -No ' --2,21 mwxii no. 0, lawy a -mut. mw the distrRmfim dP to o4$., it wam 4 ., ~ ~ , 1-t . : W)dto amtkof 0" WAM oolA28. The*p.Vr.d2bmwldt* Navy w" 3 14;OFIA* . ' , sm7m WhIte vwkty and 21 Are b4hoed, JL- I .457--~ 12 Tbarml - Ina 1 ysis Studies of the Amphlboles in 3ome 3karn Zones of tne Urals of the crystal lattice of the umphibole and Is associated wl ri the oxidation of ferrous Iron oxide. Durin tliis process N substitutes for OH-1 and In compensation Pe�4' sat.stitutes for Fe2+. 2) ft V500 to 11000 the othe,- hal I of ttie writer Is Ari von off with destruction or the crystal lattice )F tne amphlbole, and clinopyroxene and mu~:netlte tire for-nod. Detiy1ratlon of the amphlbole Is accompanied t,y intense OXIdUti0l) Or tho iron, i~nd this alterhtion le,Js to a considerable chative In ttio Opticul properties of trie mineral. The oxidbtlon Is effected In tne range from 400o to I-JO,3~1. 'tie products of reu,ti-lri In trils oxidation -re slmllar to basultic hornblenJe. Card 2/2 Ye. P. V. 15-57-1-505 Experimental Investigations Associated With the Study (Cont.) conducted on the recrystallization of sulfide and silicate minerals, and other experiments were designed to explain the origin of the characteristic lenticular forms of pyrite bodies. Supplementary work was done on electrodislysis of brown iron ores. Tads latter method, In combination with spectral analysis, has led to the dis- covery of the manner of introduction of elemental admixtures in brown iron ores in the gossan of pyrite deposits. Meghemite was synthesized by oxidation of magnetite. Experiments show that maghe- mite forms within the narrow temperature range of 2200 to 2600. Incidental to these experiments, magnetite, hematite, pyrite, troi-* lite, and pyrrhotite were synthesized and reverse Intergradations of these minerals into each other were observed at different concen- tration" of H2S. II. In the vield of thermal analysis, Interesting data have been obtained from the study of vesuvianite in the skarn deposit of the Northern Urals. The thermal characteristics of amphiboles from skarns have also been studied. It was discovered that the dehydration of amphiboles occurs in two stages. Zeolitic- constituent water, repres,:.iting 50 percent of the total water, is expelled at a temperature of 4000 to 5000. The crystal lattice is Ca rd 2/4 15-57-1-505 Experimental Investigations Associated With the Study (Cont. ) not destroyed by this dehydration, but the lose of OH Ions la compensated by the oxidation of Iron. The second dehydration stage, at a tigmpersture of 9500 to 11000, is associated with destruction of the crystal lattice and leads to elimination of the remaining water and to the formation of clinopyroxene and hematite. III. In the field of metasomatism, the seepage effect was studied, I.e., the delay and entrapment of soluble substances from solutions as they seep through the rocks. During these experimental Investigations, attention was given to the physical aspect of the environment in which metasomatism occurred, particularly In ultraporous and microporous magnetite from various deposits in the Urs Is. The average of the ultraporosity and microporosity In magnetite Is 1) 1.62 percent for material of contact-metasomatic origin, 2) 0.83 percent In miaskite pegmatites, and 3) 0.62 percent In magmatic rocks. Low temperatures of formation lead to a considerable increa4e In porosity and to a general reduction in pore size. This conclusion is supported by studies on magnetite, pyrite, and garnet of different generations. With decrease In temperature of formation, the electrical conductivity of pyrite Is also decreased. During Card 3/4 15-57-2-1673 Translation from: ReferativU Y zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 2, p 75 (USSR C AUTHORS: Ovchinnikov, L. N., -)hur, A. Yel'kina, N. T. TITLE: ihe Nature of the Porosity in Magnetite From Several Deposits in the Urals (K kharakteristike Foristosti magnetita nekotorykh mestorozhdeniy Urala) PERIODICAL: Tr. Gorno-geol. in-ta Urallsk. fil. AN SSSR, Nr 4'b, pp 211-217 ABSTRACT: In an earlier work (L. N. Ovchinnikov, A. S. -)hur, Tr. soveshchaniTa po eksperim. mineralogii i retrografii, 1951) vy p I the authors, in studying the Torosity of magnetite, when they determined the content of .;Itra- pores and micropores, determined the content and size of the large pores in magnetite samples from twelve deposits in the Urals. In doing this they used the Card 1/3 method of N. A. Figurovskiy (Zavod. labor., 1949., Nr4), The Nature of the Porosity in Magnetite (Cont.) 15-57-2-1673 the magnetite. Magnetite of magmatic origin con';ains tut nalf the macropore volume, and also less fine iore volume (5,K or less), than magnetite of contact-metasomatic origin. The diameters of the pores range from 2JA to 15a- (about 80 Tercent have pores in the range of 2., to 10, ). Large pores are not Fresent in single crystals of magnetite. Card 3/3 0. V. K. INC 77, Pub 4?/51 0 4 1 'Aov~, n N. and Shur. A. . , 6 ~ T i i f v ' e rat ons i c!nd garnet of r he"rorosity or mwpem re (;ene A's: -Vo'k- o,AN WM: 101/16 -157,: Mar- Iv 2955 are-prteeuU4 6u tkwui 'tra - .4,4 iiaroporosity of , t -to and,gernit of mi-ini joseraflibim T6'references ' Ll als:*, IEngl Ish - (I 947~~l 951) -'.Tabl*'; lp Zraphs ' "t~luonl -Gqolqglcal IrAtitute &cad. of Se. USM, Ural,Brench, MnWg 15 -57-10-14 630 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, G-sologlys, 19b7, Nr 10, p 211 (U33R) AUTHORS: Ovchinnikov, L. N. , Shur, A. S. TITLE: Investigation of Infiltration by Solutions Under Pressure (Issledovanlye infilltratail rastvorov pod davlenlyem) PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta geol. rud. mestorozhd. petrogr. minerelogii I I gookhimii AN SSSR, 1956, Nr 6, pp 57-72 ABSTRACT: This study deals with penetrating ability of solutions of CUSO P CaS04 M9304, MnSO , Ni3Q41 Na2304, CaCl and Nact under ;ressures of t, 4, 6, and 8 atm. t4arble discs 25, 20, and 15 mm thick were used for filters. The method employed in the investigations Is described, and a derivation of the formula for the relation of penetration to pressure is presented. Tables and graphs of the results are Included. A direct relation Card 1/2 between pressure and rate of penetration has been Z9 V C /~/'A/A/ V Z-- - A/ PHASE I BOOK WU ITATION 692 Akadenlya nauk SSSR. Urallakly filial Zhelezorudnaya baza Tag11o-Kuxhvinskogo promyshlennogo rayona (Iron Or* Deposits of the Tagil-Kuahva Industrial Area) Sverdlorok,, 1957. 188 p. 1,400 copies printed. Re Edo.: Ivawv, A. A., Corresponding Member USSR Academy of Sciences 17deceased) and ftrasik, M. A., Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. PURPOSE: This book contains papers presented during the 1953 visiting session of the Academic Council of the Mining and Geological Institute of the Ural Branch of the AcadexW of Sciences, USSR,, and affillated bodies. The book should be of interest to geologists and to personnel in the nizi and wtallurgical industries. COVIRAGE: These scientific papers deal vith mine geology and various aspects of the -inina and metallurgical industries of Tagil-Kushva area. Each paper is separately revieved in the Table of Contents. Card 1/9 Iron Ore Deposits (Cont.) 692 Ivanov, A. A., Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, USaR, Director of the Mining and Geological Institute of the Ural Branch of the Academy of Sciences (deceased). The Tanks of the Session In this introductory paper the author mentions briefly the need for a more rapid and efficient exploitation of the natural resources of the Ural area. He deals vith the work of the *Uralruda" and "Ural- chermetrazvedkaw trusts and calls for better cooperation between scientists and engineers on the job. Shteinberg, D. B., Candidate of Geological and Mining SciencesSverdlovsk Mining Institute imni V. V. Vakhrushev. The Geological Structure of the Tagil-Kushva Iron Ore District This paper describes the structure and petrology of the Tagil-Kushve metall.agenic province. The deposists of iron ore, iron-copper ore, and manganese ores are reported to be associated with complex gabbro- syenite intrusions. The stratigraphy, syenite intrusions, metworphism, and the ccntact-metasomatic iron deposists are briefly discussed. There am 5 Soviet rieferences. Card 2/9 Iron Ore Deposits (Cont.) 692 Central and Northern Urals and the relationship betveen structure and ore deposits is discussed. As most leposits 9-e believed to be structure-controlled, the exploration for new deposits should be conducted along these lines. Numerouit peracnalities who have worked in this area am mentioned. There an! 21 references of which 20 am Soviet, ana I English. Karamik, H. A., Candidate of Qoolqac&l wd Xining Sciences. Geological and Kining Lutitute of the Ural Branch of the Academy of Sciences, USR. Economic Contact-Metasomatic Deposits of Magnetite in the Tagil-Kushvs District and Spet L1 ftatures of Distribution of Associated Elements In the Ores of this Hetallogenic Province 64 The important iron ore deposits in this area am said to be of contact metasowtic origin. These iron ores am associated vith cobalt, copper, titanium and ram earths. The association of naphides vith magnetite, and the amount and form of sulphides in cobalt-copper-magnetite ores is analyzed. Sow c-Preial quantities of gold, silver, vanadium and titanium have been found associated with magnetite. There are numerous Card 4/9 On the Absolute Age of Some Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Formetions of the Urals with an average error of 1.27 5. It Is shown on Table I that the average deviation for the age determination of rocks of synchronous geologic origin varies between 1.1 - 2.1 ',', A comparison of ages of different minerals is given on Table on which coinciding results prove the reliability of the methoi. Satisfactory analogy of the data can be observed in the entire range of determined ages: from 2 billion to 16C million years. it can t-e concluded that casual errors occuring with the Ar- gon method are small and that the method is rel iable at highly variable contents of X, at different ages and with the use of different mountain rocks and minerals. The authors lemonstrate on Table 3 the agreement of the data obtained by t~.e Argon method as ccmpared to those of other methods. By especially selected samples the age of mount'ain rocks was determined cver a wide range: from P billion years for fragments of feldspar in ancient arkose layers up to 16C-170 million years fcr 7rias- sic basalt and liparide effusions. A summary of results ob- tained at determining the absolute age of mountain rocks and Card 2,15 minerals is given in Table 5, as for examplei The augen aneiss 11-IC-1/1-1 On the Absolute Age of Some Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Formations of the Urals Instances must be mentioned, where the determination of the at- solute age did not agree with the established geologic pre- sentation. According to V.M. Sergiyevskiy, the effusion centers at the eastern slopes of the r1rals had moved eastward In time and at the regional forming of the Urals, each zone farther east of intr-aaional mountain ranges ought to be of younger age. In particular, the subvolcanic Auerbakhovskaya granitold intrusion, in contrast to the intrusion of the Glavnyy west- ern zone, belongs to the subsequent central section of the Upper Devonian intrusion stage. In our opinion, however, this mountain range as we'll as the Kaldinskiy range, which is located farther to the east (southern part of the Central 7rals are of the same ',pper Silurian age. Although the figures rre- sented are not complete and require checking Pnd more accurate definition, they coincide with geologic data and offer the possibility of wide application of the Argon method for solv- ing the numerous geologic problems of the ',1rals. -here are 5 tables, 1 map and 18 references, of which 16 are lard 4,~5 71avic (Ruasian~. ()WHINNIKOV, 1,. N. with '1,. 1. MFTTr)! "Pelationshllj. B(twec,. ';re V(mati i. ri~A Fxperimental Data" i with A. S. SHIP "-t,,idies (,f' ir. Minerals and Rc-,,,k--" I Tvanzactions of the Fifth Cnnference on RxjwrLmcntjLI &mA AMIied ~biveraloGy =d Petrogmpby, Trudy ... Hoacaw, Izd-vo Aff SM, 1956, 516pp reprints of reports presented at conf. Weld Im lAuingred, 2&-31 Pmr 1956 Ttr purpose of the coaf - was to exehange Wfox t Lon and coordumue t br- mat I v-1 tif-s in the ftr-lAe of experimental and applied mineraloa tmki petroGrephy, and to atrese the tacreasing romplexity of practiciLl problems. Z_ /VI AUTHOR: Pekarskaya, T.B. TITLE i The Sixth Session of tne omzittee for Deter_-:r. solute Age of Geologic Formations at the Department 'f ;e-- logic-Geographical Sciences (GGGN; of the USSR Acalemy ~f Sciences at Sverdlovsk in May 1957 ~'Shestaya sessiya Komissii po opredeleniyu abBol'utnogo vozvraste geOlOgICn~SKik~ f:r- matsiy pri otdelenii geologo-geograficheskik~~ naUK ,~;N AN SSSR v maye 1917 g. V g. Sverdlovske) .1 - PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii NauK SSSR, SerJya pp I'L '- I 1.1_j~ 'USSR) ABSTRACTz n 22 - 2' M I I the -ommittee for Determinr-,F tree A,- 0,ute Age or eo gc ormations convened at Sverd-)vqK. More than 200 scientists from different Academies A' Scien,~(il of the USSR participated, whereby 45 lectures were he.d. was decided at the session to expand the work t- t!,e '-'ra,s and other territories, and t,~ improve tne a.reuiy Kr,-wr. ra.,-_- active methods for determining the absolute age. Tne 7-n- ference heard the folowing reports after D.:. 3ncnerLaxl-v had opened the sesoioni 1. A.3. Sn~r, M.-;. Panova - Determination of Absolute Age of V~-,_'an!~' Meta- Card 1/6 morphic and Sedimentary ROCKS Of the '.'ra.s. e. M.A. ;arri3 - '~~ z ~.4-, -"'~ .. , /~ .4 The Sixth Session of the Committee for Determining the Absc-ute Age of Geologic Formations at the Department of Geologic-GeograpYica_ S:Ien:es (OGGN) of the USSR Academy of Sciences at Sverdlovsx in May M-N, :vantishin, E.g. Burkser - Basic Data on Geochr3nology of the Ukrainian Pre-Cambrian. 11. Yu.1. Plovinkina, N.:. Polevaya, G.A. Murina - Geologic and Absolute Age of ;ran,,- toida of the Ukraine. 12. A.P. Vinogradov, A.!. Tugarinov, S.I. Zykov, V.A. Fadorova - The Age Determination of Ukrainian Granitoids. 13. N.P. Semenenko - Geochronology of the Pre- Cambrian in Africa. 14. L.V. Komlev, S.I. Danilevich, A.D. Mikhalevakaya, V.T. Savonenkov, M.S. Filippov - The Age of Geologic Formations of the South-Western Parts of the Ukrainian Pre-Cambrian (Podolia)- 15. L.V. Komlev, S.1. Danilevioh, K.S. Ivanova, V.T. Savonankov, M.S. Filippov - Now Data on the Age of the Ukrainian Pro-Cambrian. 16. L.V. Komlev, E.K. Garling, K.K. Zhirov - The Age of the Akchatau Rare Metal Intrusion According to Data Obtained by the Helium Method for Monazites. 17. L.V. Komlev, S.I. Danilevioh, S.I. Zykov, K.S. Ivanova, G.N. Kuohina, A.D. kirchalevakaya, M.5. Filippov - The Age of the Rare Metal Akohatau Intrusion Agoording to Data Obtained by the Lead and Argon Method. 18. Card 3/6 V.V. Zhirova, B.I. Zykov, L.I. Tugarinov - The Sultabl"ity of The Sixth Session of the Committee for Determining the At,s,~.,te As~e _f Geologic Formations at the Department of 3eo.'ogic-;eo6ra;.r.-za. (OGGN) of the USSR Academy of Sciences at Sverdlcvsk in Ma.-; ,- 29. 1 . Ye. Star ix, Kh. V. Pro to p,.~pov - T, ~.e '.'se _'. I. ne M_ tion Method for the Determination of Age According t- Radiocarbon Contents. 30. V.I. Baranov, A.F. NuvitaKaya The Influence of Humidity on Emanation. '1. V-1. barar-v The Task of Determining the Age of Meteorites. !2. -.:. Shmonina, V.V. Cherdyntsev, L.L. Koshkarova, V.F. stanenx-_ - The Examination of the Neutron Flow of the Earth's :r-st. 33. I.Ye. Starik, S.B. Butomo, V.M. Drozhzhin, Kh.V. ~rct_- popov - The Chemical Processing of Samples at the Radi_- carbonic Dating by the Scintillation Method. ~4- N... Ne- nashev - Prospects for the Application of the Metnod f 3,- tne Determining of the Absolute Age for the Separaticn ~f Mag~Latic Formations. 35. V.I. Baranov, L.A. Kuz'mina - New :)ata Re- lating to the Grows of Cores of Deep Sea Sedimentation. 1L. Kuznetsov - The Problem of the Determination of Age ty the Ion Method. 37.-L.N. Ovchlani"v, N.A. Yaro8h - The Method of Spectroscopic Determination of Rubidium In Potassium Minerals. 38. L.L. Shanin - Ways to Improve the Accuracy Card 5/6 of Determining Radiogen Argon by Means of 15nto~ic ~is- AF,~. !OIJR. On the Determination ~,f --Le Atsoluto! Age of the SOVP 58 6-4,,'."~ Ural Ore Deposits orogen,,~Sjs. There are . table and 14 references. 1 cf A. whi~7.h are S. j2 --tt ASSOCIATION: Gorr-, -g-,.! Dgirhpsk .y institut Ural skogo f i liala LN 3j~)Li SvqrdL,vnk (Go,llogi,,al Mining Institute Ural Brari(.,h AS U33P Sverdl(:vFik) SUBMITTEDi Card 2/2 BKKIAYI;V, Ta.P.; QYLRIIMjYOV,_L.,_N., prof., doktor I;Pol.-Inln.muk. otv. red.; VATSBERG. S.I.. red.; IMUMIDTA, L.A.. rGeolou and potential of the Turlinsk contact-notasomatir! de- posits of copper in tho northorn Uralej Geologichenkoe ntronie I perapektivy %rlinskikh kontaktovo-metaeomaticheRkikh nent~rozh- denii modi nn severnom Urale. Sverilovsk, 1959. 141 p. (Akad"miis nauk SSSR. Urallskii filial. Svnrdlr)vnk. Gorno- goologichaskii Inatitut. Trudy, no.)7) (MIRA 11:2) (Tur insk region--geolorj) DUNATIV, V.A.; OVCqINNIKOV. L.H., doirtor geol.-min.nauk, otv.rod. [Minaralogy and petrngraphy of tho Techa deposit) Hinumlogo- petrografichesko" opleanle Techenskogo mestoroxhtinnita. Sverdlovat, 1959. 156 p. (Akademlia nauk SSSR. Ural'sk.11 filial. Sverdlovsk. Gorno-geologicheakil inatitut. Trudy, no.45) (MRA 13-4) 1. Zaveduyushchiy I&borutoriyey geokhimli I mineralogii Gorun- geologichnskogn Instituta Uralleirogo filiala AN SSSII (for Ovehinnikov). (Tacha region(Chelyabinel: Province)-Petrology) OVCRINXIKOV. L.N.; WS31iJOV, v.G. G001097 Of the V720kaya Mountain Ore District. Geol. rud. mestorczh. no.3:4P-61 W-Je 159. ()aRA 12:10) I.Gorno-g9ologichaskly institut Urallskogo filial& AN SSSR, Sverdlovsk. (Sverdlovsk Province--Ore deposits) 3 ~5) AJTHOR! Ovchinn:.kcv, L. N. TITLF: Zome F'roblems of Magmtic re Formation (Nekotoryye voprosy magmatogennoeo rudoobrazovaniya) PE,iIGDI,:AL: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSft, Seriya t~eo'3gicheskaya, 19'), Nr 4, PP 22 - 39 (USSR) A3STRACT: The author find6 that magma, the source of magmatic and post- magmatic deposits and of different intrusive formations, is a ion-electronic micr(-heterogenous liquid containing. a!-)nz.- with ions, many different metals in a melted or atomic statc or is sulf4deB. These metals are isolated by the Frocesg r,f "liquation". which occurs in the magma when its composition chan,Teg or its temperature drops in the process of penetrat- ion ir,t,- the rocks. The isolation of iron and of other metals from the liquid silicate fusion occurs 4hen tt,e fusion comes into the uontact with limestone or other ~:alclum containing rocks, the addition of which to the melted magma not only lowers the solubility of metals and sulfides, but Card 1/3 fnrces out ele7ents 'Jirst of all irons rhich are lound in the matrn.& In tho form of ions. Isolated in thiF way the Qro-rllil),itar~cv i!i goildified and carried by tho 1-n,,, but~11-!' into the up:er hardened pprt.1 of the maema or into the coverinE roc):!~. ~~s n the ;z-ocess of foam flotation. By this c-)ritInu---d and in favorable conditiot-99 ltir~-v ore-bodles of -intac-t-inetasomatic type an well av som(, c,f hydro-thermal (1,?p.)sitF; tire formed. If the tas c(r.te:.t ,!i t I. e! u :3 : or. _i 3insufficient. or this fusion is less visa--,, the :-re-sub.-tar--e iv not carried away but is dej--)sited r. t.,,e matrix formintr different types of magmatic depositq or d9posits conliti*.)ned ~y the magmatic metasomatosis. The fol~'Owin'~ scientists are -entioried by the aut~.or- 0. Y. Botv~rikir, K. ?~'. -,-nner, T. Bart, V. V. Shchertina, 0. A. Yesin, F. ;. Lepinskikh, A. Frenkell, M. Temkin, Ya. 1. 01'shtinskiy, P. M. Shurygin, A. N. 7,avaritskiy, A. Ye. Fersman, F. A. vlasov, -1mirnov, 1. Ye., and R. Fisher. There are 9 photos, -1: graphs and 4.3 references, 51 of Card 213 are 'oviet, 2 American and 1 ~.'erman. OTCHI Arkadli Alskmandrovich Ivanov. Trudy Gor.-geol. inst. UIPAD SSSR no.4-0: 5-12 159. (MM 13,11) (Ivanov, Arkadil Alokmandrovich. 1902-1956) OVCHINIIIKOV, L.N. Distribution of trace elements in metasomatic contact deposits. Trudy Gor.-geol. Wt. UPAP SSSR no. 32:151-161 '59. 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I ;-A." &S no.70:121-IL23 ' 65 - " ~,- . :-J, ~ ORLPV, I ,,- .- "'. : ., . A 881. 0 16~. ~ n. T . s ti t g9c Furrps,,on.lent AN la ."i'l-d. -id i ;i .. . . ..... . Idd- (W6 4-1. T-".c R-1 -t" 12m;SA,"m I-qv V/z P"D t-d .-ME '-fa tft 'n"n 3c ft.& ^ft ..T.," A -.I -_ -IA 'I l _1-4-44 @ft .4" gas-Tt*j " P-$"* M . ests J. ft-d sk- *I- T-M .44.4.. ftol~ ' Z.1-T"qz T-71 - ;_ 'I 'A '-I TI-M Z-0 -1 s& "m "'J 'n vim (-r.-MmA -TV .2-twK. n in = ~..a ?f 'aaw4mv , rw j so."Jodec) _1ELTS gv W_ -zlo: 1.1n0 -Ws so) -11-4 J. -In J. .-Ts.."W"So "J J' "I"" 111A -U '-T-1-41 -Ewa coom" OVCHINNIKOV. LA., Inventiveness and efflcieu7. Geod.1 kart. no.lOt3-8 0 062. (MM 15i12) (Surveying) (Cartography) HDREMP A.K.; OVCH114NIKOV, L.V. Use of the "Druzhb&,-601 gasoline motor-driven saw to mechanize labor-cozouaing operations. Geod.i kart. no-8:40-47 Ag 162. (MIRA 15-,8, (saws) CH"ViCli, 1,:., OVCHINNIIKOV, L.Ye. Frequenc7 zal ,I pl' I er with a h!gt M--- -'..-pl, c a t,--r. f a 2-, . -- I ! tekh. eksp. q no.5tU3-1-46 5-,C '61.. ~~F A , - -,- 1. :,eningradskiy institut avlatsionnogn pr4.borcstrcyer.'-.t. L10594-65 EWT(1)/EEC(b)-2/EED-2/9iA(h) :Feb RM(a)/3S1D(dp)/ESD(c)/0W.R/~-- 1(t) ACCES MION NR: ~AP4047477 S/OlZO/64/000/005/0143/0146 AUTHOR: Chadovich,-I. I.;._0ichinnikovL.Lf_ -.-.TITLE:,.Highi -Multiplication,4atio, frItux ne- 1puer V, 6 Ui t, V iPr borf* tekhnfla oksperirwnta# jmo4i'S, -1964, 143-146 '.TOPIC TAG8:: frequency multiplier, synchr6nizing r 'type frequency, multiplie TRACT:-, A now frequency- multiplier is baaad-on synchronizing the n-th -hinnonic of aself-excitid electron-t-abe oscillator by external muster -frequency -pulses, - The -relative -tin2a positions of the synchronizing pulses &ad of the .0 scillator sinusoidal voltage are compared (phase "G). A simplified circuit I diagram and principal design data are reportedt An wyerimantal model jUn L tj c oned at 400 kc with a master frequency of 24'5 ke (rmiltiplication ratio,. _F. 0,160)-ahd wa$ develoi a max X 760, The-lock-in band was 2-3% for '312-kc multivii iss' -Relati G.4-2!-kc, xxiasi6r indL ad frequenc ve spurious FM was OTCHIMIIDDVO X. (g.mteanek) -- -ii~ -union organIzation of a school and the training of !&W do school children in work habits. S&Y.prefooluxy 4 no.1:55-56 Ja 156. (kI&A g14) l.Uchitall orednay shkoly no.27. (Ntsensk-Tachnical education) BELYAYEV, V.I.; OVCHINNIKOV, M., red. (Public health in Yaroslavl in the past and in the present' Zdravookhrmienie IAroslavlia v proshlom i nastoiashchem. lAroslavll, IAroslavskii red. in-t, 1961. 135 p. (MIRA 17t4) -A OYCHINNINOV. M. -, ~. ~ 11-1.-1 1. - ~ The notion-picture network is expanding. linozekhanjif no.,-1:14 Ag ",). 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Vooden) GRAUDYN', W.I., kand. eel Ookokhozynystyannykh nauk, Imirout Stalinskoy promil; LXBIILI, L.D., kand. eel'mkokhozjyayvtvennykh nauk; TIMASHM. I.Z., nauchn" sotrudnik; OVCHINNIKOV, Y.A.. zootektnDr-boni ter. 9p11tt1TW of fine-wnnl sheep broeds. Zhivotnavodstvo 20 no.3r63-M Mr 19. (NDU 1112) 1. Voonoyuznyy nauchno-issIndovatel'skly institut ovtoevodetva I kozovodetva (for Timshov). 2. Direktor Eimovnikovskogo Complem ruoundnika, ovate Roatovokoy oblasti (for Orchinnikov) (Shoop brands) GRAUDIK, F.I.; SEIM;'OV, S.r.; TIMASEV, r.Z.; OVCI?;NIKOVv M.A. Scdne problems of the selection work of breedi-ng sheep with fine wool in the Forthern Caucasus. Analele agric zooteh 17 no,6tl23-128 N-D'63. OUHMIKOV, Mikhail Afanselyevich (High wool clip; work practice of a brigade mWer T.N.Kovalev, mentor shatherd. of the OlProletarlig Collective Form. Zimovalkov r t, Dist ic ] yeakis nastrigi shorsti; apyt raboty brigady T.N.Iola- love, starshago chabana kolkhose OProleteril'. Ziuovnikovskogo ralow. Rostov-rA-Dom. ikontovskoe kn-vo. 1954. 29 p. (KIAA 9-11) (Sheep) F- rm ;--n ir.- 1.9. 11 A '-)s Jour: IR.f ~'hur--.-l 91. V, D56, Auttor 1jr- u ly- I I L I , L. D., -.~ ~Ch i rr. ii ~ . Inst No f--g'TT-, Yr.- - - - ILI tl ~n th. )ividing cf Flr.-- ool ':~r-,,-Js rf ~Cc..c-rning th- rtlel- ty L.,,. ,,ricv -~nj V. llonfnov :s --t :,*Clt Tjr-,-~ to 7,1y Protl- cf tt.- :~r~- ds cf crifz Fuh.. -hivOtncvO,!3tv,), J.-J583, "n '- s t r-i,~ t .Th~, r,;3d for ur,'.fyint~ th-, ds C-a- s 1, 1 r. t , v ro j-) I as ka yn ) i r. t c) -1 .9 1 rkr I t r. x j: -r.,~ y -) f tri i i ng t h I f I or tyf s 7 s llngl r A i s disr u9 F , i . - - - c - Th C,-r.y ott,.Ilr-l flrc,~ rt- crossing rf th--s- tr- -'s OTCHINNIKOV, M.N. j- ~N. Use of materials of hydrometecrological service Of agencies of the Main Administration of State Insurance of the U.S.S.R. Meteor. i gidrol. no.4:40-41 Ap 158. (KIRA 12:3) (Insurance. Agricultural) t4ydrometecrology) AUTHORo Ovchinnikov. M.- 5.- TITLEs Utilization of the Data From the Hydro-Meteorological Serv, (GMS) by Agencies 3f the Gosstrakh USSR (- Gosularstverin Strakhovaniye - Stat,e Insurance US:3R) (Ispol'zovani:re natpr. gidrometeorologicheskoy sluzhby organami Gosstrakha 31311 PBRIODICAL# Meteorologiya i Cidrolo6iya, 1958, Nr 4. PT 40 - 41 -J53R, -ABSTRAM The agricultural cultivation areas are, accordine to the law of compulsory insurance, insured by the af;ents of the GosstrFL,h in the kolkhozea on huge areas and on nary various conditions. In case of damage compensation payments are made. By this t"ne damage partly is compensated. In the huge area of the USSR damages by bad weather conditions in single districts are reported every year. Weather observations are the duty of the wide spread network of meteorological and aero-meteorelo~-,ical stations. The first ones supply the initial data for the lue determination of the regions, which are struck with elemertal catastrophies, and for the explanation of the reasons and of the degree of damage done to a6riculture. The central organs Card 112 of the Gosstrakh une for these purposes the daily and the de