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January 3, 2017
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June 21, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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0 0a a 0 Ole III ~qp v a I G 0 0 it Q 13 ot Is to 's It a a v a 0 a go w a go, a b v a P 6 41 to 41 0 r 0 001 L A L-J 4 &-A -11, 4. 8 0 N Q 0 0 b % 6 a -cog of -00 .00 -00 .00 _00 Accoolefstlej color peortratiolos I IW. %1 .00 ipwrul.611h 17. V, pi Z! .00 , "O0 4 -60 1 A to c00 '09 00 -00 Roo Of see woo t 00, 6 to It a d VAL1,11,411611CAIL LIVIIIIIIIA111,11111 (t&%%AFKATfC& too set DID& Is, 0 r , v a INI dip 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 umbw* Smelt by nii,olloiff, w cs M 1 W U .1. V aww* loll, m. I -.I R&W. 4 "n 7 0 . . *1 its -a un-6k 1 1o,- 00 0 - h tuld"I Im 4 r. b" ill, 1,, 4040 thi.mill Iv 72 h'. 00 00 00 00 00 .*0 00 00 00 40 -00 It '00 0200:4000*0000*0000*90*iO*00000000000000000o iz.4 Ono 006006 0 000 00006 0-0000 0-000 go go 0-00 0 a as b 0*00000 00000000 0*000' Fs - *0000*000*00*000 ofi*iw Irl 8, I AIR got R. 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I-I'lh I 000000 0000 00 000004; let ;1 0 0 0 0 Slie 0 0 0 * * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0Of 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 00 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 * 49 0 .00 -00 -0 00 -00 Vo 00 00 00 41D 0 tool SO Vecheryayn Moskva Sum 71 -14? w" 04 Oro 411 W 11 fill rwc i to be "tw 4 tat In cofff.-if womitTilb AIW- to tb- Cl c, 'Umplax coo, cmkd as CSA J-he tanning c the as- coo " oub"ll- CIAN) crol. In c,A-c x %cirr4clwc . (tAnnkno + fc,,d b, dctg is 'And. two couffirm should be to" owdri the Value for By tanning gt&nijd bid' ( %%.C of ."Ye's. mill. bk t, det cu C ".104101. III=,. It Is N",; cat "wnpr cond hkb de k> complel. * jiC"at&bo4 aid 19 If Colo. to w lkb ,, drld of CWA in 0 An -nd &'I 0 2.5 6 " don.1 and 2100"1 U-d W cl -1 jannins. C1101 Jin The nwillood can b, th-111 C%%C . taffilkoo6icsAh td by d1fle'"S 'w now famt1w tons rfillcuM., 1 80 quably 14 c upom lumbel and with varwus aztb of tannin$ I* Used to tdT the cb*- Peoc'"* 9 Leather Kaking sandal leatner frov. liskin, st,8vlr-,j-s. Leg. proT,., No. 3, 1',52. Flonthl List of' FLU5sian Accessiuii5, L!briir-; of Congress, June 1952. Unrlessified OVRUTSKIY.-H.Sh.; CRAYKUVSKIT, 5.1. Tanning of heat-stable ycufts. Legkaya Prom. 12, 2,- ':,-. (CA 47 no.19:1025', '5j) (P-T.;;. ~:,-) MUTIS)r-Y, ". j5h. Chromiwa Significance of the regularity of the formation of -COMTounds In tl;e interaction of chromic sAlts with collarenp Leg. Mon., 12, I;o. 7, 1952. 9. Monthl List of Russian Aer(,ssi-ns, Libritry of Congress, November ., 2 - -- 14 " . I . Tanr inE~ Acc e 1 O~rfl tf, t- V 0, 1 Month. L! st -f P-ss in Ar -,-ss ns J (UNINNY N-Sh.. kandidat takknichookikh monk; 511119O.Sh.L.. Inshoner; MITEW.N.M.. jasheasr. Replaving chrom tanning of Anselam leather 1g, a chromium mil-f Ito cellulose treatment. Lag. prom. 15 no.4:38-'9 Ap 155. Musing) Mb 8:7) OVRUTSM, M.Sh., kand.tekhn.nauk; PUGACH. Te.D., inzh.; KAZDITROVA. R.L., ln2h. Improvin,, tanning properties of Alumintun nnlta. Izv.vys.uchel~.znT.; tekh.leg.prom. no.5:22-26 158. (MITU 12:2) 1. Uk-rainskly nauchno-iBoledovntel'skiy institut kozhevenno-obuvmoy, promyshlennosti. Minning, materia'-s) OVRUTSKIY, X.Sh.. kand.tokhn.ruiuk: OORONOVSKATA. N.A. Reaction of chromiu-9 salts with silicie acii. Lng.prom. 19 no.6:41 Jm ~R. (MIRh 12:10) (Tanning tantprials) OVRUTSFJY, M.6h., kand.tekhr,.nau?; KAZ~M:ROVA, R.L., hods for *.a.-Ln'ng s*'ff Nw-ct.--c -- -- New me I - - nc.a3:35-4-1 It2. I-Ise of ::hrom' and 7- '~- ,-i *. ' ~ f -' e a , I-,, - r . : bI ; .5 OVRUTS-KIY, M.Sh., and.tekhn.nauk; KAZIII-11,~tOVA, !~.L. inzh. ; PIIGAC- , Ye.D., inz.~. Using chrcmium sllici" xixtirps for *-he *-mring -~' m'-ff , Kozh.-ouuv.prom. 4 ne.,:35-3- F 'tj2. (KIRA 1l-', (Tanning) Inr in t~,p rrocessing no.7:22-2,c .'1 '(1. Mrather) I 1~I , N ~ I , t OVRUT~XIY. M.Sh.: PUGACH. Te.D. Deternining, tannage efficiency of stiff leatnera. Iep. pr.,m. 1',' no.9:21-22 S '57. (MIRA 10-12) (Leather industry) (Tanning materials) !()-Jr-.'cheslcIkt, rAuk: BRU31loOVSKIT, 14. .. .-z-aner; MIMI! '12-pner; FISH, B.I.. insliamr. Produc t ' f st. rl eather lising, mixturso of chroril,it an?. s'; . - - P. w"dpu. tt%nn In. lag. prr %. 17 no. 5: 75-26 1'-- ' , ' . 11 on .ar.n Inc ) (Kim : - , OVRUTSKIY. Kntvav Shlenovich; CHXFUiOV, 11J., prof., :-oteentent: MIKHATLOV. A.N., prof.. rateenzent; VOLKOV, V.A., inzh. reteenzent: 4TJb'KVA, A.I.. red.; IMAKNIN, K.T., Dew methods of taniing hard leathers; tanning of hard leathers with the use of chromium szntan, aluminum e3nitAn, and chromium silicate complex compoundej Nov7e metod7 dub*.eniia sheatkikh kozh; dublenie zheatkikh kozh a primeneniem khroms:.ntanov7kh, allumo- sintanovyk.h i khromomilikatnykh komplakonylch soodinenil. KoSkv". Goe.anuchno-takhn.izd-vo lit-ry po lagkol pr)myshl., 1959. 171 p. (KIIIA 13:3) (Tanning materials) CVRUTSKIY, N.M. -- .SlAr ~-~ Securing plAte htrv~ms withmit screws. Der.piom. 5 nr).17.*?l D 156. (KLRA 10: 1) (H inroms ) OVRUTSKIT. N.M. Conbination head with a set a' saws. Der.pres-5 ne.6:21-22 Jo 156. (Latham--A ttachmen to) (KLRA '): 1) Results of the use of angincarelogrqphy diagnosis of tumors of the merliFistinum. dykh. no.1:23-31 'f,1 - MIAYFLYAN, A.L.; OVRITTSKIY, U.S. Cage of removal of hydatids from the heart. Vo;. pat. i reg. org. krcyv i dykh. no.1:281-284 161. (MIRA 18..7) CVRMKIY kne oc-s-rd 'a -- '~-, ' n :- - :,-- -- *. ' ~ -;-= - ! -f =e~ - 4: - -,~, timors. AKSV,. , ~,' 'r.. M"~. ~ n- . - c 'I I o,-- - . I , (%~ , -I-, ,, . ;7 . , 1. 1 nBtjtUt ek8T)OrLmg8r,*z,. On~~y b, c ' nqt 1. -. , ---. -,n-I - '. b I -Fkogr, otdelenlya AN CIVRUTSKIY, Ye. Now methods for the deducticn of amortization of alrplanes. Grazhd.av. 12 no.2:36 F 155. (MIRI It::I) (kirlines-Accounting) _IUWMT, To., landidat elconomichookikh nauk. lfficiency of airplanes with piston and gas turbine engines. grazhd. av. 13 no.12:25-27 D 156. (NLRA 10:2) (Airplanes-vMnenes) BM/84-58-12-27/54 A~: Onvtskiyp To.# CaMidate of Beemmie Belencec TME: lahven In the Bpeed of Cawarleal Air Trms wtation (Rost k=wrtheskoy sbolmsti Tos"ohnYth PEMDMAL. OrwbdmskmW& xviatsip,, 1958,, Nr 12,, Vp 15-18 (MR) AWHACT: The author discusses the decision of the 21st Party Congress to increase air passenger service by six times the present rate. Be indicates that greater speed Is achle"d only on loni-dIstance fUghts, and that the introdaction of the ww jet plans an such routes vilI accosqaish this,, provided that kromayortation can* ecete can be controlled. Whil,* the , -ir of stops affiects the r"VIty of transportation., one to two stops soft an long flights meW ]awe profitable if addi- tional passeagers and freigUt are taken on. The suthor deals vith the advmtqps and disadvanteges of short idr trips fboth the passeq;ers' and Vw airlines' point of vivi, Where other means of rMspoz Ion we wrailable# be considers air transportation economi- cal In term of time only an trips of 3W -;* W kilometers and then pro. sion must be made for 3 fl:Lgbts daily. Other factors Card 112 77 ".IT- 1 7,- BOM. ZXPLOXTATIM Ui~mjjnb Alsksandr Alaksoyevicb) 79fix Abriravlob RRM 'Wit Des h consideration ~gning asenver As of econoito wiplottation - -i, (Proyekt irskiM samletaT a uchotom skonomiki eksplustatall)i trove" passash 1, Yloscopq Isd-va RMashinostroyeniye"s 19649 294 pe Muse, biblice Irrets sUp Ins tod. 2s,400 copies printeds or TMG TAGS I paseenger-airmft, daBign. aircraft perfm nos, aircraft imgbe PURPOWAND COVERAGE: This book is devoted to the methods of.technicsl-econonde of passenger aircraft.and aircraft design'considering transportation (estimates of aircraft design selection of basic wing# fusels gsv~and .11anding gear parameterep and solectlon of thetype and number of mKinse). The o~ozomio offectivezess of improvements in aircraft and engine design Is -taken Wo account. Certain chapters of the book are devot4d to the method ofse- looting the beat combination of altitude and speed in relation to range and to determining the effect of takeoff-landing characteristics on aircraft econovy, i7ba book is Intended for "ineors and teotmieians of the 3viatlon industry and Ahe Civil Air nest* It can also be wed by atudecte and 'teachers of aviation -higher,odwational institutions* -31604-65 AMMION -NR A)W47291 labrIWIs' OF A 0 -Arm4orto4a posto and the toobnical-econotdo:Wwraotoristies of q uo 9 Ch Z pr6uww In,, the desip of'p'sessager oircraft Ch M' +A sM, apsid vs a furacUon of r*iDp -.01.79 A tx&~ Ch .3nl 'Takeoffamding obersaterintlas sW cost of i"retlem of passonvm elivroft 207 Cht -Vo -Zoamvaa vfffttivumo Of toolat"I trAlasta" "of in the- -*i*6r*ft smia". 233 Appimift ow 2" 2 KADILOV, Ye.V.; BAIDUliTTSUN, A.A. ; OVS.TlAli, A.A. Amt~w-Jml and h-latclogical characteriBtic- of some argaw in farm animals U related to different methoca of c"tration. Iz-7. AN Arm. SOR. Biol. nauk-i 14 no.6:7-13 161. (RIhA 1,: 1,-, 1. K&fodry gintologii i operat;vnoy khirurf-,il Terevanskop mooveterin&r- nop instituta. (CASThA7IOI;) (luisc-E) KAXILOV. Ye.V., prof.; OVSEPYAN, A.A., detsent Essence of the nev method for the castrat'lor of ra= 1&mbs. Teterin&rlia 38 no.Ils58-59 N 161 (MIRI 18!'1) 1. Torevanakiy zooveterinarnyy Institut. OVSFPYAN, A.P.; MOROZQV, ~AY:-:S, A I(. I capo s i te re in-f o,- -ed - c, ri r :-e *,e f c:-;nds ti en undE, :- ', --.e -, - - - , - f gao turbine. Strol.truboprov. 10 no.10.214-3: () 165. (W. FA I Ft) (- , lpidemiological significance epid. i Imun. 27 no.9:34-37 thur.sitrobiol. (KLRA 9:10) 1. Is Mosirovskoy nablyudatellnoy stantsil, Aroyanakoy protivehunney stantsil I Instituta L,vkmza i Z&kqvkax4T& (TUIANIMIA, tranamission. by sheep (Huo)) (SHXILP. diseases. tularemia. transs. to himans (Rum)) NUSHCHNNO. M.P.; I OYSAWYAN. 0. Y. I 7r TgUMBCHM 'Kc ~N. A. P., MADMAMAX 0 0. V, zv- T"I Al V. V. ft ftook vAlb dw WWN*W- -ffiL swo do vo &Bw awe Whb 44*0 to 4AWN mawmaws 1w of mm 6.ww srsoL *A AR Will 'kb we Vs-~ 41 do so" 860"1 wood wo do owd al an bw"bw& ww" mad boa4m - WAWA ~Wl' "Ols"alm be am IV OW am be 0, ONWO Goodww O_ dom of do SMPOW- IL www" an op-M pom BOGRAD, M.; OVSEry. I. Inspection of raw hides at t~e receiving centers. 32 no.6:23 161. WIRA 15:2) 1. Vinnitskky oyasokombinat. (Hides and skins--Standar~is im 49 water, Panutuft %Wtation Conditions in the Up& River in Itaa S. 1. Oweenev, K. T. Klkba7lova, Taa Gb3Awt Lab of ftaltation *zA ltyglaw, 4 pp 6626 1 am, ft 6 So sector of the Up& River ozmdwt is acataftSul Ir mmm~lclpsl s~ aratmem, factm beww' ad ~rmme dralmv. DAVAtrua eovw Vater f"m "wb&UVrtdcal, mug0r, =A t-1- factarles Wt SM2,y wlth the stax4aft ror tiw ~mr, amopm"Wa Satter (GOT 1324-47) estaallsbal fw iiil/ftacUw - Owltatlan (CautA) AM 49 seen&-olame vaterwW such as the Upa River. baggesta neceammy measures for imprcmawnt. .qw-r'. KOIST? A. N.; OVSENKVkl L. G. SYnthesis of 4-substituted dihrd.o. sorcinolii. Zhur. ob. khim. 32 no.12,3981-3986 D 162. (K]U 16: 1) 1. Mos~O-W,17 pnr,idnrntvmnn3rv univermitet imini M. V. Lomonosova. (Fiesorcinol) PADRj*AYA, Ye.N.; GRANDHERG, I.I.; PERSHIN, G.N.; KTT, A.N.1 OVSENEVA, L.G.; DIN VEY-PY Study of pyrazoles. Part 27t Synthesis and antibacterial activity of oulfanylamidopyrasoles. Ser.2tKhim. 18 no.l: 69-73 Ja-F 163. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Kafedra organicheakoy khlmil 14oakovskogo univeratteta i Vseaoyuzayy sauchno-isaledovatellskiy khimiki~--farmatsevticheskiy institut. (Py-rasole) OVSENCV, A.M. Effect of stratification of the emergence cf slowly germinating wild grass seeds. Biul.Glav. bot. vada no-39:4P-54 160. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Yestestvenno-nauchnyy institut pri Permakom gosudaretvennom universitete. (Grasses) (Germination) -OTSWrAN. 1.1h.; XHACHITAN. M.G. Device for recording water flaw under nonstationer7 conditions. Izv. All Arm.SSR. Ser.tekh.nauk no.516l-64 160. (MIRA 13:11) (Flovmeters) delffillinativit 14 alummu.1% with nurwsap -pv- % 1-0 J Al -I #- I.. Al t- IN fl. OVSXPTAN, -- Comparative histmlo(7 11' the mucoss, of the iongue In some vertebrates. lity. AN Arn.SSR. Biol. i PplIkhoz.nenki 11 no.B.-71-80 Ag '58. (AURA 11:10) 1. Kafedra j-iPtnlnpii Torevannko" tooveterinarnnro inntitutA. (To Nola) (MUCOIJS m 'Biwil) k7 o z ot AidZIUMOVA, L.A. ; OVSEPYAI;, A.u. kXfect of mserpine -,r, *-ne cai.illary blood circulation. Vrach. delo no.8.123-124 Ag'63. (MI-A 16:9) 1. Kafedra ner-nV&li bolezney (zav. - prof. 1-.b.M&nIkovakiy) Ki.yevskogo wditsinskogo Instituta. (FISERF LiE) (C Al, I Uki IES ) e if 1., 7 OVGBPUX, A.M. Now phwumeological data on moodow rue (in Ananias with sumimary in Russlam). lwv.Al Arm.SSR.Diol.t sollkhos.maukl 6 no.3t25-34 153. (Pa2A 9-8) (UMMIA WICA, TIGEWLA) (WADOW RUX) C)V3--PY,',N , A . X - .1 1 .. - 1-.1 . Actrim mi-s." ""'' ''-4 3'~ " - T - "" U Dn tp on the .'hP TT-A c ( , 0 4rY ` f 7""' " Inst, 22 Dec 54. (K, 12 Dec 54) 1 Disserts'~Dns '~,-fen~6,4 At ~33~ ' iaz~:Pr Survey of ~3cientific anO Technica Educational lnstituti~ns (1~' 3U: Sum. No. 556, 24 Oxin 55 ovslpyAl;, A.X. Simdtaneous plethysmography of the are a-!id lap in ?isalthy To-roons. Irv. AN Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 12 no.9:19-28 S '59. (KRA 12:12) (EXTREMITIES (ANATOMY)-- PUTHYS~0,RAPHT) ) tk iw M- To fkd, NUN 04 ~k5'rlb Rm lAb. 17# Five mlo pf Ft ().Qj M wAmi of KRe 13 MI-I ,v )[Cl &nl it& tbq pyc~6rt Of r.1pil. clam W, was t1trato with Hlr;(C;();h Rc-(Vi*-) W RtOV)i whith is lonned is uneWlta A Oat to. tu W=WM is and Asis N&WCh 19M bW. Aw, KIWxI z of tba gppUm" Of 01 J&.4VII3 ) a 1941k ifectiO& to ibe iod as a c M NIP h It ot I" ilintim of Al. *0 "WAL tW lmdobk sh" 1" *4 Ignudw of 4 d" ""WMAW', lit "tasaw of tm 0 1: d ItW- ack the empa" hkb va taw 1s'$ 1"doid SW tw Ift 4 a mum atw oftbe US, tm I ew:tm& PA ftmilm vtm Nsviibe V. LIS thot 'no ago. Ivix V. tU md-PoWt 18 Pat-tw at' "=ago vo -ahmw- rW cat by =am of At is car wbm tit it is c6o" svd of th" dwv its ip All, homd in *A 4..a. sag. 4 W. Wba An I to ft. 1610) w Im &a aq. OAc- bibw md 44, aml the ow be sgabkt com*d. imm cn~w~m )Oka mom &am-. - AV Na DivAlent lig %,,Wily ~vdaom twomma jkAd Wo - but the I CAIKU"o tit wtwit q(Aut. to th W Ag", hmmfirio ILCA Btu' an Italiced of tjr' W" stKirwous urd ol bi~ &,,Ad IW' tU end- t b the AL*ftvafzncA Of a C1004 4 cbjotw* "d1womid* fotmjws~* xxi 4 tb* l~ flmA;Wj%4 jUbbW ; 4 0 h ,11IR _6 1 offl 17 - 0 OVSEPYAN, F.A. Steady-state ; -,icer.-B *-. t ~i ,I _Fj -. .-,rrete Z.7-.g. in the presence of random Trudy Vyc~,. no. 1 -. 40-4 5'h' . 'M!~A '- ;','i OVSEPYAN, F.A. De'eftination cf the r,,vna--Ic character!stics of cbliect5 c-f autcmatJ= by!nal nta(hrdi. Trudy Vyc!h.tzcntr!i no.2tlC3- 123 164. (~U FLA 18: 8) L I 0288=M ATS009032 MAW 2/04/000/002/0103/0123 ~AUTAM Ovi P: J -ZtLia --DetwobAtion d the dynanio. chamterjstic4 of autmaalad objects by statistical idethods ~~-SOURLX --- Yeisiah~:Vycbblitelfza tssntr.:Trudy.- -2 194i. MatomaticheWye voprosy --ldbalmahki I vyebislitaltnoy telr~; linspoys programmirdV" I toorlya avtomatoy linear programming (Mathematical problems of cybernetics and computer engineoift. -And -the theory of sutomatio control dMoes) 103-123 _40pid-TAOSs --Automat:ct dynamic charac teristio, statistical Waraoteristio. calculation, complex eyatma characteristic ABSTRACT% Tb1s Is essentially a survey article which discuimms variousmethods lor tho tatistical on of the dynamic characteristics of'obtects, and evaluatos their respective merits. In particular, all statistical methods allow the determhmUon of the characteristics of complex objects with numerous inp;As tad outprtuts during their normal operations, and one need not know their differential eluations of motion. Tho first part deals with methods for the determination of the objuctts chAracteristics taJdng Into account the Individual In the second part, to& finds methods for tba - Ov FIM,-L M. Genetic characteristic!; of mountain-meadow and meadow-atep Bolls . pe fm the Gegamskiy Upiand. Pochvovedenle no.llt68-81 N 062. (MIRA 16i1) (Gagamskiy Range-Soil formation) 7P .4 DO n a -i OVSFXT.k7T, K.Kh. Dynamic model of the Hydraulic Power I7:atituta, of 'he Acadec7 orf Sciences of the Armenian S.S.R. and problems for ;Iiis modal. Nauch. dokl. v3ra. shkoly; enarg. no.1:211-216 '5P. OJIIIA 11: 10 l.Rokomandovano vodno-energaticheak-im institutom AN Armyanskoy SS'R. (Armenia--Hydraulic models) OVSBFW. K.Kh. Calculating the throving on and off of load@ in Isolated performazees of turbine generator units. Izv. AN Am.SS3L Ser. tekh. nauk no.2: 23-36 158. (NIRA 11:6) 1. Vodno-energetiohemkiy Institut AN ArmSM (Hydraulic turbines) A'~* Th A ru tyzyan , , a Y, , ~, i s '. eC " n - 1 6 Te--h,r-ca. es. Ai.a:~jzjtsr., A.A., Ln, i. n ee rr. 1 ~j a n-;- . - . ., b, r. i aee V 3e ar. r. & :~I, f. L3 L1 r r A K t n et N r I A KJT ii.A T i This it; an Eij.proa( 1. to tieverai i rot.~ oa j- wni-t. ar. rli.e the invte.itignton ,f transient Vroceoes v, tt I Wo r supply systems - The te~4t runs were male a t the fJyra:,..i , ,,c it- : f the Vodn o -ene rge t i c he sk og o rn s t i tu ta A N A rmy an SK Oy , r, st -1 to o f Wa te r Powe r. A.3 A rmyon sk aya S~' R % . Tt I B com p1 e te mod e 1 c f a A;a teT- wheel power station, built under the cirection cl -V-es~ibzarcv, distinguishes i tsel' f' from other modelt- such a3 those of' the Moskovskiy energeticheskiy institut (Noscow institute cf Frcxer Engizieering , the institut eIeKtromeKfani&i AN JJSR inslitute -f Electromechanics,AS UO'SR and the Inslitut pc)stoyanrogL toKa in- stitute of Direct Current,, by the use of a mode', waterwheel witr, a penstCCK as 8 primary Jriver. rapert. ,)mlng rom the irstitute C a ri I of Water ?ower -Ref's 1-~) demcn3trate that it is ~cssiLe to mcdej Cn D.Ynamic Models of Pz)wer jy3temB the rqdraulic inruah and tte tarjue :-~rara( tcrls'l,,s -! a r.,imter i)f artual water power stations with iifferent le3irri 'a-t( r.,i kin,i chara-teristics without keeTinig to tne rule of ge(,metr,, The test runs showed that InsteaJ ol sperially desit~nej ma,iiines for tne nmpensat,,an of' the apparent resiatanve i, 1,1,e r)t r i ! - cult -,nverit ic~na. nfl--the-atisomrly-line eie~-trojynami -al biz- I-erN ( Rv f ' can oe sei. This paper --oncludes witt, the z3*.at-.,r.-,,-,*. *,tat a number r.PA Y T e Up pro t- PILV ~:arino t be .9',1 1 Ve I Lj & r w I LI, u Li r. i ng in ve 3 t iva ti -)n ~)n a lynami ~ a. -~ le I a re i , I :. i r. i rp 3r v 1 e t . A33C-LATI--N-. Vo,ino-ene- r r, s t I t At,, a ~oei- i ; r.3-iK A , :ij Eir, :;v Ar-,yansyayb ~JR -'a r d T 11 ~, i': - ' - - - ~ l.,. Penstocks Bur6, ir. 01 OVSEPYAN, K.Kh. Determln!n,v the lag rf %he change of angular monvintum in regulating hydraiallc units opt-rating n a system. bokl. AN Arm. SSR T7 no.2:"'I-70 't: 1. (M:RA "T.-1 1. Institut vc>drtykh problem AN Armyanqknv SSR. Prod s ,a v', P n- akadem-'kom AN Armyanskoy SSR :.V. Yeg"aza--ovyM. OVSEPYA.11, K.Kh. Moment of rotation of ny--.reu~"c turbines voridng urder *-r&:-5-c--.,. conditions. Jzv. AN Arm. 55R. Ser. teirh. nauk fteWl--4~ (MIRA It,.-IC'i 1. Institut vodnyKh problem AN Armyanskoy SSR. OVSEFUN, K.1h.; MELKONYAN, A.S. Calculation of hydromechanleal parameters in computing the resynchronization of hydraulic units. Izv.AX Ara.SSR.Ser.tekh. nauk 15 no.6:33-,40 162. (KMA 16 12) 1. Institut vodnykh problem AN Araganskoy SSR. (Electric generators) WISW* W -31 to/14,4511604109,13/6918 Ali-. lit N; V_~ Vl#j *nd lbsork sLcb* )Xjjdy* win MAO 4, MY 7 4"7 frIM A_ OIL" 161hosol"Pot 010j. tags um-se tiectroo rolcros- on It ty m L.:_ m~toux adsorbent. iselectivi- Dibye powder'piittsrn;:,,,drying 3dn 9 an W-ml litt alu*019 In e O-Al Ater-Ahm the- i K2 2 Was re rvfl ~Lt 90 -4ihthclavm kg. n quirrvd .-C taUliiiton, id- a -ga" fourAy;*9 ~6omppurvft ]~Qiiilljsim: chabazits. X20 4 4. ~)SlOj. (3. 8- 6. 2)Hj0; potassium phill a X A1203. 3 5 Al Oq (2, tPlit 20- A)H 0- X F, X-20. A1203- 2S102. 3. 4H and a now type desig- 20; .7 7 W 4: S IU4 It 14 .-Ad ION 043547 X-4 R 0 -Al '0 2S M 2'.'- 3.~ 8 HTht latter was subject- t e-au ors as 21 2 .3- s* toAdnizing x,ray and electron microscopic analysis;. the Debys powder pat also obtained. X_J 'Cori ists 'of well def1hed thin hexagonal Platelets, n %-41 + A 02A cnI3 2 - +0A 2A. ~ All These four-lypeo of potassium zoolites -Are effectWe dryin agents, adsorbing 12-20%: water, based on their weight. flne-wrous adsorbents are fairly selective;, adsorption data for ese very, butahol wid nitrogen - Is tabulated.:-. Mie Ahermal atability of 0 se" seclitee'difiers. 0 asslum thabasite- art stable to 60OC;. Some samples of p t 0 iii: liecomi. AziioiTh6usat'20OC-, The beat stabllily:pf potasshimphillipsite J I, "I'' vbably e so -.0arI, s:p d ' dent lion the sin _66 d Al Merit, in the crystal thi iiithdrs suggest heat stabllity~ increases vith increase In S102 stable at 400C -for .14 hoiiis. ThOX-I-kypelattlce breaks down sitype's, of z4olite :""-an' -be'abtatnid'from.teU containing less *ater-~-4hts requires further lnvestigation.~ "tl*ctron itticroscopic examinations 0 -C iof thlivzoolite were carried out at our requi)st by L S. Zhanov. 7be th u ore, ank him for supplying the obtained photbgrap1w. Orig. art. has: a I)TRER: V02 Nil ELI., Ilk, Z"DAN,, 7, ~.F. ; K:SELEV, A. V. ; LYG IN, V. OVSEMAN)-N,.YP. Infrared spectra of syntretic zeolltes 'Z-rpe N&A, N&Y, their decationized forms. Zhur.flz.k~,irr, 3Q 165. 1. MoskOVSKly gl-'SlAdarq,,vennyy universi*-et imun' khi-micheskiv faku','tet i Ins'itut kY.1mi'. ka*cv A' S,ihmitted July 6, 1964. On, lnff M SIM- 2/ 3100AW0011/0017 danovt S.VIPI tau-isaticit--oir Seouteslin t_b_~ ~e "IFW A I Wat -%-&, Aw 0 the try$ j "]Q,Kjo-mr' A1203 ~--;Si% H20 and their properties. Repqrt- 1. IrTe -ids of Cryartal-; 1= itio tilssium ~zsblites at 90 ~ degftew and,thi Iwopertive, of the crystals WCEt AN SSSjL_:_,izi-v*stIya. Seriya khIsticboskaya, no. 1, 196S, 11-17 TACIRIC%,'"Itimsatlob 10 't =03 full ZOO 0- - IK2 220.42tu'Alkaling sIlLcwdWA69elS and- from hCoijeneous Aixtures of -solutions of~potassium oil-icate and potassium.aluminate at'9010 and 4,itb ~n H2 b con- _tsil't I _--the-,--gelir-and solutions.of 70% 00' 909 and.-" veiot pircent were Investi- 'jatedo-1- At.900-under.these conditions Itsispossible to obtab) four different potas- -14lum zoolites..4 cluding one synthetic seQli dater n re no~t viously, ibed I 11-te 0 pro ftwie.~- Th4vlielde of crystallization, ous po 0 Um of.varl tas i ~2*oiites war* determined. --acme I d1briniz -the -content of all the ~ components of the. syskqw being Investigated, I-And-ititb a__ion'*t_ant._teWeMtMvj it Is poisible to-Alst64uiah arose Iof vampositicns ~With exclusive or predominant crystanization of nolites of:one type'. Not only the X "d-U0 4- tent-to Very an IM 41spe"ic of the AtAllitaflon -of _ii6ilte'Ic ale is ablishod mainly by the: alkWnity of the initial t Z -.9 "th *Idtas 'MW theit, rp -Ifte sodium Cb6axits ioPfc. TAGS: violecular. a ievo, 'crystal iittIci*P'zGO 0 dsorp on, gel, selective -a lum, chabasite, oyathetic thabatits, a J,."; -aidaor-P,wqii'~ chibasits cenj, -ion. exchanger - 4 Ur4levi,--affait" 14/0387 adsorption on natural f", w cow r7 S-Mo at rliii~IeAAO, a -.0'eries of '!sp 'ial, 6id"i-OfAbLe" orptIon only b MaT the *01mlar-sleve ever;11COU a an I -.49toct4oAst we rib 6rdwof MILS Aeolits And the ructure, of lts~ cx*t1tal lattice, The first A ~chabt_ aftes ati -vare obtain" IjL X 3MARr. Chem Soc.0 1936, 2382 $01 t bis~~fihdlxgs _V-O'-~Otasslwafio i is and tbSIT IPA- simbaiager derivativosa. - the data an synthetic **dIm -chsh"It-2s are sven nor* scarce*'. The authors inveatiSatod the conditions of the czystallixationof J.;OrdVfneat zeclites frca soditim, potassium, and **dim-pptassium silica ACCESSICO NR APS010168 Rlt idtiidttli; thfou t; the range of'-comoo, ~Vith Thai possible formation of Shod sitions on' d"sitablishad thati under appropriate VWnditi these asolites may be onsi re4dil*'obtsined even at teoperaturee of not note than IWC. The thermal stability-of certain synthetic cbsbasites I# se high ae'that of natural chabazitexi If.their.5i:Al ratio is sufficiently high. The adsorption of N2 &ad Ar at -1960C and 120 at ISOC'was investigated on dif-forent'ayntheaized chabasites and was found to differ markedly for different specimens-of aoftm and tassiua chabazites~ despite the similarity of their X-ray structure, 17bis PO is apparently attributable to the presmed nonuniform disformation of the 8-yart holes leading to the cavities within an alexentary chabazite cell. The investi- tio performed In the authors' laboratory indicate tJ%at synthotic chabazites a us g araluot-only of major interest to-the study of seUctirt adsorption but Also will doubtless find practical application to molecular sims and highly effective adsorbents. ~Orix. art. has 3 fitur",.3 tables. tor. 1, V,, - Otabloshchikov* Atadamil, nwk i" As OC=00i Ustitut UlmLl silika sssa.(Instit~te of Chwistry of Silicatesi, Acadviny vf VcLane" SSSR) -cord T 7 4--, 4*,: G1, 5!'R Xe OVSEFYAl:, R&f a,! Pc go s-iA; ?,L I"',::- , ~ - , -. -- - ; ;, -ft- - , cry of --I' f, -,~ - . - E- . - 7 1, 1 ~ .:. 0, :. . . K I r g ! z s k oe F o ;-, . -. -,: -,.- 0 . , I . .-.1 . . I : A . ': , Card 1 put. ~c-4 Au! nc-,r K g&r.. V. P. . 'ur- Te c -v seF,.-an t lt~akages f urro2, a! e;ecl r,)Ivsis ir.sla:,'al- s Pe r r a, m. -~r -T . f- Abs*ract DIsrusFe,,, --.e- *!.f,. r,, -f bosses -ur rer, in e lectr- lyt ic r- IMTer." s meusur~-~: f :- redac 1 T;F hem . Four referenrer~ f er re I Ive f I gure, tat lea TTstil,ution ~ ubrr. i t te~' OVSM-WI, S. G. Certain homogeneoua boundury value problemB for differential operators with constant coefficients. Dokl. All &SW 139 no.~: 298-301 Jl 61. (MI R.A 14 -. -1 1. Vychislitelinyy tsentr Akademii nauk ArmSSR. Predstavleno akfidemikom S.L. Sobolevym. (Boundary value problems) (Operators tRathematics)) 9/0.)()//6 J/' 38/006/001 ''C' Q C - - 'C 2 2 2 AUTHORS: Arutyuziyan, Ye A , Gyu. maaryan, t G . and Ovsepyan, S "J. TITLEs Some homogeneous boundary val-Ae prblems for the string vibration equation PERIODICALa Akademiya nnuk SSSR Do k I ady no 8 TEXT: In the region D with the boundary the aut~~,rs ccnglder the problem u U yy Lu 0. where the operator L hae the form n L . I I+J.o X y here c,, are constants, c 0o 0, qnd n is a natural nu.mber A number for which there exists a function u.(x.y') satitifying and Lu )k(x.y) it 0. is called an eigenvalue --f Card 1/3 Some homogeneous boundary value problems 5//()20/61/'58/006/001j'O1Q CIII~C?22 for all k - 0.1,2. is different from zerc The authors menticn R.A Aleksandryan whose paper (Ref 2: DkV 73, no.5 (1950)) is essentially used for the proof of the theorems There are 3 Soviet-bloc references. ASSOCIATIONiVychislitellnyy toentr kkademli nauk Arm SSR (Computinp Center of the Academy of Sciences Armyanskaya 59R) PRESEN7EDs February 15. 1961, by S L Sobolev, kcademician SUBMITTEDs December 27. 1960 Card 3/3 AGCMION Ms AP4033056 AUTHORs Ovikepyant-S, G, 8/0252/64/038/002/0065/0069 TITLF.e Approximate solution of the Cauchy problem for certain differential equations with polynomial coefficients (Presented by M. He Dahrbasbyanp Academician of A14 Armenian SSRs on 21 Nows*er 1963) SOURCEt AN ArwWR. Doklady*,, T. 36, no. 2, 1964, 65-69 TOPIC TAGSt Cauchy problems polynomial coefficients approximate solution, properly formulated problems convergence ABSTRACTs In the problem of constructing an approximate solution for a properly formulated Cauchy problem for certain system of linear differential equationss the author constructs the apprcmirate solutions in such a vay that their coirwer- genes to the precise solution follms from the proper formdation of the problem. He studies the equation M (t) a L (t, 0) Card 1/3 Arx=oN mite AP4033o58 subject to where 6-0 L X) X) M 6-1 & S1. I X) approximating the right parta aid the initW conditions b7 polynomials. He constructa the desired approxinate solution by solving the Cauchy problem oD4 for the corre3ponding ordinary differential sq"UM given in UW QW01 s Let Cw4 2/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4025108 S/O,)20/64/155/003/0524/0527 AUTHOR: Ovsepyan, S. G. TITLE: First boundary value problem for some differential equations with constant coefficients SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady*, v. 155, no. 3, 1964, 524-527 TOPIC TAGS: boundary value problem, differential equation, constant coofficient, constant coefficient differential equation, mathmatical analysis, self adjoint differential operator, self conjugate differential operator first boundary value problem, Direchlet problem ABSTRACT: The first boundary value problem (Direchlet problem) in ellipsoid regions for equations of the form Lxu ~ Ma ).Lu - h, au I ~ 0, uIr - Tnlr-' o's-1 r Cord 1/4 ACCESSION NR: AP4025108 was examined. in this case,Xis a numerical parameter, and M and L are homogen- eous, formally self-adjoint differential operators with constant coefficients of the order of 2s. The questions, of the existence and singularity of the solution of this problem were studied. The necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a simplified solution were established. The uniqueness subspaces of the simplified solution were also pointed out. Let D be any ellipsoid with the equation n - 0. The Hilbert space of all functions, defined in ft. for which the integral g)' fl d 0corr*jpemA, g)-,PdQ is necessary, are denoted through L3 (correspondingly A The left side of the equation for the eilipso~d is deDoLed by I-S. The lama stating that the polynomials are dense in LA (A) was proved. Card 2/4 ACCESSION HR: AP4025108 The simplified solution of the problem (1) - (2) is unique in the subspace P A If ;k- is not an eigen value of the homogeneous problem (1) ~2), then he simplified solution of the problem (1) - (2) is unique In since, in this case, the subspace is coincident with" F >. For the existence of a simplified solution to the problem (1) - (2) o:t4of it is necessary and sufficient that h(x) veto orthogonal to the subap C N x and that the series conveM e. In order for a simplified solution of the problem (1) - (2) to exist for V4r$,,. itis nacessarv and sufficient that the series converge. The solution is Chen unique in the complement orthogonal to G ;N. An example can be set up which shows that the converse of (7) is false, i.e. the boundary value problem (1) - (2) can have a simple solution in -S (.SL) IL Card 3/4 ACr,ESS10N NR: AP4025108 which does not belong to %0~rsvx (--Q) . Orig. art. has: 10 equationse ASSOCIATION: Vychislitel'ny*y tsentr Akademii nauk Ara SSR (Computer Center, Academy of Sciences, Arm SSR); Yerevanskiy gosudarstvesay*y universitet (Yerevan State University) SUMITTED: 29Nov63 DATE ACQ: 17Apr". 19MM: 00 SUB CODE: MH SO REF SOV.- 004 QnMR: 002 Cord 4/4 OVSEPYAN, S.G. A genprat., n1v set -,f ~_r,uncjiry m : n I ,;.. 1 ; r : --.let , !-,)D. -IF t'nr Ole eq un t ! on of !it r I nj:, v I orn t ~ r) ' n m,4, ' ~ j . X m,nnp- 1-ml regions. UOKI. AN Arm. ;,) , , ".. . MF A '. 52: ~ I. In S t' '~Ut M ternh', 1 K I ' MPKr 'Ir I k 1 k 'i A , i -e- F %,,v . ,r, AN ArnkSLJ Y.M. OVSEFYAN, S.G. Some homogeneous boundary value problew for high-order differential operators with constant coefficients. Izv. AN Arm. S,SR. Ser. fiz.-mat. nauk 16 no.3:23-38 '63. (MIRA 1618) 1. VychislItelInyy taentr AN Arm~;SR. (Bouneary vallue problems) (Operatcrs (hithematics)~ ARUTIUNYAN, YO.A.; CYULI WSA.RYAW, A.G.; OVSEPYAP, S-1;- Some homogeneous boundary value problem for the equation of string vibration. Dokl.AN SSSR 138 no.6:1255-125i Je 161. (WRA 14:6) 1. VychislitelInyy tsentr AN Arn6SR. PredstivIeno akademikom S.L. Sobolevym. (Boundary value problems) (Differential equations) (Eigenfunctions) PF rt VRI -OVSEPYAN, T.L., Use of cortisone in eye practice. Trudy no.11:427- 429 160. (KMA 15:11) 1. 1z klinlkl glaznykh bolezney (sav. - pr:)f. B.N.Melik-Muslyan (deceased)) Yerevanskogo meditsinskogo instltuta. (CORTISONE) (OPHTHALM)LOGY) OV7F,f'Y;.N, T. --. '. CV-' F , , . L - : "V-ie t T- Pa t 1- of -)u rns r f th P c rrnta n nf! U e i r c, r ..1 4":u e n(, - - " I - - . I . - y e r^vr, r. ~ ta * o, Yed : c a.' I n -,~ 1, . ~ erevar., 1 1'.~ - . i -:.- - " .1 "1 -.,. . , - 1 -1 I.- - '. :-:. ,F ~.-..N'DT' A, - 1, ',,!' . Cl- -Cz.. , 10: KnIzhnava is ' , - . '~ - 9 "~ AROYAN, A.A.; ARSHAKYAN, R.3h.; CUSEPYAN, T.R. Synthesis of &minoallkyl amiles f D-al~wminobeizcle-- ar,15. :zv. AN Arm,SSR. Khim.naiiki. 16 n-.3:2-7-.284 '63. (M,,RA 1. Institut tonkoy urganirheskoy ~ri.mli AN Arrrjanik(,y 35R.