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PADOVAN, Ivo; LIPOZENCIC, Marko; BASIC, ~larko Malignant twwre of the epipbarynx with special refereAce to surgery and radiation therapy. Rad. mad. fak. Zqqreb. 9 no.3:279-292 161. (NASOPILLRYNX neopl) -PAD-OIA42_Ivo, doc., dr. J Stapedo-VeBtibular and endolabyrinthine micro-surgery. Vojnosanit. pregi. IS no.9:751-760 S 161. 1. Bolnica Dr. Mladen stojanovic u Zagrebu, Otolaringolooki odjel. (LABYRINTH surg) (VESTIBULAR APPARATUS surg) PADOVAN Ivo dr.; JURDANA , Stanko., dr. I ~t~ Thalaosotherapy in diseases of the respiratory system. Lijecn. vjesn. 557-564 '62. 1. Iz Otolaringolookog odjela Bolnice "Dra Mladena Stojanovic" u Zagrebu i Zavoda za talasoterapiju u Grikvenici. (TULASSOTIEWY) . (RESPIRATORY SYSTEM dis) PADOVAN, Ivo, Dr.; ORESKOVICp Miroslav, Dr. Defects of the fundus of the orbit and their functional and coswtic effects. Lijec vjes 82 no.7/8t575~-5BI 960. 1o Iz Otorinolaringolookog odjela Opce bolnice "Dra. Mladena Stojanovica" u Zarebu (ORBIT d4s SARIC, Marko, dr.; PADOVAN, Ivo, dr.; KESIC, Branko, dr. The problem of medical researah In Croatia. Lije=. vjecn. 87 no.5t 501-509 My 1 65. ACC NRs AP6023782 SOURCE C D151637660766--W AUTHORt Padovan. Lvo Professor; Doctor) -CR -ar and Resgiratg= 0 G. Institute for Research and Protection of the r (Institut*za proucavanje i zastitu uha i disnih organa); Clinic for Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat Aeaded by Professor, Doctor A. Sergrer/. Medical Faculty, General Hospital "Dr; 111aden Stojanovioll, Zagreb (Klinika za bolesti. uha, nosa i grla 'Modicinskog fakulteta Opce bolnice) TITTZ, I * Troatmnt of malio&n& diseasso _qf Vie upper jaw SOURCEt Medicinski gUsnik, no. (3-7, 1965, 138-141. TOPIC TAGS:* tumor. chemotherapy, plastic surgery ABSTRACT: Comprehensive description of surgical procedure in malignant tumors of the wrilla, including plastic electro-resections surgory after prior chemoViorapy vbih podophyl3ine Results of latter chemotherapy were confirmed by histologic and electronmicroscopio studies. Results depend on time of treatment, boing excollent with surpr7 even without radiation treatmont if tho oporation is carried out oarly. WQ'ftv'8 dozen"'patients were operated on suocossful2y, Orig. art. has: 2 figures. SUB CODE t 06 SUEK DATE: none CRIG RE, F: 003 OTH REF: 013 c~,d do, C. (11 PADOVAN, Ivo_, prof. dr. Therapy of malligrant diseases of the maxilla. Med. glas. 19 no. 6:138-141 JI-Ag 1 65. 1. Institut za proucavanje i zaetitu uha, J. disnih organa, Zagreb; Klinika za bolesti uhap nosa i grla Medicinskog fa- kulteta Opce bolnice " Dr. Mladen StoJanovic*, Zagreb (Predstojnik: prof. dr. A. Sercer). 00, *04 *0 W sell Roodke Vdvcjdw 84 ------- the as ImAw.; lbw*dv4jlw*'wA9IbrkmOO +H 0 t--- 001 + Hj + 9W 1.4&L- W bm wmbrWm, Z OU , a p ~St "mt of moo w V*dq vilk =ch' eq:Nrrum a'" "ww.' it. w" Md ffm a new 'f dskvwAn&dM -&b prmwm Mat 1 66 95 Min. that T&hL at-4, she'veivelty mw" Ajwnish %be inamm In- powmem. From r,. OA yb" an obftimmd at abcmt b7i"llb 00 1 80 MO.. to no a ftry Imer Oxem of tam S to 4) aw Op"O vSkA4tw 3$o-40. 7US hdhwom of NO mike of H,O to 'DO becomm lww. "Wy awked for hI& spang vokwitka, whrrms he V8,16, of sho J~ WWWA 100 Ond 2w pnwtimjkv v lhww Up so ()0 Ot 2, is; Is Sh a" NO U.0i we poWbb. wM Ump. Ow am, -am&. v*h "Jad" of Slowt -mm, V%wo of, TO-my. Mai rf"Wwd; kmw s=p. rmll In much ASS.Sts an"LUMICAL 1607011ATURN CLASWKOW low vivivalv" ago. too .00 ze 0 8*0 8*0 zoo voim' fee AV go ;W0 0, X Afts SVIRWG Rolm 14504 31 TA, a 0 * 0 0 & a 6 a lee,* 0 igo 99079,040 PADOVANI, C. I "Utilization of natural gas in Italy; also, remarks by F. Valy and others." P. 348 (Energia Es Atomtechnika) Vol. 10, no. 8/10, Dec. 1957 Budapest, Hungary SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions '%EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 . . PADOVANIo P. I f . -. On Ih* problem of :.P Acta.chirs orthope oartilaginaus tumors of bones and jointo, traums Ceahs 32 no,0296-298 Ag 165, S., So$ "Oxymetric examination of congenital defornities ot the heart. LEAKAMJ CESVCH, Vol. 92p hPr , Feb.. 1953, Czechoslovalfta) p. 200. (CASOPTS East European Vol. 2, #8 80; Mon List of Accessions,/Library of Congress, August 1953, Uncl. --BM,---l-DI)re--,-PADOYCOVA---H-Dr Rheumatic pneumonia. Pediat. list7, Praha 9 no.5:264-265 Sept- Oct 54. 1. Z II detske kliniky Karlovy university v Praze. Prednosta: prof. dr. Josef Houstek (POTMONIA, complications rheum. in inf. & child, in Czech., statist.) (RHK M TISM, complications pneumonia in Inf. & child. in Czech., statist.) .-iAKURCOVA. I-, DOc.Dn -; PADOVOOVA, MUDr; SUMMM, J., MUDr; SYROVATrA, A., MUDr **mmo ~- - ~ Heart diseases in children. Obsk.pediat. 10 no-3:200-206 A-pr 55. 1. 2 1. detake, klinilgr v Bratislave, IL detske kliniky v Prame, 1. detske kliniky v Brine a ministerstva zdravotnietyi. (39AW DIBRASE, in infant and child) Oct 5? ;X,Tx % See '101- to/10 Y-i !Emr.,' ClirL of Cbild. Exc=l wAGNER V. SUDA F. and LEC V.. -MO .Jq~OVCO~VA~ RF 2A78.2 Dis. Res. inst. of Rheum. Dis. Prague; Child. Hosp, of Heart Di a. Franzen bad; Inst. of Med, Microblol. and Immunol Pilson * I M mu n o - logicals reactivity In rhoumatic favor. 'hespo;se of agglu- tinins and incomplete antibodies to a single antigenic Im- pulse in ten-year -old children ANN. PAEDIAT. (Basel) 1956, 187/4 t3_51-359) Graphs 4 Forty-one convalescent rheumatic children and 50 control children were Immunized with a single dose of Brucella antigen. An extensive local erythema and oedema was was seen In one of the rheumatic patients. Blood samples were collected from the rheumatic subjects on the 7th, 14th, 20th and 34th days following the injection for agglutinin titres and incomplete antibody titres. Blood samples were taken from 25 of the controls one week after the injection and from the other 25 controls, 2 weeks after the injection. Agglutination titres showed no significant difference at the end of one week but at the end of 2 weeks, only 1276 of the control group showed a rise of titre while 97.576 of the rheumatics had a rise. 60016 of the controls and.92.9,70 of the rheumatics showed a rise of incomplete antibodies at the end of one week while 100% of both groups had a rise at 2 weeks, at which time the absolute values were also higher. The titres from the rheumatic group were statistically higher than the control group. These immunological responses are discussed in relation to the patients, age and with reference to the role of hypersensitivity in the aetiological mechanism of rheumatic fever. Stoeckle - Galveston, Tex, (XK,7,4,18) KAM, V.; ICUDWOVA, L.; PADOYCOVA, H. Selection of surgical technics for congenital cyanotic heart diseasee: data on 100 operations in children. Rozhl. chir. 38 no.6:429"437 June 59 1. Klinft pediatricke chirurgie W, prednosta doe. V. Tafla 11. chirurgicka klinika KU, prednosta almdemik J. Divis II. detalm klinika KU, prednosta -prof. J. Houlzek IV. detska klinika. KU, prednoeta-urof. F. Blazek. OROT INMTS, CONGMThL. surg. EMMANN, K.; SPAORK. B.; PADOVCOVA, R. First experiences with surgery of mitral stenosis in children and adolescents. Cas.lek.ceek. n0-13:383-389-160. 1. Vyzklamny ustav chorob obehu krevniho Praha-Krc, reditel prof. Dr. So. Klement Weber - Vyzkamny ustav klinicke EL experimentalni chirurgie Praha-Kro, reditel prof.dr. Bohumil Spacek - II. detska klinika Praha, prednosta prof. dr. Josef Houstek. (mrzRAL STENOSIS,surg.) SAMANEK, M.; PADOVCOVA H Effect of respiration on the blood pressure in the pulnomary bed. Cesk. pediat. 18 no.10.*909-93.4 0 163. le Katedra fakultni pediatrie fakulty detokeho lekarstvi KU v Praze, vedouci prof. dr. 1. Houstek, DrSo. (HEART DEFECTS, CONGENITAL) (BLOOD PRESSURE) (R431'IRATION) (PULMONARY STENOSIS) (HEART CATHETERIZATION) (PULMONARY FIBROSIS) (FISTULA, ARTERIOVE11OUS) (PULMONARY CIRCUIATION) lo C V C2ECHOSLOVAiah PA3)OVCOVA,*H., Docent MD; SRAMEK, J., MD; SRBOVA, D., MD. 1. Second Childrens Clinic of the Faculty of Pediatrics of Charles University (II. detska klinika fakulty detskeho lekarstvi KU)' Prague, 2. Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology 1UBtav epidemiologie a mikrobiologie), Prague; 3. Children's Ward KOZ of the Middle Bohemian Region (Detske oddeleni KUNZ - Stredooesky kraj), Prague (for Srbova) (for all) Prague, Prakticky lekar, No 8,,1963, pp 286-289 "Importance of Correct Diagnosis of Rheumatic Fever." VORISKOVA, M.; PADOVCOVA, H. Multiple stenosis of the peripheral branches of the lungs with pulmonary hypertension. Cook. pediat. 17 no.12:1091-1096 D 162. 1. Katedra fakultni pediatrie fakulty dett3keho lekarstvi Karlovy university v Praze, vedouci katedry prof. dr. J. Houstek. (HYPMTEIISION PULMONARY) (PULMONARY STENOSIS) (ANGIOCARDIOGRAPHY) PADOVCOVA, H. Diagnosis of.congenital cardiac defects associated vith Btenosis of the pulmonary artery. Zmmination and therapeutic results in Fallots' tetralogy. Rev. Czech.,med. 7 no.3*.161-170 161. 1. Phediatric Faculty,, Charles University, Prague. Second Paediatric Clinic, Director: Prof. J. Houstek, Dr. So. (TETR&LOGY OF F4LOT.diagnosis) BOR, I.; PAWWOVA-laMOMOVA. H. General review of congenItal cardiac malformations in the II Children's Clinic of prof. Brdlik, Pediat. hoty 6 no.1:19-23 uTan-Feb 51. (Cus 20:7) 1. Of the Second Children's Clinic of Charlea University in Prague (Head--Prof. Jiri Brdlik, M.D.). PADOVF,C,J.; SCIICVFELD,V. ... ~. -1-1--- (b the relation of endometriosis and inflamation of the in- texmal genitalia. Cesk. gynek. 29 no.3:232-234 Ap'64 1. Gyn.-por.k1in.lek.fak.hyg.KU v Praze; prednostat doc.dr. J.Padavec. 'K MUSIL, Y. [14usil., J.]; KAFKA, V.; GAYEK, A. (Hajek A.]; NOVOTNY, A.; PADOVETS, Y. [Padovec, J.); FAVLOVSKA, Y. fPavlo,ska, J.1 Study of the effectiveness of various doses of &-azauridine in malignant tumors of female genitalia. Vop. ank. 10 no-3162-66 164. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Biokhimicheskoys otdeleniye I'akulltetskoy bollnitsy, Praga, 10 (zav. - Y. Opplt (J. Opltj) ~ akusharsko-ginekologicheakoy kliniki gigiyenicheskogo meditsinskogo fakullteta Karlova universiteta, Praga, 20 (zav. - dotsent I. Padovets [Padovea]). NOVOM.A.; DVORAX,V.,- PADOVEC,J.; SCHREIBER,B. Prevention of thromboembolism in gynecology. Cas.lele-.ceek. 103 no.8:199-205 21 V64 1. Porodnocko-gynekologicka klinika lekarake fakulty hygienicke KU v Praze (prednosta: doc.dr. J.Padovec) a II. interni klinika lekarske fakulty hygienicke KU v Praze (prednosta: prof.dre J.Syllaba). 4- KNOBU)CH~ V.; MMWVA7 Z.,- TOSOVSKA, t Fate of the remalnJng ovar7 after byet-ereat-cmy. CaSko gYnek, 29 no.5037-341, Je'64, 1. Gyn.-por. klin. lek. fakulty h7g. KU [KarloTy university] v-Pramej prednostat doo. dr. J.Padoven, DrSc. PXTXR, R.;CXIUIOCH, A.;CH"IaKO V.;PADOVIC, J.;SMU, V.;SNAID, V.;VACHA, K. Therapy of cervical changes as a mothoeL for the p"Youtiou of malignant degeneration. Cook. gyn. 24[381 no-7:527-530 S 159. (CIRVIX UT3RI neopl.) PAMVIC. J.;, LINTM, L., Complex therapy of cervical and vagiml parts of the uterus in a university hospital, Prague 12. Can. lek. oask. 98 no.8:243-245 20 Feb 59. 1. Por. gyu. klinika IH7 v Praze 12, prednosta, doe. dr. J- PAdovece .Oddelent pro leebu zarenim, fakultni nemocnice v Praze 121, prednosta prim. dr. 11. Ungar. J. P., Praha 12, Srobarova 50. (UMV.3 WROPTAS-16, therapy, complex ther., hoap. statist. (#,'z)) PADOVEC, J.; STDIBERA, Z.K.; HODR, J.; KOUTSKY, J. Fatal hemorrhage during the course of labor. Cesk. gyn. 28 no.1/2: 25~-31 F 163. - 1. Gyn.-;or k3-tn. lek fak. hyg. KU v Praze, prednosta-doc. dr. J.Pg4ovec Ustav pro peci o matku a dite v Praze, reditel doe. dr. M. Vojta. (LABOR) (UTERINE MIORRHAGE) (UTERNE RUPTURE) (PLAGMA FRAEVIA) (PLA.CENTAACCRETA) (AFIBRINOGFAHZIIA) (PREGNANCY COMPLICATIONS) TMA) M., doe.; J Prof-; TRNKA, V., doe., We.; doe.; SNAJD, V VrACHA, K., doe., DrSco,; VENTAI J., prof. Detectiony dispensary services and therapeutic principles in precan- osrous changes of the endomstrium. Ceek. gynek. 27 no.3:189-196. Ap 162. 1. Ustav pro peci o matku a dite, Praha, reditel doe. MUDr. M. Vojta - Gyn. por. klin. lek. fak. b7g. KU, Praha, prednosta doe. MUDre J. Padovec - I gyn. por. klin. KU, Praba, prednosta prof. MUDr. K. Klaus, DrSe. - Oyn. por. klin. fak. dot. lek. KU, Praha, prednosta pr6f. MUDr. R. Peter. DrSo. - Gyn. por. klin. lok. fak., Hradeo Xral~.rm, prednosta prof. MUDr. J. Pazourek,.DrSc. - Onkol. labor. fak. vooob. lek. KU., Praha, prednosta prof. MUDr. J. Venta. (UTERUS NEOPLASM) KuFKA, V.; MUSIL, J.; NOVOTNY, A.; PADOVEC, .; SOa!, F. Chemotherapy with &-azauraci-l in gynaecology. Acta univ. carol. [med.] 7 no.5:617-633 161. 1. Klinika. chorob zenskych a porodnietvi lekar3ke fakulty hygienicko University Karlovy v Praze, vedouci doc. MUDr. J. Padovec Ustav orgahicke chemie a biochemie CSAV., prednosta akademik F. Sorm, Biochemicke oddeleni falmitni nemocnice v Praze 10, primar MUDr. RNDr. J. Oppit. (GENITALIA FOIALE, neoplasms) (URACIL antagoniats) (AUTINLOPIASTIC AGERIPS ther) PADOIFEC, J doe.; IDUTSKY, J.; TACCIVSKA, Z**CeSco Prolonged labor and cesarean section. Ceat,gTn,25(3q] no.6,- 44o-40 ill 6o. 1. Oyn.por, klinika LYE KU T PraSS 12, prednost& doc.dr.J*Padovec. LABOR compl) I (CESAIMAN SECTIONi PADOVIC, Jaroslav; ZALOUDEK, Miloslav I ,,, ,~Wftftftw Evaluation of conservative anA active methods of surgery adnexitis. Ceek. gyn. 21 no.4:21?-223 June 56. 1. Por gyn. kl. F. N. Praha 12, prednosta doe. Dr. J. Padovee. (ADNUITIS, surgery. conservative & radical technics (Cz)) CIZKOVA-PISAROVICOVA, Jirina; PADOVEC, Jaroplay SKAMENOVA, Bedriska; STOIZ, Josef Fetal development in a hypothyroid mother. Cao.lek.oesek 100 no.24/25; 751-754 23 My' 161. 1. Detska klinika LFH KU v Praze, prednosta prof. Dr. So. MUDr. J. Giskova-Pisarovicova. Gynekologicka klinika IYH KU v Praze, Prednosta, doe. dr. J. Padovec. II. interni klinika LFH KU..-v Praze, prednosta prof. Dr. So. MUDr. Jiri Syllaba. Ustav pataolo~icke anatomie LFH KU v Praze, prednosta doe. dr. Josef Stolz. (HYPOTHYROIDISM in pregn) (PREGNANCY compl) ABNOWALITIES stiol) PADOVF,C, Jaroslav; ZAWTJDEK, Miloslav Personal modified repair of reetocele and endocele with prolapse of uterus. Cas. lek. cesk. 95 no.44-45:1236-1238 9 Hav 56. 1. Gynekologickoporodnicka Klinika LHF v Praze XII (predn. doe. Dre J& Padovec)o (UTZIM, die. prolapse with rectocele, surg., modified technic (Cz)) (HERKA, * rectum, with prolapsa of uterus. surg., modified technic (CZ)) (RECTUM, dis. hernia. with prolapso of uterus, surg., modified technic (Cz)) PAWVW, JarOBlav. Doe. dr. Anatomy of the femle urethra and pathogenesis of urinary incon- tinence. Gesk. gyn. 24(38] no-5:32-5-330 Jun, 59. 1. Gyn. Por. kliniks, lek. fak. byg. ILU Praha. (URMTION DISORIMRS. StIol. & Pathogen., incontinence in women caused by urethral disord. (02)) (URNTHRA, die. causing urinary incontinence in women (0z)) PADOVBC, Jaroslav OMMIR-mm"m - Isolated deviation of the uterine cervix in a secundipara as a serious obstruction in labor. Cesk. gyn. 24(381 no.8-.602-6o4 0 '59 . 1. Por.-gyn. klinika Lek. ftk. RY9. V Pra2e 12, prednoBta doc. dr. J. Padovec. (DYSTOGIA atiol.) (CIRUE -UM1, abnorm. ) KAFKA, V. (Praga, 2-ya Sallovskaya, 10, Chakhoolovakiya); KJSIL, M. (Fraga, Chekhoslovakiya); NOVOTNYY, A. (Novotny, A.] (Praga, I Chekhoslbvakiya); WOUD~-I. [Padoved, J.) (Praga, Chekhoslcmakiya); PIUAP Z, (Pichal Z.] (Praga, Chekhoslovakiya); SHORM, F. [Sorm, F.] . (Praga, Chekhoslovakiya) Treatment of iml -Ignart neoplasms in female sex organs by means of 6-azauracil. Vup onk. 8 no. lbill-14 162. (MA 17s7) PADOVTSOVA, G,; GORA, B.; BOR, I.; BRDLIK. professor, zaveduyushchiy, Angiocardiography in congenital anomalies of the heart share. Vop.pediat. 23 no.2:35-47 Mr-Ap 153. 04TA& 6;6) 1. Vtoraya detskuya klinika Frazhskogo universiteta. (Diagnosis, Radioseopic) (Heart--Diagnosis) (Heart--Abnormitieu and deformities) 1% the Dwass ,d by Ustwaugjaw. A. rvl~hefl.~_W~-- me*" so -40 Wagner (Univ. Vienna). mikrodwmle p,dowau and H_ 271-:0960- ff- Ul'u"cho' dwgem in the ure W. 6157h 415 9AW-Two &Cot is --be TUW At WIU merdy changing um lee, 0, Inc fir-I redUCed cu mAral is in the ffout nf the necessary wben the W. T. Hall mabustion train. tion bus'""' 'A' A I TI it Ir 1144 Its' t4 ll' tile Judryol; 3 tilncs~ thi, acturately add I nil. o( 2 th, , 'ni. of ,Uove all Will wTlu XS116j,'j. :1 ml. of The IICI it the tj,~ to tile A%N( the ",V.. 1"L ill I door (11) 5.) and 6 6. P.S wrl-V bested in m?, Int. l" ith stirrinff. filtered hot. m0 ~he m-kitte iis-1-1 Wxyk-ne, fron, wh" the hydro-f = (11 in cWmf"- ismile'. In M I'; vM1 W"; 1117 1.11 of I (I'"Nu I anti 110 ill C.1W. fit. A; Ill -jr (frout I d"da Nicoll ~Jo.of fit in N,%,,It (floul I in C,11. and Xal. dmolup. 81'. /it oll.4 -,t4v.' VII. Cit. C11. Of. jII1 (flons I S. 1 '1114 1 R. hIrl ill it fill In 1l;1 roolpil.), ltrr 11. Illwtuird Imill thr Ill "It %tilh and S4,0). ill watrf. und exid. with rilier. b. nw' (Yirld IN 30%). VAA. ill wat" MA "A. It VOth 2.5,70 KA1110, gave I and Mc-,,*hK. redurtilm vickled C41111%, and NICS11 11I.Mel. from I jg~ It and I g. Mel, m. 101-. -1. no matvt. sjixhtl3r ill Qlf.~ pref.l. t,~ heatint I Olul 1110 2 hm a;t llkl*. "1. 174' Of-o Sle.0), Ali attempt to ptvjt~ M. lfu?fll4k% IZ Vol 440.R& UX.--= laclam (59.) was rellazed with PAW~2.01. xylene:11 min.. and the soixt. filtered hot; crptajs i4capr"Id"r (1) K-pd.; an additi. umt. was oomned by jigroine prn. (total yiene)l; HCI adt rout I anti yield. 72%. m. 100-1 (from x rj IICI in CHCU-dher unstable wben ciposed to air. The %a and K WIS of I were preM. from I and the metals in Cjio. The attempt to prep. selenocaprolartam failed. M. lludlick~ BERAN, M.; KOSTIR, J.V.; FADR, Z. ]XtifiCial iodization of proteins; preparation of icdized casein. Cas.cesk.lek.Ved.priloha 63 no.9-12:136-138 Dee 195o. (CIAL 20:9) 1. Of the Institute of Organic Chemistry of Charles University, Prague. 2. Of the Research and Control Institute, United Pharmaceutical Worlm, Prague. 9 I -\ I N I \ I I - 1 7- T \ -,1 -1) 1 -- ,1! i . 11 - KOSTIR, J.- ABR z ~ - - ~96 Veratrmm alkalOids- Cesk. farm. 2 no.12-.418-422 Dec 1953. (CML 25:5) - - PADR, Z. ,- , il ~ --; ~ -11, 1-11"', ATP-SPMA. Cesk. farm. 4 no-5:269-271 June 55. 1. Vyz),umnv ustav pro farmRcii a biocbemii, Praha. (ADINLYPYROPHOSPHATE now Oueoh, prod.) ill' PADR, Z. Tetrazolium salts. P. 414 (Chemiel Vol. 9, no. 3, June 1957, Praha, Czechoslovakia) honthly Index of East European Accessions (EFAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 2, February 195B 70- -~t- PAT)RPZ. 'Thu structure of insulin. p. 717 (Chemie, Vol. 9, no. 5. Now. 1957) Month2y Index of East European Accessions (EF-AI) LC,Vol. 7, No. 6, June 10,58 $53. The determination of ascorble acid with tetr=liuzn safts. Z. va(Ire, m. Smid and V. Sicho (Forschungsinstitut'lTa'rm, 4nd Bic-Ommic. Tcch- ni5the Hochschulv, Prague). Aaltirwissrurchaften. 1955, 40. (8), 210-21 L-Th~ Mixture to be analysed . *d I AN ater (4 1. 1: 6) in is run in ti-butanol, aceticvej! ant an atmo6phere of N to pr&iuce cf-mular throma- dil tel togram. Abwzbic acid bet:oule!~ lmmr a vWblt at rown tetupcrature on being sprayed witK whereas seducing tugArs anwino tatrawgum sAlt-S, da-ijoy- -Urltil 7: Itaet -the paper is hratedinthe dryin e Inethoid w vewtivo to 16P901 -cabinet. Th bic acid. 'For quantitative %vwk elation Of the spots b recommended (no v~Grldug details U0 Vy9jW 141pew~1.17& 'PAM, Zdenek; SKID, Milos; SIBLIXOVA-ZBUDOVSKA, Oksana Determination of reducing corticolde in adrenal extracts. Cask. farm. 4 no.2:60-62 Mar 55. 1, Z vyekunnsho ustava pro farmadi a biochemil, Praha. (A=NAL COMW. hormones deters.. paper chromatograpby) (CMDWOORAPHr paper, determe,of.adrenal cortex hormones) PAM. ueLek; KAXAC, Bohumil low Stability of the sodium salt of adenosinstriphowphoric acid. Cook. farm. 4 no.2t83-84 Mar 55v 1. Z vvokumneho ustavu, pro farmacii a biochemii, Praha. (AINNTLPYROPHDSPHATE, derivarives adenosinetriphosphorto acid, sodium slat stability, paper ohrosatograp4) (CHROKATOGRAM paper, sodium salt stability of adenosinetriphosphoric acid) PADR, Zdenek Depot forms of insulin. Cook. fArm. 4 no,5:255-258 June 55- 1. Z Vyzkumnaho ustavu pro farmacii a biochemii, Praha. (INSULIN depot insulin) PADR. Zdenek; URBAMOVA, Jana,-. JDMIGKA. Stwiielav Paper chromatography of insulin, 4 no.6:311-313 J1 155. 1. Z Vskumneho ustavu pro farmacii a biochemii v Praze. (INSULIN. determination, chromatograpby) (OHMMATOGUPHY of Insulin) Category: Czechoslovakia/Analytical Chemistry Analysis of organic G-3 substances. Abs Jour: Referat 2har-Khimiya, No 9, 1957, Ro64 Author : Smid Milos, YjLkae Bohumil, Padr Zdenek Inst : not - given Title Tetrazolium Salts. I., Determination of 2-Methyl-1,4--Naphtho- quinone'.'*LL, Orig Pub: Ceskool. farmc., 1956v5, No 4, 212-215 Abstract: Cleavage products formed on action of alkalIi on 2-methyl-1,4- naphthoquinone (I) reduce 2,3,5-triphenyl-tetrazolium chloride (II) or 3,3-dianisol-bia-4,4'-(3,5-diphenyl)-tetrazolium chlo- ride (III) to colored fornazanes. Intensity of the coloration of the formazanes that are formed depends on the concentration of I in the initial solution. This is utilized for a photome- tric determination of I in the injection solutions of K-Spofa vitamin (IV). The plot- the calibration curves, there are conse- cutively poured together alcohol solutions of 1 (10 ml, 1-10 r/ml), Card 1/2 -9- PADRIK, B.A. Paper pulp purification by vortex traps. Bum.prom. 29 no.4:22-23 Ap 154. (NLRA 7: 6) 1. Inzhener-tekhnolog Tallinskoy bumazhnoy fabriki. (Papermaking machinery) PAMIX, B.A., inshoner-tokhnolog. Producing a double-layer paper on a single-screen paper-making machine. 13UM.Prom. 29 no.6-.25-26 ja 154. (NLRk 7:8) 1. Tallinakara bumashnaya fabrika. (Papernaking machinery) PAMIK, X.A., inzhoner-tokhnolog. Difficulties encountered In the-aising of paper and vays of eli- minating them. Bunspros. 29 no-7:17-18 Ji 154. (XLRA 7:8) 1. Tallinskaya bunashnaya fabrika Ministerstva. promynblennosti prodoyolletvanufth tovaroy SSMs (Sizing(Paper)) PADRIK,E.A., inzhoner-tokhnolog W-- - -- - -- Quality of newsprint. Bum.prom. 30 n0-5:22-23 97 '55. (XIRA 8:8) 1. Tallinskaya buxazbm a fabriaka Kinioteretva pronyahlen- nosti prodovol'stvennykh tovarov SSSR. (Newsprint) ESTONIA/Choideal Technology - Cellulose and Its Derivatives. H. Paper* Abe Jour ; Ref Zhur Xhimiya, No 16, 1958, 561oo Author : Padrik Inst : Title : Utilization of Ground-Wooa and Semi-Cellulose in the Paper Industry,. Orig Pub : Teluiika ja tootmine, 1957, 12, 22-24 Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 PADRO-VAt- L- *DIseases of the Urinar~ Trict in the Anamnesis of the Onertension." p. 1261 (CASOFIS LETARU CESFYCH~ Vol. 92, No& 46t Nov. 1953) Praha, Czechoslovakia .si. ~ - - SO: ftnthly List of IEast bir-opean Accessions, Library of Congress, Vol. 3, No. 4, April 1954. Unclassified. YAKOBSON, M.O., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof - PADRULI Z Ya inzb P I" ' ~ retsenzent; UIXF-ACIEV, S.A., dots-., ~r inzh., red. izd-va; UVAROVA, A.F., tekhn. red. (Technological procesees of machining in automated production] Tekhnologiia mekhanicheskoi obrabotki v avtoratizirovannom proizvodstve; spravochnoe posobie. Moskva, Mashgiz, 1962. 432 P?Automation) (Metal cutting) (MBA 15:10) ETTELI, Abram Vladimirovich; GUSACHEMOp K.I., inzh.,. retsenzent; SLUZHEV- ., TS.Yi.*,, inzh., retsenzent; SHAMR09 G.A.9 inzh.k_rstaenzent4 SKIY 0 -RUVMKIY, G.M., inzh., retsenzent,--~U~LZ.~Ya., inzh., red.; 'FALIKO, O.S., red. izd-va; EL'KIRD9 V.D., temm. red. (Technology of agricultural mkchitiiry manufacturing) Tawolpgiia sel'skokhoziaistvenhogo maahinostroeniia. Moskva, Gos.iiauhhfio- tekhn. izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry, 1961. 287 p. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Rostovskiy-na-Donil tekhnikum. si3l'skokhozyaystvennogo mashino- stroyeni-ya, (for Gusachankop Sluzhevskiy9- Shamro). 2. Kirovograd- skiy tekhnikum sellskokbozyayttvennogo mashinostroyeniya (for Padrull (Agricultural machinery industry) FADRULI, Z*Yao; KOSILOV, V.V' =------- i_- Automatic - machines and automatic lines for assembling tractors and agricultural machinery, 14ashinostroitell no*3:25-27 Mr 162. (Assembly-line methods) (Automation) (MA 15:3) v it v U M is a 11 to ?p a j 0 9 :0 06 008, 11 *go I flog 00 06 9 -111, ~!op.~r "PIMA Al of So U 14 a Al So U M a 41 U U 0 Of SLOW Ngvrww 'By Tag ON Tag WATTUM TjjCn OF ALW" or AstarMAST CIR"TAL LA ORD92M nwtwu. Compolaw UKDUK*M A. A. smirwow owd PR - ~Skl Tvora.lFU-33,s4i-WMi)Avr (bressw) ;.; matrons by the ladko Tts Wd scams" cc a expes Ms been discussed sitoys vowlerpuln orderloof Pw by Movool and Vowwww, (L.-Mits, U.SAM. 6. lW11140) for the two Cd stowomewc Compositions of im all". 110 CAW of ow vloaft" composition is exandw here M is vw0r#*s) study am tba, effect of do cow"luclo No cc tow degree of M'AMM Of it* oroprigg as t" scallart" at" Motrow. ',lVALLV*fKJL_&, ISAIURE CLAHWOCAll" sic. t1fligil" SlAill 42A 6MV ilt U S &V 10 a 614.1 fig I 10 0 0 v a a K z a ; In An I I it ad or so a 3 i-v O;anllxw"l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 # 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q, 0 0 41,41 0 0 0 0 0 S, 0 0 0 0 0 4, 0 0-0 0 0 010 o a o 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 & go 0 0 0 0 0 .00 of .00 -44o .00 '00 4*0 0 So a roo 0 0 2 800 400 NO* tto* toes t00 WOO PADUCHAO A. "The 3d Exhibition of Czechoslovak Engineering." p. 177 (Zemedelske Stroje) Vol. 2, no. 8, Aug. 1957 Prague, Czechoslovakia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EBAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 46 Aromt WAS : 34L74 Isa ON do "I& do ~ momm by a "Yom W" of "do" m RPAVV A"D Om A. A. 5- 21, 34 1 -6 VkTrorLa rW. n, Th Malm w compodum aw dwo of INV- fo* Ord* Is MVeMI&W d r . .A, -10 *A CM 0( fWn4kdCMOWA�dC . I I 1 -19 1 1 T)m or ~ Cq*k lailk-a &mW w WAY WAM~ W "M"4 OW o( NaO OPD. 7U W6110ft bWb & OW-d- Of the b"po"d kwooky " bi cm ql~ 04. dalrW INWMM M. OF*NW Wk", U... s mrpm -I'm I P "L-v-:,--M,;:s- IIII-ANI Wimy mmmmwvmvmp"i ~Kt P - -. -:q- -, vcs; PA-MiCaN X. V.- Battelle Technical Review 69501. Interaction of Aletaiij LOP. With Copper Ju-1Y, 1954 Mattes. (Bussfian N P-D- c y, nod A. F. hytnikova, Z I ' Metals-Extraction and Refinin h~ 2 Feb.-TOT,- 9 P. T27-lra. ~- - ! Results, method of investigation, and dissolution mlechantsm 1 atl,000.tndl,200C.Tabic~s,i;ral)bs-3ref. 1,211 V mmmese dlaxid~ %Ith ferrous isulfoite and ydol kg Z" V~ -ao gr [N~m 'M F. va-l- NNW i'llm I R L -4 14 0- Isla. IN A C'S j~ 59 MUM 4.1 wPEN ar, ~:aq~,M tAl n go pffimc"Ev. V V PILAM I BOOK EXPLOITATION 985 Akademiya nauk 598H. Urallakiy filial, Sverdlovsk. Institut metallurgii Sbornik rabot laboratorii metallurgii tyazhelykh tsvetnykh metallov (Collection of Studies in the Metallurgy of Heavy Nonferrous Metals), Sverdlovsk., 1957. 168 p. (Series: Its Trudy, vyp. 1) 2,850 copies printed. Resp. Eds.: Babafthan, A.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences; and Fusakin., P. S., Candidate of TL-chnical Sciences; Ed.: Demin, I.M.; Tech. Ed.*. Izmodenova, L.A. PURPOSE: This book is intended for scientific and industrial personnel interested in recent advances*in the theory and practice of metallurgical processes. COVERAGE: The articles in this book are grouped into five sections. Part I presents results of experimental studies in the theory and practice of the oxidation of sulfides, metals, and alloys. Part II contains data on the tbermodynamics of metallurgical processes. The articles in Part III are devoted to In,"vidual problems in copper and nickel metallurgy. Part IV is concerned with certain aspects of the electrometaIlurgy of aluminum and card l/ 6 Collection of Studies in the (Cont.) 9B5 magnesium. Experimental data on methods of determining selenium and tellurium are given in Part V. TABIZ OF COYIENTS: Diyev, N.P., and Chufarov, G.I. Some Observations on the Investigation of Problems in the Metallurgy of Heavy Nonferrous Metals 5 PART 1. THEORY AND PRACTICE OF THE OXMMION OF MWMS, MMLSiV6 ALL40YS 15 Diyev, N.P.; Okunev, A.I.; Paduchev,_V.V.:* Toporova, V.V.; and Mokronosov, V.S. Sulfur Monoxide as an Inter-mONEW Pr-olu-ct of Oxidation of Certain Sm1fides 17 Pavlov, F.N., and Diyev, N.P. Oxidation of Pyrite Under Isothermal Conditions 22 Plavlov, F.N., and Diyev, N.P. Oxidation of Sulfide Ores Under Near-**Ml Conditions 26 Pavlov, F.N., and Diyev, N.P. Oxidation of Sulfide Ozes at Low Tiemperatures Under Dynamic Conditions 32 Card 2/6 Collection of Studies in the (Cont. ) 985 Okunev, A.I., and Diyev, H.P. Sulfide Dissociation Processes and Their Import- ance in the Oxidation of Sulfides 36 Babadzhan, A.A. Determination of the Speed of Oxidation of Mos. as a Function of Temperature 44 Babadzhan, A.A. Sublimation Roasting of Combined Copper-Molybdenum Concent- rate 47 Diyev, N.P.; Olesova, A.I.; Pimenov, I.V.; and Kadni v, B.T. Oxidation of Copper Selenide 52 Zalazinskiy, G.G.; D:Lyev, N.P. and Kochnev, M.I. Kinetics and Mechanism of the Oxidation of a Copper-Nickel Alloy at High Temperatures 59 Diyev, N.P., and Okunev, A.I. Preparation of Pdre Zinc Sulfide 65 PART II. THEMODYNAMICS OF MULUMICAL PROCESSES 69 Okunev, A.I., and Diyev, N.P. Some Thermodynamic Data on Zinc Ferrite (ZJ,Fb 204)' Zinc Silicate (Zu2S'04 ), and Zinc Sulfate (ZaSO4 71 Card 316 Collection of Studies in the (Cont.) 985 Babadzhan, A.A. The Dependence of the Vapor Pressure of Mo03 on Temperature 74 OkLmev, A.I., and Diyev, N.P. Kinetic Analysis of Certain Pyrometallurgical Processes Using'ThermodyngLmic Data 80 PART III - WTALLUWY OF COPPER AND NICKEL 85 Volkova, P.I.; Diyev, N.P.; and Kochnev, M.I. Behavior of Zinc Compounds During the Settling of Matte 87 Volkova., P.I.; Di-yev, H.P., and Kochnev, M.I. lleaction Betveen Zinc Yhtte and Yetallic Iron 93 Mbleva, N.G.; Vetrenko, Ye.A.; and Kusakin, P.S. Dependence of Crushing and Pulverizing Capacities of Matte on the Matte Cooling Rate 99 Perestoronin, A.A.; Vermenichev, S.A.; and Zaydman, T.N. Experiments in Laboratory-icale Shaft Smelting. MDdels of Furnaces 103 card 4/6 Collection of Studies in the (Cont.) 9B5 Diyev, N.P., and Faduchev,, V-V- Smelting in Reverberatory Furnaces With the Use of Oxygen-enriched Air W Vetrenko, Ye.A. Approximate Calculation of Temperature Changes Occurring in the Smelt Daring the Bessemerizing of Copper Matte 122 Kasakin, P.S., and Serebrennikova, Ye-S. Microstracture of Anode Nickel Obtained by Reaction Smelting in an Electric Furnace 132 PART IV. MKTALLUWY OF ALUKOW AND MAGNESIEW 137 nodak, L.P. The Principle of Computing the Energy Balance for an Electrolytic Bath 139 Hhodak, L.P.; Rempell, S.I.; and Kuznetsov, S.I. The Effect of Perio.dic Charging of Raw Material on the Energy Regime of an Electrolytic Bath 144 PAW V. WHODS OF DETERMINING SUMM AND TKURIM 149 card 5/6 Collection of Studies in the (Cont.) 985 Zelyanskaya,.A.I.; Bykov, I.Ye.; and Gorshkova, L.S. 7he Separation of Selenium and 7bllurium by a Cationite 151 Zelyanskaya, A.I.; Bykov, I-Ye.; and Gorshkova, L.S. Polarogmphic Determination of Tt!travalent Selenium and Tellurium When Jointly Present 155, Zelyanskaya, A.I.; Bykov, I-Ye.; and Gorshkova, L.S. Effect of Ibavy ~btals on the Polarographic Waves of Selenium and Tbllurium 161 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress ca-ra 616 GO/fal 1-22-59 (At 5 Iron Ore Deposits Aftib) of the Tagil-Kushva Industrial Areal'W Sverdlovsk, 1957, 188PP tP;1POrS PreSented during 153 V silti, 11 ! C; P AcU8,48 Diyev, fi. P., Professor-Doctor (deceased~j_ I P reRB~, A. A., Scientific Workers of the Metallurgical Institute-of the Ural Branch of the Academy of Sciences.,USM. Metallurgical Trea nt of Cobalt Sulphide Concentrates Extractim from Iron Ores of the Urals 140 Several methods are considered for the extration of cobalt sulphidea from cobalt-carrying iron ores found in the Urals. Most of these methods involve roasting vith subsequent leaching of the sulphides. There are 20 references, 16 Soviet, 2 English. Khokhlov,, D. G.j Senior Scientific Worker of the Ural Institute of Ferrous Metal- lurgy. Improvement of Physical and Chemical Properties of Agglomerate Made from Vysokays Gora Magnetite Concentrates 153 The author stresses the importance of agglomerate preparation in boosting iron production. The grinding of ore for the preparation of a suitable agglomerate has been the subject of studies at the Ural Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy. The amount of coke used in melting is said to depend on the proper grind of the ore. The author offers various suggestions for the improvement of the Vysokaya Gora agglomerates. Mere are 3 Soviet references. Card 7/9 Mining and Geological Inst, Ural Bmanch, Acad. Sci. USSR. and Affiliated Rcdies. A j U C' 137-58-5-9297 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 5, p 73 (USSR) AUTHORS: Diyev, N.P., Paduchev, V.V., Toporova, V.V. TITLE: Employment of Steam in the Process of Bessemerizing Copper Mattes With Oxygen (Prinieneniye vodyanogo para pri bessemer- ovanii mednykh shteynov na kistorode) PERIODICAL: Izv. vost. fil. AN SSSR, 1957, Nr 6, pp 79-84 ABSTRACT: In order to control the heat balance in the Bessemer process employing 02, it is suggested that the process be conducted with steam-oxygen blowing. Equilibrium composittons of. -ga'ses were determined, by means of thermodynamic analysis and from ex- perimental data, for the following reactions: 3FeS+3H20+1.5SiO2= 1.5FeZSiO,4+3H?S; FeS+3HZO+0.5SiO2=0.5FeZSiO4 S02+3H2. The composition of the steam-oxygen mixture is calculated. It is established that up to 25-33% of the S contained in the charge may be obtained in its elemental form if the concentration of 02 amounts to 40-45% and the temperatures are maintained within limits approximating those employed in the process with air Card 1/1 blowing. 1. Steam--Applications 2. Mixtures- -Thermo- L. P. dynamic properties 3. Copper--Production 2, Blast furnaces --Operation 26-58-2-20/4P- AUTHOR: Diyev, N,P., Professor, Paduchev, V-V., and Vermenichev, S.A. TITLE. Oxygen in Non-Ferrous Metallurgy (Kislorod v tsvetnoy metallur- gii) PERIODICAL- Priroda, 1958, Nr 2, pp 87-89 (USSR) ABSTRACT: When normal air is used in the smelting of non-ferrous metals, the nitrogen of the air passes through the furnace and is equi- valent to 624 tons nitrogen for every 1 ton nickel smelted. This vast quantity of inert gas wastes heat, lowers the tem- perature in the furnace and carries with it substantial quan- tities of valuable by-product metals and substances of the smelting process. By using air enriched with oxygen, or simply pure oxygen or ozone, this process can be greatly im- proved. Oxygen-enriched air has proved most suitable for oxidized nickel ores and complex sulfide ores of non-ferrous metals. The authors describe the results of using oxygen- enriched air in the smelting of nickel ores and in the copper industry. By using an air blast enriched up to 60% with oxygen, the coke consumption can be cut by 30-40% to only 17-20~- of the weight of the agglomerate, the amount of furnace Card 1/2 gases and their speed can be cut by 70% and they will contain Oxygen in Non-Perrous Metallurgy 26-58-2-20/4B 3-4 times less dust, The productivity of the furnace would probably increase 1.5-2 times. In copper smelting, no fuel would need to be used in the process, heat being generated through combustion of the sulfides charge with the oxygen- enriched air, and the productivity would increase 2-3 times. By introducing steam into the furnace along with the air, an endothermic reaction would take place and pure sulfur could be produced. The results of experimental smelting in 3- and 40-ton converters using oxygen-enriched air is described. V.1. Smirnov and M.A. Abdeyev have made successful use of the fuming method using oxygen for the smelting of lead agglomerates in shaft furnaces. The authors describe the economic advantages of using oxygen in the smelting of non-ferrous metals. There is 1 table and 1 Soviet reference ASSOCIATION: Institut metallurgii Urallskogo filisla Akademii nauk SSSR, Sverdlovsk (Institute of Metallurgy of the Ural Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Sverdlovsk) Card 2/2 1. Metallurgy 2. Metals--Smelting 3. Oxygen--Applications POUCHEV9 jr.y.; ToPOROVA, Me DIM. 11-P. Edeosascld.3; - I )f iron gulf ides and Sulfurous amb7dride* interaction 1 lo.-z;95-105 158. (Sujf~= dioxide) Met. UFO OR I (Iron gulf ides) Trudy InSt - (MIRA 12:4) SOV/1 37-59- 3-5473 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Metalturgiya, 1959, Nr 3, p 77 (USSR) AUTHORS: Diyev, N. P., Paduchev, V. V., Vermenichev, S. ..A., Deyev, V. 1. TITLE: Employment of Oxygen in Nonferrous Metallurgy (Primeneniye kisloroda v tsvetnoy metalturgii). PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta metallurgii, Urallskiy fil. AN SSSR, 1958, Nr 2, pp 149- 168 ABSTRACT: The authors examine the feasibility of the use of O~_-enriched air in the following nonferrous metallurgy processes: For reduction shaft- smelting of Ni and Pb ores, for fuming of Zn slags, in roasting of Zn and Cu concentrates, in reverberatory:.smelting of Cu concentrates, and in Bessemer reduction of matt6s. The authors note in this case a 30 - 400/6 and greater increase in the output of metallurgical produc - tion units, an increase in the amount of base metal extracted, and a decrease in construction and operating expenses. Possible changes in some technological processes and design of metallurgical produc- tion units are pointed out. For example, the application of the steam- oxygen blowing in the Bessemer reduction of Cu-matte would produce Card 1/2 nascent sulfur but would require sealing the converter to form a SOV/137-59-3- 5527 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Metallurgiya, 1959, Nr 3, p 84 (USSR) AUTHORS: Diyev, N. P., Kusakin, P. S Paduchev, V. V., Sobolev, P, A.: Perestoronin, A. A. TITLE: Phase Content of Cobalt-nickel Mattes (Fazovyy sostav kobal'to-nikelevykh shteynov) PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta metallurgii. Ural'skiy fil. AN SSSR, 1958, Nr 2, pp 181-186 ABSTRACT- The authors studied the phase content of industrial Go mattes by the following methods: 1~-Mineralogical- petrographic investigations; 2) gravitational [sink-floatj separation in water, heavy liquids, suspensions, etc. ; 3) air-separation; 4) flotation; 5) smelting out; and 6) classification according to grain size. Conclusions: 1) Co does not form an independent phase in mattes but is distributed be- tween the sulfide and metallic solid solutions and the double sulfide ZFeS.Ni3S2, isomorphically taking the place of Fe and Ni in the lattice nodes of the respective phases; 2) the composition of separate phase components in Go mattes fluctuates in the following range- Card 1/2 Metallic phase 18-40% (by weight), sulfide phase 43-40%, eutectoid DIYEV, N.P., ~rof.; FADUCMW, V.V.; VERMERICHEV, S.A. Oxygen in nonferrous metallurgy. Priroda 47 no.2.-87-89 7 '58. (MIRA 11: 2) l.Inatitut metallurgii Urallskogo filials, AN SSSR, Sverdlovsk. (Nonferrous metals--Founding) (Oxygen) AUTHORS: Diyev, N. F., (Deceased), Faduchev, V. V.t 20-118 -4-43/61 Toporova, V. V. , Uspenski7_,1r._r_- TITLE: On the'Interaction of Certain Sulfides With Sulphur Dioxide and SA.1fates (Vzaimodeystvi e nekotorykh sullfidov s serni- stym angidridom i sullfatami~ PERIODICALe Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1950, Vol. 110, lir 41 PP. 782-764 (USSR) ABSTRAM The results of the investigati33s concerning the reaction in question with application of S are given in the present paper. The experiments have shown that the sulfur in the calcium sulfide is completely substituted by the sulfur of the sulfur anhydride. The radioactive sulfur was introduced selectively into one of the two components. The reaction was carried out at 600-11000. In the investigation of the inter- action between cobaltous sulfide and S02 S35 was introduced only into the sulfide. The experiments have shown that the velocity of the interaction is unimportant even at 8000. There- fore it was difficult to detect precisely the radioactivity originating from sulfur in the gaseous reaction products be- Card 1/4 cause of a considerable S02-dilution, if the experiment was On the Interaction of Certain Sulfides With Sulphur Dioxide 20-LL8-4-43/61 and Sulfates vestigated in application to calcium- and cobaltous sulfate at 9000. The experimental results have shown that this reac- tion takes the same course in any case of placing the radio- active sulfur, and only the activity of the sulfur in the re- action products is different (misprint in the original: the small star above the S of the equation ll~ is missing; the reviewer)- 3 reactions (12), (13) , and R4 are given for the interaction between cobaltous sulfide and cobaltous sulfate according to references 8-12. The application of s35 and a rational analysis of the reaction prodnetp confirmed the formation of a secondary radioactive 'sulfide and of the metallic cobalt. Here it turned out that the course of the reaction (13) is by 3-4 times less intensive than (12). There- fore the mechanism of the sulfide oxidation (13) (perhaps misprint fort 13? the reviewer) earlier suggested by the authora'must be supplemented by widely distributed secondary acts which pass simultaneously: ]k Met + 2 S02 --- 4MeS204 + S (15) Card 3/4 MeS204 -4 Me S04 + S (16) ' DIYIPV. N.P. [deceased]; MAIAKROV. A.Te.; PADUCHILV, V.V.; TOPOWTVA, Z.V. Investigating shaft furnace smelting of Ural Mountain sulfide copper ores. Trudy Inst.met.UFAW SPR no.3:21-35 '59. (MIRA 13:4) (Ural Sountains-Copper ores) (smelting furnaces) DrM, H.P. (deceased]; PADUCHEV. V.V.; VERMIIGHEV. S.A. Reverberatory smelting with burning of pulverized copper concentrates ip oxygen-euriched air. Trudy Inst.met.UYAN SSSR no.3:67-74 '59. (MM 13:4) (Copper-Metallura) DIYEV, M.P. [deceased]; YFLISBM, I.S.; KOCFDW, U.I.; PAMHE7,.V.V.: VMMICHXV, S.A.; SAMSOV. I.I.; YAWTSET, B.V.;-rouin, P.S. I Ume of,oxygen in bessemerizing copper nattes in industrial converters. Trudy Inst.met.UPAN SSSR no.3:93-101 '59. (MIRA 13:4) (Copper--Hetallurgy) (Oxygen--Industrial applications) rA F r. Fri fg cc *3. : is ti Kit Ili ~Ikp - 9 P. Mi ig 6. flat , I F A .-a- 31j"; A 3D It _32 1). 34 X M,.V It Sk 6 At Q 43 6,EW O-os JtWbtift 01 thS 011011 JFMCUM of ;;IW6, A. Akad. SkPikolkar. Napik 1". 1. L-i-, IwJJ- Zhit;Immod-11M 31, 185-07(1=); Ckem. Z&Wr. 1140. U, 23M.-Five mousc units of Prolmft wax f OuDd to be Of Optimum don for rabbIts for producing eel f t ollicular rupture with the Withal PoWbk percentage let. ill-d- W W L W M 4- Pathol. tWOOn ftmorthasing follicle). No hkvmsc (n totuoutar ruptures could be Qb- laitied bY IncreWul the don (tip to 80 ulouse units). I)Ircct introductim of the spettus init) the ultrus alley 0 0 zi cIPtl- Ovulation resulted in surumd fertilizat !on, presnAwy I M and birth. M. G. 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