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N-` . ......... R~ -A Y~q NE 77;7 .,L 771, 4~ P-M-A ;,Fg cl- -L,7 -42" _IT X.4 u k z Ono igtwo ZU PAPADACHEt Ilie Self-adaptive s"tems. Auto-matica elec,.-ronica 5 -1c.5:205-20-4 S-0 161. 1. Sef de sectie la Institutul de Gercotari Electronice. -PAPADATO. A.L. --- - Thrombosis of the abdominal part of the aorta; diagnosis. clinical aspects and treatment. Zdrav.Kazakh. 16 no.10:14-18 156. (MLRA 9:12) 1. Ix khirurgicheskogo otdeleniya Kurgalldzhinakoy reyonnoy bolonitay Akmolinskoy oblasti. (THROMSIS) (AORTA--DISBASSE) PAPADATO, A.L. (Donetsk 3, Alma-Atinskaya ul., d.7, kv.2) - -- .1 ----- -- . Pathogenesis of osteo-chondrodystrophy of the Up Jo;rt 4-n an experiment. Ortop., travm. i protez. 26 no.3:54-56 Mr 165 ' (ICR.A 18:7) 1. Iz kliniki khir-urgii i ortopedii detskogo vozrasta (zav. - prof. M.L.Dmirtiyeva) Odesskogo med'Itsinskogo instltluta imeni- N.I.Pirogova (rektor - zasluzhennyy deyatelf nauki prof. I.Ya. Deyneka). PAIPADATO, Prof . L. L. Kbr., Odessa Medical Inst., -1948-. IFAxperience with Tissue Therapy of Epilepsy Patients by the Method of Academician Filatov," Khtrargiya, No. 3, 1948; "Relation of the Function of the Carotid Sinus to Epileptic Attacks.@ Nevropatol. i Psikhiat.. 17, No. 3, 1948. PAPADHIMITRI, 0. "Meteorologic factore affecting morbidity due to cold" Buletin. Saris Shkencat Natyrore. Tirane, Albania. Vol. 12 no. 2, 1958 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI), IL, Vol. 8, No. 6, Jun 59, Unclas FAPADHIMITRI, 0. -.0- - Sidermia in viral hepatitis. Bul. univ. shtet. Tirans(Kjek] 4:39-45 162. (IRON METABOLISM) (HEPATITIS, INFECTIOUS) PAPADMIMI, 0. S=e results of the somatoscopic survey of the school children of Tirana. Bul. priv. shtet. Tirane[Mjekl 3:45-55 162. (GR(YdTH) (SGHOOL HEALTH) PAPADIHIMMI 0. ---l- I . Standard individual evaluation tables and schemes of the characteristics of the physical development of school children in Tirana. Bul. univ. obtat. Timno[Mjek] 2:3-1-27 162. (GROWTH) (SCHOOL HMTE) PAPADHIMITRIJ, 0. Modified blood sugar and beta-amylolytic activity of the blool plasma in viral hepatitis. Bul.Univ.Shtet.Tirane no.3/4:23-28 163. 1. Klinika e semundjeve infekt. dhe epidemiologhike (shof I katedres doc. N. Dushniku), Universitetit Shteteror te Tiranes. PAPADHI141TRI o. 1-1-- - ~- ~ P Delta corten - treatment of dyal"peuda in viral hepatitis. Bul. univ. shtet. Tirane [14jek] 2:3-14 '63. Evaluation of the Sellak-Frade test (copper acetate) in viral henal-1-1-4- lind. - clinical conaitioris. lbid.:66-7-1 , PAPADMITRIJ-."'. - The thymol and zinc sulfate tests in Bot-kin's disease. Bal. univ. shtet. Tirane[Mjek) 1:87-89 163. HEPATITIS, INWECTIOUS) VER FUNCTION TESM) M PAPADHIMITRII, 0. Delta-cortan therapy of viral hepatitis. Bul, univ, 9htnt. Tirano [14jok) 2t3-14 163. PAPADHD4ITRI, 0. The Sellek-Frade (copper acetate) test in viral hepatitis. Bul. univ. shtet. Tirane [Mjek) 2:66-71 163. 1. Klinika e sen, mdjove infektive (shefi i klinikes kand. i shk. mjek. N. Dushniku). .t PAPADHIMITRI., 0. The blood alkaline phosphatase in Botkints disease. Bul. univ. shtet. Tirane(Mjek) 1:84-86 163. (BLOOD ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE) (ENZYNE TESTS) (HEPATITIS, INFECTIONS) PA7-zkDTlA'lI, A. ~-. lp _J. ':o~,kva, 0,~ 1`3- 2" -;. Barsb!ris!--ni.,i LD-araba Stm, e -1 . SC: jj~~j of Russiwll Accessions, V.1 ~, Nlo 4, 1`513 r.WT(n)/EP1,,-.;) -2JEWA (M) -2 Pab-10 IJPkr) 035 ACCESSION NR: AT5007S21 S/0000/64/000/000/0274/0287 ?1P/, ~AUTHOR: Bayyer, V. H.; Bllnov...G. A.- Bandaronko, Yor(~neynikov S. Mir ....... yo.- A. P.; Panqqy, NaumQv. A. 1L.; Onuchin Sido v, V. Gt A, W.; __;, Sillvestro4,_ Skripskly-,_ Khabakhp~~qh~y, G. ; Auslander V.. L. ; Kiselev,' A. V. Kuehn renk _1_0~ Ye. A Livshits, A. A.; Rodig!Lov H. ; SynAkh, V. 5,_L Yudin. VechC3k4Y0V_,_Y._V.; DJMQY, G, I.; Pa adichev, V. A.; ProtM201L.-4 I. Ya.; Budker G. I TITLE: Colliding electron-electron, positron-electron. and proton-proton beaus SOURCE: Inter-national Conference on High Energy Accelerators. Dubna, 1963. Trudy. Moscow, Atomizdat, 1964, 274-207 'TOPIC TAGS- high An-_,rgX kqpraction Lq~Lma, particle physics. pax- hi_gh energy p 'ticle beam, charged particle beam :ABSTRACT: In the Institute of Buclear Physics, Siberian Department, Academy of :Sciences SSSR, programs an high-energy particle physics are mainly concerned with work an colliding charged particle beam . The Institute considers it unsuitable Card 115 3 ACCESS'10N UR: AT5007921 Ifor its purpose to install huge accelerators whose construction requires lai-ge !m-sources outlaid and long time. For work an colliding electron-electron, posi- !tron-electron, ind proton-proton beams, three installations are being built , which jare in variout, -,tagen of readiness. Work on colliding clectmn boams was c.- ducled at the institute (then a laboratory of the Instittitc-of-Atomic Energy. 11 1. V. Yurchatov) Jn the Fall of 1956, after Kerst's report on acceleratom with t :'c'Jiliding proton beams of the FFAG type. By that time Soviet scientists H'ad al- ir-ady acquired some experience in obtaining large electron currents; in particular, the rentioned laboratory had installed and then abandoned a device for the spiral ,;torage of electrons (G. 1. Budker and A. A. Haumov, CEFUI Symposium, 1, 76 (1956)). !by which, subsequently. circulating currents of the order of 100 amperes were ob- 'tained. In 1957 two variants of this device were considered at the same time. 'rho Ifimt one consisted of tiso accelerators with E;piral storage and subsequent transi- ;t1on of the particles to synchrotron state In comparatively narrvw paths. The ;vecoad one had storage rings with constant magnetic field and frequent external in- jection because of the damping of the oscillations under the action of radiation. Jhe first variant was more cumbersome; the second variant contained an element not Ideveloped at that time. namely a 100-kilovolt comutator of 10 kilo-amperes with Inanosecond front. At the end of 1957, the firmt positive results were obtained ICavd 2/5 L 4730L-65 ACCISSION NR: ATS007921 with a packing discharger of 100 kilovolts, and work stopped on the variant with storage rings. originally it was proposed to set up two devices: VEP-1 of 2W 130 Hav energy, and VEP-2 of 2 x 500 14ev energy. The VEP-1 was considered as an actual model of an accelerator and an a device for conducting initial experivents at low I energies. After the Panofsky report in MB on his work with colliding electron beams conducted in his laboratory at Stanford, construction ceased on 500-Mev storape paths and work was continued on the 2x 130-11ev installation. Instead C~ work on colliding electron beams with energies of 500 Hav, work at the end of 1958 was conducted with colliding positron-elactron beams and.the planning of the VEPP-2 device was begun, whose main elements are a Btrong-current electron accelerator and a high-vacuum storage path of 700 Hev energy. At the present time the VEP-1 and ~VEPr-2 aim installed in Novosibirsk. The VEP-1 is in a state of neglect, but at the end of 1964 experiments will be begun with it. Installation of the VEPP-2 ha3 been completed. To obtain a marked affect from the application of c-11iding proton b-aams, an accelerator is needed with an energy of at least 10 Gov. Since the ordi- nary accelerator at such energies is a very bulky machine, it was decided to com- -bine the idea of colliding proton beams with the creation of an iron-less irpulse ~accolcrator with very large fields and a neutralized central burbar. This latter work of creating such a machine was reported by the authors at a )1oscow conference Card 3/5 030h-65 JCCESSION HR: ATS007921 ))eld in 1956. The presence of a field with two directions in an iron-less accelera- ~tor with central bunbar por7nIts the acceleration of protons toward opposite [,ides ;in one machine, which makes ponatble the collision of protons In case of a suitable ,race-track. At the present time the Institute is developing a proton device with ,a magnetic field of about 200 kilogausn and radius of 7 meters for a particle energy tof J? Gov in the bram (equivalent eneriV is around 30OGev). Tests are being con- ~ducted on models, and an effective method of injection by overcharging of negative -ions B under -study. Also under development are an impulse electric power supply ,syDtt!m of 100 millimt joules capacity and an hf power supply. Since 1958 the Institute has been conducting theoretical Investigations on the limits of applicabi- ,lity of quantum electrodynamics CV. N. Bayyer, ZhETF, 37. 1490 (1959), and 11M, 78, 619 (062)] for the calculation of the radiational corrections to the electrodyna- IM-1c cross-sections EV. H. Bayyer and S. A. Kheyfetsq ZhETr 40, 613-715 (1961) and Muclear Physics (in print)], and on other problems of high-energy particle physics Ithat are connected with the preparation of experiments on colliding beame EV. N. lBayyer, 1. D. Khriplavich, V. V. Sokolov, and V. S. Syna3ch, in ZhTF, 19613. The ,present report takes up under the mentioned three main headings the following perti- inent topics: the accelerator-injection, storage paths,. slactron-optical channel. Card 4/5 L 4730]s-65 ACCESSIO)i HR- ATS007921 linput and output system, experiments on storage. proposed work, experimental set- .up, physical layout of magnets, power supply, etc. Orig. art. has: a figures. *,ASSOCIATION: Inatitut yadernoy fitiki SO AN SSSR (Institute of Nuclear Physics, ~SO All SSSR) SUBMTED: 26Hay64 :NO REF SOV: 012 VIM: OD OTIEERi 003 SUB CODEI CE, NP Card 5/5 PAPADICHEV, V.A. Measuring the in0e). of decreaBe of a magnetic f-Jeld in charged particle acceleraf.ors. Prib. 1 te&-eksp. 10 no.5:2131-216 S-0 165. WIRA 19:1) 1. Institut yadernr)y fiziki Si.bIrskogo otdelen~'ya AN S53R, Novosi,birsh. Subm-,'tted Augjst 15, 1964. SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR: -Kolomenskly, A. A.; KarAu=dkqvx_V. fig; K4~annkiZ& L. N.; Oychinnikoyx Ye. F. Papadichev, V. A.; Sezenov, S. -0.3 Fateyev A. P.; YahJpJgyA_J_.JJ,__ J~p ORG: none TITLE: Starting of a new accelerator - symmetrical annular FM synchrotron of the Physics Institute im. P. N. loebedev AN SSSR SOURCE: Atomnaya ene:rgiya, v. 20, no. 6, 1966, 513-514 TOPIC TAGS: electron accelerator, synchrotron/ KF electron accelerator ABSTFACT: This Is a brief report of the starting of a new experimerrtal symmetrical annular FM synchrotron (KF installation). It is a strong-focusing accelerator with constant magnetic field, in which the time variation of the magnetic field is replace, by a radial increase of the field in accordance with the growth of the particle energ; The accelerator was proposed by one of the authors (Kolorfenskiy, ZIETF v. 33, 298, 1957; Atomaya energiya v. 3, 492, 1957) and its construction is described in detail elsewhere (V. W. Yanunnikav et al., in: Trudy Mezhdunarodnoy konferentsii po uskori- telyan, Dubna, 1963 [Transactions of International Conference on Accelerators, Dubna, IL9631 Atomizdat, 1964, p. 653). The article describes briefly the magnet, the initia operation, the accelerating system, the electron injection., and some of the prelimi- nary results. Mie authors thank V. S. Voronin, D. D. Krasil Ing-ov-1 A._ N. Lebedev. - - 0. A. Smirnaw, V. A. Gapanovich, N. V. Flatonov, G. T. Ponomarev, V. A - Ryaboy Ye. 3/2 uDc.. 62.1.384.02.4 .L 06995-67 ACC NRI 21528 .Xanavp G. 1. Mmrlamarva, L. N. ChekanyvaL_and the technicians' and mechanicm F. Ito group for help with the starting of the accelerator, and Professor N. A. Dobrotin for interest in the work. Orig. art. has: 2 figures. SUB CODE: 28/, SM DATE: 31VAI&I ORIG REF: OC4/ OTH MW: 001 Card 2/2 PffPR 0-TC tl,~ v #9j Z. B, ATVA20V. A.S.; DOLGOPOWVA, A.V.; LYALINA, N.A.; PAPADICHEVA, Z.B. Treatment of chronic tonsillitis In children. Pediatriia no.l: 7-12 Ja-F '54. (MLRA 7:3) 1. Iz kliniki fakal'tetskoy pediatrii pediatricheskogo fakullteta 1I Moskovskogo meditainskogo Instituta im. I.V.Stalina (nauchnyy rakovodital' - professor D.D.Lebedev) I poliklinicheakogo otdele- niya 1-y Klinicheskoy detskoy bol'nitsy Moskvy (glavrtvy vrach - zaalu2hennyy vrach respubliki Te.V.Prokhorovich). (Tonsils--Diseases) PAPADIMITRIU, I. [Papadinitriou, J.] Legislation agai-nst the workers. Vsem. prof. dvizh. no-7:4-5-46 ji 161. (MIRA 14:7) 1. Chlen ruk-wodstva Demokraticheskogo profsayuznogo dvizheniya Gretsii, deputat parlamenta - profsayuznaya fraktsiya. (Greece--Labor laws and legislation) PAPADOPOL, A. Study on the ornithologic fauna of the Valul-Traian forest-protection belts. In French. p. 201. Bucharest. Nu~~eul National de Istorie Naturala 115rigore Anti-,,a." TRAVAUX. Bucuresti, RiLriania. vol. 1, 1957 Monthly list of East European Accessions (FEAI) LC Vol S, Nn. t, Jine 1959 Uncl. SCHNAPP), B.; FAPADOPOL,_Ati,,HELLWIWG, S. Mommalogical and ornithological research in Rumania. Trav Muz Nat 4:73-117 163. PAPADOPOL, A. (Buew-011ti) Presence of the Passer hispardolenis Temm. species in Rwmmnia. Natura Biologie 16 no.5:932 S-0 '64. PAPADOPOL, Aural (Ducurooti) Putting up artificial nests &rd protecting the birds use- ful to agriculture and silviculture. Naturs Biologie 16 no.2; 70v-76 Mr-Ap 164. Contributions to some more rare birds in Rumanla. Natura Bio. logie 16 no.2:83-87 bb~-Ap 164. PAPADOPOL, Aurel, New data on the birds in Valul-lui-Traian; forestry shelter belts. Studii cere biol anim 13 no.2:18c~-201 161. (FORESTS AND FORESTRY) (WINDBR&M, SHELTERMTS, ETC.) -PAPADOPOL, Aurel Some new zoogeographic and biological on the wboater Oenantbe birmnica- pleschanka (Imepechin), 2M (1770). Co=icarile AR 11 no.20;2213--2222 0 161. 1. Comm icare prezentata de Gr. Eliecu, membru corespondent al Academiei R.P.% '!,UZrjPCL, Aurel SUFUNAME, Given Names Counjz7: Rumania AcadExac Degrees: -not given- Affiliations -not FiVen- Sourc:G:Buchare.,;tl Comunicarile Academiei Republicii Populare Romine,j V61 X11 NO 100 19910 TF A81jaAaRge r Zoo-geo r ,JatRt "New aphic and Biolo ical Data on Oenanthe hispanica ple chanka TLepechin), 1771 T3.770). II PAPADDPGL. I- ,- -- .- UP r-O '. ;p 'i~tributionB (Piatra Neamt W 163. . to the knowledge of bird fauna in the Bistrit-a valley - Tamau - Bicaz). Comunicarile AR 13 no-3-.275-288 PAPADOPOL, Aurel I.......- -- Studies on the birds of the Black Sea littoral and the Dobruja littoral lakes. Comunicari zoo1cg I- 181 163. PAPADOPOL, Aurel (Bucurerti) The migration of birds. Ndtlira Biologie 15 no.6:27-37 S-D 163. PAPADOPOLY Aurel Study on the birdD in the inundable zone of thc. Damlsaj between Giurgiu and Oltenita. Trav Muz fiat 4:431-471 163. RUBTOV, Stefar,; PAPADOPOL, Victori CATRINA, Ion,2~L (~' L,. C _Silviu; , T PIRVU, Eugen, ing.; CERNIATSFl, Andrei, -ehn. BAYC-f", 1cni Contributions to the study of the microciimate Jn the steppe forest seedbeds. Hidroteh apele meteor 9 no. 3:136-140 Mr 164. ZAWIRESCU, T.; PAPADOPOL, D, Teaching the similarity of triangles. Gaz mat f"1 z 7C no.4: 146- 149 Ap 165. Rr9kDopoL, F_ HAMWORWtical Techmlogy. Chemical Prcducts wA Their H Application, Part 3. - Wood Pulp 1xift try. lysis Triffil try. Abs Jouin Referat. 2hurmal XhimiYa., No 21, 1958.. 72D53. Author t R. Vintila, rL. PapaqMoIA_C. Petrican. last : cerceji4-f]L~eex rim. Title : Study of Possibility to Utilize Resinous Substances Produced from Local Bav Materials for Wood Conservation. Orig Pub: An. Inst. cereetaxi si experim. ind. lem., 1954, No 14, 247-269. Abstract: Resinous oils produced of coal tar frm coking the coal from V&Iya Zhiuluy (Petrila) and resinous oils from wood can be utilized for wood (W) conservation, if somes of their physico-chemical properties vere improved. The gas-generator tar of the aba;re men- Card 1/2 PAP FOI,j 1. (ir, ca~pG); Given Naaca COIL"t-11"Y: Rumania AcalvcLic lk-(,~rteu: Dr. The Fattening Pen at Gazanesti (Ingrasatoria C& z~Lr-- sti) SOu::'ce'- Bucharest$ Frobleme Zootehnlce si Veterinare . Ilo 1961 pp 58-60. "The Behavior of Indigenous Anti-Aphthous Vaccines in PiE.;s-" Co-authors: TULORI Despinal Veterinariani The Fattening Pon atu CazanesLi (Ingrasatoria Cazanesti). ~DCANU2 I., Veterinarian, Veterinary Circunscription (C'Lrc,,~-r, scriptia Veterinara)~ Cazanasti. PAITIADOPOL, M. A comparative stuly of tzie &rGwth of As-Dius as-PiuE L. , Scardini-as erythrophtha~~s L. , ani Carassius G;.rassius L. in the Braila L-6,xe. p 117. AN _UXLL SIRIA ST'IX74LOR ~!AM"11. Bacuresti, .1-u--ania. Vol. 7, no. 20, 1958. Sept. (ZI;Al' , LC. Vol. ~", no. 9,/19~9. 'Aonthly List of Zast European Acce6sions Uncl. PAPADOPOL,q Me Study of the fertility,, growth, and biology of the carp (2mrinup cArpio L.) of the Danube River delta and some of its neiphboring inundable lakes. p. 107 ANALELE. SERIA STIIvTELOR NATURII. Bucuresti,, 1hunania. Vol. 7v no. 17, 1958 Monthly list of Euronean Accessions (EFAV IC, Vol. 8,, no. B., Aug. 1959 'Uncle PAPADOPOL, M. (Bucuresti) I------- "Aboard the IVityaz' toward the islands of the Pacific Ocean" by Ye. M. Kreps. Reviewed by M. Papadopol. Natura Biologie 14 no. 1: 87-88 Ja-F 162 PAPADDFOL, M. (Bacuresti) -&A-aw. Studies on the prolificity and type of spawning of some cyp- rinoids with economic value in the lower basin of the Dambe. Vatura Biologie 15 no.5t8&-89 S-Ot63. h'LTI, .~L ~ I A ---PA~P-ADQPOj, M., 3ucharest [affiliation not given] :Itua_~es on 1,7,re Ceriain L-conoMically iIaLuable Cy-prinoids L'r. ine -ower -)an ace 3-asin. _Bucharest, Natura. Seria :~ioloFie, Vol 15, No 5, Sep-Oct 63, -3D C6-Sq. Abstract: ~4_scusses st'-dies on si- 6:.ecies of cynrlnolus, poin,~.-...:- oull t',^.e var_~_ation in individual prolificity- type an~ n,,r~ber oi e,,rgs, cDcfficient, and maturity state o-" .-ovaries for t,.e var_-~,,uS tyfes. Contains 2 -,a',----es and 13 references, of which 1 Russf_an and ..=anlan. -IIAEAWEO,L, - 14.,-.(-Bucure s ti) "The ocean myoteries" by P. N. Goroki. Reviewed by M. Papadopol. Natura Biologie 16 no. 1:90-91 Ja-F 164. PAPADOPOL, Mihai Bieloa and-zorpbologic variations of the idea (Imuciscus idus L.) in the Danube Delta and some ponds in the inundable area. Studil care biol anim-13 no.4:485-503 161. 1. 0 icare prezentata de Th. Busnita, membru corespondent al Acadazdai R.P.R. PAPADOPOL, llil,ai ~lolrli~-ic-l ;)nd vrrif~tj.on of tLe li--rba v-1--, :, .- --l f 1 r-,mlr-ht -n the co,-rlc-.x Anal(,lf, ~d-;l If-, nn. ': I , - ; ~ I- " PAPADOPOL, MAgi.ABuc=ei~ti) :. Migration of fishes. Natura Biologie 14 no. 1:56-59 Ja-F 162. PAPADOPOL, Mihai Biological and morphologic variation of the fish Vimbs. vimba carinats. (Pallas) caught in the complex Razelm. Analele biol 16 no.2: UO-120 Mr-Ap 162. *, PAPADOPOL, MAhai Sow new data on the biology of reproduction in the breams (Abramis brama L.) of the lower course of the Danubq River. Studii cerc biol, anin 14 no.13093-00 162. 1. Comunicare prezentata de Th. Busnita, membru corespondent al Academiei R.P.R. PAPADOPOL., k4w -- Prolificity of the bream, Abramis brama L. in the Danube Delta, and analysis of its dynamics in ontogeneaip. Analele biol 16 no.3:73-90 Rj-Je '62. 41 --.-PA,PADOPOL., 1..I.ihai Contributions to the knowledge of the biology of the breeding of carp (CyTr-r.-us carp'r, L.) in the Danube I)elta. Comunicari 1-1coing 2 2`1-39 163. PAPADOPOL., Mihai On the spaviring characteristics of bream, Abramis brama Danubii Pavlov, caught in the Danube Delta. Studii cerc biol anim 15 no.4:465-476 'C'.3. 1. Comunicare, prozentata (R, M.A. Tonoacu, membm corespolhi0lit al Academiei it.) .!? BANARESCU, Petru; PAPADOPOL, MihaA; MULLER, Geza The Vimba genus (Pisces, C--Tinidae) in the Danube BaEin. Trav Muz Nat 4:381-400 163. PAPADDFOL, S. Dr.; IOACHIM. H.. dr. H18topathological aspects of 73 biopsies of the auricle made during mitral comnissurotony; correlations between the clinical, biological and histopathological findings in rheumatic heart disease. Mod. Int.,Bucur. 3 no.7:1015- 1026 Nov 56. 1. Lacrare efectuats, in Clinics. 1-a chirargicala, director prof. Th. Burghele. (ljxEUWIC HEART DISWI, pathology biopsy of auricle made during commissurotomy) (MYOCARDIUM, pathology in rheum. heart die., biopsy of auricle) PAPADDFOL. S., Dr.; 10ACHIM, H., dr. Syndrome of constrictive pericarditis of' neoplastic origin (raticulonarcom of the pericardium). JUd. int.. Bucur. 9 no-3:438-444 Mar 57. 1. Clinic& chirurgicala a Spitalului "Panduri," Bucuresti, director prof. Th. Burghele. (PERICABDIUM. neoplasms reticulosarcoma, causing constrictive pericarditis) (PERICARDITIS. etiol. & pathogen. constrictive paricarditis caused by reticulosarcoma of paricardium) (SARCOMA, RETICULUM CELL. case reports pericardium. causing constrictive pericarditis) PAPADOPOL, V. New materials for constructions. St si Teh Buc 14 no.1-1:12-13, 26 N162. RUBTOV, Stefar,; PAPADOPOL Victor; CATRINA, loni PAPADCIP(L, C, Silviu; U 11-1-ATCHI, A-ndrei, '.ehn. BANC 7 T ! ,lun pIRVU, EtiF Contributions to the study of the microclimate in the Steppe forest seedbeds. Hidroteh apele meteor 9 no. 3tI36-140 mr 64. GRIGOROV., G.; PAPADOPOUIDV, G. (Papadopulovp G.) Measurement of G.M. counter's dead time with pulsed supply. Doklady BAN 16 no.6:589-591 163. 1. Submitted by Corresponding Member E. Djakov [Dzhakov, E.]. VUDKOV, D., inth.1 PAPADOPUV9 *N.0 inzh. The rationalization activities in the Burgas District. Ratsionalizatsiia no.]-I:" 162. PAPADOPOV, Hikola, inzh.; DONEV, Pencho Why is the rationalization activity in the Kolarovgrad District lagging? Ratsionalizataila 13 no.6.-13-16 063. .f. TABADOPULOS, T. (Moskva) Discussions on schizophrenia in contemporary French ps,-chiatric literature. Zhur. new. i paikh 61 no.8:126C-1264 161. (MIRJ~ 15:3) (SCHIZOPHRENIA) PAPADOPULOS, T. "Pathogenetic approaches to psychic distrubancesm by P.Cossa. Reviqwed by T.Papadopulos. Zhur.nevr.i psikh. 61 no.lOtl586- 1587 1161. (MMA 15-.11) (MENTAL ILLNESS) (COSSI, v P. ) PAPAIX-PTilk,,13. 1'. F. : IkLr t,--,r kj~5(' Sr: ~' (~'I' SO -.- c Ifni cLl-p~i -, - -, ~ Evis 'k. i,;F, of sslt)n -- -,- !I,, r t'llo f ii-f-, L " ~J, .(;*.-, ()~ -( PlIn -ril I'*. ~Io , - ., , ;, '. u P, r 1. I 16: pp (Socam. Moscr.- M,-C inri, !:.. 1-1. 1. ~,-' :; ": ) 19--', 13-;l) ,qAFAMALOS~ T.F. Remdts of biological investigations in the period of schizophrenic remission. Vop. psikh. no. 3;204-215 159. 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Geography & Geology 7. Baraba Steope. Moskva, Geografgiz, 1953. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953. Unclassified. PAPLWA, N. A. fCo-author_7 Z_ Sce : tloDl~iIl,~', F. r, .- _)(l. PAP,'Z,-A, N. A. -'Crown _ball of Fr-,~_", frft,!s ir, tr.c Lo,,.;e:- ool,-,a 1911, f~O: 3IRA SI-90-53, 15 Dec. 1953 0 0 0 It U 1) m is a U 0 0 it it J7 I- A_ it-ft I- a. it- 00 41 JI(IIJIGIN (M. N.) & PAI-AnA (NmA A.). Kopsews pax nxDAVx;j7--_--- 90 Arpeaws a Hiniiiii-HoDoxam. [Crown gall of fruit treem in 0 Ihe Lower A I"re.1-j"Idut PreittvIton, 1,eningrad, vii, -00 Volil, 1 3. pp. 113-119, IM. .00 Crown fall Ilhorterium Itimcfacirtim) im stated to have been firht meort ttItl in the Lmor Volga lwsieii in 1917, almoit oxcluxively -00 On PAIIIIV VOIllig lwar tlvt--x supplit4i If%- net inipartant lixal nurmory .00 in lkilamli-Al'. whrm therv itt evidence that tie%, organilim wan alrently .00 00 present in 1925. Ali no measures were taken fOr itet control, the .61111 0601" dimviw rupiolly gaim4l gmund until in 1929 nearly 31) per creel. of =00 go 01 tile, pi-ar and apple lanting material maml in tile% nurpm,r), wan hilown 14, he infectol, with a co:m4luent Willi' Glitihition of crown 00 gall on thesu )K*tA throughout d e halmin. This Ivil to expvrionents 00, go* at tile nursery for the purpom of eliciting tile relative museeptibility go, of a ptr varieties (42 of which weni tested] to the dimmm, the 01111 *0 111 in 1921K and 1929 indicating the exittence of wide difrerences see 0 in them in thig respect. Thus, ten varieties (including FAiglish Pippin and Sleinkeerke~ gave I 01mumm of completo resiblancet under tile condition" . tile titAt.. end thme (Woushkino, Skri. japel. and Koritzlenevoye 11oloovatoye I Brown Stripedl) showed not Joe* mom than I lw-r c4mt. infi-etion. whilt, in thr rrinainder itiftetion -111,16 IM-I'll 11'r(jurnt, rowhing 31) por mnl, in ltt%i Animp, All a '09 I SL CLAVUPKATIQU 44- b U a &1 00 it, 0 It to 0 It a a of 9 Its 11 It CI a it 0 114 4 :10 0 a o * 0 0 0 0 00106000 0 0 0 0 o o 0 o 0 0 a a 0 * 6 9600960 0 *a* litas Woe's 0:0-*0;4 0 gee 0 0 0 of 0 MEN A general mle, all the noMms va"es are chasseterimif by the 00 high acidity of their map, The nature of do mrio% in thm experi. inpuu, appearied to have a sirclaive influmm oil the resistanco or 00 Pumoptibility of the gmfWl trom (all cf which wore worked on 00 the mme, relatively saliceptiblo Kitayba atmic), the mcdou of 00 whith to infec" was the mom m that of the rexpective wiom alone. of 80 Up preliminary reoulls of further eslorions-nim Ivery brief 00 00 drtails of wh;eh are Wivonj Indivallml that hmithf 4144P Outtih f 00 es, it Plamismi elt" to infected slums omill dpvck4l 4~ joits cruwn g&16 00 rive suoutlia, Tho canal organ6m Is copal f of exionxion limide 00 .001 the host timuem. catWng the lonnsfion of iiecondary tumoun; 00 intmion OpperrntZI tmly tallest plom thro%rh cuts or wounds in J h f oil t e nxA systoln. Is sorgim removal so the galls and mutwiluent 00 disinfeetiou of &bs roola with I in 1.011) momuric chloride. I in 00 II 30D form"ll, or I per ceuL coppor oult~xte mAution did not , ) i d i h JC fi l A d # 9 00 of . One- w two mr-ol I trem ma contm nforte w t prat ismefitriem ammmally dovvloy im .1 ly m uninfortal ohm, awl r E i 00 00 t i lm Ill g"Will, but this- its not sw"kmally allow kigm of atim 00 of ulaintaillod ill thp 14411ming yox". and it ISM-V lorolbortitm of thous so dip tooh)m ilm Wixth year. 0 00 of 00 0 0 0 . 00 00 00 00 ')POSISHASOAlske 0069.0000 0 000 of fee fee of 0 to 00::096000 POPI, Margarets. P.; ~APAFIL _Anne-Mari_ej; POPESQU,~I.; BOSTAN, M.; CRACIU11, A.; MCTAS, M.; ZAHARIA. L; MICA, D. Complex salts of aurintricarboXyliC (4t. 411- dihydro- fuchsonetricarboxylic) acid and determination of their constants. Rev chimie 7 no. 1: 369-373 t62. 1. "Petru Poni" Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of the R.P.R., Iasi. PONI, PArgareta, prof.; PkPkFIL,- Anne-Marie; FURNICA, Domnica Complex salts with aurintricarboxylic acid. Studii chim Iasi 12 no.2tl63-175 161. 1. Academia R.F.R.J. Filiala Iasi, Institutul de chimie "P.Poni," Sectia de chimie anorganica. 2. Ysmbru al Comitetului de redactie, "Studii si cercetari stiintifice, Chimie" (for Poni). v (I" fill 4uld all 9 ap a 41 41 aAt ais 4-00 VIVA lit S7 AIMMAIII IvIowmilvipw v I 10 s v 4XIMOVIIII Q%L Sadao-- M & I. M JqI' jr laque ve A v -*j ! 10 lw~m" V4" AIN WW. -Ir I , VP "One O . 4 r N ,. " , , N HOW " O W s ON p "M v0 O . , : 'Wit "ves *MVI 6 st M 1 I g -t tm!vww :. 00 00- I , t*o Ina"k p goo 300 roe 00- 96 - -"r-Ir'Iw f*T* '7 91 M 44 OF ( t ff . u 4 t ii a 4 - I ~ 6 d ' A- P"l p aus of OTRILmIcle ChloTiats With L l ei Af ~9#f h M 4 fil V P M acov l 4 . " . I, . ang aU '- l - :1 251-VID 1 W ct C c S . . e . W o" , op, , Five new oxminmidines were pr"4.. diphenyidKo-folyl) M' M. IW70*: di btnyldKw-tolyJ) (11), tn. 1370: di 0 ; dl(v-u4yl)4Xm4QlyJ m, 183 ' AIV). m. 1891, wA dK&tdyl)dff,6-tolyl) (V) m. 13&-70. I wio pytp4. by WOWS 3 bn. a mixt. of 15 g, M, M)'Jjl &W 49 X. 04fAuidinle In 160 cc. Cole; the ppt. which up4. after I br, vw filtered off, and the filtrate steam dk;td. the solvent m4 unTeacted material; the resirow remm rnMm was dinolved in 4 little CJi* at the b.p. with adda. UDW OTAR 0 ether to pptu -, and Is epd., washed d pev with plar. ether aDd 4rkd; 68%. The samt pwthod %U pvt~ns. Robed A. Sutw&- lf~ed in all ojhrr . p4wyloumldw ~&W v! l v,~ :Eog. rd M,:A. iloppil, u6 I ft -MZ&d~l AN * i , A a of _. HG5 whb-a OM t 41, %X M,W n. of d N-WI4H.' br*wz w$ on 61 Cti*+ ( the tow=. - d l b& bb md to. O=-41 iftc). Tke liftoli m i i d d W 3d- m. 0 au th* t a km s catt e et . out t uff Tht tAor I 'ts max. after. 16 m1n. und . RUM,~IA / Organic Chemistry. Synthatic Organic Chemistry. G-~2 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 23, 1958, 77625. Author : Papafil, -E.. Papafil, MI., and Kacovei, V. Inst :Iasi-un-iversity. Title :Reactions of Chlorooxamides with Aromatic Amines. Orig Pub: An Stiint Univ Iasi, Sec 1-2, No 1-2, 251-256 (1956) (in Rumanian with summaries in French and Russian). Abstract: In their search for reagents suitable for the de- tection and quantitative determination of certain metals in the form of complex compounds aB well as for the purpose of studying the bacteriocidal activity of the above complexing agents, the authors have synthesized compounds of the type ArN = C(NHAr')C(NHAr1) - NAr (III) by the reac- Card 1/3 23 RumANIA / organic Chemistry. Synthetic Organic G-2 Chemistry. Abs Jour: Ref ZhUr-KhimlYat No 23t 1.958, 77625. Abstract: tion Of ArNH2 M with ArN = C(Cl) C(Cl) = KAr (II). II is obtained by the action of PC1 on ArNHCOCONHAr. Preparation: 15 gms II (kr = C6 H5~ and 49 gms I (Art = 2-CH3 C6 H4) In 150 ml C6 H6 are heated to ,~,./1000 for 3 hrs, after Which the solution is allowed to cool and is filtered. The solvent Is distilled from the filtrate by steam distillation and the solidifying residue is dissolved in ben- zene from which III is precipitated with ligroin (Ar = C6 H5, Art = 2-CH3 C H4 (IIIa)), yield 58%, ~tnp 169-1700 (from alcohZ- A similar procedure is used in the preparation of the following III derivatives Urf Art the heating time in hrs, the yield in %, and ihe mp in OC are given in that Card 2/3 -Y hl Chemi stry. Xhim., '7c 7, 11-9"? Ref. Zlmr FLr-i-ca, L,. p t..z qr av -Imf- t rcIjF 'erm4r,a'. cri Cf c p PC T' c c. s c r c, z a in e'r. -)d j e e. r mi. u on t~.t- us& ~45, a r, T'E. t g a f Of pl-rllt ro- c~~. n.-a 1d QxIme j'.;, o- m , 3 L-3 S ve ,,ze t~ Ir, t--t la'"oratary. s,,,, as j. Chelate COM1311r,C: h;AVil,g CCJr!lJLIZ>.--c.. 7: 2C';2 C'~,2 fc Sulta~)Ie for a g.-av,,T,,Ict.,lC of Cu. -0 "n( isolutior r-wing analyzc-ci, --ortain~rg g C,~, :.-.1ult. rF, O'S is ac!~-'cd aropwise and with constant s",* irril,~g i~;Itll up-rami.crilum complex is formed, after w1hich tAlAere is acuec; a so-',-,tiol, of 1 '1 is dissclved on a ~)ath in ,;,atcr '-rl: 1/2 c$ U, A -Mibri. Van j a ;: DOW' t4 ! Ww zr ci mw -viol- - 7X m strimbire, ci a hir com lfbn~j IbY onj~l - W~m V, . w as w" to explidn_ do, 'Mactim Rel Wan a Jbgr tbe 1) :OiW t L -7160 Id undeacy "jilt to Wma slim PD M Me Mwe 61%1&M ftb fj e u vi at uvm 41 to the av The parlinetric 401orminfillon of WItb M-Dltro-.6~1 bouxaldoxime. ElLugeop WARM# blall -PA kfil, and -Do= A=A unly. Ica Furoka; - -301 ).C- r. S4j-.1jN;Sj, 3. AS (19517 MT ntg.o. Cu, Is treated with just dild. aq. solo., to the solo. To this an excess -'mifficient dil. 14 erw of 0 doxinot Is added :01 a dild. wam. t sot of 1 -A. and with continuous aritatioh.' -green amor- is Immediatelp formed, vraroiltii and.~idrr vic4ent agitation for IWO sec.. sit very~ta y agglomtratcd and filtexed on 4 friaed-sk" -bed. Tbepj)t.iswa5hedwltfiwAttraiidEttOitndwc4g The No. K. NH,. Ca. Ba. Si, SO,, NOs. CI, C11%. 0)OH Ions do not Interfere. Af artin LI; uornik- PA FA F I;_ F_- RUYAN 1A / Physical Chemistry. Electrochemistry. 3-12 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Hhimiya, No 8, 1959, 26623o Author : Papafil E. Papafils Mi.-A., Furnica,, M.', and Fur- kic ~a-" ' ' ~-- 0 ~ Inst tIasi University. Title :The Polarographic Behavior of Some Oxalamidines. Orig Pub: An Stiint Univ Iasi, Section 1, 3, N o 1-2, 303-313 (1957) (in French with German an-d Russian summaries). Abstract: The polarographic behavior, of solutions of tetra- henyloxalamidine., dii)herkiildi-o-tolyloxalamidine . diphenyldl-m-tol-ylox,..ilamidine., diphenyldi-p- M tolyloxalamidine., di-o-to?.yldi-m-tolyloxalamidine, and di-o-tolyldi-p-tolylo;calamidine In CZH50H + H 20 (I : I mixtures) at p11 3.6-91 has been Investigated. A Ch 3COOH + CH 3COONa bufft,,r solution was used as the supporting electrolyte in the acid region and Card 1/2 37 RLVANIA / Physical Chemistr-Y. E I ectrochemis try. S-12 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khtmiya, No 8, 1950, Z6623. Author : -P~~ ~afil,,-E,, Papafil, M-A., Furnica, M., and Fur- nica., D. Inst : Iasi University. Title : The Polarographic Behavior of Some Oxalamidines. Orig Pub: An Stiint Univ Iasi, Section 1, 3, Y o 1-2, 303)-313 (1957) (in French with rjerman an-J Russian summa-.ies' Abstract- The polarographic behavior of solutions of tetra- phenyloxalamidine., dioheny.ldi-o-tolyloxalamidine (1), diphenyldi-m-tolylox-~itamidine, diphenyldi-p- tolyloxalamidine, di-o-tol,ildi-m-tolyloxalamidine, and di-o-tolyldi-p-tolylo;,..-alamidine in C2H50H + ]120 (I : I mixtures) at pH 3.6-9 has been Investigated. A Ch3COOH + CH 3COONa buffer solution was used as the supoorting electrolyte in the acid region and Card 1/2 37 RLMMIA / Physical Chemistry. Electrochemistry. 11-12 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Rhimlya, No 8, 195:'2'~ 266236 Abstract: an 1,1114 OH + NH 4C1 and H3BO3 + KCl + NaOH solution i,ras used in alkaline solution. All of the sub- stances investigated give a single wave. When the pH Is increased the half-wave potential Is shifted to more negative values and the height and slope of the correspondirig waves are decrepsed. At the same pH, the E I z of all of the investigat:A substances (except I) Oactically coincide; I is reduced at more negatIve E than the cther oxalami- dines at all pH values. A proportionality was found to exist between the height of the wave and the concentration of the substances Investigated in both acid and alkaline medium. -- 3, Kaplan. Card Z/Z -77 !be 70(19Mft Vjen&)~ of. tin alitm ~~ - -,X'v~- -.;, YVC, at 2rj,=*.'Was 5. lam, wit Obew its SW T OD vr SCM -the I ti fai the-m=c cAtioni, 1", F., up Toit, VAOROD ft cr~. t"T"a t A,cw Of I ma -id Omni Aw sifts istrosal" At VW! -RU f.HCJj CID W-MR11 M RS. M. u'eR.5~V. ,ilk ............... ............... 1 GA 17515 RZOAMBP No.-, 19w2 '4BS. Jon. furnica, D. and Furnica, r K Papafil, M-1 S papafil, E., 14. m. ! Alr Of COPPer with Tetra- issi Univernity ric DeterminatiOrt Gravimet --jLj; a j The loxalamidine pheny No 2, 159-142 4 1 , , All StiInt Univ jasi, Section MIG, pyjBi, j (1958) Cu(2+) eaction Of MTRACT t it has been established th&It the r e (1) in neutral or di n -ith tetraphenylbxalami ce of jjH,Cl leads A weakly acid medium in the presen n complex (exact comPo- to the formation of a brow which on ignition to CI;O ined) f v sition not determ determination o vinetric . is suitable for the gra The Cu salt solution to be small amounts of Cu. ' m Cu) is treated with 10- o 019 g analyzed (0.0063-O. ith w4ter to 50 ml, and 20 ml a N NHCl, diluted vr th 50 Y01 Of an et-hanolic solu- treated dropvrise wi CARDS 1/3 weighed easing temp a - Tne Presence of up "atureE, lkIlit alkaline to a 12-fold earth. -nd - maj.,it, ,, t he 19/60 --a~ doe.,, no e:,e te. L u . ?r t f_"Icle a r, _i rATMCRY ABS, JOUR* 9 RZKhIz p No a 5 1960,1 Nop 17515 'AV 7?IrM r pa pa f j 1 ,y.., F-apafil, M., Furnica, D., and Furnica, -1-tr-ra,~ratinn of Copl.,!r wi'~h URIG, PUBs I Ail EtiinL 11niv laci, Sectioi! 1, 4, No 2, i;~_ (1958) AMTFAM t it has been establ_~shed that the reactLon of Ou'12+) with tetraphenylbxalamidine (1) in neutral or weakly acid medium in the presence oi 14H,C! leads -C-1 tne lorTlation -.)I a brown complex kexact co-rpo- n ;,.;0 ''tion no- determinf-J), *!iiCh on ignition t ~ suJ t,,3ble fn - t~.e Krair2,rae t -ic de- -L, r -z er. -nat ~o he small amounts of Cu. Tbe Cu salt solutiorr annlyzed (C.00413-r,.0190 gm Cu) is treated with 10- 20 rtl 2 N NTIkOl, diluted with wader to 50 ml, arid treated dropwise with 50 ml of an ethanolic soltr- ICAROS 1/3 !rc["'-Tq I " , , Y I Pumania E-2 CA t '47 360P Noe 4r.1, '1XR. 9 Rmimep Noe ITLE Q FIJB ArF6-,,RArT i tion of I containing 0.04-0.12 gn I (3-4-fold ex- cess). The solutLon with the amorphous flaky pre- cipitate which is formed is stirred for 5-11( allowed to &itand 2.5 2in, and filtered throl~gh, a blue ribbon Esic] filter; the residue ic rinced with cold water (the excetso reagent is burned off during the subsequent i;rnition of the Drecipitate), ignited at E~radually increasing temperature&, and weighed. T~.e presence of up to a 12-fold exces.9 of~ aleali, alkaline earth, and a majority of the :-',4!'!Dt 2/_5 iAB% jXP. N r,. 71 .471~s7C T C" C.U. PAPAFlL, Fugene; , ~mrcllu z tudy of -~tp -' r.f ~e ~:" s D_-~ L kd a --in e F--,- 4 f--- es an ~_ --' ,- on the phenul-1. t. twr sy~stcmi ~':7 ef~lul " ~ crr.B~ ll~' 7, -, ~ Hofmei,ter knal Alit 7assy '_ IC I 1. Laborr-I.Ory -_i! Geni~ral and ."Lyz,.CP~ -I Guza" Univers! ,~ . PAPAFIL, E.; ffURDUC, N.; POPA, M.; LAZAR, D. 4- Copper determination with the reagent p-amino-azobenzene. Anal St Jassy 1 10 no.1:23-26 164. Conductometric titration of cooper. Ibid.:27-32 1. Laboratory of General And Physical Chemistry, IAL.I.Cuza" University. Submitted October 26-27, 1963,