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December 31, 1967
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.- PEP~AY_j_F.___ Change regulations for the plarning of transpcrtation costs. Avt.transp. 40 no.4:33-34 Ap '62. (MIRA 151:4) 1. Naehsllni~. proizvodstvenno-tekhnicheskoCo otdela transportncgo tresta Chuvashskogo novnarkhoza. (Transportation, Automotive-Cost of operation) DOROVIKOVI, R.P. [translator); DUBROVSKIY. G.B.C translator); OKHOTIN. A.S. (translator]; PADYASH. X.M. [translator); )WLAKOVETS, Tu.P., prof.. doktor fiz.-zat.nauk, red,; SBASHIYSV, V.K., kand.fiz.-nat.nauk, red.; VISCOVA, N.V.. red.; SMIRNOVA, N.I., tekhn.rod. (semiconductor transforwre of radiant energy] Poluprovodnikovye proobrasovateli energii isluchenii; abornik statei. Moskva, lad-vo lnostr.lit-ry, 1959. 407 P. (MIRA 12:4) (Semiconductors) (Photoelectricity) 5/181/60/002/02/05/033 B006/BO67 AUTHORS: Subashiyev, V. X., Pedyash, E. I. TITLEt The Energy Diagram of the Real Silicon Photocell PERIODICAM Fizika tverdogo tela, 1960, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 213-220 TEXTs k theoretical analysis of the work of a photocell is u ually based on an Idealized saheme, and various assumptions are mad: (e.g., it is assumed that the donor and acceptor concentrations in p- and n-region do not depend on the coordinates) which, in reality, are not fulfilled (hence, 9*g.t an im urity concentration gradient exists due to diffusion in a real photoceII5. in the present paper, the authors suggest a method for constructing a real energy diagram from experimental data. The plans problem in the case of equilibrium conditions is dealt with, i.e., with- out irradiation and without current. The necessary experimental data are obtained from measurements on the photocell itself and on the initial material from which the concentration distribution of the carriers and the position of the band edges in the cross section of the photocell are determined. The results of the general investigation are applied to two Card 1/2 PEDYASH, L., pol.kovnik The sappers took pains and the tanks passed. Starsh.-serzh. no.1:12-13 Ja 161. (PUX-~ 14: 7) (Tank warfare) (Sapping) MYASH L. B. [IntreacbIng for riflemen, macbinegunners. mortar crows and artillerymen] Samookapyvante stralkov, pulemetchikov, minornetchikov I artillartatov. Moskva, Toon. isd-vo.. 1953. 47 p. tilus. (MIRA 11;11) (Intrencbments) A'j; fit 1-1 lip Mir it! 2n w no QX PED'YEV) V. p- - ~.- Extensive and close ties with t,.e comunity. Mlor. flot 24 no.2:6-7 F 164. (IrgRA 18:12) 1. Prodoodatel' Pomitnta p,-irtiyrio-l,,o:,,iiciarutvontinio koritrol,yn morsko,f~o Lransporta (,,. Odnotjy. JAHOTA-BLISALIK, Ludmila; PEDYK, Danuta. ------- Ability of Flavobacterium extorquaw bassalik to utJ-Iize various sources of carbon vith particular reference to glucose. Acta microb. polon. 10 no.3s225-237 16,1. 1. From the Department of Plant Physiology# University of Warsaw, Poland. (FLAVOBACTERIUM metab) (GLUCOSE metab) POLAIND PEDZIWIAT1q, Mioczp~and SIKORSKI, Jan; Pharmacy of the Miliiary Institute of Aviation Medicine (Apteka Wojskowego Instytutu Medycyny Lotniczej) "Setup for Sterile Suction-Filtration of'-.r;,ye Drops." Warsaw, Farmacja Polska, Vol 19, so 13-14, 2.5 Jul 63, p 234 Abstract: Authors show the picture and give a description of a simple apparatus, designed by themselves, for the fil- tration under suetton of eye drops into small dispenser bot- tles under sterile conditions. 17here are no references. FTTjZIWIA'M, L. FUMFIATR, L. Pre-ConE7ress proposals of our district. p. 7. Vol. 9, no. 5, jan. 1956. ROUTIK SPOLDZIFLOA. Warszawa, Poland. SoURCE; East Furopean Accessions List (FFAQ Vol. 6, Noj, b--April 1957 PEDZIWIATR, Maosyslav, ngr; SIXORSKI, jan, ngr IApparatus for nentral and apyrogenic filtering of Uquide. Farmwja Pol 19 no.302-53 10 F 163. PEDIZIWIATR, 11,11eczy~Ird; ' , "l-" A 3(--t for neutral !IstIIlVI`,r1 (," rnp. ~,-Irmncji i (),, 19 no. 25 il 163. 1. Fhm,:ra:y of ,AtilitrLry I)! Avlft'~Ofl kar'w'. PEMIWIATR, Moczy9lawt r-gr-I SIKCRBKI, Jan, Mgr. A speedy method of dripping of injection fluids. Frrmacja Pol 16 no.2,41524-525 D 161. -L PENTME-0 i.' Dthdat J.; EtjjLjdjL F. Soll Microorganism." p. Warszawa) "Influence of the Herbicide 2, 4-D and Dinitroarelvol Cal 193 (A0& Microbialogica P91micap Vol. It No. 3p 1952, East EWOPM2 Vol. 3, Mo. 3 1954 Sol jLontUy List Of VWOYgV Accessionel Library-of Congress, March -M, Uncl. I - JANICKI, J.; PUZIWIU, ]Pr. Vitamin B12 an`nantfii0tiCB 3 uo.2t91-llq 1957. (VITAMIN B12, in feeding of animals. Postepy biochem. enriched fodder for animals, review (Pol)) (ANTIBIOTICS, same) , (AGRIGUIRMS, antibibtice & vitamin B12 enriched fodder for animals, review MID % 3W, J,; PID7,IWILXO Z.; WDROW , X. Studies on the appm*ance of vitamin B12 in leguminous plants. Acts. micro'b. polon. 6 no-3:233-236 1957. 1. Z Kate'dry Mikrobiologii Rolnej Wyzazej Szkoly Rolnioxnej w Poznauiu. (VITAMIN B12, metabolism, leguminous plants (Pol)) (PIAWS, metabolism, leguminous, vitamin B12 (Pol)) KAS'"UBIAK, H.; MKLINSU, 3,; PMIWILK, Z. Studios on synthesis and composition of cobalamines in Rhizobiun meliloti. Acto microb. polon. 6 no.3:239-251 1957. 1. Z Katedry Mikrobiologii Rolnej WSR v Posnaniu. (RHIZOBIUM, metabollemo maliloti, vitamin B12 (Pol)) (VITAMIN B12. metabolism, Rhizobium melilotl (Pol)) DUDA, J. MALINSXA, E., FBDZ'IWILX, Z. Relation betveen the vitamin B12 content and the microorganism count In soils Acta Microbopolon1b 6 no*4055-365 Mar 1957 1. T Katedry Kikrobiologii Roluej Wyesezej Szkoloy Rolnic%ej w Foxnanlu Wplynelo dnin 2 wrzeanta 1957 r. (SOIL, microbiology, microorganism count In relFkti,.)n to noll vttmtyv "li content (Por)) (VITAK B." d6terminmtion In soll,orelAtion of content to microorganism count in soil (POI)) JAIICKI, J,; PBDZIWILK, F. 0~ AF.Mftll~ce-of `vitamin B12 in seeds Of legUMinOUS Dlants. Acta biochem. polon. 5 no-3:295-298 1958. 1. Z Katedry Technologii Roluej W.S.R. w Poznaniu lierownik Utedry prof. dr J. Janicki. (Buss, vitamin B12 (Pol)) (VITAMIN B12, determ. in*beans MID JANICKI. J.-, PMIWIIK Nffect of sulfathiazole on bionynthesis of vitamin B12 group by, Pro- Tdonibacterium shermanil. Actn blochem. polon. 5 no.3:299-307 1958. 1. 7, Yqtedry Technolopii Rolnej W.S.R. w Poznantu Kierownik: Khtedry: nrof. dr J. Janicki. (PAOPIONIBACTIRIUM, metabolism. vitamin B12 in Propionibacterium shermanii, eff. of sul- fathiazole (Pol)) UITAMIN B12, metab. Propionibacterium 3hernanii, eff. of sulfathiazole (,"o1)) (SUL,-PATHIAZO13, effects, on Pronionibnoterium shermanit. synthesis of vitamin B12 (pol)) PedziwilVo Z-j HAUDskso -7- Studies on the synthesis and compo;sition of cobalamins in Rhizobium. Pt. 2. p. 125. ACTA MICRJBIOLOGICA POLONICA. (Polskie Towarzystwo Mikrobiologow. 5ekcja Mik- robiologii Ogolnej, Rolniczej i PrzerWslowej). Warszawa) Poland, Vol. 7, no. 2, 1958. Monthly list of East European Accessions (EFAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 8, August 1959. Uncla. FEDZIWILK,-Yranciesek Bioeynthesis of cob&l=ira through propionic acid bacteria. Prace nauk roln i loon 11 W -191 162, ZA I JANICKI, Joz9f; k~RZIWIM,..Franciszek; CHRAPKOWSKA, Krystyna Effect of certain parameters on the stability of terramycin in DK-1 feeding mixture. Roczniki Wyw Szkols, Rol Pozaan no.33.-157-171 t62. 1. Katedra Technologii Rolpej, Wyzsza Szkola Rolnicza, Poznan. KLkAR, J., at. uchitell, kand. biol. nauk; ALLES, G.2 at. uchitell, kand. biol. nauk; SOOMMI, H.0 dots., kand. voter. nauk; PEEBMI, E... dots.., kand. voter. -amk; AWx A., red.; Law- and. tekhn, red. .. (Veterinary sanitary microbiology) Yeterinaarsanitaarne r1krobioloogia. Tallinn,, Eesti Riikl-ik Kirjastus, 1962. 226 p. (MIIRA 17:1) ESTONIA/microbiology - Industrial Microbiology. F-3 Abe JOLT : Ref Zhur Biol., No 15, 1958) 6,119o Author :__-Peebgnn., Inst : Est. Academy. Title : The Effect of Saltpeter, Nitrite and Sugar upon the Growth of Mold Fungi on Salted Meat. Orig Pjb : Eesti Pollumaj. Akad. teaduslike toode kogumik, 1957, 3, 344-349. Abstract : Pork meat was treated with brine solutions of various con, position and then infectcd with six species of mold fungi cultures and kept for six days in a thernostat at 25'C- The Oidium lactis, Wcor zracedo, Cladosporium herbarum did not grow, Penicillium glaucum and AspergilluB glaucuz; de- veloped slowly, whereas A. niger did not develop at all on the meat treated with a 20% nolution of NaCl, 'Q1031 Card 1/2 - 13 FEEDESKU. L.,- DRDNITSKII, A.; ISAIIA, G. Behavior of fibrob~aats and epithelial cells in the isolation of adenDviruses. Rev. sci. med. 7 noelAtI15-3-18 162. (ADENOVIRUS) (EPITHELIUM) FFTC-7L. J. Pits out of the past of the -Istcniari fruilleton and -vhat, can ~e folin~~ lnsldr P. IC,Ci~TNTG. (711 KIR.JAT;T-KF IJIT) Tallinn, Entania no. 10, o,-,t. 1959 Monthly List of i-vist 'Eurolican Accessions i !j I 'C, Vol. 8, no. 12, Dec. l,'IrO Uncl. PM, G.;BDBICSBK. F.;JUHASZ. J.;BOGSCH, S. Rffect of active movement on the lynh circulation of contracting tendons. Nagy. sebeszet5 no. 1:14-19 Mar 1952. (CLKL 22:4) 1. Doctors. 2. Third Surgical Clinic (Director -- Prof. Dr. Pal Rubanyt), Budapest Medical University. TMMVAJII:._ AppliOation of the principle of compression in the operative treatment of peoudarthrosis. Magy. sebesset 6 n0-3:192-199 Aug 1933. (CIML 23:5) 1. Doctors. 2. Olinia for Advanced Training in Surgery (Director -- Prof. Dr. Imrs Littman). Budapest Medical University. U anri the Central Accident kfLe~r-C, r tho 7-11. (A&*-r!L- C,;unoll ker. TarAc,) ilrzpn;)ti csztaly). ano Orwanizad-cral ProAt;Tts c%f B a r, Heti-, '101 104, NO 15, `4 Apr 63, pages 65~-,9` A t. c t. f'Ajtrf)r.-,' Fun.-arian ;=rary Modified-, 'lie) tileorctieLl, of wcrk rehabilitation o" t-,4 it Is li,)ced t~zt t~ie re,,.)rt jr, L 4ut!-c:-- on orr,'-' ReCorm~ndati:)n.9 are PANNINGAR, Jeno, Dr.; PM. OYula, Dr-; DOROK, LftGNIO, Dr, Therapy of supracondyler peaudoarthromis of the femir and tibia by intramedullary nailing and compression. Nagy. esbesset 10 no.2-3: 137-140 Apr-June 57. 1. As Ora:tages Traumatolgiani Inteset koslemanye Igmagato: kudasz Josoef dr. egyatemi tanar. (FEMUR, die. paeudoarthroole, oupracoudylar of femur-tibia, surg.. intramedullary nailing using compression (Hun)) (TIBIA, die. same) (PSEUDOOTHROSIS, surg. femur-tibla. supracondy3ar, intramedullary nailing using compression (Ehin)) EGYED, Bela, dr.; PEER, Gyula, dr. W.- ~ --- Principal organization probXpms of rehabilitation in trauma in Hungary. Orv. hetil. 104 no.15s695-698 14 Ap '63. 1. Orazagos Traumatologiai Intezet es VIII. ker. Tanacs Kozponti Baleseti-Utokezelo osztal (REHABILITATION~* (WOUNDS LND INJURIES) HONIG. Vilmos. dr.; SZUTMY. GyUa, dr.; -I -&"l _Are; SUMLY, Otto,dr. Sargical therapy of pectus oxcavatum. Orv.hotil. 101 no-33- 1106-1108 31 11 160. 1e Ornsagoo Traunstologist Inteset es Oresagoo Kardlologlal Intexet, Gyarmokoestaly. (THOUX abnorii) BURGER, Tibor, dr.; MZTHELYI, Bela, dr.; PER, Janos, dr. Pathological significance of blood volume changes in untreated polycy-themia vera and after P32 therapy. Orv. hetil. 103 no.8.357-360 25 F '62. 1. Fecsi Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, I Belklinika. (BLOCD VOLUME) (P=CYTEEHU VERA radiother) -4240SPHORUS radioactive) HUNGARY PEER, Gyula, Dr. GONDA, Andras, Dr; National Institute of Traumatology (airec- 1tdr*-.`-,1nART0',-Gyorgy, Dr, professor) (Orszagos Traumatologiai intezet), and Janos Hospital (director: TAKO, Jozsef, Dr, chief physician) (Janos Korhaz), Budapest. "The Uae of Goseet's operation in the Treatment of the Spastic Hand." Budapest, Marvar Traumatologia, Orthopaedia es_Helyreallito Sebeszet, Vol IX, No 4, 1966, i7ages 3-301. Abstract: (Authors' Fnglish summary modifiedl Great progress has been achieved in the treatment of the spastic hand by use of the Gosset opera- tion. The characteristic features of this Intervention are the disinsertion of the flexor and pronator muscles of the spastic hand. and of the adductor and opponens musclesof the thumb. Good results were obtained by the authors in using this method; however, less satisfactory results were also observed. The intervention is recommended even when the results are less satisfactory, e.g. decrease in the degree of the spasm. 11 Eastern European, 46 Western references. SMIFLY1, Bqla dr.LIF~IL. bt%fii, ribor, dr.; vA4 9 on iron in anemia. Orv. hetil. 105 n~~.113:1562- Kinetic st ~C 1564 16 Ag 164. 1. pecs, Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, I. Belklinika. 1111PUP1, Tibor, dr.1 Ki3ZTfJ'1,Y1, Fialn, dr.; PFF1(,, Jtknom, dr. Fxarination of' the life epam of erythrocytes In hemt,,)1,)FJc and neop1natic disenaps, Orv, hatil, 105 no.500363-2367 13 D 164. 1. Fecsi OrvorstUdcranyl Fgyetomt 1. Dolklinika (igazgntnt Barta lyarp dr.). BURGER, Mors dr.; NAGrp Ibolya, dr.; ECS7,rd=I, Bela, dr.; FSER, Janos, dr. Blood coagulation changes In polypythemia vora I. Orr. )votil. 103 no.l5t687-699 15 Ap Ice. 1. Focni Orrostudoxwqt laotou,, I Bolklinika. (BLOOD COAGMATION) , (POLYCYTHOGA VEM blood) PM, V. "Determining norms for power conBumption in the mining "-ndustry.11 P. 139 (Energetika, Vol. %, no. 4, Apr. 1958, Praha, Czechoslovakia) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (ERAI) W., Vol. 7., no* 9.1 Septembtr 1958 CZECH~.SLOVIO-JA ./ Che,.nic-n' Tech-iology. Chemical Products F and Their Applicatirns. Ch--,.i~,;col Processinq of Solid Fossil Fuels. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Xhimlya, 1)59, 1,:- 4p 13123. Author P e e Inst Not givcn. litle Use of Technica 1 ly- las ~~d ~,~orms f or Power -1-ut IF vs in Coking PlFnts. Orig Pub: Ppliv,, 1~-)56, 38, 1~,:, 4, 11-1-122. Abstract: An evaluation Is giv,?.n of th-2 po,-;er m~,naqcn-,,,ntf cokino pl2nts; nnrms of gas -i,d steam, o,,~tlc.~ f-r heetilig coking furnE~ces ~r-- -iialysed; an tion n-.,--thod is doscribed. *,.-,thods arc rcvf~:wcd for ol-taining technical nnri.~ for tl-.,7 DC,,cr oi,t- 1~-y for cokfno -Aants. -- Ya. Saturnovs'--.iy. Card 1/1 ICA Tow to& sad V; ars zo,li'Mass"t slid a. htric", (Roolon-, 1019. 1, IMI; d. C-4. 45, 76M.-P&* dyn inhibit the mpirstim and srowth tot balkan' ream. Thai* dyn mrt with the nwksproatim and the muckabdn. The bow pbilir chanmirf of tht )**n 4tprmh ck"y tpm the M- lepit in which tam ekorkany chaw ailtewpikm mlil4rare with Imoic dy". 91haourkame coo. WA Alliwir emb ionit tvm*xro. m. 0, ).Itxwf PEETSAW, K. The use of the Druzhba saw in clearings for afforestation. p. 21 MUSU GIR-TOS (Hislu, ukio ir misko pramones ministerija ir gemtos apsaugos komitetaB prie ministru tarybDe) Vol- B. Aug. 1959 Vilnius, Poland Monthly List of East European Accession (EEAI) LC, Vol. 9, no.1, Ilan. 1960 Uncl. TODGRCV, T. , profes3or; LINVICIVI , St., nwichnyy :;A:-ii 4!ii~; 1; 1 V i - tarr"My -- * I asai.stent; 3TEFANOV, St., starshiy nauchnyy sotrurinik; F. , nauchnyy sotrudnik Microclimate of vineyards fo-ming terraces on southern gradients. IdoJaras 68 no.6:334-342 N-D 164. 1. Georgi Dimitrov Higher School of Agrictilt(ire, Sofn. PEEV p D. T~e primrc-,e from the Rils. Mountains. Pr4-r i znanie 18 r-o.l: 7-9 Ja 165. VULGHEV, Iv., inzh.; TONCHFV, Iv., inzh. ldiim.;J~.EV, D., fiz.; ZHEKOV, Zh,, inzh. Concerning the article "On the viscosity-temperature properties of the melted ashes of some Bulgarian coals." Flektroeaergiia 14 no.Ilt2l-24 N'63. ITEM, Dimo, nauoho- autr. , -1---l --- r-,- I.- ~Sathoda of detarmining gas corisup-ption by high.-speed mer:wyuring tubes. Tekhnika hilg 12 no.1:19-21 163. 1. Txatitut po energetika pri Bulgarskata akademiia na raukite. Pnw, D. Results from the short-wave interredio competition in honor of the 4th Congress of the Fatherland Front, Bu-Igarion-Saviet Friendship, and the struggle for peace. p..2. (RADIO I TELEVIZIIA, Vol. 6, no. 4, 1957, Sofia, Bulgaria.) SOz Monthly List of East Eurouenn Accessicno (EEAL) W, Vol. 6, no. 12, Decembor 1957 Uncl. SERAFIWVP K.; ZERWIC, R.; FEW, A. A case of aocoridary echlnococcosis of the spleen. Acts. chir. luggosl. 9 no.1:74-79 161. 1. Hirurska klinika 14odfcinskog fakultata u Skopju (Upravnik prof. dr B. Dragojevio). (ECHINOCOCCOSIS case reports) (SPLEEN dis) FEEV., Dimitur The element Konuniy; a scientific fantastic short stor,.r. Plauka i t,--khn uladezh 14 no.3:26-28 I-Ir 162. KHADZHOV., Blagoi, in2,h.; TONCFEV, Ivan, inzh.; PEEV, Dimo, in;*,h.; WILAIEV, Ivar., inzh. Viscosity of the coal slag from the "Cherno More" State Mining Enterprii3e. "ekhnika 1hlF 13 no.6:23-25 164. PMI P E "From the experience of the collective farm in the vi1jaj,v of Krumovo, Asenovgrad County", p 148 (Y~OPYIRATIVNO ZF,?.TDMIF,, Vol 6 A, Apr. 1951, Bulgaria) Vol 2 #8 SO: Monthly List of Fast European Accessions,/Library of Congress, August 1953,Uncl. MIKHOVO Khr.; PEEV, G. -- Congenital idiof~rncrasy to penicillin in an infant. Suvr. med. 14 no-5:52-53 163. (PENXILLIN TOXICOLOGY) (DRUG ALLERGY) (MATERNAL-FETAL EXCHANGE) IBULGARIA Khr. MIKHOV and-9.11EM, Department of Pediatrics of Medical College (Katedra po detski bolesti pri VMI) 11I.P. Pavlov", Head (rukovoditel na katedrata) Prof Iv. ANDREEV, Plovdiv. "Congenital Penicillin Hypersensitivity in an Infant." Sofia, Suvremenna bleditsina, Vol 14, No 5, 1963, pp 52-53. Abstract: Description of case of apparent anaphylactoid shock following penicillin injectior In a baby of 6 months of age, whose only previous contact with the drug had been in utero when mother received it during the second month of pregnancy. The boy just barely recovered, with prompt heroic treatment. 11/1 -1 peev, 19 IPIpe With a Variable Mweter for rorming Holes in Concrete' P. 14 ( RATSUMAUZATSIZA) Vol. 4, No. 3, Mar. 1954 - Bulgaria SO: Monthly List of last European Accessions, (EFAL), LC.. Vol.4. No.4, Apr.1955, Uncl, PEEV pnI. : ~PAJC~'.I~V, T. "Necessity of Draininp the BlacR Sea Vire and if-P f'ethod to be ',?sed", 1'. 4p (I'll.",10 DELO, Vol. r-, 'No. 2, Feb. IP54, SoflYa, Bul(mr1a) SOS Yonthly list of East Eurorcan Accessions, (EFAL), LC, Vol. 4p ',:0.1, Jan. Ic55, Uncl. MVP J00ifj SIHIONOV, Mitko ame Prcblems of a full and expedient utilization of lal~or reaourcs,-e. Trad teem' 5 sojs6l-W 163* BuL41ARIA/Huclear Physics - Inetallationa and Instruments. C Methods of Measurement and Research Abs Jour Ref Zhur Fizika, No 2, 196o, 2786 Author Peava, A., Karatoteva; T. Inst Title On the Temperature Effect of Self-quenching Geiger-Muller Counters Orig, Pub Dokl. Bo1g. Ali, 1958, 11, No 5, 359-362 Abstract rhe temperature effect in Geiger-Muller counters is fre- quently related to the adsorption of discharge-quenching vapors by the miterial of the anode and cathode of the counter. A detailed investigation has been made of the comparative role of the adsorptions of the cathode and the anode in th,2 temperature effect. For this purpose a study was made of the temperature effect in counters of identical constructions, in which the ability of' adsorp-. tion of the cat~ao(.e and anode material was artificially Card 1/2 8 una Easearch Aba jour RGf Zhur Fizika, No 2, 196o, 2786 increased. Results obtained indicate a strong influclice of the anode adsorption. Olus) local heating of, tjjc anode by passage of direct current througli it haEl led to a complete restoration of the initial working charac. teristics of the counters durilig cooling of the counter. Card 2/2 S/263 ,/62/000/006/009/015 1008/1206 AUTHORS: Peevs, A. and Karatoteva, To TlT=-: Temperature stable regions Rnd ageing of self-quenched G.M. counters ?EIRIODICAL: Reforativnyy zhurnal,, otdel1nyy.vypusk, 32, ~zmeritell- ftya. tekhnika, n-3&6, 1962, 48, abstract 32,,6,231, (r)okl. Bolg. AN, 1961, 14,*no*2, 135-138) TEXT: Irenaurementa cEirried out by a number of researchora with countern (C) having the sarto georietry and-gas-filling y1elded atrongl,.r divergent renultz; for example, the lowbr I'mit of tho ternperature stable reginn varied between -30 and +90C, and Its upper limit botween +600 nnd +10004. One of the reasons for this diverg- ence may be the difference in the methods of degasaing of the ,electrodes. Pnd or da#%.ontamInPtIon of the gas-filling,, Which deter- mine the adsorption capacit.-7 of the walls ot Co Anotherr reason may be-that C was- used before the experiment for different periods Card 1/3 S/263/62/000/006/009/015 1008/1208 Tomperaturo stablo soclatior. products rocombine nd acquire aney, quenching properties, Further ageing of C (rabove ION pulses) brought about Irrevorsible changes. There are -7 reloroncos, [Abstrncter's note: Comploto translatlori-I Card 3/3 PEYVA, A.; KA'~,,',t70T7V~, ':*. Effer-t of -if' 'I ;r, in , r n ', ii ,, s~- - .-itable region ir, -iZ.-- -:' ~ k :a i.i 1 7 `,4, .t. Submitted July , 1 `16 14 . ZIATETA, A. I.; RMKOV v F. K.; F!EA, A. T.; KHRISTOV, L. G.; CHEWV, Kh.M. Mastic prroton-proton scattering at small angles at energy 6.2 bev. Doklady BAN U. no.5:423-448 '61, (Protons) PREVA. D.; BELICHKOVA, P. Asepsis In the treatment 6f diseases of the dental pulp. Stomato- loglia. Sofia no-5:279-283 1953. 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