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PENCHEV, I. Incorrect use of two technical radio terms. p.21. (RADIO I TELEVIZIIA, Vol. 6. no, 7. 1957, Sofia, Bulgaria.) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 12, December 1957 Unal. IMNCHE Iy.-- :PAPAZOV, G.; DOKUMOV, St. A ease-of true hermatophroditism. Suvrem med., Sofia no.7:75-82 161. 1. Katedra po endokrinologiia i boleBti na obmianata, ISUL Rukov. na katedrata prof. Iv. Penchev. (HM4ATOPMDITISM case reports) BULGARIA/Fam Animele. The Swine Q-4 At Jour s Ref Zhur - Molt, No 11j 1996# No 50GA huthor ZIEU o- Vengelov Kiril Inst t M-Artry of ig f"culture Title t The Importance of Graling in Grinding of Grain Fodder for the Fettoning of Young Swine. Orig Pub : Nauchn. tr. M-vo zemed. i goriti. Ser. Zhivotnovodstvo i vot, delo, 1957, 2, No 1, 1'5-28 AbFtract ; Three group- of piglet! were fed concentretor of veriou- grsac~- of grinding. The firA group received concentreter ground accoreing to a 0.82 mm gre4e, the rocond according to a 1.5 r= Erede, end the third eccor?ing to a 2.20 mmgrade. There wore no iifferencer in torm~ of the food intake. In the 2nd group the evertge daily veicaht gvin viec. 3.1 percent lower cnd in the 3ril group 5.h percent lover then in the Ist group. In the en2 End 3r-. group j re:poetivelys the expon- diturer of feed unitf per erch lcg of gre-ine-d- ieight x.!PF 4.1 percent and 7.7 pircent higher then in the lrt group. Card IA Or~~m IT BULGARIAlFarm Animals. Swine.. Q-2 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur - Biol.$ 114o. 22, 1958,, iongo Author, t Platikanbv$ N&I Penchevq,Khr.. Inst Institute,iof-Ani!nal Husbandry, Bulgarian AS Title Cattle Feces and Fervient6d Feeds as Sources for Phospholipids in Fattetning ImTature Sows. Orig Pub: Izv. In-ta zhivotnoiidstvo. Biilg. AN, 1957, kn. 8, 11+5-162 Abstract: During the entire fattening period, average daily weight Pains of immature sows amounted in the lst (control) group to 527 g in the 2nd group (which received fermented feedsi to 589 g, in the 3rd group (with feces of large horned cattle added to fodder) to 601 g, and In the 4th group (which received meat-bone flour) to 606 g. The cor- responding figures for fodder expenditures per Card 1/2 -PENCHON't KII.- Gathering the forage for hay. p.23. &~OPERATIVNO ZEMEDELIE. (Ministerstvo no zemedelieto) Softia. Vol. 11, no. 6, June 1956 SCURCE: East European Accessions List, (KAL)) Library of Congress, Vol. e," no. 12, December 1956 13UIGAIMA Fwm Animals - Swine Aba jour Pef Zhur Biologiyaj NO 5, 1959, No 2129 Author Pewhev Khri Vangelov, Kiril Inst 1. 0 given Title :Ihe Effect of Grain Foods of Different Coarseness in Term of Its Grind upon tba-Fattenirg of Young Stock%~- Orig Pub ZhivotnovIdstvo i vot. delo, 19581 .12,- No. 21 16-19 Abstract The -degrees of -the ~grain feed's Iragmentation was studied: fine grain,,ywhen the size of.the fragments equeas o.2;.- 1 nm; medium grind, 1 - 1.8 mm, coarse :jTind', 1;8 - M mo The,animals of the let group Arere given finaly ground grain, of the 2n& group, jwdi= ground, - and of the 3rd group -coarse3,y ground grain. The fragment's size averaged 0.82, 1-53 and 2.2 mm, respoctively. The composition of the grain ,Card:1/2 65 STOIANOV Gancho inzli.; FF-HICHEV I,anr~llo .9 .9 1 .1 Unused water from. ti-- i~--li isk-i-jr y-ef4e--vo4.~. , --, 0 no.209~-60 164. . - 1* PF-11CHEY, N. On s me new methods bf microdetermining potasBium. P. 231. REVISTA DE CHITTIE. Ducurestj,., Rumania. Vol. 10, no. 4, Apr- 1959. Sept ' Monthly List of East European Accessions. ( MU), LC. Vol. 8, no. 9, Aq9. Uncl. I PEITCHFIXI M. Iuvestirating the structure of serlimments of alumnw. hydroxi&- 1,7 enla-r-mlmt with eledt--onic mi::roscope. 0 a p.360 (Izvestiia) Vol. 4, 1956- SoMa, Bulgaria. 30i iilonthly index of East 12=pean Accessions (M-110 ITA' C, VOL 7, !,To. 1, Jan. 1958 PENIC I I N Ev) 1. - -- ~ I PencIj2ZL_j4., Mocheva, L., "The Constan-cy of ATunionium Chromate with Reference to lts Use as The Anzlytical St--r-dard for Chr=.e." p.16) -11ol. 47, 19-52, Sof:~ira.) ;~ SO- Montux List of East European Accessionss Vol. 3, 110. 3, Library of Congress, March, 1954, Uncle PTICMII-111 'I.- PRICTEN, N. Nacro, se=~icro, and microdetex-mination of strontium as a picrolonate. P. 53. Vol. 3 1955 IZVESTILA. Sofiia, Bulgaria SOURCE: East European Accessions List (MAL) Vol. 6 No. 11 April 1957 MTSCHEFF, N. P. [P_encjjqV,, SAFRJANOVA, A. [Eaprianova., A.]; NACEVAI R. [Facbeva,, R.] -Cmposition, structureand aging of aluminma hydroxides ob- tained frm aluminate solutiors. Dohlady BIO.~I 16 no.7:725-728 163. PENCIIEVI N.P.; PENCIIEVAI SA Manometric determination of helium innautral gases. Izv Geol inst BAN 12:257-266 163, 17 /1 ow 41 k*ovm Ill Ac iCastd N. funfawn. JINIpt, Aha. ask. Odelf. GM.-Gr.fro. XAjxs, Naski. Iwo. Kkim. Ition. 1. OdA,75(1951 Xprench sununary).-The app. fit Chl%4n slut IAlkAuAk Of. C.A. 20,127) fix, the dells. of tilommullos Its Vill, after lidmirsitkin of theI till uld C4141 41 IkIlski-alf jelliff, Wak Imptuvirtl at"Ut It. tops. Tile KaN 111,41,111Y ItAlliff41 "VI" domil tit 0.1 of thut Immelly frquited. HiPIMINIlKho - * it z 11 o ; 0 * t 9 0 6 a 0 16 if 714!1111 nj4h all lip r C IV )t 11 11 . 0 - " 4, 4, it . 1--i'AA Nutt it 4 1 1 i1 icon 0010COOR of silicon, A now modillcation of th's s L 10 mothod, N, Int"I'I'll"Ill 4~ -00 tifilrIl Will, plIfe Caill. i% 111OV41 III a 00 mill,11 Ill 4" lj,,Iut-nAv will, a mvvi tim,tigh ahkh la small ' t 1 li H 41 I i l 1 I 1 1 -4111144 " f it C1111 l "CAV A IC fit f le r; PV f t: it W v (mv III #wow biliall cuts as tile V114 Wilivis pm),-'t I go .4wililix"ll Wiliell IllOwt-fifoldr. I'lirctmer ItAt Sri mildill i '. t4 pUral it M;H-k filtri, palter moi-tri"A Ill) Witter , 'I Its- .00 111m. is Itrated Willi mord. niiwd by is Ill Iff Ill, - air if pa-A lip.1 #1111 illilveili4ti,ly nvevrril. A mit-Am of flifolijill tilf Itif'r. a w1filp Ilvilipsil I'll Ille 1141-vt illoli,-Ufr~ tile lpfe-ortive ill St. Ilte A4,11,114-i1v Willi %flo-It. Avi-I Willi (Ittict milmum-. G. 1i C39 V tu a r A ttLi OICAL L a tt AvUlf CLAIINKATIC. too 0 it I,: .li I v An n 0- -lit I - 0 to 0 h is ill 14 #1 it 14 It If If It (01 ~ttl It114 I if 00 0 a a 0 0 0 0 also at 0 9 0 4 0 0 0 1 00 of 0 0 " 4) 00 0 * 0 00 0 0 a 0 0 0 6 0 00 0 0 6666099 slas 0 so 6 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 6 W W )00 51111lubdulaw a 4 ft Q 41 41 Ox A, I. I. I. j eve S. 6 4 00 of a' so 00 a of a Asebuis of too= &*4 neou of PAtural pt. Detarplinau" "1.4 4WOWAIR In the I a MW"" -00 pm of DOW tbtMd WOW in gu*uia. N. -00 400 ir thk Firtwh ~'37 401ilIX13i, III all (.1-, 14 410, th"In"i see %.If. mv.-Jigal-I It.. Alta A "0 '1"4 00 -31 6*0 age the IvvWMc of Xt ar"I Xc was eqtaLA"I spcctrophtat~ metrkmlly. Ne wu detd. by the fullowlint new tra-thild.- First tIW density (4 the Irani mill. (D), the quarilify 4 zoo, the hwtkm 4 Hxht laws fo) isgated frorn x knlmn quan- litY III the SPI&I mist. Of "we Sam%. The smits. of A (4). Xr M and Xv (f) in The some mixt. wet drtd. and wilb known densities of ?be indhidual gaws the amt. COO W Se (x) was cakd. acconfinc to: + a + + (I)x. - P&A.) The quantities tA ram taws In .3 springs am given in a War. "via two & kITINAILOR CLA$SIPKAIIC* Ike a %slasa Nit 4pv 13-1 -t 0 W I ur 61 1 a a 3 6 v U AV 10 In 1'2 I's MW PAID 'I us : 4) tip a 0 a 0 v 0 0 (1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 SWmG of arm 1A ON 1pravimtrie datermlantim of ChMRdttMANChMMICOZIOO,--~.N.P.PC"CbCV. AFFN44ilf kRip. Fdtklm phys.-Nut. 43, INA SUMMVY); cf. C., Rothatig, C.A. 0, OW.-Conditions under whkb ppin. om-urrel ifere the chief cause of pas. crew In the 4vto. of Cr. Therewmao significant difitrence betwee. values dctd. in an elm, oven and in a stmam of It with a Teclu lmrnrt if the lemps. of the oven were high enoulth. Them wat no significant difference In the values obtained when pure Cr(NO.), wjkt pptd. as CrjOH)j iv when Cr was deld. by the mercuro. chronute methmi when the tcuip of ignition was the imne (about 1100V1. Tktas. on samples heated to about &50' Cm higher values for Cr'+ detil. as Cr,(N than did besting to about lmo'~ Nrillie hf..Psyn~ CA Soums of am in Ow gravLaieuk daumanatIm of CkmMismaschremkorlde. N.P.PCHChty. ANOradire arair. Sofia, Faculti pAyjr.-md.-4r.TI-vi-W 2,-W9-1181 IM 1947)(Genmu stmunary). d. G. Rothaul. C.A. S. W-Coodillons u*der which ppin. occurred ircre the chief cause of pas. error in Omd"u, of Cr. Therewatno significant difference between v2lucs dctd. in an clec. oveni and in a stream of H with a Teclu burver it the temps. of .the oven we%* high tnnoth. Them was no situfficant difference In the values obtained when pute er(%;Ols va4 Pptd. as Cr(010, or when Cr wa4g dctd. by the mcm-uro- chromalt metbol when the temp 4 ignition was the same (about 10OV), rktus. on samples heated to shout W* Pvt hish" v2lutsfor COOdetti.-st CrA than did heatins to about I(W*, Nell'ir MV. Poyr A 10#8 tan of Sofia III -At ) lAt . ; *a 8 coconut eh" 00 about Oki uWy some 0 **Is roinn temp. as 09 apt s am an Gamut dwow at the Uspoll- a Axx. m*. ,w,,-Zrw,-Pl"&Cknw4 31) a pww Pft"Wo of lw tmn L93' W 'It is not d,,twtAbly adwrbad an sclive ki. Of 0.213 cc. of a He-Ne Mixt- coutg- 4c In contact with 0.5 g. charcoal for I hr. I ins to M cc. M gas d-bedion w&M 1. A. Pleattv UTERAT-1 CLASWICATION U st a AV 00 is I; ; ; ; 1; ; 4' ;1; ; V, ; a a it K 01000OV000 as : a :r *so 0 # 0 e &MILAAA 0 0 a a a 0 0 w 000 009 0 11 32 n N a 36 v 11 a it 4 a a 4C a =90 sea sea &*a use "00 be* woo 010 dw ea TZA IN 9 J3 a v so n, Ia I ff dna -L so 06 0 0 0004 0 0000000 so 00 0 0 # 00 00000 0 a 0 0 0 0 a & of the ca snow fjw dsalkUtra 24. 19U. N. P. lt~cv. - Did rika Alkad. Sauk- IL Oldd. Gad.-Geoltaf. Kum, xaxk,. TIMS1. Kkim, ["St. 1. 257-OX1931)(Frtnch mmmary).-AruJyzh of the dust slitil. *fib theittow fadIrAted that the dust willne led In the desert. It, It, Wirth IIIIIIIIIIIM~ 17 ell I? k 9 x it 9. 7 7 FENGFIEV, N.P. (Sofiya, Bolgariya); PBNCHLYA, Ye.14(Softya, Dolgarlya); P.R. (Sofiya, Bolgariya) Chemical composition of the Gumoshnik meteorite. 14ateoritika no.18:1.44-146 160. 04M 13 -.5 ) (Troyan Mountains (Bulgaria)-Metoorites) ir Bul.-a-ria D ABS. jCUR. : RZ-Diim., lJo. 1959, ]Vo. 85~30 AUTIHOR : 1-nebevi N.P.; Pcncheva, Yc.N.; ijoncliciv, HST. of TITLE "'oectrogruphic ~Ai-d'y of Tra-ce-Compont~lAs o-f Bulgarian I'l-neral li;aters. PUT,. Dokl. Blolg. AN, 1-r'. 5Pq 11; NO 5t 375-377 A'z".'J-TRA01: In t.'-ie iLosL widely lmowri BulLu:avihn mine-,-u! ate I - - ~rs a am i~ v r-icans o" ~nulysis~ of r;ore -.,a(~~ b~ Lhan 20 -~-=ce-co~n-,-T-,onents. Of these,, Cu, Pb, Fe, k1, Ti, -in-:7 Sr are fo-uaid in all, or alLios' all, the waters iinder r,tudy. F!,, Zn7 V, Ag, arc, encour.L&,.,ud very frequently. A certai-.,. rr--j7ularity is observed betwcen 'the zo.,,'Itent of Y07 Gal G-~) W* Li and Ba und the general hydrochemical char~acteristics of the water. In the case of sore of the ,,.,aters there is found a C-01'felLitiCri 106tWEEln Li-content and -umount of lie in the gases associated with the water. ~Md Ni aro encooitered in a few instances, in relatives C 11-~:O: smaller amounts;Co, Be, Sb are. qvite rare. Data concerning 113 are not rel-lAble. -- V. Konshin. em lg~ A NO . . . . . .. . . . .F 1 .4 ., - , - I rMl W01- M-w-ft-Ok"i PENCHEV, N.P.; YOTMANOV, N. (Iordanov, N.],- KOGITVA, I.. Contents of helium and argon in the gases spontaneously emanating from some Bulgarian thermal and mineral waters. Doklady BAN 17 no.2-133-136 164. Physiology 13LJLGARIA ,jLt.,,Institute of Nutrition (Director Prof. T. Tashev), Bulgarian PEEP my of Science "'F)n-ther Simplification of Methods for the Study of Gas, Metabolism" I Sofia, Eksperimeitalta Vieditsina i Morfologiya, Vol 5, No 4, 1966, pp 2317238 Abstract: Ways of simplifying calculations in connection with the determination of 02 consumption by the DouglaB-Haldane method are proposed. On the basis of equations derived. by the author, a nomograph was plotted by means of which one can determine rapidly the respiratory quotient and the 02 equivalent of venti- lation. Another nomograph was devised for the determination of the corrective fac,tor for the ventilation volume. Amethod is proposed for the determination of the initial 0, content in a gas mixture kept in a rubber bag for several days or hours by4using a relationship between the initial and final content of 0 and CO that has been derived by the author. Tables and graphs, 8 references (i Bulgarian. 2 USSR, 4 Western). Russian and English summaries. Manuscript received Dec'64. PENCHEV, P., inzh., Execution of assembling in large-panel buildings. Stroitelstvo 10 no. 6: 18-21 N-D 163. 1. Nauchrioizsledovatelski stroitelen institut. IIEICMr.. P.; MIIEV, 14. Quantiiative aspects of the occupational nutrition of woodworkers. Izv Inst khranene 2:343-155 163. Methodfj of determining daily consumption of energy. Ibid.:167-177. I FE!,ICFFV, P. "The Vol&, One of the Great Projects of I,%rge Construction of Co-a--Unism- . in the Soviet alion't, P. 8. (GECGR.,xZTU, Vol. 4, Im. 6, 1954, Sofiya, -pulgaria) SO: Mxithly Li,,;t of Eact European Accessions, (BEAL), LC, Vol. 4, NO. 1, Jan. 1:955, 'Uncl. .......... Bulgaria's wnte- wet;-It'-,. T-. I Vol. 6, no. 5, iq% SOURCE: East European Accessions Lint, (EEAL), Library of Congress Vol. 5, no. 12, December 19% PE?IcHZwv) p I A2fold., Great Bujigarian Plain. D. 3-2. GHOGWIIA, Sofi7ya, Vol. 6, no. 1, 1956 SOr Ylonthky List of East -%ropean Accassions, (EEAL), IL, Vol. 5, No. 6 June 1956, Uncl. PINCIINV, P. (SofiM Bolgariya) Hydrological research in Bulgaria. Izv.V8es.geog.oIy-va. 88 no.2: 147-154 Mr-Ap '56.* ()= 9:8) (Bulgaria--Hydrolog7) 8-10-251 5~11 .5"- . n , ll~ ~. . Rnlg-~rL .~ 11 I j 'i~ ,~k , , ~ , - :., --, , 1 . . I . j . V i- 4~- ~ ~, "! ti " !,~ ~ I -,! . 7 .~ . . I ~ z . - . - AGRI WCUI LT'.'FZ Periodical Uo. 10 ct 195,3- 1. TI,c river will flow in a nev, river in. 11-.arch, 155~,. uncl Monthly list of East R..-ropean Accessions (1-EI&U) LC, Vol. 13, no. 3, GILTBOV. 2h.; IVANOV, MISHEV, K.; BEDELCHEVA, V.; DVORYADKIN# A.I., kand.geograf.nauk (translator]; RMYLTH, Yu.Ya., red.; ]D=A, N.A., tekhn,red, Eftysical geography of Bulgar-lal Fizichasimia geografiia Bolgarii. Moskva,, 12d-vo inostr.lit-ry, 1960. 361 P. WRA 14. 1. Dimktor Inatituts geogrefii Bolg&rBko3r almdemii nauk, chlon- korrespondent Bolgarskoy almdemii nauk (for Gylybov). (1hagaria-Phydeal geography) BULOARIA 'r ological Scientific-Research Institute (dirwator: ~.Prof Y., AN "Improved Needles with Radioactive.Cobalt" Sofia, Re~tgenologiya I Radiolog Vol 5, No 2J, 1966, PP 3-17-121 Abstract (authors' Russian and English summaries, modified): By pinning the base of -the tongue, the floor~of the oral cavity, the vagina, the female urethra, the anal region, etc. it is not always possible to observe the re- quirement that the irradiated region be surrounded on all sides with needles in order to compensate for the reduction of the dose in the proximity of the needle ends. To avoid the inconvenience of pinning in relatively inaccessible regions, the authors propose using Co-60 needles with higher linear activities at one or both ends than at their middle part. The authors obtained such needles by placing cobalt-nickel pins with different linear activity in steel filters for the Co-60 needles. The distribution of the dose around the ordi- nary and. the modified single needle, and from implants with such needles, Is illustreted with equidensity curves. Using the modified needles gives a suit- able diEtribution of the dose in the implanted region, employing only parallel 1/2 BULGARIA 'RICHTER, J., PENCHEV, P.; Institute of Biology and Medicine (Direo- tor Pro:e.' H. Gummel /?/), German Academy of Science; Scientific Research Onoology Institute (Director Prof. N. Anchev) "Application of Computers in the Determination of the Dose In Radiotherapy" Sofia, Tentgenol xiya I Radiologiya, Vol 5, No 3, 1966, pp 212-217 Abstract: Procedures for the determination by means of computers of doses from linear radioactive sources of e -rays are described. The procedures In question were developed In the GDR* and at the Computer Center of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Programming of the computer by the procedure proposed mades It possible to de- termine the dose 1) without considering absorption ard scattering by the filter and tissues, 2) by considering the interaction of the radiation with either the filter or tissues. 3) by consider- Ing the effect of both the filter and tissues. The program is applicable for any radiation source and at any activity of the source, energy of radiation. active length of radioactive pre- parations, mad thielmess of filters. Examples of calculation of the distribution of the dose in connection with application 1/2 *East Germ ny g_ L ~U6Z_66 !ACCtSS!EON N1t: AP502'41572 -UR/021.9/65/06o/009/0024/ 0027 ~612.744.015,14~: 612 .66-019 Perichev, P-B~ nesterase antagonist muscles 'of growing do s Acetyleholi 9 =URM. Byulletent d0perimentaltnoy-biologii i Meditsipy'v. 60 24-17 no. 9, 1965, 'CC TAGS: ~acetylch6linesterase, muscle, ea&IMe 0-F, 7 MSTRACT: The purposci,oftbe investigatioi-was_to tudy'the chang-es in acetyl6ho.1- inetiterase activit iti antagonist m uscles of the anterior an&p6steriar-extremities ;of,C gs~:at d.,,.fferent- a~ es. n Me in 5 6-~month_old animals was al- Activity of ~ the e'zy sib" --fold lower-t~,an the level.observed in the newborn puppies. This decrease immediately after birth. Enzymatic activity was very high for two daya., btit itidecreased,by the fourth day almost to-the level noted-at birth. Al- though J,t.kept decreasing, there were two indistinct rises, one when the.animals were: 20-;:30 days 'old and again when they were,60-90.days old. Thereafter the valuesI of ar-etv,,Lcholinesterase .a.ctivity-remained 6ohstant* -It was-more o 1 - I i-I r ess thfi same Card 1/2: L 2169 66 ACCESS10N NR.i AP50238)72 .~-.:both extremities excej~t'that. between the 8th and 10 days it was higher in the flex__, --Iors-~of theftont paws!than in thos e oIF the hindpaws and the second rise in the "Curiie - for - thim- front paws-occurred sooner (on-the:-20th day).than-it-did for-the hind,j :paw.121 (on the 30th day.), presumably because puppies are able to stand on the former 44- 1-~++-- qn- -+1n-- +h=+ +hs% nhnnupn in aeP1-v1rhn1in- Characteristics of acetylcholinesterase activit7 in anta- gonistic muscles in dog ontqgen7. Biul. eksp. biol. i mad. 60 no.-9::2447 S 165* (MIRA 18:10) le Iaboriktoriya voxraotno7 fiziologii i patologii (zavo Prof. IJ, Ar havski7) Instituts, normallnoy i patologicheakoy fiziologii (dT;. - daystritelinyy ehlen AMN SSSR prof. V.V. Parin) tMN SSSR., Moskva. PYINCMV~ Fetiir,, d-r The energy characteristic of wcr- ur--ceBsee, Triai' t--eni -f no.l.,-'Ic,-.Il 165. RRICOV, Petr (Bolgarlya) Hydrological regionalization of Bulgaria. Izv. AN MR Ser. geog. nci.6t109-116 -R-D 161+ (MIRA 18al) Sofi3,s'-,Iy universitet i Institut geografti Bolgarskoy akademil, nauk, MILEV, N.; PENCREV, P. Dynamics of worl- load for farm workers in the Pleven District, I Izv Inst khranane BAN 3:27-42 164. M PENG!fl'-V I P.; TASHEVA, B. Stationary electric fields of idealized supporting lnflo~x insulators. Godisbnj.k khim tekh 9 no. 1-.283-29~) 162[publ.'63' f I 'T PUCHEV, Poncho - Council ~f Ritionalizers., center of Oreativo adtivities in the V. Kolarov Locomotive and Railroad Gar FacOry, Ruse* RatsionalizatBiia 14 no.60-12 164 1. V. Kolarov Locomotive and Railroad Gar Fitctory-,, Ruse. PFNC H-FV, F. Obararterlatic featuves of diLsability In case o1' skin dI:-,ej.Ee.- in Bulgaria. Dernato vener Sofia 3 ijo.2:103-10A 164- 1. Scientific Research Group on Ripert Emmir: of W-Orking Capacity in the Tnotitutc, c-, the Specializati., .~ k,--i A--vrm,!ed SWdy of Pkyaloinns) !Sofia Houd; h1lago).wr P,)e encho :3-. MCHEV,: Fencho,, Jnzh. Corrosion-of the heating surface of mazut boilers, Elaktroenergiia 14 no.5/6t28-30 MY-Te 163o 1. Nauchnoizsledovatelski institut po energetika. IIENCfIEVI-P-.B-- Consumption of energy in various normechanized agricultural activities, as hoeing, plowing,,'harve sting, and mowing. Izv Inat khranene BAN 3:43-52 164. N.VMJSNM,. Petur GW Hydrol-off.-of -the, area -between the --opring of the -,4$a=a -Rivpr and the Studena Dam* Godishnik biol 53 no.3s49M3. 158/159 [publ. ~2601. M M EIR --l. PENCREVO P.. inzh.; KOSTOVA, V.., inzh. Poeoibilities of lime economsization in the lim-cement ao2utlons for building. Straitelotvo 9 no,5:17-19 162. ~M~M= ANDREYEV$ VI.,- VUIZOV, T.S. (Bolgariya... Softyap u1. Graf Ivantsev, 49); EENGHEZ,,-L,- KUMICHEV; MUSTAKOV; DDGRAYJMRIYEV-, TMWS; .--,'~Distribution and results of treatment of skin cancer in the Bulgarian People's Republik. Vo.P.onk. 7 no.5:35-41 161. (MIRA 15:1) 1. 1z nauchno-issledovateltskogo oxikologicheskogo instituta (dir. - prof. Ves. Mikthaylov)p Waucbno-issledovatellskogo kozbno- venerologicheskogo instituta (dir.--prof. P. Forkbistov) kafedry kozhno-venericheskikh zabolevaniy Vysshego meditsimskogo instituta v Sofii (zav. - prof. L. Popov) i kafedry kozhno-venericbes'k-lkh zabolevanii Vyssbego maditsizaogo.inatituts. v Plovdive (zav. prof. Bachvarov). (BULGARIA-4KIN-GAVMR) Penchev, Petur. Khristomitiia po fizicheska geoprafiia. Sustavili Petur Penchev U dr.) Sofiia, Bulgaria, Narcdna prosveta, 1956, 261 p. Lc, Monthly list of East European Accessions Index (EEAI';'/ Vol. 8, no. 12 Dacember 1959 Uncl., AN:DBZNV,Vl,,K.M.I.; IAZkR0V,R.;.PZCHXV,P. 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A PlotrIbution cf and =ntal dlvear-ea in Bu.2garl Nevropsikh nevrolffiir 3 ro.Z!82-88 162'. lo Scientific Research Group cn Expert FIxamination of Working Capacity in the InStJtute on the Sperialization and Idvanced Study of Physicians, Sofia (Road: V. Niagolov). mom, Ll-li~r_~ L PENCIPM, P.P. The nature of d4sabilit7 following cereb-nal ir:sul-',.';u--. 5-,i7r. med. (Sofiia) 15 no.5:23-28 164 DUD3;Jtr~/&iici:iical-Tcclinology. C~,cadcal Products and Tbeir Application. CoraLii0s. Glass. Dinding Materials. Cancretc. J011r: ROf Zhur-Khirl., 110 10, ~959, 35842, Y.At Author Pench-ev, P~ S..and Di I rov D. T Inst .Lorties of 'sbostos Conent. T 1. tl c The Physicochordeal Prop Orig Pab: Stroitc3.-stv9, ITo 7, 20-25.(1958) (in Dulaarian) Abstract: Indices arc presented c' liaracteri zing t1he vnysico- chemical properties, of asbestos cement G.C) as a function of ' the asbestos -ceme~,. ratio,, Vhc soiL--dr-,css Of AC, the. noisture content, and the type of structure prodiwed �_j)plicaticmj. T-lic flexural s-~`OrcnGth along the fiber axislsisTof air-dried AC is Carl 1/p a I_zx9M - -, I - 17a) leakage in transformers. Izv. AN SSSR, Otd.tekh.nauk, Zoergo I av-tM no.4.-198-205 Jl-Ag 159. (MIRA '12:11) (Electric transformers) (Electromagnetism) W, Pr PENCHP, I Uft R. (Electric aDparatus: insulation, insulators, and measuring transformers; a uni- versity textbook. illus., bibl., graphs) SoMa, Bulgaria, 1.1auka i iskustvo, Vol. 2. 1957. 292 p. 'Monthly List of East European Accessions (U-AI), IFC, Vol. 8, No. 6. Sent. 59 Unclassified PAVLOV., Vladimirg inzh.; PENCHEV, Penoho,'i~zh~, On a more-'accurate determination of,wisture content in smoke gases. Tekhnika Bulg,,12 no-4:1.2-14 163. 1, Mauchnoizsledovatelski institut po alaktrifikataiia. PRINCHEITY PeRcho Iv. Among the rationalizers of the V Kolarov Locomotive and Railroad Car Factory, Ruse. Ratsionalizatsiia 13 no.2%9-11 163. SABACHE7, G.H., fnzh.1; _PWM,,P.S., inzh. 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