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VOLDDIN, N.S..; BAGAYEV, I.S.,-JE~KT~A, 7e.S.; DURNOVO, I.G.; KAF?ANENKO, A.Ya.; LUKIYANOVA, G.N.; KOLESNIKOV, V.A. Use of centralized vacuum evaporation cooling of a zinc electrolyte. TSvet. met. 38 no.6:33-39 Jet 165. (MIRA 18210) A.A... kand. med. naak9- CFMMOVA, T.M. PEMOVICH I ".0urraht inethods of examination in sports mediciuel~. Reviews& by.A.A. PQ*ftoviohp T.M. Charenkoval. Terap.-arkh. 35 no.98 117-119 S163 (MM 17 84) 1. Glavnyr vraoh Gorlkovskogo oblastnogo vrachebaogo-fizkull~- turnogo d--'Lspansera ( for Cnereakova)o PENIKOP A. from Copper and silver recovery by the segregation Wi~lwd I foreign journalalp TSvet.met. 35 no,2:91-93'!,'-.'Y;-- 162 (MIRA 15:2) (Coppe:r-Metallurgy) (Silver-Metall PEN'KO.,,A!.;3A-- ~ -: Filtration of roapting gases laden with zinc oxide dust through a glass fabric. TSvet. met. 36 no-10:95-96 0 163. (MIRA 16.12) PIN I KO, A. S. Matte blowing with ox-ygen-enriched air. TSvet, met. 36 no.503-94 Yor 163. (MM 16:10) PENKNOVICH A. A., Cand Med Sci - (diss) "O)Whemometric Testing of the LeVe1 of the Oxiaation Processes and Its Importance in the Functic'nal ExamLnation of Athletes," Leningrad, 1960, 23 PP, 300 noPies (Leningrad Sanitar7 Hygiene Medical Institute) (KL, 4V60, 107) ABUGCIV, Boris Grigarlyevich; KOZARFZ, Vladimir YakovIevich; PANKNOVICH, L.D., nauchnyy rcd.; GAVRILOT, v.P., red.; RONANOV,, B.V., tekha,red, [0011OCtiOrL of problems in mechanical drawing] Zadachnik po mashino- stroitellnomu chercheniiu. Izd. 2-oe, iepr. i perer. Moskva, Vseso uchabno-peclagog. izd-vo Trudrezervizdat. 1957. 366 fold* 1. (iu portfolio) ___[Practical manual for teachers to accompany the m0ollection of problems in mechanical draAug."] Xetodicheekoe rukovodstvi) dlia prepodavatelei k zadachnika po inashinostroitall- nomu chercheniiu.Izd. 2-oa, ispr. i perer. 1957. 39 p. (MIRA 11:4) (M)chanical drawing-Study and teaching) FUGACHIV, Aleksandr Sergeyevich; PZWOVIOH, L.D., nauchnyy red. [deceased]; MIMMICH, G.I., red.; [Two hundred -puzzle problems in mechanical drawing] 200 zadach~- golovolomok po charchaniiu. T-eningrado Goo.voinznoe izd-vo sudostroit.promyshl., 1960. 127 P. (MM 13:4) (Mechanical drawing) Technical Engineer. "A LDtter Concerning Balykin's Article 'The Influence of the Temperature and the Charging Area oa Speed of Smelti--L,- and Specific Smeltir-G of Sul-phide aterials in Reverberatory Furnaces", Tsvet. Mpt . arid, Oxidized M, - 14 No. 2, July 1939. Re-Dort U-1506, 4 Oct, 1951. to III A 1 all 3331 MI$Aiv 1111114 91 90"Ofee L--J" t - t - - 0.. 4 -i - 0 v A-, A ~ 41 C~cu, PROCIMS AND POMET45 '-VIA lirjw MrAll IWO, So. A, mt I Cvv-Ij I 'r rflidency fimt*r~ in (I, ~imrlling. To in,- rmw thr c1liviewy III 1urnacv,. ihe m.-I insi%irlant nara.ur, 14 flar of high irlap. got , 1 1 thher factor pretin. III charge. prelic.11iFIR and g...1 111,11141hy" F. Imminirm off1mcricy Ing" high irml, 1, 7 "00 ::- ~"ts- in the wellbstr jow, I., 1.1bul, I III- V.-A 1, mW I ~Imjr t6r I'vis. Aildn, -If ml6a III -),.K, hiali 1,-mp awl 'rtifills at I"Wrt trtlsj~ 1.01,1111 In le-dw In% Ow 1-- .I In I be Aag. It. N~ Odull.13 JUL! ON iii '01 0 N, too -00 0 a** So* ILA 611TALLURGICAL tilf*AV#09 CLOSIFICATIM 14 b 0 0 WOO t tie It mv Q.C m i I it rid 0 to a I v 04 5 a a 2 4 v U S AT ICO At),' or 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 * 0 a 0 0 0 g g 0000004000 FENIKO) A, Proceosing copper chloride ores in Mantos Blancos (Chile) (from *J-mm-nal of ~btals.," no.l., 1952). TSvet-met. 35 no.8:91-93 Ag 162. WIRA 15:8) (0,hile-Copper minev and mining) ~PZIIIKO.. A.,, referent New copper.electrolysio plant [from "Engineer and Mining Journal," no. 3.. 1960; "Journal of Metalo.." no. 6j,1960). TSvet. met. 34 no* 492 Ap 161 (MIRA 14:4) 6ited States--Copper-Electrometallurgy) 004 04'i a 410 A 004 SOR ~Hq R Iowa- IS b 31 it U IS ULM to f- 'wisilri, ka PipPRIVIII. i'll of converter output of Copper amoltlax 11. driefil the trSilits 01 wolk done at the Kit )CMI "Sad cfn)lxf hinciter (Ru-L4) with the I' C' V nixing the fif'. als the rtrwirtwy of the "I crtete and lill it, Ing.le on a Carat Palk of refraclocirs. The frills wr tits allade avail- "mVcftrr 01.1t)-ton Mat Capacity, Uhrm~t 21.1, by the investigation led 1% tit the jujitnoing conclu, w~ with The inrrmw Of total 14on%. The output Ir-rea Sit, it vrx't found VIII. 404 air; ID A"Ain tho dMilled VOL Of 'weiq and tit tlqr a necewwry to inetraw ttw c"Parilty of his sill no. 44 Itlyhes of mi'dirt sliAllo., rho corrqw 2,.tkm nj Zll Amp call be dectrAwd bY -ddn%' 4 11111c. -ontg - It was fonliji ujtnMM%ary to uXI &IF VW t : - alumina 11. N. Dull liolird in 0. 7 rrfrMncr%- V 4141 IA#i - - ------------ -00 =00 4; tie too ~*'~ ISO* Is LI'11114111011 CLASSIORKATIDIf ts of ---- ------- U Is AV 93 0 P 1', 91 Is a IF IN I'l If z! it 91 111 o 0 10 Ole 0 0 Sl #'0 f) e v 0 0 : Z DIYEV, Nikolay Pavlovich [deceazedl; li'FRMINICHEV, Sergey Aleksandrovich; P1211KO, Aleksandr Stepanovich; GALINBEK, A.A.# red. (Reverberatory smelting of copper concentrates; manual for schools and courses for foremen] Otrazhatel'naia plavka mednykh kontsentratov; posobie dlia shkol i kursov masterov. Izd.2., perer. i dop. Moskvaq Metallurgiiap 1965. 296 p. (MIRA 18: 6) M PENIKO, A.S. -Zz: i~rocessimg of waste cop~r slags. 745vet. met. 34 no.8:95 Ag 161. (Siag) (MIRA 14:9) PENIKO Zinc distillAtion in a new type of hori zontal retort furnaces [from "EnglIneering And Hining,Journal," n0.80 1961). TSvet. met. 35. 110-086-87 AP 1�20 (WRA 1514) (Belg!Um--Zinc-~btallurgy) - Application of physical chemistry in processes of aulfating roasting of metal sulfides. TSvet. met. 38 rio.607 Je 165. (FJRA 18% 10) BAM"OV V.M. . sxkhitektorl 'PENINDV A.V. arkhitektor New typeei of administrative buildings for industrial enter- prisao. Prom stroi. 39 no.6:37-40 161. (MMUI. 14:7) 1. Mentrallnyy nauchno-iseledovateliskiy i proyoktno-elcsperi- mentallnyy institut promyshlenn7kh zdauiy i sooruttheniy, (Factories-Design and construction) Impansion of the Yerington hydrometanurgical plant (fr= "Engineering and Mining Journal,," no.8.1-1954; no-3, 19621. TSvet.met. 35 no.l2s78 D 162. (MMA'-1632) (United B.tates-Hydrometallurgy) 1,3 AUTHOR: Pen I ko-, A. S. 29993 S/17 61/004/012/003/011 B104%138 TITLE: Atomization of liquids PERIODICAL: Inzhenerno-fizicheskiy zhurnal, v. 4, no. 12, 1961, 47 - 51 TEXT: The atomiz ing mechanism of three different types of burner was studied. In pressure jet burners atomization is effected by centrifugal forces acting on a rotating jet of liquid. A cross-sectional view of this type of burner is shown in Fig. 1. The liquid coming from the direction, indicated by the arrow is forced through a specially designed orifice K in swirl diaphragm B. The rotating liquid is atomized by as it is forced through the aperture in 0. The drop size is given by r = 1-5 agR 2//,w2 0 where R = radius of the flow of liquid, a = surface tension of the liquid, w0 = its angular velocity, and r = its specific gravity. By varying the cross section of the guide channel K and of the front aperture of the burner, both the degree of atomization and the angle of the flame can be varied over a wide raiige. In air-jet burners, liquid and air (or gas) are Card 1/3 Atomization of liquids forCE!d through two concentric nozzles. friction between the two jets. In this drop size reads: r = 2a 2, where a g191-2w, 29993 S/170/61/004/012/003/011 3100138 The liquid is atomized by surface type, the formula obtained for the = surface tension of the liquid, ip = aerodynamic resistance of the gas, and w 0 = velocity of the gas rela- tive to that of the liquid. This formula shows that the following con- ditions have to be observed when designing this kind of burner: (1) The air-jet velocity should be maximum at the point,where the liquid is atomJ-zed;,(2) the velocity of the liquid should be at minimum at this V_~/ poin"; (3) the surface area of the liquid should be at maximum here. In centrifugal or notary burners, the liquid is atomized by rapid rotation of a spinning cup or a similar component. The drop size obtainable with this type of burner is given by: r 2 . 1,5agR w 2, where a -surface tension 0 of the liquid, r = its specific gravity, wo peripheral velocity of the impeller, and R = its diameter. At a constant speed, these types produce dropa of equal size, and almost any degree of atornization can be Card 2/3 29993 B/170/61/004/()12/003/011 Atomization of liquids B104/B138 achieved. In addition, they have a high efficiency and are trouble-free. Their cumbersome design is said to be a drawback. There Rre 4 figures and 3 Soviet references. SUBMITTED: July 17, 1961 Fig. 1.1 Diagram of a pressure jet burner. Legend: (A) casing; (6) swirl mechan-.'Lsm; swirl chamber; (V) orifice; (0) aperturel nut. R 61' B 0 K r Card 3/3 PENIKOY A.S.P referent Electrolytic refining of lead in a sulfamato electrolyte .[from "Lead News," no.g,,-.1959]. TSvet,, met. .34 no*2.-9.3 F 161. OMMA 24:6) (Lead-Blectrometallurgy) PENIKOO A.S. Atomization of liquids. Inz--fiz- zhur. 4 no.12:47-51 D 161. Omit, 14: 11) (Atomization) - VZIMM, Aleksandr Abramovich; LINCHZVSKIT, Boris Vadimovich; PENIKO, A.B., red.; SUKHAREVA. R.A., ~ - I -, .1; 1,1-- [Vacuum metallur&I Vakmannaia metallurgiia. Koskva, 1958. 27 P. (Stanogramma lektsii. Seriia %tallurglia,* no.1) (Vacuum mstallurgy) (MIRA 12:4) DIM, Nikoley Pavlovich; YHRMENICHEV, Sergey Alekeandrovioh;4i IKOI Ale EMEY' M.I., redaktor; IDGII&O, Yu.-T-., JPO -nU-IF.tor; IDTALKWO, R.I., tekhnicheskiy redaktor [smelting copper ores and concentrates inroverberator7 furnaces] Otrashatelinaia plavka mednVkh rud. i konisentratov; uchabnoe posobie dlia sbkol i karsov manterov. Sverdlovsk. Goo. nauchno-tekbn, izd-vo lit-r7 po chernoi i tovetnoi metallurgii, 19~4- 300 P. (IMU 8:4) (Copper-Metallurgy) (Smelting fu--naces) P19MIKO, A.S 1,rarereut. Zinc prodution In shaft fmrnues. Biul, THIN toyet. not. no.M 39-40 ani 3 of cover.157. (MIRA 11:8) (Zinc-Matallurgy) BEREGOVSKIY, V,.T,; JIENIKO~ AsS, -!rO--x Chiaracter-IS ties of the depsiga and the flov sheet used -in the now nickel, plant ~m Thompgon, Canada. T-Svet. met. 37 no.6:9'.., 94 Je 164. Oulu 1,719) KO, G., inzh., chempion rekordsmen SSSRpo vodno-motornomu sportu P-l -1: ~ The GP-125 outboard motor. Za rul. 18 no.6:11-12 Je ,6o. (Outboard motors) (HTRA 13:8) PENKO, Slavko, inz, Results of the research on the inoculation of gray iron with ferrosilicon. Livar vest 11 no.6:170-172 t64. 1. "Utostroj" Factory, Ljubljana. L 05643-67 LVT(d)/EWT(m) 1JP(c) JR ACC NR,A?6021627 SOURCE CODE: un/0089/66/020/003/0261;/0264 AUTHOR: Marchuk, G. I.; Penenko, V. V. ORG: norte TITLE: Numerical methods for calculating two dimensional nuclear reactors SOURCE: Atomnaya energiya, v. 20, no. 3, 1966, 264 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear reactor technology, numeric solution, iteration, finite difference ABSTRACT: This is an abstract of paper no. 69/3435, submitted to the editor and file'do, but not published. The article deals with the solution of the problem, in t~o-dimenftional geometry, of physical design of a nuclear reactor of specified volume The calculation is based on the determination of the largest positive eigenvalue and non-negative eigenfunction of the system of many-group diffusion equa- tions, using the Perron - Frobenius nonnegative matrix theory. The solution is ob- tained by a numerical finite-difference iteration technique. The programming of the computer and the solution of the conjugate problem are Included. Orig. art. hao; 2 formulas SUB CODE: 18/ SUBM DATE: 25Aug65' I- Card l/ uDc: 621.039-51-12-134 BULGARIA/Chemical Technology - Dyeing and Chemical H-34 Processing of Textiles. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 12, 1958, 41946 Author ~e A~ov Inst Title Calculations for Sizing. Orig Pub Leka promishlenost. 33.956, 5, 11, 35-38 Abstract On the basis of Soviet and Bulgarian experience, equa- tions are derived for determining the concentration of starch solution, depending on the yarn number, warp den- sity, as well as determining the quantity of chloramine, OUS, glycerine and water in a starch mixture. Data is given for compounding individual and typical for- mulations. 0-0 1 /1 LAVREIIKO , V.A. p- PEN I KOV, A.A. 1.0 Kinetics of' the anodic oxidation of molybdenum in boric acid solution. Zhur. fiz. khim.-37 no.5tl049-1056 My 163. (MlRA 17:1) 1. Institut, metallokeramiki i spetsiallnykh splavov AN UkrSSR. _L 9fW>-63 EWP( )ADS/L1'W?(za)--A1?1 MD.-D MAD. Y)0076/63/037/005/1049/lOS6 ACCESSION NR: AP'pO0Z11' AUTHOR., Lavrenkoj V. A.; Pen1kov, A. A. TIME.- KiMtiCS Of thF,' anOdic o)ddat'vnAf molybdenum in boric acid soluticza kUmii, V, 37, s, ii)63, ioiq_io56 Sa[RCE, AN SM. Zhurnal :f in.icheskqr G -s of anoi~c m1dation, TPPIC TXS anodle oxidation of molybdenum, kinetic rw~-as -of electroaytic ckdation,. refractorj metals refractory mstall eler_tzolytic. pmcclsaes, lsvttice effects on mddatimi, metaUia s'.nlain :Ln oxidation i gati tt~' ABMAL The qz~eaent -.-vrk on molybdenum is part af an in --st 1 c md,de fiIm Tormat-!oa in detparmina the role of the metallic state e1ectro, yti cell (appliei refr,a~wry n~:-taln. The apparaAmis consist of an electrc~~-,ic patentieLls up to 2DOV) using 99.957% pv--eTm-:) a_nc-de plat-a, a cathole plee of _~ar_ous glass a Ifure 1~t se~rat_id f--= tae anode by a, solution of borlo acid sa the electrolyte. Two types of samplea were st- e-I.- CCId 37011~d samples and rec-xfst-allized s~3i~les- annealed Ln a. hig1ifrequency %rapa-urma furnace at 1500C. As a criterion defining the st'rabi, the -mLaes (E--psilan.) J Card' )OOA_14 ACCZSSION IM: ..AP3( of the relative mictrodefomations formd during rouingp which were estim-ated frem lin broadenirg in X-ray reflection toeasure=nts, vmera used. Pxalysis of the electroly-te after electrolysis sh(ried a much greater solubility of the YD ooddes from the cold worked sample tILvin frcm the recrystallized sample. "In conclusion) we take the opportunity =7 gratitude to 1. Ye. ShiyEinovakaya.for tWdng the X-ray photoMiphs and working out the parts of our investigation dealing with X-rays." Orig. art. has: 17 formulas, and 1 table. ASSMIMON.- Institut metallokeramiki i spetsiallny*lai splavov skademii nauk SSM (Inistitutee of leltalloceramics and Special Alloys Academy of Sciences SM) smaim): 2imax62 DM ACQ: 19Jun63 ENG%,: 00 ~WB~O=: 00 NR F" G" W 0MR: 005 ANATOLIYEVSKIY, Pavel Ara~o`,;ich; rwicm, Ivan Aleksand-rovich; SHEYEROV, Osip Markovich. Prinimal uchastiye4-.~~~; FAYERMAN, N.B.; NULICHIKHIN, N.I., doktor tekhn. naukp pmf., zaal. dayatelf nauki i takhniki FSFSRO retsenzent; FEDOROV, B.S.) inzh.p nauchnyy red.; FRIDKIN, L.M., tekhn. red. (Drilling technology in building power installations] Tekh- nologiia bureniia v energeticheskom stroitelistva. Pod ob- shchei red. I.A.Ganichava. Moskva., Gosenergoizdat, 1962. 407 p. (MIRA 16:5) (Boring) PMIIKOV, A.I. Technical and economic labor-productivitir indices at cement plants. Mement 26 no-3,-20-24 Yq-Je 160. (HIPA 13:7) (Cement plants) (Iabor productivity) PENIKOV. A.I.; LOBKAREV, M.V.; SHTIEYDER, V.P. Effact of ealcium muds on the stability of the well "Dore. Burenie no.2:21-24 165. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Turkmenskiy filial Vsesoyuznogo neftegazovogo nauchno- issledovatellskogo instituta. PENIKOV, A.I.; LURIYANOV, V.A. Freezing of a tov2 and 'he evaluaat~cn. of dr-;Ilirg mmis. -Pureaie I L, - no.3:?,-6 165. (KIPA 18:5) 1. Tarlmenskiy filial ne-ftegazovogo rauclmo-issledo- vatellskogo institut FMINN, A.M., professor. Stabilit7 calculation of a single-stage not framework of a Spheri- cal gas holder subjectad to banding azA torsion, ZapInS','; AN URSR no*5:79-91 147- (Y-IJU 8:4) (Gasholders) nNIEN.A.M. professor, doktor tekhnichealcikh nauk. UZ~LLIAZ;LUAX Zxperimental study of the otabilitr of plane pol7gonal frames. Zap; .Inst.gor.mekh. AN UM no&6:13-27 '48. (K= 8:10 (Structural frames) YENIKOV, A. M. P,-,nikov, A. M. Bondarchulk, A. S. and Krolevelus, 14. S. - "On the dyna-mic modulus of elasticity of steel (mining) ropes, " Dokla~dy X-n~d. nai& Vkkr. SSR, 1179- 5. 191-r", P. 42-45, ( In Ukranian, resume In Russian) SO: U-IJ355, V, August 53, (letopis 12hurnal lnykh Statey. No. 15, 1949) I --- -IIENtxovp A .0 -m0 - - - - - - -- - -- --- - - - -- - - --- - ---I 22461o Panlkovp Ae Me Eksperimairtalthoe opredelenia dinamic-heskikh napry-azheniy v sibkbtn ykb, pod"emnykh kanatakhe cbsls opredelehie dimmicheckogo modulya uprygosti kanatavozapiski in-ta gomoy maxaniki (alcads nauk ukr ssr). No. 7., 19491 a., 53-77 Bibliogri 19 -nazvo Prodolzho Sledvage SOs LEPOTIS' Noo 30.,1949 PENIKOV, A. I;',. Technology Calculation of supporting blocks in salt minirg, Kiev, Izd-vo Akademii..nauk Ukrainskoi 1950 9. Monthly of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Iqarch J95,& Unclassified. PUNINOV, A.M., doktor tekhnicheskikh nauk; BOND&WHUK, A.S., kandidat '-. i'MI~k-o-6tematicheskikh nauk. Experimental investigation of bending stresses in steel wire ropes. Gbor.trud.lnut,gor.dela AN UM no,2;71-84 152. (MLU 7;12) 1. Institut stroitellnoy mekhaniki AN USSR. (wire rope) uss ~4-2952. OWIPM 114SULUTIC-Na IAITH MEEL ROPM AS n; I ICCO ~rM w4 Xrolevets, II.S. (UCO 1), Huy- 1954, 24-27)- --T Mitp~ fis=Jptjtw and test fieures are given for s=per, plate, and bay, conveyorz in -ableb tho working zmbera are attathed to mo endless rDpe3 by eplIt W-dje-zhaped riamboro 01=pe4 over sIr-oves wblch arc pressed on to the rops.s. The vicke-zloped clw;ps fit in V pulleya at the cndu of ~ho I-on. PZNII'OV,A.H.; VOROI=OV,A.M. Machine for the fatigue testing of vire ropes subjected to combined load. Zav.lav.21 no.7:860-862 '55. (MIRA 8:10) 1. Institut gornoga dela Akademii nauk USSR (Wire rops) (Testing machines) 124-57-2-2420 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1.957, Nr 2, p 130 (USSR) AUTHORS: Pen' kov, A. M. , Bondarchuk, A. S. , Borodavko, V. A. TITLE: The Partia-r--T5-ad- relief Method for the Determination of tile Weight-induced Stresses in Structural Building Elements (Metod chastichnoy razgruzki dlya opredeleniya napryazheniy ot sobstven- n ~,nogo vesa v elementakh stroitellnykh ko struktsiy) PERIODICAL: V sb.: Issledovaniya pro vopr. ustoychivosti i prochnosti. Kiyev, AN UkrSSR, 1956, pp 163-169 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry 1. Structures--Stresses 2. Stress analysis Ca-rd 1/1 PISIZOV A.M.; doktor.tokkudehookikh.nsuk;-radaktor;,LISEFBM, D.I., redaktar: N.P. teMmicheskiy redaktor. [Studies on problems of stability and strongWa collection of atticles dedicated to Academician A.N.Dinniak] Issledevanlia p9 veprosm ustoichivesti i prechnosti;-sbornik statel, posviashchen- nyi skademiku Ae-K.Dinniku. Kiev, 1956.273 p. (an 9:51) I-Xhlon-korrespondent AN UM (for Pealkov) (Strains and stresses) (BlastIcIty) PMIIKCV. A.H.; BORODAVKO, V.A., inshener. Zxperimental and analytical method of determining the vheel pressure of haulage bridges on the raile. Sbontrud.Inst.gor.dela AN MR no.3:113-119 156. (K6RA 9:8) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN U= (for Pengkov) (Mine railroads) (Wheele) PSIIIKOV, A.R.; KGROLVATS, H.S., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk. The use of steel cables for conveyer equipment. Sbor.trud.Inst. gor.dela AN URSR no.3;120-13Z '36. (XLRL 9:8) 1. Ghlen-korrespondent AN US& (for PenIkov) (Conveying machinery) (Wire rope) DIDNIK, Alekeandr Hikolayevich, akademik; KUCMOY, F.S.. red.; FRNIKOV,. A.M., red.; GRISIMOVA, N.P., prof., red.; ZILIBAN, H.S., ZMOVSKIY, A.D., [Selected works) Izbrannye trudy, Kiev, Izd-vo Akad. nauk USSR. Vol-3. 1956. 307 P. (MIRA 11:3) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN USSR (for Kucherov, PenIkov) (Elasticity) PENKOV, B.: CHOBANOW, I. "Botev's Urotsi za Purvite chetiri aritmetichaski Mvila(Lessons on the First Four Ru:Les of Arithmetic); a book review". Fiziko-MatAmatichesko Spisanis. Sofi-ia, Bulgaria. Vol. 1, no. 1/2, 1958 Monthly 3-iist of East European Accessions (EEAI), IC, Vol. 8, No. 6, Jun 59, Unclas PLNKOV 1 .......... D. AGRicuuam Periodical KOOPEHATIVNO ZEMEDELIE. No. 10, Oct. 1958. PENKOV, D. Determining the necessity of work-animal drawing power on cooperative farms. p.10. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) W. Vol. 8, no. 3. March, 1959. Unal. UM 30V/48-23-9-24/5T AUT9013t Ayarbukho X. M., Artsishavskays. N- T., JWlYsYev. If- 7- TITLZ t low Photoelectric Sp*ctroacovios.1 apparatus PMUOICALI 16.04tila Lknotexii eauk max., 1959, M;- Vol 23, Ir 9. pp ITO - 110T C r In the present paper the apparatus, of the type. TEU-4 -1 J'ZU-4X are describwd. The former consists of an."a Svc~stcr of the %jrp* W-2# & three-lens coodeneer system, the a;-Lzal part or the epwatzograph of the type ISP-52, the camera ~f 1~h. t"0 Vr-$4, the collLmtor of tn. type UP-61 and a *yet- for line tepax%ti.a with four cutlet Zlt. and to- sells of the type ST.1-4. The Lnsltrunaat 1. suto"Used and has an error of less tb" 0.5%. A photograph of this app"afts to shown by figurv 1. The second appsratus described her. ecc~xi.ts of four blockvp end tittera, from the first by the optLc&1 wye%em and by the form of ite, constructica, (rig 2). The Lnotrumms,t sakes it possible to control the line lut4ostiti.s. The experixazis carried out by sma&& of both appazrat" with two dlffarea~t card 1/2 materials szo shown br two tables. There m,r% 2 figures. 2 sables. Jzstitut tokhtoloSIL (8a to ntif to Research Institute for %h- Tech. nolcV of the Automobile Industry) TIERKOV, Bolan From the history of mathematica In inglarA In 113th century; 7boruas Bayes, 1702-1761, and Thomas Simpson, 1910-1761. Fiz mat. apisanie BO 4 no.4:292:~-303 161. PENKOV, B.,-ml.n.autr. The 4th All-11nion YathematIcal Ccngreas of Leningrad. Fiz mat spisanle BAN 4 n0-4:314 161. 1. 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