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December 31, 1967
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YUDIN, Vladimir Andreyevicbp prof.; 2BTAWjA3,-L4oAjLYn!~iktov~ch, prof.; HABINOVICH, Ye.Z., red.; KOLESNIKOVA, A.P., tekhn. red. [Laboratory manual on the theory of mechantow and whines) Laboratornyi pmktikum po toorii mekhanizwov i mashin. Moskva, Fizmatgiz, 1962. 171 p. (MRA 16:6) (Mechanisms) (Machinery) FETROKOVI A. r. 23195 Pitaniye tsepey napryazhenlya zashchity ot zamykanly n& zemlyij. Elektr. Stantsil, 1949, No. 7, c. 42-43. SO: LETOPISI NO. 31P 19-49. GUSTOV, L.D., iuzh. (Sverdloviik); LEVIN, M.I., inzh. (Sverdlo-sk): M&RINOV, A.M., lnzh. I Sverdlovsk); MYZIN, L.M., inzh. .(Sverdl7rek); PMOKOV, A.P., inzh. (Sverdlovsk) I- Sverdlovsk's 500 kT. substation. glektrichestvo n0.7:61-65 JI 160. (MIRA 13-8) (Sverdlovsk-Electric substations) HAUMHUK, A. 1. . inzh.; !~~Omv P Aj., inzh. Work on electric power plants without attendants at the main control panels.. Mek.sta. 32 no.6:82-84 Je 161. OSU 14:8) (Automatic control) (Electric power plants) ': PM- OKOV, Vladixdr, Dr. --m- Organizatimud problems in traffic accidents and Injuries. Lijec vJ99 82 no.12:945-939 160. 1. 1z Nirurake klinike Medicinskog fakulteta u Zagrebu (ACCIMTS TRAFFIC prev & control) YUGOSLAVIA Surgery 46 ',*edical Faculty, Uni- 2,ij0KOY.,-.--V-1ad'imir, Dr: Surgical Clinic, & - ver g eb *(Kli;~irska klinika Medicinsk-og fakulteta u Zagre- sity of Za r bu)q Zagreb. "Operative Treatment of ~%Jalformation of the Acrowyoclavicular Tcdntil Zagreb, Radovi medicinskol, fakulteta u Za~rebtt, Vol 13, No 2, 1965, Pp 155-159 Abstract: The usual methodq of direct fixation of the acrowyocla- vicular joint are for the most part unsuccessful because fixation was not sufficiently secure. Since 1952 the Surgical Clinic in Zagreb has applied the method of direct fixation with a compm-nive screw. The fixation is very stable and also provides rotation move- ImeriT, of the clavicle, without which the movement of the shoulder joint is limited. Until now, 25 patients have been successfully treated, Pictures. 1 Yugoslav and 19 Western references. ivianu- script received 10 Nov 1965. 1/1 PETROKOV. V.. 0steosynthesis with tritramedullau ngil ,sing Rush technic. Act& chir. iugool. 1 to.3:273-284 1956. 1. Kirmrsks klinike Medicinakog fakultets u Zagrebu (predstojaik prof. dr. D. Juzbasic. (FRACTURES. surcery, intr&MedUllftry Miling, Rush technic (Ser)) OMZRXU , B. I FMTROKOV Carcinoma of the colon in children. Acts, chir. fugool. 1 no.3: 273-277 1954. 1. Patoloako-anatomeki savod (predstojnik prof. dr. B.Saltykov) I Kirureks klinika Hadicinakog fakultsta u Zagrebu (predstojuik prof. dr. J.PudisavlJovic) (COLON, neoplasms surg. In child.) 1i it W is 66 it a a ; if b a $I j? Jilt m a 1, st 41 m 0 b V at I* & 41 .0 .1 A W" U 4111 4p" to Pbb*WiU-b*winS bar4ce of the Mis&nhhth Triab Petrolruvwh Coop. read ma& ~ci ( R '~t it thVill I'm slid 0 r. M -1111 01 11 IAI-St tvms are drombed: 11) I.,)%,,r I rtA-m- vtmim,t~ of cht. t .00 cokwtd sandstom-4, rinating with %hak. with chatw IVItAlk' thill %ifusk, twnt% ~hi,t 1.1. -00 hirX.1ilimIns intlis,kom k2l C.INV Vlll~ %ttlak% and let1w, fit witilkilmit, Ok- . Ibumulll folulA. I...Vf 'I rm'%V. Xd~ 1w make u1, till, It III 1 4 , 6 Carrmh payi,h attil-totiv. sit,tuAtittit %tits Iul- I.- r'. sios been sdm6fwd, 71mi m. ~-Ii Hum% bm%si ~mkwm ai~ and shak-s. with fastit streakit (if fimr~mmm. m4k, up tilt, -vrki,. Unniom vontains it-* hivaivr% mid tirstm.. Nb4dir Vris~h,, 4M..'441 tit, t5i I'hi% I. a cmit-it 00 st1w. 14 mildst'41C., hair, and .4 tilinut'. prbblm 2i*ol it. it) Ihis ~ft- IRICIII, .111, hm. c ,t,ww. tit thick. alm,vr we alitittatim. .f stplia C `rms 10111lit. titarl, simi htsst,i,,tw- A im. of It, Kk~ at, 140~pha'j"; thew ev. while i-, vO,m. aticilIA-mi- rmlit rciag. up (#1 15' ''t, V,4)., ~',1011 j4" tit 7, 7 hill mul dork gloy mand'Umv, " 11111r,tipur, atilt %W-0 Itselir tit) I Ill. wile. Ilivalvi -Ill, in A I-I tat I see " oil pit-wtvati4pn. 1his lartiv, lal,wiri% ill ill,- Shild1v 4a a' 1 I,cmihIr Upp" Triammc. tvritsum tio 1',0,, tm tit (hils at* 0 a very f-tw %mipiris conig. 11 urfu witin, Ifit. va,hhd 1 7 to 1470 PI(h. Too (rw itaimpitm wric taktii 1,, draw -it dir.tion, cother than Pis Int-wittl m-mm -%1,m 0 If- V tA 0 it* %d"3 -q , s j W a u AT 111~ ;W" Z uciltarmi via via "tin it tw 0 3 9 T An A I n 0 0 0 0 0 0 . 00000,00 . 0 0 a 0 0 e 6 0 0 0 6 0 0 01 000 0000000000 0 0 0 00 D'o 0 0 0 a 0 6 0- q 0- o 0 0-0 9 0 -0 0 Pl): / , '. I., . , A U I~; 1, "1 , BMYEVA, T.I.. kAndidat ldilmicheskikh nauk-, MOWT. L.A., kandidat khtmicheskikh nauk-; FRUMIN.A., 11nuchrkyy sotrudnik; MrROKOVA, K.G. Rarld method of deter-~ining cn1o1xiT in slurr7. Moment 23 no.1:22-23 My-Je 157. WMA 10: 7) (Cement --Ina lye i a) (Calcium) (Trilon B) L 330?E-66 Eta Q) /T T-IP(c rm. ru6624152 IP~Ll- AMAIORt Bolyy, V. A.; Starzhinakiy, V._Yo ; Potrokovots, If* I* ORG: 1)ivision of Poly-mer Meclianici, (Otdol mblkhani)d polimerorv AN B35R) TITM: Question of the goomotria calculation of a mntnIIoPoIvmr transmission with cast plastic gear wheels MIME: All BSSR. Vostsi. Soryya fizika-tekJmichnykh navuk, no. 1, 1966, 95-100 TOPIC TAG3: transrussion gear, motallopolyrwr material, thermoplastic material. dio, vacuum casting, centrifugal casting, geometry, mechanical engineering ABSTRACT: The fundamonta principles for the Geometric calculation-of Involute goars with plastic whoolsilkave their basIs in the theory of involute gears. Howovor, the need to considor certain poculiaritios of plastics (shrInIcago. high coefficient of linear expansion, susceptibility to absorption of moisture) complicates the problem of designing and porforming the geometric calculAtion of metallopoloymor gears, Gear whoolslof thermoplastic materials can be mAdo by pressure dio-casting, coiit-rU~a-[-vacuwri cauting, otc. Since tooth which do not undergo subsequent machining are molded in a dio, special attention must be given to the geometry of the dio elements forming the tooth, and hence the ,geometric calculation of metallopolrmor gear will depend on the geometry of the machino-tool engagement of tool with dio or with master wheels The -&Tticle shows the possibility of the existence of a gear, one of whose wheels Card 1/2 L .33078,-66 ACC NRt A ,(vjeta1)is cut by a breach and whose second wheel (plastic) is-obtainod In a cb-o prepared by the gear-shaping method. The authors use the widespread mothod of geometric calculation In which a constant radial clearance is ,mintainod in the gear at any value of the COOffiCIent3 Of disp~400mqnt. Crig. art. has: 1 figure and 25 foi-nLUs,, rjpRS7 SUB CODEI 13, n / SUBH DATEt Y)Nov65 / ORIG REF: 007 / OM REF: 001 card 2/2 A ,~', I I T!lr'K(')Illllj, *."Y. 11%. " '' I I , 1. A . I., . ~ "", I . 3c i . I -.~ t.. rl ! -- 4 7~-, rg ~' , I , , - - - , 2 r. - 4f 5 19k7 00210slatl Prospecting CIj C- "Uriesn River (on the Occurrence of the Targen DOVAG),m Tu. A. Petrokovich, 9 pu PA71LU Moskov Obah lop Pri, Nova Ser.. Otdei Geam Vol MKII, No 3 the Toreen amuft represent variety of arenaceoma ZVON 9C U* Plio"m layers located, between the Volga ant Ma RIvers =A extends& southvardL to streom metwaft at Us Tergim River. Vhere theme rivers out the Vm- X64voUtsa Rivers, low Island forned, covers& br the ono Tergenlan deposits. Laterp during the pregA^- cI*X tpoch, the Tergen aromion system burled, 492V 9=100010a (Ccuta) Mar 19k7 tblck -IaW of deposit* produced by the Don U12. of the Rust= glacier. Bed of the Tergen River cut 50- a Into the Runalan Plain, and can now be tr--ed- over 15M ta. emu 002, sea I Z -1 1 1 - m :so moo .00 'ie 0 -:so moo *00 goo Co a see 800 No's tgo 0 be* DbOhow 46MAnd b 0" ed1b on dbUUmdm d pwmmm~t havy bpDow w mks. uw*xl 040 pWW& PAL law. (OvoW M.. Ion 2. No. 11- 12' 0 aw 06wivis" am mvrdnl. ft. Ass. 4) : 0 04)4 041) w 04! Adb t ~Iavaumwa% tm Saws CL&SWPICAT411 0 b 00% *Goo** ::ooe**oooo****Oeo WOO PETROLEVIGH, L.I.- AnomalouB developmvnt of the duodenu-m. Zdrav. Boolor. 6 no.4:65-.66 Ap 160. (?lPA 14:5) 1. Iz rentgenovskogo oUleleniya (zaveduyushchiy L.T.Yatsenko) 1-y klinicbeakoy bollnitay (:glavnyy vrach A.I.Shuba). (DU0DENW4--&BNORMITIES AND DEFORMITIES) NESTE, Laszlo; FETRME G12n, p Xarta Effect Of the activatln;~ and inhibiting compounds on the polygalacturorase conronerts of Aspergillus niger. Elelm ipar 15 ro.3:84-89 Mr 161. 1. Budapesti Muszaki Rvvetem, I-l6zO9ftzdn8ni!i Kemiai Technologial Tanazek TMOlp Francisc; PETRCVIqG. The ompetition of the neu-spaper "Constructorul". Constr Bac 16 no.736tl 15 F164. 1. Secretarul asociatiei sportive "Constractorullp Iasi (for Petroni). .-, ' * -.* ~'-.Nl A L I),- s L: C L: i -:ritoriujui sl,:cL:ava. "Measures A,~24-t in Lh,~! SUCCava Region. 3ucharest, Rcj:sca -0-)~ `-cl~,rira -a, Voll lay 63; .-',bszract: ol ,,carlv and; total %..,ork Jonc in Tio~~Io~cx)ntroi and vrevu,-ition mca:;ure5 sucL as rei7orestation a; d drairia.-e witli CXC3V-,LiCn Ird ,vc1lir.,,,;,:z-z.Ls and bu~,h rQseudin-,, and production, malzily durjn~, tlic 1957-19~2 pcr4c~~,,; data On avj performance, past ard iT~,~c~ndtzd. ~4.x Coli:'ItrY Rumania De-Crcet3: Engineer A,!:11U~Ltion: Regional Agricultural Section (Sectia Agricola ReF*ic)na ZI) I Suceava. Scurcc:Bueharest I Prgbleme Zootehnice - si Veterinare No 6 0 Data 13 pp 12-17- Results' 0 bt ained in the Improvoment of Natur,l A Few Good Pastures and Hay Areas in Suceava Regiune. Aim. Jldgrtle. PISS, MM.17 by 3twhing Sis qms-.1 willa W). NAri wan- its esillmr In"ll bright YgOm 14) M-mw' owill): ho n.11a;N11.11 F... XI'dir.hT. 1143,; nawl-311 0 21 Isqw-r ilasop-A-s %hpblly wilh Slou omcn. M N.%,i. Iml Oar F., owlt-rit Ao.,u% o. vom. wid iN vviry I-yw villo vinc. N ~IUWAILA~ -4)'Nlawlmat ona). to AU day,%, but luTuni in 13 min, it Nigl'), i~ A.W. F)J6 d'" lank TxV. afirel the V.-OF.W13.41 aaal % -)it will) IP41i)sX f-hillow, 33. DzxS)LI'u--- 4-r tnGOSLAV1A PETROITIC Dr Vladi-i- and Dr Engr Dusan 1)JUii1C, Institute '01' Serbia (Irs',itut za hedicinu tiada 1VIS) - "Yethyl Alcc)iol Poisoninj,-." I de Gl,-,Fril: Zavo-l;rt za -','dravstvenu zastitu iiit ~orbije, ,.rc I 1TL'2, rj: 'Ct M)Str : sur:c..Pr~- --Odifieg The authors first -lescribe the rhysical and cl',eii,ical properties of ?net,'Vl alcohol and Uen discuss tll(-- toxic eift-ct) toxic doces maximum rem'ss4b:.e concentr4t ions, pathoph~,siolo6- ical effect) Uhe clinical ricture chanj~ez in or-ans, 1-roL.- no6is) and dia-nosis. There iE a brief review of treatment ard rreventive medicine. Twenty-four references, r-;~irjly ~vestern. Liz, 7rM__*Ci ,ji A Mij, (serbol, O'cut ian~ -Gernian znunmitry)- 4 ~11 v~t~liclij V611 *6eien'~ 46- Thlemel- wv'kdell ennu nkias -yon 'dcr zweidimensionalvii Ebi:fie ..'Rc~tornetrie) derjepigen t Erhebuvi 'eas Begriffes der Strcckc.tili tivill r~ridbegriffe dm Rtrtpinarki Author's sity'-widry: 13 M31RKOVIC, Aleksandr; JUZNIC, Nevenka; PETRONUEVIC, Aleksandr ....... .. A vaginal foreign body In a preschool child. Report of a case, Srpski arh. celo'k. lek. 92 no.7:783-'187 JI-Ag 164. Suppurative tumors of the reotovagJnal region. lbid.s789-791 1. Ginekolosko-akuserskil klinika Medicinskog fskulteta Uni- verziteta, u Beogradu (Ulpravnik: prof. dr. Bosiljka Milosevic). PETRONIC-RAJOVIC, Vora, ing., a.sistent (Beograd, KarnedziJeva 0) The sedimentation of the suspenalkna made up from pawdored Sb2O3., SI) and S102 in anyl acetate. Tehnik0jug 16 no.11:203Z-20"12o 161. 1. Technological ?aculty of the University of Beograd. JOVANOVIC, Dustn; BROCIC, Mladfiri; PETTiCVIJEVIC, Aleksandari JOVANOVIC- TA~JFL, Svotlana --1- 1. ~ . - ~ ... - 1 ~ 1- 1 - I Z ---l' Marfan's syndrome and pragnanr,7. Med. arh. 19 no.2:57-60 Mi--Ap,165. 1, Ginekoloako akuderAn klinika Medicinakog rakultW;a u Bec- gradu (Upravriki Prof. dr. Bosiljka Milesevic). DUKIC-TADIC., 141.rjana; BE'RUS, Ivan; l'OL.JAKOVI(:, Ljublca; 1T'TiiC,[1JjEVIC, Aleksandar Histamine and pregnandiol excretion In normal nnJ comip"111ca',el pregnancy with specia) refQrence to puerperium. Srl)!3P-I, arh. celok. lek. 92 no.12:11F3-1189 D 164- 1. Ginekolosko-akuserska klini/a Medicinskog fakulteta Univer- ziteta u Beogradu (Upravnik; prof. dr, BoBiljka Mlilosevic;' I Biohemijski institut Farniaceutskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu (Upravnik: prof. dr. Ivan Berkes). FFTRON 1,17ri rZ . "Mastodon Borsonj Tiays froin the Villr,~-,e of Gradesnica (,Yorhovo), Mace6onla.ll P. 243. (GU.SNTK, SFRIJA A: M.11THA1031R, ~FCIUI'JA, PALFONTCICGIJA. No. 5, 1052, Beograd, Yu,,roslavia.) SO: Monthly List of East European PceeFsions, (EFAL), LC, Vol. 3, No. 12, Dec. 1954, Uncl. PMOSMITIC, 20 Vinding reamlants of Kfi ~DDON ARTZMRSIS CROIZIT IT JOHM at Sremiki Xarloycl. Tolvodlma*, p. 67 (Gbmxdk. Serija A: Kineral;ji-j-~, Gsologl.~&, Palsontologija, ND. 4, 1951, Beograd) jjt~ 2 SO: Month List of i"Mfflessions,/ ai-~ Jo~ Zongress, _ September 'L953, Uncl. 1 -A PETRON1JE7IC, Z. I - ~ - -I--- I . I "Fossil remnants of proboscidea from the vicinity of Kraljevo and their stratigraphic significance." p. 185 ( Geolosld Anali Balkanskega Poluostrava) Vol. 24, 1956 Belgrade, YugoslRvia SO: Monthly Index of East European Acce--sions (ETAI) W. Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 FBTWNIO, N.A. ftepamflom c~ chips for producticz. Dnaprom. 33 1W.12t19-20 D 160. (KIRA 13S12) 1. GlavzWy Imshemer Segethakogo kon'bln%ta. (Vood v"te) PETRON70, M.A.; ODINTSOV, L.G. Adjusting "Eleks" electric filters. lim. rom. 36 ro.8:IX20 Ag 161. (MIRfi 14- 8, 1. Glavnyy inzh. Segazhokogo tsellyulomo-bumazhnogo kam- binata (for Petronio). 2. Nachaltnik OTI, "Lengiprogazoom."-:- chistka" (for Odintsov). (Electric filters) ~~' Z:-y 7-r "h. .:-Z.7-k A P- Ana ticol tI.Aho~at.-, r.- do 0=10 d. FtnEl'sh !1-7; pp stu&7 Of th. X.t~~dq of 22, . : q Dr in T'%-c0!--rj " P~ X 713 TPA In- Ind F',- '-. ~TA!~ 0, w 11 !AtV ft- . 'do of t!%. i 3. oil Uv-1 -r. 0117 501"t'Oyt V. Frr- ani !rk T to en. a 0.1 t'. T:At~ ftt~-mxl do PAT-,. (&I Ftvalt.,ti- 'i~ 6 clu IZ-nt-rl.zv~a. i conr 3. Y-Irla -A-S-T- .e At tb4 t--r"' do 5'. "ltat-'i do Fu~aai-, I. flt-' ~-jt; Znxlish S-~,~A.-7; p; of ,t", A~!-'~ -, rr.0 11.1 cant.nt In ?I i 7T 7~" At i~." s-.-'* Or T?..U't'j and = t t t-a -~,- TZ -rtr, C'.C1tArI Znel!s!: 6. to t~l ','20 Of 74o-ns In tr,- t~rua DI-On- stnz In zh' all!nl"j PO PaLzu And CD 112 GURICIE) !.,A.; LISOV, V,,I,; PLOTI~,IKOV, A.Ya.~ YCIJS111LCV, 1;.Fz; VOROWYEVA, Ye.Ya.; T,'A:-:,TOV, Y."- Butts of pine logs is a valuable raw material. Bwn. prom. 36 no.10:16 0 161, (?:-ThA 15: 1) 1. TSezitrall-'nry nauchnc~-is,,,ledovatel'skiy lesokbimicheskiy institut (for Gurich, ldsov, Plotnikov), 2. Karel~slciy filial AN SSSR (for KomshIlmr), 3. Slogov.1inkly kombinilt (for Voroblyeva, Baletov. Petronio), (Pine) (Gums and resins) MATYUSHKINA. A.F.; PETROVIO. Y.N.; ND)WIWV, N.Y.; KATAYRY. AJ. Stearins from tall oil pitch. Bum.prom. 33 no.n:lj~-21 N 158. I:HMA 13:8) 1. Begezhskly ordena Leutua tsellyulozuo-bumazhu~y-kaabinat (for Hatushkina, Petronio). 2. laboratorlya levokhtmit Karel'skogo filiala AN SSSR (for Romehilov. Katayev). (Stearin) (Tall oil) F-RONISCU,B.,dr.; P1r?ROIIIU,L.,dr.; CONSTANTIN&CU9S.9chimist Study of renal elimination of water during chronic hepatitis. Med. int.,Bacur. 12 no.2:26~1-277 F '60. 1. Lacrare efectuata in Clinica a V-a medicala, I.M.F.,Bucareati. (HIPATITIS, metabollom) (WATER,metaboliam) (LIVER,metabolism) SUXRARITU, A.N.; A.A. _ Now region with high-alumina fire clays In Western Siberia. Sov.pol. 3 no.10:146-149 0160. (MnLk 13:10) 1. Zapadno-Sibirskoye goologicheekoye upravlonlye. (Siberia, Western--Fire clay) ANINRY, Aleksandr Kikhsylovich, p:rof.; FZTROPCL' SKAYA, N.Ye., red., YAREM OKINA,Ye.A.. tekhn.:red. WNWIWAXWO [Hemorrhoids] Gemorrol. Kulbyahav, Kuibyshevskoe imi2hnoe 12d-vo, 1959. 114 p. (KiMA 14:4) (BEKOMOMS) PZTRONNYTIS I. P. (Vc-t.) "Influence of envlronv&rit on the illness cX lwJbs with dy.5entur-, ." SO: Vet. 29 (2) 1952, D. 2'~ Central Zoovetcrinary District, Kineshemis~.iy rayon, Ivanov Oblact. PMONAYTTS, T. P. 11heep - Diseases Influence of the external enviornment upon dysentery in lambs. Veterinariia, 29t no. 2v 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April _I 953t~ Unc I a s s I f i ed. . 1. . - P.- '. , , -I :I. sand%-. j~ 'I"-! :, -UKOVIC, Radm I ja; - I .7""t" ( , Ji-enile uter-ne hem ~rrl;rjfe aitri ari.. celorc. lek. 4-.~ n, .1:3,7~3--'Ct'. Ja 1W. , fri't:iiltr-',a UnIlver 1. 1:3 Lnilia V.~Aiclr:akr~g -'tet .1 1 1 ~ 1 -- v, 5,!~3fm.du - pi-cf. dr. . FETRONIS, Z. Tuberculosis control in rural areas. Svelk. Apsaug. no.31 46-50 164. 1. Kauno rajono "Kelias i komunizma" kolAio felceriu punkto vedejas. , PETR(RITS,Z. Experience with tuberculosis control in a rural area. Sveik. apsaug. 9 no-3t46-50 Vx'64 1. Kauno rajono "Kelias I I:omunizma* kolukio foelceriu punkto vedejas. PRTROPAVLOV, G.M.. In2h.-, SNY-GIREV,, M.N.. inzh. Measurement and recording of the surface temperature of drying cylinders. Bum.prom. 34 no.1:15-17 Ja '59. (MIRA 12:1) - Npermaking maebinery) (Temperattire-Neasurement) I-INfIlKlip Y Li V . ; I i ~%-l 16 ~ t ~ 11. ~ ij) V I11 . ti . ; K I " 'I ~ !;, %., , " 11:; Y, I y , P. . 'k . !yr;r !?T-ujt~., 6' ~T-jn !~-ilfi !,I ;,r,7 7,. tr a *-: , ~ . 1. 1 -1 1. 1 AN SSSR 166 no.1%8C,-83 Ja ( !c, i ~~ , 11 ) 0 c ~ ~~. I y it' ~, , ~% ~ *I Te d 1. Institut L,;,;yr-J-~eni- 11 0. . ~ I . April 27, 1965. Ecv,111", V.M.; YU.V,, ASADOV, Yu.G.; KORMHKOV, B.D.; PETR 11 Measuring the dansi-ty of '12 land phalec of in a gradlent tube. Kris tallograf 1 9 no.6s921-l*Pl3" WIPA 28:2) 1. Tnstltut elementoorganichaskikh soyedinenly AN SSSR. PWROPAVLOT, Te.P.. Inshener. Prevention of intense production noises. no.6:38 Je 157. Besop.trada v prcm. (NUU 10:7) 1. Zavod OLeninskaya ku2nitse-I (Noise) (Mgchinery) FETROPAVLOVI YO.P.,Inzh. Pnoinktia drives for casements. Bazop,tnida v prom, 3 no.207 )p 159. (MIRA 12:2) (Vactories-Ileg.ting and, ventilation) 137-58-6-11973 1958, Nr 6, 1) 1 1 Z (USSR) Translation frorn: Heferativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, AUTHOR: Petropavlova, Z.V. TITLE': Segregation Used to Clean an Electrolyte (Primcneniye segre- gatsil diva ochistki elektrolita) PERIODICAL: Byul. tsvetn. i-netallurgii, 1957, Nr 9, pp 16-19 ABSTRACT: The experience of the Noril'sk KorTibinat and of preliminary experiments at the Moscow electrolytic copper plant resulted in the starting in January, 1956, of a series of ten cells for electrolytic decoppcring of solutions by segregation of the solu- tion (layering of the electrolyte [E) into rich and poor strata in terms of CuS04 contents as electric current passes through the E). The E is fed to the lower portion of the bath. 90% is withdrawn from the bath through the bottom, and 1017o of the E, low in Cu, through the top over a special sill. The E contained a bi-monthly average of 150.5 g H?_S04 and 63.1 g CuS04'5H20/liter, while after clecoppering the E contained 173 g 142S04 and 8.3 9 Cu!304 - 5HZO/ liter. The mean duration of the cycle of electrolysis was 12 hours. The cathode Cu in Card I/Z the segregation baths was of MO grade. The advantages of 137-58-6-11973 Segregation Used to Clean an Electrolyte decoppering the E by segregation are: 1) reduction of Cu loss in the solu- tions going to the regeneration shop, and a monthly saving of Z7-34 t CuS04-5HZO; 2) shortening of the tirne required for the decoppering cycle from ZO to 12 hours, thus saving power, and 3) reduction in the NiS04-7H2 0 content of the E, since reduction in the Cu contents permits the volume of solution fed for decoppering to be increased without impairing the fundamental electrolysis process. N,P. 1. Electrolytes--Properties 2. Electralytes--Performance 3. Copper--Electrolysis Card 2/2 6 C 0 W 4 0 x a A i was ws a Goal iq, -PP3 as an"Od" f4 00 ltm~ M WsP" q q-A GO. IAVP I SAMS P940 a" Op 4,01o" p- J"Tq4--dv ! I im -p ap mamp OC Mwp W pW mSM 00. a JA9q nfqla"mww P" ISIPWRA IN so, aRk of - tpmpg a" ORM p a" mq" aj"m fjf=Aw (a) 00. 70 -t*-* (d low ft"9" "s *~M to" fAd -Wi p MI 'Pon -R!-A-den le- - . ---. - 5"M walfra" xj- -raur v T T 01#00 000 Oar 00 so ego jp 04 #00 tot J'F-T W 0 Ph \1 L G -,/ -; K 1'~, ( i - h - PHASE I TREASURE ISLAIM BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REPORT AID 532 - I BOOK Call No.: AF603914 Author: PETROPAVLOVSKIY, A. A. Full Title: AN APPROXIMATE METHOD OF DETERMINATION OF CRITICAL FORCES IN ELASTIC S~''STEMS Transliterated Title: Ob odnom priblizhennom sposobe opredeleniya kritlcheskikh oil dlya uprugilch olDtem PUBLISHING DATA Originating Aj~ency: Moscow Institute of Railroad Transpcrt Engineers im. Stalin (MIXT , Trudy, Issue 76, Construction Mechai,les Publishing House: Sta.e ublishing House of Railroad Transport Date! 1952 No. pp.: 8 (72-79) No. of copies: 1,000 Editcrial Staff Editor-in-Chief: Litvin, G. V, Kand. of Tech. Sci. Editors: Profs., Dzc. of Tech. Sel. Prckof'yev, I. F., Pratusevich, Ya. A., and Sinellnikov, V. V. Others: The preface was written by Gerasimov, A. S., Chief of MIIT, General Director of Traffic 11I Rank PURPOSE: A paper intended ror engJneering-technJoal and sCientlf- ic workers of railroad transport. TEXT DATA Coverage: The author gives 1r, ',his article an approximate method of .1 //1) PETROFAVLOVSKH., A. A. Dissertations "Effect of the Behavior of a Load on the Magnitude of the Coefficient of Stability of Bridge Arches*" Cand Tech Sci, Moscow Inst of Railroad Transport Enginmra,. Moscow, 1953* (Referativnyy Zhurnal-Nekhanika., Moscow, Aug 54) SO: SW 393P 28 Feb 1955 NOBASTTESKAU, B.I.; W&MVLOYgLU, A.A.; TSINZMING. V.D., professor, chlon-korresponde'rit- ffAnVikh mik BSSR, taveduyushchiy; ANICHKOV, S.T.. professor, do7styltelInyy chlen Akadezii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR, zavedayashchly. Styptic and wound-healing effect of plantain. Farm.i toks. 16 no.2-.30- 32 Mr-Ap 153. (NLRL 6:6) 1. Akademiya meditsinskikh nauk SSSR (for Tainaerling and Anichkov). 2. Kafedra patologicheakoy anatomii Leningradskogo sanitarno-giglyeni- cheakogo meditsinskogo Instituta (for Tainzerling, Monastyrskaya and Potropavlovskaya). 3. Kafeilra farmakologii Lortingradskogo sanitarno- gigiyenicheakogo veditsinskogo inatituts, (for Anichkov, Monastyrakaya and I&tropA--v pkaya). (Hemostatics) .. ~Jpv KRASKOVP M.M.; FETROFAVLOVSKAYA, G.A.1 KHVATOVA, A.V. Experimental study of thc reaction of a rabbit's eye to the implantation in the anterior chamber of an artifli(sial crys- talline leas made of glaim or plastic. Uch.zap. GIIII glaz. bol. no.8:163-170:63. (MIRA 16:9) 1. Gosudarstvennvy naucluio-issledovateliskiy institut C:laz- nykh bolezney imeni. Gel?fkgolltsa. (r,RMTALLINE LLNS) (EM-SUMERY) FETROPAV&OVSunp G.A. Cataract follaving experbaeutal hemorrbW into the vitreous body. Uch.zap. GNII glaz.bol. no.8255-61163. (KIRA 160) 1. Gooudarmtvem4y nauchro-imledovatelleldy institut glkz- nykh bolezW imeni Gellrgolltsa. (CATARACT) (VITREOUS HUMOR) (HEM011RHAGE) SAKSONOVA, Ye.O.; ATROPAVLOVSKAYA G.A.; NOrISIOVSKAXA., R.S. - ~ 1. 11 ~ - Use of andaxin in cataract extraction. Uch. zip. GRII g.laz. bol. no.8:109-112163. WIM .16:9) 1. Gosudarstvennyy naohno-isaledovatellskiy inBtitut glaznykh bolezney imeni Gillmgolltsa. (MEPROBANATE) (CATARACT) PETROPAVLOVSKAYA, U. A., Cand Mod Sci -- (diss) I'Hemorrhaj-~re in a vit- reous body according to experimontal tind clinical elucidation." Mos- cow, 1960. 19 pp; (Novosibirsk E'state Medical Inst of the lllirjistr~ of Public Health RSFSR); 250 copies; price not given; (KL, l'?-60, 1?2) PEMOPAVLOVSKAYA, G.A. Xxtravasation Into vitrODus bod7 from the experimental and clinical viewpoints. Vest.oft. 72 n0.5:13-19 S-0 159. (MIRA 13:3) 1. Nauchno-Issledovatel'skly Institut glaznykh bolezney imani Gellw- golltea (direktor A.V. FkD81aVtS8V). (VITIMDUS BODY, dis.) PUIMISHTM. D.B.;FATRUAVLOYMIA, I.B. - Volumetric determination of zongs as in ores and rock with the use of cobaltous paroulfate. Zhur.arial.khim. 10 no-3:180-183 YT-Je '55. - (K6RA 13:8) 1. TSentralluaya laboratorlyn Ural~polupravlenlya. (Manganese) (Mineraloor. Determinative) (Catmaysts, Cobalt) ';~r%ullata gjt~~C'jl' I -'S 'A temjwfln7~ka N ZA u r. n i?, i& as catal%~t 1-~:r th? Vt~ vl~i 21 11.0 DT~. Th-- Is vommniently r-bt-ghicd Twim t b2 fill ritt.:lrd fraut The X detn. L -it c b z Phee 0.&-1.0 R. i'1 flm~v g7tlind ~~Irnple iu a m', 2Z()-tnl. &A aml add 15 mL nq~,,A ri-gia. Alm 4 jos-vi 0--5,rs iiili 10 int ISIV If t5l).- 4nd "a to "!I!,: nd a ance - a. Jpjq thk--l fum". CoAA, mid IOG-1151 I-W) rid, zci'l !-jht. + 313SOO (1-as) In! + MPOi (1.7) =" YaLl" am'I '19 w), 2 ACA zbovr to lumi wann It'r 11) rr~zl'. In destroy virm cv-4, an-4 6!rat-, vith arnniir qt1n. Fm rhtcking. btat the n., r sid -c whh '.oO. -10 reWa! tht 2-19a v A. This dum ga" S-YA mitilts W tip to &-4 ng. Mm. Fox hightr quantities 0 Mn, u;i to !~) mg. Idn W fl~O-XW 1 xS' M., Ja addn, to 2D mt. Ca-Cu cbhJyA., add I iri. 0 7. -Ag. N 'M. Hawh L_ 0 V .5 .trorwr-I. O"ka" %ni.111 AnTivnij to arts cnntain;i -D! to "a per imidywcout4iniq tka percent of V.3n =111C, rjy v 11"Co AgNO4 in 1he IwisulPhate- arsenita metO of determwing Mr.. The sarnpb 10-5 -to 1-0 S) is heated with 15 MI of aqua 7egia ;~Xatcd to jum" with 103rd of dl Tha sides of tbo vessel are washed dF, (C.'i'ah"Ilvato And tha tontents bre Ayala eva d li~ JUMM The 11,10id is 4vqxAr4 ADd Itorn) i,l wAiet AM U itil aDl mixed add (750 und of walot, 125 =1 of --jnc- 11,S0 and 124 in] Of H.M. SP; Sr. V Added. He 201n. is heated todispAvethelt-sand tx~iled *ith l6nilof catalyst Job. " 20 Tal of, 25 per cent ammonium penuIpbate *blu. Aftm dworop. of the cxtess oJ pffsulphate~ the D~Rz. is vc~ and ttmted with amulte. Wx!.b orm containing large amounts of Mn, a sman smount of ASN% is usential in the V"yVt'*DbL The MADgKONO VM 10-1 to O'J.S) 33 then heated 7fith 20 Nd ul phosphoric Acid (sp. Zr. 1-7) at 3)W tq 360* C, vntil dATk particles disappear. Ile siAution to mixed vith IDD to 300 ml of watcr. 20 =3 of the goWl - copper cablyat Wn. and I rol of 0.2 per cidit AgND, soln.. and 30 ml 0 25 Per cent. ammon2 Pm persuIpbute ^obL am ad 33owly tolhebotsol:t. lbesda.isbollodfor4oramin.. k1pt lot Jor Lo to 12 min. in destroy the *xem ul Persulplime, t:hcn cooled and titrated with 0.2 M je,jo s arnmonium stdphate "ntaming 3SD2rl of conc. HSD, per litre, i%rith 5 droaal &I r cent. inv'uWb=ti acid as aicator tPard) ;'90~ eti, of tration. G. S. Sui-ru OUMTSKOVSKIY, N.A.; DZIEKSBIBLYEV, O.Sh.; P~ ,',rROPAVWVSKAYA, Distribution of sekazin in the bodies of experimental animals. Antibiotiki 7 no-4:356-358 Ap 162. (14IRA 15:3) 1. Otdel infcIctvionnoy patologli i oksporitrontallnoy tarapil infektaiy (zav. - chle:a-korrespondent UIN SSSR prof. hI.Kh. Planellyes) Instituta apidemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni N.F. Gamalei A1,21 SSSR. (Alff IBIUf IGS) PETHOPAVLOVSKAYA, I.S. Rcle of antibacte-rial substancev in the body in the of antibiotics by the agar diffusion miethod; the ftction cf anti- bactorlal suhtiUmces on various mierc-organisms. An~itiotlki 9 no.1:76-81 Ja 164. (MIRA 18-3) 1. Gtdel infektsionnoy patolo li i ek--p--rimenvq1'r-C,:,? --,i~rzqij 1 11 "i prc;f'. ?2-.Yh. infektsiy (zav. - chlen-korrEspondent ANN Planellyes) Instituta epidemiologil i mikrob~olc~JJ "i-IN ~~-Slh imeni Gamalei, Moskva.. ET'R OP (C, ~ I L. 0 V r-- V- YOPTSIOVSKMA, L.S.; PBUOPAVLOVSKAYA. 1.S. TreWtuent of peritonitis by intra-peritoneal adainistration of pentaillin. Sovet. mad. 16 no. 7:8-9 July 1952. (CLML 22i4) 1. Candidate Medical Sciences for Koptsinovskaya. 2. Of Moscow Municipal Scientific-Research Institute for Iftret Aid Imani N. V. Sklifosovskly (Director -- B. V. Nifontov; Head Physician Prof. B. A. Petrov). PETROPAVLOVSUYA, I.S. Determination of sterility of mycerin preparations with the aid af ion exchange resins. Antibiotiki 6 no.2tl72-178 F 161. 1 (MIRA 14-- 5) 1. Otdel infektsionnoy-patologii i eksperimentallnoy terapii infektsiy (zav. - chlen-korrespcindent AM SSSR prof. Kh.Kh.Planellyes) Institute. epidemiologl.i i mikrobiologii imeni N.F.Gamalei AMN SSSR. (MYCERIN) (ION EXCUNGE RESINS) USSR / Cultivated Plants. Fodders. m-4 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 6, 1958, 25110 Author L_Eetx22avlovs1UL _K_L, Inot : Stavropol Agricultural Institute Title : A Study of the Crosses Between the Jerusalem Artichoke and the Sunflower in the Quality of an Ensilage Crop Orig Pub: Tr. Stavropollsk. s.-kh In-to, 1956o vYP. 7, 151-159 Abstract: Observations were made at the experimental field of the institute In 1950-1952 on the growth, de- velopment and productive capacity of the hybrids between the Jerusalem artichoke and the Severo- OsetinsklY 71 (G-71-39), the MaykopskiY 33-650, the Stovropol'skiy sunflowers; two Jerusalem artichoke varieties, the Vadim and Belyy Uro- Card 1/3 98 Card 2/3 USSR / Cultivated Plants. Foddera. m-4 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 6, 1958, 25110 Abstract: but it was even lower than the Jerusalem arti- chokes. The production of tubers began in the first half of July, preceding with greater inten- sity In September and October. The Stavropollskiy hybrid took first place in tuber output, yielding 302 centners per ha. The harvest of hybrids and the Jerusalem artichoke of the 2nd year In use was close to the y~Leld at the 1st year in use. --- S.B. Card 3/3 99 , -P - q ~Ci ,~ /~, 41Z ~/ ~J- "I -/:~ ~ ." - / , L., kEmd. istor. nauk. Musik Idminova. Rabotnitsa 35 no-11:8-9 N 157. (VIRA 11:2) (Lisinova, Idusla Arteinlevna) SOKOLOV, I.Yu.; AYDINIYA)it W.M.; BEEKHOVA, V.N,.-, BRODSM, A.A.9 starshiy naucbMy sotrudnik; GUMOVICEp T.A,; DLUUTUVA, T.V.; XOMOVAf A.I.; ROMOVAp Z.V.; ROPILOYAp M.M.; KUDRYAVTSEVAp H.M.j LIBIWAI R.Is; LOGINOVAq L.G.; MARGOL13it L.S.; MARKOVAp A.1,; MEDVEM, Yu.L.; HILMv A.D.; MULIEOVSIMAp Ye.P..-. NECHAYEVAq A.A.j OZEROVAp N.V.; PAUINA9 I.M:; ZMOPAI'LOVSKATA9 L.A.; POPOVA, T.F.; RMIKOV, A.A.; SMGMEVp Ye A&.-, S&MIP-0--wai-SMAkov, P.A.1 SUVOROVAj Ye.G. [deceased]; SHERGINAp lu.P.; FANOVA, A.I., red.izd-va; IVANOVA, A.G., [)%thodological bandbook on the determination of microconponents in natural waters during prospecting for ore deposits] 14stodicheskoe rukavcdot-vo po opredelendlu mikrokomponentov -v prirodxWkh -vodakh pri poiskakb rudzWkb mestorozbdenii. Moskva, Gos.naucbno-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po geol. :L okhrane nedr, 1961. 287 p iMA No 7) 1. VaeeoyumVy nauchno-Iseledovatel'sMy institut gidrogeologii i in2henernoy geologii (for Sokolovq Brodskiyp Glebovichp Ozerova, ludryavtseva, Loginovaq Markova, Medvedev, Belekboval Palkina, (Continued on next card) SOKOIA)Vp I.Yu.--(continued) Card 2. Popovap Petropavlovokaya), 2, Institut goologil nj!inykh moato- rozhdeniy; petrografti, mineralogii i geolddmii AN SSSR (for Aydinlyan v 3. Vaesoyuznyy naw-,hnn--4. ss led crTatel I ski.7 institut z*todiki i tekhnikJ razvedki (for Miller.. Sergeyevp Margolin). 4. Vresoyuzvyy nauchno-issledavatelrakiy geologicheskiy institut (for Mulikovskayap Reznikov). 5o Vsesoyuzrqy nauchno-issledaTa~ tellskiy institut minerallnogo uyx~ya (for K.-~marovar A.). (Prospectin~--Geopbysical methods) (Water, Underground-In-s-lysig-) USSR/General and Systematic Zoology. insects. Systematics and P Faunistics Abs Jour Rof 72hur - 31icl., No 1959, No 11491 &.thor Petropavlovaltaya, M.B. Inst Alt~ij-Agricultural Institute. Title Species Distiictions of the Eggs and Lnrvae of the Bug of the Genus Eurydema lap. in Western Siberia. Orig Pub :Tr. Altays1h. s.-kh. in-ta, 1957, vyp. 5, 366-371. Abstract :Classification tables of eggs and larvae (the latter se- parately ?cr each vtage of d,2valomcat) of the four species Gf tenus Eurydum, bas~-d i?rincipally on color diffcr,2.1c,-,r,. Card 1/1 0 a * Its Is 0 0 0 It - v - - ~* ~.- -~- 4 4 4 1 1 1 ~~ It Is It I, Js III is m a u I- it " ! , ; " 0 s I 1 1 J6 . 1 I 1, ., Is 1 . 1 "Itialvd-1- dryise sail. At. III. 0141 V. V. lJobs. 1AkA)?4jvka01 Pft-ft. 1039 No . , tsbtrAmd by 11musl c*talytk tmlvnmt C4 Ibs, by. I .00 mt Ibsr pmwv of okem q~jl. COLO. as we;) A 0 .-W4146"u-1t; it 1,0111* Anklist-41, &JIV41104441 SIMI uu-0*6111 'Cliffill1k 441111; (W it COO bt v1stertibrd tjbr%.uSb it$ Sk. j h l W1 ) PIMPS W t tai . I bad 11sr bibl-wins evartsts" op. cr. 00 00, 411- &rW VMIIW 0-11. 1 VIIIIIr 2111, OASII 4046 1"Ant 123% Illyinf to dust 144 his.. divinf, with A", sit ii-Ir M4 , 1W. It fit in &I hm *it it to, ~ 11164-1 30 Iss... dA 20 ; .0 re his, I ask) J q MIA1. "Ith a Iffirl"S 1-11 4:11110 to (WIIIIIIIA ar-I dchYdraltil I as witil as I emietribed with tall (At are Sim unvatio-16"t". ' COO " be Ahnsts dry slowly. we unstalic to waict. 0xv Issiodly Isd an 6 1 d k. I Is vid Arkmy mW!!t.! x st.-IL A P1IAMiVrK1L W1004&I CL AIIWIL A'I;Ck CD It Is &I to 0 !, 0 is III a Is I a 0 9 009 0 0 0 111 0 0 Fie 0 * 0 a00 00 0 0 0 0 a 0:11111 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 1: 0 0 0 a 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 A j 1._j 6 A_jL so 4, be 04, 00 -00 00 00 es 00 Wait ftlatol W N A. 1,411,111111, St- lil--h Z*kt.vo. r 1. Wallsvis, 140 0 00 lot . Nit b A to Uri 1.160 411ing. w1low 1 00 0 1 pirwats hit M. 'be lklivivitasts 4i the wag" go J: 4 1 lot of se" to; dwtef time of a see r it" im"t, 'at try to am vu = = wilb twbm Mwk4 &Oil with k*4 O . 0 of.; M M zinc virlitift an blift" 10 1 fir " C 00 A Ike Ifftv" tan dkv&"Ol lot prarl", AbPO"t bthrnk- acioll w9ft WJ to wt m f Zoo htty or p M *iits o mliill)s trA fmchInsin Walet f,w rAl vwn the I,lSmrnl% a* I he pal"t film- I?,*" the *to -mist"s rir- whr Awilaw t. Api,.,v 'Fo* 'fie set f�68 .. ..... p I a I@ Is 01 Is a I 00 0900. 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 00 0 : * W! 000000 o 0 * o 0 0 0 0 o a 0 01000000 v A ilp w sl are cv -7-00 10 -,DID 0 I 0 g 00000 090 0 00 ease SO 41 41 0 0 oil J~EPOPAVWVSKAYA, W. A. Antitoxio immunity in healthy children vith respect to scarlet fever* Trudy Lan. inst.opid. i mierobiol. 1867-72158. (MMA 1697) 1. Iz laboratorii kapollnykh infektsty Uningradekogo inmtituta apidemiologii, mikrobiologii i gigiyeny imeni Pastera -(zav. N.N.Rui>911~ (DOMITY) (SCARLET FWM) PETROPAVWVSKAYA, N.A. Characterist~c-a of subc-li-ndcal forms of streptococcal infe,3tion. Trudy Len,inat.epid. i microbiol. 18.-73-80158. (~MU 16:7) 1. Iz laboratorii kapellnyt-h infekt-siy lAningradskogo institlita epidemidogii, mikrobiologil i gigiyeny imeni Pastem (zav. E.U. libel I). (STREPTWOCCAL IVIFECTIONS) PET11,0PAT 071,77AYA, ? . A. ; TTIIPI0VA, A. M. ; ZAL,:.SSKAYA, V. 7, - FILATOVA, Z. V. ; RIJPa, 1:. N. ; TIKIIO~!OVE, V. 1. ; 50FRON107, B. 14. "Special features of the mlcroglolo,t,ical im-nuno-epidemiological characteristics of scarlet ravqr treated with penicillin." heport submitted itt the 13th All-Union Congress of hygienists, EpIderiologists, and Infectioriists. 1959 ZITISMWA. E.M. s kard.medov-cak. PETE T'l.V!.0ViXAYA, N. 1. , A."', dokt or me d. as,ik 7--ray iiagnosis of' retroveriti;aeal su*idiaphrapmAtic Phacesses. ~wlt'h iunmary In Ewltc~41. Rlirurglia 34 no.4:4:-45 AP '58 ~'W%A I]:?) 1e 12; 1-y krifedry rantgeu-)l,)Fll i rndinlogit :zav. - miluzhennyy de.tntel' naukl prof. Re.,,nhergl TSentrallnogo Instituta tiscmershenstvovAnlyn vrachey (dir. V.P. Lebedeva) nR baze bollnitay BotkAlla ~'-Ir.-inyy ,,rqch - prnf. A.11. Shnbnnov). I 'TACE, nhS-- eEJ 9 i-r#V dl;~g. (Itug)) !A -("~ , nbacess PETROPAVLOVSKAY A, N. N. Cand Biol Sci - (diss) "Compa-rative-histoche--ical data or tte activity of phosphatase and on the lead-affinitv /_Dlyumbofiliy~~7 of the sensitive and vegetative neurons of horned cattle." Mos- cow, 1961. 12 pp; (Moscow Crder of Lenin Agricultural Academy imeni K. A. Timiryazev); 200 copies; price not Fiven; (KL, 6-61 sup, 208) 10ASHKOV.9 I.F.; M:,PZLYAKOVA, I.I.V.; PETROPAVlDVSKALA, ITJ First All-Russian Congres7 of Roentgenologists an--' the first 401-17~ussiaun Conference on Fluorography. Sov. zdrav. Kir. no.3:59-62 My-je 162. (1111RA 15 - 5) (RADIOLOGY, IMDICAL--GONGRhSSES) (DIAGNOSU.S. FLUOROSCOPIC-CONGRUESSLS) PXMOPA Structural characteristics of the mucosa of the urinar7 tract. [with sumnary In ftglish]. Trudy LSGMZ 42:99-.107 158 (XZRA ID12) I* Kafedra gistologil I embriologit Iheningradekogo sanitarno- gigiyentcheskogo utditsinakogo Institute (sav. kafedroy - chlerA- korrespondent ANN SSSR, prof a' B.I. Shchelkvnov)o (BUDM, anat, -N histol, mucosal histol. in Cat. (Rue)) amOPAVLOYSEAYA. N.V. Regeneration of the ureter wall in injuries. Trudy 4WAI 16:151-15,9 15), (MLRA 10:8) 1. Kafedrs gistologii I embriologit lenin4radskogo saniterno- giglyanichookogo seditainckogo Instituta (saw, kafedroy prof. B.I.Shchelicunov) (URATMS, physiology, regen. in eats) (REGAIMA T 1011. ureters, In cats) RUMOV, Boria Arkedlyevichl FETROPOLISMA, N.Tep red, [Program control of rollly)g and bending mills) Prog- rAvnwnoo upravlenie prokatro-gibochnyvi stankaml, (Kulbyahev) Kuibushevskoe )m1zhnoe izd-To, 1965i 61 Po (MIRA 18til) KARITIN, Mikhail Alakeandrovich; FSTROPOLISCATA, N.Ye., red.; TASHUI- KIUp Ye*Ao, tekhn,red, (Nechan12ing some operations in manufacturing antifriction bearings] Nekh-anizataiia i2ekotorykh operateft v proizvodstve podshipnikov kacheniia. Ki2ibyshev, Kuibyshevskoe knishnoe izd-vo, 1959. 39 P. (MIn 13:5) 1. Master 4-go gosuderetvennogo ordena Lenina podshipnikovogo zavode; chlen presidiumn oblastnogo Soveta Vaesoyusnogo obahchostva izobretateley i ratsionaliastorov; chlen oblastnogo pravleniya Nauchno-tekhnicheskogo obshchestva mashinostroitelinoy promyshlen- nosti (for Karetin). (Bearing industry-Toehnological innovations) R IKOV. Aron Naumovich. kand. tekJ:in.na4_;-12UBDEUL!aILAXA.-ILla--,- red.; TA OKIN . Te.A., tekhn.:red. (Temperature and cooling of metal-cutting tools] Temperstura I okhlazhdenie rezhushchikh instrwDentov, Kuibyshev, Kuiby~ shevskoe knizhnoe Izd-vos, 1959, 171 P. (Metal-cutting tools---Cooling) (MIRA 13:12) KHOKMN, Nikolay KonBtantinovioh.- PETROPOLISKATA, lije., red.; TASHENIKINA, Te.A.., - - '- - [Cellular concretes made with local materials] TAcheistye betony na mestrkvkh materialakh. Kuibyshev, Kuibyshavskoe knishnoe i2d-vo, 1959. .11 p. (MULA 13:5) ( Conc re to ) ATANAZ9VICH. Yekaterina Ivanovna; Y.AKUSHEV, Aleksey Petrovich: DYRIN, Vasilly Grigortvevich; PUTCKHIN, N.J., prof., doktor Ichimicbeakikh nauk, nauchnyy red.; FMOPOLISKATA, H.Te., red.; YASUNIKINA. Ye.A., [What Is produced from petroleum and gas] Chto poluchaiut iz nefti I gaza. Kuibyshev, Kuibysbevskoe knizhnoe izd-vo. 1958. 28 p. I (MIRA 12:9) (Petroleum chemicals) (Gas. Natural) Tl~ rT 7 _7 _ , - 016YAli a 0 tr b gil me;*R subi c ur v s hotIM ortiblAtion of roup " - ms, Mat. S rrltl 7M.s- 't' 20(71),63-78. (k(~.q_ -ty Ic Wgro-lip M, I C'r,? IMW~ ative SySt( (fit:hIlgroup), UG * imas of infimitte artier, 01C., , 1mvc SlIb4y5ttmS WI&I 1;tre w,L millgroulls T"le sub- s),zlems of-a'n v '~Y~ UtIf. vull futf 11) .11 114 at6m, a tit w4qvilg A ,.and it I -a"d ,w stri'vince 1.0m(wphic it Old carrespotuong a i'lio: author en. ill lerms Owir I (tieft of' c a to haracte6yc krmjji~ Is. 1t_is hown tll:v~ ~& symon A. ctnictu s re ISO illor~ilic Loa gf(ml) G Coll 1.6" lj~q all clen itunt of infinitq orlicri 4D0 w 1 0, 1h;. .1 if c! lei if of It() 11hile 11tior, o chveell b a '.111111 Some other G lit f, a ar y-if JV $ZrOlll) G A n tt - licil II! I -betIve0i Gand solllcoth~r G, i is% far, ,I ica. Revi6vs PEMPA'=S1AYAs R.V. UPSR/Motbamtics - Waorn Algebras, 21 Doe 51 I Mcpassibility "The Expansibility, in Direct Sum, of Structure of Subsystems of an Associative System," R. V. Pat- ropavlovskays "Dok Ak Nauk SSSR" Vol LXXXI, No 6, pp 999-loo2 Derives certain results connected with the concepts of an associative system, complete structure,, ex- pensibility of complete structure In direct s= of substructures. Gives an exFkct definItion of these concepts. Submitted ).l Jun 51 by Acad V. 1. Smirnov. 2152110 PATROPAVW (Leningrad) 1xistence and uniqueness of the solution for a system of differet- tial, equations of a certain class. Hat.sbor- 36 no.1:149-162 Ja- y '550 (MIMA 8:2) (Differential evations) A 6 R C t PC apav ovs ya~- X _oi~Watlon o sol hs 'o the-- -k eVarjan t7r- Nq4 SSSR Akad. (X DAL '~gx) -bi tontinmus', ded: fror bel64 en a: ffacnC'Condition, foit the solutions'o, f to be okillaf6ry is that A P(I)dt Aoidd not to 460 -,a . 1!i nite or in Infinit 16 limit th6 , .:Morp restrictive should not have 4 * - m4e,~~ is- catitainid L'i -a MsWt of P. -Hak- ; 7 " Afkh n r 9 h e 3 0 4 i I M - ztAi - e . . 8 Tha rion w, cr t ,52), 4 (1 # " , I ;.~MR - 14, -'50,, ~vbere iinothej,! ren Ilt'i; cited], who on the 6ihir bind '- w I " - -17 e tU~half-Wu dedn eak nod n ess condidw ' of I fidi6i- ditions for n-_ ~.If con no oscillation. Cte Df the se retj Wres'the "istence of a~ lund. :O(xl.,sucb,, th W~~ at tit r 0;5 or Uir" C tly'ihe fli res fe is the ult, at if u"+pr(x)u-O. r-1, 2,. -oscillatory, then 16 is both non. Ior N~t% r for Tj