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REEL 4:54 & UL 6 Akl T, "I 0 L 15498-66 ACC NR.--AT0Ob7h67 SOURCE CODE.' HU/2505/65/026/00K, )060/0060 AUTHOR; Borvendeg$ J.; Polgari lp~ '7' ORG: Institute of Pharmacoindustri&l Research, Budapest (Gyogyszeripar-i KuVdto Intezet) TITIZ: Effect of the administration of anabolic steroids to newborn female rats on the function and morphology of the reproductive organs (This paper was presentid at the 29th Meet ng of the Hungarian Physiological Society held in Szeged from 2 to h.J SOURCE: Academia sclentiarum~ huingaricae.- Ac-ti physia0gica, ve 26, Supplement, 1965, 60 TOPIC TAGS: rat, biologin reproduction, hox%one, morphology ABSTRACTt. .8ome published data indicate- that sexual 'dy~tunction develops in ro&n%,s following testosterone administra-! Ition to the newborn animals, The disturbance consists of an ovulatory con- itinous estrus accompanied by sterility and c'han;5-es in sexual behavior. In View of the fact that anabolic steroids have a more or less marked andro,,enic Idide effect and that they are used extensively in the treatment of nei'-rn '~tnd. premature infants. it--seemed worthwhIle to study the influence of Lhese. C ard 112 --- ---- i J. -; t f WO:rj- C)f t:je 4 fol, Ci;(-r use." 255. I'L!"E"I'lAi Vol. nr~,- ~Lp of it5 for o.ii, )7. I-Ionthly Li s1, o f Last Eur,,),-)e an A cc -, s s- io ns 4)1. 2, Ildbrary of C,)n,--rers Uncl. B. T. R. V01. 3 No. 4 Apr. 1954 Metals-Foundry4ractice 5292- c Al Silidor Pol"I'lltr- -Y it., c P 960'. Ont6de, RAI in Salld. a , nc), 12) (11"1 Iletv for , 1)(,., 1 On, P. a of lielf-sling itst 1)111.5 f scus'sed- ""Wes, dia09n-lljn)csc i"ll C11 op B. T. R. 164' Sperial ljrjj~ ~ Vol. 3 No. 4 Aluminhon I'll 11(lapes 1). v. 5, -no. ]2. 1 Ve. 19-51, 1). 258-260. Apr. 1954 -slunloarizc" "scarch rc.sults gam,ti in the I,st two %,,,,s i, Metallurgy 11ongary on handling aud applivatiou of tlw~c Ill-' tvri;lk Discus';vs fomidly and ~-ofd folojillLt '111o,%S 1.11,1 of 711 'oolt-111. POLGARY, 3. "Testing Bar Molds for Copper -Alloys Cast in Sand. 11 p. 248. (Kohaszati lapok. Vol. 8, no. 12 Dec. 1953. Budapest.) Vol. 3, no. 6 SO: Mon UW . thly- ~ -Pf- F Zaaj~,Z=pa4n. AcPesSioR~,JUbrary of Congress, -bMe 1954, Uncl. S. Special brasses. Pt. 2. p. 8. KC"iASZATI LAPOK (Maj,yar 13anyaszat.1 es Kohaszati EEyesulet) BudaDest. Vol 11. No. 1, Jan. 1956 SCIRCE: East European Accessions List (bl-AL) Library of Congress Vol. 5, No. 6, June 1956 POLGARY, S. Data on the maintenance of friction presses, p. -2,13, KOHASZATI LAPOK, (Magyar- Banyaszati es Kohaszati Egyesulet) Budapest, Vol. 11, No* 7, July 1956 SOURCE: East European Accession6 List 'hTAL) Library of Congress., Vol- 5, No; 32# November 1956 '- - ----- of ',Asin~.-, -,!'henomena. !-,. '17 (Yonaszati la-7-1. 1.13- -T, no. ~(~, - f. i Oct. 1~,,.,56 Ontode T-11 -7, "o. 10) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (7,,---AL) LC,., Vol. 6, no. 7, JulY 19-57- Uncl. KASIYAITOVA, A.A.. assistent-,_POLIGEYM, L.V.. inzb.; SKORITYAKOVA, T.A., inzb.; PAVWV, S.A., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk Effect of the molecular weight of polyamide resinB on the properties of their solutions and films. Izr.vys.ucheb.zav.; tokh.leg.pron. no.6:2&33 159. OGRA 13:5) 1. Moskovskiy takhnologicheakly institut legkoy promyshlennoBti. Rekomendovana kafedroy takhnologil IeL-usstvenno7 kozhi. (Polyamides) (Leather substitutes) POLGORODNIK, D.V. [Polhorodnyk, D.V.] --------- New method of anesthesia in operations for artificial abortion. Fed., akush. i gin. 23 no.6:49-50 161. (NIRA 15:4) 1. Rayornapt bollnitri g. Golaya Pristan', Kharsonskoy oblasti. (AIIESTFMIA IN OBSTETRICS) (ABORTION) NIKOLAYEV, W.S.; KOZLOV, E.S.; POLGORODDIK, N.P.; VDIEMBE111G, I.M., kand. tokhn. nauk, retsenzeni; VOSkftES.E11SK1Y, N.N., in2h., r-4.; SKIR M Ap G.V., tekhn. red.; GORDE M A, L.P., tekhn. red. [The USH-1 analog computer for solving boundary 7aluo problemn of equations In mathematicnI pbysics)Analogovaia matemoticheskaia mti- shina UM-1; dlia reshoniia kraevykh zadach uravnenii mateinatiche- skoi fiziki. Moskvao Flashgiz, 1962. 293 p. (141RA 15:12) (Analog computers) POWRABIA,M. lowering prime costs in resinication. p.27 IAS POISKI. MnLsterstwo Lesnic9i orax Stowarzyszeni* Naukawo-Techics ne Inzynierow i Technikow lAsuictwa i DrtownLetwa) Warszawa, Poland Vol.29, no. 4. Apr. 1955 Monthly list of East European Accessions (BRAI) LC. V91.9, no.2, Feb. 1960 Uncl. FACSITULY, Iasz1o, dr.; MITER, Anna; POLMIER, Manone -- Practical results in the calculation of higher derivatives on some areas of gravity survey of Hungary and the extension of the calculation of residual effects to a greater territorial unit. Geofiz Icozl 7 no.1:33-55 158. 1. "Geofizikai Kozlemenyok" szerkeszto bizottoagi tagja r, ~ .Zor Facsinay). -:~. -- , - ~ - N - 1-1 ~ _; I%.,. "Tariff poli-cy LP al rc,,112-~ltor of in elecLric Elektro-Drlvred-, !,!Dl 7, - I - -4c 3, --y/Ju.,-.-c 1951.1 -. 2J,2 -00: Eastern European Accessixis List, Vol -1, 7o 10, Oct 1954, Lib. of Congres-n POMOVSKI:, V. Electrical aDoeratus for measuring varialrie hydraulic pressures. D., BEILRADE Hidrotehnicki institut "Inzenjer Jaroslav Cerni." Saopstenja. Transactions. Beograd, Yugoslavia U No. 2, 1955 SOURCE; East European List (ETAL) Library of Congress, Vol. 6, No. 1, January 1957 -1 OLIHOVSKI, V. Acart for the purpose of research and other installations in the Large Canal of the F]ydraulic Laboratory at Avala. P. 31. Belgrad. (Vazuhoplovni institut "Inzenjer Jaroslav Cerni.0 SACPSTENJA. TIR;uNSACTIONS. Beograd. Vol. 4, nos. 58-65. 75-56; Feb.-July. Nov. 1956. SOURCE: East European Accessions List. (EFAL), LIbrary of Congnass, Vol. 5~. no. 12. December 19-14 POIROVSn' V. TECHNOLOGY 11 Periodical: SAOPjTLNJA. TRAWSACTIONS. "o. 10, 1958. POLHOVSKI, V. New electric apparatus for the registration of variable hydraulic pressures and current speeds. D. 1. Ylonthlj List of East European Accessions (LT,,AI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3 March 1959 Unclass. 28(4) 28(5) 9(6) YUG/1-59-3-21/57 AUTHOR: Folhovski, Vladimir, Engineer, Scientific As8istant . r. va' a _., Bbograd) TITLE: Some Devices for Recording Variable Hydraulic Values in Hydropower Plants (Neki aparati- za registrovanje pro- menljivih hidrauli6kih veli6ina u hidroe.Lektranama) PERIODICAL: Tehnika, 1959, Nr 3, pp 441-447 (YUG) ABSTRACT: The author describes in more detail several devices of his own design_which were developed and produced in the "Ing Jaroslav Cernill Hidrotehni6ki Institut (Hydro- Engineering Institute) in Beograd. The devices a-re used for recording data during the operation of a hydropower plant, such as static anddynamic water pressure, velo- city of flow, aeration etc. Static water pressure can be recorded by "EM 12" and "ELI 11" devices f Figures 2-51 which are based on the electro-inductive prin- ciple, and consist of potlike measuring instruments, Ca~ Card 1/3 TUG I/ I - 59-71-21/"~? Some Devices for recording V.,riable Eydraulic Values in Hydropower Plants. effect of a culrrent in a liquid, where the magnetic field is proportionial to the rate of flow. Thus the rate of flow can be measured without sin-kinE the device into fluid. There are 2 graphs, 6 diagrams, & photos and 9 A are Yugoslav, 1 Ir"rench, 1 references ef ,%,h4ch Italian and ASSOCIATION: "Ing. Jaroslav r1erni" Hidrotehni6ki lnstitlit (In- stitute for H-_ yc9ro-_:i~n~~inee-ing), Beograd. SUBMITTED! February Card 3/3 Integral Equations Whose Kernel Is a Bestial Funotion OCL a InUMICA I Ent Is UQY*AU-eS, SF\W T ~bnc ou~e Bessd. Bul, Inst. Politech, lqi 4 (1949), 137-142. Si Yon pose 1~x)-JOOO jp(2(-~s)%(s)d la formule' de r4dprocitd e Hankel montre qu.--S~Iff "T.1,[), ar, 9(X) = Si p exern 1e, /eL2, geLs. L'auteur se sert de cotte pro- pridtTpour risoudre I'dquation oh p(x) est Vinconnue, ei Atend le proddd A N rdsolation de certa,ines dquations int6gm-diff&entielles du type Enfin, i1 utilise lc calval symbolique potir r6soudre P(x)ip(x)+H,(p)=1(x). P(x dtant un polynome donnd. R. Campbell (Caen~ Dr.,!-,].,7n!nc, the "i-gy"IM7 Bolidification. Inz. ,;ta,,rby 12 L 1. Slovak "llighni- School of Technology, Bratislava. - T ,'O.L.ACEEK, J. Fou,r-dwd international mnotorcycle race in tine ~Z'.!rrnan De.'rocratic P. 36-31. 3-IvrE - 1'0 -jo' -IT, Praha, Vol. 9, na. 12, J, ne 955- 1, .4 1 _i SO: !.-.onthly List of H-ist -Wuropean Accessi,ns) (F~~AL), LC, Vol. 4, no. 10, Uct. lci55, Uncl. -AL' L'C~ Vol. tc! POLU CEK P J. "Machines F-t the Alps Contest." p. h6h. SVET HIOTORU. (Svaz pro spolupraci s armadou). Praha, Czechoslovakia., Vol. 9, No. 15, July 1955. Monthly list of East Fur,-)pean Accessions (EEAI), LO, Vol. 6. Noe 6. August 1959. Uncla. PCLIACEK, JR. Driving technique on curves. p. 169. (Svet Notoru. Praha. Vol. 10, no. 6, I'Jar. 1956.) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAQ IC., Vol. 6, no. 7, July 1957. -Jncl. Poliacek, J. Poliacek, J. The Skoda 440 with a plastic body. p. 568. The First Czechoslovak motor bicycle. P. 569. Vol. 10, no. 18, Aug. 1956 SVET MOTORU TECHNOLOGY Czechoslovakia So: East European Accessions, Vol. 6, Flay 1957 E0. 5 Poliacek J. M-i-i- Poliacek, J. Notes from the Tourist Trophy. P. 462. Vol. 10, no. 15, July 1956 SVLT MOTORU TIEHNOLOGY Czechoslovakia So: East Ekiropean Accessions, Vol. 6, May 1957 No - 5 POLIACEK, J4 FOLIACEK,, J. '4te 2nd Exhibit of the Czechoslovak Machinery Industry. p. 661 New 250 Royal Enfield motorcycle. p. 665 Vol. 10, no. 21, Oct. 1956 SVET WTORU TFZMOIIOGT Praha, Czechoslovaida So: East European Accession Vol. 6, no, 2, 1957 J. Before the Slovak Congress of the League for CooperqtIon -uith the kr--y of :3ratislav?. P. ?06. (SVEIIP YOTOR~U, Vol. 10, No. ;-3, I-ov 1956, Praha, Czechoslovakia) 30: Yonthly List of East Eurorenn Accessions LC, VoI. 6,, No. l?, Dec 195?. U-11i. Poliacek, J. Poliacek, J. The first Slovak Conference of the League for the Cooperation with the Army. p. 802. Vol. 10, no. 26, Dec. 1956 SVET MOTORU TECHNOLOGY Czechoslovakia So: East European Accessions, Vol. 6. May 195", No- 5 PGLIAGEK, J.; EBR. M. 8th Moravian-Slovak Circuit. 0. 302. (Svet Motoru, Vol. 11, No. 10, May 1957, Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LG, Vol. 6, No. A, Aua, 1057. Uncl. POLlACEIL, J. A labor order to the Tatr.? National Enterx-rise in Xoprivnice. p- 496. (SVET VOTORU, Vol. 11, No. 16, Aug 1957, Praha, Czechoslovikia) SO: !-monthly Lirt of East ";uro-eqn Accessiong (PFjtl,) 1,C, Vol. 6, 16. .12, 1)ec 1957- Uncl. P017-ACE:k" J. The 3d Exhibition :;f the Czec:!.;oslovak Machinery Industry in Brrc,. p. 520, (Svet Motoru. Vol. 11, no. 19, Sept. 1957. Prahas Czechcslovakie) Plonthly Index of East European Accessions (Ev".P.T) -1C. Vol. 7. nc,. 2, February 1958 - POLIACEKP J. TECHNOLOGY Periodicals SVET MOTORU. Vol. 12J. no. 16, Aug. 1958. POLTACEK, J. Prize of Slovakia, P. 487o Monthly List of East European Accession (KEAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3 March 1959 Unclass, POLIACEK, -J. Spring in leipzig. (To be contd.) p. 204. Protective shiew.: for motorcycles produced in series. p. 2(Y7. SVET MOTORU. (Svaz pro spolupraci s armadou) Praha, Czechoslovakia Vol. 13, no. 7, har. 1959 Monthly list of East European Acessions (EEAI), IL, Vol. 8, no. 7 July 1959 Uncl. POLIACSK, Jurej (Czechoslovakia) *It should be '".8 Auto motor 15 no.9-.11 My 162. POLIACEEK, Juraj (Czechoslovakia) "It shouZO be so." Auto motor 15 no.10:22 21 My 162o POLIACEK, J. nSpring in Isipzig. (To be contd.) p. 236." SVET MOTGRU. Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 13, Fo. 8, April 1959 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI), IC, Vol. 8. No. 6, JurA 1959 Unclas. POIZACEK, J. "Spring in Isipzig. (Conclusion). p. 280.11 SVET MCITLORU. Frahap Czechoslovikiap Vol. 13,, No. 9. April 1959 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI), IC, Vol. 8, No. 6. June 1959 Unclas. POLIACEK, J. "New organization of our industry in practice." p. 333. SVET YOTOIUJ. (Svaz pro spolupraci s armadou). Praha,, Czechoslovakia.. Vol. 139 No. 119 Ma3r 1959, Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 81 110. 8 %. .9 August 1959. Uncla. Poliacek, J., "Where tractors are cured?" P-367 SVET MOTORU. (Svaz pro spoluDraci s armadou) Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 13, no. 12, June 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 9, Sept. 1959 Uncl. Polincekp J. "An exhibit of achievements of Soviet economy." P-399 SVET MOTORU. (Svaz pro spolupraci s armadou) Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 13, no. 13, June 1959- Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 9, SOPt- 1959 Uncl. SU;;.I':t'UI-:E, Given Names Countr7: Czechoslovakia Academic Degrees: /not giVen/ Affiliations /not given/ Source: Bratislava, Nasa Veda, Vol VIII, No 4, 1961, pages 205-208. Data I "Revolution and Religion." GPO 981643 POLIACHEK., Yuray; MIROSUV, Ebr - The rally "For Feace and FriendAdp," Za rul, 19 no.81.14-15 Ag 161, (MIRt, 14:9) 1. Redaktor zhurnala "Svet Motc-tull (for Ebr). (Automobile racing) POLIACHEK, IA.G. (The composition of foods and their caloric value; computation tables for workers in children'B homes] SostaT pishchev.7kh produktov i ikh kalariinost', raschetaie tablitsi dlia rabotnikov detskikh iaslei. Moskva. Izdatbiuro tresta Meduchposobie Ministerstva Zdravookhraneniia RUSR. 1957. 16 n. (MIRA 11:1) (YOOD-ANALTSIS) POLIACH&K, Yuriy, inzh. (Praga) The Skoda-1101 sports car. Za rul. 16 n6.11:22 N '58. (MIRA 12:1) Ozechoslovakia-Automfibiles, Racing) IIOIJ-ACHEK., Yu., inzh. (Praga) News of Czechos1gy-alian automobile and motorcycle engirip-e.2". !~J* Za rul. 19 no.10,-28--29 0 161. (MIRA l4tn) (Czechoslovalda-Automobile industry) iez--Achoslovakia---tiotoz---ycle industry) POLIAKj, A.; SHCHUPAKj A. "Problems of increasing the working sj)eed of a wheel thactore Tre from the Russian." p. 64 (Zemelake Stroje, Vol. 3, no. 3, Mar. 1958, Praha, Czechoslovakia) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EW) W. Vol. 7, no. 9, September 1958 of A 60, of 008 got ge a *go 0* a Oes U 9-0-6- 9 %P or w w w -*a* lop -0 0 0 : 131 va W*36vxpd it I;S] is a -A- -00 . WA no ambeet 71b 4wbrm dm~ 00.10. WON% MA 0469. be aveifta.. J.J.IN. of 400 =00 Cog see see 8*0 44 0 goo moo -00 Lee ASO.SLA MIALLUO"46L Ln"AlTs" CLAMMATM 411&11 am a.. Ail A-- I 1 0 a 11 12 U w I) is it it IF ply) ty a 1) is v is is 10 #1 U 0 3d It v is it m it JO 0 a - Q- 0- 12 1 A-A ~L-S b-4 J, :iV 4 C-kM 6 'Tti 0 4 OwO*?A1,0 332.131 : 669.713 1273 Go of AwAdmmOm Mam liomr, E. W., Am Stamnav. S. W, C.R. (&Ailady), 00 Arval Scq. URSS. .)3.3.pp, 244-247.1941.-Dc"bcs .00 00 in"4uvownt4 or -aw vikX*tY tit w4ten Al-Si alloys ` ' .00 11,215 In the TarW of LOntL 01 to hr.~ Si, wing tho .00 06 ouillaling-Whm me4kO. i6 'Who ak. marked Incream lit vWodty conmp. to the ranp of .0 00 molid solution%. und an cqually m2rked tkvrmw cmmr. to the vaectic alkwy (It .7% Sit. W,,qufw. - . fo "I t w h c s ."V n w caft out cm t e culft 1k alloy 00 7 ISilumin). after Ixim mfinod to varimis drVws by 0 00 .3 the mWition of imalfic Na mW a mWure of NaF awJ NsO. The mfinw4 pe in"C"m the Vit- 00 comiy vordi&mlily. although it dacmwd apin with 00 -a Tbesipifcanmofibefcsuhsisdismwd. So a 00 &1 A. F. T. IF 41011110 Wes 0 too a.- off 0 I I T A A L 1 9 04 0 0 IF I IF M 0 a 0 1 2 It U 0 0 It 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 of 00 411, e 000 * 00 0 6 0 0 a 0 44111: 0 lop :~ C) III "~ j ~ ,-- . Nuclear nower in the European rower production balance sheet of the -,.iture. P. 369. ~,'~SOFIJS, Vol. 7, No. 6, 1956, 3ratislava, Czechoslovakia) 4 12, Dec 1957. Uncl. SO: M`onthly List of Last i%uropeean Accessims (E:FAL) L'-, Vol. 6, 170. POLTAK, FRANTTSEK 03.eitric drives- a university textbook. 1A ed. bibl., diaurs., graphs, index, tableo~ Monthly list of East European Accessions (KRAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 6, Jun 59, Tinclas POLIAK, F. "Problem of single-phase 50 cycle AC electric traction and its application in our country." EIEKTROTECHNICKY CASOPIS, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 10, no. 1, 1959 Monthly List of East European Accessions Index (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8. No. 8j, August 1959 Unclassified POLIAKOVI S. Rigidity and deformation in layinF, f-illers in frame constructions by horizontal notion. p. 20. Vol. 2, no. 5, 1955 STROITEELSTV0 Sofiya, Bulgaria So: E Astern European Accession Vol. 5 No. h April 1956 DIMITPOVA, Elena; POLW,.OVA, Olga He:m4nthologloal conference ir Moscow. Spisanie BAN 9 no. 1/2: 145-148 164. POLIAKOVA-KRUSTEVA, Olga, d-r Morphology, bioloiri and biochemistry of 4:he alveocoacus. Priroda BuIg 13 no,5:92-95 3-0 164. I POLIAHM, Z. It. Peculiarities of sequels of closed cranial and cerebral wounds in children; roentgenologic aspects. Vopr. neirokhir 15 no. 3: 44-50 MaY-Juns 1951, (CLML 21:3) 1. Of the R-entgenological Division (Head - Prof. M. B. KoFvlov), Institute of Neurosurgery imeni Academician N. 11. Bardenko (Direc- tor-- Prof. 3. G. Yegorov, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences USSR) of the Academy of Medical Sciences USSR. POLIANSKIY, F. YA Economics - History G. V. Plekhanov as a historian of Russian economic thought in the 16th-18th centuries. Izv. AN.'SSSR. Otd. ekon. i prava no. 3, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, N,vembLr -195ax Unclassified. 2 PO~M~SKI 2 R. TECMOUGY Periodicals PALIVA Vol. 38, no. 8, Aug. 1M POLIANSKII, R. Development of the gas industry in the USSR from the point of view of natural gas. Tr. from the Russian. p. 271 Monthly List of East European Accession (EUI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3 March 1959 Unclass. POLLA1,13=1", V. G- -ey.-C,it ct"iture "Krassno., e" Ctate ram, - Sad '; OZ- NO- 1, -~953- 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress. 1,-a y -1953. Unclassified. F 0 L I ft N -1~ F. "-, H - M - KUPRIYANOV, P.A., profeasor (leningrad. ul. Ryleyeva, d. 14. kv,. 6.) Discussion on A.A,.PolIants,vv's article. gDextrolateral surgIcal technique in *xophagogastrl.a anastomosis.8 Test. khIr. 74 no.4: 80-82 Jo 154. (W-BA 7:7) (ISOPRAGUS, 6'-',rgory, Oexcle., apprvach & prop. of stump in partial 4 total surg.) FO L_j fj f-4 T-,5 1_7 V, F-) - H . GRYMATS, S.V., piofessor (Leningrad, pr. Chernyahovskogo. d. 13, kv. 10) Certain considerations on A.A.Poliantsev's article, ODextrolateral. surgical technique In exophikgogantric anastomosis.m Test. khir. 74 no.4:82,84 is 154. (K= 7:7) (ESOMOUS, surgery, Oexcis., approach & prop. of stump in partial & total surg.) tiN T 6 J-~ k ft. V.I., professor (Moskwa) I Considerations on A.A.Poliantsev's article, "Dextrolateral surgical technique in exophagogastric anatomosis." Vast. kh1r- 74 no.4: 84-85 Je 154. (PI-RA 7:7) (1150MOUSt surgery,, Oexcis., approach & prop. of stump in portial & tot;xl surg.) *Wow w i - L I 0 s 36 0 x p 4 e 0 F MAK "Am-- 3 k l (57 I 00 Tuil. (PUA . *AS &0 094- acilk momomh MA in we" ~40 .6 thm In g sdAiL. On. Aim. Mae mo* '4e: ,D w ~ , w1 .4 1 SOOM 140 W4 62 vn4dl 411411 40 env Isi 6 AV W'm -4 .1w 0 0 0 6 In a Ft 97 0 40 OVII I. , ~' . . *-- 0 02 W 1.0 962tols- or W. 0 0- 'o 0. 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 4b * 0: 0 00 0o- 9101"' so 09 00 00%1 1 *e a 11 1 41 ONIM aims, MCI 71 WM6 ad aldw oft 09 vt I by V W Do *110 age %9 I ims* 11109, re 4 Joe lee lee lee too 2i a w As&.$ A MCIALLOWCAL LMNATLOR CLASSAIVICAITIM 144463 "it Omv 1384 Allill ale C.. Its Ilk I 1-W-401 Sol Ow a is v I w a 0 da (1 3 6 - a a a of it a it I'sa I 1 0 u 11 AV IQ Al 0 0 .0 9 0 Ill a 00,14 a 0 00 0 090000 0 to 0.0 0 0 000000 T, te:,I.elatur~~ on t'l,-.u co~%cl','t -r: -:n4 F. 1_1~.19 Chair of Flast. ,,asses of the len-s~viet Lenf.-.~jrad Dist. of Tech, SO: jotTnal Of PO)I-Ile'l (,Te;,qjLta, Vol. 24, 111o. 3~,arc Folawov, X.Ta.; ILTXIYANOV. 3.P. Experience with coal storage on frozen ground. Ugol 29 no.9: 37-38 3 154. - (KLaA 7:11) 1. NJ J GiWr (Goal-Storage) LUK'YANOV, S.F.; FOLIBANOV, K.Ya, __'. --- 7.. .... - -":, .': . Spontaneous heating and combustion of coal in pilee. Sakh.prom-30 no.2:49-51 7 156. (KIRA 9:7) (Combustion, Spontaneous) (Coal--Storage) LUXOYANOT, Stepan Petrovich; P QV_ Takovlevich; DTOFLIN. S.S., ff. --per,, Tg t, redaktor; UBWASKAI M."...,01yer-lelmarfotr t2ttem sty&. Bmiwy, A.?., I tekbutcheelly redaktor Ll,ong tim storage of coal] Dlitellnos khranante uglet. Moskva. Gom.nauchuo-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po chernot i tevetnot metallurgit. 1957. 82 P. (KLRA 10:7) (Coal--Storage) OGIYEVETSKIY, V.I.; POLIBARINOV, I.V. (Interacting spin 1 fields and sy=etry propertieal Vzaimo- eistvruiushchie polia so spinom 1 1 avoistya simmetrii. Dubna, Ob"edinennyi in-t iaderny~h issledovanii, 1963. :30 p. (MIRA 16:6) (Nuclear spin) 100 A go A 00 000 000 A-0 71~1~ 00 00 .00 1 *OAT *0 a 008 00 000 00-3 oo%o 00 A a a - a L 4 411TALLURSK" LFMATWN CL"WICATOW lion rivisal a $vicw kit d"V Got 0-9-: 0 9 0 0 00 00 log 00 100 00 0 0 *,*_fiu h IF IN 0 41 a 0 al a 4-1 1.00 Ewa 66;' jbl~ 7(eAuL. *00 "00 .00 -00 -00 -09 4100 too g0@ goo goo ftoo %saw 40"&RV filial at G"v M goo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 is-ALMALO 0 000000 0 0 0 0 0 -- --- -- - -- - -- a 4 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 we - vi- 1 - AA-L a I 11 11 m it 16 it is "a iivj Zia bidai _j$! _k-P ?.V GlDfftl 01b t 00 4M. Afech" of Producing Sbam ctyismb, 00 P. PAS-S. Zeus. it. S*fftnim, a. I rm zer"am.-A variatim of the Bridgman methoc crydah of Metals to lie grown in which the axis ni ti has an f uirrd OTIrritntion to tile r st l I 00.3 , C a axe%, y " y those centres o! cirptAllization for further growth wb 09"1 inclination to tim wall% of the crystaWsation tube.. 00 A o 9090000 0 6 0 s 6#0t6 a 11 3313 MIS M ir 311104 41 0 0 M040 i - #0 " p ..0 Coptes I. Frobiiiiiiiiiii m4 .00 . 427-01. 19MI. Pso* ch enables single =00 iudrical sperAmen maists in WiNting oswm the deitired ro 0 F. J. W. as* P WOO -00 00 &ir?&LLVP6ICAL Lllt*ATL*t CL&S%WK&T#0ft U1 tsoo oil it too W 09 not, OP41 ats I'm n a it it at KW A I 0 U 0 ei 0 0 SP 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 ~ 0 0 4 0 0 41 0 0 a We 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ; o0 zlow Wo .44*1 0 0e0 000000060 0 0 0 a * 0 0 Ole 0 * 0 0 0 0900 609669999 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Hl _190 AND t. riJ.-CO .00 V* Zoo co a moo zoo boo *OuAM 1W ASWAU SONNUMM d Ow POSSAUM Ot Cf"W L&MML 1'. A. Polibin (1hurvial T'A1&icAfAA`fPV Fitiki (J'mrlwll Osf 7"Ch"ro' "Ayptr")' lira-1941, twNARWI).- [its Itia"1411.1 '111- thillry of Prwttoia'm vankra is gisv;a A311 A MIN'ra glovipse'l I.). ths, State Inotitilto sit lAnkingrawl I. kwrilwd. The lattliv txwwnwtvrtA aluntinium fouibil with this -^ttwm it a - 4-0411 ! DAMMIN A. The infliarrim t,f the -iw, ,I -lit ms th~ smVitnowy of the tim-thsA fis,liw-4mkwJ.--N. A. 111111-It$ WALLURMAL LOINNATUM CLASUPICATICH too.. sill IT. 1,1#011D MAP (PIT 4101 iw 0.1 XA .4 1 1 a fu a as Iff, it of III IF I V 0; 13 a 111 v - W-6-M-6-9-W T 00 A_ 2i A MWOW for IM Pmdwbm of ftillis Crymbalc A. 1. FrointAn, and 1% A. 1,OlihipjPhYgikO1,Z. &wjrlwxium. 111M. 3.6.97-01; C. AN.. 1933,27,4WI).- r1dWrinsa.1 By using a modifivat ion of Bridgman's ffm,t hoil, it is lKwible to determine in adianimi whem the crystal itites of the sampir will he after the cri-stalip&wwrt. This in done toy ineans of& special Apparat us that Allow~ only tl~kt cr%-PtAt nuck-us to grow fuAher which has, at the start of ervatallization, t _0 VII AS. SL W.I.LbRCICAL LIIEROURt rLOMMAJIGN ... .. .. 'O"i0v j U w AV go n: V -4 0 P it to 14 K is It 5( it, it tt it or i :~o so 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 00a -4 0 =06 =90 roe Z:o 0 roe zoo ZOO, Me* ql~ keg 10 goo LLo ni ix4 00'*Goo 00 00001 000 0090 0a * 0 *90 0 0 0 RYAZANOV, F.A. , inzh.; TQ NAZAROVA, L.F., inzh.; KARLINER, I.N.; inzh.; !-'IT_TLDIT;DiA, A.P.*, tekhnik; 11CIONKOITA, A.S., tekhnik; BA'IP_XDiA, Z.I., tekhnik; VD,'NITSKIY, D.Ya., inzh., red.; VELITSYN, B.L., tekhn. red. [Norms for the expenditure of metal and kpe in the manufacture of nonst*dard heat equipment and low-pressure pipelines for thermal electric power plants] Normy raskhoda prokata i trub na izgotovlenie nestandartnogo teplomekhaniche- skogo oborudovaniia i truboprovodov nizkoga davleniia dlia taplovykh elektrostantsil. Utrftrzhdeny Tekhnicheskim upravle- niem Ministerstva stroitel'stva. elektrostantsii (Reshenie No. 167 0t 31 iiulia 1961 g. Moskva, Orgenergostroi 1962. 230 P. (111RA 16:10) 1. Vsesoyuznyy institut po proyektirovaniyu organizatsil, ener- getichesicogo stroitel'stva "Orgenergostroy." (Electric power plants) (Pipe mills) FOLIBIIIA. Ye., ,, Gloxinia. On. nat. no.11:29 N '59. (MRA 13:2) (Gioxinian) POLIC, Vladimir. Potpukovnik dr. Organization of the Medical Corps of the Indian ArmeC,, Forces. Voj. san. pregl. Beogr. 13 no.11-12:612-615 Nov-Dee 56. (MEDICIVS, MILITART AND HAVAL, Med. Corps of Indian Armed Forces (Ser)) POLICARD, A. "On the Use of Isotopes as Indicators of Mutations of Substances in Biological Processes" (French Translation) (P. 76) by Policard, A. SO: Advances in Modem Biol2jg, (Uspekhi Sovremennoi Biologie), Vol. XIII, No. 1, 19hO POLIGEOP A.; ROTHENSTEIN, B. tlectromagnetic' aspect of magnetomechanical phenomenon in a -,14rect- current and monoalternating pulse magnetic field. Chekhosl fiz zhurnai.14 no.9-707-710 164. 1. Higher School of Technology, Ti-misoara III, Str. Severin 11, Romania. U959 S/194 62/00()/009/075/100 D295YD308 AUTHOR Cigman, A. and Policec, A. TITLE: An application of high-frequency electric discharge: the determination of the mean free path PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 9, 1962, 52, abstract 9M304 (Iul,,9tiinI ;i tehn. Inst. politehn. Timl?, oara,-l,,. 6, no. 1961, 3-37 (Rum.; summaries i r. and Rus.)) TEXT: A method is suggested for determining,'the mean free path length of electrons in gases or vapors from 'a study of the beha- vior of the cut-off frequency (i.e. the frequency of the applied voltage for which the breakdown voltage decreases sharply) inthe firing of HP discharge. At this frequency the electron mean free path length becomes equal to the distance between 'the electrodes and the electrons are captured by the electrodes. At a pressure of ,_? x 10-2 mm Hg the product AWt = (f. - ft)L (where L is the distan)e CArd 112 ROTHENSTEIN, B.; R)LNEC, A. Electromagnetuiz a3pect of t-hor- D-;.ier -,ransfer frM a longitudinal al.ternqt','Pg c,.rremt. --inagnpL'-~ -','geld to a toia:on pendulum with ferromagnetic suspensicn. Cnekhosl fiz zhurnal 14 no.2.137--';-J'I 164. 1. Physikalisch2s Laboratorium der Tochnla,,hen flachschilley Timisoara, Ru-manlen., CUREA, I.; MIUILESCU., Dtr.; TORO, E.; CUREA, 0., prof.; BERCEI, E.; GHFXEGA, 0.; XJ-RA, C., conf.; OHANOVICI, N.; SINITEANU, D., asist.; LAMOTH, P., conf.; POLICEC A. -asist.; WRIENUT, U., asist.; STURZ I.- OITA, V.-;-MOW, R.; MUNTEANU A.; SGHIFF, A., adist. Ittal solar eclipse of February 15, 1961. Studii qLstron seismol 7 ]W#2:2J,7L258 162. 1. Membru al Comitetului de redactie, "Studii A cercetari de astronomie si seismologie" (for I. Curea). '2. Studenti la Institutul Pedagogic Timisoara (for'Bercei and Gherega). La 012.5 S/058/62/000/009/053/069 7 0 A057/A101 AUTHORSt Ci7man, A., Policee, A. TITLXi Iffie tine of' it high-froquoncy elootrio discharge: the determi6ation of the mean free path PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Fizika, no. 9,.1962, 52, abstract 9Zh304 (111kil. qtiin~. ~i tehn, Inst. politehn. Timigoara", 1961, v. 6, no. 2, 33 37, Roumanian; summaries In Russian and French) TOM A method is proposed for determining the.meah free path of elec- trons in gases or vapors by studying the behavior of..the cutoff frequency (i.e. the frequency of the applied voltage at which the breakdown voltage decreases sharply) at the ignition of the high-frequency discharge. At this frequency the mean free path of electrons b6comes equal to the distance between the eriec- trodes and the electrons leave for thin electrodes. At a pressure of above .2-10-2 mm Hg the product,5Wt ~ (fo-ft)L (L - distance between the electrodes, f0 = limit to which converges the cutoff frequency at a decrease of the pressure p to zerb, ft = cutoff frequency at a certain pressure) depends exponentially Card 1/2 S/058/62-/000/009/053/069 The use of a high-frequency... A057/A101 upon p. If the dependence2Nt upon the pressure is known, it car. be found that X- klp, where k 1.6-10- mm for water vapor at a voltage of I kv and a frequency of 60 25,000 kc. S. Shushurin [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 DRAGULESCU, C., acad.; SIMIZ.SGU, 1'.;'POLICF.G, 3eptimia On the reaction betveen anthranil-K acid, ff-diacetic, (ANDIO and chloride of zirconyl ih.athanolic meditm. Pt. 1. Studii cilim Timisoara 10 no.1:7-h ja-je 163, YUGOSLAVIA / Chemical Technology. Chemical Products. H Dyeing and Chemical Treatment of Textiles, Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, 1958, No 20, 59469. Author Policev Inst Title Old and New Methods of Washing Wool. Orig Pub: Tekstila Ind., 1957, 5, No 12, 447-455. Abstract: Methods of washing wool (in acid and alkaline media and wi' -h non-lonogenous preparations) with Indica- tion of their respective shortcomings and advan- tages are reviewed. Effects of various washing methods on the quality of wool in its further processing are also described. Card 1/1 ACC NR- AP7004064 (4) SOURCE CODE: UR/0190/67/009/001/0040/0044 AUTHOR -.' Solomko, V. P. ; Molokoyedova, T. A. ; Uskov, 1. A. ; Polichkovskaya. T..-V. ORG: Kiev State University im. T. G. Shevchenko(Kiyevskiygosudaretvennyy universitet) TITLE: Effect of nonmodifted and modified fillers on the morphology and dimensions of spherulites, and mechanical properties of polycaproamide and polyethylene SOURCE: Vysokomolekulyarnyye soyedineniya, v. 9, no. 1, 1967, 40-44 TOPIC TAGS: filler, morphology, spherulite, mechanical property, film ABSTRACT: An investigation has shown that modified and nonmodified fillers significantly affect the dimensions and morphology of spherulites in methyl- polysiloxahe, modified and aminated aerosil, silica, kaoline and glass fiber. Surface modification of fillers induces a more pronounced interaction with a given polymer, an compared with nonmodifted filler-polymer interaction. Addition of rd 1!2 UDC: 678.01:53+678.678.675+678.742 jj_XC6_NR- I AP7004064 optimum concentrations of fillers induces a number of changed in spherulites such as morphological and dimensional, while a concentration of fillers exceeding optimum levels does not have any significant effect. Mechanical properties of the filled films are determined by the size of spherulites only at very low filler con- centrations, when the filler acts primarily as a nucleation center. In the case of increased filler concentrations, its effect on the mechanical properties of a film becomes predominant. Orig. art. has: 3 figures. SUB CODE: 201SUBM DATE: 260ct65/ORIG REF: 005/ 2/2 -`.C~RFTA MELICA See 8 Vol 12/1 Neurolopy Jan 59 46U. T,L RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE PROCESSES OF ENERGY Ml. I ABO- L:.,..l AND THE FUNCTION OF' THE ADRENAL CORTEX IN -qCHIZU:11;p.E- NIA AND NIANIC DEPRESSIVE PSYCHOSIS (H-ussantext) - Polcr,f- T.A. ZILNEVROPAT. I PSIKIIL~T. 1953. 58 1 (55-56) Graphs 3 Tables 4 -- Report on the results of invebtigaluins into the phospho-c.,rbohydrates 1.1 :!5 schizophrenic- and tranic-depressivv ~ub3ects. It was presumed that the liyj- energic syndrome in %hc metabolism, of schizophrenics and asthenic depressives is ass-iciated with a decrease in adrenocortical function, and tne hyperenergic syndrome in the manic subjects with an increase in this function. Comi'dr.ttive invest.gatiot.s into phospho-carbohydrate metabolism, somatic symptoins and 17-ketosteroid excretion confirmej this. The use of ACTIl and steroid horni,mes improves adreiial function and thereft,re also the entire energry metabidihin. Due to t.he action of these hormones the uptake -if tile rnacuo-energic association of the tissue is increased, which is particularly manifest it, patients w-th in intensive j7hospho-carbohyd rate metabolism. Aminazine and serpasil cause a marked re- duct;on in adrenocortical function in manic and agitated subjects. but an increase in h;poenergic schizophrenics. These substances afford a means of normalizing tile adrenucortical hyperfunction and tile metabolic hyperetzergia. There are as yet no SvIustanecs. however, which makt: it possible to (:ause stimulation of tile hypoenert.,.a in schizophrenics and depressive asthenics. ACTII and steroid ho mones, by means of which the hormonal balance of the organism is improved. have ne 4J."ect on the modification and orientation of the energy metaoulism in any certain direction. Dimitrijevic - Serajevo KGKTA., 2arcalav, Prof. dr.- Y~)!.!"-,KY, j. -~ Ocritribitior to ".-he of meaBur-'--,Ig --le '-'g--4- refran-"I" index. Sbor VSB Cq;trava 9 --17 1- 1 171-11 KOKTAP J.; POUCKY, J. Method of determining tLa refraction index of minerals by means of caloric dispersion of the imerBion liquids. Bul Inst Petrol Rum 9: 9-19 163. 1. Higher School of Mining, Ostrava (for Policky). o-IA C 1.) OL Ui'41~a T- -7 iij. 41, tN rk .0 , I , t -the I'vixonz of _joc.;- FOT-ICKY~ Jcsel', in', .lei -:~gra p-rl petro-hem-c6al of ec2c-4- -c an - -- - J. -c- 164. -~s cf V ldanubik-am. 2-lvrr W-B Os'rava 10 n.,-,, /2~:67-83 A. "..bidtied "'econber 20, 1963~ ZELENKA, Oldrich; FOLICKY, Josef 3and dercsits in the D-verllying stratlw o~" 4C-sn- se;a~ -~f the north Bohemian Tertiary in the Tap!-ice v Cechac'h area, Cas min geoi- 9 no,4:41.3-.420 16-1. 1. Szrazen-IL Severoceskych hner-ouhe-Inych dol- Most, ard pig'-'r School of 1,11ining, Ost-rava, Submilt-ted Septemter 13, lc'6313. POLICZER,_M....,dr.; MARTM, M.; IKZS09 Rma Cki the 1-131 treatnm-~, of hyperthyroidiss. Acta mod. aced. mai. Hung. 21 no.109-77 "65. 1. 11, Medizinische Abtailung (Chafarztt Dr. M. Polic2er) des Balassa-Krankenhausesp Bidapesto i , MOUSSUIX-r.07ACO, FSMO. R ma; MARTONM, A and neuropffynliatri-, studie3 in hypai-- L--;"a mad. a.,-Iad. sci. Hung. 19 no.3:257--Z-tO 16", 1. limere ALtIc-ilixtg, (GL~~ftvz-t.: Dr. M.Policzer) des Dalasisa Krankerthaus,-.~r 'unt ninik (Direkt-or: Prof.Rr. dea Uniirersitatp Budapest. -414 Orir. betil. 1.06 I. Fov a rosi as3 a J, Belgyogyes7,,,M.-! 11 k1