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August 25, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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POFOVA, 14.V. Regenerative capacity of different regions of the body in hydras. Hauch.dokl.vyp.shkoly;biol.naidrI no.4:69-71 '58. (MIRA 11:12) 1. Rekonendovana kafeclroy obahchey biologil Moskovskogo maditainskogo stomatologicheakogo instituta. (HMOZO&) (RAUNKRATION (BIOLOGT)) YI. KULAKOVA, L.A.; KORRUCHEVSKIY, K.I.; OLISHEVSKAYA, N.S.; FARBER, A.M.; POPpU._X.V.: BREZEWA, Z.I.; MASSAROVA. K.A.. red.; BYKOVA. G.N., [Economy of Archangel Province; a statistical manual] Harodnoe khoziaistvo Arkhangellskoi oblasti; statisticheskii aboralk. (Arkhangellsk] Arkhangellskoe knizhuGe izd-vo. 1957. 146 p. (MIRA 11:3) 1 Archangel (Province). Statist icheskoye upravleniye. 2: Statist icheskoyp_ upravleniye Arkhangel's6y oblasti (for Kalakova, Korenchevskiy, Ollshevskaya, Farber. Popova. Breznneva). 3. Vachall- nik Statisticheskogo upravlemiya Arkhangellskoy oblasti (for Kassarova) (Archangel Province--Statistics) POPOVA, M.V.. studentka Use of Yllatov's flap in surgical correction of a relapsing cicat- rical contracture of the Jaws and in plastic surger7 for tongue defects. Stomatologila 38 no.5:31-33 S-0 '59. (KMA 13:3) 1. Iz kafedr7 propedevtiki khirurgicheskoy stomatologii (zaveduyushchi7 dotsent G.A. Vasil'78v) Moskovskogo meditsinskogo stomatologicheskogo Institute. (direktor - doteent G.N. Beletskiy) i Nookovskogo cbelyustno- litsevogo gospitalya (glavny7 vrach - dotsent A.A. Kovner). (.TAWS-- SURGERT) (TONGUII--SnGKRY) Tiluvp,p 14.V.; SNIOLKO, G.G., GARYAINOV, S.A.; V.I. Static c'--arac-~erls--ics of 'l-trIodes. :Hadlo--ek-h. f ele'- -=... no.1:147 156 Ja '65. -,P:2) 1. Fiziko-teklinicheskiy institut im. A.F. IofL'e AN SSSR. ACCESSION NR: AP50OZ910 SIG 109/65/010/001/0-147/0156 AUTHOR: Popova, M. V.; Smolko, G. G.; Gar-yainov, S. A.; Stafeyev, V. 1. TITLE: Static characteristics of N-transistors SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. 10, no. 1, 1965, 147-156 TOPIC TAGS: transistor, N-transistor A:detailed exploration of thle characteristics of an N-transistor (proposed by V. 1. Stafeyev, et al. , Rad. i elektronika, 1962, 7, 8, 1404) reveals I that this device is kindred to the n-p-n-p transistor. Static input and output characteristics of N-transistors for common-base, comm on-emittei , and common -colle cto r circuits are described. The input characteristics are voltage- ambiguous (S-type). the output characteristics in the common-base and common- emitter circuits are current -ambiguous (N-type); in the common-callector circuit, the characteristics are practically single-valued. Experimentally 'Card ..1 /2 L 31o42_65 NR:, APSOOZ910 ACCESSION determined families of characteristics of diffusion-alloy N-transistors are i presented. Orig. art. has: 8 figures. ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institat AN SSSR (Physico -Technical Institute, AN SSSR) SUBMITTED* 09SeP63 ENGL: 00 SUB GODE: EG NOREF SOV: 002 OTHER: 002 G 17 1".V Al: t, -a '0 (',!T,RA 18:10) L-60879-65- !AMCESSION XR: AP5020.126 UR/0109/65/010/008/148011485 621-382-333.4 /0 AUTHOR: Smolko, G. G.; Osipov, V. V.; Stafeyev, V. I.; Garyainov, S. A.; Popova, K. V. ;TITLE: N-transistors as active circuit elements !SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektranika, v. 10, no. 8, 1965, 148o-i485 ITOPIC TAGS: N transistor, common emitter circuit,p n p n junction, p n p n transistor -A 7,-~_-ABSTHACT.-_-_ '-dii6iijUdix s given.ofl he--use.of- -~transistors in coumon-emitter cir' --Aaclude switching cirIcuits, converters, pulse generators, and cul'us. Apiplications flip-flops. The transistor has a p-n-p-n structure between emitter and base, so !that its input volt-ampere characteristics are of the S type (see Fig. 1 of the En- !closure). The low value of the switching voltage depends on the collector current !and varies within 0.2-2 v. The output volt-ampere characteristic (Fig. 2) shows ,a sharp decrease in negative resistance with increase in bias. Voltage required for maximum current does not exceed 0.2 v; collector current can reach 30-50 mamp. Within a wide range of collector voltages, minimum collector cur-rent is in tens of imicroamperes. Orig. art. has: 10 figures. (DWI ;_Cardlk -L 60879-65 1ACCESSION NR: AP5020126 I 'ASSOCIATION: none ISUBMlq-w=: May6k. ENCL: 02 1110 REF Sov: 002 OTHER: 000 SUB CODE: Ec ATD PRESS: 4063 FA6CESSION KH: AP5020126 amp 1b, 01 Fig- I. Input char- acteristics at var- 4OUS collector cur- 011f rents (T = 20.50 1 - 0.02 memp; 2 2 - 0.03 mamp; 1 3 - 0.05 mamp; 4 - 0.08 mamp; 5 - 0.1 mamp. ZO b v 4 L 60679-65 -kcassroN HR.- ApwM26 ENCLOSURE: 02 ~mawp Fig. 2. 6dtput characteristics at various base biases I - -;0. 25 V; 2 - -0.3 V; 3 - -0-35 v,, 4 - -o.4 v. Nf ~42S -W Ek$ Sard - L 10390-66 EwTa)/gEc( -2/T/EWA0t)_, IJP-(c) ACC NR: APS026909 SOURCE CODE: UP,10109/65/010/010/1893/1899 AUTHOR: Popov&, M. StafeXav, V. 1. qj ORG: none TITLE: Effect of temperature on static current-voltage characteristics of N-transistors SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. 10, no. 10, 1965, 1893-1899 !TOPIC TAGS: four region transistor, current voltage characteristic ABSTRACT: An experimental investigation of the effect of temperature (within 40 + 40C) on the static current-voltage characteristics of common-emitter. common-base, and common-collector 4-region transistors is reported. In the first two circuits, a constant collector current of 10 microamp was held. In the third circuit, a constant emitter voltage of 2.4 v was maintained. Input and Card I UDC: 621.382.3.001 L 10390-66 ~:ACC NR- APSOZ6909 :output characteristics for 8 temperatures within the above range are presented. In the common-emitter circuit, the residual voltage falls off almost linearly with :the increasing temperature: at + ZOC, the negative resistance vanishes; maximum- collector current Increases 20 times within -40 + 40C. In the common-base circuit, the res,idual voltage falls off, too, almost linearly; in some specimens at lower temperatures, the collector current reversed under closed-transiator conditions. Orig. art. has: 7 figures. SUB CODE: 09 SUBM DATE; ZOJun64 ORIG REF: 003 i W :Card 2/2 FRISHBEWS -I -!~Te..;,.FERKITIXA. K.S. Properties of dull components (durain) of coals from the Balakhon" series in the Kuznetsk Basin. Koko i, 156.(KLRA 9:7) l.TostocluW uglekhimichoskiy institut. (KQ2nOtsk Basin--Coal--Analysis) SVIRIDOVA, I.K.-; POPOVA, M.Ye. Studying the balance of Derched water and the translocation of nitrogen and ash elements beyond the limits of the soil profile. Trudy Vor. gos. zap. no.131165-173 161. (MIRA 16:8) (Voronezh Preserve-Runoff) (Voronezh Preserve-Forest soils) POPOVA, M.Ye. Using the petrological method of study in order to deterid-ze the quality of coal. Trudy Lab.geol.ugl. no.6:139-143 1,;6. ~WAU 10-2) 1. Vostochrjy nouchno-issledovatel'skiy uglakhimichoskiy institut. (Coal--Testing) POPOVA. .9. --- --im, I" - a.AV5~44 A-1 labor of women in the U.S.S.R. Sots,trud no.3:3-14 Mr 157. (Women-Imployment) (KLRA 10:4) 4L- 4~ it he IY 4 of u Al k I? M a 4 41 a a at A- L_A_A_J~ J- At, -A F 6 1 1 1 10 v ~!_A_ Y I AA IS M 0 1.,. 1 0 A 1 0 81-AL-1. fit ..0 - -afes T