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P01OVICH, A. YA. u a - u ItDirect ed Variability of .:icroor - nisms, 2e, ort 3, The Directed Trans formt ion of Typhoid Bacteria Into Paratyphoid", ihur :Ukrobiol, Ej.ireirtiol i Im unobiol, No. 2, pp 21- 24, 1950. POPOVICE, A.Ta. fs.Shellpaki, Ternopol.'skoy obl.) e-- =OZZ -inhalation as a method for controlling coughs in tuber- culosis and other lung diseases. "rach.delo no-5:543 Yq 158 (MIRA 1l:?) (COUGH) (NOVOCA ME) POPOVIGH, k.Ta Peculiarities of Influenzal pneumonia caused by various types of virus. Vrach.delo no-l.93-95 160. (KM 13:6) 1. Rayonnaya bollnitsa S. Vishneyets. Ternopollskoy oblasti. (PMMNIA) POPOVICH, B.. kand. sel'ekokho%vnystvennyk# nauk. I ---thr .T.~ I --- .. .--11 aTernmalen artichoke. gau)m i pered. op. v sellkhoz. 8 no.3:44-d6 Mr '58- (MIRA 11:3) 1. Bryanskayn sellskokhovyayatvannaya opytnaya stantsiya. (Jerusalem artichoke) -ACC NR& Apoooorm jD/JG SOWICE CODE t i /o2 8 6/.6 5 /ro 0/02 2 /W 62 /0 062 AUTHORS: Topov, V. K.; PopRvich B. A.; Kall _~Zchev, M. N. ORG: -none 'molting' process of s and alloys in a TITLE: 'Apparatus T&'~ observing thb- vacu. ce. Glass 1+0~ ~ No. 17S1,25 SOURCE: -Byulletent izobreteniy i tovaryiykh znakov, no, 22, 1965p 62 TOPIC TAGSs metallurgic process, metallurgy, metal melting, refractory metalp Inetallurgic furnace ABSTRACT:- This Author Certil4cate presents an a paratus for observing,the malting p process of refractory ~ raotale find alloys in a vacum furnace. The apparatus has the form of, a ho,31ow caning (see Fig. 1). To prevent the fouling of the window glass by the products of melting.'a cylindrical drum,pierced by cutouts is mounted in,the opening of tho.caalmg, Thecutoutsrun p9rpe~dicularly to the drum axis. 6034767-_______ Uft/OtiO7/66/000/001/0088/0093-! ACC NRt AP AUTHOR: Popovo V. Ka (Moscow); Popovich, B, A. (Moscow) ORG: none TITLE: Unit for zone refining refractory metals SOUIRCE; Elektronnaya obrabotka materialov, no. 1, 1966, 88-93 TOPIC TAGS; refractory mettil, furnace, electron beam -f=_-==7 ABSTRACT: To improve the service life of the cathode and to eliminate voltage and I current fluctuations, defocusing of the electron bean, and contamination of the re- fined metal, a new unit for zone refining of metals has been developed. it is mainl) intended for growing monocrystals of tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, niobium and ocher refractory metals. The basic feature of the unit is its hear source, which consists of two guns each generating a narrow electron beam which easily melts a metal bar -intended for refining. Vie cathodes of the guns are located about 500 fro- m the minelted zone and are reliably protected from molten metal vapors, light irradiation, and ion bombardment. Consequently, the service life of a lantanum hexaboride cathode is about 250-300 hr., which Is much longer than that Of ring- shaped tungsten cathodes used in regular units. MagneLic locubIlIg lVill'o.-I I)orlklic accurate adjustment of electron-beam power and the size of the hot and molten zones. Changes in the shape of the bar during the formation of che liquid zone do not [-Card 1/2 XC'-- -.N-R-:-----AP-6-0-30-6-7 cause defocusing of the electron beam. Thus, bars of various sizes can be melted with the same electronooptical systems. Finally, with the new systern the material being refined is not contaminated by material of the cathode. Monocrystals of molybdenum., 14, 20 and 27 mm in diameter, were grown in the unit at an accelerating voltage of 12,000 v, and a total current of both guns of 0.7-1.4 a. Bars of molybdenum were outgassed at 2500K for 15-20 min; then the first pass was made at 9 mm/min and the next two were made at 7 mm/min. Orig-art. has: 3 figures. SUB CODE: 13,11,16/ SUBM MEE: none/ ORIG REF: 005/ Cord 2/2 L 07345?-67 EWT(d)/ZVIP(V)/E;WP(k)/EWP(h)/EWP.(J). ICC M AP6012156 SOURCE CODB% IAUTHORSI &dikov, Yu. To; Popovich, B. A. UH/0413/66/000/007/0073/0073 ;'ORG: none 1TITLEi. Holding.devioge. Clain 42t.Noo leo3go iSOURCEs Izobretenlyap Oroi7shlenr4yye obraztoy, tovarnyye nakit no. 7v 1966, 73 ITOPIC TAGSo pressurep heat effect', holding device ABSTRACTs This Author ;ertifloate.presenta a holding device containing an elastic !element (see-Pig, I). Elastio.element Fig.. - Is ;To provide a positive.hold on*objects working at high temperatures (about 2000C) !.without cooling the holding devicep the elastic element is made in the form of a 'box of refractory material (ouch an tantalum). The box is filled with gas (Bayp jargon). An the tempers~ture rises to 2000C, the gas expands, causing the compres- :,nion of the object being hold. Orig. art. has:.I figuree Card. 1/114. SUB __C0DB_I_ UDCs 62-229-312.2-27i m POPOVIGH, B.G.,iazh.; ROSIMT. V.A.. inzh. "0"', the end play of antifriction bearings. Vast. mash. 38 -,Vr.v no. 8:9-14 Ag 138. (MM 11:8) (Bear ings(Mach inery)) ir;;:, ~-Izir4l-m- - ~MPOVICH,, B.G., inzh.; ROSM , V.A., bizh. Atijusting the end play of antifrictioa bearings. Vest. mash- 38 no. 8:9-14 k 158. (HIRA 11 -8) (Boarings(Machinary)) USSR / Cultivated Plants. Potatoes, Vegetables, Melons. M-2 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - B.Iologiya, No 2, 1959, No. 6274 Author Popovich J3,__ - Inst Bryii-s-i'le lection Station Title Jerusalem, Artichokes OrIg Pub 9 Nauka I peredov. opyt v s.-kh., 1958, No 3, 441-45 Abstract : Jerusalem artichokes (Rozovyy and Belyy Urozhaynyy varieties) were planted according to the aquare-pocket method (60 x 60 cm). There were two tubers in a hill. The experi- ment was conducteJ z~' the Bryansk Selection Station in 1957. 300 - 400 cwt/ha of green mass were obtained In the middle of September with a full mineral f ertilization and liming. The yield was 200 - 270 cwt/ha at the end of Card 1/2 SOV/122-58-8-2/29 AUTHORS: j~opovjcjj,__R~ G. and Roshet, V.A., Engineera TITLE: Adjustment of the Axiall Clearance in Rolling Bearings (Regulirovaniye osevoy igrY v podrehipnikakh kacheniya) PERIODICA1: VestrLik mashinostroyeniya$ 1958, Nr 87 pp 9-1k (USSR) ABSTRACT: The adjustment of the axial clearance is an assembly operation in thrust bearings and in combinad thrust and radial bearings such as taper roller and angular contact ball bearings. Soviet Standards 6pecification values (GOST 831-54; 333-55; 7260-5k; 7872-56 and 68?4-54) are given in Tables 1, 2 and 3. Bearings assembled singly or in pairs at each support are distinguished. The p-rocefiure of adjusting the axial clearance in bearings supporting the worm'shaft in a worm-reduction gear is discussed in great detail. with the help of a a-noss- sectional drawing (Ifigure 4). A special analysis is devotpd to angular contact ball bearings. At high speed, a gyroscopic precession moment causes sliding -in the races, wear of the cage and failure. It is deduced that the prevention of sliding by maintaining a frictional moment in excess of the precession moment demands a certain friction coefficient. This depends on the contact angle. uardl/2 If the rotational speed is less than a critical value SOV/i22 - 158-8-2/29 Adjustment of the Axial Clearance in Rolling Bearings (Eq.(l)), defined by a normal pressure just capable of retaining an oil film, the sliding under the action of the gyroscopic moment is not dangerous This equation is reduc'e'd to a simple formula ~Eq.(2~) by which the critical speed in rpm is equal to 86 200 divided by the square root of the differe=-e between the squares of the outside and inside bearing diameters. At operating E;p,,-ed above the critical, the contact angle must not exceed 3 This is achieved by an adequate axial pre-load not less than that expressed by Eq.%'16). The necessary range of axial pre-loads is beat achieved by a spring arrangement illustrated by an example. A numerical example is given. There are 7 figures and four tables. uard 2/2 1. Bear~Jngs-----DtsLgn- 2. 4. Bear- i_ngs-PerI' F 0 --,- 0 v TL c z: ,- C- - Latl,es - v c -Indle !)-, es. of increasim, t-p wcrkinr-- caracJl or s 11. -. - I ;, .. -L ~. - .- - - Pods!-.iDnik no. 2, 1.952. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Iibrary of Con.-fress, A-pril 1952. Ui!GL,`.SSlF--,ED. POPOVICII;, L. 0 . Drill :*mr torii- ',ac~,i-`arr " . I ~1. j Desi,,n of bc-r-rr. sup-~Ort-' :3r preci--I~,-n rac-~ -! n., - - :.:. 6, `~52. I 1 19,52. ' '. C,AS, IF11:11. ,,Iontl-.!7f List of Russian Accessions, Lilcrar,, of Con~res-,-, October Ull i_ i. POPOVICIIJI B. G., Eng. 2. USSR (600) 4. Roller Bearings 7. Deformation of inside ring in a cylindrical roller bearing. Podshipnik, No. 4, 1953. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. C> :USSR./M--&icine - Antibiotics Feb 53 "Administration of Syntbomycin in the Treatment of .To.~icosis of Eneric OrigIn in Infants," S. G. Zwyagintsevs. and B. V. Popovich, Dept of Peddatrics, Cent last for Advanced, Training of PhyS4-cians Sovetskaya Meditsina, Vol 17, No 2, PP 3-6 Clinical observations Indicate that synthomycin is rz highly -affective drug for the treatment of toxicoset disappeax soon after synthomycin has been ad- rd.nistered. Effectiveness of synthomycin'is ex- plained. by its bacteriostatic activity upon the 247T,-~6 int estinal flora irrespective of its exogenic or.its endogenic origin. The nevly synthesized Soviet antibiotic, levouWcetin, is far superior to syntho- mycin in effectiveness and. does not produce such extensive secondary complications. 24'~T26 USSR / Farm Animals, General Problems Abs Jour- Ref Zh~_-r-Biologiya, No 2, 1958. 7116 Author V.I. Patr~tshev, A.V. Polukhina, N.I. Yalovaya, R.N. Oleneva, I.V. Pavlova, T.I. Batayeva, o~vich Yu. Paryshkin Inst West Ural University Title The Physiological Pasis of Increased,Prod-,ictivity of Farm Animals Orig Pub: Leh. zap. Ural'skogo lin-ta, 1957, vyp. 159 3-310 Abstract: lkperiments made on calves which were raised on rations with a low, averaEe., and high content of proteins, revealed a better digestion of pro- teins, nitrogen-free extracts and carotin, in animals which had receiv.-d more proteins in their rat-ions . It was also revealed that the stimula- Tion of secretion of gastro intestinal juicas Card 113 USSR / Farm Animal~s, General Problems Q-3- Abs Jour : Ref Zhur-Biologiya, No 2, 1958. 7116 Abstract : and a higher metabolism rate are not onLy due to unconditioned reflexes produced by a sepcific effect of food, but occur as a result of condi- tioned reflexes indl;ced by the conditions under which the food had been consumed. In an experi-- mental study of horses the effect of training or. the utilization of energy derived from food, on b lood composition, acid content of urine, reaction of erythrocyte sedimentation, coagulation of blood, pulse rate, metabolism etc. was revealeds Thetremendous importance of traininC was deter- mined as a factor which affect-d metabolism, and produced the complex reflexes which,affected the essential functions of an organism. Frono',jnced functional changes were observed as well in large horned cattle when kept, on pasturage Card 2/3 USSR / Farm Animals, General Problems Abs Jour: grounds. Under Vese conditions the passape of food through their gastro intestinal tract was accelerated to almost double the -,;sual t -i me. A paradox was observed: a marked low rate of meta- bolism and a decrease of blood eircl,,lation when physical strain was imposed on cows (such as the placing of a sand bag weighing 10-20 percent of the bocV weight on the shoulders of a cow z;tand- ing in a stall). Prod,ictive, choice cows showed a higher oxygen content in their blood. Q-1 Card 313 POP(V-TCI-", D.C., Cand ill the ref-I.elailion or 21 pp (Ac,,kd Sci USSR ( I'll, , - 1; 3-5, f, , I. 15, ) Sci-- " ~'hc, role of' --,F~ ~,rr- I r., I ~ k, I - - thr. .,,(-jLOr rtjrLctic)r, ()p t,, -1-1~j -r 1 of-, 0 - - .10 t, I , - , it T ~ ~ clr~nd. 1~flf,y o,, il. j,p.plvlov), I , -),. ~ I .- . -11 11 (If) 0, AUTHOR: ewPopovich, D. SOV/2o- 12 1, -1 -5 3 / ;- -1- TITLE: The edle of the Hypothalamus in tha Regulation of the Motor Function of the )-lammary Gland (Rcll gipotalamusa v reg-ulyatsii motornoy funktaii,molochnoy zhelezy)" PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 19,58, Vol- 121. Nr 1, pp. 1e6 - 189 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The theory of the reflex secretion of the mammary gland was completely established by experiments (Refs 1,2). Furthermore a number of authors proved that a repeated partial milk secretion may be caused by dosing the quantity of the milk stimuli. After another survey of the publications the author found that the hypothalamus cores take part in the conduction of the nerve pulses to the neurohypophysis (Ref 7). Therefore it was his object to explain the riale of these cores in the inhibition of the milk secretion reflex. Ten lactating goats of the Scientific Experimental Station of the Institute imeni I.P.Pavlov (Nauchno-opytnaya stantsiya Instituta fiziologii) were subjected to experiments. For the immediate stimulation of the hypothalamus cores the method of chronic insertion Card 1/4 (vzhivleniye) of electrodes (Refs 7,8) was used. As source The RSle of the Hypothalamus in the Regulation of the SOV/2o-121-1-513/55 Motor Function of the Mammary Gland of stimulation served an electronic stimulator which furnished rectangular pulses of different frequency, amplitude, and duration. The stimulus was produced unipolarly. The indifferent electrode was a lead plate of 10 dm2 attached to the animal's neck. An experimental uerie5 with a one- sided denervation of the udder was carried out in order to clear the Ao'le of the efferent nerves of the mammary gland in the regulation of its motor function. Afl;erwards the animals were killed, Figure 1 shows the arrangement scheme of the electrodes. The stimulation of the supra-optic hypo- thalamus cores led to a milk secretion from the denervated as well as from the intact half of the udder (Pigs 2A, 1,2). From this the author concludes that the obtained effect in its final part is a result of the effect of the humeral agent on the myoepithelial elements of both udder parts. However, the milk secretion of the denervated udder part begins earlier and was more intensive than that of the intact part. This increased sensitivity of the denervated udder- Card 2/4 part to oxytocine(oksitotsin) (hormone of the neurohypophys-is) The R81e of the Hypothalamus in the Regulation of the 307/2o-121-1-53/5/5 Motor Function of the Mammary Gland was in the author's experiments expressed when the amount of the applied-stimulation was equal to the threshold value or higher. Under these conditions the oxytocine quantity freed into the blood is so small that the effect on the myoepithelia.l. cells of the mammary gland can be detected only in the denervated part and not in the intact one. This and the fuither experiment (Fig 2 B) show that the separated milk secretion is due to a mechar4ism of the separated liberation of the oxytocine .(i n small quantities by the neuro- hypophysise The intensity of the separated and repeated ,liberation of this hormone into the blood is directly dependent on the intensity and the duration of the applied stimulation. The possibility of a central inhibition of the oxytocine secretion into the blood -circulation by which the milk secretion is inhibited, was thus experimentally proved (Fig 2-B 2). There are 2 figures and 11 references, 8 of which are-Soviet. Card 3/4 The Role of the Hypothalamus in the Regulation of the sov/20-121-1-53/5-1 Motor Func*tio'n of the Mammary Gland ASSOCIATION: Institut fiziologii im.I.P.Pavlova Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute-of Physiology imeni I.P.Pavlov, AS USSR) PRESENTED: March 21, 1958, by K.M.Bykov, Member, Academy of Sciences, USSR SUBMITTED: March 17, 1958 I. Mammary glands--Pbysiology 3.-Hypothalamus--Stimulation --Physiological effects 2. Hypothalamus--Pbysiology 4. Milk---Secretion 5. Hormones Card 4/4 1'ri"3 N- 30k) br~r Ing, :2"1 "-. -, . I , ", " - 1, p . -~' ~:; *c. I ~ J-8.3) POPOVICH. D. Ye. Lifting table for the lining of steel pouring ladles. Met. i gornorud. prom. no.1:74 Ja-F '63. OaRA 16:4) (Iron and steel plants-Technological innovations) FIOPOVIGH-, Fell-chia, ~.nzj,. Report on controlled fatteri1jig of Young Fi-gs in t~lp -1 the Rumnian People Is Republic Ln Lbo year.9 ,; 11~'e,~,-. T., ~.-b.~~ porL na,,;!,. roln no.43.209-2113 '63. -j- .. .... 770 SOV/127-59-5-6/22 chivanov, W., Blaironrarov and a T.12U t The Automatic Control of an Blectrically Driven Holat with &ZI ibrciter-Regulator (Artomaticheakoye uprav- l e;T olektroprivodom pod"yena, a vozbud-4tolem. re yatorom.) FMC=CALI Gor=7y thurnal, 1959. Ur 3, pp 24-26 (USSR) Awnic?. Laboratorlya avtonaviki 1 telOzekbaniki Loningrads- kooo gorn"o institute (Laboratory of Autozation and Tolemoc-tes or the Leningrad Mining Zmstitute) pe develo d a new automation :ysrem for sk.'P hoisting LA the Severnars, Mine of th Mine Uanagomkat Intent KUIOV. A normal direct current motor of Pff-lC0 t"s Is used as an excitor-regu2ator of the generator. To make the use of such motor poaaibl Its parallel wind a dlvid*d in two parts. his win , = g ys I ard 1/ 2 consiats of two coils Ott each &was I pol :! ihe d : ividing co4sints iz connecting cc Is with a U.-Car Wv/LV-59-3-6/22 Lutomitr control of &, liectricaliy Driven goist with an EXCitOr 1, sri.&, which forn a =Aster winding number of turns I-' - er 0 tU M3, of the reg%"tar. Cloils with anallar numb Sul f t 0 r, , " - comwered sigi.1-17. . form the winding o is System replaced the old sutorAtion Th jag feedback. I" regulator of longitudinAl hich used a trten w a pped-up b0isting Operations. old. The 00' sisto. at. 2 Soviet r= end i &g gr., I d i1 There are 2 040 0 refer*zIese. Card 2/2 IR U, cull-A.-routed Plants. pora,,O~,S~ B a I o y a r, Y a r. C c) n s e r va t i aa nU!~: c o V Ani Peppvr L. U.,~ Lj nt 1. it- ~ o vog h 0 h e v 0 d S tv sFk lk!a r 0 5 7 12, aii au%iliary 1-)k,)-nt of the :institute 'he planting of' soerlt; in product-iort triala (I ur i-xi Lhe fl.rstl h-olf of ~~vd rzjiv~:Wg tlisi Sprout!" to the of, October witil Liub-40,111-clit. at low tempttraturcs (6-1.0~ ILO tornatoe:K azid pepp~,,rs, 44.7or cauliflower, at husiciality of 60-70,X, and 70-75% renveclive- ly) atout Lhe e7ml of' Cjcltober to thr~ ;,-,eginning of January produced a liizh anci ej3rly crop in "tuthollses W-;tll,ut additional electric and potqLcc,.~l C,r.RD 1/4 CnItivotod Z-11aiits 20318 TITL U 1, C, T i I I ittiji na. t j. on. At low(-~r temperatures the roota diedi and at iiigher temperatures di.~s,-.imilation was intensified and the plants grew 'Loeble with a lach 0l, light. With later pl.-Anting periods poor accumulation of pla,4kic substances took placc- and during the conservatic)n period they lach the means of supr.,orting the Vital proces" ses. During the cwnservation period there, occurs a certain araount of growl1h, incransed dry matter content and 'the stalks become 2114 POPOVICII, FeYa., kand.sellskokhoz.nauk Growing vegetables witbout soil. Nauka i zhyttla .11 no.1:3~--1,1+ ja t6l. (MIRA 14:3) (Plants-Soilless culture) (Vegetable gardening) -j(ZQYICIi,Y-eQjjo.siY Yakovlevich; REBRIK, Yakov Prokof'yevich; HILOKOSTA, N.Ya., red., diVC-HMKO, M.5., LAdvice for vegetable groweral Sovety ogorodnikam. Izd.4. Kiev, Gos.izd-vo selikhoz.lit-ry USSR, 1960. z47 P. (MIRA 14:2) (Vegetable gardening) POPOVICH, Foodosiy Yakoylevich (Popovych,F.Ya. ] , kand. sell skokhoz. nauk; --------,NARTI-NYUKO-D.M.[Martlnyuk,D.M.)p o4reams otv, red.; GURENKOj V.A. [Hurenk9pV.Ajp red.; MATTIICHUIp 0,Ap tekhno red. (Gipenbouee maziagement on collective and state farmal ParrWkavo- t4lycbne hoopodarstvo v kolhospakh ta radboapakh., ]Kyivt 1961. 47 p. (Tovarystvo dlia pos ennia politychrgrkh i umikovykb y-nmal Uk- rains1koi RM. Sera5v n0027"- (MIRA 34:8) (Gresubouse management) POPOVICF, Feodosiy YakovIevich; 163BRIK, Yakov Prokoll"Y,!vich; MLOKOS'I'A, N.Ya., red. [Advice for gardeners] Sovety oprodniknin. 5. lzd., doP. Kiev, Urozhal, 1964. 297 p. (mli?L.4 .18-..'1) POPOVICil, F.Ya., Cand Agr Sci -- (dis:3) 11011tiWitiOrf, ~tomato-., and- -.c.aulif lowe-r' ppeservation and use of/-seedl-ing-s -in hot-houses." ?.'.iev, 1956, 19 pp (Min of Agr UkSSR. Ukr.ainf~ Acad Agr Sci) 120 co:~Aes (KL, 23-58), 1.09 - 105 - POPOVICH, F.Ya.9 kand.seliskokhozyaystvennykh nauk Speeding up the fruiting and increasing the 71elds of ve tables in greenhouses. Rauch. trudy UASHN 10:139-137 1600 fM'IRA 14:3) Clegetable gardening) (Growth promotirg substances) . ii ! POPPOVIGUE"s G.# general-mayor voysk svyazi; GALKIN, A., podpolkovnik Refresher training periods are an important method in -instructing communications specialists. Voen. vest. 1+0 no. 3:98-99 Mr 161. (KMA 14:2) (Communications, Military--Study and teaching) TqEqjjq#,_.g~opovych, H.], kand.tekhn.nauk; NOGIN, S. ENOHIN. S-1, inzh.; ALTSEKJLER, M., inzh. Using the ultrasonic method in testing the strength of con- crete construction elements. Bud.mat.t konstr. 2 no.l: 47-52 F 160. (MIRA 13:6) (Ultrasonic waves--Industrial applications) ('PrecaBt concrete--Testing) ABLOVf A.V.; POPOVICH. G.A.- - Ternary copper dl-tartrates forming in acid media. Zh-arx.neorg. I Ichimi, 6 no.4:846-850 - -AP 161. UaRA 14:4) 1. Moldavskiy filial AN SSSRt Institut khirnii, (Copper compounds) C_ AUTHOR: Popovich, G. A. 73-1-6/26 TITLE: _75i -Tartrate Comple.-nes of Copper, (0 Tartratnykh Kompleksakh, Mledi.) PZ1aGDICAL% Ukrainskiy Ehimicheskiy Zhurnal, 195?, Vol. 23, No-1, ,pp. 27- 30 (USSR). ABSTILWT: The.solubility-of Cu tartrate in alkalis is demonstrated loy the.formation of complex compounds (Ref.1). Compounds sepainted from a solution containing 1 mole CuT 3H20 T = 04H40 ) and 1.0 - 103 mole NaOji are listea Refs.. 2, so 40 5p 6). The existence of complex ions of further compositions was put fonvard on the basis of investigations of -the physico-chemical properties of these solutions (Refs..? - 10)... Contradictonj litel-atuie data caused-the 'author to carry-o-at new.experiments on the complex formation*of copperions,with ions of tartaric titration of CuT.3H 0 of CuT+Na T solutions and also of solutions containing2 6uSO and 2 Na T,. Titrat-ions were carried out in a thermostat at 25 1 0.2 0 09 on'the potentiometer LF-3. Graphs 1 - 4 show that an increase in the amount of alkali causes only Card 1/2 a small chanp,.of the PH of the solution in the beginning POPOVICHY G.A.; ABLOV, A.V. Complex salts of copper with xylotrillydrmyglutaric acid. Zhur. neorg. khIm. 9 no.5:10'72-1078 My 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1 1. Institut khim-ii AN Moldavskoy SSR. POPOVICY"..-G.G. [Popovici, G.); MOYSE, L. [Moisa, L.J; NEGOITSE, M. [Nagoita, M.); MANOULE, V. [Manoila., V.]; BOTEZ, E.; GAFNER, R.; KELERASHU, A. [Calarasu, A. I Effect of some antibiotics on the reactivity of the components of interoceptive reflexes. Antibiotiki 10 no.2:122-130 F 165. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Meditsinskiy institut, Yassy, Rumyniya. POPOVICH, G.G. Simple method for removing a ring strangulating an organ. Vrach.delo no.5:537 My 159. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Khirurgicheskoye otdeleniye (zav. - G.G. Popovich) Mashevelcoy ra7onno.v bollnitsy Poltavskoy oblasti. (FINGERS--WOUNDS AND INJURIES) Luchiya [~Jojs~j, M.]; MANOIL,, Virzhi-niya; NEGOITSE, Margareta [NegoitA, M.) Reaction of some unconditioned interoceptive reflexes as a result of the application of tetracycline at the level of splenic and intestinal interoceptors. Antibiotiki 6 no.12:1063-1070 D 161. (I"IRA .15:2) 1. 14editsinskiy institut Yassy Rumyniya. (TETRACYMIRL~j NPIEai-IIRIERVATION) (IM'STIMS-INIERVATION) USSR/Cultivated Plants - Graiiis m Abs Jolur ; Ref Mur Biol., No 18, 1958, 82273 Ao, thoi, : Popovich. I. Inst Title Growing Hid-i Yields of i4i:iter Wheat Tinder the Conditions of Kiyevskoye Poles'ye Orig Pub Byul. sil's'kogospod. inform. Kiivs'k. obl., 1957, vip. 4, 13-15 Abstract I-To abstract. Card 1/1 ~-- Death of a wrestler. Z& bezop.dvith. no-3:12 Mr 160. NEU 13:12) 1. Sachallnik Glavmm avtomobillnoy inspektaii Upraylerdya Yrntre- 1-11rh del Khmallnitakogo oblispoUrom USSR. (Traffic accidents) a RAYKU, P. (Bukharest, Rumyniya); POPJVICHj_I. (Bukharest, Rumyniya) Investigating pollination selectivity in com . Agrobiologila no.6t824,832 N-D 162. (MIRA 161l) (Corn breeding) PASTUSHENKO, V.O., kand.sellskokhozyaystvennykh nauk; POPOVICH, I.D., kand. sell skokhozyaystvennykh nauk; ZUEEITKO, Crop rotation system- used on the grass7 steppe of the Ukraine. Zemiedelie 6 no-9:31-35 S '58. (MIRA 11:9) (Ukraine--Rotation of crops) USSR/Cultivated Plants General Problerm. M. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Biol., No 4, 1958, 15458 Author : V.0. Pastushenka, I.D. Popovich, M.A. Razgon Inst Title The Effect of Preceding Drops on the Winter and Inter- tilled Crop Yield in Field Crop Rotations on the Right Side of the Forest-Steppe. (Vliyuniye pred.shestvennikoV na uro7liay ozimykh i propa- shnykh kulltur v polevykh sevooborotakh pravoberezhnoy .Lesostepi). Orig Pub -Kolgospnik Ukraini, 1956, No 8., 14-16 Abstract In tests at the Chartnviysk Experimental Field (1951- 1955) the best preceding crop to winter wheat was clover .used one year for a single harvest. The wheat yield thenbecarie 22-25 contners per hectare. The black fallow (with 200 centners per hectare of manure applied) supplied a winter wheat harvest which was 2.4 centners per Card 1/2 MTRWI I -U~dk- x CATEGORY : Cult-,vatod Plante. r,raLls. Legmea. Tropl~cal Cereals. ABS. J01M.. : RlaK01-2 Noo 3, 1959, 11-110- 10881 AUTHOR : D. DIST. TITLE The Yj&,)Id and q%zaU" ty of Wintor ~J"&t in Ralation +,o Frodowiasora - OPJG, 133-.a. a&sjk inrorm. po malorobstiup 1958) No. 31 51-52 A -!SIP FLA C T lic mbst~act- CARD: !A I POPO,VICH. I.D.. kandidat eel skokhozyaystvannykh mauk. ~;' *'~--~ , Affect of preceding crc?s on the yield of winter wheat. Zenledelie 5 no.3:86-87 Mr 157. (Icm 10: 3) (Wheat) (Rotation of crops), ;-6' C. /1 /7 11 11, /) - POPOVI kand.ssl'mkokhozya7stvenn7kh nauk. Crops preceding winter wheat in the Ukrainian Polesye. Zemledelie 5 no.12:36-37 D 157. (MIRA 11:1) (Polsoye-Wheat) USSR/Cultivated Plants Gralas. 1.1-2 Abs Jour : Rof Zhur- Biol., No 20, 1958, 91607 Author : Popovich, I.D. Inst : Ukrainian Institute of Agriculture. Title : Preceding Crops of Winter Wheat in Pole9ye of the Ukrai- nian. SSR. Ori G Pub : Z01110del.4c, 1957, No 12, 36-37. Abstract : AccordinG to the foremost collective farms, the "Chaban" farris of U1craine Institute of ALTiculturc and Korostan- kaye Experinental Field, the best preceding crops of win- ter wheat in Poles'ye (Ud-rainian SSR) &re: Lupine oa green fertilizer and perermial grass (one yield); r;ood precedinG crops are flax, a vetch-oat rAxture on straw and. early p3tatoes; a satisfactory preceding rotation is a lupine fallow on a perennial Omes bed. -- II.G. Buya- Card 1/1 kovich. S/85y62/000/001/011/013 D D296 307 AUTHORS: Grebinskly, S. 0., Iovleva, N. D.,,..and ?_0 _P0_V__ii~_1_I -.V-- TITLE: The influence of x rays upon the transformation of sto- rage substances, tissue respiration, and the activity of oxidative enzymes of sprouting plant seeds SOURCE: Llvov. Universytet. Problemnalyaboratoriya radiobiolo-, hiyi. Biorpgicheskoye deystviye radiatsii, no. 1., 1962,, 84-89 TEXT: In an earlier paper, the authors have shown that high doses of radiation suppress t~e growth, the respiration ratue and the wa- ter adsorption of plant seeds. In the present paper the authors tried to investigatethe underlying changes in the metaboli:sm of V seeds. Maize seeds, peas, sunflower seeds and wheat grains were used for the experiment. The seeds were moistened and, when sprout- -in -, were exposed to radiation at a rate of 15 r/rain. After expo- sure, the seeds were grown in tap water at 250C in the dark, The dehydrogenase activity and the.respiration rate vere estimated in Card 1/2 GREB11SKIY, S.O.; IOVIEVA, V.D.; POPOVICH, I.V. Effect of Xray irradiation on the conversion of reserve suts- tances, respiration and activity of oxidizing anzymc-.s in germinating seeds. Biol. deis. rad. no.1-184-89162. (14IRA 16:6) 1. Kafedra fiziologii rasteniy Llvovskogo universiteta. (PLUITS, EFFECT OF X RAYS ON) (GERMATION) GREBUMIL S-O-, POPOVICH, I-V-, SAMOYLENKO, V.A. Effect of I rays on the growth, water absorption, and respiration of seedlings. Nauch. dokl. vya. shkoly; biol. nauki no-3:16o-164 16o. (MIBA 13:8) 1. Rekqmendovana kafedroy fiziologii rastenly Llvovskogo gosudars- tvennogo universiteta im. Ivans, Franko. (Plants, Effect of X rays on) (Seedlings) I GPJIBINSKIY, S.O.; POPOVICH, LV. - I Relation between the 71eld of green onions, lettuce, and the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content of their leaves. Fiziol.rast. 7 no.1:82-86 6o. (MIRA 13:5) 1. Department of Physiolaff, Lvoir State Univarsit7. (Onions) (Cabbage) (Lettuce) '_.- - POPOVIM, IT.G., assistent Syste! of automaticall7 controlling the capacity of coal mining machines with a detached feed drive. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.: gor. . zhur. no.4:96-99 '59. (MIn 13:5) 1. Kiyevslciy ordena Lenina politekhnicheskiy institut. Rekomendovana kafedroy gornoy elektromekhaniki. (Coal mining manAnery-Ilectric driving) (Automatic control) 'Y" a ni~ fX V, TAO #Opendence,bf the* boiling polat,..of ".go 4 Ounds -. their r a_y tMguTo. . 5tef, p e. e, Timisciara Romaalir-F= n -The empirical formuila -of 'polut, VZ. F. t. (log N - A)IB, with t. the b.pAn'-9C,* i characteristic consts,' toe a homologous series,, la'.,10"Which can be caled. from the structinje, is deriv I j, t 1 .3 ed matl e in 1611~ 'v c :.With the aid of thiz PI tet~Troutou rule and Clausius-MP,pv J1 C GIMBINSKIT, S.O.; YEMKOVA, A.A.; IPOPOVIGH, I,V.; RUBAIUM, Ye.A. Effect of fertilizers on the amount of vitamins B1. and ascorbic acid in leafy,vegetables. Hauch. dokl. vys. shkoly; biol. nauki no-2:130-133 '58. (MIRA 11:10) l.Prodstavlena kafedroy fisiologii rasteniy LIvovskogo gosudaretven- nogo univeraitsta Imeni Ivana Franko. (Vegetables) (Vitamins) (Fertilizers and manures) POPOVICH 1. V. Popovich, I. V. - "The organization and reward of work in kolkhozes in the northern oblasts", Trudy Vy-yezdnoy sessii Kazakh. filiala Vsesoyuz. akad. s.-kh. nauk im. lanina, posvyarhch. voprosam razvItiya zern. khoz-va sev. obl. Kazakh. 333R, Alm- Atat 1949, p. 14-1-56. SO: U-4119 17 July 53, (Letopis 'Zhurnal Inykh Statey, No. 20, 1949). PONVIC11, k:~. On the condition of stabilizing the process of positions of relay contacts at a given operation. In Russian. P. 5G9. REVUE DE ',,VT[1P,1ATIq-UES PURES ZT APPLIQUFM. JOUPJ1AL OF PUL--,E MID APPLIED MkTfM---IATICS. (Academia Republicii Populare Romine) Bucuresti. Rwaania. Vol. 2, 195-- Monthly Lis t of East European Accessions)ZZAL LC vol. 9, no. 1, J,.nuary 1960. UISCL I , -- -r- /. I 1 -1 jr--l-I (-) t -vf o kh 1\ I GOLIDSh-TINIT, Ghanr,ea in the blood pirment in acute mrperimental nitrobenzene poisoning. Gig. i Ran. 23 no.2:89 F '58- WRA 11:4) (BMIRM-TOXICOLOGY) (BLOCO-PIGHENTS) POPOVICH, Konstantin P. [Popovici, Constantin P.] --- -I.- I - 11 - .11 ~ - -- Heronjan triangles. Rev math pures 7 n0-3:439-457 162. S/0269/64/000/002/0018/0018 ACCESSION NR: AA4021609 SOURCE: RM. Astronomiya, Abs. 2-51-154 AUTHOR: Popovich2 K.; Kishp G. TITLE: Artificial earth satellite observations in the Rumanian People's Republic CITED S OUR CE: Byul. st. optich. nablyudeni~a,:iskusstv* sputnikov Zemli, spets. 71*p0p 1962, 81-82 TOPIC TAGS: artificial satellite- artificial earth satellite# artificial satel- lite observations artificial satellite observation stations optical artificial satellite observations photographic artificial satellite observation, photovisual artificial satellite observations AT-1 telescope, satellite transit time TRANSLATION: The optical artificial satellite stations at Bucharest and Cluj were established in 1957. Visualp photovisual and photographic artificial satel- lite observations are being made at Bucharesto The-station has a good time ser- viceo- Specialists at the atatim have made a number of theoretical studies. Card 1/2 ACCFMION NR: "021&* Visual observations at Cluj are being made with AT-1 tOI03Cooeso SateUite transit times are recorded using a magnetic recorder. V. Novopashemyy. DATE AOQ: O9XAr64 SUB OWE: AS ENCL: 00 i ; ~.i ;j, -,; , .. - i -'. :, ~.- ~ ;, .1 !-, -,Ir-nT,--,~~,~~;.-. - -, ;.", " 1 , -~ ~ ~~"; ~p - z -~' C - C4~~,~ I ;. -- . I -;P~z ~~ ~-. - 4 e" , C, V1, AUTHOR: None Given. TITLE: All-Union Conference or, the Theoi~l of ReD-7,r Systems. (Vsesoyuznoye soveshchaniye po teorii ustroystv releynogo deystviya). PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR Otdeleniye Teklinicheskikh Nauk, 1958, No.2, pp. 167-168 ZUSSR). ABSTRACT: The Institute of Automation and Telemechanics of tile Ac. Se. USSR (Institut Avtomatiki i Telemekhaniki Akade-aiii Nauk, SSSR) convened in October, 1957 an All Union Conference on the theory of relay systems. The aim of the conference was to evaluate the present state of the 'Droblem of the theory of relay operation, particularly evaluation of the problems of synthesis, analysis and transformation of the structure of relay equipment, optimum construction and assembly of such structures, automation of the processes of synthesis and analysis of such structures. Over 330 representatives of research establishments, works' laboratories and project organisa- tions from numerous centres of the USSR as ~.,;ell as scientists from Rownania, HunGary and Czechoslov~,ilcia participated in the conference. Card 1/5 In his opening aldress M. A. Gavrilov reported on the P, L fr S17 3ontuact Relay Circuits" by V. I. Shesta1kov. '21 followinG P.Ipers dealt ;,,Ith acute topic2: "Automation"of the Process of the Ana3ysir; Uf ay CircuitWl by P. P. Parkhomenko; 11~.Jatrixl Analyser of Relay-Contact Circuits" by T. T. Toul~aiiov;"Mochaii,,:l'U-iori of tho Proce6o of Sylitliesis of Relay Cir(;Uit.'5" by A. Arklin-TiC~,allmIcal V. G. D-.zELr(-v and V. N. 0 o of . A " .1 -'t '. - j - ~, - !! MaOIA-M) (--ttld fl it- J0,"j (Ruw5ary) . Tho 1 0 Jo arrIVOCA f-iL tko (tow. lwvtoa J_ Y t ()I' fjy)-l Who flit', of rolf".. Oquipmoliv, WK) it; thrtt or ttovoloplnz,~i u 1;10 LILOO O.J., A V"44i i"Imut" Lilr(, Ot df: c Ivo I* at 1, 1;: 'h" Cie on"~~ftLlrl" Ut o4,U(--'tV1vf1 of !I I I t; 0 I100 dill olk ijill Q01111_111[,.J()~I,~' alotly for . 11. ift -fwfw v ooitipi wt(w. i,kaity ro V5 qttita PrL)1)-10!;k ar-litti.- Of _L77=7 U C 0 V., %,iido of bl~ c)f L"e 10 S 10 v'~~ IAc ()f Probl;~_.,;Is of Jqjr~~ - -~ Card. 4/5 A k , ",~ -' ",: I C'I., 'I LO~-, USSR, tll,~ firlst machiner, of structures of relay equipi,:eat. This further development, particularly as r for the synthesis of structui ]A~Stchi-ies -es. The of conference pointed out the advisability of orL~anisiT16 a coordinating commission relatinj~ 'to %-,iork on tl-.e theory n of relay systelds and of eStablishin an Federation relating to this problem International (Note: This is a complete ti-anslation'N AVAILABLS: Library of Congress. Card 5/5 PALLADE, Sulamit; GOL DSHTEYII, I. [Goldstein, I. ];JRI~RVIGH rarmt [Popovici, C.i; PARIOTE, Mariya Effect-of chlorpromazine (aminazine) in experimental nitrob-anzene poisoning. Farm. i toks. 25 no.1:103-108 Ja-F 162. OLAIPA 15:4) 1.,Otdel gigiyeny truda Instituta obsilchestvannogo zdravookhraneniya i gigiyeny fbimynskoy Narodnoy Respubliki. (CHLORPROMAZIN-E-) (BV-NZEII&-TOXIGOLOGY) POPOVICH, Konstantin P. Integer polynomials, irreducible by the modulus. Rev math re 4 no.3:369-379 159. (ERAI :LO.-q (Algebra) (Polynomials) (Calculus, Integral) (Numbers, Theory of) 6/044/62/6CO/002/080/092 C111/C333!' AUTHOR: Popovich, Konstan tin P. T IT L E On stabilization conditions of the poultiona of rolay contacts under jSiven control PERIODICAL; Referativnyy zhurnal, Matematikap no. 2, 1962, 64-65, abstract 2V357- ("Rev. math. pures et appl. (RPR)", 1957, i, 509-534) TEXT: The author Gives a classification of the seouences of ataa- tes of the intermediate elements and ofthe control elements depending on the variation of state of thelinput elements.` 'Let the state kd o f -bne in,,,ut elements be replaced by the s Ita-te k,,o i.whereby the sti~te P60 of 1-1hc internal elements is changed., The, chanae from the stat6 ky to the state k,,) can in general cause the-.soquence ofstates PA P0 1 P 2 Under variations of states of.the. iz!p'ut'--elements,,* also the state' of the control elements can change; If.all, the-, blementsi- bf (1) are' equal j-, then- e'elementq;.0 C called a so qu (-.,nce of, type. 1 ~66ng th f -th er 0 Card 1/.3 044/62/000/002/080/092 On stabilization conditions of the C111/C333 ure only two tion-equal clements, then OY is called a oeqitence of typo 2; if amont,; the elements of (1) there are'more than two diffeient elements, then (1) has the type 3; if a periodic sequence, th6n it iz; called sequence.of type 4 If in. (1)ithere is an element SO I that the sequence P I PP. P 0 t is of type 1 (then r 0), or of, ype ~2- (then r or of type 3, while the sequence PP P P r+11 r+2 is pe~--iodic, then (1) is called sequence of type 5. tal analogous classifict~tion is given also ~for the-sequences of states of the control elements. It is proved: Theorem! Every relay contact circuit' in-Whioh th6Antermediate elemerAS are idealized relays can Ibe realize .d. so', that for-every v .ariation of the 'to -ch states of the input elements'~- whi -+,h6ie corresponds:a sequence of V Card 2/3 Q4 4 0 Z/ uuu 21 92 On ot---bilizL~tion concition.- of the 011 1YC333'-~ st"'Uco ctll* 1 or 2 of 'the control elemoni;s, the seque-nce of s t a t es o~ the i-,,-Aermediate elements vi i 11 b;.-; of typ 2 or even of type 1. does not', IcLd to an inercuse of the number of inter- IL i:j muntioned that for. circuits with one intermedia-, t~: ;7cla,, -,uch re.,~,.ult, vIvas obtained by Ioanin' (RZh Mat, 1958,-:1057). L;Ib:itr,fcterIs note: Complete translation card 3/13 POPOVICH, L.N.; OZERNIKOVA~ B.I. Increasing the weight of the take-up package. Khim. volok. no.2.-66-67 165. (MIRA 18:6) 1. Barnaullskiy kombinat. POPOVICH, L.V. Effect of'an error in measuring soil temperature on the accuracy of determining the,flux of fi6at,-into the soil. Trudy Ukr NIG14I no.49:35-42 165. (MIRA 18:8) -hur QiW%e, vich, T uno Dis L 7re f intestina, PkIRC-2 :-7 71e, ~.h ;train 5u, L, 6 De-, La" on a-.)rde and t-'ensL-vC Col, 'Y-Or*,C' -11c cuiture 1:c,:)-i 14" Twao illJ The !'Mt~o s cti,16.Ued t1le -,r, ~crtic.. r or ",he --,Iv,,~e rncnlui~)neL aftez, h,).L,.Iinf,-- -L'Or ~:A year:; 1cc" s anj~ t:lut-.LnL T. 7 347 cori~ccutive inacrI.- ich, ncc-)!-. 7, v -2 C.1 of It a n. CUL a-es Of 2 Zhur 5 FTM!'C' 01, ct c pj- t I r athcr r)f* 'the J- "'M -.-)I ,~,, fLu I I -- -Y Co, th-l-l' ~:bijl-,y t,,y the ~ra 2/L) POPOVIGHP M.; SAULIT., V.R. Theory of the focusing of ion beamB by the mpetiC Bector with allowance for the stray field. Vest.IJGU 1? no.10:38-65 162. (MIRA 15:5) (Ion beg ) (Magnetic fields) S/054/62/000/002/004/012 B163/B138 AUTHORS: Popovich, M., Saulit, V. R. TITLE: Theory of the focusing of ion beams by a magnetic Ekector, taking into account stray-fields PER-10DICAL: Leningrad. Univer3itet. Vestnik. Seriya fiziki i khimii, no. 2, 190'2,-3a-65 TEXT; The band of all plane trajectories leaving one source point S in the plane of symmetry of a magnetic sector field and the band of till trajectories in the same plane having one focal point P in common are 0 studied. Por each of these bands, the geometrical locus (C1 and C; 21 of all centers of curvature of those circular parts of the trajectories, which proceed in the homngeneous region of the sector field, can be constructed. The focusing properties of the sector field are expressed in terms of these curves C and C n-th order focusing occura if both 1 2* 0 curves have a Doint of contact. of n-th order. The deviations A(0~) of ~ieighboring trajectories from a principal trajectory in a plane Card 1/2 S/054/62/000/002/004/012 Theory of the focusin-- of ion beams ... B163/B138 0 a throu.-h P., which is narallel to the exit boundary of the sector field, can be expressed as functions o-.;' the angle m between both trajectories when they leave the source. Expressions for the aberration coefficients, i.e. the coefficients of an expansion of y,(cx) in a power series, are ,.Lven up to the third order, and conditions for ist, 2nd, and 3rd order f6aL-41g are derived. An expression for the momentum dispersion is given. Many of the results Lira identical to or equivalent with results derived earlier by Onig and Hinte'rberger (Zs. Naturforsch., 10a, 1955, 652 and a77) but the derivation is given in more detail. There are 11 figures. SUBY'ITTED. November 1, 1961 Card 2/2. POPOVI z3jw,-dr.; BOGNAR, Ilona, dr.; MAGDIC, Svetislav, dr.; VIDAL, Z2~~ ... Nandor, dr. Mass histamine poisoning after the conmWtion of sardines. Glas. hig. InBt. 9 no.3/4:4349 Jl-D 160. (HISTAMINE toxicol) (FOOD POISONING) L 34377-66 Ev,-r(,n)/EwP( t)/ETr 1,JP(c) JQ/M1/,PN ACC NR- AP6010743 SOURCE CODE: UR/0076/66/040/003/0531/Q536 38 AUTHOR: Samoylovich, V. Po yome ~E N.; Filippoys Yu. V. ORG: Moscow 3,z_te_ University Im. M. V. Lomonosov (Moskovskiy gDaudarstvennyy universitet) Tr-LLE: The electrical theory of ozonizers. X11. Burining voltage in oxygen-ozone mixtures SOURCE: Zhurnal fiz-1rheskoy khImII, v. 40, no. 3, 1966, 531-536 TOPIC TAGS: electric theory, ps discharge, oxygen, ozone ABSTRACT: The authors used a flat oz?*izer (discharger) to measure the burning volt-age of a discharge in oxygen and oxygen-ozon64hixtures at various gas pressures and with various discharge intervals. The value of the field applied to the oxygen and the oxygen-ozone mix- tures Is determined. In order to avoid any gradient in ozone,"concentration, the ozone was produced externally and Introduced. Discharge gaps from 0.1 to 4.0 mm were used, with pressures from 50 to 750 mm. Hg. The ozone cone entration was 0.65 to 7.0% by volume. [The ratio of the elemental reac_tio_n_c_o_n6'fi__~itE__i of_oz6fi6_iiid_qxygen upon-collision with elec- trons was determined. It was established by the experiments that the curve of the burning Card 1/2 UDC: 541.13 L 35809-66 E1-1T(m)/EWP(t)/ETI IJP(c) --JD~- ri ACC Nit' AP6014899 SOURCE CODE: UR/0076Ag/O39/012/3092/3095 AUTHOR: Semoylovichs V. G.; Popovich,_M. Pi; Ye Filippov, Yus Ve ORG: Moscow State University im. M, V. Lomonosov (Moskovskiy gosuderstvennyy universitet) TITLE: Electric theory of ozonizersA XI, Discharge in helium at various pressures and discharge gaps SOURCE: Zhurnal fizicheskoy khimii, v, 39, no. 12, 1965s 3092-3095 TOPIC TAGS: ozone, electric theory, ki;"-, , 5-- ABSTRACT: The equipment used In the experiments (illustrated in a figure) consisted basically of an upper aluminum electrode with a diameter of 15 mm and a height of 50 mm and a lower aluminum electrode with a diameter of 10 mm, pressed Into a. base made of organic glass. The article gives also a diagram of the electric circuit, Using this equipment, measurements were made by the oscillographic metubod of the combustion pressure during a discharge in bellumvlMeasurements of the combustion pressure in helium were made at gas pressures of 7500 6oo, 400, 200, 100, and 50 mm Eg for discharge gaps of 0.45# 1*0# 2.0# 3*09 Ccwd 1/2 UDC: 541-13 ~or H. I ~C;Yj,Cjl,7TCjj, ;.!iean energy and d.1st-ribu~-ior,f gaseP. VeSt. Mosk. -un. Ser. 2,KYjJ4-,. 20 na. ,MIRA JP,~,Jz) 1. Kafedra fizicheskoy khimil, Fir; .--r. ... ~ jijiiver-sjte~a. SutnItted '3ept. 2 7 'URI - D/AS;D a)~.5 A OW NR-:--A, 1+1003019G3 A/pI 0/64-/900/06 8/189/62/000/001/002/002 D227/D302 AUTHORS: Popovich, M.P., Samoylovich, V.G. and ElItsefon, B.S. TITLE: A study of the silent discharge in oxygen PERIODICAL: Moscow,Universitet. Vestnik, Seria 11. Khimiya, no. 1, 11-17 1962, 80 TEXT. The emission spectrum of a silent discharge in oxygen at atmos- pheric pressure was observed in the vinible region.. The usual silent discharge apparatus was used with the exception of the ozonizer which consisted of a glass cylinder with windows of optical quartz, a cooling system and flat, gla8s electrodes separated by I mm. Frequency of the applied potential was 50 c/s, the voltage 10 Kv and the current Y a. The spectrum was recorded with the aid of an 14(,J7 -28 (ISP-28) instru- ment,'on "Ramman Platten" plates, with an exposure of 45 hro. and an OoOO8 nim slito Spark spectra of iron were photographed on the same plate for the sake of comparison.. The silent discharge spectrum thus obtained extended from 4707 to 2952 A.U. Three ozone bands at 4277, 3099, 3090 A were found, as well as 33 bands belonging to the second Card 1/4 , ~ -;o 'I~:,.--~-r-iit-,-~~.-.,~-~-.--!-.-.4-~,,-~:~, : I-, :,.. , -, - . - -.. . - z; . , - .: POPOVIGH ip M.P.; FILIpput"', Yll. V. , ~- '~' ~i--j Spectroscope stlidy of a discharge in an ozonizer. Veot. Vosk, un. Ser. 2: Llim. 20 no.!:3-4 ja-F 165. (12LIF-~-` 1;-~:3) 1. Kafedra Cizicheskoy Vhimii Moskovsko(ro univorsiteta.