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~KC-C-N-Ri D76007 59 7 /011916i SOURCE CODE: UR /000/002/0027/0027 C NRt 07'9' U R rome AUTHOR: Promet, Ye. A. (Engineer) ___t 'THOT L~eio S~G ORG. Tallin.Scientific JResearch Electrotechnical Instj~~ (TallinBkiy nauchno- S s e v tell issledovatellskiy elektrotekhnichaskiy inatitut) 17d a ski TITLE; Transistorized thermostat to SOURCE: Priborostroyeniye, no. 2, 1966, 27 C TA GS: the rm ostat, transistorized thermostat ABSTRACT: A new transistorized continuous-control, 55C, -tO.2C-error thermostat is described. Essentially a continuous proportional controller, the thermostat includes a temperature-measuring thermistor-type bridge, a resistor-type 52--60C reference element, a P201A heat-supply transistor, and a D608 voltage-regulating (Zener).diode. The thermostat requires 0-3--1-4 amp at 12 v and 20C ambient temperaturej its trar-.kent. time, 150 sec.,Principal circuit and general view of the thermostat are 6"-~;,rn. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 2 formulas. [031 SUB.CODE: 09 'SUBM DATEs none ATD PRESS: -AQL.__rqM_ Ap6o S491 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/ooo/ol8/0111/0112 INVENTOR; Gershteyn, G,M,; 11ludellrian I Ye.; Promin, V,.,.P.,- Shekht- man, L. A. ORG: none TIME: Method of processing gravimetric survey results . class 42, No. 186155 SOURCE: Izobret prom obraz tov zn, no. 18, 1966, 111-112 TOPIC TAGS: gra-i-imetric survey, gravity isoanomaly, dielectric sheet, potentiometer, gravity parameter ) OR #1 V / rr7 er-le 11 ABSTRACT: A method is proposed for processing gravimetric survey data based on analysis of isoanomaly gravity maps. The isoanomaly map is put on a dielectric sheet, ~he interspaces between isoanomalies are filled with-conductors, and a potentiometer adapted for each interspace is attached. A point-shaped charge is moved above the dielectric sh-eeti which measures the current. Parameters of the gravity field are deter- mined from the intensity of the induced current. This method permito a continuous distribution of the gravity field, higher accuracy, and a shortened processing to be obtained. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. uDc: 55o.831 1, 06 NR: AP6033LL91 Fig. 1. Set-up for processing ,gravimetric survey data. 1 - dielectric sheet; 2 - conduc-, tor; 3 - gravity isoanomaly L~ - potentiometer; 5 - point- shaped charge; 6 - indicator suB com 68/ SUBM DATE: 14jun65/ Card PRMIINA, M. Z. MISCHENKO, K. P. and PRCVIINA, M. Z. CA; 30-7/0q/1. J. Gen Chem. (USSR), ~, 85-100 (1936) Thermochemical. study of aqueous solutionscf electrolytes I. Heat of solution of salts. PROMINSKA Elzbieta - 0 "Polish anthropological mapping duringl9r.5-1959 and .1ta use in the garment industry-." Reviewed by Elzbieta Prominska. Kosmos biol 12 nG.33257-259 163. 0 IY? / A/ /09 Xd, Ui'-,S,a / Hicrobiology. 1-1icrobes Pathogenic for !,.:an and ,~aiinals. General Problei-als. .&bs Jour : 21ef Zhur - Diolo-iya, No 6.. 1959, --,,-,o. 24043 Q Author : Stoyanovsl_ciy, L. F.; Prdmins'_-qya,,..T. V.-; Zontovich, Ye. V. Ln s t : Not given Title : An 21xperiment of Practical "'pplication of 'Ulie I'_,ethod of Ag-lutination of l'icrobe "ssociation (Tlixed Cultures) to the Solution of Various Problems OriG Pub : Vrachebn. delo, 1957, prilozli., 112 Abstract : The method is based on the discovery in mi- crobe associations (rinsing of clture) of specific antigens-causative agents of intesti- nal infections or para-agglutinating strains of intestinal bacteria corresponding to them. Card 1/2 30 VSrSR / 7--'icrobiolo,-y. I.Ticrobes Patho-enic for `:em and General Problems. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biologiya, I-elo 6, 1959, No. 24043 It Sives an idea of the deGree and the freshness of epidemiologically dangerou2 pollution of various objects of e:cternal environment (beaches, -rell water, beVerages~i The apDlication of the met'llod alon- with the titer of coli, enables one to dia3nose relatively quickly the presence of fresh fecal pollution. -- G. Ye. Frum-',.ina Card 2/2 STOYANOVSKIY, A.F. (Stoianovs1kyi, O.F.J; PROMINSKAYA T..V.-fFrominslka, T.V.]; ZONTOVICH, 4j.V. [Zontovycl-i, - - Method of investigating bacterial contamination of sea water. Mi-krobiol. zhur. 23 no.2:42-44 161. (MIRA 14:7) 1. Odeaskiy meditainskiy in6titut im. Pirogova. (SEA WATER-MICROBIOLOGY) /w 1, 1-i, I /I/ ~, t\ Hy r-Ij 7. [ /, STOYANOVSKIY, A.F., prof.; PROMINSKAYA, T.V.; ZONTOVICH, Ye.v. PracticnI use of the microbe Aosocintion ng-glutinntion method (mixed cultures) In solvirq,- certnin problems. Vrpch.delo supplement '57:112 (MIRA 11:3) 1. Kafedra obahchey gigiyeny Odesekogo meditsinakogo instituta. (BACTERIOLOGY) SKIRSTYMOIISXIY, A.I.; prinimali uchastiye- FROMINSKIY, V., khimik; SOLOMONAM, 0., khimik Production of veast concentrate containing vitamin Spirt.prom. 26 no.6-28-30 ,6o. NIRA 13:11) (Yeast) (Vitamins) J Ita concentrates from black ciarant. dys4w cind-Antoui ~wic (Food Products lnscsola"A, Poland). Prace. Inst. i Lab. Bad=r-oh Przemyslu Rolnego i Spa- 5 No. =)(English sulnntary)~Jfigll-quldity sirup,; were bycondensingin racua the black currant joicewith sugar or with wild rose exts. They. contained ;I(Xl uld 231 Mg.%vittuniuC,resp. by Ipray drying the juice with thivaddri. (f pectin or of viq-, cous wUd rose exts. with a high pectin content. They contamed 6W and OV2 ing, 170 vitamin C, resp. lew of vitamin C ip these prepris. inay be incrviwA by pvwe~-Ang in ~ce ~f a higher quality. S. S4"-" - lr-dt- POLAND/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and Their H Applicetion. Part 3. - Drugs. Vitamins. Antibiotics. Abs Jour: Referat. Zhurnal Ehimiya, No 21, 1958, 71743. Author : Jadvip GuIczynska, Zdzislfv Pazola, ProzLi!,-iki, Antoni, Swierezyhski Inst :Reeearcb Inetl e and Iaboratory of Industry, Agriculture and Their Products. Title :Preparation of Vitamin C Concentrate of "gb~ikl~~' Fruit. Orig Pub: Prace inst. i lab. badawcz pr--em. roln. i spozywcz., 1956, 6, No 3, 40-54- Abstract: Vitamin C concentrates in the shape of a thick must containing 1820 mg ~6' (aic!) or ascorbic acid (1) and of a concentrate with sugar containing 289.9 mg ep (sict) of I were obtained in the laboratory. The Card 1/3 POLAND/Chemical Technolcgy. Chemical Products and Their H Application, Part 3- - Drugs. Vitamins. Anti- biotics. Abs Jour: Referat. Zhurnal Khimiya, No 21, 1958, 71743. mist dvjing by spraying did not produce satisfactory results. Me losses of I in the process of mint thickening up to the content of 50% of dry substance are 10% and more. At the concentrate storage in a refrigerator, the losses of I in sugar containing concentrates are 29.8% after 6 months, and the losses in concentrates, which do not contain sugar, are 17-5% after 4 months of storage. The concentrates are a thick dark brovn and very sour liquid with an agreeable odor. The production of vitamin C concen- trate of "oblepilla" (without sugar) containing 70 to 75% of dry substance is proposed as of a substi- tute of lemon juice, and the production of mixed Card 2/3 POIAWD/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and Their H Application, Part 3. - Drugs. Vitamins. Antibiotics. 0 Abs Jour: Referat. Zhurnal Mimi , No 21, 1958, 71743. concer-trattes of dog rose, black currant and "q fruit, im which the amount of "oblepili-&-l' should not be more than 10 to 15%, is also proposed. Card : 3/3 V., -illu Tt.;Ch O-C.L - (,-iss) o! 1,~12 1,01- li,. o f I' i ta ral n u2Ut'rul"'. lun _;-i 'sul -:J ot evi-O" -~- ,.I a;, :I,., ~e' '-,!S susp~-.-risj.on of' I-t~;sr, -;dLh ~ ,~()ntrt.d metriw", -,)5.--0v., ;)-,~ pp G:clscoi~ 'L.istLtute of the i,cloa (F.L, 313-W, 1-"~D) 7 j .'EN"HY, V., I. ll~uantitritivc Determinatim of Vitamin D by Paper Chxorilato- Reoort presented at the 5t', international BloGhe7.-L-4try k;,)n-l--ress I Moscow, 10-16 Au.-ust 1961 BUKIN., V N. [Bukin, V.M.1; GARKINA, I.N. [Mrkina, I.N.); PRCHINSKI,Y, V. [Promynalkyi, V.1 Vitamin D determination in solutions of irradiated ergosterol., 7-dehydrocholesterol, and-irradiated yeast. Ukr. biokhim. zhur. 33 no.2:239-247 161. (14IRA 14:4) 1. Institut biokhimii im. A.N.Bakha All SSSR, Moskva. (VITAMINS-D) (PAPER CHROMATOGRAPHY) - . I- --- -- -- -- -- - k;t~ I' ~ ;1 7- ~-' ~'?1---I%cg44--llV -~;z! pt; I ISKOCHINSKIY, A.A., akademik; PROMODIYAKOMOV, M.M. ~:i~`%7. s~~V Aleksandr Mitrofanovich Terpigorev, member of the Academy of Sciencea. On his 80th birthday. Izv.AN SSSR Otd.tekh.nauk no.12: 1883-1885 D '53. .(MIRA 7:2) (Terpigorev, Aleksandr Mitrofanovich, 1873- ) - PROMOMOVA A. V. 254. Construction of a furnace with internal -Leating for work wif.h gas analvsis. -X77. F.LorensFT-and A. V. Fromokhova ~J. anal. Ghem., U.b.b.?_ 1951, 6, 259 --- 26-).- -For gas 6n-slTsis Inr"671071-ng tYe use of heated Ca IfOr removing N2i the gases are passed through a special lamp containin,-, a auartz test-tube filled with Ca and wound with nichrome wire through which an electric current is ,jassed. DettAls of the apparatus and working, conditions are de- scribed. G. S. Smith. ll~ Co &&ucfjon of an intornay boated furnace I" gas onsly- n" $is . K ~ 11. Fli"r"Skil unit A, V. PluppAtmA, I .,#/. A be. 6, 250 luk 1011 -1. Nlil, M, Cl, 1111-ch r, -r 1896. CONSTMOTIOR VTnVAT- MATTWO nR WORK WITH OASMAUSISL Flarenskil IK.P. and Prosiokhovas AsT. (Zh. Anal. Khims SSSR (Jo Anal* Chm. U.I.I.R.). 1951. ';il-0-61- 259-260). ?or gas pmalysis involving the use of heated Ca for rmoving 312, the Cases are passed through a special lamp containing a quartz test tube filled with Ca and wound with nichrome wire through which an *lectrLc I -nt to passed. Details of the appiratue and working conditions are .,---jbod. P.A. oy-Ay the I the == '- SPICMA lamp C- o q""I wet- = wkk nbdwuorw:L d4wAo Whkb an viscific cuffeat to ~=Vsbffims~ od tbe'amami" a" vm" coaditiods are G. rL Slar". AP7013153 SOURCE CODZ: UR/0413!66/000,;021'004liOO41 IMMR: Ivin, S. Z.; Promonenkov, V. K.; Fokin, Ye. A. ORG: none TITLE: Method for preparing perfluor(.c:hlorovinylphosphates. Class 12, No. 187787 SOURCE: Izobrateniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyyo znaki, no. 21, 1966, 41 TOPIC TAGS: phosphate, organic phosphorus compound, chlorinated organic compound, organic chemical synthesis SUB CODE;. 07 ABSTRACT: 1. A method is claimed for the preparation of perfluoro- chlorovlnylphosphates by reaction of halogen-carbonyl containing compounds with alkylphosphites, differing in that for the purpose of broader utiliza- tion of resources, dialkylphosphates are usdd as alkylphosphlte~s and the process Is conducted with heating. 2. The m-thod as outlined In paragraph I with the exception that the heating is conducted at 30-800C. [JPRS: 40,42?7 Card ... UDC:--547.413.51341.07 - o?-33 ' 0 9( .3 I)MMISKAYA, N.M.; PROMONE11KOV, V.K. Toxic properties of furfurhydramide. Vest. Mosk. u-n. z^:Ie--!-. 0': Biol- pochv. 16 no.5:56-58 S-0 161. (Mlnu'. .11,:10) , I. Kompleksnaya laboratoriya po izucheniyu sredstv i spogobov borlby s vrednynd zhivotnymi I boleznrami ra3toniy I'lookovskogo gosudarstvennogo univorsiteta. (RAT BiMS A14D ALPEILENTS) (FMALDEHYDW L 52107-65 E P Fc ED, I P 9v J T1m Pc-4/Pr-)4 RIA ACCESSION NR: AP5015239 rjR/0286/65/000/009/0022,/0022 AUTHORS: Ivin S. Z., Promonenkop V. K.; 5~21~ ~ovay ~I.D.; Levin, B. B.; Fetint LIL TITLE: A method for obtaining phosphinic acid eaters.11 Class 12, No. 170497 SOURCE., Byulleten' izobreteniy i tovarnykh znakovp no. 9, 1965, 22 TOPIC TAGS. ster, phosphinic acid, a141phosphinic acid, alkylene oxide, e iphenylvi phop~p4inic aclid This Author Certificate presents a method for obtaining ph-osphinic acid esters by interacting warmed al1kylphosphinic acids with alkylene oxides. To broaden the assortment of the esters, allWlphosphinic acids are replaced by C(-phenylvinyl- ~phosphinic aci& An alternate process may be conducted at 120-135c- ASSOCT ATION; Organizatsiya gosudarstvennogo komiteta khimicheskoy proqrshlennosti pri gosplane,SSSR (Enterprise of the State Committee of the Chemical Industry at the Reactions of compounds wit cyclopentene with isoprene 34 no.10:3432-3435 0 164. a labile halogen. Rea and dimethyllautadiene. I.PRO.MONENKOVI V.K.; SKVORTSOVA, N.I.; DELOV, V.N. (deceased], KAMEII-)KIY, A.B.; RODIONOVA, N.V. Some transformations of 3-m--thyl-4-(cyclopentan--2' il)buten- 2-al. Zhur. org. khim. 1 no.831431-1434 Ag 165. ('IIIIRA 19:11) 1. Moskovskiy kiimiko-tekhnologicheskiy institut imeni Mendeleyeva. -JD/dW/JG ~L 24281-66 EWT(M)/EWF'(t,N E ACC NRs AVM-7026 SOURCE CODE: UW0051/66/020/002/0371/0374 AUTHOR: Dubovik, M. F.; Promoskal'..A. I.; Skorobogatov., B. S. ORG: none I 110 TITIZ: Dimineseence of EuP"' in cadmium fluoride crystals SOURCE: Optika i spektroskopiya,, v. 20, no. 2, 1966.- 371-374 TOPIC TAGS: luminescencey activated crystal) cadmium compounds fluoride, laser optic material, luminescence center ABSTRACT: In view of the possible use of suitably prepared C02-E0+ crystals as active media for lasers, the authors have investigated the conditions for the forma- tion of luminescence centers in various types of such crystals. Single crystals of cadmium fluoride purified by zone refinin , with high transmittance in the uv region, were grown., with EuF3 introduced in concentrations of 0.02, 0.2,,and 2 at.% of E0+. Crystals with canpensation of the excess charge of Eu3+ with Na or S2- ions were grown with suitable addition of NAF and CdS. The relative concentration of the luminescence centers in a cubic field is estimated by means of a procedure similar to that used by V. V. Osiko (FW v. 7, 1294j 1965) for similar calculations in the case of CaF2. The experimental and theoretical results agree within one order of magnitude. Some of the limitations of the spectral, analysis method are briefly di.s- cussed. Orig. art. has: I figure and 3 formulas. SUB CODE., 20/ MM DATE: 12ju165/ ORIG REF-. 003/ OTH REP-. 004 I Card 1/1 uDe: 535.37: s48.6 KHVOROSTUKHIN, Lev Alekseyevich; TqQWTQV., Aleksandr Irmokentlyevich; PETM- KO, N.P., red.; KOVALEV, S.R., te iii~~ - red 0 ~ . - . [Turning of hard-to-machine steels] Tochenie trudnoobrabatyvaer7kh stalei. Irkuts, Irkutskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1959. 25 p. (MIRA 14: 10) (Turning) (Steel alloys) ~71 f7 SELIVANOV, Rufin Ivanovich;-PROI,',TOV, A.N., red.; r3ARETS, R., red.; POLTORAK,I., tekhn. red. (Nature and natural resources of Tajikistw] Priroda i prirodr7e re- sursy Tadzhikistana. Stalinabad, TadzhikBkoe gos. izd-vop 1958. 132 p. (MIRA 14:7) (Tajikistan-Natural history) PROHNSKI, ANASTAS, Kamilarstvoto v Belomorska Trakiia., Sofiia., Bulgarska, akademiia na naukite, 1958. 164 P. BULGARIA Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI)., LC, Vol. 8,, no. 31, Nov. 1959 Uncl, FRQ4TOV, A.I. Automating a compressor station in Stanton. Gaz. prom. 7 no.11: 48-51 N 162. (MIRA 17:9) ..,PROMTOV, A.11. On avalanches in the Varzob River basin of the Gissar Range. Trudy AN Tadzh.SSR 99:107-112 158. (MIRA 13:4) (Yarzob River--Avalanches) PROMTOV, A.N.. On critical parRlleU. Trudy, AN Tadzb.SSR 99'- 113-116 158. (MIRA 13:4) (Bartb-Rotation) (Geology. Structural) PROMPTOV, A.N. DEcEAsED 1948 Biology ')ee ILC ,-PROXTOLV-,- A N Geomorphological study of the Varzob River Basin. Uch. zap. Stal. gos. ped. inst. 21 159 (M-k 14:5) jVarzob Tilley-Physical geography) PRO~M'U, 1. A. Promptov., 1. A. "Experiment of surgical work in neurosurgic,tLl division,,' Sbornik nauch. rabot evako,;espitaley i Kafedry ouahcney chimirgii (Irlut. ool. otd. zdravookhraneniya. Irkut. gos. med. in-t), (Irjutsk), 1948, P. 127-34 SO: U-2888$ LetopispZhumallnykh Statey., No. 1, 1949 FROI~TTOV, IU PROMPTON, IU V gorakh Tian I-Shania. (Risunki N. Nikiforova). l,',Ioskva, Detgiz 1948. 157 p. (Ilasha rodina) DLC;; DYA54.n3 SO: LC, Soviet Geography, Part 1, 1951, Uncl. -- rlwl,~ j 1u. FROII,TTOIV, IU. ... Po goram i aulam Dagestana. Z%-khachkaaaT Daggosizdat, 1941. 135 y. DLP,: DK51l.D2P7 SO: LC,, Soviet Geography, Part 1, 1951, Uncl. PROI.T,F,rov, lu PROMPTOV, IU. ...Kukhistan-strana gor. '.Ioskva, "Fizkulltura i sport", 1939. 223, (1) P. - "Literaturall: p. 223-Z22_47. DLC: DK854.F925 Cst-H InU Knu TO SO: LC, Soviet Geography, Part 11, 1951, Unclassified T". I T TTI. . . . a I I, I. -j 7, Da SO: LC Sovie-t Geo-raplay, Part 11, 1951, Unclas~:,ificcl Yurl-y Columid'yovich; I'UTALCO. A.K., red. [Throu;:?h th~ ~-en--ral Ti-n S*- c T ~; c- n t r a 11 n c) m ian Shaniu. -.,-runzo~, Kirgjzskoc gos.-lza-vo, 1960. ou p. (MIJA 17-8) PRC14FTOV., V.P. Norway rat in Tashkent oasis. Uzb. biol. zhur. 6 no.3:66-69 162. (MIFU 15:6) 1. Protivochumnaya stantsiya Tashkentskoy zheleznoy dorogi. (TASTUENT REGION-RATS) kRUTYUNOV, A.A.; ~AOMPTOV. V.P.- SkAKYANTS, V.G. Susceptibility of Ilenzbir's marmots to plague under conditions of experimental infection. Uzb. biol. zhur. no-4:49-52 161. (14IRA 11,: 10) 1. Protivochumnaya stantsiya Tashkentokoy zheleznoy dorogi. (MARMOTS--DISUS~S AND PESTS) (PLAGLE) PROKPTOV, Yu. Flying blossoms. On. nat. no-7:23 Jl 160. (MIRA 13:8) (Butterflies) no. 12:42-43 1) (KT,RA 8:1) PROMPTOV, Iu. PROMPTCV, IU. V gorakh T.4anl--olhania. (Risunki N.Nikiforova). A-loskva, Detgiz, 1948. 157 p. (Nasha. rodina). DLC: DK854.F,9"" SO: LC, Soviet Geography, Part II, 1951/Unclassified. Po SO: [""I Soviet TT PROmPTOV, Iu. PROMPTOV, IU .... V gor-akh Tian'--qhania. (Risunki N. Nikiforova). Moskva, Detgiz, 1948. 157 P. (Na-sha rodina). DLC: DK854-P93 SO: LC,, Soviet Geography, Part 11, 1951, Unclassified I!kOMPTOV, Tu.G. (Nookwa) ---l Glose to nature. ZdoroTle 6 no.6.*25 Je 160. (MM 13:7) (NOUNTAIMMING) MOMOV,_Turty-Gennedlyevich; BIRYUZOVA, Ye.I., red.; FAYNSMIDT, I F.Ys., takhn.rea. " [Tour brave friendel Tvoi otvazhnye drazlis. Moskva, Izd-vo Dowy, 196o. 76 p. (MIRA 14:4) (Lifesaving) PROM-AN, M.S. . - ~ I '. ww;;19w'~. -Vem-"' pn-'! W-1Y,15i Conatruction of therapeutic and pediatric institutions through the use of collective farm funds nnd labor. Zdrnv.Ros.Feder. 2 no.5:8-11 My 159. (MIRA 11:5) 1. Zaveduyushchiy Krasnodarskim krnyevym otdelom zdrnvookhrnneniya. (KRASNODAR TERRITORY-PUBLIC HEALTH, RURAL) PRONTASINU. T.?. A new method for studying carbohydrate, protein and fat digestion in animals with experimental fistulae. Fiziol.zhur, 42 no,5:430-433 My 156. (XLRA 9:11) 1. Kafeclra patologichaskoy fiziologii Nevocherkaeskago zooveteriuar- nogo institata. (PROTEINS, wtab. digestion in animals. determ. method in vivo) (FATS, matab. same) (CARBOHYDRATBS, metab. same) (GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM, physiol. digestion of carbobydrate, fats & proteins In animals, determ.tmetkod. in vivo) C PROCOV, 314 -~4 New compressor for the gRs industry. ZP 156. (MJBA 1011) (CrAnpressors) PROMOTOT, A. I. .'.1.6 GMP5'j~aq enene. Gaz, prom, no.4:39-43 AP 158. (MIR4 11.-4) (Gas and oil engines) KORTUVOV, A.K.; KORSHU11OV, Ye.S.; OaIETSOV, P.L.; BARABASH, B.D.; J~HO'e'l OV,_I_. (.')V, F; . Z. ; AILI-ZADE ,; KHQDZHAY:";V, I.; SaKIP A.K.; ALEKS~IiDHFW, A.V., red. [Gas Industry in the U.S.A.] Gazovaia prorqshlermost' SShA. Moskva, Nedra, 1961'. 339 p. (MIRA 18%9) PHASE I BOOK E)GWITATION 116o Islamov, Nasriddin Akhmedovich, Kozachkovskiy, Viktor Andreyevich, Nallskly, Yakov Isakovich, Promtov, Aleksandr NLko~~ yevic~. T-adzhikskaya SSR; kmtkU istoriko-ekonomicheskiy ocherk (Tadzhik SSR; Brief Historical and Economic Study) Moscow, Gospolitizdat, 1958. 193 p. 25,000 copies printed. Ed.: Pbtrova) S.; Tech. Ed.: Danilina, A. PURPGSE-. This book is intended for the general reader. COVERAGE: This book is a popular suxvey of Tadzhikistan, i.e., mainly of its physical geography, economic situation, history and culture. The section on indastries contains economic indices of the growth of industrial output and a number of actual figures; as a rule, however, the information provided on individual factories, projects, and deposits is Very superficial. A few good photographs, showing important industrial installations, are given. There are some 50 photographs and 2 maps. No references are given. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Card 1/2 Tadzhik SSR (Cont.) 116o I. From the Historic Past (Prior to 1917) 21 1. People of an ancient civilization 21 2. Union with Russia 38 3. Development of the Revolutionary Movement 44 II. Victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Establishment of Soviet Power in Tadzhikistan. Formation of the Tadzhik ASSR 51 III. Construction of Socialism. Formation of the Tadzhik SSR 69 1. Development of industries prior to the Five-Year Plans 73 2. Transport 75 3. Agriculture 76 4. ~be Tadzhik People During the Great Patriotic War 8o IV. Land With a Great Future 84 1. Industries 84 2. Agriculture 108 3. Upswing of prosperity, flowering of culture 151 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 MM/fal 2-12-59 SELIVANOV, Rufin Ivanovich; PROMTOV A.N., obshchiy red.; STARETS, R., red.; POLTORAK, I.,-t~e-khnred. [Nature and natural resources of Taiikistan] Priroda i 7-Dri- rodnye resursy Tadzhikistana. Stalinabad, Tadzhikskoe gos.izd-vo, 1958. 132 p. (MIRK 12:5) (TaJikistan--Natural resources) (Tajikistan--Geography) IV v OF 4v4v4F*-~ W-W 0 0 0--w 0-0- OAFOJ -0-0 0-0-0-0 110-11 0 0 Avo 0-w-e-w- 14 wil Uli 14D 161) mitt 41 If" "at:* III A-C ALL F (.11 1 IL A S-T-k -1 so v Production of soap from waitive of dairy industry, AI A1 K 4 * N -00 40 * A: ~ VIS.Wavd a '. wIllov. ' *4YU -00 Aileallit.. 44 (at, lot thit'l 111 on.I 0& on- L-airy lwoduc-ta. at milk. uwc4rinr. -w Are- 41 04P -lgl. Pat -Contig. waste IWWlwts,trl. fttly'ag"Lold 111.341C into so A It NaOll lwr kg. fat) for 2.S41.5 hn. and Irmtnwnt %ith -00 ~lt "n. or dry salt. In waste prcluct~ whrrr the lwr- 'Tutacrof fat is IGW, thrV aM tfr.Ltttl CIAV " 00 1 or l"Ir-ClLLr to recover the mix. of fat. -00 00 S. Vanick a 00 -00 a * =4119 06 AIS.tLA SCIALUOICKAL LITINAT"t CLAWFICITIOM I U* woo too no* woo 414111 '30 0" 111 b ig, 91frip cost litt alit Pit a it it am Ilia n All 1 9 111! 0 0 0 1 v of 5 a to 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 a *10 e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 PROMTOV, V.A. CAIM 14ED SCI Dessertation: "New Anesthetics Dor~estically Produced for Surface Anesthesia in Ophthalmology.n 12 Apr 49 Central Inst for the Advanced Training of Physicians SO Vecheryaya Mo--,),'Kva Sum 71 7"SSR / Zoopara~itology Mites and Insects - Disease Vectors G-4 Abe Jour: Referat. Zh. Biol., No. 1, 1958, 873 Author : Promptov, V.P. Title : K~i`ior'_(nle in Collection of Field Materials for Practice of Parasitological Studies Orig Pub: Tr. Sredne.-Aziatsk. n.-i. protivochumn. In-ta, 1956, No. 2, 167-168 Abstract: For collecting ectopatasites with a flannel ribbon in investigating entrances to burrows of sandeels an aspirator is used, which has a metal tube and a combination cork fitted to a test tube and a wide-necked jar. Under the same conditions, collections by the aspirator from ribbons were 5-10 times as many ectoparasites as by pincers; it was approved by several zoologic groups. Card i/I PROMPTOV, Yu. .-. In the Oaul" of Kubachi. Vokrug aveta no."t:41-43 JI '54.(MLRA. 7:8) (Kubachi, DagheBtan--Deacription) DYBOVSKAYA, Irma Xonstantinovna, 0 ,teent, kand.filol.nauki PROtgOVA, Irina Andreyev,na; MJVOROVA, Vera Vasillyevna; CHESKIS, Zoya Boriso-viii'~---- DEYAV, G.N., red.; KASEVICH, A.G., doktor fiz.-matem.nauk, red.,, PARIYSKIY, N.N., kand.fiz.-matem.nauk, red.; TANTSOVA, N.N., kand. tekhn.nauk, red.; TEREWIYEVA, L.V., red.; TYAGUNOVA,-.Z.I., red.; KRTUCHKOVA, V.N., Eprench-Russian geophysical dictionary] Prantsuzsko-;,raoskii geo- fizichaskii slovar'. Pod red. G.N.Deeva i dr. MoBkva, daktsiia inostr.nauchno-tekhn.slovarei Fizmatgiza, 1960. 374 p. (Geophysics--Dictionari8B) (MIRA 13:9) (French language-Dictionaries-Russian language) (Russian langil ge-Dictionaries-French language) PROMTOVA T.N. Characteristics of the EE)G dur.4ng "dry" heart surgery under hypothermia. GrudAhir. no-4:43-50 Jl-Ag 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Iz Instituta, khirurgii imeni A.V.Vishnevskogo (dir. - deystvitellnyy chlen AM SSSR prof. A.A.Vishnevskiy) A144 SSSR. (MART-SURGERY) (HYPOTHMM) (ELECTROENCEPBLOGR FHYj VISHNEVSKIY, A.A., prof.; GALANKIN, N.K., doktor med* nauk; ARAPCV, A.D.; AKHMETOV, X M.; VIINITSKAYA, R.S., kand. biol. nauk; VGLYNSK1Y1 Yu.D.; DAPBINYAN, T.M., kand. med. nauk; DGNETSKIY, D.A., kand. med. nauk; KLEMENOVA, Ye.S.; KUDRYAVTSEVA, A.M., kand. med. nauk; KRYMSKIY, L.D., kand. med. nauk; LOKSHINA,K.A.;MAZAYEV,P.N.,prof.;P-4LNOVA, ., k HCMT0VA. T. N. Yu.M.- P - kand. biol. nauk; PYLITSOV, I.M.; SERG,,EYEVA, K.A., an . med. nauk; KHARNAS, S.Sh., kand. med. nauk; KHRUSHCHEVAI kand. med. nauk; TSUKERMAN, B.M., kand. biol. nauk; SHIK, L.L., prof.; GOLIDGAI-NER, K.K., red.; BALDINA, N.F., tekhn. red. (Congenital defects of the heart and large vessels]Vrozhdennye po- roki serdtsa i krupnykh sosudov; rukovodstvo dlia vrachei. Mo- skva, Medgiz, 1962. 577 p. (MIRA 16:1) 1. Deystvitellnyy chlen Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR (for Vishnevskiy). (CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM-DISEASES) EXCERPT 2699. 1~iWECT OF REPEATED APPLICATION OF ULTRASHORT ELECTRIC WAVES ON HIGHER NERVOUS ACTIVITY IN DOGS IN NORMAL AND PA- THOLOGICAL CONDITIONS (Russian text) - P r o m t o v a T. N. - Z. VYM. NERV. DEJATEL. 1956, 6/6 (846-854) Tabl6l-5-- Experiments were performed on 3 dogs in which salivary conditioned reflexes to ,various stimuli were established. When the heads of the dogs had been subjected to the action of ultra-short waves far 10 min. on 5-10 successive days, the con- ditioned reflexea became stable and somewhat higher. while the unconditioned sa- livation was rather dedreased, an after-effect lasted about 10 days. In a dog in which conditioned reflexes had been pathologically inhibited on account of a chronic abscess on Its head, the action of ultra-short waves caused firstly a complete disappeaf-ance of conditioned reflexes; only after repeated applications of this pro- cediire for several months did the conditioned reflexes become stable and normal. Wyrwicka - Warsaw ROMANOVICH, V.M.; NIKITINA, N.A., glavnvy vrach; DANILEVICH, M.G., professor, na-achnyy rakovoditell; FROMPTOVA, Y.N., professor. 'Z~~ Immune transfusioa therapy of scarlet fever. Vop.pediat. 21 no-3:20-Zl Mu-.To '53. (MLR& 6:7) 1. Infektaionnaya detskaya bolinitea Sverdlovskogo rayona. (Scarlet fever) PRMPTWA, V. N. Ulcers Remote results following surgical intervention in F .,astric and duodenal ulcer. Vest. khir. 72 no. 2, 152. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, kuust 1953. Unclassified. 2 PRCKTOVA, T.N. Xffects of a continous ultrehigh-frequency on the higher nervous activity of dogs under normal and pathological conditions. Zhur. vysonervedaiate 6 no.6:846-854 K-D 156. (MLRA 10:2) 1. Gosudarstvanny7 nauchno-issledovatel'skiy Institut firiotarapil. Moskva. (CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTIM, physiol. higher nary. funct.. off. of ultra high frequency on reflex form. in dogs) VISHMSKIYt A.A.; DARBIN-M, T.M.; FORVIOY, V.F.; PR(X4TOVA, T.11 , MAMAS S.Sh, I y Coronary and carotid perfusion of the heart from the blood circula- tion in hypothemia. Eksper. khir. 5 no;6.-6-16 11-D ILO.' (141RA 14:2) (PERFUSION PLF4P (IMUC)) (HYPOTHEMIA) PROKSKIY. M.8. - ~- Medical services for the population during field work in thn Kuban. Zdray.Ron.Yeder. 1 no.2:15-18 1 157. (MLRA 10:7) 1. Zoveduyushchiy Irsanodarskim krayevym otdalom zdravookhrananiye. (UMAN-MOICINE, RURAL) r -/9/ T- ISR/Humwi and Animal Miysiology - The Nervous System. V-10 i Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 2, 1958, 9062 Author T.N.J~rpmtova Inst Title The Effect of a Continuous Ultra-high Frequency Electric Field on Higher Nervous Activ-ity in Dogs under Normal and Pathological Conditions. Orig Pub Zhurnal vyssh. nervn. dayatel,nosti, 1956, 6, No 6, 846- 854. Abstract A single exposure (on the head) to a continuous ultra- high frequency electric field produced in normal dogs sta- bilizatIon of the strength of a conditioned feeding re- flex on an average level,' when pathological inhibition vas present it vas augmented; repeated exposure led to the stabilization of conditioned reflexes at the upper li- mit of the average level in normal dogs and to the sta-;3ili- zation of unconditioned reflexes at the lover limit of the Card 1/2 USSR/Humn and Animal Mysiology - The Nervous System. V-10 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 2, 1958, go6p average level, and when pathology was present they led to the disappearance of passivity and restriction and concen- tration of the inhibitory process (it became possible to produce a differentiation conditioned reflex). The dura- tion of the after-effect of an ultra-high frequency elec- tric field vas ten days in normal dogs and more than two months in pathological cases. Card 2/2 FROMUSIMIT, L?14-,1nzh,. -,- , "-Welding of anatenite-steel pipes. Energ.strot. no.4:L*8-53 - (MIRA !?-.2) 15P 1. Mosenerpomontazh. (Steampipea-Welding) USSR/Microbiology. Microbes Pathogenic for Man and F Animals Abs Jour : Ref /"Jhur-Biol., No 13, 1958~ 57775 Author : Promyshlyanskaya Ye. M. : ta-genan 1WTrc-a-r-T-n-s-F:[tute Inst Title Data on the Study of the Microbiology of Diph- theria(Characteristic of the Virulent Proper- ties of Loeffler's Bacillus Isolated from Liph- theria Patients) Orig Pub Sb. nauchn. tr. Dagest. med in-t, 1956, 6~ 314-316 Abstract No abstract Card 1/1 vev,~cniiya :,,.&:oyc;lma 1 .:'6'j.. 'Y'~-'ILIL Yl'~ , j; j'. 11. ) . t I "r, if the qve aia)w of diplJ-,P-riL bacteriLi. - i Ij for czait:`, zito, of t., McdJcal Ghfdr of (hc. IA prof. - I. '.he.-I-ini-Ina) :-rtitl-Ill - ~ lcr, I Institute, -1951. USSR / Microbiology. Microbes Pathogenic for Man F-4 and Animals. Bacteria. Root Bacteria. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Bfol., 1956, No 17, 768ol. Author romys anskaya, Ye, M. I ris t Dagestan Medical Insti-fu-te. Title Materials for the Study of the Microbiology of Diphtheria. Infectious Properties of Diphtheria Bacilli of the Gravis and Mitis Type. OrIg Pub: Sb. nauchn. tr. Dagest. med. in-t,, 1956J. 60 317- 319, Abstract: Infectious properties of 4 strains of the gravis type and 6 strains of the mitis type obtained from patients with serious and light courses of diph- theria were studied. A 2-billion suspension of a daily culture in a physiological solution was Introduced subcutaneously In guinea pigs. 12-18 Card 1/3 48 USSR / Microbiology& Microbes Pathogenic for Man F-4 and Animals. Bacteria. Root Bacteria, Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Blol,, 1958, No 170 76801. Abstract: hours after infection, blood from the heart was added to the culture broth. Pieces of crushed organs, with blood and liquid from the abdominal cavity of the guinea pigs, were implanted in a test tube with a serum broth. The.coefficient of Infectiousness (ratio of the general quantity of organs from which the diphtheria rods were iso- lated to the number of animals under experiment) for the strains of the gravis type consisted of 4.7; for strains of the mitts type, 2.6. A correlation was observed between the infectious capacity of the diphtheria bacteria and their virulence both In the strains of the gravis type and of the mitts type. They did not succeed in establishing a correlation between the serIOUSRess Carr' 2/3 uoal( / '-~4icroblolOgy- Microbes Pathogenic for Man F-4 and Animals. Bacteria. Root Bacteria. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., 1958, No 17, 76801, Abstract- of the diphtheria Infection and the virulence of the causative course of the degree of the theria microbef organs of the 19580 57775. - agent. The seriousness of the diphtheria Is determined not by the infectious properties of the dfph- but by the reactiveness of the patient. Report 111, see RZhBiol, M. Ya. Boyarskaya. Card 3/3 49 PROKYSLOV,,.4,A.,_ Idat takhnichaskikh nauk. ~ 0~, , - --- -, Principles of efficient design of main marine condensers. Trnd7 VNITOSS 6 n0-3!33-49 155. (YT.RA io:4) (Condensers, Steam) ALYx'OVSKIY, Mikhail Ivanovich;,Pa=SLOV, AlejTj ~r~sandrovich; VASILIYEEV, V.K.,, doktor tURMT.__n--njI-,, prof., retsenzent; AGAFOIIOV, V.A.., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; KUTATELADZE, S.S. ., nauchryy red.; VLASOVA, Z.V., red.; MUAKOVA, D.1.1* tekbn. red. (Marine condenser plants]Sudovye kondensatsionrye ustanovki. Le- ningrad, Sudpromgiz, 1962. 401 p. (MIRA 15:9) (Condensers (Steam)) (Marine engineering) PROMYSLOV, 14. -S. v ' a" 'c h" 1,~Iif: h,,,dlo enation of 1-~, J_ _1 2p prq,tl, hv redtictimi of Ni carboii,m! or t1w, cafalyt.- tl!,-, jlydrogeflatin~l "f I%,hit. t1w I'd sf:rve~ to givE. it rapid Ilyfflovilatioti; ti"! of I'd givcs a tiwa-tirabli late J If"l-1m,:vmafimi. Ph:1;O,, hydroypiavs totich ". ith p-11h, Ii7- d Ni t Irm 'Ifw~ J-C','1fjN0'; tindur Ow,c litioll, It,I 11 mldi In (: NPIO: v,-ry rapWiv. 1!llilr 21v1 fit "I" (if 11 imly very '1m;-Iv. 'I Ito "'k-1 w.- in '1-,- of :ir,-: 1-1( 111F-1'(:A~ Mv,CO, awl AcOll. ( ".M. K,, - IT PRUNSU;V, 'm. sil. Cand. Chem. Sci. Dissertation: "hydrogenation of Mixture6 of Pyridine Bases." ',Ioscow Urder of Lenin "itate U imeni M. V. Lomoi--osov, 12 leb 47. SO: Vechernyaya N.,oskva, Feb,1947 (Project ffl7636) ..iTvvwwwg i-i-p- I - - -I- - I W~ .. W W W: W,.-AIF NJ W 0 0 0 9 0 g_*_g__o 0 *; - '-A L-L- __L__1_ a it r 2. R I to 0 0 0 4INA M tC A Hydrogenation of hydrochlorides of pyriftsis b&"@ anif _OO their mixtures in the peeseencis of platinum black. 11. M. 1. Usbakov and It. Sh, Promyslov. J. Gem. Chillsvill. M 17, 111111-224OW7)(In Rustilan)(in Unglish 00 09 ItrU 3); cf. C.A. 31, 57W; 33, Reacts- 00 t r40ctrtsAytW it. we', r,,,Jftl "t In Fall. In 'At.. litilil ta)-M mI.) With it. Pt oxitle per Il'itim incise WON. . tile kins,16 4:1.11111,11% -00 0 base. with the equiv insolt. of [ICI-. thelit"vess Mthe rv. it :I listioct. orally hogitootAl liorthain, -i. by A die. 00 00 ACII013WAIntrainiximl Byt C"Itillility: 111C 21111 OtApir, hrl"rimtkins tit the I'll . 0 ON I'. I" '111'.11tilcol. nrl. tit ostlr' After thr I.t iliv,ir-sorria- 90 Or .1 fill" Ills"I'14710 wrtr I'frIIIII1~I 11T list tit lie. of the dithlo. 'I'll' 00 .1 clethasoAles. U.1% ollsho I'Y INO I list Is At ".t 911", vointi'letied "0 0 1 "I r di'll-.11Y ",,wer .00 fe in fractions IN# that lot C.II&N.IICI Willa tile 541110 "" 1 1 WIC a XMI 174) Illill.) all.] 1. Illell No No I. 00 Atilt tile Plildlicts. weir; (1) pyridille 1:10 1111 equienol. bio.ary mists. I V 11. 1 1- 111. 1. + IV. tonif IAl; (11) 2-picolhic (to Ililsectiline) IIX, (11 1 2-cilivi. -f- V. the kinetic curves show ullarsicleti-lic lisnovilln"i- _'0q 00 lies lildirttints transtition (IoNst hydral[CIlAti.13 Of I iRt _000 _Ud' sit, yr Misting (to ctilylpilierldine) O.M; I IV) 2-prossylpyridjue that ofthe 2nd components the Litter 2sid tah~ setting a '* 0 is' 00 it-) Prgy1pilNertiline) fl.,U; IV) 2-Phenylpyridine (to In, plienyl I IK-riolitte); (vi) mvillyl-p.11yridylglifthyl). 4t .1 slower tsite'tionly iftvr hydrostenatio" of I Is 97-01%5 0040 be. 00 clarbilsol (tit Illethyl (1,67; volopItle: flits I confirillett INV analyvNiv .11 Ilse prosluct log kvil) Illeilly4rallsints! fit) linirthyl. tile w st.sir, Itlelt 1. fistold 1.) 1W flitwittlillits orily. In (2-fiipcti.lylitiettlYI)CUthina1I I'lots of tha amt. of 1 4- Vt .110 1 + VII, is 01.9 sitlectivir: file '1 00 Its absorbed as a function of time site most often nearly - kinetic, curves show no d1wominuity anti both pisserislisso x nitthyl- nn.1 411 Ill 1(2 1 id I cthyl)carbinol 00 horizontal liver the whole duration of the reaction. after and . In" which they fail to reto ab, OPI)e'll' III tile 11rotluct, IN, I +-vrsxs-~ be it. we,. -00 I'lltly. If hyllt=tion of V I is allowe'l to Procrent is) hich x1vilt oil Vt. fit "; oil 1, In I I- VII. 711.41.-, n( the 11, sent x.9 'WICII,onds to 4114orlition 0-1 '14411-1r tile atilt. .1 1 IN. c mminiol INV VIt, only lie I. n I + 11 (1 :1 ...1 1!1.,IV). . rise Irss Own Ivr c,&ch coisiliNment 4CIMI'Alflyt tile t INSC 0 lithist Ploincr than the hydroger"doo tit purr 1. the 2nd State slower than that of 1](111, IV). In I + V anst I + VU. Or in sonjewhat higher thAn with pure V amt VU. 0 ctAjjjpkAIjC. -t"IN. Its I + Vt. r is al"it thvn~onv 4# with pore Vt. X. Thors S.A04; ...... 6 U a -AM3 9IF it IF OF g Is, it At 1W 0 NO . I is, -A]Q 3 ;e * I - It or 94 .T: **:::1100 90 fee 0 9*0 6660660 Ole *go* /?7- . .Hydrogenation of p)ridine hydrochloride bases and their Mixtures Ln the presence of platinum black. Ill. %1 1. Iiminiv au.1 M. Sh. Pfaniv,lov. J. Gee. Chem. 1,..S s, R 19, W.,; 3501.119)[Fligh4i tt.m4tit ... 0. -S~, C-V 44. :119"., 1.: 1, c Hydrogenatim of hydroehWdos of pyddine begot nd their mixtures In tho pradeg" of platism black. Ill. M. 1. U-shakov and N1. Sh. Prompluv. Zissr. 06A.Airl Kkim. (J. Gen. Chem.) 19. %19-47(1949); cf. C.A. 42, 45Mi-llydrogenation of tertiary a1cs. of dw pyridine series showed that diethyl-3-pyridykarbfinal takes up 4 moles It, yielding 3-(I-ethylpvopx )f *1 111 , although the 2-i~otrr gives normal reduction to the corresponding carbinol. Hydrogenation of the 3-isomer-IICI with I 111ole C&11,N.IICI gave selective hydrogenation of th~ I. Iter (95'-) in an intertrupicil expt., and complete re- duction in an cipt. allowftl to gotorompletion. ilydro. tenation of mixed pyridine- anti anAbasine-110 gave tli- .itiLw r-ults; ji)~idine and anab-ine hydrtogenafe k";Tjultancously; a simil4r result was obtainvi with a pytidine-nicotitte mixt.; in both ca%" pyridine reduction .2% behitid the alkaloid rtduction by 20-30"t. 2-Picolinc ot%tcad of pyridine gave selective reduction. with the picoline being reduced first only in the mixt. witb dirthyl. 3-pyridvicarbinot; the alkaloids, however. are more readily reduced in such mixts. although their individu2l re,fuctinti rates are slower. G. M. Kosolapoll USSR/Medicine - Brain, Chemistry Jun 49 Medicine - Brain, Physiology "Variation In Nitro3en Exchange of the Brain in Certain Pathological Processes," M. Sh. Promyslov, Inst Gen and Experimental Path, Acad Med Soi UM, 4 pp "Dok Ak Nauk SSSW Vol LXV1, No 4 Studies nitrogen exchange of the brain in rabbits with diphtheria, In rabbits with a ligature of 'both jugular veins in the neck region, and in zcrml rabbits. Finds that total nitrogen of'the 'bmln In proportion to dry reminder of the brain in approximately a constant value wA does not depend on the form of interference. Coefficient obtained is actually the index of processes of'protein =4 11poid decomposition In the brain. Submitted by Aced A. D. Speranskiy, 29 Mar 49. Aft 46AM2 USSR/Med~icine'- Brain, Chemistry 11 Nov 49 Nitrogen "Chemical Changes in the Brain During Certain Path- ological Processes," M. Sh. Promyslov, Inst of Gen and Experimettal Path, Acad Sci USSR, 1-i pp "Dok Ak Wauk SSSR" Vol LXIX, No 2 Lipoids and proteins in rabbit's brain were extracte'd and residual nitrogen determined by procedure which has-been indicated. Table shows: content of lip- oids, nitrogen in proteins and lipoids, residual and 157T63 USSR/Medicine - Brain, Chemistry (Contd) 11 Nov 49 total nitrogen, and coefficient of protein decompo- sition and percentage of protein and lipoid nitro- gens to total ,nitrogen in normal state and during diphtheria. Data prove the coefficient established by author can serve to characterize the volume of the brain in normal and in certain pathological states. Submitted by Acad A. D. Speranskiy. 40 157T63 SKVIRSKAIA E. A., PROMYSLOV N. S. Frimeneaie sernistykh soedinemii v kaebastve zamardtalia 1-h1arnogo zolota posle impregnat'sii. serebrom gistologicheakikh preparatov nervnoi sisterq. fuce of sulphur compound3 in replacement of gold chloride after silver Improgration of the nervous system-.7 Arkh. pat.t ',Ioskva 120 Mlay~-Jwm 50 P. 84-5, 1~ Of the Laboratory of the Histopathology of the Nervous System (Head -- Prof. 1-1. L. Boroviskly) of the Institute of General and Experiirental Pathology (Director -- Academician A. D. Speranskiy) of the Acadexi of "1edical Sciences USSR$ Moscow. an 19, 5, rjov 5o Action of ph"Ithatua pershichloldo Ond pentablowshl oil anthl"GOO and its dislivillivile It M. Millf"they'll'I NI "Is. Pl'"lly'lov (Ill't. (~~ll iil't It%lat. 11.111U.1 , A,'A,I m-1. scK /kNe. 1;'Iduk'i Ah'.t. (J. (kit. Chem.) 20. 33"5tI959)).-The re,,rtiun uf "Ithracm, with 110, protmbly prucrcds by addu. o( atomic Cl And 110. 4efo" tile flic*0 PO&Ilimis Alt the product then split2 Ol Kit And IICI, Rviluxing 2 it.:anthraectir, 2.8 t PC4. .410 fail. by C4114 1 lit. 64" 1 .,, K. 9~4'k-'-J'd 11, 114 0'. ,It V'Adillfi And I It '14,1111, otl I'W vivId. wills 0.47 st. rmovef"I mithl-ALvair; A tiusibled killt. "t 110. K.1ve Itcr Ilk) hr,%. at fixim lettip. tl,:i' Io 133. 1019-10'. am) 1.4 1C. Ifraling the V-CI drriv. wilb 11CIS sit C'11, ;I Ill- X.tve 41.7,;- Id tile 9.1041i-cl liettv., Willie NiAnding 0 days At OXMI trullf. KAVC 34.4'1. IleAlbIg with 11CL in C.11. 3 firs. gave Ara,rent. in. a)8-10' (from Cjh), m. 211),5-11* (on re- 1,eAtl,d crptu.). Ker *its 9-methyLinthfucene similarly with 1,06 19 hirs . in 114 gave 2u% Ill. 170-MO* (from Stoll). Addis. of 5.07 g. Plit. ill L K. 4111hrat-vile Ill Cells gave a WAll. griduAly dt- [.oil lie dibrimilde. wh:cb vAnishril in L4) nim.. And ll!"Jitir malting pvt 0 4 9-WAssuLuithracene, m. VV41)1. ltxl-l* (from Stoll); inteftliptlurs of the reaction After to miss. gave in, 94-7% Similar rra"ion of 9-cistoroatithramne in 20 min. 114vtOO.2%9~chturo-10-bromoonthnLeene wbilels-bromp. wathracene in 24 first. pvt 84.0,~ m. 219--79*. 9-Slethy1writhracent in a similar reactisso in 10 min. gave 42.5% M. 100,1% l1rucc. the PBr, reactions go via the I'M.- Br, route. G. N1. KUN)ljtx)ff ch ataballansa in th brain In tetanus. %I- Sh. Fl- an gand 1) 11, I'Ieis*itvl (Iml Crit AuTTipil'. t. 1. Mrsi. Sci. ty.N.S R.. Motc-ow) P,,kksdy Akad Vtmk S'S S R. ". 271 'h W-10), ct CA 43, Inlection of it lAtAl 'Ime (it teta"At tolin satbeutattew'.dy into a rabbit leg leads tu no signifilzant deviation from normal protein and lipide metaholisin in the first 3 4 days. i e. during syruptonts of lociallied tefunus. In lalff Maim, when tetanus 6 general. some increa-4c of the rale of tirg- rmlmiost of proteins aind liphir %tsbastancro is non4-rI (AaOut inerriasc), which iarvet rvitches the levels shown fit iliplillartiA intoxicution. The increase of triltlaml N lit the brAn Is the result of the decline of plimphathim. veri-bro- Nides, Mull relAted N-cimilit. fillide Aul)%tancr,a. wills (,aanw- ,lisent decline of the ralk) of liplele N lit tattal N (lit III- it, it!,) cOttiltAted to itarinal 12-2 WN01j). Vie rwitthitly notiatil nict,datilistst Of brula protein assay lw daic to the Als,-. WUIX Of an attack on the tierve cells. while the high rule of lipide degradation m.iy be cau.4ed by Enhanced activity of thew celtA. 16U. 74. 1117-18(tOW).-Sobatutaur-ni, in- jtctiou of tetanus totin (hetween the ears) Into riabbit in toxic &Kwr fr,04 to lowering of protein and lipide in the brAin. inctrase of n4ir of lir~.Akdnwn of proteins and lipidei. ing of lipide N (As A fraction of total N), especially !t0olte"d, at the height of the diease (5-7dAYS). Onthewhole. N-custig. lipide breakdown increases more Inters,ively than the "me phenomenon occurring in general Irlaous, No ,luom in the spinal cord itre noted. G. M. K. Change of aifi,;gen metabolim in inal cord of rabbits in diphtheria. M. Sh. Promyslov- Tkk;dy Akd. N.,.k S.S-'~.R. 73. 775-7(lV.'s)); cf. C.A. 44. 21"7k.-The chir. .ictcr of N (IMMIKIlisol its the bilinal Cord of rabbit is of the* ,om tylic as Oust of the brain protm-r. 'I*lw extent of de- ,ompn. f N-coutx. substancom vicrejws ex&-lusivcly at Ilse vxpensc of prottins, while nxtabolivu of N-conig. lipilles is unaltried- Protein N drilines in diphtheria, while residual N rises. Iflo content rists in the 5pinal cord. but drops in (bL brAin. G. M. Komolapff Nitrogen metabolism In the spinal tord of rabbits after a" d"" of tetaimus toxin. M. Sir. Nouty%hiv. Doklady Mad. N4mk S.S.S.R. 76. 746c. --Rabbits were injected with a lethal dose "I tetanus toxin Six to 8 days later. during the period of de-Itn-ment of generalized tetanus. their spinal cords were Analyzed for Lipide and protein N. The coeff. of proteolysis of N-contg. matter of the spinal cord does not differ from normal. Thcrc is no difference from normal in file percentage coll- tent of lipide or protein N, as related in total N. A Might decline of total percentage content of lipides Li delectable. Hence, in tetanus the significant metalmlic changes take place fmlv In the brain. G. hi. K. filitrollipa metabolism In the brain in experimental gas M..M. Pron 0v unit R. Va. zel'olmlovich. Mok Z"ya;l '~IVR.71110. injected with toxic iliac of ClitilrWivin perfrotten.; toxin and killi,d -tinic W-8 firs. liter at a stage dobe to death di,ijhiyed ,tiliant,vil cleavage of protein mid N-cootg. liphl~s of the bfAin. The Stercentage coutcut of lipides in dry brain trial- lt;r wat below normal at wais lite ratio c4 lipide S 141 total N. G. M. Kow'14poff PROXISLOT, M.Sh. !-.1.1 -Biochemistry of the brain in rabbits in general tot- and gas gangrene. Dokladv Akad. nauk 86 no. 4:783-785 1 Oct 1952. (CIA(L 23:3) 1. Presented by Academician A.,D. Speranskir 5 July 1952. 2. In- stitute of General and Uperizental Pathology, Academy of Medical Sciences MU.