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RAZUMOVA, Ye.P, Features of the control of malaria among waterway warkers of the Volga-Don Canal. Med.paraz. i paraz.bol. 25 no.3:258-259 Jl-S 156. (MIRA 9:10) 1. Iz TSentrallnoy nauchno-issledovatellskoy laboratorit gigiyen7 t sanitarii na vodnom transports. (MOSqUITOIS, eradication in Russia along waterways (RUB)) (MAIARIA. prevention and control. in Russia. along waterways (Rus)) M BABMIKO, L.V.; BlEANOVA, O.F.; ULLINA, 0.1.; LEYKINA, Ye.S.- RJkZU1OVA, Ye.p.; FASTOI[SUYA, E.I.; CH~JAYA, L.Ye.; SHIPITSI'Wk, N.K. *-~~~ All-Union Conference on the Control of Parasitic Diseases. Med.paraz. i paraz.bol. 28 no-3:3611--373 My-Je '59. (MIRA 12:9) (PAUSITOLOGY-COITGRESSSS) () &&kP,rA. S'ec 17 Vol 5/6 PublIc Health June 59 16,11A. 0% ['Ill.: 1: I'll) KNI 10LOGY ()I: DII 11 IN'l.1.0110-1*1 fit IASIS AMONG PERSONS w()I(KING, IN itivie.,ft TRANSPORT AND MEMlif-At'i of., 'rjIFIR FA,111- (1W.-isian text ' -Ila z u in ov a E. P. - NIED. PARAZIT. I PARAZIT, 271 BOL. Mill, 27/3 ( Peopif- living near the water resvrvoiri, as well as people navigating off the fori of (liphyllobothriasis. have the greatest epidemiological significance for the spread of (liphyllobothriasis. The incidence of diphyllobothriisis is less near the banks of rivers than near the takes. This is due to tfie fact that considerable self-purifica- tion is found in the rivers and the crustaceans are 1(,ss abundant. The main factor of transmission in the village described is the eating of raw pike*s caviare. In- festation of the population ky Diphyllobothrium exhibits a definite seasonal peak during the period of the spawning of pikes. Organization of public nutrition is of great significance in decreasing the incidence of diphyllobothriasis. Therapeutic an(I prophylactic measures must be organized according to the period of the pos- sible massive infs~station of the population. Lectures concerning this question as well as examination of the population and dehelminthization should be carried out mainly during the first 3 months of the year. before the ice in the rivers has brnken up. and repeated 'In October or November. (XVU. 50) 1:7. try- C h Du r ea D t? r L va v e - ii v t~ 1 n t. F 1 a t i num A C, r nh,~ r Z A. Ra z vum o ta (LXXX 2 -)n iso St,-v,'L~-s r~-f' t,2on thi:Diir'n~~ sa lt hnvin:-, !',ormlda 2-x; ' - P t Er, h C It hL l ) wa- rlmar- resul Dr cr 1. v,! , w c ormu a a sa 0 nio -111.3 V.- :: Oll "If f ~nd X 9r or 1. 4-d 6 an PA 63T33 UiZUMOVA, Z.A. - Compounds of divalent platinum with triethylaraine. Zhur. neorg. khim. 3 no.5:1126-1130 MY '58. (MIRA 11:6) l.Kazanski.r khimike-tekhnologichesidy institut im. S.M. Kirova. (Platinum organic compounds) (Arsine) *ructure of dichloro 19tri A A Nrinfliyrg all( 11"l1 a. Zhn'lhr.nleor~ft! Khi.. Z7, M-Hi(11154) cture (1) (el. Jensen, C.A. 31, :37.5.31; G., It. and Troitskaya, C.A. 43, 4172g) was cxnmd. I was prelid. by the action of aq. K,VtCI4 on Me. I1h,P with heating and a 1:2 niolar ratio of reactant,;; 1.5 g. I'lill? in 12 ml. hot EtOll was treated with a hot soln. of 1.2 g. KjPtCl~ in 12 1111- 1120 and the mixt, was shaken further 20 lirs. to inslue completion of reaction. -The ppt. was washed vith ]lot If.-O, lint TItOll, aud Et;(-), gi,,hig 75% yield of the pure 1, insol. in org. solvents, de- comp. 3019*. 1(0.3 g.) mixed with 20 ml. 1110 was treated with large excess of (CHIN'111), and heated and shaken for a long time leading to gradual solo. The soln. was filtered. cooled, and added to a filtered coned. aq. soln. of 0.3 g. K,I'(C[,, yielding a pink pipt., which was filtered off; thii amounted to 0.4 g. (904%) jP1(Ph,P),egj[PtCI,j (11). Thus the reaction utilizes equirnelar amounts of the re- -actants and the initial I must have the cis configuration. The reaction with. K,PtCl, thus call be formulated as: 1Pt(PIi,P),cn1CI2 + Kiptcl; - 2KCI + 11. It was previ- ously shown that EtjP shows a strong trans effect, the same being true of phosphites. In the present series, PlijP alno, shows a strong trans effect. Thus Il treated with coned, Mrs" 14CI and licitted, dissolves slowly and the pink pp'. is then IV' replaced by a white ppt. wbile the soln. acquires the color of PtC].--. The dried ppt., m. 305*, is L Such ready -cleavage of the diamine cycle can be explained only by a str9rig.trnns e6cct of the PhlP group. G. M. Kosolapoff AUTHOR: 11-1,~:Lricva, A.- 7~ TITLE: 0-n Compounds of Bivale-it Platinli.i (0 soyedineniyalkh dvukhva-lentnoy -latiny s PERIODICAL: Zhurnal ~Ieurganicheskoy Khimii, *1958~ Vcl 3, Ur 5, -1130 (USS2) A-33TUX"P. The co;,-ipoundr, of bivalent platinum with and its isomers were s nthetized: [Pt~.,13(C211 ) C121 ;fPt(As B r ~A r, 5 312 (C2115 312 21, ( C2 11 )3, 22, The confi,-uration of isomers was deterniined. By ,ieanz of the efI'ect of thiourea on cis- and trans bromides, ~-iilorides -and iodides of platinum-II- arsenic compounds~~itt was fou:-.d that all are of the s=-ie structure. Even the solubility of an-1 trars- bro,.,.idez and chlorides vra-s foLnd. The follo-.- .--inc formula was suCested fo-- the ol:tal .e,,-- -~~.iourea- isomer-ccll:,.j~olllnds. (C2if 5)3 As SC(NH 2)2 kc 2if 5)3As Sc 2)9 x Pt 11 X2 CS s ( C 2 S C ( 1~'11 (C 2 5 2)2 L9 2 3 Card /2 C is t r ar, S On of Plat iniu-.: WIJ tu 'I Trie- t"-,Yl Alr~!kd C 1 urtherm-ore,the capability of dis7lacement of t r e arsi," t 4 ~,.t was inveq Tl-..e bond between Ft - As is, Linaer i;,.e 1!LI.LUeIk(,L: ul z.Lre difficultly da!3tructible than the bond be""ween P~ li~ere are 5 referui~ccu, , if vi'.Ach --re Soviet. 11 ':' ii:;i':o -- t (-.'-hno loci che ski y institut 1.-. 3, E. AS S 0 C ILTI C, an SI: _i-,, C!ie:.,.i- C C-techlnol 0,~J. Cal Inst i t ut C- Al 1~ I L-'J, E Card 2/ - I . . 7 , -7 . i~-' - . )'.' i, , - . -. .7 1 . It - C: mlo-rua 01 :. ur i ri',-- -.- r:- 11, :.07a, Z. ~.., '11.1,~f~o:, 4 k .) . 2 L'i 2 ) SO: ;ournal of ;cneral Che.-lisiry, (Znunlal Jll)-~-'Inchei IA8, VolLaie 16, '.'o. 2 n Ih i: r O-o-* * C a0 W-W--W-W-W-W ~ , -L , - . ; I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ilow-40 ~004 I - ~~Oo 0 goo oo oqoWo-4~-G-*- :7 14 -1 t I 1 1 " n JA 1: U A. U 1 0 ~: 0 os 4 1 00 00 Comid do of pLaUnum with pboophiass and d.i, ~.= a &W. A. A. (Irmberg. 4-A-- Rasum n..dR0--11Trnit%kmya- /full. ardd- Jff complex I't comptis. cmill. PUtat P(Offth, and PfOJD- '-a* 00 1 (OHOO h.1ve I*vn Pfred, The following arr described: cis- And ty-jqi-jf'~ If ~:- -* a 00 00 (OEt)*),*njjPtCl.). [Pt(Off.P(OEt).),(CS(Ntl,).),ICI,, their structure beint detd. from the dipole moments and 00 't their syntheses from Pt ctxnpds. of known structure, anti 0 froT their chem. behavior to reagents, e.g., ethylenedi- ro a amine. PtSt., MGM).. and KOEOgOll h2ve a strong 410 trans influence and. as with J~mwn*s phosphinic dcrivs.. ;00 0 00 deviations fnxn Peyrone and Vorgentens' ruirs ure found. The rules for the behavior of the Pt amine suits are mostly goo 0 00 reversed for compds. with Pt-P links; so also ii the rult- 0 00 IF that ci% compds. am mom colored and ruelt mt lower temp. Z;G 0 than the corresp!3nding tran, immers. U. A.. 0 00 00 8-0 too 94 0 40, too A .1 ?A- It, AL L1rjRA1-( i_. 1;jjr11:ATjG. Iva it vl-n-. :9T I A Ix- --iiil V ol ~1 it K q it I -f 1k I AJ 000001111*0;0~'000;000000: 0 *'0 a 0 a & 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 0 a 0 a 0 o a a a 0 0 . 4 . ~ -1-9 or, I I I a 0 Q if If it W a, 11 ~t In a Id as a a 40 A A 1. A L_I~ 6 A-I.-L L. a-. R . V kV 91L ji- A_ .1 L 1, ..V- I off, Poor 1~ (opool '1001111 ofoo P0001.1.11 I.Dit 0 Ismark thiour" derivatives d ifivarnat platinum. A. A. GrinberK unit Z. A. Itatumova. Aur ObsAvM 00 Kkien. (J. Gen. Chem.) 111; * -Contrary go to the prediction of Kurnakov's rule, action of CS(NIII), go A! (1h) an cis-Ift I,(PEt,)jj resulted not in substitution or Vo all 4 co6rdinants, to give the ejii)crted but in 0 IS the cis-jPl(lh),(PEts)jjl,, even with th in a 2-3-fold excess .0 I over life amt. liecesotary for 4 1h; 0.2 x. A in A mi. 11,0 ~00 0 0.2 g. cis-Inelkle. gAvea white lipt. of I 11IN'ti-Rds (A), ff" -0.42 g. pet IM X. %oln . With trani-IIll, soly. 0.40 (PEOd. is obtained a white ppt. of the same analytical comim. but of distinctly different solly., 0.23-4).24 g. per zoo 0 100 C. soln., at 2V. This difference prove-, that the 2 products are artually cis-trans isomers. The difference is zoo go J; even greater in the cam of the bironfides. With 0.8 g. th in 24 ml. HtO, and 0.7 S. traw-jPtBrs(FItEtj)jj. soln. is slow and re oires heating and stirring; the white proolurt, trans-( Pt , I 1k)II Bri, has a soly. at 0.097 g. (P$L) ( Its) w. soln. at :01*. With rij-jPtBr,(PtEt,)jj %oln. taMr 0 I;Lwe reAdily in the cold, and the cis product, of the same analytical compti. as before, has a soly. of 2.45 g. per 100 0 C. %oln. N, Thm 0 A S o S L a SETALLUROKAL OTFUATUMIF CLASUMAVC1, it ----- - _foZ .11 ~Z. U st kv M3 L% S In 1W 0 '1 1 V so 5 -A31 a "011,110ow SZE x %I of ;i IT It 0 :40 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 10000060000000 A ; 0. ~o -411 _0 -!_0 Ojq~_*_~ 0 _0 00000 0 0 0 0 : 0 USSR/Microbiology. Microbes Pathogenic for Man and F- Anima13 Abs Jotir Rc~f Zhur-Biol. , No 1!), 57734 "'author Razumova /Z. V., Valdokhin F. ?", In s t ITf-a-Se-i-e-nt-if-I-c-Re search Institute of Vaccines and Sera Title Immunogenosis of Enteral Dysentery Vaccines VIhon De-torminad at Different Stagos of Pvo- duction TOrig Pub Tr. Ufimsk. n.-jL-. in-ta vaktsin i syvorotok, 1957, vyp. 4, 61-68 Abst-act No abstract Card 1/1 11 It 11 1~ 12 . 1. Z5 :t .1 A, J1 L 1) )4 r. It I! M I? C I: U .1 .1 J-~-tXY -L-AA 6a C~ a~ t'I.t 1, 1_4 00 The pctrogrmp~j of clays, 1. V..N.Ratusuovu. 0 .1U-1 %,,, mr'~"'A Aq. lflii~41. No. IM. 0 0 56%ut Lughsla. 48-9)(Mis); Cigimse & ind3s3trie 43, 4%'-ClAYj6 tAU be vhAtacturized by nwbuts of 4 dym 0 46imu,Al Violet. Rhocialuitiv, Patent Blue and Methyl -7 - i i l ~ o1 i h i . le w s t vis tuilt cu r u 24. ot a1c. w n. (t . et pntj~ O e 1 k 1 1 1 h 0o ujG CIPIM1 1tidI 011 At W ~) III t o NU 141atkV UtC tA CIi Ct mute Law). Hie dichroWss of the coltired elAy pArtlv1c.4 I* z gumned by thr nticuted Arrai1xvIlIvIlL uf the I)c Inwrlics 0 0 111 lite mufAL-v ~'f tile viymal. The e4ise of colminx of 'upl. --oo I.W-1111 I% g"wrlwd by their '1111,1ce pt--J.-ftie, 0 0 A. I -A1,1134-Als -Com all., . 60 0 a 0 0 boo xtTALLUR&W.1 LITESPAITURE CLASWICATION vg AT .0 it U q I I AD n IAll L1 11 (Iwo N nivr�4!)dlq i 3 81 0 40 a ' Im IT 19 It 19 It It It K rt n k 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O'o 0 0 0 * 1p 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11111 000 , t 0 oie a a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 a 0 o s 0 0 15-57-1-577 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 1, p 92 (USSR) AUTHOR: Razumova, V. N. TTTLE.-~ The Weathering Crust in the Northwestern Part of the Kazakhstan Upland (Kora vyvetrivaniya severo-zapadnoy chasti Kazakliskogo nagorrya) PERIODICAL: V sb: Kora vyvetrivaniya, Nr 2, Moscow, AN SSSR, 1956, pp 272-298. ,kBSTRACT: In the regions where pre-quaternary landscapes are found, an ancient Mesozoic -Tertiary weathering crust has been preserved. It is locally buried under a cover of Tertiary and quaternary deposits, but on the eastern slope of the Turgay depression, it is buried under Jurassic and marine Tertiary sediments. The visible thickness of the weathering layer reaches 15 m to 20 m. The following zones of decomposition have been noted: 1) a lower zone of leached rock (hydrolysis of the Card 1/2 foliated minerals with partial introduction of both 15-57-1-577 The Weathering Crust in the Northwes tern Part (Cant. ) silica and iron oxide at the buse); 2) a zone of clay of complex composition (the primary minerals are entirely decomposed); pseudo- morphs of hydromicas, hydrochlorite, and montmorillonite are present; 3) a zone of colored kaolins and ochers (decomposition of iron- bearing clay minerals from the previously mentioned zones,-the introduction of silica And iron oxides); and 4) an upper zon 'e of white kaolins. Marked changes have been observed in three 'weathering profiles (nine silicate chemical analyses). The historical develop- ment of the weathering crust is given: 1) peneplana tion-tec tonic stabilization of the Kazakhstan upland at the end of the Paleozoic and erosion of this mountainous region during the Triassic in a hot, dry climate; 2) development of the crust of weathering, changing at the beginning of the Lower Jurassic from i-mechanical weathering to chemical weathering, and subsequent formation of the four zones of weathering; and 3) erosion and alteration of the weathering crust from Jurassic to Quaternary time. A great similarity is noted between the weathering crust examined In this region and those in the Southern Urals and in central Karatau. Card 2/2 V. A. V. 1,. -as _ I ~.Uornikll b.i nerny- rti.ent of "i-c.,mical c e S t e 0-f -e an s 1955. RAZUMOVA,V.N. (Moscow) Some Droblems of unsteady gas seepage in coal mines (a method of equation linearization) Inzh.sbor. no.21:180-188 '55. (MLRA 8:11) 1. Moskovskiy energeticheskiy institut (Coal mines and mining) (Mine gases) UOTd'I__V_._R__, ____ ~4~4 Nature of red and green colors in rocks of Mesozoic and Cenozoic red beds in. central and southern Kazakhstan. Izv. Ali SSSR. Ser. gool. 25 no.5:41-48 MV160. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Geologicheskly inatitut AN SSSR, Hoskva. (Kazakhstan--Rocks, Sedimentary) RAZUMOTA, Ye.P.; GUTOVSKAYI, A. I. Copepoda in a focus of diphyllobothriasis of the lake-river type [with summary in English]. Med.paraz/ i paraz.bolezn. 23 no.l: 89-94 Ja-F '59- (MIRA 12:3) 1. Iz TSentrallnoy nauchno-issledovatellskoy laboratorii gigiyepy i sanitarii na vodnom transports. ~(CRUSTAM, copepods, transm. of diphy-llobothriasio (Rue)) (TAPEWORM IMCTION, transm. diphyllo'bothriasis by copepods (Rua)) AUTHOR: Razumova-Sretenskaya, V. N. (Moscow). 24-6-17/24 in axis-symm TITLE: Certa* of the gas in the coal -Seam. (NekoVorye osesimmetrichnyye dvizheniya gaza v ugollnol plaste). PERIODICAL:"Izvestiya Akademii Nauk,Otdeleniye Tekhnicheskikh Nauk" (Bulletin of the Ac.Sc., Technical Sciences Section), 1957, No.6, pp.119-125 (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT: The problem is considered of -the effect of a well drilled in a coal seam an& revealing a sufficiently large surface whereby the axis of the well is perpendicular to the open surface of the coal. An analogous problem of two-dimensional flow of gas in a coal seam was considered and accurate solutions were obtained by Polubarinova-Kochina, P. Ya. (1) for a well in the form of an infinitely thin slot for several types of openings of the seam. In this paper the author 3onsiders an axis-symmetrical problem, limiting himself to an approximate method of solution by means of sources and drainage which are uniformly distributed along sections of a straight line. This method was used by Samsioe, A.F. (2) for investigating the problem of wells in a pressure seam. The flow rate formula for axis-symmetrical motion is derived in para.l. The point flow is dealt with in para.2 and an cai-d 1/2 appro:,.imate conception of the well is conveyed in para.3 by means of linear sources and drainage flow. The use of the 24-6-17/24 Certain axis-symmetrical movements of the gas in the coal seam. (Cont.) derived equations is illustrated by means of two examples. The work described in this paper was carried out under the guidance of P. Ya. Polubarinova-Kochina. There are 6 figures, 3 references, two of which are Slavic. SUBMITTED: October 19, 1956. AVATLkBLE: Card 2/2 c tto c-----! a i r. ,L.IjZUT-,'t)VjC, F--rdil .1 , jw )on I ac.*J/,-`1~1Y-~-.12; IJTI-Ag 'f4. .ic;.r4 1;,,.. 1, vif:, "-.-r lic m;,c!h'ms. F~-. --,. Fbwcn 5 nc~.9/10:132-337 ':-0 164. I. raul - - - . - -1 Eloctors and inject-or.-. Ibld: 141-143. RAZUEUL." Ferdo, nas',avnik Centrifugal pumps. Fogon 5 no-1/2:1G-15 Ja-F 164. 1. Railroad Industrial School., Zagreb. Member of the Board of Editors, "Pogon". H Z 1- --P?IOVIC, na;5tavnik llyidrauli-- mac-n-L-es. Pt.l. Pcgoh 51 --o. '61 1. Raiilys~arl hadustrial S(;hool, Zag-r~-b. RAMMOVIC., Fordo, riaitavrik Steam turbines. Pogon 1, no.5/6t6e--~12 14y-Je-163. 1. Zeljezricka ind. skola, Zagreb, clan Redakcionog odborap ItPogon". RAMMOVIC, Ferdo Gentrifugal suction pumps, Pt. 1. Pogon 4 .10-1/2-.211-26 Ja-F 163. RAZUMOVIC, Ferdo., nastavnik . ........... -- Steam turbines. Pt. 2. Pogon 4 no-3A :36-38 M.-Ap 163. 1. Zeljeznicka ind. skola, Zagreb. RAZUMOVIC, Fordo, naotavnil, Stear. turbines. Pt. 1. Pogon 1, no.1/2-.1-4 Ja-F 163. 1. Zeljeznicka ind. skola, Zagrebr i clan Radakcionog odborap "Pogon, " MQ_Vjg,__Zerdo _ __M&~ Steam turbines. Pogon 3 no.9/10:129-133 S-0 162. RAZU IC Ferdo nastavni-k Steam turbines. Pogon 3 no.11/12:180-182 N-D 162. 1. Zeljeznicka industrijska skola, Zsgreb, clan Redakcionog odbora, "Pogon". RAZU14CYVIC , Ferdo- Steam turbines. (To be contd.). Fogon 3 no.3/1-:4.4.-49 Mr-lkp~ 162, RAMNOVIC., Ferdo -- - Cranes and conveyors. Pogon 2 no.lV12:191-197 N-D 161. BAMMOVIC . Ferdo Steam turbines, Pogon. 3 no.5/6.65.-'71 My-je 762, RAZU14OVIC., Ferdo ; tea--,--- i-?-,,es I Q s m turB (To be contd.) Pogan 3 no.7/8.97-101 Jl-4g 162, RAUMOVIC, Ferdo, nastavnik Steam turbines. Pogon L no. 7/8:cY7-101 JI/Ag'63- 1. Zeljeznicka ind. skola, Zagreb, i clan Redakcionog odbora, 'OPogon", OSTROVSKIY, Yu.M.; LUKASHIK, N.K.; RAZUMOVICH, A.N.; BALAELL-fEVSKIY, A.I.; DOCZTA, G.A.; TREBU-KHINA, R.V.; LARIN, R.S.; KARPUTI, S.N.; KOIMAROVAI B.P.; NEPOCHELOVICH, N.S.; DVORYANINOVICH, L.N.; MOYSEYENOK, A.G.; MANDRTK, K.A.; GALITSKIY, E.A.; W-TYSIK, M.S.; FODOBED, V.G.; MAKARINA-KIBAK,, L.Ya. Differentiation of specific and nonspecific metabolic shifts in an acute avitaminosis Bl caused by oxythiamine. Vop.pit. 24 no-4:41-48 J1-Ag 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Kafedra biokhimii (zav. - dotsent Yu.M.Ostrovskiy) meditsinskogo instituta,, Grodno. Submitted July 23,, 1964- .,-AZlA,:C,V!CH, A.N.; DOSTA, G.A. Relationshi-D beween thiamine CEsu-Ifide and the respi-ratory chain of mitochondria. Biokhim-iia 28 no. 3:439-444 Myw-je 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Cliair of fliocliemistry, State Medical Inetitute, Grodno. ;-PLZuMOV.LL;H, iffecr, of thiamine derivAives on the structure o~' ' I `~ r-A 'ondria. Vestsi AN HSSR. Ser. biial. na-v. no.2: '7P,-P,2 165. CMIFA 1P:12') OISTROVSK1N y Yu. M.; LUKASHIK, N. K. ; RWMDVICH) A. N. ; TREBUKIIINA, R. V. ; DOSTA, G. ; BALAKLEYEVSKIYY A. I.; NIADZHUL, A. "On the Participation of Thiamine in Specific and Nonspecific Regulation of Some Metabolic Pathways." report submitted for 6th Intl Biochemistry Cong, New York City, 26 Jul-l Aug 1964. aci-lation-reducticn tranaf~~rnatiun-3 of' thiamine~ Ukr. oiokh*-~. zhur. 37 no-11105-109 165. (IMIRA 18-.51 I.. Department. of BlacheynIstry of' Gro,,iro Mledical fnsz~l.tllte. and the Section of Gerontology ot' ~Jlle cf Sclanr.-Gr, of the Whice-Rus- 3.3.R. DSTPOVSKIY, Y-U.M.; PAZUMCVICHY A.N. Effect of thiamine derivatives on oxi,-~ative phosphorylation. Biokhimlia 27 no.3:458-462 ~~,r-Je 162. (MIP-1 15:8) 1. Chair of Biochemistry, State Medical Institute, Grodno. (THIAMINE) (LIVER) (PHOSPHORYLATION) SUPROD L.F., dots., otv. red.; ARINC11B, N.I., prof., red.; GELIBERG, S.I., prof., red.; KLEPATSKIY, B.I., prof., red.; LIBERZOIIT,, G.Ya., prof., red.; NOVIKOV, I.!., kand. med.nauk red.; RAZLWOVICH assistent, red. [Abstracts of the reports of the Fourth Scientific Session on the Problem: Physiology, Morphology and Pathology of the Cardiovascular System] Tezisy dokladov Nauchnoi sessii po probleme: Fiziologiia, morfologiia i patologiia. serdechno- sosudistoi sistemy. Grodno, Grodnenskii med. in-t, 1962. 207 p. (MIRA 17:10) 1. Nauchnaya sessiya po probleme: Fiziologiya, morfologiya i patologiya serdechno-sosudistoy sistemy, 4th, 1962. 2. Zave- duyushchiy kafedroy patologicheskay fiziologii. Grodenskogo me- ditsinskogo instituta (for Supron). 3. Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy nomallnoy fiziologii Grodenskogo meditsinskogo instituta (for Arinchin). 4. Kafedra normallnoy anatomii Grodenskogo meditsin- skogo instituta (for Novikov). 5-Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy mikro- biologii Grodenskogo meditsinskogo instituta (for Gellberg). 6. Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy obshchey khirurgii Grodenskogo medi- tsinskogo instituta (for Klepatskiy). 7. Zaveduyushchiy kafed- roy nervrrykh bolezney Grodenskogo meditsinskogo instituta (for Liberzon). 8. Kafedra biokhimii Grodenskogo meditsinskogo in- stituta (for Razumovich). RAZUMOVICH, M. B. USSR/BiologY - Antibiotics Apr 51 "The Effect of Phytoncides of Onion, Garlic, and Bird Cherry on Seeds of Higher Plants," M. B. Razu- movich,, S. M. Naumov "Priroda" No 4, pp 64, 65 Phytoncides, which suppress microorganisms, were also found to have an inhibiting effect on cells of higher plants and flower dust. Results ob- tained in this instance with both dissolved and volatile phytoncides show that they also inhibit the germination of seeds of wheat and rye. 221T9 PA 243T18 t~AZLII-ic)VICHY 14. B. USSR/Medicine - Antibiotics Jan 53 "The Action of Volatile Phytoncides on P'hotographic Emulsions," Cand Bial Sci M. B. Razumovich, V. T. Atarov, Brest State Pedagogic and Teachers' Inst imeni A. S. Pu8hkIn "Priroda" Vol 42, No 1, pp 91c596 Detection of volatile phytoncides by means of pro- tozoal dough, as suggested by B. P. Tokin, is not always reliable. However, volatile phytonaides ex- ert a noticeable effect on photographic plates and paper, so that this method can be used for establish- ing the presence of phytoncides. Tests cf tke method were carried out with onions, garlic, and bird cherry. 243T18 WSW Riology - Phytocide's Card, Pub. 86 - 11/39 Authors I Razumovich,.M. B., Cand. Biol. Sc.; and Atarov, V. T. Title Some peculiarities of the action of phytocides on a photographic. emulsion Periodical i Priroda 44/3, 84 - 85, Mar 1955 Abstraot I An account is given of experimentation with phytocides in the emulsion on photographic plates, using floating phytocides pre- viously adsorbed in mM or water and others derived directly from a garlic pulp. The variation in the effect of the phytocides on the plates was found to depend on the kind of phytocide. Illustrations. Institution Submitted C, F."." 11) R Y 'ASS. jO*,jR, A U ' --'o R iMST, T I IT.-Z !OR'rC,. PU 8 17 : I lianriacol,_-)gy and Tox1cology. Medicin-ril plants. : RZhBiol,, No. 1 1959, iio, 459'~ Razumovich, B. Ct~;rtviin Exparliaentql Data on Pllysiolol-ical Aeticrr+ of Phytoncides upon Vertebrates Vestsi All BSSR, ser. biyal. n.., izv. -AIIHI BS ~:er. biol. n., 19.16, 110-2s 93-100 Presh cru3hed leaves of -,Oadus racemosa (750-800 were placed under a bell jar with frogs. Tn another variant of experLment the hind legs z' of frogs, hung on a staj~d, were lowered dourn into a vessel of 250 cm--, in which 5 9 of leaves were placed. ff-he phytoncides of Pad-us markedly increased the excitability of animals during -the first minutes of the ex-oeriment. iliereafter, C. ARD, - 112 30 RAZUMOVICH, M.B.. kandidat biologicheaki:kh muk; NAUMOV, S.M. N Effect of phytoncides on potatoes. Agrobiologiia no.2:131-132 Mr-Ap 157. WaA 1o:5) l.Brestskiy pedagogicheskir institut imeni A.S. Pushkina. (Phytoncides) (Potatoes) 20'-58-7-24/48 AUTHOR: Razumovich, M.B., Candidate of Biological Sciences TITLE: The Effect of Birdcherry Phytoncildes on the Hemoglobin Con- tent in the Frog (Fitontsidy cheremukhi i soderzhariye ge- moglobina u lya-ushki) 0 PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1958, Ur 7, pp 99-101 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Research reoulLs of K-11". Bykcv, %I-A. Usiyevich, V.N. Chern-i- govskiy and A.Ya. Yaroshevskiy based on the concept of the regulating influences of the higher sections of the central nervous system have greatly changed and thereby expanded the knowledge of the role of blood in the or.-anism. Recently, 50 tests were made with Rana ridibunda frogs, each exposed to the effect of 5 grams of finely ground Cerasus padus (bird- cherry) leaves under glass bells of 4 liter content. The experiments were carried out at room temperature at the same time of the day. After a brief period o-~ excitement the .rrogs fel 1 into a state of depression. At 20 m-n interva's* blood was taker. from the frogs' tongues or legS and the hemoglobin content determined by aid of the Sali hemom-eter. After 30 min the hemoglobin content of the blood was 'f to Card 112 lc,,'f below the normal level. After 060 min the hemoglobin The Effect of Birricherry Phytoncides on the Hemoglobin Content in the Frog content had decreased by 12 to 25% arid, despite an increase, rarely returned to normal when the frogs were removed from the glass bell. P.V. Terentyev, V.N. Chernigovskiy, A.Ya. Yaroshevskiy, M.A, Usiyevich and other researchers found out previously that tile hemoglobin content of the blood in frogs arid other animals varies depending on tile season and the mating activities. Further investigation of these phe- nomena, those recorded in nature and experimental results, may lead to an exact insight into the stimulation, control and blockind mechanisms within the central nervous system with respect to the influences exerted on the increase or decrease of erythrocytes and the change of the hemoglobin content in the blood. AS SOCT ATION: Brestslciy pedagogicheskiy institut (The Brest Pedagogical Institute) 1, Biology--Frogs--Physiology Card 2/2 RAMMOVICH, M.B.. kand. biol. nauk, ; KUSHNERUK, A.G.,; MIKHUYUK, N.F. Medicinal oroperties of phytoncides. Zhivotnovodstvo 20 no. 7:43-45 Jl '58. (MMA 11:8) 1. Zhivotnovod kolkhoza "Molodays gvardiya," Brestskovo rayons, Brestskoy oblasti (for Kushneruk). 2. Direktor shkoly Berestovitskogo rayona. Grodnenskoy oblasti (for Mikhnyuk). (Phytonrides) (Calvea--Yeeding and feedin-g stuffs) RAZUMOVICff, M.B., kand. biol. nauk Some features of the effect of phytoncides on the vegetative nervous system. Vestsi AN BSSR. Ser. biial. nav. no.3:91-96 '59. (MIRA 12;12) (PHYTOITCIIRS) (IXRVOUS SYSTEM, AUTONOMIC) RAZLTm0VIGff, n.B.: DZIK, ii.F.; ANTONYUK, S.A. Prophylaxis in Poisoning with phosphorus organic compounds. Nauch.dokl.vya.shkoly, biol.nauki n0-3-116-119 '59. (141RA 12:10) 1. Rokonnnaovana kafedroy nornal'noy fiziologii Brestskogo peda- gogichnskogo inst1bita in. A.S.Pushkina. (PffoSPHORIJ.9 ORGjkNIC CO WOUTMS --TOXICOLOGY) RAZUMOVICH, M..B.; KkRGOLIN, V.N. Physiological effect of phy-toncides. hauch.dokl.v7s.shkol7; biol. nauki no.2!78-83 160. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Rekomendovam kafedroy normallnoy fiziologii Brestakogo pedago- gicheskogo instituta. (PHYTONCIDES) (NMVICS) R&ZUL%IGVIGHp M.B., kand.biol.nauk; BEIENSHCHIKOV9 L.D. [Bialinshchykau, T,.D.] - Effect of phytoncides on subordinative chronaxy. V~etsi AN BSSR. Ser. biial. nav. no.3:61-65 160. .(MIRA 14:1) (PHYTONCIDES) (CHROWIA) '- RAZUMOVICIIP---M.B.,;.-KHITRYKH, N.S. Effect of phytoncides on the activity of the isolated heart. Nauch. dck1.vys.shkoIy.* biol.nauki no.4.93-96 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Rekomendovana kafedroy normallnoy fiziologii Brestskogo pedagogicheskogo instituta. (PHYTONCIDES) (HEART) RAMI)VICH, M.B. Effect of the volatile products of tissue decomposition on the photographic emulsion. Zhur.nauch.i prikl.fot.-I kin. 5 no.1:39-43 Ja-F 160. (MITIA 13:5) 1. Pedapogicheskiv, institut, Brest. (Photographic emulsion) (Phytoncides) (Photography--Scientific applications) RAZUMOVICH, M.B.; MARGOLIN, V.N. Effect of phytonicides of garlic, onion and Wixdcher--y on the depara- biotizing activity of nervoiis centers. Nauq~, dokl. vys. shk017; biol. nauki no.2:107-115 161. NIRA 14:5) - .L. Rekomendovana kafedroy normaltnoy fiziologii Brestskogo pedagogiche- skogo instituta. . (PHYTONCIDES) (NERVOUS SYSTFIA) 1AZU, 1-11. B, , MARGOLIN, V. 11. MOVICII) Changes in the functional properties of nerves at the poles of direct current due to the action of phy-toncides on nerw; centers. Nauch. dokl. ir ys. shkoly; biol. nauki no-4:66-70 161. (14IRA 14:11) 1. Rekomendovana kafedroy normallnoy fiziologii Brestskogo pedagogiche- skogo instituta. (NEHM) (PHYTONGIDES) (ELECTROPHISIOLOGY) RAZUMOVICH., M.B.; MEDRESH, Ye.AG; SPIRIWFOVA, O.S. Use of volatile garlic phytonicides in complex therapy of Trichomonas colpitis. Akush.i gin. 37 no.2:109-110 F 161o (MIRA 14:3) 1. 1z zhenskoy konsul2tatsi-i Brestskogo rodillnogo doma (glav- nyy vrach I.F. Koroleva). (GARLIC) (TRIGHC140NIASIS) (PHYTONCIDES) V.11. 'ellarholin, V'r;.j Y 11 . L qx.-, of internceptive reflexes from the -calline, uterus. ,Kzi oLzhur. [Tyx. 1 10 no.l-t527-5-29 JI-Ag 164. (MIRA 18:11) Ll Kafedra fiziologii Frestskogo -edagogichaskogo institut i 'aboratoriya serdechnt-srsudisto-y fiziclogli AN Bejorusskoy 31q*bly Minsk. 63674-65 L ACCESSION NR: AP5021929 p6ak6of the muscular fftracti6ns:wefe- undhanged--in one:case 'but the cb higher in five, and slightly two., Therev rtua i Ilk Change and pessimum after a. 15~-minute ex apparent lk- the jl,~-' ;in the optimum pasureo the nerve-mu c-le.-fteparatio to:thi phYtokiddil-j- re n sult of adaptation by . , The author ascribes th4i shifts in'the ..optiftuwraw 'possimum to the-phase, -of the nature parabiotic-PFPC X-, re Orig. art. has: I fi 9u l ASSOCIATION: none NCLu -_00 SUBMITTED: 27Jun63 E is Sui 000 NR REP SOV: 005 OTHER :s: jCard 2/2 RAZLTMOVICH, M.B.; IRARGOLIN, V.N. [Marholin, V.N.1 Electrocardilographic data obtained followInIg the 'r-ransecticn of t-he spinal cord and some vegetative nervou-s forma-u-Jons. Vestsi AN KSSR Ser. biial. nav. no.1:65-72 162. (MIFA 17:9) RAZUMOVICH, M.B.; KHkNIP, M.L.; KAZAKEVICH, Ye.I.; PAVLENKO, O.P.; YERYSHEV, A.V. Effect on the photographic emulsion of the volatile products of tissue decomposition occurring during inflammatory processes. Zhur. nauch. i prikl. fot. i kin. 9 no.1:60-61 Ja-F'64. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Pedagogichaskiy inatitut imeni A.S. 11unhkina, Brost. v Nk in fr-r- at I en. a 'r-- rn a.-,( j pr .I --b-i :- Ing, p i. a n t5 grcwn Is. --,,.'04- 163. 9 Bf" o td . V U40 n o . RAZUMOVICH, MIB kand.biologicheskikh nauk -- - --fj- Medicinal properties of corn juice treated with phyto4 Icides. Zhivotnovodstvo 23 no.8:65-66 A 161 (KMA 16:2) (Phytoncides) (Corn i(Maize)l F:-~ (veterinary materia, medics. and pharmacy) RAZTJI-;OVIIICCHHI_11-fliikhail~-Bgrisovich; DIAYDOVICH, A.P., red.; KAPPINOVICH, I.Ya., tekhn. red. [Entertaining pbysiologY]Zanimatellnaia fiziologiia. Yfinsk, Gos.uchebno-pedagog.izd-vo M-va prosv. BSSR, 1962. 171 P. (MIRA 15:10) (PHYSIOLOGY) BATKOV, Yu.V.; ASS, M.Ya. Infectious *tromelia in white mice. Lab. delo 8 no.3:42-44 llx 162 (~MRA 15:5) 1. Kaf~edra zoologii i fiziologii (zav. - dotsent.14.B.Razumovich) Brestskqgo pedagogicheskogo institut-a imeni*Pushkina. (VIRUS DISEASES) (MICE-DISEASES ADD PESTS) RAZUMOVIGH, N.V.. kand. biol. nauk Chokocherry pbytoncides and hemoglobin contents of the frog. Priroda 47 no. 7:99-101 JI '58. (MIRA 11;8) 1. Brestskiy pedagogicheskiy institut. (Phytoncides) (Chokecherx7) (Hemoglob in) RAZUMOVICH, N.N., kandidat yuriridicheakikh nauk. In the A.IA.Vyshinskil Institute of Law (meeting of the scientific council devoted to problems of legal science).Vent.AN SSSR 26 no.6: 119-121 Je 156. (Law) (MIaA 9:9) USSR/ Scientists Commemoration Card 1/1 Pub. 124 - 33/39 Authors I Razumovich, N. N., Cand. Jur. So. Title i Two hundred -years since the death of Hontesquieu Periodical iVest. AN SSSR 25/5,, 97 -.981 May 1955 Abstract An account is given of.a party held on the 15th of March by the Soviet Committe6 for Defense of Peace, Academy of Science, and the All-Union Society for Cultural.Relations with Foreigners. The party commemorated the 200th anniversary of the death Of Charles Louis de Montesquieu', out- standing French jurist and philosopher.. Institution Submitted .,RAZUMOVICH, Nikolay Nikanorovich; RONIN, S.L.,; IODKOVSKIY. A.N., red.izd-va; GUSEVA, A.P., (Organi2ational and legal forms of the socialist collectivization of industry in the U.S.S.R., 1917-19201 Organizatsionno-pravovye formy soteialisticheskogo obobshchostvleniia promyshlennosti v SSSR, 1917-1920 gg. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR. 1959. 141 p. (MIRA 12:6) (Industry) L I AP6022036 SOURCE CODE: UR/0120/66/ooo/003/0212/0213 AUTHOR. Dalinenko, 11. K.; Razumovakaya, A. I. ORG: Nuclear Physics Institute SO AN F' nstitut yadernoy fiziki SO All SSSR) ~~3S TIFLE: Photomultiplier sensitive in the ultraviolet spectral region 7A '4'~ 1~0111RXEE: Pribrry i teldinika eksperimenta, no. 3, 1966, 212-213 1OP7C TAGS: photonultiplier, photoelectric effect ABSTRACT: The design, basic characteristics and parameters of a photcmultiplier sensitive in tne ultraviolet region are briefly described. The photomultiplier, be.!ring the designation FEU-57, is several orders of magnitude more sensitive in the ij-'Itraviolot thi~n it is in the visible spectral region. it h,,.L:; a plinic frnntal window of tr;iol glass. and a photocathode with an effective diameter of' 4h mm. T;ic photo- m-alLiplier (maximum length, 120 mm; diameter, 52 mm) has a telluriix-n-cesiu-.1 photo- cathode. Its spectral characteristics are measured by a dual monochromator beginning! at 2200 A using a hydrogen lamp as the light source. The spectral sensitivity of the photocathode for three FEU-57's in absolute units with quantum yield of 0.5%, 5% and 9% is given in the accompanying figure. The photomultiplier has an average L gain of about 05 to 106 at a 1700-v operating voltage. The output dark current is -UM-121.3 15 38 ACC NR: AP6022036 +) 0 )-4 4-~ U00 JOOO 4090 J890 69670 UL 76767t7 Fig. 1. Spectriil sensitivity of the FEU-5T in absolute units 1 - Photocathode with a 0.5' qlantuir, yield; 2 - photocathode with a 5% quantu;n yield'; i 3 - photocathode with a 9% quantum yield. (JR]; within 10-9-10-11 a at the same operating voltage. Orig. ait. has: 4 figures. SUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE: iomay651 ORIG REF: ~;03/ OTH REF: 002/ ATD PRESS: 670 3 C', - - ------------ Card 2/2 VILIDGRUM, G.S.; DALIMENIKO, N.K.; HAZUMOVSYAYA,__A.I. Photoelectron =.-Itiplier with a flat front. window. Prib. i tekh.eksT). 6 no.4:74-76 JI-Ag 161. (MIRP 14: 9'1 (Photoelectric multipliers) SHEFER9 D.G.; MALKINs, M.F.; NEYGALIHH, M.G.; RAZUMOVSKAYA, A.M. SfOiSHBVER9 S.M.; SOSKOVAy A.V. Medical and prophylactic significance of the use of anticoagulants in disorders of the brain blood supply. Zhur. nerv. i psikh. 60 no. 6:702-706 160. (MIRA 13:12) 1. Ydinika nervnykh bolezney Sverdlovskogo meditsinskogo instituta.9 InBtitut kurortologii i fizioterapii nervologicheskiye statsionary Sverdlovska. (BRAIII-BLOOD VESSELS) (ANTICOAGULANTS) -SAYCHUX, Fatr Mironovich; BARANENKOV, G.S., redsk-tor; RAZUMOVSY4 redaktor; GAVRIIAW, S.S., tekhaicheskiy redaktor ---. [A collection of problems in higher mathematics for technical schools] Sbornik zadach po vysshei matematike dlia tekhnikumov. Pod red. G.S. Baranenkova. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo tak)mniko-teoret. lit-ry. 1956. 132 p. (Mathematics-1:roblems, exercises, etc.) (MIRA 9:12) I . BYIAR, Leopard (Nuler Lmonhard]; L1YR'Yi;, S.Ya. [Crun8latorj; TYGODSKIY, M. Ya.[translator], ~gUMOVSKAYA, A.P.,redaktor; 111JRASHOVA, N.Ya., tekhnicheskiy redakto? '- [Integral calculus. Translated from tha Latin] Intagrallnoe ischislenie. Parevod s Latinskogo S.IA. Lurle i M. IA. Vygodskogo. Predisl. M. IA. Ilygodskogo. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo tekhniko-tecret. lit-ry, Vol. 1. 1956. 415 P. (MLRA 10:5) (Calculus, Integral) PARNLIW.Yakov Isidorovich; BOLTYAZISKIY,Y.G., radaktor; RAZUKOVSKAYA.A.P., redaktor; TUMARKIUA,N.A.. tekhnicheskiy redaktor 1- - 11''. LRecreations in algebra] Zaninatellnaia algebra. Izd. 6-e. Moskva. Goo.izd-vo tekhniko-teoret. lit-r7. 1955. 183 P. (MLRA 9:3) (Algebra-Problems, exercises, ate.) KAGAIT, Veniamin Fedorovich; IUZUMOVS-XAYA,A.P. , redaktor; AIMUMOV,S.N., ~ekhnicheskiy redal-tor- U [Lobnehevskii and his geometry; introductory sketches] Lobachev- skii i ego geometriia; obshchedostupnve ocherki. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo tekhniko-teoret. lit-ry, 1955. 301 P. (MLRA 9:2) (Lobnchevskii, Nikolai Ivanovich, 1?93-1856) (Geometry, Non- Euclidean) KUROSH, Aleksandr Gennadiyovich; RAZUMOVSKAYA, jL.P. , reUktor; MURA&HOVA, N.Ya., tekhniche'mM"&"bf-- m- [Course in higher algebra] Knrs vysshei algebry. lzd.L-oe, perer. Moskva, Gom. izd-vo telchniko-teoret. lit-ry, 1955. 379 p. (KLTU 8:8 (Algebra) AL-KASHI, Dzhemehid Giyaseddin [Al-Tishi. Jamehid Ben Kas'adl; ROZEMLID, B.A. [translator]; SIGALI. V.S., redaktor; YUSHKEVICH, A.P., red.a~.tor- HAZUXOVSKAYI. A.P.. redaktor; MURASHOVA, N.Ya.. tekhni- cheskiy rorw CKay to arithmetic. Tre-atise on the circumference. With a supplement coataiaing the Arabic% manuscripts of both treatises, 'Translated from the Arabic] Xliuch arifmetiki. Traktat ob okruzhnbsti. Perevad a arabskogo B.A.Rozenfellds. Red. V.S.Segalia i A.P.-IUshkevicha. Xafamentarii A-.;P.lUshkevicha i B.A.Rozenfellds. S prilozhauiem reproduktaii arabskikh rukopisei oboikh traktatov. Moskva, GOS. izd-vo tekhniko-teoret. lit-ry. 1956. 566 p. (KLRA 10:7) (Geometry. Plane) KCR0,VKIF. Faval Petrovich; RAZUKOVSKAYA. A.P.. redaktor; NEGRIMOVSKAYA. , i;._: ~. I &ta , w~mr P.A.. tek:hnichesk-iy r tor [Inaqualities] Neraveastva. Izd. 2-oe. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo tekhniko- tooret. lit-ry. 1956- 55 P. (Populiaraye lektBil po matematike, no.5) , (MIaA 10:2) (Mathematics) Vi,~TS'E*Ll, Yelena Sergeyevns; RAZUMOVSKAYA, A.P., red.; GAVRILOV. S.S., [Theory of orobabilities] Teoriia veroiatnostei. Moslr-va, Goo. izd-vo fiziko-matematicheskoi lit-r7, 1958. 464 D. (miRA l1:,5) (Probobilities) LOPSHITS. Abram Mironovich; RLZUMOVSKAYA, A.P., redaktor; AKRUMOV, S.N., tekhnicheakiy - [Calculating the area of oriented figures] Vychislenie ploshchadel orientirovannykh figur. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo tekhniko-teoret. lit-ry, 1956. 58 p. (Populiaraye lektsii po matematike, no.20) (NIM 9:8) (Area measurement) j PANOV. Dmitrty Yurlyevich; RAZUMOVSKAYA, A.P., red.; AKHLAMOV, S.N.. t, blumerical solution of quasilinear hyperbolic s7stems of partial differential equations]'ChiBlennoe reshenie kvazilineirqk-h giper- bolicheskikh sistem differenteiallaykh uravnenii v chastnvkh proizvodnykh. Gos.izd-vo tekhn.teoret. lit-ry, 1957. 215 P. (MIRA 11:2) (Differential equations, Partial) Pi ---muumuu gee goo 6,00 0 10 i " i I 9~~ m a c a w6 of a L a 1 7W- low I 2.2 wuv3mwrm m&vvnn ?v1 sm" an T '40,1141 * . P, Im -Pm&i7vmiW7,vAvmwAGFn"w #AND ISO 400 IG. Ito* -00 9100 000 Poo POO .too we rot 0 0 0 ~_VWWW W_ 21ijoll 1.11) MIS 't tj 41 0 44 ire 10 to 21 n a )j is A V10 k i . a & 1-t L t IL i AA a M M LE j so 0 0 Ty/TZWpMTURE WATION I DETEir.IIIATION 1784. LUBRICATING OIZZI FLUIDI -60 o 13Y THE " LOWING OF!?* METHOD. Kussakov, if. and Raj=ovskaia, E. -00 (Acta, Physicochim. U.R.S.S.. 1947, 22, 269'302). In charactertsin o: the fluidity or viscosity Of liquidi_(G.g. lubricating oils -00 by the method of "blowing-of f " at a constant temperature, it is expedient to blow off two oils simultaneously. In relative &0 0 0o J measurements this freatly facilitates the treatment of the =00 experimental data kinterference patterns). By blowing-off an oil with the temperature gradient perpendicular to the direction zoo of blowinZ, it is found possible to obtain the fluidity/temperature zoo Zoo 60 relation for the oil as a result of a very short single expetriment. Vo 0 On simultaneously blowinr-off a standard oil and a test sample, it is possible to plot the fluidity/temperature curve for thq J94 ::0 o latter. The preliminary experimental results ob6ained on blowing off some lubricating oils in a narrow plane-parallel 4*0 alit with a transverse temperature gradient. are in fairly good t'S 0 0.01"1-Z agreement with the results of the ordinary capillary method. The I I too We accuracy of the method described~ may be raised by improved treatment Itoo f A S 4 1 L FT1tt1,F(,KAL LITERATOE CLAWFKATIGN coo 010' C. X* o r -0 AM t S h M4 0 4 V 04 0 A it K IF K a tt IFK n I I I ina 0646600666001006099000000004100 o o 0 0 0 0 0A. _~k_ipjk!o 0009 0 00000000044 0 00 of the interference patterns obtained.. in particular by using a photoolectric nicrophotmeter. 00 T. I* Gko 00 09 00 -00 06 so 00 go 00 00 04 00 00 00 00 oje 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 a A L AA 23-12. CIIW,;TERISTICS OF FLUIDITY MTERATUIU RELATION FOR LIQ7,'IDS BY BLORING-OFF METHCE). Kusakov. M. and -R&Zum0Vskftya,_.E. (Acts, Physicochim., U.R.S.S., 1947, 22. 269-302; Chem. Abstr., 1947. 41. 7166). An app. is describeS which enables the fluidity~ 'G6peraturo curve of a lubricant to bg obtained in a single short axpt. The method in a variant of the blowing-off method .0 0 sugComted by K. and consists of photographing the interference 0 0 : 9 patterns when 2 oils are simultaneously blown off a narrow 00 parallel alit with a temperature gradient porp*ndicualr to the direction of blowing. The expt is rapid enough (usually 2-3 ZOO 4141, V min.) to obivate the need of using a thermostat. The temperature 14DO 00 distribution is determined expertly by simul taneously blowing off 2 oils. one of which is a standard. With the distribution known. the fluidity of thn oil under investieation can be calculated for any temperature. 3pindle oil, whose dynamic viscosity was 1 measured by an ordinary capillary viscometer, is used as a standard. i ~00 viscosity values for machine oil determined by this method awl .2041 values determined by an ordinary capillary visoometer fall fairly 1 too close on a singlis curve. The method is still priliminary. but too Mo T -f- 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 V. Ail I 5~43-12rld 9 i1 0 a o!q 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 : 0 0 010 0 0 0 0 IS 0 0 0 * 0 0 010 is 0 q 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0. 1 00 00 00 0* 00 90 041 00 impraved microphotom"tric treatment of the interferenoe pattern so photographs should result in rapid and acouraLe measurp-ants. 0 0 00 00 C.4. 0 00 00 *0 *0 00 00 0 0 00 0 41 00 00 00 00 *0 0 0 00 00 00 00 0 0 19 0 00 00 00 90 ee~ so 00 Gle 00 001 0 0000000000*000000000000000060000000*000000 Lo*oo*oo*Oooooo*Ooooo00000000000000000000000::O ~-, Z,-- ~ , , ka -- 'Z -- , -1~ it ~~ .E. A. USSR/Chemistry - Lubricants Card 1/1 Authors Razumovskaya, E. A., and Kusakov, K. M. Title Two-dimensional characteristics method expressing the thermal dependence of the viscosity of lubricahts by the method of thin layer blow-off Periodical Zhur. Fiz. Khim., 28, Ed. 5, 936 9440 May 1954 Abstract A method,, based on the blow-off of a thin oil layer in a narrow plain-par- allel slot and leading to the derivation of a curve expressing the thermal denendence of volatility (value of reverse viscosity), is described. The method is called two-dimensional because with one-test it is possible to obtain not only one point but a continuous curve. The method is also ap,- plicable in obtaining curves which characterize the rheologicalproperties of lubrication oils. The instrument (thermorheometer), used in combination with '%-.his new method, is described. Six USSR references. Graphs, drawings,' illustrations. Institution Acad. of Se. USSR, Petrolewn Institute, Moscow Submitted Nov. 18, 1953 VINOGRADOV,G.V.; KUSAKOV,M.M.; ZASI.A.VSKIY,Yu.S.; RAZUMOVSKAYA.B.A. Investigation on the interaction of lubricants and metals. Vest. AN SSSR 25 no.9:35-40 S 155. (MIRA 8:12) (Dibrication and lubricants) Lj 2, z 0 -V0 i_%; c a pr- ~ --cies: upravioniTo po Ispoiltoyrniyu XtQ~~.07 Lrtrgil, and kkadealys, nmk =R. Xd1torial Dn"d or 34t: , Dikushin, Acad.vacaln (Reap. Ed.), X.N. 'mil v 3- . . Y (D~ P'-Y ..;p': Ed.), Tu. S. Zaslavskly (Nputy Reap. Ed ), L X..T:tochenko, B.Z. Vorknovskiy, 3.T. X&zarov, L.I. Petr_Atq1:" Ln~ N.0: z 1 vInokaya (secretary). 2d. of Publishing Howse; P.N. Belyanin; Tech. &d.t T.P. Folonova. PURPOSEt This book is Intended for specialists In the field of a&- ch!n:,&nd Instrument manufacture who use radioactive Isotopes In th udy or materials and processes. COVERAM This collection or papers covers a very wide field or the utilization of tracer methoda in Industrial research and control technique&. Trio topic of this volume Is the use or radioisotopes indthe machine-and Instrument- sanufac turing industry. The Indi- VI ual papers discuss the applications of radioisotope techniques In the study Or metals and alloys, problems Oftriction and lubri- cation, metal cutting, engine porforsanc,a, and defects In metals. Several papers are devoted to the use or radioisotopes In the auto- mation of industrial processes, recording and measuring devices, quality control, PIO~nxet*rs, level gauges, safety devices, radio- tion counters, ate. These papers repreeent contributions of var- lous Soviet Institutes and laboratories. They were published as Transactions of the All-Unlon Conference on the Use of Radloac- tIv* and Stable Isotopes And Radiation In the National Xconomy and Science, April 4-12, 1957. No personalities a" saent3onod. References art given at the and of most of the papers. NjkjLjn_M.D. (Tsentral Inyy owchno,,jiglodovatol I akly dival Ingy IlIgtitut - Dicabl R&osarch Inatitu*). ZfCect of the Number of Re- volutions and Maximus Cycle Pressure on the Wear of Upper Piston Ring and Cylinder Sleeve In Dlesels Nienoviclq~Ajs_ (Knuchno-looledovatol 1 9idY traktOrnY7 InStItUt - TFoto, -fiesegrih Institute) . Study of tho Uffect of Dust on the Wear of Parts of Tractor Rnginse 4T 0.1. Shor, and I A.-Plorogova (VKrI P0 Per*rg- botka nertl I gas& j-poliichi-niyu Im;jostvsnrwj;_Lhl4kcgo toplIve - All-Union Scientific Research Institute for the Proo* of Pe- troleum and Use and the Production of Synthetic LIqaI4 Pool)- Reduction of the Low-tamparaturt Wear or Cyllnd*P~Plxtou Units In Zng1nes by the Use of Oil Additives 52 Zablavokly, YU.S., RLj,_Lrg=, %.HjIh,.npj,0rOv&, and 0.1. Shor (VNII po perarabotG norti. I g"a I poiu;V4in_1yv Iskmastwennoga zhldkogo topliva - kll-Union Scientific neswarch institute for the Processing of Petroleum and Oss and the Production or synthetic Liquid Fuel). study or the Mechanism of the Action of Antlool;;-_ DIV* Oil Additives 64 O.V. Vinogradov, 'I Zyk. , I-""- t t&bAfigt _ and A.V-Mlyanovs (Inatitut nal _ %~'~ Institute, Acadii ces, USU). Study of the X*chmnlmm or the Inter- action of Oil Additives with M*taao 67 Studnits, Y4.70. (Vosaoyuznyy nauchno-Isslodovatel. kly M all," Inatitut - All-UnIon Xining Research Institute). ;*tuft of the Wear of Gears in Mining Mackimerr T3 ILI SOV/&0-32-5-36/52 Ulf- AUTHORS: Vinogradcv, G.V., Kusakov, M.M., Sanin, F.I., Razumovskaya.. E A yanova, A.V. :HTLF: The Interaction of Thioorgwqnic and Thiophosphorjorganic Additions to Oils Uith Yetals- PERIODICAT,: Zhurnal prl-llardnoy kiiiiiiii, 1959, Vol 32, Nr 5, pp 1136-1141 (USSR) APOTRACT: Anti-wear admi-xtures to oils cz)ntaining sulfur-, phosphorus- and chlcrine- compounds are t-.,ide_1Y applied. '141e functional limits of their action is investigated here by means of labeled atoms. They were dissolved in the non-polar fraction of bright stock and their interaction with chromiuni- manganese-silicon steel and electrolytic copper was studied. The inzer- action of sl~-eel with sulfur starts already at room temperature. The re- action cf sulfur with copper is more intense. The reactivity of di- sulfide is higher than that of sulf1de due to the higher mobility of the sulfur atoms in the disulfide molecule. The sulfur is bound to steel and copper irreversibly, i.e. chemically. Experiments with tributyltrithio- phosphite labeled by p32 and s35 have shown that phosphorus reacts more intensively I~iujl STeell than sulfur. At 200C it is bound in the amount Card 1/2 of 4.2 mg/cm . At 1400C and higher the decomposition of tributyltri-