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4- S- a 0 At: 111 0" Wtw vp w IS, IF 0, OraRm * 0 0 ft "p- W-W-F A. ~__N OF 1e? ty Of IOU 101 11 0 If 4 ;& V is 10 a a Jw a AIt C__n r F Q h J K L A-ft--f- 41 11--l-a- V__v -A--, _1_1L I A I- !___L Zo 9* 0: UIcithina" activity of hapstopancrearic juice 01 qeiix p afia. gazymic decompositim of lecithin. Adog J ReAck JCrtutian Univ., Limb, YustxilavW. Ex.%vmt-- 41 C~rnaan)-S_ C.A. 42. M2.1%r, ZOO AAAJ 1600 woo =00 -It A Of FALL UPOSCAL LpIJNATL.4f CLAS$JFICATION I WOO 1-.1, - - I - .1~.. --.. I '16 no- 4-1 a-( UJI1310-t; L40 0 A -) r I Aff-1--vin I I IF 1-4 0 4 9 IN as 'Iwi;L;P-00 40F, Ili. An U 11 ma apat all Iqsr Itft it it . i T se tit :0 A A mougfewwwwwww all Nit pq Ilp Isma-dou -&SS.&L_A SIT"LLURGICAL LlTfnAT4AN CLUWKATOO ::*::olooooeoooeoo.oe -0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 KID Ul: : RJILII ow a., Of 0:960000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 GOO not 04 SO a Nos moo ; 2, 1 b It F C. K I L 1, IL r Q A The jiho~PIIAVI'r Itont the hepat pollici snail 11A t 1 17, All. P)SI' I It, 'J." IN 0, Ot., I-if, fit. LT zoo VI I mit, ;I, I il-'ry t..u 11, 1 1.~ it A I'I( it. ON . .......... fill 'I It I"V11" Ow 'ItIll, 't, 't-fl%ON -1,01!l I fe, 0_- 7 IL .,It tit, Ill C,Z'* )a., low -s 0.. Clot .31,21 4iK Ili T u a &I mc; LS I I v - L S a pw Q a I IV a 3 a a 3 g It KX Ev ZD it Alf a x a 11, a, OLT 17.1 00 00 00 I'd,I t k Xl~ ~11 tit, -.Activat''! tit, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 e 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 411 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 00 00 00 0: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 th Y. .1 Vtjg~Lvi.4). Earymolocki, 14. German). cf. Krv;i% ici. C.A. 44. NV74t. - -The proc-edurr of Arnold (C.A. 34. L;'Ml6) pmiucev cholline "lycmwpho,lph,ils, rather ii-glYL-cryllib~piltw)ricflolitlc. Proof of the Wcutity Of the f willer was Obtained by quint. chrontatogrAphic re- of -saline on a pentutite column and enzymic dcC- jr-14tiull of the remaining a-ItycCryllihWphoric cii by ph~phitaw ftout the juicv of Cilible vlail.,,. ffolli 1.)tatolns, 'kild (roil) the Silwl oltr-lille. E.ri'll l,irt:lllx-rK RICZKOVA-MOURALOVA ~,H. .*JUt. Medical care for the II celostatni spartakiada. Cask. zdravot. 8 no-5:289-292 W 160. le-Ministerstvo zdravotnictvi, odbor lecebne 1)reventivni pace. (SPORT MWICINZ) -- REZ NICHENKO, F. P. Joint without a bolt. Fut'i put.khoz. tio.7:39 -T1 159. (141RA 12:10) 1. Zamestitel,~ lorozhnogo revizora po bezopasnosti dvizheniya. YaroslavV. (R-pilroads-Ralls) "Apparatus wit'r. sensitive gauges for neasuring pressure -ir caved sto-es." r-,. 172 -DY. F-aha 7ec~ r"1 ~w -Gs"oval ap Vol. 7, No. 5 )1!, 59 l9 ~%Onthlly List of 7a5t European Ac-essions '.Tol. 8, No. 9, September, 195.0 n C 1, Is REZNIK, A.M. (brigadir), AREST, V.I., BLOKH, I.M., KIKGOF, Yu.A., - .___"ZAGARMIST1C,_ A.M., KUPALOV-YAROPOLK, I.K., PETROV, L.V., TYABIN, V.Ye., FEDORENKO, A.N., sostaviteli; DYUKOV, A.I., KTZSHCHEV, A.I., redaktory. [All-Union unified norms for geophysical field work] Vaesoiuznye edinye normy vyrabotki na polevye geofrafizheskie raboty. [Sostavi- teli: Reznik A.M. I dr. Redaktory: A.I.Diukov, A.I.Kleahchev] Mo- skva, Goo. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo neftianoi i gorno-toplivnoi lit-ry, 1951, 146 p, (MIRA 7:4) (Geophysics) UUTH, S.L.; TAGITEV, E.I., GIM611AT, Ya.-L., redaktor; REZNIK, AL.A., radaL-tor; TITSK&:YA, B.F., red4ktor: FOLOSINA, A.S., takhnichealciy z evdakt oi% [Dmble shaft drilling method for petroleum and gas well] Dvukh- atwollnot, burania -neftianykh i gazovykh sk7azhin. Moak7a, Goa. nauchnu~-takhn. Izd-ro neftianoi i gorno-topli7noi lit-ry. 1954. 181 P. (MLH& 7:7) (Rbtroloun-Vall-boring) (Gas, Natural) lj A ' 6 -a Inves ga E ct of cholWe a a phosphAtske ti tw W choline 4. ReLek nd'I glycerophosphate as substrdta; N. 91carica (Vet. lFac., 7a reb Yugos avla) * 25' 25 32 953 E Ii i h - - s suinwary). -The. action of th t, (1 ng hos f diff illui' a A h u rmn erent sources (ye st, sperg p p - ~~' - ~ 1 tor bptn, potato, scrum, piostate;. sperm,urine, 9 " = T ~~.: - - -- - L 1- V 1 : L cy. uterivi, placenta, boac, milk dud-t. e pamn of Vipera ammodylo) on cholini. ~-Slycerophnhate * (11) ' w s in i ( H)I ti ted 1l th l d f h ti a ves -c as e ag on o o , as,we in on le ga t f 1, und the results -,v ere,compared with tile en-:r- activi Y 0 zYmic hydrolysis of Na give ~Mprc crophiwphhtc. 11 pd, -ac-cording to Arnold (C.A. j4, 2789'). the lbuffcrs Used Wefe;., Nh citrate-HU (with NaOll addu'; it required) ancl,bai- ' WNW [CI. ~ The fi-ral volutne of the reaction Nk. wg-q-, ~keptat[l-Oinl.; thescactiou wwRI run at.38' for- 0-45 tirs., ' ~ t s d h th P d f hi din l C A wa c et . ter, w c Uccor o Nifil a . . 30,. er ( g ' 4981)~ after, a. reductim with Amulal. ' ThC7 twctlou waV and the optimum plj::~, run over a rM rangilrom I to 10, % -, % t presented in a tab( values ar( e. -All the I except the snakel poisou I hydrolyze U, and all of thena except the serum-1- are acted on by ffI-- ~Thk. action by IR is.sotneumes an-, V inlijbit--oll i sometimes an activation, inhibition at all ~ plf'. - values will lie eumuntered With rfromkidne a d ter L t -. n us. u y and actl Nezit I is inhibited by HI below p1l 5,,. vd bo va ta . . -pro.,tatc. -and ca~tor-bean. ]RIF :5. Plikentai 11'.1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . shnilar behavior; all the other I are activated ut all Off ' by 111. Thus III ne~er.luhibits sptrin 1, afact Wilch is PhySiOlOgiCId IMPOMnLe. -17he results for kidn I diff ey.I from dw ones obtained by Granger (C.A. 48, &.136a 7129&)-;~, , whu always fount) an activathig tl=ct b M. RNZIX, A., dr, Glycolytic activity, of the blood after peroral administration of a complicated electrolyte solution; mineral vaters of Rogaska Slatina, Lijec. vJes. 76 no-3-4:107-111 Mar-Apr 54. 1. Iz Zavoda za kamiju Veterinarokog fakulteta Sveucilista u Zagrebu I Balneoloskog instituta u Rogaskoj Slatini. (BLOOD SUGAR, off. of drugs on mineral vater) (HIMMA WATXR, off. on blood sugar) Ph. /no Influence of endogenous Insulin upon the axIlty, .1 the all-lins blood phosphatase. A; Rekk and D. Uhlik (Vet. Fac., Zagreb). Vjelmlki VJ95ir-75, -10(19N). -609 -The formation cf. endogenoust Insulin (1) during hyper- which Is brought about by, double loading with glycenda h 1 Is t e interaction. between I and alk. blood glucose, = phospha V0. The expts. were done on rabbits. The activity of the H changes several times during the erpti. hyperglMmia. Whenever this it~tivlty drops, this phase of the hyperglycemla. develops, at which time the endogenous I comes into play. - The I cuts down the activity of the Ir. This may be an explanation for Glerke's syndrome, where - the activity of the 11 Is cut down. which might be due to the: action of 1. Werner Mffeet of an orfiUk mint Wea,'Catbolez Om doilm., on -~ the: alicauve Phas At"4-.,-Ww -of *P~wwi` on I p Adolf ReIck (Ualv. ZAg 4 us : persons wftb 600-750 udi CA: i*.COM. 29~ '/da .171t Mg OWS04' -91 -HCOv64QO,-&cM2DI8'_'- Y~ P wen as is tiace p tasd act Increased during'the L-st 4 days; after iv It- dectwed i again., In the later itages of the -expt. a another Increase- existed.' The'eftas are explained art the:: b a y the Ur Present W ubt of a stiwulatio of the enz)~ue b the 561ii T ~9 . . . . . . . . . . . REZEK, Adolf, dr~ On Dr. J.B. Grundel, a physician and natiara1ist and the author OfL the 1st monograph about Rogaska Siatina. Lijecn. vjesn, 85 no.7-.759-765 163. 1 1z Zavoda za kemiju Veterinarskog fakulteta u Zagrebu. (BIOGRAPHIES) (HISTORY OF MEDICINE, XVII GM) (BAUIEOLOGY) (`avod 4 CU I Z F 0 V,; -j (Vutt~a-Lnan~':i Rt! L `kq;rub. 0 11 u I., c c; rn in , Er --- j . D . Git U1, h -u the of thc; ,I'ono--a-,,h about Ro:~Lz::a Siat._i- 41 L ij tD c n I C.",-- n ik, Vo I C5 ~~;'o 7 , ju 1 1-7 19 6 3T), 755-7 _10i C~_~CU20c;~ %I- or' Ocr- - n :-y -_,fie c; au cuz sou::,cec concer,-J-,- Dr City Phyz;icJS St -ne d' ~ 4C,_., -~.r OZ' ~',,L, .01dine" -'cadezy, and iD:: -,--s+ Com-ireh Cal ::.'Ono~;rap-h concerni-nZ. -~he IT O-L -ensive the spa 'Of T, o Z -- ska (Roitschocrene) in Slovenia. The monc~-_-n-oh ar i_!1 s pub-, is--c-d in Let i-r. L- 1685 id J_-1 German -;r., !687. .L/1 R~,, F., inz. Effect of various methods of twist, drLill sharpening. Strojirenstvi 13 no.7016-518 Jl 163. 'I, Kovo-Finis., Tedec nad REZEK, F. "Reconstruction of "he No. 10 hiFhway in Liberec District." P. ? (Silnice) Vol. 1j, nc. Dec. 195-1 w Prague, Czechoslovakiz. SO: 1-11onthly index 111o:t European Accessionj (E&AI) LC. Val. 7, no. 4, Anril 1958 MI ZEX 9 ISMIE SynthotLcka -miotilcum TS 219* 41mthotic io a TS 2 C Ic. m U 19 ofth. 7#3 1951 p. 174-80. 7 Of tho E~jc Climic of tho Midical FaaulV, of Ohar:Le3 Univer- 91-ty 3raach in '.Iira(:Wc Kralove (Hoad-Prof. Jan VarVaelc, M.D.). CUL 208 100 Vc L, )0~~FZE,4r, )I- 1-*,;-GI-.A 3ec 9 Vol 1311 Surgery Jan 59 5.50. USE OF rHE GRID IN X-RAY DIAGNOSIS FOR ACUTE INIPERMEABIL- ITY OF THE INTESTINE - Untersuchung mit dem Gitter in der ft;5ntgen- diagriasuk bet akuter Undurchlissigkeit des Darmes - R e z e k J. Radiol. Klin.. Karlsumv., Prag - RADIOL.CLIN. (Basel) I9!iff7_2_7_/__1_(4~-53) Illus. 10 On the basts of 5 cases the difficulties of the differential diagnosis of the various types of ileus are discussed and a method of X-ray examination using a grid is ws,ribed. The grid divides the large film into small fields in which the move- oi,tits -f the different parts of the intestine can be easily seen. The films are taken in shurt intervals, 20-60 sec., without change of the position of patient ;111(1 grid. By comparing the pictures mechanical ileus can be easily distinguished from paralytic form, obstruction from strangulation and fixation (adhesions) of the 'e S, inal loops. (XIV, 9) REZEK, Jan. MUDr.; SVAB, Vaclavs MUDr. ---------- X-ray picture in perforation of gastrointestinal tract, Cesk. rentg. 11 no.3:176-189 Aug 57. IQ Radiologicka klinika KU v Praze, prednosta prof. MUDr Vaclav Svab, (GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM, perf. x-ray diag. (02)) REZF,K, Jan (Praha II, Ke Karlovu 116/8) Arthrography. Gesk. rentg. 12 no.2:101-113 June 58. 1. Rtidiologicka klinika KU v Proze, prednosta prof. dr. V. Svab. (Y6INTS, radiography technics & results (Cz)) R3ZI;K, Jan, MUDr Grid roentgenographic diagnosis of acute intestinal obstruction. Cesk.rentg. 9 no.4:159-166 Nov 55. 1. Radiologicka Iclinika KU, prednosta prof. MUDr Vaclav 5vab (INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION, diagnosis, x-ray. grid technic) -!A1 Ape-Itp-9-4 R! I-- I IOD -40 1- C-DfIl 400 080PIRMS 10082 Z a 256. Results of x-ray therapy of cancer of the larynir. T. Svab, A. Prelse, '46 989-92(194B) (in Czech). : 0 g 0 4 U U IV No ff 1C ;o dc 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Z., ~i and J. Z. k... SAMMIL Tb* results of protraaW and ~We fractionated Irradiation on 218 cas so of laryoplal carcium Is described. Of the patients treated, 79 had to discontinue the does, 62 we" cured, 6 of which has local recidivations. So evident differences were found in the results of the two methods used. The simple fractionated Irradiation waa best conducted with 180 kv and 10 ma, using I-aim Cu and I-mm Al filters, the FSD being 50 cm, and the field covering 6 by 8 cm. The miaximum daily dome of 260 r. delivered at %be rate of 17~18 r/min was divided equally and separately between 2 MUs with the lapse of 4-6 hr between each radiation. If the roentgen dosage of 5000-6000 r did not completely remove the tumor, treatments were continued to a total of 8000-10000 r in 7 weeks. Surgical and x-ray treatment of laryngeal carcinoma appear to be the test available therapy. A S SS L AMITALLURCICAL UTERATWE CLASSWICATIGN E-Z- An A 9 0 ad 014411res!10036; -00 ro 0 1Z C*6 Nee ore 0 COO fto ZOO Cleo 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 000*000*0000000000 RL~. Our journal on a higher level in the Ne,.-,, Year. p.1. (Texti-1. Praha, Vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 1954) SO: Monthly list of Fast 'European Accessions (?-EAL). If, Vol 4, No. 6, June 1955, Uncl R-sZ?,K, V.; '10VA, J. "tiologic role of Leptospira in uveitis. lesk. ofth. 14 no-3-204-206 Jun - 5 8. 1. ncni oddeleni OUNZ v Tabore, -prednosta WDr. V. Rezek Parasitologicka laborator HIM--Geska Budejovice, reditel 14UDr. K. lovicky. (TJII--,,I'.TIIS, etiol. & -pathogen. Le-otospira (Gz)) (Ij,]PTOSPI-qOs is uveitin (Gz)) REZEK, V.; VAXYSEK, J. . I.r. " f".-- Transplantation of the vitreous. Cesk.ofth. 6 no.5:257-26,,: 1950. (0IXL 20.7) 1. Of the Eye Clinic of the Medical Faculty of Charles University Branch in Hradec Kralove (Head-Prof. Jan Vanysek, M.D.). POVOROZHENKO, V.V., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof.; REZER, S.M., inzh. Application of linear programming in the planning of the work. of freight stations. Vest. TSNII MPS 23 no.1:53-57 164. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Moskovskiy institut inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnogo transporta. POFGVj V.N.; FROKOFCHIK, S.M. Centralized transportation is an effective means for improving freight operations. Zhel.dor.transp. 4J+ no.7:11-15 JI 162. OUTRA 15: 8) 1. Zamestitell nachallnika stantsii Sverdlovsk-Tovarny-i (for Pezer). (Railroads --Freight) CZECIIOSLOV,^i,K~U,/!4icrobioloar - Ricrobiolj~~y Pathogenic to Humas -i! -4 and Abs Jour : Rof Zl-u,- - Biol., No 12) l9c8, 52942 Author : Rczck, V., Vosta, J. Inst L. - -~ -- --, Title : OptiC COLIpliCatiOnS Caused by Lcptospira Canicala. OriC a'-Clb *. Ofthalm-lop 1957., 13p No 3, 226-228. Abstract : No abutract. ow-A 1/1 TaZEK, V. VOSTA. JT. E: diseases caused by Leptospira canicola.Cask. ofth. 13 n0.3-- 226-228 June 57. 1. Ocni oddeleni nemocnice v Tabore, prednoista Dr Rezak, a parasitologicka lab. KEMS. mikrobiol. odd. v Tabore, prednosta Dr EE Sturmova. (LEPTOSPIROSIS, manifest. eye, caused by L. canicola (Oz)) (EYE DISEASES. attol. & pathogen. Ieptospira canicola (Cz)) MIKUTS, I.A.; REZEKINA., M.M. Pneumatic attachment for drilling machines. Mashinostroitell no.11:19 N '63& REZELI, Frits The Sixth Congress of the West German Trade Unions is against the policy of the Atlantic alliance. Vsem. prof. dvizh. no.12: 4-8 D 162. (MIRA 16-1) 1. Sekretarl Ob"yedineniya svobodnvkh nemetskikh profsoyuzov. (Germany, West-Trade unions-Congresses) (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) (Germany, West-Foreign relations) MALOVICH, M.S.; MONIff, A.S~-, WENBERGI G'Iv~ Spatial structure of a radiatiGn Irleld as a aource of meteorological information. izv, AIN SSSR, Ser. geofiz, no,3: 394-407 Mr 364. (MIRA 17-3) 1. Institut fiziki atmosfery AN SSSR. REZENBERGER, N.A. Sulfite C~'Oo-lit-af-plnft wood. Bum.prom. 31 no.6:5-9 Je '56. (MLSA 9:8) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy inatitut tsellyuloznoy i bumazhnoy promyshlennosti. (Wood pulp industry) KHAN, B.IQ2.; TARANOV, Ye.D.;, 11rinimali uchastiye: ALEKSANDROVICH, L.B.; GITARTS, G.M; KLIBU5, Yu.V.; NOSOVA, Ye.M.; REZETAUAT, I.M.; KHACHTY A.I. Dec)xidati=-=d alloying of acid electric steels in the ladle. Izv. vys. uAeb. zav.; chern. met. 6 no-4:50-55 163. (MIRA 1625) (Steel-Blectrometallurgy) fill ~ I - . .,l : ~ , 1 1 . , I -, " i , , '. , , ;. ! .. : . I - , *. . 1 - . ~'- ~- - - - 14 , . .. - - ..., . r . ~ . . I ~ - - - - , :7 . I ! I : : - i - - - I I I .1 - ~ . . . ~ .1 ~ - - . . - . - - - L- I - -- , 1Gb~VG11j!j,11KU, 1U,'*,'PUV, F.Y. Axperience with the Droduction of antibotulin eerum in cattle. Zhur.mik--obiol.epid. i irimun. 30 no.4:79-82 Ap '59. (MIRA 12:6) (BOTnIbM, irmninol. imnune serum, prod. in cattle (Rils)) SALTYKOV, R.A.; REZEPOV, 1?.F.; ZEMSKOV, Te.M. (Moskva) On the rate of the development of immunity following revaccination with anaerobi anatoxine. Biul.eksp.biol.i med. 47 no.8:81-84 Ag 159. (MIRA 12:11) 1. Predstavlena deystvitel'nym chlenom AMN SSSR P.P. Zdrodovskim. (GLOSTRIDIUM Immunol.) (VACCInS) KRAVCHElIK09 A.T.9 polkovnik meditsinskoy sluzhby, professor; REZEPOVb F.F., -starshiy leytenant meditsinskoy sluzhby, lcand.medna~k- Seroprophylaxis and .-;erotherapy of te-tanus; experi study. Vobn.-med. zhur. no. 1:48-51 Ja 140. (MIRA 14:2) (TETANUS) (SERUM THtMPY) 17 (2, 3) sov/16-6o-4-22/47 AUTHOR- Rezepov, F.F. TITLE- The Effectiveness of Concentrated Botulism Antisera Types C and E in Experiment PERIJDICAL,~ Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii I immunobiologii, 1960, Nr 4, pp 87 - 93 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Laboratory animals were used to determine the optimum conditions for the best prophylactic and therapeutic effect of concentrated botulism anti- sera types C and E, containing 15,000 - 20,000 AU/ml. The efficacy of the sera was tested on guinea pigs. 'The sera proved to have marked pre- ventive properties. The best therapeutic effect with types C and E antisera, and indeed with types A and B sera too, was obtained by prompt administration of antiserum at the very start of illness. The main fac- tor governing the therapeutic efficacy of the antiserum was the stage at which it was administered. The greater the dose of toxin which led to infection, the more rapidly the antiserum. must be administered to ob- tain any therapeutic effect. The best means of introducing the serum Is by intravenous injection, Administered intravenously, larger doses Card 11/.2 seemed to have n-:~ better effect than smaller ones. Large doses, however, sov/16-6o-4-22/47 The Effectlveness of Concentrated Botulism Antisera Type C and E in Experiment were more effective with intramuscular Injection. Further injections did not enhance the efficacy of serum therapy. There are 2 tables, 1 graph and 14 references, 8 of which are Soviet, 3 English, 2 German and I French. ASSOCIATIM Kazanski-y institut eDidemiologii i gi-iyeny (Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene, Kazan") SUBMITTED- February 9, 1959 Card 2/2 KRAVCHENKO, A.T.; REUPOV, F.F. Mechanism of the action of antitoxic sora. Nauch* oan. proizv. bakt. prop. 10:137-150 161. (KIRA 18:7) 1. Na:uchno-lauledoratellWy institut sanitarli, ACCESSION NR: AP4025078 S/0016/64/000/003/0065/0069 AUTHOR: Shevelevq V. M.; Voroaovap Z. A.; Rezepov, F. F. Cs Ds, and E TITLE: Antigen specificity of Cl. botulinum types SOURCE: Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii i imunobiologii, no, 32i 1964, 65-69 i TOPIC TAGS: botulisral Cl. botulinum types Cj Dp and Es botulinus toxin, botulinus heterogeneous toxins antigen specificity, antigen ;jaffinity, neutralization reaction s precipitinogen i.;ABSTRACT: The degree of antigen affinity between Cl. botulinum types I D, and E was determined by neutralization reaction of their toxinsp; -passive and active immunization, and precipitation reaction with ':bacterial antigens. For neutralization reactioni3, antibotulinus .Serums types C, D, and E were mixed with various quantities of homo-~ and heterogeneous toxins, kept at room temperature for an hour, and then were injected intravenously into white mice. Death rate and clinical symptoms during the'following four days served as indices* ~Fcr passive immunization antitoxin serums types C,, D., and E were injected intravenously into white mice and an hour later homo- and i 1/2 Car ''ACCESSION NIR: AP4025078 :,heterogeneous toxins were injected intraperitoneally. To find possi- cross immunity, actively irtummized animals rereived single subcu- ~taneous immunization with concentrated botulinus antitoxins types C, D, and E sorbed in aluminum oxide hydrate and immunity strength was ;tested. For cross precipitation reactions, boiled extracts of microbe :tcells common to 8 strains of Cl. botulinum C, D, and E were used as .'antigens. Findings show that botulinus toxins types C, D, and E have ~a certain antigenic affinity. Large doses of antitbxin for a given -~type are capable of neutralizing small doses of heterogeneous toxin, Active or passive immunization against botulinus toxins C, D,. and E produces insignificant resistance to other type toxins. Cl.'botulinuli type D strains contain bacterial antigens (prooipitinogens) common to j'antigens found in C and E type strains. Antigen specificity of Cl, 'botulinum types C, D, and E is confirmFd by these data with only an -insignificant affinity found between types C, D. and E, Orig. art, has: 4 tables. ASSOCIATION: None SUMMTED *. 18JFn62 ENCL: 00 fT,ySIKOV, G.H., lazil. Machinn for cutting austenita stef-I PiPes- Nav.tekh.njnt.i spets.rab.v stroi. 21 no.11:28-29 N '59. (Plilbl 11:2) (pipe Cutting) S'/ I 23,16OP-0-CXD10 19/004/0,08 AOO-,;/AOOI. Trari-,'Iatlon frorn, Irlpf-ra-lirry-Y zh-urnal, M-ashLno3t-:), !960, No 19, p, 104~ # !011356 AU-TBORS-, Pc-ysikov, G- B_ Rez-3po-.,,- V~ D. A Mac,hine fcr C ~-' Aust;--1*.z Ste..r'. Pip-~s U, r r !1, FEKOD.1-'ALi Novaya tektin. mcntazhn.. i 191-0, 'Mo~ 11, pp, 28-29 TE-)(T- A mc~dernlzed portable machine of LOWAMAIL, (--.sN7-:,MA3h) is used f~lr- ,; .11 -g pipes made of !8-8 steel, low-car-bon stee', and non-ferrvas me'. s- Tte -u"Ir ~ L al . wa-htne operates on- rhe principle of the pendul-um saw with the grindLng disk of th- 3'E6oT'2-F6-(EB6G!'2-:;B-)-~-,Ype with 200-mm- di!wrneter and 1.5-.rrm thic1mr-ess, th= weight of the machine. is 40 kg,, the overall sizes are 580 x 330 x 380 mm, Pipes ef 20 - 60 mm diameter art3 c,,~t during 10 - 30 se7~, The rra--hirle makes 1-. pose-lbl= cut sheet steel, when It is mounted on w~,e-ials and is displac-ed or, rails, fiz..ire, 1- A, Yp, -110-1~ 'This is the '~ransla+.Iap of `,~o 0-liE.-unai Russla- abst-act. a,d S&ENOV, B.F.; REZEPOVA, A.I. Effect of propiolactone on the VirU3 of ticer--borne encephalitis. Vop. virus e -no.4:1,32-431+ J1-Ag '61. (MIRA 14-:11) 1. MoskOV3kiy institut virusnylkh preparatov, Moskva. (ENCEPHALITIS) (IACTOIBS) SEMENOV, B.F.; KARASEVA, P.S.; REZEFOVA, A.I. Cultivation and inactivation of the virus in the preparation of tissue vaccine for the prophylaxis of tick-borne encephalitis. Vop.virus. 7 no.6.-654-657 N-D 162. (NIRA 16W 1. Moskovskiy nauchno-issledovateliskiy institut virusnykh prepaXiatov. (ENCEPHALITIS) (VACCINES) EHE- IG'! e-- sefal4ta :,Z:7 an ~-a V rus 7, sease Ncscow, C, o:~-. rC.3(2,-e aT L ~ -L-- --- , i-stitut virussn:,th. preparatov. -1 - u - SEMENOV, B.F.; REZEPOVA, A.I. Method for the industrial preparation of a noninfectious antigen from the tick-borne encephalitis virus for causing a hemagglutination inhibition reaction. Vop. virus 7 no.1:55-50, Ja-F 162. (NIRA 15:3) 1. Moskovskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut virusnykh preparatov. (ANTIGENS AIID ANTIBODIES) (ENCEPILUITIS) (BLOOD, -,kGGLOTINATION) REEZEPOVA, A.I. 7 I I Standard4ation, of conditions for inhibition of the hemagglu- tination reaction with noninfectious antigen of the virue of tick-borne encephalitis. Vop. virus 8 no.2:180-184 W-Ap'63 (MIRA 16:12) 1. I-loskovskiy nauchno.-issledovatellskiy institut virusnykh preparatov. RMEPOVA,. A. Y,, Rosidual ntreavea in the welded pipes and their effect on strength. Trudy 1431 no.29:19-30 157. (MIRA 13:3) (Pipes, Steel--welding) SOV/ 124 -58-8-9303 Translation from Referativny~ zhurnal IvIekhanika. jq58, N'r 8, p 133 (USSR., AUTHOR Rezepova, A.V TITLE The Residual StreE~ses n Welded P;pe Spe: mers arid Their Effect on Strength t0statochnvve ript~,,jzheriva v svarnvkh trubc.hatvkb obraztsakh i ikh ~-,- .,I- 1,~ vc-.- nc- PERIODICAL- 'P,,. IvIosk. energ. in-ta 191i-, Ni ?-9~ pp 19 50 ABSTRACT The autho.-- considert it important lhat w-elded'iojris on steam pipe!~ made from steel ~2MK)-. In-ving kvill thicknesses -)p to 30 rnm; and steel 15KbTvI k',,%,.,th w-'1 thi, knesses Lip to ZZ iiim~ be heai -reated. R e. ev, e ~-' ~o r a rri e ) o t p er Card 1/1 R&ZEPOVA A.I.; 'OV) SF11LN OV t B. F. ; KAiUSiVA I P. S. ; 7 STaAll G. M. U Experimental study of a tissue vaccine against tickborne encepahlitis. Vop. virus. 6 no.6:716-720 N-D 161. (FdRA 15~2) .L. Moskovski nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut viruonyk.4 preparatov. (hNUHALITIS) (TICKS AS GARRI&R3 OF DISEASE) (VACCINiZ) SEMENOV, B.F.; REZEPOVA,.A.I. Method of mass serolcigical examination for the detection of antibodies to tick-borne encephalitis virus. VOP. virus. 9 no.3:367-368 MY-Je 164. (MIRA 18:1) 1. Moskovskiy nauckino-issledovatellskiy institut virusnykh preparatov. SOV/ 137 - 58-8- 17056 Translation from Referati%,-ny,~ zhurnal, 8, 11) 12 USSR) AUTHOR RezeDov TITLE The Effe,,t ot Residual Stresses on Tensile Strength of ~Velcled Tubular Specirriens j0stato(hnvve napryazlierifya v svarn\,kh trubchatykii obraztsakh i 1kh vIiyani,;e na I)rf--)( linust i PERIODICAL Tr. Mosk. energ. in-ta, 1957 29 pp N- 30 ABSTRAC'-!' According to regulations of the Korlonadzur iboiler inspec- nont code, welding of pipes tP, made of alloyed Steel must be followed up by heat treatment JI-I'l'i pro( o:!clures to relieve stres- ses in welded searns. Thus, when jj,.p,~Iines are installed, local HT operations are required which arc exlrt~nitAj ditficult to vxec utc, Tests were (arried out it) an offort to e!~tablish the necessity of HT of welded joints betvrut-n P* s rnade of low - alloy steels from the point of view of clanger of eventual failure due to the presence of pf residual welding stresses (RIVS1. Tubular c' specimens with a circumferential seazri, taken from a _)73x30 mni pipe made of steel St 12NIKh and trorn a 1114x22 n-irri pipe of steel 15KhM were investigated. The RVi-S xere detcrmired Card 1/Z by the method of boring in ( onjun( tion with the ernplovi-rient of SOV/ 137- 58-8 - 17056 The Effect of Residual Stresses on Tensile Strenuth (cont.*j D-C resistance strain gages. Analogous specimens were employed in an in- vesticyation of the effect of RWS arising after welding on the operation of welded cylinders subjected to internal pressures. The stresses were deter- mined bv computation. It is shown that, after welding; specimens %vith walls tip to 30 mrn thick exhibit plane stresses; essenriall,.~' since their radial stresses are very stinall. CUrVCS showing the distribution of RWS throughout the thickness of a pipe wall were LOnSti-11(ted. An asnalysiti of results of the investigation dernon,3trated that the RWS are riot sianificantly affected by any of the various types of local HT procedures. In the case of steam pipes op- erating under pressure, relaxation of RWS takes place throughout the length of the pipeas a result of protracted exposure of metal to hgh temperatures. In the case of welded specimens operating under internal pressures, the triagnitudes of the maximum pressure and the pressure which results in failure of the material are not influenced by RWS sin( e these latter are re- lieved as soon as plastic deformations occur. As a result of the investiua- tions performed it was agreed that the employment of HT procedures for welded juntions of steam pipes made of steels I21\/IKh arid 15KI-11M )s unneces- sarv if the wall thi, kness of these pipes does not e-x( ef-cl 30 and 22 mm, re- s pec ti vel"'.I " ! , ~-.- ~!~- C-:4 L-1 S -Ten.93.: e pr -:~p t--. es 3, 'Weld ai - t Card Z/2 anrilys i NI. YAKOVLEV, T.V. (Brest); REZER, D.M. (B,,est Speeding up the delivery of mineral fertilizers to state and collective farms. Zhel. dor. transp. 45 no.3-.73-74 Mr 163. (MM 16-6) 1. Nachallnik Brestskogo otdaleniya Belorusskoy dorogi (for Yakoviev). ?. Starshly inzh. gruzovogo otdala Brestskogo otdeleniya Belorusskoy dorogi (for Rezer). (White Russia-FertilizerE and manures- (Railroads-Freight) Transportation) YAKOVLEV, T.V., irizh. (Brest)4 REZER, D.M.,(Brest) r Improving the freight.operations on approach tracks. Zhel. dor. transp. 45no.11-05-76 N 163. (YJPa 16.12) 1. Nachallnik-Brestakogo otdeleniya Belorusskoy dorogi (for Yakovlev). 2. Starshi3- inzh. Brestskogo otdeleniya Belorusskoy dorogi (for Rezer). 1! YUS11KEVE"I'll, Ye.,P., 1n7h. (brest); YAKOVLEV, T.V., inzh. (Brest); 4,zER, __L._M._,_.starshiy inzh. (brest) I- ~oncentration of frpip_rht operations and new methods in the organ- ization of frei'Flit transportation. Zhel dor.transp. 44 no.4: 25-11 Ap '02. '.141RA 15:L~) 1. Zamestitel' nachal'nika Belorusskoy dorogi (for Yushkevich). Nachal'nik Brestskoro otdeleniya Belorusskoy dorogi (for Yakovlev). 3. brestsk.-3ye otdeleniye Belorusskoy dorogi (for Rezer) . (Railroads--Freight) LEONTIYEV, A.F.; LYUBAII, E.I.; FU.STOVOYT, F.T.; REZER, S.M., inzh., retsenzent; ERLIKH, M.D., inzh., red.; VOROBly-EVA, L.V., tekhn. red. Nanual on freight transportation in containers] Spravoch- nik po konteinernym perevozkaj-~. Mosk-va, Izd-vo "Transport," 1964. 263 P. WIRA 17:3) REZER, Semen Moise,levich; LAKHT, Anatoliy Viktorovich; SHISHLYKOV, Ye.S., red. [Coordinating railroad and automotive transportation work: practice of the station of Sverdlovsk-Tovarnjy and the Sverdlovsk Province Administration Board] Koordinatsii ra- boty zheleznodorozhnogo i avtomobilinogo transporta; opyt stantsii Sverdlovsk-Tcvarnyi i sverdlovskogo oblavtouprav- leniia. Moskva, Transport, 1965. 86 p. (MIRA 18:4) REEZER, S.M., kand. tekhn. nauk (Sverdlo7sk).~ IWPOPORT, 14,A, (Sverdlo-Ts'); KWOVSKAYA, inzh. (Sverdlovsk) Automatic systems of dispatcher control in freight 7-ards. Zhel. dor. transp. 47 no-909-41 S 165. (MIRA 18:9) 1. Glavnyy lnzh. stantsil Sverdlovsk-Tavarny-j (for Rezer). 2. Nachaltnik tekhnicheskogo otdela Sverdlovskoy darogi (for Rappoport). RUBIN, D.V. (Sverdlovsk); REZER, S.M. (Svenilovsk) "Carrying and forvarding services on railroads" 171 V.V. Povorozheako, M.D. Sitnik, E.S. Furman. Reviewed by D.V. Rubin, S.M. Rezer. Zhel. dor, transp~ 45 no.5:95-96 My 163. (mm 16:1o) 1. NachalOnik gruzovoy sluthby Sverdlovskoy dorogi (for Rubin). 2, Zamestitell nachallnika stantsii Sverdlovsk-Tovarnyy (for Rezer). REUR, S.M., inzho Centralized freight pick-up and delivery operations. Zhel.dor. transpo 42 ao.3:71-73 Mr 160. (MIRIL 13:6) 1. Zamestitell nachallnike, stantsil Sverdlovsk-Tovarnyy. g*Sverdlovsk. (Sverdlovsk-~Hailroa4--Freight) LOSPI., A.G.; REZER, &M-; ORLOVA, I.A., red.; GROMOV, Yu.V., teklin. i-ed.------ - [Business accounting for the shops of a freight terainal] TSekhovoi khoziaistvennyi raschet gruzovoi stantsii. Moskva, Transzheldor- izdat, 1Q62. '3 p, (MIRA 15:7) (Railroads--Freight-Accounting) REZEVSKAYA,S.A. Vitamin content of colostrum and milk of Latvian Brovn cattle in relation to feeding and sheltering conditions. Vit.res.i ikh isp. no.2:89 154. (MIRA 8:10) 1. Akndemiya sel'skokhozyaystvennylch nauk Lstviyskoy SSR. (Colostriim) (Milk---Analysis and examination) (Feeding and feeding stuffs) in Latvi-lrl 'Vit'imin Value of Colostrum :-.-Ld Milk fro2 Ditvl~-,n Brown Cattle Funct4on lof th,! Conditions of Feed and Content." 1,atv-ar, Agricultural cadem,.!, 1 Ia I-Atvi;:D. (Dis.-,ertatior, for thq De~ree of !I-rdidate of Sciences' .5 Su: -Izvestiva Ak, Nauk Latvi-vs~ov 'No 9- Sept., 1955 30299 S/109/61/006/011/014/021 D246/D304 AUTHOR: Rezgoll I-A TITLE: Optimum working points on the voltampere characteris- tics of thermoelectric energy transformer PERIODICAL: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. 6, no. 11, 1961, 1906 - 1913 TEXTg In the literature there are papers analyzing vacuum thermo- elements adjusted to give maximum power. The author analyzes these from the viewpoint of adjustment to give maximum efficiency. The analysis covers all devices which are called "vacuum thermoele- ments with compensated electron space charge" by Dobretsov (Ref. 4: Yz.T-F~, 1960, 30, 4, 365). For simplicity, the author neglects the ohmic fall of potential and the Joule heat in the input, the effect of magnetic fields, created by the current. For maximum pow- er, the condition is r Card 1/4 Optimum working points on the ... where R - internal resistance, r mum efficiency the volt-ampere characteristics regions: 1) In region B (V I - tor) the condition is 302 99 5/109/61/006/011/014/021 D246/11304 - external resistance. For maxi- is divided into two rf2 where 1- emitter, 2 - collec- r Q2 Y Qos where Q 2 - heat taken from the collector, and Q Os ted from emitter so the collector on open circuit. region A(V-:::~(P T2) the condition is: r "_ Q, QOA where Q 1 - heat, Taken to emitter, QOA the device on open circuit (I - 1s 12s ). on B.-. (9) - heat transpor- (I = 0); 2) In VK (13) - heat transporTed through r/R is found to be in regi- Card 2/4 30299 S1109161/006101110141021 Optimum working points on the D246/D304 eV1 T1 and in region A: r eV2 (20) ff ~ T 2 So the general form of the maximum efficiency condition: eI r P ~n (26) k Tp - QOA,B Then the author gives graphs of I f(V), where these expressions can be easily interpreted in graphical terms. These graphs can be used to solve the general equations. However, the theoretical model being too idealizedg they can hardly be used for engineering calcu- lations. Finally, the author gives the conditions for applying the above formulae. There are 3 figures and 5 references: 3 Soviet-bloc and 2 non-Soviet-bloc. The references to an English-language publi- cation read as follows: H. Moss, -Brit. J. Electronics, 1957, 2, 4t Card 3/4 30299 S/109/61/oo6/011/014/021 Optimum working points on the ... D246/D304 305; G.R. Feasterg J. Electronics and Control, 1958, 5, 2v 142. SUBMITTED: February 15, 1961 I"K Card 4/4 VARSHAVSKIY, G.A. (Moskva); REZGOLI, I.A. (Mosk-ia) Thermal calculat-Jon of a t-hermoelectric generator with-variable temperatures along the heat contacting surface. Tzv. A! QSSI 0 - Energ. i transp. 6:735-742 N-D 164. (MIRA 18:3) i~'v tlvy r 'i =i'~ -1 U- la- , prof e8 so r, zaveduy-ushchiy. Intraabdominal hemorrhage in fetua following maternal lnju-ry. Akueh.i gin. no.2;73-74 Mr-.Ap 153. (MLRA 6:5) 1. Xafedra patologicheskoy anatomii Turkmenskogo meditsinskogo institut'a. .5 (Pregnancy. Complicl~tions of) (Fetus, Death of) REZHA.BEK,_ B. (g. Zernograd Rostovskoy oblasti) OCrystals in nature and technologyw by A. A. Shternberg. Reviewed by B. Rezhabek. Fiz. v shkole 22 no.4:102-103 Jl-Ag 162. (MIRA 15:10) (Crystallography-Study and teaching) (Shternberg, A. A.) S/19Y63~000/003/007/012 Al A052 2 .AUTHORSt Chebkasov, A.V., Rezhabek, B..g, TITLEs On the problem of heat conductivity of ceramic DaT103 PERIODICALs Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika i energetika, no- 3, ;1-963, 13 - 14, abe-tract 3B81- (In collection "Segnet6elektrikil Rostov-na-Dona, Rostovsk. un-t, 1961, 105 - 111") TEXT: Under conditions of an experiment an infinite lamella 2H thick is realized in the form of two square Plates (with a side of the square L) H thick, each put together by their bases. According to calculation such substitution is justified on condition that L'>,-5H. Each heater represents a mica plate on which constant-pitch -turns on nichrome wire 0.1 mm in dia- meter are coiled; to both sides the heater has glued mica Plates 0-05 Mm thick. The total thickness of the heater is 0-3,mm. The results of meac- :urement are given in the tables ICard 1A n the problem of heat conductivity of B119616310001003 07/012 /0 26 A052/Al No. of Volumetric Specific heat Specific heat Technological batch mass conductivityx capanity c characteristic g/om3 cal/sec 9 cm oal/9-dogree degree- 1 5-2 5-6 1o-3 0-14 Commercially pure material 2. 5-3 5-5 lo-3 0-14 7% A1203 impurity 3 5-1 5.2 1o-3 0-14 t ditto 4 5.2 0-3 4-1 1 0-14 Commercially pure# Tacuum baked at 1,20090 1,4730K The temperature cours e of ~-of the samp les in 1t 21 and 4 batches is repre sented on the graph. The availability ofk peak in the phase transition. Card 2/4 14 1 REZHAVY, O.Ya.; CfflMSINA, M.A. Cell inclusions in Botkin's disease. Izv. AN Turk. SSR.Ser, biol. nauk no.2:76-78 162. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Turkmenskiy gosudarstven-nyy neditsinskiy institut. -REZRAPEK, O.Ya.9 prof. Morphological condition of the innervation of the skin of chi-I&-en who have died of dysentery. Zdrav. Turk. 4 no. 2:13-J8 Mr-Ap i6o. NIEU 13 : 10) 1. Iz kafedry patologicheskoy anatomii (zav. - prof. O.Ya. Re-zhabek) Turkmer-skogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinskogo instituta im. I.V. Stalina. (DYSENTERY) (SKIN-11TEERVATION) REZHABEK, O.Ya., prof.; YFMOLENKO, A.S.9 aspirant I--------- 11,lorphological changes in the radix posterior nervorum spinalium in persons dying from hypertension. 7,drav. Turk. 4 no.4:28-32 J-l-.A 160. (MIRA 13:9~ 1. Iz kafedry patologicheskoy anatomid (sav. - prof. O.Ya.Rezhabek) Turkmensko gosudarstvennogo meditsinskogo instituta im. I.V.Stalina. NERVES, SPINPQ (HYPERTENSION) A JSSR/Tiumn and Animl F-hysiclogy - Nervous System. V-12 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol. 1 No 1 ~ 1958) 446o Authar A. Gusto, A. Rozhe, S. Donzhiye, A. Rezhi Inst Title Study of ElectroencephaloLxaphic Equivalents,in the Processes of Central Excitation and Central Inhibition cllurina the Development of Conditioned Reflexes. Orig Pub Mr-anal vyssh. nerv. (leyateltnosti, 1957, 7, No 2., 185- 202 Abstract No abstract. Card 1/1 L 3040-66 ACC NR, AP602 670 SOURCE CODE: UR/0109/66/011/007/1248/1251 AUTHOR: RezilWan, A. M.: Agababyan, K. G. ORG: none TITLE- Possibility of usirg a ~1~~etrohas a magnetometer?"~' SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. 11, no- 7, 1966, 1248-1251 TOPIC TAGS: magnetron, magnetometer ABST,UCT: The static characteristics of a magnetron show that the translated magnetic-field strength in the magnetron corresponds to the grid potential of an ordinary triode tube. Hence, a smooth-anode magnetron can be used for measuring magnetic fields. Taeoretically, the frequency band of such a magnetron-type magnetometer is wide and is limited only by the electron inertia. The output anode voltage of the magnetron is to be applied to an oscilloscope, and the magnetron is to be turned in the field until maximum amplitude is reached. The expected sensitivity of the magnetometer is about 5 x 10-8 v/gauss. Constant magnetic fields can also be measured within an expected range of 10-,3 -10 6amp/m. The magnetometer would indicate botfi the magnitude and the direction of magnetic field. Orig. art. has; 1 figure and 13 formulas, [031 SUB CODE: 09 1 SU`BM DATE: 22Mar65 / ORIG REF: 0021 ATD PRESS: ~D 0 Card ill UDC: 621-385.632.2:621. RMIUL0.4 P, oolkov-nik Glorious Dage of mijilary history. Voen. znan. 39 no.11:3-4 h[ '63. (MIRA 17:2) REZHIN, V.A. Viaduct supports on high pile foundations and ceatrufuged stakes. Transp.stroi. 10 no.4:28-31 Ap 160. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Glavjiyy iazhener Mostostroya No.6, (Viaducts) 0 S/035/61/ooo/oo-/008/044 AOQ1/A101 AUTHORS: ;'-emv"- iez i cko%,L- o ~ iinl pl! er o,,,-:bes equ i pped wi th TITLE; ~jpec ~,~,a a,7ac.erJs,1.c- -timony cezium nhotocathodes PERIOD 1eferii~"L4-nyj ~~nurna- ~tst,-:)nomiya . Geodeziy-a, no. 6, ig6i, 17, ab- 3t-ract 6A166 (By-ul. asTr,)r.. in---,-~-,v Chekhoslovakii, 1960, v. 11, no. 81. Engliali Russiac summary- MT: r-~ lie r~sui%s of investigating spectral sensiti- h vity of pho-,nmul:~ipliers equipped w-f-11 ant-,,rn,,,ny-ce5ium photocathodes ~)3y -17 (FEU- 17), PEU-I(j, RCA 931- A TF01 and M123 in the region ofXX,-~800 - 8000. A xenon discharge 1.ubF~ was use6 as it for which energj distribution in continuous spectrum was obtained. SpecLrai 3ez:t.-Ion was singled out by a monochromator. Aver-~,g age measaremen'. arror ,%rasvN, . 4 great difference between the curves of spectral sensitivity _i-- ncted for -different +:ypes cf and for different specimens of the sarne *,.ype, Behavi:)r of ~.he spec-~ral -sensitivity curve at differ- Card 1/2 Spec-tra., c!-r-racf1es 4 s S/035t'61/000/006/008/044 AOOI/AIOI ent voltages was ',ilgh vol-,-agez a sligh*, differenc-e in the shape of the curves was ~~Ie au--ho, :;he .5pec,,ral Sen-si!-4vity curves for differ- t ent d! ~n curve 1r. soe:-rum of the xencn t4b~ P-nd a e ~e!,er:-C-S- Card 2/2 ?HAS& I Bco~. EXPLOrTATIOrl SOV/3791 SoveshchaniTe po obrabotke zharoprochnYkh BPIAVOV, Moscow, 1957. Obrabotka zharoprochnykh oplavov; E3bOrhIk dOk.1&40v... ) (Treat- mant of Heat-Haslatant Alloys;, Collection Of Paper* Read at the Conference), Moscow, Izd-v AM sSsR. .960. 231 P. 3,500 copies printed. Sponmoring Agencies; Akademlya nauk SSSH. insultut isashinovadent-ra, xomissiya p0 takhrologIL mashinostroyenlya; Akademiya naak SSSIx. InStItUt 016tellUrgil IM, A.A. BaykO~P. N&UChnY7 40VOt PO PrOble.A= shamprachnykh splavov. Reap. Ed.t V.I. Dikushin, ^cademIcian; t~'. "bl-htnf, Houao V.A. Kotov, Tech. Ed- V.V. Sruzgul 'URPOSI% TTi1s book is Intended for matallurgiatL. COVOUGIt The book consists or thirty papers read z" ~ha ConCemnc, an the Treatment or Hdat-Raslstanc Alloys held In Kcaco. by tt,.* Committee On Machine-Bu.1.1ding Technology, Inatitute of the USSR, In 1957. Th. Sdiince'of Michinda, Academy or sciences Papers deal with four principal a.rcas~ or alloy metallurgyl CAS tlng, fOrmlAg, Machining, ~d The alloys ( with refractory carbides, Wrida4, nttr1dd3, &nA oxid.3) &r- discussed especially In connection with their application in th* manufacture of turbIns blades, heat engines, boilers, reactors, containers for high- temparatura died, casting molds, and matAl-cuttlng tooli. NO per3onoll-les are mentioned, Some of the articles are acco.1panled by -~ramnooa, mainly Soviet. ProminA, YO.M. 0&5-Shlelded Arc Welding Or Heat-Rosistant Alloys 4 /Nikolayev, O.A., aid A.V. N.rdvintseva. welding of Martensitia, Steel :32 Chuloa~~v _,I,, Reslatance welding Ot' Titanimm 138 .ftnkia I - Two Examples or the Machining or Idear- and Heat- Resistant Alloys '45 - - Kac~n bility or Heat-RGlst&nt Steels and x1joys +n 1"i Wnf.-.Nlt~ ling &and Drl"Ing With Carbide Tools 154 Temperature Field In the Work And in the T"i In Steels and Alloys 162 Kuroehkin,A.S. InvestigatIon of Some Machinability Factors of Z1617 Hatat-R"Istant Alloy - Electric-Pulde Machining 0:, Has. _flealstant Alloys Zharkov I.O.L High-Speed Milling of Heat-Re3j-itant Materials With 1*1"S~Iral Milling Cutter, 290 UrY-YAkiY_F-P-- increasing Productivity In the Machining of Meat- )tafilstant Steels and Alloys With Face Milling CUttora 195 Shifrin, A.Sh. Examples or Foreign Practice I., the MAapjhjn, Heat-R.51atant Steals and Alloys 202 -Vdsil'Ydvf D.T. Tool Life In the Machining or High-Strangth Metals--- Ourevich,ylL.L.. MRchinability of St Aln1644 SZQGIB in Turnin,. n7 M1`1-1IhgT and Reaming 0p,erations 214 Korozdnko, O.V. _r Cutting Or Threads on Parts Made of Heat_rj~sjs, -an.t'Katerjaln Land Titajium Alloys 003 222 ,_'.19,bav-S~A-~ Some QudstIOnA Concerning the Machlnablilty or He&- - tAnt Alloya 226 REZIKYAN, A.M.; , K.G.; ISRAYELYAN, M.Kh. Gas-discharge stabilizer of direct-current voltages. Prib. i tekh. eksp. 8 no.5:139-142 S-0 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Institut radiofj.ziki i elektroniki AN ArmSSR.