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December 31, 1967
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, , - - - - - - - --l 'L 7 --, 9 4 9 0 0 0 v 0 0 0 0 a W 4 t . i I )uI Iis ;GI ot itai tJ7 .11 IS 13 1. .4A16vIJ 14m r.AoWNL '3 L A t 1. A iL L@ 10-r 0 1 TIA- be X f Of -09 06 The agronomic properties Won ett of the chestnut brown &oil zone. 11. 1. RIMIAS11CV. CAWMtJ.J190'S SO- i &dad@ A Cr. So.2M-217MIFI).-Addris., of linir -00 00 %%ith S Lw xygnum magutatr the c0loidi, shich air dit. of the aWorlmd &%*.&, The forniatioon oil 06 j KASO, maverts the sohmirtz %oik into slightly sohmv of 90 haLic onadition:wbit-h & an advantage; It m ms"r4trd 1.00 to "lit the top A layer with somi, of the imrotviouio P la,witoro thus improving the phyq. torsibmin of the AHL 06 06 -tur tiara at. I - given no the alk. pr,,N i firs tit the onlimels -its of the Kalinuik province. -.00 00 f As. CLISI.-F-C-T-t- 00 r too 0 r 9 to Itv14( K41 K M11. it it if, I @MLJn1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 09 0 04 00 0 0 0 o 06 0 0,00 - 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 a- 00 0 0 0 a t, 0 0 0 a W W 9 . a a 4 a 6 0.0 0 04 0 0 #1; r 11 4. 41 1. f, 'S' i. A 1, /1 it if A it it I, A 0. is if to li 06 (1 I's '1 6 h L 1@a A, V I I A. SO W, It b ihe utilitatioa of nitrogen from leguminous Vase in the Moadows'' I" I R-5to-&X t!,r14,,fv (11' , 0 is 0: love it,, I I, '." 10" J+t..O. I.. ;mI.I. W1.4 -d @iit' ti f .. I,,, 0 0 Alld @IWVIIWJ ClOv,,t -"e ti,ld ill v.xt-wilm and firtil /'Nrum ppitenw, Bramat, Fnghh ryc Kra..t Skil.1 j,, lit,6-214all Ppr N, A part 4 the wefts 00 Wn, 6-041-1 With thr 4 11-.1111v 0 0 is, 'I., I.... is 101. 1., 1, ill, .4 N ..I it.. I., ..... 1.-'. 0".- 00 W. Al. 114, .1, .4111 0 Ill, 1.0 ...... 4; , W_ R, 0 0 00 00 .-Oo 00 0 0 go 0 so go 00 0 0 go Off 4.f,.t, 00 fill I At if nl si n is i wo 11 0 0 0 o 0 o 0 * 0 as 0 fill 0 0 0 0 0 0 so 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 & 0 0 O@q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 oo,o 06 0 0 6@0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00-00 08 V it n a $4 Is A lw@' It U 11 4It 1, It a of it I 1 4-A IF I-AA Is a w a v 00 C r, L r 6 0 1 1 L it a r 4 A $ 1 4 00 i -vie of The effectiveness of litning with various methods of ap. go plication to Mem dows. P. 1. R Swid. Iwo -00 title Ajr.(IJ.S,S. RA 11M.4'r-124-411140. frig 11, No, 3, 41(194O.--Gromul Ifinclimeplownt lull) tile mill at a mic rortr-plindinst to, tile %mi- ju-i4lille ousitillainni: a greater it Cleate in hay. yielif thlrilig .4-yr''t"t Illall.10 lop-lifessing at the saille fate. The effect of little oil file hay field was similar to that of K-P fertiliting. Limingitt. 1.00 creas"i the proportion of legumin(lus plants in hay at the expense of less-welul plants, S. Soloveichik =00 as 0 di ass :too too LITEPATLGIE CLISSIFiCAUCH . ..... of An I a nd 0 it Or, Lt Of St K It *go o 0 0, e o 0 le e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0-000 0 0 0.// 0@816 0 0 :10 0 o 0 o 0 0 go 0 0 * 0 f0- Al )ao. r j C SID tyj a j:'N _n VL ti COX@, irL ce ve 9 P %36 IDA- 6,r 06r IL Cj6' e 5 eQ It ay@ L -lea WD. is PR_vs. Y@@Vt k:he Xy SUBMIT., Is A o: ai On che P0 i um C t @.t f, f 3 a 1 Df-., a I a eksp@dit-,vvj : frim dit. 9 i Maay -i or. @a 441, I,y thos,@ N, -j a -5 a 7 @C, n we we @1 e. I L @i,- r on this -C a a -i r: p.., `;aisi,@@m - and mugra.@ s i @. r;i @3a'. u S, 1-a, h ed .,ut to a tt-,gh, Aua@'y rk a r@io s wi th' c I as i -C -a t a I i:@ 1. - % are the "I" Wa I; t, T,,i Uppe: S- aad Lowez fr-.-,m which @-@h@, o r J. g -,ia T h a r e a:, -t, c- Qf rah,i@ a: 5, ASSOCIATION, InstIta-T- it o hc h-@ y S@ Ku Akademl.i n,,3@uk SSSV I ri 0 4 -1 Ge@ra- i inl -Tr,,)rp7,qC1Y*,@ Litt rt' N. S,, Klirnal- ir AS USSR, PRESENTED, September j i951 by I.@ I ave rr, e,, Y Y 111, e m b e r Academy Scien.' SUBMITTED. Septemb-?r or, 7 C ard 2/2 U (5) AUTHOR; Romashin, V.-M. TITLE.-. Low Tdmp4rat Lubricanta U opredeleniya smazok @PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya Laborato ABSTRACT: A special bath was 0 the viscosity of lu the device AKV-2..T temperature range o from 0 to 800. The M-44 is a vessel with heat insulating doubl e walls and a 4LXrj_Qj7 apparatus,and is connected,,with a separate vessel fob- the storing of the cooling liquid by means of a rubber tA-x_; the solid carbonic acid is, however filled into.the bath through an opening serving this purpose...?',r,i The lubricant to be tested is f illed into special vessel (Fig 2) which in principle consists of two cylinders fitted...@,',.. into one' another and prevents the remaining of air bubbles in,: test substance. the PwiFir- are 2.figures., Card 1/1 3 (7) AUTHORS, Shteynbakh, B. V.j R-omo-hin, V. V. SOT/50-C@3-3-12/24 TITLE: Some Result (From the Working Experience of th s aze- ai&gesuois e Riga Estuary Station)(Vie.kotoryje itogi i.predlozheniya,(iz opyta raboty Rizhakoy ustlyevoy stantsii)) PERIODICAL: Meteorplogiya i gidrclog4ya, 1959, Nr 3, PP 44 46 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Although the Rizhskaya ustlyevaya stantsiya (Riga Estuary,Sta tion ) was established already-ten years agctit,has,developed only in the course of the last 3 - 4 In 1955 th Sta- e years tion was Te-organized and provided with qualified experts. At: ' present its name "Estuary Station" is justified. During thelast:,, . two years archive data of observations made in the estuaries of the Westexn Dvina, Liyelupe,and Gauya rivers were collected.. On.the basis of thisimaterial the bock "The Hydrological Condi-'.-,.' tions in the Estuary of the Westera Dvi-rall will be published i 1960. - Some ezsential defic4encies 4n t 1-1 e work carried, out by,,, this Station are ntioned. Thus, e.G. in th Ie annual program no me t all means, an&.the possibiliti-as of the Stat2an were taken, Into- ' account. The complex -character of a--! hydralo is' mena': . gical pheno Card 113 , . , -., , not the only characteristiefeature Of the estuaries. Also -the `Som4:Results and Advice (From@the Working Experience sov/50-59-3-12/24 of tht Riga Estuary Station) extraordinary instabil4ty of. these phenomena is characteristic 'lity and of these ar8as. Abo e all, this instab.L changeability, ran not ba datermined by the usual hydrometrical means, y, if the tim!t at the disp:)sal for these i eatigation3 iS,: taktn into r,-onsideration. In this connection some examples-are given. It-is pointed out to the necessity of using high.speed measuring recorders for the determination of,rarious hydrologi- elements. Although suoh de-,-ices exist alreadythey are but. 3lowly intrcdu!@81- J n the Gldrometeoslunhba (Hydrometearolo i I g calL SerV4,',e). Portable radic@ stations -lay an espsclally import t tan part In the investigations at the river mouths. in this connec- tion it is pointed to the working experience of the TsNII mo rs kogo flota (Central S-,4 entific Research Insltld;tute of@ the Maritime Fleet). 6n the basis of the experience the Riga EstUB27, Station advice is on. 'given for the fu-t*re.'An hxchange of opini and e a i xparience.between tha vazious estuary stations. and org niza tions interested,in them is - regardea as -necessary. A renewal and,.,.:, a o Ppletion of the te3hnica equipment of the estuary stations is recommended.iThefmprovement of the,sc*-entif-*-,c.andlorgana*.za-, ''CaXd. 2/3 tional su f the astuary stat' ons: on be L 0 N pe=vision o hal' f '.he.:GO,I SOV/137-57-1-1536 Ref u Tianslation from erat.ivn,yy zhurnal... Metall rgiya, 1957, Nr I p Z03 (USSR) AUTHORS; Yegorov, Ye. I., Romashin, Yu S ------------------------- TITLE- On the Photometry of the Dark Component in the Metallographic, rivestigation I of Alloys (0 fotornetrirovani* temnoy sostavlyaYLLshchey pri meta I log rafiche skom issledovanii splavov) PERIODICAL. T i No vo s i b i r. i n z h - s t r i t . n - ta t 9 5 5, 0 Vol 5, pp 169-174 ABSTRACT. The authors propose a.method for determining the amount of the dark the structure of ferrous alloys by means.of photometric evaluation of the microscope's field of vision. The photometry was carried out with the aid of a low-resistance F1 a 610 mmAL a current. sensitivity and a type galvanometer having FESS-4 photoelectric cell with a 6900 rna/mm integral sensitivity illuminated with light reflected from the metallographic specimen investigated or from, the mirror (zero reading) - Through experi- met-its carried out on irons and low-carbon steels it was established, that the per cent content of the dark component is proportional to' n the ratio (A -A) /Am where Am is the readi g from the rnirror and m Card 1/2, A from the specimen investigated. The method is convenient for (Sandbairs) amhSli US ."it. OUAW uj@i hf: sviA[6. JIM- 31@ voprom .a Tw" a Ho U a TIT. 22-3. (jut K. N-7, tj.- 77 w,@ 7. T_ r N S., ixgineer 4-131/2- ioaae@s for retrojeuM Equipment (Po_ruzchiki alya ne "tya 2 vi -ii obor'do .'ya) '@oXhanizatz-iya Trudo emkikh Tyazh lykh Habot, 1958, :'r 4 , fLe Azr-.rbay,-~zliariskiy.'institut neftyarlogo mashino troy s ,enaya I Nif -SH M on- @zerbaydzhan Institute of Petroleum Machine C Vac tion) n 1956 designed loading winches to be set up on the tr-._@As YaAZ--2-'.O and ZII,@-l'r-O in 1957,@the.Avtoremontnyy zavod L e --. i -a so-rarkhoza Azer air. baydzhar-skoy,.SSR (Tf-,,e Auto Rep ' F a-n t. I'm a n Lenin of the Azerbayd-zhar.,SSR, Sovnarkhoz) Started. ;@r@)duct.L of the loading winches,,by converting the yajz-210 truck into: a oader. Th e loader on the base of the ZIL-150 t ru@@k,, but, of *a lighter type, Js a, 1 s o destined for the mecha- tion of ioadz Lng and unloading operations., Both load ers -arcrnotonly effective miechanization means i,. the petrole= -ndustry, but- they crjuld alia be used in othe i ndus tr r les. kinematic scheme. .111-V A I LB L E - Library of Ccngress Petrole7im industzry@Evllpmert 2. Cargc.-Handling-Equipment ACCESSION NR; AT4018148 a comparison of wind force on shore, and, at sea; pressure gradients prey iling during strong -winds. and synoptic conditions during strong winds. Local and seasonal variations arIe discussed., Computation of convective heat flux was by use of the formula _@_cf ep pTVnt where 7U f is convective heat flux, cp is air heat capacity at a constant pressure, P is T is absolute air temperature, V. is wind velocity. air densi@' The T and Vn values were. read from charts for the appropriate barometric levels. was computed for the 500- and 70 ,0-mb levels and appropriate charts constructed; 150 cfiarts were compiled, 90 for, the 50G-mb level and 60 for the 700-mb level. is computed easily if tables of this value -,have been Rye-pared for the different is obaric surfaces as.a function of temperature and wind.::. velocity. however is essentially the same at the 700- and 500-mblevels. The fol- lowing relationships were found betweenj of intensity of the high-level ridge. _cf and change The ridge breaks up in a day if the region of the ridge receives a quantity of heat from 30 to 90 cal/cm2sec; the ridge is displaced eastward without a change of intensity-if the region of the ridge receives a: quantity of heat from 40 to 100 cal/cm2sec; the ridge remains unchanged if the receipt,of heat changes from 70 to 130 cal/cm2.sec; it the receipt is loo cal/cm2sec the'ridge intensifies if the receipt is very great (150-200, cal/cm2sec or more) the inten- t of the frontal zone . sification of the ridge is very great, usually 4ccompanied by,turnin.. for. &.e 700-, These rules apply to U10 500-mb level; other rules are given 2 /3 Card . : @ 3/3 Card:,,. m @. I . 1: F@?f 1) /FWT(r10/EAT( t )It-;vf IIJP(c) JW1JD111W" ACC NRI Ar6o18581 SOURCE CobE: UR/018-1/66/W8/ 19 19 ri A=fOR: Kraftriakzher, Ya, A.;,-Romashina, T. Yu. 77.7 ORG: Siberian Branch of the All-Union Scie'ntific-Research Institute of Physicotech- nical and Radiotechnical measurements, Novosibirsk (Sibirskiyfilial yse-soyuznogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta fiziko-tekhnic'heskikh i radiotekhnicheskikh iz- merehiy) TTTLE. Specific heat of cobalt near the Curie point 800CE: Fizika tvardogo tela, v. 8, no. 6, 1966, a966-1967 TOPIC TAGS: cobalt,specific/heat, C urie pointp heat measurement near the Curie point by a AMTRACT: The specific heat of the cobalt was measured #,u modulation method described'elsewbere (mv No. 5, 176 1962). The amplit de of the temperature fluctuations of the samples -was determined from the fluctuations of the luminosity, using a photoresistor and a selective low-ftrequency amplifier. The mea- sur6ments were made on samples produced by electrolytic precipitation. Theltempera- ture was measured with a standard optical pyrometer (EOP-51). The temperature modulation frequency was 3,0 cps and the amplitude did not exceed 06% Me measure- ments were made in vacuum not lower than 5 Y. 10-15 mm ffg. - The results showad 'that cobalt@has an anoraa4 in the specific heat near the Curie point, similar in nature to that observed for.iron and nickel. The results are well approximated by'a logarithmic dependence in thetemperature region IT TCI < 50"1 vith a mean-square Card GORCWOV, A.K., prof., zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki; STEPANFMO, A.P., STEPANEUKO, A.- P., kand. mod. nauk; ROMASIUM, N. V., kand. mod. nauk P(V) 7FWP(L-) lpwp(h I /Fwp(l ) BALASHEV, L.L., prof.; GRIGOHIYEV, N.G.-J, kand. biol. nauk; ZHURBITSKIY, Z.I., prof.; PETF-P3URGSKIY, A.V., prof.; POPOV, P.V., kand. sellkhoz. nauk; RADIMETICH, F.Ye.' prof.;. SOKOLOV, A.V.; TURCHIN, F.V., prof.; SHKONDE, E.I., kandl sellkhoz. nauk; SHTERIIBERG, M.B., kand. biol. nauk; VOLIFKOVICH, S.I., akademik, red@; KORMEV, N.Ye., kand. veter. nauk, red.; NAYDINI P.G., prof.,red.; PLESHKOV, B.P., kand. sellkhoz. nauk red.; POPOV, I.S., akademik, red.; I R%_IASHXE.VICH, kand. sellkhoz. nauk, red.; RODE, A.A., rof., red.; ROZOV, N.N., prof., red, P , d re IM [Chemicalization of agriculture; scientific and technical- dictionary handbook] Khirnizatsila seltskogo khoziaistva; nauchno-tekhnicheskii slovarl-spravochnik. Moskva, Nauka, 1964. 398 P. (MIRA 17:10) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN SM (for Sokolmr). 2. Vsesoyuznaya akademiya sel'skokhozyaystvennykh nauk imeni V.I.Lenina (for POPOV) w is w w W.- a 11111-11117IFF-e-w-w-ill, III w 0 0 MY lit@ a 411 0 0 IV .r ; We *W Ow OW IF FIR115, lp 0 w I . tl ails A a A "Li La L IL -L "r a 1. MM 0 U i 1 $. A 0, @( $ 4[ n SMM-Smi@lj Itninure to the soil Loss's of Ditt .4 so II . 14-114.11kcalb". Chrm *al."n 'No* jah 4" IKI: 110 1. , Re/mil, so I dil-Ale Ih -nuir -so 4, M.-LAP. in -it mmA 4% so Lvs'ivtly dry inantue with liquid manitle accdcrmcs Its '00 .1- ... upys. and incrmses tile lo@s of the drv sulo@tallcv' Max. k@,cs of M and dry staWanct (37-1:17%) wilm o1j, @r%,J undt,r production conditions in hot ttainure mixed vitsh liquid inanure. Adding liquid snanure tri manurr lwag. an 49ptimusis attit. of rno6turv G"'%) ,laid, it@ -0 0 h(outint, atid tk-errawi the, ltris of file dry -@tilltamr 00 ligh 4-4 trut 4 X. Itt 00 111; 11,1110 manure 'hould have a I 00 '14 6 0 tilt- toll'uh-lable hl'w@ of 'N 'humig file 90 it CAll Im U-1 for F11411MC 11? .1diltJay oulluft, 13 1 julary czr'.s@ivelyIY stall inatiure. for prrpg. vjii-.,w (,,mloms und fur Icially pretid. fertilizen. so W. R_ 11"1111 Z. 0 0 so 00 Jj 5 wo, 0 Voe -fT-LLVFfK-L LITIMIT11112 CLM111CIT101 ::so 1.100, @11 C.. def V@ 17 W , , , q L 1-, 0 0 IS Aw KO LS u sp If : 11 it m K K a I a 1w, 0 K a ff :"It gg W it 1 ;14 Z.40 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 10.a 00 0 0 .0 Go 0 0 0 : 0 0 0 a 00 00 so 0 -0- 0 so a 0 C 0 ACC NR, AT7004471 SOURCE CODE: UP,/3245/66/000/00i~CnOAO-9212-/0-02-5 AUTHOR: Basov, I. Romashkan, S.,.; Tupas, V. I. ORG: Kiev Poly t chnic Institute, (Kiyevskiy pol;tekhnicheskiy institut) TITLE: Voltage-( -digital code converter 'o i SOURCE: Kharkov.. Instit h en natiki i vychisl;tel noy t i ovfn mas in-ost rol iy*a avtoi t tekhniki. Pribory'i,sistelu 07 iki no. 2 9661 Promyahlennay4 telemekhanika MY (Industrial telemechanics),' 22-25, TOPIC TAGS: analog digital converter, computer circuit ABSTRACT. A muiei-channel transistorized voltage-to-digital converter is described-A it is based on! t@e sweep-balance principle, according to which a ramp, voltage Iis generated by charging a capacitor from the current source and comparing this voltage "to an un@nown quantity by means of a S,chmidt.trigger circuit. The time between the ition and tilized -start.of ramp-voltage gener. the attainment of voltage equality is u for counting pulsJs from.a,pulse generator which consists of an LC oscillator using a-planar transistor.(frequency instability 1:0.15%) and a Schmidt trigger generatin rectangular pulses-. : The seven-stage counter is comon to all, balance circuits.whoE numberis equal to the number of input channels. The characteristics of the converter ,are as. follows: input voltage range, 0-2.5 v; conversion time (for one channel) io msec; total conversion, error including quantitation error, not greater. than 1@tO.6%; pulse generator frequency, 12 kc; and power supply voltage 12 v. Orig... art has: 2 . figur *ea. SUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE: nonej ORIG REF: @:'003/__ L 3-1387m-65-@:.Ewvd@/=@-2 _@_pg @Acckssl= N-i:_7@"A 00/0 AUTHOR:.,- BudaOv i G W@; (Cihdidit6 -.6f Addhiii c n ei Digita -sqttare-root, ractor*7,.@i,-,-*.-@., ext TITLE: '11i-`_J96+s-,-x2 SOURCE:: _A`ytdmatikai@@ribdr_660_" f* n 6 c,@ TOPIC`TAGS::. root: iiidt 'wit rm'd tbr jkj :extractor'i-raquara- -p, n- ictradting ABSTRACT: --..TWO', ei"rifiii eviccs_@- or:,,e: A in it" @:are, -a roois--.a'p'araIlel@and a.seridm,' r y,,,;, ea@r g-un -X. ,the aqua: a' c--ni res 6f 4 2i t iimbbis-*ith-Xizil uatior . or- b od. Th iralle ;-verq On..Is, e.xtraci . a .. designed for,'a-, In4ry'-C' 'P@_Jp rpcotr. for al"@iioning timr4::, i` 3 opger _9r:a, lv: serie's.version,is mm -6d2ja Or ff@: art.- has, -i, Z - orm m iia -7h @i?_ ASSOCIATION:.,-. cWs n v -SUB bv MER*i CObE REIFJs vnoor'AK,@t- T i"100 @ zei or -X 7v 7-7, 77_777, -7: