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SUB CODE: 09 SUBM DATE: 30.Tan65 Card: 2 12 i__ L 5851-66 FS3-2 ACC NRr A?5024841 SOMMOODEt. -,CZ/oo78/65/000/oc)9/00-10/001-0. ~AUTUOR: Novotny, Miroslav (Engineer)-(Prague)i Pekarekj` Jo6eU'(Engineer)(Prague)j Rottj Hilber,~ (Engineer)(Prague) ORG: none TITLE; zech patent no. 4525-10f /Lontrol of registers in exchange centers of long-, distance communication sys1;ems7 - SOURCE:, Vynalezy, no. 9, 19*5 101- TOPIC TAGS: communication channel,~communicationl network., communication systerni circuit design, remote control; numeric control TRANSLATION: The control of registers in exchange centers of long-distance cbmuni- cation systems by data on the compilation.of communication routes from individual sectors, which can be easily substituted;)me of the othercircuit sectors-1n case one or several of them are busyj is characterized by the fact that,the'data on the.; routes contain numbers of circuit sectors for-the permissible routes and each number". dedreases by one circuit sector in the next exchange:center. SUB CODE: 091/1/ suBm DATE loAug64 Card 143. EXCUU4 MFDI~A 3,90 17 Vol r)!9 Fublic flealtb Sert 59 27114. Tiw INFLUENCE OF CORROSION UPON THE QUALITY OF DRINKING WATEAt - A kkirrozi6 hatisa az ivdviz min6sdgdre - Ito t t L. , S t c in - metz J. . Szabd G. and Almdssy L. Macrog-vSs-T-rTreTyi KOzegdsz- sdgQgyi Int.; KOzegdszsdgtani Tanszdk, KOz). - ORV.SZLE 1958, 4/3-4 (333-336) Graphs 2 Tables 2 The central water supply installation of a town was studied. The purification station of the installation treated river water of a low 'hardness' by means of coagulation with aluminiurn sulphate. The resulting drinking water was transported to the town through a 14 :,m. pipeline. The quality of the water on leaving the purification station was acceptable, but at the end of the pipeline it was turbid and yellowish and had an unpleasant taste. The deterioration of organoleptic properties was due to corrosion within the pipeline, evidence of which are the negative value of the stability index. the high concentration of divalent carbonic acid, and the increase in iron concentration during transport. i 05 iA S/19 62/000/006/227/232 D256y:.)308 AUTHHOR~S: Novotn~, Firoslav, Rott, Hilbert and Fek6.rek, J03ef TITLT--': 1..'ethod of number transmitting in automatic and semi- automatic interurban telephone connections 1--::JTC.- !C'L: Referativnyy zhurnal. Avtomatilca i radioelek-tronika, no. b 1962, abstract 6-8-39 zh (Czechosl. Dat. kl. 21 a3' 34/01, 21 a3, 34/10, no. 97790, 15-1-~-60) T A method is Datented in which the local exchangeo or .--e areas are described by direction numbers with a variable number of digits. T'he outgoing register fixes the ahole-dialled nu,..'Iber and sends to the transit register a group of digits only equal to the number of dir-its of the longest number -found in the given system of numeration. Fo.- shorter direction numbers the missinr numaber of digits is supplemented by the initial digits of the subscribe.-Is c- numbt?r. The digit group so obtained is sent successively by cn-,ren- -ers to -'-he last transit re- tional means between the transit re-ist U Gister which selects from the received group only the digits of the subscriber's number contained there and sends them to the local Ca---,! 1/2 3/10 62/000/006/227/232 Method of number transmitting ... D 25) 6 X) 3 0 8 ex-change or exchange area; 'the remaining di gits of the subscriber N bein7 sent directly to the called local exchan-e or exchant-e are-, tD , C3 - ,. only after the connection had been established. LAbstracterla note: ComDle-4v--e translation-] Cai-d 21/2 till.; 3 -'d tic c ire e -)n of 3uspcnoions by rw--rtris of photoe-lectrif. olor t z 4. LULL L C..a~ Lt' lor dirt (.~sbc:j-,tj.,a :.Aj intieic a I or s- Te ciezu l4wianj-a Vo!. 4, no. 2, Peb. 1~$'.;O- i--~AIILI-lv ~'JLSIU Of ~~-St &--Ironean 'Xcessions (Zi~Al) IC. Vol 3 .no. 7. Jubr 1-gig. utlcl . PL:mariia n-5 ~S X LTC 140" i 4 51960 t Rznim $ R ri t, f, L. rni Matyas. 1, IT lo. p-liven t t14 The Irrivestigation of z;he of SUsZC-nded Solids with a F'hotoelectric Colorimeter 11-j-drotchnica, 4, D o 2 ' A S C T )d 4f; The for thf~ of ,Vjrj ro~~Oj3ed follO. Tetft ~ A Z ~ . g7 p ~Lhe coagulr, tion process in water. The sppplmen to be studicd is mixed %-Iitti a coaFulatine, agent I -ter --nd rilaced in the,cuvette of the colorinic a rol th& Cer cent of lii-ht al)sorption is mearured a t regular intervals of time. The shape of :;he c u rv t I'M S. Fiving the change in per cent absorption, w-t~ 'locs lormed. T hl~ deuends or, the size of the f. L method gives ObjeGt-JVe data, i.-~ sensitive and pl,ecise, and is recommended as a contro.1 tool in 217 40152 S/058/62./000/007/035/068 A061/AlOl '220 C AU'11101(: 1(ott' L. A. TITLE: Rate of sound transmission in a compressed gas PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Fizika, no. 7, 1962, 29, abstract 7G248 ("Nauchn. inform. Belorussk. tekhriol. in-t. Ser. obshchetekhn.g.' Minsk, '~96i, 42 - 45) TEXT: The equation of state of a strongly compressed gas or liquid is assumed in the form P - RT, .V rm r In A C T where p is the pressure, V the volume, T the temperature, and r V1/3. R is the gas content, A, C, and rm are characteristic constants of the strongly compressed gas or liquid. The article supplies the values of these constants for nitrogen, amnmonia, and water. The equation can be used to determine a number of.thermo- dynamic quantities; in particular, the heat capacities cp and evs the adiabatic Card 112 .......... _35/068 S/05P-/62/000/007/0, Rate of sound transmission in a compressed gas Ao6l/A101 (U) and isothermal (UT) velocities of sound. The latter quantities are correlated by the common relation U qcv UT - Formulas are given for cps cvj and Us and these quantities are calcula-L'ted numeri- cally for nitrogen as functions of p for T = 50 and 1000C. It is noted that, unlike what happens in ideal and weakly compressed real gases, the velocity of sound drops with temperature increase in a strorZly compressed gas under conditicrs of constant-pressure. A. Tuzhilin [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 ROTT., -L.A* Dem-ixing of a Elute fi r ..z. khim. 38 no 2. 528 F 161. (MIRA, 1'h~8) 1. Bejorusskiy Imilni Kir-wis. 64 0 S/02 61~136/006/017/024 B 10 17B2,03 L ~Z_ 0 0 (1.2 ~).2 AUTHORS: Krichevskiy, I. R. -and Rott, L. A. The theory of,the Brown'motion in the critical range PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR,' v. 136, no. 6, 1961, 136.8-1371 TEXT: Proceeding from earlier papers (Refs. 1-3), the authors study the., vanishing of the Brown motion in,the critical range when a mixture is senarated into two layers. For the mean square displacement of the particle, they write down: ST - 2Dt (1). As D is a diffusion coefficient, it must vanish in the critical range as was experimentally proved in Ref. 4 on iodine dissolved in C02. The present paper interprets this standstill of the particle. The authors prorceed fr' OM Smolukhovskiy's equation: (t., R.; t + r, ca (t., )q.; t7) w (t, r; t + -r, R) dr, (2)1 where Lj is the Drobability density for that the particle passes over from Card 1/6 2c)641 S/020/61/136/006/017/024 The theory of the Brown motion in the... B101/B203 s'ate into state r in the time. t to. In the critical range, this does noo longer take place in a homogeneous medium. This is explained 'The possibility of dis- with the aid of a one-dimensional example. placement of a particle along a straight line in the form of a series of ateps of two types is discussed. Any displacement may occur to the rightf or to the left. For steps of the same type, the probability is 1/2. It is assumed that N steps of the second type correspond to a distance L.1 'The.probability of continuous displacement to the right by the distance 1