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L26056-M-, Ewr(!)/WA(h)- ACC NR: AP5022791 SOURCE CODE: UR/0141/65/008/oo4/0679/0687 JT-;Z AUTHOR: Marchenko, Yu. I.; Rubanik. V. ORG: ChbrnovtsY Stat-e University (C ernovitskly gosundaretvennyy.-. universitet),'', TITLE: On the mutual synchronization of molecular generators SOURCE: IVUZ. Radiofizika, v. 8, no. 4, 1965, 679-687 TOPIC TAGS: molecular generator,,oscillation ABSTRACT: Althougb molecular generators possess a sufficiently high frequency stability.and a low noise level, sometimes an even greater stability and.noise- 'proof.feature is needed which is achieved by mutual synchronization of several generators with nearly self resonant frequencies. The mutual synchronization of, molecIular generators has been investigated in the case of strong couples without delay. The effect of a small delay of coupling forces has also been studied on the mutual synchronization processes, both in the case- of strong and weak couples. An expansion of the basic range of synchronization occurs and new synchronization I cycles appear which did not exist in the absence of delay. During weak couplings -77 a delay of 1/8 the oscillation,period impairs mutual synchronization processes-, Card 1/2 t." i t 4 , ~!. "CC n 7, uprtillen'70 PC 16001 lrovznlv~ ll~Krd of 39", V.I. Dik-ushin, Acadowlealn Ed.), M. M. Jdlltorlal zt.t=I Zk--, R.Ep. Ei.)' Tu. a Zasl &we k:1(Ddputy Re-, o iato_tenxo; D.I. VerSchovalel T. Xat v, L.I. fa%raceco, Zd.). L X. aro and N.0 Z*ievingicaya (secret&"). _Z4, or PublihIng Nouol P,X, .1,an1n;; Tech, Md*, T.?, 1olonov,'_ I a. ?URPM I This 'cook la Intended for specialists In %he field or chino and Instrust nt manufacture who use radioactive lacto"s In the study or mat orl. and prods .&am. C0VZRA0Zs This collection or P:Perm covers a very mid* field or the utill ,at Ion or tracer method ,n Industrial research and control f h volume Is the use of radlolootopes top 0 t is 1e to hniQues Th , . L I I racturins Industry. The Lou- :n; t " n*- n& r"O"'t-Tan"' vIdu&1 paper* discuss the applications of radioisotope techniques k In the study or metals and alloys* problems offrIction and lubrI. cation, metal cutting, engine performance, and defects in metals. Several papers AL-s devoted to the use of radioisotopes In the our.*- matlon or Industrial processes, recording and measuring devices, quality control, rlomot*rs, level gaugems sarsty devices, radio. j tion counters. etc. These papers represent contribution& or war- Idue Z'Soviet InstituZes and laboratories. They war* published as transactions or the All-Union Conference on the Use or Radioed- tive and Stahl* Isotopes and Radiation In the National Zoonomy and Science, April 4-12, 1957. No personalities are mentioned. References are given at the end of seat of the papers. Ch&rnY&Xov&, R.B. Method for ZatimatIng the J)*Xr*eo of Degrees- 108 l, Tu.y,_jSG_rOysW, L.K. Postnov, 01%. X 1611". ' - - _ Sand No-ldr Study or the Processes or Cast Formatl i nIR 112 VlV_k.jn,_A~L (Teentralltyy nauchno-looledowatellakly institut ch*rnoy setallurgli - Control Scientific Research Institute or P.rrous Metallurgy). 3%udy or the Mechanism or %h@ Basic Prods, sea in Not Tlz Plating . 119 rordan, O.Q., and X.3. Yuman (Nauchno-lasledovatel0skly Losti. tiit-Top"anmrgetlcho*~Wi-o-pilborostroyonly,iL - Scientific jeses"s, Institute of Beat-Power Inatrumen t9). Use of Nuclear ladiatloft ror %he Xea$UrWW~ntr Of 3*&X-Power Parameters V,A-lotnikov, and V.V. T&W&1Stn (FIxIcheakly - _^ InstItut imenI P.M. Lebedirvi Zimt _711*111.ti IA.nj ?.X. !t'Ati Or aCloneo&:~' Lmb04.Vt Academy of Reduction of Mrrora in '=) Nessuremonts Performed With Scintillation Counters 127 Y.QMtkoja~ V.A. (Fixicheskly Institut Jaunt P.M. L*badovs tuto of Ptk7slcm. Academy of Sciences, 033R). Radiation In Ano uy- tidal Method& 134 I Afan&A'jT&v.V,X. Autonatlon of Mokentreaenta and Recording or Radioactive Redlatlon Intensity 140 qn~~G. study or. the zlectrical Properties of jonlastleft HooleVors 146 and A A Wud&noyt!qL(Vso"yuxnyy ugalonyy rmusbm&o. labledovatel'skly dFreur--Arr-elon Coal Research JAStItuts). Use of R&41oactlve Isotopes In the Automation or sicavating a" Machines 150 IOrdan, 0,0., and W. Fumed (Mauchno-looledovatellakly ins%&. tut toploonerget1ch9skoto prlborostroy*niya . scientific Mosearmb Institute for Host-Power Instrument 111-L-In ). Measuring the Dan- sitY of lAQU3.11& With OWNU RadiaVion, A-,[ AUTHORS: Segalin, V. G., Rudanovskiy, A. A., 89-1-17/29 TITLE: The Stabilization of the Motion of Working - and Extracting Machines by Radioactive Methods I(Stabilizatsiya dvizheniya pro- khodche2kileh i dobycbffi~&h mashin a pomoshchlyu radioaktivnjkh metodov) PERIODICAL: Atomnaya Energiya, 195f, Vol. 4, Nr 1, pp. 88-90 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In the interest of the automation of the coal industry it is also of extracting-, working-,, of importance to automize the motions . and transporting machines. Three possibilities of automatic--,.con'- trol have been considered, in the case of which the machines re- main in operation only whenever there is coal. As a control transmitter a t- source, and as a receiver a counting tube is used. I. Stabilization by a free standing linear contact "rock-coal". II. Stabilization by a free-standing band-shaped contact "rock- coal". III. Stabilization by a covered contact "rock-coal". For all varieties mentioned the following was attained with re- spect to the uge of devices of automation: For case It If the counting tube operates within the proportional domain, the coal- Card 1/2 band is maintained with an accuracy of + 0,5 cm. For cas6 II: . 17 _ _77 _77 77 SEGALIN, V.G_,, kand*tekhn.nauk _~l OV~,-L..A., inzh.; VASILEVSKIY, V.L., inzh. Automatic contr9l of the removal of heavy fractions from juging machines by means of radiometric detectors. Izv..vys. ucheb. zav.; gor. zhur. no.6:105-115 160. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Institut gornogo dela AN SSSR. Rekomendovana kafedroy obshchey elektrotekhniki (;re dressing-Equipment and su plies) (Hadioactivity-MeasuremenU 004ACHM, B.P.; .~UDANOVSKTY, A,'I.g red. [Work ezpeylerce of "lie Lugansk Isotope Laboratory in the in+rcd,-,ctIon of ra,~!olsotope devices in the ineust;ial enterprises of Lugan::-:k Fruvince] Opywt rabo-.7 Luganskol izotopnoi laborazuri1j. po vnedreniju radloizo- top-,ykh priborov na prcmyshIenrfkh predpriiatiiakh ob- lasti. Mosk-va (MRA 18:1) Atorda-lat3 1964. 21 p. HUDANOVSKIY, A.A., starshiy nauclinyy notr-qdnik; ZIIIRYAKOV, V.N. Automatic driving of the cutter4loader along the coal-rock contact. Ugoll UIw. 5 no.4:34-35.Ap 161. (HIPA 14:4) 1. Institut gornogo dela AN SSSR (for RudanovskV). 2. Glavnyy inzh.shakhty No-54 tresta Bokovoantratsit (for Zhiryakov)e (Coal mining machinery) (Automatic control) A_ ~131 M MI RUDINOVSK171, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich; PODOSHVINA, V.A., red. (Radioactive isotopes In mining and mineral dressing) RadioaktivTjDre izotopy v gornom dele I obogashchenii polezriykh iskopaermykh. Moskva, Atomizdat, 1965. 179 P. (MIRA 18:12) Tr SNAGORSKIY, Ye. S., kand. tekhn. nauk; SEGALIN, V. G., kand. tekhn. nauk; ftUDANOVSKIYI A. A., kand. tekhn. nAuk Study of the possibility of using the radiometric method to contrDI the distance before contact between coal and-rack for purposes of automation of stoping machinery. Mekh. i-avtom. v gornoi prom. no.2:291-304 162. :(MIRA 16i1) (Radioisotopes-IndustriAl applications) (Coal mining machinery) (Automatic control) RTJDMIOTISKIY, S.N. Machine and a rapid method for determining the wear resis- tance of free-flowing materials. Zwr. Lab. 30 no.6e756-757 261, (MIRL 17 88 ~NR RUDANOVSKIYJ S.N. ----------------------- Selection of representative samples from free-flowing products. Zav.lab. 29 no.2:245 163. (1AURm 16:~) (Sampling) RUDARE,ANII, M.. EconozaL-- de7eLe-jrin,-.-nt of Altfin-a during the two decades sinf~ t,~Ie jjberaoOon~ Probleme econ 17 no,11;221-124 11 '64. =EMA XMICA Sec.2 Vol.10/2 Physiology,etc FeW 66.3. _RUDAS B. Nat. Inst. of Food and Nutr. Sci., Budapest. *Changes in the nucleoprotein content of granulation tissue on the effect of vitamin C in various modes of administration ACTA PHYSIOL. ACAD. SCIENT. HUNG. (Budapest) 1955, 8/3-4 (253-258) Tables 4 In a former paper it was stated that the RNA and DNA contents of granulation tissue were decreased in scorbutic guinea-pigs. This decrease could be prevent- ed by oral or local administration of vit. C. If administered after the w*ound had been inflicted, even large doses of vit. C failed to restore the RNA value to nor- mal in the wound tissue of the guinea-pigs that had been kept on a vit. C-deficient diet for 5 days prior to wounding. Rudas - Budapest m RUDAS, Imrene. dr.-. SCIMLER, Aranka, dr. Changes in serum proteins in Btilbamidine therapy of plastocytoma. Orv. betil. 98 no-9:207-209 3 Mar 57. 1. A Koranyi Sandor as Frigyes Kozkorhaz (igazgato: Petho, Imre, dr.) Kozponti Laboratoriumanak (foorvos: Orsesy, Magda, dr.) as Beloaztalyanak (foorvos: Szemzo, Oyorgy, dr.) kozlemenye. (MYMDRA, PLASMA CEILL, ther. stilbamidine, eff. on blood proteins (Run)) (STILBENES, ther. use stilbamidine in plasma call myeloma, eff. on blood proteins (Hun)) -ulo dr.; SURANYI, Mihaly, dr. Effect of penicillin on immunologic processes in rabbits inoculated with scarlet fever toxin. Orv. hatil. 96 no.20: 546-547 15 may 55. 1. XIX. ker Tanacs Balg7ogyaszati korhazanak (igazgato: Iras, Jenn dr., foor7os: Radas. Imra dr.) kozlemanys. (SCARLLPT FEVER, immunology. vacc., eff. of penicillin on immunol. responsen In rabbits.) (VACCINES AND VACCINATION, scarlet fever, eff. of penicillin in immunol. responses in rabbits.) (PENICILLIN, effects, on scarlet fever vacc. immunol. responses in rabbits.) RUDAS, Imrm, dr.;.KOR13ULY, Istvan, dr. Cured case of lobar pneilimnula connected with monoliasis In adult. Orv. hetil. 97 no.28:780-782 8 J'Uly 56. 1. XIX. ker., Tanacs Belgyogyaszati Korhazanak kigaz.: Iras, Jeno dr.) kozl. (PNKLNONIA, LOBAR, compl. monoliasis in adult, bacteriol. & antibiotic ther. (Hun)) (MOIMLIASIS, etiol. & pathogen. pneumonia, lobar, in adult, bacteriol. & ant ibiotic ther. (Hun)) (ASTIBIOTICS, Ther. use monollasis In lobar pn"monia. (Hun)) RUDAS, Imrane, dr. (Mrs.) Problems In the investigation of chemieals used in the food industry. Kepegesinegug3r 36 n0-10:340-343 Oct 55. 1. Koslameny as Orizagos Elsimexes-es Taplalkosastudomanyi Inteset (igazg&to: Tarjan, Robert, ax orvostudomanyok kandidatu a) biokemiai oszlalyarol. (ZD additives, agricultural chemicals & colors, inj. eff., byg. contol in Hungary. (Ran)) RUDAS, 1mrene i~.fect of vitamin C on the metabolism of nucleoproteins in connective tissue. Kiserletes orvostud. 6 no.3:245-248 May 54. 1. Elemezestudomanyi Intezet. (NUCLEOPROTEIRS. metabolism, connective tissue, off. of vitamin 0) (TIT,AMIN.Go effects, on connective tissue nucleoproteins metab.) (COWECTIVE TISSUE, metabolism, nucleoproteins, eff. of vitamin C) ', - .., 7 -.1 -~ I - P., - ~ z~. ~ ~~ - , - -- - - - -- .. - 1. - I : , nw%v-ie~. . I ~ : - - :. I ., .1 T- DIEBREGZEM, Laura, dr.; MJDAS, Lenke, dr.; BARDOS, Vera, dr. The use of hydrocortisone in dental prophylaxis. Fogorv. szemle 5~ no.6:170-172 Ja 165 1. A Pecsi Or-fostudomanyi Fgyetem StomatolnTiai ninikajarol (Tgazgato: Schranz, Denes, dr., egyetemi tanar). BCZZAY, V- dr. MPOW3, Vera, dr., dr. F.-n&; alBER, Er-i'kh, dr. dr. SZ.--nb. dr. T'll'WS, Ioenke,-.dr - Problems of supplyl-ng the members cf collective faras ulth dertr--l prosthes-e-E 'n the district of Sellye. Fogorv. szMle 58 no-5:129-135 My 165 1. A Peosi OrvGstudomanyi Egyetem Stuornatologiai Klinikajarol (Ignzgatoi Schranz., 'Dontli, dr., sgyeteml tanar). PJJDASY Leank~;-, Repc, r en~--es w-*4b- der' Fc, rt Orl experi tal ca.-.& :--i Er 9 65 1. A Fec---! Orvo5vudomanTli Eg-yetem Stoma olo giai Klinikaja (--,aaz-Tat-c-. Sciirannz, Deries, d-T.., egye-temi tanar). How we check the use of subsidiary material in the Hungarian Cotton 'Jeaving Factory, p. 260, IRAGYAR TEXTIIXECHNIKA (Textilipari Muszaki es Tudomanyose Egyesulte) Budapest, No. 7, July 19'6. Sl-~UTZCE: East European Accessions List (EE-AL) Library of Congress Vol. No.11, November 1956. S ZE L.; MMKL, J.; RUDAS, L. Combined effect of digitalis and penicillin. Nagy. belory. arch, 3 no.1:57-60 '50. (GLML 19:3 1. Pharmaceutical Institute (Director Dr. Gyula Mehea) and Skin Clinic, Peas University. -M- ,.A., inzh.~ KHRA14YIN, M.F., inzh. Eypfirimental inveatigaLion or the caviltation of propeliers. Sudostroenle 30 no.5%58-59 Itir 164. (FJRA 17-.6) the ef-cact of L iDi ,~SHEVSKAYI, Biol Sci blood and Lts componants in blood trihydroxygLutaratc) on th, Hoscow, 1.959. L9 pp (S.2cond Statc- Hod- In3t irr, N. I. 250 r-opii!s (K1, No 13, 1959, 103) VASILIYEV, P.S., prof-; RUDASHEVSKAYAP M.M. Influence of carbohydrates on the erythrocytes of the blood stabilized with natrog (sodium 2.3,4,-trioxglutaric acid). Probl. gemat. i perel. krovi 5 no.3:39-43 Mr 160. (KIFA 14:5) 1. Iz TSentrallnogo ordena Lenina instituta gematologii i perelivaniya. krovi (dir. - deystvitellnyy chlen AMN SSSR rof *A A.Bogdasarov). (6LUTARIG ACID) (BLOOD--COLLEGTION AND PRESERVATION (GLUCOSE) (SUCROSE) (ERYTHROCYTES) RUDASHEVSKAYA, MJ-1. Effect of the sodium salt of trihydroxyglutaric acid (natrog) on the plasm proteins in preserved blood. Probl. gemat..A perel. krovi 5 no. 10:47-50 160. (MIRA114:1) (BLOOD-COLLECTION AND PRESERVATION) (GLUTARIC ACID) (BLOOD PROTEINS) ROZEb'BERG, G.Ya; RLIDASIMTSKAYA, M.M. ; ULIYANOVA, N.D. (Moskva) Changes in the specificity of heterogenic proteins under the influence of pressure and heating. Pat. fiziol. i eksp.terap. 7 no.2:69-70 Mr-AP'63. (MIRA 16:10) l. Iz TSentraltnogo ordena Lenina instituta, gematologii i perelivaniya krovi ( dir. - dotsent A. Ye.Kiselev) (BLOOD PROTEM) (HEAT-PHYSIOLOGIGAL EFFECT) (AIMOSPHERIC PRESSURE-PHYSIOIDGICAL EFFECT) NAMIIATYSIIEVA, A.M.; FFEDOROV, N.A., prof.; KOROSTYLEVA, V.A.; RUDASHEVSKAYA, ~,'M.14, Effect of antithrombocytic cy-totoxic serum on hematopoiesis in dogs. Probl. gemat. i perel. krovi 10 no.2:19-25 F 164. (MIRA 19: 1) 1. Patofiziologicheskaya laboratoriya (zav. - deystvitellnyy chlen AMN prof. N.A. Fedorov) TSentrallnogo ordena Lenina insti- tuta gematologii i perelivaniya krovi (dir. dotsent A.Ye. Kiselev) Rinisterstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR, Moskva. 2. Deystviteltnyy chlen AMN SSSR (for Namyatysheva). NESVEYANOVA~ O.A.; RUBASUVSKAYA, T.Yii.; LUKINA, M.Yu. it 3-t If ea 1 on f3 of 110- urlmethylcycopropene with ethyl iragnesium and cu..prous ox.ldc wilts. 17v. AN S.SSR. Ser. khim. ro,8,1510 16~ (MIRA 18 9) 1. Jns~ltut or-ganicheqkoy khimii im. N.D. Zelinskogo AN 5,1,SR. MAW 14 'P _IJP: -65. ~:F A ~CCME 8 8 JqR: AT5009433 j AUTHOR:_- Borovik-Romanovy RadaBhey TITIE: .-Investigation- -.spin- -in, hMiferr'(qagnetic car6nates of itave- spec rwa SOURCE:..., ponference on Low-Temiiirature Phis-icb ''and 3dj ague _196 J, !Physics and techniques of low temperatures; proceedings:of, e co erencee tPubl~ -House of the Czechosl. AeadeT -of Sciences) -1964, -op spoi& TAGS carbonate, spin.wave ndencej, !TOPIC omagiieti~c.'resonanO-et-.specifi6:biai -.,magnetization, antiferr IABSTRACT:. iInstit ~flzi~--~: The authors survey the a-ottained at.the icheskikh problem (.Institute -of' Phys q,, pr em SSSR on- nmwave spectrun-s-. i s obl AN~. :the spi lin antiferromaanetic carbonateli 6f___,_tiahsitiofi' ~elem6n so,, Three rebeir, ich antif he estyera c resonance, u of 1have been-used--study of st dy q7 ipenden'ce of the spontaneous- maithetiiationp-__ d ~f_ the ie:DT0,ituj4 empndence.- e -dispersion.-law A- !of the heat capacity. A3.1 three methods were'.us d --to --determine the las well -ativ a -to-the orig nalrep ese~i as to verify it quantit .,ely Reference i orts of u. sti atio ne nat IS.` hiiie-, - - nf ivae-d - ex p e__ e WM;w, no -.are givem -The thit th- *nve 9 _40 r e:- are' ferro--ma-gn-i~tic---spiii-~wiLve spect Us' ear.. j, ~s n, 7~ 3/2 om AC SION NR: Azoo9433, the magnit of :the g6p - in'- the A;pecti of, ude also of all ~'.. thIe:coniiin'ts;~-",chara er z! Afi-vave; ferromagnetism,, and ng~'the sl 0i of-MC03-and-codoi. has -ormul spect tables*, ~7 im ASSOCJATION'~: icia~ 61ni ~9-- I -A"d godf'!4 8 1mosco* S Instituto for -LY-fii .'',70000( )64 GUIRCUTED F -7 9 016 IR PJW OV '17 W R 6rd - -17; T -R ~59564_65 ACCESSION Mi .'.'AT50b94k1_. :, _,; - tv 1~11,~t ~(196~)~_64) Whe t ;'idatild"i1i n-the:--temp ratiii4- e A3K netic -field -Parallel -to the _,baimx p3ane --and Abe- hiii; to it - i 0 ie In thd ib ti;. t sorp. on was '6iiiiv~4, _-1;i lid~i i chinjj4 e a great.decreaF Ais, width or sha; - 'k, i - viagn 1 6 pe of the lineo - de antifeiro evic. re6onikiace A A hexagonal aniSOtTopy.,~Df,the j~iitibn'.-6f thi hiiti 6tic~,~resonance._: 24o&. ferr -line was-discovered at low teriperatures--and- oundA h d A' o--,ificresse, ecreaq, pg,-t~:~ ---- iou_*~-.`i - th!~ -spi peraturee - The appearance of allis'atropy- is ittilbut d no out-of:-the-b al--pl 'The..4uthord i -cont nuou -as one, Ahahk rapiisa, for- ii i Arteresi work and A.' Ss Borovik--!~oManCv;-,-.`&- for ~In'the_ Xaczery -.,oJad7 Z - Fra4t 1e advia6 aiid dis aussions. es -A Ve 66: Pkoblems d A - _A680CIATION.-InstitUt 7 G-j&&1niko+f tute--of FATgdCC SUChim aadi=ft ins SU13 - CODS 881 MCL (X IM f" SOV 1 (*5 X_ i Cle rj 0 -7-1 Z~ I P, 4-- F . . . . . . . . . . . . cam ~IP2 LAYMER, E.G.; CHUMIX, A.V., iiizh., red.; BEZRUCHKIN, I.P., kand.tekhn. nauk, red.; '41ANIN, A.V., kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; ZVOLINSKIY, N.P., inzh., red.; IVANOV, I.S., inzh., red.; KLETSKIN, M.I., inzh.. red.: PETROV, G.D., kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; PUSTYGIN, M.A., doktor tekhn. nauk, red.; RABINOVICH, I.P., kand.takhn.nauk, red.; RUDASn'VSKIY. ?.,S.h,.kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; SINEOKOV, G.N. doktor takhnnauk. red.; SYSOYEV, N.L. kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; FEDOR;~, V.A., inzh., red.; CHAPKHVICH, A.A., kand.tekhx.nauk, red.; PONOKAREVA, A.A., [Bibliographic manual on tillage machinery and implements] Biblio- graficheakii spravochnik po pochvoobrabatyvaiushchim mashinam I oru- diiam. Moskva. Gosplanizdat. No.2. [Literature in the Russian lanlruage from 1730-1955] Literatura na rueskom lazyke za 1730-1955 99. Pod red. G.N.Sineokovs. 1959. 263 p. I (MIRA 13:9) 1. Moscow. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-lealedovateliskiy institut sel'sko- khozysystvennogo mashinostroy-eniya. (.Bibliography--Agricultural machinery) 0!;i ii;i t f 4 1 1 1 f 0 It u u w III III It it III u el.AI a -"-A 'I ILL A I ! S~~ I tV top 1. 040!01 romwes ..a 17--100100 S K Y, ye "d MONISM) 7. WG-301M).-A tfiwuqqia" with malb, crrt- moo ul thr coultructim and wrioQnce o( vtrkxj% 00 fomim 1"W-#_ ch2l. =00 coo coo X09 r.0 0 00 00 see zoo woo moo I SL A ""LLUACKAL LITIRATWf_CLASIMPOCATION to 0 woo - --------- waso $woo- .1. oxg 0 T F a 11-An-T-i 0 if 9 1 -W-1 -0- u a Al 00 a IF v X a a x a 40~9 _Q 9-0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 a 0 JV 11 . I 11 ft 14 41 1. It It JD Is .4 a 11 11 i's v it it 4; #1 li #11 a to " f, ~ A I I v I Alt W It k G-, Y '00 -90 4,f 0 tArviriva, 011 tull,tin f,f the Armh-rrly -tr !4.4.11t.0, tl,,. ~;-iwn t,f Tvchnicut Scit-net-A ' Jan. 19111. It. Famsir,, r_Ijtjlj%ij)jv for vrror. ill tht. ni-, 1hat th-- maill fildllr- it tv.1% folln-I "10m.t. 6.9- ~s -too Got' tv o .00, fu u S% -it ti 1i J�01~0 o- 009 RUDASHEV .,_G,Y _,,._(Moskva) MMY U ~,!~ Measuring system designed for the multipoint recording of mechanical parameters. Izv. AN SSSR. Otd. tekh. nauk no.6: 162-166 Ja '56. (%Cr.RA 9:9) (Machinery, Kinematics of) (Measuring instruments) RUDASHF,VSKIY, German Yevgenlyevich, kand.fiz.-mat.nauk; SKOROBOGATOV, 'fi-e~rli-m-f-r-Tv-aii&*icb--,---insh-;~--BRTANMEVA, V.P.,inzh., red.; SOROKIN, T.M., [Hydroelectric hypothesis of the nature of cavitation corrosion of mntals] Gidroolektricheakala g1poteza prirody razruabsuila metallov pri kavitatail. Moskva, Filial Vaeg. in-ta nauchn. i tekhn. informatail, 1957. 12 p. (Peredovoi nauchno-tekhni- chnskii i proizvodstvenrWi opyt. Tema 9, no.M-57-173/2). (MIRL 11:12) (Cavitation) SOV)124 58,4 4778 Translation Irom: Referati,-,nyy zhurnal. Mckhanika. 1958 Nr4, p 155 (USSR.) AUTHORS: Rudashevskiy, G. Ye, . Nernm, V, A, TITLE: Investigations of Pressures and Deformations in the Components of Variahle-pitch -blade Turbine in Actudl Service (!ssledo-L aniya da-,leniv i detormatsiv v elementakh povo rot rol opastnoy turbiny v ekspluatatsionnykh uslo-,iyakhl PERIODICAL: V sb, : Gidroturbostroyenive, Vol 4. Muscow--Leningrad., Mast-igiz, 1957, pp 127- 137 ABSTRACT: Results of experimental investigations of the pressures on the blades and the walls of the housing as well as the deformations of the blades of the 'I'sinily-driskaya hydratilic-turbine ,i~4tajlation are presented. Analysis of the experimental data re-,-eals the following- 1) During the pre -start-up period the pres-ure on the blades and on the housing increases rapidly with in increase :n the opening of the distributor a and attains a maximum --alue 0 0 for a 7- 30 o. As soon as the turbine starts mo,,-.n,o the pres- sure i0alls and remains constant with the establishment of normal rpm. With an increase in power the pressure 'in the 110U-,~ng Card 112 'ncreases gradually but then between a b5% and ac, - 70% 0 SOV/124 58 4 4778 fro, estigations of Pressures and Deformat.ion5 t.cont. it falls off sharply and thereafter remairs approxim~ttely constart= 2~ Max, mum stress t' (7- -. 700 kg/cm2j cccurs in the root section of the bidde n henre- start, -up perLod- With an increase in rpm die compressior st.rd','S orl the trailing edge of the bidde are changed into-Itensile strains and 1;nder re.-nial rpm the Censile stre:ises attain 370 kg/cm-. 3) During (he starting c~CA blade tibrations attain resonance at -10 ~5 cps frequency, which approximates the ~.alue of the first. non nodal form of v;bratlon obta;ned hv tak,r;g i-;Oo corl- sideration the entraired mass of water, Under these condlf.~ons the --a!.dble 0 amplitude component of the deformation :s 60.7o of the stafic ahe., A, D Ko- alenko 3 Tui-bire6--St--esoes T nat, Ma'herr Card 21? RUBASHMMU, G.Te., kand. fiz.-mat. nauk; MM# V.A., In&. 1~vestigation of pressures and deformations obtaining in ad~stable- '4:127 blade turbines under operating conditions. [Trudy] no. -137 '570 (MM 11:4) (Hydraulic turbines) - (Strainz and stresses) .--, G. Ye., Dool~(,ch Sci - (diss) "ProbleT.,is of multiple- nd. projection measurements of deform--tions, presoures) vibrations on I-r-e Chille--iI...nd tbw Zttidy of Vulse pnv,meters on hydrc- .n k turbineE underAccaffitioliz, em 195~~. 28 pp (Illst of of the L'c7,d of Sc QSR). 250 copies + "T -ist of at-thor s works, pp 27-28 (19 titules) 37-7,9, 10P,) SOV/24-59-3-18/33 AUTHOR: Rudashevskiy G Ye (Moscow) TITLE: An Investi-ation of the Pressures,stresses and Vibrations in Turbine Blades and Other Working Components of a Hydro- Electric Power Station PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR Otdeleniye tekb-nicheskikh .nauk, Energetika i avtomatika, 1~59, Nr 3, pp 130-134 (USSR) ABSTRACT: An investigation was carried out by the Institute of Mechardc&l Engineering, Academy of Sciences, USSR, in conjunct- ion with the Leningrad Metallurgical Plant. The investigated power station was the"13th Volga"station imeni V. I. Lenin. with a power of N = 126miATfor each tax~bine. T-le -oaz-iat~iuns of the waterhead ivere H =19-30 m. The number of revolutions of the turbine was n = 68.2 rpm. The turbine wheel diameter was D = 9300 mm. The DreDarations for the actual measurements were made in 3 stages: at the making of the turbine in the factory, during its installation,, and just before the measurements were taken. These were performed at all the various states of the turbine, such as; startin-, stop,--A acceleration to 0 ing I? 120 rpm, idle run, synchronising and switching into the electric network etc. The oscillograms obtained showed the deformations, pressures and vibrations, number of revolutions, etc. The results are illustrated in Figs 1-6. Fig 1 shows Card 1/3 SOV/24-59-3-18/33 An Investir-at-Lon of the Pressures rations in Turbine 0 ,Stresses and Vib Blades and Other 'S=king Components of a Hydroelectric Power Station the distribution of pressure p kg/cm 2 and the specific load an the blade 'L mm for N =. 10, 30, 80 mW (p, - pressure from above the blade, P2 - pressure from below the blade, p - pl-p~~)~ Fig 2 stiows pressure p at the ooint; 19 of the blade in relation to the power N (1,c, point in the middle cross-section of the blade as seen in Fig 3)~ Fig 3 represents the lines of equal specific load on the blade for N = 30, D I D D D_ - vibration -au-es, 11 2') 3 ' L~ 0 0 Fi~-::' 4 shows the lines of specific deformation e at the Poiln~-s 10, 5 and 46 of the b'ade (see Fi.- 5) in relation to N Pig 5 shows the lines of equal stresses a, on the i,,.D,,er side of the blade for 11 =-25 Fig G illustrates 1 D the oscillograms.showin- (a) deformations at the points 46 rl- and 5 (Fici 5), and deformation of vibrations at a Card 2/3 'r A~' SOV/24-59-3-18/33 An Investi-ation of the Pressures, Stvesses and Vibrations in Turbine 0 Blades and Other Working Components of a 1~ydroelectric Power Station point D 3 (Fig 3.). The investigations show that the stron,g- est vibrations of the blade occurred when the load was N = 25-30 MW, i.e. about 25% of the maximum power of the turbine. There are 6 figures and 4 Soviet references. SUBMITTED: December 29, 1958. Card 3/3 KOVALEV, PRIGOROVSKIT, 11-I-,dok-tor tak.".nauk; RUDASHEVSKIY, G.Ye., I . YU.U,,kand.tekhn.nauk------_ Imnd.f iz.-mat.nauk; ]MELI ln7eatlt7LUng pressures and atrosse~ (In rotor blades of a hydraulic turbino at the Narva Hydroolectric Power Station. Energonashinostroenie 5 no.1:29-32 Ja t59. (milli 12:2) 1. Chlen-korrespondent All SSSR (for Kovalev). Ofarva Hydro6lectric Power Station-Hydraulic turbines) Irstitu a for lliy~-41 T;,t , , .Ilcv or acte %oacow - 'MeutroacLraphic Study If NiCr'..,' (section J-2) BVX~ 11~ V-j AsWci4te Directors lnatl%~Ir ~r -Cryn7~-T6grkphy, Ac~ietrj of Sciences WZR, 'Mcnetic (ftrrcma~Tnetlc) sj=e gr"j, (c.6) max X. V., MMONCYVA. 11, V., Bat ln.tillu" :f h n~ cs W"', Scie Cry tal I 'jgru~b ~yc mfe=1 DOMMY. J. D. H., Job." Fopltins Un-1vtrtity, helti r., KI " DON11% G, U., W,=mtory, C;;.cgle Institution, 'Tble. of magnetic alne. grcmpa, rI. positiona* (C-6) - rl ct xi f ar : . S., Institute ~Y rEenA S. 1, VaVilov, of S, .1trxe, Zic leficcence in cwb0-t4'i A"trerr"s' : LtLon .1twats" (sic) (Y 115) at tran DMOVD.-MMM, A. Yo. - "Plezo.".netic fff~t In an r... KWOM-ar, Ye. X., Read. M-Cnetiam L~bzlr.tory, jua ~Ow si7aE-c-Dixiveralty - (1) "Th& electric&I ~.4 aiva, ~znetic tror~rtie.( or.thin fll= t ~rry , z) 0- th ) t ,I e %, 4 o. t,~ ~,Craturt3 (-5 ; ct.v~*A the apontean-a neCneti~tlcn 3. -,-tt ra bwae 1.t-ctlou a" -~N B., -and VAr:- D_ I=tituta or , ' ~Lzca. - t..;troa d1frrvuL1QQ study of thiourea CO (IT42)e tral Scientific RestarcIt .2 ura, Ho3cov - 'ne pzvble3 of the influence of spontweOUS -SmetlZAtIon co crystal structure A.-d phaae StAte of Anoys~ (H-8) 4=, 1 0 - LVITrIf, D. -, PJ=Y, H, AIW, ft G. scientific Research Institute of urgY, Hoac~v - '11cutron diffraction investigation of order.&Ixor4er In the alloys lfcrr~nickel and ferr~cobaat- (j.1) V 511 ZMXMVI 0. 3.1 imani L. Ya. rArpov, Macov - "N~trcq 41rrrectim study Of the structure of solid hydmZea. U4 4eutcri.m, (C-8) PlitlLrt, za, Institute Or Crystallogra.4w, )~ftjft7 of 3Citnech USSRo moscov - "Re6ults and proar".t. of electrom diffraction =&Iysix* (C-U) -PUMT, I. R , Scientific R.BaAmh Institute or katallura, hose" - 'Kaguetle aalstropy to MOnOcrystals of M-Pe-co Alloys* (H-9) -key a. 'entitle Research Institute Or Y -M18 - Bc tJ fu 0v - soma PrOblew or the rgy, ;. physics of high coercive materiala* (m,17) ut f or aaa-"%~Xlja -Uttferr-zagnetics" N-13) ii. x., institute or cry.toilagmliw, MMM' or aciences USSR - *Davelopmant of simtron airtract, a mthod" (C-U) BEUN N V NCMIX Y Z lwtltutc structures or magacee ferrite (j-2) VOICIaMM, S. V., Institute of the Physics or metals 'WaXe-t-V-R-McTences USM, Sverdlovsk. A wabtr of the IWAF Commission an magnetism. See yu-samph I of Cement for a complete listlt%e or %embers of the Commission. 'So=c Investigationg of Soviet physics on the theory of farrozxdnqttqm for the last years' (.Invited paper, SectIO4 k-U) paper to be a Amittea for the TUTAP Intl. Cmf*r*=* an M.,Ptl.m Cryat411-grephy. xyoto, Joan. :*-30 B-P 1961 'D 124-1957-10-12081 6:: Tr anslation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 19571 Nr 10, p 124 (USSR) AUTHOR: Rudashevskiy, 1. G. TITLE: Some Cases of the Calculation of Bars Subjected to Compression Bending (Nekotoryye sluchai rascheta szhatO-izognutykh sterzhney) PERIODICAL: Tr. Leningr, in-ta inzh. vod. transp., 1956, Nr 23, pp 91-100 ABSTRACT: Formulas for the bending moment, deflections and angles of section twist in terms of basic parameters,' are developed for four cases of longitudinal- trans verse bending of beams with uniform cross-sections, fixed at one end, subjected to various types of transverse loads in addition to one uniform longitudinal load. S. M. Zavartsev Card 1/1 S 1" 'ZUI D,~L,!r:r-lning the fractional C-OmPosition of samples of free-flowing I .- k, rater-ials by the size cf th3 particles, -7c-v,lab, 30 no.3:368-370 (MIRA 17:4) RUDASHiTISKI Y SO YE. DCC:,!,T Vveden3kly, NLkdlny Rvvgunlevich, 1852-1922 N. Ye. Vlfedenrlskty urv.1 his theory. Vest. ven. i.Aenn. No. 3 1952. Monthly List of Russian Accessions. Library of bongress, October -1952. UNCIASSIFID. RUDASHEVSKIY, S.Ye.; NEKRYWY, F.P. Effect of direct current on Sechenov's inhibition. Uch.zap.Ten.un. no.138:288-303 '52. (MIRA 9:6) l.Iz Laboratorii fiziologii teentrallnoy nervno7 sistem7 Fiziolo- gichaskogo instituta imeni akademiks A.A.Ukhtomakogo i Leningrad- skogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta imeni A.A.Zhdanova. (SPINAL CORD) 0 77' U. c. 1 C CE 117 ,O~,- Yo a- cantr"ll" - al, 0 tl t C- tic c. t it C c IT C, j., J. % f, o it C 0 -3 G C= U "Clinicol and and thorapy of puralysio." S.3. Rudashevskii, I.S. Prigonnikov. Reviewed by I.I. Husetskii. Ztmr. nevr. i paikh. 55 no-7:558-559 '55. (MIaA 8:10) (PARALYSIS) (RUDASMSKII,S.It.) 77777777T.M:_l-- V(MOITOV. Yu.A.; GULYAYDIV, P.I.; RUDASUIVSKIY S.Ye. Development of A.A.W.61tovskit's teachings on the parAblotic nature of the refraction phase [with eummary in &glishl. B.iul.ekap.biol. i mvd. 44 no.12:27-31 D 1.57. (HIRA11:4) 1. Iz fiziologicheekogo instituta Imeni akademika A.A.Ukhtomakogo Loningradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Predstavlena deystvi- telonym chlenom AMU SSSR D.11.11asonovym. (ITERVOUS SYSTEH. physiology refraction phase, Ukhtomskii's theory on parablotic aspect (R-as)) LY A-r? P -.Si. V. Ye. S7SO'YT[ .--.V P.I., ~TJW TIISKI the in. He -,r. a i s L. ro. e1,01 -104, 1 logiclleokiy InsfaltuL U-~ninrlradsir-logo univeroiteta. RU D.~ MET- yy S Ci 20 ~',eclhencv 'S -.~-c-y cn e cent--a 1 Inh 1111 LiOn. lft~!3t- IL IMI?A -8:2) ~Jlu NIY41.,~UE MRONOV, YU.A., GULYAYEV, P.I., MJDASHEVSKIY, S.YE., SYSOYEV, V.V. "Phenomena of parabiosis in microintervals of tim Roport grubmittedp but not presented at the 22nd International Congress or n7siological Sclences. Lelden, the Netherlands 10-17 Sep 1962