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T'nr-I -01 L133. 12, RUZIDTICZI.- SCIENCE PERIODICAL: ROCZNIKI G.MUI, Vol. 31, No. 2, 1957 RUZIDTICZ, Z The electro-and photo-luminescence spectra of o)dde film formed diir-ing anodlic oxidation of alumimim in solutions of oxalic acid. P- 731- Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC Vol. 8, No. 4 April 1959,.Unclass N Pu7i7-ric:~, Z., Z. FUIZIFNICZ, "A new fluorescen' indicator." (From Z. and Cheri. 1955, 145, 10" Vol. IX, mo. Q, September 1955, Chemical News (Poland). I POLAVD Physical Chemistry. Electrochemistry. B Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 17, 1958, 56877. Author RuzJewi-az-YAUslaw. Inst :-Flo-t given. c' Title Electro And Photoluminescence Spectra of Oxide Films, Originating at the knodic Oxidation cf kluminum. in Oxalic Acid Solutions. Orig Pub: Roczn. chem., 1957, 31, No 2, 731 - 734.~ Abstract: It has been demonstrated, in the course of the conducted work (RZhKh, 1957, 47211, 5404011 that, the radiation spectrum of the al - anode in ox- alic acid solutions is during the electroysis process identical to the photoluminescence spec- trurrL of the oxide film, formed on the Al-anode. Card 1/1 29 1 -7 by en W..Tm-fe4 -1Tn*C 'r wi"ii,V.* -Bun. ic~ UGw"`R_tmmtPe9ccU4m-lx qQqCCWc" ~~ Um I d Yet emit a blulsh light. Tht ("Wal deVeW on d and V indleRtes it digemix in. *a inadunis emialau ia dq. and q.-ci-eWdroly*ti, InAi-c. 4 during the ";~ half-p~mw ihe-blullgilghvilvem during tht TIC9.-h4lf-Polod ydto*;iUshim Oicsws fitm ts conodcrid, a- tRI, phosphor--aut thi -Support .'band'niodel v6diice j,': -acia tw- -top 40h~t-4 77 ~ .. .5 ~~ ~, RUZIL'-.4icz, Z. 'lAnalysis of luminescence in chemistry", p. 489, (WIADO!I)SC.1 GFP39UNE, Vol. 7, . No. 11, November, 1953), Warszawa, Poland. I. SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, L.C., Vol. 3, No. 4, April, 1954 ~- 1~ - I -T 7 1 - -- - - ~ - - -- - RUZM, -11C.Z t__tazislay Ghemical Abet. vol. 48 Apr. 10, 1954 - Analytical GhemlstrY I i I i i i L --l- -- C2 7" i7 J iewiX - t tr 'it .--ilctivator wiltwit 6ksc-tal a mmulkclol. i US tilt it -ill the I -irave: Cinbulews 't Id t.) the tiAnsition A", oc SP! -P, can 1w,u4nimed at -lite 6f, mt.)c hi, flip TI incroctica. .~rl -nant-d wit; I I i the wS ior: cnutgut tuAct jxmib p n4mal mirli I S.,. rd T, r u T, Un~riennle of Cerny and Kuranov, shock work-= M wellirq. p. 220. New princivies in com!'Uruction of rwinipul.itors for welding. p. 221. (Zv~r-.inlf-, Vol. 3, no. 7, J111Y 1954, Praha.) D, cnthlv List of a-ist Euro-)~--an Accersion, (77iL). Lr7, Vc1. 4, No. lip Nov. 1951, lincl. TMARROVA, L.; SUDA, It.; RICNY,D.; RUZJK -I-lV"A, H.; KLrBE5,V.; jURKO,A.; GFEGR,V.; BOUCHALOVA, M. ------ ReacUvity of children with rheumatic fever during the course of the year. Fysiat. vestn. 43 no.2:833-91 IAr 165 1. Il. detsk-a klinlka (pradnosta - prof. dr. 'HoToman), katedra zdravotnictv-1 (vedauci - prof. dr. A. Zacek) lekarske fakulty Un.iver.-ilty J.E'.Purkyrie v Brne-, Detske lecebny pro recinatiky a kard.laky v Bludove, Podebrad ih, Sl-laci a Tepl n.b. (vedoucl -- MUDr. V. Kubes, MUDr. V. Gregr; '.IUDr. J. Kozacek a MUDr. L. '-'e-sarikova.). RUZIN, Avg~*- TdIrcoal.suppiiss indlistry in Dean rk and Swadan. Mad. prom. 11 no-5: 57-60 K7 '57. (MIRA 10:6) (DX24ARK-. MEDICAL SUPPLIES) (S'"DIN-40MICAL SUPPLIES) RUZIN, B., inzh. Use vibrated brick panels in rural construction. Selt.stroi. 15 no.6:14-15 Je 160. (MIU 13: 8) (Building, Brick) RUZIII, B., Inzh. Using green bricks in building in the German Democratic Ro- public. Sell.stroi. 14 no.8:24-28 Ag '59. (14IIIA 12-12) (Germany, East-Brick houses) RUZIN, B.j inzhener. I I - Col,d bituminous suspensions. Stroi.mat., izdel.i konstr. 2 no-5: 35-36 My '56. ~ . Mak 9:0 (Rumania-Roofing) A RUZ,INt_,~t,,, kand. ekon. nauk Dwellings built of reddwork bars. Stroitell no.8:29 Ag 159. (Kherson Province-Architecture, Domestic) (MIRA 12:12) (Reeci (Botaq)) BRESUR, P.I., N, 13. 11. Optlco-ocoutitic effect in mercury vaporn. Opt. i spektr; 8!uo.5: 733-735 MY 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Mercury-Spectra) 819114 24. 3 Lk 3 0 S /0 5V60100 9/0 1/00 4/032. 'AUTHORS: Bresler, 7.1, and Ruzin, B.N. 3201/3691 TITLEs The Optico-Acoustic lffectl~: the Visible and Ultraviolet Rezions and Its Relationship with Photochemical Reactions in Gases ~PERIODICALs Optika i spektrookopiya, 1960, Vol'9, Nr 1, pp 22-25 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The oFtico-acoustic effect was discovered in the infrared region. Recently Gerlovin (Ref 1) reported observations of the optico- acoustic offset in the ultraviolet region in nitrogen, oxygen and &cat-ylene. The present paper reports the existence of the optico- acoustic effect in the near'ultraviol*t regioA in chlorine and in the visible region in nitrogen dioxide. The optico-acoustic effect was detected by meeze of apparatus (Fig 1) consisting of a typical optico-acoustic gas analyser and including appropriate light sources. Th,# ultraviolet sources were lamps UFO and PRX-4; the Tisible source was a 12V, 3OW incandescent lamp. The authors obtained also the "gas characteriatics* of a prototype optico-acoustic Cas analyser r,a rd 1P GELWTI, Ij'.E,: BF-MER., GREKj 11-V-; SREVEIEVA N.S.; A.A. I'ew method for the automatic microdetermination of carbon and hydrogen in organic compounds. Dokl. AN SSSR 161 no.1:107-110 Mr :65, (MIERA 18:3) 1. Insti,,.ut elementoorganiches~ilkh soyedineniy AN SSSR i SpetsJall- ye konutruktorskoye by-aro arialit.cheskogo priborostroyeni AN no ya SSSR. Submitted July 29, 1964. TOLSroy, %01~h-'jl GC(1rgiy6Vjchj nauchn. red.; JVA, V.G.,, red. [vascnry and furnace work in rural construction] Kamen- nye i pe(,hrqe raboty v sel*skom stroitallstve. Moskva, Vysshaia shkola, 1965. 302 p. (MIRA 18:12) RTZIN, Boris Vasillyevich; OWIOLOVSKIY. H., obshchiy red.; KOSTYUX, G.Ye., inzh., red.; DMITRIv-7-VA, H.L., red.izd-va; MEDVEEEV, L.Ya.,; GUSEVA, S.S.. (Above conatniction] Stroitellstvo iz gainosyrtsovykh materi- nlov. Pod obahchai red. M.Onmolovskogo. Moskva, Gos.lzd-vo lit-ry po stroit. i ork-hit., 1956. 133 P. (MIRA 13:1) (Building, Adobe) BRESLER, P.I.; REJZIN, B.N. Optico-acoustic phenomenon in the visible and ultraviolet regions of the spectrum, and its relation to photochemical processes in gases. Opt.i spektr. 9 no.1:22-25 J1 160. (MIR& 13:7) (Chlorine-Spectra) (Nitrogen oxide-Spectra) (Pbotochemistry) 82952 S/051/60/008/005/024/027 E201/E491 AUTHORSs Breslerv P.I. and Ruzin, B.N. TITLE: The Optico-Acoustic Effectfin M-ercury Vapour PERIODICAL: Optika i spektroskopiya, 1960, vol.8, No-5, PP-733--735 TEXTs Gerlovin (Ref.1) and the present authors (Ref.2) reported earlier the existence of the optico-acoustic effect at ultraviolet and visible wavelengths. These experiments.were carried out on oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, chlorine and nitrogen dioxide. The present authors showed (Ref.2) that the optico-acoustic effect at ultraviolet and visiblewavelengths is morecomplex th an in the -infrared region because of the possible effect of photodissociation of molecules. The present paper extends these investigations to monatomic mercury vapour irradiated with light from a mercury-quartz lamp PRK-4 producing the 2537 1 wavelength. Atoms of mercury exclited with ultraviolet radiation become photochemically active and this photoactivity may.affect the observed optico-acoustic effect. Measurements showed that the optico-acoustic effect in mercury vapour mixed with air or argon falls rapidly from the moment when ultra-violet radiation begins and praciically disappears in 4 to 5 min (cf. the lower curve in a figure on P-734). When Card 1/2 S/051/6o/oo8/003/024/027 E201/E491 The OPtico--Acoustic Effect in Mercury Vapour irradiation is stopped for a time interval necessary for mercury vapour to diffuse throughout the receiver chamber, the original magnitude of the optico-acoustic effect is restored and the process .4s repeated. When the filled with hydrogen the optico- acoustic effect in mercury vapour first rises in magnitude (for 6 to 8 min) then remains constant and finally starts to fall (after 20 min irradiation)4 this is shown In the upper curve in the figure. The reduction of the optico-acoustic effect magnitude in the case of air and argon is due to oxidation of mercury vapour by atmospheric oxygen cr its traces present in argon. In the case of hydrcgen the ultraviolet radiation produces a photochemical react-ion with mercury which leads to dissociation of hydrogen molecules. Alternately the behaviour of hydrogen can be explained by an exothermal reaction between hydrogen and traces of oxygen in it, sensitized by mercury vapour. There are I figure and 2 Soviet references,, SUBMITTED% De-:.ember 30., 1959. Card 2/2 RUZIN, B.V., keni.ekonom.nauk; KOSTYUK, G.Ye., inzh.; NHFNWV, S.F., r3d.; ZAO~IMTKO, V.I., red.izd-va; LYTKINA, L.S., red.izd-va; STEPANOVA, B.S., [Using precast reinforced concrete and reed in rural construction] Opyt primeneniia abornogo zhelezobetona i kamysha v sel'skom stroitel'stve. Pod red. S.F.Nefedova. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit. materialam, 1959. 74 p. (MIRA 12:9) (Farm buildings) (Precast.concrete construction) (Reed (Botany)), INUZIBO, U.V 7 - I Prefabricnted houses built of reed panels. Stroitell 2 no.9;23-24 S'56. (Rumania-Building) .(MIRA 10:1) RUZI" OBMOIA)VSKIY, M., redektor; KOSTYUX. G.Ye., n2 ener, re br; DHITRIYIVA, H.L., redaktor izdatelistva; MMVI:DIIV. L.Ta. tekhnicheskiy redaktor; GUSUA, S.S., tekhaicheshy reda kt or [Building with clay materialBI stroitalletvo iz glinosyrtsovykh materialov. Pod obahchei red.'H.Cemolovskogo. Koskva, Goo. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit. i arkhitekture, 1956. 133 p. (MIPA 10:2) (Building) (Clay) Nrecting adobe wnlls. StroltCl flc,~':21-23 Je (Walls) (BuildirZ, Ad:%*-,(0; kandidat ekonomicheskikh nauk; ISTROV. Z.I., kandidat takhni- cheskikh nauk, nauchnyy redaktor; MASLOV, N.A., redaktor tsdatelletva; GUSEVA,S.S., tekhnicheskiy radektor [Technical and economic evaluation of rural dwellinge]*Tekba.ikol -ekonomichaskala otsenka proektov sel'skikh zhilykh domov. Izd. 2-oe. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit. i arkhitekture, 1956. 57 P. (KLRA 9:11) (Farmhouses) u. 2. U33w't (6co) it. ;building Faterials 7. Industrial combine supplies collective farms with building materials. -'e.11. stroi. 7 no. 6. 1952. 9. Monthly List of Aussian Accessions, Library of Congress. March 1953. Unclassified. INAIwAsOn- kaididat ekonomichaskikh naukj ISTROV9 Z.1., kandidat takhni- cheekikh nauk, redaktor; MLSLOV, N.A.. redaktor; SHOLITAKOVA, K.T., takhnichaskly redaktor; TOKIR, A.M., takhnichankly redaktor [Technics.1 and economic appraisal of plans for rural homes] Takhniko- ekonomLchasksta oteenks, praektoy seltakikh shilykh domov. Moskva, Goetlzd-vo lit-ry po stroit, i arkhitekture, 1954. 39 p. MRA 80) (Architecture, Domestic-Designe.and plans)~ (rarmhouses) U KURBATOV, D.I.; NIKOIAYBY, V.I.; KIRWOVA, H.K.; RUZIN, D.Y.; ROMANOV, A.A.; OSMOIA)VljKIY, M.S.j obahchiy redaktor; DYURSn1UW','-N'.1S., doktor tekh- nichesk'-kh nauk, redaktor [deceased]; GORSHKOV, A.P., redaktor; PEC,'!.XOTjLAYA, T.V., tekhnicheakiy redaktor. [Fireproof construction] Qgnestoikoe stroitel'stvo. Pod obahchei red. M.S.Oamolovskogo, Moskva, Goa. Izd-vo lit-ry po stroit. i arkhiteV.ture, 1951-142 p. [Microfilm] (MLRA 8:~). Ouilding, Fireproof) RUZIN, M.I. Some problems in the kinematics of air currents. Yest.Len.U.U.9 no.5,.119-140 MY 154. (MLRA 9:7) (Air flow) (Winds) Pki 2. 1 d~ USSR/Geophysica - Droughts FD-76o Card 1/1 Pub 44-8/11 Author Ruzin, M. I. Title Some results of a theoretical analysis of four sukhovei (hot dry winds of European USSRJ Periodical : Izv. AU SSSR, Ser. ge-ofiz., 481-493, Sep-Oct 1954 Abstract : Expounds the results of calculations of the vertical component of the wind velocity, temperature, vertical gradient of temperature, trajec- tories of air particles, and transformation of air f6r four droughts. Establishes that the cause of the formation of droughts is the trans- formations of air from the underlying surface and the advection of its heated and dried masses. The results of study apply to the four droughts that took place 5 June, 11 June, 18 July in 1949 and 6 M6.y 1950, m:Linly in the southeast and south European territory of the USSR. Acknowledges assistance of M. 1. Yudin and-M. V. Zavarina. Institution Submitted July 3, 1953 S/049/59/000/12/026/027 AUTHOR: Puzin. JL I,. E032/E391 TITLE: Analysis of Atmospheric Motions Based on the PresEure Field PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademil nauk SSSR..Seriya geofizicheskaya, 1959, Nr 12, pp 1895 - 1901 (USSR), ABSTRAM The method is based on the trajectories of the air particles (Refs 1, 2). The fundamental equation of motion in this case is Eq (1) and its solution in the final form Is Eq (10). The latter formula was applied in calculation of the trajectories illustrated in Figures 1 and 2. The nature of the discrepancies between the actual and the calculated trajectories is shown in Figure 3. The analysis showed that the calculated trajectory is nearer to the actual one than the geostrophic trajectory. There are 3 figures and 9 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskiy gidrometeorologicheskiy institut (Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute) SUBMITTED: December 3, 1959 Card 1/1 --~Tj-, - " T - " i.11 1". 1. dispersion of' nordcotropic turbulence. rp 1. 1 1rudy GGO nc,,.l(,-!:201-204 '65. (MI RA 19: 1) t060061ig SOURCE CODE: UR/0362/65/001/010/1014/1021 AUTHOR: Ruzin, M, 1. ORG: Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute (LeningmdBkiy girdrometeorologicheakiy TITLE: Effect of meteorologicalconditions on the vertical profile of the turbulence coefficient in the atmospheric boundary layer SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Fizika atmoofery i okeana, v. 1, no. 10, 1965, 1014-102, TOPIC TAGS: atmospheric turbulence, atmospheric temperature, geostrophic wind, wind velocity, motion equation ABSTRACT: Wind velocity, turbulence, and the temperature profile of the boundary lay- er were investigated on the basis of earlier work by A. S. Monin (1950) and Rusin (1963). Differential equations of motion are derived and solved, assuming that the wind velocities and temperature are constant along the Or-axis, which is the direction of geostrophic. wind cg, and by applying the Kaman formula for scale determination. The solution of the equations shows that 1) the properties of the boundary layer for any given latitude are determined by the value of cg, (a geostrophic wind velocity) and temperature characteristics; 2) equations JJ'a =z - Z 6 and P UDC: Card 1/2 4 01, f ACC NRs RrDVVbIZ!J are valid for the equilibrium conditions where K6 is the dimensionless coefficient of. turbulence, z 6is the dimensionless altitude, p is the air density, and lis the scale factor; 3) K as a function of z 6 can be evaluated from.theoretically computed curves for variable values of 6, the dimensionless parameter of thermal stability; 4) the de- pendence of on the stability and latitude is in general, similar to the dependence of X on the altitude; 5) 911,and D values (whereff,is the function of temperature, grai vity, velocity of convection, altitude, and adiabatic gradient and D is the velocity of dissipation) always decrease with altitude; however, for c>O the D value begins to increase at some level; and 6) the integral equation of turbulent energy balance gives (6 - 1) Cil where i is the constant coefficient of turbulence, 6 is the mean ratio of energy dis- sipation to the energy, and w is the vertical component of angular velocity. Orig. z art. has: 21 formulas, 3 figures. SUB CODE: 04/ SUEM DATE: 15Feb65/ ORIG REF: 008/ OTH Mr: 001 C~d 2/2 EM RUZ,-% F# Ve "Connections of Atomic Distribution Functions With Certain Thermodynazilc Values of Binar-y 1-Uxtures", Nauch. Zap. Dneoropetr. Univ., No 41, 1953, pp 51-63. Formulas expressing the dependence of the mean potential energy and density fluctuation on the funciion of atomic (molecular) distribution are deftv,,d. The cquati-.n of t'he balanced state of a binary mixture is ob- tailned. These J'or-,-,ulas arc final applications of 14- N-Bogolyubov's re- sults in the case of bi-conponent systems. (RZhFiz, No 1, 1955) .90. Sum No. 443, 5 Apr. 55 1, L W.!fM~~ tlr~ I RWREN SOV/124-58-2-1759 'rranslation from: Relerativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 2, p 38 (USSR) Au'rHoRs: Ruzin, 1. Faynshteyn, A. M. , Checherinda, Ye. T. T!T 1, E: Dvsigr. Calcu lation of Burners According to the UKhIN (Khar'kov Goal- c hernical Scientific Research InstitutOmethod Raschet gor-elok po metodu UKhIN) PER!ODICAL- Soobshch. Gos. soyuzn. in-ta po proyektir. predpriyatiy koksokhim. prom-sti, 1955, Nr 15, pp I and 88-95. ABSTRACT- Bibliographic entry Card 1/1 r its & r s 0 A 00 A 00 00 I wiltsoutsislyll It a a it 0 39 9 a x 0 0 a a 0.4 a F a a I b A 4 A I A & A 1 .-.0- . to? Afte lky m2en- 0 .00 of 00.4 r .00 k 00 j o , , -00 l c so c So Awwm6md io shrh*ao ot .00 adaftm 4WOR amlitkd bwk. 1. 1. It 11116m,Alft No. 7. 15-19).-Tho -'--MWhW~#lwssbimv fw6woh=LsgdeterWned by, 14POWL-aws = 1B., 19K 50). xxilinpim -00 J. W. "000 00,3 use too 004 goo r 200 Zi woo ttee eloo Alm.%LA ACTALLU069 Al. LrTfn UNII !IT CLASSWKATO. 92-- _ Soo lk. ect .1. ~. "t ' , .81SJ2 dt a.. All ~ u ait 43 is T i . misandolillivolo ~" T 0 4 4 0 O'o 0 0 0 & 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 41 00 0 0 0 0 40 00 00-0 so 0 0 0 0-0 0 0 0 0 a a 0 0 0 0 & a 0 I IV, a1, A N r 4 I me C t 41 L M t 4.0 __ d~tvrmjnAtwa of shriskajo of ~wd-cddt spolyfAcat WAS 0 4 1 2. S. 1933, Chow t U. tk,#v*- h I S a 0 tt Ap-o .y IIle v"Lilss &o,j~ -.2 ill,rt b., C,. #t# u- air VIcn. Il.C AL roo at 0 as* -00 00 00 of A b *11ALLk~6KAL 1 11441*11 01 ~k&%JIFKMCM 00 , , t2 so ' - f o 4 ir i it so s 10 ow a t jz Fli7in, 1. S. "Investi,~ation oC Hollow Parts Obtained by Casti-nE in Molds Rotated aromd a Horizontal Axis." Min Hipher Education [MR. Odessa Polytechnic Inst. Odessa, 195j'.. (D-.'.ssertation for the Depree of Candidate in Technical Sci- once) So: Knizhna,,,a letopis', No. 27, 2 July 1955 2 7 T6 5 ':.l~-ctric Sy3teirs, Frotectiem Literature De c 4 nF G. 1. At--,,Uek-ov's Foolk, 'Relay Protection of iii~-,h-V--Atage 1-letworks, ~rof F. L. ral-i'-,tarov, Dr Tech Scl, Docent Ya. I.. Ruzin, Cand Tech Sci, Pwlybc~t ln7,t, jzr.-,,~ni Kalinin, 1 p 12 Reviews favoratly. reflects acl-Aevements of Soviet scientists in this f ieLll. -~`11~,Jiect rafter inclules eqW.valent cirevits for calcule"ing transient n' rn--ena -7 nonzv7 etrical si-ort circuits, revote protectJon, oscillation effec('r, on rrotect.-n, s.-=. etricrd-compow~nt filters, hig'--frecuency rlifferent.!--I-ph-~se --nd (Urectlonal prltecti'm, and rrcL.--,c-.r,-s of protect1w- Ion- U, --ni lines. Gosenergo-4z,diat, 1949, Z22, ppj 2C rubles rC k,:tpeks. 1A 1511-f6 Ch Rapid determination of free multutic acid in an anode solutfon. Rtj4k4,,,4~tr,n(tkjjwj IA:h- 15. 71., k 19 w j. vier I 11.14T. I. If-nil I he "His 13 .1. 1.,b1t ..I mode -Ans. t II.AhwAbov and rurkiwAAwa, 6waisen joid 1'roreawn of Alrbils 1941. tt!.A. 43, 7AX110 by -W). trActing 9 tisum the known Al frinn the aint, .,I )I cmtAlflfd in j 4111 1 1~-;f (kI I he %4111V If SiVtn l1 I I he L 30986-66 E7.-JT(l)/FCC %I ACC NR: AT6004162 SOURCE CODE: UR/2531/65/000/167/0201/0204 AUTHOR: Ruzin, M. I. 1611Y Main Geophysical Observatory,'Leningrad (Glavnaya geofizicheskaya observatori~: ya) TITLE: Dissipation of energy by anisotropic turbulence SOURCE: Leningrad. Glavnaya geofizicheskaya observatoriya. Trudy, no. 1, 1965. Fizika pogranichnogo sloya atmosfery (Physics of the boundary layer of the atmos;- phere), 201-204 TOPIC TAGS: atmospheric turbulence, turbulent flow, incompressible flow ABSTRACT: The author considers the expression derived by Taylor in 1935 for the speed of dissipation D of the energyc of isotropic turbulence in a unit mass of incompressible fluil: D 15, X2 where v is the kinematic coefficient of molecular viscosity, FuT2. -Le is the mean 3 ,.Card 1/2 L 30986-66 ACC NR: AT6004162 square of pulsation in wind velocity and X is the so-called microscale of turbulence which has the dimension of length. In this paper, the formula is generalized to the case of arbitrary turbulent flow of an incompressible fluid. Consideration is given to the average change in the turbulent energy in a unit of time due to forces of mo- lecular viscosity. A scalar product is formed from the resultant of these forces .and the vector for pulsation of the velocity of flow, and this product is then aver- aged with respect to time. It is shown that the expression derived reduces to Tay- lor's for,mula for the isotropic case. Orig. art. has: 13 formulas. SUB CODE: 08/ SUBM DATE: 00/ ORIG REF: 000/ OTH REF: 006 Card 2/2 - -------------- J--`Li~urce ef me",ecroicgical condtticrx on ',.-Ie vertical zrofile of -.17c- c~,,tifflciant ef turbulence In the atmospheric boundary layer, Izv. AN "A'.. Fiz. atm. i okeanr. 1 no.I.OtIO14-1021 0 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1. Lenir-.7radskly gidrome-teorologicheskiy Institut. RUZIN, M.I.; BOLDYREVA, N.A.; SAVELIYEVA, T.A. Sme results of the ealculation of the coefficient of turbulent exchang'e in a boundary layer. Trudy len. gidromet. inst. no.15:66-80 163. (MIRA 17:1) S/169/rV,AEW/01L/033/077 D228/D307 AUTHOR: Ruzin, M.I. TITIE: question of calculating the vertiral--velocity of air PERIODICAL: keferativnyy zhurnal, Ge'ofizika, no. 11, 1962, 46, abstract 11B282 (Tr. Leningr. 51AEMteorol. in-tat no. 12, 1961, 132-136) TE, XT jk way of calculating the vertical 4or velocity. com- ponent w from vortex and continuity0equations is m4q~sidered, irith the retention of all terms of these equations, even -the relatively minor ones, including the terms in the vortex' -raggMu describing vertical vortex transfer and vortical tube rrxtahi.~-iiw tWith regard to these terms the equation for determining w to be a dif- ferential equation in partial first-order derivatiq4s. The article sets out a method of successive approx-imations for --tAving the g3'ven equation. The first approximation wl is obtained ',a disr garding terms describing vortical tube turning., The second is obtained through substituting w w, in these terms. -No -ORlier approxima- Card 1/2 M_ LOBACHEV) P,V., kand.tekhn.nauk; RUZIN, M.Ya., inzh. Nomograms for the hydraulic design of polyethylene pipes. Vod. i san. tekh. no.5129-31 M.-f 163. (KRA 16:6) (Pipe, Plastic) KAGPJI, D.F., kand. tekhn.nauk; VANYAKIN, D.F.., kand. tekhn. nauk; LCBACMTJq P.V., kand. tekhn. nauk; YEKHLAKOV, S.V., inzh.; FAVLOV, L.D., inzh.; 1~~ inzh.; ANDREYEVI, I.N., inzh.; SbNAKOVA, G.D., inzh. Prinimali uchastiye: SAPOZI-RIIKOV, M.M.P kand. tekhn. nauk; GEFDRIG, A.K., kand. tekhn. nauk; MALINOVSKIY, R.B.,, inzh.; STRASM,.YKH, V.P..,% red. izd-va; KASDIGVI D.Ya., tekhn. red. [Instructions for designing, installing, operating, and repairing interior water supply systems uzing vinyl plastic pipes] Ukazaniia po proektirovaniiu# montazhu, ekspluatatsii i reinontu vnutrennikh vodoprovodov iz viniplastovykh trub. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit. i stroit. ma- terialax.., 1961. 91 p. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Akademiya stroitel'stva. i arkhitektury SSSR. Institut sa- nitarnoy tekhniki. 2. liauchno-issledovatellskiy institut sa- nitarney tekhniki Akademii stroitel'stva i arkllitektury SSSR (for Kagan, Vanyakin, Lobachev, Yekhlak-ov, Pavlov, Ruzin, Andreyeva, Shmakova). 3. Leningradskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut Akademii kommunaltnogo khozyaystva im. K.D.Pamfilova (for Sepozhnikov). 1+. Vseso~uznyy nauebro-issledovatellskiv in- stitut gidrotekhnicheskikh i sanitarno-tekhnicheskikh rabot (for Gefding). 5. Institut po proyektirovaniyu zhilishchno- grazhdimskogo stroitel'stva v g. 11oskve (for Valinovskiy). (Water pipes) 1~-j y Con - i rr, il t gthe r,,A;9hn85S ')p rjasLi Vcjd t4h. 2 2, F RUZ11111, S.I.; ALESHIN, A.F.; IVANOV P.V.- PODKOVYROV, M.I.; ASONOV A.A.; PLYU211N, A.K., red. [Manual for a logging camp machinery operator] Spravochnik mekhanika lespromkhoza. [By] S.I.Ruzin i dr. Moskva, Gos- lesbumizda-., 1963. 431 p. (MIRA 17:6) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut mekha- nizatsii i energetiki lesnoy promyshlennosti (for all except Plyusnin). SHPOLYANSKIY, B.Yu,,; RUDAKCYVA, A.F... mladshiy nauchnyy sotr.; XITONOVA, G.P., teklinik; ANIKIYOKO, O.M., tekhnik;,RUZIN, S.I., otv. za vypusk;:IOF]210VA, TS.B.,.red. izd-va; SHIBKOVA, --.Ye., tekhn.. red. [Album of working drawings of the basic parts and units of . the TDT-60 tractorIA11bor, rabochikh cliertezhei ognovnykh detalei i uzlov traktora TDT-60. Moskva, Goolesbumizdat. Pt.l.(The D60T engilie]Dvigatell WT. 1962. 224 p. WHA 15:10) 1. Khimki. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut mekhanizatsii i energetiki lesnoy promyshlemosti. 2. Rukovo- ditell laboratorii tipovoy tekhnologii remonta mashin i organi- romontnykh predpriyatiy otdoleniya reronta lesozagotovitellno- go oborudovaniya TSentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo in- stituta rekhanizatsii i energetiki leanoy proryshlennosti (for Shpolyanskiy). (Tractors-I-Engines) ALESHIN, Alokoey tilippovich; PODKOVYROV, Mikhail Ivanovich; RUZIN Sergey1vanovich, USTINOV, Veniamin TSezifovich; FAERM, A.D.$ L.S., red.izd-va; GRECHISHCHNA, V.I., tekhnered, [Organization of the repair of lumbering equipment by, the unit method] , Organizatatia remonte. lesozagotavitelinogo oborudovaniia agregatuy-m metodom. Hoskra, Goslesbumizdat, 1961. 218 p. (MIRA15:2) (Lumbering-Equipment and supplies) RUZIN, S.I.. inzh. Nrrors in measuring external diameters of machinery parts hav- ing a deviation from the correct cylindrical shape. Trudy 141REV.H 12:208-216 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Machine-Bhop practice) RUZIN, S.I9, inzh. Interconnection of surface smoothness and the precision of dimen- sions and fits. Vest.mash. 40 no.7:61-66 Jl 16o. (MIRA 13:7) (Surfaces (Technology)) (Tolerance (Engineering)) RUZIN. V.A., inzh. More on the economic effectiveness of automation. Mekh. trud. rab. 11 no.10:42-44 0 '57. 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(MIRA 14:11) (Automation) (Indu;trial management) VYAZEMSKIY, V.O.; LCKONOSOVq I.I.j PISAREVSKIY-9 A.N.; PROTOPOPOV9 Kh.V.; 'RUZINP V.A.; Te.D.. 1-11rinimal uchastiye KLYUCMKOV., V.N.; RYBAKOV, B.V., r6d.; SOLYAN9 G.L.r red.; POPOVAp. S.M.9 teklm. red. (Scintillation.method in radiometry] Stsintilliatsionnyi metod v radiometrii. By V.O.Viazemskii i dr. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo lit-ry v oblasti a-tomnoi nauki i tekbniki, 1961. 429 p. 14:9) (Scintillation counters) (Rumania--Bituminous materialsJ (Roofs) -. ~ 1. _. ~_ I-- I I 4~-. i-1-- ... I RUMN, Ya. L. j Book, 'Relay P ot Uian of Illigh-Voltage Networks' ;i Ele!ftrl- ~f n.j. Atahcjr ec i r Inst. :L-.. M. I. chestv--, 37c. ?2-, r'50- Cand, Technical Docent, .'RninFrad Polytecmical Kalinj.r~, VOLIDEK., A.I.- DOMNSKIY, B.I.; DRMINTKOV, V.S.; ZALESSKIY, A.M.; ICAMENSKlY, M.K.; KADITAN, V.V.; KASHKAROVp G.Ye.; KNEVETTER, Ye.l.; KLTMOV, A.N.; KOVALEV, N.N.; KOSTEITKO, M.P.; M.V.; NEYMATI, L.R.; PAVLOV, G.M.; RAVDONIK, V.S.; FUZIN, Ya.L.; SIDOROVI U.M.; SHRAMKOV, Ye.G. Professor Sergei Vasiltevich UEov., 1905- ; on his 60th birthday. Elektrichestvo no.11:86 N 165. (MIF-A. 18: 11) AUTHORS: I)Shchedrin, N. N., Doctor of Technical 30'V/105-56-7-32/32 Sciences, Corresponding Member, Academy of Sciences, AS Uzbek S-SRY 2)Auzt-a,_Ya_L__, Docent, Candidate of Technical Sciences, 3)~habadash, B. I., Docent TITLE: G.I.,Itabekov:"Theoretical Foundations of Relay Protection in High-Voltagre fletworks"(G.I.Atabekov. Teoreticheskiye osnovy releynoy zashchity vysokovolltnykh setey) 'PERIODICAL: Blektrichestva, 1958, ITr 7, PP. 95 96 (USSR) ABSTRACT: 344 pages. Price 19.8o Roubles. Goserierigoizdat Publishing House, 1957. This is a book review. The volume under review is a revi- sed edition of the author's book. published in 1949. The book corresponds to a sufficiently high scientific-technical standard and may be considered as the first part of a work.on the theory of relay protection. Two disciplines are combined in a correspond- ~n,- manner: relay protection engineerinC and,the theory for the calculation of short-circuits. Chapter 1: construction_a_Ad application of complex equivalent circuits. Chapter 2: ueffi~_d of locig applied to the investigation of the mode of operaAion of electric transmission lines. Chapter 3: method for the.-Cal- Card 1/3 cul,-tion of transient processes in high-voltage networks,-- Chap- C3 G.I.Atabekov. "Theoretical Foundations of Relay SOVA05-58-7-32/32 Protection in High-Voltage Networks" ter 4: filters for the aymmetrical component. Chapter 5: types of the foundations of the theory of the power control equipment. Chapter 6: distance protection. Chapter 7: high-frequency protec- tion. Chapter 8: devices for the detection of the defective phase in systems with automatic single phase repeater connection. Chapter 9: differential current protection and directed differen- tial protection (lines and bus bare). Chapter lo: devices which prevent an incorrect operation of the protection in the case of oscillations of the alternators and disturbances in the secondary circuits of the transformers. The book does not comprise all fields of relay protection engineering, but treats in a general foran a series of.important problems. Cert,:Lin unclear facts and errors are pointed out. There is I Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION: 2)Leningradskiy politekhnicheskiy~,institut (Leningrad Polytech- nical Institute) 3)Sredne-Aziats'ily politekhnicheskiy institut Card 2/3 (Central Asia Polytechnical Institute) ABRYUTITI, Viktor Nlkalnyevich; FRIDENBERG, Rikhard Arnolldovich; BULGAKOV, K.V., dote., retsenzent; RUZIN, Ya.L.j, dots., retsenzent; SHABADASH, B.I., dots., retsenzent;-MIPE'L., red. [Electrical section of large capacity thermal electric power plants] Elektricheskaia chast' moshchnykh teplo- vykh elektrostantsii; uchebnoe posobie, Leningrad, Se- vero-Zapadrrji zaochnyi politekhnicheskii in-t, 1962. 197 p. (MIRA 17:3) AERYUTIN, Viktor Nikolayevich; TIMOFEYEV, V.A., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof., retsenzent; GESSEN, V.Yu., dots., retsenzent; IVAIIOV, Y-2.A., dots., ret--enzent; EAKMIANSON, Ye.Ye., dots... dots., kand. tekhn. nauk,, retsen.zent; retsenzent;. ULZ14 KLIMOV, V.A., st..prepod., retsenzent; VOLIPE, L., red, [Electrorragnetic transients in electrical networks and systems] Elektromagnitnye perekhodnye protsessy v elektricheskikh se- tiakh i sistemakh; uchebnoe posobie. Leningrad, Severo-,,,.apad- nyi zaocYnyi. politekhn. in-t, 1962. 278 P. (MIRA 17:5) BASHARIN,- A.V.; BEIZAKOV, V.A.; DONSKOY, A.V.; NEYMAN, L.R.; RAVDONIK, V.S.; RENNE, V.T.; RUZIN, Ya.L.; SABININ, Yu.A.; USOV, S.V. Vasilii Gav7ilovich Drannikov, 1904 -; on his 60th birthday and the 35th anniversary of his theoretical and educational work. Elektrichestvo no-10:87 0 164. (MIRA 17:12) L 10229-66 CODE: UR101051641000161-6-50-01 87 AUTHOR: Basharin. A. Vo; Belyakov, V& A.; Donskay, A. V.; Hayman, L. P.- Ravdonlk bi nin, =YU. Us5v, S. V. V. S.- Ronne. V, T.; Ruzin, Ya. L.; Sa ORG: none TITIZ: Professor V. G. Drannikov (60th birthday w-A 35th anniversary of his scientific and pedagogical activity) SOURCE: Elektrichostv-3, no. 10, 19640 87 TOPIC TAGS.- electric engineering personnel, electric engineering ABSTRACT: Vaoilly Gavriloyich Drannikov was born In Ser~ukhov on 30 JUG 1904 to a worker's farilly. lie began as a textile worker at the "Proletariy" factory In 1920, trannforring to the Textile Institute In the same yo.Lr. In 1924 he was onrollod In the college of 4lootromechanlos at the LenIngrad Industrial Institute. In 1930 he became a candidate for an advanced degree' and began hie teac2~ career at the then newly organized Chair of "ElGk- troprivod" (Electric 2ower drives). One of hie first publications was the laboratory textbook 110predeloniye poterly tranamissil" (Determination of .transmission losses) In 1932. In 1931 be became an assistant and In 1934 ,a reader,(dooent) for the chair of "Promyoshlennoya lapollsovaniy* elek- tricheekay 9nsrgIV(1ndUsJri&1 uses of eleatrio power)* At that time bo- Card uDct 621 0 L-10229-66 ~cc -NR- AP6602410 became the f1rat In the USSR to lecture on the "use of Ionic-eloctronic devices In electric power drives." In 1939 Drannikov defended his dIs- sertation "TeoreticliGe-koye I exeperimentallnoye Issledovanlye rekotory* kh okberr, by* strogo vozbuzzlidonlya fezieratora Leonardall (Theoretical and experimental Invertigr-tion of certain bigb-opead excitation circuits for a Leonard generator). During the war Drannikoy was Chief Engineer at the Vologodskaya OblaW Cor=xnal Eoonon7 Directorate in charge of elect- ria power. Returning to_~ ~1ad In 1944, he took an active part in re- 12~ytochtiq -J]2-Qt$ e From 19,52 to 1965 he war. abroad on opening the P te&ching asslemients. Since 1958 be has been dean of the Chair of 11ZIek- troprivod I avtomatizatslya promyshlomny*kh ustanovok" (EleotrIc power "drives mid autorration of industrial equipment). He has written 10 books, -1Z texts, and PwW scientific paper6 on autowatlon and eleotrio driveo. For his scientific andi pedagogical activities he holds among other awards tbo "Znak yoobeta" (BiAge of Honor.)* Orige arte has$ 1 figural ffmff SUB CODE: 09 SUBX DATE: MW AY7T.NBERG, B.L.; ALUSANDROV, G.N.; GRIBOV, A.N.; GRUZDEV, I.A.; DOMANSKIY, B.I,; DUOINSKIY, L.A.; ZALESSKIY, A.M.1 KOSTENKO, M.P.; KOSTENKO, M.V.1 LEVINSHT":YNY M.L,t MIKIRTICHBV. A.A.; 14IKHAYLOVA, V.I.; KEYMAN, L.R.; ~BUZIffp Ya.L.~ SMIRNOV, V.S.; STEFANOV, K.S.; USOV, S.V.,- KHOBFRG, Y.A.j SffCHF~ftBACHEV, 03. Professor M.D.Kamenskii, on his 80th birthday. Elektrichestvo no.7s 92-93 il 163. (MIRA 180) 3o I(CF, L; a/01-3 5/6 Volldek A. I.; Domanskiy, 8. Drannlko~,, V. S.; Zalesskiy, A-_M F. Kantan, V. V.; Kashkarov, G. Ye.; Kizev-ettert Ye...I.; Klimov, A. N.; I To-valov, N. N.; Kostenko, M. P.; Xostenko,,M. V.; Heyman-, L. R.; Pavlov, G-~M-; 1?.ivdon1k,_V, S.; Ruzan, Ya. L.; Si~dforov,' M.'M.; Shramkov, Ye. G. 0RG: none TITLE: Professor Sergey Vasillyevich Usov, on his 60th birthday SOURCE: Elektrichestvo, no. 11, 1965, 86 TOPIC TAGS: academic personnel, electric engineering personnel,.electric power plant ABSTRACT: The noted Soviet.power specialist Profesror S. V. USOV, who was 60 years old last September, graduated from the LeningradskI3 elektrotekhnicheskiy Institut (Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute). in 1930 and then. for the next twenty years, worked for tl-,e I Lenenergo power system of which he became chief engineer In 1939- During the blockade of Leningrad he was head of the group which In 45 days managed to connect the beleaguered city with the Volkhovskaya hydroelectric station across the frozen Ladoga lake. He also carried out the adaptation of the boilers of the Leningrad thermal power plnnt to-consume the locally available fuel. In 1949 he.becnme professor and head of the Department of Electric Stations L-Card 1/2 UDC: ~ 621-311-1 I L 22429-66 ACC NR- AP6013617 r, ' ths~ Li-n I rigi-nd skly politeldin I r!u-:1cj yri~t tiz t (Len Ingrnd Poly-* 1r1:;t1t1V1-e) In. KfilliArl. lel ad(lit.."oll to his frultrill endkeavors, lie publl-SiU?d 50 PaPprs- From 1955 ~o 1958 he was a deputy director for scientific !n 1964 he wan eleated Dean of the Electropiechanleal Faculty of the institute. He joined the Party In 1942; from 1943 to 1955 was deputy president of the central board of the NTOEP CRauchno_ -tekhnichuskoye obshchestvo energeticheskoy promystilennosti; Scientific Engineering Society of Power Industrie2r, president of the section of power systems of NTOEP, and member of numerous scientifle-engIneering councils. For many years he was.a member of the editorial board of the journal Elektricheskiye stantsil (Electric Stations). For his contributions In the fie d of power engineering S. V. USOV was awarded the Order of-Lent AOrder of Red Banner of 'Labor, Or4er of Red Star, Badge of-Us-tinotion, and .the medals: "For the Defen3e of Leningrad" and "For Distinguished Service During thi Patriotic War." Orig. art. has: I.figure. [JPRS) SUB CODE: 10 SUBM DAM none Card 2/_2 L 22149-66 ACC NR, AP6012968 SOUWE CODE: UR/01-43/65/0c)O/()07/0130/01-31 AUTHOR: Smirnov, V. S.; Kostenko, M. P.; Neyman, L. R.; Kostenkop M. V.; 1-3 Domanskiy, B. I.; Zalesskiy, A. M.; Usov, S. V.; Ayzenberg, B. L.; Dubinskiy, L. A.; Aleksandrov, C. N.; Cribov, A. N.; Gruzdev, 1. A.; Levinshteyn, M. L.; Mikirtichevo A. A.; Mikhaylova, V, I.; Ruzin,_La! 1._.,*,jtefanov, K. S.; Khoberg, V. A.; Shcherbachev, 0. V. ORG: none TITLE: Honoring the 80th birthday of Mikhail Davidovich Kamenskiy SOURCE: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Energetika, no. 7, 1965, 130-131 TOPIC TAGS: electric.power engineering, electric engineering personnel, hydroelectric power plant, thermoelectric power plant ABSTRACT: iOn 19 April 1965 Prof. Dr. Teohn. Sol. Mikhail David- ovich Kamenskly celebrated his 80th birthday and the 55th anni- versary of his active work as a power expert. Mikhail Davidovich In a 1909 graduate of the Petersburg Polyteohnio Institute - alnoe his graduation he has been assoolated with this Inatitue# now renamed lAnIngrad Polytechnic Institute, as an Instructor. He 18~ a major solentlat and apecialist In eleotrIo power grids and arm-; temst He has been a major oontributor to the establishment of the lAnIngrad Power Orld-and varloua large thermal and hydro- L 22149-66 ACC NRt AP6012968 electric power stations and an active participant In the design and construction of high-'and low-voitage power systems In many cities of the Soviet Union. During the Siege of Leningrad In World War II he was a member of the Municipal Party Defense Com- mittee. Since the war Mikhail Davidovich has been head of the- Chair of Electric Power Grids and Systems at the Leningrad Poly- technic Institute and has been working on the methods of calcu- lating the economic regimes of,power system operation nnd on the problems of the-present-day development of urban power systems. M.D. Kamenskiy has published more than 80 works, Including both original studies as well as textbooks that are popular In the Soviet Union and abroad. He is the chairman of the Section on, Power Systems and Grids under the Leningrad Division of the Sol- entiflo and Technical Division of the Power Industry and organizer' .of and participant in many solentiflo-tachnioal conferences and meetings, His merits an an educator of a now school of Soviet power engineera ire equally large. Orig. art.,hae: 1 figure. CJPRSI ,SUB CODE: 10 SLBM DATE: none card 2/2 ditu SMIRNOV, V.S.;.KoSTENKO, M.P.; MMAN, L.R.; KOSTEKKO, M.V.; DOMANSKIY, B.I.; ZALFZSKIY, A.M.; USOV, ~.V.; AYZENBFRG, B.L.; DUBINSKIY, L.A.; ALEKSANDPOV, G.H.; rRIWV, A.N.; GRUZDEV, I.A.; LEVINSHTEYN, M.L.; MIKIRTIOEV, A.A.; MIKKAYLOVA, V.I.; ~UZR!_t YiL.L.; STUANOV9 K.S.; KHOBFRG, V.A.; SHCHERBACHEV, O,V. M.D. KEanenskii; on his 80th YLrthday. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; energ. 8 no."fr130-13i 'Jl 165. (MIRA 18i9) Thervoclynamic calculaLlon of the carbonyintion of butylenes. with wcter vapar. Trudy Bashlill '4,P no.7~81-82 164. (MIRA 170)