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27313 P/046/60/005/*/002/018 Neutron spectrum temperature D249/D303 ween 3460 and 383'K,were found. The computation error of the absolu- te temperature was found to be 280K, due principally to the ina- ccuracy of the cadmium ratio measurements, but since the sensitivi- ty of the,� 40K this cannot explain the dispersion of the .results. Calculations made by Method 2 do not,involve the cadmium ratiog and theestimated error is only � 1401. The authors feel that theresult 350�140K, given by a set of.measurements for which the resuits of both methods of calculation are very close, can be relied upong and this is in good agreement with measurements made .,with a crystal apectrometer and by a time of flight method..The authors thank D. O'Connor, D.Sc., and J. Boonowski, V.Sc. for in- formation on filter constants and help in the crystal spectrometer measurementso J.* Topa, X.Sc. and Wo Kaczmarekj X#Scaq~for help in the-measurements, Mrs.:E.:Weiss for -the calculations, and K. Kowal- skag X.Sc. for valuable comments on the paper. There are 3 tables, and 13 figures. 410SOCIATION:,Inatitute of NuclearResearch, Warsaw. Reactor Engi- neering Department SUBMITTED: July 1960 Card 8/8 ACIMS SION NR: :AP4005912 P/0046/63/008/069/0587/05,93. AU~MOR: Rz'eszot, Tadeusz'; Varda, Eugeniu`s~ ------------ TITLE: Investigation of 'the influence of a scattering,sample an', neutron temperature distfib'ution in the VVR-S reactdr-core n SOVRCE: Nukleonika,. v o. 9) 1963, 5~7-593 ~Tq;~Ic TAGS: neutron scattering, VVR-S reactor, boron glass filter Met'4od, neutron tempe-rature,' cadmium ratio*, thermal neutron, neutron scatterer effect,~'temDerature distributi neutron beam temperature- ABSTRACT: The effect of neutron scattering samples (water, graphite,_~,,:,` and lead) on neutron tempdraeure distribJVLon in theLtleactor core has been investigated by the -%oron-glass Yfilter methibcf in a VVR-S, "~,.,.'reactor. The specimens were 'placed in. aneltluminum tlibFe (inner-diam t eter, 60 mm, and length,. 6" M~ which was Prahsed through the reactor core (see Fig. 1 of the Erlclo'sure). A cad&ium :tube, Apresenting the . .. .. fi,r~t part of the collimatfor: was inserteVin the alli4inum tube and thus permitted the extraceiA of the neutrdn beam fr6nf the scatterer,:., whIch was located in the dlu(minum tube. The extractidi beam was then~_:,..-: Card' 1/,4 85442 A22?JA026, 'AUTHOR- Rzeszot, Tadeusz TITLE: Measurement of Angular Distribution of Neutron-,91.ream Dispersed From Reactor Channel Nukleonika, 1960, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 191,- 194 TEXT: Horizontal,angular disVibution-,of neutrons dispersed from the first horizontal channel of "W" reactor-Was measured for,reae'tor capacities of,50 and 200 kw respectively: A proportional BF3 counter was used as neutron detector. The counter was placed in a shield made of a paraffin and boric acid mixture. The beam of neutrons-was directed along the axi's of,the counter. Parameters of the amplification system were established in accordance with tests as published in the author's paper."Kanaly pomiarowe z licznikami proporejonalnymi BF3, Opra- cowanie Nr. 17 Zakkadu DC IBJT" (Test channels with proportional BF counters$ Work No. 17 of Department IX, Nuclear Research Institute). The f2ow-ing elec- tronic equipment was used in the test: 1) high-voltage supply stabilized' 4 kv, bui:Lt by zKT-R of Politechnika Warszawska (Warsaw Polytechnic); 2) pulse amplifier.ZPT-00160 with, a preamplifier3 3) Soviet. converter FS 10000. The para- Card 1/ 3 85442 P/046/60005/004/002/007. A22P-/AO26 Measurement~of Angular Distribution of Neutron Stream Dispersed From Reactor Channel, meters ofAheamplificatIon system were set ats differentiation constant 0.6/" integration constant 0.1,us amplification'80 db., discrimination voltage 30 v. A .proportional EF counter type NUM 3OW was used as detector, Iand operated on 2J600v. Counter and collimator were placed on a platform hinged by a vertical bolt at tI Lill outlet of the channel; the system made possible circumferiential motion of the counter at a radius of 4 meters with the outlet of the chan-ael as center, within an angle of 0 - 600. Tests.were made at every degree up to an angle of 50 and every 5.0 within the range of 50 to 600. Results of the test are shown in Figure 3 and in a table. The test procedure was performed once at a reactor power of .50 kw~and another time at a reactor power of 200 kw. Thus, at t-hepower of 50 kw, 11,36o, 5,848, 2,032 and 1,310 pulses per minutewere recorded at. the angles of- 10, 20, 40 and 60' respectively. The respective numbers of pulses recorded at a ~power of 200 kw were 46,042, 23,446, 8,2_P4 and 5,035. The number of pulses is proportional to reactor power within the angles of 10 to 600. Below 100 the distribution is no more proportional, and below 20 the counter Jammed.-. The co-n- elusion drawn by the author is that angular distribution of the. Card 2/3 RZESZOT, Tadeusz; WEISS, Zbigniew 'Neutron spectrum temperature measurements by means,of baron-glass filtera. Muklan"ika 5 no.11:689-703 160. 5/c,51 /63//000/001/04 01/o61 14 4 -18 6 AUTTIORS. Sawlewicz Joze f Rzeszotarskit VlacTaw TITLE: Synthesis of hydroxy alkyl derivatives of benzimidazolle thionp-2 PERIODICAL: Re f ratlvnyy zhurnal Khimiya, no. 1 -196.3, 23'/1, abstract M163 (Runzn. chem it 1 36, no. 5,~1962, 865-872 er. summurieo in Pol. and rtus6. G L T MU In an inveutigaLion of substan ces with thyreos tatic effect, mono and dihydroxy alkyl benzimidazole thloneG-22 (I) NR Nit I were' synthesized. by reacticift 0 the correi0onding N-sulbstitu,ted, o-phenylene diamines with K3C(s)OC If Under thq effect of I (R = hydr6xv 215'. :41kyl. R1 H) yield 3-hydroxy methyl derivatives.- Benzimidazole thione-2 in enol form (11) Card 1/5 -1CA- 116 3/00 0100110401061 Synthesi's of hydroxy ulkyl B I it/bi 86 ' 2)-SR N (Iia) re a c to Yi th ethylene o'xide f oniting II (H it, ' O-acetyl R' CH CH 011) (11b). and 0- benz oyl tlarivut.iver, of are , - obtaine d. The solution of 7.5 alcobol is - mixed with 9 of Ila in 150 ml 2.2 g ethylene Oxide and kept i n a closed vessel for 214 his at 6000, the solvent is distilled in vucuo; the residue As extracted with boilin g CIIC13; the extract is evaporate d; a nd Ilb i3 obtained (11 ere and below the following data are. given; th6 gross formula~of tho'compounds obtained, the yield- in ,ii" and the m.D.Jn 0 C) C 1i RM, 54,J26-12 1 of 9 HID is iicetylated with ~4 tal. (Cu CO) 0 in 5 11&, Pyridine (heated for: 1 hr) 2 and 0-,ace tyl-IIb. is' obtained: C H HI 0 S 1' 502 139-90:(from C11 OH)_ 2 1 3 1 3 3 4 Bonzoyl-a Lion of I g .of 11b,bY 3 . . inl C U 010 C I in py~ridine. (24 hra, ~20 0 6 5 yie).ds O-benzcyl-Ilb: C H. N 23 is 2 0 S,'52, I C14-106 (from CH-OH). 3 g KOH 3 Card 2/5 -108Y6 3/000/0.01/040/061 Synthesis of1hydroxy alkyl I B186 B 44 R, CII2011) C10 it 12 If2 03S (IC), ?I 1,20-122~(decomposition; from benzene). 0 4 9 of Ic, 10 I'll (Gil and 0.4 a anhydrous Gil 'COONa, are boiled for 3GO)20 3 min, poured into ice waterq~ and- di-0-ftce-tyl-Ic is obtained: ro ben ene-petroleu C H N 0 s, 37-i39 (f M m ether) . Benzoylation of 14 16 2 4 Ic yields di-O-benzoyl-ic: C if N 0 St 59, 157-5-156-5. From 6.6,g of 24 20 2 4 o-NfL C TI NHCH Cil C11 Off and KSC(S)OC H (boiled for 3 hre) I is obtained 6 4 2 2 2 2 5 (H CH2 CH 2 Cif 2011, 111 = 11), C10 U.) 2 2 8o 165-165.5 (from water); O-acetyl-Id. C. 11 N 0 S , 69 80-81 (frofn CH Off);.0-benzo 1-Id: y 14 16 2 31 3 C 11 YJ 0 S 65, .117-118 (from Off 011). 5.2 g of C. 6H 5](Cif 2CH 2 Cil 20H 2-0 24 20 2 3. 3 4- and IKSC(S)OC 1-1 (boiled for 6,lirs) yield. I (R RI CH C11 Cq OH), 2 5 2 2 '2 aqueous CH 011) -acetyl-Ie; C131118119- 02 3 (Ie), 40,1174-176,1(from 3 C H ff 0 S, 77 119-120 .(from Oil OEI); O-benzoyl-le- 0 17 122 2 4 3 27 R261120,,S,' 76, .156-158 (from CH OH) I of Id. reacts with CH 0 (boiled for I hr) 2 Card 4/5 L 41763-66 ACC Nih A;WWO4 (N) SOURCE CODE: PO/00"/66/040/003/0493/0494 AUTHOR: Rzeszotarski, Waclaw; Ledochowski. (Deceased) tri>;i. ORG: Laboratory No. 8, Organic Synthesis Institute, Polish Xc'as7r of Sciences Gdansk (Zaklad Syntezy Organicznej PAN, Pracownia Nr. 8): TITLE:..Research of tumor inhibiting compounds. XXXIII. Derivatives of 9-methylacridine. IV. Synthesis of Di_(2-chloroethyl)-91-acridizyl methyl-sulfonium chloride SOURCE: R6czniki chemii-annales societatis.chimicae polonorum,. V, 40, no. 3, 1966, 493-494 70PIC TAGS: cancer drug, chemical synthesis ABSTRACT: Di-(2-hydro)Wethyl)91-acryldimethyl-sul-fon brmnMe--wau--abtained`by- reacting 9-bromoethyl-acridine with thiodiglycol. .This, compound~vss transferred into the-hydrochloride salt of,thachloride the.acugn of HC1. Reaction of the latter with.thionyl chloride yielded the-HOI-salt-of di-~(2-chloroethyl 9f-acryldimethyl sulfonium. chloride. The authors thank Doctor E& Kozlowski for analysis. [Orig. art. in carrying out the microelementary German) JPRS. 36,0021. SUB CODE: 07, 06 SUBM DATE: 28AU964 'OTH REFI, 001 V 't_"s rnr,4 1/1, Oon T POL'sm/Discasco of Farm ~aiimlo i Diseases Caused b-.,,, W~ctcri-- mid R Fmgi ,bs Jour Zhur Ri 01. 110 iq~ 1958 No 88234 , _'Uthol: Broda, Boloslay; Rzesz-011SI;i K zimierz List TitIc inti-Erysipelatouss Effects of Serophul;:~via nadosa L. md of Caffeic I*Icid Ori:-~ Pub polon pharrmc. 1957, 15j ITo 5.1 38;)-~824- ~bs-bract treatinG ovine In fold medicine, S., aoOosn is used in, Orysipolds. In the i7oots cnd-subtarrancan rootstocks of this pix-ait, tannic-c'-'ai-foic ~~cic'_ Well as cia=I-incl malic , r-nd v as , J ' ' t~."rt~aric acids -wnar;.2 :CotlaC~.. In ordar to av'~.Iu~..t;a tile plcmt Is i&!dicir_~l pro~?j:.,tiOo ~2._ _`J~iments were ----t un with s ano ton. no iuf -i' -it of scores of, pigum --c' Od by the.causctivc., ,C- arysipel-, as. P.Irtly cmd partly by, hiouth, the infec- ted birds. a ted decoctio o' the S.~~ wer ~,ivon L'~ concentra .1 nodos;~% T)IazLt's,fr,2shIi7ootq indcsas which uare not toxid for.. them. I'lledic-inn.1 eff-,c-us voro clecrly. soon. n--tractions 1/2 POLUTD/Chemical Teel-Molor,,Zr Mer.Lical Products aad Their H. Application. Sy,:,thetic and Hatural. Mediciual Subs- tances. Galelicals ind Medicinal Forms Abs jour Ref 711tw xhioiya~ 17 1959, 36009 lo 10, Autihor Kotula, Zb., Herman, 11-~ lizewnis, Kr. Inst -------- - Title The Solubility of Stroptoi.-iycin HyOr,)chloridc in a, Mixture of Methyl Alcohol and Acetorc.' OriG Pub Acta polon. pharmac., 1958, 15, iTo 4, 295-296. J 'ibstract There were c' e trr., i,, i e dthe i-Axture solubilities of 9p, 85,: 80, 75, 70, 65; 50 mid 40% acetone and the correspondinG 10, 15, 1", 25, 30> 35, 50 and 60~ uict]hyl alcohol. The data, r _~scated UalYnically by tables and curves, ran y be utilized in the establisl-ment of the mst favorable conditions for the extraction of streptomycin hydroch-lo- riele from mothanol solutions. I. Fodiman Card 1/1 n- 15 " ' ' I FELACA see. /3 Chest. D.1s. Far, 60 oo~ I OF LUNG TISSUE AND TRACf 761. RESECTION IEOPROANCIIIAL LYNlPlf NODES IIN TUBERCULOUS CHILDRrN - Resekcja tkanki ptucncj i wyciqcie wvzl6w tchawiczo-oskrzelowych z powodu gruilicy u dzieci -. 11%. Z C P e C ki '7- 1 T. Odd. Torakochir. D.S.O. P w Rabee GRUZLICA 1959, Z1312T572317" -Ir-ables 3 Illus. 7 The author has carried out 158 pulmonary resections in chilaren for pulmonary tb or post-tb chanpes. 129 of these children were less than 15 yr. old and 29 were 'so there older than 15 yr. The early postoperative mortality amounted to 0.6417e. At were only few postopciative complications. Two children presented severe hae- morrhage in the resection cavity after -the operation. Three other children develluped bronchial fistulae at an early stage. Chylothorax occurred in one case; in 4 other cases there was a flare-up of the tuberculous changes in the, contra.- lateral lung and one child developed infaretion of the mesentery of the sinall in- testine. Resection of the tracheobronchiaf lymph nodes w" performed in 2 child- ren. The difficulty of this operation is emphasized. The low mortality rate and the low,incidence of postoperative complications justify more extensive t~se of resec- tion in children with tt: alterations. NN.Iarrn Lddi (,NV,7,9) J 4~ L - -------------- lilt tilt EX-UFRPTI MEEDICA Sec 15 Vol 9/11 Chest Diseases Nov 56 2670. RKEPECKIT. I-i -C-71-$ ru-c- 0 s I i - 0 p1 gru- slic 1.1tork thoracoplasty in the'rea ment of pulmonary tuberculosis (;!iUZI,ICA 16 lilus. 11 11 as tile atival Eal-tv results of tilt- osteoplastic lljOrk tLoraeoplasty as we 1111ge till] 11'. and drawbacks of tilt! method are discussed. At the iololowski !~Llnatovi Zakopane, 22 iijork thoricoplasties wert, performed, 17 oi tht-se being prinia thuracoplasties and 5 post-resection till) ra coil )a s tv vs. Tilt- -,f tilt- V.11.1v results Lndicates ffial the IIj?5rk thoractiplasty is less radical than tilt! usual une sii~cc it does not result in concentric collipse, and lilt- fimil resulls'are Worst- that,. thast. r ifter the usinil tho-acopiasty. 'rhv ronow-up (fron, .f to it) invilths) illowed: "'osille of c.-wilv: 4 cases; residual cavities: 6 c;ises; suspicion of exenvation: 5 czo~vs. One fintient died of operative shock- in one v:k:ie resvi-lioll of litillnollary tissile Was Theoptnion tt~ held that the intiteations (tw tilt! llji*li*k lilkwactlplastY ar,: necessary. ametet avities of less than 3 ent. in di. - with stuall surrutuiding lesions loca.'tzed in c. the apex of the l'ung. fit resection of pulmonary tissue the Ilj8rk seems to have a theoretically justified advantage over the standard techniques. At the Sokolowski S-inatorinin .2 technicil modifications %v---re introduced: ( I) Stiture of the dorsal part of the 2nd rib ill tilt- transversc I)t*c)ct,.,;.,; of alt- .51h vvrlvl,l,;l. wll:ch does not inflm~nee tile degree of collapse. (2) nktai cio,.urts if tht.,wotio(i %v itii(jt:t drainage, which proved favourable. L F- L -1 C", r~r-67 L: -1/000 Coll ACC NR; ;.?60228 SOURZE, CODE:. P6/ 016;2~66/OCC/003 AUiHOR: Bekiosinsk-i, Master Engiineezl). Rzewski, Henryk (Master Engineer) OFZ: none TITLE: Effect of water in the --;,Uel on the operattion of a tu~`bine eng SOUME: Tochnilra ILoz;nicza i astronautyczna, no 3, 1966, 6-11 TOPT TjGS: f ine engine, fuel pro erty,fuel t(s, 1 -01 fuel, fuel contamination,turb p t :,3STH,,,CT The article discusses the roblen of the o' ect of.water con on' in 'uels p on the onoration ol turbines engines, the causoo of the acci-,mulation Of -water in fueli =d its ef~;,,CCL .G on tne individual elements of t2o-two most used food systems, -.he 1,ucas syster, a;id t1nka c.osed sysuor. wrlicri 13 LL sorowrla_~a betwoen the Lucas and the jurkers system, Mathods of coznng with, t he -oroblem and of controlling! and t`-e fUG! for water content just before loading the pl&.o tank.aro a a an t U r~ is~ elect w Z-1. . --'-a most affactive mothod of oliminatln- water from fuel rical mothcd 'whic'.n., Whon uZed cn ty-pa hav4n- a wa' tor conzon- of 3' reduces whe at , 01 cont,,01 'o t C; wa4[,G_,* ccntont to O.Cocu,-6,,al. Tt is in~cd out 6". Lu r wa 11, conarat Must-, Z, Carricd not onlv in t,-e lalbazatory, but J;=.rodiately bc-foro proflig*.qt Ing. d3 for~t1--r- Pz0fli-~"t cc.-Itro' oi' wa e:.- ccnt,:~:nt n -ucl are disc Ussrad. Orig. ,art. ao; 9 ~.I~U_Ia3 L~. CL 0. R2- 002/1, SOV RK':, 001 ACC NR: AP7000958 SOURCE: CODE: po/0047/66/017/005/05,25/053 AUTHOR: Rzewski H. ORG: Institute for Nuclear.Research,:Swierk (Instytut Badan Jadrowych) TITLE: Metastable defects in germanium !SOURCE: Postepy fizyki, v. 17, no. 5, 1966, 525-536 ITOPTC TAGS: electron bombardment,. germanium property, metastable state ABSTRACT: The methods for creating and determining the magnitude of metastablede- fects in germanium are reviewed.and evaluated. A model of the metastable state of. Ithe Frenkel's couple hole-interstitial atom, proposed by G. K. Wertheim,(Phys.,Rev., 11 115, 568, 1959) and J. W. Mackay and E..E. Klont Iz (Radiation Damage in Solids,, 3)-, 27,1962 Proceedings, Venice), is discuss ed in.detail. It .is Ipointed out I that all lother defects caused byelectronic bombardment result from. modification of the Frenkel! idefect. The efficiency of creatin the defec Its is a.function of the irradiation. 9 1temperature and increases rapidly with the temperature. A new method of producing ~,e- fects in N-type germanium, briefly discussed by the author earlier, is,"Lurther dis- !cussed. It consists of the bombardment of the sample by means of a short pulse.o.C '~'J_MeV electrons from a Van de Graaf accelerator.. Th advantage of the method is the e elimination of'the temperature effects which are generally harmful to the process.1 Orig. art. has: 6 formulas and 7 figures.-. SUB CODE: ll/ 20/ SUBM DATE:~,none/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH REF: ~019 Card -8/0C4/0O7 A (0-1.00 XUTHOR. Rzewuski, Henry.1c - - ----- --- TITLE: The Effect:of Reactor Past-Neutrons on Semiconductors PERIODICAL.- Nukleonika, 1960, Vol. 5, No 7-8, pp.-461-465 TEM. The paper presented at the reactor conference of Socialist Coun- tries, corivened-a:t Rossendorf on June 13 to 181 1960, and4rittern in English language, gives an outline of investigations on the effects of fast-~neutron: bombardment upon solids,and semiconductors. The investigation was carried out by,the Zaklad I:B-.Fiuk-i Jadrowej Ln~itytutu Badah J?.drowych (IB Department of Nucle itute-of Nuclear Research), with the use of the WWR- ar Physies tit thejnt S reactor in Swierk (Warsaw). Thed0endence of electric, co ductivity, resisti ve n vity and photoconductivity on the time of irradiation in n-type- germanium sample has been determined and i sgiven in a graph (Figure 1). The research will be continued. The res and 4 refe, -s- 3 Engli-sh and I So- re 11ri renoc vie t. ASSOCIATION: Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Research, arsaw, Department of Nuclear Physies SUBMITTEM May 9, .1960 Card 1/1 ,~6k_Nk- Ai~625064 SOURCE CODE PO/0044/66/000/005/001-9/OOL>7 AUTHOR: Rzewski,, H.''.(major; master Engineer); Bekiesinskis R. (Master Engineer) ORG: None TITIE: Accidental stopping,of turbojet engine and starting it again:in flight SOURCE: WoJskovy przeglad lotniczy, no- 5, 1966,-19-~2t, SUB CODE: 21/ SUB,%I DATE: none/~ ORIG REV;: 002/ SOV REF: 002/ Om BEF: 003,' Card 1/1 *210 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . all u1" Card 1/1 -~Ths t ?i approxim %orimlinutidn All fix oil -.~~RZEWUSJ .. ..... .. ID F Kglwi Rzew-uskii- Icki A. Non-local problems in, the. calciil~~ itio - in.'Polon.~tath.4(1957);30--:39. A In part I [sarrie Ann.:2.(1955). 77L_46; AIR4701861] the d thc~ fi f authors conside rstvariation or the Problem of- re minimizing a functional of the fi b jb,L~~, i% f here q is ~i function o a single variable Jn this paper w an ' theorem As~.derived .16i~ the.-- near in egro--- oscillation differential equation which. is''th6 - Eulei-1iigiange equa-- _ 'un er - en'the int~gmiid L is'a tide for I %6 46a:dmfit form the assump, i hait there fion t - - , , ~ -a so utio v en a n ranieterIziffifly of I pa are xe ns h, d_ ' ~ ofid order,' .ads -th6soutionso asec 61utioniare 6 1 f Theii the i e'quation,` s- Al f linear differential o t te.,classical worem. o ' di_ - ti ri_ of 'd Siunn ~~i~li~s:-Al~o.tfie'~e co4d,varia o the integr, ' : and: sufficient condition s for a wezik ~ minim um -are dis-- cussed. e a di�serb fAttention should be 11 d to ation, by A. R. Y Jacoby (Iterated integrals in the- calculus -of Vanation - Univ. Chica 1946 i film c go. in cro ovies obtainable from.... Ar J . I q 630148 CLAMWAL THEORY. I . Qwg I _267 warnw: 7 i n back on lb. them al I Uid; writt ?us is I, stoft of QV-nb-M thecory. An 38 UKIOOU 14 britt account of tomw tonsor Bel" Intradn"As a icaw do" on Ow d1l'i, r suams of tM La poop; with. i format iny r9lon-Theroan- Of am a numems examikeof Ids a" and inediods od malakiam, 10 intersedmiji-, noie to a 4~t&Uod dkWAr as j inctudlog non-Imal l J C T or . , ay imu M./me3retical physics - Quantum Theory -)f Fields B Bibs J-.)ur Ref ZhurTizika, No 1, 1960, 2c8 of infinitely si-mll transfirmations,.and their com- mutations relations are folmd., CorrcspoiidinGly~ the parameters correspond to thirteen con- servation laws. . Six of these correspond to invaria. ce under ordinary coordinate rotations, and the other six, it is pr3p,3sed to connect six more with rotations in isotipic space, while the renaining one is to be comiected, with the conservation of the number, of ba- ry-ans. In the preceding articles.the theory was fz)r- mulated in four-dii-.iensional conplex spinor space; it is found ti be more convenient tj go -aver to an eiek-t Aitmensional real spinor space. Card 2/2 0 67356 AUTHOR: Rzewuski. J. POL/45-18-6-?/5 TITLE: Dif f er!a~~~~n the~Spinor Space PERIODICAL: AcIta Physica,Polonica, 1959, Vol 18,1Nr 6, Pp 549-572 (Poland) ABSTIRACT: The present paper is a continuation of several earlier inves- tigatilons,in.this field. :The author endeavors to, describe physical lavf sin an eight-dimensional spinor space rather than in the four-wdimensional Minkowski space. -Some covariant differential equations are investigatedin the. spinor space, and are compared with .the corresponding Dirac- or. Klein-Gordon equations in the:Minkoviski space. first gives a~- survey ofthemostimportant results obtained in earlier papers (I -.IV). The bilinear connectionof the eight real spinor variables Re z , Re z*, Im z and Imz' (u 112) with a a a a the four.vector,,variables 1,...4) is investigated in de,tail. Far the.purpose of,solving the general differential equations, besides thevector va,riables,.four variables y-, 1 92' which are independent of the former are introduced for Card 1/2 y3p y4t 7