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BOBIRNAC, B.; COSTESCU, C.; SANDA, Emilia.(Craiova) Notes on the Morodco locust (Dociostaurus maroccanus Thumb.) in . Oltenia. Natura Biologie 15 no.6-.87-90 N-D 163. 1 SMIDA, F. Safety of the work with building machines. (Supplement) P. 73. INZEHYRSKE, STAVBY. (Ministerstvo stavebnietvi) Prahao Czechoslovakia. Vol. 7, no. 7, July 1959 Monthly List of Fast European Accessions (FEAI) LC Vol. 8. no. 11, Nov. 1959 Uncl. Allergology RUMAN I A SANDA, Gh., Major, Medical Corps; and BOGGDAN, 1,, Dr. "Allergic Gastroenteropathy Mimicking Acute.Surgical Abdomen" Bucharesti-Rdylsta'Sanitara Militara, Vol 62, No. 6, Nov-Dec 66, p. 1029- 1036 Abstract: Description of two cases in men, both of which were con- sidered surgical abdombnal emergencies and so treated until it became obvious that an allergic reaction was involved, Discussion of the many difficutt dlagnostfc~ problems, and of the therapeutic possibilities in- cluding hyperoxia. 29 Rumanian# 18 Western references. Manuscript received 26 Feb 66. jtlr., Inz. Arch. :,-onstruction of standardized nursing homes for the chronically ill. Oesk. zdravot. 6 no.4:159-162 Apr 58. 1. ~i-4udijnl a typisacni ustav v Praze. (MRONIG DISFASE, institutional care of chronically ill patients in Czech. (Qz))- (SAIWORIA, nursing home standprd. for care of chronically ill (Cz)) SANDA, J., In~- Arch. ; 1301M.0, V. , Inz**. Arch. ; REMOVA-MOURALOVA, H., IRJDr. Patho-anntomical department in regional hospitals. Ceek. zdravot. 7 no-7:366-373 Aug 59 l...Ministerstvo zdravotnictvi. (HOSPITAIS) (PATHOLOGY) *I-III BOHAC, V., Tnz.Arch~; -;ANDA. -J,. Inz.Arch.. Studies on wards for patients with chronic infectious tuberculosis. Cesk. zdravot. 7 no.8:469-471 S 159 1. Kinisteretvo zdravotnictvl.'- (for Bohac). 2. Studijni a typizacni ustav v Praze (for Sands). (TUB]IRGUIDSIS, therapy) (HOSP ITA 16 SANDA, J., Inz. Starting powder clutch. Strojirenstvi 13 no.9s643-653 S 163. 1 1. Vyzkumny ustav energetickych zarizeni, Brno. VODACEK, 0., inz., SANDA, J.Y InL.; PICKA, V., -Jr.z. Ccm,parison of boilers with various coa' gr-ndirg systems and their L , L suitab-1.1-Lty for heavy duty units. Strojirenstvi 14 no.11:866-870 N 164. 1. Research Institute of Electric Equipment, Brno. SANDA., Ludek Branc!h level stwnlardizatic) . Iformali7ace 12 no.10.274-276 0 164. 1. Researah Institute of the Wool Industry, Brno. SANDA, M. "Politicall education of the airplane model builders." p. ?04 (Tetecky Modelar) Val. 8, no. 9, Sept. 1957 Pra.gue, Czechoslovakia SO: Mlonthly Index of East European Accessions (M,,4I) LC. Vol. 7, no. 4, .4pril 1958 MELICHLR, M.;GHAJARAIA, M.;KRAL, J.;KALY. J.; PHNEGHTIL, M.;RUSW, V.;SMECKA, V.;SOLIGH, J.;SANIM, M.;ZAGEK, H.' 0--anuftwda Working schedule for pharmacy students in 1952. Cask. farm. 1 no.10: 6o5-6i2 1952. (CLJtL 23:4) 1. Of the Department of Galenic Fharmacy of Masaryk University, Brno. CZECHCSLOVAKU,,/Chemical Technology. Chemical Products and Their.Application. Medicinals.,Vitamins. Antibiotics. H-17- Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Xhin-, No 13, 1958, 44310. Author Melichar M., Precechtel M., Sanda M. Inst Title Preparation and Control of Aromatic Waters and Spirits in Accordance with PhDs-*2. Orig Pub: Farvncia, 1955, 24, No 1, 9-14. Abstract: Arovatic waters (AW) and spirits (AS) wre prepared by dilution of the corresponding concentrates: AW concentrations and oleo-balsamic spirits. Essen- tial oils which are components of the concantrates are first freed of terpenes by dissolution in alco- hol and filtration; on dilution with water (2:100) they should produce no turbidity. For the charac- Card 1/2 44 CZECH OSLO WJUIVChenical Tuchnology. Chonical H Products an6 Their 1~pplications. Medicinal Substances. Vitanins. i.ntibiotics. 1xbs Jour 3 Rof Zhur-Khimiyi,- No 6, 19599 20542 kuthor :Kral, Jaroslav; Procechtel. N-ilan; Sanda, 11iroslav Inst : Title :The Production Inspection of Injection Solutions. OriE Pub :Farmacia (Ceskosl.), 1957, 26, No 3, 71-76 bstract :No abstract. Card 1/1 Author :Mal%r, Josef; Sanda, Miroslav Inst : Title :New Packing Materials and the Packing of Medicinal Preparations. Orig Pub :Farmacia (Ceskosl.), 1957, 36, No 5, 141-157 Abstract :A revievi. Bibliography, 44 titles. Card 3 MALY, J.; SANDA,, M. r ~- - Pharmaceutical vehicle3. V. Vehicle material as the source of incompatibility. Cesk. farm. 11 no.6:324-329 Jl 162. 1. Ustav galanicke farmacie, farmaceuticka fakulta, Brno. (VEHICLES) (CHMISTRY PHAWACMICAL) MMKA,Y.; SKALA,E.; PESAK,M.; .HMCHAR,M.; SAVDA, M. Cleaning transfusion bottles with detergents. Cesk. farm. 12 no.8t4.11-416 0163. 1. Vojensky lekarsky v-rzku=y a doskolovaci ustavy Hradec Kralove; Ustredni. vojenska nemocnice, Praha; Lekarska fa- kulta PU, Olomouc. EYCHRPTA MEEEEICA S7C 18 Vol 3/1 C~rdici. Dis. Jan 59 3F). Transinissibilily ol cardiac electric lields Contributii la studial transmisibilit5tii cimpurilor electrice cardiace. IONESCU V., BI-tT-MAs- E., PASCALOV-STOENESCU L and SANDA T. InSt. de FiSZiOl Norm. ,;i Patol. Trof. Dr. D. Danielopolu', Secl. .Elect-riff fizio , Bucure�ti Rev. Fiziol. norni. patol. 1957, 41i2 (128-M) Illus. 2 The investigations of Dubouloz(Acla cardiol. 1953), Jouve (Arch. Mal, Coeur, 1955) and Van llogaert (Arch. Mal. Cocur, 1955) are mentioned and a personal investiga- tion oil (logs, rabbits and frogs, and also on human subjects, is reported. The beha- viour oil insulating materials with respect to electric fields of low intensity, not with respect to electric currents, was studied by placing a sheet of rubber on the skill under the recording electrode. It was found that insulating rubber, despite its electrical resistance, permits the propaption of cardiac electric fields. It is suggested that in the experiments of Jouve and N an Bogaert the cardiac potentials were partl transmitted by the insulating sac itself, and also by the contact of the heart witK neighbouring tissues, which was still possible, Jouve's experiment!; do not provide sufficient confirmation for Dubouloz' hypothesis according to which the effects of the polarized volume, constituted by the ventricular masses, are comparable with the effects of a plane area (of dipoles) of variable force, occupying the orifice of this volume, i.e. the base of the ventricles. Graur - Bucharest (11, 18) 4 SANDA, Vlastimil 00 analy-ticky-2h metodach k urocovani chemickych konservovadel ve vyrobeich s ovoce a zeleniny"'. (Analy-tic methods for the determination of chemical preservatives in fruit and vegetable products). SO: Chemis (Rrague) 7: 203-06, 1951. - - . , 1. d . - -_: . .. - J 2563, Deteradation of br PAW ' C chrotantogrAvby. VA.VindaiCeskost, Format. 1034 z E, 3 [3], 70-83 Refepu No. 50 264).~Aicarbic acid is chromatographed on' Schlr0her and Schfill No, 602 pyer', with so , U cent. nieth=Q). as Solvent. the Rr value is 0-7 to I S. S R Q with water - ii-hatainul - glacial , acctic 'acid.. . (50:40:14-5) it is-0-6 to 0-7. The spots are' ' detected with a I. per. cent. suln. of A(;N0, fit 10 per c,~nt, - aq. NH,., 0-005 N iodine epoln.- in Q-4 perk cent. starch suln.; 0.04 per cent. aq. soln. of.216-' area a dichInrophenolindophenol & u.- light, the f the "t Is'prnportional T~ COMM Of 13co bic ?r acid. Ile inetboil is- air. i -&We to lemon i ce white-, W. anti black-curl'.1111s, tornatoes anti grec BANDA, Vlantimil; FROCHAXA, 7ellmir Bound form of ascorbic acid, VIII., determination of the bound form 6 of ascorbic acid-ascorbigen. Cask. faxa. 4 nD.2:63-64 Kar 55. 1. Z vyakumneho ustavu potravinarske technologia, Praha, a z ustavu organicke chemie, Czech. Akad.'Ved, Praha. (VITAMIN 0, determination bound) SANDA, V. L-ascorbic acid, ascorbigen. p. 463. PRLPHYSL , OTRAVIN. Praha. Vol. 6, no. 9, 1955. SOUfr----: E~st European Ac,::es3ions List (ZZ.AL), LC, Vol. 5, no. 3, Mrarch 1956. I,- ~~% ti i), :,-. Irycomniumea o - - 1 1 ~-. -,:.,., i~~ ~, z- , , .. . , - rui (tJ Aad. VW, 4 1. . 1 rJ),u. ~ caatt' obta' as rren or.f if 17-1 CZECIIOSLO"/,*,KV~/0',,,c-.-,,ica). Tec:i'."'A')~'y - Momical Products '11.d Moir Srntletic and 11-Itural Mediciml Substances. Ga-lelicals and MedicL-ial Fo=ris. Xbs J~Dur Ref Zhur - I(hiixtya, 11.) 10, 1959, 36054 Aut',ar Sanda, V. Inst Title Deterrdantij--a X L-Ascorbic Acid. Ori-- Pab Cesk(~sl. farrmc., 1958, 7, 1,13 1, 28-32. H. ,'Obstract A detailed review of the mmtlhods used in the quantitative determnation of free L-ascDr'jic acid, deiydroascorlbic: acid and ascorbigen - the bonded f3ms of Vitamin C. Bibliography Df 87 titles- T. Zvarova CarO. 1/1 "Disirs We (J) I'R acids.1;Nlisd 'n &id i-t- and Ifenry Lew Imoal (C Mosov., Mt Prigue). Ckct~. - listy, 52 15M 52(1958)o--Rj'V3 Res, e given' oil vlmtin~;P~ BuOAc satd an -with 217 No. 4 In with a m, CC4 4W AcOM Ior the following acidi:.- oxalic malanic 0.25-,' succinle,0.3~ 0.02; 'glutvAc 0:48.:0.03, 1 adipic 0.63; 0.69f; pimelidO.77.0.24- 90:06ft :Wcbacic. 0.93, ~ 0.80,' ; methyhnal6nk 0.500,%, 0.03; -.eth yl-, malonic 0.72% 0.05; 'methylsuedak 0.55, 0.09. YIZ, glutark 0.71,,,0.11,- - 0-methylglatar~-'-,0.70.-'o.~10; -dl- methyL%wainic :'0.73, -propyl--f nic-,O.89!,!"~-0.1 0.12,1 0 W 027- ~, ci-dini6thyl I a-methyl-a4thilsuccinic. ~,-P,P-dirtiethylglutak~ O~d: 0..13,- --cliethylg1hul !O.W*,-0.34;- butybuWonic:O,W*;-O:YIi.- OWimithy]"P -'A84,~ 0.42;,,~a, *~div~ethyl~dlpki.0.89,,.0.54,., ;*4ic 0.54- 7dipropylmzdoilfe-0.95!;-0.68;!~ whetic methyk -0.94i 0.80; - aox' dimethylauberk. front,, 0.83 - Iront*i front-"HO2C(CH)4( homylethy1malonic .0.68; HOX (CHshC(hMi 0.86-- m aleic 0.26 (024i),'-,'; fumaric OM (0.340);,=5i :Itaconic'0.43 0.81, (OMO) lk, yrlofi 6dlcirboj6r 1 0.77' (0.31*~;-- -rw; gy0okylle --0.051(0 020), "BikCalthi~,-'a 11? - (0.13* pyruvic doulale, 0.24k-(0.24' (0.01 -0.04 -;~ , -,- tartark 0 01 nmuc OAS!).' -* , '. --'. , ,- r - !~ :~`Un6 0.58 (O.ii-),- --R valuft ~or-' er estem of the typ-7ik,c(coa,4~4W- ~CCl4*ith2%AcOH::R.-R!-R.-- e, -R- 0 COUNTRY : CZECHOSLOVAKTA D CATEGORY : Physical Chemistry. Surface Phenomena. Adsorp- tion. Chromatograghy. Exchange 1 1093 NO 19 10 1 N . o. ABS. JOURW : RMizo., ) ATJVHM. : Sanda, V.; Prochazka, Z.; Le Moal, H. 1 TT ME. i interrelation Between the Structure and Values of Rf in the Se-ries of Aliphatic Dicarboxylic Acids I GRIG, PUB. : Collect. Czechosl. Chem. Cornauns, 10,59, 24$ ITo 2, 420-4127 I ABSTRACT : Ijo abstract. see RzIrinim. , No 18, 1959, z~,,o 63875. IGARD: PROCHANA, Z.; SISDA, V.; VACEK, K. Paper chromatography of indole derivatives. In German. Coll.Cz.Ghem. 24 no.9:2928-2938 S '59. (Mul 9:5) 1. Abteilung fur Naturstoffe,Chomisches Institut, Tachechoolowakische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Frag. Forschungsinetitut fur Fharmazie und Biochemie, Prag. (Chromatography) (Indole) PROCHAM. Z.; S&NDA, V.; JIROUSNK, L. Isothioc7anates in savoy and Brussels sprouts. In German. Coll.Cz.Chem. 24 no.11:36o6-361o N .'59. (KNAI 9:5) 1. Chemisches Institut, Techechoslowakische Akademie der Wissenschafteu,, Prag und Forschurgoinstitut fur Endokrinologie, Pi-ag. (Isothioc7anates) (Savoy) (Brussels sprouts) PROCHAZKA, Z.; SANDA, V. On the bound form of ascorbic acid. XII. Isolation of pure ascorbigen and some other indole derivatives from Savoy cabbage. Coll Cz Chem 25 no.1:270-280 Ja 160. (EEAI 9:12) 1. Department of Natural Products, Institute of Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Pragueop, (Ascorbic acid) (Indole) (Cabbage) V, SURINAM,, Given Names Country: Czechoslovakia Academic Degrees: [not 9:17 f Organic. Chemisi I gn"Oohmaltuyt Czaabo- In3titu . Z Affiliationt "cow or leieiWeis, hmir" Sourcet Prague, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemica~ cowiunications, vol 26, No I I, Nov-s-m-b-ar-T9-M , pp 2734-2748 Data: wOn Steroids. LXIII. Some AnRloguss Of Androg~ns Sub3titQted in Position 16." Au ors: SUNDA V FAJKOS, J GEORGESCU, C.C.; SANDA. V. Considerationn on tho anatomic modifications produced in Nardus stricta L. leaves by treatment with herbicides and inorganic fertilizers. Studii cerc biol s. bot 16 no. 2: 143-149 164. 1. "Traian Savulescull Institute of Biology, Laboratory of Morphology and Vegetable Systematics. 2. Corresuonding Member cf the Rumanian Academy (for neorgescu). SANDA, V.; CIOBAUU, I.R.; TUTUNARU, V. Floristic studies on Istrita. Hill. Studii cerelbiol s. bot 16 no.6:477-495 164. 1. Laborat6i+ of Morphology and Vegetable Systematics, "Traian Se-rulescull Institute of Biology. SANDA, V.; DIHORU, Gh. r Contributions to the knowledge of Dobruja flora. Comunicarile AR 12 no.11:1179-1181, N 162. 1. Comunicnre prezentata tie C.C.Georgescu, metabru corespondent al Academlei R.P.R. VALENTA, Miloslav, inz., ScfG.; KUTACEK, Milan, dr.,, Sc.C.; SANDA, Vlautimil, inz., Sc.C. ------- Determination of indole derivatives in plants. Part 4; Colorimetric and fluorimetric determination-of the subdtance C. Rost v7roba 8 no.]-1/12:1487-1498 D t62. 1. Vyooka skola zemedekska~ katedra chemic~caj Praha;- Ustav organicke chemie a biochemieo!'Ceskoslovenska akademle ved, Praha. 2. Laborator pro biologii rozmnozovani, Libechov Uor Valenta). 3. Ustredni vyzkumny ustav.rostlinne vyroby, Ruzyne (for Kutacek), ----------- SVATOPIUK RMAK; ZDENXK SAMIL-"'--' ibil-ity of ner Renct ipheral vessels in glaucoma. Gesk. ofth. 14 no.l: 19~-27 FeV 1. Ocni klinika (prednosta: prof. dr. M. Klima) a IL interni klinika (Drednostq~: doc. dr. T. Jurkovic) Vojenske lekarske akademie J. Ev. nirlryne. Adres Antora: S. R., ocni Klinika VIA, Hradek Kralove. (GIAUCOM, physiol. peripheral blood vessels, Dlethytimograpby (Cz)) (BWOD VISSNIS, in vaT. die. glaucoma. peripheral vessel chavges, plethysmography (Cz)) MRCUT, Vladimir; VGIH)RAGKOVA, An,,i,,x; SANDA, Zdenek; KOTIMIK, Jiri; PEC!fACf'T,, Miroslam. Fatal herpetic encephalitis. Anatcm-ical and virclogical findings. Sburn. ved. prac. lek. fak. Karlov. Univ. 8 no.4-.433-442 165. 1. Patologicko-anatomicky ustav (prednosta: prof. MUDr. A. Fingerland , Dr3c.).; Ustav lekarske mikrobiologie (prf'- nosta:, MUDr. 0. Vejbora); Interni oddeleni nemocnice v Jicine (prednostat doe. MUDr. Z. Sanda, Me.) a Infekcni klinika (prednosta., prof. MUDr. J. Ondracek) Karlovy University v Rradci Kralove. G Z 1L i 'I' 6S _j V, A;, lk KPAL, B., and HOF,.'K, J., Second Clinic o-F Internal -medicine (_.-Ll.interni kiinika), iaculty of uledicine (Lekar-ska fakuita), Charles I '. Universit.y, oradec Kralove, ijocent Dr V. JU?aO'I!C, dirac-.or. AbsLract: *tutliors investigated changes in the RSR complc~x in 1.14 sp -tsmen during respiration, -,urger's test, surgery stimulating the vagus, aring a combination of insoiration andvagus stimulation, and after strain. During -spi-rat ion, Burge~'s test ~Lnd combined test the picture improved con- sIZIerably and aisappeared altogether in many instances. The vats-us stimul- aLion did not change the picture. "esults of a vectocardiographic analysis are given. Reasons are indicated for the development of an incomplete block of the right ramus of Tawara (ramus septi gibrosi). Iwvnty-seven references, -,clud-ing 3 Czech. ".~I~c-.rocardiographic and Vectocardio.-raphic Picture of So-Called In- complate Block of the Right Ramus of Ta,.%ara Ramus Septi Fibrosi in Sports- Prague, Casopi-s Lekaru Leskych, Vol CII, No 27-28, 8 Ju*- 1963, PP 749-753- SANDA,-Z..;,KRAL, B.; HORAN, J. Electrocardiographic and vectorcardiographic picture of so-called incomplete block of the'right ramus of Tawara In athletes. Cas. lek. cesk. 102 no.27/28:749-753 8 J1 163. 1. II.interni klinika lekarske fakulty KU v Hradei.Kralove,, prednosta doe. dr. V. Jurkovic. (ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY) (VECTORCARDIOGRAPHY) (CORONARY VESSELS) (HEART CONDUCTION'StSTEM) (HEART BLOCK) (SPORT MEDICINE) SANDA, Z.; STEMAMI, B. Pneumoperitoneum during gastroscopy. Cesk. gastroent. vyz. 17 no.5t295-299 n 163. 1. Intorni oddeleni OTRTZ v Jlcine, vedouci MUDr. B. Steinmann. (GASTROSCOPY) (FNEUMOPERITONEU14) (PERITONITIS) SANDA, Zden,7k, doc. MUDr., CSc.; JELINTT, Zdenek Ehlers-Dar,los syndrome. Sborn. ved. prac. lek. fak. Karlov. Univ. 7 no.5:743-747 164. 1. Interni oddeleni Obvodniho ustavu narodniho zdravi, Jicin (prednosta:,Doe. IfUDr. Z. Sanda, CSc.), Lekarske fakulty Karlovy University v Hradci Kralove. CZLC1:.OSLO'JAK:1EA Jr.; Chair of V0411,'ROUHUCKY, L.; JURKOVIC, V.; FTAIA, J.; S4 Pathological Physiology, 2nd Internal Clinic, Medical Faculty, Charles University (Katedra Patologiche Fysiologie, 2. Interrii Klinika, Lek. KU, Hradec Kralove. "Changes in the '-Effect of Digitalis After Irradiation." Prague, Ceskos2ovons~ra Fyziclogie, Vol 15, No 5, Sep 66, p h2l. Abstract: The reaction of the heart digitalis after irradiation was in- -ve-gU=gated. Exoori-,o-n-ts were conducted on rabbits 6 days after irradiation writh 1000 r, adrdnia,Lered either on the whole body or locally on the heart region and the I-ead. I'm dose of 0.08 ragg/L-g of Lantoside C was administered TI-ic occurrence of temporary and agonal arrhythmias was reduced by irradiation. The findings did not differ from each other Lrrespective of which part of the body (heart region, head, or whole body) was ir-radiated. The effect is explained by a change in the re- activity of the GILIS caused by irradiation. 1 Western, 1 Czech, 2 Russian oferences. Subnitted at the Plenary Meeting of the Physiological Section of tho Czech. Med. Soc. at Hradec Kralove, 2 Feb 66. 1/1 - 60 -SANDA&Zli/Av, C_~_, AUTHOR: None Given. 30-12-36145 TITLE: Defense of Dissertations (Zashchita Dissertatsiy). January - July 1957 (Yanvarl - iyul~ 1957) Section of Geological-Geographical Sciences (Otdeleniye geologo-geograficheskikh nauk) PERIODICAL: Vestnik AN SSSRp 19571 Vol. 27, Ur 12, pp. 113-115 (USSR) ABSTRACT-' At the Institute for Geography (Institut geografii). Applications for the degree of Doctor of.Geographical Sciences: D. L. Armand Physical-geographical bases of the projecting of a network of protective forests (Fiziko - . . geograficheskiye osnovy proyektirovaniya seti zashchitnykh lesnykh nasazhdeniy). A. S. Dobrov - Great Britain (economic geography) (Velikobritaniya (ekonomicheskaya geografiya). Applications for the degree of Candidate of Geographical Sciences: M. A. Zolotarev - The causes of climatic development in the ice age - with respect to anthropogenesis (Prichiny formirovaniya klimata lednikovogo periods. - antropogena). Q. SandagAhay - The central part of North Mongolia (economic geographical characterization (Tsentrallnaya chast' Severnoy Card 1/6 Mongolii ekonomiko-geografiche3kaya kharakteristika). Defense of Dissertations. 30-12-36/45 January July 1957. Section of Geological-Geographical Sciences At the Permafrost Institute imeni V. A. Obruchey (Institut merzlotovedeniya imeni V. A. Obrucheva). Application for the degree of Doctor of Geographical Sciences: N. A. Grave - The conditions of and the rules governing the development of rocks frozen in for many years in the Chuckchee country and on Kamchatka (Usloviya i sakonomernosti razvitiya mnogoletnemerzlykh gornykh porod v Chukotsko, -Koryakskoy strane i na Kamchatke) Applications for the degree of Candidate of Geological- Mineralogical Sciences: N. P. Anisimova - The chemical composition of shoveground and subterranean waters of the catchment drainage area of the Lena middle reaches as an index of the geocryological conditions of their formation (Khimicheskiy sostav poverkhnostnykh i podzemnykh vod basBeyna srednegc, teclieniya reki Leny kak pokazatel I . geokriologicheskikh usloviy ikh formirovaniya). I. V. Boyko Investigations of the dependence of the phase composition and the mechanical properties of the frozen soil on Card 2/6 temperature and pressure (Issledovaniya zavisimosti fazovogo Defense of Dissertations. 30-12-36/45 January July 1957. Section of Geological-Geographical Sciences sostava i mekhanicheskikh svoystv merzlykh gruntov ot temperatury i davleniya). Application for the degree of Candidate of Geographical Sciences: N. G. Bobrov - The peculiar features of the mass of rocks frozen for many years and their accompanying formations in the Southern Koryak d4 strict and on Northern Kamchatka (Osobennosti tolshchi mnogoletnemerzlykh gornykh porod i soputstvuyushchikh im obrazovaniy v Yuzhno-Koryakskoy strane i na Severnoy Kamchatke). At the Instute for the Geologv of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry (Institut geologii rudnykh mestorozhdeniy, petrografii, mineralogii i geokhimii). Applications for the deCree of Doctor of Geological- Mineralogical Scien6es: Yu. P. Ivensen - The forming of granite pegmatites in connection with the development of geological structure. (Stanovleniye granitnykh pegmatitov v svyazi s razvitiyem geologicheskoy struktury). A. S. Povarennykh - crystallochemical bases of the modern text Card 3A book of Mineraloey '(Kristallokhimicheskiye osnovy sovremennogo Defense of Dissertations. January July 1957. Section of Geological-GeoUraphical Sciences Card 4/6 30-12-36/45 uchebnika mineralogii). M. G. Rub - Granitoids of the Khankaj Iistrict and the essential features of their property of containing metal (Granitoidy Prikhankayskogo rayona i osnovnyye cherty ikh metallonosnosti). Application for the degree of Candidate of Geological Sciences: K. N. Rudich - . ~ Magma formations of the cent ,ral parts of the Sarytchev chain and its content of ore (magmaticheskiye obrazovaniya tsentrallnoy chasti tsepi Sarycheva i ikh rudonosnost'). At the Institute for Geolopy (Geologicheski-;r ins"itut). Applications for the deEzree of Doctor of Geological- Mineralogical Sciences: V. A. Balayev -Devonian deposits of +he centrsil and southern reCions of the Volga-Ural province see- ond Baku in connection with the perspectives concerning their oil-containinG properties (Devonskiye otlozheniya tsentralIny1ch i yuzhnyll-h rayonov Volro-Erallsko" provi .ntsii (Vtorogo Baku) v svyazi s perspektivami ikh neftenosnosti)- P. A. Mchedlishvili - The ~iostrati_-rajhical importance and the paleoecoloey of the ITeogean floras of the Caucasus (Biostrati&raficheskoya znacheniye i paleoekolojiZ~a neoE;enovykh Defense of Dissertations. 70-12-36/45 January July 1957. Section of Geological-Geographical Sciences flor Kavkaza). P. Ye. Offman - Tectonics and volcanic tubes of the central part of the Siberian Plateau (Tektonika i vulkanicheskiye trubki tsentrallnoy chasti Sibirskoy platformy). Applications for the degree of Candidate of Geolocical-Itineralogical Sciences: Ye.!M. Zhgenti Development of the mollusc fauna of Georgia Cohchitic Hori (Razvitiye mollyuskovoy fauny konkskogo gorizonta Gruzii 0. A. Lipina - Foraminifers and strati[-raphy of the boundary layers of the Devonian - and mineral coal system and the Tourne' stage of the eastern Dart of the Russian Plateau and of the Western slope of !he Ural Mountains (Foraminifery i atratigrafiya pogranichnykh sloyev devonskoy i kamennougollnoy sistem i turneyskogo yaruss, vostochnoy chasti Russkoy platformy i zapadnogo sklona Urala). V. I. MuravIyev Mineralogy and petrography of the continental mass of the wegtern part of the Vilyuy 'Iepression (Mineralogiya i petroerafiya kontinentallnoy tolshchi zapadnoy chasti Vilyuyskoy vpadiny). G. I. Nosov - Lithology of the Turan- Card 5/6 Konyak mass of the chalk on the right bank of the river Don Defense of Dissertations. January - July 1957. Section of Geological-Geographical Sciences AVAILABLE: 30-12-36/45 (Litologiya turansko-konlyakskoy tolshchi mela pravoberezhlya Dona). I. A. Rezanov - tectonics and seismism of the Turkmenian Choran mountains (Tektonika i seysmichnost' Turkmeno-lborasanskikhrror). B. S. Rusanov - Aeromethods of geomorphological map plotting when searching for mineral fields (Aerometody geomorfologicheskogo kartirovaniya pri poiskakh rossypey). Library of Congress. 1. Geograpby 2. Permafrost 3, Mineralogy 4. Geology Card 616 SANDAKHCHIYEV, its. Effect of recovery rate on oil production in oolution gna drive. Nauch.-tekh. sbor. po dob. nefti no.15:39-42 161. (MIRA 150) 1. Turkmenskiy filial,Vsesoyuzziogo neftegazovogo nauchno-issledova- tellskogo instituta. (Oil reservoir engineering) SANDAM iCHIYF,7, I.S. Effect-of' de-.riations from thermodynamic equilibrium on the a:7erage reservoir characteristics in depletion drive. Nauch.- tekh.sbor.po dob.nefti-no. 18:58-61 162. (,NffRA 17:6) Sfil,JDAKECHIIEN, I.S.; KHOLCUNYAK, A. Yii.,- EPoMMOVA, A.V. Experimental unit for modeling fluId flow through porous media. Trudy Turk. fil. VkII7 Part C; no.6.-82-88 163 (.kripm. i7:7) SAIMAKHCHIYEV, L.A.; I-VMYE-V, V.P. Dihydrouracils. Izv. Sib. otd. AN SSSR no.7:-72-76 161.(MIRA 14iff) 1. Institut organichbsl-oy khimii Sibirskogo otdcleniya:Uf SSSR, kovosibirsk. (Hydrouracil) MAMIEV, V.P.; SANDAIGIGHIIEV, L.S. Synthesis of /,?-trypotophan. Zhur.VKHO 6 no.3:350-352 161o (MIM 14:6) 1. Novosibirskiy institut organichaskoy khimii. (Tryptophan) MLMEYEVP V.P.; SANDAKHCHIYEV, L.S. Synthesis of dihaloid-substituted P-tyrooines.. lzv.Sib;otd. . AN SSSR no.1:6S-77 162. (MIRA 15 2% -3, L. Institut organicheskoy khi-li Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSRl Novosibirsk. (~vrosine) ALTUNINIL, V.K.; VASILENKO, S.K.; KORZHEV, V.A.; SANDAKHcHMv, L.s. FROLOVA, L. Yu*,_~ ~IDAK JklIZ.Y,j~xA.; EVORRE, D.G.; KISELEV, L.L. Isolation of individual fractions of transfer ribonucleic acids by using polyacry1hydrazide agar gel. Dokl. AN SSSR 158 no.1:235-238 S-Of64 (MIRA 17:8) 1. Institut radiatsionnoy i fiziko-khimi-cheskoy biologii AN SSSR i Institut, organicheskoy khimii Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom V.A. Engellgardtom. MIRZABEKOV, A.D.; KRUTILINA, A.I.; RFSHETOV, P.D.; KNOME, D.G.; KHOKIILOV, A.S.; BAYEV, A.A. Preparative production of enriched valine-acceptor transfer RNA from baker's yeast. Dokl. AN SSSR 160 no-5:1200-1202 F 165. (MIRA 18:2) 1. Institut radiatsionnoy i fiziko-l:himicheskoy biologii AN SSSR, Novosibirskiy institut organichesko7 khimii Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR i Institut khimii prirodnykh soyedineniy AN SSSR. Sub- mitted June 9, 1964. lp--artllon of r, he 1~ re s, n s ef te r - -c I a 0'aL rb c ea d 75 -'IllstLt-.ut orgariJ cheskoy ~lr:4;afi r",- klovcoibirsk. SPdZDAFOV V. Tablits,,r dlia podbora. shesteren. 1946. i175 P. 'Lzd. 2., dopoln.. Sverdlovs!c /,I-'-'s"gi-z7 V Oear matcllj.n-I tall)les. DLC: U185-Q3 1946 S,'-~: 'L.'anufacturing and 'Mechanical Engineerin.- in the Soviet Union, Library , 1~1 of Congress 53- .L.abl.--.s for ~.on of Svr-,rdlovsk, L~ash-qiz, 19~51. T ~C' -D. 1952. U-CL-ISSI, :,2 r.7 i - rx /17,~~blo5 for e in c on o :I IZrl- -IU f. u~7s'-an Vol 7, '.'r; ,SANDAKOVc-Mikhail Vasil'yevich; SRMYEV, B.K., kand.tekhn.nauk, r,"t 2 (Tables for selecting drive gears] Tablitsy dlia podbora shesteren. Izd.4.,'dop. Moskva, Gos.nBuchno-tekhn.izd-vo washinostroit.litry. 1960. 563 p. (MIRA 13:4) (Gearing--Tables, calculations, etc.) e " MANUKYAN, A.A.; RYDVANOV~ N.F.; BELOUS, T.Ya.; SVIRIDOVA, Z.P.; CHEBOTAREVA, Ye.A.; SHUTULIN, V.I.; PUDINA, K.V.,- LUTSKAYAj Ye.Ye.; BRAGINAt N.M.; SANDA -VA.; MUSSO, S.; ZABLOTSKAYA, A.I.; VDOVICkENKO, '~N AQV D.I.; IVIRKINA, I.Z.; MOFENO, I.;,,.SIDOROV, V.F.; YOKLYARSKIY, B.I.; GRECHIKHIN, A.A.; KOSOVA, V.A.; KULIKOV, N.I.; ZHDANOVA, L.P.; ROZENTALI, Ye.I.; PETRANOVIGH, I.M. (Economic conditions of capitalist countries; survey of ec nomic tronds in 1961 and the beginning of 1962] Ekonomicheskoo 'P .polo- zhenie kapitalistichaskikh stran; konliunkturnyi obzor za* 1961 g. i nachalo 1962. g. Moskva, Izd-vo "Pravda," 1962., 157 p. (MIRA 16:9) 1. Sotrudniki kon"yunkturnogo sektora Instituta mirovoy eko- nomiki i mezhdunarodnykh otnosheniy AN SSSR (Economic history) .11q L62859-65 ACCESSION NR, AP5019039 LIR/0286/65/000/012/0070/0070 624.953 : 621.642.34 _Kt_f,, Kolpachey, Yu. G.; Okhotnikovo A. A.; Kireyev, V. G.; AUTHOR: Z!aj!yjR, Rashidov-N. F. ; Grihh1n, M. S.; Rgp.4pkaw,~U~A.*,#Golovanoy, G. F.; Plyshavskiy, TITLE: A tank for storage and transportation of liquids. Clean 37, No. 172022 SOURCE.- Byulletent Izobreteniy i tovarnykh znakov, no. 12, 1965, 70 TOPIC TAGS: liquid storage, tank ABSTRACT: This Author's Certificate introduces: 1. A tank for storage and trans- portation of a liquid. The unit Is made of an elastic mterial in t~e form of a truncated cone with a neck and a ring. The floating ring la siounted on the outside of the neck and replaced so that buckling of thoi rim of the neck can be avoided in case the ri-ng is dmmpd. 2. A modification'of this tank in which the floating ring is made replaoss6le by coveriag it with a sloe" wbich la.fastmed to the neck bi straps' ASSOCIATIONs awe ...... j [Card 1/3 3(l) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/12731 Sandakova, E. V. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences "Nezvychayni" nebesni yavyshcha (Unusual Celestial Phenomena) Kyyiv, 1958. 34 P. 75,OGO copies printed. Sponsoring Agency: Tovarystvo dlya poshyrennya politychnykh i naukovykh znan' Ukrayins'kayi RSR. General Ed.: I. H. Kalchyns1kyy, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Ed.: M. F. Lazorenko. PURPOSE: This 'Hnoklet is intended for the general reader interested in meteor- ology and earth science, COVERAGE: This booklet gives simple descriptions, understandable to the layman, of unusual ;ky phenomena. 'Although the phenomena treated are not of everyday nature, t~h-y are not rare. Such subjects as aurora borealis, haloes, rainbows, eclipses, ;._~j,.vets, meteorites, and the like are e)Tlained. The only truly un-, usual occurrence is explained in the chapter "Uhusual Rain". No personalities are mentioned. No references are given. Card 1/2 - - ----- ------- Unusual Celestial Phenomena TABIE OF CONTENTS: Introduction Some Bacts on the Earth's Atmosphere The Northern Lights The Rainb3v The Halo Unusual Rains Solar Eclipses Lunar Eclipses Comets 0olides Celestial Stones - the Meteorites AVAILABLE- Library of Congress (QC975-S3) Card 2/2 SOV/2731 5 6 9 13 15 17 23 24 30 30 MM/fal 12-30-59 SAiN-BAKOVA, N. N., Candidate Phys-Math Sci (diss) -- "on Dirichlet amlyses for p-dimansional orystallogxaphic spatial groups". Moscow, 1959. 6 pp (Acad Soi USSR) Mth Inat im V. At Stokl.ov)) 160 copies (KL, No 23, 1959, 16o) 16(1) AUTHOR: Sandakoy - N-N- SOV/20-124-2-5/7-- TITLE: On Dirichlet Division for n-Dimensional Fedorov Groups (0 razbiyeniyakh Dirikhle d1ya n-mernykh Fedorovskikh grupp) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Vol 124,Nr 2,pp 274-277 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In the Euclidean space W let be given an a-dimensional motion, group G (Fedorov-group) and a point A; let fAG The the set of points arising from A by G. The totality of the Dirichlet domains of the points of [AGI forms a certain division of W in convex polyhedra; the author speaks of the Dirichlet-division D corresponding to G and A. The determination of the D is carried out with the aid of the old method of the "empty sphere" of B.N.Delone LRef 27394 3. A great number of definitions and three theorems are given. The author hints to the possibility to apply the results to the old investigations due to Voronoy [Ref 11., There are 5 references, 3 of which are Soviet, 1 Canadian, and 1 Swiss. ASSOCIkTION:Matematicheskiy institut imeni V.A,SteklovaAkademii nauk SSSR (Mathematical Institute imeni V.A..SteklovAS USSR) Card 1/2 DELONE, B.N.; SANDAKOVA, N.N. Theory of stereohedrons. Trudy MatAnst. 64:28-51 161. (MIRA 15:3) (Polyhedra) (Topology) (Hyperspace) SANDAKOVA, U.N. Proof of analogues of Minkowskils and Voronoils theorema for three-dimenisonal isogonal partitions related to a group of parallel translations. Dokl. All SSSR 154 no.2: 271-273 JA164. (MIIIIA 17:2) 1. Matematicheskiy institut im. V.A. Steklova AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom I.M. Vinogradovym. < C5 VAJ Yc. Y. VSZKMVYATSKIT, S.K.; SANBAKOVA, Ye.Y. 1.- Position of asteroids and comets based on observations of Kiev Astronomical Observatory. Publ.Kieviastron.obser. n0-3:93-95 150. (Comets) (Planets. Minor) NLRA 7:9) A A/ D A ffo )(if SUMKOVA, Ye.V.; KHINKMVA, N.A. Determining positions and luminosity of asteroids from obser- vations of Kiev Astronomical Observatory. Pabl.Kiev.astron.obser. no.4:103-117 !50. 7:9) (Planets, Minor) I ICONOPLEVA, v-P.; DuKimovsuy, r.G.; POLUFAN. P.N ; SANDAKOVA, Yej.; KHINKULOVAN.A,.- - : Obabrvation of minor planets made at the Kie'v Astronomical Observatory. Publ.Kiev.astron.obser. no.5:169-192 '53. (MLRA 7:6) (Planets, Minor) i EDHOPLIVA, P.V.; DUXMVSIIT, P.G.; PGWAN, P.N.; SANDAMDTA, Te.Te; XHINKULOVA, N.A. Observations of minor planets and comets at the astronomical observatory of Kiev State University in 1951. Pabl.Kiev.astron. obserone.6:91-111 154. (MLRA 9:4) (Planets, Mixior) (Comets) SANDAKOVAJ, Ye. V. Sandakova, Ye. V. - "The Determination of Color Indexes of Small Plan- ets." Min Higher Education Ukrainian SSR. Khartkov Order of Iabor Red Banner State U imeni A. M. Gorlkiy. Kiev, 1956 (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Physiccmathematical Sciences). So: Knizhnaya Letopis', No. 10, 1956, pp 116-127 'A V.P.; NOVSKIY. P.G.; SAIIDAKOVA, Te.T.; KHINKULOVA, N.A. Observations of minor planets at the Astronomical Ob-servatory of Kiev State University. PubL.Kiev. astron. obser. no,7: 105-111 '56. (MLRA 9:12) (Planets, Minor) SLIMAKOVA, Ye.Y. [Sandakova, II.V.1, kund. fiz.-mat. nauk; KOIZHINSKIY, I.G.0 fiz.-mat. nauk, red.; IAZOPMM, kf., red.- ["Uni~zual" celestial phenomena] "NezVehaini" nebesni, iavysh6&a, Kyiv, To-vo dlia poshyrennia polit. i nauk. 2nant ULSR, 1958. 34 pe, (MIU 11:7) (Meteorological optics) (Astronomw) SANDAKOVA Photometry of metoers. Mezhdunar. geofiz. god,[Kiev] no,2:43-46 160a (MIRA 14:1) 1. Astronomical Observatory of Kiyev State University. - (meteors) (Photometry, Astronomical) 41?96 S/035/62/000/010/055/128 AOO1/A1Ol AUTHOR: Benyukh, V.V, Gavlovskaya, A. A., Konopleva, V.-P., Krivutsa, Yu.N., Kruchinenko, V. G., Sandakova, Ye. V., Terent'yeva; A. K. TITLE: Photographic observations of meteors at the observatory of the Kiyev University in 1957 PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Astronomiyai Geodeziya, no. 10. 1962, 62, abstract IOA459 (" 'Sb. rabot'po Mezhdunar. geofiz. godu. Kiyevsk. un-t", 19061, no. 1, 3 - 15) TEXT: Double photographic observations of meteors were conducted by means of fixed four-camera (D=100 mm, F=250 mm) installations during all clear moon- less nights of the second half-of 1957. A shutter rotating at a speed of 1,400 rpm was mounted in front of the cameras at one of the points. 141 meteors wbre photographed, of which 14 from two p61nts. The results of processing 10 meteors are presented in the article. The photographs were measured with a KPIM -3 (KIM-3) measuring machine. Five meteors were processed on a "Strela" computer, the remaining ones - manually, Photographic photometry of the meteors was carried Card 1/2 A/0 35/62/0-00/0 10/055/128 J r Photographic observations of meteors at the... A001/AIOI out by relating to diurnal stellar trails, and for some of them also by relat- ing to. images of artificial meteors. The tables yield the results of determin- ing flight instants (with an accuracy uf 2 - 29 min), coordinates of radiants, velocity and braking in the middle section of the visible trajectory, extra- -atmospheric velocity, altitude of the start, maximum brightness and end of the visible trail. Stellar magnitudes, masses and corresponding densities of the atmosphere are given for individual points of-the trajectory. There are 8 re- ferences. P. M)adzhanov [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 SANDAKOVA, Ye.V Polychromatic photometry of minor planets. Izv. Kom. po fiz. plan. no.3:41-45 161. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Astronomicheskaya. observatoriya. Kiyevskogo universiteta. (Planets, Minor-Spectra) S/169/62/000/011/0 D228/D307 AIMHORS:' avlovskaya, A.N. TITLE: Reducing stellar met )- magnitudes to an in al-system PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal Geofizika, no. 11, 19. abstract lIG40 (Byul Komis. po kometan i M Astron. soveta X-1 SS no. 6, 1961, 32-34) TEXT: The photometric proc of IGY meteor da the Astronomicheskaya observatoriya yevskog6 gosudarstve versiteta (Astronomic Observatory, , v State University) i bed. Z-Abstracter's note: Complete transl le)i2 Card 1/1 S*DAKOVA, Te*V* Photographic and photovisual magnitudes of stars in selected areas. Pabl.KAO no.907-30 161. (MM 16:7) (Stars-YAgnitudpa) s/83l/62/0OO/008/0n/oi6 E032/Ell4- AUTHOR: Sandakova. Ye.Y-,- TITLE- On the photometry of meteors SOURCE: lonosfernyye issledovaniya (met 'eory). Sbornik statey, no.8. V razdel programmy MGG (iohosfera). Mezhduved. geofiz. kom. AN SSSR. Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSRI lgb2, 72-74 TEXT: The photometry of meteors at the Kiyevskaya observator- iya (Kiev observatory) of the Gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni T.G. shevchenko (State University imeni T..G. Shevchenko) was carried out by two methods, namely, by comparison with the diurnal motion of stars and by comparison with artificial meteors. In the first method class AO stars from the Di-aper Catalogue were employed. Atmospheric absorption was obtained frow Bemporad's tables and the photometric error was found experimentally. In this way the characteristic curve was obtained for the relation between the stellar magnitude of the standard stars and the micro-photo- metric readings for meteors. The stellar magnitudes' of.points on Card 1/2 S/831/62/000/008/011/ol6 On the photometry of meteors E032/Ell4 meteor trails could then be obtained by direct comparison (with corrections for atmospheric absorption at different zenith distances, the photometric field error, and the difference in the angu,lar'velocity of the stars and the meteor). Some of these corrections are, however, uncertain and it is better to use comparisons with artificial meteors. This method was developed by N.A. Yakovkin and has been described by him (Inform. byull. no.2 OrSkomiteta po MGG pri Prezidiume AN UkrSSR, 1959)- The final calibration curve must be corrected for the photometric field error, and the correct-ion curve for the NAr'A-3s/25 cameras is reproduced. There are 3 figures. Card 2/2 SARDAKOVA., Ye.V. __ ~ j Color indexes of minor planets. Publ. KAO no,10:3-15 162. I (WRA 16:7) (Planets, Minor) a ACCESSION NR: ~AT4034463 S/3091/63/000/002/0003/0010 AUTHOR: Benyukh, V. V. ; VI I Ichinskaya, So P-; Derrenko, A. A.; Krivutsa, -Yu.. W.; 0 d Terentlyeva, A4 K.; Sharbsim, L, San akova,,YqsjL.' TITLE; Pho 'tographic observations of meteors in -1958 at the Kiyevskaya astronomi- cheskaya observatorlya (Kiev Astronomical Observa~ory) SOURCE: Kiyev. Universitet. Sbornlk rabot po Mezh4unarodnomu geofizicheskomu godu, no. 2, 1963, 3-10 TOPIC TAGS: 'astronomy, meteor, upper atmosphere, photographic meteor ABSTRACT: In 19581photograWc observations of meteors were made at two-base stations at Kiev University uAing an AS-11 meteor patrol with fixed cameras. The- description of the patrol apparatus, coordinates of the observation stations and other general Information on the observation method have been presented earlier (Sbornik statey po MGG K 'iyevskogo universiteta, No, 1, 1960). The methods and formulas used In determination of various meteor parameters are reviewed briefly. The basic contribution of the paper is presentation of data obtained by processing of 2) base photographs of meteors. Table I give4 general Information concerning the 21 meteors - angular length Qf the meteor In 4agrees, the value of braking at cth's heights HI and. 02, extra-atmospheric velocity, "ximum absolute stellar magni- ACCESSION NR: AT4034463 tude reduced to the international visual system, heights of appearance and disap- pearance and other parameters- Table 2 gives Informatl.on on. each meteor at-,several points of the path.' "The following persons participated in the processing of. the published data: 1. V, Kozhevnj~ova, L. M. KozhevnP~v,,~Ve G.''Kruchinenko, A* C Suslov and Zh. M.'Shc~erbanlll. Prig. art.has: 7 formulas and 2 tables.. ASSOCIATION; Klypvskly Uplyersitot (Kiev University VJBMITrED: 00 PATE ACQ: 07MaYP ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: AA 00 REF SOV: 003 OT ~!,~Elk; DOI Card 2/~ % 420a-(Z E4,1T(1)AwG(v)AWA (d /E E C, -4/E F. C (t -2 "/Pao ACCESSION NR; AT5005136 AUTHOR: A.- A.; Benyu V V:-- Sandakova Ye. Dem4nko, kh ';masses and densities from photographic observations TITLE: Determination of meteor ,made in 1958-1959 -SOURCE: tN-UkrSSK.-- Mezhduv6daim eofizi h an stvennyl nyy 7"'Gedfiiiihes dgo'Go a:~ r- Wz -dunarodnog(y Hate byulleten no. 6, 1964. Haterfaly' h c k, of the International Ceophysical Year), 20-24 TOPIC fAGS: air resistance, meteor, dynamic mass, luminosity path, photemetrLc mass, ballistic mass ice :"STRACT:~-_TWJ*ir- he-ma-in-ikting. f6 lteslstancel~ _b AP _.i6overted'L-into f cir- L& fikining--thd-, eti6n' h -Ta-n dt density of the-meteor hav '~b~ developed: and app~~e~4.,-Wcoiniputati6h~',i~~itiri e ov-mass- termined are called ynam c mass s~i- T e-4e e' from the braking effect e be determined from photographs measuring its lumino3ity path on film. ?ormu as this method have also been developed. Hassee determined in this way are called photometric masses. Physical phenomena associated with a moving meteor. i. e., braking, evaporation, and brightness, may alsote used for determining the meteor mass. C-prd 1/2 L 40295-65 ACCESSION NR: ATS005136 Formulas for these parameters have been developed ind"Used in.-c-amput atio-Us. determined by this method are called ballistic masses. a nd they- di P.end:.d0od ness and velocity of the meteor. Meteors moving,with various velocities aud observed all at different heights were used for determining masses. Numerica values 0 three kinds of masses are givea in tabular f6r-m-~ -There appears-03 be a~great discrep- ancy between these numerical values, the reasons for which are not explained. Orig. art has: 1 table and 7 formulas. [EG) ASSOCIATION: Kiyevskly gosudarstvennyy universitet (Kiev State University) SANDAL, D. L. USSR (600) Sugar- Machinery Cleaning diffusion juice heaters. Sakh. prom. No- 7 1952-